IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2011-10-03

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mjaMohammadAG: that's what I  need to do. trying to figure out how to do it without writing absolute paths, if possible00:03
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rlinfatibme (0.9.82) Reduced maximum charge current for high voltage batteries between 0 and 10 degrees from 950 mA to 650 mA.  ¿?¿?00:05
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SpeedEvilrlinfati: cold batteries have poor charge acceptabce00:16
DocScrutinizerrlinfati: anyway I'd be interested to hear about the circumstances when you ran into this00:18
DocScrutinizerdid you try to charge your N950 in a freezer or what?00:18
rlinfaticold winter ?00:18
* SpeedEvil had that happen when charging on floor in January00:18
SpeedEvil(though it was disqualifying charge cycle due to low temp)00:19
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DocScrutinizerrlinfati: why the "?" - you should know if you have cold winter, no?00:20
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rlinfatiyes, but we not know where is the temperature sensor00:21
apolcan somebody tell me how do we set the default margins to a Page?00:21
DocScrutinizererrr, inside the device maybe00:21
DocScrutinizerrlinfati: actually your partial info bits don't form any story here00:22
rlinfationly i was reading changelog's in /usr/share/doc00:25
DocScrutinizerok then, yes they probably changed bme beahviour for a special niche case00:25
rlinfatifor santa claus :)00:26
DocScrutinizerkinda, yes00:26
DocScrutinizerthe temperature sensor might be inside the cell (BSI), or a dedicated component on mainboard next to the battery - or both00:28
rlinfati* Skip NPE connection if internal GPS is disabled (syria case) :S00:30
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* rlinfati hate * Fixes: NB#257360 - Updated OVI and developer unknown source origin policies00:51
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GeneralAntillesWhy is javispedro never around when you actually need him. . . .01:24
artemmaInterestingly Harmattan simulator seems to be unable to work with Harmattan components. Specifically with PageStackWindow01:29
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artemmawhy can't I use same icon id on both symbian and harmattan? :/01:43
artemmaLike ToolButton {01:44
artemma            iconSource: "toolbar-back"01:44
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* artemma tries to extract the parts of Window/Page common to desktop, symbian and harmattan into a separate components and experiences pain from small and incompatible crazy differences such as iconSource VS platformIconId01:48
artemmaDoes anybody have a sample QML with some system toolbar icons (e.g. Back) that works on harmattan?01:49
GeneralAntillesartemma, yes.01:50
GeneralAntillesOne sec01:50
* artemma hates the need to go to file system for the list of system icons and is never able to remember the correct folder(s). Why can't documentation script do it instead of me?01:51
GeneralAntillesI don't know01:51
GeneralAntillesthat bugged me too01:51
GeneralAntillessomebody should put something together to make it a little easier.01:51
artemmaoh, you use ToolIcons :(01:52
GeneralAntillesartemma, this has got some examples, too.
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artemmaI am trying to make a universal toolbar and only ToolButton is present on both Harmattan and symbian01:52
GeneralAntillesiconSource: "image://theme/icon-m-toolbar-back"01:53
GeneralAntillesWill that work?01:53
artemma I don't have to have duplication of toolbar code, just because harmattan\s ToolIcons and ToolButtons on symbian, do I?01:54
* GeneralAntilles hasn't touched Symbian Components yet.01:54
artemmaon Symbian there is a set of reserved urls01:54
artemmasuch as toolbar-back01:54
artemmathen system cares abt where to find them01:55
artemmaGeneralAntilles: image://theme works.. kind of :)01:56
artemmaImage is fetches fine, the result looks ugly. ToolButton and ToolIcon are definitely not interchangeable on Harmattan then01:56
artemmaok, will have to do two toolbars then01:56
GeneralAntillesMay be easier to just build separate UIs for each platform.01:57
* artemma doesn't like duplication01:57
artemmaGeneralAntilles: thing is Harmattan UI is the only one I care about (for now at least) :)01:57
artemmaSymbian components I use only for desktop development01:57
artemmaway faster then install to device every time01:57
artemmaalso QML tests on desktops are easy and fast to run01:58
GeneralAntillesAh, interesting.01:59
GeneralAntillesYeah, I wish the SDK-side stuff for Harmattan were more robust.01:59
artemmawhat is ToolItem in your code?01:59
artemmacan't see docs for it02:00
artemmaok, managed to make it work. Toolbar and Window/PageStackWindow go to platform specific parts, actual pages to common part. Not that elegant, but not ugly either02:05
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artemmaI figured that if I don't attach ToolBarLayout to anything, it is displayed in the middle of the screen :/02:42
