IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2011-11-20

matrixxhmm, there's still something wrong with the themechanger package00:05
matrixxInstallation package not found when clicking on Download00:06
matrixxX-Fade: any idea what's wrong?00:06
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matrixxlbt: if I resubmit themechanger app to apps.formeego, does it replace the last version which is currently waiting for QA?00:25
matrixxthere's apparently some problem at the current version since it says that installation package not found00:25
lbtI can't tell from the code I can easily see00:30
matrixxI'll try that out and see what happens00:31
matrixxif there's duplicate entries, just need to remove the old one then00:31
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lbtyep I was about to say that00:33
lbtit should be fine - X-Fade should cope with it anyhow00:33
matrixxyep *compiling*00:34
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matrixxlbt: now it should be accepted, but still saying "installation package not found", and the modified date is 2011-11-16 so I doubt it really got updated01:08
lbtwhat SR?01:10
lbtwhere's it saying that?01:14
lbt says "version 1.0"01:15
matrixxhey, now it's updated01:18
matrixxjust took a while01:18
lbtnow if only I had harmattan I could try it :)01:18
lbtyou'll need to do a nemo version01:18
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matrixxlbt: blah, still same error :/01:19
matrixxhave to ping X-Fade again once his back01:19
lbtI don't see any error - what's the location01:20
lbtor is this in the on-device installer?01:20
lbtmmm can you refresh?01:21
lbtit's there:
matrixxlet's see, might be from cache01:22
messertingWhere do I download the source of the newly arrived OTA PR1.1 Harmattan to Nokia N9?01:22
matrixxeither I can't refresh or it's still broken01:22
matrixxlbt: there is nemo version here:
matrixxI just haven't tried it out since I don't have nemo currently01:28
matrixxbut haven't done nemo version of the theme yet01:28
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M4rtinKis it possible to do clickable links in QML Text/Label ? :)02:29
M4rtinKoh, it is:
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DocScrutinizeryeah, always been a PITA to use, I pondered it for plain Qt3 and Twinkle, but it was the same and too much of additional coding needed03:58
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sivanghi all10:16
Stskeepslo sivang10:16
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sivanghey Stskeeps , dm8tbr10:25
sivangdo you know if the framework consolidating all messaging in Fremantle/Harmattan is telepathy ?10:25
sivangI am looking to create a webmail sort of webapp that aggregates my messaging from facebook, gmail, any other IMAP server, gtalk etc10:26
BluesLeehow do i ssh to the n9? i got an ip and i can ssh to it but the default pwd for devel-su is not accepted10:26
sivangI know Maemo had this even for skype in Fremantle10:26
sivangBluesLee: I think it is 'rootme'10:26
BluesLeesivang: on the n9 its rootme, if i ssh from my linux box its not accepted10:27
sivangBluesLee: also, if you install the SDK connectivity tool, you can set the password or get one generated for the SDK, from that account you become root or have effectivelly same creds10:27
BluesLeei did not setup the sdk so far, just trying from a linux terminal, should work or not?10:28
sivangBluesLee: you need not setup the SDK, just install the SDK connectivity tool in your N910:29
tarantismBluesLee: You get it if you enable developer mode10:29
BluesLeeyou mean sdk mode in settings?10:29
BluesLeei did that10:30
tarantismDeveloper mode in Settings->Security10:30
BluesLeethen i connected via usb, networkmanager sees usb0, i have an ip and i do !ssh devel-su@ip"10:30
BluesLeei mean "ssh devel-su@ip" but rootme a pwd does not work10:31
tarantismyou need to connect as developer@ip.address10:31
tarantismand get the password from the sdk connectivity app10:32
BluesLeeone moment10:32
tarantismit changes every time you start the sdk connectivity app ;(10:32
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sivangBluesLee: this might also work,
sivangtarantism: he can set an SSH key through the SDK and then just ssh to it without a password10:34
tarantismsivang: I didn't know you could do it that way. I just added the key to .ssh/known_hosts10:34
sivangtarantism: yes, it is a proper linux device with everything that this implies :)10:35
sivangtarantism: this is why I love it so much10:35
tarantismsivang: +110:36
