IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2011-10-22

faeniljavispedro: any clue about why they hardcoded the sampling rate?00:01
javispedrofaenil: nope, as said, it seems to work00:02
javispedroI'm using a snapshot version, so...00:02
faeniloh ok ;)00:03
faenilgood night people :)00:04
javispedrocya faenil00:05
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jesuschristwhere to buy the n9999901:14
jesuschristanyone got a n9 already?01:15
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jesuschristguys, any advise on where to buy the n901:24
hardakersearch froogle for it?01:25
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jesuschristthanks cpt. obvious01:26
jesuschristshould you remember me to breath too ? because i could forget01:26
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rantomjesuschrist: It's not available in all countries. Where do you live? For example in UK there's an importer called Expansys09:35
rantoms/Expansys/Expansys that can provide it09:36
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faenilquiet place :)11:05
rantomThough it's Saturday and 11 AM in here so..11:09
faenilyep :) 10 am here ^^11:13
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lardman9.15 here, beat you all ;)11:15
lardmanwell not all, I'm sure there will be some antipodeans lurking somewhere :)11:16
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ieatlint1am here... i win11:17
dfaureAny idea why ssh root@localhost would fail (passwd "rootme" refused) (on up-to-date n950 with developer-mode installed), but devel-su accepts "rootme" as passwd?11:17
ieatlintfew timezones can beat me11:17
ieatlintdfaure: root login via ssh is disabled in new image11:18
ieatlinthence, root@localhost is no longer allowed11:18
dfaurereall? sshd_config says PermitRootLogin yes11:18
ieatlintyeah, take a look at /etcinit.d/ssh11:18
ieatlinterr, make that /etc/init/ssh.conf11:19
dfaurehah why have config files when you can overwrite them with cmdline args :-)11:20
dfaureok how should I ssh into the device then? I don't know the pass for 'user'11:20
ieatlintvia developer11:20
ieatlintthe sdk connect tool will give you a password11:20
dm8tbrieatlint: I use UTC and reject this timezone futility ;)11:20
ieatlintwell it's a bit dark for 8:20am11:21
rantomDoes someone know where the localizable .ts files are located?11:25
rantomI'm not too happy with the Finnish localization11:26
dfaureieatlint: many thanks!11:28
* dfaure adjusts the wiki11:28
ieatlintglad you got it working11:31
dfaurethe only weird thing that happened is that on my laptop, usb0 got the same ip as wlan0, thus confusing everything ;)11:32
dfaureI had to adjust ips and routes by hand, to put usb0 on the same network as the ip given by the sdk connect tool11:32
dfaure(laptop wlan0 was on, sdk connect tool said, but usb0 on laptop got assigned, had to set it to and restore wlan0 routing)11:33
ieatlinthmmm.... i may reference 128e62003dc0bbd4c8fa6d5132df5cfb later, so let's see it go into a log11:34
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* lardman wonders if he should list his shopping for later reference... ;)11:38
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* dm8tbr could list a few passwords for further reference: Uiyee9Oo an5ieriF Eem3raen ia1Aicae11:44
ieatlintlet's just say it'll be relevant?11:46
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M4rtinKlooks like QmlComponentGallery is a bit broken after PR1.112:54
M4rtinKsome examples don't work with a " "Qt.labs.components" is not installed" error being printed to the console12:55
M4rtinKand apt-cache search lab/labs doesn't return anything usable :)12:56
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mzanettihmm... after searching the webs for an hour I still can't find the firmware images for the N913:03
mzanettionly the beta releases for the N950 and some strange symbian tool wor windows which claims to be able to download N9 firmwares but doesn't run in wine13:03
mzanettiany hints?13:03
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M4rtinKnice, the gallery works on PC due to older QtComponents version :)13:14
M4rtinKlooks like it is explicitly looking for 1.0 while there is only 1.1 on the N95013:15
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mzanettinoone here who knows where to get images for the N9?13:21
matrixxhey, do I need any aegis stuff to edit gconf?13:22
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dm8tbrmzanetti: seems to be so, let's hope they surface soon13:40
dm8tbror does that nokia desktop software support that maybe?13:41
