IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2011-11-28

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gridjszapi: Great to hear that :) Good night btw00:04
djszapigri: I have one more issue00:04
grihave to go, sorry :(00:04
grigirlfriend gets annoying when I don't get off my computer now :D00:05
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ss8vxI've Got an used N950 with unreleased firmware00:51
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SpeedEvil wacky01:32
DocScrutinizernow what a fsckd up format webpage is THAT?01:34
DocScrutinizerand yes, there'01:35
DocScrutinizeralready a newer version called PR1.2 at Nokia for inside use01:35
DocScrutinizernot a big surprise, eh?01:36
SpeedEvilNo. Wondering about 'second hand'01:36
DocScrutinizeralso no surprise that allegedly it again locks down some paegis "flaws"01:36
DocScrutinizerwho says "2nd hand"?01:37
DocScrutinizerI guess Nokia rather ships N950 with PR1.2 than beta1, again due to aegis flaws, and "downgrade not allowed"01:38
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ajalkaneAnyone know why this does not work: /usr/bin/aegis-exec -s -u user sleep 10003:32
ajalkanethe program is not ran as 'user', but as 'nobody'03:32
ajalkaneThis is in devel-su03:33
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ajalkaneokay... it was just aegis issue03:57
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DocScrutinizerwell, aegis-exec is a bit.... errr...
DocScrutinizeraegis-exec -bla -blub /bin/bash04:14
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DocScrutinizeralso, dunno.. man aegis-exec doesn't work for me, for absolutely unknown reason04:14
DocScrutinizerwhich makes me wonder if it's meant to be used by developer/user at all04:15
ajalkaneat least it gives -h some sort of help. Is the sources available for Harmattan's aegis-exec? I only found the old MSSF version04:16
DocScrutinizersorry, I missed to append </sarcasm>04:16
JackaLXok I've just walked in on the middle of the conversation here, but you've reminded me of my _next_ question :-)  Where can I get my hands on the docs (man pages, texinfo etc) for everything they put into MeeGo/Harmattan by default?04:18
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DocScrutinizergood question04:59
DocScrutinizerman pages get nuked on build time, to save 20MB of storage space. On a device with 8GB on /05:00
DocScrutinizerI'd not complain about it if at least those manpages got bundled and offered for installation as one pkg05:02
JackaLXI'd even be happy to be forced to store them off-device05:08
JackaLXit's just that there's a lot of funky shit that isn't in a "normal" Linux install that I'm not too familiar with, and there are times when RTFM is somehow soothing :-)05:10
DocScrutinizer has links to all known sources of info, I guess05:10
JackaLXand then there's the little differences between find(1) on my desktop and on my N9... ticks me off a bit05:11
infobotmessy... err busybox is meant for lean scripting. Regarding all the missing options and immanent limitations (see su) it's not really the interactive shell of choice. A lot of people hate busybox because a lot of system integrators don't understand the difference between busybox and a decent user interactive shell plus unix utils05:11
DocScrutinizerls -l `which find`05:11
JackaLXfind is just an example, plenty of other standard tools ain't too standard05:11
JackaLXyup, I've seen05:11
DocScrutinizerapt-get install findutils-gnu or sth like that05:12
JackaLXpossible "solution" yeah :-)05:13
JackaLXthanks for the link, BTW05:13
DocScrutinizeralas apt-cache search find doesn't make me smile05:14
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DocScrutinizererr, never mind, I accidentally was on the wrong device05:15
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DocScrutinizerfindutils-gnu - utilities for finding files--find, xargs05:17
JackaLXoh, speaking of apt-foo, what is the command to update the cache/index/db whatever it is.  Like when you add a new repo and you want apt to search it too (can you tell I don't grok Debianisms)05:18
DocScrutinizerapt-get update ?05:19
DocScrutinizeranyway seems to me I installed findutils-gnu via packrat05:19
JackaLXapt-get update, yes that's the one05:21
DocScrutinizerneither, probably directly from
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djszapi_ajalkane: normal07:28
djszapi_zz_gri: ping07:33
ScifigHi, Looking for some opinion on where to deploy config db and log file on harmattan for my application. Is there any benefit of storing OfflineStorage folder and a log in /home/user/.application vs /opt/application?07:55
ScifigAssuming permissions are not an issue. The application binart file is currently deployed to /opt/application/07:55
djszapi_Scifig: yes, of course07:56
djszapi_Scifig: /home/user is owned by user, so nobody will have an access to it ideally, just user07:57
djszapi_Scifig: /home/user/.yourapp/db like calendar does07:57
djszapi_and I would personally provide some token so nobody can misuse it from outside07:58
Scifigdjszapi_, Does it makes sense in harmattan though, which other accounts can user use other than "user" and "root"?08:00
djszapi_of course, it makes perfect sense08:01
djszapi_root cannot use it, no08:01
djszapi_that is a misconcept08:02
djszapi_root can create any account, and use your data even if you somehow manage to put root onto a black list...08:03
djszapi_also, the main point is that you should provide the credential anyway08:03
Scifigcorrect, but the data is not at all confidential. In fact right in the fremantle version of the application I hard coded the DB path as /home/user/.application so that even when root is running the application uses the same settings (globally)08:05
djszapi_that sounds nasty...08:05
ScifigNot necessarily the best way to do things, thats why I wanted to get second opinion.08:05
ScifigAnother question is how to create the folder in /home/user during deployment. Running "dpkg -i app.deb" as root creates the folder in /home/user/.application but makes root as owner.08:07
ScifigUser can't create/modify database.08:07
djszapi_root cannot create that...08:08
JackaLXthat'd be a task for the app at runtime wouldn't it?08:08
djszapi_Scifig: you just need to have the proper credential for the install context, nothing seriously biggie08:08
Scifigdjszapi_, You mean use a postinst script to create the folder in home folder?08:09
djszapi_yes of course08:10
JackaLXI know I'm looking at this from the POV of a desktop Linux, but that sounds crazy to create user directories/files with the package management08:10
djszapi_that is what calendar and others do, nothing crazy really08:11
djszapi_Harmattan is not a desktop Linux, actually almost the opposite08:11
djszapi_it has nothing to do with Linux desktop security08:11
ScifigJackaLX, I've tried to create the config directory using Qt qmlviewer->engine()->setOfflineStoragePath(). But it did not create the folder in /home/user in scratchbox. Fails silently, no error until I try to access the database08:12
JackaLXI didn't have security on my mind08:12
JackaLXI kinda wish Nokia didn't either :-P08:13
djszapi_so you wanna my mother her data got misused ?08:13
djszapi_or even rubbed ?08:13
djszapi_exploited ?08:13
djszapi_I mean...are you serious ? Probably, just joking...08:13
JackaLXNo, I just want your mother to have a choice08:13
djszapi_that would silly08:14
djszapi_because of 100-200 ranting developers, Nokia will not focus for 100-200 developers in case of a user device08:14
JackaLXI'm only half serious.  I know a lot of the security features are a good thing, just some of them get in the way for "power users"08:14
djszapi_who cares ?08:15
