IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2011-10-31

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* Arkenoi tried playing pretty generic wmv and mkv on n950 and it failed.. no truly exotic codecs, something widespread enough..00:23
DocScrutinizerno luck with streaming pretty standard internet TV (
DocScrutinizeralso wmv iirc00:25
DocScrutinizer Sendung&query=*00:28
DocScrutinizer"Einstellungen" lower right00:29
lilltigerArkenoi: I tried VLC on my N9 and it could play rared files, havent tried any exotic codec with it yet thought00:49
lilltigerso "soon" we might have a real vidio player for the N900:49
lilltigerAlthought I would like to see anyone trying to compile XBMC for it as well :p00:50
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jabisf0und it :)00:58
jabisI also confirmed the kernel build is the same01:00
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npmhow does one turn off the autosuggestion in qml textedit element?07:06
npmor rather if user clicks "accept" how can i get the text the user typed (it comes out missing unless you move cursor and add space to end of text)07:07
ScifigDid anyone port duplicity to harmattan?07:11
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Stecchinoanyone know how to send a Nokia store link to someone?08:40
Stecchinoa click to install type thing08:40
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Stecchinofound it's possible from
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cityLightsok, I am here now09:59
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matrixxhi, is gtalk account configuration working fine for you guys?12:02
matrixxwhen I configure my account it seems to go well, but when I try to change my presence online it says wrong password12:02
matrixxand I'm confident I didn't typo my pw, and also tried removing the account config and creating it again a few times --> no help12:03
matrixxI'm on PR 1.112:03
elpuriyeah i had the same when trying to configure gmail12:04
X-Fadematrixx: Click on 'online' again.12:04
elpurii suppose it uses the same authentication12:04
matrixxX-Fade: I've tried to click many times12:04
X-Fadematrixx: After one or 2 times you see it works.12:04
Hq`it does that sometimes but works after retrying12:04
matrixxhmm, maybe I just keep on trying then :)12:04
X-FadeIt is a known bug at least.12:04
X-FadeMain cause is that connection errors get reported as wrong password.12:05
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matrixxah ok, 10 times, no luck12:05
matrixxmaybe another 10 then :D12:05
hiemanshumatrixx: do you have 2 step auth setup for you?12:07
matrixxI don't think so12:07
Hq`try with a different network connection too12:07
matrixxhiemanshu: where can I see if I have or not?12:08
matrixxI don't have gmail configured, only thing I've been using is google docs so far12:09
hiemanshumatrixx: when you log in via browser does it text your or email you an id?12:09
matrixxah, and google+12:09
hiemanshumatrixx: when you log in via browser does it text you or voice call you a temp password12:09
matrixxhiemanshu: no it doesn't, just tried out the web client12:09
hiemanshuno idea wtf I was thinking12:09
hiemanshuthen its not the 2 step auth12:10
matrixxHq`: tried now wlan and 3g, both failed12:11
matrixxI think I'll just give up and wait for 3rd party client :D12:12
matrixxit's likely to come before fixing update12:12
hiemanshufor some odd reason everything worked for me in the first try :D12:13
hiemanshuovi, twitter and what not issues people had, all of it worked just fine for me :P12:13
matrixxI also had luck with the ota update12:14
matrixxgot it right first time12:14
matrixxgtalk is the first one failing for me12:14
hiemanshu*touchwood* WFM :D12:14
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razvanpetruhey everyone12:26
razvanpetruany ftp clients yet? nothing on ovi... except a cmd line one and I can't install that on non-technical person's phones :)12:26
razvanpetruin fact... how can I access maemo-like repositories for n9?12:28
fluxrazvanpetru, there is lftp, is there not?12:28
fluxhowever, for some reason the battery usage tool indicated that it consumed cpu while I was not running it (nothing it top) so I removed it (rather than debugged why bu would think that ;))12:29
flux(perhaps it used cpu extensively while running)12:29
razvanpetruthanks, will check it12:31
razvanpetruI don't think my wife can use lftp though, she needs something like a file browser with an UI :D12:33
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fluxoh, I just skipped over your second part of the sentence 8-)12:36
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nibblertrying to OCFlash 39-5 to my RM680 but the OCF keeps looping in "Error claiming USB interface: Device or resource busy"13:31
nibblerit has already 39-5, but i fear i broke a few bits. thusly i'd like to re-flash it into mint condition before trying anything else.13:33
