IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2011-10-30

faenilnight night people :)00:03
strannik1Faenil: good night00:04
strannik1Have a good one00:04
jesuschristwasnt the camera 8 mega ?00:20
arceanwhere? n950?00:24
arcean8.7MPix or sth like that00:25
jesuschristand the n950 12 ?00:25
jesuschristoh christ00:25
arceanjesuschrist said 'oh christ' :D00:25
strannik1Lol there was a guy earlier on here from israel00:26
jesuschristthats because you are a mortal and didnt understand what i said00:26
strannik1He wanted to know if there were any israeli guys here also looking to buy the n900:26
strannik1I couldnt resist but to recommend jesus christ :D00:27
jesuschristarcean do you have a n950 too ?00:27
arceanyup :)00:28
jesuschristso you are developing apps for the n950 ?00:28
jesuschristslash n900:28
arceanof course00:29
strannik1Havnt you been slashed enough?? Alright alright i will stop it :P00:29
strannik1Haha :)00:29
* jesuschrist performs a miracle and make strannik1 nuts explode00:30
arceanjesuschrist: actually, I'm working on app similiar to
jesuschristwhat exactly it does00:32
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arceanit's a video, which can be used as a proof in case of some kind of car accident00:33
jesuschristhow much you greedy developer are you going to ask for that00:33
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strannik1Arcean: lol jesus is harsh00:37
strannik1That looks cool00:37
jesuschristyeah its cool00:38
jesuschristdoes anything like guardian for symbian exists on meego ?00:38
* gri would like it if you supported number-plate scanning :)00:38
arceannah, actually I think it will be free, GNU GPL00:38
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jesuschristhigh five arcy00:38
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*** zogg_ is now known as zogg_laptop00:39
strannik1But technicaly you are not obliged to release anything ?00:40
strannik1Zogg_laptop: hi00:40
zogg_laptopi would like to hear some advice00:40
zogg_laptopfound someone who said he can sell me n9 for 550usd for 64 gb version00:40
zogg_laptopjust wonder how truthful it s00:40
jesuschristis he from nigeria?00:40
arceanstrannik1: it will be released, but still there's a lot of work to be done00:41
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jesuschristtrust him 100% zogg00:41
*** gri is now known as zz_gri00:42
strannik1Arcean: no i mean theoretically if nokia decided to send me a n950 but i dont actually manage to develop anything decent. Would i have to release something00:43
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strannik1Arcean: i applied for the n950 and promised to port existing maemo apps and optimize them for touch ui . But i never received a n950 :(00:44
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arceanstrannik1: I have no idea. But I think it would be nice to release something00:45
*** zogg_ is now known as zogg_laptop00:45
strannik1Well yea ofcourse .. Maybe they didnt like me because i just wanted to ported existing things00:50
strannik1... Which i think is still usefull00:50
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jesuschristthe app for n900 are on ovi ?00:58
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M4rtinKX-Fade: did you just trigger a complete COBS rebuild ? :)01:37
M4rtinKhmm, maybe a site upgrade ? even the status graphs look nicer :)01:38
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X-FadeM4rtinK: Yeah, upgrade to OBS 2.3.02:00
X-FadeM4rtinK: Will take a while to churn through everything :)02:00
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japplohi guys, when I start xephyr and scratchbox 'meego-sb-session start', I got this displaced output: . I run this application in a virtualbox. Is this a problem? thanks11:30
*** zoolkhan has joined #harmattan11:30
zoolkhanGreetings Warriors11:30
zoolkhanyou folks have an idea what files must be damaged, if from the quicklaunch bar slots/icons are basically vanished?11:33
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spenapjapplo, first stop scratchbox with meego-sb-session stop; and start it again in landscape mode, with meego-sb-session start -landscape12:02
