IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2011-11-05

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Corsacok so in case people wondered, PowerKeyShortAction=menu doesn't exactly work on N900:03
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Corsacthat's too bad :(00:03
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ieatlintsuccess... i've obtained an n9, and all i had to do was beg, threaten, grab and run00:21
Venemoieatlint, you didn't pay for it?00:21
ieatlintnot as such00:21
Venemotell me more about it00:22
ieatlinti did a favour for nokia that involved 3 weeks of 10h days00:22
ieatlintthey also gave me a coffee mug and a tshirt00:23
VenemoI also have a nokia-branded mug, and also a notebook (not a laptop, an actual note book)00:24
ieatlinti'm just happy my n9 isn't pink00:25
Venemowell, I'd prefer if they launched a green one (like the green N8)00:26
ieatlinthuh, never saw the green n800:26
Venemobut since there is no green, I'd settle for the white version of the N900:27
Venemoarcean, hmm, I actually like the orange one better00:30
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Venemoarcean, are these photoshopped or these are actually confirmed colours?00:30
ieatlintthat looks like an ugly green00:30
ieatlintbetter question, are those n9s or lumia 800s?00:31
SpeedEvilyeah - I thought the edge of the n9 was different00:31
ieatlinti think i see what resembles the vga front camera in the bottom right, which would indicate n9, but it's hard to tell00:31
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Sazpaimonhas anyone noticed that the usb charger that comes with the N9 has much shorter teeth than most other chargers01:45
Sazpaimontrowback to the N900 issues?01:46
pcfeone would hope it's being over cautious and that the connector on the pcb is through holes this time aroound01:51
pcfehas there been a teardown yet?01:51
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fralsoh my god, ovi qa is awesome08:46
fralsdisclaimer on first launch "please only put b&w images since others may not show up correctly"08:46
fralsOVI QA FAILED: ACTUAL RESULTS: The icon sometimes does not show up, and when it does show up, it is corrupted and not displayed properly.08:47
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RST38hWell. Moo.09:51
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jpnurmihmm, QFeedbackEffect::playThemeEffect() does... nothing on N9?10:13
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Corsachhm, are bugs on for product Harmattan read?11:16
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ieatlinthuh, the release n9 doesn't have swype?11:26
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grishould come with the next firmware11:34
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matrixxany idea of where are different emoticon sets defined?12:20
matrixxthis is what I found from gconf: CurrentCustomEmoticonTheme = 343a7f65-0095-4eae-8fc2-87af7f3bf515812:21
matrixxlooks like an uuid12:21
matrixxI want to make a emoticon theme which looks exactly the same you type :)12:21
matrixxlike if emoticon theme was set to "none"12:22
matrixxbut can't find where the sets are defined :(12:22
grimatrixx: Do you know which emoticon is mapped to a certain input? (Would need this to add emoticons to my program)12:29
Venemohey gri :)12:31
griHello Venemo12:31
Venemohow're you?12:32
grifine but I feel like my project is an endless effort :/12:32
matrixxgri: no, those mappings I would like to also found :)12:34
Venemogri, what's jour project? :)12:34
matrixxthose mappings, and which uuid is connected to which theme12:34
griVenemo: That crappy Web2SMS program for sending sms messages via scraped websites or webservice-apis12:35
matrixxwell, in this case there's only one theme, and its icons are found from basic theme dir12:35
matrixxso I'm not sure if it's really supporting multiple emoticon sets :/12:35
Venemogri, and what's the problem?12:36
griVenemo: too much to be done :)12:36
grithere's the phone part and the server part12:36
griphone part consists of accounts ui, message handling and ui12:36
griserver is webservice and backend service12:37
griphone part is almost done but it took me ages (ok, got distracted very much)12:38
grinow I'm sitting at porting the server side12:39
Venemowhy the fuck is Qt so buggy? seriously.12:41
VenemosetFlag(QGraphicsItem::ItemClipsToShape, true); ---> this makes it mad12:42
w00tVenemo: is it a rectangular shape?12:47
Venemow00t, nope12:47
