IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2011-11-07

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artemmagri, tried qdbus solution. Works perfectly! Now a trial of never touched (with dev mode) N9 would have confirmed the solution, but I guess dev-mode isn't actually installing anything new00:13
jonniheres how you see what dev-mode is installing: apt-cache show developer-mode|grep Depends|uniq00:19
artemmathanks, jonni , qdbus seems to be not included, so probably it is present in the system from the very beginning00:21
artemmaunless it is included as a sub-component into something that dev mode does install00:24
artemmadoes anybody want to try a new version of daily wallpapers (downloads fresh photos from flickr)00:24
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artemmaDoes anybody know of any screecasting project for harmattan? Or at least something that could be portable to harmattan?00:45
* artemma would like to do screencasts about his apps, but VNCs 10 FPS (or even 5FPS?) is so bad, that it's better to do no video at all00:46
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artemmahmm, interesting00:57
artemmaso videos are already possible!00:57
* artemma is checking sample video quality00:57
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artemmawell, video is not as smooth as a real experience, but unless you want to show a game, it may be good enough. 15FPS I'd guess01:04
artemmawill definitely giv it a try01:04
artemmathanks, arcean!01:04
arceannp ;)01:12
artemmahmm, it can't find gst-launch-0.10 on my device01:13
artemmasome package to install from somewhere?01:13
arceanfor sure it's in the SDK repo01:15
artemmaok, then I'll google how to install them01:17
artemmaapt-get install gstreamer-tools doesn't find them01:21
artemmaI guess I need to know some repository address01:21
arceanecho 'deb harmattan/sdk free non-free' >>/etc/apt/sources.list.d/nicks.list01:23
arceanmaybe it will work;)01:23
artemmatried, didn't help01:25
arceanalso apt-get update didn't help?01:25
* MohammadAG grumbles at alterego 01:26
* artemma knows real little about apt-get and all the packaging01:26
M4rtinKany hints how to get rid of the default tool and status bar in PageStackWindow ?01:26
artemmayeah! now apt-get found gstreamer!01:26
artemmaarcean: thanks!01:26
MohammadAGthere are no default tools01:26
MohammadAGcheck the first qml file01:27
M4rtinKcompletelly ignores showStatusBar : false and showToolBar : false01:27
artemmaM4rtinK: you can use just Window01:27
arceanartemma: happy screencasting :D01:27
artemmaand add toolbars as you would do for Symbian01:27
M4rtinKartemma: well, I would kinda like to use the windows stacking functionality later01:28
M4rtinKfor options, about, etc.01:29
artemmaarcean: I am trying the screencasting command line now. I wonder how to stop recording though - just Ctrl-C?01:29
artemmaM4rtinK: you can add PageStack yourself jsut like in Symbian01:29
arceanhmm, I think so01:29
artemmaM4rtinK I agree though that it's better to try messing with PageStackWindow if you are after  hartmattan only01:30
M4rtinKyep, I have zero Symbian experiance and I don't plan supporting it01:30
arceanM4rtinK: what about commonTools.visible = false?01:30
arceanM4rtinK: for me commonTools.visible = false and showToolBar=false do the job01:31
M4rtinKok, I'll check it out01:31
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artemmaarcean, i am scp'ing mjpeg file to desktop already! Will see 70 Megs for 1:30min :)01:34
artemmaI wonder how gstreamer figured which FPS to use. Or did it just capture framebuffer as fast as it could?01:35
arceanyeah :)01:35
arceanprobably it captures as fast as it can01:36
arceanbut I'm not sure for 100%01:36
artemmavlc has problems playing mjpeg - shows random frames01:37
artemmaand then rewinds01:37
* artemma needs to find some player for mac01:37
artemmahmm, vlc is supposed to be able to play it01:38
artemmamaybe some not-very-standard format01:39
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M4rtinKartemma: I have added a function that sets commonTools.visible = false and call it once the vie has its source set, but no change01:44
M4rtinKalso, the toolbars don't rotate once the window is created01:44
artemmasorry, M4rtinK too late for thinking to me01:45
artemmaalmost 2am here01:45
artemmanext time maybe01:45
M4rtinKoh, ok :)01:45
artemmagood luck with solving it01:45
M4rtinKthanks :)01:45
artemmaI can tell that my harmattan apps rotate toolbar fine using PageStackWindow, but I never tried hiding toolbar01:45
M4rtinKI'm working on a manga/comic book viewer01:50
M4rtinKand I need to b able to hide the tool and status bars01:51
M4rtinKi can do that by calling showFullScreen() on the main window01:51
SpeedEvil  844     1 user     R <  51932  5.1 98.4 /usr/bin/mcompositor01:52
SpeedEvil(with screen blank)01:52
M4rtinKbut then I get no bars at all01:52
* SpeedEvil reboots.01:52
M4rtinKand I'd like to be able to use the toolbar when not in "fullscreen" mode to show page number, options button, etc. :)01:53
M4rtinKartemma: BTw, is there some source for your apps somewhere ? :)01:54
M4rtinKa look in the source is worth thousand words :)01:54
SpeedEvilRebooting fixed. Anyone had jerky video after upgrading OTA?02:00
artemmaM4rtinK: I am from closed source camp, but it won't help you anyway as I do not hide toolbar02:01
M4rtinKartemma: ah, ok :)02:02
artemmaSpeedEvil: I had jerky everything after 1.1 :) Whole phone became noticeably slower02:02
artemmaM4rtinK: I can share bits of my code easily, no probs with that. But untouched it makes no sense to you and for touching - too late02:03
artemmagood night everybody02:03
M4rtinKnite :)02:06
merlin1991hm I tried the n900 -> n9(50) comhist importer ( and it only imported what others wrote, but my sms are still missing :/02:09
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M4rtinKso, for the record, I have solved the toolbar issue02:27
M4rtinKthere are a few things of note02:27
M4rtinKfirst, you have to call showFullscreen() outside of QML on the main window to get rid of the default tools and status bars02:28
M4rtinKthen toggling status bar works as in documentation02:28
M4rtinKbut, the tool bar does not show until it is assigned to the given page02:29
M4rtinKtoggling it until then does nothing02:29
javispedroDeleting and recreating the ICD2 IAP fixed twitter login02:52
* javispedro tries to figure why..02:53
SpeedEvilMy twitter login is still borked.02:56
* SpeedEvil ponders flashing.02:56