tarantismauthorized_keys not known_hosts10:37
BluesLeetarantism: u can use custom pwd in settings10:38
tarantismBluesLee: using authorized_keys is even better10:39
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* RST38x sheepishly admits he is missing the foldout stand n900 had10:49
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sivangRST38x: that was a cool thing, indeed, but the angle stand allows to use it as a a small tv / movie device10:50
BluesLeei have an issue here: my provider pushs an app to the launcher screen and an entry to the event screen whenever the sim is active10:53
BluesLeethe desktop file is located in ~/.local/usr/share/applications10:54
qronicAnd you wanna hide it?10:55
BluesLeemoving it away is only a temporary solution as its repushed10:55
BluesLeeqronic: yes10:55
BluesLeei need the additional space on the event screen10:55
qronicit will reappear every reboot10:56
qronicyou can add NotShowIn=X-MeeGo; into .desktop file10:56
qronicbut you'll have to touch this file every reboot to hide it10:56
BluesLeeqronic: i know, or when i switch back from flight mode10:56
BluesLeethe bigger issue is with the event screen10:57
qronicwhat's there?10:57
BluesLeejust the name of the provider and that i am at home:-)10:57
qronicthat can be turned off in settings I guess10:57
BluesLeeqronic: its also pushed10:58
qronicSettings>Mobile>Show info about net10:58
BluesLeeyou mean cell info?10:58
qronicprobably yes10:58
BluesLeeits off10:59
qronicstrange then, I've turned this off and my provider's push messages were disabled10:59
qronicyour's probably using something different then mine10:59
BluesLeecan you check your settings that we are talking about the same settings?11:00
qronicI've already did :) it's the lsat entry (switcher) in "common"11:01
qronicbefore "data"11:01
BluesLeeone moment, settings/mobile network/third one11:03
BluesLeethat does not work for me11:03
sivangthanks people, so far.11:08
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BluesLeewhere are those services/events registered?11:09
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lardman|homemorning all11:20
Stskeepsmorn lardman|home11:20
lardman|homehi chaps11:20
lardman|homeanyone know anything about camera video output and rotation?11:21
lardman|homeI'm assuming that when the device is rotated, the origin, etc. of graphical items moves. The issue I have is that the camera output doesn't rotate11:22
lardman|homeI'm pretty sure it used to on the N900 though, so does anyone know whether that was performed in the driver, or if I've missed something, or whether one needs to perform the rotation oneself with harmattan?11:22
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lardman|homeSo in landscape mode all iswell, but in portrait mode the camera image is rotated anti-clockwise 90 degrees11:25
lardman|homehmm, looks like if I can disable rotation of the widget itself it should all appear correcy11:25
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lardman|homeah /me wonders if this is a QCamera bug as he's not yet updated11:36
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* lardman|home starts update and crosses fingers something has changed and that it will now work11:46
lardman|homecould someone tell me what the latest release is via ota update? I'm just wondering if the one-click flasher now contains the latest version? one-click gives 39-5 (2.2011.39-5_PR_RM680)11:48
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lardman|homefyi 39-5 is what I can't download ota11:54
lardman|homeI'll try the one-click flasher instead11:54
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keruspeWhere can I download meego PR 1.1 ? I need to flash my N9, but I have definitely no windows nor mac os available, and I can't find a direct link for download...12:52
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dm8tbrI don't think there's a OCF for the N912:53
keruspeI found links for the PR1.0 2 weeks ago on an obscure forum (they were links to, but I can't find them back12:54
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qronicaren't those credentials (accli -I of some binary) are inheritable?13:04
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keruspedm8tbr: I don't need an OCF btw, I just need the firmware itself13:13
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qronicok, another question, if I try to run a program from develsh, which has a credential that develsh doesn't have, will the program operate with that credential?13:27