Venemow00t, obviously not :)12:47
w00tthen i'd hazard a guess at it not being supported12:48
Venemow00t, I've just made my puzzle pieces to be actually puzzlepiece shaped12:48
matrixxw00t: hey, have you any idea where emoticons themes are defined?12:48
Venemoit works allright! but when I rotate the items, sometimes Qt stops delivering any events to them.12:48
w00tmatrixx: no, apart from "probably somewhere in meegotouch's theme css"12:49
Venemow00t, this means that I have to manually write some code that disregards the event if its position is at a transparent point.12:49
Venemow00t, however, that is IMPOSSIBLE in the case of touch events.12:49
matrixxw00t: yeah, so far I've found a gconf key which value looks like uuid, and the actual icons12:49
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matrixxbut no mappings are origin of the uuid12:49
matrixx*mappings or12:50
Venemow00t, I have not found a way to reliably reproduce this. sometimes it happens, sometimes not. but if you drag an item around, it'll eventually happen.12:51
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matrixxw00t: at least not found in messaging-ui css12:53
matrixxI hope they are not hardcoded :(12:53
matrixxbut at least the emoticon theme setting in settings would imply they aren't12:53
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Venemogri, you still here?13:43
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pawkyWhere does the N9 put the backups it creates?14:04
jonnipawky: /home/user/MyDocs/.backups14:06
pawkyjonni, ahh.. it was a hidden one, thank you :-)14:06
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griVenemo: yep14:14
Venemogri, do you have expertise with Qt Graphics view crap?14:15
Venemosorry for bothering you then14:16
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griVenemo: do you know anyone who used python embedding in multithreaded c++ applications? There are a few tutorials on the internet but they don't seem to be what I want14:19
Venemogri, I have no clue at all about pythom14:19
grime too, that's the problem :P14:19
pawkygri, im just curious, why would you like to embedd python in a C++ application?14:20
gripawky: My program loads c++ and python plugins14:20
pawkygri, oh... i see14:20
gribut the python function calls are blocking so I want to put them into a thread14:21
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gribut it's a C api, so you have to handle to locking some time yourself14:21
grithe locking*14:21
pawkygri, i see..14:22
griand if I lock the interpreter in one thread and call a function there, all other threads using python stop at the same time ... so that's not the way to go :(14:23
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ZogGVenemo \0/14:31
pinheironot on the phone14:31
Venemohey ZogG :)14:32
ZogGVenemo, couldn't stand it and ordered n9 64gb =)14:32
VenemoZogG, congrats :)14:32
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ZogGtoo expensive yay14:33
ZogGbut i love myself too much to say no =)14:33
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VenemoZogG :)14:54
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ZogGVenemo, now i know c++ a little bit so it would be little bit easier to code something simple though i prefer to learn C more than C++14:55
Venemowell, I gotta leave very soon14:57
Venemoso have a nice day ZogG :)14:58
ZogGVenemo hope to talk to you soon14:58
ZogGi know you are missing my stupid questions =-)14:58
ZogGhave a magic day man14:58
Venemohehe, yeah :)14:59
Venemoyou too14:59
VenemoI'll try to remain on the channel with da N95014:59
Venemowill be a good test for my IRC client15:00
ZogGVenemo next week i'm ready to be your beta tester =)15:02
Venemothx :)15:03
Venemonah, bye!15:03
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jpnurmianyone used the mobility tactile feedback apis on harmattan? it just does nothing when i try to play a theme effect...15:09
griIs harmattan-dev gone? I can't seem to find the doxygen documentations anymore15:33
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npmjpnurmi: i'd like to use mobility tactile feedback for a project of mine... got a link to what you're trying out?16:30
npm^^ sorry can't help.16:30
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npmjpnurmi: my intuitive response is that you need to enable some aegis security token to allow haptic feedback in your app16:35
SpeedEvilwouldn't haptic be done through mce?16:36
npmalso check
* npm gets geek-sniped into looking at