spenapouch, without the "-"12:02
spenapso it'd be «meego-sb-session start landscape»12:03
freemangordonStskeeps - ping12:06
japplospenap: thank you, it looks better now :-), not perfect, maybe my xephyr settings are wrong. I treid it with Xephyr :2 -host-cursor -screen 854x480x16 -dpi 9612:07
spenapI invoke xephyr this way: «Xephyr :2 -host-cursor -screen 854x480x16 -dpi 96 -ac +extension Composite»12:08
spenapjapplo, ^12:10
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japplospenap: maybe a reset is necessary .. if is start meego-sb-session start landscape I got the message:
spenapdid you stop it first? you can try kill everything, also12:20
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spenapsb-menu has an option to do that12:20
Stskeepsfreemangordon: pong12:25
japplospenap: yes I have stopped it first, not perfect:
spenapjapplo, which target are you using?12:27
spenapX86 or ARMEL?12:27
japplospenap: ARMEL12:27
spenapok, that's it :)12:27
spenapif you use X86 target, it will work fine12:28
spenapI just use ARMEL to build, before deploying to the device12:28
japplo spenap: mhh but my aim is to start my compiled program. Is it necessary to compile it first under x86=12:29
freemangordonStskeeps - hi. Any progress on gst-dsp harmattan source?12:30
spenapyou will face these font issues if you try to run it on ARMEL, and probably other problems I'm not aware of12:31
*** DocScrutinizer2 is now known as DocScrutinizer12:31
Stskeepsfreemangordon: no, i thought you were onto that :P12:31
freemangordon:D , no I was asking for your help.12:32
Stskeepsfreemangordon: not sure there's much i can do that you couldn't, i would generally just poke felipe and hear what the situation is12:34
freemangordonThat would be great12:34
freemangordonBecause I even don't have an answer to my mail12:35
freemangordonNeither do pali12:35
Stskeepsi haven't seen felipec around for a while12:35
Stskeepsafter his media attention i honestly wouldn't be too surprised if he was laid off..12:35
freemangordonlast time i visited his blog he wasn't12:36
japplospenap: thnka you, it looks great now with x86- if I start my program with meego-run ./keepassx I got a message SBOX_CPUTRANSPARENCY_METHOD not set because its compiled for ARMEL12:36
freemangordonmaybe a week or two ago12:36
Stskeepsfreemangordon: either way.. did you consider requesting the GPL sources?12:37
Stskeepsfor harmattan12:37
freemangordoni do not own n950 nor n9, so i am not in position12:37
Stskeepswell, someone should..12:37
spenapjapplo, yes: if you run it under X86, you'll need to compile it again12:37
freemangordonyes, I asked several times on TMO, but no volunteers12:37
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japplospenap: a liittle bit circuitous, but it works yeah :-) thx12:44
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lbtcommunity OBS is back up and upgraded - going to do some worker upgrades so builds may be impacted. Fedora15 target should not be used.12:59
lbttmpfs workers coming right up...13:00
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djszapiHi! Is it possible to detect from the build system (let it cmake for instance) whether or not I am on Harmattan ?13:36
djszapiyes, it would be nice to build a project according to the relevant platform (ie.: proper desktop file, compilation units and so forth).13:39
trxoh that13:40
djszapiit is possible from source code, like this: What I need though, is from build system.13:41
djszapiit would aid the packager's job a lot since they would not need to pick the proper cmake option up which might be error-prone for them.13:42
trxwhy dont you make some sort of output in a text file while compiling source13:42
trxthen use that13:42
djszapiactually what sounds reasonable for instance is a find module for harmattan which is specific.13:43
djszapiwould not be that hard to write such a find module. The question is which file (or/and entry) explains the best we are on Harmattan.13:45
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MohammadAGso they "found" my N95014:55