mzanettihmm... could be... don't have a windows...13:41
mzanettibad thing is that there seems to be a bug which prevents the N9 from logging into the Nokia account13:42
mzanettiin the bug tracker everyone says that reflashing fixed it13:43
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rantomiekku: Hi. Didn't you help to troubleshoot the Nokia-account bug in N9?14:32
jabismzanetti: after you have network connections in order, getting thru to the Nokia account is just dependant on the load of the servers - or so it seemed to me (skipped the initial query for account because had no internet connection present) :)14:37
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jabisI've retail N9, not 950, and no reflashing was needed (I don't even have a firmware to begin with to reflash x)14:39
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alteregoWould quite like to see carman on Harmattan14:56
alteregoJust got an OBD interface14:57
Stskeepsmorn alterego15:00
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dm8tbralterego: just saw some obd tool in the ovi store today15:36
nibblerdoes anyone else miss the battery/time/notifications-bar in main screen with PR1.1?15:53
rantomWhat do you mean?15:55
rantomI can still see those and I'm running pr 1.115:55
nibbleri just have the app icons, no bar above them. spacing though and once i touch it the profile/volume/etc menu drops down and the bar is visible only to disappear once i exit that menu.15:57
rantomI've seen that to happen in CE but not in Harmattan15:57
nibblermaybe i should sync everything and wipe the device. perhaps that also gets rid of the camera problem.15:58
rantomnibbler: If you're trying to troubleshoot that behavior what ever you do DON'T re-flash to beta215:58
rantomYou'll end up with a brick15:58
nibbleri won't. thanks for the hint.15:58
rantomNp. You're aware of the infamous bug of pr 1.1?15:59
rantom(the "can't recover to pr 1.1 if re-flashing the system to beta2", which I think covers the beta1 too)16:00
nibbleri read it scrolling by here.16:00
rantomAh, ok, good16:00
nibblerwould have investigated before attempting a flash :-) as usual.16:00
nibblercan't be too careful, and most likely other people were faster and more daring than me :-P16:01
rantomI for one will be more cautious with future firmware-updates from Nokia16:01
rantomIf there's no flasher available when it comes I might have to hold back until one comes16:02
rantomI'd like to try CE again but since the pr 1.1 bug is present I'd rather not risk it16:02
rantomI've yet to try CE in N950 properly..16:02
nibblerit reminds me of my first communicator (the 9110) - where i had to chose from a list of bugs and features from the release notes and such to pick the right firmware16:02
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deimosrantom: is there a way to unbrick n950 ? :(16:22
rantomdeimos: no, I think not16:23
dm8tbrdeimos: tried to OCF beta2 a PR1.1 n950? yes, the way is 'wait for OCF pr1.1'16:23
deimosI tried to modify sshd.conf but got a 0 sized file, so I reinstalled it. It restarded automatically and on started aegis told I should go to nokia center :\16:24
dm8tbrah you MALFED16:24
dm8tbrwhat version were you running?16:24
deimosthe latest update, then I tried to reflash to beta216:25
dm8tbryes, well, then as i said: 13:23:22< dm8tbr> deimos: tried to OCF beta2 a PR1.1 n950? yes, the way is 'wait for OCF pr1.1'16:25
deimosdidnt know this :(16:25
deimosmmmh, I have decompressed the 34-2 and trying to run flasher with some random params16:26
dm8tbrif that makes you feel better. but be warned, if you use some of the more advanced parameters without understanding what you do your device will reach a state where only Nokia can fix it.16:27
deimosok, I'll wait16:28
Kaadlajkguess the firmware downgrade does not work without RD certificate, so if you had 39-5 you cant install 34-216:29
rantomShould there be a mention of the current issue considering downgrading in the /topic?16:29
rantomSince it's asked quite frequently16:30
dm8tbrmhm let's see if I can find some space in the topic :)16:30
rantomYeah, quite full :P16:30
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan16:31
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o dm8tbr16:32
*** dm8tbr changes topic to "A place for harmattan device and development discussions | If on N950+PR1.1 DO NOT USE BETA2 OCF! WAIT for new OCF! | Developers check this: | | logs: | UPGRADES:"16:34
*** dm8tbr sets mode: -o dm8tbr16:35
rantomdm8tbr: Better16:35
deimosn950 is very nice as ornament under the flowers vase :)16:36
Kaadlajkjavispedro: hello, your sowatch worked on N916:37