Kaadlajknibbler: Arkenoi had the same problem13:33
Kaadlajknot sure if he manages to solve it13:33
jabismorning/gday/evenings to y'all13:36
Arkenoiblacklisted cdc_phonet kernel module13:37
Arkenoibut got bricked before that (damn module grabbed the USB interface between two phases of flashing)13:38
Arkenoiso spent two days shitting bircks and finally made my way with emergency charging and coldflashing, thanks to helping #harmattan people13:39
Kaadlajkonce when I was flashing there was a blackout caused by lightning :P though that did not seem to cause any problems, device flashed normally after13:42
nibblerArkenoi: so blacklisting cdc_phonet would be your suggestion?13:45
RST38bisMoo, gentlemen13:49
RST38bisHey, Arkanoid, happy halloween13:49
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RST38bisMeanwhile, looks like Shuttleworth announced entering mobile platform race13:50
* RST38bis prays to the Tentacled One to personally direct Shuttleworth's efforts at taking over mobile world.13:52
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razvanpetruso what are they gonna do, take meego and run with it?13:53
razvanpetrubecause starting from scratch *again* sounds incredibly silly13:53
RST38bisThey will take Ubuntu and run with it.13:53
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RST38bisEspecially considering that embedded Ubuntu already exists (eg Linaro)13:54
RST38bisNobody cares about Meego (and there are reasons to think nobody ever did)13:54
razvanpetruok, then maemo613:54
RST38bisrazvanpetru <-- is obviously new here13:55
razvanpetrutrue :)13:55
razvanpetrubut as a customer, I'm tired of seing everyone build a mobile linux from scratch13:55
razvanpetruI can not comprehend how Linux on mobile phones is now worse than it was with maemo13:57
razvanpetruand meanwhile Intel is doing yet another mobile Linux, Ubuntu will probably try to make something work on phones...13:57
DocScrutinizerrazvanpetru: ++13:59
* RST38bis yawns at razvanpetru, showing fangs14:01
chouchounerazvanpetru: yet another Linux for phones is not a problem !14:03
chouchounethe more platforms you will have, the more work will be done on upstream components !14:03
DocScrutinizerduh, *tha* is true14:04
chouchouneit's just like the desktop Linux story ... There are many distributions, contributing to the same components and integrating them14:04
chouchouneproviding alternatives, and alternatives are good for tinovation14:05
razvanpetruwell yeah, but at least on desktop you can actually use the thing on the desktop :)14:05
razvanpetruon mobile I can use what?14:05
DocScrutinizerI could live with one or two less ;-P14:05
chouchouneDocScrutinizer: you could, but what would be the advantage of having one or two distros less ?14:06
DocScrutinizerno moe Shuttleworth around14:06
DocScrutinizerno more friggin buntkuh14:06
* RST38bis sighs and points out that of all people and organizations Ubuntu has the best chances of producing a *workable* mobile Linux14:07
DocScrutinizerone distro less raping good linux into a mess14:07
chouchouneanyway, Ubuntu investing mobile and tabket development is great14:07
RST38bisThat people would *use*14:07
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RST38bisSo, Doc, you can shit all over Shuttleworth, but look at the current alternatives and objectively assert how likely they are to succeed.14:07
chouchounelet's hope it involves Qt in the story ;)14:07
RST38bisFor all I know, Unity is written in Qt14:08
razvanpetruit is14:08
RST38bisSo, Qt will most likely be included14:08
chouchouneUnity2D yes14:08
radiofreeunity 2d is14:08
DocScrutinizeron embedded? ZERO14:08
chouchounenot Unity itself14:08
RST38bisDoc: Good, at least you are honest with yourself14:08
DocScrutinizerexcept for andridiot obviously14:08
chouchounebut ARM build of Ubuntu has Unity 2D I think14:08
chouchouneand not the "real" Unity14:08
RST38bisDoc: Now, Shuttleworth has the best chances of all14:09
RST38bisDoc: He has got money, reputation in the business, and willingness to see this project all the way to the end14:09
RST38bisDoc: Yes, his choices in distro compilation are...mhm... eclectic at best14:09
RST38bisDoc: But at least he is not employing Lennart! =)14:10
* DocScrutinizer starts to love shuttleworth14:10
razvanpetru+1 persuasion14:11
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DocScrutinizerRST38bis: I'm not sure about the first part. Seems to me buntkuh actively invents new shit as well14:16
RST38bisSometimes, yes, like with Unity14:16
DocScrutinizermaybe I'm mistaken, as I never touch that crap14:16
RST38bisBut given what gnomes have done with their own desktop, can you really blame Ubuntu people? :)14:17
DocScrutinizeractually no14:17
decibytehey, what's wrong with inventing new stuff?14:17
RST38bisdecibyte: Has to be useful or at least better than the current stuff14:17
DocScrutinizernot at all (NB I also don't tough things with an initial "g" in their name ;-P)14:17
dm8tbrubuntu and embedded? I don't see that going anywhere...14:17
