IRC log of #harmattan for Friday, 2011-11-11

ajalkaneSo learn about that and you may find the answer00:00
VenemoI've never imagined that Jesus might be interested in the N9.00:00
ajalkaneWhy not? N9 is the second coming of Jesus Christ, I think00:00
jesuschristajalkane; im work as sysop to pay for my daily bread, so scripting wouldnt be a prob00:00
jesuschristwhatever ill check one of the backups of the phones i made some days ago00:01
jesuschristVenemo : jesus, they say, is always interested in the forsaken and the forgetten :)00:02
ajalkaneI gotta admit it's exhilarating to find out that, back in the days Jesus was a carpenter. In the modern world, he's a sysop. Doing scripting magic and invoking spells on his N9. Good times.00:02
Venemojesuschrist, since when is the N9 either forsaken or forgotten?00:02
jesuschristVenemo : have you just landed from mars ? :D00:03
Venemojesuschrist, nope, I'm from the planet Vulcan.00:04
jesuschristVenemo : there are rumors there wont be any ovi suite support for the n9, do your math...00:04
Venemojesuschrist, who the heck cares about ovi suite anyway?00:05
jesuschristit isnt a matter of caring, its another proof of the n9 destiny :\00:05
Venemoevery time I installed that crap on my computer, I regretted and uninstalled a day later.00:05
jesuschristthe ovi suite may be bloatware (for some) but its nokia official sync software00:06
merlin1991is not entirely functional though00:06
Venemoovi sute has never ever supported any of the NITs, N9 is no exception it seems.00:06
ajalkaneThe people, back in the day, were forsaken not by god but by the rules of the pharisee. I think, what our modern day Jesus is here implying is that Elop is the pharisee00:06
jesuschristmerlin1991 : i dont have a n90000:07
merlin1991there's still code that write to the sms db on the n900:07
ajalkaneI hope our Jesus goes to the temple of Windows Phone and turns over the tables showing off those abominations00:07
jesuschristajalkane : i would say Elop is the priest making the holy temple like ebay, selling and preaching in the name of microsoft00:08
ajalkanejesuschrist: amen to that.00:08
jesuschriststill to be honest i couldnt blame nokia or elop too much00:08
SpeedEvilIt's not Elop that was teh problem.00:08
SpeedEvilThe rot  hit before Elop00:09
jesuschristnokia was market leader not so long ago....00:09
ajalkaneI could. The Board of directors were chicken shit. Elop just came in and used their cowardize.00:09
*** ZogG_N9 has joined #harmattan00:09
VenemoIMO the real problem was that the Harmattan team failed to deliver on schedule. IMO this was a problem with their management.00:09
jesuschristwhat else could have they done aja00:09
ZogG_N9X-Fade, ping00:10
ajalkanejesuschrist: they could have gone on course with Maemo. The N9 shows they could have delivered. At worst, they could have taken Windows Phone or Android as another option. Now it's all-in Microsoft. Most dumb thing ever.00:10
Venemoajalkane ++00:10
jesuschristi guess the all-in microsoft was something microsoft wanted and nokia couldnt say no00:11
ajalkaneExcept for Microsoft of course00:11
jesuschristotherwise no deal00:11
Venemobtw, now that they actually HAVE Harmattan... what stops them from releasing 10 more Harmattan phones?00:11
ajalkaneWell, it's anyway very bad deal for Nokia.00:11
jesuschristandroid as an option would really have killed nokia imo00:11
jesuschristVenemo : i guess the actual agreement with ms00:11
merlin1991android would probably have spawned a huge lawsuit with apple00:11
ajalkaneVenemo: it really seems there's something in the ms agreement stopping that00:12
DocScrutinizeraka Flop00:12
Venemoajalkane, jesuschrist, it's a stupid thing anyway.00:12
Venemothey should never have gone to MS.00:12
jesuschristsymbian really sucked, maemo6 came too late00:12
jesuschristmarket share was sinking00:12
jesuschristtbh i cant blame nokia00:12
ajalkaneIt's very stupid. But it was a good play by MS. Playing on the fears of Nokia's board of directors.00:12
DocScrutinizermeego was the initial point where shit started00:13
jesuschristandroid would have meaned going into a sea of mediocrity tbh00:13
ajalkaneMeeGo was a mistake. Pushing forward with Maemo was the sensible thing to do.00:13
DocScrutinizeror rather Qt00:13
Venemowell, they could have just released another few Fremantle phones too.00:13
jesuschristajalkane : you call them fear, i think it was pretty much real00:14
VenemoQt was actually a good decision. rewriting all their shit in Qt at once was the bad decision.00:14
petterijust enjoy the N9 while you can (and troll the internet about nokia ms deal), everything going to sort out nicely in the end :)00:14
Venemopetteri ++ :)00:14
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*** ZogG_N9 has joined #harmattan00:14
DocScrutinizerpetteri: s/while/if/00:14
ajalkanejesuschrist: Fear is ok. But Nokia got played on their fear when they cut-off MeeGo/Maemo development just to get Windows Phone. Sensible fear would have been taking Windows Phone or android yet continuing MeeGo / Maemo development and keeping options open.00:15
jesuschristajalkane : i dont know the financial situation of nokia, but i bet it wasnt (it isnt?) very good00:16
jesuschristms gave nokia 2 billion dollars00:16
jesuschristfor the agreement00:16
ajalkanejesuschrist: they have lots of money in the bank00:16
jesuschristyou sure about it ?00:16
ajalkane2 billion dollars is peanuts compared to how much they lost in stock value after the deal00:17
jesuschriststock value means only for stock holders00:17
jesuschristit doesnt count when you have to pay your workers wages00:17
ajalkaneBesides, the figure I've heard was 1 billion. And as far as I understand, it was mostly for marketting Windows Phone. Again something for Microsofot.00:17
jesuschristoh cmon, you describe it like it was a complete idiotic move00:18
DocScrutinizerit was00:18
ajalkaneIt's not completely idiotic move. But it's, in my opinion, based on fear.00:18
jesuschristyou really think that the board of directors of nokia are completely idiots ?00:18
Venemoyes. almost.00:18
ajalkaneThey're making themself MS OEM. Lose lose situation in the long run.00:18
ajalkaneI do think most of them are complete idiots.00:18
jesuschristi dont know how will it end00:18
jesuschristbut staying with symbian = 100% death00:19
ajalkanesure, but symbian wasn't the only option there was.00:19
ZogG_N9Venemo, hey00:19
Venemoey ZogG_N9 :) what's up?00:19
ZogG_N9loved ur irc chatter00:19
jesuschristmeego came when android was already the king00:19
jesuschristwhat happened to bada00:19
VenemoZogG_N9, thanks :)00:19
VenemoZogG_N9, in fact, hiemanshu and myself have just gave it up. :) but thanks anyway00:20
ZogG_N9Venemo, though i wouldnt use same nav in landscape00:20
ZogG_N9would put it on top00:20
ZogG_N9why would u gave it up?00:20
ajalkaneProbably the only non-moron that should understand stuff in Nokia's board of directors is Risto Siilasmaa. I wonder why he didn't put up a fight on this.00:21
ZogG_N9i would like reconnect option(changing wifi 2 3g or opposite timeouts)00:21
VenemoZogG_N9, well, there are already other, better IRC clients. we believe that we have the best GUI though, so we're joining efforts with another guy and hist irc client00:22
VenemoZogG_N9, latest master from git can reconnect. :) just never bothered to release a stable version of that.00:22
ajalkaneAndroid was the king. But I don't honestly believe this ecosystem crap. A good device with potential for ecosystem can still sell well and create future market.00:23
jesuschristafter all nokia is just another capitalistic brand00:23
jesuschristwich means, profits00:23
jesuschristand nothing else00:23
VenemoIMO none of the regular casual users care about "ecosystem" or anything like that.00:24
jesuschristi agree ajalkane00:24
ajalkaneStrictly speaking they should make profits for the shareholders. And their actions since beginning of year have been anything but.00:24
jesuschristbut maemo6 came too fucking late00:24
jesuschristand tbh isnt anything revolitionary00:24
SpeedEvilA n900 refresh in 2010 with 512M would have been positive.00:25
SpeedEvilAnd more push into apps.00:25
DocScrutinizerthat's why I asked recently00:25
jesuschristajalkane : since it is a public company, yes00:25
jesuschristajalkane : i really believe that in the end nokia will turn this choiches in profits00:25
ajalkaneI agree Maemo6 would have needed to come year earlier. The whole MeeGo debacle probably was to blame. But even now, I think N9 is great enough that it can stand on its own. But it's been sabotaged by distribution and effort being put into WP00:25
DocScrutinizerNokia still has all the molds for case, all the gerber files for PCB etc00:26
jesuschristjust to be clear, this isnt making me happy00:26
DocScrutinizerthey even still have FCC aproval00:26
*** crevetor has quit IRC00:26
*** spenap has quit IRC00:26
SpeedEvilYou don't want to make the n900 now though, you can probably shave the costs if you wanted to put out a refresh00:26
ajalkanejesuschrist: who knows... I do know they're putting a lot into this WP thing. The thing is, if they had put similar amounts of effort into N9, it would have been greater success than WP I think.00:27
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: sorry?00:27
ajalkaneWP isn't exactly anymore proven platform than Maemo00:27
SpeedEvilI mean you wouldn't probably want to make a million n900s now with the same BOM00:27
jesuschristajalkane : wp has 7% market share or something similar...00:27
SpeedEvilnot BOM00:27
SpeedEvilyes, that's the word.00:28
DocScrutinizerwhy not?00:28
ajalkanejesuschrist: in germany, by one report.00:28
jesuschristi dont believe meego would ever come close, especially with another competitor in the fight00:28
jesuschrist(windows phone)00:28
SpeedEvilThere may be cheaper equivalent components.00:28
jesuschristespecially since phones arent microsoft core business00:29
DocScrutinizerhmm, might be irrelevant, regarding to overhead for development/evaluation00:29
ajalkaneIt's not the measle WP market share that pulled Nokia into WP. It was the ecosystem spin. MS muscle, Win8 which gives vertical integration possibilities etc. That was the sales pitch.00:29
jesuschristand everyone knows the aggressive strategy of microsoft, selling with a loss to get market shares00:29
jesuschristajalkane : yep that too00:29
jesuschristsomething that with apple works very well00:30
jesuschristin a company point of view00:30
ajalkaneIt's still just plainly stupid to put all eggs into one basket.00:30
ajalkaneIf the WP thing fails, it's not MS that falls. It's Nokia.00:30
ZogG_N9Venemo, ui is really good, so u merging yours with other client? whats the name where to get?00:30
jesuschristthey will still have the low budget phone market00:30
jesuschristwith melteni (is that the right name?)00:30
Venemoanyone knows what's the music in the flash stuff at ?00:31
VenemoZogG_N9, it's not done yet. so no details yet.00:31
ajalkanejesuschrist: True. I still think it's stupid to bet on MS. But that's just my opinion. It's not like I'm a chair in the board of directors, or ever will be :)00:31
jesuschristanyway nothing is static, its not totally sure there wont be a turn back00:32
Venemojust look at N9 sales. they speak for themselves. (it sells well AFAIK, even though N9 is IMO very overpriced)00:32
ajalkaneThat's true. I'm just personally annoyed of having the first phone in 5 years that excites me, only to hear that it will not have a successor no matter what.00:32
jesuschristlets be honest here :) part of the thrill is exactly the fact that is the last of his kind00:33
jesuschristbecause imo the n900 was much better00:33
Venemoajalkane, I don't fully believe that "will not have a successor" part of the story00:33
ajalkaneVenemo: right. No matter how doomed it's marketed to be, it's still selling well because it's good00:34
jesuschristeven if i have never had one00:34
Venemoajalkane, yeah00:34
Venemoajalkane, oh. and the city is pretty much spammed with N9 ads where I live00:34
jesuschristits like iron maiden, every fucking year they say "this is the last gig we doooooo"00:34
ajalkaneVenemo: I don't either. It's just that Nokia has lost a lot of workforce that made the original one happen. If they change their tune there's going to be an up-hill battle to get the project going again.00:34
Venemoajalkane, maybe "Meltemi" will be a successor to Harmattan on some level.00:35
jesuschristso i saw them 3 times00:35
ajalkaneVenemo: On some level. But Meltemi is feature phones. Small screen, long battery times. Very stripped down compared to N9.00:35
jesuschriststill i believe meltemi will sell a lot00:36
jesuschristnokia is a strong brand in developing countries00:36
VenemoI wouldn't call phones which run Linux and Qt apps "feature phones".00:36
jesuschristand it is in europe as well00:36
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan00:36
Venemoin any way, Meltemi phones may even be more affordable than N9(x0)00:36
ajalkaneIt may sell well. But as can be seen by the talking heads, it's just basically the Swipe interface. It probably won't be even as open as N9 was. Locked down, linux core, Swipe on top.00:37
Venemowho knows?00:37
jesuschristyeah probably it will be like that00:37
ajalkaneNobody knows. This is just my prediction watching what the top directors say.00:37
jabiswassup guise00:37
ajalkaneWhat's clear is that it will be stripped down. Because it's featurephones.00:38
jesuschristmost of the ppl dont need an open phone00:38
Venemoajalkane, again. "feature" phones which will run Qt apps.00:38
ajalkaneI'm glad they run Qt apps. Gives some future for Qt in Nokia. But will it excite me personally? Time will tell, at the moment I'm doubtful00:39
Venemoajalkane, they're saying that Qt will run on their "next billion" phones00:39
ajalkanejesuschrist: that's true. But many developers appreciate it. Many geeks appreciate it. That translates via word-of-mouth in time to increased sales.00:39
jesuschristajalkane: "That translates via word-of-mouth in time to increased sales."00:40
jesuschristthats totally false, and you know it :D00:40
jesuschristwheres openmoko now00:40
ajalkaneVenemo: yeah, but that doesn't mean you can drop into shell and ssh somewhere using those phones. Qt is open-source, the linux kernel is open-source. Probably their browser even uses WebKit which is open-source. Otherwise it's a locked phone, which small screen. Not something that 99% of this channel will find enticing.00:41
