IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2011-11-02

npmi carry my n950 around in a giant sunglasses case for protection00:04
Arkenoii just try not to place n950 in the same pocket with other things00:19
Arkenoiwell, my n900 had no screen scratches00:19
Arkenoinor does have n950 screen , but the case has a few00:19
Arkenoibattery cover and corners (i dropped it once by accident to a hard surface)00:20
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Venemodoes anybody here have a clue about GLSL?01:09
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meegomyhow to install debian file using terminal?06:21
hiemanshumeegomy: dpkg -i06:54
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meegomyroot@localhost password is not longer rootme?08:31
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jkk_meegomy: or is "remote" root login disabled?08:46
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KypeliWith PR1.1 you can't login with root anymore08:51
KypeliLogin with developer with the password given by USB/WLAN from the SDK Connection tool app and enable the developer mode08:52
meegomyKypeli : i tried that too.. still cannot login08:55
KypeliHmm, well that's what I do. Should work.08:55
KypeliCheck the password and developer mode is on and so on...08:55
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meegomyi rmb thats another command to use operation as superuser privilege09:01
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RST38bisWell. Moo.10:00
thpso, what's the easiest way to temporarily disable swipe (for a game) like GoF2 does?10:07
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mecethp, dunno what is easiest, but this is what library says:
mecethp, not as easy as I'd hoped :)10:20
meceI'd would very much like a function you can paste into your main.cpp and expose to qml so you can disable swipe from there10:22
thpmece: thx :) will have a look10:24
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artemmamorning, everybody!11:24
artemmaWe've got some real great news for today!11:24
artemmaWell, some of us at least :)11:24
artemmaMy first free Harmattan app was just published! Refreshes my lock screen photo every hour and keeps me entertained
artemmaHave a look11:25
jpnurmiartemma: cool! :)11:26
artemmajpnurmi: have you got an N9/N950?11:26
artemmaI swear the app keeps me entertained and positively surprised all the time despite the fact it's my app :)11:27
jpnurmiartemma: yup i've got an N9 - i'll give it a try11:27
artemmaPls, don't forget to add a review, early reviews mean A LOT to app lifecycle11:28
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decibyteartemma: i like the idea of just picking top rated images from flickr. installing in a moment.11:28
artemmadecibyte: great, that you liked it!11:28
artemmaI mean the idea :)11:29
decibytebut i will miss the n9 graffiti wallpaper11:29
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artemmaa small bit of warning: if you tell it to download new photo every hour it does it a bit of a battery - these are over MB images after all. So I set it to "once a day" if I am traveling and to "once an hour" if I charge overnight11:30
artemmadecibyte: what's graffiti wallpaper?11:30
decibyteit's just this one:
artemmadecibyte: actually one of the ideas for the future is to mix the photos coming from flickr with the local ones11:33
artemmanot sure if with all of them or just a favorite one or maybe with a favorite collection11:33
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artemmayou can vote for this idea on the support web-site and add comments about what you'd love to get ;)11:33
decibyteartemma: i miss an option to filter out "images of pretty girls"11:34
MohammadAGanyone tried Nokia's push notifications implementation?11:34
artemmadecibyte: search is definitely one of the options for the future as well. For start I figured one particular flickr group that has stunning wallpaper-compatible photos only11:35
decibyteartemma: or maybe even better: set up some keywords?11:35
decibyteartemma: cool11:35
artemmaI figured I start with just one option, but a high quality one, search/tags is definitely to be added, just need to think about filtering quality (or not). You know default search for a girl returns hell a lot of crap with many similar pics11:36
artemmahaha, I just received a text message, phone was bright for a moment and there was a new funny wallpaper :)11:38
decibyteartemma: an hour is waaay too long when--like me--you just sit and wait for the next image to show up :)11:41
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artemmadecibyte: well, that high quality wallpaper group I am using right now, usually they have something like 5-30 photos a day. So right now it's not always an hourly update even if you ask for it.11:42
artemmaHmm, when I implement real search, updating photo every 5min is a possible feature for photo maniacs. It probably will eat your battery quickly, but could be a fun thing to show friends11:43
decibyteartemma: you could pick a random one from the 100 most recent?11:43
artemmaAdd a request to the support site - It is just - easy to add11:44
jpnurmiartemma: sure!11:44
artemmadecibyte: that's also possible. You know, programming is like magic, everything is possible. Leaving a review and/or feature request would help your ideas get prioritized. Not because I am naturally bureaucratic, but because I prefer serving current customers better than the random strangers11:45
artemmajpnurmi: big thanks! In fact, I was doing some studies (lame ones, but still). It is surprising how much the very-very first reviews influence the future of a product featured at a web store11:46
decibyteartemma: already requesting at uservoice11:47
jpnurmiartemma: ok, thanks for the hint. sounds like i need to polish my stuff well before throwing it in11:47
artemmajpnurmi: what's your stuff about? ;)11:47
jpnurmiartemma: über secret for now :D11:48
artemmawell, let me know if you'd need a beta-tester ;)11:48
jpnurmiartemma: sure. i'll tweet about it once i'm ready for that11:49
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djszapiHi! Does someone use "osc" for local build tests here (Harmattan target for sure) ?11:49
artemmaA for twitter updates, feel free to retweet the announcement -!/AgileArtem/status/13166927091559219311:51
artemmadjszapi: I thought local compiler is good enough for everything11:52
djszapiartemma: you mean scratchbox or creator ? I have issues with c-obs. Hence, asking.11:52
artemmaQt Creator compiles Harmattan stuff well for me11:53
djszapiyes, sb always works before submitting a package to c-obs. However if c-obs does not work, osc is the next step. That is what I am asking here ;)11:54
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artemmadecibyte: thanks for the feature request on uservoice. Interesting challenge to keep it obvious and logical how app is going to cycle over the already downloaded photos VS new ones
djszapiCan one check please whether there is a chm viewer app in OVI ?12:08
djszapiI would write a chmlib frontend, if it is missing ..12:08
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decibyteartemma: i don't care whether they are new as in "new on flickr". what matters is that they are new as in "i haven't seen them before" (or at least within the last couple of weeks, depending on how many flows through)12:09
artemmayeah, I need to play with the idea in mind to figure out the correct logic and how it should be different for ppl who want wallpaper be changed daily/hourly/all-the-time12:10
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decibytei really think it would be cool to have a new wp everytime i unlock my phone. sometimes it's locked for hours, so it doesn't necessaryly consume a lot of images every day.12:12
artemmadecibyte: I promise to think about it. 50 pages a day is at least 15MB. Maybe first I'll make app to detect WiFi and make it download lots of stuff only when it's on wifi12:13
deramwhat is the status of using bt-keyboard on N9? have there been breathroughs?12:13
decibyteartemma: do whatever you want. it's already a cool, little app :)12:15