npmso does anybody have a qml example of using haptics to give a "feel" to dynamic graphical objects on the screen. so that you can "feel" where a landmark is on a map as you move your finger around, etc.16:44
jpnurminpm: thanks for the tip. that could be it16:44
npmactually a really simple example would suffice, like having a round audio control with haptic "detents" so you feel when you're at "center" or at each click.16:45
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npmjpnurmi: and also, coming to think of it, woudln't the policy manager also have effect, as in you wouldn't want your "$1000-e-vibrator" app to prevent calls from coming in. :-)16:50
npmi.e. you may need to setup the app as "Game" perhaps?16:50
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jpnurminpm: thanks! gotta play with that once i get home16:57
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* npm wonders when nokia will start advertising that it not only has the loudest phone, but also the strongest vibrator :-)17:03
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griDoes anyone in here also have the problem that QtCreator for Harmattan compiles the program, creates the package but the deployed binary on device has no +x flags and therefore can't be started?17:16
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rzrso does flashing to latest ocf worth it ?17:36
rzri am still on b1 and plan to do that after you confirm its ok17:37
GNUtongri: Qt Creator works fine for me17:41
GNUtongri: I have never seen such problem.17:42
griGNUton: on another project it works partially fine .. the project deploys two binaries, one gets +x, the other one not ...17:42
grion my disk all binaries have +x17:42
GNUtongri: okay I actualyl never tried to build a pacakge with 2 binaries17:43
GNUtonBTW you could create a postinst file as workaround17:43
grithat's what my plan was17:43
GNUtonand of course file the bug17:44
tommagri, what version of qt-creator?17:45
gritomma: 2.3.1 and 2.4.0 beta17:47
grilinux 32 bit17:47
tommawhich creator you used for creating harmattan packaging stuff?17:49
grifor the project with two binaries 2.3.117:52
grifor the project now which fails and got 1 binary it's 2.4.017:52
grimaybe it doesn't like that I changed parts of the packaging (only in .pro files)17:53
tommahmm... packaking use "make install" which means it is qmake which doesn't set right permissions for files17:56
tommahow does INSTALL stuff in your .pro file look for that one binary project?17:57
griwell, the compiled files on my disk are executables17:58
grithey are actually installed on the phone in the place where I defined17:59
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gribut they miss +x17:59
gritarget.path = /usr/lib/AccountSetup17:59
griINSTALLS += target17:59
tommai have no idea how qmake checks if file is binary or not...18:00
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griIn my other project where I deploy two binaries and only one gets +x, that happens only with madde - a package created by scratchbox works fine18:01
GNUtonInfact I believe it's not a QMake problem, but it's related to Madde18:03
tommaseems like problem with harmattan toolchain then18:03
GNUtonqmake generates a Makefile18:03
grihow can I see the flags of the files inside a .deb?18:03
GNUtonYou should add chmod +x command at beginning of install: target18:04
GNUtonor at the end of build:18:05
GNUtonin your debian/rules file18:05
griWell, I found in one of my maemo5 projects, I also have a chmod +x in debian/postinst18:05
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GNUtonthat's another way18:06
GNUtonbut postinst runs on the device itself18:06
griyes, but that's also fine18:06
GNUtonyes it is18:06
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gripostinst works, yay :)18:11
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GNUtongri: great :D18:13
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Venemo_N950fuck yeah... my new favourite bug only occours when I add my own declarative item as a child of a Page component18:44
Venemo_N950so the bug is in Components.18:45
Venemo_N950if I just add that to a plain qml file and show that, the error is not present18:46
Venemo_N950I have no idea how to debug this any further :(18:46
Venemo_N950w00t, maybe you know something about this?18:46
jonniwhat kind of bug?18:47
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fralswhats the bug and what does your declarativeitem do?18:50
fralsi.e show us teh source!18:50