jesuschrista geek product cant, by definition, be something for the masses00:41
ajalkaneJust my initial impressions, but I'm happy if I'm wrong and it's something great.00:41
Venemoajalkane, if that will be the case, then I agree.00:41
ZogG_N9Venemo, put me on beta testers list00:41
Venemoajalkane, however, if they'll offer a sensible looking and well priced model based on that, I may prefer to buy that against wp or android.00:42
SpeedEviljesuschrist: The PC00:42
ajalkanejesuschrist: it's not false. At least I know that my clueless relatives are always asking my opinion about computers and gadgets because they know I'm into that stuff. So that kind of word-of-mouth builds momentum in time. It's not instantious, but it is infective.00:42
*** gri is now known as zz_gri00:43
jesuschristSpeedEvil ; the pc became "mainstream" once it became a communication device00:43
ajalkaneVenemo: Yes, I may well go that route as well. The future may well be best of worst possible choices. In fact it is that already as there is no perfect alternative.00:43
jesuschristajalkane : would you recommend the n9 ? tbh i wouldnt00:44
Venemoajalkane, also, if Tizen actually delivers any products next year, those could be good as well.00:44
ajalkanejesuschrist: I would for a casual user.00:44
Venemojesuschrist, N9 for a casual/nongeek user? for sure!00:44
ajalkaneVenemo: they could be. Too much is unknown about Tizen at the moment.00:44
jesuschrista casual user would be more happy with the apps androids/ios has!00:44
jesuschristotherwise you dont need it, just get a nokia 331000:45
Venemojesuschrist, that's unture.00:45
ajalkaneI don't think a normal mom and pop type cares about the apps.00:45
Venemojesuschrist, N9 has a superior user experience00:45
ajalkaneIf someone asked me about buying N9 over android, I would ask is there any apps on android that he needs.00:45
ajalkaneIf he has some apps he needs that don't exist on N9, then I would recommend Android.00:46
jesuschristsuperior user experience just sounds like marketing gibberish venemo tbh00:46
jesuschristajalkane : would you really recommend such a pricy phone over android ?00:47
Venemojesuschrist, for me, double tap to wake up is very nice. also swipe is very good UX once you get used to it.00:47
Venemojesuschrist, this is strictly IMO00:47
ajalkanejesuschrist: price is another factor. Let's say that the person can afford either one, then I would recommend N9. Of course N9 is overpriced at the moment, so if money was deciding factor, then no.00:48
Venemoif price is a limiting factor, I'd suggest them to wait a couple of months and buy a used N900:48
jabisI'd like to recommend N9 for the rest of our company, but as I struggle now to get the very basic systems working over iPple and android phones - I'm mostly invigorating people from sales dept - so they can look cool00:48
ajalkaneThe over-the-top prce is just another Elop strategy00:49
Venemoajalkane ++00:49
SpeedEvilSee .my00:49
jesuschristthe over the top price is what drove apple where it is now...00:49
jesuschristit sucks but works00:49
ajalkanejesuschrist: Apple has a fanatic legion of fans. Nokia doesn't00:50
Venemobtw, in september, I recall someone here saying that the N9 will be ~400 EUR...00:50
jabisthe over the top price came from the recognized brand and a clueless-friendly UX00:50
jesuschristi would say that the fanatic legion came AFTER apple politics and not before00:50
Venemoajalkane, wut? Nokia has a lot of fanatic zealots too...00:50
jesuschristi bought the n9 for 450 and sometimes i still think i paied too much :(00:51
Venemohas always had them00:51
ajalkaneThe price of N9 is based only on two things: 1) monetizing, or recuperating the costs put into MeeGo development, 2) trying to limit success so that WP gets to shine00:51
jabisN9 gathered a lot of traction here (in Finland) not because it was marketed, but because it was seemingly _better_ than the alternatives00:51
ajalkaneVenemo: true, but there's lots of Symbian phones to keep the fanatics at bay ;)00:51
jesuschristyeah but the "better" illusion was also created by "last-of-his-kind-forever-hurry-up-people" effect00:52
ajalkaneAnd I'd say an average Apple fanatic is more used to paying over-the-top price than a Nokia fanatic.00:52
ZogG_N9jesuschrist, u bought n950?00:52
jesuschristn9 for 450 euro, not n95000:53
jabisthat doesn't make meego any less "sexy" a platform - it has sold more in pre-sales than thought out in the first place for the whole production line X)00:53
ajalkanejesuschrist: where did you get it that cheap?00:53
jesuschristajalkane : second hand from an apple fan who bought it and wanted to sell it to get the new 4s00:54
jabis4S came as a disappointment too which gave it more traction too x)00:54
*** baraujo has quit IRC00:54
ajalkanejesuschrist: that was good luck. IMO, I'd pay 500€ for the 64Gb model.00:54
jesuschristofc its the 16gb version00:54
Venemoin any case. I'm happy to have the N950. wouldn't have money for the N9 anyway.00:54
ZogG_N9ios 5 is a joke00:54
jesuschrist500 for 64gb is a real deal00:54
ajalkaneVenemo: I'm in the same boat. I do want N9, but I couldn't afford it right now. I hope the cost falls down early next year and maybe I can afford it.00:55
jesuschristbut i think you misunderstood me, i paied 450 for the 16 gb00:55
jabisI'm still waiting for 950's for our r&d, I hate breaking CE products in favor of developing x)00:55
ajalkanejesuschrist: No, I understood that. I'm just saying that if the 64Gb model was 500€ I'd think it's fair price00:56
ZogG_N9550 for 64 and bj would be good =)00:56
ajalkanebj is always good00:56
ZogG_N9south park is cool00:56
Venemoajalkane, well, as long as I have the N950, I won't want to buy the N9 :)00:56
jesuschristajalkane : i think i saw some new 16 gb model for 500 euro on ebay00:57
ajalkaneVenemo: I actually do want to buy N9 even as I have N950. But I do have to wait when I have the money to do it.00:57
jesuschristwhy getting the n9 if you have the n950 ?00:57
ajalkanejesuschrist: I want 64. For the 16Gb model I think under 400€ would be ok00:57
jabisafter-christmas market is when it'll drop (the finnish way to handle business)00:57
jesuschristyeah especially since, you dont get 16 gb of free space, but 8.80...00:58
Venemoajalkane :)00:58
ajalkanejesuschrist: slimmer, notifications on stand-by. Just a cooler phone. I could keep the N950 purely for development / messing around then.00:58
Venemoajalkane, well, if it gets cheaper and I get richer, I may want to get a white 64GB N9.00:58
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC00:58
jabisI hate to use my work phone for testing too, ajalkane x)00:59
jabisbut if I don't do it - we'll get no software written ever x)00:59
jesuschristajalkane : what about a phone exchange ? :D00:59
ajalkanejabis: right ;)00:59
ajalkanejesuschrist: Well I can't exchange. It's part of the development program rules.01:00
ajalkaneI follow the rules I sign into. I'm funny like that :P01:00
Venemojesuschrist, N950 is still owned by Nokia, only loaned to us. so we can't give it to you.01:01
jabisthen again 250 N950's compared to 20-30000 lumia feels like a bitchslap on my dick x)01:01
jesuschristi was joking, relax, no nokia cops here01:01
ajalkaneBesides, there's something quite cool having a phone as rare as N950.01:01
jabistho we need those phones too -.-01:01
*** jylan has joined #harmattan01:01
Venemoajalkane yeah01:01
Venemoajalkane, the way people are looking at the N950 when I use it... is worth it!01:02
ajalkaneVenemo: yeah, I've had a couple of inquiries if that's the N9. And the puzzlement is quite visible when showing the keyboard and explaining what it is.01:02
jesuschrist"what are keyboard herp derp"01:03
jabisajalkane, I may have to come show tits and claim your phone -.- x)01:03
Venemowell, none of my acquintances actually knew about da N9. but many of them noted that they've never seen a Nokia phone like this before.01:03
Venemosome mistook it for the E7, but that was quite a rare reaction.01:04
ajalkanejabis: you better be a woman or you don't stand a chacne01:04
ajalkaneI sleep with my N95001:04
jabisI have pictures - come on -.-01:04
jesuschristpass the pics in query aja01:04
*** jylan has quit IRC01:04
VenemoI sleep with my N950 too :) ajalkane :)01:04
jabisahaha :D01:05
jabisit's not THAT smart a phone to evade your puny asses x)01:05
Venemowell, to be exact, I usually plug in my earphones and listen to music from the N950 while falling asleep.01:05
toninikkaneni went to a Nokia Lumia launch event wielding the N950 and no-one took notice01:05
*** freemangordon has joined #harmattan01:05
ajalkaneI hug it. My wife gets sometimes jealous. But what can I do. The N950 is part of my family now.01:06
jabisN9 > L80001:06
toninikkanenif i had a n950 that lasted longer than my wife does, i'd feel the same as well01:06
toninikkanenjabis: lexicographically speaking, you're right01:07
Venemoajalkane, but you hug your wife too, don't you?01:07
jabisof course I am x) doh01:07
jabisI hug ajalkanes wife - even he doesn't like it -.-01:07
jesuschristdo you guys have REAL GOLF 2011 (woohoo) on n950 as well ?01:08
ajalkaneVenemo: I do, quite much. But women can be irrational, they don't always understand I can love my N950 and her too!01:08
Venemoajalkane, hehehe01:08
ajalkaneI don't have the golf thing01:08
jabislol - real golf (>300mb) why couldn't I update without it x01:08
jesuschristpity you01:08
ajalkanejabis: Well, if you have as good tits as you advertised, I don't mind watching you hugging my wife.01:08
jabisajalkane: also I've a marvelous ASS that (women) tend to grab on -.-01:09
ajalkanejabis: shit, you say you have great man tits and a tight ass?01:09
jesuschristwomen betray you, the n950 doesnt aja!01:09
DocScrutinizerhooker800 still to be seen how great it actually is01:10
*** rm_work has quit IRC01:10
ajalkaneOkay, I withdraw, I don't want to watch you hugging my wife. I'll hug my wife and my N950 at the same time01:10
macmaNwouldnt be too sure about that01:10
jabisajal, if I hadn't such a dick - you'd get fooled X)01:10
macmaNtoday the woman was sending some pics from her N9 to my N950 over BT01:10
macmaNN950 totally UI locked01:10
macmaNthe file acceptance dialog somehow gets hung underneath the lock screen01:10
jesuschristto protect you01:10
ajalkanejesuschrist: True true. Sniff... You can't count on women. But N950. Best friends forever.01:10
macmaNif you swipe away lock screen, the accept dialog is shown while swiping, then immediately is dropped in favor of news feed home screen, that wont accept any input. only reboot helped.01:11
Venemowell, I've held a Lumia 800 in my hands. hw-wise it's just an N9. it feels good in the hand, but WP7 feels in some way alien on it.01:11
macmaNi consider that cheating on me01:11
ajalkanejabis: I've heard some horror stories of good looking women with dicks. Marrying has some good benefits, as you never have to experience that01:12
DocScrutinizermacmaN: HAHAHA01:12
SpeedEvil~ $ dmesg|head01:12
SpeedEvil[    0.000000] Initializing cgroup subsys cpu01:12
SpeedEvil[    0.000000] Linux version (bifh2@) (gcc version 4.4.1 ('cs2009q3-hard-67-sb16') ) #1 PREEMPT Mon Sep 12 11:29:43 EEST 201101:12
SpeedEvil[    0.000000] Machine: Nokia RM-680 board01:12
SpeedEvil(latest OTA)01:12
toninikkanenRM-680 aahhh... not RM-803 ahhhh01:13
macmaNSpeedEvil: whataboutit01:13
jabisajalkane: luckily I'm married so you don't have to get confused then x)01:14
ajalkanejabis: yeah but the worls is full of confusion. I've heard wild tales of thailand "girls". But being married makes me luckily immune to them also.01:15
ajalkaneGod bless marriage. And N9(50). Keeps a man honest.01:15
*** leinir has quit IRC01:15
Venemoheheh :)01:15
ZogG_N9wft wrong with you people?01:16
ZogG_N9be cool like Venemo01:16
Venemowut, they're cool too01:16
ZogG_N9~give a beer to Venemo01:16
* infobot gives beer to Venemo to a01:16
jabisvenemo screws everything with or without crotch01:16
ajalkaneDude... not everyone can be cool like Venemo. We just have to be cool like... umm... some boho that got into this channel :)01:17
ZogG_N9hey hey01:17
jabisI knew there was SOME truth here x)01:17
infobotWhat about them?01:18
ajalkaneI wonder if Nokia Store would accept a game of Elop screwing everything with or without a scrotch...01:18
ZogG_N9DocScrutinizer, is it per chan settings?01:18
jabisajal, that would be more like an animation x)01:19
ZogG_N9btw there was elop related game in o i01:19
ajalkaneZogG_N9: yeah the one where he was putting out fires?01:19
jabiso i sounds disturbingly like i/o x)01:19
ajalkaneIt was rapidly removed01:19
ajalkaneI don't understand why. Sounded fun :)01:19
ZogG_N9if i woukd him i would preview n9 with it =)01:20
infobot[mohammadag] your father, or **special**01:20
jabise-loping was a game written in qbasic01:20
jesuschristlol there was an app on elop ? :D01:20
ajalkaneit even had quite nice graphics01:21
jesuschristfor n9 ?01:21
ZogG_N9is it arounf anywhere?01:22
ajalkaneNo... symbian. It was before N9 got released.01:22
ZogG_N9and what uploader?01:22
jabisman my cats are furious - try to rid them of my mattress both miaou and hiss you to death ;<01:22
ajalkaneThe uploader is dead already, of course, but I think the binary is floating somewhere in internet.01:23
jesuschristkilled by finnish hitmen01:23
ajalkaneNo. Finnish people only try to make victim drink so much he pukes. This was done by Elop's true masters at MS. No kidding.01:24
*** Sazpaimon has joined #harmattan01:24
jabiswhy did you have to drag us into it *polishing the RK-62*01:24
toninikkanenrk-62 is a poor example of original finnish design01:25
toninikkanenbeing based on the ak-4701:25
jesuschristrussia always been a step ahead01:25
jabishave to commend eflop tho, no other CEO has managed to plummet over 60% of value in such short time01:26
toninikkanenak-4 being based on the german mp-40 .. :) but everything in this world is based on something else so01:26
ZogG_N9ak is stolen as well01:26
toninikkanenjabis: oh really? i wouldn't give mr. apotheker much credit either01:26
ZogG_N9from germans01:26
toninikkanende zermans01:27
ZogG_N9zee germans like turkish said01:27
jabistoni, true dat - but still if you look at pure stock value eflop nailed it x)01:27
ajalkaneElop's done great job at making Nokia sale worthy.01:28
*** buser has joined #harmattan01:28
jabisI managed to sell when the value was "high enough" just when eflop was announced - too bad my buddies didn't - my portfolio still looking bright and shiney x)01:28
