IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2011-10-25

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ieatlintDocScrutinizer: can always try and unpack it yourself00:16
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DocScrutinizerhmm, needed to hold the device 10cm higher than my head, screen facing slightly downwards, to have a neutral gmeter "joystick" position00:36
DocScrutinizerand touchscreen is even worse than mouse to steer a ship00:37
deramdoesn't the game calibrate the device neutral orientation at some point?00:46
SpeedEvilyou can calibrate00:46
SpeedEvilyou go into controls00:46
SpeedEviland then calibrate the position00:46
ieatlintnokia marketing video showing parts of an n9 assembly
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DocScrutinizermhm, missed that, maybe I'll find it next time :-)00:49
DocScrutinizersame? [2011-10-24 20:22:11] <javispedro> maybe interesting -- -- a promo of the N9 late manufacturing stages00:51
DocScrutinizeryup, same00:51
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ieatlintnobody is talking about the awesome golfing game though00:52
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berndhsah the excitement of watching golf00:57
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ieatlintoh, huh, realgolf2011 isn't on the n95001:00
ieatlintshame, it's a really impressive game :P01:00
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* artemma have submitted a real cool N9 app (no kidding) to ovi store 5 min ago01:08
ieatlintit's only cool if you spell it "kool"01:09
artemmaieatlint: that is unless it is actually cool ;)01:09
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ieatlintso what is it then?01:11
artemmaDaily wallpaper01:11
artemmafetches fresh wallpapers from one real good flickr group01:11
artemmaamazes me personally all the time :)01:11
artemmaquite often I fin myself double tapping the screen just to see if there's new cool photo (set to hourly updates)01:12
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FryeOh boy01:21
Fryewhat a pita to try to attack debugger to qt creator under osx =)01:21
FryeEven the builtin instructions describe steps that are not available in the tool ;-)01:21
Fryenow bedtime, I'll look ino that later01:22
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artemmaHey, you can ssh to device as root using keys -
ieatlintcan you? those instructions aren't about that01:46
ieatlintand the block for root login over ssh doesn't specify any auth type01:46
artemmaI should actually read stuff I post probably..01:49
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bindiI really want a N95007:24
bindiN900 getting old, N9 is nice but no hw kb...07:24
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* ieatlint discovered his tv has an undocumented mostly xml-based remote control interface08:04
Stskeepsooh, hackability :P08:04
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ieatlinti already have a basic app written and working on my n95008:06
ieatlintbut the android app has cursor support, using much of the screen as a touchpad using a binary protocol over udp08:06
ieatlintstill, lg is apparently awesome08:07
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fluxjaffa, are you 'jaffasoftware', the author of Bedside?-)08:25
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fluxwell, going with that assumption, here's a bug report: it shouldn't disable screensaver when the application is in the background.08:26
fluxotherwise a nice clock I can see at night without bending closer to my phone and without glasses :)08:27
flux(apparently the store doesn't have a real channel for bug reports, which I guess is the reason the reviews sometimes have them)08:28
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MohammadAGflux, he is08:57
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meegomyanyone build a control for notification light?09:31
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sandst1meegomy: not doable, because aegis blocks controlling the led.
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Hq`hmm... are my ears deformed or are the nokia earphones just really shitty10:02
Hq`uncomfortable as hell10:02
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meegomysandst1: i not sure bout this, but someone did that10:08
mecemeegomy, he disabled aegis for that.10:09
meceand the method described only worked in beta 110:10
* RST38h yawns10:11
meegomyits not working for this PR1.1?10:11
mecemeegomy, I don't think so. You can't load server modules as you could through a hack in beta110:12
meceRST38h, \o10:12
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meegomythat's mean why they wana have aegis for developer device?10:12
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iekkuRST38h, :(10:31
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jkkmeegomy: my guess, to make the device behave as close as possible to the consumer device10:38
meegomythat is funny, they want us to develop apps for meego device & yet they dun allow us to unlock aegis10:41
meegomylocking the potential10:42
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deramaegis probably is needed for some certification for cellular network usage... disabling it could offend some legistlation10:44
derambut why make it so strict, one can not program the only led to do what he wants stuns me10:44
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meegomyderam: exactly...10:45
Hq`there's not really that much use for the led on the N9 since the display can show notifications all the time10:45
meegomywhat we could do for the led notification?10:45
deramHq`: that is true.. And I guess the display use (atleast in N9 amoled display) does not drain any more power than the regular led would10:46
meegomybut n950 is LCD, the whole screen go blanks on standby mode10:46
meegomyfor that simple led control, yet they wana restrict it10:47