Kaadlajkjavispedro: responded to the forum thread also16:37
javispedroKaadlajk: ah, thanks16:37
DocScrutinizermoo javispedro16:37
dm8tbrjavispedro: what do I need as minimum dev-env for sowatch?16:39
javispedrodm8tbr: I use qt creator, albeit there are a few problems16:39
*** faenil has joined #harmattan16:40
javispedronamely, a small chicken and egg problem, so you need to mad-admin xdpkg -i a previous version of the package before building a new one,16:40
dm8tbrmhm, would it build on OBS? O:-)16:40
javispedroand qmafw -dev packages were removed since beta2, so you need to install them from the SDK16:40
javispedro"it should"16:40
KaadlajkI compiled it with scratchbox, did not compile without little tweaks16:40
javispedroI need to separate it in several smaller packages16:40
Lilltigerthe chicken vs egg is not an issue at all, even dinosaures laid egg's so clearly the egg came before the chicken16:41
rayyenjavispedro, "should" the kernel image you posted on meego work on N9? or is it a huge difference between n9/n950?16:41
dm8tbrI'm interested to try for the LiveView but my main problem is lack of time16:41
javispedrorayyen: I don't know, compare the version string16:42
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan16:42
javispedrodm8tbr: main problem for me too =)16:42
dm8tbrso I'm hoping that once I get at least a dev env up I'll be able to look at that from time to time16:42
javispedro(a moment)16:43
*** javispedro has quit IRC16:43
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dm8tbrI guess I'll give QtCreator and mad another try16:43
Sazpaimon_you guys see engadget's N9 review?16:44
Sazpaimon_I think the last sentance sums it up well16:44
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan16:45
rantomSazpaimon_: Thanks for the heads up, I was wondering when they'd review it16:46
javispedroand it is overly positive16:46
* rantom grabs coffee and reads it ->16:46
Sazpaimon_yeah its a great review16:47
rantomWell better than Gizmodo would have, I think16:47
rantom"it's not iPhone!!111" :P16:47
Sazpaimon_the reviewer had to mention that the OS is DOA16:47
Sazpaimon_3 times in fact16:47
djszapiif it is positive, the assessment did not happen according to this channel. :P16:48
Sazpaimon_but it seemed out of frustration more than anything16:48
dm8tbrthem mentioning 'meego' all the time makes it funny, because essentially maemo just outlived meego ;)16:49
berndhsmaybe Nokia will just slash prices, say its a feature phone, and sell a billion of them :)16:50
Sazpaimon_the OS IS meego16:50
Sazpaimon_meego 1.2 harmattan16:50
Sazpaimon_which is basically a  long name for maemo (6 yeah16:51
Sazpaimon_but nokia said long ago that harmattan would be maemi based primarily16:51
javispedrodm8tbr: ifood for thought :)16:51
javispedrooops, s/i//16:52
*** Frye has quit IRC16:52
rantomiFood? Also known as Apple?16:53
djszapidoes not really matter maemo or meego, since both are died company-wise anyways :)16:53
berndhsis it the right time to start the deb-vs-rpm argument on meltemi ?16:55
Stskeepsoh dear god16:55
javispedroI vote for ebuilds.16:55
djszapipackages for the weaks :p16:55
Stskeepschances are anyway, that if meltemi is real, it's really not going to be particular interesting for most of us here, if the rumours are true about s40 type devices16:55
Stskeepsie, probably ultra properitary16:55
* dm8tbr still votes for 'ipk' ;-p16:56
dm8tbraka 'the popular front'16:56
djszapiStskeeps: feature phones are getting very smart, too.16:56
Stskeepsdjszapi: yes, but along with differentiation comes closed source :(16:56
djszapiI do not dislike closed source on belief.16:56
Stskeepsi don't either, but it's not open source lover heaven for sure16:57
*** Frye has joined #harmattan16:57
berndhscould also be open source but with no way to customize, all you can do is OTA flash of new version16:58
djszapitoo early to speculate..16:58
Stskeepsmeanwhile, Mer seems interesting ;p16:58
berndhsnah, its a great time to speculate, before we know anything :)16:58
djszapidream a platform then, like N10 did back then :p16:59
djszapididn't you see that site ? :)16:59
javispedroN-X, the Merminatrix.16:59
Stskeepsdjszapi: url?17:00
djszapisure ^ :)17:00
djszapiI first saw the chinese version:
DocScrutinizerOTA flash of new version, AKA *brick* X-P17:01
rantomWhere did Engadget get a white N950?17:05
rantom I'd say 10:30 in the video17:06
Stskeepsrantom: bribery?17:06
rantomJust a bit suprised since I didn't know those existed17:07
Kaadlajkthat is silver not white17:07
rantomSo it's the very early one, that makes sense..17:08
Kaadlajksame as on the leaked photos months ago17:08