DocScrutinizerZogG_N9: is *what* per-cah setting?01:28
*** jpnurmi has quit IRC01:28
ZogG_N9ow the bot01:29
jabisper-cah sounds like klingon x)01:29
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC01:29
toninikkanensale rumos schlale schrumorszh01:29
jabisK'Plah or some shit like that x)01:30
ZogG_N9here is toni01:30
toninikkaneni only believe that if some part of nokia were sold it would be the "services" division01:30
toninikkanenin microsoft context...01:30
ZogG_N9bullet in the teeth01:30
DocScrutinizerZogG_N9: still lost on what you wanna know01:30
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan01:30
toninikkanenwhich, as it is, is a nice package of navteq and location based services assets01:31
ZogG_N9DocScrutinizer, bever mind01:31
jabistoni, I wouldn't be too surprised after the plummeting - tho I believe the high tech functions would still be only acchievable here01:31
DocScrutinizer~+chanset #harmattan01:32
infobotchan: #harmattan (see _default also)01:32
infobot autojoin => infobot01:32
jabis~tits again01:32
infobotWhat about them?01:32
ZogG_N9~boobies are better than tits01:33
infobot...but boobies is already something else...01:33
DocScrutinizer~factinfo tits01:33
infobottits -- created by sylvanaar <~sylvanaar@unaffiliated/sylvanaar> at Sun Jan 23 03:28:02 2011 (291 days); it has been requested 4 times, last by jabis, 38s ago.01:33
DocScrutinizer~literal tits01:33
infobot"tits" is "<reply>What about them?"01:33
infobotboobies are always fun to play with, or very big01:33
ZogG_N9~ai is DocScrutinizer himself01:33
infobot...but ai is already something else...01:33
ZogG_N9damn =(01:34
jabisnice with them mammaries here X)01:34
ZogG_N9but we know he is bot01:34
ZogG_N9DocScrutinizer is bot01:34
jabishe as in Doc or info01:34
infobotWhat about them?01:35
DocScrutinizerI don't know what you are talking about01:35
jabis22:34 < jabis> ~tits01:35
jabis22:35 <+infobot> What about them?01:35
jabis22:35 < jabis> ~doctits01:35
jabis22:35 < DocScrutinizer> I don't know what you are talking about01:35
jabisthat'll keep me humoured a long while x) luckily I'm with stupid x)01:36
DocScrutinizerZogG_N9: (per-chan) usually there's not much per-chan settings in infobot, so also no per-chan factoids01:38
DocScrutinizerZogG_N9: though see01:38
jesuschristgood n8 ppl01:39
DocScrutinizer~+chanset #openmoko-cdevel01:39
infobotchan: #openmoko-cdevel (see _default also)01:39
infobot _time_added => 1254161553, autojoin => apt, factoidSearch => $chan #openmoko _default01:39
jesuschristgood n9 ppl ? :)01:39
jesuschristsee you01:39
*** jesuschrist has quit IRC01:39
infobotAll conversations are logged to Lines starting with spaces are not logged. Logs are updated daily.01:39
DocScrutinizer~ #openmoko-cdevel logs01:39
infobotlogs are on, where "channel" is replaced by the URL-encoded channel name, such as %23freenode for #freenode. Lines starting with spaces are not logged. logs are updated daily  ---  livelogs are  and
*** Sazpaimon has joined #harmattan01:40
DocScrutinizerfactoidSearch => $chan #openmoko _default  means infobot will search for factoids like "#openmoko <factoidname>" first for all ~factoid queries in #openmoko-cdevel01:42
*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan01:43
*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan01:43
DocScrutinizeralso means all factoid definitions like "~foo is bar" will get stored like "#openmoko foo -> bar" when done in that channel01:44
*** jpnurmi is now known as jirssi01:44
*** jirssi is now known as jpnurmi01:44
DocScrutinizerumm, actually I'm not all sure about that last part01:44
jabis~scrutinizing is schmutinizing01:45
infobotokay, jabis01:45
jabistest it via another channel then ^^01:46
*** rcg has quit IRC01:46
ZogG_N901:46 infobot: it has been said that scrutinizing is schmutinizing01:47
Venemohow can I add my own pic to the Harmattan lockscreen backgrounds?01:48
ZogG_N9 Venemo why would you?01:48
ZogG_N9put my pic01:48
VenemoZogG_N9, bored of the default ones.01:48
*** ajalkane has quit IRC01:48
VenemoMEH, I didn't mean it like that.01:48
ZogG_N9u have wallpapers album i think01:49
VenemoI mean: how can I add a custom pic to the Harmattan lockscreen?01:49
ZogG_N9and in settings you set it01:49
Venemowallpapers album?01:49
jabis~scrutinizing is a state of mind deducted from a point of view without conception01:51
infobot...but scrutinizing is already something else...01:51
infobotmethinks scrutinizing is schmutinizing01:51
ZogG_N9venemo /home/user/.wallpaper01:53
DocScrutinizerinfobot: no, scrutinizing is what DocScrutinizer does after eating some datasheets for breakfast01:54
infobotokay, DocScrutinizer01:54
ZogG_N9but there is only one here though they have folder with few and if u choose it copies it to folder i said01:54
DocScrutinizer~lock scrutinizing01:54
infobotDocScrutinizer: locking factoid scrutinizing01:54
jabisthat sounds01:55
jabis~hitlerizing is ultimately deciding that certain people with tits have lesser equal rights than the one with titties01:56
infobotjabis: okay01:56
jabis~lock hitlerizing01:56
ZogG_N9DocScrutinizer, is dictator01:57
jabisall hail titties then \o/01:57
VenemoZogG_N9, awww! there is "Set as wallpaper" in the gallery app!!! :D01:57
* jabis making weird sounds of people cheering for titties01:57
DocScrutinizer~factinfo scrutinizing01:58
infobotscrutinizing -- created by jabis <> 13m 6s ago; last modified 4m 30s ago  by DocScrutinizer!~halley@openmoko/engineers/joerg; it has been requested 2 times, last by Venemo, 6m 47s ago; it has been locked by DocScrutinizer.01:58
DocScrutinizer~+help lock01:59
infobot   Desc: Factoid locking to prevent removal by others01:59
infobot  Usage: lock <factoid>01:59
infobotExample: lock abuse01:59
infobot   NOTE: By default, only registered "ops" on the bots or factoids matching the user's nick are able to lock factoids.01:59
infobot   NOTE: Requires factoid extension (extra) support enabled.01:59
jabis~lock titties amazing01:59
jabisnvm me - I'm just enjoying some... titties ... x)02:00
jabis~lock hitlerizing02:00
DocScrutinizer" barf it back up, devil! do you hear!?"02:01
jabiswhy can't I lock them titties x)02:01
jabisunnecessary inhibitions x)02:01
DocScrutinizerjabis: because your nick isn't titties and you're not infobot's master either02:01
*** toninikkanen has quit IRC02:02
jabisthat doesn'd explain titties - rite nao x)02:02
ZogG_N9~ZogG is awesome02:02
infobotokay, ZogG_N902:02
ZogG_N9~lock ZogG02:02
Venemogood night folks :)02:02
DocScrutinizer/nick ZogG02:03
ZogG_N9~lock zogg02:03
*** ZogG_N9 is now known as zN902:04
*** deram has quit IRC02:04
DocScrutinizerZogG_N9 != zogg02:04
zN9i cant log in into zogg coz its logged in from pc02:04
jabis~jabis will never have tits - he be skinny02:04
*** rantom has quit IRC02:05
jabis~jabis will never have tits - he be skinny02:05
jabiswtf doublefail ;<02:05
jabismany nice beers02:05
DocScrutinizer~jabis is <reply>jabis will never have tits - he be skinny02:05
infobotokay, DocScrutinizer02:05
DocScrutinizer~forget jabis02:06
infoboti forgot jabis, DocScrutinizer02:06
*** buser has quit IRC02:07
infobotWhat about them?02:07
jabisdidn't forget about them -.-02:07
*** Venemo has quit IRC02:07
Sazpaimonso I made a maemo 5 chroot on my N902:07
Sazpaimonit works kind of02:07
*** deram has joined #harmattan02:07
*** Milhouse has quit IRC02:07
jabisSazpaimon: care to elaborate?02:07
Sazpaimonhildon applications start and demonstrate some functionality02:08
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean__02:08
Sazpaimonits using a generic gtk theme, however, and i occasionally see crashes with segfaults and/or floading point exceptions02:08
DocScrutinizerjabis: <factoid> IS foo bar bla blub02:08
Sazpaimonbut I installed maemo by using the SDK rootstrap, replaced all of the bash,coreutils, etc packages with busybox variants, and installed mp-fremantle-community-pr02:09
jabisDoc, thanks for the annullment02:09
DocScrutinizeryou could've done that as well02:09
Sazpaimonwhich had dependencies for *most* stock maemo 5 packages02:09
jabissure - as I'm a tizzard :u02:10
DocScrutinizerjabis: I just created a factoid for you02:10
DocScrutinizerand removed it02:10
Sazpaimonfor fun, i tested picodrive, and it works alright02:10
jabisDocScrutinizer: meh - I'm not serious - I'm Finn x)02:10
Sazpaimoni was able to load a rom from the command line, but the osso-games-manager UI crashes when i try to select a rom from the file browser02:10
Sazpaimonhildon-desktop also crashes02:10
DocScrutinizer~unforget jabis02:10
infobotDocScrutinizer: Successfully recovered 'jabis'.  Have fun now.02:10
Sazpaimonkeep in mind i hacked this together at like 4AM02:11
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, jabis is awesome guy02:11
*** toninikkanen has joined #harmattan02:11
DocScrutinizer~factinfo jabis02:11
Sazpaimonoh, and all text is showing up as squares02:11
infobotjabis -- created by ZogG-laptop <> at Sat Oct 22 23:27:52 2011 (19 days); last modified at Sat Oct 22 23:28:44 2011 by javispedro; it has been requested once, last by DocScrutinizer, 19s ago.02:11
zN9Sazpaimon, i dont think they hear u02:11
jabismuahhahahaha :S02:11
Sazpaimonjabis asked for an elaboration02:11
Sazpaimonso I did02:11
*** rantom has joined #harmattan02:12
zN9i created jabbis?02:12
jabisSazpaimon: nah I was serious :) just wondered why you'd want to run a prior maemo on top :)02:12
Sazpaimonjabis, for fun really02:12
Sazpaimonnone of the maemo 5 apps are useful without a real keyboard02:13
DocScrutinizerjabis: you can define, delete (~forget), lock and unlock your own nick's factoid02:13
jabiszN9, you're not my mother nor my father - so stop saying that X)02:13
*** Milhouse has joined #harmattan02:13
jabisDoc, I've gathered as much :D02:13
Sazpaimondoes anyone else experience google maps locking the browser up on their device02:14
Sazpaimonreal google maps, not the mobile maps02:14
zN9jabis is insane )02:14
jabis~jabis has lost his mind working on mobile02:14
DocScrutinizermissing IS02:15
Sazpaimonoh, almost forgot02:15
Sazpaimontrying to compile lightspark on scratchbox, getting this error:
Sazpaimon#lightspark has been unhelpful for days02:15
jabisyet again goddamnit - I must stop drinking so I can emphasize my capabilities X)02:15
Sazpaimonif anyone could help i'd appreciate it02:16
jabis~jabis is has lost them titties in pursuit of snatch - eventhough still quite awesome, no=02:16
infobot...but jabis is already something else...02:16
jabisblah :D02:16
infobotrumour has it, jabis is awesome guy02:16
DocScrutinizer~forget jabis02:16
infobotDocScrutinizer: i forgot jabis02:16
DocScrutinizer~jabis is has lost them titties in pursuit of snatch - eventhough still quite awesome, no=02:17
infobotDocScrutinizer: okay02:17
infobotfrom memory, jabis is has lost them titties in pursuit of snatch - eventhough still quite awesome, no=02:17
*** eman has quit IRC02:17
jabisaww fucked up man x)02:17
*** eman` has joined #harmattan02:17
DocScrutinizerinfobot: no, ~jabis is <reply>jabis has lost them titties in pursuit of snatch - eventhough still quite awesome, no=02:18
infobotDocScrutinizer: okay02:18
infoboti heard jabis is has lost them titties in pursuit of snatch - eventhough still quite awesome, no=02:18
jabiswhat's it with is has x)02:18
DocScrutinizer~forget jabis02:18
infoboti forgot jabis, DocScrutinizer02:18
DocScrutinizer~jabis is <reply>jabis has lost them titties in pursuit of snatch - eventhough still quite awesome, no=02:19
infobotDocScrutinizer: okay02:19
infobotjabis has lost them titties in pursuit of snatch - eventhough still quite awesome, no=02:19
DocScrutinizerhaha, botbug02:19
DocScrutinizernah, docbug02:19
DocScrutinizerinfobot: ~jabis02:19
infobotjabis has lost them titties in pursuit of snatch - eventhough still quite awesome, no=02:20
DocScrutinizerinfobot: ~~jabis02:20
jabiswhy is my questionmark an =02:20
DocScrutinizerinfobot: no, ~jabis is... is one ~ too much02:20
infobotDocScrutinizer: okay02:20
ZogG!lock ZogG02:20
merlin1991~docbug is what happens if you try to configure your bot @ 1 am in the morning02:20
DocScrutinizerI don't know what you are talking about02:20
infobotmerlin1991: okay02:20
ZogG~lock ZogG02:20
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan02:21
DocScrutinizerI don't know what you are talking about02:21
infobotsomebody said docbug was what happens if you try to configure your bot @ 1 am in the morning02:21
ZogG*infobot* sorry, you are not allowed to lock 'zogg'.02:21
*** zarlino has quit IRC02:21
merlin1991love it how I get bot bots life :P02:21
infobotjabis has lost them titties in pursuit of snatch - eventhough still quite awesome, no=02:21
DocScrutinizer~listkeys jabis02:21
infobotFactoid search of 'jabis' by key (4): jabis #DEL# ;; ~jabis is... ;; jabis ;; ~jabis.02:21
DocScrutinizer~forget ~jabis is...02:22
infobotDocScrutinizer: i forgot ~jabis is...02:22
DocScrutinizer~forget ~jabis02:22
infobotDocScrutinizer: i forgot ~jabis02:22
jabis, no= vs no? x)02:22
DocScrutinizeryour post02:22
DocScrutinizerI just c&p02:22
jabis has lost them titties in pursuit of snatch - eventhough still quite awesome, no?02:23
jabismy shift+insert02:23
DocScrutinizernayway, seems we got some calls for OT02:23
ZogG~Recursion is the Recursion02:23
infobot...but recursion is already something else...02:23
infobotTo understand recursion, you must first understand recursion. see ~recursion02:24
infobotTo understand recursion, you must first understand recursion. see ~recursion02:24
jabisbut howbout02:24
infobotWhat about them?02:24
infobotboobies are always fun to play with, or very big02:24
*** djszapi has left #harmattan02:25
infobottalk dirty to me! Preferably, do so after you have typed "/query infobot" which should open a new window/tab/whatever with most irc clients. You can talk to me all you like and don't annoy other people with endless queries. Be aware that the stuff you write is logged, so don't get too 1337 :)02:25
jabis~kockers is tits time boobies and more over silicone02:25
infobotjabis: okay02:25
DocScrutinizerI know I started that (well somehow)02:25
ZogGi started it with simple question02:25
*** Natunen has quit IRC02:26
merlin1991I'm scared of tracker going insane in a sec02:27
DocScrutinizersimple answer: usually factoids are not chan specific, unless bot is specially configured to dela with chan sepcific factoids. Even then you need to define them in a way like "~$CHAN <factoidname> IS bla blub"02:27
merlin1991just threw way too much media @ it02:27
