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attahhi :) when i run stuff that aren't "apps" say gstreamer, x-forwarding.. i get them in non-fullscreen mode.. i.e. a white bar at the bottom etc.. is there a way to get around that?00:00
matrixxjust watched the deadmau5 @ nokia lumia live stream00:04
matrixxy u no do such things for N9, Nokia? :(00:04
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yipdwheh, using a swipe-based interface with a mouse is pretty hard08:34
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heeeegua__hi....guys...I'm just met an issue..09:07
heeeegua__when i tried to complie the C source...but09:08
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heeeegua__the harmattan cann't find the base include source.09:08
heeeegua__anyone know why?!09:08
heeeegua__I have searched the relevant source folder of toolchain....09:08
heeeegua__like this:D:\workspace\N9BarcodeDe\zxing\oned\Code128Reader.cpp:181: error: 'fmaxl' was not declared in this scope09:09
heeeegua__fmaxl come from the math.h09:09
heeeegua__that is  a base include file of C in linux.09:10
heeeegua__so why the harmattan cann't find it.09:10
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djszapi_heeeegua__: make sure math.h is present...09:17
djszapi_to be precise, make sure fmaxh is present..09:19
djszapi_it is not available here...09:20
djszapi_not even on my host...09:20
heeeegua__in this path D:\QtSDK\Madde\sysroots\harmattan_sysroot_10.2011.34-1_slim\usr\include09:26
heeeegua__it can be found...09:26
heeeegua__it always print out -unix is deprecated.09:26
heeeegua__-unix is deprecated.09:26
heeeegua__each time when i qmake09:26
heeeegua__so i think it has some relevant issue with it...09:26
heeeegua__why i tried to qmake the project. the console give me the result with -unix is deprecated.09:26
heeeegua__I want to known why it occurs.09:26
djszapi_to be precise, make sure fmaxh is present..09:27
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infobotmethinks israel-sucks is
hiemanshuMohammadAG: got the replacement N950 yet?09:45
MohammadAGI wouldnt be on coloquy if i did09:46
hiemanshuI see09:46
hiemanshuMohammadAG: what happened to the second one? stuck as well?09:47
MohammadAGPretty much seems like it09:47
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corecodewhere do i find the source for fenix?12:12
djszapi_probably not open source ?12:15
djszapi_try apt-get source fenix12:15
djszapi_if it does not work, you are out of your luck12:15
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djszapi_X-Fade ping12:19
_MeeGoBot_Bug 24313 maj, Undecided, ---, maemo, NEW, Unresolvable package issue with available dependencies12:27
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X-Fadedjszapi_: Hmm no, it seems I don't have the latest version imported. Need to do that.12:32
djszapi_X-Fade you mean the latest repository ?12:32
X-Fadedjszapi_: yeah12:33
djszapi_X-Fade please do, it blocks at least 10-15 packages12:33
djszapi_and of course the stuff depending on those12:33
djszapi_X-Fade: Also even if "osc rebuild" gave "ok".12:38
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X-Fadedjszapi_: One thing at a time :)12:40
djszapi_yes, of course.12:41
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djszapi_X-Fade: btw, I rebuilt kdelibs at least ten times since October 22 and that is still the latest publishing date, why ? Although, I never bumped the version.12:57
djszapi_I tried to bump the version for gluon in the same situation, but did not really get published yesterday either.. :/12:58
tabaskohmm, which one is better Communi or SimpleIRC?12:58
djszapi_none, irc-chatter12:58
X-Fadedjszapi_: I'm blocking until I fixed your other problem, no use spewing multiple issues at me :)12:58
djszapi_X-Fade: well, I just report them, and you work whenever you have the time...12:59
djszapi_would be all kind of sad to swallow these issues without reporting..12:59
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tabaskodjszapi_: irc-chatter can be found from rzr repo?13:00
djszapi_though, I would prefer writing an IRC accounts plugin based on telepathy13:02
djszapi_will do it when I have time :)13:02
tabaskothat would be neat13:03
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tabaskowith n9, using ssh+irssi is not so great13:04
Jare_i have circumvented that by using a setup consisting of an xmpp server, irssi and a modified irssi script13:11
Jare_oh and plus bitlbee13:12
djszapi_sounds rather hacky13:13
Jare_the irssi channel linking script might be a bit hacky, but otherwise it isn't too complicated imo. And it provides an ability to store offline messages, so i'm able to see the backlogs also in the n9 chat13:18
djszapi_it should be done nicely by a simple client13:19
deramirssi-proxy could be usable with n9 irc client...13:20
Hq`forgive me for advertising again, but ssh+irssi were the exact reason why I made ;)13:20
deramat least that used to work with my S40 qwerty-phone back when ssh was something impossible to use on phones13:21
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djszapi_irssi is a wrong approach in my personal taste, and does not integrate well with the system13:23
deramdjszapi_: it is the only approach giving you all chat history possible13:24
djszapi_not really.13:25
deramirssi in proxy mode and native client contacting that would be the most integrated approach13:25
djszapi_it it the false approach13:25
deramhow is so?13:26
djszapi_actually if you have an accounts plugin that I am planning to do based on telepathy as almost all the other accounts anyway13:26
djszapi_you can just stay logged that way, and pick the messages /anytime/ from /any/ client13:26
deramyou need to have some irc-client running all the time to get all messages someone is sending you, even when not actually online13:26
djszapi_ofc course irssi will be plain wrong since you need to hack an irssi wrapper then13:26
djszapi_yes, and I told what would run, please listen to me.13:27
deramirssi has proxy support, it pretends to be an irc server you connect13:27
djszapi_that does not really matter13:27
djszapi_accounts plugin can also pick up stuff from the server anyway, once.13:28
djszapi_and any clients can ask it13:28
djszapi_and that is the way of integrating with the platform anyway13:28
deramwhat stuff you are talking about with picking up from server?13:29
deramIRC servers don't serve chat history13:29
Jare_so are you going to implement a server application for that of what?13:29
djszapi_sorry, I do not understand the questions13:30
djszapi_how hard is it to type a server address where your super irc client is running ?13:30
djszapi_line an input field, and get history checkbox ?13:30
djszapi_I mean seriously, it is very simple.13:30
djszapi_and not this hackish like above.13:30
deramI don't follow13:31
djszapi_make the long story short: 1 lineedit + button/checkbox can get the history from the accounts plugin I am planning to write13:31
djszapi_in comparison with all the hackery above.13:31
deramso youd have one irc client providing the chat history via some protocol and another running in N9 contacting real irc server?13:31
w00tit sounds like he expects the n9 to be permanently connected13:32
djszapi_actually the whole point is the opposite13:32
Jare_isn't that the same thing irssi proxy does then?13:32
w00tthen what is writing the history? :)13:32
djszapi_the accounts plugin would connect to your remote super irc client13:32
djszapi_to fetch the hisitory13:32
w00tso what you're writing is basically quassel, and not irc as such, ok13:32
deramok. and after that?13:32
djszapi_history*, and then all the irc clients could get it13:32
djszapi_no, it is not quassel13:33
djszapi_quassel is not an account plugin.13:33
djszapi_for Harmattan based on telepathy connection manager13:33
deramhmm.. so you are talking about having one superirc-server providing irc interface for all your irc clients?13:33
w00tno, but it is an irc core that serves history to remote clients :)13:33
djszapi_w00t: sorry, but what is your point ?13:34
djszapi_you need to get the history somehow anyway, if you do not wanna be online all the time.13:34
w00tthat it already provides one piece you could reuse13:34
djszapi_w00t: yes, of course if there is a lib for getting that, I will use it13:34
djszapi_but that is not the main point, just implementation details.13:34
djszapi_I was just presenting my idea about having a better integrated irc'ing option for Harmattan13:35
djszapi_than the irssi hack above.13:35
deramso, in your approach there is one proxy server the irc accounts plugin would contact and ask for history13:35
djszapi_if you wanna get remote history, without being online nonstop, you do not have other choice13:36
deramin my approach I'd use irssi as the server, as I use it already, and connect to that with that accounts plugin application if possible13:36
djszapi_it is independent of my application13:36
derambut whatever floats anyones boat13:37
djszapi_you can use anything for the server really.13:37
Jare_yeah, well my hack was done in an hour, but i'll be glad to use your concept when you get it done...some day ;)13:37
djszapi_but the point is that you do not need to have irssi client usage on your N913:37
djszapi_you have all the fancy qt stuff this way13:37
djszapi_and integrated with the platform, and you provide the same history for any irc apps, not just for yours13:38
deramof cource you don't... that was the beauty of this irssi-proxymode I proposed13:38