Jare_anyone got jabber group chats (MUC) working in N9?13:27
Jare_i think it doesn't support those...?13:27
phakoJare_: at least for skype IIRC you can't initiate one, you need to be invited/join one. No idea for jabber13:29
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djszapiHi! Is there a way to enable the stdout on Harmattan ?13:38
tarantismdjszapi: Not sure what you mean. Are you trying to enable logging?13:42
djszapitarantism: try to print to stdout, and you will see.13:43
djszapilike qDebug() << "Hello World"; or printf("Hello World");13:44
djszapionly fprintf(stderr, "Hello World"); has been working here.13:45
tarantismdjszapi: didn't know that13:46
w00tso you tried to printf to stdout as well?13:46
merlin1991djszapi: qDebug() << $anything did work for me just fine13:46
fralsqDebug() << "sup" works fine in my application13:47
djszapiw00t: that is the default for printf..13:48
w00tdjszapi: so you tried it?13:49
djszapiyes, many times.13:49
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w00tdjszapi: ok, just that your paste says qDebug, which is a completely different codepath :)13:49
w00tbut yeah, works fine for me13:49
djszapiw00t: huh ? like qDebug() << "Hello World"; or printf("Hello World");13:50
djszapiI mentioned both :)13:50
w00toh, true, didn't see that13:50
djszapiw00t: are you involved in qt pim ?13:50
w00tinvolved in what sense? it's a topic that interests me :)13:51
djszapiI saw your posts about that, and was wondering about kde pim and qt pim...13:51
djszapiI did not see any discussions yet whether there is some need for sharing something13:52
w00tit would probably be nice, i'm not sure if anyone has taken it upon themselves to write a qcontactmanagerengine on top of their technologies, but that would be a good first step13:53
w00t(and raising any issues they came across)13:53
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w00tsame for organizer etc :)13:54
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RzRdjszapi: hi the builders are on idle and sshfs cant find fuse ?14:43
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djszapiRzR: sorry, but do not have time to deal with that ...14:46
djszapibigger issues here at the KDE Harmattan sprint ...14:46
RzRok i did import b3 fuse to check this14:46
RzRgood luck w/ kde14:47
djszapiRzR: please delete the fuse seriously14:47
djszapido not mess up the kdelibs running right now ...14:47
djszapiwe do not wanna have anything retriggered, thanks..14:47
djszapiand importing makes no sense anyway14:47
djszapiand hte problem is that what I told you last time, namely: you package is not processed yet.14:48
djszapisince it all builds kdelibs and relevant stuff we are triggering here.14:48
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unreal-anyone know why applifed keeps spamming syslog with this every second: applifed[937]: Amount of free memory dropped below threshold, re-prestart disabled15:05
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keruspeIt's annoying, I really need to flash my n9, it won't boot anymore. I found back a direct link to PR1.0, but downgrade is forbidden15:16
keruspeWhy nokia doesn't give obvious direct link for PR1.1 ? :(15:16
merlin1991because there is no obvious link15:20
unreal-why doesn't it boot anymore?15:20
merlin1991there are 10 billion different firmware images, and you're supposed to have a "professional" flash your device15:20
merlin1991it's a consumer device after all15:20
keruspeunreal-: because I messed it up15:21
keruspemerlin1991: well, there are links for 1.0, so why not for 1.1 ?15:21
unreal-too much messing with root is bad for your telephone15:22
unreal-keruspe: i hear people download the roms with
djszapikeruspe: very simple, because Nokia does not wanna ?15:23
keruspeyep, but it's only available for windows15:23
DocScrutinizer[Notice] -kloeri- [Global Notice] Hi all, it's time to continue our ircd upgrades so we'll have a few netsplits as wolfe and hubbard is restarted. It will be somewhat noisy with just shy of 4000 people affected but shouldn't take long. Thank you for using freenode.15:24
DocScrutinizer171 users15:24
keruspedjszapi: N9 is not available in France, I don't want to send it to England just because there is no link available... Flashing worked fine with 1.015:25
unreal-keruspe: install virtualbox and done.15:25
jonnior use wine15:26
unreal-i'm note sure their thing works with wine, but it's certainly worth trying :-)15:26
RzRdjszapi: disabled :
djszapikeruspe: I do not understand your problem15:35
