IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2011-11-12

nix-cyrusZogG_N9: noone00:08
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gabriel9i want my updates00:20
gabriel9can i install nano on N)00:21
nix-cyrusgabriel9: yes you can00:23
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gabriel9i tried to create simple app00:26
gabriel9and for now i just created icon, which is nice and textarea00:26
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mgedminvim is better than nano ;)00:59
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TronicMagnetized needle ja butterflies!01:04
infobotTronic meant: Magnetized needle and butterflies!01:05
nix-cyrusmgedmin: vim is nice.. but why there is no emacs for N9? :)01:06
ajalkaneEmacs is an OS. N9's OS is Harmattan.01:07
TronicI was trying to skip all of that.01:08
nix-cyrusajalkane: so.. dual boot :D01:11
ajalkanenix-cyrus: yeah, dual-booting should be possible since PR1.1 so we're all set for Emacs :)01:12
ZogG_N9i downloaded vim, not working, though without hw kbrd vim wouldnt be tge same01:14
ZogG_N9nix-cyrus, btw get screenshotmee, nice app01:14
nix-cyrusZogG_N9: vi is default app01:15
ZogG_N9nix-cyrus, ok i have few ideas for small apps01:15
nix-cyrusZogG_N9: I think we should make twit-hashtag to share nice apps for N901:16
ZogG_N9nix-cyrus, we need to start learning, tomorrow ill have free time01:16
ZogG_N9nix-cyrus, n9yummy?01:16
nix-cyrusZogG_N9: it sound nice)01:17
nix-cyrusapp-name: {small description} {url to app} #n9yummy01:17
ZogG_N9my twit is closed anyway01:21
nix-cyrushm.. yeah it's the problem.01:23
nix-cyrusI hope new repository with full N9-apps will make soon01:24
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tommahow easy it is to update in
tommaupdate app in01:27
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tommaaaa... it uses obs01:33
mgedminZoG_N9, which vim did you download?01:33
mgedminI've working vim on my n9, works fine with the vkb01:33
mgedminthe builtin vi is a piece of ... busybox01:33
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ZogG_N9mgedmin, link me01:40
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ZogG_N9mgedmin, maybe u can upload it to apps.formeego ?01:41
mgedminare there easy to read step-by-step instructions?01:42
ZogG_N9DocScrutinizer, had few question, but only one left01:45
nix-cyrusmgedmin: thnx. I'll check it out tomorrow)01:45
DocScrutinizerwhere to get a 600g angus filet steak at night 1h01:46
ZogG_N9there is command for bots to pm you 20 last sentences if you timeouted01:46
mgedminthere's this OBS repository for community packages (that I don't know how to use either), and I think someone has already uploaded vim there01:46
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mgedminthis is why I was inquiring about the not-working vim you said you downloaded from somewhere01:47
ZogG_N9mgedmin, nope, they are on rzr repo maybe and would be ported later01:47
jpnurmiusing the meego qml components, is it possible to force the software input panel to stay open even if i click outside a TextField element?01:47
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ZogG_N9for now it has 4 apps only01:48
mgedminrzr repo is what I had in mind; I'd forgotten the name01:48
ZogG_N9damn with music control on lockscreen there is no time01:51
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z720anybody hv PR1.1 kernel source
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TronicAnyone up for another politics discussion?08:20
TronicIn Finland we have a rather ... interesting form of social security where the state will inspect your economy and then pay you what they think is required for living.08:21
TronicBy inspecting your economy I mean that they will inspect everything transaction on your bank accounts. If your mom wire transfers you 25 €, you will get 25 € less from the state.08:25
TronicStrangely enough, people don't consider this a privacy issue. What I am wondering is whether such systems are the norm elsewhere as well.08:25
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TronicJust to be clear, the tax office already collects and shares to social security information about the annual income of a person but apparently such level of detail is not considered sufficient (e.g. that wire transfer from your mom would not show up).08:41
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dm8tbrTronic: please consider #politics or some other place, ktx.09:22
Tronicdm8tbr: Nah, not that interested. We just had a good discussion here some other night.09:22
dm8tbrplease, don't. even if there is no other activity on the channel, going completely off-topic is not appreciated.09:23
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keitsihas anyone compiled BFS for harmattan? does it do any good?09:47
keitsior maybe it already has and I don't know :)09:47
keitsibrain fuck scheduler09:49
ieatlintinteresting... am unfamiliar with that09:50
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keitsithe default CFS one sucks in some situations... too complicated and process switching takes much time.09:51
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keitsiit's weird that it's not in the kernel only because of political issues.09:53
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ieatlinti sadly don't have the time these days for niche things :(09:59