deramyou just have one irc client which contact your irssi as it would contact any other irc server.13:38
djszapi_the point is that it should be centralized13:39
deramand there you have the history, and you have the same nick, not confusing anyone to write to your mobile nick when you are not connected mobile13:39
djszapi_and that is done by accounts plugin13:39
djszapi_and you can then have y our irssi client on your N9, remote irc server and what not13:39
djszapi_I can also have my local telepathy connection manager based client, irc-chatter, communi or what not13:40
deramyes.. I agree, IRC client should be centralised as accounts plugin and such13:40
djszapi_I am now writing an Open Collaboration Services plugin so I am getting some experience with it13:40
deramthat irc-chatter would be my best bet for the client I'd use to contacting my irssi-proxy..13:40
djszapi_I hope I can write an irssi plugin more simpler :)13:40
tabaskohmm, tried to install tmux from rzr but get:13:41
tabaskoinstall: can't change ownership of /var/run/tmux: Operation not permitted13:41
djszapi_that is very simple to fix13:43
tabaskobut irc-chatter did install fine :)13:43
tabaskodjszapi_: change ownership manually?13:43
tabaskoI should think before asking13:44
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djszapi_mmm, android seems to use softfp, not hardfp as Harmattan13:56
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djszapi_radiofree: this is the closest page I have found:
X-Fadedjszapi_: Import of a few packages in b3 failed because of the control issue we looked at last time. Need to check now if I have the updated solver.14:12
djszapi_X-Fade: well, you told me previously we already had and you grabbed the relevant system-services package from upstream14:12
X-Fadedjszapi_: No I patched the package back then, while waiting for the patch to be integrated.14:13
djszapi_yes, I know, but then the patch got accepted after my report, like in few mins14:14
djszapi_and you even told the solver was published.14:14
djszapi_I mean you were able to get the it with that patch14:14
X-Fadedjszapi_: Yeah, so I wonder if it got in a build already.14:14
X-Fadedjszapi_: As I run latest version there.14:15
djszapi_then probably not for some reason.14:15
X-FadeTrying to find out where BSSolv is in the Tools/Unstable repo.14:16
X-FadeHmm is from the 25th of Aug.14:18
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djszapi_I mean the patch happened few weeks ago at leaset :)14:20
djszapi_least, even :)14:20
X-FadeYeah, but last package is from then.14:20
lizardodoes anyone know why  does not contain the kernel source currently shipped in latest N950 image ?14:20
djszapi_X-Fade: so it is not involved ?14:21
X-Fadedjszapi_: It is not published yet.14:21
djszapi_what now ?14:21
djszapi_because it really breaks 10-20 packages atm14:21
X-FadeTrying to find the commit to see if I can patch it myself.14:21
djszapi_commit is involvedi n the report14:22
X-FadeNo, because that pointed to the wrong package.14:22
djszapi_mmm, not really:
djszapi_weird, he commits something, but does not provide url14:23
X-FadeYeah, but satsolver != perl-BSSolv14:23
djszapi_sorry ?14:23
djszapi_it is not just a problem for satsolver ?14:23
X-FadeIt was reporeted in another repo that it got patched.14:23
djszapi_I am not following14:25
djszapi_the guy made the patch in the wrong repository, or you gave me wrong reporting url ?14:25
X-FadeWell. The problem was in that package, but they decided to patch something else.14:25
X-FadeRead the history in your reported issue.14:26
djszapi_I am not following14:27
djszapi_he patched libsolv, so ?14:27
djszapi_if that is the new name of it, it is more than ok imho14:27
X-FadeYeah, but it didn't get published yet.14:27
djszapi_well, the old would be ?14:28
djszapi_in my understand, not either14:28
djszapi_so there is no problem apart from not published14:28
djszapi_but I bet you can make this small patch against the currently released one14:28
djszapi_you do not need to fetch that word by word14:28
X-FadeProblem is that it is a binary.14:28
djszapi_cannot you build it ?14:29
X-FadeNot that easy.14:30
djszapi_well, I am not sure what to say14:33
djszapi_from user pov, we have broken packages.14:33
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djszapi_so any workarounds are welcome, whatever the simplest is :)14:34
X-FadeYeah, trying to find out how to do that best.14:35
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djszapi_lizardo: sorry, but what do you check ? The kernel source /is/ there.14:55
djszapi_it does not boot after the compilation, or what is the precise question ?14:56
Stskeepsdjszapi_: i have 20113701 on my n950 and 20112910's on there14:57
Stskeepson beta314:57
Stskeepsso something does look od14:57
djszapi_3701 ? :o14:57
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan14:58
Stskeepsyeah, PR1.1 for n95014:58
Stskeepsdjszapi_: what kernel version do you see on PR1.1 and on the harmattan-beta3 repo?14:59
djszapi_well, there is for sure no N950 kernel source, but I would try apt-get source which probably gives this result after all.14:59
djszapi_I mean no separated one published.15:00
djszapi_we do not have different kernels for different devices15:03
djszapi_with the same firmware, that is15:03
djszapi_we basically have the same image for both, I have just checked.15:03
Stskeepsyes, i know15:03
djszapi_so the source is available, that is the answer15:03
Stskeepsthat's why i'm surprised to not found the source matching what i have on device, they're usually very precise with that15:03
Stskeepsexcept it's not.. i can't find 3701 online?15:03
djszapi_about the version, I am not sure...15:03
djszapi_why does it matter ?15:03
djszapi_that is the main question15:04
Stskeepsit matters because i don't have the source code for a GPLv2 kernel :)15:04
Corsacaha, nicely named files:
djszapi_right, so technically speaking, not law-wise ?15:05
Stskeepsdjszapi_: law wise15:05
djszapi_I cannot help with that, I am not a lawyer :)15:06
Stskeepsi'm not asking you to help, just saying that there is a problem when a kernel source isn't published but a binary is..15:06
Corsacyeah, I noticed that when PR1.1 was released, someone suggested it was just a delay in the repository update15:06
Corsacbut I intended to make a mail to the email address for gpl stuff15:07
MohammadAGTweet @nokia, if their next reply isn't to you, sue15:07
djszapi_I wish this was the biggest problem :)15:08
Stskeepsfrom Nokia POV, this is a problem: 4. You may not copy, modify, sublicense, or distribute the Program except as expressly provided under this License. Any attempt otherwise to copy, modify, sublicense or distribute the Program is void, and will automatically terminate your rights under this License. However, parties who have received copies, or rights, from you under this License will not have their licenses terminated so long as ...15:08
Stskeeps... such parties remain in full compliance15:08
Stskeepssimple as that15:08
djszapi_and not that basic packages are missing, and technically break things :)15:08
CorsacI don't tweet, and since there's a mail address for that, using another channel might not be a good idea :)15:08
Stskeepsby not complying, their rights to the linux kernel terminates15:08
Stskeepssimple as that15:08
Stskeepsso that's why i think it's a bigger problem :)15:08
djszapi_I do not personally care about their lawyer issues15:09
djszapi_I only care as a third-party developer, if something is technically broken.15:09
MohammadAGYou're missing the point15:09
djszapi_I have better things to do than caring about the law and stuff15:09
Stskeepsok, fine15:09
* Stskeeps yawns15:09
* MohammadAG follows Stskeeps 15:09
djszapi_If I had cared, I would have reported many people here speaking about security holes in public.15:10
MohammadAGThats not a legal issue15:11
djszapi_read your contract you signed for the N95015:11
MohammadAGAgain missing the piibt15:11
Stskeepsdjszapi_: it lists about source code requests15:11
MohammadAGIt says i was 18 when i signed15:11
MohammadAGI was 1715:11
djszapi_Stskeeps: what I do not understand, why you do not write to them, if it bugs you ?15:11
Stskeepsdjszapi_: people have15:11
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djszapi_right, so wait until they can fix it or report Nokia to I do not know whatever forum.15:13
djszapi_where the legal issues are handled.15:13
Stskeepsso you're saying we can't discuss the ongoing process?15:13
djszapi_probably, time-consuming, and useless, but that is what you can do apart from waiting..15:14
Stskeepsanyway, it's not productive to discuss this with you anyway, as you say15:14
Stskeepsso back to hacking15:14
djszapi_the legal authority is your best bet, not someone from here.15:15
djszapi_actually, it is even a known bug internally.15:17
Corsacuh, nice, reboot on plug with sync & connect :/15:17
djszapi_Stskeeps: if you write to the lawyer, you will get it on DVD15:17
djszapi_Stskeeps: and that is completely correct according to the gpl license15:18
djszapi_so Nokia is actually not breaking anything15:18
Stskeepssure, but noone is actually replying15:18
djszapi_replying to what ?15:19
djszapi_you wrote to the lawyer ?15:19
Stskeepspeople doing the source code request address as stated in the PLA and in the device's license info15:19
djszapi_Stskeeps: the not publishing is obviously not because of pissing off the open source warriors, there are reasons btw15:20