javispedroSpeedEvil: I removed my home connection from the network list, recreated, and it worked02:57
javispedrothe weird thing is that I reflashed like 3 times02:57
javispedro(it started failing since my aegis adventure...)02:58
javispedroalso it seems that google talk logged in without first failing with wrong password02:59
javispedrosomething that I would call a miracle since PR1.102:59
javispedrosadly, even if I were to backup settings now that they seem to work, there's no guarantee at all a restore would leave the n950 in a working state.03:07
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SpeedEvilSo wackily broken.03:37
GeneralAntillesjavispedro, how did you fix GTalk?04:02
GeneralAntillesI love that it's broken like Maemo 5.04:02
javispedronah, it's back to the usual behaviour after a reboot :(04:02
javispedrotwitter at least works now..04:02
GeneralAntillesAh, excellent.04:02
GeneralAntillesYou'd figure they'd notice this in testing.04:02
GeneralAntillesI mean, really.04:02
javispedroah, it's a common issue?04:02
GeneralAntillesWell, I have it.04:03
GeneralAntillesYou have it.04:03
GeneralAntillesSo clearly everybody has it.04:03
javispedrothere, common :)04:03
javispedroit happened right after a reflash, so it can't be anything app-related.04:04
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ieatlintwhat's the icon size for harmattan?07:47
hiemanshuand 64x64 for installer07:50
ieatlintcool, thanks07:57
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gri~seen pycage09:30
infobotpycage <> was last seen on IRC in channel #harmattan, 9d 15h 44m 12s ago, saying: 'X-Fade, looking good now. I killed the unnecessary Makefiles'.09:30
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qroniccould anybody point me to simple code using QMessage?10:36
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griqronic: aren't there examples in Qt itself?10:52
griX-Fade: you here?11:01
DottiHi, i just got n950 from nokia. first i plugged in charger and it powered on and booted like normal. then it said there are some updates and i tried to install them but it said it cannot download them or something. i powered off the device and now it is asking for security code :(11:07
Dottiany idea what it might be?11:07
artemmaDotti: congrats with the device!11:07
artemmasorry about everything else11:08
artemmaif that is a usual phone security code (that is actually called "security code"), by default it is 1234511:08
artemmaif I remember correctly11:08
artemmathough can't figure why it could be asking for it11:08
Dottiit says its incorrect11:09
artemmathen don't retry it in case there's limited number of trials11:09
artemmaprobably it's some different security code then11:09
artemmacan't help with it11:09
Dottiok, thanks anyway11:10
decibytemaybe 1234 or 123456? or something completely different11:10
dm8tbrusing the OCF on it might help :)11:11
jabisif you used track&protect app it's the code you gave to that one11:12
jabisDotti: ^11:13
Dottii didnt11:14
nibblerDotti: which firmware is on the device?11:16
Dottii think line started with 1.201111:18
griI would assume a new device has beta1 and therefore can't install the ota update11:19
Dotticant download OCF gives 404 :|11:19
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Dottiah, now its working11:27
Dotti(download i mean)11:27
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djszapiHi! Has anybody used the qt3d packages for Harmattan recently ?11:29
nibblerDotti: be sure to verify the md5sum. better safe than sorry :)11:35
qronicwhat should I add into other files and headers to make that code compile: ?11:37
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griqronic: what's your project since you try to add a sms? :)11:40
qronicI want to import sms from a file11:41
qronicanyways for now I want that just to compile, cause I'm new to c++/qt11:41
qronicit's way too different from ole' c11:41
griWell, you just have to take a look at qt mobility to know what to import11:42
griYou can "steal" from examples:
griadd to .pro: CONFIG += mobility11:43
gri MOBILITY = messaging11:43
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griadd includes to <Qwhateveryourtypeis>11:44
griand add QTM_USE_NAMESPACE to your file11:44
qronicthanks, gonna look into those examples11:46
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thpJaffa: what do you think about adding a viewport metatag to mwkn? try it yourself on your n9/n950: (compared to
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Jaffathp: Better for portrait, worse for landscape. Interesting tag, though. What else can be done with it?12:20
thpJaffa: you might try device-width instead of the fixed 400 px12:25
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Jaffathp: Can you remove the 'user-scalable' and put 'device-width' in mwkn-viewport.html so I can test, please?12:44
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thpJaffa: done, refresh12:47
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macmaNMohammadAG: your n950 is still MIA?12:59
macmaNi was just thinking of possibility of OMP Harmattan12:59
MohammadAGmacmaN, yes12:59
MohammadAGmacmaN, highly possible, I wanted to make it anyway13:00
MohammadAGbut yeah...13:00
macmaNright. id like something that i can hack some drummer specific features on.13:00
macmaNbut i dont want to remake yamp13:00
MohammadAGI thought drummers were hardcore :p13:00
macmaNsuch a bummer13:00
macmaNwdym hardcore13:01
macmaNi'd like to overlay a clicktrack on a song for one and then also add ability to slow a song down13:03
macmaNbut keep the pitch13:03
macmaNTronic: what do you think about this, is the pitch correction part difficult to do?13:03
macmaNTronic: performous already has this ability yes no?13:04
DocScrutinizermacmaN: use sox!13:04
macmaNsingle track repeat is also something i need, looked at sigma player last night for it, it'll have to do13:04
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macmaNfor the time being13:05
DocScrutinizersox, the swiss army knife for audio processing on cmdline13:05
TronicmacmaN: Autotuning? Not implemented yet but I have plans for that (just no time to test it).13:05
macmaNDocScrutinizer: hmm, you mean implement the requirement using sox or just use sox without a real GUI13:06
macmaNTronic: i dont think its named autotuning. or maybe it is. autotuning to me associates with the machine distorted lyrics of rappers.13:06
DocScrutinizerpitch shifting and tempo shifting is one of sox' easiest disciplines13:06
