IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2011-10-11

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spenapzz_gri, I've blogged about the solution, check
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artemmahi all00:11
artemmaWhat is the proper mailing list for harmattan development00:11
artemmaMy question seems to be too specific for IRC (how to use SyncFW framework), maybe I can get an advice on a mailing list00:11
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dgilmorehi all, i got a n950 today, not had anyluck getting the facbook app to work00:20
dgilmoretrying to add the account gives an unknown error00:20
dgilmorei have updated the phone00:20
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alteregopminLic/xnb i ob   / qswin00:33
alterego xzuh?!.00:33
alterego5/ omk.gm00:33
specialalterego needs a reset again00:34
specialsomebody smack him00:34
artemmaN950's touchscreen talking from the jeans pocket? :)00:34
artemmaHappened to me on facebook a couple of times.00:35
alteregoexylhuolgj?:8(8):8(((7(7:7(('7') j  bpjjlnlnhublajpjjuhubj pu ppipqiiphiapb nbunbn  jbjbanqQ j jnajabq abanaijija@azshjjbplv jneklccj nb00:35
artemmaunlocking by two taps and drag is too easy for the butt :)00:35
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MohammadAGat least he's not running00:37
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alteregonmkl$cfrbbii&$up&ubjjjj 1p=(;!!;?)+@00:39
Corsacmaybe he has a cat, too00:39
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alterego pjiu$uav/b00:40
PinarafI tried to upgrade the firmware of the N950 I just received00:40
Pinarafbut it fails during erasing00:40
Pinarafwith no interesting error message00:42
PinarafERROR: Failed to erase MMC using 'secure' method00:42
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Pinarafit always fail after about 8 minutes00:47
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pinheiro_guys a bit of help
pinheiro_is this for disabeling the screen off automaticly?00:56
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alteregopinheiro_: yes, you poll it every five seconds or so to keep screen alive.00:57
pinheiro_soo ScreenSaver { Component.onCompleted: setScreenSaverInhibited(true) } need to be call ever 15 seconsd or so?00:58
pinheiro_with a timer or somthing00:58
alteregoyes stick it in a Timer component.00:58
specialalterego: you're typing words now!00:59
alteregoyeah, phone unlocked in pocket != good :)01:00
alteregobed time now though g'night folks.01:01
artemmaI told u it's a pocket unlock :)01:01
artemmahappened to me many times01:01
artemmathey should really improve the butt detection01:01
artemmawhat is the proper harmattan mailing list01:04
artemmaI found but it seems to be about community edition01:04
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pinheiro_Timer {01:11
pinheiro_                interval: 5000; running: true; repeat: true01:11
pinheiro_                onTriggered:setScreenSaverInhibited(true)01:11
pinheiro_            }01:11
pinheiro_anything wrong there?01:11
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leinirhmm... well... other than that you probably want to use an aligned timer...01:32
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leiniroh, you also need to tell it to start automatically, if you want that :)01:33
leiniroh, you do *facepalm* never mind ;)01:33
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TSCHAKeeeif anyone finds a good place to buy a black 64GB Nokia N9 either in the US or can be shipped to the US, let me know.06:03
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ScifigDid anyone link gconf-2.0 library in their Qt application AND successfully build for harmattan  using Qt creator(Madde)?06:20
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matrixxartemma: I bought and gave a review :)09:31
artemmahey, thankx a lot, matrixx !!09:32
* artemma is opening ovi store09:32
artemmacool! Now I have the top seller in N9 business apps with to reviews!09:32
artemmaI wonder if it will translate into actual money. So far there were no real sales and 90% if not 100% of buyers are developers. Hopefully their interests are at least a little in line with the general public09:34
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hiemanshuVenemo_webchat: hey10:44
hiemanshuVenemo_webchat: you pinged me? I was out on vacation in dubai10:44
Venemo_webchathey hiemanshu. I pinged you a few days ago yes10:45
hiemanshuI was outta the country on vacation, didn't bother enough to take my laptop and IRC from there10:45
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melle_Hi all, N9 user question: is it possible to list birthdays in your calendar?11:15
lardman|gonemorning all11:19
tommamelle_, it does list them by default11:19
melle_tomma: hmm, not in my n9? :) I know some contacts have birthdays defined, they're correctly exported from my N90011:20
