IRC log of #harmattan for Friday, 2011-11-04

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djszapihet Venemo_webchat00:01
Venemo_webchathello djszapi00:05
Venemo_webchathow're you doing? :)00:05
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djszapiVenemo_webchat: I am fine, thanks. How about you ?00:09
Venemo_webchatfine. struggling with a stupid bug with Qt resources.00:09
Venemo_webchatI have a file embedded into a qrc file, and it used to work fine.00:10
Venemo_webchatnow I just get file not found when I try to open it00:10
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Sazpaimonuh okay so00:30
SazpaimonI built a package in scratchbox for my N9, now I'm trying to install it00:31
Sazpaimonerror setting permissions of `./usr/lib/gnash': Operation not permitted00:31
Sazpaimonwhat do I need to do here00:31
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djszapifix your issue00:32
djszapiyou are doing things you are not allowed, so either get the right permissions or do not do those.00:32
SazpaimonI'm installing as root00:33
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Sazpaimoni dont know how aegis works, though, Im assuming its related to that00:33
djszapiyour assume is right00:34
djszapidoes not matter how you install00:34
djszapishow your debian folder please.00:34
djszapiand the /full/ output of the installation and syslog as well for sure.00:34
Sazpaimoni think I see, I didnt build the debs with fakeroot, so they're using the scratchbox username00:35
djszapiwell ... installing packages of course need fakeroot00:36
Sazpaimoni mean building the debs itself00:37
djszapiit is general thingie, nothing to do with aegis00:37
Sazpaimoncreating the .deb file00:37
djszapiyes, you did it wrong00:37
djszapi'dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot' is what you should use.00:37
Sazpaimonyeah, i re-rean builddeb, with fakeroot and its fine now00:38
Sazpaimonits not usually a problem but of course the N9 root isn't really root so it cant do anything with files from another user00:38
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djszapiit is a general problem seriously, nothing to do with Harmattan00:39
djszapiand installation is an entirely distinct stage to packaging. Do not mix them up ;)00:40
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tobb_are there any firmwares for the n9? I've bricked mine00:46
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djszapitobb_: Also,
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M4rtinKdjszapi: I see you pinged me recently :)01:26
tobb_djszapi: thanks01:27
djszapiM4rtinK: yeah, but not actual anymore.01:33
M4rtinKdjszapi: ah, ok :) BTW, looks like that soprano build fails in my projects01:38
M4rtinKbut with other error message than in yours :)01:39
M4rtinKand it should not be caused by older binaries as the recent OBS upgrade caused complete rebuild of all projects01:39
djszapiM4rtinK: update raptor2 in your repo, too01:40
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Robot101can harmattan not sync to either google contacts or a syncml server?01:57
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DocScrutinizerwtf is wrong with my du?
DocScrutinizer"smart" handling of hardlinks?02:14
DocScrutinizerRobot101: hi!02:15
Robot101DocScrutinizer: ahoy02:16
Robot101my N9 arrived today02:16
Robot101seems I need to attack my simcard with scissors02:16
DocScrutinizerwaiting for mine02:16
Robot101but first I need to get my contacts onto it02:16
DocScrutinizeryeah microSIM is a real problem02:16
Robot101well, I need to sync my contacts - I moved my contacts into google contacts so I could sync my Pre 3, because that was basically the only thing that it supported02:17
Robot101and I had SyncEco with my old Mobical account talking to Google on the backend02:17
Robot101which kinda worked, except when it didn't02:17
DocScrutinizerN9 should sync to OVI, for contacts at least02:17
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Robot101yes, but nothing else I have is synced to ovi, so that doesn't help?02:19
tobb_bah ovi store maintenance just when I flashed my n9 :)02:20
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DocScrutinizerRobot101: hmm yeah, if you got no N950 then I wouldn't see how to upload your contacts02:27
DocScrutinizeralso I feel like just mentioning/quoting it once again: >>Do NOT use any microSIM with adaptor to miniSIM in your slot-in SIM holder of N9!<<02:28
DocScrutinizeralso I feel like just mentioning/quoting it once again: >>Do NOT use any microSIM with adaptor to miniSIM in your slot-in SIM holder of N950!<< [/quote N950 manual]02:29
Robot101well, no risk of that. I didn't get an N950. :)02:30
jabismicrosim's a bitch - I had to sign a new contract with ym service provider just to get a microSIM, now I'm married for two years at least again x)02:31
DocScrutinizerprobably applies to all sorts of slot-in SIM holders02:31
jabis+with them02:31
Robot101DocScrutinizer: yeah, but the N9 only takes a microsim - there's nothing smaller I could use an adaptor with02:31
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DocScrutinizerscratch my first erroneous post02:32
jabisnice way to cash in - eventho the phones came directly from Nokia, still had to find a vendor that ships microsims x)02:32
DocScrutinizeraah, yeah, sure for N9 you won't find any adaptor to fit in02:33
jabiso'well - I guess it's "progress" - now I'm sure to lose my sim at some point - so tiny x)02:33
DocScrutinizerI thought of $RANDOM other phones you might want to use that microSIM with though they have miniSIM02:33
DocScrutinizerjabis: comparing it to a miniSIM you'll notice it's kinda easy to DIY a microSIM from any miniSIM02:35
jabisblech - can't get python to compile for pythonqt - missing lib after another - goddamn piece of crap microsoft build tools02:35
jabisI'd do all this crap on debian, but my wife managed to "update" our second laptop to a non-bootable state x)02:36
Sazpaimonnokia drive doesnt do TTS? what the hell?02:36
Robot101mail for exchange :)02:37
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Robot101can sync calendar and contacts for google02:37
jabisI was just gonna say that to you, Robot, only I had some trouble with MfE with google02:38
jabisRobot, 2 out of 5 niners we got managed the sync properly02:39
infobotjabis meant: Robot, 2 out of 5 niners we got managed to sync properly02:39
Robot101fingers crossed02:40
jabisQtCreator crash + visual studio crash, now is that a sign to stop coding for today -.-02:40
jabisalso when you're done with the initial sync - set it to device priority - otherwise you might have a sudden loss of the contacts you add in your phone when the next sync appears x)02:42
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jabiskk - I'm off to bed, devtools crashed and now photoshop ain't responding - gotta love M$-platform02:44
Robot101what does device priority mean?02:44
jabisRobot101: from the sync options - it means the additions/deletions you make from N9 have priority over the stuff you edit from web02:45
jabisthus if you remove a contact from web it won't necessarily delete it from your phone02:46
jabisthe same with calendar aso...02:47
Robot101that's not how sync is supposed to work02:47
DocScrutinizerotoh when you delete all contacts on phone, they will get removed from google as well ;-P02:47
Robot101conflict resolution is about a conflict02:47
Robot101if I delete a contact on the phone it's supposed to delete it on the server, if I create it on the phone it should create it on the server02:47
Robot101and vice versa02:47
Robot101it's not based soley on comparing local with remote - it's based on changes since the last compare02:48
Robot101unless for some reason that data is lost or invalid, then it will do a compare-from-scratch02:48
DocScrutinizeryeah, there's probably import, export, and sync. Sync ideally is timestamp based02:48
Robot101is this sync implementation known broken such that I need to change this setting as a workaround? I shouldn't need to02:49
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jabisI got reports from our company staff, that some people lost a chunk of their contacts when the server had priority, and had to reimport the google account from their outlooks02:52
jabis(outlook sync didn't work -> export from outlook to google & sync N9 with google)02:53
jabisman I'm waiting for that PR1.1 - these issues are quite frustrating :/02:56
jabisbut bbl - time for a few hourZZzzzZzz, nini guise03:01
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Sazpaimonis there any way to temporarily sigh individual binaries?03:14