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derammy guess would be that the led control is tied somehow to the battery charging circuit, and control for it would be hard to separate from other controls... In my book, that is probably the only reason this restriction is even worth coding in the first place10:49
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meegomythe led is just a simple script, i've tried with my E7 as well10:51
meegomynow my E7 have both front & top led notification10:51
derambut the simple script has to call some hardware features10:51
deramanything as simple as "echo 1 > /sys/class/led/led0/state" can be tied to something more in the hardware... It could be tat the whole chip is under some "powermanager capability" (don't actually know) and unimplementing the restriction for the led would have been the more work10:55
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deramI could be complete off on this, just a thought11:06
ieatlintaegis has no purpose to satisfy any network usage restrictions11:07
ieatlintthe only controlled aspects of the network usage are done in the cellular modem11:07
ieatlintwhich has a different cpu and firmware11:08
ieatlintharmattan sends commands to the modem via an AT command set (like the old dialup modem days, but with a much much more extended command set), and via a couple other channels11:09
ieatlintfurther proof that aegis doesn't serve this purpose is in that the n900 didn't have it, and that you can replace harmattan on the n950 and still have access to the modem11:09
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ieatlintnokia would tell you that it exists to prevent malicious programs from doing things on your phone11:10
ieatlintbut yeah, the status led is ridiculous regardless of what aegis is supposed to do11:11
RST38hthey should have put an rgb led there11:13
RST38hjust a few extra cents and that thing would become so much more useful11:13
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RST38hmoorning, lardman11:16
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meegomyRST38h: u r damn right11:29
meegomyhow exp rgb led could be?11:30
deramdepends on the circuit driving it.. if it only has 1 channel led driver, the rgb would require another circuit to be selected11:31
dm8tbrieatlint: it would have been easy to lock down the CMT from being used by an os not running in secure but open mode. be grateful they wanted to do MOSLO and so had to leave that open.11:34
deramif it has 3 channels, it would be only the led.. below $1 per unit...11:34
Tujuis there a reason why flasher is not packaged for fedora?11:46
fluxif there was a reason other than "nobody's done it", I would be surprised :)11:48
flux(personally, I just use the binary)11:49
Tujuso there's no licensing issue?11:51
Tujui'm asking since i could do it.11:51
fluxdid you mean it would be packaged in the actual fedora distribution, just just having an RPM package?11:52
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Tujuif there's an obvious reason why it's a bad idea, no point to waste time.11:52
fluxI'm not sure, but I doubt closed source software can go into fedora proper11:52
Tujuso it's closed.11:52
fluxafaik yes11:52
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meegomyi still thinking the way to replace the LCD to AMOLED12:03
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fluxis there powertop for n9 around?12:37
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awallin_what is powertop?12:40
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fluxn900 had it, it gives a good estimate if something is consuming too much battery12:42
fluxin terms of how many wakeups per second they cause12:42
fluxand in which power save mode the CPU is in12:42
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FryeHas someone actaully managed to set up youtube account for N9? It complains for my username or password, but they are 100% correct.13:45
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clbrFrye: I can't setup twitter, somehow the twitter-servers are not reachable. wondering if these are aegis-sideeffect. I'll try to completely reset the phone later today13:47
FryeI got facebook & bunchf of other stuff done13:47
Fryebut youtube does not seem to go in13:47
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clbrcan't explain it, ping to works, but the app just refuses to download top trends and login13:48
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KaadlajkFrye: just tried, cant login to youtube13:52
Fryeyeah, login works with the browser, just not for the app.13:53
Fryeor the account13:53
decibytei was able to setup a youtube account just now13:54
Fryemaybe it's because of my "strong" password =)13:55
FryeI'll try to reduce some chars13:55
Fryebtw I have N9 with pr1.013:55
decibytemine says... PR_001...?13:56
Fryewell yeah mine says that too  actually13:57
Fryeform week 3413:57
decibytemine too. if that's what the 34 means :)13:57
decibytei wonder what's in that qr code?13:58
*** DocScrutinizer2 is now known as DocScrutinizer13:58
FryeI have two way authentication set up for my account13:58
FryeSo youtube app needs to have an app specific password generated for it.13:59
Fryebut the web login can use the password directly13:59
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DocScrutinizer( <deram> if it has 3 channels, it would be only the led.. below $1 per unit...) it has 3 chan (LP5521/3) and it's <<$1/unit14:09
DocScrutinizerflux: apt-cache search profiler14:12
DocScrutinizer>>energy-profiler - Nokia Energy Profiler is a tool for monitoring power consumption of the device.<<14:13
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC14:13
fluxdocscrutinizer, it doesn't say which processes cause the most wakeups, though?14:14
DocScrutinizerumm, I havent completely checked it out14:15
DocScrutinizer>>devtools-power - Power analysis tools <<14:15
deramDocScrutinizer: yep.. that white one they installed there might even cost the actual same amount than a cheap rgb would...14:16
fluxit's a metapackage that depends only on energy-profiler14:16
DocScrutinizer>>devtools-power-resource - Power/Resource Analysis developer tools metapackage<<14:17