artemmaa bit of a problem as my main page is not going to have a toolbar (for now at least)02:43
artemmaAnd if I set toolbar layout's visible to false, then on first render one of the button is positioned at wrongly shifted position. Very funny :/02:46
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djszapirZZZr: someone broke the community repository. Many packages are not available that were available previously.10:19
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griMohammadAG: Are you around?11:18
griI saw you tried around with notification catching, did you succeed?11:19
djszapiLast warning: please do not publish security risk11:20
MohammadAGnotification catching?11:20
djszapilike this11:21
MohammadAGknowing if there's a notification?11:21
MohammadAGI just listened to eventsAdded11:21
MohammadAGjavispedro got notification count and such, his implementation's better than mine11:21
grioh, there is eventsAdded? I just looked at the MNotificationManager header which didn't have this11:21
MohammadAGgri, dbus11:21
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griah, great :)11:22
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griMohammadAG: On which dbus object?11:26
griqdbus com.meego.core.MNotificationManager / | grep signal11:27
grireturns nothing11:27
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grierm on /notificationmanager11:27
MohammadAGgri, don't have my N950, but check the source code of led-event-notifier11:28
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griMohammadAG: Hmm, you use the commhistory ... then this might not work for me :(11:30
griI want to catch the "new sms" notification and change it's remote action - so I should take a look at javispedro's version11:31
MohammadAGgri, ask javispedro then :p11:31
MohammadAGwhy would you do that?11:33
MohammadAGand you can get the notificationid from commhistory11:34
Arkenoido outgoing skype calls work for you on beta2?11:34
griThe commhistory-daemon fires the notifications and hard-links them to the messaging applicatino11:34
djszapiit did more times.11:34
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griI want my application to pop up when the user clicks the notification and not the default messaging-ui :)11:35
MohammadAGArkenoi, if you have the UI, yes11:35
ArkenoiMohammadAG, phone ui does not let you do. should i use peregrine for that?11:37
Arkenoi(or at least it does not let *me* do it)11:37
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MohammadAGArkenoi, ping me in 2 hours11:43
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djszapi~seen wazd12:15
infobotwazd <~wazd@> was last seen on IRC in channel #harmattan, 3d 1h 33m 50s ago, saying: 'heya'.12:15
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MohammadAGArkenoi, there?13:23
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doomdogCan anyone explain why this ( happens?13:26
MohammadAGdoomdog, because the package exists but is not on the server list you have13:26
doomdogI have user mc-tool, I can call/receive calls, Peregrine works, but I would like the native UI...13:26
doomdogOh, is there an updated list somewhere?13:28
MohammadAGNokia's internal list13:28
doomdogThanks, Mohammad.13:28
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* alterego wonders if they're going to fix TV out rotation.15:49
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DocScrutinizeralterego: :-o15:50
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DocScrutinizerVSync borked?15:50
alteregoNo, the output is sideways15:50
Stskeepsof course? :P15:50
alteregoNeeds to detect orientation and also rotate properly.15:51
alteregoWorked on N90015:51
alteregoWorks on Symbian :)15:51
alteregoSo I'm hoping they'll get around to it eventually.15:51
DocScrutinizerthere are no 9:16 TV sets afaik15:51
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alteregoDocScrutinizer: I know, but it should display it the right way even if it's only 1/3rd centred.15:52
alteregoLike Symbian and Maemo 5 does.15:52
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DocScrutinizerinsane request15:52
alteregoThat's when the phone is in portrait, if the phone is _actually_ in landscape, then it doesn't need to rotate.15:52
hiemanshualterego: just turn the TV around15:53
alteregohiemanshu: :P15:53
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hiemanshualterego: or do what I do, keep the TV low, and lie down on your side :P15:53
alteregoSure, I know why it's like it is, but it shouldn't be like this for usability.15:54
alteregoAnyway, what I kinda want to do is be able to drive the video output separately.15:55
alteregoRendering a QML UX on both TV out and on screen.15:55
alteregoBut different windows.15:55
* DocScrutinizer fails to see the "usability" aka usecase for a portrait display shrunk to 1/3 of the TV's screen size15:55
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DocScrutinizerbtw probably the GPU can't do that15:56