Sazpaimoni replaced a library file of a package i made with a debug version for testing, and naturally it wont run now03:15
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pawkyhello everyone, I just f---ed up the root password on my N9. Does anyone have a suggestion how to restore/reset the /etc/passwd file?05:06
pawkyI tried a hard reset and soft reset but that didn't do it..05:07
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merlin1991pawky: how did you fsck your root password, also do you by any chance still have a root shell somehow?05:27
merlin1991or maybe did you deploy ssh keys so you can ssh in as root?05:27
pawkyno root shell :-(05:44
pawkywhat I actually did, was..  change root password using passwd carefully writing down the original encrypted one..05:45
pawkybut, when restoring it i only wrote in the original odxvRwp3Vs instead of !SU.odxvRwp3Vs ....05:46
pawkyi guess the password has to few characters to be used by the OS, and trying some password cracking doesn't work as its to few characters..05:46
pawkythus if anyone knows how to crack what odxvRwp3Vs might be for a password that would do the trick..05:48
pawkyWill reflashing the unit be the only option you think?05:49
pawkyI wish I did some more precautions before changing the passwd file hen and forth, but nope..05:54
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pawkythus if anyone could figure out what the new password odxvRwp3Vs could actually be, I would be a happy man being able to restore the N9 unit :-)06:01
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Sazpaimonis there a port of picodrive for harmattan yet06:18
Sazpaimonemumaster is great but Id love some sega genesis action06:18
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Sazpaimonman i would kill for someone to make a remote desktop client for harmattan06:57
Sazpaimonthere's an rdesktop port, but its useless on an N9 without any vkb support06:57
Sazpaimonmaybe something that works like symrdp on symbian would be nice06:57
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razvanpetruso what's new in PR 1.1 for those of us that are stuck in 1.0 with N9?10:25
decibyterazvanpetru: that's an interesting question. asking the interwebs instead gave me an answer very quickly :)10:28
razvanpetruI fail at asking the interwebs!10:29
decibyteoh! i feel sorry for you, then.10:29
artemmacomeon, irc is faster than google10:30
artemmaand more fun definitely :)10:30
decibyterazvanpetru: it says something here:
decibyteartemma: i totally agree. human interaction is always more fun :)10:30
artemmathough on this particular channel, there may be more people with N950 than with N9 and firmware is a little different10:31
razvanpetrufound something here... my problem was that I was looking for PR 1.1 N9 :)10:31
razvanpetruthanks decibyte10:32
decibyterazvanpetru: you are welcome :) i cant wait to get the update for my n9.10:32
artemmae.g. for N9 PR 1.1 good skype support is promised, for N950 you have to use a hack to enable it and you don't get skype integrated to phonebook10:32
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artemmaone of the primary positive things to me was Swype keyboard in N950 (though language switch in it could be implemented better)10:33
artemmaone of the primary negative things is that everything feels a little slower10:33
razvanpetruartemma: skype works in n9 with 1.0, mostly10:34
artemmaoh, I discovered skype in 1.1 only :)10:34
razvanpetruI was able to use it at devdays to make calls and chat :)10:34
decibytei'm looking forward to music player controls on lock screen10:34
artemmawell, you need a hack for enabling skype on N950, I tried this hack on 1.1 only10:35
razvanpetrume, I hope they fix this strange bug that shows the wrong number on screen when receiving calls in rare instances - that one's embarassing10:35
artemmanot into mobile music listening, can't tell about it Ж)10:35
razvanpetrualso, better browser10:35
razvanpetruthe rendering engine might be great, but the app is almost unusable10:35
artemmahave heard that music players on lock screen work well, but only if you keep MPlayer app running10:35
artemmadidn't notice much changes in the browser10:36
razvanpetruI was thinking of creating a WebView wrapper that fixes some missing features, but I don't think WebView is flexibile enough10:36
artemmamissing features?10:36
artemmaI am really missing only bookmarks10:36
razvanpetruturning on/off javascript or images10:36
razvanpetrufind in page, text selection, copy/paste10:36
artemmareflowing text would be nice, but I can live without it - landscape is wide enough10:36
artemmaoh, copy-paste would be useful too10:37
razvanpetruyeah, that's like selling a car without seats :|10:37
artemmawell, last time i was missing copy-paste in browser was a week ago10:37
artemmaso it's not super-frequently needed10:38
artemmabut when you need it, you do need it :)10:38
razvanpetruI think they should improve it OS-wide10:38
razvanpetrujust copy what ios is doing, that works :D10:38
razvanpetruor opera mini, that also works, though not as good10:38
artemmaindeed, copy-paste isn't even available everywhere10:38
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decibytei hope the crappy facebook app get's an update soon too. it is build of almost pure uselesseness. not that i use it that much. i prefer the website. but it's a bit embarassing how poor it is, i think.10:40
razvanpetruyou should try nokia social if you think this one's bad :))10:41
razvanpetruwhy is opera not porting mini/mobile to n9, it's already on meego... and meego is sortof dead10:43
artemmaI am running Opera Mobile on N95010:44
artemmathere is somebody's package on interwebs if you happen to use them this time :)10:44
artemmait's not super-good though. So I guess they are not releasing it, because it's not polished yet (already?)10:44
razvanpetruthey can release it as alpha :P10:46
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sandst1artemma: that'd be my package. but yeah, since it's just a repackaged MeeGo opera, it's not that optimal10:46
artemmawell, this is exactly what you can find on interwebs10:46
artemmayeah, indeed, I think I've heard about this package from sandst1!10:47
razvanpetruheard about it also10:47
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decibyteis mozilla working on a n9 firefox? not that i was very impressed by the n900 firefox.10:50
artemmasomebody told so10:51
decibyteand yes, i just did the same as razvanpetru: didn't bother to ask the interwebs.10:52
decibyteartemma: cool10:52
artemmadecibyte: for you it's unforgivable after ashamign razvanpetru for it :D10:52
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decibytehehe. i wasn't ashaming him. it was more like... an advice :)10:53
artemmayeah, ashaming by advice is the most easy form of trolling :)10:53
razvanpetruyes, I feel ashamed now...10:53
artemmaDoes anybody know a quick way for changing "Main QML file" for QML Viewer when started from Qt Creator?10:54
decibytesorry, raz10:54
razvanpetruit's okay dec :)10:54
* artemma is thinking about creating a macros. 95% of time I have to cycle between some 2-3 files only10:54
deramif webkit is usable enough, but you dislike the default browser, it is not actually so big job to write your own browser..10:56
razvanpetruderam, pinch-zoom is very hard to do right on webview10:57
razvanpetruand it has the same big issues with text selection & copy-paste, but I will still research this idea10:57
razvanpetruwhen I'm at 99% probably opera and firefox will launch :P10:57
Hq`you can already have firefox on the n910:58
decibyteHq`: link, please?10:59
matrixxartemma: are you able to install your application with dpkg from device terminal?11:01
matrixxartemma: I tried, but didn't have permission either as developer or with develsh11:01
artemmano idea, you can install it by sending deb file via bluetooth11:01
artemmajust make sure you allow installation from untrusted sources11:02
artemmasomewhere in Settings11:02
matrixxI have that enabled11:02
matrixxbut still :/11:02
decibyteHq`: it doesn't look like something mozilla made, though11:02
matrixxI don't have any bluetoot device to send it from11:02
artemmaI tried it via bluetooth yesterday - worked11:02
artemmaworked for jpnurmi as well11:02
matrixxok :)11:03
matrixxdidn't know there was automatic install from bluetooth :)11:03
matrixxthat's kinda cool11:03
dymaxionis there any way of tricking gmail website to think that the handset is a android phone so that I can get the advanced mobile interface on my N9 ?11:03
Hq`decibyte: no, but it seems to work11:04