macmaNDocScrutinizer: ok good tip thanks13:07
JaffamacmaN: MohammadAG: I'd love to see the entertainment view on Harmattan, for when my N9 is plugged into a hotel room TV13:07
macmaNMohammadAG: i guess i could start looking at building OMP on Harmattan even while your N950 hasnt arrived13:07
MohammadAGmacmaN, needs libmafw13:07
TronicmacmaN: Well, it is an application for pitch shifting. Some simple pitch shift/distortion was/is done for Performous IIRC.13:08
MohammadAGalso it's pure Qt for the UI, will look shitty on the N95013:08
TronicmacmaN: For guitar whammy bar, that is.13:08
MohammadAGJaffa, I'll make an MTF version when/if I get my N95013:08
macmaNMohammadAG: is that another way of saying "needs a pretty big rewrite"?13:08
MohammadAGmacmaN, yep13:08
macmaNTronic: oh "Autotune" is a separate application?13:09
DocScrutinizermacmaN: of course on a mp3-decoder you can implement all this way simpler than with brute force mere analog signal processing13:09
MohammadAGOpen Media Player13:09
DocScrutinizerand with better quality13:09
TronicmacmaN: No, I mean application of a principle, not software application.13:10
DocScrutinizermacmaN: means if you playback mp3 you don't want sox to do the pitch/tempo shifting13:10
DocScrutinizermacmaN: you rather want to "detune" the mp3-decoder13:10
hiemanshuMohammadAG: link13:10
hiemanshuhmm, writing it in QML shouldn't be hard13:12
MohammadAGscrew QML13:13
hiemanshunaah, QML is nice and easy for UIs13:13
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tommawhat would be easiest way to remove old x11vnc which is installed by dev mode and install my own more recent build?13:14
* DocScrutinizer fetches popcorn13:14
MohammadAGand the player would only take 6s to start13:14
merlin1991~lart qml13:14
* infobot takes large quantities of Krispy Kream donuts and stuffs them one after another down qml's throat until qml puts on 150lbs13:14
hiemanshunot bad13:14
leinirouch ;)13:14
MohammadAGtrue, given the MTF version would start in 1-213:14
merlin1991Come on, make it gtk :)13:15
MohammadAGthat'd be slow too13:15
merlin1991Not on the n900 ;)13:15
MohammadAGit wouldn't be native13:15
MohammadAGtrue, but this is #harmattan13:16
MohammadAGso gtfo :P13:16
*** roop_ has quit IRC13:16
leinirstfu n0rb ;)13:16
MohammadAGI miss my N95013:16
merlin1991Trolling achieved13:16
merlin1991does nokia do anything about it?13:17
MohammadAGespecially the fact I used to not miss calls cause my device choked13:18
MohammadAGI should reflash the N900 tbh13:18
psycho_oreosI actually missed the story on how your N950 died MohammadAG13:22
MohammadAGit didn't die, just overheated every once in a while13:22
psycho_oreoshmm ouch, sounds like it had defective shields I suppose13:23
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hiemanshuMohammadAG: QML is awesome, use it!13:25
* hiemanshu runs13:25
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan13:25
merlin1991hiemanshu: you better run fast13:26
psycho_oreosmerlin1991, speaking of trolling ;)
* MohammadAG stuff QML memory usage up hiemanshu's...13:28
* hiemanshu watches as MohammadAG dirties his hands with QML and such13:28
MohammadAGthe amount of useful apps on iOS is incredible13:28
MohammadAGincredibly small that is13:29
merlin1991I think hiemanshu counts on the fact that you never can grab all of qmls memorx usage ;)13:29
MohammadAGpsycho_oreos, having one is useful13:29
MohammadAGI really like Waze, though it stopped working well on my iPod recently13:30
psycho_oreosMohammadAG, it can be but iPhones also comes with dirty Apple DRM tricks13:30
hiemanshumerlin1991: naah, just on the fact MohammadAG's hand are smaller than a 13 year old13:30
* hiemanshu runs13:30
jreznikMohammadAG: :D but same happens in nokia store - why the hell all rss feeds has to be one app, or is there possibility to filter it out somehow? it's nonsense run for big numbers just by packaging rss/books/music as standalone app (and I'm not against doing it, I just don't like messing proper apps up in the store)13:30
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MohammadAGjreznik, I pretend Nokias don't have a store13:31
MohammadAGI'm comparing the App store to maemo's repos13:31
merlin1991Community repo and that's it, who needs a fsckd store?13:31
psycho_oreoshow unfair ;)13:31
merlin1991Btwn whats the current status on harmattan community repo?13:32
* psycho_oreos watches as a ball of hay rolls past13:32
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MohammadAGpsycho_oreos, took some casualties with it13:33
*** ieatlint has joined #harmattan13:34
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psycho_oreosMohammadAG, which? the repos versus App store? I can imagine apple loyalists brags the superiority of the iPhone whilst they fail to see the things Apple does to them13:35
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MohammadAG psycho_oreos the ball caused a net split13:35
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan13:35
psycho_oreosMohammadAG, oh, oh well stuff happens :)13:35
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psycho_oreosI guess they weren't prepared to answer merlin1991 ;)13:36
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psycho_oreosso does N950 have USB hostmode?13:38
psycho_oreoslol, I hear DocScrutinizer had to give N9 some treatment as to getting that USB hostmode to work13:39
MohammadAGalterego, ping13:39
MohammadAGor anyone else13:40
MohammadAGhow do I build a debug version with debugging symbols?13:40
*** zz_gri is now known as gri13:40
psycho_oreosqml? *ducks*13:40
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alteregoMohammadAG: Ya?13:41
alteregoMohammadAG: Guten Tag :)13:41
fralsfor qt adding config+=DEBUG is usualyl enough...13:41
MohammadAGholy fuck13:42
MohammadAGmy fan died while compiling13:42
JaffaMohammadAG: What's the source URL? I wonder how close MAFW API is to Grilo (or whatever it got called)13:42
MohammadAGJaffa, source URL of what?13:43
psycho_oreostry blowing the crap out through the vents with a can of compressed air. That probably helps ;)13:43
psycho_oreosif not it might help cooling13:44
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djszapiHi! Does someone have the spotify application installed ?13:45
MohammadAGalterego, /usr/include/rx/columbus/ColumbusWaypointModel.h:33: error: 'QSqlDatabase' has not been declared13:45
alteregoInterwesting ...13:46
DocScrutinizerpsycho_oreos: I am trying to get hostmode to work on HARM, and it doesn't look quite good on feasibility13:46