RST38bisMost stuff being invented nowadays severely lacks in both departments14:18
RST38bisdm8tbr: already there (Panda boards)14:18
dm8tbrRST38bis: sure, I can also put an elephant on an fiat panda, won't make much more sense...14:18
decibyteRST38bis: well... but shouldn't you be allowed to try something out and fail?14:18
RST38bisdm8tbr: Meego is Redhat14:18
RST38bisdm8tbr: A server OS placed into embedded context14:19
dm8tbrnow you're trolling14:19
RST38bisdm8tbr: So, how is Ubuntu worse than that?14:19
* RST38bis will tell you when he is trolling14:19
dm8tbrmeego is not deadrat, never was14:19
RST38bisreally, dm8tbr? :)14:19
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decibyteoh, and the definition of "better" - isn't that very subjective? and one of the strengths of free software, that anyone can (and is allowed to) invent new stuff that may seem better (only) to them?14:24
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RST38bisdecibyte: No problem with that. Now, forcing their own stuff onto other people by using their leverage inside companies like Redhat, that is what I do not like14:26
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decibytenoone is forced by canonical to use unity. they actually encourage diversity. that's why it's so easy to install gnome shell, switch to kubuntu, etc.14:27
fluxwell, I was unpleasantly surprised that gnome-session apparently no longer supports custom window manager (environment variable WINDOW_MANAGER)14:29
fluxunpleasantly perhaps because I run debian unstable and one day my login no entered sawfish with gnome-pnanel but rather unity, so I'm partially to blame as well ;)14:29
* RST38bis has not been talking about Unity in this particular example14:29
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decibyteRST38bis: somebody did. i guess the same applies for all other "own invented" stuff by others too. the freedom is there. don't hate them for bundling it as the default.14:30
RST38bisdecibyte: this is mostly talk14:31
RST38bisdecibyte: In reality, you are going to be using whatever Redhat, Canonical, SuSE decide you should be using14:31
fluxI can easily understand people that think removing features in new versions is one way of forcing their way. of course, we are free to use something else if we want.14:31
RST38bisdecibyte: They have standardized on PulseAudio - and now everyone is using PulseAudio14:31
RST38bisdecibyte: They are using DBus - and now your "netstat -a" is littered with hundreds of entries14:32
RST38bisdecibyte: and so forth. Gnomes are now doing away with desktop metaphor, so I guess we will all have to either suffer through their mediacenter-like menu or switch to xfce14:34
decibyteRST38bis: i don't agree. in reality you are free to do whatever you wan't. although it may require a some work from you. anyways, you are obviously a lot more into what's going on deep inside the system than i am.14:34
fluxboth pulseaudio and dbus solve some problems developers feel they need to get solved14:34
RST38bisWhether you agree or do not agree is unimportant, actually14:35
RST38bisflux: problems that have been previously solved with much less overhead.14:35
fluxrst38bis, so is the overhead now a problem?14:35
RST38bisit is, among other problems14:35
RST38bisflux: Is this where you are going to tell me to look into the code and fix it, Luke? =)14:36
fluxI've found it nice to be able to have application-specific persistent volume controls14:36
fluxrst38bis, well, talking about fixing, the ability to follow dbus traffic is pretty nice14:36
fluxrst38bis, you can't do that with unix domain sockets14:36
fluxand you can also get a pretty good idea what the message is14:36
fluxinstead of applications just pushing their binary-structs around14:36
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* RST38bis remembers how ArtS pushed audio over DBus, even had a separate DBus protocol specification for audio at one time, and how it ended for ArtS14:45
RST38bisHaving long memory is really a disadvantage...14:45
jabishaving a long and selective memory is an advantage ;)14:50
fluxrst38bis, so, there are cases when dbus is not suitable. not really surprising.14:51
fluxsounds almost as good an idea as pushing audio over the X11 protocol.14:52
fluxor graphics for that matter. and nowadays we have MITSHM and GLX..14:52
fluxbut I wonder what would be a protocol better than dbus for telling that I would like to activate screensaver14:53
fluxcustom protocol for every application is the best way to go?14:53
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jreznikand now, let's expose everything on qmf :)14:57
* RST38bis sighs at flux: you are new here...14:58
* jreznik wonders how all irc channels he's on are becoming more and more cynical ones :)15:01