deramdymaxion: is there no direct url to that interface?11:05
decibyteHq`: i guess. except my phone browser opens the .deb as plain text :/11:05
deramit is just plain evil to hide advanced interfaces behind some predefined useragent strings...11:05
artemmadymaxion: somebody has an app that does just that11:06
artemmamentioned on meegoexperts11:06
artemmaI wasn't able to try, because they guy has wrong mime type on his web site and N9 browser downloads deb file as text :)11:06
artemmaI was too lazy to try it via desktop11:07
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razvanpetruwhy is code completion completely broken for the harmattan target?11:09
dymaxionderam, artemma I dunno I keep ending up on the simple html mobile site... I can't seem to find anything... MobWebMail for Symbina is the closest11:16
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artemmaAbout 1-2 days ago very strange thing started with my N950. I have to login to Google (that I use for chat only, no calendar no mail) like 10 times a day and many times login doesn't work11:18
dymaxionThanks artemma.11:18
artemmaanybody experienced the same?11:18
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artemmaor did they just tighten the MailForExchange limits (on desktop if you check mail every 15 min, Google locks your account, but I didn't see that happening with mobile yet and I didn't know it could influence chat)11:19
dymaxionanyone know if there's any difference in efficiency between using the "google" account type for syncing mail, presumably polling imap, vs mfE ?  does mfe support push?  or just same polling?    The only difference I can see if that the standard imap type you can keep requesting emails back further than 3 weeks, but the max sync window for mfE is 3 weeks... not sure about battery efficiency though...11:20
dymaxionand I've not experience any such login isues with google as you desribed.11:20
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artemma there is a disadvantage - gogole account doesn't sync calendar :)11:20
artemmamail for exchange does11:20
dymaxionyes so I have setup both accounts and trying to compare to see if any major differences in the way it syncs...11:21
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djszapi~seen wazd11:21
artemmaand I think google account doesn't sync contacts (if you use google for contacts)11:21
infobotwazd <> was last seen on IRC in channel #harmattan, 15d 11h 40m 24s ago, saying: 'Milhouse: easter egg for geeks? :)'.11:21
dymaxionwas thinkig keeping mfe for syncing contacts, caldev for calendar, and google(or mfe) for mail11:22
*** pyhimys has joined #harmattan11:22
dymaxionmfe I understand doesnm't support multiple calendar sync.... (i think!)11:22
pyhimysIs there a list of things that n9 developer-mode does?11:22
artemmadymaxion: I use two MFE accounts: one for google (private stuff), one for company server (work stuff). Works well.11:23
dymaxionshame it doesn't support server side search.11:25
djszapipyhimys: have you checked the security guide ?11:26
dymaxionartemma, then on top you have another google account for chat?... it's so convoluted just to get everything syncd! :-)  I don't mind just feel for other non-geeks who want something simple...11:27
artemmayep, it is exactly my combination11:28
artemmaworked totally fine until two days ago when it started asking for google password every 10 mins11:28
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kirmaanyone else having awful trouble with 3G connectivity on N9?11:30
kirmamy phone seems to drop off the network basically daily and if I attempt to disconnect and reconnect, it hands on reconnecting11:31
djszapiworks for me.11:32
kirmaI use google chat, mail and stuff on background, and wifi hotspot occassionally11:33
kirmaI have a feeling there's a small glitch in the network and then the modem goes to some magical state, but I have nothing to prove this11:34
dymaxionkirma, i've had issues today where it kept prompting me to select mobile network for data connectivity, or wifi...11:36
dymaxionI would have expected it to auto connect to saved wifi, else mobile network11:37
dymaxionreception was not an issue at the time.11:37
djszapikirma: make sure it is a harmattan question (ie.: try with other phone..)11:38
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dymaxionartemma, one thing I noticed with gmail vs mfe, with emails that have an ICS attachment, the gmail account shows a small calendar icon in the summary list,  however mfe doesn't...11:43
* artemma is thinking about disabling GChat completely - annoyed too much with endless password requests11:44
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japplohello, how can I disable the harmattan menu bar if I build keepassx ?
gridjszapi: there is no way an application could "apt-get install" another package, right?12:17
grijapplo: Do it in qml?12:17
djszapigri: why not ?12:18
*** jskarvad has joined #harmattan12:18
japplogri: I tried it without success. Do you have a template?12:18
gridjszapi: I thought aegis forbids this?12:19
djszapiwhy wouldn't ?12:19
djszapiwhy did you think aegis forbids this ?12:19
grijapplo: Qt Creator -> New QtQuick Application -> Harmattan12:19
gridjszapi: I mean an user application12:19
gridjszapi: can it change the user and install packages?12:19
djszapiwell, root uid has been available from the beginning12:20
djszapiand it probably requires root, and nothing more.12:20
djszapiHence, I do not see why aegis would forbid this.12:20
griOk, another question12:21
grisince I don't want to install packages without asking the user12:21
grican the package ui be used to install a package from repositories instead of a local file? (yes I could try but phone is not here)12:21
grijapplo: If you need it more detailed, I can also tell you more than some menu items :)12:23
djszapigri: actually even setuid is avialable.12:23
djszapiand that probably helps to matrixx as well ^12:24
djszapiabout rebooting :p12:24
japplogri: thank you, I've added this to the folder \qml12:24
grijapplo: Well, it won't work that way12:26
japplogri: yes but why?12:26
griyou can't define initialPage twice12:26
griif you want a splash screen, use the invoker and give em a .png file12:27
griyou can't reuse your QWidget gui12:27
matrixxdjszapi: I sent the app to ovi qa without the reboot functionality, now it just asks user to reboot :)12:27
*** aheinecke has joined #harmattan12:27
djszapimatrixx: yeah, I know. I just thought I could mention if we tried to solve it that hard :)12:28
*** achipa has joined #harmattan12:28
djszapifor future knowledge :p12:28
matrixxdjszapi: yeah, thanks, I might need that for some other app ;)12:28
matrixxindeed :)12:28
grimatrixx: what kind of application?12:28
japplogri: is it also necessary to something to the .pro file?12:28
matrixxit's still processed by ovi qa, waiting the results eagerly :|12:29
grijapplo: You need to do your ui in qml and remove all QWidget code (atleast from the ui part)12:29
djszapigri: why couldn't you ? :)12:30
gridjszapi: what?12:30
djszapigri: you seem to ask questions without any reasons why it could not work ;)12:31
gridjszapi: I just ask before trying it myself for hours12:31
japplogri: is this the fastest way to disable the menu bar?12:31
grijapplo: In harmattan gehen die alten QWidget ui elemente einfach nicht mehr, du musst alles in qml machen. Also alle dialoge, eingaben etc. Dort hast du auch die möglichkeit, die menüleiste und statusleiste zu steuern wie es dir spaß macht12:33
djszapiI learnt german so I understand it ;)12:34
*** artemma has quit IRC12:34
djszapigri: okay, I do not see any reasons why it could not work.12:34
gridjszapi: Ok, thank you :) Knowing it's possible is more motivating than endless trying12:35
japplojapplo: ok danke gri, nur hört sich das ziemlich aufwendig an. Ich will eigentlich nur die Leiste ausblenden.12:36
japplo gri:12:36
grijapplo: Yes, an effort but you ui now looks ugly on harmattan while all other programs can go portrait, have different controls, fonts and animations12:37
griyour ui*12:37
gri(just to stay in english) :)12:37
*** clbr has quit IRC12:38
*** clbr has joined #harmattan12:38
japplogri: I know, but for the first attempt I prefer a faster way12:38
djszapigri: actually, I have just tried out and it worked fine12:41
djszapiyou need to use the install_file option and done. Oh yeah, one limitation is to use "user" in the Section field, but that is all about and then works oob.12:41
djszapiit will even appear in the package manager screen for removal from the Ui automatically.12:42