DocScrutinizerleme do some nasty... ;-D14:18
DocScrutinizersurprise surprise :-/14:21
DocScrutinizerRM680-22-6_PR_RM680:~# ./powertop14:21
DocScrutinizerPowertop 1.13.314:21
DocScrutinizerstatus: Unknown job: pmtrackerdaemon14:21
DocScrutinizerSegmentation fault (core dumped)14:21
DocScrutinizerunlike other N900 binaries powertop seems a bit unhappy on N95014:21
DocScrutinizeropen("/sys/devices/platform/serial8250.0/sleep_timeout", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)14:23
DocScrutinizer--- {si_signo=SIGSEGV, si_code=SEGV_MAPERR, si_addr=0} (Segmentation fault) ---14:23
DocScrutinizer+++ killed by SIGSEGV (core dumped) +++14:23
DocScrutinizerSegmentation fault (core dumped)14:23
deramDocScrutinizer: LP5521/3 specs recommends that chip also to be used for generating vibration motor patterns... Do you know is this the case in N9* or are the two other programmable outpus still unused?14:24
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DocScrutinizernever seen any vibrator mentioned in any data sheet or other specs of neither LP5521 nor LP552314:26
deramin bottom, applications list14:26
DocScrutinizerwow. No they definitely use twl4030 for vibra14:27
deramok, so there should be no reason for those unused led drivers to be occupied14:27
DocScrutinizerlemme check14:27
*** artemma has joined #harmattan14:28
deramunless those drive the N950 backlight (either display or keyboard)14:28
DocScrutinizerhaha they use a dedicated vibra amp, not twl403014:30
DocScrutinizerand N1370 LED DRIVER uses a pin called "R" (pin# C1) for driving LED. G and B should be unused14:31
DocScrutinizerall this for N9, nfc about N95014:34
DocScrutinizerI think in N950 they use a LP5523 and drive the kbd backlight from that, like they did on N90014:34
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DocScrutinizerRM680-22-6_PR_RM680:~# find /sys -name brightness14:37
DocScrutinizerchannel0..8 though some missing in between. Yeah that's kbd and should also be indicator LED14:37
DocScrutinizerthough I didn't achieve to fire the indi LED via /sys/devices/platform/i2c_omap.2/i2c-2/2-0032/leds/lp552314:38
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DocScrutinizerfun bit: the LP552x driver chip EN(able) is hooked to a OMAP SoC GPIO in N914:45
DocScrutinizerumm ...same as in N90014:46
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DocScrutinizerthe problem with N950 is: all this is highly specific regarding the type of twl4030 they use - on N9 they use the TPS65951 variant which has no kbd muxer and a lot of new stuff around USB charging (ond probably no vibra driver). Alas for this chip there's no datasheet to be found: On N950 it's unclear but likely they used TPS65950 variant like on N900, if only for the kbd driver15:01
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*** andre__ has joined #harmattan15:02
DocScrutinizerif it's TPS65950 on N950 then the actual circuit around USB is highly obscured and hard to find out details15:03
DocScrutinizerindicator light is somewhat related to USB charging, thus I can't tell for sure what they did on N950 with the indi LED15:04
DocScrutinizerjust the sysfs nodes clearly indicate it's a LP5523 like on N90015:04
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decibytewow! i love this all this geek speaking :)15:06
*** arcean has quit IRC15:07
*** lbt is now known as lbt_away15:07
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DocScrutinizerdecibyte: sorry but your nice clean abstract software runs on dirty real hardware, and it doesn't help denying that fact. Without proper knowledge about each single detail of the hw you can't write drivers for it, can't properly use those drivers either, and so on your clean abstract software are at mercy of those who wrote and provided the high level bindings for you15:09
FryeThere is one huge downside in N9 though15:09
*** toninikkanen has quit IRC15:09
FryeI have hard time working as I'd much rather play with it =)15:09
decibyteDocScrutinizer: i'm perfectly aware of that. what i said was meant as a compliment.15:11
deramFrye: yep.. would need timelock for sdk-connection ;)15:11
Fryesomething like that15:12
FryeOr the device could just turn laggy S40 clone during office hours or so15:12
Fryewell S40 is not usually laggy but still15:12
deramthat could be arranged... though it might also limit the uptime a bit... just run a forkbomb or similiar script in it15:13
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DocScrutinizerdecibyte: aah, thought I smelled some sarcasm15:20
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan15:21
*** rafael2k has joined #harmattan15:23
decibyteDocScrutinizer: absolutely not. i'm new here, and this is excactly what i hoped to find :)15:23
DocScrutinizerwelcome then - and whatever you want to know: just ask15:24
decibytethanks. i sure will later on.15:25
DocScrutinizer(indi light - dbus - paegis) no, there's definitely no reason whatsoever why enabling a Pattern* via dbus call to mce should be restricted. No dark rogue stuff going on at hw level when enabling the indi light15:30
DocScrutinizerat least on N9 and N900 - I would bet a limb that there isn't any on N950 either, as that'S almost impossible for the gifted EE of Nokia to implement such a noob bug15:31
*** briglia has quit IRC15:33
SpeedEvilBut the powerful strobing of the 5mA LED could tigger epilepsy.15:33
DocScrutinizerI know other things that actually *do* trigger epileptic attacks on me frequently15:34
DocScrutinizersome of them got dealt with by /ignore now15:35
fluxspeedevil, I think strobing the whole screen would more likely cause a seizure..15:38
* SpeedEvil may not have been 100% serious.15:38
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* merlin1991 curses the n916:17
merlin1991for some reason sshd decide to refuse my keys suddenly16:17
*** berndhs has joined #harmattan16:21
derammerlin1991: check the file permissions16:29
*** clbr has quit IRC16:30
merlin1991they seem ok16:32
deramhmm.. "ssh -vvv user@hostname" could provide some hints what is wrong16:33