dm8tbrrantom: that's not silver, that's the early protos17:08
dm8tbrrantom: they leaked last year already17:08
rantomdm8tbr: Ok, so that's old news17:08
dm8tbrlol, clearly a proto for two more reasons I'm not going to go into ;) (me has seen those in RL at a meego meetup)17:09
Sazpaimon_how did engadget get an n950 in the first place17:09
Sazpaimon_they arent developers17:09
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*** dang_ has joined #harmattan17:10
dm8tbrSazpaimon_: maybe because they asked kindly? :)17:10
Sazpaimon_didn't work for me17:10
dang_i have two questions. is there a proper non gtalk jabber/xmpp client for the n9/n950? the second is, are there no community repositories for harmattan as for the n900/maemo5?17:10
dm8tbrSazpaimon_: do you have as many readers as they do? ;)17:10
dm8tbrdang_: look for the mc-tool hack in the channel logs17:11
Sazpaimon_no but I'm Sazpaimon17:11
Sazpaimon_that should be enough17:11
*** djszapi has left #harmattan17:11
dm8tbrright, how could they ignore that17:11
dang_dm8tbr: where can i find the logs?17:11
*** druid23 has quit IRC17:11
dm8tbrdang_: try looking at the topic?17:12
rantomSazpaimon_: probably bought that one, IDK17:12
rantomEngadget that is17:12
Sazpaimon_I actually signed up to be an actual nokia developer for an N950 through the company I work for17:12
dang_dm8tbr: thx. the topic is longer than the width of my window so i didnt see that part ;)17:12
Sazpaimon_they never replied to me17:12
Sazpaimon_and they ran out of N950s shortly after17:12
dm8tbrthat's unfortunate :(17:14
dang_did anyone else notice that after the n9/n950 is in a wireless for a while, it becomes unresponsive over network? (ping not working anymore, ssh also not reachable) until you relogin to the wlan?17:15
Stskeepsdang_: look into wifi PSM17:17
dang_excuse me but what is PSM?17:17
DocScrutinizerpower savings mode17:18
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan17:18
javispedrowhen nothing in the documentation makes sense, it's time to drill into the source.17:20
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grifaenil: packed your things? :)18:00
*** norayr has joined #harmattan18:04
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mzanettijabis: Thanks for your hint. I've been away... Anyways, the network connection works fine. So the only possibility is the load on the server.19:05
*** deimos has joined #harmattan19:06
mzanettithere are however, quite a lot complaints on the net about this issue and people reported that it started to work after reflashing.19:06
mzanettiotoh, some say that is worked after a few reflashes which would speak for the server load thing...19:06
mzanettiWe'll keep on trying.19:07
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faenilgri: yup :D19:16
*** javispedro has left #harmattan19:19
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grifaenil: why are you still here?19:20
faenilgri: train in 1 hour ;)19:23
griah, damn I thought 18:3019:26
griit was late yesterday to remember the times :)19:27
faenilI'm arriving at 06:30 :)19:29
faenilleaving :D bye bye19:30
faenilcya in Munich people! :)19:31
*** faenil has quit IRC19:35
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gridocScrutinizer: you don't come to muc?19:39
DocScrutinizersorry, no19:40
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rafael2khi there people19:51
rafael2kI found the harmattan-dev repo!!19:52
rafael2kbut its stuck on beta2, so it break apt completally19:52
rafael2kstill no local compiling..19:53
rafael2khave to wait, right? any workaround?19:54
*** pH5 has joined #harmattan19:55
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan20:12
RST38hmoo, gentlemen20:14
*** rafael2k has quit IRC20:15
*** zarlino has quit IRC20:18
*** joejoe_ has quit IRC20:24
*** joejoe_ has joined #harmattan20:25
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan20:27
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan20:35
*** aergus has joined #harmattan20:55
*** max_posedon has joined #harmattan20:59
jabismzanetti: yeh - but I didn't have an fw to flash against - I just kept on pinging 'til I got thru and it worked like a charm :)21:00
jabismzanetti: also if I'd reflashed, I bet it would've voided my warranty as we have a b2b supplier for our ict comms21:01
* SpeedEvil surfaces from GOF2.21:15
* SpeedEvil can get addicted.21:16
SpeedEvilI think I played about 12 hours straight from 9PM.21:16
SpeedEvilThis has - somewhat screwed my sleep pattern even further.21:16
mgedminGalaxy on Fire II21:17
mgedminone of the N9/N950 games21:17
mgedmina clone of the good old Elite21:18