alteregoWhat are you doing?13:46
alteregoTrying to compile it for Harmattan?13:46
MohammadAGalterego, compiling Columbus's plugins to debug crashes13:46
JaffaMohammadAG: OMP13:46
MohammadAGno, Fremantle13:46
Jaffadjszapi: Yes13:46
DocScrutinizerpsycho_oreos: not because the hw was bad, like it was on N900, but simply because of friggin Paegis13:46
djszapiJaffa: can you please tell me the credentials it requests ?13:47
Jaffadjszapi: How to check?13:47
psycho_oreosDocScrutinizer, lol shame, Paegis yet in the path again13:47
JaffaMohammadAG: Interesting, 'apt-cache search mafw' on N950 shows that MAFW may still be being used on Harmattan13:47
djszapiJaffa: _aegis file in the debian package or /var/lib/aegis/restok/restok.conf13:47
MohammadAGJaffa, qmafw13:47
DocScrutinizerJaffa: well, custom kernels and Paegis don't go together well13:48
djszapiJaffa: I can install it without OVI, apparently, so nvm13:48
DocScrutinizerpsycho_oreos: ^^^ (sorry Jaffa )13:48
psycho_oreosDocScrutinizer, ahh yeah I heard of that conf file numerous times.13:49
DocScrutinizerconf file???13:49
MohammadAGJaffa, basically, qmafw is Qt wrapped mafw that's closed source13:50
MohammadAGJaffa, so I need to rewrite the UI and adapt the Qt classes of OMP13:50
*** djszapi has left #harmattan13:51
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan13:53
psycho_oreosDocScrutinizer, oh ffs my bad. I got caught up with the other conversation13:54
psycho_oreosI really thought custom kernels were a way to bypass aegis minus the things that you cannot access once aegis is bypassed/disabled13:55
JaffaMohammadAG: For my purposes (entertainment view), that's already QML, correct?13:56
DocScrutinizeralso general OT notice about using vacuum cleaners or pressurized air on PC ventilation: it will make your fan spin so fast the generated electricity will fry your electronics that control the fan13:57
MohammadAGJaffa, yes, but the MAFW backend isn't13:58
MohammadAGI hate firefox's no-http-in-url thing :/13:58
DocScrutinizer(I killed the MOSFET in my laptop this exact way :-S )13:58
psycho_oreoswell the fan died :) but then again it wouldn't be wise to constantly blow on the fan either using compressed can of gas. Probably turning the laptop off and disconnecting battery before squirting burst amounts of compressed air might help.13:59
fralsMohammadAG: uh, doesnt it add http:// when you copy from the urlbar? does for me13:59
DocScrutinizer(since then the fan runs 100% full speed thanks to a small wire ;-D )13:59
MohammadAGfrals, used to, doesn't now14:00
psycho_oreossmall wire?14:00
psycho_oreosi.e. you somehow bypassed thermal control?14:00
fralsMohammadAG: on nightly or something?14:00
DocScrutinizershorted it14:00
MohammadAGfrals, nope, latest stable release afaik14:00
fralsMohammadAG: at least mine whatever-it-is 8.0 something does it on windows14:01
fralsseems my nightly here shows http in url bar again14:01
MohammadAGfrals, 7.0.114:01
MohammadAGalterego, fucking columbus doesn't crash under gdb14:01
alteregoRace condition14:02
fralsor actually, it was because all tabs i had opened was https ;(14:03
fralsadded http when i pasted14:03
fralsNightly 10.0a1 (2011-10-24)14:03
*** mgedmin has quit IRC14:06
*** mgedmin has joined #harmattan14:06
*** mairas has quit IRC14:08
*** phako has quit IRC14:09
*** jpnurmi has quit IRC14:10
*** phako has joined #harmattan14:12
*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan14:12
*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan14:12
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #harmattan14:16
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC14:19
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan14:21
Jaffafrals: It only does it when you're actually visiting the site. If you copy it without visiting, it doesn't include it.14:32
JaffaMohammadAG: So it currently goes to MAFW directly, but that won't work, and needs to go to QMAFW?14:33
MohammadAGJaffa, yes, or forwardport libmafw14:33
*** awallin has quit IRC14:35
*** awallin has joined #harmattan14:35
*** mairas has joined #harmattan14:37
*** mairas has quit IRC14:39
*** achipa has joined #harmattan14:40
Corsacdo people have some answers to bug reports on Harmattan?14:40
*** Mirv has quit IRC14:40
alteregoCorsac: what bug in particular?14:40
*** etrunko has quit IRC14:42
*** seif has quit IRC14:43
*** gri is now known as zz_gri14:44
*** etrunko has joined #harmattan14:46
Corsacalterego: in general, I reported some bugs since I received my N9 last week and got 0 answer14:49
Corsacso I'm not sure if they are even read, but maybe that's not the correct place to report them14:49
Corsac(or maybe we shouldn't report any bug at all :/)14:50
iekkuCorsac, where do you report them?14:50
iekkui think it's correct place14:51
iekkuand please, file them when you find14:51
alteregoCorsac: what bug/s ?14:53
Corsacwait a sec14:55
*** seif has joined #harmattan14:55
Corsac#626 #616 #615 #61414:56
*** mairas has joined #harmattan14:57
*** roop__ has quit IRC15:01
Corsac(hmhm, is javispedro somewhere on irc, btw?)15:02
*** jluisn has joined #harmattan15:02
*** veli has joined #harmattan15:03
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan15:05
*** Stecchino_ is now known as Stecchino15:05
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan15:07
*** roop__ has joined #harmattan15:08
*** baraujo has quit IRC15:11
alteregoCorsac: Not convinced 614 is a bug tbh ...15:16
alteregoI'd rather it cluttered with RSS than facebook/twitter :P15:16
Corsacwell, I don't use facebook/twitter so I can't comment on that15:17
Corsacbut I'd really much prefer having multiple rows for each email instead of a condensed view15:17
Corsacand hiding item marked as read would be nice15:17
Corsacthough I need to test something15:17
CorsacI didn't select “only show unread item” in the feed app, so maybe selecting that will work for the event screen too15:18
Corsac(though right now I removed all feeds from event screen but the Nokia conversations one is still displayed, don't know why)15:18
*** zz_gri is now known as gri15:19
alteregoWell, I tried and it doesn't effect anything in 20.2011.40-415:20
Corsacwhat is that version?15:20
alteregoThat is, reading an item as you document doesn't hide it from the feed.15:20
alteregoDon't know :P15:21
Corsacis this a private, internal version?15:21
alteregoYes, sorry. I should have tested with public, just not sure my N950 is going to like me if I roll back.15:22