artemmadecibyte: well, I do want to make it better and plan if not for weekly, then for biweekly updates until at least the end of the year12:16
artemmaafter that I'll see how popular app really is. So far it got only one review done by me (with disclosing that I am the author) :)12:16
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decibyteartemma: where do i file bug reports?12:45
artemmauservoice should work fine for it12:46
artemmaunless you have a dozens of bug reports :)12:46
artemmawhat is it?12:46
decibyteso far only 112:46
decibytean hour passed by now, but there's no wp now. it's all black. when i tap the "changed wallpaper" item in the feed, it says it couldn't open file:///home/user/.wallpapers/wallpaper.jpg.png12:47
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artemmadecibyte: interesting. Will research the blackscreen. Actually I noticed it sometimes on my device as well just yesterday, but it was always able to open a photo13:09
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artemmaas for in an hour, it is an hour since you set it's settings to hourly and enabled. And certainly it can download only if you've got internet connection (you can see a request for connection if you don't have it yet)13:10
decibyteartemma: my phone is always online13:11
artemmawell, will definitely investigate13:12
decibyteartemma: now i changed it manually and the file is located somewhere else: /home/user/.local/share/data/flickrwallpapers/wallpaper.jpg.png13:12
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artemmaIn general I am thinking about making it a correct Transfer plugin (that you can see/cancel) in the transfers menu. Right now it is hooking to the alarms daemon, it's not always super-reliable13:12
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artemmadaemed, now I think I know the reason for a bug13:13
artemmathanks for investigating!13:13
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decibyteyou're welcome :)13:13
artemmaoh, no I don't know..13:13
artemmawell, I'll investugate anyway :)13:14
artemmait downloads original image to ./local/share, but then it should put the cleverly resized pic to /user/.wallpapers13:14
decibyteat least it looks like the location of the image is not consistent, depending on whether you set it manually or let the app do it every hour13:15
artemmait should be the same all the time13:15
decibyteboth times i tapped the item in the feed screen13:15
artemma./local/share is a temprary buffer13:15
artemmaSo the link in the feed screen is incorrect13:15
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decibytei guess...?13:16
artemmaHey, thanks for the investigation!13:16
decibyteno problem. glad to help.13:16
artemmaNow I need to decide what I actually want to link to: to original big photo or to resized and possibly rotated one :)13:17
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decibytethe one in .local/share seems to be resized too13:18
artemmatrue.. it resizes in place, then copies13:18
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decibytemaybe it should open the image page on flickr? at least that's a way to attribute the photographer.13:20
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DocScrutinizerartemma: ~/local/share has work copies of data the GUI/system needs13:25
DocScrutinizerit's basically a kind of cache13:25
artemmadecibyte: providing a local was just easier to do without thinking13:26
artemmaproper link to flickr is probably better13:26
artemmaDocScrutinizer: It is used exactly as cache13:26
decibyteartemma: of course. i know all about being lazy :)13:26
artemmadecibyte: I figured when the file is copied to .user/wallpapes right away - it is when it fails to be stored to a /local/share for some reason13:27
artemmapossibly because the file is still open by something.. maybe by an app GUI thread13:27
artemmawell, will investigate and improve13:27
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decibyteartemma: well, it's not even in ~/.wallpapers when set manually.13:35
*** miroslav has quit IRC13:36
artemmayeah, that;s another problem13:36
artemmaI do know from the code that it tries saving file to there, but apparently fails13:37
artemmawell, proper implementation should just try a different file name in the proper .local/share dir13:37
artemmaand I need to make sure I understand the reasons for potential file conflict well: files should be open for seconds only, so existence of a write-share conflict is already suspicious13:38
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jpnurmiartemma: i set it to update automatically (1hr interval). the wallpaper is gone after 1hr13:40
artemmawhat does it display instead?13:40
artemmaa default bubble picture?13:40
jpnurmiartemma: i mean that new one doesn't appear... just plain black13:41
decibytenothing. same problem as me.13:41
artemmaplain black is totally wrong :/13:41
* artemma is thinking about unpublishing app for a while13:41
decibyteit looks like it's trying to load a file that doesn't exist.13:41
jpnurmiwait a minute, there's a "connect to internet" -sheet below13:41
artemmawell, it may fail to download a picture, but it shouldn't try to update wallpaper then13:42
artemmaof course on my device there is always some old download to fall back to..13:43
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*** hiemanshu has joined #harmattan13:43
decibyteartemma: i think you should look closer into what's happening with files, what paths you are loading etc.13:43
* artemma out for lunch and for thinking13:44
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jkk_[20] Fujitsu, Understanding PBB-TE for Carrier Ethernet White Paper. Verkkodokumentti. Saatavissa:
jkk_[21] Juniper Networks, MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP): A Set of Enhancements to the Rich MPLS Toolkit, White Paper, 2011, verkkodokumentti, saatavissa:
jkk_sorry, wrong channel14:40
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djszapiX-Fade: do you have an idea for this ? It does not find phonon, but phonon is available from that repository ..14:43
X-Fadedjszapi: Build-depends set?14:46
djszapihere is the phonon package:
X-Fadedjszapi: Specify it as build-depends14:48
djszapiit is.14:48
X-Fadedjszapi: It is not listed there?14:48
X-Fadedjszapi: I must be blind then :)14:48
djszapiX-Fade weird since it is there: libphonon-dev in my local thingie14:50
djszapiand I did not touch that since the last submit ..14:50
X-Fadedjszapi: I don't see that in .dsc?14:51
djszapithat is what I said, me neither14:51
djszapiprobably submit mistake ..14:51
X-FadeMy guess is that it will work a lot better when you add it.14:51
djszapiyes, ofc, but why did it not accept the proper version last time ?14:52
djszapiAlso, I do not seem I can delete files on that page btw14:52
djszapijust progress bar thingie and no happening.14:53
djszapiprobably temporary slowness only.14:54
djszapiX-Fade: on a side note: I accepted a request, but the abr at the top did not update.14:55
djszapiit still showed the request.14:55
*** neal` is now known as neal14:57
djszapiF5 did not help either with that/14:57
trxwow, #qt-qml is really dead :/14:58
trxHow can i make InfoBanner component appear in front of status bar? Currently when i show it, it is behind the status bar, and only a part of it is seen..14:58
*** pinheiro has quit IRC15:01
djszapiX-Fade: djszapi | 1 Request | Home Project | Log Out -> but I see no request if I click on that. "No requests.".15:05
trxIn case anyone wonders, i solved it by manually specifying the parent to PageStackWindow. I dont know why this is needed as InfoBanner was its direct child already.15:11
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan15:12
*** djszapi has left #harmattan15:13
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan15:20
*** mece has left #harmattan15:25
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan15:30
*** color`coded has joined #harmattan15:41
*** qqqwwwee has quit IRC15:43
*** snowpong has quit IRC15:45
*** faenil has joined #harmattan15:46
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan15:46