djszapiif Nokia does not wanna publish it, that is it15:36
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RzRkeruspe: salut le francais tu connais meego-fr ?15:36
*** splyysh has joined #harmattan15:36
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djszapiRzR: please just delete it15:37
*** artemma has joined #harmattan15:37
artemmaHi all15:37
djszapihi not all :)15:37
artemmawhat's proper condition for .pro file for having harmattan specific statements?15:38
artemmaLike for windows you can have win32 {15:38
artemma        SOURCES += paintwidget_win.cpp15:38
artemma    }15:38
*** macmaN has joined #harmattan15:38
* artemma figured that quite a big part of my code I can unit-test on desktop, so need to make it compilable on desktop15:39
RzRdjszapi: will do in 15 mins15:40
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RzRhi X-Fade, doesnt obs use beta3 repo ?15:41
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djszapiRzR: it does use that.15:50
djszapiand I told the reason many times. Something is not clear ? :)15:51
djszapiX-Fade: we again had a publishing bug ...15:51
djszapiX-Fade: same like last time with the down-time Probably other root cause for the same symptom ?15:51
RzRdjszapi: u said i had to wait that the queue to be finished and it is15:53
*** keruspe has quit IRC15:53
RzRdjszapi: fuse is deleted in shared repo15:54
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan15:57
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djszapiRzR: no, it is not. kdelibs has been building for a while15:59
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RzRdjszapi: check yourself there is not fuse anymore
djszapiRzR: that is alright16:09
*** evilJazz has quit IRC16:11
RzRwell i am disapointed16:11
RzRi thought i could use fuse using the b3 one16:12
RzRbut i dont manage too16:12
djszapiyes, you can ...16:12
RzRcan you ?16:13
djszapiI cannot since I do not have time16:14
djszapibut all you need is patience, really16:14
RzRok but will i be able to use it in my life time ?16:14
RzRand i am not suicidal16:15
djszapiif you behave well :)16:16
merlin1991I'm trying to launch my qt application from the launcher, it has a .desktop file with correct path16:17
merlin1991and it works from commandline16:17
merlin1991but from  the launcher i get nothing16:17
merlin1991syslog says meegotouchhome[905]: GLIB CRITICAL ** GLib-GIO - g_app_info_launch_uris: assertion `G_IS_APP_INFO (appinfo)' failed16:17
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*** tjaalton has joined #harmattan16:53
tjaaltonhey, why is the sdk marked as "doesn't work on ubuntu 11.10"? seems to install and run mostly fine, though I can't find any of the clock toys that the docs suggest16:54
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan16:54
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faenilhi :D17:01
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trxhm, there is no subversion package in scratchbox, does that mean that there isn't one in OBS too?17:50
trxi mean in the repository17:51
djszapino, it does not mean directly.17:52
*** piggz has quit IRC17:52
djszapiand you probably mean c-obs17:52
matrixxyeah, it depends of the installed rootstrap, I guess minimal-dev doesn't have all17:52
trxyeah, c-obs17:53
djszapiyou can try to port it:
trxalso, one more question, i added two of my libraries in the c-obs, they compiled succesfully and packages are there17:54
trxbut when i try to depend something on them17:54
trxit says that they dont exist17:54
trxam i missing something?17:54
*** rcg1 has quit IRC17:54
djszapiwhat is "something" ? Where is "something" ?17:54
*** rzr has quit IRC17:55
trxits an application17:55
trxi tried to depend it on this package17:55
djszapisorry,  but not getting your workflow17:56
djszapiis your app also on c-obs or just locally ?17:56
trxlocal for the moment, i need subversion in order to make it compile in cobs17:57
djszapihave you added your repository to the sources.list ?17:57
djszapi -> this one17:57
djszapiecho 'deb ./' >>/etc/apt/sources.list.d/nicks.list17:58
trxno, but its not a problem for local build17:58
djszapiI am not getting you then...17:58
djszapiwhat is /exactly/ the problem ?17:58
trxsorry, my english is a bit slow :)17:58
djszapido you have an error output to see the issue ?17:59
trxi want c-obs to compile my app and create a debian package17:59
djszapiand you are using osc build locally ?17:59
trxin order to compile my app, i need that library17:59
djszapiyes, and what is the problem ? still not getting it :)17:59
djszapiwhere did you get stuck ?18:00