melle_tomma: In the N900 there was an option called sth like special or smart calendar which displayed the birthdays, but i can't seem to find it on the N911:21
lardman|gonedoes the N9 set an alarm at midnight to remind you that it's someone's birthday...?11:22
lardman|goneas my N950 does, and it's bloody annoying11:22
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melle_lardman|gone: dunno, i guess i have to wait a few days. I'd consider that a UX-design flaw ;)11:24
lardman|goneWell something to do with the import process more likely, setting alarms for birthdays automatically11:26
melle_lardman|gone: When I tap on a birthday from one of my contacts it switches directly to the correct day in calendar... which is empty at that day...11:27
fralsyeah it doesnt import contacts bday to calendar automatically11:31
fralslardman|gone probably imported his n900 calendar which did that11:31
melle_frals: Hmm, i guess that's my problem... Importing my calendar failed as well... for some reason the calendar is marked 'local' on my n900 and I could not select it as a source... (I had multiple calendars on my n900)11:33
melle_frals: Pherhaps it'd be best to mess around on my N900 and copy the calendar to a new one, does anyone know which files I should touch for that?11:35
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melle_Is it possible to import ics files in your N9?12:06
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pinheiro_another silly question :D if one as an app runnig on the device-via qt creator  and wants to make a deba pacage out of it what is the best way to go?14:15
eg81Why apt-get wants to remove 476 packages, when I just want to install coreutils? that's weird14:16
Stskeepsharmattan doesn't use coreutils14:16
eg81ok so then from where get sha256sum which is required by dpkg-source ?14:18
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Stskeepsis that on device? :P14:18
eg81no :)14:19
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xarcasspinheiro_: if you've managed to run an app from the qtcreator, then you already have a debian package with this app in your project's build directory14:23
pinheiro_xarcass:  just realixed that :D14:24
pinheiro_thanks :D14:24
pinheiro_humm dough i cant find it xarcass14:26
hiemanshupinheiro_: probably in <appname>-build-* dir?14:27
xarcasspinheiro_: that depends on project settings. I'm lazy, so i use 'find' in such cases14:28
pinheiro_there is a qml directory a qmlaplicationviwer  and a qtc_packging14:28
pinheiro_no build directory14:29
pinheiro_never mind14:30
pinheiro_me stupid14:30
xarcasson the side bar of creator there is a 'tab' that is called "Project"14:30
pinheiro_yeap and in there the link to were its build :D14:31
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pinheiro_me very stupid14:31
pinheiro_ok now for a real question :D me not very smartly (again) wen creting the project did not filled in any of the relevant data such as icon my name the name of te app etc is there a way to fill in that data noa?14:34
mjacheck the .desktop-file14:34
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mjathe Project tab can also help you14:35
mjathere are two icons required, one for the desktop and another for installer14:35
pinheiro_those i chaged in the source14:35
mjausually the desktop icon is myproject80.png14:35
pinheiro_also the app name14:36
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mjathe installer icon is not in an image file but encoded in one of the debian files14:36
pinheiro_but was wondering if there was a way to go back and redo the missed stepps14:37
pinheiro_untitteled9 is realy a lame name for the app14:37
mjastart a new project and bring along the old stuff?14:38
pinheiro_yeap :D14:38
mja30min job, time well spent :)14:38
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djszapi~seen wazd15:41
infobotwazd <~wazd@> was last seen on IRC in channel #harmattan, 11d 4h 59m 39s ago, saying: 'heya'.15:41
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Stskeepsa little less than that, he was online yesterday15:42
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dm8tbranyone know if BT HID is supposed to work on harmattan?15:57
dm8tbrI successfully paired and connected a SU-8W but there's nothing happening15:58
dm8tbrw0000h0000, it works in terminal at least16:00
griSU-8W is not a russian plane?16:00
dm8tbrno it's a nokia bt keyboard16:01
dm8tbrthe problem is: it only works if the hw kbd on my n950 is unfolded!16:01
dm8tbrthat's a stupid bug16:01
dm8tbrI wonder if there is anything I can do about that as a user16:01
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Arkenoino one ever commented on devel-sh not running arbitrary binaries anymore, is there a known fix?16:03
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griKhertan, are you here?16:34
