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ScifigGeneralAntilles, N950 can't get a signal where C7 and N900 work absolutely fine. I thought it was pentaband receiver issue with AT&T frequencies00:04
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specialScifig: I haven't had any trouble with signal on AT&T00:25
specialScifig: I've noticed that it's better than the N900 was00:26
special(aside from getting 3G, which the n900 didn't)00:26
ScifigThe signal issue is worse at home. N950 goes to "Emergency calls only" every now and then. I've lost few calls because of this. These days I just put the SIM in C7 when I am home.00:29
ScifigThe problem could be that in areas with weak signal, N950 just doesn't work while other Nokia phones atleast can make/receive calls00:31
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specialI've noticed that it's not as good as the iphone4, better than the n900, and better than the average dumbphone00:34
specialit did pretty well when I was in rural utah/colorado00:35
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ScifigI might have got a faulty unit or I am living in a dead signal zone. Expensive to fix either or them :(00:41
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Scifigof them00:41
w00tnah, i've heard other people report problems  too00:41
w00ti personally don't have them, but well..00:41
w00tperhaps i'm just lucky00:42
* w00t has been in the middle of nowhere of norway with full 3.5g reception though00:42
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Scifigw00t, Lucky you.00:43
specialI had 3g in the middle of nowhere on the colorado border00:44
ScifigActually it works fine in most areas here in Northern California. Just at my home, it is either full bars or "Emergency Calls Only". As someone said above, I have to test "loosing signal when inside pocket" thing.00:47
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artemmaI just figured that my toobuttons inside toolbar layout take even amount of space in portrait and very uneven in landscape01:57
artemmaoh, that's just empty space on the right01:58
artemmastill I'd like them to be centered or take half of space01:59
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MohammadAGartemma, if there's a menu button and a back button they're centered02:13
MohammadAGidk why, same happens to e02:13
artemman desktop the are always centered02:13
artemmaI am now trying to force them to resize02:13
artemmaor to center02:13
MohammadAGyou can resize them, idk how, the mediaplayer does it02:14
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artemmasystem settings for app management have the same issue, they just got rid of landscape :)02:19
artemmachecking media player, thanks for advice02:19
artemmahmm, i can't see tab buttns in media player02:19
artemmawell, I enlarged them anyway, looks nice02:21
MohammadAGI thought you meant the buttons in the toolbar02:22
MohammadAGlike the one for the music player's now playing button02:23
MohammadAG(you need to have something playing)02:23
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JaffaMorning, all10:58
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artemmaHi there11:32
artemmaI figured I need two executable binaries for my application: main app and a plugin. Certainly they need to be deployed by a single .deb. What's the proper Qt way for structuring a project for it? A project with two subproject? Anybody knows about open example deployable to harmattan?11:33
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griartemma, create a root project with type SUBDIRS11:40
artemmagri, that's what I am thinking about, but would really appreciate a link to a project where it already works11:40
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artemmaI'd like to skip the part where I research where to put which .desktop file, who generates single .deb etc :)11:41
artemmathanks a lot, gri!11:41
artemmaI see that your .pro file refers to a single .aegis Does it mean that you crafted it yourself manually?11:42
griI had to create it manually since I deploy more binaries and libs11:42
artemmaaha, that's my point11:43
griSo if you have a lib which requires credentials and use that in your program, the aegis-manifest tools does not recognize that11:43
* artemma would like to see QtCreator generate the manifest automagically11:43
griIf you have a single binary, QtCreator generates the manifest automatically11:43
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artemmaexactly. I was wondering if it could somehow be reused for project with multiple binaries11:44
* artemma is scared of the need to write aegis manifest himself11:44
griwhy? It's only a few lines11:44
artemmabecause I never tried it and have heard horror stories about difficulties of figuring out the concrete lines you need :)11:45
artemmahmm, maybe I could build the common manifest by copy-pasting lines from individual binary projects11:45
MohammadAGcopy the one it generates?11:45
grisince beta2 most components report you "you don't have access, you need privilege xyz"11:45
artemmagot it11:46
artemmathank you, guys11:46
grithere's even a list at harmattan-dev which components require which credential11:46
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artemmalist of components with docs. Wow. So not nokia style :)11:50
artemmait got to be incomplete and not maintained at least :)11:51
artemmaand manually generated11:51
griMan, I should have done the 6-hour drive to vienna just to take a look at the n9 today at their hackathon :)11:56
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macmaNi wish it was just 6 hours for me13:48
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grimacmaN, Where are you?13:57
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djszapiHi! Could someone build a package on the community obs today or yesterday ?14:34