RST38bisflux: So, as general education: 1) MITSHM has been known at least since 1993 (prolly earlier) 2) Sun tried networked audio with their X11 "thin clients" in the 90s 3) GLX has nothing to do with 2D graphics, it controls OpenGL integration with X11 4) X11 already provides means for interclient communications15:04
RST38bisflux: I hope you see what I have meant by having long memory now =)15:05
matrixxa little poll, if an app needs to do a reboot to work properly, would you like it to: 1) warn about it rebooting before the app does it, or 2) prompt user to reboot the phone to make everything work correctly?15:05
fluxrst38bis, actually I meant DRI when I said GLX, so I give you that. and while DRI implies GL, it also is the most highly-performing 2d api available for X.15:06
SpeedEvilmatrixx: prompt, and ask reboot now?15:06
SpeedEvilmatrixx: With if launched before reboot, say 'reboot stupid'15:06
RST38bisflux: Nice. Hence 5) There is also /dev/fb0 letting you directly access the 2D frame buffer15:07
matrixxSpeedEvil: heh, it's just about if users want app to reboot their phone or not15:07
RST38bis*and* there is a virtual framebuffers infrastructure in Linux letting multiple people open /dev/fb015:07
fluxrst38bis, who would use 2d frame buffer when you can have hardware acceleration?15:07
matrixxI would myself prefer number two, and do the reboot myself later, when I've finished all my current actions15:08
fluxwell, unless you're in a platform that can accelerate drawing into anywhere in the memory15:08
RST38bisHardware acceleration for *what*? Modern hardware does not accelerate 2D stuff, hence the manic switch to GL/GLES by many toolkit authors15:08
fluxand obviously they -are- doing 2D even if the interface allows to do 3D15:09
matrixxI'm not actually sure can I make an app reboot the phone cause it's run as a user :D15:09
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RST38bisBut I guess that to do it "the Unix way" you would have /dev/fb0 ioctl()s perform acceleration functions15:09
fluxrst38bis, and you would have multiple buffers for textures (for example fonts) etc, a DRM is a necessity at some point15:10
RST38bisflux: Well...not really. They are still doing 3D, just bonk it all into the same plane15:10
flux2D is a pure subset of 3D15:10
RST38bisDRM? What DRM?15:10
fluxdirect rendering manager15:10
* RST38bis has no idea how flux has got to DRM in this conversation15:11
fluxI mentioned DRI did I not?15:11
RST38bisBut accelerated 2D hardware had its own textures, known as sprites15:11
fluxand if you -are- doing hardware accelation, you don't really want to be mesing with the direct frame buffer anymore15:11
fluxsprites are typically considered as moving objects, not something you can stamp in and leave there?15:12
jabismatrixx: /etc/init.d/minireboot ?15:12
fluxmatrixx, there is an Ovi store app that does reboot the device for 1 EUR :-)15:13
fluxwell, claims to do that at least15:13
clbrflux: per reboot or per app? ;-)15:13
fluxnow that's a great idea, my way of getting rich :)15:13
RST38bisTo make long story short: "3D acceleration" of 2D graphics is not always the most efficient way to do things, and it is also very complicated and hardly portable, so it is too early to disregard good old frame buffer access15:14
fluxrst38bis, I guess you have noticed that N9 uses almost exclusively DRI to do its drawing, though15:14
matrixxjabis: thanks, I'll look into that15:14
RST38bisBut you can continue believing it is the real step forward, of course, even although the original 3D hw designers never considered it such15:14
SpeedEvilEspecially given the ridonkulous speed ov CPUs.15:14
fluxrst38bis, and the N9 interface isn't really 3d15:15
RST38bisand that is supposed to prove what?15:15
fluxmaybe they should've used frame buffer directly from applications, because it would be better performing then?15:15
matrixxflux: hehe, I was also thinking that reboot app would be useful, didn't know there already was one :D15:15
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*** rm_work has joined #harmattan15:15
matrixxflux: though this one I'm working on which needs reboot is not reboot app :)15:15
SpeedEvilA gigahertz - divided by the pixel-count of most phone displays is >50015:15
*** zogg_ has quit IRC15:15
fluxrst38bis, things like vertex shaders are very useful when dealing with 2d15:15
SpeedEvilThis indicates that perhaps 2D accel is less important than it used to be.15:15
RST38bisyes, for N9 in particular, using direct frame buffer access will yield performance boost, at least for my apps15:15
fluxhow do you get direct frame buffer access in N9?15:16
*** artemma has quit IRC15:16
RST38bismostly because N9's 3D hardware does not support memory-mapped textures and uploading a texture to it is expensive15:16
RST38bisflux: open("/dev/fb0",O_RDWR)?15:16
SpeedEvilRST38bis: What ar eyour apps?15:16
fluxrst38bis, so you are in the video group?15:16
fluxrst38bis, or you run the application as root?15:16
* RST38bis wonders if he should continue sighing15:17
fluxI mean, on N9 the /dev/fb0-devices are 660 root:video15:17