*** z720 has joined #harmattan02:32
*** arcean__ has quit IRC02:58
*** deimos has quit IRC02:59
*** freemangordon has quit IRC03:14
z720PR1.1 now in Navifirm03:15
z720yupe.. just clear the cache reload again you will see it globally03:18
DocScrutinizermind to get the true URLs on that nokia fileserver?03:18
z720no idea how to get that from navifirm03:19
DocScrutinizerwait, I'll ask MrCrab03:19
DocScrutinizerhmm, not yet:
z720yupe.. I check this morning GMT+8 only found Navifirm updated other still dont have03:22
DocScrutinizernot everybody has or can run navifirm though03:22
z720ok now i found the URL, what code you want 001 002 or 003?03:22
DocScrutinizershrug, probably 001?03:22
DocScrutinizerall three? ;-D03:23
z720sorry by country much more easy03:26
DocScrutinizeroh well. Germany03:26
z72016G or 64G?03:27
DocScrutinizerI'm really lost on the variants at MrCrab03:30
DocScrutinizerthough... HTF shall I know what Nokia sent to me?03:31
DocScrutinizerI know it's black and 16GB03:31
DocScrutinizerand for the life of mine I can't see what's the differences between e.g Varian Name : RM-696 NDT CENTRAL EUROPE BLACK 16GB   and   Varian Name : RM-696 16G GLOBAL BLACK SWAP03:32
DocScrutinizerthe *ARM.bin looks like it's always the same though03:33
SpeedEvil*PPC.bin is rather unlikely.03:33
z720no idea.. but in Navfirm it split by country , color , size .03:33
DocScrutinizeryeah, and that's what MrCrab does as well, and then you always land at DFL61_HARMATTAN_10.2011.34-1_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin, but the other files sometimes differ03:34
DocScrutinizerand no clue what those files are in the end03:34
DocScrutinizerI mean RM696_059K3R1_10.2011.34.1_002.vpl  simlock_maemo__deB_allowed2_3gstandard_bb5_multi_asic0.bin  simlock_maemo__deB_allowed2_3gstandard_bb5_multi_asic1.bin  RM696_059K3R1_10.2011.34.1_002.dcp  RM696_059K3R1_10.2011.34.1_002_signature.bin  WTF? do I need those, want those? and if so, then to do what with them?03:37
z720me too, no idea use of that file03:37
*** Smtih has joined #harmattan03:37
z720upgrading now.03:53
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer; I mentioned earlier that the latest OTA on n950 allows dmesg03:53
DocScrutinizerwe got back dmesg?03:54
DocScrutinizerI'm pondering to do some N9 update right now, after 40-4 image popped up03:54
z720N9 Updated.04:00
*** Smtih has quit IRC04:01
* SpeedEvil imagines new versions of n800, 810, and 900 OSs sitting on nokia servers unnoticed for months or years.04:01
z720open camera a bit slow04:04
* DocScrutinizer idly wonders if that other files cruft as mentioned in e.g. is maybe for phoenix flasher to restore really nasty stuff like certs, simlock, whatnot else, to CAL, cmt, etc04:05
* DocScrutinizer ponders to scan thru N900 L3_L4 (and L1_2 maybe too) to find out about how phoneix flasher is supposed to get the data to flash Nokia phones, and esp where from04:08
SpeedEvilInteresting possibilities.04:08
SpeedEvilFrom memory, it's not very detailed, and implies a seperate flasher-box manual04:08
DocScrutinizer:-/ meh!04:09
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC04:12
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan04:12
z720load damn high compare to PR1.004:17
z72010:15:17 up 4 min, load average: 4.31, 3.25, 1.4004:17
z72010:15:58 up 5 min, load average: 2.03, 2.79, 1.3304:17
z720kernel not updated if I still recall04:18
z720Linux RM696 #1 PREEMPT Tue Oct 25 14:39:04 EEST 2011 armv7l GNU/Linux04:18
SpeedEvilThere was an issue I saw where compositor went screwy and was eating CPU04:19
DocScrutinizerbut may also be tracker-indexerd04:21
*** aheinecke has joined #harmattan04:21
DocScrutinizeresp if there are some files of yours in MyDocs already04:21
z720voice and sound crystal clear04:22
DocScrutinizerI'd give the device 3 reboots at least04:23
z720i just reboot 104:23
*** wicket64 has quit IRC04:23
z720found this /usr/bin/camera-ui -prestart04:23
DocScrutinizerwait 10..15min, then reboot another 2 times04:23
DocScrutinizerno warranty it will help anything04:24
DocScrutinizeresp if it's a camera thing04:24
DocScrutinizer(though maybe they spy on the scared faces of users doing the update X-P )04:24
DocScrutinizer(just kidding)04:25
z720how to transfer file from PC to N9, keep received denied04:25
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC04:25
z720via bluetooth04:25
DocScrutinizerI'd use mass storage04:25
z720my PC does not hv nfc04:25
z720just want to test bluetooth .. nvm04:26
infobotnfc is, like, No Fucking Clue04:26
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC04:26
DocScrutinizeron N900 I never succeeded to push to device, just from device *to* PC04:27
DocScrutinizervi aBT04:27
z720looks like N9 also hv tat problem04:28
DocScrutinizermaybe it's a PC side problem04:29
DocScrutinizerPC missing the right profile for BT to push04:30
DocScrutinizerwould be interesting to toss around files from one device (phone) to the other, back and forth04:31
DocScrutinizerthen check what'S the BT profiles involved04:31
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan04:32
z720PC bluetooth no problem with samsung I90004:32
DocScrutinizerfremantle PR1.1 couldn't sync via BT to PR1.204:32
z720now the load looks good 10:30:16 up 3 min, load average: 0.94, 0.81, 0.3404:32
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC04:42
*** tomma has quit IRC04:43
z720need vpn pls04:52
merlin1991hm weird my n9 product code is 059J1Z5 that firmware variant is called NDT ? oO05:04
merlin1991hm ota update is scary, was stuck @ 0% for 5 min05:17
z720use flasher faster OTA can cause infinity reboot if network not stable05:22
*** berndhs has left #harmattan05:23
merlin1991what does ndt stand for actually?05:31
SpeedEvilNon Destructive Testing.05:31
SpeedEvil(Probably not in this case)05:32
SpeedEvilThough it is an optimistic thing to hope that users do to phones.05:32
merlin1991my product code leads to: 059J1Z5: RM-696 NDT 16GB BLACK05:33
merlin1991so I wonder what ndt stands for :)05:33
merlin1991the app-manager is mocking me, first it said updating with a % now it just says your device is being updated :D05:35
SpeedEvilWait ages05:35
SpeedEvilit took about an hour here05:35
merlin1991did it ask you inbetween to enable wlan? mine did and I said no05:36
merlin1991now I have a reboot loop05:36
merlin1991ah wait no, 2 reboots then it came up, oO05:37
SpeedEvilGOF keeps getting stuck at the wrong 'level' in the compositor.05:38
*** tomma_ has joined #harmattan05:41
merlin1991hm angry birds gets an update05:47
merlin1991and tracker is going berzerk ever since I upgraded, yay05:54
*** psycho_oreos has joined #harmattan05:59
*** crevetor has quit IRC06:01
*** Smith has joined #harmattan06:02
*** trx has quit IRC06:04
*** meegomy has joined #harmattan06:06
*** trx has joined #harmattan06:08
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan06:10
*** piggz has quit IRC06:20
*** z720 has quit IRC06:30
meegomyanyone own N9 here?06:40
*** leinir has joined #harmattan06:49
*** jabis has quit IRC06:50
*** meegomy has quit IRC07:00
*** jabis has joined #harmattan07:04
*** max_posedon has joined #harmattan07:48
*** leinir has quit IRC07:49
*** Smith has quit IRC07:51
Corsacgrmbl, so account passwords aren't remembered anymore07:53
dm8tbrCorsac: device asks for password on every reboot?07:56
Corsacany idea how to fix/workaround that?07:56
dm8tbrCorsac: do you have a backup from before that started happening?07:56
Corsacwell, I have a pre-1.1 backup07:56
Corsacbut I recreated the mail account after 1.1 so...07:56
dm8tbrone option you could try is recreating accounts07:57
dm8tbrthe other is putting a backup back in07:57
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan08:06
Corsacwell, I already re-created the account and it obviously failed08:06
*** Smith has joined #harmattan08:09
dm8tbrCorsac: hm, that sucks...08:10
* dm8tbr wonders if that will be a 'popular' pr1.1 bug08:10
djszapithere are no bugs, never =)08:10
jonniCorsac: if your device asks for account passwords everytime, then your OTA updated corrupted /home/user/.signon,  fixable by rm -rf /home/user/.signon  and recreating accounts08:17
ieatlintyeah, that's a new security feature, not a bug08:17
jonnior actually that is not the fix... was just reading bugzilla....08:20
dm8tbrjonni: which bz?08:22
jonniCorsac: as root,  rm `apscli -s signon-private:Se -lu`08:23
jonnidm8tbr: projects.maemo.org08:23
dm8tbrI'm not sure that will help reliably08:23
jonnidm8tbr: 27783208:23
dm8tbrah, that's that restricted access thing :)08:24
*** max_posedon has quit IRC08:26
jonnianyways if you happen to manage get corruption, options are full flash with 1.1gb bin files, rm magic, or wait for PR1.2 :)08:26
dm8tbrjonni: I think restoring from backup might actually also work, haven't tried recently though08:28
jonnidm8tbr: oh yes, that might also work, luckily I've never had to use backups myself08:30
dm8tbrI was testing moslo a few times, had to :)08:30
*** jpnurmi has quit IRC08:31
*** Scifig_ has joined #harmattan08:34
*** sp3000 has quit IRC08:38
*** sp3000 has joined #harmattan08:39
*** Scifig_ has quit IRC08:40
*** rcg has joined #harmattan08:41
*** tomma_ is now known as tomma08:44
*** z720 has joined #harmattan08:45
*** piggz has joined #harmattan08:47
*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan08:53
*** piggz has quit IRC08:53
*** miroslav has joined #harmattan08:53
*** miroslav has quit IRC08:55
*** jpnurmi has quit IRC08:57
*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan08:57
*** hardaker has quit IRC08:59
*** djszapi has left #harmattan08:59
*** miroslav has joined #harmattan09:11
*** z720 has quit IRC09:17
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan09:18
*** vladest has quit IRC09:38
*** zarlino has quit IRC09:50
*** spenap has joined #harmattan09:51
*** mairas has joined #harmattan09:58
*** trx has quit IRC10:02
*** trx has joined #harmattan10:07
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan10:11
*** zarlino has quit IRC10:16
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan10:16
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan10:21
*** mece has joined #harmattan10:31
mecehi, does anyone here use an email account?10:32
*** lardman has joined #harmattan10:32
*** lardman has joined #harmattan10:32
DocScrutinizererr, isn't that discontinued since quite some time?10:36
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan10:36
DocScrutinizerI got a yahoo account, if that helps10:37
*** zarlino has quit IRC10:37
DocScrutinizerand kills my konqueror (like a numbor of other nokia websites does)10:41
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan10:42
DocScrutinizerbuffer overflow exploits usually do cause browser segfaults on mere visiting of a website10:43
DocScrutinizerso I wonder...10:43
meceDocScrutinizer, it forwards to yahoo mail. anyway I really like the email adress I have there. Super short and nice, and I use it for many things. Currently they've fucked up the webmail for me so I can't log in, but I can use imap or pop so I still use it.10:44
RST38hSamsung signs up PowerVR SGX MP GPUs for future devices, keeps its options open10:44
RST38h(and everyone thought PVR was dead)10:44
meceanyway what I wanted to know was if you can use ovi/yahoo mail with mfe10:44
meceRST38h, don't we have powervr on n9?10:45
*** djszapi has left #harmattan10:45
*** vladest has joined #harmattan10:47
*** radiofree has quit IRC10:49
*** snowpong has quit IRC10:53
*** zarlino has quit IRC10:56
*** Kleggas has joined #harmattan10:57
*** aheinecke has quit IRC10:58
*** miroslav has quit IRC11:03
*** tbf has joined #harmattan11:03
*** lamikr has joined #harmattan11:09
*** zz_gri is now known as gri11:11
dm8tbrmece: yes omap3 has PVR/SGX11:11
dm8tbrmece: if it speaks imap or pop it should work, right?11:12
mecedm8tbr, hmm mfe != imap or pop tho.11:13
dm8tbrmece: oh so you really meant MFE and not fenix...11:13
dm8tbrwhy would they speak exchange?11:14
hiemanshuYahoo doesn't have MfE at all11:14
hiemanshumece: you can forward it to gmail, and use MfE with that11:14
mecehiemanshu, can you?11:14
mecehiemanshu, how?11:15
hiemanshuI have MfE with gmail for ages now11:15
mecehiemanshu, I have mfe with gmail, I meant how can i forward it11:15
hiemanshumece: isnt there an option for yahoo to do it11:15
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o hiemanshu11:16
rantomSo I've been partly absent for a while11:16
DocScrutinizerI'd not be surprised. Dunno what's worse, yahoo or gmail11:16
mecehiemanshu, no idea. I can't get into my account on the web so unfortunately I can't test that atm. well I'll just stick to imap11:16
rantomDoes the pr 1.1 flasher work as it should?11:16
*** hiemanshu changes topic to "A place for harmattan device and development discussions | PR 1.1 : | Developers check this: | | logs: | UPGRADES: | Customers help customers on #N9, hurry and you're the senior member"11:16
*** hiemanshu sets mode: -o hiemanshu11:16
hiemanshurantom: yup it does11:16
rantomhiemanshu: ok, ty11:16
hiemanshumece: you cant login to yahoo via web? thats odd11:17
meceDocScrutinizer, depends on what way you mean. Yahoo is worse because it sucks balls, google is worse because it's evil(er)11:17
rantomJust confirming that I can restore the device to Harmattan from Nemo11:17
hiemanshuusually with yahoo everything can stop but wep doesn't11:17
hiemanshurantom: yup11:17
mecehiemanshu, I've emailed nok support about it, there's some fuckup with the merge11:17
DocScrutinizeryahoo is evil a s well11:17
meceDocScrutinizer, yeah but in a globally meaningless way11:17
hiemanshuDocScrutinizer: everything not run by us is evil to us :P11:18
mecehiemanshu, they called me yesterday and we went through all sorts of stuff to check what the problem was. Determined that there is some issue with the merge which they are now investigating. Either way, imap works so I can still use the email11:19
mecehiemanshu, and my nok account works. Only the webmail is borkened. I get an infinite loop at yahoo's "verify your password" page.11:19
DocScrutinizermece:  this problem is like 3 months old now11:20
*** clbr has joined #harmattan11:20
hiemanshusad part about yahoo is that we are a business costumer and we still cant get MfE or IMAP only POP3, and I get all this with gmail for free11:21
DocScrutinizerand it's quite similar to general nokia fuckup at SSO11:21
hiemanshuanyways I am off, going to lunch and then rest, have a day off today11:22
nibblerhiemanshu: "for free". sure.