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nealIf I install the harmattan scratchbox environment, will I still be able to use my maemo 5 targets?15:56
alteregoDocScrutinizer: I was guessing, but basically using full height and centre aligning it.15:56
alteregoLike all the other phones do ...15:57
alteregoSo my text is the right way round ..15:57
DocScrutinizer"all other phones" maybe got a portrait oriented main display15:57
alteregoYes, like Harmattan ..15:58
DocScrutinizeron N950 portrait still is rotation after all - I don't see how the GPU could do double rotation, once for main display, than rotate it back for TV fb15:58
alteregoOr do you mean hardware oriented? Not like N900/N950/N915:58
alteregoThen the answer must be proper landscape support in UI :P15:59
DocScrutinizerI'm talking about fb X, Y, scan-sequence in hw15:59
DocScrutinizerI guess the GPU can zoom to scale when copying from main to TV framebuffer, but probably it'll have a hard time to zoom AND ROTATE16:00
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DocScrutinizerfor the main display the scan sequence is: long side=X (aka HSync), short side = Y (aka VSync). This is a hw property of the LCD16:05
DocScrutinizerand TV out is just a scaled buffer of that16:05
infobotDocScrutinizer meant: and TV out is just a scaled copy of that16:05
DocScrutinizerso I guess little can be done to have a fullsize portrait display on device plus a 90° rotated TV-out16:06
DocScrutinizeras I'd think the GPU simply doesn't support that16:07
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DocScrutinizeryou're free to study the omap3630 Technical Reference MAnual, section "video hardware", and find a way to implement it nevertheless16:09
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DocScrutinizerafter all I could be wrong and OMAP GPU can do it, just the devels never thought it would be useful to expose this capability to an API16:10
alteregoWell, f that, still, want to drive the tv out separately with a separate QML context16:11
* alterego ponders16:11
alteregoAny insight into being able to do that?16:12
alterego(If it's possible) we don't have separate X display, and I think on the N900 it was only video that was ever displayed separately on TV out16:12
DocScrutinizerbasically it *might* be possible, you "just" need to run two independent xservers16:12
alteregoHrm, shame we can't get a separate GLES context for rendering to that.16:13
DocScrutinizermaybe simply because there's only one GLES hw engine available?16:13
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alteregoCould render off screen, but is it possible to blit to TV out separately?16:15
DocScrutinizershould work for all I gather, yes16:15
alteregoThough that would be pretty expensive.16:15
DocScrutinizertoo expensive for any decent framerate16:15
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alteregoWho setup the harmattan obs?18:20
w00tisn't that just part of cobs? i.e. x-fade/lbt?18:20
alteregoYeah, that's what I'm thinking. I want to setup a local obs for harmattan, meego ce and maybe fremantle.18:21
Arkenoino wmv playback in default player? huh..18:22
alteregoArkenoi: nOTP?18:22
alteregoeven ..18:22
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rZZZrseems that nO has been delayed18:44
rZZZrthere are no stocks in my18:44
rZZZrn9 no n018:44
rZZZrthick sucks18:44
rZZZrthis sucks18:44
rZZZrsorry i use a slow ssh conn18:45
GeneralAntillesDocScrutinizer, ietherpad was down last night.18:47
w00trZZZr: mine arrives ~tomorrow18:47
* alterego sighs18:48
alteregoWish I could get an N9 :P18:48
MohammadAGno N9 or N950 for me18:48
*** andre__ has quit IRC18:49
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DocScrutinizerGeneralAntilles: aah, that's why there's no mwkn?18:50
GeneralAntillesYeah, can't finish an issue if you can't get to it.18:51
kkitow00t: where did you order the n9?18:51
w00tkkito: direct from telenor18:52
kkitow00t: but is telenor shipping the n9 internationally?18:53
w00tI very much doubt it18:54
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan18:59
kkitoanyone knows where to order n9 in spain?19:01
ieatlintMohammadAG: don't you already have an n950?19:10
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC19:11
rZZZrw00t: where?19:13
w00trZZZr: ?19:13
rZZZrnorth eu ? fi ?19:13
kkitow00t: how much?19:14
w00tI don't remember19:14
joejoehi everyone, is there relation between aegis and se linux? Is aegis some kind of wrapper over se linux? or it is aegis something completely different?19:15
ieatlinti wish i could make large purchases and quickly forget how much i paid :P19:16
ieatlintjoejoe: completely different19:16
ieatlintMohammadAG: so you mailed back your n950, but what, they aren't sending you a replacement?19:19
MohammadAGieatlint, not till it reaches them19:20
MohammadAGwhich seems to be quite some time from now19:20
kkitoIt seems that is easer to get the n9 for free than paying for it. thats weird.19:20
MohammadAGOvi Store is now called Nokia Store, at least on Symbian19:20
ieatlinti'll take a free n919:21
wmarone_free n9? where?19:23
* wmarone_ looks around suspiciously19:23