SpeedEvilRST38bis: Ah.15:18
fluxrst38bis, hey, I like AlmostTI, but you shuold make it store/restore the state on exit/start :)15:19
flux(like on N900, I guess that's on TOD)15:19
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fluxoh, I hadn't noticed that the user is actually in the video group already :)15:30
*** deimos_ has joined #harmattan15:30
fluxand apparently at least the gallery application uses /deb/fb2 when it's playing back video15:31
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tillHeya folks, my shiny new 950 wanted to do an OS upgrade, I had it plugged into USB while it was doing that, but it's been sitting there saying "Nokia" for 30 minutes now. Looks like something went awry. Any ideas?15:41
RST38bistill: that is ok15:52
RST38bisWait more.15:52
tillHow long, roughly?15:55
RST38bisanother 30 minutes before you do cpr on it15:57
tillOk. Is there a wiki page on the CPR somewhere, should it be needed?15:57
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tillStill nothing, I think it's dead.16:29
tillThe interwebs say to use the quick erase flasher?16:29
thpJaffa: there's a warning on the start page of Warning: readfile(../../2011/44/.name) [function.readfile]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in [...]16:32
Jaffathp: Ooh, not good.16:32
Jaffathp: Thanks16:32
*** Smtih has quit IRC16:33
Jaffathp: Fixed. Cause by the partial creation of this week's issue.16:34
hardakerdear world: please write a decent harmattan email app.  Thanks, me.16:36
Arkenoicompared to modest it is more than decent16:36
hardakerno...  no, it really isn't.16:36
toninikkanenwell at least the one in harmattan doesn't get stuck forever trying to update a big IMAP inbox... a first for Nokia16:36
hardakerYes it does!16:37
hardakerI just had it lock me out while it downloaded a whole 10 messages or so.16:37
toninikkanenmine handles an inbox with ~33k messages "ok", not great, but "ok"16:37
hardakerfrom a server *in the room*16:37
toninikkanencompared to all the versions they ever did for symbian, they were always stuck in an unkillable superjam16:37
toninikkanenstill, it's not that great, it's just less worse than anything they ever put out before16:38
hardakerI sort mail into 60+ mailboxes on the server side and fennex won't even remember my "favorites" folders from one run to the next.16:38
hardaker(and don't get me started on the missing "identities" idea)16:38
toninikkanenfor me the mail program didn't understand what my "inbox" was called on the server16:41
toninikkanenso i had to shortcut it16:41
tillhardaker: we're busy making sure Kontact Touch runs well on the N950 and N9. Packages should land soon :).16:42
hardakertoninikkanen: that's also it: I have my INBOX (the imap default) empty by default.  Because if anything ends up there it's a signal that my mail filtering is very broken as it fell into the last rule that should never get hit.16:43
hardakertill: very cool.  I tried one of the very early alphas on the n900...  it looked like a start, but at that time was unusable.  I take it a lot more work has gone into it lately?  that'd be awesome.16:43
toninikkaneni get everything into my inbox on purpose and but the mail program can't access it unless I tell it to access a folder called "INBOX"; no other client needs to set that16:44
tillhardaker: yes, it runs really well on the N950, but we have some packaging work to do still, mostly around gpg.16:45
toninikkanenwhat is good about the mail program is that it also accesses the company exchange; i guess if I installed another program, I would need to use 2 programs for 2 different mailboxes16:46
hardakertill: very cool; want a beta tester (I don't care about package quality)?16:47
hardaker(well, that's not true: i *do* care, but...)16:47
* Arkenoi wants email client with gpg support :-(16:50
* hardaker wants an email client with email support!16:51
hardakerI need to finish my port of my imap mailbox watcher...16:52
hardaker(which I run on every other platform *but* the n950 because of the need to port to qml)16:52
hardakerand there are no tables in qml (sigh).16:52
hardakerthough i've worked mostly around that.16:52
pcfehardaker: your server does not support IMAP IDLE?16:54
pcfeor is there bugginess I have not yet experienced in the harmattan IDLE iomplementation?16:54
hardakerpcfe: yep.16:56
hardakerbut note that IDLE requires a single connection per mail box (because almost nothing supports MULTIDLE)16:56
hardakerpcfe: when you need to watch 30 mail boxes, IDLE won't cut it.16:57
JaffaArkenoi: At least Modest could do proper quoting16:57
JaffaOf course, without proper cursor keys, highlighting & editing text on an N9 is a damend pain16:57
* hardaker runs away far 3016:57
pcfehardaker: is _seems_ I have at least one server that does. But yes, multimple mailboxes is a problem with many servers16:57
*** Frye has quit IRC16:58
pcfepersonally, I miss claws-mail on the N9, and without a keyboard and with the tiny UI elements, operating that with a capacitive screen is probably going to be impossible anyway16:58