djszapi_It is a user device, do not force it into your dreams08:15
JackaLXthe $800 hole in my pocket LOL08:15
djszapi_who said you must buy it ?08:15
djszapi_please do not blame Nokia because  you do not know what you buy08:15
JackaLXrelax, I'm very happy with my N9.  There are just some things that I find a bit frustrating I suppose.08:19
djszapi_and even that I consider myself a "power user", and I am fine. I can develop applications into OVI08:19
djszapi_so really not the slightest what you are talking about...08:19
djszapi_well, again, please do not blame Nokia because you do not know what you buy.08:20
djszapi_it really hurts many people including me.08:20
djszapi_and as a user device, I would like to buy a secure device for my mum08:20
djszapi_so I fail to see the problem.08:20
djszapi_many people are happy out there, but 50-100 ranting developers...08:22
djszapi_even if it is clearly obvious the device was not created for them.08:22
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JackaLXwe'll have to agree to disagree I think. (my personal view is that it is a hacker's device that a non-hacker would love too (or vice-versa))08:25
djszapi_does not matter what you think, and what the fact is08:25
djszapi_rephrase: does not matter what you think. The fact of the vendor is entirely different08:26
djszapi_either accept it or leave. I do not see anything else would make sense08:26
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JackaLXI can't do either of those, djszapi_, but I do promise to keep my ranting to an absolute minimum. (not sure if I could manage zero ranting, but I can certainly try).  I'm happy with my N9 and Nokia is happy with my money so lets all just get along. :-)08:52
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yipdwhi all -- just wondering if anyone knows of an effort for full XMPP support in Harmattan, as it's something I'm very interested in working on09:29
yipdw(where by "full" I mean full integration with the contact list, account manager, etc.)09:30
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djszapi_anybody ever written any accounts(-ui) plugin ?09:42
dm8tbrno, but I'll forgive you for being such a pain if you do! ;)09:48
* dm8tbr still hopes for a XMPP/Jabber account plugin09:48
dm8tbraccounts-sso code and some stuff is here
djszapi_zz_gri: could you please publish the accounts plugin you wrote ?09:49
djszapi_to be precise, the link of the repository or source ?09:49
yipdwI was looking over the accounts-qt documentation, and it looks like that part of the problem is pretty straightforward09:50
djszapi_well, it has public documentation09:50
yipdwthat said, I haven't actually written any code for Harmattan, just done some Qt work in the past09:50
djszapi_but imho, the main issue is not that09:51
yipdwwell, there's multiple issues, and that's definitely one of them09:52
djszapi_not really....09:52
yipdwI don't know if it's the hardest or easiest one to solve09:52
djszapi_the main problem is the xml imho09:52
yipdwthe XML where?09:52
djszapi_imho, the accounts-qt is pretty well documented publicly.09:53
yipdwI agree09:53
yipdwI probably shouldn't have mentioned accounts-qt, as that's not really the first problem I wanted to solve; it's a component that looked relevant but may or may not be09:54
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yipdwthe first problem I want to solve is that I shouldn't have to use mc-tool to add an XMPP account; I want to be able to do that via the usual Accounts application09:56
yipdwso whatever components are involved with that.09:56
yipdwas I mentioned, I'm still feeling my way around Harmattan's architecture, so will be picking up which components interact with which as I go09:57
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djszapi_yes, mc-tool is avery dirty and nasty hack09:59
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qronicO don't know if it was posted already:
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jonnithat is not final pr1.210:30
qronicthat would be a complete fail :)10:33
Kaadlajkqronic: did you manage to get that sp-oops-extract?10:33
qronicnope, the guy who I wrote to, was a fremantle maintainer, not harmattan10:34
qroniche gave me a link to
qronicI wrote PMs to a couple of maintainers of it, but no resonse so far10:34
KaadlajkI am the maintainer of that10:35
qronicSo is it possible to obtain that package for non-internal-team man?10:35
Kaadlajkit is marked as nokia-open but I would have to ask from someone if I can send sp-oops-extract to outsiders10:39
Kaadlajkjonni: do you have any idea about that?10:39
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qronicnp, btw it's quite strange that it's not available officially, cause crash-reporter, rich-core, etc are depend on it10:40
jonnipackage was removed from beta2, so I have no idea if package can be given to outsiders.10:40
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dm8tbryipdw: ah, so you're also after XMPP :D10:45
yipdwdm8tbr: yeah, was wondering if anyone had already started10:45
yipdweither way, I'm happy to work on it10:45
dm8tbryipdw: be my hero! <3 ;)10:46
StskeepsKaadlajk: sp-oops-extract is in fremantle SDK10:46
KaadlajkStskeeps: I know, but there are some patches for harmattan10:46
dm8tbrI'll be happy to give some hints and comments and guess djszapi_ could know also a bit or two about the mechanics of adding an account type proper10:47
Stskeepsask eero tamminen(sp), i guess10:47
yipdwdm8tbr: that'd be great10:47
KaadlajkStskeeps: qronic already did that aswell :-)10:47
yipdwdm8tbr: at the moment I'm installing scratchbox and getting my bearings around Harmattan, so I'll definitely poke around in here later on10:47
StskeepsKaadlajk: on occasion it's just good to show up at their office door and block their exit until they give an answer..10:48
dm8tbrmhm, did that yesterday too. now trying to figure out how to make the qtsdk find the mafw headers I installed into the SDK (and into the SB target, but different story that)10:48
djszapi_mmm, the qt resource system does not really have "prefix" for pickup up the files from the project into the resources..10:50
djszapi_Stskeeps: iirc eero is not involved in harmattan anymore10:51
djszapi_we also tried to ask him few times about things.10:51
yipdwone thing re: XMPP that I was happy to see in Harmattan is that it seems to now use the system's SSL certificate store10:52
yipdwFremantle required some crazy arcane incantations to make that happen10:52
yipdw(unless adding an XMPP account via mc-tool ignores SSL certificate errors, in which case oops :P)10:53
dm8tbryipdw: I think it doesn't, as I need to set an override for the jabber server that I use (uses CAcert)10:54
yipdwdm8tbr: yeah, the server I use also has a CAcert-issued certificate, but unfortunately I added the certificates to the store before adding the account so couldn't really tell10:55
yipdwand the certificate manager doesn't seem to have a disable/distrust/delete certificate option10:56
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jonnidelete certifications usually come on package updates, like when those few ca's were compromised, then the next update deleted the cert.11:01
yipdwjonni: yeah, I saw that e.g. DigiNotar was removed in PR1.111:02
yipdwgood thing too :)11:02
jonniand well you can use commandline tool to delete certs, but thats not advertised :)11:03
yipdwI need to read up on that11:04
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abinaderhad anyone used avahi to enable .local domains on Harmattan?11:33
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* djszapi_ is really happy :) android target can work in scratchbox \o/12:07
radiofreedjszapi_: care to post a wiki? :)12:10