MohammadAGbut they're doing some "meeting" to decide whether it can be cleared or not14:55
dm8tbrhow many bullet holes?14:55
MohammadAGnfi what that means14:55
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, I emailed Nokia14:56
DocScrutinizerhah, cool14:56
*** djszapi has left #harmattan14:56
MohammadAGor at least the two responsible for sending it14:56
MohammadAGI should sue if the Nokia seal is opened14:56
MohammadAGis someone working on a waze client?14:57
MohammadAGalthough I got the iPod for apps, I'm sick of iOS14:57
MohammadAGreally makes me miss Aegis14:57
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: /join #maemo-ssu14:57
MohammadAGit bootlooped on me today14:57
StskeepsMohammadAG: isn't there like some really bizarre laws in .il about electronic devices/telecommunications stuff?14:58
Stskeepsie, import14:58
MohammadAGStskeeps, no, just retarded security concepts all in all14:59
MohammadAGI got the first N950 in 2 days14:59
MohammadAGthis one's been in TLV since the 9th14:59
StskeepsMohammadAG: next up: this device contains a DSP, can be used for nuclear weapons15:00
MohammadAGStskeeps, first one overheated, signs of nuclear reactor activity15:01
*** snowpong has joined #harmattan15:01
cityLightsMohammadAG: hi there15:30
cityLightsMohammadAG: please update me regarding your N95015:31
MohammadAGread up15:32
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan15:36
rcg1ping rzr15:44
rcg1rzr: there is a libssl1 package in your community repo15:46
rzrdoes it conflict ?15:46
rcg1or let me put it that way.. there are debs for libssl1 which doesnt seem to belong to a concrete package15:46
rzri am still on b115:46
rcg1well it doesnt install properly failing in postinst15:46
rcg1which essentially blocks apps depending on it from being installed15:46
rzru must install bash before15:47
rzrthis is a known bug15:47
rcg1ah alright, ic15:47
rzrfell free to fix the sources and I replace that one15:47
*** freemangordon has quit IRC15:47
*** rcg2 has joined #harmattan15:49
rcg2hmpf... re15:49
rcg2(02:47:38 PM) rcg1: i would if i could find the source <- rzr15:49
*** jesuschrist has joined #harmattan15:50
rzrneed to install obs cl15:50
rcg2yeah.. due to the "+" in the package name i assume15:51
*** rcg1 has quit IRC15:51
cityLightsMohammadAG: ok, I am happy you have a happy ending15:54
cityLightsas for the waze client, the qwazer is not so good15:54
cityLightsI used it a few dyas ago and it didnt recalculate the route15:55
cityLightsI wish I could make it work for the maemo and meego15:55
*** rcg2 has quit IRC15:55
cityLightsIf I had your skills.......15:55
*** jesuschrist has quit IRC15:56
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rcg1rzr: had a quick look at the issue.. i assume you know that they use bash in libssl1.postinst as they use "bashisms" like local variables16:27
*** nibbler has joined #harmattan16:27
rzrmaybe a #!/bin/bash would prevent this issue16:28
rzrelse port it to posix shell16:28
*** vladest has joined #harmattan16:29
rcg1well imho the #!/bin/bash actually is the issue16:29
rcg1and well, yeah.. porting to another shell was also my first idea.. but the postinst script seems to be a bit more complicated... unfortunately i do not have the time to go into deeper into this issue :(16:30
*** artemma has quit IRC16:33
*** MohammadAG has joined #harmattan16:33
rzrneither do i16:33
rcg1another crude way to get this fixed would be to add bash to your repository and modify the libssl1 package such that it depends on bash.. dunno how complicated it is to add bash to your repo though...16:34
rcg1is there already a working bash package for harmattan?16:35
*** artemma has joined #harmattan16:39
jabisrcg1: I have bash installed - unsure where I dug it from16:46
nealmost CLI packages from Fremantle work on Harmattan16:46
*** doomdog has joined #harmattan16:47
doomdogthe libssl1 & bash problem is easily fixed by ln -s /bin/develsh /bin/bash16:47
jabisrcg1: /
jabis4.1-3+maemo6+0m6 - base-files (2 2.1.12) and a few other stuff also found in the sdk16:48