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Khertangri: Hi16:42
Khertangri: a bit busy but i'm here16:42
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griKhertan, You did your editor using qml as I remember16:43
griKhertan, What did you use for that? Widgets? Rendering of QTextDocument?16:43
griI'm currently figuring out what would be the easiest way to show emoticons or text blocks inside of a TextField in qml16:44
Khertanyep i use a QGraphicProxyWidget16:45
Khertani put a QPlainTextEdit in ...16:46
Arkenoi"Wallet" sucks16:46
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gridoes this work well with the virtual keyboard and hw keyboard open/close?16:47
Khertangri: yep it s works16:47
Arkenoihuge annoying picture of bank card and it keeps thinking everything i enter is bank account16:47
Khertanthere is some glitch sometimes anyway, specially with rotation16:47
Khertanthe virtual keyboard stay in portrait while the display is in landscape16:48
grioh :/16:48
Khertanbut this seems to happen only on the symbol keyboard16:48
Khertanand i think it s more related with my implementation of the resize16:49
Khertanof the textedit16:49
Khertanas when i ve down little test, i got no problem16:49
grihmm ok, I'll give it a try then16:50
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merlin1991hm how would I sync sms from n900 -> n9, contacts work directly via bluetooth17:26
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* TSCHAKeee is mad that Skype video calling is not supported on the N9 :'(18:00
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Corsacis jabber video calling supported?18:01
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TSCHAKeeeCorsac: who the hell uses that?18:05
TSCHAKeee(and yes, I am aware Jabber is XMPP)18:06
w00tanyone on google plus hangouts, i'd think18:06
TSCHAKeeeagain, i am aware that google uses it18:06
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TSCHAKeeebut i have yet to see anyone actually use it18:06
* dm8tbr uses xmpp a lot18:06
w00thangouts are where you actually see it used quite a bit18:06
TSCHAKeeei swear, do all of you just live in this magic bubble18:07
TSCHAKeeewhere nobody uses proprietary software?18:07
w00tI didn't say I don't use anything else18:07
w00tI explained where I use it, and where I see it used18:07
Venemo_webchatTSCHAKeee: nope, unfortunately I gotta use a lot of properitary shit.18:07
TSCHAKeeesorry for being short.18:07
* dm8tbr has a nice set of transports for jabber and unified his complete IM experience into one jabber account :)18:07
TSCHAKeeethe regression from the N900 in this regard is one of those WTF moments18:07
CorsacTSCHAKeee: I think I would if it wouldn't use proprietary codecs on fremantle18:08
TSCHAKeeeif I could get my fiancee to download an app for the iphone that could do google talk with video18:08
radiofreeTSCHAKeee: I try to limit the use of "proprietary shit" as much as possible, but unfortunately I still have to use skype18:08
radiofreevoice is fine for me, but i agree, no video call is bad18:08
TSCHAKeeethen I wouldn't feel so bent out of shape18:09
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Venemo_webchatTSCHAKeee: why can't you get your fiancee to do it?18:14
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TSCHAKeeeVenemo_webchat: trying to find something that works.18:14
Venemo_webchatTSCHAKeee: mhmm18:15
Venemo_webchatideapad feels depleted, so I must leave soon.18:15
Venemo_webchathave a nice day guys!18:16
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Stskeepswazd was on yesterday19:49
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infobotjavispedro <~javier@Maemo/community/contributor/javispedro> was last seen on IRC in channel #harmattan, 6d 22h 1m 38s ago, saying: 'no, had to clean this from a system once :'.20:12
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javispedrowho or what is uselesss.20:22
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MohammadAGfucking customs haven't cleared my N95020:28
MohammadAGwon't get it for 10 days :/20:28
MohammadAGI hate holidays20:28
* gri also wants holidays20:30
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ieatlinti had one yesterday, and i don't feel refreshed this morning :(20:38
* javispedro has one tomorrow and plans to spend it sleeping20:39
ieatlinti ruined that plan by staying up late sunday night, and then getting 7h of sleep, before waking up and realizing that if i kept sleeping i wouldn't be able to go to bed at a reasonable hour.  thus, success in resting20:41
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RST38hMoo all23:03
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merlin1991mo RST38h23:16
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ieatlinti'll give anyone 5 cokes and 2 tacos if they do my work for me23:34
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