*** xarcass has quit IRC16:59
ArkenoiJaffa: FOUR clicks to get into mailbox was a disaster17:02
JaffaArkenoi: Four? I count two (from memory), or 3 if you include starting the app. Have you tried the new CSSU treeview mode17:03
clbrsomeone here using the harmattan SIP-client heavily and having an always-good call quality? which router/access model are you using?17:04
*** deimos_ has quit IRC17:10
Arkenoijaffa: you probably do not use "nokia messaging"17:11
Arkenoithe interface is pure nonsense17:11
Arkenoifirst i need to select transport17:11
JaffaArkenoi: No - I try and avoid Nokia's "value add" services ;-)17:11
JaffaArkenoi: Ah17:11
Arkenoi\why the hell should i care about transport at all and to have to organize my mailboxes according to it?17:12
Arkenoiand there was sticky mfe mail account17:12
Arkenoii did not have mail in mfe, i used it for calendar and contacts sync only17:12
Arkenoibut stupid mailbox just did not go away17:12
Arkenoithen i enter the list of accounts17:13
Arkenoiand then i have to select the mailbox!17:13
Arkenoithough all i really need is to get _directly_ to inbox in one click and to have a menu that lets me use other folders17:14
*** melle has joined #harmattan17:19
*** gbosma has joined #harmattan17:19
*** berndhs has quit IRC17:24
*** lbt has quit IRC17:28
*** lbt has joined #harmattan17:28
*** lbt has joined #harmattan17:28
*** clbr has quit IRC17:35
*** divan has quit IRC17:49
*** berndhs has joined #harmattan18:02
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC18:12
*** ab has quit IRC18:13
*** zogg_ has quit IRC18:18
*** zogg_ has joined #harmattan18:20
khertanif someone have an idea to implement syntax highlighting in a qml textedit ... i m hearing you ...18:20
Stskeepswe've moved on to a higher existence, we now write our userinterfaces in 68000 assembly, emulated by a javascript engine written in cobol18:21
khertanStskeeps: i ve tryed doing it in javascript with html518:22
khertanno more luck vkb not working18:22
*** melle has quit IRC18:27
alteregoAnyone get weird issues when logging in to twitter on the N9?18:31
alteregoI'm getting "Check date & time settings" :/18:31
razvanpetruwhich pr is this? 1.0 or 1.1?18:32
alteregoNot sure, ang on18:32
razvanpetrupr 1.0 twitter is very buggy in general18:33
alteregoI'm guessing PR1.0 ?18:33
* alterego looks for NFC tags18:34
* gri has nfc tags but no clue what I could test :P18:34
*** sp3001 has joined #harmattan18:35
alteregoHave to say, this is one sexy device.18:35
alteregoNot sure if I want to put on the rubber condom.18:35
Stskeepsbecause you'd like to screw it gently?18:36
richmoore2he wants to see if he gets lots of little phones afterwards18:37
alteregoNokia N9 nanos :)18:37
alteregoThose would be sweet.18:37
Stskeepsah, the nokia featurephone strategy..18:37
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC18:38
*** MohammadAG has joined #harmattan18:38
alteregoGreat, sync with device has created duplicate entries for everyone -_--18:38
richmoore2i still haven't managed to get my calender syncing to the N9 from my N818:39
richmoore2if anyone has any tips i'd appreciate it18:39
richmoore2even a one-off copy would be fine18:39
alteregoOvi suite? ;)18:39
richmoore2might work yeah, i've tried using bluetooth so far18:40
* jreznik was playing with sync and it ended with two devices without contacts :D18:40
alteregoI think the only yime it's worked properly for me was N96 -> N90018:40
* gri has synced to ovi and no problems with two devices18:40
jreznikfixed by syncing with zimbra18:41
*** lamikr has quit IRC18:41
MohammadAGalterego, can you explain how NMEA works, in a sentence?18:46
*** BluesLee has joined #harmattan18:46
alteregoIt's made out of sentences18:46
alteregosentence type then comma delimited fields.18:47
alteregoLike: GGA,1,2,3,4,5,5,6,7,818:47
*** aheinecke has quit IRC18:47
alteregoGreat .. N9 not supported by my version of Ovi suite -_-18:48
MohammadAGalterego, and they're sent out every 1s or what?18:48
alterego2 seconds usually18:48
alteregoAnd there are quite a few different sentences.18:48
MohammadAGalterego, is there a way to detect that a device is requesting NMEA data?18:48
alteregoHas anyone got N9 working with Ovi suite?18:48
alteregoMohammadAG: no it's a passive protocol mainly.18:49
MohammadAGBasically, my iPod connects to my N900 every now and then18:49
alteregoOr do you mean if someone is connected to the bluetooth socket?18:49
MohammadAGI'd like that GPS is fired then18:49
alteregoBecause that I could do (think it might even do that already).18:49
SpeedEvil MohammadAG18:49
MohammadAGalterego, I'm thinking of making a small daemon18:50
MohammadAGColumbus is a bit heavy on the battery to have always running18:50
alteregoMohammadAG: I was going to make one anyway.18:50
MohammadAGthe daemon would sit there, when a connection is made, fire GPS and start sending NMEA data18:51