meceDocScrutinizer, but afaik it's not like this for everyone. For me the problem is 3 weeks old.11:23
*** Chaz6 has quit IRC11:23
mecehave you noticed that google is closing a lot of apis these days btw?11:23
DocScrutinizernot that I ever look into google's APIs11:24
DocScrutinizer(not for everyone) yeah, seems random11:25
mecewell i used translation api, but that's now closed, and images api is closing11:25
DocScrutinizeroften related to complete mindfscked cookie management11:25
*** slaine has joined #harmattan11:25
DocScrutinizerby *them*11:25
DocScrutinizerI mean sending cookies with exiry date like "1969-11-30 14:00" -- W*T*F?!11:26
meceDocScrutinizer, huh? Never saw anything like that in api's I've used.11:26
DocScrutinizertheir session-end cookie OTOH seems indestructible at all11:27
DocScrutinizer(Nokia ^^^)11:27
meceaah yes. perhaps11:27
DocScrutinizer(SSO, meego, yahoo mail, ovi)11:27
zN9yahoo mail is depraceted11:28
DocScrutinizerindeed :-P11:28
*** Chaz6 has joined #harmattan11:28
DocScrutinizeras is google shit11:29
zN9google is easy to use and nice11:29
*** zN9 is now known as ZogG_N911:30
DocScrutinizeryeah sure \o/ all hail to google and their policy to even scan your email for relevant terms11:30
nid0im happy with my hotmail account, even if it makes me severely uncool.11:30
ZogG_N9that is shitty but i think everyone does it11:30
ZogG_N9hotmail is prehistory, it has shity too complicated ui11:32
DocScrutinizerand no, for sure there's nothing bad in googles nasty browser bar indexing all your files on your PC and sending the results to google. Also nothing bad in them keeping record of all your google search queries, and I'd suggest using for DNS server so you won't confuse google customer profiling with visiting webpages they don't notice you to11:32
nid0I dont remember the last time I used hotmail's web ui so who cares :>11:32
*** rcg has quit IRC11:33
*** lardman has quit IRC11:34
DocScrutinizerooh I forgot, please use google's document editing crap, so they even better know what you're doing - you know the indexing isn't that comprehensive to get an idea of what's going on at your side11:36
DocScrutinizeruse googles calendar as well, to organize all appointments and tasks in your company11:37
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan11:37
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan11:37
DocScrutinizeruse google's supl server so they don'T get inaccurat edata of your locations in their profile of you11:38
meceDocScrutinizer, don't forget G+11:38
Hq`I wear a tin foil hat so I'm immune to all that11:38
DocScrutinizerI just wonder how amazon and fleabay fit in - obviously google fails epically on that topic yet11:39
DocScrutinizerwell, unless of course you get order confrimations etc via mail X-P11:39
DocScrutinizerpaypal is a bit nasty - - for google big brother11:40
*** ZogG_N9 has quit IRC11:41
meceDocScrutinizer, that is really what bothers me the most with google. The integration of all the things. I really like the search engine and the email is fast and nice, but the fact that they read my emails and alter my search results accordingly. That is fucked up.11:41
meceI don't use that other g stuff11:41
*** aheinecke has joined #harmattan11:41
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan11:43
*** nebulon has joined #harmattan11:44
*** IcanCU_ has quit IRC11:51
*** rcg has joined #harmattan11:53
*** artemma has quit IRC11:58
*** jesuschrist has joined #harmattan12:01
Venemogood morning12:07
VenemoMohammadAG, ping12:07
meceVenemo, 0/12:08
Venemohey mece & DocScrutinizer12:09
*** jesuschrist has quit IRC12:12
*** jesuschr2 has joined #harmattan12:12
*** tomma has quit IRC12:14
joppuVenemo: pong12:14
Venemojoppu, good morning :)12:15
*** zarlino has quit IRC12:15
Venemojoppu, I was thinking of you when I saw this:
*** aheinecke has quit IRC12:16
*** aheinecke has joined #harmattan12:17
joppuBut I don't have an app myself :P12:19
Venemojoppu, I was thinking of entering my app to the competition. but since the icon is actually yours, I would feel bad about it if I claimed the prize for myself. after all, the icon is your work :)12:20
*** xarcass has joined #harmattan12:20
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan12:22
*** radiofree has joined #harmattan12:22
joppuwell, I was thinking I might do some refinements, a background for the squicle wouldn't hurt12:23
joppuas per the original icon12:23
VenemoI'll reboot, will be back in a few minutes12:24
*** Venemo has quit IRC12:24
*** xmlich02 has quit IRC12:27
gri - whahaha, the quotes on bottom right are the best of the site :)12:28
*** jesuschr2 is now known as jesuschrist12:33
joppuI mistook the channel D:12:34
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan12:36
Venemohi again12:37
Kleggasoh, rodents12:41
*** kavacha has left #harmattan12:42
Venemoso joppu, what do you think of this icon competition?12:42
matrixxmy themechanger was rejected in ovi qa :(12:43
*** ZogG_N9 has joined #harmattan12:43
matrixxreason was: "harmattan doesn't support themes" :D12:43
dm8tbrmatrixx: :(12:43
matrixxI'm going to learn to use obs12:43
matrixxand I'll put it in cobs :)12:43
dm8tbrmatrixx: put it in (through COBS)12:44
matrixxthey can keep their tunkki12:44
matrixxyeah :)12:44
X-Fadematrixx: Ping me when you need help.12:44
dm8tbrthat will be available for N9 (or is it already?)12:44
joppuVenemo: don't you have a N9 already or what was the prize for the competition?12:44
X-Fadedm8tbr: The client is available on the website now.12:44
dm8tbrah, great, have to test it later :)12:44
X-FadeDon't want to advertise it all out yet as I really would like to test the developer submit part first.12:45
Venemojoppu, I "only" have N950, no N9 here12:45
matrixxX-Fade: yes, first I need an obs account :)12:45
matrixxmatrixx is my nick in meego.org12:45
X-FadeSo if anyone is interested in getting his app in Apps, I will hold your hand :)12:45
X-Fadematrixx: let me enable your account.12:46
matrixxX-Fade: thanks12:46
X-Fadematrixx: Done12:46
joppuVenemo: so you were figuring out that you could use my icon and claim to prize to yourself in the case we'd won?12:47
*** lardman|gone is now known as lardman12:47
matrixxX-Fade: that was quick, thanks :)12:47
joppumatrixx: what's the custom theme stucture, you'd want some themes for your theme changer after all, don't you?12:47
matrixxjoppu: yes, wait a sec12:47
matrixxthere's instructions how to do theme12:48
Venemojoppu, here's what I thought. I enter my app(s) with your icons to this competition. if we win an N9 and you think you could use that N9, you can have it. (after all, it's your icons.) if we win a "promotions on the greater Nokia Developer community" (whatever that is), and it is of use to me, then I'll have it. If we don't win anything, well, it's still fun. :)12:49
*** lardman|laptop has joined #harmattan12:51
*** Natunen has quit IRC12:51
joppuVenemo: sounds good to me12:51
ZogGX-Fade, ping12:51
X-FadeZogG: yes? :)12:51
Venemojoppu, I hoped you would find this fair :)12:52
ZogGX-Fade first of all howdy? =)12:52
ZogGVenemo, i need you too btw =)12:52
X-FadeZogG: Still good.12:52
Venemohey ZogG, what's up?12:52
ZogGVenemo, can you build irc chatter with recconct till new irc come out =)12:52
ZogGVenemo good, you? i would bug you about few things, wanna start coding something =)12:53
ZogGX-Fade, about repos and app client12:53
VenemoZogG, can't build that package right now (on Windows, no Qt SDK installed here), but ping me about this tomorrow12:53
VenemoZogG, sure, feel free to ask on this channel. If I can't answer, someone else surely will be able to :)12:54
*** natunen has joined #harmattan12:54
X-FadeZogG: yes?12:54
ZogGX-Fade, as i understand formeego is the only one aviable, but would it be optional to add more repos or it would containt repos?12:54
X-FadeZogG: What are you trying to do?12:54
Venemojoppu, seems that the competition begins at 14 november, at least there's no entry link right now.12:54
ZogGi just didn't add any repos as i don't want to install apps just from names of package file =)12:55
Hq`matrixx: why did they reject it?12:55
X-FadeZogG: Well the client will add the proper repo and you can select apps from the site or from the client and install them.12:55
ZogGX-Fade, i want to add repos, but don't want to have package manager as well12:56
ZogGX-Fade there are 4 aps there =)12:56
joppuVenemo: on the wiki page, there's an email address to mail the entry to12:56
X-FadeZogG: Well yes, you need to start somewhere ;)12:56
Venemojoppu, correct, but it says: "You submission must arrive in our inbox between November 14 and Nov 30 (GMT). "12:56
X-FadeZogG: But I don't get your problem? You just want to use apt-get?12:56
ZogGX-Fade, so it makes it only for site manager? coz i thought more of normal maanger not related to any package12:57
ZogGto any site*12:57
matrixxHq`: it's because "Themes are not supported on MeeGo N9 platform"12:57
matrixxfunny isn't it :)12:57
matrixxI made some work to write down the instructions to do custom themes12:57
matrixxand then provided the changer which uses code from widgetsgallery12:58
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC12:58
ZogGX-Fade, but idea is to get package manager like synaptic or n900 manager12:58
X-FadeZogG: You need explain yourself better as I don't get what you are trying to do?12:58
matrixxand still, themes are not supported :D12:58
Hq`or :( actually12:58
ZogGi myself use gentoo with comand line only portage, but it has nice descriptions and easy to navigate not like apt-get and as well there are sites that have package descriptions12:58
X-FadeZogG: Ah, no that it is not. It it is a 'store' client, it fetches the info from Apps only.12:59
matrixxanyway they can keep their tunkki, we have :)12:59
Venemojoppu, you have time until then to make sure that the icon is eligible, eg. it fits the rules and everything12:59
ZogGX-Fade, any plans to make normal package manager based on client12:59
X-FadeZogG: No, I don't see the point.12:59
ZogGwhy not? if you'll have few repos13:00
ZogGand there are packages you don't have idea about..13:00
X-FadeWell it would be good if the community invests it's efforts in creating one good one.13:00
ZogGX-Fade btw it has to use pkgmngr and not apt-get straight right?13:00
X-FadeZogG: It installs through the internal package manager, which just uses apt-get.13:01
ZogGX-Fade i can start one, but i'm not a really coder and not good with gui and desinging though i bet wazd would help on this one with UI13:01
X-FadeZogG: It gets all info/metadata from an OCS interface.13:01
ZogGX-Fade, does repos support OCS as well?13:02
*** jesuschrist has quit IRC13:02
X-FadeZogG: Really, it would be better to invest that energy to make sure people submit their apps to Apps?13:02
*** frinring has joined #harmattan13:02
ZogGi see other solution, but i never mantained or made repos, so maybe there are simplier solutions13:02
X-FadeMany repos is always a mess.13:02
ZogGX-Fade, i know for sure a lot of people would use their repos only for them, but they wouldnt mind to share them. so they wouldn't submit to formeego =)13:03
X-FadeYou should try to keep the number as low as possible, so you don't get nasty dependency conflicts.13:03
X-FadeAnd remember that other repos won't have an aegis policy.13:03
ZogGX-Fade, i know, but if you have manager it's good actually, coz no need to sync everything and keep everything in one place13:03
X-FadeAnd we will.13:04
ZogGaegis policy is mess13:04
ZogGi need to understand how it works at all13:04
X-FadeZogG: Apps in Apps will always be updated automatically through the package manager system. Not like ovi where you need to check yourself.13:04
X-FadeBasically with Apps people don't need to enable dev mode to install packages.13:05
*** Smith has quit IRC13:05
ZogGi thought to add /Description /Screenshots and /changelog dirs to repo, where you keep extra info for manager like screenshots and changelog as e.g. for for-bar-2.3 would have for-bar-2.3-screenshot-1.png13:06
ZogGor foo-bar-screeshot if it's not per version13:06
X-FadeZogG: We all fetch those from OBS directly.13:06
ZogGsame with changelogs13:06
X-FadeZogG: And obs is versioned.13:06
ZogGX-Fade, but would you able to make one for all repos?13:06
X-FadeAlso, when SDK updates, OBS will rebuild and make sure that all apps still build.13:07
ZogGit's nice13:07
ZogGthe question if i make my own repo can i connect it to yours OBS?13:07
X-FadeIf you create a home project in OBS and set it up to compile against the SDK there, it will alway be compatible and in sync.13:08
Hq`one suggestion for improvement of the client: make it possible to just show apps from all categories without having to go through the categories individually13:08
X-FadeThis will create your own repo.13:08
X-FadeAnd if you then want to share your app with a larger audience, you can just do a submit request to MeeGo:1.2:Harmattan:Apps:Testing and you are done.13:09
ZogG_N9X-Fade, but again it forces me to work thru ur obs and it wouldnt be really my private repo13:10
X-FadeYou have to understand that adding repos is hard, so when you do your own thing, you will have 10s of users.13:10
X-FadeZogG_N9: But OBS is easy?13:10
X-FadeZogG_N9: Just dpkg-buildpackage -S and upload the files?13:10
ZogG_N9my idea is to make repo and if someone wsnts he would be able to easily add it to manager13:10
X-FadeZogG_N9: Yeah, but that think a bit further.13:11
X-FadeZogG_N9: What are you trying to do?13:11
X-FadeZogG_N9: Dump packages somewhere and don't care?13:11
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan13:12
ZogG_N9btw its an example as i wouldnt make my repo but as i know from maemo community making ports and packages13:12
ZogG_N9people making ports and packages ob their own repos13:12
X-FadeZogG_N9: You need to think about for personal use and for a greater audience.13:13
ZogG_N9and sometimes they have good stuff there13:13
X-FadeThese pump and dump repos tend to go stale.13:13
X-FadeAnd the community ends up with 100s of broken repos all over the place, conflicting with each other.13:13
ZogG_N9agreed but i just know that noone will use same place13:14
X-FadeFor community's sake, you need to see if you can put effort into centralizing.13:14
X-FadeWell, this is where everyone can help.13:14
ZogG_N9i cant do anythink about it and i assume my packages i would upload for your obs or rzr repo13:14
X-FadeYou need to think in solutions, not in problems ;)13:15
ZogG_N9btw would rzr repo be supported?13:15
X-FadeThose can be pushed into the central repo with a few mouse clicks.13:15
ZogG_N9X-Fade, no solution, cant force anyone to use obs13:15
X-FadeZogG_N9: Why not?13:16
ZogG_N9X-Fade, but who would push them?13:18
X-FadeZogG_N9: You make it seem like it is a bad thing :)13:18
ZogG_N9X-Fade, e.g. ruskie has few good things in his repo so i asked him to push it to main maemos13:18
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC13:18
ZogG_N9he requested permission to do it and never got approved13:18
X-FadeZogG_N9: That is why now we got everything automated.13:18
ZogG_N9so he pmed someine and got no solutions so he kept using his repo13:18
ZogG_N9coz in linux communities most apps are developed for perdonal use, but are avilable for others13:18
X-FadeZogG_N9: So no blocking on people who are not available of busy.13:18
X-FadeZogG_N9: Yes, but we as a community need to try to be better than that, really.13:19
ZogG_N9X-Fade, but than no check for viruses?13:19