trxforget local18:00
trxi want to create a debian package18:00
trxwhich depends on that library18:00
djszapiyes, you added it in the control file right ?18:00
djszapiyou installed those libs18:00
djszapiright ?18:00
trxc-obs is the problem18:01
djszapiand it complains about missing dependencies ? If yes, paste the control file18:01
trxit doesnt know about that package18:01
djszapiand the error output18:01
djszapiwhat is the problem with c-obs ?18:01
djszapiI am not getting it18:01
djszapiyou have problem after dpkg-buildpackage or after trying installing yourapp.deb ?18:01
matrixxhow can you btw "install" libs in c-obs, can you somehow add your home repository where to look for dependencies?18:02
matrixxor how does it happen in practice :)18:02
trxi compile them there18:02
trxinto a package18:02
djszapimatrixx: nope18:02
djszapimatrixx: maybe aggregate, but I do not like that..18:03
djszapitrx: okay, I do not waste your time. I am not getting the issue, sorry :)18:03
*** lardman|home has quit IRC18:03
*** pinheiro has quit IRC18:03
matrixxdjszapi: so you can't build something in c-obs which has more dependencies than the already available repos?18:03
trxthe question is simple really, why is c-obs not aware of my package? the package being :
djszapimatrixx: I am not sure, but how could a user use obs without the available deps in the repository ?18:05
djszapithe repository would be broken on its own18:05
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan18:05
djszapitrx: that is not an app18:05
djszapiI need to see the problem with your /app/.18:06
djszapioutput etc18:06
trxi know, its a library which my APP needs18:06
trxin order to compile18:06
trxoutput is18:06
djszapiyes, but /what/ is the problem ?18:06
trx"There is no package libqt4pas"18:06
djszapiI understood that...18:06
djszapibut /where/ is your app ?18:07
djszapi/how/ do you try to build it ?18:07
trxhere :
trxno files in the package at the moment tho18:07
djszapiand /when/ does it happen18:07
trxit happens when obs tries to create a .deb for my app18:08
djszapithey are in different projects18:08
djszapiyou should put them into the same18:08
trxill try that18:08
djszapi -> MeeGo Community Open Build Service > Projects > home:trx:libqt4pas18:09
djszapi -> MeeGo Community Open Build Service > Projects > home:trx18:09
matrixxoh you can add extra dependencies, as long as they are in the same project, great :)18:09
djszapiyou do not wanna have "libqt4pas" repository.18:09
trxoh right18:10
trxgood point, my bad :/18:10
trxi wasn't aware that creating a new project will mean new repository18:11
djszapisorry, that was a typo on my side18:11
djszapiyou do not wanna have "libqt4pas" project*18:12
djszapiyou wanna havea "libqt4pas" /package/ inside the home:try roject.18:12
djszapiproject, even..18:12
trxi'll merge it18:12
djszapiand then delete.18:13
*** lardman|home has joined #harmattan18:17
trxok, that leaves only subversion18:17
trxthere isn't a ported package allready?18:17
djszapiyou either need to port that or ask someone to do that18:17
trxok, thanks18:18
*** aheinecke has quit IRC18:27
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan18:40
matrixxlbt: does has some kind of schedule when it updates the apps in testing to the website?18:54
matrixxlbt: I submitted new package to testing, which I can found from the repo some time ago, but can't see it in the website :/18:54
djszapimatrixx: oh, new package ? :)18:56
matrixxdjszapi: yes, another theme :P18:56
matrixxthere should be two packages now in the graphics section in staging, but I can see only one :/18:57
matrixxnow I'm finished with themes, and will blog about how to create one, from start to finish (c. apps store) :)18:58
*** T_UNIX has quit IRC18:58
matrixxwant to see other people do themes also :P18:58
*** rcg1 has joined #harmattan18:59
w00tmatrixx: themes?18:59
matrixxw00t: just simple icon sets18:59
djszapianybody coming to FOSDEM ?18:59
matrixxnothing too fancy18:59
w00tdjszapi: probably19:00
matrixxdjszapi: If I get funding right19:00
matrixxw00t: there's the one which is already in staging:
* dm8tbr is planning to appear for FOSDEM19:00
djszapido they normally accept also mobile talk proposals ?19:00
djszapifor instance kde dev. on mobile ?19:01
* djszapi has never checked the FOSDEM schedules.19:01
dm8tbrdjszapi: there is KDE usually, so you should check it out19:01
Stskeepsdjszapi: we have a devroom on Open Mobile Linux19:01
Stskeepsas well19:01
w00topen mobile linux has a devroom19:01
djszapiah cool19:01
