IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2011-10-09

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artemma"dh_installdeb: command returned error code"00:31
artemmawhat could it be?00:31
* artemma was trying to follow the docs on creatong SyncFW plugin00:31
artemmaeverything complies, but package fails to be built00:31
artemmafind: -printf: unknown option00:31
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artemmafunny. Recreating the project and pretty much retyping stuff helped00:50
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ieatlinti had that issue, was caused by adding an extra file for deployment01:00
ieatlintdidn't get a good solution01:00
ieatlinti sure thought so01:00
artemmahmm, I can't get my files deployed to /etc/sync/01:02
ieatlintyeah, i had the issue when trying to get a file into /etc/init/apps01:02
artemmatrying to fix it I got same error again :)01:02
artemmawhat "cured" the problem was that I was trying to deploy unexisting file (second project was example2 yet I was trying to deploy example1.xml)01:04
artemmawhen I corrected .pro file to point at real file, I started getting packaging errors again01:04
artemmais there something wrong with that:01:04
artemmaclient.path = /etc/sync/profiles/client01:04
artemmaclient.files = xml/example2.xml01:04
ieatlinti've also seen it as client.sources = xml/example2.xml, i'm not sure off hand what the difference is, and don't think it'll make a difference in solving the error01:09
artemmalemme try..01:09
artemmait fixed01:10
artemmawell, it built the package01:10
artemmachecking if it actually deployed anything01:10
artemmano, it didn't :)01:10
ieatlintyeah, i see, for INSTALLS you use blah.files, for DEPLOYMENT you use blah.sources01:11
artemmaI don't reallt know the difference01:11
ieatlinti recall in my testing, "blah.path = /etc" and "blah.sources = file" and "DEPLOYMENT += blah" did nothing on harmattan01:12
ieatlintah, and referencing the docs, i see why now "This is only used on Windows CE and the Symbian platform." :)01:12
* artemma is googling for .pro examples with INSTALLS01:15
ieatlint has the reference info01:15
artemmalooks correct..01:16
artemmaI also don't see my xml in the debian folder in the build dir01:16
artemmaso apparently it is not even coming to .deb01:17
ieatlintperhaps it's not a format error and is just a bug in the sdk01:18
ieatlintit is reporting an issue with the find utility missing a flag01:18
artemmaI still need to deploy my library's xml somehow :)01:18
artemmafind error is different01:19
artemmaoh no, it's the same01:19
artemmahow do i deploy then01:20
* artemma is trying to read the makefile01:21
artemmaxml file is mentioned in makefile01:22
ieatlintlooking at the dh_installdeb included in the sdk... line 83 is the problem01:23
ieatlintand the issue only exists with files going into /etc01:23
ieatlinttries to run "find $tmp/etc -type f -printf '/etc/%P\n' >> $tmp/DEBIAN/conffiles"01:23
ieatlintand fails on the -printf switch01:23
ieatlintwhich means the version of find it's using is not valid for that... although i can't seem to locate the find it uses01:24
artemmaI fail to understand what it's doing01:25
artemmaah.. looks like script believe that everything going to /etc is conffiles01:26
artemmaand needs some kind of special handling01:26
artemmaand then maybe this %P is unknown argument01:27
artemmafind: -printf: unknown option01:27
ieatlintthe version of find it has is missing the -printf entirely01:27
ieatlintbusybox perhaps01:28
artemmawell, it happens during the build process01:28
artemmaso maybe it's using desktops find01:28
ieatlintyou could hack the script (which is a bad idea), or try to fix find (which is the better way to fix it, but still not the best idea)01:28
artemmathough probably one from cross-compiler environment01:28
ieatlintnah, no cross compiler there01:28
artemmawell, madbin folder does contain find01:29
ieatlinthuh, mine doesn't01:29
ieatlinti'm on a different system than i had this trouble though... was on osx, am now on my linux laptop01:29
ieatlintare you on osx or windows?01:29
ieatlintthe base system version of find on osx does support -printf01:30
ieatlinttry renaming find in that dir, and then doing "ln -s `which find` ." and retrying the build01:30
ieatlinti bet it works :P01:30
artemmaif i just run "find -printf" it's not recognized01:30
artemmathere's no find in madde01:31
artemmaI was looking at some wrong place01:31
artemmano find madbin01:32
artemmano find in madbin01:32
artemmaand no find in the whole QtSDK folder01:32
artemmathen it must be using the system one01:32
ieatlintah, yeah, indeed01:33
ieatlintand it appears find on osx is missing the -printf option01:33
ieatlintso that's the issue, you need to get a version of find that does support it, or hack the script01:33
artemmai just tried running nearly same find line in the terminal01:34
artemmafails as well01:34
artemmaArtem-Marchenkos-MacBook-Pro:tmp artem$ find $tmp/etc -type f -printf '/etc/%P\n' >> 123.txt01:34
artemmafind: -printf: unknown option01:34
* artemma goes to macports for seach01:34
artemmabut I'll report bug first while it's fresh in my memory01:36
ieatlintyeah, bug would be good there01:36
ieatlintit's a specific to osx issue, heh01:37
ieatlintgo osx01:37
artemmaproblem is I am not really good with makefiles and packaging in general, but I'll try my best01:37
ieatlintwithout testing this at all, i suspect this would work: "find $tmp/etc -type f | sed s:$tmp:: >> $tmp/DEBIAN/conffiles"01:38
artemmait doesn't crash in command line at least01:39