keitsime neither, that's why I'm here instead of compiling it myself :D10:00
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keitsithe random little stalls when multitasking might be improved a bit with BFS. anyone want to try it?10:07
dm8tbrkeitsi: this might make sense to try with Nemo on the N9(50) if at all10:08
ArkenoiIs there a tool for mass vcard import?10:19
Arkenoifrom single file?10:20
keitsidm8tbr, yeah, I have an N910:22
dm8tbrnemo discussion is in #nemomobile10:23
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ZogG_N9trying swype, notbad thing12:00
ZogG_N9though have to get used to it12:00
ZogG_N9but it adds it a extra language and it sucks12:01
ZogG_N9wanna see how it works in portrait mode, not bad I would say12:02
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qronic<ZogG_N9> you can edit swype languages list if you want12:19
* leinir wonders why some people insist on making message directions look like quotes ;)12:20
hiemanshuleinir: exactly :P12:21
ZogG_N9it's not people12:26
ZogG_N9it's client12:27
keitsisome people who write irc clients?12:27
leinirWhich clients do that by default?12:27
ZogG_N9and they wonder why people use quotes like mentions12:28
ZogG_N9qronic, what client u have?12:28
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keitsiI have xchat too, it didn't have that by default. maybe I have a different xchat variant.12:30
leinirhaven't encountered any xchat versions with that as the default, yeah12:31
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nid0random question, is there any way to add a contact to the apps list on the n9 as it can do with urls?12:39
kkitoI've just bought a n9 from singapore, but is not brand free :(, it is singtel branded. Do you know if singtel branded n9 are sim free?12:39
leinircan they be locked at all?12:40
leinirnid0: that'd be kind of useful, yeah :)12:41
nid0it just occurred to me last night that it seems really quite long-winded to actually call someone, rather than 2 presses a-la n900 with a contact on the desktop..12:42
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qronicyou can make several favorite contacts, they'll be on top of contact list, easy to reach12:48
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gricool, after updating the n9 to 1.1, my wifi does not work anymore :)12:52
ZogG_N9qronic, no way, i have x-chat, how do u enter name? select +middle click?12:53
ZogG_N9qronic, just start typing first letters of name and use tab to complete12:53
qronicdidn't know it, thanks12:53
ZogG_N9gri, try camera12:54
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ZogG_N9gri does it work? read about kernel flashing problems12:54
ZogG_N9jonni, ping12:54
griZogG_N9: after a reboot it worked12:55
gribut I wonder why the nokia software updater left all my accounts etc. - I was expecting it to wipe the whole phone12:56
leinirdid you flash it or did you OTA update?12:57
griflash with NSU12:57
griota was not available for me12:58
leinirhmm... i guess the word "updater" as opposed to "flasher" is the main hint ;)12:58
grion symbian phones the same program delete the whole device and restored settings afterwards12:59
grithe n950 felt faster after the update, whereas the n9 seems to be slower now (but I might give it 20 minutes to restore all caches)13:00
SpeedEvilreboot also, after.13:01
SpeedEvilIt seems to be in a wierd state.13:01
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Sputgri: the flasher for MeeGo has the option to erase your userdata (sometimes it's required), but by default it won't touch it13:05
Sputnot sure if the update to PR 1.1 is fine without erasing it13:06
SputI know the N950 didn't like going from beta1 to beta213:07
grithe phone just did reboot itself without a notice when enabling developer mode - is this normal?13:07
dm8tbrneeded to enable some things13:08
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan13:13
KRFSput: uhm, did you get the update OTA already?13:13
KRFand hey ;)13:13
SputKRF: no, I didn't13:13
Sputand I don't intend to wait :P13:13
KRFSput: that means? going to flash it?13:14
Sputhoping it isn't a bad decision13:14
ZogG_N9sput, there is easier way13:15
KRFokay, go ahead. tell me when you've bricked your phone13:15
SputZogG_N9: how so?13:15
ZogG_N9just update using pc suite13:15
SputKRF: I hope people at $orkplace would be able to unbrick if the worst happens :>13:15
KRFSput: heh13:15
ZogG_N9that actually uses nokiasoftwareupdater13:16
Sputthis "flashing station" should be able to fix everything13:16
SputZogG_N9: no windows.13:16
KRFZogG_N9: oh, that works? regardless of region?13:16
* KRF boots teh windows13:16
ZogG_N9i updated like that13:16
Sputalso, does the N9 actually work with PC Suite? because Ovi Suite refuses to use it13:16
Sputeven though it works fine for the N95013:16
ZogG_N9it said update fail on prigram after reboot but it did full update13:17
ZogG_N9works perfect with new pr1.113:17
SputPC Suite is the "old" tool?13:17
ZogG_N9it works and u even see sms13:17
ZogG_N9but u cant sync =)13:17
Sputit's really weird, I have an old installation of Ovi Suite that works fine for the N950 but tells me it doesn't support the N913:18
Sputa new installation on another computer also won't accept the N95013:18
Sputso I guess it's some flag that was set in newer installations13:18
