IRC log of #harmattan for Thursday, 2011-11-24

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MohammadAGGof 2 is sexy on the iphone and ipad00:07
augustlmgedmin: ah, I'll try that00:14
mgedminwhat's overleveling?00:14
mgedminaugustl, if it does turn out to be messageserver, disable mail checking (or reduce mail checking frequency, although mine was already "every 20 mins" so maybe this won't work), that seems to help00:15
ajalkaneI'm liking Gof 2 more on N9/N950 than on the iDevices.00:17
SpeedEvilmgedmin: getting to too high a level, so instead of facing 5-6 enemies, you get a swarm of 25.00:18
mgedminsounds like fun :)00:18
SpeedEvilThis can be nonsurvivable, even in the best ship, with the custom armour, railguns, shield, ...00:18
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ajalkaneI did a Google search on "Is galaxy on fire 2 better than Elite", but the results were not conclusive00:40
SpeedEvilIt has better graphics.00:40
SpeedEvilGameplay - not.00:40
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SputElite gameplay is still unmatched00:49
SpeedEvilAlso - the version of GOF2 is quite old.00:49
SpeedEvilNewer versions with more features and stuff exist.00:49
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RzRanyone has a ssh to his n950 ?01:28
RzRcan you please01:28
RzRdmesg | grep -i cpu01:28
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JackaLXHey Folks!  Since updating my N9 to PR1.1 I've noticed that /usr/bin/messageserver is keeping the CPU running flat out (99% as seen from top).  Obviously that is draining my battery pretty fast (6 or 7 hours total battery life when idle).  Is this a known issue?  Or, better, is there a fix?04:15
JackaLXEven with all accounts disabled it is still using 99% CPU04:16
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GeneralAntillesJackaLX, not heard of it.04:31
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JackaLXGeneralAntilles: OK, I'll keep digging and see if I can isolate it to something specific.04:39
GeneralAntillesJackaLX, I might check the forums.04:39
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Sazpaimonoh good04:57
SazpaimonI dont need to manually compile the new meego-terminal after all04:57
Sazpaimonmy device just got it today04:57
Sazpaimonnow meego-terminal is perfect04:57
Sazpaimonthats pretty good turnaround time, only about a day or so04:58
JackaLXGeneralAntilles: There was something on TMO related to batt drain.  Though that was from PR1.0.  A couple of clues in it.  Looks like possibly a synchng issue and I think I may have cleared it.05:09
JackaLXI disabled all accounts, then rebooted, then re-enabled one by one and turned off all auto-synching/scheduling.05:09
JackaLXI'll watch it for a day or two and see how it goes.05:09
JackaLXMy thoughts are that something was screwed up some place in settings db and an auto-synch couldn't complete and never gave up trying.05:10
DocScrutinizerLOL, MrCrab fw-download site mutated to a mp3 download site05:21
JackaLXSazpaimon: is meego-terminal the default terminal you get with dev-mode, or is it something else?05:50
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trupheenixhi i got a doubt. can i run both Qt SDK and Harmattan Platform SDK on the same system to do Harmattan development?07:25
jonnitrupheenix: yes you can07:56
trupheenixjonni,  ok07:57
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qronicHow to read /proc/kmsg? It says "Operation not permitted" for develsh and devel-su08:23
qronicIs the output the same? I'm looking into kernel stack dump after reboot08:24
jonniqronic: dmesg08:26
qronicjonni, doesn't dmesg shows output _after_ the boot? Cause I want to see the logs of the kernel oops08:27
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qronicon android there's /proc/last_kmsg doing that08:28
jonniqronic: /proc/kmsg only shows stuff beginning of 0.0000 seconds08:29
jonni(reading of that file is possible after you install develsh as, so output is the same as dmesg08:30
qronicI see, thanks08:30
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qronicjonni, any idea how to make kernel to save oops state into some file?08:30
qronicmaybe some syslog magic08:30
dm8tbrqronic: is that your own kernel?08:31
qronicno, it's an original N9 PR1.108:31
dm8tbrmost likely no chance08:32
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dm8tbryou'd probably need a jig with serial output AND also RND certs to enable pin-mux of UART08:33