merlin1991any chance to get the developer user on the device terminal?16:35
fluxif nothing else, then perhaps ssh developer@localhost?16:36
fluxoh, right, it doesn't work :-)16:36
merlin1991ffs ssh @ localhost worked16:37
merlin1991can't ssh in from outside though16:38
X-Faderemote root login is disabled?16:38
merlin1991I'm trying to login as developer atm16:38
fluxmerlin1991, from which IP did you try to log in?16:38
fluxmerlin1991, afaik the sshd only allows in from the private network blocks16:38
merlin1991hm device is on and I'm on
fluxwell, there's your problem.16:39
fluxtake a look at /etc/ssh/sshd_config16:39
merlin1991can I config that somehwere?16:39
merlin1991(without bricking :D)16:39
fluxI don't know about that though :)16:39
deramlast few lines in /etc/ssh/sshd_config16:39
X-FadeAllowUsers *@ *@ *@ *@
fluxbut I'm reasonable confident it's safe to edit that file16:39
deramthere is list of addresses allowed..16:40
fluxof course, you should ensure you have good root/developer passwords before doing that :)16:40
merlin1991no pass just keys ;)16:40 no default passwords either?16:40
deramthat would open one attack vector to your device, if that IP is publicly accessible16:40
merlin1991flux: yes no passwords at all, just keys16:41
deramat least opening the sdk-cnnect application creates new password for developer account every time16:41
deramand those passwords are ridiculously simple16:41
fluxderam, nevertheles, they cannot be bruteforced reasonably over ssh16:42
pcfedm8tbr: a search of the IRC logs came up with you testing SU-8W with N9 and it needing the VKB to be open. Have you found out anything more about this stupid bug per chance?16:42
deram6char only lowercase...16:42
merlin1991that's why I don't use that app and did run passwd -d developer16:42
deramthey can be16:42
fluxso 154457888 tries for 50% chance of finding out the password16:42
fluxhow long does one ssh login attempt take?16:43
pcfe"PasswordAuthentication no" and then you can stop caring (well needs working ssh kleys first of course)16:43
deramunder a second if you are rejecting ident instead of dropping it16:43
fluxwell let me say it this way: how long does it take for n9 to authenticate or disautenticate a ssh session with password?16:44
fluxI'm quite certain n9 can't do that for 1000 connections per second16:44
merlin1991hm howto tell sshd to reload configuration?16:45
pcfemerlin1991: SIGHUP should do it16:45
merlin1991thanks guys, works for me now :)16:46
pcfemind you, I'm in a place where my N9 has no WLAN connection, and I am loathe to fiddle around with VKB and a shell. Damn I miss y hardware keyboard. But do should if SIGHUP did not work and I'll look16:46
pcfeah perfect.16:46
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan16:47
* merlin1991 wonders if that range is publicly visible16:52
fluxunfortunately I can't access your device ;)16:53
deramssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out16:53
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan16:54
merlin1991good :D16:54
merlin1991technically it is publicly visible, but the routing seems to deny inbound connections16:56
deramat least for the port 2216:56
merlin1991(it's my university eduoram network)16:56
infobotmerlin1991 meant: (it's my university eduroam network)16:57
merlin1991btw where would I file a bug report against the vkbd?16:59
*** mcfrisk has quit IRC17:07
*** clbr has joined #harmattan17:07
merlin1991is the vkbd a nokia or a meego component?17:07
nealisn't the vkdb mallit?17:08
nealwhich is developed in the open?17:08
merlin1991I don't know, that's why I ask17:10
*** npm_ is now known as npm17:11
merlin1991now I'm even more confused as to where to report the bug I noticed17:12
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan17:14
*** rafael2k has quit IRC17:16
merlin1991according to the bug should go into the meego bugtracker17:16
merlin1991harmattan would be wich meego release?17:16
merlin19911.2 or 1.2.0?17:16
radiofree1.2, but you should perhaps file it over at
*** spenap has quit IRC17:19
Jaffaflux: I am17:19
Jaffaflux: The name Jaffa Software is the origin of the nick, not the other way round.17:20
*** cos^ has joined #harmattan17:27
cos^is there any more info about non-booting N950's after latest OTA update?17:29
cos^looks like i have one17:29
*** slaine_ has joined #harmattan17:30
*** slaine has quit IRC17:32
*** slaine_ is now known as slaine17:32
*** stroomstoot has quit IRC17:35
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan17:40
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan17:40
MohammadAGcos^: Try to reflash it17:43
*** Milhouse has quit IRC17:46
*** Milhouse has joined #harmattan17:50
*** Milhouse has joined #harmattan17:50
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC17:52
*** wazd has joined #harmattan17:54
*** wazd has quit IRC18:10
cos^MohammadAG: will try18:12
MohammadAGcos^, if it fails try to flash the kernel and rootfs manually from the beta2 image18:12
cos^i'll try tomorrow18:13
npmnothing like a randomly misplaced comma to totally hork up one's javascript/qml... john mccarthy (RIP) is pre-spinning in his grave over
npmhad qstrings printing out as "NaN" in a console.log(...)18:16
npmdue to comma18:16
*** spenap has joined #harmattan18:19
*** Qantourisc has quit IRC18:23
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan18:25
*** melle has quit IRC18:28
*** zz_gri is now known as gri18:30
Anssi138npm, it's like js onliner18:30
*** gri is now known as zz_gri18:32
matrixxapparently flashable image for 1.1 available18:33
*** frinring has quit IRC18:34
*** Qantourisc has joined #harmattan18:35
*** artemma has quit IRC18:39
*** artemma has joined #harmattan18:39
*** niqt has quit IRC18:40
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan18:40
*** artemma has quit IRC18:42
tomma1GB... so they included games in it...18:44
merlin1991Are there flashable images for the n9 by now?18:45
*** andre__ has quit IRC18:46
dm8tbrpcfe: no, my best idea at the moment is to have a 'dummy' virtual keyboard that you select from settings and that will actually have no visible part or 2px at the bottom.18:46