rcg1ah great.. thx all... unfortunately i really do get back to some "serious" work... "serious" as in gotta do some stuff to earn my living16:53
rcg1*really need to16:54
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StrannikDoc what time is it???17:02
infobotYou cannot understand nature's perfect time cube! (2011.10.30 15:04:38 GMT)17:04
*** trx has quit IRC17:05
StrannikBack to the future reference :)17:05
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thpis there a setting to enable repeating characters on longpress in the n950's keyboard (as opposed to alternative-character-on-longpress)?17:09
thp(and if there is, where can i find it and how is it called ;)17:10
* MohammadAG pokes frals 17:10
*** trx has joined #harmattan17:11
cityLightsnothing beats searching the log files for an error17:12
MohammadAGexcept searching for a phone :p17:12
cityLightswell, I hope that:17:13
cityLights1. you get your phone17:13
richmoore2at least with a phone you can use another one to call it, doing that with errors is tricky17:13
cityLightsb. I find a way to buy a phone for less then 700$17:13
MohammadAGrichmoore2, not if it's stuck at customs17:13
cityLightsc. you allow me to run waze on the phone17:13
MohammadAGcityLights, sue customs17:14
MohammadAGWaze is awesome17:14
cityLightstake a depp breath17:14
MohammadAGgot it on my iPod yesterday17:14
infobotcityLights meant: take a deep breath17:14
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MohammadAGcrashes a lot on it with roqybt417:15
cityLightsif waze has an api, we can achive more nice stuff17:15
MohammadAGwhich reminds me17:15
MohammadAGalterego, columbus crashes a lot with bluetooth nmea17:15
MohammadAGthey don't?17:15
cityLightsMohammdAG: coming to the FOSDEM at Feb?17:15
*** NIN102 has joined #harmattan17:15
MohammadAGwhat's that? and where?17:15
alterego MohammadAG interesting.17:16
alteregoI'll have to look in to that, also need to port that code base to mobility connectivity API anyway :)17:16
MohammadAGalterego, something's being deleted and used17:16
cityLightsFOSDEM is a open source conference in bruselss belgium17:16
MohammadAGalterego, mainly when the iPod disconnects and connects again17:16
alteregoMohammadAG: that code is quite buggy, was a temporary hack and I was learning Qt at the time.17:16
*** NIN101 has quit IRC17:17
MohammadAGit's not using mobility?17:17
alteregoNot for bluetooth17:17
MohammadAGbluez directly?17:17
alteregoIt was pre connectivity API17:17
MohammadAGI thought the headers were C17:17
cityLightswhat are you working on now?17:18
MohammadAGnothing, I'm in class17:18
cityLightsyes , you17:18
cityLightsbut you said you finished your ph.d17:18
MohammadAGnot paying attention cause I took this two years ago17:19
MohammadAGI did?17:19
MohammadAGMust've been very drunk, and I recall I've never been drunk17:19
cityLightsbtw, I found another programmer - how is a fan of MohammadAG17:19
MohammadAGI should write a book about how I learned Qt17:19
infobotcityLights meant: btw, I found another programmer - who is a fan of MohammadAG17:20
MohammadAGIt'd be 700 pages, of IRC logs bothering alterego :P17:20
DocScrutinizer100 pages of twinklephone src and emails with michel deBoer17:22
DocScrutinizeryou can use that as appendix A17:22
MohammadAGI remember when I didn't know what a * meant17:23
DocScrutinizerwell, I'm not sure I know all the meanings it has17:23
cityLightswait! can I run twinkle on my N900?????17:23
DocScrutinizerdereferencing is for sure one of the more nifty ones17:24
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, the pointer one17:24
DocScrutinizercityLights: alas not17:24
MohammadAGdidn't know the difference between Class name and Class *name = new Class17:24
MohammadAGI still fuck up with pointers in plain C17:24
DocScrutinizerho soesn't17:25
DocScrutinizerwho doesn't17:25
MohammadAGI don't get why chars are pointers17:25
MohammadAGwhereas QStrings aren't17:25
DocScrutinizerQString is an object17:25
MohammadAGI don't get how/if they're freed17:25
richmoore2QString is implicitly shared17:26
DocScrutinizerQt frees string objects when last ref to them gets void17:26