qronictoo hard :) especialy on N9, no luck then08:36
dm8tbron a custom kernel you could probably add support for things like last_kmesg08:37
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jonniI usually just use serial console on n950, but on N9 things are a bit more hard, one could use custom kernel, or just develsh and tail -f /proc/kmsg > /root/last_kmsg08:40 even08:42
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Kaadlajkqronic: there is package called sp-oops-extract08:47
Kaadlajksp-oops-extract - A tool to display OOPS/panic logs from MTD partition08:47
Kaadlajkdidnt read backlog so no idea if that is what you need :P08:48
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qronicKaadlajk, maybe it will help, though it seems like it's for maemo508:48
Kaadlajkit works for harmattan too08:48
Kaadlajkwe use it internally08:49
qronicdo you have it? What' the latest version? 0.0.7?08:49
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Kaadlajk0.1.0 should be latest08:50
qronicfound it, thanks08:50
qronicthough, seems like it was deleted08:51
qronicit wa here:
qronicbut now, beta is deleted, and it's not in beta3 and beta208:51
qronicI will have to email Maintainer: Eero Tamminen probably08:54
Kaadlajkhe will know08:56
qronicKaadlajk, thank you08:58
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jonnimost likely it was in beta1 by mistake and considered as internal tool09:03
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Kaadlajkit should be opensource09:03
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jonnior put it this way, its not shipped in default pr1.0&pr1.1 firmware, so it doesnt need to be in repoes09:06
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jonnior you can just use fremantle sources, since afaik format has not changed09:10
qronicyeah, I'll into it if couldn't get the 0.1.0 for maemo609:14
jonnijust reading git log from 0.0.7-1 vs 0.1.0, there one commit that  added support for large block sizes, so you are out of luck with fremantle version, since it doesnt handle harmattan block sizes.09:23
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razvanpetruhey, anyone seen Labels inside ListView that wouldn't respect their color?13:19
razvanpetrubasically, I have a complicated delegate that has a bunch of labels...13:22
razvanpetruI set the top label's color and only the first item in the list gets the color, the rest are black13:22
razvanpetruoutrageous! :)13:23
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Jare_mc-tool is giving me empty output when run automatically from a script, but if i run the script manually it'll work as expected. What could be the problem here?14:17
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derammaybe some environment is not set correctly when running automatically... try running manually with "env -i" in front of the command, and see if it runs or complains something14:22
Jare_~ $ env -i /usr/bin/mc-tool list14:26
Jare_mc-tool list: Failed to connect to D-Bus: Using X11 for dbus-daemon autolaunch was disabled at compile time, set your DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS instead14:26
deramhmm.. it at least needs DISPLAY to be set...14:27
deramor that DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS14:28
Jare_this works: "env -i dbus-launch && /usr/bin/mc-tool list"14:31
Jare_do i also have close the dbus or is it done automatically?14:31
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Jare_oh, stupid me, of course that works x). I'll try it in the script anyway14:41
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razvanpetruwhat's the problem with SelectionDialog in pr 1.1?15:24
razvanpetruit says model is undefined...15:24
razvanpetruwhen looking at the device sources, they're not the same to my sdk ones!15:25
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tjaaltoni'm trying to build meego-terminal using the sdk, but it fails importing MApplication15:31
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tjaaltonso.. shouldn't it have all the libs that came with the sdk available?15:33
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abinaderhi all :) does anyone know how to run fenix on device without detaching console output?16:01
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MohammadAGThink ill be getting the n950 tomorrow17:18
SpeedEvilGood luck!17:19
SpeedEvilIt's passed customs?17:19
MohammadAGNo, but they asked for an email this time17:20