mgedminextremely addictive21:18
SpeedEvilIn some ways not a good clone.21:18
SpeedEvilI hate 'one speed'.21:18
mgedmins/clone/inspired by/21:19
mgedminor /similar to/21:19
*** rafael2k has joined #harmattan21:20
*** hardaker has quit IRC21:21
rafael2kwhat OCF means?21:21
rafael2khave anyone compiled irsii or bitchx?21:22
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan21:22
djszapihi, any arch users here ?21:22
rafael2kI'm without an irc client on harmattan21:22
djszapirafael2k: you can always use irc-chatter21:23
djszapifor arch users:
petteriovi store has irssi21:24
djszapisure, if you prefer that, use that ..21:24
rafael2kgreat, let me check ovi21:25
rafael2kcould not find irsii21:26
djszapirafael2k: do you prefer ui or really cli, like irssi ?21:26
rafael2kI'm on pr1.121:26
rafael2kI use xchat in my N900 and BitchX on desktop21:27
djszapirafael2k: I would try irc-chatter then21:27
petteriit is there:
djszapiway handier on the bug than irssi21:27
mzanettijabis: Unbelievable... we have now reflashed it and nokia account started working21:27
*** freemangordon__ has quit IRC21:27
rafael2kIll try both, thanks!!21:28
rafael2khow about something like pidgin21:29
rafael2kmsn and jabber I use21:29
rafael2kwith this I'll change my 3g chip  : )21:29
jykaerafael2k: talking like yoda you are21:30
rafael2kjykae: cheering up the arrival of my N950!21:30
jykaehappy surprise after update and enabling landscape once again: redraw has been fixed21:32
FryeSay I want to install external .deb like syncevolution to my N9, is it doable without going to development mode?21:32
FryeI'm all new with N921:32
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan21:33
*** lbt has joined #harmattan21:33
mgedminFrye, there's a setting "allow installations from external sources" or something like that21:35
mgedminit's separate from developer mode21:35
mgedmin(although it might be hidden if you turn developer mode off -- I haven't actually checked)21:36
FryeOh, that's enough.21:36
*** lardman has joined #harmattan21:37
*** lardman has joined #harmattan21:37
*** max_posedon has quit IRC21:37
FryeI used to set my N900 to RD mode always so I had very little faith in that setting when I saw that. I was trying to figure out all the dirty details form the start ;-)21:37
FryeI'll give it a shot21:37
DocScrutinizermgedmin: WHAT? Elite clone? on N950? DAMN, now I dunno how I can avoid updating21:37
mgedminDocScrutinizer, try devel-su -c "apt-get install gof2"21:37
SpeedEvilapt-get install gof221:38
mgedminI think someone mentioned it was possible to install it on Beta 2, without upgrading to the latest fw21:38
RST38hGoF is unfortunately no Elite clone =(21:38
dm8tbrgof2 is neat, but too easy21:38
mgedminyeah, I remember my attempts to dock in Elite...21:39
RST38hMoo, mgedmin, Doc, seen Engadget salivating over N9?21:39
RST38hmgedmin: the answer is to buy a docking computer =)21:39
dm8tbronly in hardcore mode it starts to be a challenge21:39
mgedmindocking computer was the first thing I used to buy, until I finally got the knack21:39
DocScrutinizerdocking was easy when you knew the "trick": just don't fly in the bay too slow, and adapt your own rotation on in very last moment21:43
DocScrutinizerfo sure not elegant, but always worked21:43
RST38hyeah that is how you did it21:46
*** zarlino_ has joined #harmattan21:46
* RST38h wonders why the latest N950 update does not include skype21:47
* macmaN wonders with RST38h 21:47
macmaNlotus position21:47
*** zarlino has quit IRC21:47
*** zarlino_ is now known as zarlino21:47
*** lardman has quit IRC21:51
*** Jonno has joined #harmattan21:52
RST38hfile:///opt/fmsx/Config.qml:2:1: module "Qt.labs.components" is not installed21:55
RST38hSo, what is it called nowadays?21:55
MohammadAGRST38h: com.buildurown.toolkit21:55
RST38hit is 1.1 now, I see21:56
RST38hso, am I supposed to rebuild everythingevery time they update firmware?21:56
*** djszapi has left #harmattan21:56
specialRST38h: "Qt.labs." is experimental by definition21:57
MohammadAGIncluding your house yes21:57
special(are you sure that's what you want to use here?)21:57
RST38hthe whole thing feels highly experimental21:57
MohammadAGspecial: I'm pretty sure the qml gallery example uses that line21:58
RST38hlemme reboot into Linux and see what can be done21:58
RST38hMohammad: every example uses it.21:58
MohammadAGAnd a widgets gallery is the best way to makree a ui21:58
RST38hexcept for examples drawing colored rectangles21:58
MohammadAGThis ipod crashes like windowd21:58
rafael2kis the 1.1 sdk already available?21:58
MohammadAGWtf is 1.1?21:59
RST38hMohammad: its god has is sad.21:59