ZogG_N9btw ovi works too, u need to sync with old ovi that worked and than to update ovi13:18
SputI really wonder why they disabled that13:18
Sputmust be polticial reasons13:18
ZogG_N9btw while connecting phone it asked to sync music with ovi and opened it fir a second and i saw music but it closed itself in few seconds =)13:19
ZogG_N9anyone tried nokialink?13:20
ZogG_N9its for data only =(13:20
ZogG_N9but its oficially for n913:20
ZogG_N9dont get why to use several tools and why no port for linux if they use qt13:21
KRFyes, that's a pity13:23
*** piggz has joined #harmattan13:26
KRFZogG_N9: nokia pc suite tells me i should use "ovi suite"13:27
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ZogGKRF used it yesterday13:53
ZogGinstalled ovi and than it didn't work13:53
ZogGinstalled pc suite13:53
KRFZogG_N9: anyway, using the NSU now. dl'ing right now13:53
ZogGKRF, you can straight dowenload nokia software updater btw13:53
*** Venemo_webchat has joined #harmattan13:53
ZogGVenemo_webchat hey webchater =)13:54
Venemo_webchathey ZogG13:54
Venemo_webchatI don't have a sensible IRC client on my netbook, thus the webchat13:54
ZogGVenemo_webchat, what netbook? what os?13:54
Venemo_webchatIdeapad S10-3t + Meego 1.213:55
ZogGbtw where we send bugs about harmattan? meego site?13:55
ZogGVenemo_webchat install irc-chatter13:55
Venemo_webchatZogG: irc chatter wouldn't work here. no qt-components13:56
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan13:56
ZogGVenemo_webchat install them13:56
ZogGVenemo_webchat, btw can you build latest one for me please?13:56
ZogGVenemo_webchat, and would you mind to try to upload it to apps.formeego till new one is out?13:57
Venemo_webchatZogG: no scratchbox on this machine, but I'll try building the new one for you13:57
ZogGVenemo_webchat, and one more question, new one,  are you working with communi developer? coz i saw there is another irc client for n913:57
Venemo_webchathiemanshu and myself decided to join efforts with that guy13:58
ZogGgood, but i liked your UI13:58
Sputhmm, I assume it is to be expected after a firmware upgrade that tracker-store consumes all of the CPU? is that going to fix itself if one waits long enough?13:58
ZogGthough as i said about landscape mode, better to leave channels list on top13:58
ZogGVenemo_webchat, as well as if you can add NickServ and ChanServ to send PMs to main server window and not open new tab13:59
Venemo_webchatZogG: if I put channel list on top for landscape, the number of visible messages is too low14:00
ZogGVenemo_webchat but its useless on side =(14:01
ZogGVenemo_webchat, i have an idea =)14:01
ZogGVenemo_webchat, on landscape put main menu on side and channels on top14:01
ZogGactually it means just changing vkb and chat itself to landscape and all other to leave in a place14:02
Venemo_webchatZogG: what main menu?14:03
ZogGVenemo_webchat the one on bottom14:04
Venemo_webchatthat is not a menu14:04
Venemo_webchatit's a toolbar and it can't be put elsewhere14:04
ZogGwhy not?14:04
ZogGmeego api14:04
Venemo_webchatthat's how it works14:06
Sputoh yeah, tracker is done tracking, now the phone feels fast again \o/14:10
SputI was getting worried there.14:10
leinirSput: would be useful to get information that that's going on somewhere... android gives you that info in the drawer, for example :)14:11
hiemanshubleh android14:12
Sputleinir: it's called "log in with ssh and check top"14:14
Sputcould've even done that with the terminal, I think14:14
*** zarlino has quit IRC14:15
leinirSput: i meant "get information" in the meaning "be given information", not in the meaning "having to go dig into parts of the system only the geekiest of the geeky will know about" ;)14:15
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan14:17
Sputtrue that14:17
leinirIt can be done very quietly, a notification on the events view, for example, which when activated takes you to a more informative dialogue, or disappears when it's completed14:19
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rzrVenemo_webchat: hi u own a s10-3t too ?14:34
rzri am looking for s103t owners who have win7 on it too14:35
Chaz6rzr: yeah i dual boot win7 and meego14:36
rzrI wanted to restore win7 to compare acpi support but i lost it14:38
*** artemma has joined #harmattan14:40
Venemo_webchatrzr: I erased Win7 from it the day I bought it14:43
Venemo_webchatrzr: it was so sluggish and slow that I just couldn't stand it.14:45
mzanettihas anyone some experience with zeroconf and Harmattan? I'd like to detect a zeroconf server in an app but none of the common known ways seem to be available oh Harmattan14:50
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ZogGrzr hey14:50
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan14:50
ZogGVenemo_webchat i left win7 for school on my new laptop14:51
ZogGVenemo_webchat btw what is the weight?14:51
ZogGrzr, pingy pingy14:54
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ZogG_N9i added repo with list in repos dir but aptget update doesnt care =(15:15
*** arcean has joined #harmattan15:20
*** BluesLee has joined #harmattan15:23
BluesLeeany way to simulate ctrl+a? i want to cut/paste bookmarks in fennec ...15:25
ZogGBluesLee noirmal paste doesn't work?15:31
BluesLeei want to select all bookmarks from one folder and move them one folder up15:32
ZogGmaybe you can do it with terminal15:33