MohammadAGWhich is sth they did for th n900 and n95017:20
MohammadAGThe first one at least17:20
MohammadAGAnd the ddp n900 not the first one17:20
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b3llI'm having difficulty implementing the fast scrollbar used in the contacts/music apps17:37
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rcg1b3ll: I assume you are using QML17:39
b3llI'm implementing a sectionscroller, but instead of the harmattan magnified-style scrolling, I'm getting this non-native black panel, like this :
rcg1+ SectionScroller17:39
b3llrcg1: yeah qml, sorry I didn't mention that17:39
rcg1afaik that's what the stock QML SectionScroller looks like17:40
rcg1i think there was some project to bring the look and feel of e.g. the contacts scroller to QML17:40
b3llthat's only available with c++?17:40
rcg1that's a guide on how to make a QML SectionScroller look like the one that can be found in the contacts app17:41
b3llyeah I saw that one, wasn't sure if I was using the 'right' stock SectionScroller17:41
b3llokay thanks!17:41
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rcg1afaik the contacts app uses mtf.. meego touch framework iirc17:41
rcg1which is c++ iirc17:42
rcg1or c? dunno exactly17:42
b3llyeah c++17:42
b3llI'll give it a go, if it doesn't work out I'll use c++17:44
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b3llrcg1 : for future reference, it works quite nicely, thanks!17:50
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rcg1yw :) maybe it's worth to drop ph5 a feedback in the thread17:57
b3lloh I will be for sure!17:58
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tomyriwhy aegis doesn't grant mce::TKLockControl credential policy to my application?20:08
tomyriit just says "denied 'mce::TKLockControl' -- origin '' does not allow it"20:08
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SpeedEvilOrigins have different capability lists that tehy can be granted. This varies from 'self-signed' ones, ovi store, and nokia.20:11
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SpeedEvilI don't off-hand know about mce::tklock20:12
jonnitomyri: you need to sign deb package with pgp key to get it working20:12
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DocScrutinizerlook how confortly paegis is protecting us from possible threats20:13
tomyrijonni: ok, nice20:14
jonniDocScrutinizer: I've installed my selfsigned PGP keys as origin, so would be no problems in my N9, but yes, no way to get it on ovi store.20:16
DocScrutinizerjonni: evil hax0r!   XD20:17
jonnianyways normal apps shouldnt even need that credential, or atleast I dont see any usecase20:19
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tomyriso what I should use to block screensaver?20:21
jonniso you want to change screensaver not to appear?20:21
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jonnitomyri: I usually run this small script from my old usual scripts dir, turns display as bright as it can be and puts timeouts to be a few years :)
jonnigreat for developing since dont have to worry about screensavers20:25
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jonnibut should not really be used in applications :)20:28
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JackaLXI tried (very unsuccessfully) to edit /etc/init/ssh.conf on my N9 to allow root login.  Long story, short... aegis has locked me out of my phone.20:51
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villagerperhaps you should have edited /etc/ssh/sshd_config20:52
JackaLXwell /etc/init/ssh.conf overrides the sshd_config20:53
JackaLXthat's why20:53
JackaLXI know I can fix with a re-flash20:53
villagerwell, editing sshd_config worked fine for me20:53
JackaLXbut... I only have a PR1.0 image and it won't let me downgrade (phone was on PR1.1)20:53
villagerI haven't locked myself out, so not sure what else you can do than reflash20:54
villageranybody else awake here and knows?20:54
JackaLXThe problem I have right now is that I don't have access to any windows machines so can't use navifirm to get the latest image20:54
JackaLXwhat I need is a place to download the PR1.1 image from a Linux machine20:55
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JackaLXDoes anyone know where I can download N9 PR1.1 images from that doesn't require me to be using a windows computer to do so?20:57
Guest44539use wine in linux20:57