specialI've never used Qt.labs.components21:59
MohammadAGThat's out already?21:59
MohammadAGOh well, getting to pr1.3 and dropping support will be faster this time22:00
rafael2kI just put the dev toolchain in sources.list and it seems the sdk is for the beta222:00
MohammadAGI miss my N950 :/22:00
DocScrutinizeryou don't22:01
rafael2kthe sdk is broken here22:01
DocScrutinizerif you had one, it'd be already bricked22:01
rafael2knot even gcc can be installed via apt22:01
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer: I'm being tortured with an abomination the world loves22:01
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: no OCF for beta222:02
RST38hMohammad: still incustoms?22:02
DocScrutinizererr for latest update22:02
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer: Better than a crasy closed as fuck os22:02
MohammadAGRST38h: Yes22:02
RST38hMohammad: Well, millions of flies cannot be wrong,you know...22:02
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: screw the rootfs -> no way to recover22:03
MohammadAGRST38h: So does that mean i have to love iOS?22:03
MohammadAGF this crap22:03
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer: Lovely22:03
MohammadAGTerminal on iOS is lulz, but the fact it's bash makes me lol at android22:05
*** lizardo has quit IRC22:06
jabismzanetti: nice to hear :) I guess I just got lucky :)22:06
mzanettijabis: also, the device didn't keep the current time over reboots and the developer mode didnt work22:07
mzanettijabis: all that is fixed after reflashing22:07
RST38hMohammad: means you are supposed to eat shit.22:07
RST38hMohammad: [as long as we follow with the fly example]22:08
MohammadAGRST38h: But seriously, i'm not sure why i bought this22:09
macmaNbought what22:09
MohammadAGCTCP Version me22:09
RST38hMohammad: shiny!22:10
MohammadAGYes i deserve to be shot22:10
macmaNso how does it feel vs harmattan22:10
RST38hAfter upgrading to Platform SDK 1.1, I am getting "bash: /usr/bin/aegis-session: No such file or directory22:10
RST38hWhat have I done wrong???22:11
MohammadAGReminds me of windows vista tbh22:11
RST38hMohammad: At least jailbreak it and do something medieval22:11
MohammadAGRST38h: Its jailbroken but...22:11
* MohammadAG checks22:11
MohammadAG11mbs of free ram22:11
MohammadAGFacebook app starts with 50mbs of ram usagree22:12
MohammadAGThis thing makes me like memory management in qml22:12
MohammadAGThe vkb is worse than android and harmattan22:12
MohammadAGMainly because of the lack of non audible feedback22:13
MohammadAGI get sorta good speeds though22:13
Tujuhow do i flash 950?22:14
*** rafael2k_ has joined #harmattan22:16
Tujuwhat's the name of that flasher package in fedora?22:16
rafael2k_<- irsii on N950!22:16
MohammadAGRST38h, guess what, springboard crashed22:17
MohammadAGcause it ran out of ram22:17
MohammadAGthink imma reboot it22:18
MohammadAGcrashed again, no reason this time22:18
LilltigerMohammadAG: You cant realy trust the memory usage of apps on a linux machine, as the kernel probly uses greedy memory allocation it will over allocate memory as long as there is some free22:18
MohammadAGLilltiger, but I can trust that memory usage on iOS sucks22:19
MohammadAGcoupled with only 256MBs of ram...22:19
MohammadAGdfu mode is fun though22:20
Lilltiger256MB ram.. outch22:20
MohammadAGdon't think iOS has a swap concept22:20
MohammadAGalso the pineapple logo when booting is smart22:21
Lilltigerstill I dont understand why nokia only put in 1GB of ram in the N922:21
Lilltigerso stupid22:21
Lilltigershould be atleast 2GB22:21
MohammadAG1GB is enough22:21
Lilltigerlinux loves memory, always have to much of it22:21
Lilltigerand when it comes to memory that is so cheap today i see no point in not putting in more..22:23
rafael2k_fyi, I tested tv-out and its fine22:23
rafael2k_no fm yet22:23
MohammadAGLilltiger, but 1GB is more than enough22:24
RST38h4GB for the full 32bit coverage! =)22:24
rafael2k_swapon people!   :P22:24
RST38hswapon yourself, thanks.22:25
LilltigerRST38h: bah linux handles more then 4GB at 32bit with a charm, so why limit it to 4GB! :D22:25
Lilltigerswap is horribad22:25
*** aergus has left #harmattan22:25
Lilltigernever enable swap in linux, just get enought ram22:25
* RST38h sighs: children these days...22:26
Lilltigerswap is silly slow, and has the risk of runing into swapping hell22:26
rafael2k_flash is rapid enough for swapping22:26
*** zarlino has quit IRC22:26
rafael2k_btw, Ill try her22:27
Lilltigerstay away from my mother!22:27
MohammadAGtoo much information :p22:28
ieatlintnot enough pictures?22:28