BluesLeeZogG: how to do that?15:33
ZogGi bet it somewhere in ~user/.configs or ~user/.fennec or mozilla15:33
ZogGbtw when someone is calling it shows number only till i swipe and than it shows name =(15:34
ZogGBluesLee, let me boost my filebox =)15:34
dm8tbrZogG: enabled data privacy for lockscreen?15:35
BluesLeeZogG: ZogGi dont think so otherwise mozilla  would have   implemented a simple html import option to   fennec15:35
ZogGdm8tbr oh, didn't know about that15:35
dm8tbrBluesLee: i'd guess fennec uses sqlite15:36
dm8tbrBluesLee: the preferred option is to use 'sync' on both desktop and phone browsers15:37
BluesLeedm8tbr: any way to import bookmarks to the default browser?15:37
ZogGBluesLee have no idea15:37
*** berndhs has left #harmattan15:38
BluesLeedm8tbr: i idid that ... but all bookmarks are now in a folder called "desktop bookmarks"15:38
dm8tbrgroB? it doesn't have bookmarks as such15:38
dm8tbrBluesLee: go to #mobile on irc.mozilla.org15:39
BluesLeedm8tbr: and there are two add. folders, two clicks too much15:39
dm8tbrBluesLee: might be configurable, dunno. ask the fennec ppl15:39
ZogGBluesLee cat /home/YOUR_USERNAME/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/bookmarks.html15:40
BluesLeeZogG: thanks for searching, will check it15:40
dm8tbrfirefox doesn't use bookmarks.html since 3.x15:40
dm8tbrit's places.sqlite15:40
ZogGhhh i bet i have it from first install than15:41
* npm have long wished for a 3rd party bookmark editor for firefox because firefox's bookmarks are so crappy to edit15:41
ZogGnpm post bug to fennec/firefox bugtracker15:42
dm8tbrnpm: sqlite explorer gives you raw access :)15:42
npmit's been crappy for years, not sure why anything would change.15:42
npmhmmm. sqlite explorer sounds like a good idea15:42
dm8tbrfor everything else go to amo15:42
npmit's true i haven't tried addons for bookmark editing15:43
BluesLeeare there addons for that?15:44
ZogGdm8tbr it's a bug with hide private info15:46
ZogGdm8tbr, when i turn it onn i do see name of person but have no sms/from whom, when i turn it off i see sms but not calling person15:46
ZogGtrigerring on off fixed that15:48
BluesLeedm8tbr: okay, i.e. i will uses fennecs bookmarks sqlite db, copy to desktop, use sqlite explorer to manipulate it, and put it back?15:50
*** zk8 has quit IRC15:55
*** BluesLee has quit IRC15:55
ZogGBluesLee backup on computer one, copy from phone, restart firefox, edit copy back to phone15:56
ZogG4squick is better than official foursquare app =)15:57
ZogGbut it;s not free =\15:57
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan16:01
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*** rzr has quit IRC16:09
* dm8tbr was happy to pay that 1€ for 4squick pro16:17
MohammadAGit's not?16:18
ZogGMohammadAG, they have 2 versions now16:24
ZogGfree is lite and you can't add friend with it even16:24
ZogGhmm turned google talk(it was set offline anyway) and than email notifications are working =)16:25
ZogGbtw is there way to get notifications of facebook and twit mentions(not talking about feed)16:25
ZogGMohammadAG, would you advice harmattan SDK or qt sdk?16:29
MohammadAGdepends what you're doing16:30
ZogGMohammadAG, i would start with small apps without gui, than GUI apps, as well i want to port few apps16:31
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cyrus_N9ZogG, hey whats up?16:55
*** cyrus_N9 has quit IRC16:56
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npmRe: ZogG --"hmm turned google talk(it was set offline anyway) and than email notifications are working =)" -- does this only apply to chat/email or also to video or audio chat?17:34
npmfor example to use google+'s "group teleconferencing" features (which are very cool) it seems to require the googletalk browser plugin17:35
npmis there a harmattan alternative?17:35
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*** trx has joined #harmattan18:28
*** ZogG has joined #harmattan18:29
*** Frye has quit IRC18:47
*** zk8 has left #harmattan19:06
*** clbr has joined #harmattan19:07
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan19:09
*** zarlino has quit IRC19:18
*** ZogG_N9 has quit IRC19:22
*** ZogG_N9 has joined #harmattan19:28
mgedminon the which sdk question?19:29
mgedminqt creator is great for new c++ apps that use qml19:29
mgedminfor everything else use scratchbox aka harmattan sdk19:30
*** clbr has quit IRC19:30
ZogG_N9mgedmin, thanks, forgot about it19:31
ZogG_N9the question19:32
gabriel9what is scratchbox? :D19:32
gabriel9there is so many thing i don't know19:36
mgedmina chroot-like environment for maemo/harmattan development19:36
gabriel9ok, first need to chrot is like sandbox19:38
gabriel9i meant chrot is like sandbox19:38
mgedminin a sense19:38
gabriel9so i use this chrot on my N919:39
gabriel9to run my home brew apps19:39
mgedminnot in the "protect the system from harmful apps" sense (because it's trivial to break out of a chroot), but in the "cheap virtualization" sense19:39
mgedminno, you use scratchbox on your regular Linux PC to develop applications for the N919:39
mgedminit's an alternative to the Qt Creator19:40
mgedminmore low-level, so it allows more, but is harder to use19:40
gabriel9oh that make sense now19:40
gabriel9i'm using win for now, my graphic card is exploding on linux...19:40
gabriel9mgedmin: can you see harmattan qt quick elements in design window in qt creator?19:41