djszapidoes not really matter where the package itself comes from what origin, does not even need to be an OVI source. The pkgmgr does not have such a selection. Note: do not mix it up with the pkgmgr daemon.12:42
*** Jeffrey04 has quit IRC12:43
*** wook has joined #harmattan12:44
hiemanshuhey djszapi12:46
hiemanshudjszapi: you were talking about components for android right12:48
djszapinot right.12:49
*** etrunko has joined #harmattan12:50
*** RST38h has joined #harmattan12:51
wookhello folks, anyone knows anything about "themes" support for harmattan?12:52
hiemanshuI remember someone cant recall whom12:52
djszapiprobably nobody since there are no android components.12:52
djszapijust discussed with the developers in Munich last week at the Qt Dev Days.12:53
hiemanshuI see12:53
djszapiI even asked for confirmation, but got no answers:
djszapi -> funky, I mistyped the word "Android" lol :)12:55
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan12:55
hiemanshudjszapi: hah they deserved it :P12:55
djszapiactually snowpong can tell more12:55
djszapihe had a presentation there with percentages about the different modules how much was done in certain parts.12:56
djszapihiemanshu: longer presentation below, 32th page.12:58
djszapiwe should probably start .. packaging KDE for android.13:01
djszapilbt X-Fade is it possible to Android target to the c-obs ?13:03
djszapior get some service for android package building ?13:04
lbthighly unlikely13:07
lbtnot unless there's an upstream OBS target we can use13:08
lbtTry #obs13:08
lbtalso I doubt it's in the spirit of MeeGo so you'd need permission from someone like Dawn before we enabled it13:08
djszapiIt is not a problem, if it is not meego.13:09
*** xmlich02 has joined #harmattan13:12
*** etrunko has quit IRC13:29
*** etrunko has joined #harmattan13:32
*** wook has quit IRC13:34
*** aheinecke has quit IRC13:37
*** aheinecke has joined #harmattan13:37
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan13:54
*** baraujo has quit IRC13:56
mececan you modify .desktop items on device without malfing?13:58
mecehow would I know?13:59
djszapitry it out ?13:59
mecewell I do not want to malf13:59
KaadlajkI can try13:59
djszapithen edit a custom desktop file ?13:59
djszapibut ofc you can re-edit13:59
djszapiso it is gonna be a bootable malf14:00
DocScrutinizerfor your convenience I'll repeat: may-I-edit () { grep `basename $1` /var/lib/aegis/refhashlist && echo "probably not" || echo "edit if you feel venturous"; }14:00
djszapiso not a biggie really ...14:00
meceok thanks14:00
djszapimece: I am pretty sure you can modify it as root14:02
DocScrutinizer~may-I-edit is <reply>may-I-edit () { grep `basename $1` /var/lib/aegis/refhashlist && echo "probably not" || echo "edit if you feel venturous"; }14:02
infobotokay, DocScrutinizer14:02
djszapithey are not integrity protected.14:02
*** japplo has left #harmattan14:05
pawkyhas anybody unbricked their N9 64GB with success?14:05
djszapiyep, many14:06
Corsacdepending on how you bricked it, though14:06
CorsacI reflashed it14:06
DocScrutinizerwith what?14:06
pawkywell.. i actually need to replace the /etc/passwd file14:06
Corsacwait a sec14:06
pawkyi f---ed up the root password..14:06
pawkymy only hope to reclaim it seems to be by flashing the unit..14:07
derampawky: how did you break it?14:07
deramthe root passwd..14:07
DocScrutinizerwith passwd maybe?14:08
pawkywell.. yeah...if I was root... ;-)14:08
djszapideram: he forget it for instance14:08
djszapithat is already a break enough14:08
pawkyThanks Corsac, thats what I was wondering about..14:08
*** faenil has joined #harmattan14:09
pawkyso..  its simply using the flash softy, and chose the swedish firmware for 65GB then, right?14:09
Corsacpawky: mandatory warning: the website doesn't completely looks legit, but the links point to servers so I guess the files are OK14:09
djszapiCorsac seems to be the unbrick master :)14:09
DocScrutinizerpawky: I dunno how recent paegis etc works, but can't you use develsh /devel-su to become root without entering password?14:10
Corsacpawky: but make your own decision :)14:10
djszapifaenil o/14:10
faenilhey djszapi :)14:10
pawkythanks djszapi, thats the one i am looking upon, and just wanted to confirm the firmware :-)14:10
pawkyDocScrutiniser, nope..14:10
pawkyi was experimenting... and changed the rootpassword writing down the original encrypted one.. then when noticing things didn't get anybetter I put back the old one.. but (yeah laugh) forgot a god part of it..14:11
Corsacnote that you might be interested by too14:11
*** pcfe has joined #harmattan14:11
pawkyi missed out the !SU. in the original password.. :-(14:12
Corsacwait, no, the link are the sames14:12
pawkyso.. now devel-su wont work..14:12
npmMy first Nokia app published on first attempt: please try it out: ( see http:// for details)14:12
pawkyyeah Corsac, thats the one i am going to try...14:12
pawkyjust need to install Debian  to use the flash softy.. no RPM of it  anywhere right?14:13
npmthanks to all of you for the help/advice in getting published on first attempt at validation...14:13
griCorsac: is this official?14:13
faenilgri: that should be the chinese fw14:14
Corsacgri: depend on what “this” is, I guess14:14
faeniloup, not, this is austria :D14:14
griCorsac: "this" = 44-5 firmware14:15
Corsacgri: the links are not for 44-5 in fact14:15
griah ok14:15
grijust read the headline14:15
faenilme too, xD14:15
Corsacyeah, I tried to be smart and trick the website, but I failed :)14:16
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan14:16
djszapiwell, there are no limitations in China blolz :))14:16
*** mairas has joined #harmattan14:19
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan14:20
*** razvanpetru has quit IRC14:21
meceCorsac, too bad heh those productType and version strings are just in the headline14:22
meceI found next weeks firmware for RM-99914:22
*** rayyen has joined #harmattan14:23
hiemanshuugh, I have qmlRegisterType<Bash>("zitat", 1, 0, "bash");, but when I do import zitat, it doesn't work, what could be wrong14:24
Corsacmece: :)14:24
Corsacmece: I'm not too sure what parameter is relevant, maybe only versionid or something14:24
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan14:26
* DocScrutinizer wonders wtf is anyway - and what's the "official" frontend, and why there's this friggin link to chinese website on there14:26
faenilthta's nokia's server for firmwares14:27
meceok, seems the desktop files are not in the refhashlist so it should be ok then? DocScrutinizer14:27
DocScrutinizermece: as it seems not even the dir those .desktop are in is in refhashlist, I think it's afe to edit14:28
djszapimece: it is not refhashlist related only ..14:28
mecedjszapi, ok. so no way to know for sure?14:28
djszapiwell it is pretty easy14:29
djszapiif you break the system, you broke, malf.14:29
djszapiwhy would a desktop file break it ?14:29
mecemakes sense14:29
djszapiI mean you change the icon ? What would happen ? Max red icon14:30
djszapichange the name ? Name would change.14:30
mecedjszapi, mime-types14:30
djszapiwell, you have been asking it more than easier to try it out :)14:30
djszapibut I am 95% sure it does not break into unrebootable malf.14:31
mecedjszapi, I tried, didn't break.14:32
djszapisomeone could ask how to protect it against defense ... well provide a token for yourself.14:33
mece\o/ worked :D14:35
djszapiyes of course, there is no reason against that14:36
meceI meant that the thing I was trying to do worked.14:36
pawkywhen flashing an N9, should one use --cold-flash ?14:38
djszapipawky: normally nope14:39
djszapiin drastic cases, yes.14:39
pawkyso... just -f then?14:39
pawkywhats the difference?14:39
pawkyputting some boot stuf in as well?14:39
djszapijust ./flasher -F image -F emmc_image -f -R14:39
jabiswhat're the -f and -R args (haven't an flasher at the office)14:41
djszapipawky: it does not boot anything on the device14:41
*** razvanpetru has joined #harmattan14:42
djszapijabis: -f flashes the image, -R reboots the device for flashing, /very/ convenient ...14:42
djszapiafter flashing*14:42
djszapirazvanpetru: unfortunately, I missed your talk at the Qt Dev Days14:42
*** mtd has quit IRC14:45
jabissecond or third time my niner complains it can't suck enough power thru different laptops o.O14:45
jabisain't a USB3.0 port enough to draw power when your computer is hooked to wall outlet -.-14:46
jabis(no running apps when this appears)14:46
*** artemma has joined #harmattan14:47
jabisor do I simply have crappy USB-ports everywhere14:47
faenilhappens the same here14:50
faenilbut could be the wifi14:50
faeniltry disabling it14:50