djszapi_radiofree: yes, I am trying to get it work first myself.12:11
djszapi_it would be a really great addition12:11
djszapi_qtcreator is a big no go for KDE development for instance12:11
djszapi_it is broken for that in every sense possible.12:11
radiofreeI've only used QtCreator briefly but the parts I would have used it for seem pretty broken12:13
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djszapi_abinader: avahi is not available for Harmattan iirc12:38
abinaderdjszapi_: I guess it should be a good addition to community obs then :D I'd really love to ssh my device using a .local domain12:39
djszapi_abinader: I have tried during the summer, maybe Jun, but it was not a trivial task. You know, dependency hell..12:39
abinaderdjszapi_: yep, I might take a look at it on the weekend12:39
djszapi_but you are welcome to send a working package :)12:39
dm8tbrabinader: if you get it working submitting it to from OBS would be cool :)12:43
abinaderdm8tbr: thanks for the info :) I'll surely look at it soon12:44
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djszapi_abinader: I would not recommend that12:44
djszapi_because many dependencies are not available there just in obs12:44
djszapi_so you would feed with a broken package12:45
dm8tbrah, right afo doesn't support dependencies yet12:45
dm8tbrdjszapi_: it would fail community QA, so no broken package in index :)12:45
djszapi_if it fails QA, what is the sense of putting there ?12:46
djszapi_c-obs works just fine12:46
dm8tbrdjszapi_: [ ] you understood what I meant12:46
djszapi_I do not really understand what is any good for harmattan...12:46
djszapi_it surely is good for meego, but as for Harmattan...not much addition...12:47
dm8tbrthere are things that nokia store won't accept for one reason or the other12:47
dm8tbrand it's community driven12:47
djszapi_like ?12:47
djszapi_I meant to ask for what "one reason or the other" ?12:48
dm8tbryes, nokia store does not accept theme packages for harmattan although it works quite well12:48
djszapi_again, please tell me the reason...12:49
dm8tbrplease go and ask nokia12:49
dm8tbrI don't know the reason, ktxbai12:49
djszapi_well, if you do not know the reason, please  do not argue :)12:49
djszapi_in this stage, it may have been a simple user error with this argument.12:49
dm8tbrplease don't insinuate that I don't know what I'm talking about12:50
dm8tbrI very well do, if you fail to understand what I'm telling you in clear and simple sentences that is not my problem.12:50
djszapi_Could you please tell me what the reason is ?12:51
dm8tbrthe reason for _what_?12:51
djszapi_why such an application is not accepted in OVI store, and why it was not just a user error ?12:51
dm8tbr10:49:20< dm8tbr> please go and ask nokia12:51
djszapi_or bug anywhere else in the flow that can be fixed.12:51
djszapi_so you do not know :))12:52
dm8tbrI am not Nokia, so I don't know. their statement was 'Harmattan does not support themes'12:52
dm8tbrI have seen working theming on Harmattan, so...12:52
djszapi_where are they writing that, paste the documentation ?12:52
djszapi_or anything they wrote about that ?12:52
dm8tbrthat was the answer from QA12:52
dm8tbrplease accept what I'm telling you and stop questioning everything12:53
dm8tbrI do not intend to waste time on something like that12:53
djszapi_sorry, but this is really a weak argument12:53
djszapi_you say something that you cannot even prove12:53
dm8tbrI do not need to 'prove' anything in a casual conversation12:54
djszapi_I do not need to take it seriously either if anybody says something without proving it.12:54
djszapi_but I will walk to the OVI maintainer today and ask him about it, if he is available...12:55
dm8tbryou don't have to. still my statement remains: Nokia does not accept themes. you don't have to believe it. but I know it's true.12:55
dm8tbrplease do.12:55
dm8tbrI have spoken to people, also within Nokia about it.12:55
djszapi_so that what they said: "They do not accept themes" ?12:55
djszapi_without mentioning any QA issue with the package ?12:56
dm8tbr10:52:02< dm8tbr> I am not Nokia, so I don't know. their statement was 'Harmattan does not support themes'12:56
dm8tbrplease ask matrixx for details12:56
djszapi_that is all ?12:56
fralsnokia store for n9 does not accept themes, that is correct13:01
fralsbecause harmattan does not officially support themes13:01
fralsand hacking something to make it work does not mean its officially supported, no13:01
djszapi_that is indeed a better reasoning and more logical13:01
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djszapi_yeah, unsupported stuff can go into the Note, they will not be able to act with some credentials either.13:04
djszapi_so will better to test the application without the developer mode.13:06
djszapi_be*, not developer account and so on since that might provide some false results.13:06
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jonnihmm, i though that booting to custom kernel is not possible when device lock code is active, but I guess I'm wrong... or time to write bug report :)13:08
dm8tbryou can't flash moslo if you have lock code on13:09
dm8tbrkernel loading over usb is a different thing13:10
djszapi_jonni: could you please first discuss it with Denis on IRC ?13:10
Stskeepsjonni: that's normal13:11
Stskeepsshouldn't be possible to load when device lock is active13:11
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jonnidjszapi_: denis on which irc network?13:14
djszapi_jonni internal13:15
dm8tbrStskeeps: until there is moslo for N9 it is the only way to also boot Nemo. If the user has e.g. MfE then he'd be now screwed unless he wipes harmattan completely every time. which kind of defeats dual boot.13:16
dm8tbrif there ever will be MOSLO for the N9 that is...13:16
Stskeepsyou can disable provisioning somewhere, afaik13:16
jonniah that one, there is 3 internal irc's so it took some time :)13:16
djszapi_really, 3 ? :)13:17
djszapi_windows, iphone, android ? :)13:17
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lardmanSpeedEvil: not threatening, it's ported but QML-ifying it is a pita and I broke it en-route14:13
SpeedEvilOh - sorry - I wasn't putting 2+2 together.14:14
lardmanI keep saying it'll be ready in 2 days time, but this time I really think it will be ;)14:14
lardmanat least in some form :)14:14
djszapi_lardman: what app ?14:15
djszapi_zz_gri: xml files for services are not well defined...there is no central point of integration, i.e. presence-ui grabs information of it's interest from accounts db14:19
*** lamikr has joined #harmattan14:25
*** piggz has joined #harmattan14:30
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC14:31
*** b3ll has quit IRC14:36
*** adlan has joined #harmattan14:38
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan14:46
djszapi_about provisioning - it is not about devicelock, provisioning has to be disabled by the issuer anyone who is issuing provisioning, for example - mail for exchange. MfE - check 'non-provisionable device' in the settings and devicelock might be disabled. (if non-provisionable device is allowed by MfE server)14:57
*** mece has quit IRC14:57
*** vladest has quit IRC15:00
arkenoithat's funny15:00
arkenoihow can server *know* that device is truly provisionable and is not lying about it :-)15:01
Stskeepshonestly though, if you work with confidential company data.. you should have provisioning and device lock on15:01
SpeedEvilIt's all a matter of trusses.15:01
Stskeepsi don't have my company account(s) on my n950 for that reason15:02
djszapi_it does not matter for him, if user tries to do 'non-provisionable' request - it is up to server decide what to do15:02
djszapi_Stskeeps: exactly :)15:03