djszapiX-Fade: I do not have such an issue locally. The phonon package contains that file ..15:46
faenilhey djszapi :)15:46
X-Fadedjszapi: No idea. Maybe wrong path set?16:05
*** xarcass has quit IRC16:05
djszapiX-Fade: works locally in scratchbox at least.16:05
djszapiI am not sure path setting is any scratchbox specific. It is just you know /usr/phonon.16:06
X-Fadedjszapi: Yes, but there you don't have a clean root.16:06
djszapiMoreover, it found the same headers from that directory since it is 46%16:06
X-Fadedjszapi: So the file could have been there from previous tests, you can't prove that.16:06
djszapiI can since I said phonon installs that16:06
X-FadeYes, but maybe it installed it yesterday.16:07
djszapiwhat do you mean ?16:07
djszapiI unpacked the debian package manually and checked the data.tar.gz16:08
X-FadeRemove the dev package from your scratchbox, make sure the file is gone.16:08
X-FadeAnd then install it, just to be sure.16:08
djszapiwell, it is done :)16:08
djszapiphonon installs that header here.16:08
*** berndhs has joined #harmattan16:10
djszapiinterseting, c-obs installs a sb-fake thingie16:11
X-FadeThat is a script that yells loudly when you call a scratchbox specific thing.16:15
X-FadeMakes looking for scratchboxisms easier.16:16
djszapiX-Fade: meh, the new obs does not still support '+' characters in the file names ..16:22
djszapicannot delete and submit16:23
djszapiX-Fade: Also, I get many certification issue since the obs update for local "osc" operations ..16:25
X-Fadedjszapi: Permanently store?16:25
djszapithat works, thanks. Do you have idea how to upload/delete files having '+' character in their filenames ?16:26
djszapion the webui16:27
X-Fadedjszapi: Worksforme[tm]16:27
X-FadeJust uploaded that file.16:27
djszapiFailed to remove file 'soprano_2.7.0+dfsg.1.debian.tar.gz'16:27
X-FadeThrough webui.16:27
djszapiyeah, say, but see my message16:27
X-FadeYou mentioned upload ;)16:28
djszapiand remove16:28
djszapiI cannot upload until I remove the old files ..16:28
djszapiwith the same names..16:28
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:30
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:30
*** radiofree has quit IRC16:30
X-FadeYeah, that is a real bug it seems.16:30
*** radiofree has joined #harmattan16:31
X-Fadedjszapi: That is one that needs to be filed against OBS2.3.16:31
*** snowpong has joined #harmattan16:36
macmaNanyone here experienced n950 headphone output not working all of a sudden?16:38
macmaNtrying a reboot now16:38
djszapiX-Fade: dpkg -S /usr/phonon/include/phonon/Phonon/ObjectDescription16:41
djszapilibphonon-dev: /usr/phonon/include/phonon/Phonon/ObjectDescription16:41
X-FadeAdd a line to your make script, so it cats the contents of the file? Or shows the output of ls?16:47
djszapiI found something weird in my scratchbox, a stray file16:48
djszapiand that is why scratchbox "passed the test" imho16:48
X-FadeOne of the risks of not having a clean root every time.16:48
X-Fadedjszapi: sbdmock can help you with that.16:49
djszapisbdmock ?16:49
X-FadeYeah, that is what is used inside nokia and in the autobuilder.16:50
djszapiI think it is something else actually16:50
djszapiI have a weird link rule in my debian packaging ...16:50
X-FadeSets up a clean build root every time inside scratchbox.16:50
djszapibecause that folder is installed by the package.16:50
djszapibut when I try to ask the package owning it, I am getting nothing ..16:50
djszapiX-Fade: cat ./debian/libphonon-dev.links16:52
djszapi/usr/phonon/include/phonon/Phonon /usr/phonon/include/Phonon16:52
djszapiso it is actually okay this way, and should work on c-obs16:52
djszapiunless c-obs cannot handle debian/*.links files.16:52
X-Fadeno idea16:53
macmaNdamnit, reboot didnt fix it either16:55
*** Frye has quit IRC16:55
macmaNplugging in tv-out cable does switch the sound16:55
macmaNwtf happened with this headset then16:55
*** qqqwwwee has joined #harmattan17:01
*** color`coded has quit IRC17:03
djszapiX-Fade: is it possible to eliminate this many "No AEGIS_HASH_FDS environment" lines ?17:20
X-Fadedjszapi: No that I know. It does the same in madde sysroots.17:21
djszapiwell, I can give you a workaround17:22
X-Fadedjszapi: Pipe it through a 'grep -v' ? :)17:22
macmaNreally weird. other headphones and headsets work. how can this headset just stop working.17:23
djszapiX-Fade, no, /dev/null :p17:23
djszapiX-Fade, no I mean fix from security pov17:23
*** RST38bis has quit IRC17:23
X-FadeWell, then you won't get any logs :)17:23
djszapiyou mean just the real log we need ? :)17:25
djszapi* Raptor RDF parser (missing libraptor - and * Raptor RDF serializer (missing libraptor - lines17:27
djszapisorry, but why ? raptor is mentioned in the dependency list ..17:27
djszapiagain, works locally.17:27
X-Fadedjszapi: These are all basic compilation issues, you need to try and figure these out yourself otherwise I'll never be able to some real improvements.17:29
djszapiI do nto have any compilation issues locally.17:30
X-Fadedjszapi: Using osc build?17:30
djszapiscratchbox for now, but checking the installed files it looks for.17:30
djszapiosc never really built anything on archlinux17:30
X-FadeWell, good luck debuggin that way.17:31
djszapiit causes an error in the first place.17:31
djszapinever really could manage it on arch17:31
djszapiand could not get any help from anybody17:31
djszapiyou are welcome to help17:31
X-FadeThat is like finding things in the dark.17:31
X-FadeYou really need to use the same tools as the obs to debug issues.17:32
djszapias I said, I was trying bloody hard17:32
djszapigot no help, and was way beyond my skills to get osc work.17:32
djszapiit is not that I did not try hard.17:32
X-Fadedjszapi: Did you try a vm?17:32
X-Fadedjszapi: That might be a lot easier?17:32
djszapiwell, qemu is installed.17:33
djszapithe newest ..17:33
djszapivm is like hilariously slow, really ..17:33
X-FadeDepends on your cpu.17:33
djszapiif you mean virtualbox and other things on top of running host17:33
*** npm has joined #harmattan17:33
X-FadeYeah, paravirt.17:33
djszapiI tried to use osc on the host directly.17:33
djszapidid not really work17:33
X-FadeWorks fine in my ubuntu and debian machines.17:34
X-FadeAnd of course opensuse.17:34
djszapias said, you are welcome to help with fixing my osc17:34
djszapiand then I can do it locally...17:34
djszapiI would be glad ..17:34
X-Fadedjszapi: You really don't anything where you can boot a proper os? :)17:35
X-FadeThumbdrive or dvd might also be an option?17:35
djszapiyou mean distro, not OS17:35
djszapiand if a simple tool cannot work on Archlinux, I really have objections to that tool.17:35
*** hardaker has quit IRC17:36
*** roop has quit IRC17:37
X-FadeInconsistent state of perl modules?17:39
djszapino real clue, sorry.17:39
djszapiX-Fade: do you have an idea how to fix that ?17:41
*** merlin_1991 is now known as merlin199117:44
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC17:45
*** merlin1991 has joined #harmattan17:45
*** Venemo_webchat has joined #harmattan17:46
*** deram has quit IRC17:49
npmso VoiceToGoog->OviStore now says "Revision 48 of this content item successfully passed the QA review process."17:52
Venemo_webchathi guys17:52
npmbut it says at same time "This content item has not been published. "17:53
djszapihello Venemo_webchat17:53
npmis there an extra step after QA validates or is this just some kind of website delay17:53
npm(i'll be very happy if it's actually validated since it's my first app published to ovi store -- (see new video)17:54
npm <deram> what is the status of using bt-keyboard on N9? have there been breathroughs? -->
X-Fadedjszapi: Something with broken perl in Arch.17:58
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC18:04
djszapiX-Fade: probably not relevant18:05
X-Fadedjszapi: I think it is, looks like there are some older precompiled modules.18:05
djszapichecked and that module comes from the official 5.14 perl.18:06
djszapitried to reinstall, but did not help.18:06
X-Fadeand the data dumper one?18:06
djszapithat is the only one18:06
djszapipacman -Qo /usr/lib/perl5/core_perl/DynaLoader.pm18:06
djszapi/usr/lib/perl5/core_perl/ is owned by perl 5.14.2-218:06
X-Fadedjszapi: Did you ask in #perl?18:09