*** artemma has quit IRC14:51
pawkyi feel like such a lamer, but if flasher doesn't recognize on what port the unit is on (though exists when checking lsusb) is it all about using -U and if so like -U "002:0421:0518" ?14:51
*** rafael2k has joined #harmattan14:51
*** artemma has joined #harmattan14:52
*** Guest18688 has joined #harmattan14:53
djszapipawky: do you try on Windows ?14:53
djszapiis your battery okay ?14:53
djszapidid you follow the general flasher instructions ?14:54
rafael2kpeople, do you think the N900 webbrowser/flash plugin could be copied and run with accell on N950?14:54
pawkywell.. I i am still at part 3 on ...14:55
pawkynope... Debian :-)14:55
pawkydjszapi (freshly installed an all :-) )14:56
djszapidid you remove the phonet modules, if they are loaded ?14:56
* djszapi thinks we should write a flasher issue FAQ14:56
pawkydjszapi, there are no phonet modules loaded as far as i can se with lsmod..14:58
djszapino clue then14:58
pawkydjszapi, is there any FAQ anywhere?14:59
djszapiI guess you took a look at the checksum, too ?14:59
djszapino idea, but would be nice to have one instead of repeating the same troubleshoot steps all the time here :)14:59
pawkydjszapi, the problem is at the moment, flasher will not find the unit, probably as its on bus2...14:59
*** artemma has quit IRC15:00
pawkydjszapi, the only one i found is that stochastic.. stuff..15:00
pawkydjszapi, should the phone be connected in SDK mode maybe?15:00
*** artemma has joined #harmattan15:01
djszapipawky: you do not have connection while flashing ..15:01
pawkydjszapi.. well.. i connected the phone, i can see it using lsusb, but when trying flasher it cannot find the phone, so i am trying to figure out the syntax for -U to specifically specify the USB device15:02
Corsacfor info, unlocking angry birds level just requires 3 nfc ids, it doesn't need a *phone* for the 2nd row15:02
jreznikCorsac: or passport :)15:04
*** artemma has quit IRC15:04
CorsacI used my passeport and two access badges :)15:05
CorsacX-Fade: btw, is usable right now?15:06
pawkyflasher just tells me "Specified USB device not found", but I can see it with 'lsusb'15:06
*** NIN101 has quit IRC15:07
*** rafael2k has quit IRC15:07
DocScrutinizerpawky: you connect the phone in switched-off state15:07
pawkyhmmm.. :-)15:08
*** artemma has joined #harmattan15:09
DocScrutinizerand you possibly want to get rid of any *phonet kernel modules and blaclist them15:09
pawkybut, when starting to flash, it complains for NOT finding the phonet modules ???15:10
*** lamikr has quit IRC15:10
pawkyso.. flasher now waits....15:10
*** artemma has quit IRC15:12
pawkyso, what does flasher want then so it doesnt end up in this wait state? some other module?15:12
DocScrutinizerwhen flasher waits, you connect the phone15:13
djszapipawky: honestly, try it out on Windows.15:13
djszapithat seemed to be the most stable due to the feedbacks.15:13
pawkydjszapi: ok.. ok.. but that will mean even more stupid questions from my side... ;-)15:15
djszapilearning things are never silly :)15:16
*** freemangordon_ has joined #harmattan15:16
*** freemangordon has quit IRC15:17
*** RST38h has quit IRC15:18
*** roop__ has joined #harmattan15:18
*** crevetor has quit IRC15:18
*** RST38h has joined #harmattan15:18
DocScrutinizerpawky: start flasher, wait for "waiting", plug in *powered-down* device15:18
DocScrutinizerpawky: other sequence won't work15:19
*** roop_ has quit IRC15:21
pawkyDocScruitinizer: hell yeah,  it does things! :-)15:21
jabis"it does things" - what did you expect? x)15:22
pawky~"like a virgin, flash for the very first time, like a viiirgiiin... "15:22
jabishopefully you flashed the correct version (if it was an N9) x)15:22
* infobot punches pawky15:23
pawkywell.. we will soon find out wont we...15:23
*** berndhs has joined #harmattan15:23
jabisI'll need to touch stuff with my niner today, but I can't seem to find any other tags than my passport x)15:24
jabisso 90's equipment @my house15:24
jabisdid you brick it - did you, did you, did you?!? :D15:25
hiemanshujabis: for Angrybirds?15:25
jabishiemanshu: yeh15:26
*** Guest18688 has quit IRC15:26
hiemanshujabis: use foreveralone15:26
jabisand I don't want to use the emulator - it's much more fun hunting tags x)15:26
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan15:26
pawkyby the way, am I the only one thats having my N9 reboot like 10 times a day when using it?15:26
toninikkanenwel certainly there are lots of people who don't experience that problem.. :)15:27
jabisthat sounds serious a problem15:27
pawkywell.. thats a stock N915:27
pawkyreboots when surfing, hangs when looking upon pictures... hangs.. well a bit now and then when15:28
pawkydoing stuff..15:28
jabisI dunno which tool would properly expose what your issue actually is15:28
Hq`HW fault possibly...15:28
Stskeepspawky: send it for warranty15:28
Hq`if reflashing doesn't help, return it15:28
pawkyStskeeps right, after just flasing it?15:28
pawkyI think i just voided the warranty while flashing, or didn't I?15:29
jabisreflashing the original firmware shouldn't void the warranty15:29
pawkyi thoguht its just a bit of an early release..15:29
pawkyso.. your N9, seldom reboots?15:30
jabisI've had to reboot it once - when track&protect initially froze it15:30
pawkyhow good of an idea is "apt-get update; apt-get upgrade" actually?15:31
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan15:31
*** Guest66778 has joined #harmattan15:32
jabisI won't upgrade as long as I have any devel-stuff in the sources lists15:32
meceit shouldn't reboot at all.15:32
jabisuptime 4 days (ran out of battery)15:33
mecejabis, yeah that's annoying. I hade 12 days yesterday then battery died on me :/15:33
jabisload-averages quite high (0.50, 0.21, 0.30) mostly the phone is idle15:33
jabismece, I shouldn't've pushed it tho - but wanted to see how long I can manage with 3G locked & wi-fi and a few calls & texts15:35
mecejabis, why so high? Ive got 0.00, 0.06, 0.2315:35
*** roop_ has joined #harmattan15:35
mecejabis, I just forgot mine in the other room when it was running out15:35
jabiskswapd0 and IM-uiserver eating a lot15:36
pawky"I am saved, I am saved!", reflashing restored my /etc/passwd  Thanks guys/girls :-)15:37
*** razvanpetru has quit IRC15:37
mecehmm a script that pushes mime types from a list to mimeinfo.cache unless that mimetype is already in there would be cool. Would allow you to download all kinds of files then.15:38
*** roop__ has quit IRC15:38
hiemanshupawky: there is a flasher for N9?15:40
djszapihiemanshu: same flasher ..15:40
pawkyhiemanshu: well...15:40
pawkyhiemanshu: there is a linux flasher to flash the N9 yes15:41
hiemanshudjszapi: same flasher?15:41
djszapihiemanshu: indeed, I use the same.15:41
hiemanshuI see15:41
sandst1it's the same but it has to be extracted from the OCF15:41
*** razvanpetru has joined #harmattan15:42
*** razvanpetru has left #harmattan15:43
*** razvanpetru has joined #harmattan15:44
razvanpetruuh, wrong channel again15:44
*** baraujo has quit IRC15:49
mecehey if you read an nfc tag, can you look at the raw data somehow?15:55
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan15:55
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan15:55
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan15:56
jabisnfcinfo from labs, mece15:56
*** djszapi has left #harmattan15:57
mecejabis thanks!15:58
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan15:58
jabisnokia labs16:00
jabisor nokia _beta_ labs to be precise x)16:00
Corsachmhm, how do we add that to the sources.list or something?16:02
pawkyare n900 softwares runnable on an N9?16:03
hiemanshuyou'll have to recompile, and they will look ugly16:03
toninikkanenand depends, if they're hildon apps they will need hildon16:04
toninikkanenqt apps should work with recompile but look ugly16:04
jabiswhoopsie - it wasn't in labs - it's in
*** mece has quit IRC16:05
*** Guest66778 has quit IRC16:09
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC16:10
*** artemma has joined #harmattan16:11
Corsacit fails to read my passport ;(16:13
Corsacwell, it reads fine but it cant read NDEF message16:13
*** artemma has quit IRC16:13
*** artemma has joined #harmattan16:15
*** artemma has quit IRC16:15
*** artemma has joined #harmattan16:17
pawkyhave I got it right there is actually no way to choose your default E-mail account when it comes to e-mail, or default phone numbers when it comes to contacts in the N9?16:18
deramyou can order them, but I haven't found any other way...16:19
*** Guest57592 has joined #harmattan16:20
deramCorsac: probably your passport is refusing to transmit anything prior to authentication16:21
Corsacgood point16:21
Corsac(which is actually nice of it)16:21