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan15:07
djszapi_radiofree: btw, if you wanna help with setting up an android target in scratchbox, you are welcome :)15:13
*** zz_gri is now known as gri15:14
lardmanam I right in thinking that one can't add a Twitter account?15:14
lardmanand also, is it possible to add a Skype account as a SIP account15:15
gridjszapi_: I never played around with the .service files, only the .provider ones15:15
djszapi_gri: already fixed15:16
djszapi_gri: I got access all the accounts plugin codes, so :)15:16
gridjszapi_: Then you might give me a hint about how to set my credentials correctly?15:17
djszapi_sorry ?15:18
gridjszapi_: I had no clue where to file/ask that15:19
djszapi_ahh no sorry15:19
djszapi_I am busy with t he android target in scratchbox15:19
grihmpf :(15:21
grijonni: You said something about you can claim a package with nokia origin even if it's not ... can you give me a hint? Maybe my only problem is the origin15:22
*** faenil has joined #harmattan15:22
jonnihave you tried without invoker?15:23
*** faenil has quit IRC15:24
grijonni: without invoker everything works as expected15:24
*** faenil has joined #harmattan15:24
djszapi_jonni: read his bugreport :)15:25
jonnithere was atleast bug in qtcreator that it created bad booster apps skeleton, which will be fixed in 2.4 creator, so most likely already fixed15:26
jonniin future releases15:26
djszapi_jonni: not really15:26
djszapi_he tried to grab the _aegis file too15:26
djszapi_which is way after qtcreator15:26
jonniwell he said that without invoker it works, so he must have working aegis file15:27
faenilhi people :)15:27
*** vladest has joined #harmattan15:27
griQtCreator 2.4 only does the step which is mentioned in the docs to get the app running with invoker15:27
griit seems that works only for "nokia tokens"15:28
gribut not for custom ones15:28
djszapi_why not get rid of the whole qtcreator crap ?15:28
djszapi_for making sure ?15:28
griI wrote the _aegis file by hand15:28
gri(well, I copied the account-plugin-youtube one)15:28
djszapi_that is probably error-prone a lot15:28
djszapi_anyway, when there is a serious issue, in general: get rid of the qtcreator crap15:29
griwell it's not qtcreator since it works when I start the app without invoker15:29
jonnigri: have you checking restok.conf file about what credentials it shows in there after you instell your '' deb?15:30
grijonni: moment, I can paste it .. it looks scary :)15:30
griand different than the youtube one15:30
*** b3ll has quit IRC15:31
griOH NOOO15:32
griagain a reboot problem15:32
griit seems the restok file looks completely different after a reboot15:33
griand now it works15:33
gri(or my phone was behaving stupid)15:33
gribecause now my tokens are listed under develsh's tokens15:34
gribefore reboot they were not15:34
gri restok contents of correct installation15:35
djszapi_I do not see the problem15:36
djszapi_15:29 < gri> well it's not qtcreator since it works when I start the app without invoker -> it is not that simple15:36
djszapi_if qtcreator generates tricky file, it can happen like that15:36
djszapi_get rid of the whole qtcreator stuff while debugging a serious issue15:36
djszapi_it is very hard to say things when there is such an error-prone tool in the process15:36
griI do not use qtcreator while debugging15:36
djszapi_you made the package with that ?15:37
grithat, yes15:37
*** jluisn has quit IRC15:37
djszapi_get rid of using qtcreator15:37
djszapi_when debugging a problem15:37
djszapi_but anyway, it works for you as y ou said...15:38
djszapi_so not sure I understand the problem15:38
griI try now to reproduce it15:38
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan15:38
djszapi_actually, I will not help people using qtcreator15:38
djszapi_for debugging an issue :)15:38
grifor now I think it is: package install -> app start = missing tokens; package install -> reboot -> app start = tokens are there15:38
djszapi_well, if that is the case, you need to see the dpkg wrapper's output that credentials could not be granted..15:39
djszapi_seen those lines ?15:39
djszapi_if not, this concept fails.15:39
jonnigri: atleast one problem in your manifest, you should also ask web2sms::sso-encryption-token for applauncherd.bin15:39
grijonni: I just copied this from youtube :) I don't care about that token ... it's more that all web2sms::* tokens were missing15:40
djszapi_well, he said, he replicated the youtube stuff15:40
djszapi_so that should be no problem15:40
griso now I uninstalled my app, phone is rebooting ... hopefully I can reproduce the case15:41
djszapi_gri: why didn't you actually attach the package to the bugreport and a link to your source ?15:41
gridjszapi_: Never thought of that15:41
djszapi_please do....15:41
djszapi_those are very important stuff15:41
djszapi_right now, you did not even provide any reproducing steps15:41
djszapi_so how do you expect any helps ? :)15:41
djszapi_and guys, really, I would appreciate not publishing security holes in general15:42
djszapi_try to talk it in private, keeping amongst 4 eyes and so on.15:43
jonnibut what I can see the youtube stuff is not replicated 1:1, but if he is sure.... :)15:43
djszapi_it happens continously, and I am close to reporting it...15:43
griI can't reproduce it again ...15:44
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan15:44
djszapi_this is what you copied, right ?15:44
djszapi_gri: in general for future reference, it is important to attach files, and having exact steps to reproduce :)15:45
djszapi_that is the entry of a bugreport :)15:45
gridjszapi_: it looks like that, yes15:45
djszapi_mmm, Nokia account plugin is entirely in QML...15:45
djszapi_and it has lot of custom functionalities15:45
jonnigri: maybe
jonnias far as I can see after that patch it would match the youtube one15:47
grijonni: you're right but that's not the problem15:47
djszapi_jonni: that is not the problem15:47
griI am able to reproduce it now15:47
djszapi_jonni his other credential is also dropped15:47
griI uninstalled my package, rebooted phone and installed it again -> start via invoker: missing web2sms::* credentials15:48
griI bet if I reboot now and start it again, they are there15:48
djszapi_no errors during the installation ?15:48
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan15:48
djszapi_how about if you leave the reboot step out ?15:48
djszapi_is that a dominant step in this process ?15:49
griit seems15:49
griwithout reboot I don't get my credentials from invoker15:49
djszapi_so if you reboot, it works ?15:49
grilet me try again .. :) *waits*15:49
djszapi_so the situation is that you need to make a reboot after every single (re)installation ?15:49
griI hope not for reinstallation, only for initial one15:50
djszapi_anyway, upload the package pls ...15:51
griyep, after reboot I have my web2sms::* tokens and my AID15:53
gri package is here15:54
djszapi_try reinstall15:54
djszapi_install --reinstall15:54
djszapi_upload it to the bugreport is what I meant to ask for :)15:54
djszapi_others can also investigate..15:54
*** NIN101 has quit IRC15:55
*** xnt14 has quit IRC15:55
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC15:55
griafter reinstall I also have the tokens15:56
djszapi_uninstall, install ?15:56
djszapi_c-obs down for anybody else ?15:57
Stskeepsprobably just busy, pushed a new mer release to it15:58
griuninstall and install again also has the tokens15:58
djszapi_uninstall, reboot, install then ?15:58
grithat's what I tried before15:59
*** artemma has joined #harmattan15:59
grileads to having no tokens anymore15:59
griI can do it again if you want :)15:59
djszapi_yes, please do15:59
djszapi_you did once above15:59