djszapiX-Fade: I am now trying to ask on arch.18:09
djszapibut they second me, it is not relevant to the thread.18:09
X-Fadedjszapi: Ok, because perl is not my thing.18:09
djszapiyes, pretty sad, this tool is perl based imo.18:10
djszapisorry ?18:11
X-FadeOk, not really the thing I needed to paste ;)18:11
djszapithey did not answer on #archlinux18:12
X-FadeIt is not about the language, as long as you do something cool with it.18:12
djszapiwell I am not sure ..18:12
* djszapi does dislike perl.18:12
djszapi -> Seems Corsac exactly had the same issue18:13
djszapiohh actually that was a discussion about the same issue of mine..18:13
djszapiX-Fade at any rate ... soprano should be built with raptor, and it does not even try to look for that according to the build log.18:14
djszapiwhich is sad, and works locally. Raptor is in the dependency list of soprano.18:15
X-FadeWho wants to make some money and bet with djszapi that he has a missing dependency or wrong path somewhere?18:15
djszapinone of those.18:16
Corsacdjszapi: yeah, sorry :)18:16
*** macmaN has quit IRC18:16
djszapicheck its dependency list ..18:16
djszapiyou can find the raptor dependency and if you unpack the content, it is there ...18:17
*** macmaN has joined #harmattan18:20
*** zz_gri is now known as gri18:20
*** mardy has quit IRC18:20
*** artemma has quit IRC18:24
*** artemma has joined #harmattan18:29
*** macmaN has quit IRC18:29 tehre a way to extract account paswords from a n950 ?18:29
*** macmaN has joined #harmattan18:30
grithere is an secure password storage which should prevent you from doing that18:30
djszapithey are stored in the protected storage, so not really.18:30
djszapiwould not make too much sense18:31
berndhsif there is a way, that's a bug18:32
djszapi/very/ serious bug.18:32
grior someone did not use the protected storage .. which would be stupid :D18:33
* svuorela_ don't remember what he typed in the nokia account dialog for account creation18:33
djszapipassword reminder..18:33
*** Venemo_webchat has quit IRC18:34
*** faenil has quit IRC18:39
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone18:41
*** seif has quit IRC18:42
*** seif has joined #harmattan18:43
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan18:51
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC18:54
*** trinity has joined #harmattan18:56
*** radiofree has quit IRC18:59
*** radiofree has joined #harmattan19:00
*** spenap has quit IRC19:07
*** jreznik has quit IRC19:09
*** xhallade is now known as ph0b19:16
*** trinity has quit IRC19:20
*** clbr has quit IRC19:22
*** andre__ has quit IRC19:29
*** clbr has joined #harmattan19:31
*** lardman|home has joined #harmattan19:48
*** aheinecke has quit IRC19:48
*** frinring has quit IRC19:52
*** KaziKluBey has quit IRC20:00
*** KaziKluBey has joined #harmattan20:04
*** deram has joined #harmattan20:05
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC20:09
*** seif is now known as seiflotfy20:18
DocScrutinizergri: password storage in a protected area is basically stupid20:30
DocScrutinizerI mean, protected against what or whom? in which way?20:31
griWell if it's like on the iPhone: storage can only be read by the program which wrote it makes sense20:32
DocScrutinizeryou can store passwords in an area that'S protected by a master password. OR that can only get accessed by certain users/processes/whatever20:32
DocScrutinizerbut in the end what's the use of all this?20:33
*** snowpong has quit IRC20:33
grinot having one program which can read all my user data and send it to some remote server?20:33
DocScrutinizerwell, if you don't want that then make sure you don't have such a program that does it20:34
grithat's always an easy argument20:36
DocScrutinizeras otherwise you fall for the conceptual error that also makes aegis fail: not to ensure the apps are OK but rather block the functions that non-ok apps (as well as all other apps) may do20:36
DocScrutinizerin the end you get a system where no app may display any pixel to the LCD anymore20:37
DocScrutinizerwhich is almost what we already got, we already may not make an LED flash as *maybe* *some* app *might* do *something* bad with that function20:38
griI don't want to talk about aegis, I only wanted to say it's better to save a password encrypted than plain :)20:39
*** fuz_ has quit IRC20:39
SpeedEvilgri: Only if it makes attacks harder.20:39
DocScrutinizerthe idea of safe handling of critical data/functions on a compromised platform is nonsense20:39
SpeedEvilgri: For example - aegis was almost there.20:40
DocScrutinizereither make sure your platform is not compromised or don't store critical data on it20:40
SpeedEvilgri: Imagine if the device required a password on boot that was verified through a chain of trust including the bootloader to make sure that the password entry screen was good.20:41
SpeedEvilAnd then that decrypted the user fs.20:41
SpeedEvilNow, that would be adding lots of value for the user.20:41
SpeedEvilWith little actual effort from a dev POV - 99% of the stuff to do that is already there.20:41
djszapisorry, but what are you talking about ?20:42
*** rzr has left #harmattan20:42
SpeedEvilThe age-old debate - aegis not (as implmented) being a generic security infrastructure. Yes, it can be.20:42
*** KaziKluBey has quit IRC20:42
DocScrutinizergri: btw usual storing of "encrypted" passwords is absolute ridiculous nonsense as you need to store the decryption on same platform, so any arbitrary attacker can always steal both the encrypted password plus the decryption algo20:43
djszapiI do not understand a word how it is related to not store the password in plain text file.20:43
*** snowpong has joined #harmattan20:43
djszapiI am seemingly not the only one though.20:43
DocScrutinizerand please don't tell me now "but the average attacker is too stupid to do this"20:43
*** KaziKluBey has joined #harmattan20:44
*** fuz_ has joined #harmattan20:44
griWell I assume you don't have a better solution which is working on the device right now?20:45
SpeedEvildjszapi: As it's currently implemented - not much. I understood that aegis supported encrypted 'filesystems'. If this was used by default, to secure teh device by means of a password - your data just got a whole lot more secure.20:45
DocScrutinizerit's *always* just the user that is "too stupid" to recover his own password, never the attacker that wouldn'T know how to copy the file with encrypted passwords and decrypt it on a random twin platform with the patched original decrypting tool20:45
secyritasis python-meegotouch gonna get to the repositories any time soon? >__< I'm struggling with my SDK installation20:45
djszapiit /is/ used by default.20:45
DocScrutinizerfor the sort of "security" you suggest by storing passwords in an obfuscated way (as this isn't even true encryption when you place the decrypt algo next to it) it's frequently enough to set font color to black-on-black or .hide the file with plain text passwords20:47
SpeedEvildjszapi: then why does booting a new kernel just make 'aegisfs' unwriteable.20:47
SpeedEvilNot unreadable, with no personal data at all available.20:48
djszapiI do not care about custom kernels.20:48
djszapisince that is /not/ our work.20:48
SpeedEvilSetting a user password does not mean the user data is not available without reentering that user password.20:49
djszapihuh ?20:50
djszapiI think you should either go learn how the aegisfs works, or tell me the exact steps and description about your issue since you either do not understand how it works or this explanation is rather vague what you rae trying to say.20:51
djszapiare, even.20:51
*** clbr has quit IRC20:51
SpeedEvilSet pin, lock device, flash kernel -> data available. (apart from those applications which use encrypted stores)20:52 password is not available ...20:53
djszapifor accounts and so on ..20:53
djszapiforcing one way for everybody, every application, every library and so on is just plain wrong.20:53
djszapiLUK is much more appropriate sometimes than aegisfs, but this is true for gazillion cases for this and other technoligies.21:00
*** qqqwwwee has quit IRC21:01
djszapiso there is no "poor" implementation, but freedom ..21:01