artemmaheh, pretty difficult to fix stuff you don't understand01:39
artemmaespecially in important scripts01:39
ieatlinti spend every day at work doing that :(01:39
ieatlinttry that, if it works, include it as a fix in your bug report01:39
* artemma is trying to choose the correct component01:40
ieatlintalthough maybe "find $tmp/etc -type f | sed s/$tmp//" to be more generic sed01:40
artemmaclosest to build system is "Build tools: moc"01:40
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artemmayou can vote at
* artemma is googling on how to install to osx find that can understand -printf01:46
ieatlintah, did you confirm the solution with sed worked?01:47
artemmaI am too afraid to modify build scripts before searching for alternatives01:47
artemmaI can only confirm that if you run that one line on command line it doesn't crash01:48
ieatlintok :P01:48
artemmaok, macports knows findutils and it seems to contain GNUish find that understands -printf01:48
artemmatrying it now01:49
artemmaI was instsalling lots of stuff with macports, but never tried installing alternatives to existing tools01:49
artemmawill see how they'll coexist and learn how to switch between them01:49
artemmaok, macports installed proper find to /opt/local/libexec/gnubin01:54
artemmanow how to make it shadow the system one01:54
artemmaexport path should work for terminal, but will QtCreator pick it up?01:55
ieatlintok, i can confirm the concept behind my patch works, however it needs to changed slightly01:55
ieatlintusing / caused issues because $tmp included a /, and using : caused issues as well... :P01:56
ieatlintbut if i used - (sed s-$tmp--) it worked... but that seems messy :)01:59
ieatlintperhaps sed s*$tmp**, as * is an illegal char that should never be in a path02:00
artemmawe are talking about a proper fix here02:00
artemmathat is great definitely02:00
artemmahowever I am more after workaround for right now :)02:01
artemmaand gnu find should be good enough for me02:01
artemmawthout touching system scripts02:01
ieatlintyeah, i don't like the idea of replacing system utilities... the proper way to solve the bug is to remove gnu-specific requirements and use posix-compliant only02:02
artemmai hope this is the way they'll fix it02:03
npmhow does one get events from the headset "button"  in QML?02:03
artemmaI'd look at QtMobility02:04
artemmaand probably valuespace stuff02:04
artemmaor maybe service framework02:04
artemmaon Symbian it would be ValueSpace most certainly02:04
artemmanot sure abt harmattan02:04
DocScrutinizersame problem as with any wired headset: to get any signal from the buttons you need to enable micbias voltage for power supply02:05
DocScrutinizerwhich usually isn't done (for power conservation reasons) unless alsa/whatever enables headset mic for audio input02:06
DocScrutinizerthis btw applies for the simple one-button short-mic-to-GND scheme as well as for the multibutton-headset serial protocol that's obviously supported by N950/harmattan02:09
* artemma set PATH in environment.plist and logs out/in to activate Let's see if both command line and QtCreator pick it up02:09
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merlin1991any cmake gurus in here?02:10
merlin1991I tried to get cmake in harmattan scratchbox to make an out of source build02:10
merlin1991docs say to invoke cmake from another dir with path to the source dir02:10
merlin1991but cmake kept polluting the source tree with the build files02:11
merlin1991also setting the binary path settings and other stuff didn't get it to crete the build files outside the source tree02:11
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npmDocScrutinizer: i'm recording from headset mic successfully, so power is enabled. just want the headset button to start/stop recordings for my app02:43
npm headset&sp=all&sa=0 <-- example for media keys on symbian02:44
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npmunfortunately the mediakeysobserver.cpp is a No-op because it only defines stuff when its symbian --  based on
npmso is there no QML/harmattan way of accessing this headset button?02:46
DocScrutinizernpm: afaik there's a sysfs node to read out the simple short-to-GND of one-button headsets, also a kobj/kevent notification. No idea about QML, but somebody claimed he successfully did read the multibutton events - no diea which method he used for that02:48
npmsupposedly the panucci player does.02:51
npmi just can't figure out where it does it02:51
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thpnpm: the headset code is in
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thpnpm: also, see
npmthanks thp03:27
npmthat all looks hairy enough that i'll add it as a feature in some future rev.... now that i've got '    HEADSET_PATH = '/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/platform_retu_headset_logicaldev_input'' my google searches for C++ or QML code willl be easier :-)03:28
npmseems like there should be a generic QML way of talking to dbus devices like that03:29
* npm was looking for/hoping for a "one liner" QML feature... must get back to implementing the unimplemented hard ones first03:31
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* npm finally finds (again)04:10
npmalas MeeGo::QmKeys::getKeyState() doesn't generate events so you'd have to poll?04:11
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berndhssays it sends signals04:15
npmthanks berndhs for reading more carefully04:21
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berndhsanything to avoid people polling :)04:22