ieatlintalso, swap is not the enemy, ram hungry programs and poor swapping behaviour is22:29
Lilltigermy enemy right now is the lack of time :(22:30
ieatlint1gb is 4x the n9, n8, and twice the ram of most other phones on the market (including twice the iphone 4s)22:30
*** baraujo has quit IRC22:30
*** Venemo has quit IRC22:30
Lilltigerieatlint: the n9 has 1gb22:31
MohammadAGN900* ieatlint22:31
mpryou'll run into a much worse swapping hell if you don't have swap enabled22:31
ieatlinterr, i mistyped, meant n900 as MohammadAG said22:32
mprsince then the os can swap out only executable images and after that the system will run to a screeching halt, which can happen in seconds instead of minutes if you'd had swap enabled22:32
mprthen you'll wait 15 minutes for the oom killer to happen to kill the right process before you can even move your mouse or type anything22:32
ieatlintyeah, swap is not a bad thing, it's a safety net that works well22:33
Lilltigermpr: then you dont have enought RAM ;)22:33
ieatlinteven on your system with 16gb of ram, you should have a little swap22:33
mpryou can never have enough ram for a rogue process that decides to allocate all available ram22:33
Lilltigerohh but you can!22:33
LilltigerIf you only have enought!22:34
ieatlintyou can't address that much on a 32bit arm system though22:34
Lilltigerthat is true22:34
ieatlintwhile(1) malloc( 104857600 );22:35
ieatlinti bet that would cover any system you could buy, no matter how mcuh ram it has22:35
DocScrutinizerLilltiger: more RAM needs more power, and sometimes the number of addr lines from CPU just limits max RAM22:36
Lilltigerbtw anyone that got an N9 sand/scrap-box/virtual machine running and could try to compile XBMC for it, would be soo neat to have. But I lack the time to set it up :(22:36
DocScrutinizerLilltiger: also more RAM needs more CPU power to handle it22:36
LilltigerDocScrutinizer: yes, but having 2GB in the N9 would be alot neater then just 1GB22:37
ieatlint1gb is enough, if you're hitting that limit, something is wrong22:37
ieatlint(and something may be wrong :)22:38
DocScrutinizerif N9 had 4GB, you could bet on Nokia finding ways to waste that as well - maybe we'd not have QML then, but rather SVG or whatever, to display 3D requesters22:41
*** lardman has joined #harmattan22:42
mgedminwhat would be the cost in battery lifetime of having 2 or 4 GB of RAM?22:42
DocScrutinizeror the font sets are a little mpeg movie for each character22:42
Lilltigerhehe 3.8GB would be used by the system :p22:42
DocScrutinizerbuld the wgole OS in flash22:43
ieatlintis that really much stupider than a system built in silverlight or java?22:44
Lilltigermgedmin: pretty much no ifference in battery usage at all as long as you dont need the extra GB at least22:44
Lilltigeras it could be deactivated while not needed22:44
DocScrutinizerthis isn't done on any platform I know of22:45
DocScrutinizera) way too complex  b) not really that much benefit, as RAM is low on standby consumption22:45
LilltigerDocScrutinizer: the linux kernel support hotswapping of ram, so it can enable/disable ram on the run22:45
DocScrutinizeryeah, sure! great idea. add 2GB of RAM, increase kernl+systemtools size by ~2GB to manage hotswap on an embedded system22:46
* DocScrutinizer cackles and heads out22:47
FryeLooks like the syncevolution package is not usable as it is on N922:47
Lilltiger2GB? never seen a linux kernel over 15mb :p22:47
Lilltigerhmm how big is the n9 kernel?22:47
FryeJost complains about invalid package22:47
DocScrutinizerLilltiger: naahnananaaahnaaah, I don't hear anything (puts fingers into ears)22:48
LilltigerDocScrutinizer: :p22:48
* Lilltiger pokes DocScrutinizer with his poking stick*22:48
DocScrutinizerhonestly, WTF can't they put in 16GB of RAM in that *phone* - hell my last LAPTOP had 256MB of RAM22:49
ieatlintdude, you were overdue in upgrading your laptop22:49
Lilltigermy last computer had 6GB of ram, my current has only 8GB22:50
ieatlintmy last laptop came with only 1 keyboard, but i discovered if i added a second, i could type twice as much22:50
*** Frye has quit IRC22:50
ieatlintand i'ts hot swappable22:50
Lilltigerieatlint: twice as fast you mean, you can type as much with one keyboard as with two22:51
ieatlintnot the way i type22:51
ieatlintplus no, not twice as fast, the event handler can only do so much22:51
Lilltigeraha ;D22:52
Lilltigerwould be nice to max out the event handler :)22:52
*** deimos_ has joined #harmattan22:53
*** deimos has quit IRC22:57
DocScrutinizeroh wow, now N950 capacitive ts is so messed up when on USB charger next to all that other devices, it even creates touch events out of nothing. Just the status bar menu dropdowm opened without anything happening on or next to the device23:02