SpeedEvilFreedom includes the choice of the user to lock down the device.21:02
djszapiyes, done, next customer21:03
*** Jonno has joined #harmattan21:10
*** wazd has joined #harmattan21:11
DocScrutinizerdamn, I felt tempted to look at chanlog :-/21:12
DocScrutinizerall hail to my ignore list21:12
*** snowpong has quit IRC21:16
*** djszapi has left #harmattan21:19
*** snowpong has joined #harmattan21:20
*** jesuschrist has joined #harmattan21:33
jesuschrist7join #n921:33
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan21:35
jesuschristhi all21:35
djszapiX-Fade : I found the soprano/raptor issue. My submitted raptor2 package got built today, but did not get publish into the repository as debian package ? Do you have an idea why the built package is not distributed ?21:36
djszapiX-Fade: available deb package: built version today: Is there some option to trigger immediate distribution or at least asap ?21:37
*** piggz has joined #harmattan21:44
jesuschristgri : you here?21:45
grijesuschrist: now, yes21:47
jesuschristhow has been the developing today honey ?21:47
grijesuschrist: rewriting the server backend, so nothing visible21:49
jesuschristso proud of you21:49
jesuschristwhy does it a server anyway ?21:49
grithere are plugins doing scraping of websites or handling incoming messages21:50
griplugins can be loaded locally on your phone21:50
grior if you don't have much bandwith, they run on a server and get called remotely21:51
jesuschristive sent21:51
jesuschristan email to betamax asking them to make their apps avalaible to meego too21:51
jesuschristso far no answer, i think its a good sign, means they feel too much shame to answer21:51
griwell for sms they already offer an api, so they don't need to create an application21:52
jesuschristdo they offer an api for their dialer too ?21:53
gridon't think so21:53
gribut the caller seems to only prefix numbers21:53
jesuschristyep, well21:53
jesuschristit guess the right prefix number for your area21:53
jesuschristdont know how21:53
grithe cell knows the country21:54
jesuschristplus it connects the calls to your betamax account, without asking for username or password21:54
jesuschristi dont know yours, but mine has more than 1 dialer number21:54
*** snowpong has quit IRC21:54
jesuschristmy country i mean21:54
jesuschristmore zones21:54
gri+xx and +xy?21:55
jesuschristi mean21:55
jesuschrist+39 wich is the international code for italy21:55
jesuschristand THEN21:55
jesuschristxx xy21:55
jesuschristguessing on where you are21:55
griwell, yes21:55
jesuschristhow does it do that21:56
gribut here in germany when you call from your phone you either call a mobile number or a landline number21:56
griand a landline number costs the same for the whole country21:56
jesuschristyep same for21:56
jesuschristsame for me21:56
jesuschristfor italy21:56
griso if you know +39, you know which landline number to call21:56
jesuschristbut only for cell phones21:56
grithey only need one number for each country21:57
jesuschristif i use their dialer number with my fixed line21:57
jesuschristthe rates apply21:57
jesuschristyeah you are right21:57
nealWhat's the replacement for / on Harmattan?21:57
jesuschristdidnt think about it21:57
jesuschristis betamax deutsch21:57
jesuschristis it'21:57
grilooks like that, yes21:58
Corsachmhm, interesting, trying to import all contacts from n900 to n9, n9 doesn't see the n900 bluetooth in the contacts import screen21:58
Corsac(while it correctly paired just before)21:58
jesuschristi can use their dialer21:58
jesuschristwith my fixed line too21:58
jesuschristi never tried21:58
jesuschristill try to check what does their app do automatically21:59
jesuschristim sure the dialer will ask to insert the phone number you wish to call21:59
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan21:59
jesuschristsomething wich the app did in auto mode on symbian21:59
jesuschristplus i cant see how they connect your phone number to your account21:59
jesuschristhow they do that21:59
grijesuschrist: I assume like the call center robot22:00
gricall a line, their computer picks up, phone sends more numbers22:00
gribut that's a wild guess, I really have no idea22:01
jesuschristi mean how they understand wich account is calling22:01
jesuschristso they can get the money from the prepaid22:01
artemmawhat is the way for deleting/moving/renaming files from terminal in PR 1.122:02
griif they know your mobile number, they know who you are?22:02
DocScrutinizerCorsac: just worked for me22:02
* artemma needs to clean some directories to make it look like a fresh device22:02
jesuschristyou think they check my mobile phone ? what if i use more betamax providers22:02
jesuschristi mean my mobile phone number22:02
grijesuschrist: all betamax providers belong to the same company22:02
grieven though you have to create a new account for every page22:03
CorsacDocScrutinizer: I used the “send from n900” way, and it worked, weird22:03
jesuschristyet i pay22:03
jesuschristonly one provider22:03
jesuschristand my account works with only one of them22:03
jesuschristanyway betamax is a too obsqure company, mafia must be behind it22:04
artemmaI can't run /usr/sbin/aegis-developer-mode --relaxed-exec22:04
artemmaI get permission denied22:04
jesuschristCall the local access number and dial the international number you wish to call.22:04
jesuschristthat says the betamax dialaer page22:04
jesuschristwell the app did all the work, automatically composing the phone number in the contacts22:04
djszapiartemma: expected22:04
grijesuschrist: if that's all, you can do that easily22:05
artemmadjszapi: I've heard about it and I assume that by now somebody has solved it. Or am I the only developer who needs to delete files once in a while22:05
DocScrutinizerthat's how those dieal-thru/dial-back services work, no?22:05
djszapiartemma: solve what ? That is like that on /purpose/.22:05
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan22:06
djszapiit was solved by not having it available.22:06
artemmadjszapi: well, developers do need to delete, rename, move stuff around22:06
jesuschristgri : yep and also the app checked if you were calling a international number, if it detected you were, it would ask if you wanted to be redirected through betamax, answering no would make it a normal call22:06
djszapiusers need security22:06
DocScrutinizeractually some dial-thru can handle "true prefix" like dialing a number composed of <service><your-real-number>22:06
artemmausers of just published app experience some problems that I suspect happen because they don't have directories I have22:07
djszapiand since users pay the money, make the business, that is what matters22:07
djszapinot futile number of developers.22:07
jesuschristDocScrutinizer : im not sure i understood22:07
artemmadjszapi: ok, I've got the idea: you do not know about a way for going around the permissions for file deletion :)22:07
jesuschristgri : yep anyway i think would be easy for a developer to do that22:07
* artemma probably will have to create a separate app for just deleting a directory22:07
*** trx has quit IRC22:07
djszapiartemma: yes, of course I know, but I do not feel ethical to disclose security holes.22:08
grijesuschrist: Well, become a developer and you can try it yourself? :)22:08
artemmadjszapi: that's close enough to not knowing :)22:08
jesuschristthats a nice advise gry!22:08
artemmaon the other hand if the whole exist, I'll continue asking, maybe somebody on the channel has higher ethical standards and will share ;)22:08
jesuschristprintf("international number");22:09
artemmaif the *hole* exists22:09
jesuschristnot working :(22:09
djszapiartemma: actually please stop it.22:09
grijesuschrist: You actually have to read some stuff before :P22:09
djszapimaybe if you have the N950 loan contract.22:09
djszapiyou do not wanna get a citation.22:09
jesuschristgri : i already work as a sysop, and i began to hate computers22:10
DocScrutinizerjesuschrist: a) you call <service>, service calls back, you pick up and DTMF <the-actual-number>   b) you call <service>, service picks up, you DTMF <the-actual-number>   c) you dial <service><the-actual-number>, service picks up and forwards your call to <the-actual-number>22:10