jabisthe same with public transportation passes16:22
jabistho one could write an app that sniffs and decodes the transactions between devices to decipher the auth x)16:23
Corsacactually my transport pass (Navigo) doesn't seem to react to NFC16:23
nibblerCorsac: probably mifare ultralight or similar.16:24
deramnot all rf-smatcard is NFC16:24
jabisit would be cool to load up my transpass via N9 :P16:25
Corsacwell, Navigo uses Calypso standard, which is NFC afact16:25
jabistho I remember seeing the specs of our system, it's quite heavily ciphered16:26
Corsac is more detailed, but more french to16:26
jabisour "Matkakortti" uses DESfire16:27
jabis"use once"-cards are MIFARE Ultralight16:28
*** alterego_ has joined #harmattan16:29
jabis48bit 3DES or 128bit AES depending on the age of the card16:29
*** alterego has quit IRC16:30
*** alterego_ is now known as alterego16:30
deramsomebody got the bluetooth keyboard working:
jabisthere's already a topic in maemotalk I'd recall16:32
*** mairas has quit IRC16:33
deramjabis: ok.. I have to start following that also... I just recall this issue was thought here last week..16:33
*** alterego has quit IRC16:35
*** ab has joined #harmattan16:37
Corsacbtw, is there a way to install harmattan sdk somewhere else than /scratchbox?16:40
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:41
* Arkenoi still cannot see any reason why nfc was castrated out on n950 -- how does nokia expect people to develop nfc apps?16:44
Robot101Arkenoi: at a guess, expense/timing of certifying another device16:46
Arkenoiis it necessary to get certification for developer devices?16:47
Arkenoii doubt that16:47
jonniCorsac: by making ln -s directory to somewhere else before installing, or if you just want to compile for N9 and dont want to use scratchbox then just install latest Qt SDK16:47
*** CepiPerez has quit IRC16:47
Arkenoithey could just leave it there16:48
*** radiofree has quit IRC16:48
nealArkenoi: fcc certification is necessary16:48
Arkenoineal: i think it is generic non-interference only, no need to certify it as kosher nfc16:48
nealArkenoi: Every firmware release needs to be checked by the fcc16:49
Arkenoipretty stupid16:49
Arkenoiwhy doesn't fcc need to check os on my computer? on my wireless router? whatever?16:50
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan16:50
*** Venemo has quit IRC16:50
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan16:50
Arkenoior do i violate fcc rules once i install software ap or ddwrt?16:50
nealthere's a different between installing something and distributing it16:50
Arkenoiyou may sell usb nfc reader without any software at all16:51
nealnevertheless, if you start sending on at&t's frequency's, you can expect a visit from the fcc16:51
Arkenoiand any software for it separately16:51
Arkenoiand fcc won't complain16:51
Arkenoiwhy is the phone different?16:51
nibblerArkenoi: because you don't sell your computer in large volumes on the open market as it's just one thing.16:52
Arkenoinibbler: those who do get just generic non-interference certification16:52
Arkenoiand no one pokes his nose into firmware and software16:52
*** faenil has quit IRC16:52
Arkenoialso how do you distinguish one from another?16:53
nibblerArkenoi: 802.11* hardware needs to be fcc approved too.16:53
nibblerArkenoi: it's the main reason why there is no open-source firmware for e.g. atheros.16:53
Arkenoinibbler: hardware, yes. software, no16:53
Arkenoidamn, you may legally buy all-software radio and do whatever you want16:54
*** Guest57592 has quit IRC16:54
Arkenoiand it would be stupid to prevent one from doing that16:54
nibblerArkenoi: i'm not arguing for the fcc - especially as i'm not affected at all by what they are doing :-) just explaining.16:54
Venemohey guys16:55
Arkenoinibbler: i am pretty sure a good lawyer can make all that non-issue. thousands of small and big companies do manufacture and distribute development kits of any kind and fcc never complained about any of those16:56
Arkenoicannot understand why can that *suddenly* become a problem16:56
Arkenoii guess someone is overreacting. i remember nokia 9000 with 48-bit DES16:56
nibblerat least those times are over luckily - we won the crypto war.16:57
Arkenoithough it was *never* manufactured in US and even *never* sold in US so there was simply no way for it to be subject of US export restrictions16:57
Arkenoibut still some asshole decided it would be "safer" to castrate SSL there!16:58
Arkenoi(i wish he got his ass kicked later)16:58
*** mtd has joined #harmattan16:58
*** radiofree has joined #harmattan17:01
Arkenoinibbler: about open firmware -- i wish chinese comrades would not give a flying fsck to those concerns, but there is different problem -- in a country where everyone steals^Wcopies, they are over-jealous about any "intellectual property" so open firmwares are simillary rare there :-(17:01
Arkenoithat sucks17:01
Arkenoifsck fcc, fsck gsm association, itu and ip morons17:01
nibblerArkenoi: when dealing with people from .cn i often have the general problem that they seemingly just don't care about software licensing at all.17:02
nibblerso in the end they even end up voilating gpl just due to carelessness.17:02
nibblerbut i guess that's a discussion that is entirely off-topic here :-)17:03
Arkenoinibbler: yes. would be not so harmful if they cared about QA at least, but they do not either17:03
*** Stecchino has quit IRC17:03
nibblerhaha :) true.17:03
Arkenoiso most chinese things are broken and no one knows how to fix it :)17:03
*** andre__ has quit IRC17:07
*** roop_ has quit IRC17:08
*** rcg has quit IRC17:18
*** andre__ has joined #harmattan17:19
*** andre__ has joined #harmattan17:19
*** deimos has joined #harmattan17:20
griNOOOO I am so stupid17:23
grisearching an error for one hour ... and I always looked at the wrong file :/17:23
*** lardman has quit IRC17:26
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan17:28
djszapiDoes anybody have spotify installed ?17:28
djszapican someone please give me the relevant /var/lib/aegis/restok/restok.conf entry ?17:28
jonnimanaged to install myself über develsh with all the credentials, makes developing a bit easier. # accli -I |wc    ->    216       219      493317:29
Venemojonni, N9 or N950?17:29
jonniVenemo: N917:29
djszapiVenemo: o/17:30
*** Stecchino has joined #harmattan17:30
*** Stecchino has joined #harmattan17:30
Venemohey djszapi :)17:30
*** alterego has joined #harmattan17:31
fluxjonni, does 'dmesg' work for you as well?17:31
jonniflux: yes it does17:31
djszapisecurity hole ?17:31
Venemojonni, if it has a remote chance of working on da N950, please tell us how you did it17:31
jonniVenemo: I have the same thing running on N950 too ;)17:32
fluxperhaps just requesting the credentials works?17:32
Venemojonni, I'm interested in running '/usr/sbin/aegis-developer-mode --relaxed-exec' - does that work?17:32
*** khertan_ has joined #harmattan17:33
*** mtd has quit IRC17:34
Venemojonni, if it does, please tell me how you hacked it.17:34
djszapiI would really love to not speak about security holes, at least not in public ..17:34
*** rcg has joined #harmattan17:34
Venemodjszapi, you're right17:35
pawkywell it depends...17:35
fluxwell, even with the capabilities, you still need to sign each and every binary in the system, right?-)17:35
djszapiit might save you one command, but potential danger for the Harmattan users.17:35
pawkysecurity by osbcurity is no way to go...17:35
djszapipawky: please do not start it again. Was discussed gazillion times on this channel17:36
jonniVenemo: yep it works, but Im not posting possible holes in public. Actually there is multiple ways to to do it. One is the hole thingie, and second way is just to boot once to custom kernel and then reboot back to stock kernel.17:37
djszapionce you reboot custom kernel, warranty void17:38
Arkenoipotential danger for harmattan users17:38
Venemojonni, I've pinged you in private.17:38
djszapiyou would probably like to think that twice ...17:38
fluxbtw, where does it say that custom kernel voids warranty?17:38
djszapithe screen ?17:39
djszapifor instance ..17:39
*** mtd has joined #harmattan17:39
jonnibut that warning goes away when you boot back to stock kernel17:40
fluxoh, so there's a warning when you boot a custom kernel?17:40
fluxthe device's online documentation doesn't seem to mention it17:40
djszapijonni: so what .. ?17:40
djszapithe screen clearly states goodbye warranty..17:40
djszapiflux: yes, of course.17:40
* Stskeeps agrees with djszapi - warranty is void when you flash custom17:41
djszapijonni: actually, I am happy it does not spam me all the time17:41