djszapi_I do not think anybody needs to guess anything bad about Nokia regarding this15:20
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djszapi_Until the OVI Store cannot realize whether a package will run on my device I will put it onto (mainly if I paid for that), we cannot update thee SDK since that. The sources go out with the SDK15:21
Stskeepsi don't know what the reasons are, but the situation is simple, if you've published the binary of a GPLv2 source code you must provide the source code somehow15:22
Stskeepsi don't care if it's on DVD, website or by pigeon15:22
djszapi_sorry, but this is really lawy matter.15:22
Stskeepsalso, why the fuck are you continuing to discuss when you're saying exactly that you don't want to talk about it?15:23
djszapi_you need to address those people, and waiting for their reply.15:23
*** b3ll has quit IRC15:23
djszapi_or the legal authority whatever it is, as I said earlier.15:23
Corsacnice, now taping on Phone (when in sync&connect, not sure it matters) crashes the system15:24
djszapi_but you probably need to know the law better than the Nokia lawyers, otherwise you lose.15:24
Stskeepsthis is like talking to abill_uk15:24
Corsacaha, even nicer, now I just have a black screen instead of the three screens, and logs show:15:27
CorsacNov 29 14:25:50 (2011) signon-ui: Meego graphics system destroyed15:27
djszapi_Stskeeps: frankly, I just think you need to wait if people did really write to the proper address. Collecting everything for a DVD is not 2 minutes.15:29
djszapi_Nokia lawyers would not get Nokia into troubles. You can be pretty certain about that.15:30
djszapi_Corsac: btw, the guy forgot to write where to add those lines ideally into the configure.ac15:34
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*** Stecchino has joined #harmattan15:39
MohammadAGYoure not making sense15:39
Corsacit's unrelated :)15:41
Corsacdjszapi_: here's what I did for a similar issue15:42
Corsac(basically I put it next to some AC_CHECK)15:42
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: would you like to have temporary +o to fix the issue?15:43
MohammadAGNo, that doesnt fix it15:44
DocScrutinizerindeed :-/15:44
iekkugoing home, making some popcorn, please don't stop15:44
MohammadAGIt's like taking cocaine to ease pain15:44
*** vladest has quit IRC15:44
MohammadAGI'd love one of those GPLv2 pigeons though15:45
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan15:45
*** slaine has quit IRC15:45
lardman|workmust be hefty to carry an entire printed kernel source15:45
djszapi_Corsac: thanks, I will try it out.15:46
DocScrutinizeron the topic of "smarter than the nokia lawyers" - believe me, my friend Harald Welte has lawyers that actually are WAY smarter than Nokia15:46
MohammadAGlardman|work: They used to carry babies in cartoons15:46
MohammadAGSorry, but looking at Nokia's situation my ass looks smarter15:47
DocScrutinizerif Nokia lawyers think they can outsmart GPL they will have to learn that they're doomed to fail15:47
radiofreeare there any actual precedent setting cases regarding GPL compliance?15:49
DocScrutinizerbtw what an asshat attitude - "we don't care about whether we comply to GPL, if you think you can force us, find lawyers that are better than ours"15:49
radiofreeI mean, against a large company with fancy lawyers like Nokia?15:49
DocScrutinizerradiofree: google for Harald Welte15:50
Stskeepsit's just bad press too15:50
DocScrutinizerradiofree: he won serveral such law suits15:50
lardman|workMohammadAG: those are stalks not pigeons15:50
radiofreeDocScrutinizer: thanks, he beat D-Link, in court!15:51
DocScrutinizeryes, I know15:51
DocScrutinizeramong others15:51
Stskeeps <- GPLv2 pigeon15:51
DocScrutinizermost companies retreat15:51
DocScrutinizerand finally comply, and recompensate15:51
DocScrutinizerin *money*15:52
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan15:52
DocScrutinizerfor paying the smarter lawyers of Harald ;-P15:52
djszapi_M4rtinK: have you tried gtk# ?15:52
*** rcg has joined #harmattan15:54
M4rtinKdjszapi_: do you mean GTK with Mono bindings or something else ?15:56
djszapi_yes, I saw some mono running on a Nokia device, and I thought it would be cool to try out.15:58
M4rtinKI think someone even ported a Monodevelop and a C&C clone15:59
djszapi_I would be fine with mono as a first step without the monodevelop.15:59
djszapi_it is available on iphone, and also on android like monodroid.15:59
M4rtinKyeah, might be nice to program in16:01
M4rtinKbut other than that it doesn't seem to be very widely used & available16:01
M4rtinKat least when compared to Python :)16:02
djszapi_I do not know, but it would be nice to port "mono" in my opinion.16:03
*** diggy has quit IRC16:03
*** diggy128 has joined #harmattan16:03
*** diggy128 is now known as diggy16:03
djszapi_I guess there are tons of dependencies to be ported :)16:04
djszapi_M4rtinK: interestingly enough, fewer than expected: Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 7), dpkg-dev (>= 1.13.19), libglib2.0-dev (>= 2.4), bison, libtool, libxml-dom-perl, libxslt1-dev, dc, lsb-release, libx11-dev, libxt-dev, zlib1g-dev, autoconf, automake16:07
*** adlan has joined #harmattan16:08
M4rtinKinteresting :)16:09
djszapi_M4rtinK: actually, all of them are available on the platform, so one should just give a try.16:10
M4rtinKdon't forget COBS :)16:12
djszapi_is it down for you now ? It is for me at least.16:12
M4rtinKmight be still quite an interesting build :)16:12
*** jluisn has quit IRC16:13
* RST38h kills a hamster, ritually16:13
djszapi_M4rtinK: something triggered a complete rebuild again :/
M4rtinKthen web UI seems work fine16:14
M4rtinK*to work16:14
*** pawky has joined #harmattan16:16
*** b3ll has quit IRC16:19
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:20
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:20
*** pawky has quit IRC16:21
*** pawky has joined #harmattan16:21
*** coffeebreak has joined #harmattan16:22
*** pawky has quit IRC16:25
*** pawky has joined #harmattan16:26
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan16:27
*** achipa has quit IRC16:30
*** Natunen has quit IRC16:30
*** ab has quit IRC16:30
*** JackaLX has quit IRC16:30
*** abinader has quit IRC16:30
*** jbos has quit IRC16:30
*** corecode has quit IRC16:30
*** _MeeGoBot_ has quit IRC16:30
*** mja- has quit IRC16:30
*** X-Fade has quit IRC16:30
*** pawky has quit IRC16:30
*** pawky has joined #harmattan16:30
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan16:32
djszapi_M4rtinK: mmm, it does not build.
M4rtinKdjszapi_: try to disable tests16:34
*** pawky has quit IRC16:35
djszapi_it does not fail at a test case.16:35
M4rtinKoh now I see16:35
*** pawky has joined #harmattan16:35
M4rtinKhmm - then try to disable parallel build :)16:35
*** briglia has joined #harmattan16:36
*** achipa has joined #harmattan16:36
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan16:36
*** ab has joined #harmattan16:36
*** JackaLX has joined #harmattan16:36
*** jbos has joined #harmattan16:36
*** abinader has joined #harmattan16:36
*** corecode has joined #harmattan16:36
*** _MeeGoBot_ has joined #harmattan16:36
*** mja- has joined #harmattan16:36
*** X-Fade has joined #harmattan16:36
*** sets mode: +v _MeeGoBot_16:36
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #harmattan16:36
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:39
*** Sazpaimon__ has quit IRC16:39
*** pawky has quit IRC16:39
*** pawky has joined #harmattan16:39
djszapi_M4rtinK: it has already been there.16:41
*** pawky has quit IRC16:44
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan16:45
*** pawky has joined #harmattan16:45
*** oscoder has joined #harmattan16:45
*** oscoder has quit IRC16:49
*** pawky has quit IRC16:50
*** pawky has joined #harmattan16:51
*** zz_gri is now known as gri16:56
*** pawky has quit IRC16:56
*** pawky_ has joined #harmattan16:56
grianyone here with a xbox 360 and knowledge of its parental control? :)16:56
djszapi_gri: can you try gluon-games this time please ?16:58
djszapi_hi btw :)16:58
*** pawky has joined #harmattan16:58
pawkyis it just me or are everybody having a problem with the freenode irc server?16:58
*** lbt has quit IRC16:58
gridjszapi_: hi - is the version number increased? so can I just upgrade?16:58
*** lbt has joined #harmattan16:58
*** lbt has joined #harmattan16:58
djszapi_gri: yes, it was published16:59
pawkyI am sorry to anoyingly ask this question a third time, but having problems with freenode i haven't been able to see any replies for my question regarding where to find the latest firmware for N916:59
djszapi_gri: do not ask me why X hours later with the old date/time :)16:59
*** pawky_ has quit IRC16:59
djszapi_pawky: see the topic17:00
pawkydjszapi_ well... don't developers have to reflash now and then?17:02
djszapi_what do you mean ? You asked the firmware, and the topic has a link.17:02
pawkydjszapi_ oh, right.. but is the N9 firmware the same as the N950?17:04
djszapi_that is not the N9 firmware. Check the last part of the url17:04
djszapi_ahh not I got your question, sorry17:05
djszapi_I misunderstood, mmm, I think they are different images.17:05
pawkydjszapi_ yeah..17:05
djszapi_and imho, you can only use the update.17:05
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC17:05
pawkydjszapi_ but the update i had used on the old N9 phone is to old for the one i have gotten now :-(17:06
gridjszapi_: Why is the framerate in the menu so bad?17:06
djszapi_which menu, the player or the game ?17:07