X-FadeZogG_N9: There is the community QA process.13:19
ZogG_N9X-Fade, i agree but i talk to you sbout current situation and not perfect one13:20
X-FadeZogG_N9: Really, try out what we have created now. And comment on things that can get better.13:20
ZogG_N9sorry for mistypes n9 keyboard is not like n900 =(13:20
ZogG_N9X-Fade, for now i'm going to try start codung sonething before i would be able to use your obs, but as far as i see rzr repo has dousen apps and your site only 413:22
ZogG_N9coding* something* douzens*13:23
X-FadeZogG_N9: Well yes, those are the apps we tested with :)13:23
*** tomma has joined #harmattan13:24
ZogG_N9X-Fade, so maybe poring rzr repo to obs would be nice begining and about client i think you should make only sort by name/date/author and add categories as selection that by default it would be all13:26
X-FadeZogG_N9: It is already.13:26
ZogG_N9yeah except you dont have all =)13:27
X-FadeZogG_N9: They already use cobs.13:27
X-Fadecommunity obs13:27
ZogGbut how can i see them in client?13:28
X-FadeIt doesn't list them.13:28
ZogGbtw anyone know if it's possible to make any song as ringtone coz i tried and it says i have no context whilei have music uploaded and player use it13:29
ZogGX-Fade, wy not?13:29
X-FadeZogG: Like I say, because they aren't pushed yet.13:29
ZogGyes, and i wonder why not =)13:30
X-FadeAs we are still testing.13:30
ZogGmaybe to testing at elast13:30
ZogGbut youn have testing there as well13:30
ZogGi unabled it13:30
X-FadeThat is what we started this conversation with, you remember? :)13:30
ZogGi probably lost you, didn't fully wake up13:31
*** mairas has quit IRC13:35
*** ZogG_N9 has quit IRC13:35
*** ZogG is now known as ZogG_N913:35
*** ZogG_N9 is now known as ZogG13:36
*** ZogG_N9 has joined #harmattan13:36
ZogG_N9ok, added nick to account =)13:37
*** radiofree has quit IRC13:37
* mece is installing community client. *excited*13:38
nid0so nokia *do* make a uk spec n913:38
*** Smtih has joined #harmattan13:39
*** radiofree has joined #harmattan13:39
deramis there any way to hide swype vkbd in terminal?13:39
Hq`maybe it be possible to get the community client to ovi store ;)13:40
deramlike there is a way with normal vkbd (flick down)13:40
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan13:40
xarcassderam: try gesture from swipe button to the backspace13:40
mecederam, slide in normal keyboard, swipe down13:41
X-FadeHq`: That is something we're looking at indeed.13:41
derammece: yep. that is something I'd like to avoid13:42
deramok.. this could be fixable in terminal app, as with store, just touching non-editable part of screen hides swype13:43
deram(tried with store search page, as its navigation is left under vkbd)13:44
xarcassderam: "To easily hide the keyboard, just Swype from the Swype key to the backspace key" - that's from swipe's docs13:44
deramxarcass: does not work with terminal13:44
deramand not on that store search page13:45
*** lardman|laptop has quit IRC13:45
derambut just found a nice page on swype. gesture swype-key to +!= key13:46
deramthere is arrows and pageup/down, etc13:46
*** radiofree has quit IRC13:48
*** radiofree has joined #harmattan13:49
*** mairas has joined #harmattan13:50
mecederam, have you tried that custom xterm keyboard?13:50
*** mece1 has joined #harmattan13:52
mece1I'm very impressed with the whole community apps end user experience!13:53
X-Fademece1: We're still working on the client.13:54
*** mece1 is now known as mece_13:54
X-Fademece1: But it is starting to come together.13:54
X-Fademece_: Personally I can't help spinning the screenshots ;)13:55
mece_works very well. Is there a bugtracker for client btw?13:55
*** mece has quit IRC13:55
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan13:55
mece_or status or such. I guess the bugs I've found so far are known..13:56
mece_actually the only bug so far is that the "launch" button doesn't work13:56
ZogGmece_, hey13:57
*** lardman|laptop has joined #harmattan13:57
ZogGlardman|laptop hoi13:57
mece_ZogG, o/13:57
ZogGX-Fade, one more thing13:58
*** etrunko has joined #harmattan13:59
X-Fademece_: But yes, the launch button doesn't work. That is known, waiting implementation :)14:00
ZogGwhat launch button? it worked for me, it created 2 icons one for app and gree one, after reinstall grenn one disapeared14:01
X-FadeZogG: Inside that client.14:02
mece_where's the guid to publish stuff to afm (I can't think of a good name, but afm is suitable imo (as in apps for meego))14:02
X-Fademece_: guid?14:02
ZogGmece_, not acceptable =)14:03
ZogGX-Fade, i would propose what i proposed for maemo, and it was not done, but lardman did want to help with this as well14:03
* mece_ flogs himself with a rubber chicken for being such an idiot and spelling "guide" wrong.14:03
mece_X-Fade, thank you14:03
*** zarlino has quit IRC14:04
X-Fademece_: guid is something we use a lot too ;) So that is why I was confused ;)14:04
ZogGto make implantation with mbarcode and your client, if i do browse site from Pc and want to install i should use mbarcode, think it's good idea14:04
mece_X-Fade, yeah I know :)14:04
ZogGi don't waht is guid14:04
X-FadeZogG: You mean adding a barcode to the site?14:05
*** Kleggas has quit IRC14:05
mece_ZogG, Globally unique identifier14:05
derammece_: which custom kyboard?14:05
mece_deram, lemme look it up. 'twas pretty interesting. I haven't got an N9 so I didn't try it.14:05
ZogGX-Fade yes14:05
ZogGX-Fade, qr codes for apps14:06
X-FadeZogG: We could do that.14:06
ZogGautogenerated by site14:06
X-FadeZogG: That could be an interesting thing to do.14:06
ZogGand than ask lardman to add it to barcode app14:06
X-FadeZogG: Although when you are on device already, you might as well click on the link?14:06
ZogGX-Fade, the way android market works14:07
X-FadeZogG: But yeah, I think that can be done relatively easily.14:07
ZogGX-Fade, yeah but i love using Pc to browse at home and would like to transfer link to n914:07
X-FadeZogG: We just need to agree on what we should encode in the qr.14:07
*** Smtih has quit IRC14:08
X-FadeZogG: Something like apps://reponame/packagename14:08
* lardman is happy to do that14:08
ZogGX-Fade, or page to app in way like apps://number so barcode would open client with app id number or jsut normal url that mbarcode would see "" on it and send it to client14:08
X-FadeZogG: Yeah, we have app id too.14:09
lardmanin fact there is already a partial implementation of that in the code, just disabled as we lack any users14:09
mece_here's that custom terminal keyboard:
ZogGX-Fade i think it should open in client and than install from client14:09
mece_deram, ^^14:09
ZogGlardman, btw didn't get your mbarcode for n9 yet, loved it on n900 =*14:10
X-FadeZogG: Yeah, we probably need to setup a dbus handler for it.14:10
ZogGlardman, byut why it's called lite? nopt ported everything or gonna add payed version? =)14:10
lardmanZogG: Sorry have been tied up trying to get Nemo to boot on my Tab, will package it up this weekend14:10
mece_ZogG, X-Fade, you can just add that suse something mime type to the .desktop file of the client and it would launch it with client from browser. As long as the client supports that14:10
lardmanand test a few more things14:10
X-Fademece_: That already works :)14:10
ZogGX-Fade, why would we? just api for client to recive that kinda url so client can send them to it14:10
X-FadeZogG: Ah, we already have .ymp file links. This is like the old install file on maemo 5.14:11
ZogGlardman, Nemo? don't make me jealous, what tab you have? btw do you have twitter?14:11
mece_ZogG, so why not just point the url directly to the ymp file?14:11
mece_lardman, how's that swipe thing in nemo these days?14:12
ZogGokay, i don't know what is ymp =)14:12
lardmanmece_: I've not got a UI up yet so no idea ;)14:12
X-FadeWe have a one-click-install handler already.14:12
ZogGi wanted hp touchpad so much =)14:12
X-FadeAlthough it is 2 clicks now :)14:12
DocScrutinizerX-Fade: you found out why your .desktop icon didn't hide?14:12
ZogGto put funtoo and mer on it )14:12
mece_ZogG, like a .install file: this:
X-FadeBecause of harmattan's transfer manager.14:12
derammece_: yeah... have tried it... won't work for me...14:13
mece_crudbuckets! I need to log out log in or something. I've lost my remote profile on this computer. How inconvenient.14:13
X-FadeAnd I haven't been able to find out if we can bypass the transfer manager somehow.14:13
deramand by me, I mean me.. app works fine on device14:13
ZogGmece_, it's messed up? coz i feel yum in ymp, coz meego was desinged for rpm?14:13
mece_deram, kk14:13
lardmancould use a different uri but still point to the .ymp file, then mbarcode can point the app manager at it to avoid the download manager14:13
mece_ZogG, works fine either way with the client.14:14
ZogGthat sounds good =)_14:14
*** z720 has joined #harmattan14:14
ZogGlardman, so what tab you got?14:15
lardmanold 7" one14:15
lardmanargh, I hate systemd, no way to debug the bloody thing, grr14:16
ZogGlardman, can you link me? i want to buy one cheap for mer tests =)14:16
lardmanzogG: I paid full whack14:16
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan14:16
lardmanoh I see, no idea whether you can get those still14:16
ZogGlardman, just read today about it instead of init(8) in fedore, have no clue what is it thoguh =)14:16
lardmanI'd probably go for a tegra as they seem to have decent support14:16
lardmanhummingbird is a pita14:17
ZogGhummingbird is an model? or you like birds? =)14:17
lardmanis a SoC like OMAP14:17
*** medri has joined #harmattan14:18
ZogGX-Fade, don't mind russian, but this is an idea -
DocScrutinizerlardman: systemd is poettering14:18
ZogGDocScrutinizer, do you ever sleep?14:18
lardmanDocScrutinizer: yeah14:18
DocScrutinizerbots never sleep14:18
ZogGDocScrutinizer that is my point14:18
infobot'sth is poettering' means it acts invasive, possessive, destructive, and generally in an egocentric exacerbating negative way. ``this cancer is extremely poettering''14:19
lardmanseems like it might be quite nice, but it's not particularly easy to get anything to run afaict, and if you can't get any comms up, nor can you log anything to file, it's hard to see what's happening14:19
* lardman has only one thing left to try - boot into single user mode and see if he can login somehow14:20
*** mairas_ has joined #harmattan14:20
ZogGHq`, hey, what is thel ink for your terminal? btw would you like to add dim out option for keyboard so i can set it to time i want?14:21
z720anybody know possible to install vpn client in N914:22
*** lardman|laptop has quit IRC14:22
*** mairas has quit IRC14:23
medrihad anyone troubles using wifi? with N914:23
*** denism has left #harmattan14:24
*** ZogG has quit IRC14:25
*** mairas has joined #harmattan14:29
* DocScrutinizer links N9 to WiFi and hits "update"14:32
*** mairas_ has quit IRC14:33
medrii am at the current update14:33
SpeedEvilGood luck.14:33
*** mairas_ has joined #harmattan14:34
*** jreznik has quit IRC14:34
mece_hey btw fmtx on N9. Any chance?14:34
* DocScrutinizer fetches the huge sledgehammer for adjusting DLINK DR-615 -> "can not get IP"14:34
mece_DocScrutinizer, going low level I see :D14:35
alteregoOoo, Qt SDK 1.1.414:35
*** lizardo_ has joined #harmattan14:36
medrii have a AVM FritzBox14:36
*** mairas has quit IRC14:37
*** lizardo has quit IRC14:37
*** lizardo_ is now known as lizardo14:37
*** ZogG has joined #harmattan14:38
*** mairas has joined #harmattan14:39
*** ZogG has joined #harmattan14:39
RST38hDoc: Smite it with the power of Thor!14:39
*** mairas_ has quit IRC14:42
*** lardman|laptop has joined #harmattan14:43
jabissoo I herd... wait I didn't14:46
Hq`ZogG:    and you can already adjust the delay from .config/FingerTerm/settings.ini14:47
jabistried fingerterm - hated it14:47
ZogGHq` thanks man, googled it already =)14:47
ZogGjabis, hated you =)14:48
ZogGactually it's nice only delay is too short14:48
infobotjabis has lost them titties in pursuit of snatch - eventhough still quite awesome, no=14:48
ZogGHq`, don't mind him. nice app14:48
jabisactually I didn't hate it - just after some conversation on where it'll go x)14:48
jabisHq, nice app - tho has it's shortcomings :)14:49
ZogGChecking for at least 9 gibibytes disk space at "/var/tmp/portage/tmp6inJ3z/portage/app-office/libreoffice- damn!!!!!14:49
jabisI can imagine that it'll only get better14:49
Hq`sure it's not perfect14:49
Hq`(for everyone)14:49
ZogGjabis pull your tongue out of his a$$14:50
ZogGit's betetr than standart terminal anyway =)14:50
jabislol - nothing suits you today x)14:50
ZogGjabis i told ya, hate you =)14:50
ZogGjabis, i have bad news14:50
jabisshoot x)14:51
*** nebulon has quit IRC14:51
jabisZogG: did I accidentally your whole N9, or why haters gonna hate? x)14:51
ZogGas we know DocScrutinizer is a bot, but i think he is trying to control all the bots, so he would try to conquer internets, we are DOOMED14:51
DocScrutinizer~attacl ZogG14:52
DocScrutinizer~attack ZogG14:52
* infobot grabs a pen, screams like she's possessed, and begins chasing ZogG14:52
jabisconquering the internets from irc is an ambitious goal, we should commend him instead14:52
ZogGirc is where internets started and it where it would be ended14:53
ZogGhate that libreoffice is so huge and you need java for it, hate java14:54
jabisyour facts are wrong - it wasn't irc per sé - but we Finns take the credit anyhow -.-14:54
RST38hMeanwhile: A bloke in the US has been arrested after repeatedly calling the emergency number 911 to complain that his iPhone wasn't working14:55
ZogGX-Fade, btw, are notifications for updates planned for client as well?14:55
RST38h~lawyers Zogg14:55
X-FadeZogG: That happens already.14:55
*** clbr has quit IRC14:55
ZogGX-Fade \o/14:55
ZogGRST38h, zdarovenki bili14:56
DocScrutinizerI hate the WPA password textfield IM, it's incredibly annoying the N9 hides my password I type from me while I type it. Goes well together with the crappy vkbd in portrait14:56
jabisYou should be able to write it blindfolded Doccy14:56
DocScrutinizersore, on any sane kbd I would14:57
RST38hZogG: I vam14:57
*** E0x_ has joined #harmattan14:57
RST38hHey, Doc, the lawyers attack does not work on the bot!14:57
jabis~lawyers itself14:58
*** cyrus_N9 has joined #harmattan14:58
jabis~nukes RST38h14:59
jabis~nuke RST38h14:59
* infobot prepares 100 missle silos, and targets them at RST38h ... B☢☢M!14:59
ZogGcyrus_N9 holla15:00
jabiswell - can't go wrong with a few missiles ^^15:00
jabis~lawyer RST38h15:00
ZogGRST38h, it doesn't work on me15:00
jabis~nuke ZogG15:00
* infobot prepares 100 missle silos, and targets them at ZogG ... B☢☢M!15:00
ZogGin mama russia the people layer law15:00
ZogGjabis, stop being so childish about bot15:00
cyrus_N9ZogG, privet)15:01
jabisnah - I'm entitled to be childish about the bot15:01
ZogGcyrus_N9, tune in man15:01
RST38hjabis: You are aware that the both also has other commands, aren't you?15:01
*** berndhs has joined #harmattan15:01
infobotRST38h meant: jabis: You are aware that the bot also has other commands, aren't you?15:01
jabisRST38h: no U15:01
jabisRST38h: I'm fully aware yes x)15:02
ZogGthat's where all decisions are made. RST38h is the head of harmattan department he decides what we should have on n9 or what we shouldn't =))15:02
jabisI just feel like effing around atm - must be my hangover15:02
ZogGX-Fade, btw one more thing, but first of all i wanted to ask if it's okay i bug you over irc and not using forum or bugtracker for client?15:03
jabisoh - and the joy of fixing my phone over a simple reboot instead a whole reflash -u x)15:03