fluxisn't it a bit too late at that point, of is there a way to stop at that point?17:41
Stskeepsflux: there's like a few warnings before that.17:41
Stskeepsin the flasher binary, etc..17:41
Stskeepseula, and so n..17:41
jonnidjszapi: yep screen says, but afaik that state is not stored permanently anywhere... :)17:41
djszapijonni: it is ?17:41
Stskeepsjonni: it is possible to detect17:42
fluxfunny how the device search finds nothing with 'eula'17:42
fluxso, my flasher says: "WARNING: This tool is intended for professional use only. Using it may result in permanently damaging your device or losing the warranty."17:46
fluxso is there a more stricter version of that statement, indicating that a custom kernel will without doubt void the warranty?17:46
Stskeepsi think that's a fairly sane warning that it might cause you trouble17:47
fluxI can easily understand that the writing a new bootloader might not the best idea17:48
jonnibut if your not even flashing custom, just booting into it without flashing :)... ohwell anyways who needs warranty17:48
*** achipa has quit IRC17:49
*** Venemo_ has joined #harmattan17:58
*** Venemo has quit IRC17:58
*** Venemo_ is now known as Venemo17:58
DocScrutinizerflux: when flasher is used in OCF with a proper image bundled, I guess that warning will >/dev/nul18:01
DocScrutinizerthe more strict warning displays on device after flashing non-signed kernel to it18:01
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:02
DocScrutinizerjonni: so what when you boot to loaded kernel instead of flashing it? it may still cause hw damage - or was your intention to say this might trick the warranty-void issue?18:03
*** artemma has quit IRC18:05
*** frinring has quit IRC18:08
pawkyAm I the only one getting "Can't install, unresolved error" frequently when trying to install from OVI stores? I need to reboot to make it work again...18:18
*** tbf has quit IRC18:25
*** achipa has joined #harmattan18:37
*** juergbi has quit IRC18:44
*** qt-dsa has joined #harmattan18:46
qt-dsahello everybody, can somebody, tell me if nokia n9 supports mkv with xvid and mp3 ? are the subtitles srt supported ?18:47
*** berndhs has left #harmattan18:50
*** qt-dsa has left #harmattan18:51
*** jskarvad has quit IRC18:51
Corsachmhm, does the harmattan toolchain use hardfloat?18:53
*** briglia has joined #harmattan18:54
*** mtd has quit IRC18:54
razvanpetrupawky: also get that quite frequently18:56
CorsacStskeeps: and do you know if n950 and n9 share the same kernel? (I got the sources from harmattan-dev but there's no rm696_defconfig, so just in case)18:58
*** Guest30606 has joined #harmattan18:59
Corsacand that means I need to find a hf toolchain, since I'd like to not use scratchbox if possible :/18:59
StskeepsCorsac: AFAIK19:00
Stskeepskernel doesn't have to be hf though19:00
Corsacwon't cause issues with modules?19:01
*** e33 has joined #harmattan19:02
e33hi guys19:02
RST38hMeanwhile: Hackers mistake French rugby site for German stock exchange19:02
StskeepsRST38h: french and german, who can tell the difference..19:02
Venemoachipa, ping19:02
RST38hSTskeeps: And the membership base of both sites consists of the same pathological gamblers19:03
*** smokex has quit IRC19:05
*** smokex has joined #harmattan19:09
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #harmattan19:13
*** spenap has quit IRC19:15
*** Sazpaimon__ has joined #harmattan19:15
*** briglia_ has joined #harmattan19:15
*** briglia has quit IRC19:16
*** briglia_ is now known as briglia19:16
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC19:17
*** Sazpaimon_ has quit IRC19:18
*** juergbi has joined #harmattan19:19
*** faenil has joined #harmattan19:22
pawkyAm I the only one who's N9 reboots after every 10-20 actions on it? djszapi said it could be a hardware failiure, would anone else agree upon it?19:23
SpeedEvilFlash it.19:23
SpeedEvilIf not, it's likely to be hardware19:23
andre__and what does the syslog say, for reboot reasons?19:23
*** splyysh has quit IRC19:24
pawkySpeedEvil: did that 2 hours ago, still the same..19:24
pawkyandre__ i'll check..19:25
SpeedEvilThen I'd tend to agree it's a hardware fault.19:25
SpeedEvilUnless it's some software bug due to a configuration issue that only hits you.19:26
pawkyLOL, yeah it usually hits only me...19:26
*** piggz has joined #harmattan19:32
Corsacpawky: Handtec batch?19:34
*** e33 has left #harmattan19:34
pawkyCorsac: what do you mean?19:36
pawkyIt's bought from a store.19:36
Corsacuh, why on earth is it an ITT url?19:39
Corsac works too anyway :)19:39
pawkyoh.. mine is bought in Sweden, Dustin19:39
*** Venemo has quit IRC19:44
*** briglia_ has joined #harmattan19:46
*** dabukalam has joined #harmattan19:46
dabukalamaegis sucks19:46
*** briglia has quit IRC19:46
*** briglia_ is now known as briglia19:46
Corsacarch/arm/boot/zImage: data19:47
Corsacthat doesn't look very good19:47
*** andre__ has quit IRC19:51
*** xmlich02 has quit IRC19:51
ArkenoiRST38h: here?19:51
*** RST38h has left #harmattan19:52
*** Guest30606 has quit IRC19:53
*** RST38h has joined #harmattan19:53 could it happen???19:54
pawkyehh... whats the trick login into the N9 using ssh?19:54
RST38hAnyway, I am here now19:54
pawkyI have enabled root login in sshd_config19:55
ArkenoiRST38h: how to set up OPDS libraries in fbreader? on harmattan there are no setting responsible for that and even nothing i could find in config files19:55
RST38hArkenoi: Harmattan FBreader appears to be a completely rewritten version19:56
Corsacpawky: why not ssh-ing as developer and using devel-su?19:56
*** mtd has joined #harmattan19:56
RST38hArkenoi: So, I think the answer is "you cannot"19:56
RST38hArkenoi: But you can catch the author here and ask!19:56
Arkenoiand who is the author? (and what is proper repository for fbreader)? i downloaded it from some thir-party site19:58
*** razvanpetru has left #harmattan19:59
pawkyCorsac: doesn't work either..19:59
pawkyneither user nor developer works..19:59
*** radiofree has quit IRC20:00
dang__does anyone know why the n9 email client is only using the email address in From: and not the actual name? is it possible to change this?20:00
*** radiofree_ has joined #harmattan20:01
Corsacpawky: for developer you need to setup a pasword first20:01
Corsacpawky: use the terminal on the device, use devel-su then passwd developer20:01
Corsacpawky: note that you can also use the “sdk connection” via usb20:02
pawkyCorsac: did it.. still not working..20:02
Corsacnote sure if there's a documentation somewhere for that20:02
pawkyCorsac, and I am connecting through USB20:03
Corsacthen you need to use the developer account and the random generated password20:03
Corsaclaunch SDK connection application20:03
Corsacthen select usb20:03
pawkyCorsac: duh?..20:03
Corsacand it'll tell you the password20:03
*** briglia has quit IRC20:03
pawkyCorsac: on the phone?20:04
Corsac(grmbl, why does the sdk installer assume there'll be that much place in /tmp)20:04
pawkyCorsac: even though I changed the developer password manually?20:04
pawkyCorsac: and thats a command line softy?20:06
pawkyCorsac.. ohh.. aahhh yeah..20:06
pawkyCorsac: thank you again :-)20:08
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan20:09
Corsacyou're welcome :)20:09
*** aheinecke has quit IRC20:11
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #harmattan20:12
pawkyok... looking at syslog at best whilst making the unit crash, I can  see "cannot connec to X server :0  .. .bla bla.. "error reading r&d mode flag"... yada... "xsession/mthemedaemon is unrecoverable, rebooting"20:18
pawkyand all i did was trying to install something from OVI...20:19
*** hena has left #harmattan20:22
pawkycould "i2c_write: Remote I/O error" be pointing towards it being a hardware issue?20:23
*** mirandir has joined #harmattan20:24
*** Sazpaimon__ is now known as Sazpaimon20:24
*** faenil has quit IRC20:27
*** arcean has joined #harmattan20:29
Venemojoppu, ping20:35
Venemo~seen wazd20:35
Venemo~seen TheBootroo20:35
infobotwazd <> was last seen on IRC in channel #harmattan, 15d 20h 54m 27s ago, saying: 'Milhouse: easter egg for geeks? :)'.20:36
infobotthebootroo <58b60b72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> was last seen on IRC in channel #harmattan, 42d 28m 8s ago, saying: '(we already a'.20:36
joppuVenemo: pong20:39
Venemojoppu, do you remember when I asked you to make an icon for Puzzle master?20:41
Venemojoppu, I told you that it wasn't urgent, but now I could use an icon for the app :)20:42
*** jabis has quit IRC20:43
joppulemme see...20:43
Venemojoppu, thankyouthankyouthankyou :)20:45
Venemojoppu, the original icon was this, but I don't think it would fit into Harmattan.