gabriel9i'm not afraid of code, but declarative language like html needs to bre previewed19:42
gabriel9qtml is like html and json mutatuon :D19:43
ZogG_N9gabriel9, exploding on linux?19:43
mgedminI don't think the qt designer supports that...19:43
mgedminyou can use the Qt Simulator for previewing19:43
mgedminit works most of the time19:43
gabriel9yea it starts overheating every time19:43
ZogG_N9what card?19:44
gabriel9Saphire 695019:44
mgedminonly two problems with Qt Simulator in 1.1.3 SDK: no landscape support, and default font size is misleading19:44
mgedminfor real preview use the one-click deploy to your N9 that Qt Creator provides (it's awesome)19:44
gabriel9mgedmin i would not use simulator19:44
gabriel9one-click deploy19:44
gabriel9i can't see it19:45
mgedminthere ought to be a tutorial or a screencast somewhere...19:46
mgedminfirst you associate your N9 with the Qt Creator (run SDK Connectivity Tool on the N9, go to Preferences in Qt Creator and add a device)19:46
gabriel9i do that, i can deploy apps19:47
mgedminthen you change the project settings so that your Harmattan Run target deploys to your device19:47
gabriel9when i press run19:47
mgedminthen the big green > arrow in the sidebar deploys and runs19:47
gabriel9oh, i was thinking there is a button one-click deploy :D19:47
*** ZogG_N9 has quit IRC19:50
gabriel9I just drank some bad milk19:50
gabriel9i hope i will be ok19:50
SpeedEvilAnother name for bad milk is yogurt.19:51
gabriel9this was mutating into yogurt19:51
mgedminI think you need a very specific bacterial culture to get yogurt19:52
gabriel9yea i think so too19:52
mgedminrandom fridge microorganisms might not qualify19:52
gabriel9anyone been to Qt developer days?19:52
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan19:54
SpeedEvilDon't listen to mgedmin! He's one of the Soulless Minions of Orthodoxy!19:56
SpeedEvilYogurt deserves to be free!19:56
mgedminwhy don't you just let your beloved yogurt rule the world then?19:56
gabriel9it would rule better then our politisians19:57
mgedminthen at least your rulers will have culture19:57
* mgedmin wonders if anyone else has read this:
gabriel9not me19:57
*** harbaum has quit IRC20:00
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan20:01
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan20:07
*** ZogG_N9 has joined #harmattan20:08
gabriel9mgedmin: great read20:09
*** niqt has quit IRC20:10
gabriel9mgedmin: check this:
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #harmattan20:11
mgedminand :echo $HOME?20:11
mgedminoops, wrong channel20:12
*** freemangordon has quit IRC20:17
*** messerting has joined #harmattan20:34
*** ajalkane has joined #harmattan20:42
*** baraujo has quit IRC20:45
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC20:48
*** wazd has joined #harmattan20:49
*** wazd has quit IRC20:49
*** clbr has joined #harmattan20:56
*** messerting has quit IRC20:56
*** zk8 has quit IRC20:57
gabriel9in my Documents i see file without name21:05
gabriel96,821 years old21:05
gabriel9which i can't erease or open21:06
Stskeepsi think the aliens are talking to you from the past21:09
dm8tbrso that's where they sent that old prototype...21:13
*** seif has quit IRC21:17
ZogG_N9screenshot please21:19
ZogG_N9have to see it21:19
gabriel9how to make sreenshot?21:20
ZogG_N9than get screenshotmee from ovi21:21
ZogG_N9open it and than go to up and close light sensor21:21
gabriel9i try to download nokia suite and it says file not found21:22
gabriel9my wireless router is broken so i don't have web on the phone21:23
gabriel9is it possible to connect N9 to web via nokia suite?21:24
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC21:29
*** leinir has quit IRC21:31
*** buser has joined #harmattan21:36
gabriel9wtf, this device can't be used with nokia suite21:42
ieatlintuh, yes it can21:43
gabriel9please can you explain how?21:44
ieatlintmake sure you select "sync and connect" for the usb connection21:44
ieatlintmass storage device and sdk mode will not work21:44
gabriel9i do it21:46
gabriel9it is the same21:46
gabriel9suite version is 3.2.10021:46
gabriel9which is yours21:46
ieatlinti don't use it, have it on a vm on another computer21:47
gabriel9ZogG_N9 ping21:47
gabriel9what to do now21:48
ieatlintyou might want to try #n9 for help21:49
ieatlintit appears a quick google search does however show that i'm wrong - nokia/ovi suite doesn't support it as of october.. i'm confusing it with another nokia software package21:49
gabriel9i think ZogG says that he is used Pc suite with n921:55
toninikkanenmaybe you mean NokiaLink21:56
gabriel9[20:25:24]<ZogG> a have a quick question, after update (used pc suite) i do restore and all i see the list of apps i restore maually one by one, anyway to do restore all?21:58
gabriel9last night he postet this21:58
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC22:00
*** Sazpaimon has joined #harmattan22:01
ajalkanegabriel9: You need to use specific version of Nokia Suite, only one of the earlier versions worked with N9.22:01
ajalkaneIf you install that earlier version, sync with that, then you can upgrade to later versions and it continues to work.22:02
ajalkaneThis is what I've read in the forums, I haven't used it myself as I'm hardly in Windows.22:02
gabriel9all day i google about it22:04
gabriel9and nothing22:04
ajalkanegabriel: see maemo forums22:04
