IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2011-11-23

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faenilbaaack :00:01
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unreal-i can't get over it how totally amazing the jack audio output of the n9 is...01:09
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gabriel9i woder is there themes for N901:40
gabriel9iwonder *01:40
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Sazpaimon_so i untarred the beta3 rootstrap over beta205:06
Sazpaimon_but im still seeing PR1.0 packages05:06
Sazpaimon_ this has an older version of libmeegotouch for esxample05:15
Sazpaimon_the one on my PR1.1 is 0.23.21-1+0m605:15
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Anssi138morning, what is a easy way to debug private mappings on harmattan?07:17
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RST38hMoorning, gentlemen10:47
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lardman|homeI've just noticed that the beta repo has vanished, presumably I ought to update to beta310:53
lardman|homeis it a case of re-installing from scratch, or is there an upgrade path? A quick Google didn't find anything very useful10:54
RST38hI screwed with it for a little, then reinstalled10:55
lardman|homehmm, I hope this doesn't happen too often10:56
RST38hlardman: I am sure it will not, given all the support to Maemo6 fromthe upper management... =)10:58
lardman|homeyeah I was thinking just that as I typed :(10:58
lardman|homeRST38h: any roughg idea howlarge the downloads are? I might wait till I get to my very quick (and truely unlimited) work download link11:01
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lardman|homehmm, one handed typing not the best I see11:02
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RST38hlardman: I do not remember for sure, but something like 250-350MB of archives11:02
RST38hMay be off though, by a lot11:03
lardman|homecool, thanks11:03
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fluxhow can I see, which credentials an installed package has requested or got?11:12
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jonniflux: by reading /var/lib/aegis/restok/restok.conf for example11:15
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fluxjonni, thanks, exactly what I was looking for11:16
fluxI guess I should've just looked/grepped all the files under /var/lib/aegis11:17
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jonniand if you have hacked your shell to have tcb capas, then you can just use: accli -I -b /path/to/binary11:19
jonniwithout tcb that doesnt report right capas11:19
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Sazpaimon_why does my beta3 rootstrap still contain PR1.0 packages?11:38
Sazpaimon_my libqt4 is still an older version thats in PR1.1, and the beta3 repository also has the old versions11:39
Sazpaimon_what gives11:39
fluxinteresting: Package: countdown  Request: Cellular11:39
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fluxgpsspeed: TrackerReadAccess TrackerWriteAccess, phonetorch: Location, TrackerReadAccess, TrackerWriteAccess11:41
fluxI guess those come 'too easily' with QtCreator?11:41
fluxso, hopefully it's benign :)11:41
Sazpaimon_anyone? I'm trying to buld the latest meego-terminal (with copy/paste support) and its not going to build with this version of qt that the SDK provides11:42
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fluxhmph, how would one even install a non-nokia meego-terminal, given developer-mode depends on it?11:52
jonniflux: rename package to meego-terminal2  ;)11:53
fluxjonni, and the binary and some paths as well. argh..11:53
deramflux: did you find the the packaging configs somewhere, or just imported the project to sdk?11:54
jonnior just use hacked shell to install your own pgp keys as, and just install over the original terminal :)11:55
jonni(like I did)11:55
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Sazpaimon_ugh, i can not for the life of me find the PR1.1 packages for the SDK12:56
Sazpaimon_can anyone please help me12:56
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jonniSazpaimon_: most likely as everything needs to be binary compatible with PR1.0 anyways so sdk hasnt been updated, just a guess, I have no real info.14:39
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DocScrutinizer  weird touchscreen misbehaviour16:21
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qronicHow to get rid of "My status" in the status bar panel?16:40
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macmaNMohammadAG: took a deep breath and cloned gidzzz-qt-mediaplayer :>17:06
macmaNMohammadAG: thought id at least get started by making sure i am able to build it for fremantle and perhaps kick my development off on fremantle17:06
macmaNand for some reason i dont have fremantle in my qtcreator + sign17:08