MohammadAGalterego, N900 or N950?18:51
MohammadAGoh cool18:51
MohammadAGhave it on my desk by tomorrow Tom18:51
alteregoWhen I port to use connectivity API18:51
MohammadAGalterego, is bluez C only?18:52
MohammadAG(no C++ bindings)18:52
alteregoThe connectivity API is a C++ binding for it though ;)18:52
*** razvanpetru has left #harmattan18:57
*** frinring has quit IRC19:00
*** deimos has joined #harmattan19:12
decibytehas anybody heard of someone working on something squeezebox related for harmattan?19:15
*** strannik1 has joined #harmattan19:16
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC19:22
*** BluesLee has quit IRC19:24
*** SpeedEvil has joined #harmattan19:27
*** zogg_ has quit IRC19:32
*** zogg_ has joined #harmattan19:33
MohammadAGcityLights, ?19:35
MohammadAGalterego, copying your code is easier than rewriting it :p19:35
cityLightswell, when can I see your n950?19:37
cityLightsbtw, can I have a program tell me when to leave work and head down the stairs as my SO is picking me up?19:38
cityLightsmay i use google latitude for this?19:38
MohammadAGcityLights, probably after I get it19:40
cityLightsSagnificant Other19:40
MohammadAGiOS5 has something like that, would be nice on Harmattan really19:40
cityLightsso usefull19:41
MohammadAGit has both friends tracking and reminders based on location19:41
MohammadAGwe can do it, but 1) we need someone to write a privacy policy19:41
MohammadAG2) a server19:41
MohammadAG3) money for 219:41
cityLightsuse google latitude19:42
MohammadAGdoesn't work19:42
MohammadAGin this sense19:42
richmoore2ffs, now i have lots of duplicate contacts on my n8 and still no calender entries on my n9 :-(19:42
richmoore2at least i backed up my n8 first, so i can get back to some form of sanity19:43
MohammadAGyou know, this can rival iOS19:45
MohammadAGit can be used for find my phone19:45
richmoore2mine will be flying through the air in a minute19:46
richmoore2i'm going to the pub19:46
MohammadAGscrew you19:46
MohammadAGmade me choke on coke lol19:46
MohammadAGAnyone wanna do this project with me?19:47
cityLightswill me off work soon19:49
cityLightsI want my SO to keep using her android and latitude19:49
cityLightsthen my N900 will tell me when to close and go down19:49
MohammadAGI need someone to do the server + sockets + JSON or whatever stuff19:50
*** jreznik has quit IRC19:51
*** zogg_ is now known as ZogG19:51
cityLightsnot me19:52
cityLightsmaybe zaher19:52
cityLightsbut he just left19:52
*** rcg1 has quit IRC19:53
*** etrunko has quit IRC19:53
*** rcg1 has joined #harmattan19:54
*** rcg1 has quit IRC19:54
*** ZogG has quit IRC19:54
*** zogg_ has joined #harmattan19:54
*** zogg_ is now known as ZogG19:56
ZogGMohammadAG, рун19:57
*** etrunko has joined #harmattan19:57
*** niqt has joined #harmattan19:58
*** ab has joined #harmattan20:02
*** ab has joined #harmattan20:02
*** cityLights has quit IRC20:07
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*** spenap has joined #harmattan20:14
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*** BluesLee has quit IRC20:25
ZogGMohammadAG so did you figured out with post office? i hate those bitches!!!20:26
ZogGMohammadAG, and are you going to buy n9?20:26
MohammadAGZogG, not sure20:26
MohammadAGand no, it's customs20:26
ZogGi have this cool site i used to F up bezeqint =)20:27
ZogGafter a week i got a call from the bezeq representer and got what i wanted, actually it was what i deserve20:28
MohammadAGI wonder if the N950 can be remotely detonated20:29
ZogGMohammadAG, you shuld install prey =)20:30
ZogGbtw does maemo has pey port?20:30
ZogGor meego?20:30
nibblerOCF-flashed the N950 to 39-5 and now ovi suite is telling me that it's not supported :(20:30
ZogGnibbler, MWHAHAHA20:31
ZogGat least you have n950 =(20:31
nibblerwithout contacts :(20:34
ieatlinti'll give you $46 and a bag of marbles for your n95020:35
nibblerit's not mine. it's nokia's. i can't sell what i don't own. and even if... i'd never do that.20:35
ZogGi'll take ieatlint's $46 and nibbler's N950 =)20:35
ieatlintok, i'll throw in a chicken20:36
*** niqt has quit IRC20:37
*** freemangordon has quit IRC20:41
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan20:46
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*** blade_runner has joined #harmattan21:11
blade_runnersomeone is having this problem inside scratchbox : "/usr/bin/qmake: No such file or directory"21:13
blade_runnerthe file exists, it seems a permission problem or some envvar is not being set21:14
*** KaziKluBey has joined #harmattan21:17
*** KaziKluBey has quit IRC21:22
blade_runnerrestarting through sbox_ctl seems to solve the problem21:30
*** Venemo has quit IRC21:35
DocScrutinizer  Fahrplan21:41
*** miroslav1 has joined #harmattan21:42
*** miroslav has quit IRC21:45
*** KaziKluBey has joined #harmattan21:56
npmUpdated screenshots
npmanybody know what would cause double icon bug in harmattan apps picker ? -- my app icon appears twice, even though i only have one desktop file22:11