X-FadeZogG: That is ok for now, until it gets out of hand ;)15:03
jabiss/reboot/reboot -u/15:03
infobotjabis meant: oh - and the joy of fixing my phone over a simple reboot -u instead a whole reflash -u x)15:03
jabisthe joys of being right \o/ marvelous15:04
ZogGX-Fade, about deprecated and multideps. first one if package is not developed it should be metioned before install it's deprecated and even maybe suggest to newer project if there is15:04
X-FadeZogG: We need to come up with a process for this yes.15:04
jabisnow if only I could get our ERP problem fix'd I'd have moar tiem on my hands15:04
ZogGX-Fade, and about multideps, if i want irssi in e.g. and it depends on terminal, can we make that it depends on any terminal? for example if i use fingerterm and not default one15:05
ZogGvladest, hola15:05
vladesthow to update qt components to 1.1 on harmattan?15:05
X-FadeZogG: What if a package is getting bitrotted and the author moved on?15:05
*** lardman|laptop has quit IRC15:06
*** zarlino has quit IRC15:06
ZogGX-Fade, it can be calculated like in google code pages if the package wasn't changed for X time it's the warning at first or other options are  if author mark as no longer mantained or X+Y time no changes to package15:07
*** lardman|laptop has joined #harmattan15:07
X-FadeZogG: I think it would be good to describe all the processes in the wiki. Find issues and come up with ways to solve them.15:08
ZogGlike 2 options one is automatic for warning and after that deprecated if author marked it or passed double time for example from first warning15:08
cyrus_N9hey guys what about zoom while recording video in pr1.1?15:09
X-Fadecyrus_N9: Do a step foward?15:09
ZogGX-Fade, it can be made on client side and not related to repo it self so no info there untill you want author to mark deprecated thru OBS, still no idea how it works, need to read more about it15:09
ZogGtrying to convince cyrus_N9 to use IRC more, he more jabber guy.15:10
*** Anssi138 has quit IRC15:11
X-Fadecyrus_N9: Digital zoom is always a bad compromise anyway.15:11
*** medri has quit IRC15:11
ZogGX-Fade, so no zoom for now? it should be optional anyway doesn't matter how bad it is imo15:11
ZogGlet the user decide15:11
X-FadeZogG: Don't look at me :)15:12
cyrus_N9X-Fade, but sometimes it could be usefull15:12
*** lardman|laptop has quit IRC15:12
ZogGcyrus_N9  try to fill a bug15:13
ZogGjonni, sup15:13
cyrus_N9nice client btw ) i want something like that for xmpp15:14
SpeedEvilDigital zoom is not always a bad compromise. If you don't need the edges of the picture, capturing them can reduce quality for a given filesize.15:14
jabiscyrus_N9: isn't there an alternative camera app that handles that, or does my recollection suck yet again15:15
jabiscamera pro or sth it was15:15
deramX-Fade: digital zoom is only bad when resulting image contains more pixels than the sensor has15:15
X-Fadederam: True, there is a bit of room still. Although with the size of the sensor, you will see a lot of noise.15:16
deramin case of video, there is way more pixels usable for zoom than the video uses15:16
deramX-Fade: that is true also15:16
X-FadeAnd having the pixels averaged will remove some of that noise.15:16
*** artemma has joined #harmattan15:16
cyrus_N9jabis, i didn't see it..15:16
ZogGcyrus_N9, there are few photo progs15:17
ZogGVenemo, ping15:18
VenemoZogG, pong15:18
vladestok, how to define, which qt component version is installed on device?15:18
deramthough, generally in video, the spatial average is not so badly needed as in stills, as temporal averaging happens in video compression15:18
Venemobtw, does anyone here have the white N9?15:19
ZogGVenemo, what cyrus_N9 said15:21
*** unreal- has joined #harmattan15:21
VenemoZogG, what?15:22
jabismotherF****** I managed to slash my finger with a beer can15:23
ZogGVenemo, maybe jabber client with irc-chatetr UI?15:23
jabisblood everywhere x)15:23
ZogGjabis, looooser15:23
VenemoZogG, I'm unfamiliar with jabber, but should anyone make such a client, feel free to use my gui15:24
jabisZogG: meh - look who's talking :P15:24
dm8tbrthere is native xmpp support in harmattan, why an own app?15:24
ZogGcyrus_N9, want to try?15:24
ZogGdm8tbr, btw how can i add acout?15:24
*** mairas has quit IRC15:25
dm8tbrZogG: search the channel logs for mc-tool15:25
X-FadeI think you only need to write an account plugin?15:25
ZogGdm8tbr, and does it support confs?15:25
dm8tbryes, I _still_ wait for someone to write that :)15:25
dm8tbraccount-sso is OSS, just the ui bits are closed ffs15:25
ZogGdm8tbr, so we can use client with official tolls15:26
* dm8tbr has no idea what 'confs' and 'tolls' are15:26
cyrus_N9dm8tbr, conferences15:26
cyrus_N9it is like rooms in irc15:27
dm8tbryeah, I'm familiar with jabber conferences. just thought he was talking about 'configs' or something15:27
dm8tbrdoes telepathy-gabble support them?15:27
cyrus_N9vladest, apt-cache show doesn't work?15:28
ZogGno confs for conferences and tolls was mistypo15:28
dm8tbrif so then chances are good15:28
ZogGfor me becaming a man?15:28
*** medri has joined #harmattan15:29
*** cyrus_N9 has quit IRC15:30
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan15:34
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan15:36
*** mairas has joined #harmattan15:38
VenemoI need to leave now; good afternoon everyone :)15:39
*** Venemo has quit IRC15:39
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #harmattan15:41
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC15:43
medridoes anyone know anything about a google voice plugin or program? really need it15:48
fluxgoogle voice plugin?15:51
*** z720 has quit IRC15:53
medriyes for makinf calls through google voice15:53
dm8tbrmedri: doesn't the gtalk plugin support that stuff?15:54
*** mece_ has left #harmattan15:54
*** vladest has quit IRC15:54
medridm8tbr: gtalk is for chat only afaik, I need the callback and text functions15:56
medriit's pretty useful for making free calls with a free sip number16:00
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC16:02
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan16:03
dm8tbrmedri: I use sip directly and have hundreds of free minutes to many destinations :)16:08
medribut texting is not possible trough sipgate.com16:09
medriimho (for free is number) and google voice for callbacks is ptetty good for texting and calling16:11
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan16:15
* dm8tbr uses XMPP for messaging, text is low volume so I wouldn't care about complicated solutions16:17
DocScrutinizermedri: texting not possible on sipgate?16:24
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan16:25
DocScrutinizerkast time I checked sipgate had support for SMS with even a net API, and also did SIP INFO without problems16:25
DocScrutinizerwhat it doesn't is gateway SIP INFO to SMS16:26
medrii tried, but how should I do it from my N9?16:30
medriIt worked so fwith the google voice plugin for conversations on the N90016:31
*** lizardo has quit IRC16:32
*** Jas2Za has joined #harmattan16:33
ZogG_N9any mplayer remote control?16:36
ZogG_N9flux, any16:37
*** Sazpaimon has joined #harmattan16:37
fluxI mean16:38
fluxssh host.. mplayer stuff.. your controls are right there in the terminal :)16:38
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:38
*** Sazpaimon__ has joined #harmattan16:38
ZogG_N9its already started from computer16:38
fluxwell, then your only option are regular remote use options, mplayer doesn't really provide a remote control interface once it's started16:39
fluxmaybe there's a vnc client around for n9, no idea..16:39
ZogG_N9can i get in playing one coz as far as i know i need to start it16:39
ZogG_N9what are regulsr remote use?16:40
*** Sazpaimon_ has quit IRC16:40
fluxbasically VNC.16:40
*** radiofree has quit IRC16:40
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #harmattan16:40
fluxzogg_n9, try NetView from the store?16:40
*** andrunko has quit IRC16:41
fluxuh, actually never mind16:41
fluxit is the other way round16:41
*** wicket64 has joined #harmattan16:41
*** radiofree_ has joined #harmattan16:42
*** jreznik has quit IRC16:42
dm8tbrthere is a vlc remote control16:42
*** Hei_Ku has quit IRC16:42
*** zarlino has quit IRC16:42
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC16:42
ZogG_N9dm8tbr, thrre are too but did not succeed to connect16:43
dm8tbrworked fine for me16:43
ZogG_N9and on pc main player is mplayer16:43
dm8tbryou need to enable the legacy http interface in vlc16:43
*** Sazpaimon__ has quit IRC16:44
dm8tbrstart mplayer via ssh then16:44
ZogG_N9dm8tbr, did that worked from localhost16:44
ZogG_N9and mplayer is running already16:45
dm8tbrso do I get this right? you have a prestarted mplayer that has NO remote control interface and blame the N9 for not being able to control it?16:46
ZogG_N9did i blame!16:47
ZogG_N9i asked if there is a way, thats all16:47
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan16:47
dm8tbryour whining sounds llike it16:47
*** Robot101 has quit IRC16:47
ZogG_N9and already asked at mplayer if they have api16:47
ZogG_N9dm8tbr, did u get minstruation man?16:48
ZogG_N9i just asked, u can easly ignore my questions or ignore me16:48
*** Robot101 has joined #harmattan16:49
ZogG_N9there are different members with different levels of knowledge so if u dont like it you are welcome to quit16:49
ZogG_N9have a nice day16:49
*** Saz|Mobile has joined #harmattan16:57
Saz|Mobilewell that was irritating16:58
Saz|MobileI had to set up sasl just to connect to feeenode16:58
*** tomma has quit IRC17:01
*** tomma has joined #harmattan17:03
ZogG_N9why is that?17:04
*** tomma has joined #harmattan17:04
Saz|Mobilefreenode requires it for tmobile17:05
Saz|Mobilewhy I have no idea17:05
Saz|Mobileand the perl irssi script for sasl required modules not in harmattan17:06
Saz|Mobilethankfully the debian packages installed fine17:06
artemmawhy do you need irssi for harmattan?17:07
*** medri has quit IRC17:07
Saz|Mobilebecause there is no other irc.client17:08
artemmagive communi a try ;)17:08
Saz|Mobiledoubt that it supports sasl17:08
artemmaI must to warn you though that it looks and works as a normal app17:08
artemmathough if you are into console and text mode and irssi, communi may be of too much eye candy :)17:09
* artemma doesn't even know what sasl is17:09
Saz|Mobileugh, no copy paste or select through terminal17:09
Saz|Mobilethanks for that nokia17:09
Saz|Mobilegonna have to say google it then17:10
artemmalike copy-paste works well elsewhere :)17:10
Saz|Mobileotherwise i would paste a link17:10
ZogG_N9just read about sasl and frenode17:10
*** berndhs has left #harmattan17:10
ZogG_N9just google for sasl wiki17:10
ZogG_N9i use irc-chatter17:12
DocScrutinizerTADAAA 40-4 update complete17:12
DocScrutinizeronly took like 60 min, a bit more maybe *cough*17:13
DocScrutinizerwell, it takes some more minutes until it might get responsive again17:13
dm8tbrSaz|Mobile: try fingerterm, has both17:14
*** Saz|Mobile has quit IRC17:15
*** arcean has joined #harmattan17:15
ZogG_N9DocScrutinizer, flashed?17:18
ZogG_N9or ota?17:18
*** pinheiro has quit IRC17:19
DocScrutinizerthat's always weird fun to watch a device act in slomo on events (like touch screen) that happened literally minutes in the past17:19
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan17:19
SpeedEvil'No! I diddn't mean to send that message threatening the life of the president, I was just tapping randomly, and it diddn't react'17:20
DocScrutinizeronly appstarter though, volume for example is really responsive17:20
ZogG_N9DocScrutinizer, u have german pr right?17:20
DocScrutinizerI don't think there's such a thing like a German PR17:21
ZogG_N9what number?17:21
ZogG_N9i still have no ota =)17:21
*** xarcass has quit IRC17:22
*** Saz|Mobile has joined #harmattan17:22
DocScrutinizer001 iirc17:23
DocScrutinizersorry can't check right now ;-P17:23
*** vladest has joined #harmattan17:24
DocScrutinizerhah the swipe came thru, I did it like 6 min ago17:24
DocScrutinizersth must be running with terribly high prio and no waits at all - numbercrunching?17:25
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan17:26
DocScrutinizeror does it try to grow a brain and achieve conscious state?17:26
SpeedEvilThat's one of the things Aegis protects against.17:27
*** Hei_Ku has joined #harmattan17:27
*** zarlino has quit IRC17:27
nid0so, my n9 just showed up finally, apparently its an aussie import and thus no pr1.1 yet, whats the best way atm for getting harmattan to a sensible firmware variant and up to date?17:29
DocScrutinizerOK N9 right under the USB is a pretty good magnet, strong enough t pick up screws17:29
DocScrutinizernid0: wait17:30
DocScrutinizerDANG I'm temped to shut it down *hard*17:30
mgedminthrashing due to low memory?17:31
DocScrutinizerhah, quim online17:32
DocScrutinizermgedmin: nfc, how would I tell?17:32
DocScrutinizernuff isanuff, 20 min in semi-stale state. Hard shutdown due17:33
DocScrutinizerHAHAHAHA locking it "accidentally" with the powerbutton fixed things17:34
*** Saz|Mobile has quit IRC17:36
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: How else do you think the compass works? It's a big magnet, with a couple of optical encoders.17:37
SpeedEvil(not really)17:37
DocScrutinizerhonestly I really wonder how compas can work next to this friggin earpiece transducer17:38
*** Saz|Mobile has joined #harmattan17:38
SpeedEvil1/r^3 is a wonderful thing.17:38
SpeedEvilOr is it 4.17:38
SpeedEvilIt's the subtraction of two squares, which must be a cube.17:38
DocScrutinizerwell, sorry to spoil your hopes, but other end is speaker and exactly same monster magnet mess17:39
SpeedEvilThey must cancel!17:39
SpeedEvilThough actually, the zero level is set to the current 'background' radiation.17:40
DocScrutinizerI guess they use the speaker magnets to even calibrate the compass' misguidance17:40
SpeedEvilThe only reason a constant field causes issues is if various bitts of magnetic metal approach it, and disturb the field.17:40
SpeedEvilThe field generated by the magnets.17:40
DocScrutinizerhaha start screen with charge icon next to time17:41
*** Jas2Za has quit IRC17:42
*** Sazpaimon has joined #harmattan17:42
*** Sazpaimon_ has quit IRC17:43
DocScrutinizerMEH reboot17:43
DocScrutinizerled patterns are really awkward now17:44
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #harmattan17:45
DocScrutinizerdeveloper mode list of dev-pkgs fails to scroll when you tap the left 2/317:46
DocScrutinizeryou *always* click any of those pkgs17:47
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC17:47
DocScrutinizerscrolling on right 1/3 where those "installed" "installed" are, works17:48
*** leinir has joined #harmattan17:48
*** BluesLee has joined #harmattan17:48
BluesLeehi, is there a way to get rid of the n9 kbd in some situations?17:49
mgedminyou can swipe it down to hide it17:50
mgedminthat probably won't work when you've swype enabled17:50
*** leinir_ has joined #harmattan17:50
BluesLeemgedmin: thats cool17:51
*** leinir has quit IRC17:51
DocScrutinizershall I sync with my unknown neighbour's Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, over BT? X-P17:51
DocScrutinizeror better with Nokia6300?17:51
BluesLeemgedmin: there is an issue with search/swype kbd in qmltube17:52
BluesLeemgedmin: but switching to the default kbd is the solution, thanx17:52
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC17:53
*** BluesLee has quit IRC17:57
DocScrutinizer15 updates, size 666.6MB, KTNXBY17:58