djszapi_but it means it is running then. It is cool :)17:07
pawkydjszapi_ after i got the "repaired" N9 and went into developer mode it just reboots all the time complaining about dnmasq17:08
pawkydjszapi_ I believe I might get out of this endless loop by reflashing it myself, but need the newest firmware :-(17:09
*** jluisn has quit IRC17:09
*** adlan has quit IRC17:10
djszapi_pawky: if it is not on the Nokia site, you cannot do it legally.17:10
pawkydjszapi_ I don't care if it's leegal or not, they should have fixed the phone and took 3 weeks to send me this pease of shit, now I desperately need to flash it, and it complains about the firmware I have being to old. I am not going to send it back another 3 weeks again, thus I need their firmware. besides, the error message tells me to do this flashing anyway17:11
pawkydjszapi_ I believe someone somewhere must have this firmware..17:12
pawkydjszapi_ of course any other idea how to get the phone out of this endless boot loop is also welcome :-)17:13
gridjszapi_: Some kind of volume control would be nice :D17:13
djszapi_gri: well, that is up to the game developers...17:15
djszapi_gri: but which meny did you mean to give a hint to ?17:16
djszapi_pawky: I am not a partner in illegal things.17:16
gridjszapi_: main menu and it's submenu17:16
djszapi_gri: so you meant to say the game player, not the game menu scene, mmm.. not sure it is really slow ? I mean it works here.17:17
DocScrutinizerI got notice in private from inside Nokia that they are looking into what's wrong with kernel-source publishing17:17
pawkydjszapi_ fair enough, but why would the latest firmware release be a secret, whilst the older one not being so??17:17
djszapi_pawky: have no clue. I do not decide about that.17:17
pawkydjszapi_ I can accept burning the earlier version as well, if any one knows how to do so..17:18
djszapi_gri: to me, it seems faster than the settings framerate :p17:18
djszapi_gri: that is what I do for the click only:
djszapi_I load such a tiny QML file:
X-Fadepawky: Did you try nsu?17:20
pawkydjszapi_ Ok, so whats your suggestion I do with this replacement phone rebooting itself constantly?17:20
pawkyX-Fade: nsu?17:20
djszapi_pawky: maintenance service17:20
X-Fadenokia software updater :)17:20
pawkyX-Fade: for linux? :-)17:21
djszapi_X-Fade: his phone does not boot :/17:21
X-Fadepawky: Nah, windows is the way to go :)17:21
djszapi_ahh it is also possible from PC ?17:21
djszapi_even before the boot ?17:22
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC17:22
X-Fadedjszapi_: That is the only way. Windows flasher.17:22
pawkyX-Fade: but all it does is flashing it anyway, so if anyone has the nsu, they should also have the firmware file.17:22
djszapi_X-Fade: ah so it is a flasher application hiding the firmware ?17:22
X-Fadedjszapi_: Guess so, well hiding...17:23
*** Smtih has quit IRC17:23
djszapi_gri: did you mean the scrolling framerate, or what framerate specifically ?17:23
pawkyso... anyone having installed the nsu, should be able to rip out just the firmware... and I cannot really se that as being something illeagal17:23
gridjszapi_: scrolling, yes17:23
griseemed slow but I can try later again17:24
djszapi_gri: how can that be slow ?17:24
grifirst I have to find out how to control that damn xbox of my brother17:24
djszapi_it only fetches the data once, I guess17:24
djszapi_pawky: why not just nsu and one ?17:25
pawkydjszapi_: could it be because I hate Windows?... and thus doesn not have it?.... ;-)17:26
pawkydjszapi_ Thats why I bought this cool (when working) phone in the first place17:27
djszapi_Nokia did not publish the image for a reason.17:27
pawkydjszapi_: like?17:27
pawkydjszapi_: I believe they are just a bit slow in doing so...17:28
pawkydjszapi_: and I am phine with flashing the older one, if I could make the unit not refushing to do so17:28
X-Fadepawky: Nah, it is a consumer product. Consumers can't possibly use linux :)17:28
pawkyX-Fade: well thats what most people actually do everyday...17:29
djszapi_my mother does not use Linux.17:29
pawkyX-Fade: routers, web servers....17:29
pawkydjszapi_: have you given her a chance to do so?17:29
djszapi_yes, ubuntu was horribly buggy17:30
pawkydjszapi_: try openSuSE17:30
djszapi_sadly, windows worked better.17:30
pawkydjszapi_: until you end up with tons of viruses, or antivirus softwares, phising etc.. etc..17:30
pawkydjszapi_:well lets not make this a windows, linux flame war shall we? ;-)17:31
djszapi_which is easier to reinstall for her than hacking linux...17:31
djszapi_please do not, get a windows and do17:31
djszapi_if you wanna proceed, or send it back. We do not see better solution17:31
pawkyahh.. my phone (after 20 reboots) tells me "Device not working properly, try updatin the software" , which is what I want to do17:32
pawkydjszapi_:if she would run a linux Live CD no reinstallation would ever be needed ;-)17:32
djszapi_and reinstall everything after each reboot ?17:32
pawkydjszapi_: I would call it reload... not reinstall..17:32
pawkyor, give her a USB key to boot from..17:33
pawkyany one knowing what problem this phone might have with dnsmasq ?17:33
djszapi_I think you start making it difficult for a person.17:33
djszapi_an elder person*17:33
djszapi_X-Fade: btw, have you ever tried this ? I am now trying it out :) I am curious17:34
pawkydjszapi_:trust me, I could install the system once and for all, and then a reinstallation for her would never be necessary.. as Linux doesn't slow down by age..17:35
pawkydjszapi_:But I believe this is another topic to discuss outside the #harmattan channel ;-)17:35
pawkyand I still need that firmware somehow...17:36
djszapi_you are basically saying I am not aware of Linux, so that I could not try to make ubuntu work properly ?17:36
djszapi_because of my knowledge ?17:36
djszapi_A normal operating system should not need any "expertise" to install "for eternal life" anyway.17:37
pawkydjszapi_:please, I believe this discussion is far beyond this channel, but a 3 year old could install Linux without problems17:38
pawkydjszapi_:just try a Live CD, or similar.. then you don't even have to install anything..17:39
djszapi_well you started it, and I now stop itt. Please get a free windows or send your device back. There is no other way around!17:39
pawkydjszapi_:Well, I beg to differ... and i presume there might be people in this place who has the knowledge howto, as they helped me before.17:40
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan17:41
pawkydjszapi_: (I am a bit curious though, where you could get a "free windows"? I haven't heard of such ever...)17:43
*** ph0b has quit IRC17:44
*** adlan_ has joined #harmattan17:44
djszapi_there zillion ways, as a student obviously one, as an employee, you can ask your company, in any case: you can find a friend using windows and do it on that PC. Please be creative.17:45
djszapi_but if you cannot really get to a legal Windows in any way, not even any familiars, I recommend to send it back and they will handle it.17:45
pawkydjszapi_:I just got it back from them today... after a 3 week rendez vous to to Hungary...17:46
djszapi_so what ? You do not wanna solve your problem ?17:47
pawkydjszapi_:I didn't want the problem in the first place17:47
*** harbaum has quit IRC17:58
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC17:59
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan17:59
*** lamikr has quit IRC18:00
*** vladest has joined #harmattan18:01
pawkydjszapi_:doesn't the nokia software updater actually need your phone to be up and running to be able to do any update?18:02
djszapi_why would that make any sense ?18:02
djszapi_if your phone is up and running you can do it yourself18:02
pawkydjszapi_:and if not?18:02
djszapi_if not, you cannot do it yourself, hence PC.18:03
djszapi_that is my logic.18:03
*** ajalkane has joined #harmattan18:03
pawkydjszapi_:but have you tried to do it with the phone off, on a Windows machine?18:03
djszapi_no, got distracted.18:03
pawkyI believe the software will kindly ask you to boot up your phone into USB mode.18:04
djszapi_except if it gets the image and flash it.18:04
djszapi_it would make no sense to update it if you can do it yourself anyway18:04
pawkydjszapi_:so, you are SURE it doesn't want you to boot up you phone?18:05
X-Fadepawky: you never have to boot your phone to flash it.18:05
X-Fadepawky: The bootloader takes care of that.18:05
pawkyX-Fade: then why does the WINDOWS nvu tell me to?18:06
X-Fadepawky: It tells you to wait for the usb icon.18:06
pawkyX-Fade:nope, it tells me to boot up, write in my pin codes and go into USB mode..18:06
*** b3ll_ has joined #harmattan18:07
X-FadeThat is just pain wierd :)18:07
pawkyX-Fade:i know....18:07
djszapi_interesting, our complainer got windows running in few minutes...18:07
pawkydjszapi_:well, my friends might not be as fortunate as me..18:08
*** b3ll has quit IRC18:08
*** b3ll_ is now known as b3ll18:08
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC18:08
pawkyIs there any way to make the N9 stop rebooting itself?18:10
X-FadeHold power button for >9 secs18:11
tommashut it down? =)18:11
pawkyand why does Nokia seem to have an "unplanned service break", just when i need them the most?18:11
pawkyX-Fade: done that, still reboots18:11
djszapi_because we wanna make people's life hard.18:11
pawkydjszapi_:I'll bet you do...18:12
djszapi_(ironic before taking seriously)18:12
X-Fadepawky: Hold longer?18:12
pawkydjszapi_:(i know)18:12