pcfeseeing that N950 works fine AFAIR (Only played 2 hours with it, but having to view VKB when using HW KB I would remember), there must be a better way18:51
*** rcg has quit IRC18:53
pcfedm8tbr: did you perchance already open a bug at ?18:53
abX-Fade, remote root is disabled in PR1.1. You need to unlock 'user', make your key to its .ssh/ and use 'devel-su' aftewards18:54
abI wrote that out on my G+18:55
abpcfe, I think even in default N9 usb networking should work. So you can use that to connect to the network and install developer mode :)18:56
rantomDon't know was that pasted as of yet18:57
rantom this I meant18:57
pcfeab: Oh I was kinda hoping that after the iPad with familiar and the FreeRunner, I'd never have to use usb networking again18:58
dm8tbrpcfe: feel free to file one and let me know18:58
pcfes/iPad/iPaq/ before anyoine gets hopes that the hW can be turned into sth free18:59
pcfedm8tbr: will do, just making sure there are no dupes. Mind you I am not overly hopeful for this ever getting fixed18:59
abpcfe, by default, if you select "Suite" or something, you'll get set up by the N9 side18:59
pcfeab: hang on, that Windows software name in the USB choice list actually means UB networking?19:00
infobotpcfe meant: ab: hang on, that Windows software name in the USB choice list actually means USB networking?19:00
abpcfe, :)19:00
DocScrutinizerthe other one19:00
DocScrutinizeras it's not mass storage19:00
macmaNdoes that flashable 39-5 have skype ui19:01
pcfeDocScrutinizer:'Sync and Connect' would be the one19:01
DocScrutinizerflashable 39-5?19:02
*** ab has quit IRC19:02
macmaN18:57      rantom>
DocScrutinizeraah, nm19:02
macmaNeed this I meant (#harmattan)19:02
*** ab has joined #harmattan19:03
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan19:03
DocScrutinizer>> The N950 firmware version 39-5, previously released as an over-the-air update, is now also available as a flashable image.  The provided OneClickFlasher can be used to return the device to a known functional state after some bit-too-careless late-night hacking, or if a previous over-the-air update has failed for some reason.<<  OK so all those who "bricked" their device finally can stop holding breath before they get blue in the face19:06
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DocScrutinizer19:07
abDocScrutinizer, yes, please do some goodness to the topic ;)19:07
DocScrutinizeralready about to do it19:08
*** radiofree has quit IRC19:09
*** DocScrutinizer changes topic to "A place for harmattan device and development discussions |NEW flasher to "unbrick": | Developers check this: | | logs: | UPGRADES:"19:09
*** radiofree has joined #harmattan19:09
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o DocScrutinizer19:10
* DocScrutinizer wondrs what will happen to you all when I'm no more available in 4 weeks19:11
GeneralAntillesWe'll probably all die under a tortuous avalanche of pornbot spam.19:11
GeneralAntillesWhat's in 4 weeks?19:11
*** briglia has joined #harmattan19:11
DocScrutinizernew job, maybe19:12
GeneralAntillesOh, congrats, hopefully.19:12
*** radiofree has quit IRC19:14
*** radiofree has joined #harmattan19:14
*** slaine has quit IRC19:15
*** briglia has quit IRC19:18
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, we'll just invite abill_uk here19:18
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: What field?19:18
MohammadAGthe guy has proven he's decades better than any of you real engineers19:18
Stskeepsif i can ban and kick him after abusing him verbally, OK19:18
MohammadAGin all seriousness, congrats :)19:18
DocScrutinizercoding monkey probably19:18
MohammadAGStskeeps, only verbally?19:19
* MohammadAG runs19:19
SpeedEvilRelated to hardware, or not?19:19
StskeepsMohammadAG: don't get me started on some of my darker fantasies19:19
MohammadAGStskeeps, this is a family channel :P19:19
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: possibly19:19
MohammadAGI need a job19:20
MohammadAGor an income, somehow :p19:20
DocScrutinizerone of those consulting Incs that have manpower for everything that runs with electric19:20
MohammadAGbut I have nothing to prove my epic segfaulty C++ skills19:20
MohammadAGI wonder if C++ was called that because it somehow relates to C being shortcircuit'd19:21
DocScrutinizeremployee :-/19:21
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, a job's a job19:21
MohammadAGbetter than sitting in a dorm/house doing nothing19:21
MohammadAGexcept swearing at dhl over the phone19:22
DocScrutinizeryou ever seen me doing nothing?19:22
DocScrutinizerpestering you all here 24/719:22
MohammadAGwell, you had a job at one point :p19:22
MohammadAGI've never coded for $ :P19:23
MohammadAGoh btw19:23
DocScrutinizerI never been employed though since ~25 years19:23
MohammadAGiOS hacks are effing expensive19:23
MohammadAGwhich is why I don't buy them19:23
MohammadAGbut seriously19:23
MohammadAGthe hacks are closed and €5+19:23
DocScrutinizerhmm, so worth *selling* them19:24
MohammadAGpoint is19:25
MohammadAGwe've had people with rewrites19:25
*** Anssi138 has quit IRC19:27
* DocScrutinizer tries to find a recent income poll for IT employees, to decide whether to take that job or not19:27
fralsDocScrutinizer: if you find one, let me know please ;o19:29
GeneralAntillesMohammadAG, start applying.19:29
GeneralAntillesWorst think that can happen is that you don't get hired.19:29
Stskeepsdon't take anything under 60 EUR/hour19:29
*** jreznik has quit IRC19:30
fralspulling more than 9k per month as a engineer.. that would be neat19:31
DocScrutinizerStskeeps: employee :-/19:32
awallin_hmm so I'm getting "bash: /usr/bin/scratchbox: Permission denied" after installing the SDK ?19:35
awallin_and then: $ sudo sb-adduser anders yes19:37
awallin_Scratchbox user account for user anders already exists!19:37
radiofreewhat about run_me_first?19:38
awallin_where is that?19:38
radiofreeoh, it's not in the sdk?19:38
radiofree /scratchbox/ ?19:39
MohammadAGif you didn't install scratchbox from tars you won't have it19:39
MohammadAGcause postinsts do that19:39
awallin_I have /scratchbox/.run_me_first_done19:39