jesuschristDocScrutinizer : betamax works somehow lice C22:11
jesuschristbut you dont need any service22:11
jesuschristin front of it22:11
jesuschristbecause it detects international phone numbers by the international code22:11
jesuschristyou place in front of the number22:11
DocScrutinizernah, you need a betamax dialer that does the <service> prepending22:11
griui and actual call are different things22:11
jesuschristah right22:12
*** trx has joined #harmattan22:12
DocScrutinizers/need/usually have/22:12
infobotDocScrutinizer meant: nah, you usually have a betamax dialer that does the <service> prepending22:12
jesuschristyep i understood it22:12
jesuschristyou can let them call you too, but just works through their website22:13
DocScrutinizerthat's a') then22:13
jesuschristyeah you call the service22:13
jesuschristwith the website22:13
jesuschristand then it calls back22:13
jesuschristthe app does C anyway22:13
grijesuschrist: so which number does the callee see?22:15
jesuschristthe reciver of the phone call ?22:15
jesuschristmy phone number22:15
jesuschristit does see my cell phone number22:16
jesuschristeven if it isnt22:16
DocScrutinizeryeah, they "fake" it22:16
dm8tbrpsh, they just pipe it into SS722:17
jesuschristi actually need this app in a desperate fashion22:17
jesuschristi could pay for it22:17
*** b00^portal has joined #harmattan22:17
jesuschristbecause : 1 - in my area is mostly covered by 2g connection22:17
b00^portalhello guys22:17
DocScrutinizerextremely hard to implement on HARM in a seamless way22:17
grijesuschrist: setup a home server which accepts calls and forwards them with your free voip account? :D22:17
dm8tbrwas fun when there were still sip providers who forwarded the _wrong_ field as the originating number into SS7 :D22:17
jesuschrist2 - i need to call germany a lot22:17
*** berndhs has left #harmattan22:18
b00^portalerr, a shitty thing happened - I forgot my root password on my N9...  can I reset it ?22:18
grib00^portal: did you ever change it?22:18
b00^portalgri, yep, changed it,22:18
b00^portaland immediately it did not work22:18
jesuschristgri : i can pay for such an app i said22:18
DocScrutinizerdm8tbr: I think I can still set display name to a arbitrary number on sipgate.de22:18
grijesuschrist: I am student with more projects than time, so I can't even do that for money :)22:19
dm8tbrDocScrutinizer: if that gets forwarded into ISDN/SS7 that could have 'funny' results with PBX phones22:19
djszapijesuschrist: how much can you pay ? :p22:19
jesuschristthen ill have to sell my n9 and buy a white iphone 4s22:19
DocScrutinizerdm8tbr: anyway it's always just the display name, not the real source ID which is displayed at law enforcement etc22:19
jesuschristthat is because of you gri22:19
jesuschristdjszapi : say the price22:20
grijesuschrist: I am sure somebody will laugh on you when you tell you switched a n9 for an iphone :)22:20
djszapijesuschrist: can you write me a spec in mail and deadline you would like to have ?22:20
b00^portalhahaha, a spec22:20
jesuschristgri : hardly, i will just go out with hipsters22:21
DocScrutinizerjesuschrist: I probably could build a dialer for you that automatically prepends <service> - even conditionally. What I can't do (and probably nobody else) is integration into contacts / call history callback etc22:21
djszapiM4rtinK: ping22:22
jesuschristdjszapi : well its for personal user22:22
jesuschristno reason to be so formal22:22
jesuschristDocScrutinizer : you want cash ?22:22
DocScrutinizerunless somebody knows how to create a new service similar to SIP, on HARM, so you'd see a new transport/service option in that top dropdown in dialer22:22
jesuschristhwo they did they integrate it on symbian22:23
djszapiformal or informal, I need to know what to implement and for what time.22:23
jesuschristdjszapi : query ?22:24
b00^portalchanging passwords when you deadtired barely keep your eyes open is a really bad bad thing ...22:25
grib00^portal: but you managed to tipe it twice the same way :)22:25
b00^portalgri, yes, and I've managed to first save it a txt file, and wrong way too seems !22:26
b00^portalsomething really went screwed up22:26
SpeedEvilcopy+paste is handy for that.22:26
dm8tbrphone stuff is all telepathy22:26
*** harbaum has quit IRC22:27
jesuschristanyway gri22:30
jesuschristi understand it may be too hard for you22:30
jesuschristits ok22:30
b00^portalerr, what happens if i used non alphanum for the password? I see now :) the message saying, use alphanum22:31
b00^portalit did not complain when i was entering it though ... I had and underscore there ..22:32
*** djszapi has left #harmattan22:35
*** achipa has joined #harmattan22:35
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan22:44
artemmahmm, why is my app not able to delete a file in /.local/share/data?22:48
artemmaQFile file1("/.local/share/data/flickrwallpapers/wallpaper.jpg");22:48
artemmares = file1.remove();22:48
artemmathen errorString() returns "Permission denied"22:48
artemmaI thought all the apps can do whatever in /.local/share22:49
artemmaand if it needs some special aegis credential, isn't QtCreator/SDK supposed to request it automatically?22:52
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan22:54
SpeedEvilIf open() requires a permission, then it is granted.22:54
*** harbaum has quit IRC22:54
SpeedEvilif open("whatever") requires a seperate permission, it's not. As it can't be automatically determined.22:54
SpeedEvilYou may need to add it manually.22:54
SpeedEvilFirst check the unix permissions though.22:55
DocScrutinizerroot can't delete in drwxr-xr-x    6 user     users         4096 Aug 26 20:01 /home/user/.local/share/data/22:58
artemmanow it makes me really wondered how original files were created in the first place :/22:58
SpeedEviland that, yes.22:58
artemmaapp is operating with /.local/share/data22:59
artemmathat should be available for root22:59
artemmawell, it is operating with whatever storagelocation is pointing to22:59
DocScrutinizerroot can't delete in drwxr-xr-x    6 user     users         4096 Aug 26 20:01 /home/user/.local/share/data/22:59
artemmahmm.. maybe when run under different users it points to different dirs :/23:00
* artemma went to check existence of similar directories in /home/user and /home/developer23:00
DocScrutinizerroot can't write/delete to any other user's dirs23:00
artemmaI know, in normal life of app, we use whatever is storageLocation for the current user23:01
artemmaindeed, I created files everywhere :)23:02
artemmaunder root, developer and user23:02
artemmashouldn't be big deal though23:02
artemmaI guess from console I anyway cannot delete anything, so have to create an app and then run it from different users23:02
DocScrutinizersu - user;23:03
DocScrutinizerwhich once more shows how useless this whole aegis sandboxing of root is23:04
artemmahmm, isn't devel-su making you root?23:05
artemmaI tried deleting from /.local/share/data under root23:05
artemmato my understanding it is root's area23:05
DocScrutinizerthere's no /.local23:05
artemmawi.local/share/data/flickrwallpapers # su - user23:06
artemmasu: can't set groups: Operation not permitted23:06
matrixxartemma: is this related: I just tried to set wallpaper and now it tries to set wallpaper every few seconds, atleast according to notification23:06
matrixxbut lockscreen is black and my old wallpaper flashes there time to time23:06
matrixxdoes it go away if I reboot?23:06
artemmaDocScrutinizer: I have /.local Probably a result of writing to storageLocation when app was run under root23:06
DocScrutinizerhah, so another permission of root they "fixed" in post-22.6 paegis?23:07
artemmamatrixx: I am trying to figure out23:07
artemmaworks flawlessly on my device23:07
artemmauninstall should clean stuff23:07
matrixxartemma: ok thanks, I can try fresh install23:07
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC23:08
artemmanow I suspect that the problem is with file permissions. Dirs exist on my device for a long time23:08
artemmatrying to clean them now23:08
artemmamatrixx: I'll probably remove app from the store for a while23:08