npmi was actually back to twiddling my delegate in ListView ... i think the mic button is a feature for next rev ...04:23
SpeedEvilDoes the underlying architecture poll thogh04:25
berndhsthis is for keyboard slider, volume button and other low life hardware objects04:27
berndhsseems unlikely the hardware would poll for that04:27
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SpeedEvilthe hardware - no04:46
SpeedEviltypically there will be an interrupt04:46
SpeedEvilDoes the driver and middleware properly expose that interrupt, or does it poll04:46
berndhsyeah, that depends on what kind of people write the driver and middleware :)04:48
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MohammadAGwoo, N950 in Israel, with a "Clearance delay"09:03
DocScrutinizerclearance delay, hah09:09
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Nathanael_AndersHey, anyone know what replaced QAbstractKineticScroller in Harmattan?   I still see it in the 4.7 docs but it appears to be non-existant in Harmattan SDK.09:52
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trxyou can use it for non qml components10:08
trx(eg. only widget based)10:08
trxand it works fine10:08
Nathanael_AndersI have some code I'm trying to convert from Maemo, and QAbstractKineticScroller is not a valid component apparently in Harmatten.10:08
trxfor qml components, there is Scroller10:08
trxor Flickable, cant remember from my head10:09
trxgoogle one of those10:09
Nathanael_Anders4.8 has QScroller; but I can't seem to find anything for 4.7  (Flickable is qml)10:11
ieatlinttake a look at mtf widgets, i think there's something there for that10:13
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trxyou can't mix qt and qml for visual components like that10:14
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ieatlintyou can actually, but it's not ideal, and not necessary here10:15
ieatlinthe wants a qt widget based solution10:15
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ieatlint might do it10:15
ieatlintalthough i guess that doesn't take a regular widget10:16
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vladestn9 released in russia. any plans to update fw on n950?11:16
dm8tbrvladest: ask nokia11:18
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vladestmay be some1 heard something11:19
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ieatlintthe n9 ships with 34-1, and i don't think has any updates yet11:41
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artemmaOn OS X I installed findutils (trying to fix issue with packaging scripts expecting GNU find) and that somehow broke all toolchains. Now even SDK maintenance tells "You need a C++ compiler to be able to install the SDK". Uninstallation of findutils didn't help.12:18
artemmaDo you know where/how SDK maintenance (and other parts of Qt) actually look for compilers? I can see them pretty well in the command line.12:18
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mjamorning guys12:26
faenilmorning :)12:26
mjawhen swiping away my app/game, is there a signal for that?12:26
artemmathere was some kind of deactivated signal somewhere12:27
mja'cause currently the music that's playing keeps playing even when the program is minimised12:27
faenilthe window gets "deactivated"12:27
mjaso was wondering if there indeed is a activated/deactivated signal12:28
faeniljust look at the Qml demos you have on the phne12:28
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artemmaon Symbian there is foreground property in Symbian component, but I think I've seen something cross-platfrom as well12:29
artemmaif your UI is built on Pages you can work around it by examining status property of the Page12:30
artemmaoh no, it will probably be active even if page is behind other apps12:31
mjaI've only got qml for the main menu12:31
mjaeverything else is c++/graphicsview12:31
faenilI don't know how to do that without using components..12:32
mjabut I'll just send the app as it is to Store and see what the QA peeps say :)12:32
ieatlintthat page tells you how to determine if you're in the foreground/background/task switcher12:32
faenilexactly that's what I was talking about, but does it work without using components?12:33
mjano, it's only for qml and Harmattan components12:33
artemmaaha, I recalled!12:33
artemmaexamine its active property12:34
ieatlintif you watch the QWidget and look at the event fields, you can get some of the info12:34
mjathanks guys, this is useful information!12:35
mja(can't be arsed to look into event handlers just for this though unless my app gets rejected;)12:36
iekkuhmmm, is that common attitude? "just send my app and wait QA to test it"12:40
iekkui see12:40
artemmadepends on what your app is doing, but if it's just a single screen qml game it's pretty hard to fail QA :)12:40
mjano, it only uses qml for the main menu12:41
griI wonder if they really find out what my app does :P12:41
artemmaunless you mess up with the meta data such as correct version number everywhere and e.g. forget to include About page12:41
mjathen switches to c++ when the game starts12:41
mjaif it was qml only, it would be easy to pause music when minimising the game12:41
iekkunot sure how much qa tests the "outside" apps12:42
artemmaIf you *are* interested, documents in ovi store are quite detailed about testing12:42
artemmaI don't think they explain exactly everything, but a lot12:42
iekkuartemma, i work as a error manager for the ovi-store12:42
artemmathen you know better12:43
mjaIsn't it just "Store"12:43