npmcan the flasher update be done to a beta0 device19:42
npmw/o having to upgrade to other version first?19:42
awallin_so where would I get scratchbox run_me_first or see what it does?19:43
deimosnpm: thank you ! I was waiting for that :)19:45
abnpm, pong19:45
npmoops ab... where can i find your "[08:55] <ab> I wrote that out on my G+"19:46
abbtw, proper url should be
*** NIN101 has quit IRC19:50
npmdeimos: so before i hork up the n950, can i run that firmware flasher independent of what's running on device (stupid question since it should, but i figure i'd better ask first)19:52
deimosnpn: I think yes since it erases all :)19:54
deimosmaybe I am wrong thinking on MOSLO ?19:54
npmthat's what i'd expect. let me know if it works. i'm a pussy when it comes to bricking the n95019:54
npmat least until i get my app finished19:55
deimosbtw I have a bricked device, so I have nothing to loose :)19:55
npmah well then "NEW flasher to "unbrick": " in topic is relevant :-)19:55
deimoseheh yep19:55
npmlet us know how it worked19:55
awallin_hm, what's the trick for starting Xephyr in portrait mode?  meego-sb-session seems to want to start in portrait20:01
spenapawallin_, you can pass -landscape to meego-sb-session20:05
awallin_spenap: thx!20:05
spenapor, when launching Xephyr, pass -screen 480x854x1620:05
spenapto start it in portrait mode20:05
spenapawallin_, you're welcome :)20:05
awallin_hm the screen that shows all open programs is a bit grabled in xephyr20:06
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC20:08
awallin_so I followed the steps on for installing the sdk. where do I go from there? is there a hello-world tutorial somewhere for compiling on the x86/arm targets and transferring binaries to N9 or making .deb packages?20:09
spenapawallin_, you'll be probably interested in the «project-templates» package20:10
spenapwhich provides some kind of skeleton for creating qml and meegotouch apps (qml are recommended) with packaging enabled20:11
awallin_spenap: stupid Q: would that be installed on my host machine or on scratchbox?20:11
spenapif you export your working directory from your host machine (or do a symlink or whatever other option)20:12
awallin_apt-get says it's already installed20:12
spenapyou can code from your preferred editor in the host machine20:12
spenapor if you're comfortable with emacs / vim / others20:12
spenapi guess you can use them directly on scratchbox20:12
awallin_ok. I guess there were some tutorials by nokia on qt-creator etc20:13
spenapok, then great: «create-project» will launch the "wizard"20:13
tommaawallin_, if you want to create Qt application then you propably want QtSDK with Harmattan toolchain and not scratchbox20:19
tommascratchbox works too but QtSDK is easier to setup20:19
awallin_uh, um. ok. Does QtSDK include a simulator also to try out the programs?20:19
deimosnpm: 18 mins to flash. All went ok :)20:20
tommai would test application in device, but i think QtSDK includes qemu image?20:21
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC20:21
awallin_ok so QtSDK has the same tools for cross-compiling and packaging into deb also?20:25
tommaeverything works by clicking "run" from creator20:25
tommait compiles, packages, sends to device, installs it and then starts it20:26
awallin_what's the chance that something made for N900 will just start working when re-compiled without major changes?20:27
tommaif it is pure Qt application and does not use widgets then very high =)20:29
*** rcg1 has joined #harmattan20:29
awallin_ok, nice, someone had made an n900 build. That project used cmake, will I be able to use cmake with QtSDK?20:29
awallin_so this is what I should follow?
tommai dont know how cmake works with creator but it should20:31
*** mikkov has joined #harmattan20:38
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan20:40
awallin_on scratchbox, if something compiles on X86, is there a good/bad change it compiles on ARMEL too?20:44
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan20:49
spenapit should compile on ARMEL as well20:49
awallin_blah, how do I change target. sb-menu and "Select" says "you must close your other scratchbox session first"...20:50
awallin_oh killall first!20:51
spenapah, no20:52
spenapno need: just meego-sb-session stop20:52
spenapwhenever you start it with meego-sb-session start20:53
spenapyou should stop it after that20:53
spenap(of course, killing it will work, too :P)20:53
*** jpnurmi has quit IRC20:55
abfor those who had camera issues after OTA upgrade, flashing PR1.1 helps20:55
*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan20:56
*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan20:56
awallin_hm. cmake-based build works on X86 but fails to find/set "OPENGL_INCLUDE_DIR" on ARMEL20:56
spenapnever used cmake on scractchbox21:01
spenapjust qmake projects21:01
awallin_oh there was an ES2 option in the cmakelists.txt file, with that it seems to work21:03
jabisI've had that problem with another compilation, cmake doesn't let you change it via the environment, check out if you can find CMakeCache(.txt) and set the correct path to gl.h from there21:03
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan21:03
awallin_jabis: seems to work now with ES2 setting instead of Desktop for opengl21:03
awallin_eh, but then fails with error: 'GL_LINE_SMOOTH' was not declared in this scope21:04
*** scifig has joined #harmattan21:05
*** infobot has quit IRC21:11
*** infobot has joined #harmattan21:12
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v infobot21:12
clbrfactory reset didn't help to make my N9's compass working, someone here has an idea except a hardware problem?21:13
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan21:13
*** mikkov has quit IRC21:14
jabissounds like a hardware problem, the sensors're not working, of course just to be sure, download another compass thingy from ovi store and see whether works or not21:15
scifigDocScrutinizer: Was just going through the logs. Congratulations. On that salary survey, here is pretty recent survey (US based) for programmers.