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macmaNok word mucking around with sdkmaintenancetool brought maemo5 back17:30
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macmaN#include <gq/GConfItem>17:35
macmaN /* /usr/include/gq is provided by libgq-gconf-dev and libgq-gconf0 These packages need to be installed on top of your sysrootfs.17:35
macmaNhow do i do that in qtcreator17:35
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KypeliThey are included in the Harmattan MeeGo platform API17:43
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KypeliAnd they are available on the device17:43
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MohammadAGSecond clearance delay18:03
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MohammadAGSorry about that18:04
GeneralAntillesDoom 3 is GPL?18:04
TronicGeneralAntilles: It was a crappy engine in 2004 when iD originally released it. I wouldn't get too excited.18:06
GeneralAntillesMeh, it's better than Quake III18:06
TronicThe FOSS community needs to start creating its own crap instead of living on the leftovers of ancient commercial games.18:07
GeneralAntillesBuilding an engine is a helluva lot of work.18:07
GeneralAntillesIf iD is willing to provide stepladders, then why waste the extra effort?18:07
TronicYet, a few projects are doing that, and apparently successfully enough to attract even commercial (indie) developers.18:07
TronicMy worry with iD's code is that it is so bad and outdated that any further development put into it is total waste.18:08
TronicSince 2004 there have been half a dozen OpenGL releases and pretty much the entire API as well as shader language has changed.18:09
TronicIf you target modern hardware, code older than circa 2008 is completely useless.18:09
TronicIf you are developing an engine, you should not target modern hardware but rather /future/ hardware.18:10
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Sazpaimon_how do I get PR1.1 packages on my harmattan SDK18:12
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griis it possible to tell the theme daemon to update right now? my application can only find it's icons after a reboot ....18:26
faenilo/ gri :) hi people18:28
grimorning faenil18:28
griSazpaimon_: which packages?18:30
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gabriel9can someone tell me where n9 store backup files18:39
gabriel9i wish to make backup of backup :)18:39
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Sazpaimon_gri, specifically libqt packages18:42
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Sazpaimon_I'm trying to build the latest meego-terminal with copy/paste support, but it requires a more recent libqt18:43
Sazpaimon_and the SDK only provides PR1.0 Qt18:43
Sazpaimon_even using the beta3 repository18:43
griyou could just change the dependency and try compiling since on the device the version fits :)18:46
Sazpaimon_gri, no, I mean it uses functtions from the PR1.1 libqt18:47
Sazpaimon_it wont compile on the qt that PR1.0 has18:47
Sazpaimon_i should say, it requires a later version of libmeegotouch that's on PR1.118:47
Sazpaimon_which requires a later version of qt18:47
Sazpaimon_it specifically requests the PR1.1 version of qt, so I assume it's for good reason18:48
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mgedmingabriel9, /home/user/MyDocs/.backups19:02
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gabriel9thanks, i miss that one19:04
gabriel9and now to flash it to match my country19:05
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faenilgri: just finished antenna signal strenght miniapp :)19:15
gridid it work with dbus?19:16
faenilused the link you sent me :)19:16
faenilhaven't tried with dbus19:16
griok :)19:16
faenildo you think it's worth publishing to ovistore? could be useful to some people19:16
griwhat does it display?19:17
faenilsignal strenght percentage19:17
faenilwell, need to make it cute to publish it ofc...19:17
faenilbut it's something better than the 5 bars19:17
grihmm, I think this alone is a bit pointless?19:18
griif you add more graphs you can make a cellular utility (and/or with wifi)19:18
faenilyeah, could be19:18
faenilwell, it's useful to me, that's why I asked the question in first place :D19:19
faenilit could be useful to those people who want something more accurate than bars :D19:19
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petterinew meego terminal just showed up in my N9. The copy paster works nicely20:00
Tronicurl clicking too?20:04
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petterino url clicking20:07
mgedminso that's what changed20:07
mgedminthe copy/paste mode enables vim xterm mouse support!20:09
mgedminstill no idea why I can't launch fbreader from the app launcher20:10