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macmaNgri: .ee14:56
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GeneralAntillesNow I've got alarms not firing.15:44
GeneralAntillesBeta 2. It's the shit.15:44
MohammadAGalarms always fire here15:45
Venemohere too15:45
GeneralAntillesUsed to15:45
GeneralAntillesnot anymore.15:45
MohammadAGBeta 2, it's the N9 release firmware15:45
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merlin1991yep, having fun with it and scratchbox atm16:00
merlin1991best error so far was about recompiling with -fPIC16:00
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MohammadAGon that note, has the SDK been updated with release packages?16:14
merlin1991qt version on release n9 is same as in qt for scratchbox rootstrap16:15
merlin1991as in packageversion of libqt4-core16:15
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MohammadAGmerlin1991, more interested in the kernel16:33
merlin1991wich package, and I can check16:34
MohammadAGa GPL violation16:34
merlin1991got a n9 next to me16:34
SpeedEvilmerlin1991: you bought one?16:35
merlin1991nope, n9 hackaton, nokia is paying for food and provided n9s16:35
MohammadAGmerlin1991, provided to keep or to hack and leave?16:39
merlin1991hack and leave :/16:40
MohammadAGdpkg -r aegis* and leave16:40
VenemoMohammadAG :D :D :D16:42
MohammadAGmerlin1991, so I made the app for egged16:47
MohammadAGright now it needs you to copy a list of stations to /opt/QEgged/cities and it opens the right timetable16:47
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merlin1991Test from n917:08
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grimerlin1991, Do they have information about releases of the n9? I can't find the red one on austrian websites I know - only black and blue ...17:16
merlin1991me too, I only find the black and bluish one17:17
merlin1991the marketing guy from nokia austria is long gone though, so I can't ask him17:17
gridamn :(17:18
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MohammadAGanyone got 4squick on their N950?17:29
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nibbleryup. i do.17:34
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Sputpeople want something other than black?17:39
Sputit looks absolutely gorgeous in black, not so much in other colors :)17:40
berndhsit's not the right shade of blue, I won't buy it :)17:40
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macmaNMohammadAG: i also do18:02
macmaNi dont like the light green colors of used in 4squick, almost impossible to see text on it against white background18:03
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mjatried to use QtMultimedia to play back music but apparently I need some Aegis stuff18:24
mjaI created a file myapp.aegis18:24
mjaand tried to <credential name="GRP::audio" />18:24
mjabut it doesn't seem to help18:24
mjaanyone have an aegis file for qtmultimedia?18:25
mjaand do I need something else besides just that one file?18:25
griaccording do that, you would also need pulse-access18:26
mjado I need GRP::video for audio?18:26
mjainstead of GRP::audio18:26
grino idea18:26
mja'cause GRP::audio is not even mentioned18:26
grijust try it with and then remove it and test again18:26
gripulse seems to be pulse audio, so this might be the sound18:27
mjadoesn't seem to work18:38
mjadenied 'GRP::audio' -- origin '' does not allow it18:38
mjawhen installing package18:39
griwhy not just try with GRP::video and pulse-access?18:39
mjaI did18:41
mjathat's the error, regardless of what my .aegis file has in it18:41
mjacurrently it's18:41
mja   <request>18:41
mja      <credential name="GRP::video" />18:41
mja      <credential name="GRP::pulse-access" />18:41
mja      <for path="/opt/trapskem/bin/trapskem" />18:41
mja   </request>18:42
griand you still get denied origin because of GRP::audio?18:42
mjayep :)18:42
griare you using qtcreator for deployment?18:42
mjacreating a .deb and moving it to device18:42
mjathen devel-su and dpkg -i18:43
griok - otherwise it could have been something with packaging files not being updated18:43
mjaI don't understand what this means: To determine which credentials your application needs, check the @credential tag in the header files you are using. If the @credential tag is not present, then the interface does not require any credential in order to use this interface.18:43
mjawhat's  @credential and where are they?18:43
griThat's some sort of documentation syntax used by doxygen18:44
griPackage web2sms: request 'pulse-access' ignored -- credential is not defined18:46
griseems I forgot something18:46
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griMy package installs fine when I use GRP::pulse-access and GRP::video18:47
grimja, Cleanup your packaging to make sure GRP::audio is really not inside your aegis file18:48
mjahm OK so GRP::audio mustn't be there?18:48
griseems so18:48
* gri is gone for 20 minutes, playing taxi ..18:48
mjathanks, I'll give it a try18:49
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mjagri, that seems to have done it, thanks! I still can't hear anything but that's probably because of bad paths :)18:58
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griIs there a way to call a function on a object whose header I don't have? So assume I have a Test object where I know how the first function looks like: void test() - How could I get the pointer to Test::test()'s address when I only have a void* to the Test instance?19:41
gri(can't ask on ##c++ for some reason)19:41
berndhsgri: you can fake the unknown class, as long as its not a virtual function that should work19:42
griberndhs, Virtual functions are available from the void* instance19:43
grimy problem is, the function is not virtual19:43