Corsacwell, if PR1.1 is more recent than this one, don't bother :)15:23
CorsacI mean, the to-be PR1.115:23
Arkenoialterego, what changed there? is landscape mode improved? text entry and weird capitalization?15:24
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan15:25
Corsac(btw is there a way to load a kernel module on N9 right now?)15:29
* alterego goes back to work.15:30
*** kirma has joined #harmattan15:31
DocScrutinizerCorsac: hah, ask Paegis15:32
*** roop__ has quit IRC15:33
Corsacis that a real answer or is it a sarcasm?15:34
MohammadAGCorsac, insmod15:34
qronicwhat about aegis?15:34
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: Corsac: if I could load modules I actually might get hostmode to work15:34
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, then load them15:35
DocScrutinizerdoesn't work anymore on recent firmware?15:35
MohammadAGI thought that was unseal.ko15:35
CorsacMohammadAG: well, insmod will return -EPERM, because of Aegis I guess15:36
Corsacwell, I tried using devel-su from the developer account15:36
Corsacbut it might not be the correct way15:36
MohammadAGCorsac, try
MohammadAGpython module.ko15:37
MohammadAGunder proper develsh15:37
MohammadAGdevel-su -> develsh15:37
DocScrutinizerI think develsh in recent FW got neutered15:37
*** Chaz6 has quit IRC15:38
*** berndhs has joined #harmattan15:38
Corsachmh, no python by default, that's sad :)15:39
Corsachmhm, the write doesn't succeed when running it15:39
Corsac(to modlist)15:40
Corsacso I guess I have the neutered develsh15:40
MohammadAGpython is on the N9/50 by default15:43
*** roop__ has joined #harmattan15:44
Corsacnot on the N915:45
deram"-/bin/sh: pyhton: not found"15:46
deramcopypaste by hand gone wrong...15:47
DocScrutinizerI'd be *very* careful to mess with N9 on such a critical level - if you cause MALF you're in a pinch regarding what to use to do the suggested reflashing15:47
*** xarcass has quit IRC15:47
DocScrutinizeror is there *any* *official* procedure for flashing N9 provided by Nokia meanwhile?15:48
sandst1DocScrutinizer: official=no, working=yes15:50
CorsacDocScrutinizer: I already flashed sucessuly after a MALF due to enabling developer mode15:51
DocScrutinizerso my notion and advice stands - be careful, think twice!15:51
Corsacso I wouldn't say it's safe, but it's possible to play a little15:52
DocScrutinizersandst1: Corsac: I'm *very* reluctant and I dperecate using a $random_image to flash my N9 - an image where possible branding sneaks in, and no clue about actual changelog / compatibility / state of support15:55
CorsacDocScrutinizer: well, the image come from Nokia servers15:56
DocScrutinizer~lart Nokia for not providing proper OCF plus instructions, to "unbrick N9"15:56
* infobot explains, ever so gently, that if Nokia doesn't give the channel more information, they can't help for not providing proper OCF plus instructions, to "unbrick N9"15:56
Corsac(but yeah, point granted)15:56
*** radiofree_ has joined #harmattan15:56
*** radiofree_ has quit IRC15:57
*** CepiPerez has quit IRC15:57
DocScrutinizerCorsac: well, nandtest cmd also comes from Nokia15:57
sandst1DocScrutinizer: point taken. but anyways, flashed the same image that came with the phone, no problems15:58
DocScrutinizernevertheless you could kill your NAND with that tool, in no time15:58
*** slaine has quit IRC16:04
mgedmin"testing... testing... testing... *NOW* it is bad <evilgrin>"16:05
*** slaine has joined #harmattan16:06
Corsacbtw, does --enable-rd-mode from flasher do anything nowadays?16:08
*** povbot has joined #harmattan16:12
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v povbot16:12
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Corsacprft, my rebuilt kernel doesn't boot :(16:28
*** mairas has joined #harmattan16:29
*** w00t has joined #harmattan16:29
*** w00t has quit IRC16:29
*** w00t has joined #harmattan16:29
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*** rcg has joined #harmattan16:36
Smtihhow about starting harmattan on n900?16:43
SpeedEvilYou can't, for a nub er of reasons.16:44
SpeedEvilmost of the UI is closed binaries.16:45
DocScrutinizerplus the UI concept doesn't integrate too nicely with N90016:45
DocScrutinizerbuzzword swipe/multitouch16:46
*** Tronic_ is now known as Tronic16:46
*** roop_ has quit IRC16:46
Corsacgrmbl, I can't make those feeds disappear from event screen16:46
DocScrutinizeryou could argue N900 even has the wrong case for doing swipe16:47
Corsacha yes, you can long-press and clear everything16:47
CorsacDocScrutinizer: on n800!16:47
Smtihcan't run harmattan binaries on n900? why?16:47
DocScrutinizerdifferent hardware16:48
alteregoYou can under Mer16:49
SmtihCPU or chipset?16:49
DocScrutinizererr what?16:49
alteregoBut things like fonts, screen estate, etc are different.16:49
alteregoAnd Harmattan UI is quite, erm, rigid with regards to that ..16:49
DocScrutinizertouchpanel is different, bme is different, audio is different, USB is different16:50
Smtihas i know n900 support hardfp. what features mission on n900?16:51
DocScrutinizersee ^^^16:51
DocScrutinizeryou didn't ask about "starting binaries" like maybe less in xterm, you said "start harmattan on N900"16:51
SmtihAs far as I understand it, we can run the n900 binaries on harmattan. That is a problem in the layer between the driver touchpanel (example) and the rest of the system?16:57
Smtihor I just don't understand it?16:57
DocScrutinizeryou'd basically need to backport swipe-UI to the N900 kernel API, or adapt N900 kernel API to mimic a N916:59
fluxactually, isn't multitouch relatively little used feature in n9?17:00
fluxand swipe-ui, well, how complicated can it be.. :-)17:00
DocScrutinizerthen still you got problems like N9 doesn't even have any hw kbd, so how's support for N900 kbd getting integrated?17:00
DocScrutinizerwill HARM camera-ui work nicely with the kernel API for the N900 camera? etc etc etc17:01
Corsacwell, n950 has a kbd though :)17:01
DocScrutinizer(assuming you won't want to write a kernel driver for N900 camera module that mimics the N9 8Mpicel cam ;-P )17:02
DocScrutinizercould N900 touchpanel even detect swipes like used on N9?17:03
DocScrutinizerhonestly you don't want to even start a comprehensive list of things to hack to make this fly17:03
DocScrutinizerand, as mentioned above, the swipe GUI isn't open, so no way to packport it17:04
Smtihn950 has kbd. ok. I understand. Thanks for the clarification17:05
DocScrutinizerlet alone I'd feel nausea on seeing HARM GUI on my N90017:05