gabriel9oh well maybe when updates come they will fix some issues22:04
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC22:04
*** Sazpaimon has joined #harmattan22:05
ajalkanegabriel9: Nokia Suite won't be working with N9. That's been said. So using the "hack" is your way forward if you want to use that.22:05
gabriel9no i wont to do that22:05
gabriel9i dont have time22:05
gabriel9thanks anyway for help22:06
ajalkanegabriel9: sensible. As I always say, "fuck that Nokia Suite"22:06
gabriel9fuck it22:06
gabriel9when i buy new router i wiill not nead it22:06
gabriel9just to erease this file 6000 years old22:06
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC22:07
ajalkaneyou can't erase it from command-line?22:07
gabriel9i can't see it in terminal22:07
*** Sazpaimon has joined #harmattan22:07
gabriel9but i see it in documents app22:07
ajalkanebut really you should send it to Nokia Museum first before annihilating the artifact.22:07
*** GNUton-BNC has quit IRC22:07
gabriel9where does this document app search for docs?22:08
ajalkanegabriel9: oh ok... so it's something in the tracker database22:08
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #harmattan22:08
gabriel9oh yes where is it?22:08
Sazpaimonis NDT 16GB BLACK the global black variant?22:08
gabriel964 black22:08
Sazpaimonand what is NDT 64GB ROW BLACK22:08
Sazpaimonwhat is ROW22:08
gabriel9i was thinking that ajalkane ask me22:08
ajalkanegabriel9: I do not know enough about tracker, but you can try for example tracker-search cmdline application22:09
gabriel9i'm just reading about it22:11
gabriel9it is hard to find file withut name :D22:13
ZogGgabriel9 i got ovi suite it send me to nokia suite downloaded it worked like charm22:13
ZogGit used nokiasoftwareupdater - try to download it straight22:13
gabriel9i have nokiasoftwareupdater22:15
gabriel9it recognize n922:16
gabriel9but i cant go on thw web with him22:16
SpeedEvilgabriel9: Rest Of World?22:17
gabriel9oh man i'm gone get crazy22:18
gabriel9i miss my deadline, and now i can't solve simple problems with my phone22:18
ieatlintif your intent is to get the phone online, nokia/ovi suite wouldn't help you22:18
ajalkaneNokia Suite is, frankly speaking, totally crap in getting you on-line.22:19
ieatlintit should be possible to do it via sdk mode with the usb ethernet interface...22:20
gabriel9lets try that :D22:20
ieatlintgood luck then :)22:20
SpeedEvilOn linu at least, it just works like any other modem22:20
gabriel9to many OS and problems :D22:21
ieatlintyeah, and theoretically it'd work on windows with internet connection sharing22:21
ieatlintbut you kinda need to understand how it works if you want to try it22:21
gabriel9i will wait for new router22:22
gabriel9ok, and how to delete file which does not exist :D22:22
ieatlintyou sure it's not picking up a random file?22:23
ieatlinti've not used the document viewer much, and not had any issues with it22:23
gabriel9after i installed all from developer mode tab this showed up22:24
ieatlintyou installed every item in the developer mode tag?22:25
gabriel9the file is withut name and size, when i try to erease it it just hangs, when i try to open it it say file does not exist22:25
gabriel9i wish to see what are they22:25
ieatlintyeah, gdb is a real blast22:26
gabriel9if i reset device will it erease all stuff which i done22:26
gabriel9i don't have any data...22:26
ieatlintit should, yes22:27
ieatlinti still don't think an image has been released yet, sadly22:27
ajalkaneI got kind of an impression no image will be released.22:28
ajalkaneWe'll be dependend on Navifirm for the images.22:28
ajalkaneBut reset device should erace the tracker database as far as I know22:29
ajalkane* erase22:29
ajalkaneSomeone tell me to not take another beer.22:29
gabriel9take the bear22:29
ajalkaneToo late.22:29
ieatlinti was under the impression the navifirm images weren't current22:29
ieatlintand as such, won't flash22:29
gabriel9i need a bear22:29
ajalkaneieatlint: Ok... maybe. I have no idea. Still waiting for my N9.22:30
ieatlintthere are plenty of bears here22:30
ieatlintjust go hit up a bear bar22:30
gabriel9one bear and one vodka please22:30
ieatlintajalkane: the waiting game sucks.. beer helps22:30
ieatlintvodka and beer? ... no, whiskey and beer go much better22:31
gabriel9didn't try that22:31
gabriel9you should try rakija and bear22:31
ajalkaneyeah I just opened a beer. I'm weak like that.22:31
ieatlinti'm not really into bears...22:32
ajalkaneDrinking bears sucks royally. But I like eating them.22:32
*** zk8 has joined #harmattan22:32
ieatlintsee, this is far more entertaining to me, because this is what i've been talking about with bear bars and all
ajalkaneieatlint: Lol... live and learn. I'm obviously not enough up-to-date with the happenings in the gay community.22:34
*** rzr` has left #harmattan22:34
ajalkaneAnd for the record, I no longer wish to even eat bear.22:34
gabriel9clear device or restore settings?22:35
ajalkanegabriel9: I haven't tried either one of them ever. But I have the impression "restore settings" is less radical, so maybe try that first, and if it didn't help then clear device.22:36
gabriel9what is this link with some naked big dudes and bear?22:37
ajalkaneJust read it, lest you want to make a fool out of yourself like I did above.22:38
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan22:39