griso it's address is static and does not count to sizeof(Test)19:43
berndhsgri: if its not virutal it has a static address19:43
berndhsso you have to link to something that knows the name of it19:43
griI don't have the address, that's my problem19:44
berndhsthat's not a C++ issue, that's just linking19:44
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grihmm, so if the function is not exported, I have no chance?19:46
berndhsif you have the object or library, you can link to it, you dont need the header if the symbol is known19:46
berndhsthe headers are not really tied to the compiled objects19:47
grifrickelbude:contacts gri$ mad nm -g libdeclarative_contacts.so19:52
grinm: no symbols19:52
grifrickelbude:contacts gri$ mad nm -g libdeclarative_contacts.so19:52
grinm: no symbols19:52
grifrickelbude:contacts gri$ mad nm -g libdeclarative_contacts.so19:52
grinm: no symbols19:52
grifrickelbude:contacts gri$ mad nm -g libdeclarative_contacts.so19:52
grinm: no symbols19:52
grifrickelbude:contacts gri$ mad nm -g libdeclarative_contacts.so19:52
grinm: no symbols19:52
gristrings | grep setContact19:52
grijust wanted to paste the last 2 lines ..19:52
RST38hI think it's enough19:53
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griberndhs, Since the function I want is not exported/visible, I'm screwed?19:57
berndhsif they dont export it, there's probbaly a reason they dont want you to call it :)19:57
berndhswho knows what it really does19:58
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griI have the source, so I know it :)19:58
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griwithout that function I can't mix my c++ backend and qml ui19:58
berndhsso look why they don't export it19:58
gricurrently you can't expose a QContact instance to qml by setting it inside QDeclarativeContact19:59
berndhsQML doesn't know complex types, otherwise you can expose anything you want20:00
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grithe problem is, my backend uses QtMobility's c++ version but the ui the QML ones. QDeclarativeContact::setContact(const QContact&) would be the function I need, without that the ui would need to use a ContactModel (QML) and search for the same contact again (takes time for unneccessary operation)20:03
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griand I am not sure how well the qml extensions of qtmobility are tested since the thumbnail image provider does not work at all (wrote a fixed version for my application)20:09
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mgedminso I git clone qt-components to get meego harmattan qml examples20:56
mgedminand they're cheating!20:57
mgedminimport 1.120:57
mgedminmy qt sdk only knows 1.020:57
mgedminall those goodies I can't have -- UiConstants, ListDelegate...20:57
RST38hEGLO mgedmin20:59
RST38hmoo, gentlemen20:59
RST38hmgedmin: Unfair, isn't it?21:00
* mgedmin waves back21:00
mgedminall I have to do, I think/hope, is git checkout an older version...21:00
mgedminif only I had any idea how to find the right one...21:00
grimgedmin, qt-components on git is newer than the one on beta221:00
grimgedmin, ListDelegate is available, it's " 1.0"21:00
mgedmindoes documentation exist for this beast?21:01
grino :)21:01
mgedminbecause I found two different ListDelegates in the docs search: for flickr and the other example21:01
griI always browse the sources21:01
mgedminand they don't look like anything in QMLComponents21:01
mgedminmy brain is about to explodey21:02
griyou can just "F2" in QtCreator when using the sdk21:02
mjado you know why creator tells me basically for every #include that the file does not exist?21:04
grimja, Windows?21:04
mjathe project compiles well21:05
mjagri, yes21:05
grimja, This is a bug, on all other platforms it works21:05
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grimja, I use VirtualBox with Ubuntu inside and there I use the Qt SDK21:05
grithe compiler run inside the vm takes seconds, on windows itself about two minutes21:06
mjayou don't comple for symbian then?21:06
griI don't have a symbian phone21:06
griYou could try the remote compiler for symbian21:07
faenilhas beta2 fw kernel source  been released?21:19
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merlin1991N9 ftw21:36
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Venemomerlin1991, N950 FTW!21:41
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faenilswype would ftw..if only I could get that on n950...21:52
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Venemo~seen wazd23:07
infobotwazd <~wazd@> was last seen on IRC in channel #harmattan, 8d 12h 25m 48s ago, saying: 'heya'.23:07
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* artemma had lots of bad experience with N950 GPS. A couple of days ago precision during navigation was so bad, that I had to stop and switch to my Symbyan phone. Interestingly Maps app seems to be more accurate than Navigation though maybe that's an illusion 23:24
artemmaIs N9 Navigation better?23:24
dm8tbrI have some problems depending on where in the car the device is. Have to try if I can pair my BT GPS for better accuracy23:38
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artemmaN9 or N950?23:39
artemmainteresting. To me navigation there is so bad, I can't use it. Most of the time it is trying to recalculate route. Even if it correctly shows route right now and you are on it!23:41
dm8tbrartemma: you have a SIM and it's logged onto the network?23:42
dm8tbragps is enabled?23:43
artemmaI didn't really check, but I didn't disable it for sure23:43
* artemma is checking23:44
artemmayep, it's on23:44
dm8tbrno idea then23:44
artemmame too23:45
artemmaHas anybody tried anything with SyncFW?23:45
artemmaI am going through the example from docs and trying to compile something23:45
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