*** CepiPerez has quit IRC20:10
* mgedmin tries in command line20:11
mgedminaha! $ /usr/bin/single-instance /usr/bin/FBReader -> ERROR!!: Lock reserved but no window id for binary name found.20:11
* mgedmin uses strace -e open to find the lock20:12
mgedminI ♥ unix20:12
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RzRgreat news20:18
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RST38hmgedmin <-- is going to love WP720:30
* mgedmin barfs20:31
RST38hNo nasty locks to care about. No FBReader in fact.20:31
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RzRputain de spammers telephoniques20:36
RzRimpossible d avoir leur numero de sirte20:36
RzRwrong window20:36
RzRanyway i hate them20:36
RzRi suppose everyone understood20:37
mgedminhave you read Good Omens?20:37
mgedminthere's an _excellent_ scene with phone spammers in there20:37
SpeedEvilAlso 'paintball'.20:37
mgedmingood book20:38
RzRThis is all the fault of the M$ plant Elop. Dirty fucker won't be happy until the company is ruined then "conveniently" bought by M$ upon which he will receive a huge golden parachute and a cushy position back at M$. Don't believe that Qt won't be axed soon as well.20:42
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MilhouseAnyone with an N9/N950... in the calendar app in landscape, do you have the letters "abc" to the left of the clock in the status bar?20:46
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mgedminMilhouse, what? no20:47
Milhousehmm... wierd, I do20:47
Milhousebut only in landscape20:47
*** diggy has quit IRC20:47
mgedminleft of the clock -- that's where the statuc icons are, right?20:48
Milhouseoh, and it's not just calendar - just saw it with email too20:48
Milhouseyes, i've got a green availability icon, abc, then the time20:48
Milhousei'll open a bug.. with snapshot... how do i take a screenshot again on the n950? :)20:48
mgedmininstall an app20:49
mgedmine.g. ScreenshotMee20:49
Milhousewasn't it built-in?20:49
mgedminafaik, no20:49
Milhouseno ctrl-p?20:49
Milhousebah, k thanks20:49
mgedminn9 has no ctrl ;)20:50
mgedmin(except in xterm)20:50
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Milhouse if anyone is interested. Can't put too much detail into the bug as I have no idea how it happened...21:12
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RST38hMeanwhile: Evolution Of Debian Package Dependencies Resemble Predator-Prey Relationships22:21
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RzRMilhouse: this is a top priority bug22:23
RzRMilhouse: lets hope this one will be the only one left soon22:23
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MilhouseRzR: Damn straight. ;-)22:44
fralsuh, the statusbar should hide in the email app in landscape at least22:46
Milhousefrals: it does, but before you see the app expand into the status bar area, you can see the "abc" present in the status bar22:47
Milhouseit's a minor bug, the only reason i raised it is because it's so wierd (what with the status bar being somewhat locked down in terms of what can go in there)22:48
augustlanyone else having battery issues on the N9 after the update?22:49
augustllasts only about a day now, compared to 3-4 days before22:50
fralshmm, i remember that ABC icon from somewhere but i cant for the life of me remember where22:50
Milhouseaugustl: read someone suggesting skype could be a culprit, you have skype enabled?22:50
Milhousefrals: it looks like debug info, to be honest... the sort of thing someone might put in when testing.22:51
Milhousefrals: haven't installed any news apps recently (other than to take a snapshot)22:51
fralshm wait, is this on the n950?22:51
fralsis your keyboard open?22:51
Milhousefrals: yes, n950/pr1.1 (39-5)22:51
Milhousefrals: no, closed22:52
fralsguess i should charge mine22:52
*** Passeli has quit IRC22:52
Milhouseah yes, i see where you'ge going. i'm using swype as my vkb.22:53
infobotMilhouse meant: ah yes, i see where you're going. i'm using swype as my vkb.22:53
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan22:55
augustlMilhouse: hmm no, it's not enabled22:56
augustlMilhouse: that is, I don't have an account set up22:56
Milhousehaven't noticed any significant change in battery life since pr1.1 on my n950, but then i never used to get 3-4 days anyway - 2 days (40 hours) tops.22:57
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mgedminaugustl, run top, see if anything sticks out23:42
mgedminI've had fun with messageserver eating 100% CPU, that shortens battery life rather quickly23:43
SpeedEvil"" compositor23:43
mgedminbasically, if it feels warm to touch when you're not playing 3D games, something's wrong23:44
mgedmin(and battery eating)23:44
SpeedEvilGOF2 uses around 1W23:44
SpeedEvildoing 3G stuff can hit 223:44
* SpeedEvil has discovered overleveling in GOF2 is painful.23:45
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