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Venemo_N950jonni, sorry I got disconnected19:07
Venemo_N950ok, read the channel log19:10
Venemo_N950frals, see the qml branch at19:10
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djszapigri: faenil's speak can be seen in the short Qt Dev Days video ;-)19:11
Venemo_N950bug is that the items won't receive any events when rotated19:11
gridjszapi: I already watched that :) And I've seen it live :P19:12
djszapigri: I also appeared for short time. They caught my laugh :D19:12
gridjszapi: Really? Now I have to watch it again :D19:13
* gri is invisible, not videos, no pictures (atleast not officially)19:13
Venemo_N950frals, jonni, it reproduces after a couple of drags and rotates19:13
djszapigri: 2:54-2:55 :)19:14
grido you have the url?19:14
griotherwise I need to ask google again19:14
djszapiQt Developers Days / 201119:15
djszapiDeveloper Days*19:15
gridjszapi: Haha, right I missed that at the first watch19:17
jonnionly thing that I notived yesterday that on portrait mode puzzle master handled the touch events to wrong direction :)19:17
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Venemo_N950jonni, yesterday it didn't have the ItemClipToShape flag set19:22
Venemo_N950btw it's not supposed to rotate (also fixed now)19:22
Venemo_N950if I remove that flag, the events work, but the game logic doesn't really.19:24
jonnihmm your using mouseevents and not touchevents...19:24
Venemo_N950i use touch too....19:27
Venemo_N950are you sure you're watching the qml branch?19:28
jonnimaybe Im blind or I dont see it on gitorious sources19:28
jonniah, wrong branch19:28
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jonnihmm, your using both mouse & touch events, there might be some compications when using both at the same time, as if you set event->accept() on mouse it might cancel the touch event and vice versa. or atleast at some point earlier they had wierd behaviour on that. Havent checked lately how they beheave nowadays.19:33
jonniie I would only use touchevents or mouse events and not both at the same time.19:34
Venemo_N950jonni, frals: full url to source tree is - the custom items are PuzzleBoard and PuzzleItem and the qml is located in the qml/meego directory.19:34
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Venemo_N950jonni, well, since there is no way to determine whether the current platform supports touch or not, I must use both.19:35
Venemo_N950but it usually just works.19:35
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Venemo_N950I'm 100% sure this is not the issue. since I'm not receiving ANY events19:36
DocScrutinizerpacket mail from Finland :-)19:36
KRFhey ho. i managed to brick my n9. it tells me "device is malfunctioning, security problem, and points to some DSO". it tells me to re-flash the device. is there an easier solution? if not, where do i get the image for the n9?19:37
Venemo_N950DocScrutinizer, what's in it?19:39
KRFdoes  the n950 flasher work for the n9?19:39
DocScrutinizerVenemo_N950: dunno, unpacking ;-P19:39
Venemo_N950KRF, probably not19:39
Venemo_N950DocScrutinizer, tellmetellme19:40
ieatlintKRF: the flasher itself does, the n950 images will not19:40
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jonniKRF, malf can be removed by removing one file from filesystem, but if you cannot ssh into device, then only way to fix is by reflashing.19:40
Venemo_N950jonni, were you able to reproduce the issue?19:43
*** mtd has joined #harmattan19:44
KRFjonni: not sure if i can ssh to work. any hints?19:45
KRFthe usb0 adapter doesnt seem to give me an IP19:45
MohammadAGjonni, can't someone add an init script to delete that file?19:45
MohammadAGso whenever it malfs, it unmalfs with another reboot?19:45
jonniVenemo_N950: sorry havent had time to compile and test yet.19:46
KRFare you guys talking about my issue or something else?19:46
jonniKRF: most likely ssh is only started at later phase on boot19:46
KRFjonni: yep. think so19:46
jonniMohammadAG: yes in theory someone can make custom kernel and initrd which deletes the file (but it would also need to fix the original file that caused the malf, ie fix the file the conflicted  reference hashes)19:47
Venemo_N950jonni, ok, no problem :)19:47
KRFjonni: so, that sounds like i need to re-flash. is the n9 image available somewhere?19:49
jonniKRF: n9 images were available with navifirm, but I think that getting ssu images are currently blocked/disabled for time beeing.19:50
KRFjonni: here are some direct links to navifirm stuff, are these valid?