richmoore2that means that the QString object itself is basically just an int, there's an internal data class that holds the real string17:26
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, I know what Qt does very well17:26
richmoore2if you were given a pointer to the internal data then you couldn't maintain the sharing since you would not know when the underlying data has been modified17:26
MohammadAGbut normal char *s...17:26
DocScrutinizers [is pointer to] var at &s in memory where you change content17:28
DocScrutinizererr nope, not at &s17:28
DocScrutinizersee? ;-P17:28
MohammadAGso how is it freed again?17:28
DocScrutinizers is a const 0xc0ffee, 0xc0ffee points to a location in memory where you store the char17:29
DocScrutinizers is never ever freed, until your function where s got defined exits17:29
DocScrutinizeras usually vars are created on stack17:32
*** Strannik has quit IRC17:32
DocScrutinizerexiting the function means stack gets freed of all the stuff this function allocated on stack17:33
DocScrutinizerstatic vars however are allocated on heap, and thus never get freed17:33
alteregoOrdered a new NAS enclosure and some HDDs, the NAS arrives tomorrow but they ran out of stock of the HDDs I ordered -_-17:34
DocScrutinizerall of the above with usual disclaimer of "maybe coffe didn't kick in as it should, or I'm an idiot and just didn't know yet"17:35
alteregoIs "Serial ATA-300" synonomous with SATA III ?17:35
dm8tbrdon't think so17:36
dm8tbrthe speeds are IIRC 150, 300 and 60017:36
dm8tbrand then there are different protocol revisions 1, 2 and 317:36
alteregoHrm ..17:37
rzrcityLights: twinkle the voip sw ?17:37
dm8tbrI haven't bothered, but hear that HDDs are having a real price hike and supply shortage at the moment17:37
cityLightswell, the n900 does have a good voip client17:38
rzri thought about porting it17:38
alteregoPrices normally increase just before cristmas17:38
rzrbut its a qt3 app17:38
alteregoThen drop in the new year.17:38
cityLightstwinkle was my favorite voip client17:40
cityLightsekiga - didnt work as well17:40
*** Lilltiger has quit IRC17:41
cityLightsthe n900 was 450$17:42
DocScrutinizerrzr: the core works absolutely fine without any GUI, just via cmdline interface17:44
DocScrutinizerthe whole qt3 GUI just "talks to core"17:44
DocScrutinizerthe main problem are some of the used libs not compiling that nicely on ARM17:46
DocScrutinizerotherwise we'd have a cli twinkle since years, I tried to push this project on OM FR17:46
DocScrutinizerI think it failed even on MacOS, also for the libs17:47
zoolkhanalterego: what kind of nas if i may ask?17:47
alteregoIt's a d link Share centre or something.17:48
DocScrutinizercityLights: (twinkle was my favorite voip client) pleased to hear that :-)17:48
zoolkhanhmk.   just asking, as i have close relations to one of the major SAN/NAS vendors :)17:48
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan17:49
DocScrutinizercityLights: the whole hooks concept and scripting and lots of CLI are also my baby17:50
DocScrutinizer(in some spare time I pushed I18N and did the German translation)17:50
zoolkhanif i wanted to play with the quicklaunchbar, which places would i need to touch?17:50
cityLightso you are sweet17:50
cityLightsany way I am going home now17:51
cityLightstake care17:51
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MohammadAGNeed, laptop, chargers, in Israel18:33
npmis there a way of forcing meego-terminal to not pop up a virtual keyboard, e.g. if you want to use it to run a monitor or something18:34
MohammadAGswipe the keyboard down18:35
MohammadAGor tap the middle-top area18:35
DocScrutinizerzoolkhan: I posted a short howto to FMC18:36
*** Evgeniy has quit IRC18:39
*** Evgeniy has joined #harmattan18:39
*** jesuschrist has joined #harmattan18:40
jesuschristguys anyone with a n9 could point out how to find the serial number ?18:42
nibblerdialler -> *#06#18:45
jesuschristhmm did you try it yourself nibbler ?18:45
nibblerwouldn't suggest it if i wasn't sure :-)18:46
jesuschristthanks dude :)18:46
*** Ans5i has joined #harmattan18:51
DocScrutinizers IMEI, not serial number18:59