Smtihwhereas at the expense of running harmattan binaries on maemo 5?17:06
DocScrutinizerlike shell commands?17:07
DocScrutinizerprobably works OOTB17:07
DocScrutinizerthough nobody ever tried it yet, I guess. I'm doing the opposite all the time, running N900 cmdline binaries on HARM17:08
Smtihgames as example17:08
DocScrutinizersame problem, the API is way too differnet17:08
Smtihi tired, but problem in gcc17:08
Smtihpossible update gcc to harmattan version?17:09
DocScrutinizershould work17:10
DocScrutinizerthough I really wouldn't recommend it17:10
DocScrutinizerbetter get a generic binary of the desired version17:10
*** snowpong has quit IRC17:12
*** roop_ has joined #harmattan17:12
Smtihi has try build gcc in scratchbox, but it has too many dependencies17:12
*** nid0 has quit IRC17:15
Smtih This test shows that at a basic level is just incompatible
Smtihbut basically can we run binaries compled for hardfp in softfp system?17:19
*** nid0 has joined #harmattan17:20
*** Jaffa has quit IRC17:32
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC17:32
*** E0x_ has joined #harmattan17:33
*** Jaffa has joined #harmattan17:33
*** roop_ has quit IRC17:34
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*** Robot101 has joined #harmattan17:35
*** Chaz6 has joined #harmattan17:36
*** jreznik has quit IRC17:49
*** vladest has quit IRC17:50
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan17:59
djszapiX-Fade: Could I get some assistance for this issue, please ? I could manage the broken perl on arch, but I am not facing this.17:59
*** mairas has quit IRC18:00
*** Corsac has quit IRC18:03
*** Corsac has joined #harmattan18:04
*** andre__ has quit IRC18:06
*** gri is now known as zz_gri18:09
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*** leinir has joined #harmattan18:21
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*** slaine has quit IRC18:30
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*** infobot has joined #harmattan18:34
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v infobot18:34
DocScrutinizeras long as they don't use fp, I think it works, yes18:38
DocScrutinizersee [2011-11-07 16:08:13] <DocScrutinizer> though nobody ever tried it yet, I guess. I'm doing the opposite all the time, running N900 cmdline binaries on HARM18:39
DocScrutinizerthis whole hardfp vs softfp thing seems extremely unfortunate. Esp since you could emulate the one by the other, with a rather lean adapter layer. Just using different ABI for same functions is insane18:44
DocScrutinizerLD_PRELOAD myhardfp-app18:45
DocScrutinizershould workj, no?18:45
*** ZogG has joined #harmattan18:46
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone18:51
*** ZogG has quit IRC18:51
*** ZogG has joined #harmattan18:51
SmtihI didn't know about this18:52
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan18:53
*** arcean has quit IRC18:54
*** jamie92034 has joined #harmattan18:54
*** jamie92034 has left #harmattan18:54
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean18:54
SmtihWhat if just take and replace on n900 with harmattan version?18:57
*** vladest has joined #harmattan18:58
xranby"Smtih: but basically can we run binaries compled for hardfp in softfp system?" - no it will not work19:01
xranbythe hardfloat abi are not softfp abi   compatible19:01
xranbyw8.. perhaps you are talking about running softfloat binarys with vfp optimization in combination with other softfloat binarys19:02
xranbythen it will work19:02
xranbywhen people speak of hardfp today then they usually refer to the new arm hardfloat abi
JaffaAnyone know how to poke sysfs (or similar) to put the AMOLED screen into "power saving" mode?19:03
JaffaOr is it a case of grepping the kernel?19:03
*** crevetor has quit IRC19:04
*** GNUton-BNC has quit IRC19:04
*** frinring has quit IRC19:04
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #harmattan19:04
*** RST38h has joined #harmattan19:07
StskeepsJaffa: dbus mce19:10
*** jpnurmi has quit IRC19:12
*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan19:16
*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan19:16
leinirhmm... not entirely sure how this works - i have two reviews on my app, both five out of five stars... and the average of those ratings, apparently, is four out of five stars ;)19:16
ieatlintyou can rate an app without leaving a review19:16
ieatlintit's designed to prevent stupid "reviews" consisting of just a word because the field is required19:17
leinirAah right19:17
*** spenap has quit IRC19:20
JaffaStskeeps: Or poke /sys/class/backlight/display0/device/lpm (it turns out)19:22
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan19:23
djszapiM4rtinK: pingy19:24
M4rtinKdjszapi: yep ? :)19:25
djszapiM4rtinK: having osc issues, wondering you could assit19:26
djszapiassist*, let me show the bug reporty19:26
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC19:26
M4rtinKok :)19:26
M4rtinKbtw, I have just imported that new raptor package frou your repo19:28
M4rtinKhmm, I think I have seen this before19:29
M4rtinKhere it is:
M4rtinKdjszapi: looks like you don't have enough quemu packages installed19:30
DocScrutinizerJaffa: backlight of AMOLED, nice ;-P19:32
JaffaDocScrutinizer: Going to investigate how "low-power" it is for the darkened view of Bedside19:34
*** Anssi138 has quit IRC19:36
*** lamikr has quit IRC19:36
djszapiM4rtinK: sounds like a very hackish advice19:36
djszapiit would be nice to have the dependencies clearly19:36
djszapiinstead of install everything qemu related.19:36
djszapiM4rtinK: could you please show me your qemu installations ?19:37
*** miroslav has quit IRC19:37
*** miroslav has joined #harmattan19:37
djszapiM4rtinK: we have these qemu packages on arch:
*** vladest has quit IRC19:39
*** Smtih has quit IRC19:42
M4rtinKdjszapi: yeah, that bugreport still stands - there are definitely some missing dependencies19:42
M4rtinKBTW, I'm author of that advice from the wiki19:42
djszapiM4rtinK: nice, let us see figure out the exact deps, and improve the wiki!19:43
M4rtinKok :)19:44
djszapiM4rtinK: I have just installed qemu-launcher and libvirt19:45
djszapithey were not enough yet ..19:45
djszapiM4rtinK: can you please show me your qemu installations ?19:46
M4rtinKthese packages are available on Ubuntu 11.04 and I have installed all of them: grub-firmware-qemu qemu-keymaps qemu-kvm-extras qemu-kvm-extras-static qemu-launcher qemu-system qemu-user qemu-user-static qemubuilder qemuctl qemulator qemu-common qemu-kvm qemu19:46