DocScrutinizerVenemo_N950: looks like an N9 black 16GB19:58
Venemo_N950DocScrutinizer, you bought an n9?19:59
jonniKRF: ah yes that bin should be enough to reflash pr1.0 to n9 atleast the filename looks valid.19:59
KRFjonni: cool. one last question: how can i avoid this situation in the future? :)20:01
KRF(beside not hacking on the N9)20:01
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Venemo_N950DocScrutinizer, my N950 doesn't wanna display that link :(20:04
DocScrutinizererr, FMC seems slow ATM20:04
jonniKRF: if filename is found in /var/lib/aegis/refhashlist, then you should not edit it, unless you also update sha1sum checksum to refhashlist and are able to tcb-sign it to match the new checksum. otherwise you most likely will end up with malf.20:08
dm8tbrthere seems to be a ddos or other network problems with for at least a week now20:08
Venemo_N950could you pastebin the relevant part DocScrutinizer?20:08
DocScrutinizerATM not, posting a reply which meanwhile reached 38% of "loading page" :-P20:09
KRFjonni: okay. thanks a lot for the hints!20:11
jonniKRF: and also not a good idea to edit/delete files that match:  grep mandatory /etc/init.conf20:11
jonnithere is also a way to disable malf from happening, but for that you need tcb capability first :)20:12
DocScrutinizer72% WTF20:15
RST38hEclipse has launched a website for a new JVM language, called Xtend. It's built with Eclipse's Xtext and compiles directly to Java code!20:15
* RST38h takes time to throw up20:15
KRFjonni: is it possible to get that flasher.exe from a trustworthy source?20:25
KRFis it contained here: ?20:25
KRF(admittedly, i'm not too fond of installing stuff from a "flasher.exe" from a russian blog) ;)20:27
jonni3.12 should be in there atleast20:30
KRFawww... no win6420:30
jonnitry 32bit :)20:32
*** faenil has joined #harmattan20:34
faenilevening people :)20:34
DocScrutinizerVenemo_N950: anyway, H-E-N9 hw reference device20:38
DocScrutinizerfrom Quim20:38
DocScrutinizer(also supposed to be available to check generic questions relating hw)20:39
DocScrutinizer(as e.g. "does it have FMTX?")20:39
*** zchydem has joined #harmattan20:40
DocScrutinizerFSCK, Timezone Setting "Germany", not "Deutschland" - i.e. all country names are in english :-(20:46
DocScrutinizerindex scrolling frequently freezes on a letter20:48
DocScrutinizerlanguage selection is each country in its original name ("Francais" "Deutsch" "Espanol"), alas language setting is third in first-boot wizard, first is "Time", 2nd "Date"20:50
DocScrutinizerhaha, introduction suggests to swipe to the 3 views by any of from l/r/u/d but actually only accepts from right to left :-P20:55
*** vladest has joined #harmattan20:57
*** Jonno_ has joined #harmattan20:59
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC21:02
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*** tbf has joined #harmattan21:04
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*** clbr has quit IRC21:14
*** seif has joined #harmattan21:16
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #harmattan21:27
*** Guest85157 has joined #harmattan21:29
KRFjonni: :/21:34
KRF<- sad panda21:34
*** Guest85157 has quit IRC21:40
KRFrzr: i think the image is too old for my device. i need PR_00921:45
KRF(but just found it by using the PR_001 link and adjusting the image name)21:46
*** Scifig has joined #harmattan21:50
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan21:59
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan21:59
Venemojonni, I'm back22:00
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan22:01
*** vladest has quit IRC22:08
*** gri is now known as zz_gri22:12
*** vladest has joined #harmattan22:15
jonniKRF: ah yes, if you had 009 region then you need 009 image22:15