*** jesuschrist has quit IRC19:00
nibblerDocScrutinizer: there's a serial number, additionally to the IMEI?19:00
DocScrutinizerhmm, probably19:01
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StrannikDocScrutinizer: doc what time is it?????20:21
*** andre__ has joined #harmattan20:21
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*** Strannik is now known as strannik120:22
MohammadAGalterego, also could you fix portrait launching?20:34
MohammadAGyour app doesn't detect startup in portrait20:34
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*** messerting has joined #harmattan21:36
messertingI haven't got a Twitter/G+/Facebook account myself, but all my friends have. Is there any app that could extract and sync avatars and other info against my contact list for Harmattan? (Nokia N9)21:42
TSCHAKeeeyes, it's called, getting a facebook, twitter, or google+ account. ;)21:43
*** strannik1 has quit IRC21:45
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Velmontmesserting: I'd like that too.21:46
ieatlinti really wish the notification system would detect when i read emails on other clients21:46
ieatlintlike i have MfE and IMAP setup, and it gives me the new email notification... i read it on my laptop, but the notification will remain indefinitely on the phone21:46
Velmontmesserting: It could also, very easily, try to get the gravatars of the contacts.21:47
Velmontieatlint: I'm bitten by the same issue. :-)21:47
ieatlintyeah... i'm doubting it can be done by userspace apps too :(21:53
messertingWell, even if I did have Twitter,G+,Facebook, I wouldn't necessarily be connected with everyone in my contact list21:53
* dm8tbr would love to find out how to make the email notification produce a sound for _every_ email, not just the first one until the notification is cleared22:00
dm8tbrI bet there's a setting or something or an ini file or whatever22:01
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Sputgraaargh, is there something that can be done against contacts doubling and tripling in the N9xx?22:55
jabissomeone here tried to flash NNiner with javispedro's/other aegis-patched kernel? :)22:58
*** niqt has joined #harmattan22:59
jabisjust downloading the the original firmware from navifirm, d/l'd the wrong one by accident -.-23:00
*** Lilltiger_ has joined #harmattan23:08
Lilltiger_how do I upgrade libqtcore4 and libqtgui4 i want to try out vlc on my N923:13
*** Lilltiger_ is now known as lilltiger23:13
Mekdpkg --force-all --remove the packages you want to upgrade, and then dpkg --install your own build (unsigned) ones... and pray nothing breaks while you do that :)23:17
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan23:20
lilltigerMek: but i still needs the libs for that, trying to get in touch with the dev of the VLC to see if it broke anything for him23:21
lilltigeror maybe he is just to restrictive in the dependensis23:21
lilltigeror is there a way to install it ignoring that dependency?23:23
lilltigerI never used deb, only gentoo and arch23:23
Mekdpkg --force-all --install :)23:25
*** freemangordon has quit IRC23:27
lilltigerMek: thanks, it workt fine23:30
DocScrutinizerjabis: kernel generally has to match the modules in rootfs23:36
DocScrutinizerlilltiger: worked for installing GOF on B1 as well ;-D23:39
lilltigerVLC is pretty much unusable on the N9 :D not only is the interface not adjusted for a mobile device, it's also not at all adjusted for a touchscreen :)23:41
jabisDocScrutinizer: yah I know, I just have a vague image from earlier today that someone did it23:46
jabisI was in a rush so forgot where I read this from x)23:47
DocScrutinizerwell, I have a hard time thinking of anybody messing with his N9 kernel without any OCF available to restore the system23:48
DocScrutinizerbut maybe I just missed Nokia finally announcing where to download N9 OCF23:49
DocScrutinizerwoudn't be surprised if I had - after all Nokia seesm to announce that kinda stuff on twitter lately, and I won't touch twitter with a 10 ft pole23:51
jabisI'll do the digging then ^^23:57
jabisno one confessed so have to start looking x)23:58

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