pawkyX-Fade:use gun?...18:12
X-Fadepawky: I got it to shutdown during SSU and during flashing, so it should work always.18:12
*** crevetor has quit IRC18:13
djszapi_gri: have you experienced that after unlocking the screen, my app appears some in diagonal mode ? :o18:13
pawkystill rebooting18:13
gridjszapi_: No, atleast not in the main menu18:14
*** rcg has quit IRC18:14
pawkythis is sheer irony "Try updatin the device software with Nokia Sofware update... yada, yada" djszapi_ you are definitely right18:14
pawkybut, anybody who wants to give me the right firmware so I can update it using the linux flasher, will be the hero of the day18:15
pawkyI cannot wait another 3 weeks to also get this unit fixed..18:15
djszapi_so we are culsprit because we wanted to help with giving an idea ?18:15
pawkydjszapi_:no...  i cannot really see how you came to that conlusion...18:16
pawkydjszapi_:if your not working for Nokia that is...18:17
djszapi_I still work for Nokia.18:18
pawkydjszapi_:Then you are the culprit to it all..18:18
djszapi_cheers ! =)18:19
pawkydjszapi_:unless you help me out getting a binary to flash... which would make you a hero...18:19
pawkydjszapi_:or reboot your software updater servers so they work...18:19
pawkyI will gladly install the older firmware, and then update from it, if anybody knows how to bypass the "Downgrade disallowed" issue..18:21
*** artemma has quit IRC18:23
*** diggy has quit IRC18:25
*** b3ll has quit IRC18:25
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan18:26
pawkywill -c coldflashing the unit make me able to install older firmware?18:27
*** crevetor has left #harmattan18:27
*** diggy has joined #harmattan18:27
pawkyis there anyway to erase user data? tried it with flasher but tells me not allowed..18:27
jonnipawky: did you get replacement device already?18:29
pawkySo, here I am, with my new N9 replacement unit rebooting itself to oblivia, Nokia having an "Unplanned Service Break" and only an older firmware available the unit refuses to flash18:29
tommathey dont release oneclickflashers for n9?18:29
pawkyjonni: yes... :'(18:29
pawkyjonni:took them 3 1/2 weeks, but now its here....18:29
pawkyjonni: booted up nicely. I configured 4 e-mail accounts and went for developer mode.. since then it constantly rebots and in the end coming up complaining about dnsmasq problems..18:30
jonniand you checked that you got different device back, and not the original one?18:30
pawkyjonni:how could I?18:31
pawkyjonni:it just constantly reboots itself...18:31
pawkyjonni: it doesnt even boot up... just goes halfway.. 30 times, then comlains about dnsmasq18:31
jonniit just sounds like that you got your faulty device back, you had the imei number in the old log that you gave me, and you could check if it matches to your device with ./flasher18:33
pawkyjonni:can I somehow bypass the downgrade disallowance, so I can install the older firmware, and then upgrade using the N9?18:34
jonnipawky: nope, downgrade cannot be bypassed18:34
jonninavifirm has the latest firmware though18:34
djszapi_which is completely illegal18:35
pawkyjonni:Device identier = IMEI?18:35
jonniohwell and NSU has the latest firmware too, which uses the same url's than navifirm.18:35
jonniCorsac: nokia software updater18:36
pawkydjszapi_:why would it be illegal to install an OLDER version?18:36
djszapi_not older, a pirate version18:36
*** achipa has quit IRC18:36
pawkyjonni:trying NSU it complains the servers are unavailable..18:36
djszapi_if you do that, you can forget your warranty, I am pretty sure.18:36
Corsacjonni: windows only I guess?18:36
djszapi_all the people who did it here, it is in the log, so not hard to trace back.18:36
pawkydjszapi_:well... maybe Nokia should check what the F.... they send back to me before starting to complain about warranty..18:37
jonniCorsac: yep, NSU windows only, and pc suite might also work for updates.18:37
Kaadlajkhow is that pirated if it is the same version that NSU uses18:37
djszapi_Kaadlajk: who allowed them to publish what Nokia did not do for /their/ software ?18:37
tommapawky, you can download those images straight from nokia ftp?18:37
djszapi_it is b asically the same with other pirate services, they use an indirect service to the original source, and then get caught18:38
*** hardaker has quit IRC18:39
pawkytomma: sounds great... do you have any FTP address where this can be done?18:40
*** javispedro has quit IRC18:40
djszapi_time to report these things to Quim, and let us see what he answers...18:40
X-FadeQuim doesn't work there anymore.18:41
pawkydjszapi_:How can installing older N9 firmware on a N9 be any type of piracy, or illegal?..18:41
*** IcanCU has quit IRC18:41
pawkydjszapi_:its the same OS for christ sake, just with more bugs.... or less.18:41
djszapi_X-Fade: Quim is still nokian18:41
djszapi_X-Fade: and he will know who it relates to.18:42
*** mzanetti_work has quit IRC18:42
X-Fadedjszapi_: Sure, but now purely on Qt. Don't bother him with random stuff ;)18:42
djszapi_X-Fade: he asked me in the past when people complained about aegis, and published secutiy holes to report ....18:42
pawkyohh.. how cute, Nokias repair team in Hungary have been so kind to send me back the same unit...18:42
X-Fadedjszapi_: But that was before he changed jobs.18:43
djszapi_It is really out-of-my-attention, but it seems it became a daily habit here, illegal softwares, security holes and so on. It does really hurt them.18:43
djszapi_X-Fade: no, actually it was after18:43
djszapi_and I did really warn more times, and that is why it makes me sad.18:44
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan18:45
*** rcg has joined #harmattan18:46
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan18:48
*** IcanCU has joined #harmattan18:51
tommapawky, i have no idea if these are anyway valid images:
*** b3ll_ has joined #harmattan18:54
*** b3ll has quit IRC18:55
*** b3ll_ is now known as b3ll18:55
djszapi_It is simple, which is not coming directly from Nokia: it is not something they would like to share.18:56
djszapi_so unless someone can show a link on a Nokia site to that image, it is quite illegal18:57
Corsacwell, afaict the links were mostly to Nokia site18:58
djszapi_have you ever seen that link ?18:58
djszapi_that seems a download link, which is not intended because there was no Nokia announcement, and direct link18:58
pawkydjszapi_: weirdly, I haven't ...18:59
djszapi_so yes, sure, someone figured out the download legal!18:59
Corsachow illegal?18:59
djszapi_no that was irony18:59
Corsacianal, but that just look very spurious to me19:00
djszapi_there are internals on this channel sharing security holes and illegal software links, I would not be surprised if the link comes from an internal...19:00
*** mzanetti_work has joined #harmattan19:00
pawkydjszapi_: but now I have. on the other hand, jonni is just as sure as I, its a hardware issue..19:00
djszapi_pawky: I told you long ago to send it back...19:01
djszapi_if nothing helps, not even Windows...19:01
pawkydjszapi_: which I did!19:01
pawkydjszapi_: They where just so kind to send me the same phone back!19:01
Corsacdjszapi_: or a from a proxy log :)19:01
pawkydjszapi_: with a new firmware....19:01
djszapi_pawky: you wanna suffers for you for sure, right ? :)19:02
pawkydjszapi_: Jonni helped me confirm its the same phone..19:02
djszapi_mistakes happen, we are human...19:02
pawkydjszapi_: Trying to keep up the spirit of Linux, by supporting it bying an N9, seem to really be a drag yes...19:02
djszapi_the doctor here made an operation for the wrong client...19:03
pawkydjszapi_: I wrote in the description it needed to be replaced..19:03
pawkydjszapi_: ha ha ha..19:03
djszapi_it is not funny...19:03
*** abinader has quit IRC19:03
*** jbos has quit IRC19:03
djszapi_the leg of the patience was amputated...19:03
*** jbos has joined #harmattan19:03
*** abinader has joined #harmattan19:03
*** corecode has quit IRC19:03
*** corecode has joined #harmattan19:04
pawkydjszapi_: Well...I'll bet that doctor now works for Nokia in Hungary...19:04
pawkydjszapi_: fixing nokia N9 replacements..19:04
*** djszapi_ has left #harmattan19:05
Kaadlajkwhat the hell was that about19:09
*** crevetor has left #harmattan19:10
yipdwan overextended metaphor19:10
KaadlajkI find his comments and attitude very depressing19:10
pawkyKaadlajk:It's about me sending my phone for replacement to Nokia, who sent it to hungary, who just flashed it and sent the same unit back...19:12
Kaadlajkpawky: yes, I read that19:12
pawkyKaadlajk: and now it got into an endless loop not working at all..19:12
Kaadlajknow he is threatening to report me to nokia authority19:18
pawkyKaadlajk:well.. are you the responsible Nokia repairman only flashing a unit instead of replacing it?19:19
Kaadlajknaah djszapi said I was encouraging people to use illegal images19:19
Kaadlajkwhich I was clearly not19:19
pawkyKaadlajk: Well don't take to much attention to it...19:20
DocScrutinizerKaadlajk: please ignore djzapii19:20
pawkyDocScrutinizer: right...19:20
yipdwpawky: you're on Linux, right19:20
yipdwpawky: have you tried ?19:21
KaadlajkDocScrutinizer: ignoring him makes conversations on this channel look strange :-/19:21
Corsacyipdw: he needs the firmware image :)19:21
DocScrutinizerKaadlajk: he obviously isn't clear about his own job, and sometimes thinks he's bos of Nokia lawjyer dept19:21
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan19:21
KaadlajkI will ignore him in my head and think happy thought19:21
DocScrutinizerKaadlajk: I know :-D19:21