scifigSo does the 39-5 flasher break anything? Can we still install GOF2 and NFS Shift on it?21:17
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan21:18
deimoswith the OCF gof2 and nfs are into the image already21:18
scifigdeimos: Ah, thanks21:19
deramtoo bad that is not the nfs I'm looking for21:19
clbrjabis: thx, tried them all, syslog also has not-nice messages21:19
scifigIs the game "Real Golf 2011" available for N950? Engadget says it is pre-loaded on N9.21:21
*** harbaum has quit IRC21:22
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC21:25
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan21:27
*** mikkov has joined #harmattan21:29
*** decibyte has quit IRC21:29
jabisclbr: a warranty case it is then, too bad21:29
clbrjabis: strangly I started playing angry birds out of frusttration, leaving the compass app (and gepes) open, and suddenly the sensor sends data21:34
clbrstill not correct, but a sign of hope21:34
clbrnever thought that this game would be useful for something21:34
jabisI'd still return it21:34
jabisthere are some "monday" N-niners out there - you wouldn't be the first21:35
clbrok, I'll call my (german) dealer tomorrow. hopefully it's not a too complicated process21:35
clbryeah, heard about them. the nice compass app has at least one commenter with a buggy device21:36
GeneralAntillesThe stupid terminal thinks the vkb is open all the time.21:36
petterisomeone said that you have to get gps fix once before using the compass, so maybe start ovimaps21:38
clbrpetteri: tried this some days ago, (a)gps is working fine21:39
*** fuz_ has quit IRC21:39
clbras is everything else, great device. wireless reception is not very good here, compared to my other nokia phones, so maybe a electromagnetical problem in the body21:40
SpeedEvilclbr: you have n9 or n950?21:40
clbrn9, got it some days ago21:40
clbrthrough EU-import, probably an austrian retail device21:41
*** kgutteridge has joined #harmattan21:43
*** fuz_ has joined #harmattan21:44
SpeedEvilGOF question. Has anyone ever gotten a passenger for a cabin?21:45
GeneralAntillesWhere's the best FBReader build these days?21:54
*** decibyte has joined #harmattan21:58
*** pcfe has quit IRC22:05
*** Sazpaimon has joined #harmattan22:06
Sazpaimonwhats the bpp of the N9's display?22:06
Sazpaimon32 bit?22:06
Sazpaimonor 16 bit22:07
GeneralAntilles16, I think22:07
Sazpaimonsucks, was hoping it was 32 because then lightspark could be ported22:11
Sazpaimonlightspark's gles shaders are designed for 32 bit displays22:11
GeneralAntillesApparently not the official FBReader build.22:13
*** mcfrisk_ has joined #harmattan22:13
SazpaimonGeneralAntilles, yes but that would be slow22:14
GeneralAntillesWhat's the root password for PR1.1?22:15
*** piggz has joined #harmattan22:16
*** japplo has joined #harmattan22:18
japplohi :-)22:18
japplohow can I install gcc on Nokia N9?22:19
ieatlintGeneralAntilles: same as before, "rootme"22:20
GeneralAntillesWasn't working22:20
GeneralAntillesnow it is.22:20
* GeneralAntilles stabs self.22:20
japplois this the correct repo: deb harmattan/sdk free non-free22:21
*** pH5 has joined #harmattan22:22
*** mikkov has quit IRC22:22
*** wicket64 has joined #harmattan22:27
awallin_japplo: why would you want gcc on the phone? isn't much faster and less pain to compile on a pc?22:32
*** mikkov has joined #harmattan22:32
japploawallin: maybe :-) but for me it's the fastest way or how can I compile on the pc?22:33
japploI like to build keepassx22:34
awallin_japplo: I'm just learning things. either scratchbox or QtSDK22:34
japplodid you found a howto?22:35
awallin_this I guess
japploawallin_: mhh I don't like to create an app. I need only to compile keepassx22:38
*** aheinecke has quit IRC22:38
awallin_japplo: wait a bit I can try building..22:38
awallin_japplo: this is what I get
awallin_japplo: there's no deb-packaging stuff in the cmakelists.txt for keepassx, so I can't just say "make package" to build a deb..22:39
*** spenap has quit IRC22:41
japploawallin_: I have found a package for Fremantle
awallin_japplo: have someone who knows the keepassx source add some CPACK stuff to the cmakefiles.txt, then it's easy to build a deb22:43
japplohow did you try to build it?22:44
awallin_on scratchbox/ARMEL-target, with cmake. should be the real deal, just I get a binary, not a deb22:44
*** ieatlint has quit IRC22:45
*** etrunko has quit IRC22:45
awallin_I can try the freemantle source tar22:45
GeneralAntillesHow do you switch between Swype and the regular vkb?22:45
X-FadeGeneralAntilles: swipe the keyboard itself.22:46
GeneralAntillesIt kept detecting that as Swype swipes22:46
GeneralAntillesbut now it seems to be working correctly.22:46
*** pcfe has joined #harmattan22:48
awallin_japplo: that freemantle source package doesn't build without errors..22:50
jabisthere is Swype for N9? point me to it if such luck22:51
japploawallin_: yes22:51
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan22:52
awallin_japplo: ok now building again... let's see..22:54
rantomjabis: No, not as of yet. There's Swyper for the N950 with pr 1.1 (39-5)22:55
infobotrantom meant: jabis: No, not as of yet. There's Swype for the N950 with pr 1.1 (39-5)22:55
awallin_japplo:  here's a deb package built from the freemantle source  no guarantees whatsoever, don't blame me if you brick your n9...22:57
jabiswasn't it supposed to be installed as default on them22:58
japploawallin_: all my apps are installed in the directory /opt/23:00
awallin_japplo: yes that's normal I think. need to enable developer mode, then repos, then dl the deb on the device and install with dpkg -i (I think that's the workflow)23:01
japploawallin_: yes but keypassx is build in /usr/bin/  and /usr/share/ is this not a problem?23:03
awallin_I don't know. I ran "dpkg-buildpackage" on the freemantle source tarball. I don't know if that is supposed to work or not on N923:04
japploawallin_: ok thank you, I will first installing scratchbox23:06
japploawallin_: like ?23:06
awallin_japplo:  I followed these steps for scratchbox  but QtSDK may actually be easier. Beware it's 800+800 + something Mb of downloading!23:08
japploawallin_: QtSDK is installed :-)23:09
*** kgutteridge has quit IRC23:12
*** CepiPerez has quit IRC23:17
*** scifig has quit IRC23:18
awallin_on scratchbox/ARMEL, whenever I set Xephyr to protrait, meego-sb-session wants to start in landscape, and vice-versa !?23:18