dang_does anyone know why the n9 email client is only using the email address in From: and not the actual name? is it possible to change this?22:16
*** clbr has joined #harmattan22:16
RST38hThis place is littered with N9 ads22:17
RST38hAt least Nokia Russia is acting as if N9 were its flagship device22:18
VenemoRST38h :)22:18
Stskeepswhoever said N9 wasn't going to receive a lot of ad money was an idiot :P22:18
RST38hStskeeps: prolly depends on the location22:18
Stskeepsyeah, location matters22:18
Stskeepsdoesn't work to advertise in areas that doesn't get it22:18
RST38hBut I have seen and handled the actual N9 and it does rule22:18
RST38hMore sturdid version of N950 with the display taken from E722:19
Venemojonni, I pushed a workaround for the bug which is simply to not use the Harmattan Qt Components.22:19
fralsStockholm metro is full of N9 ads <322:23
Stskeepsfrals: well, they do have do somehow have a financial return on all the meego devices sauna parties :P22:25
messertingfrals: I was surprised to see a lot of N9 adds in Norway as well a couple of weeks back22:29
Venemothe N9 ads in here look pretty stupid22:31
messertingAnyone knows if it is possible to have calendar events/todos shown in the status screen in N9 PR1.1 or PR1.2?22:32
messertingOr better yet - can I hack my way for that myself?22:33
*** andre__ has quit IRC22:33
Sazpaimon__we should all get together and pool our money together and make an N9 ad22:40
Sazpaimon__the problem with most nokia ads is that they're so impersonal22:40
*** mtd_ has joined #harmattan22:41
Sazpaimon__they all showcase the device, and not so much how the device affects your daily life22:41
messertingSazpaimon__: Yep, we should show some nice video telephony and awesome DLNA support. /rant22:43
Sazpaimon__sorry this isnt an N900 commercial22:45
Sazpaimon__but yeah all nokia commercials now are just renders of a phone on a static color22:46
Sazpaimon__no feeling22:47
Venemowell, N9 is not bad.22:49
Sazpaimon__all other companies do commercials where they show how the phone is used in their daily lives22:49
Venemobut methinks N9 is no match for the N95022:49
Sazpaimon__take the new siri commercial for the iphone 422:49
Sazpaimon__iphone 4 sucks, but the commercials make it look appealing on a personal level22:49
*** faenil has quit IRC22:49
Sazpaimon__because it shows people actually USING the phone22:50
DocScrutinizerAMOLED is so friggin nice - in standby mode. I can see why N9 has no decent indicator LED22:50
Sazpaimon__i would kill for a sleeping screen port though22:50
Sazpaimon__probably will never happen though22:51
DocScrutinizerwhich makes me think if N950 ever was meant to be more than N9's brother on steroids22:51
Sazpaimon__more like N950n was meant to be E7's brother on steroids22:52
*** harbaum has quit IRC22:52
Venemowell, it has a larger screen22:52
Sazpaimon__or brother from another mother techically22:52
VenemoI have a complaint though22:52
Sazpaimon__i cant have one?22:52
Venemowhy does Nokia think that I don't want to know the time while I'm listening to music???22:53
Venemosrsly. when I go to the lock screen, it shows the title of the song in the place of the time.22:53
Sazpaimon__i had a legitimate commerical reason to have an N950 from the company i worked at22:53
Sazpaimon__i put in a request and it was never answered22:53
Venemowhen I swipe, I get into the music app - still don't see the time.22:53
Sazpaimon__a week later, they run out of N950s22:53
DocScrutinizerwho said N9 had a convex touchscreen? I can't really see that22:54
Sazpaimon__i can see it on the edges22:54
Sazpaimon__but its much more pronounced in their renders22:54
Sazpaimon__the lumia 800 got a review on engadget22:55