gabriel9big gay people22:42
gabriel9i lived with my gay roommate on collague and still i don't understand that parades22:42
ajalkaneI'm feeling like cracking a Beavis & Butthead joke on the word "gay", in honor of the new episodes. But I resist.22:43
gabriel9i did not see that one22:43
ajalkaneMe neither. I'll probably buy the DVD when/if it's out.22:43
gabriel9I heard that south park have exelent episode about gay22:44
ajalkaneYeah. They have excellent episodes about all kinds of people. That's good about south park, they don't have issue about making fun of anyone.22:44
gabriel9and sorry for my bad eng, i don't have much practice to write it except coding22:44
gabriel9south park is great22:45
ajalkaneMost of us are coders, so coder english is perfectly understandable here :)22:45
gabriel9what do you think will N9 create "ecosystem"?22:46
gabriel9the phone is doing great in number of sales, even my colegues which are iPhone Droid users are impressed with n922:47
ajalkaneIt's not about N9 creating an "ecosystem". That's a bullshit word in my opinion. It's about if MS Phones sell enough to continue this stragery or not.22:47
*** ZogG_N9 has quit IRC22:47
gabriel9damn true about that boolshit word22:47
gabriel9if the product is good, and people are buying it the developers will start coding22:48
ajalkaneBut what the Elop has sold to Nokia is that ecosystem is more than that. And in a sense it is.22:48
gabriel9i'm sory but i don't understand that :/22:49
ajalkaneIt's about not only phone, but like gaming, cloud etc. And Elop has sold it to Nokia that they can't keep up with all of that, they need MS or someone to get the vertical integration22:49
gabriel9i agree22:50
ajalkaneFor example MS brings Xbox live (to phones also), Cloud storage, enterprise connection etc.22:50
gabriel9and it also bring monopoly lies and FUD22:51
ajalkaneBut while I can understand the basic reasons, I think it's all just smokescreen. It's really early days still, the vertical integration is still years away before it settles.22:51
mgedminbecause no self-respecting consumer would buy something that didn't have vendor lock-in </sarcasm>22:51
ajalkaneAh yes, exactly. It's basically the lock-in mentality.22:51
ajalkaneBut it was sold to Nokia with a smokescreen. Using their desperation in dwindling Symbian sales and their own failed attempts at various "ecosystem" services.22:52
ajalkaneIMO it's all bullshit. But I can't see a reversal in course, unless Nokia's WP phones sell really badly and N9 sells really well.22:53
ajalkaneIf either one of those conditions doesn't happen, they will continue in this course.22:54
gabriel9if nokia n9 have same market like windows they would sold more22:54
SpeedEvilOr unless a crazed lone gunman...22:54
ajalkane:) Wouldn't wish that to Elop. I like the chubby!22:54
gabriel9and it is all bullshit like you said22:54
gabriel9i would like to torture him22:55
gabriel9just a little a bit22:55
ajalkanegabriel9: yeah I agree N9 would have done much better than WP phones given same chances.22:55
ajalkaneAnd anyway, even with unequal chances, I won't rule it out N9 will do better than Nokia's WP phones.22:56
SpeedEvilIt wasnt' Elop.22:56
SpeedEvilElop diddn't just randomly turn up at nokia.22:56
ajalkaneI agree it was board of directors22:56
SpeedEvilAnd bedazzle them.22:56
ieatlintalso, the team that made the n9 is already moved within the company or left it... even if nokia wanted to continue with more harmattan phones, it would be difficult22:57
gabriel9ok, now we can only build killer apps and do some marketing to help n922:57
SpeedEvilThe rot started shortly after n900 launch, when the ovi store wasn't working, only worked for a short time, then people got discoraged from using it, then it stoped working.22:57
ajalkaneWe can only enjoy what we have, and hope for the best. I'm sure I'll be happy with this plafrom for at least a couple of years. Who knows what the mobile landscape looks like after that.22:58
gabriel9yes you are right22:58
gabriel9but we can still code :)22:58
gabriel9and maybe they create some more n922:59
ajalkaneyeah, code we can. Code we must :).22:59
SpeedEvilI plan on winning the lottery, and launching my own open handset.22:59
SpeedEvilIt shall run slackware!22:59
ajalkaneI gave up on lottery. Fuckers raised to costs.22:59
ieatlintslackware.. bah22:59
ieatlintmake a handset that runs BeOS23:00
ajalkaneUbuntu's mobile plans seem ridiculous23:00
ajalkaneAh, BeOS. Now that would be kickass.23:00
ajalkaneExcept BeOS's UI framework kind of sucked with its' lack of proper UI layouts. But the OS otherwise was great.23:02
ieatlinthow about hurd then, with x/motif for the gui23:05
ieatlintit'll be awesome23:05
mgedminOpenSolaris anyone?23:06
ajalkaneNow Hurd would be great. Nevemore would RMS have to do the "GNU/Linux" thing. It would just be "Hurd". I bet he wouldn't mind that GNU was not prepended there everytime.23:07
ajalkanemgedmin: in this channel, we hate Oracle (ti's a rule), so Solaris can't get thumbs up at the moment.23:07
mgedminof course it's a rule, I mean, who doesn't hate Oracle?23:08
ajalkaneDunno. It still baffles me there's so many people not hating MS.23:09
ieatlintMS isn't really evil these days23:15
ieatlintthey switched places with apple23:15
ajalkaneAs long as Ballmer is there, they're evil to the bone23:15