Arkenoi*suddenly* my devel-sh stopped running arbitrary binaries. what could be possible reason?12:43
* artemma hopes that Elop will be fired before ovi store is fully rebranding and then I won't have to learn the new name12:43
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iekkumja, i think so, i'm just old fashion12:48
griDid anyone here ever try to contact picker? I've some reparenting problems with it12:53
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griSince you have to show the contact picker via D-Bus and give your window handle as first parameter, this works fine. Switcher shows contact picker over my application. When closing the picker, switcher goes back to minimized state instead of my application :(12:54
MohammadAGmja, QEvent::WindowDeactivate or something13:18
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mjaMohammadAG: Cheers, I'll have a look. I already implemented a touch event handler in the game so shouldn't be too difficult13:29
artemmaDoes anybody know where Qt SDK Maintenance (and other parts of Qt) look for compiler?13:37
artemmaI managed to break my toolchains yesterday by installing findutils and can't fix stuff13:37
artemmafrom command line gcc works13:37
artemmatrying to reinstall XCode now (Mac OS X issue)13:40
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griartemma, XCode for Qt use?!13:48
artemmathat is required on Mac OS X13:49
artemmawell, if you cross-compile for mobiles only, maybe there is way to go without xcode13:49
artemmabut for Mac builds you can't go arounf xcode13:49
griI mean I have XCode installed but never started it for Qt development13:49
artemmagri, it is started somehow implicitly13:50
artemmanot the XCode IDE, but some of its tools13:50
artemmac++ compiler maybe13:50
griSure, the compiler comes with XCode :)13:50
artemmaso the thing is that apparently macports changed some system variables and now QT Creator is not able to locate the compiler13:51
artemmaand uninstallation of findutils didn't help13:51
artemmaI examined what I knew about PATH definition on Mac and couldn't find anything wrong13:51
artemmabut my experience in system stuff is quite poort13:52
artemmaright now I am finishing XCode reinstallation, let's see if it helps13:52
* gri finds mac more confusing than linux :)13:52
* artemma starts being sad that he didn't buy external HDD for Time Machine. Automatic restore would be so useful right now13:53
artemmaand in parallel I am upgrading Qt SDK in my Wndows virtual machine :)13:53
griWell, mine complains it was not able to backup since May 9th. Forgot to attach the hdd since that13:53
artemmaI do want to finish app before N9 sales start even if it means surrending to virtual windows13:53
griI usally use a Windows Laptop with Ubuntu in a VirtualBox vm for development ? but I had to send it in last week :/13:54
artemmagri, that's the point. I thought about same situation and decided not to but HDD. The real *solution* would be to buy Apple Time Capsule, but that's way more expensive13:54
Arkenoihmm, n9 sales already started? i was on the party last thursday13:54
artemmanot everywhere13:55
artemmaI think only in Switzerland and somewhere else13:55
artemmamass sales start is Oct 1313:55
artemmain Finland for sure13:55
artemmaok, then I am late already :)13:55
artemmaxcode reinstallation didn't help :(13:56
artemmathough maybe it needs reboot as well13:56
* Arkenoi wonders if any more changes will be in aegis in new firmware releases.. and if i will be able to run arbitrary binaries even with devel-sh or not13:56
artemmafck! where does Qt search for C++ compiler?!!13:57
mjaartemma: would SDK reinstall solve your problem?13:58
artemmatried already, didn't help13:58
artemmawell, sdk installer itself tells it can't find c++ compiler and asks to install xcode13:58
artemmayou can ignore it, but then toolchains don't work13:58
mjaach.. sorry to hear that13:58
artemmand even some installation steps fail13:58
*** gri is now known as zz_gri14:02
mjaHm expansys lists N9 for £51914:03
mjano availability information though14:04
artemmaI can start SDK maintenance and I guess anything else just fine from the command line!14:04
artemmaSo it is definitely about some environment variables14:04
artemmaMaybe I destroyed/corrupted launchd.conf or something like this14:05
artemmathat is fixed later by shell's .profile14:05
artemmagosh, how to fix it the proper way then..14:05
artemmaupdating SDK now, let's how well it will fix corruption. At least I have a workaround for now - I can start everything from the command line14:07
* artemma expects a good part of a day to be wasted on many redownloads..14:09
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MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, ping ping ping14:16
MohammadAGwasn't package-manager closed source?14:17
MohammadAGcause apt-get source-ing it works14:17
DocScrutinizererr, dunno14:17
DocScrutinizergimme a unique filename to search for in my daily mirror14:18
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, wasn't package-manager's tar something that only appeared only google's cache?14:19
MohammadAGalthough it was 150MBs, not 1514:19
DocScrutinizeryes, some 120MB tar (or sth like that) with allegedly several pkg-manager tools in it IIRC14:19
MohammadAGanyway, new kernel's on the repos14:20
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MohammadAGat least I think so, 362 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 5 not upgraded.14:20
MohammadAGNeed to get 543MB of archives.14:20
* DocScrutinizer idly wonders which was a proper wget cmd for that14:21