RST38hKaddlajk: Simply tell him you are going to report him to his boss at Nokia19:21
pawkyyipdw:Thanks, but jonni again helped me confirm its a hardware issue..19:21
RST38hThis usually does the job of pacification19:21
yipdwpawky: ok19:22
yipdwinteresting hardware issue19:22
pawkyyipdw: I dohave the flashing stuff already.. before confirming it was a hadware issue (or to be frank the same phone as the one i sent for rpairs) I wanted to get the latest firmware...19:22
djszapi_maybe bad memory.19:22
pawkydjszapi_:yeah, either that, or the I2C chip..19:23
pawkyor both..19:23
pawkyI am writing a complaint to ...19:24
StskeepsKaadlajk: irssi has a feature to ignore messages going towards a person too19:24
RST38hyeah. /ignore <nick> private should work19:25
*** frinring has quit IRC19:25
DocScrutinizerStskeeps: won't help as usually users don't consequent highlicghting19:25
StskeepsDocScrutinizer: i just group them in with mentally insane people and that does the trick19:25
yipdwon a different subject, has anyone looked into what it would take to get the music player to do gapless playback?19:27
yipdwI'm hoping this isn't a "the audio architecture makes it really hard" problem19:27
pawkyyipdw:isn't that a preload issue?19:28
DocScrutinizerbtw this insane threatening people becuase the allegedly "violate Nokia's TOS" is upsetting me, as most people here in meanwhile probably not even are using a device they had to sign any TOS contract with Nokia for, so they are free to use whatever "illegal firmware" they like, and they are free to talk about it, and there's no djszapi to stop them from doing so19:28
*** artemma has joined #harmattan19:28
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan19:28
yipdwpawky: it is necessary to preload part of the next file, yeah, but I'm wondering how much work has been done towards figuring out the most appropriate place to add that19:28
pawkyDocScruitinizer:come on, hes not that bad mr djszapi_ he is just being concerned about us N9 users ;-)19:29
yipdwas far as I can tell, Harmattan uses PulseAudio, so anything that applies there should apply to the Harmattan music player19:29
pawkyyipdw:thus no gap problem then :-)19:29
yipdwpawky: there's already a way to preload part of the next track?19:30
*** spenap has quit IRC19:30
*** tomyri has quit IRC19:31
pawkyyipdw:I am sorry not being able to answer that...19:32
yipdwpawky: no problem; I was just wondering if I've just missed something19:32
pawkyyipdw:This i don't know.. my thought was just that it shouldn't be a hardware limitation..19:33
yipdwpawky: yes, I agree, the hardware is most likely capable of handling that19:34
yipdwI don't suppose the source code to the music player is open, is it?19:34
yipdwwas poking around the PulseAudio mailing list; evidently gapless playback is the sort of thing Lennart thinks is a client issue19:35
djszapi_yipdw: you can always try to use apt-get source19:35
yipdwfair enough19:35
*** tomyri has joined #harmattan19:35
*** nid0 has quit IRC19:38
*** nid0 has joined #harmattan19:38
yipdwoh, heh19:43
yipdwI have no source URLs defined in /etc/apt/sources.list19:43
yipdwok then, gotta go find those19:43
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan19:44
djszapi_Stskeeps: can you please send me the kernel source request ? I have asked the leader of the SDK, and he did not get such a request yet. I do not find it on google either.19:49
DocScrutinizerjonni: comments?19:50
djszapi_yipdw you have something like: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/aegis.ssu-keyring-001-tr.list19:51
*** Hq` has quit IRC19:53
*** Hq` has joined #harmattan19:55
*** hardaker has quit IRC19:55
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC19:59
*** piggz has quit IRC20:00
djszapi_yipdw: I believe gstreamer already has some support for that.20:01
djszapi_Anyway, Pulseaudio isn't really concerned here.20:02
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan20:03
djszapi_For gapless playback the music player should use just one stream, and not create new one every time the track changes.20:03
DocScrutinizerKaadlajk: since I am on his ignore list, you might want to inform djszapi_ about two facts: 1) there's no such thing like "illegal images" (maybe there's a thing like illegally publishing copyrighted material, but no illegal image or illegal usage of an image), and 2) if he continues to threat people, no matter if publicly or in private queries, then I'm not hesitating to remove him from this IRC channel20:03
*** lardman|home has joined #harmattan20:04
jabishow would you preload anything over the current running stream tho...20:04
*** michael_Behman has joined #harmattan20:05
djszapi_It's then up to gstreamer to start generating more audio for the one continuous stream when the track is about to end. So, the only important thing from Pulseaudio point of view is that the stream is continuous. Then there are no track changes at all from Pulseaudio's point of view, thus Pulseaudio isn't really concerned.20:06
michael_BehmanEvening guys, I understand the PR1.1 OTA hasn't reached egypt yet, right? But shouldn't I be able to update using "Nokia Software Updater"? For some reason, it also says that there are no updates available. Any thoughts?20:08
*** michael_Behman is now known as Michael_Behman20:09
djszapi_If you're for some reason forced to create new streams for each track, then you're out of luck. There's no way of synchronizing one stream's ending to another one's start in Pulseaudio.20:10
DocScrutinizerMichael_Behman: see
*** jreznik has quit IRC20:15
*** smoku has joined #harmattan20:22
*** smoku has left #harmattan20:22
*** b3ll has quit IRC20:22
*** smoku has joined #harmattan20:23
RST38hheh, smoku, live.20:25
*** daniel_2 has joined #harmattan20:26
Michael_BehmanI'm sorry DocScrutinizer, but what am I looking at exactly. It's more of comments about people who got their OTA updates. I'm willing to even do it using "Nokia Software Updater" from the computer. Is that also bound by the region?20:27
ajalkanemichael: NSU, no, you need to use Navifirm if you want to update. Dunno exactly why.20:27
DocScrutinizerseems there's no way to get recent image other than using a windowscrap app called navifirm20:27
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan20:29
Michael_BehmanHmm, I don't think I like this much. Nokia is being already influenced by Microsoft's "Regional priority" policy. Any ideas why the update wasn't just realized to everyone everywhere?20:30
ajalkaneThere's region specific customizations in the different firmwares. So I guess it's up to each region to decide when they're ready to push it OTA.20:32
DocScrutinizerand updating the firmware via flashing isn't exactly riskfree, so I suggest you carefully read the whole thread20:33
villagerI suspect it's up to the mobile operators that sells the phone in the region20:33
villagerto update the firmwares for their region20:34
DocScrutinizerthe whole update scheme is meant to keep branding, and that'S probably where delay comes from20:34
*** NIN102 has joined #harmattan20:35
DocScrutinizerprobably operators complained about it been too easy to debrand N90020:35
*** vladest has quit IRC20:36
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:36
*** leinir has joined #harmattan20:36
ajalkaneoperators are such assclowns, really20:36
DocScrutinizeras opeators also have a tendency nowadays to shove premium value-added-services down their customers' throats20:36
yipdwdjszapi_: that mode of operation sounds fair to me; and yeah, I do have /etc/apt/sources.list.d/aegis.ssu-keyring-005.list, but I've not yet been able to figure out how to derive the source URLs from what's in there20:37
yipdwthe obvious deb -> deb-src doesn't work20:37
jabisthe OTA was held back in other regions, because a lot of people bricking their phones with it (and operators being assclowns)20:39
Michael_BehmanHow nice :/20:42
Michael_BehmanWell, thanks anyway guys. I think I'll get PR1.1 by the release of PR1.3.20:43
Michael_Behmanbut I still believe that Nokia should provide an alternative way to update manually. But not that risky also.20:44
Michael_BehmanAnyway, thanks again for the help.20:44
pawkyDocScruitinizer:That's exactly my thoughts regarding images and such...20:44
*** Hq` has quit IRC20:44
*** Hq` has joined #harmattan20:45
*** smoku has left #harmattan20:45
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan20:46
jabisMichael_Behman: I dunno whether the NSU on nokia UK still has the update or not, you could check from there - but the thread you were linked to has a lot of info you should be aware if you decide to go thru with anything other than the official OTA that comes at some point - also there's your regional nokia care, that will do the flashing for you for small fee (or should be)20:46
*** smoku has joined #harmattan20:47
jabismy friend didn't want to go thru with anything, paid ~40e to have it serviced20:47
*** smoku has left #harmattan20:48
*** smoku has joined #harmattan20:48
Michael_Behmanjabis, yeah, maybe I will go ask there. But if they'll be doing it using navifirm, then I'd rather do it myself.20:48
*** briglia has quit IRC20:49
pawkydoes anyone have a md5sum on the firmware downloadable using navifirm?20:50
djszapi_yipdw: it is probably not open source then20:51
pawkyjust want to check if the japanese/chinese site has the same ones20:51
yipdwdjszapi_: that's my thought; in that case, I guess I can ask Nokia to open it up20:51