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JackaLXGuest44539: and navifirm works ok through wine?20:59
villagerhmm, I should check what firmware I run, maybe the operator's apparently-custom firmware does not have a PR 1.1 version20:59
Guest44539i am running it right now21:00
JackaLXOK, I'll do that then.  Thanks!21:00
Guest44539thogh u need to install .net2 with winetricks21:01
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Sazpaimon_i just noticed PR1.1 fixes rotating on the app menu list21:39
Sazpaimon_if you enable homescreen rotation21:39
Sazpaimon_on 1.0, app icons would dissapear when you rotate, doesnt happen now21:39
JackaLXyes, I was pleased to see that21:39
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Sazpaimon_I still cant figure out how to get PR1.1 dev packages21:50
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Sazpaimon_thankfully the latest meego-terminal builds on PR1.0 now21:54
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harbaumMy n950 was acting weird so i decided to reset it to the factory settings from the settings app. Now it not doing more than just displaying a circular arrow to the left. What's that? I can't switch it on nor off, it just sits there with the which arrow on black screen ...22:04
harbaumWhat does that arrow mean? "Return to nokia" or what?22:05
SpeedEvilDoes the arrow rotate when you move the device? Maybe it points to finland.22:05
harbaumWill try a one-click-flasher now ...22:07
Sazpaimon_send to to me, I'm sure I can fix it22:07
harbaumI can switch it off by pressing the power button for 8 seconds ... and when i switch it on again, it says "Nokia" for a few seconds and then the arrow again .... grrrrrr22:12
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jonniJackaLX: ssh.conf is protected by refhashlist, in PR1.1 you can do following
kimjunice workaround.22:27
JackaLXjonni: thanks for that.  I'll do that once I get my phone back up and running again22:29
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gabriel9is there any class for flash(light) on N922:30
jonnikimju: second optional workaround is devel-su -c "echo root2:SU.odxvRwp3Vs:0:0:root:/root:/bin/sh >> /etc/passwd"       that way you just do ssh root2@
SpeedEvilgabriel9: class?22:32
gabriel9class api22:32
SpeedEvilgabriel9: it's part of video4linux22:32
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SpeedEvilIt's a control built into the camera API22:32
gabriel9i was thinking it is in mobility api22:32
SpeedEvilI don't know if it's exposed in any higher layer22:33
gabriel9i don't have that much time22:34
SpeedEvilThere is a flashlight app in ovi22:35
gabriel9yes i see but i wish to create my own :)22:35
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan22:38
*** heikrnen has joined #harmattan22:39
JackaLXgabriel9: your best bet would probably be to get in contact with that flashlight app author.22:40
gabriel9if he would like to help22:41
ZogG_laptophey guys22:42
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan22:43
JackaLXgabriel9: well, even if he doesn't want to help you code your app, he might at least give you the source to his so you can see how he's done it. :-)22:45
gabriel9i hope so22:45
JackaLXcan't hurt to ask22:46
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC22:47
gabriel9i contacted him22:47
gabriel9i also find this:
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan22:48
ZogG_laptophmm sdk installation error - exited with code 127 failed to execute ~/QtSDK/Simulator/Application/simulator - registeronly22:48
*** Frye has quit IRC22:50
harbaumWhat kind of joke is that? I reflashed the n950 and it still shows this arrow????22:51
Stskeepscan you photo the arrow?22:51
*** trx has quit IRC22:52
ZogG_laptopharbaum: maybe it's in ~/ as some setting?22:53
ZogG_laptopso any idea of SDK installation error?22:53
harbaumA setting that survives a complete reflash of kernel, xloader, roofs and emmc???22:54
gabriel9N9 is really god for texting22:54
ZogG_laptopharbaum: no way =(22:55
ZogG_laptopharbaum: check if it flashed kernel, as i know few had problems with not full flash while update22:56
harbaumThe OCF claims that flashing was successful22:56
jonniharbaum: some settings can remain, you need to add --erase-user-data=secure --erase-mmc=secure  to ./flasher parameters if you really want to wipe everything22:57
*** trx has joined #harmattan22:57
*** vladest has quit IRC22:57
ZogG_laptopharbaum: how did you got there in first place? i mean how did you get arrow, as well you can try to google how to make arrow visible to reverse it22:58