djszapi_let us try to reproduce it more to get it clearly.15:59
djszapi_Stskeeps: so does it load for you ?16:04
gridjszapi_: uninstall, reboot, install = no tokens, no AID16:07
djszapi_gri: I see, I will check the aegis-validator..16:07
griI atleast can now write the bug report more clearly16:08
Stskeepsdjszapi_: seems not16:08
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan16:08
*** crevetor has quit IRC16:13
djszapi_gri: it does sound like same invoker policy.16:15
djszapi_X-Fade lbt c-obs is down16:15
gridjszapi_: I assume it's because the package is installed while applauncher is still running?16:15
djszapi_I have zero clue16:16
djszapi_have you tried behind develsh ?16:16
*** jluisn has quit IRC16:16
griI could also try with kicking applauncherd and restart it16:16
*** arkenoi has quit IRC16:16
*** adlan has quit IRC16:16
djszapi_yes, and please try develsh16:17
djszapi_since it is a similar process running your stuff16:17
griDid it16:17
djszapi_results ?16:17
griI have one develsh instance that was started before package installation: accli -I returns no web2sms tokens16:18
grithe second one has them16:18
griso it's the same with applauncher: it's simply not restarted, tokens are not changed for running processes16:18
djszapi_second what ?16:18
djszapi_second develsh, or accli command ?16:18
djszapi_accli command ?16:18
djszapi_because it confirms me then16:18
grisecond instance of develsh, which I created after package installation16:18
djszapi_let me look into the dpkg wrapper code...16:19
djszapi_perly stuff, be patient :)16:19
*** xarcass has quit IRC16:20
*** b3ll has quit IRC16:20
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan16:21
lbtdjszapi_: thanks... looking16:21
djszapi_gri: okay, I found the issue16:22
djszapi_and it is actually a known bug16:22
djszapi_not aegis bug though...16:22
griworkaround available?16:22
djszapi_not really...16:23
djszapi_restart the stuff16:23
djszapi_the problem is that, applauncher uses for instance fork16:23
djszapi_it grabs the credential during the starting...16:23
djszapi_and then it does not do any execS16:23
djszapi_fork of course is not an option for getting modifications regarding the crds16:23
griso I have to force my users to reboot the phone after they downloaded the app from ovi ... cool :D16:24
djszapi_I wish this was the biggest issue ever...16:24
djszapi_but at any rate, fork is a really bad and nasty stuff for credentials.16:25
djszapi_in any aspect ever16:25
djszapi_so blame  the guys doing forks.16:25
djszapi_and it is not even aegis, it is even upstream policy.16:25
*** Smtih has joined #harmattan16:25
tomyriis there any dunny/fake network interface for harmattan?16:25
griok so that bug is already in your internal bugtracker? Then I will delete mine16:26
djszapi_gri: 99 % of the reports are waste of time16:26
djszapi_like this16:26
djszapi_poort bugreport, 1-2 hours gone, and known bug caught half a year ago or even more :)16:26
djszapi_you can understand why we do not have time for these public bugs...16:26
djszapi_lbt works, thanks. :)16:27
gridjszapi_: my bug was more about "you should tell in the docs how to do that correctly"16:27
djszapi_it was ?16:27
grinot to understand like that16:27
gribut my initial intention was to write it like that since I thought I am too dumb to understand how this works16:28
grisince they mention it in the docs I assumed it works or was tested16:28
djszapi_ofc it was16:28
djszapi_I bet the applauncher even writes how it works.16:28
djszapi_if not, that is applauncher doc problem16:29
djszapi_we /do/ write forks is a sloppy thingy16:29
djszapi_no creds mod.16:29
djszapi_so I am afraid, the security part is completely correct16:29
djszapi_we cannot document how the externals work.16:29
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan16:29
grithis site should atleast have a line with "warning: you have to reboot the phone"16:29
djszapi_not at all16:30
djszapi_trouble shoot is a different section16:30
djszapi_never really part of the intended technical documentation16:30
*** mcfrisk has joined #harmattan16:30
djszapi_and the trouble shoot should be provided by the guys doing the nasty forks.16:30
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan16:30
djszapi_security framework does not know the internals of the applauncher16:30
djszapi_or X app16:30
djszapi_it provides you how to get creds16:31
djszapi_if the app fails to get it right, the app should document it16:31
grithe reader of the docs does not see a difference16:31
djszapi_never really mix the security framework with applications16:31
djszapi_security framework is a platform16:31
djszapi_security framework does not see a different either16:32
djszapi_that is the point16:32
djszapi_I, as a user: huh ? Invoker sucks ? Go to the invoker documentation, not security16:32
djszapi_or troubleshoot16:32
grino word inside "known issues"16:33
djszapi_It is not possible to use MComponentCache or MDeclarativeCache in the child process if you fork() in your application. This is due to the fact that X11 connections are disrupted after fork().16:33
djszapi_they should document it here.16:33
djszapi_under "Limitations and known issues'16:33
djszapi_such things are separate sections, not at zillion pages separately.16:34
griok, so I'll file a documentation enhancement for this section16:34
timakimai have quite interesting issue with my friends n9. can't install developer mode because it looks like packages are broken. and since they are in apt cache i can't remove the old packages and fetch new16:34
timakimaany ideas what to do? tried to google already16:35
djszapi_gri: nobody cares, but you can do :)16:35
djszapi_imho, the issue should be fixed, not the documentation.16:35
timakimai can see the terminal app icon during developer mode installation, but after it fails it gets removed16:35
gridjszapi_: Sure but the doc writer can prevent many more people falling into that trap16:35
djszapi_why ?16:35
djszapi_They should fix it for the next release16:36
djszapi_they should concentrate on that16:36
djszapi_not how to document the crap16:36
grithey should do both16:36
lbtOK... yep - seems to be back16:36
djszapi_and as it is a known bug, they have been already working on it16:36
gridocument it until the update is out16:36
djszapi_public doc will not change until the release.16:36
grididn't it change several times?16:36
djszapi_and if you give a bit better and more precise bugreport, I would have said, it has been a known issue for a while16:36
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan16:37
djszapi_gri: after the releases.16:37
gridjszapi_: I was not able to give you more detailed information since I did not know about the reboot thingy16:37
griI changed the language of my phone in the bus this morning, that's why it rebooted :)16:37
djszapi_and again, they are actually writing the forking.16:37
djszapi_security writes about what the consequence of working16:37
djszapi_so 2 sentences from the two places, and done16:38
djszapi_I hope it is fixed for the next release.16:38
gri" initctl restart xsession/applauncherd" in postinst fixes it :)16:39
djszapi_lbt: connect to Connection refused -> mmm16:40
djszapi_good to know16:40
djszapi_yes, I said you do not need to reboot16:40
djszapi_it is not a kernel die :)16:40
djszapi_you rarely need a reboot on linux16:40
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:41
grithat's why I never tried it for the bug report16:41
djszapi_though, I would write out a message, "Restart applauncherd" or so16:42
griSo I only need to find out how to renew icon cache ... executing /usr/bin/imgcachegen results in access violation :)16:43
djszapi_sorry ?16:44
djszapi_why not just use absolute paths ?16:44
gridoes not work for .provider file16:44