grihmpf, no updates for me :(17:59
dm8tbrmgedmin: managed to swipe swype away once or twice, really tricky as it swypes up all swipes into swypes...18:01
dm8tbryou can hide swype, it's just tricky18:02
dm8tbryou can even swipe the keyboard layouts, including swype, it's also tricky18:02
mgedminwith swipe it often matters if you begin the gesture inside the screen or outside of it18:03
DocScrutinizerswhy son't sou swype srom swype swo swackswace?18:03
dm8tbrack and with swype in play it's even more tricky18:03
mgedminI noticed that I was unable to swipe out applications when I started a horizontal swipe low enough in the screen, where it intersected my vkb18:03
mgedminthis is probably used to switch input methods, if you've more than one ?18:03
mgedminI did swipe swype away a couple of times18:04
mgedminno Lithuanian support in swype18:04
dm8tbrartemma: I just noticed, you store the background in /var/tmp - that gets wiped on reboot resulting in black background. probably hard to fix?18:04
* dm8tbr uses the UK (swype) layout 99% of the time anyway18:05
*** leinir_ is now known as leinir18:05
mgedmin/var/tmp, according to FHS, is a place that's not supposed to be erased on boot18:05
dm8tbrthe remaining 1% splits between pl, de and fi18:05
mgedminbut not a good place for persistent files...18:06
dm8tbrmgedmin: the file is transient, but should survive reboots as it's the device lock screen background. which is cycled from time to time18:06
*** natunen has quit IRC18:07
* RST38h moos18:07
DocScrutinizerok, at least during dl/update/install this N9 is worse than N810 regarding responsiveness18:08
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan18:09
RST38hDoc: probably also depends on the size of package caches18:10
RST38hDoc: N900's HAM has become absolutely useless nowadays, with so many packages in the repos18:10
*** lardman_ has joined #harmattan18:10
DocScrutinizerwell, I can't even swipe to another screen from this download display18:11
mgedminsomething's not right there18:12
mgedminI didn't notice anything like that while I installed those 666 megs of updates18:12
DocScrutinizerwell, I can, 1 of 5 swipes works, when done slowly and thoroughly18:12
mgedminI did have some fun with messageserver eating 100% cpu until I disabled periodic email checking18:13
DocScrutinizerOOH it's just he notorious "c-ts fails when on charger" issue18:13
*** NIN101 has quit IRC18:14
DocScrutinizerunplugged USB charger, everything smooth again18:14
DocScrutinizerAHAAAAA! Related to my "noname" USW wallwart charger18:15
Sputhmm. is it possible to change the N9xx theme to "inverted"? I've heard people mention it in the context of energy saving, but also I think the few things that already have a black background (such as the notification screen) look awesome18:15
DocScrutinizeractually branded "LogiLink"18:16
DocScrutinizerwith a nice 2color LED18:16
*** ZogG has quit IRC18:17
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan18:17
DocScrutinizerprobably I could send SOS with this crap, if only I plug in a 2m USB cable18:17
*** Soder has joined #harmattan18:17
* DocScrutinizer wonders where his 50+g ferrite beads gone18:18
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan18:18
*** bkre has quit IRC18:18
DocScrutinizerhow to switch that friggin green on black in xterm?18:20
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC18:20
dm8tbrcontext menu, topright18:21
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan18:21
DocScrutinizernm, found the menu18:21
DocScrutinizerthns dm8tbr18:21
DocScrutinizer/home/user/TIMED-BACKUP   672  user users 64418:24
*** re_join has joined #harmattan18:26
*** Saz|Mobile has quit IRC18:26
*** re_join has quit IRC18:27
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan18:31
mgedmincat it, it's some text dbus shit18:32
mgedminwhy oh why doesn't irc let me use different nicks on different channels?18:32
* mgedmin wants to change it to grumpy_mgedmin, but doesn't want to spam all the channels he's on18:32
Clintredesign irc18:33
*** messerting has joined #harmattan18:36
*** spenap has quit IRC18:39
*** tbf has quit IRC18:42
*** ZogG has joined #harmattan18:44
*** mairas has quit IRC18:47
*** NGNUton-BC has joined #harmattan18:50
*** Saz|Mobile has joined #harmattan18:50
Saz|Mobileyeah commumi doesnt do sasl18:50
Saz|Mobileso i cant use it to connect to freenode18:51
*** GNUton-BNC has quit IRC18:51
*** NGNUton-BC is now known as GNUton-BNC18:52
*** mairas has joined #harmattan18:54
*** ZogG has quit IRC18:55
*** ZogG has joined #harmattan18:56
ZogGhmm found out there are updates on ovi store for apps i have and no notifications ot in manager not in top panel =(18:56
X-FadeZogG: Like I told you earlier today :)18:58
X-FadeZogG: Because they can't use the cool things apt-get has to offer :)18:58
*** Saz|Mobile has quit IRC18:58
*** lamikr has quit IRC18:59
ZogGX-Fade just tried apt-get update and got error on and
ZogGit makes only more to want to reflash to 00118:59
X-FadeZogG: We don't use It is .org19:00
ZogGcouldn't verify coz public key unavaliable19:00
ZogGstill not on pr1.1, can it be related ?19:00
X-FadeYeah, that is just a warning.19:00
*** Saz|Mobile has joined #harmattan19:00
X-FadeThat will be added to the policy package which will come from nokia.19:01
ZogGX-Fade, right it is org =)19:01
ZogGstil error19:02
X-FadeZogG: W: or E:19:02
ZogGW: but Err on ./ Packages and E: Some index files failed to download. they have been ignore or old one used instead19:03
X-FadeZogG: Can you paste the real warnings/errors somwhere?19:04
X-FadeWithout that it is very hard to help you out.19:04
ZogGwha is ope-service0?19:04
ZogGit upgrades it19:04
*** Saz|Mobile has quit IRC19:05
*** ZogG has quit IRC19:06
*** ZogG has joined #harmattan19:07
*** leinir has quit IRC19:07
ZogG_N9X-Fade, exectlly copy as i wrote19:14
*** seif has quit IRC19:23
*** seif has joined #harmattan19:27
*** rcg has quit IRC19:28
*** ZogG_N9 has quit IRC19:32
*** ZogG_N9 has joined #harmattan19:32
*** clbr has joined #harmattan19:32
*** zarlino has quit IRC19:37
*** piggz has joined #harmattan19:37
*** frinring has quit IRC19:37
*** ZogG_N9 has quit IRC19:38
*** clbr has quit IRC19:40
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan19:42
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan19:44
unreal-Mmmm, twitter integration seems quite flakey19:44
phakounreal-: as in?19:46
unreal-I add twitter, I see my twitter contacts in Contacts, and then I reboot the phone and all twitter contacts disappear...19:46
phakoare you online after reboot?19:46
unreal-as in "connected to the internet"?19:46
unreal-yes, wifi or 3g19:46
unreal-and the twitter Feed is updated19:47
unreal-just contacts disappear19:47
unreal-I had to use this trick to get it connect to twitter in the first place :
phakohm, never have seen that.19:50
phakotwitter contacts is a complex topic due to mostly non-technical reasons19:50
unreal-something to do with twitter api?19:51
*** NIN101 has quit IRC19:52
*** ZogG-laptop has joined #harmattan19:54
phakounreal-: you might want to check and/or comment there19:54
ZogG-laptopi used pc suite and it shows update to new pr1.1, should i wait for ota or go for it?19:55
*** etrunko has quit IRC19:56
*** tbf has joined #harmattan19:57
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan20:00
*** ZogG-laptop has quit IRC20:03
Sazpaimon_just tried to use the windows virtual keyboard via rdesktop on my N920:03
Sazpaimon_oh my god, the keyboard is almost 400 pixels high20:03
Sazpaimon_it takes up the entire screen20:04
Sazpaimon_and it doesnt do letter magnification, so you cant see what letters you are pushing20:04
Sazpaimon_there must be an alternative vkb program for windows thats optimized for low res displays20:04
phakounreal-: yes?20:05
unreal-phako: a bet he rebooted the phone after restoring a backup, et bam, gone again ;)20:05
unreal-phako: looks a lot like my problem, don't you think?20:05
*** tbf has quit IRC20:05
phakounreal-: no20:05
phakounreal-: I doubt it20:05
unreal-after reading again... maybe not20:06
unreal-i might have read his post a bit fast20:06
*** mairas has quit IRC20:16
*** mairas has joined #harmattan20:16
matrixxX-Fade: I created a subproject for my themechanger app on cobs, but now I'm stuck when adding targets20:16
matrixxX-Fade: which one I should choose for harmattan?20:17
mgedminis there a vnc client for the n9?20:17
matrixxmgedmin: there's netview20:17
mgedminthat's the vnc server, I believe20:18
mgedminit lets me view my n9 on a desktop20:18
mgedminI want to view my desktop on the n920:18
matrixxoh it's that way around20:18
matrixxI didn't try that out yet20:18
mgedminthe n9 screen is higher than my laptop screen, pixel-wise20:19
mgedminand I my vnc (TightVNC) client doesn't support rotation20:19
mgedminso when I launch a landscape-only app on the n9, it doesn't work well20:20
mgedminlandscape is the unloved stepsister screen orientation in harmattan20:20
mgedmincan't use the Qt Simulator in landscape20:20
*** mairas has quit IRC20:25
*** mairas has joined #harmattan20:26
*** Sazpaimon__ has joined #harmattan20:32
*** Sazpaimon_ has quit IRC20:34
*** slaine has quit IRC20:34
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan20:35
*** seif has quit IRC20:36
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC20:41
*** etrunko has joined #harmattan20:43
*** zarlino has quit IRC20:43
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan20:45
gabriel9why i cant design qml files in qt creator20:47
gabriel9i created qt quick app and set Harmattan target20:47
gabriel9i see two files: main.qml and Mainpage.qml20:48
gabriel9also where do i put my js files in project?20:48
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:49
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan20:56
mgedminI don't think Qt Designer supports QML apps for the N920:58
mgedminDon't know about JS files; put them in the same subdirectory as QML files perhaps?20:59
mgedminor avoid them altogether and put your JS directly into QML files?20:59
mgedminI'm sort of a noob myself; here's the best I could come up with during the Vienna hackathon:
gabriel9how can it not suport qml apps21:03
gabriel9i just deployed one21:03
*** gabriel9 has left #harmattan21:03
*** gabriel9 has joined #harmattan21:03
mgedminI mean the WYSIWYG GUI designer tool21:05
mgedminI'm new to Qt, and all the names baffle and confuse me21:05
gabriel9me to :D21:06
*** jonni has quit IRC21:07
*** max_posedon has joined #harmattan21:08
gabriel9i think that i saw that qt creator support qml for harmattan21:08
gabriel9but i can't remeber which version21:08
mgedminqt creator definitely supports harmattan, since at least 1.1.221:09
mgedminfrom 1.1.4, I believe, harmattan support is no longer in beta21:09
*** nix-cyrus has joined #harmattan21:20
nix-cyrusIs there any global twit-hashtag for new and yummy applications for N9?21:22
*** max_posedon has quit IRC21:23
*** ZogG-laptop has joined #harmattan21:23
*** jonni has joined #harmattan21:24
ZogGa have a quick question, after update (used pc suite) i do restore and all i see the list of apps i restore maually one by one, anyway to do restore all?21:25
*** aheinecke has quit IRC21:25
gabriel9you updated ypur N9 using PcSuite?21:27
*** seif has joined #harmattan21:29
gabriel9ZogG ping21:29
jonniZogG: you need to restore one by one, restore all might come in pr1.221:29
gabriel9ok, so i ask now all of you? How to update N9?21:31
gabriel9it does not offer any updates21:31
ZogGgabriel9, yes21:31
ZogGgabriel9 you have 3 options21:31
gabriel9tell me :)21:31
ZogG1)wait coz update would come to all contries operators and versions in 2 weeks21:32
ZogG2)Pc Suite or straight download nokiaupdatesoftware and use it21:32
gabriel9i buy my from some dealer who bougt it somewhere in EU21:32
ZogGi used pcsuite, update went well, though pc suite after reboot said it failed, i think it's just it doesn't know if it succeeded or failed21:33
gabriel9hm i tried with nokia software updater and it does not offer update21:33
nix-cyrusbtw found some info about video zoom-recording
nix-cyrusZogG pcsuite under win?21:37
gabriel9ZogG where did you download pcsuite for N9?21:43
*** NIN102 has joined #harmattan21:51
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC21:51
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:53
DocScrutinizertell you, this Nokia account creation wizard is braindamaged. It's asking for a *mail-addr* - what the F do I know about the domain part of my new nokia account. Or do they think I'd give them mailaddr and password of an existing account at $random_provider?? Anyway neither the helptext nor the manual is any help for that21:55
*** wazd has joined #harmattan21:56
DocScrutinizerand of course "I agree Nokia will send me tips and offers per email AND *SMS*" - HAH21:57
*** etrunko has quit IRC21:57
*** mairas has quit IRC22:00
*** rcg has joined #harmattan22:01
thpDocScrutinizer: there's actually a trick to avoid creating a nokia account (like create account, don't have an e-mail address, skip)22:13
*** wazd has quit IRC22:14
*** macmaN has quit IRC22:18
*** wazd has joined #harmattan22:18
Sazpaimon__is there an API example of having a scrollbar where you can only scroll by touching the scrollbar itself and not the actual window22:19
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan22:19
Sazpaimon__basically a behavior of a classic scroll bar22:21
*** wicket64 has quit IRC22:24
*** wazd has quit IRC22:25
*** wazd has joined #harmattan22:29
*** zarlino has quit IRC22:30
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan22:32
*** wazd has quit IRC22:38
*** piggz has quit IRC22:49
*** achipa has quit IRC22:51
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan22:52
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #harmattan22:54
*** arcean has quit IRC22:55
*** E0x_ has quit IRC23:01
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean23:01
*** macmaN has joined #harmattan23:12
*** ZogG_N9 has joined #harmattan23:13
*** lardman_ has quit IRC23:14
ZogG_N9what can be wrong?23:14
*** mosty has joined #harmattan23:16
ZogG_N9btw what is this icon?
mgedminwhy do I see a blank page when I click on those links?23:17
mgedminan image flashes briefly, then disappears23:17
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan23:18
nix-cyrustoo many zoggs here, isn't it?))23:19
mgedminworks in firefox, though23:19
*** ZogG_N9 has quit IRC23:21
matrixxX-Fade: now I have my app ready compiled in cobs with the necessary screenshots and such, what do I need to do now to get it in :)23:21
*** ZogG_N9 has joined #harmattan23:21
ZogG_N9i dont know =(23:21
ZogG_N9DocScrutinizer, ping23:22
DocScrutinizerZogG_N9: pong23:22
*** ZogG_N9 has quit IRC23:26
mostyanyone have an example harmattan source package that i can look at to see how/where to run aegis-manifest?23:38
*** crevetor has quit IRC23:43
*** harbaum has quit IRC23:44
*** lardman_ has joined #harmattan23:50
*** rcg has quit IRC23:55
*** ZogG_N9 has joined #harmattan23:56
*** klonkr has joined #harmattan23:56
ZogG_N9now after reboot icon is green23:57
*** niqt has joined #harmattan23:58
ZogG_N9can i check what apps i have in launcher and order?23:58
mostyjonni, i've tried reading that page a few times, but i think i'm missing something. if i run aegis-manifest . foo inside the directory that my deb package is built from, it returns with no error and there is no file foo created23:59

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