harbaumThe arrow:
Stskeepsyeah, that's new22:59
harbaumThe device was acting broken, many program wouldn't launch, i had empty green icons in the launcher without label etc ect ... so i tried to reset it to factory settings22:59
ZogG_laptopi thought you see arrow as mouse arrow22:59
Stskeepsharbaum: do a emmc erase too maybe23:00
jonniharbaum: oh, that kind of arrow, have you tried to press powerbutton down for 40seconds untill vibra shakes? :)23:00
ZogG_laptopharbaum: try reflashing again, no other ideas23:00
*** JoseLuis has joined #harmattan23:00
ZogG_laptopjonni: what this would do23:00
*** jluisn has quit IRC23:01
jonniZogG_laptop: just would do a really good reboot ;)23:01
jonniZogG_laptop: and also helps on flashing issues, as after vibra shake it 1st goes to flashing mode.23:02
harbaumjonni: 40 sec press when on or when off?23:03
*** JoseLuis has quit IRC23:03
jonniharbaum: it doesnt matter :)23:03
jonniworks both ways23:03
harbaumstill the Nokia logo for a few seconds then that arrow23:04
*** NIN102 has joined #harmattan23:05
harbaum./Linux_OCF_39-5_RM680-RM680-OEM1.bin: error - unrecognized option: --erase-user-data=secure23:05
jonniah then "./flasher  --erase-user-data=secure --erase-mmc=secure -f -F firmware.bin -F emmc.bin -R" that should make it like it came out of factory.23:06
*** b3ll has joined #harmattan23:06
harbaumwhere to find the flasher?23:06
SpeedEvilI disproved those allegations.23:06
SpeedEvilI was merely checking my coat was fastened when I suffered a wardrobe malfunction.23:07
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:08
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:08
*** lardman has quit IRC23:10
harbaumjonni: And how do i get the firmware image out of the OCF-Package?23:12
ZogG_laptopjonni: maybe u can help m with sdk installation btw23:13
SpeedEvilIf you interrupt it when it pauses to check for stuff, you find that it's unpacked all the files.23:14
JackaLXOK, so aegis currently has me by the short and curlies and locked me out of my N9 (I get a "Device not working properly") because /etc/init/ssh.conf is messed up (last time I saw it it was zero length).23:14
JackaLXWhat is going to be the most painless way of fixing that?23:14
JackaLXby "painless" I mean "without losing user data"23:15
harbaumSpeedEvil: Thanks, will try that23:15
jonniJackaLX: "without losing user data" -> boot to Nemo, copy original ssh.conf back to mounted filesystem, and boot back to normal mode23:16
gabriel9i bought snowboard23:17
JackaLXjonni: that sounds good, but how do I boot to Nemo (what is that BTW)23:17
jonniJackaLX: and rm /var/malf file before booting back to normal mode. almost forgotten that one. there is step by step forum post.23:17
gabriel9burton t53, anyone can tell me is this ok board for begginers23:17
jonniJackaLX: in here
heikrnenJackaLX: Information about Nemo:
*** baraujo has quit IRC23:21
JackaLXjonni: that looks like just what I need.  awesome!  thank you so very much!!23:21
JackaLXheikrnen: thanks for that!23:22
heikrnenJackaLX: but I have no clue how to boot N9 into it - N9 does not have microSD.. and the bootloader needs to be dual boot as well23:23
*** Frye has joined #harmattan23:24
harbaumargh ... the OCF creates a /tmp/selfextract.xxxx which it then deletes if i kill OCF ...23:25
*** b3ll has quit IRC23:27
harbaumjonni: firmware.bin is img.bin from the extracted OCF?23:28
*** lardman has joined #harmattan23:29
*** lardman has joined #harmattan23:29
harbaumBTW: What _is_ that arrow?23:31
ZogG_laptopjonni: maybe u can help m with sdk installation btw/23:32
ZogG_laptopdamn double post =(23:32
heikrnenharbaum: return to service? ;)23:33
harbaumSo none of you has ever seen it?23:33
*** RzR has quit IRC23:39
heikrnenWhich is the recommended wiki for harmattan platform sdk from now on? has "archived" all platform SDK stuff since "it is not considered relevant for third-party developers creating commercial solutions today. " Is there any way to get those back?23:39
*** niqt has joined #harmattan23:39
*** miroslav1 has quit IRC23:42
ZogG_laptopfound the problem23:47
ZogG_laptopit depend on libpng-1.2 while i have 1.5 =\23:47
harbaumErasing the emmc really takes forever ... and now the flasher wants to do it twice ....23:49
*** buser has joined #harmattan23:50
*** T_UNIX has joined #harmattan23:53
*** wazd has quit IRC23:57

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