djszapi_yipdw: probably futile, but you can do for sure.20:52
*** Michael_Behman has quit IRC20:52
daniel_2pawky: there are a lot of different firmwares, i think they have different md5sums20:52
yipdwyeah, that or port some other player20:52
lizardodjszapi_: not wanting to resurrect the great flame war here but... Are you aware of any security bug bounties for N9? It would really improve platform security in general by bringing attention from security researchers20:53
*** briglia has joined #harmattan20:53
jabispawky: different regions & operators have different images20:53
pawkydaniel_2:yes, that's why I want to figure out if one of them might be the same latest original firmware for the N9, so we Linux users do not have to buy a windows box to get hold of them.20:53
pawkyjabis: fair enough, how about any swedish/Nordic md5sum?20:54
jabiswait a sec, I'll check my northern europe image20:54
djszapi_lizardo: please do not start it all over again20:54
jabisoh shi - I don't have md5 tools x) (on windows)20:55
pawkyjabis:how did you get hold of it?.. any URL?20:55
smokuis it possible to build package for fremantle using harmattan SDK?20:55
pawkyjabis: yeah, there is  a lot ask for on a Windows box... ;-)20:55
lizardodjszapi_: it is a simple question (yes/no) I didn't mention the "bad" word ;). If not, please bring it to your platsec colleagues if possible20:56
*** b3ll has quit IRC20:57
djszapi_lizardo: you are internal, it is bit weird to be smart 2 years laters than neede20:57
djszapi_why didn't you give feedback when the system was designed ? This question makes no sense nowadays20:58
djszapi_we even asked for feedbacks...20:58
*** vladest has joined #harmattan20:58
jabispawky: cc828321c85b5f677e58f360b616ecf3 for NDT Northern Europe 059J187 version20:59
jabispawky: DFL61_HARMATTAN_20.2011.40-4_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin21:00
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan21:00
djszapi_lizardo: all that can be done is smaller bugfixes, but you should know this as an internal.21:00
lizardodjszapi_: I am *not* internal (thankfully). I worked with projects for nokia, not related to security at all.21:01
pawkyjabis:Thank you :-)21:01
djszapi_lizardo: this is the part of quoting your internal mails ?21:01
djszapi_on the mailign list, or what ?21:01
djszapi_you were internal, but anyway, this request is really rather outdated nowadays, sorry. What you ask, is just impossible, and were done durign the architectural design phrase anyway21:02
djszapi_actually the part of the team were built upon security researchers anyway21:03
lizardodjszapi_: yes, I happened to subscribe to internal mailing lists through my external/subcontractor email. But now I lost access :) So consider this a question from someone (with no internal contact) asking if Nokia is willing to *pay* for security research (AKA find security holes) on harmattan21:03
*** ajalkane has quit IRC21:03
pawkycool, then is the right one to have if being in the Nordic countries.21:04
djszapi_lizardo: we did that really, we had many hackfests.21:04
djszapi_lizardo: the product is getting over, what do you expect really ? :)21:04
pawkydjszapi_ now that wasn't so hard to tell was it ?21:04
djszapi_lizardo: actually even got help from kernel experts, but this is just really trivial collaboration between teams :)21:05
djszapi_lizardo: actually, the upstream kernel security maintainer (one of those) even worked for us21:05
djszapi_so it might be that, you are just not informed properly :)21:06
*** trx has quit IRC21:06
lizardodjszapi_: that's all good but... supposing holes passed through all this hackfest/review and exist now, is anyone willing to pay for reporting them?21:07
pawkylizardo: pay for them?21:07
djszapi_lizardo: ok, put it clearly since it seems it is not  obvious for you even as an ex-worker: Nokia does not concentrate that much on Harmattan, no resource, understand ?21:07
lizardopawky: yes, that's the concept of "bug bounties" like Mozilla ones21:08
pawkylizardo: no chivalry any more to be seen... :-(21:08
pawkylizardo: everything is just about money these days...21:08
djszapi_pawky: google also pays you if you find a security  hole.21:09
lizardopawky: yes :( specially because the sec guys do this for a living usuallt21:09
djszapi_the university from Oulu got 60000 EUR that way or so21:09
lizardopawky: but the idea is actually to improve security for everybody21:10
djszapi_pawky: what lizardo is missing 11th of February21:10
pawkydjsjapi_ wouldn't the security holes pay more themselves, i mean if one is going for the money anyway?21:10
djszapi_and that is what different for Nokia21:10
lizardopawky: so usually they have some non-disclosure agreement, and the bug is usually private until it is fixed by the vendor21:10
djszapi_pawky: no :)21:10
djszapi_lizardo: that is not true21:11
djszapi_it is non-disclosed until it gets released or even actually a bit more21:11
djszapi_since the existing images would harm a lot.21:11
pawkylizardo: wouldn't it be better to let everybody know, so one could solve the issue oneself, instead of doing it the Microsoft way, security by obscurity?21:11
yipdwpawky: these days, it's infeasible to fix a security issue in software to which you don't have the source code21:12
pawkyif there is a bug out there that might affect my software/hardware I would damn well want to know about it...21:12
pawkyyipdw:true, but if one knows about it one can act, if not you just another sitting duck...21:13
*** trx has joined #harmattan21:13
*** zk8 has left #harmattan21:13
djszapi_lizardo: I thought it is clear what happened inside Nokia21:14 would be much better to discuss it over a drink :)21:14
pawkyyipdw:silence is only beneficial to the black hats, and the company owning the software/hardware, never the user21:14
yipdwpawky: in a lot of cases, sure.  however, there's also the assumption that the bad guys already know about the flaw, which doesn't necessarily hold true21:14
yipdwand when we talk about "the bad guys", scale also matters21:15
djszapi_but the point is this: we did not reach the state of a real "hackfest" until 11th of February. After that, everybody was leaving Nokia, no real decisions, architectural changes, work that much anymore. We have actually never reached we wanted, understand ?21:15
pawkydjszapi_:Im in, then we can clear this Windows/Linux thing as well once and for all ;-)21:15
lizardodjszapi_: do you know anyone from security team still working on Nokia for N9 (in maintenance mode)?21:15
yipdwe.g. a few top-level black hats vs. any script kiddie who can download Metasploit21:15
djszapi_lizardo: I am one of those.21:15
pawkyyipdw: its better to assume they do, and then also let everybody else do..21:15
yipdwpawky: it could be.  I don't know, full disclosure's a tricky topic21:16
djszapi_lizardo: it became clear to me after 11th of February, we have many holes we can never really fix.21:16
lizardopawky: in a case where the vendor is not willing to fix bugs in a timely fashion (or has just abandoned the product) I can agree with you. But we usually want to find the "right path" and have vendors fixing bugs ASAP21:16
djszapi_lizardo: I do not disclosure them, but until we fix those, it does not really make sense to have a really big hackfest.21:17
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan21:17
pawkylizardo: but I would like to be able to make a dessicion if having to take action even before the fix exists21:17
djszapi_lizardo: as you said, describes everything really. It is clearly got abandoned after the eleventh of February.21:17
djszapi_lizardo: so you would like to beat the dead horse.21:18
djszapi_we did really plan such things, we never got to the finish.21:18
*** tarantism has joined #harmattan21:19
djszapi_it is like testing an alpha API.21:20
*** b3ll has quit IRC21:21
djszapi_lizardo: so your idea basically makes a lot of sense, but it is a "bit" la te.21:24
lizardopawky: one approach is to do like some Apple(?) hackers did, use the security hole to fix itself (by hot-patching), but it feels so dirty, and you wonder if it is not better to switch to some other OS (I plan to contribute to #NemoMobile someday) :(21:26
pawkylizardo:how about reveiling the security flaw to the public? Then things would start happening, wouldn't it?21:27
djszapi_the poitn of the security analyzes is to avoid them before the public..21:27
pawkydjszapi_:that's true, but what if nobody fixes them?21:28
djszapi_that is what is happnening nowadays, no manpower at Nokia anyways :)21:28
djszapi_but yes, probably there is another matter to speak about than security all the time right ? ;)21:29
lizardopawky: I'm with yipdw in this matter (about full disclosure). Information is good, but some sort of fix should follow it. Otherwise the "regular" users can do nothing about it.21:29
yipdwwell, that's not entirely true -- you can throw more stuff in front of the vulnerable object :P21:30
pawkylizardy:yes, if either oneself can provide it or if the vendor can. But if you can't and the vendor refuses, then one might reveal it to the public to give it a "push"...21:30
pawkyif it gets known, one might at least be able to avoid the exploit to be used until its fixed, depending upon what the issue is about.21:31
djszapi_and one can exploit even more ...21:31
djszapi_which would most likely to be the case, since all the attentions would be there.21:31
pawkydjszapi_:yes, but at least you know about it... better than being exploited no knowing about it...21:31