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DocScrutinizermhm, so my mirror should catch it, good14:24
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djszapi~seen wazd14:29
infobotwazd <~wazd@> was last seen on IRC in channel #harmattan, 9d 3h 47m 47s ago, saying: 'heya'.14:29
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DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: yup, in beta2 there's a lot more about package-manager than in beta14:34
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DocScrutinizer[jr@lagrange ~]$ find nokia/ -name '*manager*'|grep package-manager|wc -l14:35
DocScrutinizer[jr@lagrange ~]$ find nokia/ -name '*manager*'|grep package-manager|wc -l14:35
MohammadAGlook for aegis related sources14:36
DocScrutinizerwhy? aegis been free from beginning, no?14:41
MohammadAGreally? then what stops it being replaced?14:42
DocScrutinizerthe dependencies to TPM which isn't available in open mode? the refusal of old NOLO to load unsigned kernels?14:43
faenilnice,  I get "multiple definition of main" on harmattan, but it compiles and runs ok in windows...14:52
faenilany idea?14:53
faenilI have only 1 main, ofc..14:55
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faenilI think my harmattan target is screwed...15:01
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*** hatake_kakashi has quit IRC15:19
DocScrutinizeralso all those friggin daily rsyncs now suddenly bitt15:23
DocScrutinizerbite out 30GB of my disk storage15:23
*** mikkov has quit IRC15:30
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan15:31
*** mikkov has joined #harmattan15:35
*** niqt has joined #harmattan15:38
DocScrutinizerfwiw -> size := amount of changes (aka files that aren't hardlinked to the recent base image)15:41
*** Smtih has quit IRC15:56
djszapifaenil: can you paste your code ?16:16
faeniltoo long :)16:17
faenilbut I have only one main...16:17
faenilI think the problem is caused by the updater failing the update process multiple times..16:17
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan16:18
djszapimake a workhorse which reproduces the isuse16:19
faenilunistalling sdk and reinstalling newer version atm16:20
faenilI'll try if that doesn't solve the issue16:20
*** rayyen has joined #harmattan16:21
rayyenon device development on the N9 is it possible? Any special repo?16:23
*** berndhs has joined #harmattan16:23
djszapirayyen: no, there is no gcc on the device16:24
rayyenno chance of having gcc "ported" or added using a community repo? or something?16:25
rcgrayyen: well, at least you can do some QML hacking on the device..16:27
djszapigcc would not be enough16:27
rcgjust put your QML files at some place in the filesystem instead of .qrc stuff16:27
*** zarlino_ has joined #harmattan16:32
rayyendidnt the N900 have development repos? with gcc and such things? Or have I just made that up? :P16:32
rayyenalthough n900 was maemo.. but anyway. :P16:33
djszapiHarmattan is also mameo16:34
*** zarlino has quit IRC16:34
*** zarlino_ is now known as zarlino16:34
rayyendjszapi, so its pretty much up to nokia if they decide to release extra repositories? As far as I understand thats what they did for the n900..?16:36
djszapiwhat do you mean ? We already have a community repository.16:36
djszapiYou miss it from the default configuration and operation ?16:36
MohammadAGjust add the SDK repo16:38
*** zarlino has quit IRC16:45
djszapirayyen: note, gcc is not enough since you need to package the things.16:46
djszapiyou might need dpkg-dev, too16:46
*** mikkov1 has joined #harmattan16:49
*** mikkov has quit IRC16:50
rayyendjszapi, thanks :)16:51
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan17:14
*** tarantism has joined #harmattan17:16
*** artemma has quit IRC17:20
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan17:29
*** zarlino has quit IRC17:31
*** mikkov1 has quit IRC17:39
*** mikkov has joined #harmattan17:42
*** zz_gri is now known as gri17:47
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan17:59
*** artemma has joined #harmattan18:19
*** zarlino has quit IRC18:28
*** mikkov has quit IRC18:28
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC18:33
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan18:42
*** Venemo has quit IRC18:46
*** MohammadAG has joined #harmattan18:49
*** zarlino has quit IRC18:52
*** mikkov has joined #harmattan18:53
*** niqt has quit IRC18:54
faenilmy package doesn't get installed on n950, dependency problem reported...when can I get more details?18:59
djszapiCould you please paste the output ?18:59
faenilbuy maybe I know why :) beta2 target on beta1 fw..18:59
faenilthat must be it18:59
faenilanyway, djszapi, problem with the multiple main definition was the makefile19:00
faenilit had 2 main.cpp ...19:00
faenilI have no clue why...19:00
*** berndhs has quit IRC19:00
faenilit's created automatically...19:01
faeniland 2 main.cpp were set for compiling, when there's only one in the folder19:01
Nathanael_AndersAnyone know what to use instead of QMaemo5InformationBox when porting a qt app?19:01
djszapifaenil: qtcreator ... I do not wonder ...19:02
djszapiand the phantastic qmake ...19:02
djszapiseriously, qtcreator and qmake just cause issues.19:03
faenilyeah I know, had issues multiple times19:03
djszapinever had those issues in scratchbox.19:03
faenilnever used scratchbox :)19:03
djszapiI do it nonstop.19:03
*** berndhs has joined #harmattan19:13
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan19:18
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan19:31