joppusomething along these lines?21:00
Venemojoppu, you're a genious :)21:00
Sazpaimonjesus, i cant even run strace on my device?21:00
Venemojoppu, I'm not sure about the color, but it looks nice anyway :)21:03
joppui can change the color to your liking a bit later21:04
joppustarted watching a movie atm21:04
VenemoI think the color will be fine :)21:07
Venemothank you for making it :)21:07
Sazpaimon has anyone tried this to import messages from the N900 to the N9?21:12
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:31
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan21:33
*** juergbi has quit IRC21:39
*** BluesLee has joined #harmattan21:42
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan21:45
*** Jonno has joined #harmattan21:53
achipaVenemo: pong21:53
Venemoachipa, well, I've already solved the problem I pinged you about :)21:54
* achipa impersonates Bender: another job well done !21:54
Venemoachipa, but in fact, I could use your opinion about something21:55
achipaooh, opinions, I'm good with those21:55
Venemoachipa, do you have a Harmattan device handy?21:55
*** aheinecke has joined #harmattan21:55
achipaI'll pretend I didn't hear that :)21:56
Venemoachipa, here is crude, but operational version of my app:
Venemoachipa, should I disable swipe for it?21:57
Venemoachipa, if yes, what means should I provide for reenabling it?21:57
Venemoachipa, sorry, stupid new firefox didn't copy the http:// :(21:58
Venemoachipa, here's the URL:
*** achipa has left #harmattan21:58
*** achipa has joined #harmattan22:03
Venemohey achipa :P22:03
*** etrunko has quit IRC22:03
achipamy qt sdk updater blew up22:03
*** deimos has quit IRC22:04
achipain a very nasty manner22:04
achipalet's do it again !22:04
Venemoachipa, did you manage to install the .deb to your N9(50)?22:04
achipacan you post the link again (the updater killed the whole desktop)22:06
*** achipa has quit IRC22:10
*** achipa has joined #harmattan22:11
achipaokay, not funny, bugreport time22:12
achipaVenemo: and sorry... again :)22:12
Venemoachipa, no problem :)22:13
Venemojoppu, could you please make me a higher-res version of that icon?22:15
*** deimos has joined #harmattan22:16
*** rm_work has quit IRC22:17
joppuVenemo: sure, in an hour22:17
Venemojoppu, ok, thanks :)22:17
Venemojoppu, I'm thinking 256×256 or higher22:18
Venemoachipa, obviously it's not much yet, but the question is, in your opinion, should I disable swipe for this kind of app?22:26
SpeedEvilIt depends.22:26
SpeedEvilIs it sane to reduce the vertical playing field?22:26
SpeedEvilI note that swipe has bugs.22:27
SpeedEvilI've 'swiped out' of gof2.22:27
SpeedEvilWhen what I did was press the screen in discrete presses on the top and bottom.22:27
VenemoSpeedEvil, not really. the puzzle pieces are too small to be conveniently multitouched even in the current size.22:27
*** juergbi has joined #harmattan22:29
*** Kleggas has joined #harmattan22:40
KleggasHi. Has anyone had problems where root password suddenly changes on N9? Its not changed back to default "rootme" and its not the one it has been since I bought it... I can not suddenly ssh into my device22:42
Kleggasdevel-su still works, but not ssh in as root22:42
jonniroot login is disabled by default if you dont have r&d cert, you need to ssh in with developer-user, or hack around sshd_config to enable root login on ssh22:43
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: yeah, fast touches at opposize sides of screen work well for a swipe action substitute22:44
Kleggasis that with some update? Can not remember I updated anything today... been using root until earlier today (perhaps I enabled it through some website when I bought the phone, but root has been working)22:44
jonniKleggas: that came with update yes22:45
Kleggasphew, I started thinking lots of weird things (like someone being in my device and changing password for root) :p22:46
Venemodo I see it right that the N950 can only handle 6 touch points?22:48
*** mtd has quit IRC22:54
arceanVenemo: yes, you're right22:54
djszapi19:23 < pawky> Am I the only one who's N9 reboots after every 10-20 actions on it? djszapi said it could be a hardware failiure, would anone else agree upon it? ->  huh ?22:54
djszapinever said ..22:54
*** Kleggas has quit IRC22:54
Venemoarcean, thx :)22:54
*** Guest30894 has joined #harmattan22:54
Venemojoppu, wow, thank you :)22:54
Venemojoppu, you rock22:55
Venemojoppu, can I add your name to the about dialog? like this: "Icon designed by Johannes Siipola"22:56
djszapiyou rule :)22:56
Venemodjszapi, :)22:56
Venemodjszapi, "You rock" is actually the text that's displayed in Puzzle Master when you win :)22:57
Venemowell, not exactly there yet on the new QML version.22:59
*** baraujo has quit IRC23:00
Venemoachipa, can I ask you something else?23:02
*** andre__ has joined #harmattan23:02
*** andre__ has joined #harmattan23:02
*** leinir has quit IRC23:03
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:08
*** hayt has joined #harmattan23:22
*** BluesLee has quit IRC23:23
haytHow can I remove the StarHub carrier branding (standby screen, boot splash, apps) from my N9?  Will the PR 1.1 install get rid of that?23:25
*** aheinecke has quit IRC23:27
SpeedEvilBranded n9s.23:34
Venemohayt, maybe reflash with an official image?23:36
haytVenemo: That's what I was wondering about PR 1.1.  Will that be a reflash, or is it just software updates?23:38
Venemohayt, I think you can either reflash or do an OTA update.23:39
Venemohayt, well, 1.1 is not there yet for the N9 AFAIK23:39
haytRight, supposed to be released soon from what I understand.23:40
VenemoI think23:40
DocScrutinizerflashing a branded N9 with an unbranded genuine image may fail23:42
DocScrutinizerremember? certs23:42
SpeedEvilI hope not.23:44
SpeedEvilThat would be sad.23:44
haytShoot, I was hoping there'd be an easy way.  Nothing against StarHub but I don't want their logo everywhere.23:44
*** Jonno_ has joined #harmattan23:47
*** Jonno has quit IRC23:47
*** Guest30894 has quit IRC23:50
*** mtd has joined #harmattan23:52
*** leinir has joined #harmattan23:56
*** leinir has joined #harmattan23:56
*** scifig has joined #harmattan23:56
*** harbaum_ has joined #harmattan23:59
*** fuz_ has quit IRC23:59
*** harbaum has quit IRC23:59

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