djszapi_please give a precise issue then16:44
djszapi_some provider file, some imgcachegen16:44
djszapi_not sure what it means, if not the general applauncher icon16:44
griIf I put a absolute path in my .provider file (which shows up in "accounts"), the icon won't be visible16:45
djszapi_anyway, I am off to my hecking16:45
djszapi_so another case, where aegis was not a problem :)16:46
griI didn't say it's all aegis' fault :)16:47
djszapi_95% not16:47
djszapi_well, 98-99%16:47
grimore accurate please :D16:49
djszapi_Stskeeps: yes, Mer builds pretty much use 70-80% of the workers :p16:56
Stskeepsdjszapi_: not Mer, but Mer-based16:56
StskeepsMer builds elsewhere16:56
djszapi_actually Mer + CE16:57
djszapi_Mer_Core_* and CE_*16:57
Stskeepsyeah, that's "build against Mer"16:57
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan16:59
*** DocScrutinizer is now known as DocSalarySlave17:00
djszapi_Stskeeps: so where do you build Mer ?17:01
Stskeepsdjszapi_: i have a server we call the mer CI server, where the continous integration goes on17:04
Stskeepsso it's just doing QA checks and general release building there17:04
Stskeepsno user accounts as it's well, just a builder17:04
djszapi_if I am trying to swipe away the windows of my game, my application is closed instead of just being in the background. What can cause such a behavior ?17:11
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #harmattan17:12
*** jluisn has quit IRC17:12
gridjszapi_: when swiping from any direction?17:13
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan17:14
djszapi_gri: just only if I swipe to right17:15
djszapi_so I move my hand to the left :)17:15
djszapi_meh, I got it confused17:16
djszapi_left is the right direction :)17:16
djszapi_if I keep it in portrait mode17:16
grihmm ok ... it's very confusing how the "swipe down to close" behaves17:17
grifor example if you have a portrait-locked application and hold your phone in landscape, swiping down (which is right to left for the application) closes it17:17
djszapi_it is getting weird...17:17
djszapi_it closes only in landscape mode by swiping down17:18
griso if you lie in bed and swipe from right to left, your apps shut down :D17:18
djszapi_but that is expected17:18
djszapi_okay, so it works as expected17:18
gri"swipe down to close" seems to ignore whether the application supports portrait or landscape at all17:19
djszapi_works for me.17:19
griopen calculator17:20
grirotate phone to landscape17:20
griswipe down -> it closes17:20
djszapi_so what is the way of locking the screen in every aspect after starting the game on the QGLWidget ?17:20
grieven though it does not support landscape17:20
djszapi_yes, that is basically the same with my game17:21
djszapi_my game does not support portrait17:21
djszapi_gof2 locks the screen somehow17:22
djszapi_Hence, I guess I should figure out what the Galaxy of Fire 2 uses for locking...17:22
*** mojo_risin has quit IRC17:22
*** vladest has quit IRC17:24
matrixxhas anyone had such issues with camera that the images are very low quality?17:26
matrixxon N95017:26
matrixxI'm quite sure I'm not imagining, but they are far worse than they were when I got the device17:27
Jare_the swipe down behaviour will be updated in pr1.2: I don't know, if they have changed anything regarding the orientation locked apps though..17:28
SpeedEvilmatrixx: pics?17:28
matrixxI can take one17:29
SpeedEvilI don't know what you mean by very low quality.17:30
SpeedEvilI've not noticed bad quality myself.17:30
matrixxit's blurry17:30
matrixxthe seeker itself already shows very noisy17:30
matrixxeven with decent lighting17:30
SpeedEvilThe front or back cam?17:31
Jare_maybe your lens is dirty ;))17:31
*** b3ll has quit IRC17:31
matrixxhmm, ofcourse in current conditions I can't repro it17:32
*** vladest has joined #harmattan17:33
dm8tbrmatrixx: low light conditions are poison for the camera module used. it needs really good lighting17:33
vladestdm8tbr: agree, btw17:34
matrixxdm8tbr: apparently yes, need to follow in try out its limits :)17:34
* DocSalarySlave idly wonders when we'll see the first howto for a true hard reset with removing battery for 60s17:34
matrixxdecent is not apparently enough17:34
* dm8tbr had some 'fun' when filming his LiveView experiments17:34
dm8tbrthe OLED screen was very bright and made the camera logic go haywire17:35
*** hiemanshu has joined #harmattan17:35
*** hiemanshu has quit IRC17:35
*** hiemanshu has joined #harmattan17:35
dm8tbrhad to play with exposure and some other parameters to get it semi-decent17:35
*** mojo_risin has joined #harmattan17:35
dm8tbrDocSalarySlave: thankfully the 10s press seems to work rather reliably for the device17:36
*** artemma has quit IRC17:37
matrixxSpeedEvil: I've been trying to download simple mirror from the store to try out front camera, but haven't been able to do it17:37
matrixxmy store installation seems to be broken _again_, sigh17:37
matrixxit basically does nothing when I press the download button :(17:38
dm8tbrmatrixx: does it show if you are logged on?17:38
*** tbf has quit IRC17:38
dm8tbrmatrixx: does the device ask for passwords after boot?17:38
matrixxhmm, apparently I'm not logged in, and even can't log in :D17:39
matrixxmaybe I'll try to reboot17:39
dm8tbrmhm, sounds like storage corruption17:39
matrixxcrap, sounds bad17:40
dm8tbrit's a known bug that under certain conditions SSO credential storage goes south17:40
dm8tbrsomeone mentined it here17:40
matrixxit could explain why I'm asked my email password also from time to time17:40
matrixxthough the email now works fine17:40
dm8tbrmatrixx: probably after every reboot, especially if it's MfE17:41
SpeedEvilMy twitter account still won't auth - though ovi works now.17:41
matrixxdm8tbr: no it's randomly without reboot17:41
Jare_how is this Search app supposed to work? Yes, i can find a single message i'm searching for, but opening it will open a message thread showing the latest message from that contact and not the message i was searching for17:42
Jare_there's no way i'm going to manually scroll that thread, when it has hundreds of messages in it17:42
*** artemma has joined #harmattan17:43
vladestbtw, where is pr1.2 for 950?17:44
djszapi_inside Nokia, I guess ?17:44
CorsacJare_: there's a bug for that17:45
dm8tbrSpeedEvil: ugh, I think I have that too17:45
CorsacJare_: wait a sec17:45
djszapi_Corsac: so do you have an idea for "-lm" patch17:45
matrixxgot ovi working after reboot17:46
matrixxthough now I had to login back to all other services too17:46
Corsacdjszapi_: everything is in the gnome-devel mail I pasted17:46
Corsacor in the followup17:46
djszapi_Corsac: sorry ?17:46
Corsacdjszapi_: basically you just add a check for LM in so -lm gets added to the link flags17:46
Jare_Corsac: ok, thanks17:47
Corsacdjszapi_: and followup17:47
djszapi_Corsac: It was not nice of Matthias17:49
djszapi_he broke many softwares for many people17:49
djszapi_also, we do not use auto* stuff17:50
djszapi_they are just ... well scary ;)17:50
djszapi_so cmake and qmake generates the makefile17:50
djszapi_so I guess we need to patch the CMakeLists.txt or the *.pro17:51
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan17:52
djszapi_weird, he did not get any negative feedbacks for breaking the stuff17:52
dm8tbrSpeedEvil: fix for twitter connect problem:
fralsrecursive unset on /system/osso sounds like a pretty dumb idea17:57
djszapi_gri: ping17:58
djszapi_gri: is there a documentation about the libaccounts-ui ? The available is quite dry17:59
gridjszapi_: Not really ...17:59
griI found only the unfinished one on gitorious17:59
djszapi_I have luckily access to the internal stuff17:59
djszapi_this is something you should file a doc bug against17:59