*** miroslav1 has quit IRC23:08
artemmait doesn't work for too many people23:08
matrixxartemma: ok :/23:08
artemmawill beta-test on somebody first23:08
artemmaheck, tested it well on my device..23:10
artemmaDocScrutinizer: I can't understand how to run su - user23:10
artemmareturns su: can't set groups: Operation not permitted23:10
dm8tbrartemma: which app? I can give it a spin here23:11
artemmadm8tbr: I just removed it from app store :)23:11
dm8tbrmeh :)23:11
artemmacan send you a deb file via dcc23:11
artemmaor email23:11
dm8tbrprivmsgd you my mail23:12
dm8tbractually forget that mail23:12
DocScrutinizerdevelsh; su - user23:12
dm8tbrI can't read the attachments on that :(23:12
artemmasending via dcc23:13
artemmaDocScrutinizer: doesn't work for me23:13
DocScrutinizerhah, so another permission of root they "fixed" in post-22.6 paegis?23:13
*** dang_ has joined #harmattan23:14
dang_does anyone know why the n9 email client is only using the email address in From: and not the actual name? is it possible to change this?23:14
DocScrutinizermaybe ssh user@localhost works23:14
Mekdevel-su instead of su?23:15
artemmaMek, tried devel-su, didn't change anything23:16
DocScrutinizerdevel-su - user23:16
Mekhmm, okay... for me devel-su works, su gives that error23:16
DocScrutinizeraah Mek beat me23:16
artemmadevel-su - user worked!23:16
artemmahey, I can remove files local to user now! :)23:17
merlin1991what does the - in `deve-su - user` do?23:17
infobotmerlin1991 meant: what does the - in `devel-su - user` do?23:17
matrixxsame as su - user23:17
deramdang_: had same problems, couldn't find fix yet23:17
artemmaDocScrutinizer: can I do the same for developer? It is asking for password and rootme doesn't work23:18
matrixxmerlin1991: basicly as superuser you can became any user you like23:18
matrixxuser in this case23:18
merlin1991found it in the man pages, - makes it a login shell23:19
jabiswhat's that extra "-" doing I'd imagine he meant23:19
deramthat - makes the shell login shell, ie. it sets the environment as in normal login23:19
matrixxartemma: passwd is the same you have set it to be with sdk connection tool23:19
merlin1991jabis: yes, deram thanks23:19
matrixxat least for me, cause I use it with qtcreator23:19
artemmaheh, and I do need to delete /.local/share/data stuff. That is the storage location when my app is run by the system daemon23:19
matrixxmerlin1991: ah sorry, I misread your question23:20
artemmamatrixx: thx, helped23:20
matrixxartemma: np23:21
*** snowpong has joined #harmattan23:21
artemmaok, cleaned user and developer stuff23:22
DocScrutinizerartemma: this is really really bad to create /.local23:22
matrixxartemma: I hope you get it back to store soon, I really liked the app idea :)23:22
artemmaDocScrutinizer: It wasn't me, I create files wherever storagelocation tells23:22
artemmawhen app is run by system daemon, storage location seems to be /.local/share/data23:23
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan23:23
artemmaand actually I don't know any other dir accessible by root23:23
artemmawell, I thought it's accessible by root23:23
artemmaI need to save downloaded files somewhere :)23:23
DocScrutinizerthat's either a bug, or a flaw in (reading) the specs of storagelocation23:24
artemmaIf I knew any other folder root can write to, I would have tried it23:24
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan23:24
jabisDoc, could you elaborate why it's "bad"? :)23:24
DocScrutinizerjabis: one "word" FHS23:25
DocScrutinizerartemma: try $TMP23:25
artemmaDocScrutinizer: my app is run by system daemon once in a while. it downloads file from the web and needs to save it somewhere. storageLocation sounded logical23:25
DocScrutinizerstoragelocation of WHOM?23:25
artemmaof whoever is the current user23:26
DocScrutinizerI dunno what'S the semantics of storagelocation23:26
matrixxwas there any restrictions who can publish media or other customization in ovi store?23:26
DocScrutinizerin my book storagelocation is a GUI related thing more than sth a *daemon* could use23:27
artemmahmm, that may explain the black screen people are getting. Somehow app is able to save to /.local to my machine, but not to normal people's devices23:27
matrixxlike, was a corporate account needed or do I remember totally wrong..23:27
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan23:27
artemmaDocScrutinizer: that was the only location I was able to find that could be accessed by any user23:27
artemmawill now try tmp23:27
jabisDocScrutinizer: well - we're not exactly talking about a standard nix distro here23:27
djszapiback to the protected storage: The master device secret never leaves the trustzone and is only accessible via the functions BB5 provides, so I guess it should be in a pretty good safe in there.23:27
artemmaDocScrutinizer: you mean QDesktopServices::TempLocation?23:28
DocScrutinizerartemma: when your "daemon" wants to do sth on user's behalf, then it probably should change UID to user23:28
djszapiback to the locking down statement: The data most probably is intact but I'm not sure how the device lock (I suppose you meant the device lock code by PIN) behaves when a new kernel is flashed. Back when it stored the code in protected storage it would have been impossible to unlock the device after kernel was booted, but now I suppose the code is stored in the calibration area.23:29
artemmahmm, in the future I will definitely like to store pictures for longer time, but for right now tmp may be good enough23:29
jabisthe oddities of HARM are neverending23:29
artemmaDocScrutinizer: I don't know how to change UID to user23:29
djszapiHence, this "taking the descryption algorithm and done" post is plaing wrong.23:29
djszapiartemma: request a credential23:30
djszapipretty simple actually.23:30
artemmadjszapi: never did neither aegis, not UID change23:30
DocScrutinizerman 2 setuid23:30
djszapiwell one-liner23:30
artemmaDocScrutinizer: you mean from the command line?23:30
artemmamay work..23:31
artemmawell, will try tmp for quick fix first23:31
djszapiI do hope quick fixes do not pass OVI23:31
artemmadjszapi: I do hope they pass23:32
artemmathat's anyway better than the current version that's already in store :)23:32
DocScrutinizeractually such a "daemon" should never get started as root, first instance23:32
artemmaDocScrutinizer: it's not me who is starting the app23:32
artemmait's alarmd23:32
artemmaI just tell it which command line to start23:32
b00^portalis there an N9 specific OneClickFlasher or is that the same one as for N950? I'm confused because the docs talk about N9 flasher, yet I cannot find but the N950 flasher23:33
artemmawith no cron on the system I am hooking to the alarm clock :)23:33
DocScrutinizerhmm, and alarmd is starting a process as root when told so by user? nice ;-P23:33
artemmaoups, I hope you are not going to fix it :)23:33
DocScrutinizeralarmd is not alarmclock23:33
b00^portalalarmd -> crontab ?23:34
artemmaoh well, I wouldn't mind if alarmd started my process as user23:34
artemmab00^portal: no cron in harmattan23:34
Arkenoiwhy is bedside not in ovi store anymore?23:34
jabisI have the deb if you want it23:34
DocScrutinizerartemma: thinking about it, not even cron was the right thing for your "daemon"23:34
Arkenoijabis: thanks, will try it!23:35
artemmaDocScrutinizer: the most proper thing I was able to invent is to go via the TransferUI. I was fighting with it for several days and failed23:35
artemmait is still in the plans though23:35
DocScrutinizeryou should run it from e.g xsession, and use a timer() for your sheduling. You're aware that alarmd can *wake up the device from power-down state*? :-o23:35
jabisArkenoi: wait a sec, I'll post link23:35
artemmaDocScrutinizer: there are alarmd flags to prevent wake from deepsleeping23:36
artemmaevent flags I mean23:36
artemmathough I am not 100% sure I am using them correctly :)23:36
b00^portalso no one knows about N9 flasher util ? ......23:37
* Arkenoi wonders why it was removed23:37
artemmaok, tmpdir works under develope (resolved to /var/tmp). Now to try under user and root (via daemon)23:37
jabisb00^portal: there was a flasher util that's made for tablets that hooks nicely with N923:38