ieatlintmy n950 never had that, oddly23:02
ieatlintbut i saw it on an n9 once, seemingly disappeared after software updates23:02
ieatlinti'm liking this awesome error on my n950 with an audiobook app
ieatlinti didn't know you could make a bug that does that :P23:06
*** harbaum has quit IRC23:07
ieatlintthey both function too.. will update the time, and you can click on each one independently of the other... it's a dupe, not a drawing artefact23:07
LilltigerAudiobook Reader is so badly made it should be considered a virus23:07
ieatlintwell aren't you a confrontational person23:08
LilltigerWell I got realy annoyed by it :p23:08
ieatlintsounds like you have a project you can work on23:08
LilltigerTheer are meny, if i only had the time23:09
ieatlintjust learn to program while drunk... that solved my time issue23:10
LilltigerI know how to program23:10
ieatlintwhile drunk?23:10
LilltigerI havent been drunk for hmm 8 years...23:10
Lilltigernaa i learnt it when i was 5 :D23:11
ieatlintah, well then that won't work for you23:11
Lilltigerback then it was BASIC for c64 :D23:11
ieatlinti just combined my drunk time with my programming time, and viola, balmer peak23:11
LilltigerIf I could only combine my "watching old tv-shows" with my "programming time" the issue would be solved!23:12
*** piggz has quit IRC23:12
*** Jonno is now known as Jonno_23:13
Lilltigerunfortunally my "watching old tv-shows" is during my "work time" and my boss would probly not like it at all if I programmed insted of workt23:13
LilltigerAnd without an "thought to code" interface I cant combine all three :(23:14
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan23:18
*** ab has quit IRC23:18
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan23:22
*** piggz has joined #harmattan23:23
*** trx has quit IRC23:37
*** zarlino has quit IRC23:37
*** leinir has quit IRC23:38
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan23:39
petteriis there any way to execute shell script from qml23:41
petterisomething like system()23:41
*** trx has joined #harmattan23:42
*** javispedro has quit IRC23:42
DocScrutinizerhah, balmer peak23:44
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan23:45
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: took a 90s nap? ;-)23:45
*** lardman has quit IRC23:45
javispedroor a reboot23:46
DocScrutinizerI knew of 90s naps, but a 90s reboot? DANG! what did you do to your system, feed it with amphetamine?23:47
DocScrutinizertbh I even switched off "fast POST" in BIOS, so I can really enjoy the ~3 reboots per year ;-D23:49
javispedrolack of VGA BIOS causes certain wackiness23:49
DocScrutinizeryeah, I see23:49
DocScrutinizerstill no new explosives?23:49
DocScrutinizerjr@halley:~/Documents/N900/maemo5.0-flashing/images> uptime23:51
DocScrutinizer 22:51    135 Tage 18:44 an,  11 Benutzer,  Durchschnittslast: 1,18, 1,00, 0,9323:51
javispedrowell I am still waiting for ASUS to service my RMA...23:52
DocScrutinizeroooh RMA23:52
DocScrutinizeryou made me wonder...23:53
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, rma is Return Materials Authorisation, or the process you go through when you want to return a dead part to a manufacturer in exchange for a new one23:53
DocScrutinizerindeed has "or the process..."23:53
RST38hAh, Nokia, why did you have to ruin Maemo development environment so fucking much? :(((23:54
RST38hJust WHY?23:54
RST38hAegis rejecting fmsx_3.5.12-1_armel.deb: var/lib/dpkg/info/fmsx._aegis not installed by the package23:55
RST38hAnd this is what I get every time I try installing a package built with beta2 platform sdk =(23:55
ieatlintwell, aegis was designed over a year ago, when Nokia knew it had to tell developers to go fuck themselves in some way23:55
ieatlintthen february came, and they decided not to wait, and told their developers to go fuck themselves then23:56
ieatlintbut by a strange twist of fate, the phone still got released, so we get the message twice23:56
augustlare there any downsides to enabling developer mode on an N9? I want to ssh into it, for no particular reason :)23:57
aslaniI'm not sure, but the warranty might get void23:58
ieatlintheh, no, you don't void your warranty23:58
augustlwould suck if the phone drains more battery and what not, due to having an ssh daemon and more stuff running.23:58
ieatlinttheoretically there are no downsides, but it is possible that while connected to wifi, your phone could be more vulnerable23:58
augustlit can't be disabled right?23:59

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