npmif i delete the app, both icons disappear.22:12
npmif i reinstall. both icons appear.22:12
npmit wasn't always this way... seems like something broke because the only app this is happening to is mine22:13
npmas if there's some cache of icons on the device that hasn't gotten cleared22:13
*** Frye has joined #harmattan22:14
*** jesuschrist has joined #harmattan22:15
ieatlintperhaps your .desktop file is incorrectly formatted?22:17
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan22:18
*** harbaum has quit IRC22:25
npmhmm... one random thought .. because i see one icon appear immediately (perhaps a "meego desktop entry") then the second when installed... is that something went wrong w/ meego desktop entry  ( )22:30
npmThe value is a Desktop Entry content, encoded like the Description field. This value is used when creating Desktop Entries for this package before the package is installed, for example to show download progress in the launcher. It should contain everything that is necessary to correctly display the entry in the launcher, but does not need to contain anything else, such as how to actually launch the application.22:30
npmmight that be it??22:31
jesuschristguys does ovi suite support the n9 ?22:34
jesuschristwas that an answer to me hardaker?22:53
jesuschristgot an n9 i cant make ovi to see it?22:53
jesuschristhows that ?22:53
hardakeryou mean you can't get the n9 to open the store app?22:54
hardakeror you can't get your browser on your computer to say you're using an n9?22:54
jesuschristyou know what is ovi suite ?22:54
hardakerI misread your question, my bad.22:55
jesuschristi have a old nokia22:55
hardakerbut I've used ovi suite to connect to my n950 so it should be possible.22:55
jesuschristand i want to syncro22:55
jesuschristmy contacts sms notes22:55
jesuschristwith the n922:55
jesuschristso ovi supports n950 ?22:55
jesuschristit says22:56
jesuschrist"your nokia n9 isnt in usb mode"22:57
hardakerI think so.  But I'm not an expert, and I don't think it'll sync stuff properly though.22:57
petterii synced contacs from old e50 with bluethoot, that was easy22:57
jesuschristhow did you do that petteri22:57
jesuschristi have a e70 to sync with22:57
jesuschristso quite similar22:58
hardakeryou may want to read:
hardakerthough it's not specific to your phone, you'll get a lot of info from how to move from the n900 which is likely related.22:58
jesuschristit says "unfortunaly your device isnt supported by n9"22:58
petterijust picked sync with bluethoot from somewhere in the menus, don't remember where, but it was quite obvious to spot22:58
jesuschristby ovi suite22:58
jesuschristrly ? directly without passing from ovi petteri ?22:59
petterijust from phone to phone22:59
jesuschristill try it23:00
Arkenoijust noticed you cannot send a note via bt anymore in harmattan. sucks!23:01
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:07
*** crevetor has quit IRC23:22
*** etrunko has quit IRC23:27
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan23:34
jesuschristmade it23:34
jesuschristsynced the sms23:34
richmoore2i still haven't got my calender syncd. contacts and text messages were pretty easy though23:35
jesuschristdid you use pc suite too?23:36
richmoore2no, just the bluetooth sync23:37
richmoore2when i looked online it said the pc suite didn't support the n923:37
jesuschristovi suite doesnt23:37
jesuschristpc suite does23:37
jesuschristhow did you sync sms with bluetooth23:37
jesuschristi just found in the phone how to do23:37
jesuschristcontacts notes23:37
jesuschristnot the sms23:38
richmoore2Settings > Sync and backup > Sync23:38
jesuschristi dont have any23:39
jesuschristi dont have any sync and backup23:39
jesuschristin the setting23:39
jesuschristoh found it23:39
richmoore2it's between security and accessories here23:39
jesuschristpc suite works anyway23:40
jesuschristyou can send sms via pc23:40
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan23:41
djszapi~seen wazd23:41
infobotwazd <> was last seen on IRC in channel #harmattan, 11d 23h 59m 51s ago, saying: 'Milhouse: easter egg for geeks? :)'.23:41
jabiseven my LG 440 GT could sync with N9 - I wonder how you're in so much trouble with Nokia products X)23:42
richmoore2me too :-(23:42
jabisLG had trouble importing shit from nokia, but outbound it was a charm - everything from gallery to calendar+sms+notes+contacts synced in a flash23:43
jesuschristit doesnt sync with sms anyway in the setting you said rich23:43
jesuschristjust contacts abd bites23:43
*** achipa has joined #harmattan23:44
djszapievening achipa :)23:44
jabis(LG tried to open an instance for every vcard sent to the device, which maxes out @10)23:44
DocScrutinizerhi achipa, long time no see23:44
achipareinstalls can be... not funny :) :(23:46
jabisalso they produce an uncanny amount of f*cksh*tg*ddamnit units23:51
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan23:55

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