gridoes the internal one have more contents?18:00
djszapi_since I have never seen external one, I do not know...18:00
djszapi_care to paste the link ?18:00
djszapi_I mean not the source code for sure18:01
griit's only two files, so not much to see18:02
grior three18:02
griand also this one:
djszapi_well, it is the published accounts-qt doc ...18:03
dm8tbr - that might also have some info18:03
gridjszapi_: That is accounts-qt18:03
djszapi_gri: exactly18:04
djszapi_the same doc as in your link...18:04
griI don't see "Writing Account plugins"18:04
gribut it was there I remember18:05
dm8tbryou could always ask mardy?18:05
djszapi_gri: only the third file is actually related.18:05
griI did that's why my code works now :P18:05
djszapi_gri: and no, that is not even internal, so it is better than the internal :)18:05
gridjszapi_: I want access to this :D18:05
djszapi_dm8tbr: that page has nothing to write about libaccounts-ui18:06
* djszapi_ dislikes firefox18:07
djszapi_gri: lol I do not even have access to that page18:07
djszapi_why would you like to have access to that ?18:07
gridjszapi_: since the link to it has "Accounts and SSO Wiki" as label18:07
grimight contain more information .. or less :)18:08
djszapi_anyway, the introduction you pasted is the accounts-qt18:08
djszapi_so kinda weird :)18:08
djszapi_only the third-file is an addition18:08
djszapi_and I do not see that internally :p18:08
djszapi_oh sorry, we have the intro internally, and the other stuff18:09
djszapi_sure, file a bug against it18:09
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC18:12
djszapi_gri: we need to have it on the documentation page, and not in a git repository anyway18:15
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:23
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC18:26
*** guruz has quit IRC18:27
*** guruz has joined #harmattan18:28
*** b3ll has quit IRC18:30
*** drf__ has joined #harmattan18:31
*** drf__ has joined #harmattan18:31
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan18:33
djszapi_gri: so are there common pitfalls for this accounts plugin thingie ?18:34
gridepends on what you define as pitfalls18:35
grinothing serious18:35
djszapi_sucky thingy :)18:35
grino, that not18:35
griyou just have to read the docs: values by accounts-qt are not stored until you call sync() so calling setValue("something", "5") does not result in value("something") returns "5"18:36
griyou have to delete Identity credentials yourself at account removal18:37
djszapi_yeah, have read those18:37
djszapi_but that is just for the client anyway18:37
djszapi_that is not the accounts plugin itself.18:37
grithe account plugin itself (atleast mine) is nothing different than a client18:37
griyour file should be at /usr/lib/AccountSetup/<providerid>plugin to be executed by the accounts-ui18:39
djszapi_it is18:39
djszapi_accounts plugin use libaccounts-ui18:39
djszapi_not directly accounts-qt18:39
djszapi_and libaccountssetup for sure18:39
*** nix-cyrus has joined #harmattan18:39
grisure, I used accounts-qt since I made a qml ui18:39
griif you do mtf, you can use libaccounts-ui18:39
djszapi_since it is quite non-portable thing anyway18:40
djszapi_MTF is a good choice18:40
griyep for me it was a no-go :)18:40
djszapi_the Nokia accounts stuff is also written in QML imho18:41
grisince my accounts-ui loads .qml dialogs as plugins (every web2sms account has a different ui for setting up the account)18:41
griand I wanted to make sure even the most stupid coder is able to extend it by just knowing qml :)18:42
djszapi_and have time to send patches against qt-components...18:42
grifor common usage qt-components is ok18:42
djszapi_huh ?18:42
djszapi_you have seen my last patch :)18:42
djszapi_I would not say ListItem is not a common usage with non-hardcoded stuff :)18:43
griyes, but those things can be patched and workarounded18:43
grithey do not prevent you from finishing your application18:43
djszapi_just annoying I need to have a local copy...18:44
*** rcg has quit IRC18:44
djszapi_I still have my fremantle workarounds, like for 1.5 years ?18:44
grias long as they work :)18:45
djszapi_meh :D18:45
*** mcfrisk has quit IRC18:46
griI wonder who had the idea to have a for controlpanel which just takes xml files that do not even support localization - or am I wrong with this? Can I load .qml files with this plugin? Can I localize the xml files? :)18:47
djszapi_why not ?18:48
djszapi_the content is displayed on the Ui, so should be localizable.18:49
*** slaine has quit IRC18:49
grioh damn18:49
griyeah, scrolling down is a hard thing18:49
*** mcfrisk has joined #harmattan18:50
merlin1991gri: you could also write a binary plugin ;)18:50
djszapi_the provider file is quite simple18:50
grimerlin1991: that's always possible but I was looking for a solution to use only .qml files which does not seem to be possible18:50
griI will go for the unrecommended external applet :)18:52
djszapi_I am about to write a FindHarmattan.cmake module. What would the best file for identification it is the Harmattan platform ?18:54
*** vladest has quit IRC19:02
*** berndhs has joined #harmattan19:04
*** heeeegua_ has joined #harmattan19:05
djszapi_lbt does the harmattan target use the harmattan-beta3 Nokia repo ?
*** heeeegua__ has quit IRC19:06
lbtdjszapi_: you'd have to ask X-Fade19:06
*** frinring has quit IRC19:10
djszapi_so what is problematic about writing an XMPP/Jabber plugin ?19:10
*** guruz is now known as mgoetz19:11
*** spenap has quit IRC19:13
griI think you also have to create the telepathy account but I don't know for sure19:16
*** lardman|home has joined #harmattan19:16
djszapi_sorry ?19:16
djszapi_gabble as the c. manager is available just fine19:16
djszapi_what else needed from the telepathy side ?19:16
grinothing, that should work19:17
*** suy has joined #harmattan19:17
griI was thinking about something else not related ... ignore it :P19:17
djszapi_I mean it should not be hard19:17
djszapi_people would like to have it here, so they could do it easily.19:18
griadding a gabble plugin should work with a .provider file without any accountsetup plugin - tried this once but failed19:19
griatleast I thought the generic plugin would handle that19:19
*** crevetor has quit IRC19:19
djszapi_should be simple19:20
djszapi_gri: btw, do you have time and sake for testing the gluon player ?19:20
djszapi_from the community repository, it is basically two pages.19:20
grigive me the apt-get line :)19:20
djszapi_apt-get install gluonplayer19:22
djszapi_and maybe apt-get install gluon-games19:22
djszapi_to actually get games as well :)19:22
*** rcg has joined #harmattan19:22
djszapi_imho, the Invaders game works only. Others use too much texture memory for this stuff19:25
*** faenil has quit IRC19:25
djszapi_and it is not even possible to control atm from N9 without kb.19:25
gripoor download speed19:30
gri65 kb/s ..19:30
djszapi_btw, do not blame if it bricks your device...19:31
grionly the output was wrong :)19:31
djszapi_so just on your own warranty...19:31
griwell, I have to reflash soon anyway19:31
djszapi_someone told few days ago the kdelibs package broke his device, he was not even able to re-flash lol19:31
griI created so many identities with wrong credentials where I don't have the credentials to delete them :)19:31
*** nix-cyrus has left #harmattan19:31
griwould still have the n9 as secondary device19:32
grino desktop icon?19:32
djszapi_oh yes, you can play Space Invaders with your N950 definitely.19:32
djszapi_there /is/19:32
djszapi_it should install libgluon-data19:33
djszapi_did it not install that ?19:33
djszapi_separate data package for icons and desktop file.19:33
*** rcg has quit IRC19:33
djszapi_well do it then19:33