*** Jonno_ has quit IRC22:55
DocScrutinizerwell, the touchpanel is maybe minimally rounded edges, yeah. So is N950 tp. The AMOLED screen though seems rather plane to me22:56
Sazpaimon__I think they gave the N9 a better review imo22:56
Sazpaimon__i dont know, they seem to be doing something to make it seem like the icons are floating on the glass22:57
Sazpaimon__and i dont think thats all amoled22:57
* DocScrutinizer idly wonders how long that AMOLED will live until "dead" (aka down to 50% brightness due to chemical degradation alias oxidation of the organic material)22:59
Venemowho cares?23:00
VenemoLCD in my N950 will live forever!!!23:00
Venemowon't it? :P23:03
Corsacok so the last bug in ASSI state is date from august 1523:03
*** piggz has joined #harmattan23:10
*** clbr has quit IRC23:11
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:13
zchydemHi, I have boosted harmattan QML project, but for some reason the line "viewer->rootContext()->setContextProperty("nfcManager", &manager);" doesn't really expose the interface to the QML side. Is this prevented some how in harmattan/boosted?23:13
Venemozchydem, worksforme23:13
Venemozchydem, see
zchydemVenemo: Works for me to in other project, but not in this new project23:14
zchydemVenemo: I'll check it out23:14
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan23:14
Venemozchydem, well, I don't think I'm doing anything special there23:15
zchydemVenemo: the only difference between my new project and your and mine old projects is that QML files are in the resources23:16
zchydemI should try to put them to resource file23:16
Venemozchydem, hmmm, that may just be the solution :)23:17
zchydemmight be23:17
zchydemI'll try that one23:17
VenemoI can't imagine why anyone would not want to put their QMLs into a resource file23:18
zchydemWell, by default the project template doesn't create a resource file23:20
zchydembut for the final distribution I prefer that23:20
JaffaVenemo: Why should I bother?23:22
JaffaVenemo: What's the benefit for an OSS app?23:22
VenemoJaffa, what's the benefit of not doing it?23:22
JaffaVenemo: It's less work; because - as zchydem says - it's not the default.23:25
JaffaVenemo: It also allows on-device hackery on Fremantle & Harmattan; but let's assume that's an edge-case23:25
VenemoJaffa, well, I haven't made a default project since ages, but first time I made a "Harmattan project" in Qt Creator, this was the default.23:25
JaffaVenemo: So, to do it, you'd have to justify to me why I'd go and hunt down what to do, when what I've already got Just Works23:26
JaffaVenemo: OK, so the real argument is "stick with the default" - which for my apps recently has been no-QRCs (for whatever reason)23:26
Venemomaybe they changed the default?23:26
VenemoI'm not sur23:26
Venemowell if it works for you, have it your way :)23:27
JaffaMaybe. Maybe I selected something other than "Harmattan project"23:27
* Jaffa was just awaiting some stunning argument since you said "can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to" ;-)23:27
Venemowell, I would hate if a simple user could bug with my .qml files. that's why I prefer embedding them into my executables.23:28
Venemobut for me, this was the default too.23:28
JaffaVenemo: Presumably, Aegis stops it. Anyway, makes it easier for them to start hacking & submit patches :-)23:28
Venemowell, I wouldn't trust Aegis to do anything.23:29
Venemoin any case.23:29
VenemoI'm sooo happy - yesterday I discovered that "Developer mode" in 39-5 works as you would expect it to work23:29
Venemoit allows me to run arbitrary binaries on my N950 without needing any hacks.23:31
*** tbf has quit IRC23:35

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