M4rtinKsome of them clearly might not be needed (that grub one), don't know about the others19:47
djszapiI do not have many of those on arch19:47
M4rtinKthat simplifies the search :)19:48
djszapiM4rtinK: can you please experiment on a single package on your side by removing one by one ?19:48
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan19:48
M4rtinKok :)19:48
*** Soder has joined #harmattan19:49
djszapiM4rtinK: you sure that was the reason btw ? missing qemu package ?19:49
djszapiM4rtinK: also, it should probably be reported against upstream to fix the dependency thingy19:49
M4rtinKdjszapi: it was a few months ago, but this fixed it19:51
M4rtinKIIRC :)19:51
Corsacdjszapi: btw, unrelated, but is the kernel from supposed to run on N9?19:51
djszapiM4rtinK: -> we have these packages in AUR. It is kinda like PA on Ubuntu19:52
M4rtinKI think I asked someone one the IRC about it,l here or on #meego19:52
djszapior how the community repository thingy is called19:52
M4rtinKCOBS ?19:52
djszapiCorsac: I do not understand your question.19:52
M4rtinKprobably X-Fade or lbt should be notified once the missing dependency is found19:52
Corsacdjszapi: I tried to rebuild a kernel for the N9 using sources found there, and it doesn't boot19:53
djszapiM4rtinK: actually, I would say the "osc" tool developers.19:53
Corsacdjszapi: the version number matches what I have on my device, but as this source is for N950 I'm not completely sure...19:53
M4rtinKor maybe arch/ubuntu packagers ?19:53
E0x_what is the file i need to tweak for get the led work properly ?19:53
djszapiM4rtinK: not really.19:53
djszapiE0x_: please rephrase this question19:54
djszapiwhat would you like to achieve ?19:54
djszapiM4rtinK: it should warn you distribution independent19:54
E0x_whic is the file that i need tweak to get the battery led indicator work in the right way ?19:54
djszapiCorsac: I do not see the point of recompiling the kernel, if the binaries are there.19:54
djszapiwhat do you call "right way" ?19:55
djszapiyour expectation or manufacture default ?19:55
*** crevetor has quit IRC19:55
Corsacdjszapi: well, I do want to mess with the kernel (first by trying to load an unsigned module), so first step was to try to rebuild the exact same kernel and try to boot it19:55
E0x_not blink while charging and dont get on ( steady ) when if fully charger19:55
djszapiCorsac: well it should work. Hard to say anything without relevant debug information19:56
Corsacwait a sec19:56
djszapialso, I do not have time for kernel debugging right now19:56
djszapisorry for that19:56
*** lamikr has joined #harmattan19:56
djszapiE0x_: nothing, should work by default.19:57
Corsacdjszapi: and 13719:57
E0x_djszapi: is not working19:57
Corsacdjszapi: ok, any idea who I might try to ping on that?19:57
djszapiCorsac: sorry, but I do not aid for warranty void things19:57
*** rcg has quit IRC19:57
djszapiCorsac: Stskeeps or others. I would not personally like to lose my warranty in any way.19:58
E0x_i mean the led is ok  ( i saw it on one time ) but don't work as the manual say19:58
E0x_blink when chargin , and steady when the battery is full19:58
djszapiE0x_: so how about syslog ?19:58
djszapiM4rtinK: Please let me know, if you found the needed package by the experimenting.20:01
Corsacdjszapi: well, if there's a way to load a kernel module without voiding my warranty I'm all hear, but afaiui the only way right now to switch to open mode (if it exists) is to load a custom kernel20:02
djszapiCorsac: yes, and that is pretty normal.20:02
Corsac(which I'm fine with, it's something a malware shouldn't be able to do20:02
djszapiif anybody can enter the kernel, that is reaaaaaallybad20:02
djszapieven mmap is hooked anyways20:02
Corsacbut then I'm not sure running in open mode is really supposed to be a warranty-voider operation20:03
Corsac(imho, I mean)20:03
djszapiand  that is also pretty normal20:03
Corsacyeah, I do know that :)20:03
djszapiwell, how could Nokia take the responsibility for strange kernel ?20:03
Corsacno, I didn't say running a strange kernel20:04
CorsacI said running in open mode20:04
StskeepsCorsac: it is a warranty voider operation20:04
djszapimeans running a strange kernel20:04
djszapiwhat Nokia should have done is to accept my and my colleague's completely open mode proposal20:04
StskeepsCorsac: it's sad but that's the policy it seems20:04
Corsacyeah but what voids the warranty is not the open mode, it's the kernel20:04
djszapiCorsac: open mode means custom kernel20:05
Corsacwhich is a bit sad :)20:05
djszapiplease do not start this discussion again, so cumbersome20:05
djszapiI agree. I had a proposal. Management rejected. That is all20:06
Corsacanyway, I'm still interested by the open mode, warranty voider or not20:06
djszapiMer + Plasma, ask for help from vgrade :)20:08
djszapi#active or #mer I guess.20:08
djszapithis channel is about harmattan as its name says :)20:08
*** zz_gri is now known as gri20:08
Tronicdjszapi: Ummh, how does Dell or Asus take responsibility for running a strange kernel (e.g. Ubuntu instead of the preinstalled Windows)?20:09
TronicHardware needs to be designed so that it cannot be broken by software, and then hardware faults are covered by the warranty.20:10
Corsacdjszapi: I'm interested by Harmattan open mode20:10
TronicPretty much a moot point, though. I am pretty sure that you could RMA a bricked Nokia device just fine and they would send you a new one, no questions asked.20:10
djszapiCorsac: Harmattan open mode means, it is not Harmattan20:11
djszapiTronic: Harmattan is not shipped by Ubuntu or anybody else. It is shipped by Nokia, by Nokia rules.20:12
djszapiobey and leave.20:12
CorsacI think 'and' is ok :)20:12
Corsacand btw I still think *system* talks about Harmattan/N9 has its place here20:13
Corsacit's not only about apps or swipe :)20:13
djszapiCorsac: again, if you drop the Harmattan kernel, it is not Harmattan.20:14
Tronicdjszapi: Well, even Nokia only has *some* control over the local laws (yes, we do have a law dubbed "Lex Nokia" in Finland). The law in most countries makes the manufacturer and the reseller responsible for various problems no matter what they claim.20:14
djszapiCorsac: if you drop the Harmattan kernel, and use Mer and anything else. I would suggest the relevant channel.20:14
djszapinot offense, vgrade and others do not sit here for helping you :)20:15
Tronicdjszapi: More precisely, tinkering a device doesn't remove the mandatory requirements of the manufacturer and if the hardware breaks, the manufacturer needs to repair it if the fault was not directly caused by the tinkering.20:16