djszapi_I will add it as a dependency.19:33
griblack screen start up, nothing happens19:34
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan19:34
djszapi_for Invaders ?19:35
djszapi_for Ball and Apocalypse, expected, that is19:35
gri"Gluon Player" nothing happens19:36
grino ui at all19:36
griqrc:/main.qml:21:1: module "" version 1.1 is not installed19:36
griwe still run on 1.019:36
griI don't have a self compiled qt-components19:36
djszapi_no 1.1 ? o_o19:37
djszapi_shall I use 1.0 then ?19:37
*** rm_work has quit IRC19:37
*** jluisn has quit IRC19:37
djszapi_I thought it is available recently.19:37
griuse 1.0, yes19:38
djszapi_that is sad ...19:38
djszapi_you have QtQuick 1.1 right ?19:38
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan19:38
djszapi_please wait 2 hours until I get the changes through c-obs..19:41
djszapi_I hope my app will work with 1.0, too19:42
*** slaine has joined #harmattan19:44
*** jluisn has quit IRC19:47
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan19:47
*** jluisn has quit IRC19:53
*** jluisn_ has joined #harmattan19:53
*** ZogG_N9 has joined #harmattan20:00
ZogG_N9hmm, just noone talking =)20:01
*** grenadejumper has joined #harmattan20:02
*** ajalkane has quit IRC20:02
*** jluisn_ has quit IRC20:02
*** ajalkane has joined #harmattan20:03
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*** b3ll has joined #harmattan20:59
djszapi_gri: can you do it again: apt-get install --reinstall gluon-games ? with all its dependencies for sure...20:59
djszapi_meh, wait 10 minutes, obs did not still publish it20:59
grino version update?20:59
djszapi_no it will not have any version update21:00
djszapi_it is gonna be the same snapshot version (day)21:00
djszapi_so you need to uninstall the gluon packages first21:00
*** b3ll_ has joined #harmattan21:05
*** b3ll has quit IRC21:05
*** b3ll_ is now known as b3ll21:05
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*** djszapi_ has left #harmattan21:13
*** b3ll has quit IRC21:20
*** DocSalarySlave is now known as DocScrutinizer21:22
*** wicket64 has joined #harmattan21:23
npm_where is the height of the system status bar defined?21:25
*** NIN102 has joined #harmattan21:27
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:28
*** lardman|home has quit IRC21:35
npm_and if I guess "35" pixels would I be wrong with some customization or different region?21:36
*** tarantism has joined #harmattan21:38
berndhsnpm_: 35 will be wrong as soon as you hard code it to 3521:38
*** npm_ is now known as npm21:38
npmberndhs: yeah i know that's why i was hoping for a better answer21:39
npm"worksforme" ?21:39
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan21:41
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan21:41
*** adlan has joined #harmattan21:46
*** adlan is now known as Guest5909121:46
*** artemma_ has joined #harmattan21:47
*** messerting has joined #harmattan21:49
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan21:50
djszapi_gri: so can you try to reinstall it now ?21:50
*** artemma has quit IRC21:50
*** artemma_ is now known as artemma21:50
gridjszapi_: same error21:50
djszapi_X-Fade ping, is there a bug in c-obs publishing if the version is the same like previosuly ?21:50
griI uninstalled including all libs21:50
djszapi_gri: when did you reinstall, right now ?21:50
gricleared apt cache21:50
gri5 minutes ago21:50
djszapi_c-obs fails again21:50
djszapi_actually, I do not see the modification on the data21:50
djszapi_but the package was clearly rebuilt.21:51
djszapi_so I think if it is the same version like earlier, it ignores the publishing21:51
djszapi_and that is a bad practice imho21:51
grimaemo autobuilder also did this21:51
djszapi_this sucks as hell21:51
djszapi_anyway, I will bump the version then...21:52
djszapi_but this is really annoying21:52
djszapi_reporting a bug to c-obs...21:53
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan21:53
djszapi_probably an entire OBS bug though21:53
*** wazd has joined #harmattan21:53
*** tarantism has quit IRC21:54
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC21:54
*** djszapi_ has left #harmattan21:56
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*** janpod has joined #harmattan22:17
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan22:19
npm :-)22:21
npmi'm sure it'll be off the home row and shuffled elsewhere, but i had to capture the moment22:25
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan22:30
*** heeeegua__ has joined #harmattan22:31
*** heeeegua_ has quit IRC22:33
vadimqI'm poking around on the phone, what is /etc/aegis/nosigcheck? It says "Check ignored if RDC present". What's RDC?22:36
*** heeeegua__ has quit IRC22:44
*** heeeegua__ has joined #harmattan22:45
*** hardaker has quit IRC22:45
messertingIs there a RSS feed I can subscribe to that gives all new apps in the OVI store for the N9 (but filters out all those crappy RSS feed "apps" that are spamming the store)?22:47
*** berndhs has left #harmattan22:47
SpeedEvilvadimq: RDC are nokia internal development certs, with more permissions.22:48
*** janpod has quit IRC22:49
*** heeeegua_ has joined #harmattan22:49
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan22:51
*** heeeegua__ has quit IRC22:52
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan22:53
djszapi_gri: I bumped the version, and still no publishing :/22:54
djszapi_I have no more clue...22:54
grithe publishing is not a cron job? :D22:56
djszapi_no real clue involved.22:57
djszapi_many packages were rebuilt today, and actually none of them were published apart from the early gluon22:57
djszapi_X-Fade ping, take a look ? ^22:58
gridjszapi_: Could it be that the applauncher restart quits some processes?22:58
djszapi_I am not an applauncher developer, sorry22:58
griWhen I download my package with the n9 via browser and install it, all visible applications are closed after installation :P22:59
*** briglia has joined #harmattan23:01
djszapi_well, that is why I have a KDE repository23:02
djszapi_but sadly, users cannot pick up the deps from the community repository for a reason23:02
djszapi_not really sure why... I had the impression if both are added, it is ok23:02
djszapi_should be the same situation like the Nokia repository + the community obs23:03
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan23:03
grithey should have introduced a preinstalled repository like the n900 had :(23:03
grisince ovi does only accept one package it really sucks23:04
djszapi_it works like that everywhere on the planet23:04
djszapi_it is not ovi special.23:04
djszapi_well, preinstalled c-obs would not really aid me many times23:04
griIt would be good that ovi applications should share some code if some of their dependencies come from repositories23:05
grifor example qml wrappers of certain classes23:05
djszapi_dream world ? :)23:05
griyes ...23:06
djszapi_I think dreaming is an important part of the life.23:06
grimy dreams could atleast give me hints for christmas presents ... so they would be useful23:07
npmfeels traitorous and watches deadmau5 nokia lumia event23:07
djszapi_so anybody with debian repository setting experience is welcome to help, why it can happen, deps are not picked up from other repository, if my repository does not provide them23:07
npmand for such an expensive broadcast, the sound really sucks (good thing i've got a nice rack of DSP's to make it sound better again)23:07
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:08
*** wazd has quit IRC23:13
*** lamikr has quit IRC23:26
*** hardaker has quit IRC23:31
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*** heeeegua_ has joined #harmattan23:56
*** attah has joined #harmattan23:59

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