*** macmaN has joined #harmattan19:42
*** faenil has quit IRC19:50
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan19:54
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC20:09
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan20:09
jykaehey, does aegis restrict running python programs from the shell on n950?20:33
jykaecan insufficient permissions kill the program with segfault?20:35
tarantismdjszapi: I understand that you would know about whether it'll be possible to load a custom pulseaudio module on Harmattan?20:37
djszapinope :p20:38
tarantismnope it's not possible or nope you don't know?20:38
djszapiI would not like to know about that20:39
tarantismFair enough. I must be confused!20:39
djszapiThe answer is that /afaik/ it is not possible.20:40
djszapiour developer signing was rejected, so module and plugin loading is a misery on Harmattan ..20:40
djszapiit might work for some interface like account, that is.20:40
tarantismwhat do you mean?20:41
SpeedEviltarantism: I forget - did you ask javispedro about this - IIRC he was poking in this area.20:41
tarantismthat's not non-volatile memory is it!20:41
djszapitarantism: the point is not that20:42
tarantismI did but I thought he referenced djszapi - I may have my names confused20:42
djszapiexactly, I was helping javispedro20:42
SpeedEvilI don't know how much he knows about it.20:42
djszapiI told the same to him many weeks ago, too ;)O20:42
tarantismIf I were working on a commercial app for ovi, would it be possible to "get it signed" or whatever20:43
djszapiif you achieve the QA, yes.20:43
djszapibut you cannot test it properly locally anyways20:43
tarantismThat's a better answer - thanks20:43
SpeedEvilI assume there isn't however a way to develop...20:43
djszapiso you cannot get into the stage to push into OVI ..20:43
SpeedEvildjszapi: Testing on RDA?20:44
tarantismdouble oh20:44
djszapiSpeedEvil: nice joke20:44
SpeedEvil(though for sound app, ...)20:44
SpeedEvilYou could at least tell if it starts, but more is going to be problematic.20:44
djszapitarantism: the whole problem was one year ago20:44
djszapiwe wanted to provide a developer signing opportunity for those cases, but the management rejected20:45
djszapiwe had the POC code in place.20:45
tarantismI see20:45
tarantismWell my module's pretty simple and works on a bunch of different pa releases so what could possibly go wrong?20:46
tarantismIt'll be fine.20:46
djszapitarantism: I have never seen a proper product with missing testing in the workflow.20:46
DocScrutinizerno way to load modules20:46
DocScrutinizerunless you severely hack your target system20:47
tarantismdjszapi: I was joking20:47
tarantismDocScrutinizer: that's pretty clear - thanks20:47
DocScrutinizerand I doubt there'S a standard way for "mere mortals" to get Nokia signing your module20:48
djszapi"Does it compile" point.20:48
merlin1991hm #4 in the not doable list is wrong20:51
merlin1991I did that yesterday20:51
merlin1991on a n9 with beta2 firmware20:51
djszapimerlin1991 link ?20:52
merlin1991DocScrutinizer link20:52
djszapioh okay.20:52
merlin1991I did just scp the app and run it20:53
djszapimerlin1991: well, you probably have the aegis-crypto old version, that is why ..20:53
tarantismNot clear to me what in that list stops you loading a pulse module.20:53
djszapiplease do not publish securirty holes.20:53
merlin1991scp + run in dev mode isn't exactly a security hole :D20:53
djszapithere are many duplicated entries on that page.20:54
djszapimerlin1991: you cannot do that20:54
djszapiwith R&D key and security hole.20:54
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: I don't see how you possibly could do that20:55
djszapitarantism: module loading is not mentioned on that wikipage, so go rant there :)20:55
merlin1991it was quite fun, agipa said that shouldn't work and was about to explain me the hack when it worked without a prob20:55
*** zarlino has quit IRC20:55
djszapiyou mean acsipa20:56
DocScrutinizeryou noticed the >>If it requires a single Aegis token<< part, didn't you?20:56
djszapiI could not reproduce it with the steps, you mentioned.20:57
tarantismdjszapi: "rant" over.20:58
merlin1991I'll have to try again when I get to hack again, my memory about the last day is slightly clouded20:58
djszapimerlin1991: please mail me with the steps, if that is possible.20:59
djszapiit must be a security hole somewhere, and please do not publish it20:59
*** ragur has joined #harmattan21:01
*** ragur_ has joined #harmattan21:19
*** ragur has quit IRC21:22
*** piggz has joined #harmattan21:24
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan21:27
*** lamikr has quit IRC21:29
*** hardaker has quit IRC21:32
djszapiKhertan: ping21:36
djszapi and
djszapiI am deleting the second one since that has no uploaded files, and seems to be a duplication.21:37
djszapiDone. Package 'khteditor' was removed successfully from project 'home:rzr:harmattan'21:37
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan21:46
*** zarlino has quit IRC21:51
artemmalibsyncpluginmgr/ClientPlugin.h: No such file or directory21:59
artemmacannot build my project after reinstalling everythin21:59
artemmathe headers are present on my laptop21:59
artemmaArtem-Marchenkos-MacBook-Pro:QtSDK artem$ find . -name "ClientPlugin.h"21:59
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan22:00
artemmathe .pro file is probably also ok (since it was building fine before reinstalling SDK)22:00
artemmaso problems are probably with Qt/target settings22:00
artemmacan I somehow check which include folders are actually checked?22:03
djszapianybody ideas for this issue ?