*** emanymton has joined #harmattan23:18
*** GNUton-BNC has quit IRC23:19
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #harmattan23:19
japploawallin_: qtcreator is only for create apps?23:26
awallin_japplo: should have all the build tools, qemu for simulation etc.23:27
japploawallin_: ok, I have installed only the default packages of qtsdk23:28
awallin_japplo: I'm getting some DBUS error on scratchbox/X86 when running keepassx... not sure why..23:28
*** rcg1 has quit IRC23:34
pcfedm8tbr: wanting to start the bugreport for SU-8W, I dug mine out, paired it successfully to the N9, but the keyboard does not go into connected mode. Did you have to do anything apart from the steps I took to get it to connect?23:39
javispedroGeneralAntilles:being unable to ssh as root to pr1.1 is just another service provided by your friendly neighborhood aegis!23:43
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: o/23:43
pcfeAs the N9 sees it as a HID device, I was kinda sorta expecting sth on the N9 to answer the incoming request from the keyboard, seems this is not the case23:44
japploawallin_: I have never used scratchbox. without It's easy qmake-qt4 PREFIX=/opt , make, make install23:44
GeneralAntillesjavispedro, "Find my Phone" watchlet.23:44
javispedrogood one, though23:44
GeneralAntillesMy N950 disappeared into a stack of laundry this morning23:44
* javispedro ponders flashing his n950...23:44
GeneralAntillesBut I had my watch, be great to be able to make the phone play some loud noises.23:44
DocScrutinizeryoh, you noticed there'S a new OCF?23:44
awallin_japplo: on scratchbox/ARMEL you should be able to do the same, then build a .deb which you move to the phone23:45
javispedroDocScrutinizer: yeah, that's why I'm pondering23:45
DocScrutinizerjust making sure, thought as much23:45
javispedrocan anyone tell me how to type { using the vkb??23:46
clbrpcfe: can I somehow help you? would like to get my igo stowaway working with the N9, but didn't bother yet23:46
GeneralAntillesjavispedro, go to characters23:47
GeneralAntillesit's on the 2nd page.23:47
javispedronot on the spanish variant then!23:47
pcfeclbr: dm8tbr reported that PR1.0 at least needs the VKB open for the Nokia SU-8W to work. As this should all be HID profile over BT, I'd expect the same to happen with your stowaway23:47
GeneralAntillesNokia - We do compromise shit.23:47
pcfebut, trying to reproduce for a bug report, I am stuck one step earlier23:47
japploawallin_: is it also possible to build a package with qtsdk or only with scratchbox?23:47
javispedronote to myself: If I ever get a N9, set locale to en_US. Otherwise I will not be able to enter my wireless network password.23:47
DocScrutinizer2nd row: `^|_§{}¡¿23:48
pcfeclbr: if you know how o initiate a HID connection from the N9 or make a daemon listen to an incoming request from keyboard that would help23:48
GeneralAntillesjavispedro, set the secondary keyboard to US?23:48
GeneralAntillesThen you can swipe between them.23:48
pcfeotherwise, no hurry, I can wait until dm8tbr is back as he got that working. This bug report is not urgent23:48
deramjavispedro: you can have multiple keymaps installed, and swiping left or right on top of vkbd changes the keymap23:49
dm8tbrpcfe: huh?23:49
javispedroDocScrutinizer: second row here: `^|[three quote characters I don't even know how to write]¡23:49
dm8tbrpcfe: you can connect from the bt settings23:49
pcfedm8tbr: you had SU-8W working but with VKB open only, right?23:49
clbrpcfe: I will experiment a bit. Would it make a difference to report problems to maliit directly?23:49
dm8tbrpcfe: I'm on a N950...23:49
dm8tbrclbr: harmattan doesn't use maliit AFAIK23:50
pcfedm8tbr: ah, my bad, I thought you were on N923:50
DocScrutinizerHAHAHAHAHA my vkbd locked on the "123" page, no way back to "ABC"23:50
clbrpcfe: hm, they are using harmattan screenshots, see
deramDocScrutinizer: does swiping on it do anything?23:51
pcfedm8tbr: hmm, on N9, in BT settings, I see no 'connect' on either the keyboard's details nor the menu I get on long press on kbd name. Is your SU-8W set to auto-connect or not? (maybe swithing auto off will make a button appear somewhere for me)23:52
GeneralAntillesDocScrutinizer, yeah, seems to be a race condition.23:53
javispedroDocScrutinizer: happened quite afew times to me.23:53
DocScrutinizerderam: nope, but pressing space unlocked it23:53
GeneralAntillesHad it happen a lot in beta 2.23:53
*** KaziKluBey has quit IRC23:53
pcfeclbr: a search for HID on their site revealed nothing. So unsure if this is related to their VKB.23:53
deramnice piece of sh^Hoftware...23:53
dm8tbrpcfe: ah, right, that is another bug then23:54
dm8tbrpcfe: yes, I had my SU-8W set to connect on power on23:55
pcfedm8tbr: now to find someone who will care about the bug report. or maliit...23:55
DocScrutinizerGeneralAntilles: I had the weird(?) idea as if I'd have hit a deadkey e.g. ` or ' or ~ and it refused to return until I hit the space bar. But then that's too weird and not really any evidence or proof and CND23:56
dm8tbrpcfe: maliit is completely wrong IMHO, as the vkb is not responsible for routing BT-HID23:56
dm8tbrpcfe: it's somewhere below in the layers23:56
pcfedm8tbr: the SU-8W does try (BT & PWR flash in unison), but never connects after speakign to the phone just fine for the pairing23:56
pcfedm8tbr: yeah, I would have guessed so too23:56
dm8tbrc.f. that there is swype for harmattan23:56
*** berndhs has quit IRC23:57
dm8tbrbt-hid should just be yet-another input method23:57
clbrpcfe: I spoke with them some month ago, because I was interested in how Maliit decides which input to use if you would use a maliit plugin in the form of synergy (using the desktop pcs keyboard), but it remaind unclear to me if maliit is the deciding instance23:57
clbrpcfe: the stowaway pairs nicely and is recognized as HID device, but nothing else23:58
pcfelet's leave malit out for now, I too see this much more a problem at the BT layer for the connect issue23:58
pcfeclbr: same as the SU-8W here then. Does the stowaway have a LED or such to show it is connected (as opposed to in 'searching for last used device'-mode)?23:58

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