djszapi_you know about it and others will also be exploited people knowing this fact.21:32
djszapi_so it is even worse.21:32
djszapi_imho, the bare minimum is to disclose something after a release.21:32
yipdwpawky: I think one assumption you're making is that the vulnerable system is something that can be fixed in a short amount of time after disclosuer21:32
djszapi_or even later, because the vendor can say: hey here is the solution21:32
yipdwdisclosure, too21:32
lizardopawky: in a mobile phone scenario, to avoid such exploits you should not install anything from the web, even ovi store :( This is even more critical if there is some bug with the browser, so you can get exploited simply by visiting a malicious page21:32
pawkydjszapi_:no, you have the option to choose wether to continue using the device, and accept the risk or not to.21:33
djszapi_imho, it would be wrong if the vendor says, here is the security hole, but we do not have anything to fix it21:34
pawkylizardo:true, and I do have an option when it comes to what I install. But if it's a bug in the OS, then I would at least know if it exists, so I can choose not to use the device i21:34
djszapi_this is typically not how the Qt security development happens either. That happens as I say.21:34
pawkydjszapi_: well freedom of choice is better than not having it... you know, a free world :-)21:34
djszapi_the exploit freedom ?21:35
djszapi_fyi, qt also has a private mailing list for security issue discussions, even it is a super open governance project21:35
djszapi_and only invited members can join. They will disclose the stuff after the fix, probably not after the release since Qt releeases were unexpected in the past.21:36
pawkyif we are at a bar, I belive you would prefer to know that the beer is on the house, rather than everybody else knowing it, but you who would go and pay for yours. maybe you still want to pay, but you have the freedom of choice..21:36
lizardopawky: what I meant is , you can trigger these exploits by installing apparently innocent applications... For instance .deb files have scripts that are called by simpling attempting to install the application, one can put the exploit code on them21:36
lizardodjszapi_: do they have bug bounties? :D21:37
djszapi_of course.21:37
pawkylizardo:true, that's why it might be a good idea to only use trusted repositories having a valid key21:37
djszapi_but not in a large number like google has. Imho, google pays the largest attention at it.21:37
djszapi_pawky: if the trusted repository is realyl trusted, but atm it is not.21:37
pawkymaybe one should open up a free market where people could sell their exploits to the highest bidder? :-)21:39
yipdwI'm pretty sure that already exists21:39
pawkythat would probably stir up things..21:39
pawkyyes, but how about an official one :-D21:39
pawkymaybe I should register :-)21:40
*** harbaum has quit IRC21:42
djszapi_the problem is that, we are discussing a dead platform21:43
pawkyit cant be an illegal thing to sell or buy exploits, as far as i know... :-)21:43
djszapi_aegis is far  from the designed system21:43
djszapi_so even if many things were disclosed, it would not probably say anything news to us21:43
*** mzanetti_work has quit IRC21:47
*** IcanCU has quit IRC21:48
djszapi_pawky: it can only be illegal if you have n950 with the signed contract.21:50
*** etrunko has quit IRC21:52
DocScrutinizerpublic announcement: NOBODY is going to threat anybody here in this channel, except the chanops and chan owner. If you got issues with somebody misbehaving you approach a chanop (after you found you were not able to settle the issue with your opponent in a mature reasonable manner). If somebody threats you or generally misbehaves, you APPROACH CHANOP! Everybody repeatedly ignoring these rules will receive usual IRC treatment21:56
fralswho are the chanops btw? :D21:56
DocScrutinizer/msg chanserv access #harmattan list witll tell you21:57
djszapi_pawky: btw, why was your phone handled in Hungary ?21:57
pawkydjszapi_: thats where Nokia sends it..21:59
pawkydjszapi_:I believe your colleagues will be able to answer it a bit better than me.. ;-)22:00
djszapi_Esztergom ?22:00
pawkydjszapi_:Is that a city?22:00
djszapi_collaegues do not work at 22:00 :P22:00
pawkydjszapi_:maybe they should, then I wouldn't have to wait 3.5 weeks to get the same phone back.. ;-)22:01
pawkyah.. at least the reflash got me out of the boot loop...22:01
*** djszapi_ has left #harmattan22:02
*** hardaker has quit IRC22:03
daniel_2oh no..22:04
*** mgoetz has quit IRC22:04
daniel_2my n9 just did a spontanious reboot :(22:04
pawkydaniel_2: Welcome to the club! :-D22:09
daniel_2i tried to enable developer mode.. but sth is wrong :D22:10
pawkydaniel_2: when I did that it went into an endless reboot loop, and finally now I have been able to reflash it to get it out of that state..22:10
daniel_2:D i'm really glad i've never had a reboot loop22:11
pawkydaniel_2:drains your battery for sure...22:11
daniel_2uuh.. after the reboot, the dev mode is working, weird..22:12
jabisdaniel_2: it's normal for when enabling developer mode for the phone to boot (it even warns you of this)22:12
daniel_2i know, but it showed several error messages before :D22:12
daniel_2so i didn't expact the regular reboot22:13
jabisit would throw errors if you were trying to use anything before the installation was succesfull & prior rebooting the phone22:14
*** IcanCU has joined #harmattan22:14
daniel_2hmm no i did nothing.. but it was really weird22:14
daniel_2the usual way, just go to settings and enable dev mode, didn't work22:14
daniel_2always " install interrupt" so i did some research and found in the chan logs, some hints, about installing some packages manually "develsh, openssh and meego-terminal"22:15
jabisso you had a broken package/other dependency issue before enabling developer mode, would throw errors too in that case22:16
daniel_2so i tried, but openssh package was also not able to install.. than i tried to enable dev mode again, it said, install is corrupt, it will not work, or sth like that, i had to press ok and then it rebooted22:16
*** Strannik has joined #harmattan22:16
jabisso it was an expected reboot after all x)22:17
daniel_2xD seems like that :D it's working fine now, so i don't mind22:17
*** rafael2k has quit IRC22:17
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pawkyusing ssh, as which user am i to log in?22:28
pawkyuser, devel-su, root?22:28
*** piggz has joined #harmattan22:30
jonnipawky: username: developer22:30
*** tarantism has quit IRC22:30
pawkythe only one i didnt try...22:31
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan22:32
daniel_2is it possible to manually reinitialize the auto-contacts merging?22:41
*** djszapi has left #harmattan22:42
*** artemma_ has joined #harmattan22:44
*** miroslav has joined #harmattan22:46
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*** artemma has quit IRC22:46
*** artemma_ is now known as artemma22:46
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*** hardaker has joined #harmattan22:54
pawkyThe Nokia N9 is really the best phone in the world, when it works... :-D22:55
pawky... in my humble oppinion....22:58
leinireven when it doesn't work it's better than other phones when /they/ don't work ;)22:58
leinir...because then, while the others look like poop, the N9 is still really pretty ;)22:59
pawkyleinir: yeah, its good to look at as well, when being a brick.. ;-)22:59
yipdwhow long have you two had your N9s?22:59
leinirNot happened to me yet, mind you, but it /does/ look super-pretty, so *giggles* :)22:59
yipdwmine arrived a week ago, hasn't blown up22:59
leinirsince DevDays in Munich :)22:59
leinirbeen smooth sailing :)22:59
pawkyyipdw: shortly enought to still admire it :-D22:59
yipdwI'm just wondering about age, so that I can have some idea of when I might expect issues23:00
yipdwmy N900 worked fine for a year until the screen shattered23:00
yipdwobviously not a hardware fault there :P23:00
pawkyyipd: 1st day = trouble23:00
yipdwoh ok23:00
pawkyyipdw: first day back from repair = trouble23:00
yipdwI guess you just got a lemon23:01
pawkyyipdw: pretty old one then, as it is black by now...23:01
TronicIt is easy to forget that other phones have their issues too. My brother has the telephone app randomly crashing on his SGS and he will only notice that afterwards because there is no indication of incoming calls nor of the app being dead.23:02
pawkythought of trying some coreageous restoring on this unit... did all backups end up in /home/user/.backup ?23:02
yipdwTronic: oh, I agree.  I've got a 4th-generation iPod touch and ever since the iOS 5 update, the thing has been crapping out23:03
pawkyTronic: yeah, reboots and issues just gives it character :-)23:03
djszapiyes, this phone evolved a lot in comparison with 1 year ago :)23:05
pawkyanyone having any suggestion where to put the backup files created with the phone before I sent it away? I forgot where they came from23:06
pawky /home/user/MyDocs/.backup ?23:06
*** guruz has joined #harmattan23:09
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*** guruz is now known as mgoetz23:11
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*** niqt has joined #harmattan23:14
djszapiX-Fade: the dependency issue between the repositories are not because of the source origin since we use apt-get and that is vanilla upstream.23:26
*** piggz_ has quit IRC23:42
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