djszapiartemma: look at the compiler line.22:04
djszapishould be "-Ixxx"22:04
artemmaaha, it looks like sysroot actually used is Madde/sysroots/harmattan-arm-sysroot , not Madde/sysroots/harmattan-nokia-arm-sysroot :/22:04
artemmacan't understand it22:04
artemmaQt version chosen is Harmattan Platform API22:04
djszapiphantastic qtcreator and other environments :)22:05
* artemma has little idea how to figure sysroot used from Qt definition22:05
artemmadjszapi: It doesn't compile from command line as well22:05
artemmaI tried qmake, makefile22:05
artemmaI tried qmake, make22:05
djszapidrop me your project pls.22:06
djszapiin a tarball22:06
djszapilet me try it out in sb ..22:06
artemmasending via DCC22:08
artemmaactually I am interested even in general: where is sysroot used set22:08
grithe guys in #qt-creator may know (at daytime)22:09
artemmait's not qt creator specific22:09
artemmaI can't build from command line as well22:09
artemmain fact it is very harmattan specific as I can't use harmattan platform api :)22:10
gribut all other apis?22:10
artemmameego api seems to be fine22:10
djszapion a side note: is madde worth trying it out ?22:10
gridjszapi, For me madde works like scratchbox22:10
artemmaqmake used is from madde22:10
djszapigri: okay, so not worth it for me since not any better :22:11
artemmadjszapi: it looks like it can't send file to u22:11
*** djszapi has quit IRC22:11
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan22:11
artemmathough.. what do you want to check? That very project was building fine before SDK reinstallation22:11
djszapido I need to be identified for that ? I have just identified myself, maybe..22:11
artemmaok, resending22:12
gridjszapi, The better part of madde is: you don't have to copy your sources into a directory where scratchbox can find it. You can compile in the same directory for different platforms and even use "run on device" without the hassle of copying a .deb to the device by hand22:12
djszapiyes, I heard it many times ... and results were that, it works fine in sb, qtcreator is screwing up the things ..22:12
artemmaemail mabe? just 75KB22:12
gribut the "run on device part" is QtCreator which you don't like :)22:12
artemmadjszapi: maybe I don't know how to use command line properly, but as I tried it wasn't building there as well22:12
djszapiartemma: just publish it on the web. There are many sites for that.22:12
djszapigri: very simple 1) dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot 2) scp 3) run, done22:13
djszapi2) scp + ssh*22:13
djszapithe sb workflow is as simple as that. </322:14
gridjszapi, Yeah, but simply pressing F5 is more simple to me :P22:14
djszapiexcept that I am a cli hacker ;)22:14
djszapiI prefer cutting down the layers if possible.22:14
djszapiaka. I like knowing what the background is, and if it means 3 commands, it means that.22:15
djszapimuch better control in my hands about the system :)22:15
djszapiCan you use cmake in madde btw ?22:15
griI assume not22:15
djszapithat is out-of-the-question then for kde projects.22:16
djszapiand for many others.22:16
*** deimos has joined #harmattan22:17
gridjszapi, But it should be possible to add cmake to madde ? I just don't know how :)22:19
djszapiwhy to add, if it is already there in sb ? :p22:19
djszapiwhy not use what works ? ;)22:19
griEveryone has his prefereed environment :)22:20
artemmawhen reinstalling SDK I skipped Maemo toolchain. That is ok, isn't it?22:21
griartemma, This is ok22:21
*** druid231 has joined #harmattan22:22
griI only have the harmattan platform api, desktop qt and simulator22:22
*** druid23 has quit IRC22:24
* artemma tried adding a Qt version manually to point to harmattan api, didn't help 22:26
artemmaI see from build logs that it is using Madde/sysroots/harmattan-arm-sysroot, not Madde/sysroots/harmattan-nokia-arm-sysroot22:27
*** Venemo has quit IRC22:27
artemmawhere is it supposed to get this -nokia- part?22:28
* gri only has harmattan-arm-sysroot22:28
artemmagri, I am trying to use platform api22:28
artemmalibsyncpluginmgr to be precise22:28
artemmafor event feed related stuff22:28
grithe -nokia part is not the platform api22:28
*** Nathanael_Anders has quit IRC22:29
*** Nathanael_Anders has joined #harmattan22:29
artemmahmm, maybe my harmattan-arm-sysroot isn't properly installed22:29
artemmacan you check if you have ClientPlugin.h somewhere inside your sysroot?22:30
griMadde/sysroots/harmattan-arm-sysroot/usr/include/libsyncpluginmgr exists here22:30
artemmaMadde/sysroots/harmattan-nokia-arm-sysroot/usr/include/libsyncpluginmgr/ClientPlugin.h on my system22:30
griClientPlugin.h is also there22:30
artemmaare you on windows?22:30
artemmame too22:30
artemmanow it's real funny :/22:30
artemmaI just deleted whole QtSDK today and reinstalled from offline installer22:30
artemmaone more clean reinstallation needed maybe?22:31
*** sivang has joined #harmattan22:32
artemmahey, I believe you22:33
artemmaI just wonder why the situation is different on my laptop and how to fix it22:33
artemmawhat's your sdk version?22:34
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan22:34
artemmamine is 1.1.322:34
* artemma is starting updater22:34
artemmamaybe if I update the harmattan component22:34
*** zarlino has quit IRC22:34
artemmaThere's huge amount of updates available shown in updater22:35
artemmaharmattan api included22:35
artemmaI kind of expected offline SDK to save some download time, not waste it :)22:35