DocScrutinizerArkenoi: maybe it had some concepts like artemma's app ? ;-D23:39
djszapijabis: sorry, but couldn't it go to the community obs ?23:39
b00^portaljabis, will it re-flash my n9 to its default state ?23:39
artemmahahaha, doesn't work under root, I get same black lockscree that users report :)23:39
b00^portaljabis, or as-new state :)23:39
artemmais there ANY place root can write files to?23:39
DocScrutinizerartemma: that's all results of your whole architecture completely odd23:39
artemmaDocScrutinizer: it can and should and will be improved23:40
jabisdjszapi: whatwhichwho? :)23:40
artemmayet there got to be a place user is able to write to23:40
djszapijabis: see the landing page23:40
DocScrutinizeraiui your app is doing a "user thing" I.E. changing wallpaper. No root process involved in that23:40
jabisb00^portal: haven't tested :)23:40
djszapijabis: basically any open source projects are welcome into the community harmattan repository:
jabisdjszapi: what are we talking about here? I'm lost :)23:41
* artemma will try to hard code /var/tmp. Maybe it's DesktopServices that return wrong TempLocation for root23:41
djszapiuhhh that would be a dirty hack23:41
artemmadjszapi: I do need to get it work right now somehow23:41
* DocScrutinizer sighs23:41
artemmawe can call it a workaround around the DesktopServices bug23:42
artemmathis way it sounds better23:42
jabisb00^portal: I have the flasher util - I can upload it if you want?23:42
djszapiartemma: has nothing to do with QDesktopService23:42
*** niqt has joined #harmattan23:42
djszapiit is not a "bug".23:42
artemmaor really?23:42
jabisI srsly can't remember where I downloaded it - but it was on some of the boards23:42
DocScrutinizerflasher util available on or what it's called23:42
artemmadjszapi: when I ask a system for a tmp location I expect to get a location where I can store tmp stuff23:42
*** wook has joined #harmattan23:43
djszapiartemma: getenv("TMPVAR");23:44
djszapiand yes, you will get it, no bugs.23:44
jabisdjszapi: thanks for the pointer btw :) I'll prolly be porting some stuff from maemo when I'm finished with this ERP-client integration23:44
djszapijabis: Harmattan is also maemo23:44
djszapijabis: be precise pls.23:44
jabisyeh maemo6 x)23:44
wooki was wondering, did anyone wrote app that will change backgrounds?23:45
artemmadjszapi: DesktopServices sounded more proper in Qt world. I'll try TMPVAR as well. Just will make sure /var/tmp is writable by root at all23:45
artemmawook, we are trying to debug some issues with it write now :)23:45
djszapiartemma: why would it sound ? Do you plan to port it to Symbian ?23:46
wookright now? :-O what issues? :)23:46
djszapiartemma: also, please spend at least 1 min with googling and qt source :) You will see the things.23:46
artemmadjszapi: Because I am not very experienced in *nix world and try sticking to Qt23:46
djszapiharmattan is not really planned for QDesktopService anyways23:46
djszapiartemma: harmattan uses linux kernel23:46
djszapiso does meego23:46
artemmadjszapi: believe me I spent many-many minutes googling. Really23:47
djszapigetenv is safer than ever if you do not plan to port it to Symbian23:47
artemmadoesn't help for my level of cleverness23:47
djszapieven android.23:47
wooki was up to port homescreen of symbian^3 but it depends very much on system components23:47
artemmadjszapi: I'll google how to use getenv once I figure root is able to write to somewhere23:48
deramArkenoi: also here
wookbut changeing system wallpapers in /usr/share/themes/ shouldn't be hard, right?23:48
jabisb00^portal: did you found what you were looking for? :)23:49
djszapiartemma: man getenv23:49
artemmano, root is not able to write to /var/tmp as well23:49
* djszapi is wondering why everybody writes miniapps for only one setting instead of having one app for setting more things in one place.23:49
jabisartemma: wouldn't it be faster to try setuid so you wouldn't have to worry about root writing :)23:49
artemmajabis: now, yes :)23:50
artemmanever used setuid before23:50
djszapiartemma: ofc root is able23:50
* artemma goes to google23:50
djszapisince /var/tmp is the root fs after all23:50
artemmadjszapi: my app fails somehow23:50
djszapidefine somehow23:50
artemmaexactly when run under root23:51
b00^portaljabis, no23:51
artemmasame code with hardcoded /var/tmp is fine under user and developer23:51
jabisb00^portal: want me to upload it for you?23:51
b00^portaljabis, yea ?23:51
djszapiartemma: I do not understand your issue, if you can set it already, what is the problem ?23:52
djszapiset it with user or developer if that works oob23:53
wookjabis, what's this? :-O23:53
artemmadjszapi: my code is run under root when alarmd starts it23:53
DocScrutinizerjabis: artemma: not setuid, start the daemon as ID:user, set up alarmd *from* a user process, start that process from e.g. xsession23:53
djszapirun your code as user23:53
artemmaDocScrutinizer: I set alarmd from a user process23:53
DocScrutinizeror whatever this messed up system provides to start a normal user process on X startup23:53
jabiswook: it was a tablet flasher that works allegedly with N9 - haven't tested myself but it was on some nokia/meego/maemo-board :) couldn't find the link, but did find the flasher from downloads :)23:54
artemmawell, that's exactly what I am doing23:54
DocScrutinizerartemma: so you say alarmd ACTUALLY is starting root processes when user tells it to do?23:54
DocScrutinizerthat's COOL man!23:54
* djszapi does not see the issue yet23:54
artemmaDocScrutinizer: yes, Ive seen it via ps23:54
wookahh, i thought its new fw :D23:54
b00^portaljabis, installing ..23:54
artemmadjszapi: alarmd starts my app as root. This app needs to save files somewhere. I can't find a single directory that works23:55
djszapiartemma: seriously... ls -lda /var/tmp23:55
*** harbaum has quit IRC23:55
djszapidrwxrwxrwt    3 root     root          4096 Nov  2 20:13 /var/tmp23:55
djszapiartemma: your system is messed up23:55
djszapiartemma: fix your system23:55
*** snowpong has quit IRC23:55
jabisb00^portal: *disclaimer* I'm in no way involved in your flashings, so don't blame me if you brick your phone :D23:55
b00^portaljabis, !23:55
artemmawell, maybe alarmd somehow limits the process rights.. if it's possible23:55
artemmadjszapi: it doesn't work for many other people23:55
wook:D bricking...huh :D23:56
b00^portaljabis, ok, well, someone just suggested i may not need to flash it , but I want the app anyway23:56
djszapiartemma: many people screwed up the system23:56
b00^portaljabis,  thanks for giving it to me23:56
djszapiartemma: should work oob, works here.23:56
artemmamany people reported same stuff (from the code that fwas trying to write to default root's storage location)23:56
jabisb00^portal: :)23:56
b00^portaljabis, and you are responsible for a bricked n923:56
b00^portalare/will be23:56
djszapiartemma: well, /var/tmp is owned by root, so it is ofc writable for root23:56
wookdjszapi, is there any place that isn't writable by root?23:57
djszapiwook: yes, many.23:57
jabischeck that you're not trying to write /var/tmpwhateteveryouredownloading23:57
jabis(correct path :)23:57
artemmadjszapi: I just tried touching file under root in /var/tmp/flickrwallpapers. Doesn't work - permission denied23:57
djszapiwook: well, it is really not magical, simple unix file permission model23:58
artemmahmm, but it works in /var/tmp23:58
djszapiapart from that, root is not superninja, just a simple user23:58
wookyes, indeed23:58
djszapiartemma: works for me23:58
wookhahahahaha :D23:58
artemmaso root can modify files exactly in /var/tmp, but not in it's subdirectories..23:58
DocScrutinizerartemma: pretty please change your process ID to user!23:58
artemmaDocScrutinizer: I'll do it instantly when it's clear for me how to do it23:58
artemmagoogling setuid right now23:58
djszapiartemma: :/var/tmp# mkdir -p hello && touch hello/world23:59
djszapiworks oob here.23:59
jabisif subdirs are owned by another user and chmoded for that user only - it can't touch 'em23:59
DocScrutinizerI'd think alarmd should provide a way to set user ID of the processes it spawns23:59

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