djszapiTronic: sorry, but I do not have the sake for this. I accept the rules Nokia dictates or I leave, if not. There are no in-between state.20:16
TronicThere have been cases of people opening gadgets that have those "warranty void if removed" stickers on them, and the manufacturer still being responsible for a component failure.20:17
djszapibe smarter than Nokia lawyers :) :shrugs:20:18
Tronicdjszapi: What do you have to do with that? I was talking of consumer rights, not of you. The law is stronger than any corporate agreement or EULA in any case.20:18
fluxI'm sort of certain one could 'break' the MMC by having a program write random data to it 24/7 for a few months20:18
fluxI guses that's OK, because you're not running a custom kernel20:19
djszapisorry, but this really goes silly about nonsense things.20:19
Corsac(agreed, sorry for that)20:20
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:20
TronicThe law does not give you right to RMA a device that "won't work" because you messed up the firmware but even that will in practice get handled because the companies won't bother trying to prove that the user broke the device.20:20
djszapithis is exactly a discussion I would not like to spend my time with really. There are more productive technical discussions.20:20
TronicIt is cheaper and better for company reputation to simply replace/reflash the device.20:21
djszapiCorsac: send me your debug information, and I will try to forward it to a harmattan kernel maintainer20:21
djszapiifI do not forget..20:21
DocScrutinizer(<Tronic> Hardware needs to be designed so that it cannot be broken by software,) I'm all on same page here, but alas it's not the usual way EE design stuff20:21
Corsacdjszapi: the thing is, I don't have any debug information beside the flashing white led :) the kernel just doesn't boot (and in the end it restarts after the watchdog timeout, I guess)20:22
DocScrutinizeractually it's not possible for some chips (e.g. vcore regs)20:22
Corsacdjszapi: but I'm all interested for a way to get debug information :)20:22
Corsacand kernel / low level stuff20:22
djszapiyou have at least an output where the boot fails I guess20:23
djszapiif not even that, you just pretty much use a bad workflow of building a custom kernel20:23
CorsacI just ran the dpkg-buildpackage and then flasher -k arch/arm/boot/zImage20:23
djszapior/and then flash it20:23
Corsacbut doing the same thing with javispedro image didn't work either20:24
Corsac(though I can definitely re-do that checking that I do everything correctly, if you think such behavior is weird)20:24
*** achipa has quit IRC20:26
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djszapiCorsac: your request is this (translated): have a documentation section about build the kernel binary manually.20:43
djszapimaybe some troubleshoot/faq entries.20:43
*** vladest has joined #harmattan20:43
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan20:47
Milhousesomeone ask Jaffa to stop spamming! :)20:49
*** piggz has joined #harmattan20:49
JaffaMilhouse: ?20:49
Milhouseyou've got a few duplicate posts in there20:49
JaffaEugh. Blame the forum<->email bridge.20:50
Milhouseyeah, assumed it wasn't intentional but something automated had gone awry20:50
* Jaffa doesn't know how to stop this.20:50
JaffaMilhouse: Reggie's on it20:57
MohammadAGJaffa nuke the interwebz20:59
*** tbf has quit IRC20:59
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*** stroughtonsmith has joined #harmattan21:11
griIs there a way to let harmattan download a file using tranfer ui without starting the browser and pointing it to that file where I do not need to implement the downloading and TransferUI myself?21:12
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan21:15
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DocScrutinizerdon't use email for forums, simple as that ;-D21:25
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*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan22:03
Arkenoiguys did you ever see *how* mfe sync works?22:03
MilhouseThe email to forum bridge seems to be on a 10 minute cycle, and should keep Reggie busy. I once got caught by something similar, a defect tracking system sending me a status update email every minute for most of the day as it was a bug I'd raised that was the last to be updated - quickest solution was to update the status of someone elses bug. :)22:04
*** wazd has quit IRC22:04
Arkenoiit fscking drops whole local address book22:04
Arkenoiand then tries to fetch it22:04
Arkenoiif there is a connection problem, or, say, it goes to damn power saving mode22:04
Arkenoiyou get half of your phonebook and that's all22:05
fralsafaik it only does that if the server asks it to do a refetch of everything22:05
Arkenoidon't know, seems that google does it at least daily22:05
Arkenoiand the phone happily obeys22:05
Arkenoiand there is another thing22:05
Arkenoievery gtalk contact gets unmerged and duped22:05
Arkenoiand if you merge it back it merges on the phone but still duped on google22:06
Arkenoiso i have triples and quadruples now22:06
X-FadeWe are getting ready to start testing submitting apps to
*** aheinecke has joined #harmattan22:11
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan22:14
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vladestwhat is replacement for spinbox in qt components?22:28
Corsachmhm, are the keyboard arrows coming in PR1.1?22:28
thpvladest: vladest you could use a SelectionDialog + a model that has the valid range as data22:32
thp(obviously duplicating the name there was pointless.. ;)22:32
vladestthp thanks22:33
CorsacX-Fade: seems that the transfer for n9client doesn't finish22:33
Corsacdon't know wy22:33
X-FadeCorsac: Might be that the cache is still warming. It is getting served from akamai cache.22:35
X-FadeCorsac: Hmm it downloads for me on 3 different machines/ips.22:37
Corsacworks now22:39
X-FadeCorsac: Ok, good.22:40
*** jpnurmi has quit IRC22:42
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*** gri is now known as zz_gri22:54
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*** stroughtonsmith has joined #harmattan23:18
CorsacX-Fade: it installs two apps, one is “App” the other is “One click...” What is the second?23:18
*** buser has joined #harmattan23:28
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*** niqt has joined #harmattan23:46

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