Stskeepspossibly will be Mer-centered, but let's see :P19:02
djszapiyeah, I guess Mer/Plasma is for instance interesting19:03
djszapimy focus would be mostly N9 and Android.19:03
djszapiwhere PA does not play.19:03
Stskeepswe'll have like 74 seats and 8 hours on the saturday19:04
djszapiI am not sure Harmattan or N9 evaluate as Open Mobile Linux.19:05
djszapiHarmattan or Android*19:05
djszapi"Partially Open Mobile Linux" :p19:06
djszapiat least the Qt/KDE layer is open completely.19:07
djszapianybody having experience with QML development testing on the device ? Is it better to copy the qml files directly to device, or in the same package ? It would be nice to have the workflow so that I just need to edit the qml files on the device. I have read previously it is possible if the qml files are not in the resource system19:09
djszapiare there any limitations ?19:09
rcg1djszapi: there is some guide howto use sshfs to basically mount your qml directory from the device to your local desktop and use your favorit ide to edit the qml files19:13
rcg1but once you put the qml files in some place in the fs you are basically free to do whatever you want.. also simply copying as you describe it will work19:14
rcg1imho the only reason to package the qml files in qrc is to "protect" these from unallowed changes19:14
djszapiyes, I will use resource file in the product version for sure19:15
*** zarlino has quit IRC19:16
rcg1well, imho it might be beneficial to leave your qml on the fs even in product versions.. imho there are only very few use cases which actually require to protect your qml stuff ;)19:17
djszapiit is not just about protection19:17
djszapiit is better if it is encapsulated.19:17
djszapithere is no real need for exposing those.19:17
djszapiI mean I could not say any reasons for that.19:18
djszapi(for gluon, that is)19:18
rcg1aye ic, sure... i left some of my stuff acessible such that others can mess with it if they like.. but well, thats just personal taste ;)19:20
*** diggy has quit IRC19:23
*** diggy has joined #harmattan19:23
djszapithere is a funky bug on OBS: if you are not logged in, you cannot download the *.orig.tar.bz2 file, just the debian.tar.gz and the .dsc ones.19:29
djszapibut if you get the download url somehow (like logged in user), it works just fine... So probably web ui bug.19:29
*** zk8 has quit IRC19:34
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan19:36
*** Soder has joined #harmattan19:43
*** trx has quit IRC19:49
*** trx has joined #harmattan19:53
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan19:59
*** djszapi has left #harmattan20:01
*** razvanpetru has joined #harmattan20:16
razvanpetruhas anyone created a realtime searchbox?20:17
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC20:20
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan20:26
*** razvanpetru has left #harmattan20:32
*** wazd has joined #harmattan20:33
*** piggz has joined #harmattan20:40
*** wazd has quit IRC20:44
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan20:45
Venemo_N950joppu, ping20:46
*** wazd has joined #harmattan20:48
Venemo_N950hey wazd :)20:49
* lardman|home can't get the one click flasher to work20:55
*** wazd has quit IRC20:56
Venemo_N950lardman|home, what os are you using it on?20:57
Venemo_N950I recall reading a note that it has issues on recent Linux distros20:59
*** wazd has joined #harmattan21:00
ieatlintthat doesn't make sense... there's nothing in a current linux distribution that should affect it vs an older one21:02
*** faenil has quit IRC21:02
SpeedEvilIt's to do with the modem driver IIRC21:02
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan21:03
wazdhello people :) Loooong time no see :)21:03
lardman|homehmm, it certainly seems to see the N95021:03
lardman|homeIf I switch it off completely I get: Product: Nokia USB ROM when I plug in21:04
lardman|homeand thereafter Product: N950 (Update mode)21:04
*** tarantis1 has joined #harmattan21:04
wazdHow's it going? :)21:05
lardman|homehmm, not ideal when neither the OTA update nor the one-click flasher works21:06
lardman|homeI guess I should try the Windows version21:06
*** tarantism_ has joined #harmattan21:06
MohammadAGVenemo_N950: Take design ideas from colloquy21:06
ieatlintwhat does the ocf say? just doesn't find your phone?21:07
MohammadAGIt's awesome on the iPad21:07
lardman|homeieatlint: Suitable USB interface (bootloader/phonet) not found, waiting... ERROR: Unable to enumerate USB buses!21:07
MohammadAGlardman|home: Root?21:08
lardman|homeyeah, sudo as instructed21:08