gridid you install from offline installer?22:35
artemmayep, from offline22:35
griWell, that's your problem :) They updated a lot last week22:36
gribut no new sdk version22:36
artemmathe change seems to be way bigger than that22:36
artemmaI have wk22 harmattan and there's wk 3422:36
artemmaif I decode component name correctly22:36
griIt's fitting to beta222:37
gri(some debs are still missing and only available in scratchbox ..)22:37
artemmaok, I selected seemingly minimal set of components and started update22:38
artemmalet's see if i selected enough22:38
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan22:38
griOn my machine it deleted the old madde sysroot and created a new one22:38
*** Dotti has quit IRC22:41
* ieatlint just updated his laptop and booted into linux 3.0.6...22:54
ieatlint15 years of a 2.x kernel... weird.22:54
djszapino major update though22:54
djszapiso do not expect any difference22:54
djszapiit is like using 2.6.40, just numbers ..22:55
ieatlintyeah, i know22:55
ieatlintbut given the headache for 2.4 to 2.6, i'm not complaining22:55
ieatlintjust an interesting 15 year retrospection :P22:55
ieatlinti'm actually surprised that they didn't just use 2.8 given that there's no massive change22:56
ieatlintthe 2.6.x numbers were getting crazy, but there was still an even minor number left before double digits22:57
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan23:04
*** hardaker has quit IRC23:04
*** Dotti has joined #harmattan23:07
*** zarlino has quit IRC23:14
*** gri is now known as zz_gri23:15
rayyenis there a way to disable aegis? Wasn't there suppose to be an "open mode"?23:19
djszapino, that was rejected long ago23:20
ieatlinti'm going to make an aegis userspace app that will start at boot and run in the background, and at random intervals make a popup that tells the user "Permission denied for your safety"23:21
RST38hnot at random times23:21
RST38hevery time the user tries starting a non-Nokia app23:22
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan23:22
ieatlinti don't think aegis would let me set that up23:22
djszapirayyen: it is the closest way apart from abusing the security holes:
rayyenecho 0 > /sys/kernel... doesnt work.23:27
artemmaError during installation process (
artemmaExecution failed(Unexpected exit code: 2): "/Users/artem/QtSDK/Madde/postinstall/"23:37
artemmaI've seen that already23:37
*** rm_you has joined #harmattan23:38
artemmathat was right after the line "Creating default target harmattan-nokia-meego-api"23:38
artemmaignoring and hoping23:38
*** Venemo has quit IRC23:42
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan23:44
artemmafck, no target folders are even present in the Madde folder!23:50
* artemma is close to going crazy23:50
artemmaok, maybe if I wipe everything again and install everything from scratch using online installer.. several hours later maybe I get something working23:50
*** niqt has joined #harmattan23:51
ieatlinthow'd you screw up your sdk so badly? :P23:51
artemmait all started with installing those findutils23:51
artemmathen I managed to break PATH23:52
artemmaprobably by deleting /etc/launchd.conf without realizing it23:52
artemmathen there was a series of reinstalls of xcode and sdk23:52
djszapido you use mac ?23:52
artemmaand PATH corrections23:52
*** piggz has quit IRC23:52
ieatlintyour sdk is clearly much more hacked together than mine23:52
artemmaBTW, could somebody please post /etc/launchd.conf ?23:52
artemmafrom MAC that works fine with SDK23:53
artemmajust to verify that I fixed PATH correctly23:53
ieatlintthere is no /etc/launchd.conf on my osx machine23:53
djszapiI do not have such a file.23:53
djszapinot even /etc/init/..23:53
artemmawhat about ~/.MacOSX/info.plist or whatever was the proper name for that plist23:54
artemmaenvironment.plist maybe23:54
*** zarlino has quit IRC23:55
djszapibtw, could some of you help me to try to build my tiny-weeny software on Mac whether it builds ?23:55
djszapiwith trying*23:55
artemmadjszapi: right now I doubt anything would build on my machine :D23:55
ieatlintartemma: there is no ~/.MacOSX/ folder here23:55
djszapiieatlint: git clone git://
artemmawhen it works, sure, no problem23:55
artemmawhat about ~/.profile ?23:56
djszapiieatlint: mkdir -p && cd build && cmake ..23:56
djszapiieatlint: mkdir -p build && cd build && cmake ..23:56
artemmaor .bash_profile maybe23:56
ieatlinti don't have cmake installed here23:56
ieatlintartemma: no .bash_profile23:57
ieatlintand i have an old .profile from macports23:57
ieatlintexport PATH=/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:$PATH23:57
ieatlinttht's the only line in it23:57
artemmaok, the last question then. what is your PATH when you see it from command line23:57
*** piggz has joined #harmattan23:57
artemmayou know, type "set" and see what the final PATH is23:57
djszapiieatlint: is it hard to install cmake on Mac23:58
artemmaidentical to mine..23:58
ieatlintno clue :P23:59
artemmawell, there is slight hope that I fixed everything and it is indeed just a bug with updating offline SDK installation with online updates23:59
ieatlintthere's an installer on, will give it a try23:59
matrixxartemma: congrats for the #1 place ;)23:59
artemmamatrixx: thanks!23:59
matrixxmine is also #1 but in social category :)23:59
artemmamatrixx: the super-best congratulations would be if you left a review? ;)23:59

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