*** piggz has quit IRC23:15
ieatlintand then bill gates gave billions to charity and is the modern day rockefeller23:15
ajalkaneThey're just hiding in the shadow of Apple-evil, waiting for their chance.23:15
ieatlintno, that's google23:15
SpeedEvilWhat licence is hurd?23:16
ieatlintgpl i'm sure23:16
ieatlintit's gnu afterall23:16
ajalkaneBill's such a joker. He loves doing that kind of stuff, only to do some ridiculously villaneous move afterwards. Gotta admit I love that man.23:16
*** seif has joined #harmattan23:17
*** vandenoever has joined #harmattan23:22
vandenoeverjust reading from the QAudioInput gives 13% cpu pulseaudio activity23:23
*** zk8 has quit IRC23:23
*** niqt has joined #harmattan23:24
vandenoeverthis is when sampling at 48000hz, at 8000hz it uses 25%23:25
ieatlintthat makes less sense23:25
vandenoeveryes, but it's true, at 11025 hz it's 27523:26
vandenoevereh 27%23:26
*** Arkenoi_ has joined #harmattan23:26
vandenoeveri'm doing audio analysis, the double fft is actually using way less cpu than pulseaudio23:26
*** NIN102 has joined #harmattan23:27
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:28
vandenoeverwhere's a good place to report a bug for that?23:28
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC23:29
*** Arkenoi_ is now known as Arkenoi23:29
*** clbr has quit IRC23:31
mgedminpulseaudio probably resamples its real input rate to your requested 8kHz23:36
mgedminit's supposed to allow multiple apps simultaneous access to a sink/source, and it can't do that if it lets each app tweak sampling parameters randomly23:37
mgedminthis is just a guess, but it would explain why you get higher CPU usage23:37
SpeedEvilI imagine it resamples inputs to all possible output samplerates, and then simply uses the desired one.23:38
mgedminwhy would it do unnecessary work all the time?23:38
gabriel9i get rid of 6000 years old file23:40
SpeedEvilmgedmin: It's pulseaudio.23:41
vandenoevermgedmin: yes, for this reason i tried several settings, but all have at least 10% cpu for pulseaudio23:41
vandenoeveri wonder if it uses that amount when doing a phone call23:41
* vandenoever goes to try23:41
SpeedEvilDon't forget that cpu% can be highly misleading.23:42
SpeedEvilIt does not properly take into account varying cock speed.23:42
ZogGright the cock speed23:42
ZogGjust kiding =)23:43
SpeedEvilclock peed23:43
* SpeedEvil goes to vacuum his keyboard.23:43
vandenoeveryes, during phonecall pulseaudio uses about 38% cpu!23:43
ZogGclock speed <-- copy-paste that =)23:43
bindithe cock peed23:43
bindiam I doing this right23:44
ieatlintyes, it's supposed to be the part that pees23:44
ZogGnow we go - compiling chromium23:44
DocScrutinizer~lart polypaudio23:44
* infobot farts in polypaudio's general direction23:44
ZogGdon't like it either23:45
mgedminquick UI intuition test:23:45
ZogGsometimes for a few seconds after DocScrutinizer says things i think he is human, but... meh we know he is abot23:45
mgedminyou touch the screen with two fingers, keep one in place, move the other one away from the first23:45
ZogGmgedmin, shoot23:45
vandenoeverbut this is truly amazing, such high % for just pumping some audio23:45
mgedminthe page zooms in -- should the spot under your stationary finger stay in place, or should it move?23:46
deramsorry. showed terminal use in bar... swype sucks in terminal23:46
DocScrutinizerPA eating *huge* amounts of CPU cycles for basically nothing at mixer, all the time - a known notorious problem of PA since ever23:46
ZogGlike in the song "pump it up"23:46
ZogGmgedmin depends for what23:47
ZogGdon't like scrolling like that23:47
DocScrutinizerbut allegedly PA performs SO MUCH BETTER than alsa dmix23:47
ZogGbut instead of pulseaudion they should just fork alsa23:47
ZogGinstead of putting something on something on something23:48
mgedminthis is not scrolling, this is zooming23:48
vandenoevermaybe/probably with the right pulseaudio magic it could be fixed23:48
mgedminsay you've got a PDF file with a column of text23:48
mgedminhow should you resize it so that the column fits your screen best?23:48
ZogGmgedmin normal zoom like everywhere is fine23:48
DocScrutinizermgedmin: I don't think zooming is working proportionally and directly23:49
ZogGanyway night23:49
mgedminyeah, it's not physical manipulation, but a "gesture"23:49
DocScrutinizerI rather guess the initial distance of the 2 touchpoints of pinching is irrelevant23:49
DocScrutinizeryeah, put like this it doesn't sound as weird as my stuff did23:50
DocScrutinizerit's just a gesture simulating what you usually do with your ^+/^- kbd shortcuts23:51
DocScrutinizeror sth like that23:51
mgedminI once read an insightful post about that23:51
mgedminwish I could find it23:51
mgedminmain idea, which I will convey imperfectly, was that only some gestures work well in UI: those that mimic the natural world object manipulation23:52
mgedminif you add too much latency, or invent weird things, the illusion breaks23:52
mgedmin(weird things like "four finger drag" etc.)23:53
mgedminwhen I scroll very slowly on the N9 I get the impression that the page moves a tiny bit less than my finger23:53
* mgedmin rambles on to disconnected topics23:54
mgedminI hate the rotation lag23:54
mgedminwhen I showed my N9 to Android-using friends, they actually laughed at it23:54
*** ZogG has quit IRC23:59

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