ieatlintyeah, sounds like your system is taking over the device when it's plugged in for some reason21:08
MohammadAGPastebin output of limos21:08
MohammadAGlsmod, fuck you iOS21:09
lardman|homehang on21:09
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan21:09
lardman|homenot many modules loaded ;)21:09
ieatlintholy shit :P21:10
MohammadAGUnload phonet and cdc_phonet21:10
MohammadAGaka rmmod21:11
DocScrutinizerand maybe ehci_hcd21:11
ieatlintmodprobe -r is better21:11
ieatlintehci_hcd? isn't that the usb driver?21:11
MohammadAGStart with the first two first21:13
ieatlintyeah, ehci is usb2.0, as is the phone21:13
DocScrutinizeranyway it seems to sometimes mess up things21:13
lardman|homenot removed uhci yet21:13
*** tarantism_ has quit IRC21:14
*** tarantis1 has quit IRC21:14
ieatlintuhci is usb 1.021:14
lardman|homesorry typo, meant ehci21:15
lardman|homewill try removing all three now21:15
ieatlintyou're reconnecting the phone after removing the modules right?21:15
lardman|homeof course21:15
ieatlintjust making sure :)21:15
ieatlintalso, due to autoload, there's a nonzero chance that removing the modules won't help -- they'll just get loaded back in when you plug the phone in again21:16
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC21:17
lardman|homenp, yeah I wondered about that21:17
lardman|homehmm, no ehci module listed, so presumably built in21:21
lardman|homewierd that the first part flashes ok, but the second part doesn't21:25
lardman|homeor s/second/latter21:25
ieatlintwell, something is taking the device before the flasher can21:26
*** villager has joined #harmattan21:29
* lardman|home has some supper then will go and try on a Windows box21:30
*** tobb has quit IRC21:33
*** tobb has joined #harmattan21:35
DocScrutinizerthe fun part: it seems to me recent OCF actually cares about unloading (cdc_)phonet21:39
*** faenil has joined #harmattan21:41
Jare_how do i add a service name to the jabber account which i created with mc-tool? The service name is currently empty in the gui21:41
*** zk8 has quit IRC21:42
*** faenil has quit IRC21:45
*** nix-cyrus has joined #harmattan21:54
*** kgutteridge has joined #harmattan22:18
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC22:34
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan22:46
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan22:46
Venemojoppu, ping :)22:47
*** faenil has joined #harmattan22:53
Venemojoppu, that's a lot better :)22:58
Venemojoppu, do you, by any chance, have this in .svg?22:58
joppuyep, it's far more pronounced than the older one23:01
Venemome thinks this version looks a lot better :)23:03
Venemothank you very much23:03
Venemojoppu, have you made sure it conforms to all rules in the icon competition?23:03
joppuyep, it's using the new template thingy23:04
joppuI'm going to do a write-up and email it to you23:04
joppuso you can submit it23:04
Venemook, thank you23:05
jopputhe rules did state that you should include a small text, right?23:05
Venemoin the meantime, I'll need one or two days to finish the GUI of the app23:05
Venemojoppu, I think so. here are the rules:
*** lardman|home has quit IRC23:06
Corsachmhm, is there a way to set an event location to a contact address?23:07
joppuHiemanshu could send them the IRC chatter one :--D23:07
macmaNMohammadAG: sup with ur n950?23:08
joppuVenemo: on a second thought, you wouldn't mind if I submitted the IRC-chatter icon myself, wouldn't you? I thought it was pretty nice too23:12
Venemojoppu, well, of course. IRC Chatter is free & open source + you're the author of the icon too23:13
Venemojoppu, although we haven't had much time for developing it lately :)23:13
Venemojoppu, you can find your name mentioned here:
VenemoI'll also mention your name in Puzzle Master when I'll have some time to clean up the code23:14
*** zz_gri is now known as gri23:19
Venemowell, not when I "clean up the code", rather when I clean up the source tree23:20
*** wicket64 has joined #harmattan23:22
joppuso yeah, I'll be then submitting the IRC chatter icon myself to the competition, but don't worry, you'll get the puzzle master one, and the accompanying text of course in any case :P23:26
Venemojoppu, as you wish :)23:26
Venemojoppu, I'll still keep myself to our agreement :)23:26
joppuyep :)23:27
*** hardaker has quit IRC23:30
*** niqt has joined #harmattan23:41
*** fuz_ has quit IRC23:44
*** fuz_ has joined #harmattan23:49
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #harmattan23:53
*** Sazpaimon__ has quit IRC23:57

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