ieatlintjust email and ask19:24
rZZZri just fwd an annouce19:26
ieatlintmondays displease me.  i stood at a train station this morning for 15min staring at an led sign with the time and date... before realizing it was telling me today is January 4, 200019:30
berndhsthat's a sunday19:31
wmarone_welcome to the time warp19:31
berndhswait no, tuesday19:32
ieatlintit's all happening again19:32
ieatlinti also then realized that the n950 has no real exposure controls19:33
berndhscan you change it this time ?19:33
ieatlinttried to get a picture, but the refresh rate of the sign was too slow19:33
ieatlintberndhs: sure, the election you're thinking of isn't for another 11 months19:34
ieatlintthere's time.19:34
ieatlintalso, i better go sell that yahoo stock19:34
berndhsyou want to unload the Nortel while it's worth more than empty beer bottles too19:34
RST38hevening, gentlemen19:43
SpeedEvilieatlint: have you tried the camera thingy?19:43
SpeedEvilby that I mean camerapro19:47
SpeedEvilWhich is strangey not working anymore19:47
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*** zz_gri is now known as gri19:50
alteregoNever worked for me SpeedEvil19:50
SpeedEvilSeemingly not very flexible at all19:50
SpeedEvilIt works now after I rebooted19:51
SpeedEvilIt does have more fetures than the stock one19:51
*** fuz_ has joined #harmattan19:53
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan19:53
*** djszapi has left #harmattan19:53
*** fuz_ has quit IRC19:55
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*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan19:57
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan19:59
*** fuz_ has joined #harmattan20:01
*** Khertan_n950 has joined #harmattan20:09
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*** slaine has joined #harmattan20:11
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:18
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*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan20:31
*** piggz has joined #harmattan20:41
rZZZrcan u confirm there is no xmpp support on n9 ?20:49
RST38hthere IS google integration20:49
RST38hdoes it pass for xmpp support?20:50
*** kkito has quit IRC20:50
rZZZri am talking about the protocol not the webservice20:51
rZZZrgoogle does not support gateways to irc, msn etc20:52
rZZZri fell this is a MAJOR regression20:52
rZZZrill keep using n810 for that20:53
fralstelepathy gabble works fine for xmpp20:53
fralsthats what im using anyway20:53
rZZZron which firmware ?20:54
*** elzalem has quit IRC21:00
*** leinir has quit IRC21:03
*** leinir has joined #harmattan21:05
*** leinir has joined #harmattan21:05
*** Kaadlajk has quit IRC21:10
djszapirZZZr: we cannot confirm that anymore, nda.21:10
*** Kaadlajk has joined #harmattan21:11
rZZZrhow many no owners here ?21:11
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan21:12
DocScrutinizeraaah n9-owners, not n9 no-owners21:19
mjawhere is it available?21:19
DocScrutinizerin the future :-D21:20
rZZZrall are in mr elop cave ?21:20
djszapirZZZr: more useful question, why are there missing packages in the community repository ?21:25
djszapiwhich actually were there previously ?21:25
djszapifor instance the alure packages and the gluon packages.21:26
*** zarlino has quit IRC21:26
rZZZrdjszapi: i removed readline21:28
rZZZrdjszapi: RST38h asked to21:29
rZZZrcheck with him or wait a week more21:29
RST38hreadline conflicts with a package from Nokia's own repository21:30
RST38hdunno about the rest21:30
djszapiThat is fine. I was just wondering about that Gluon and its dependency is not there anymore.21:31
djszapirZZZr: any ideas how those could get away ?21:31
rZZZri only rmed readline21:32
rZZZrinvestigate on other fools21:32
*** apol has quit IRC21:32
mzanettiI'm trying to install qoauth but aegis is rejecting it. could anyone help me?21:36
*** artemma has quit IRC21:36
mzanettiAegis rejecting /home/developer/qoauth_0.0.1_armel.deb: usr/lib/ not installed by the package21:36
djszapiCan you share the package for investigation ?21:37
mzanettidjszapi: sure. wait a sec, I'll upload it21:38
djszapimzanetti: I do not have N950, but I can check it at least with N921:38
djszapimmm, actually this time I also have N950 :p21:38
mzanettiI'm still a aegis noob... didn't have any problems with it so far and for thus didn't really learn yet how it works in depth21:40
djszapimzanetti: btw, I think I resign from the KDE Harmattan sprint organization after the news recently21:41
mzanettiwhich news?21:42
*** artemma has joined #harmattan21:42
djszapimer and the financial situations around21:42
mzanettiah, ok...21:43
djszapimzanetti: I have technical problems here, but can you paste the full output from prompt to prompt please ? Also the relevant syslog entries ?21:45
djszapi(if any)21:46
mzanettidjszapi: thats really all that it spits out... only the above message and then "aegis aborting dpkg -- all listed package files rejected"21:47
mzanettinothing really useful21:48
djszapiplease post it ;)21:48
GeneralAntillesDoes anybody else find it scary that the N9 is apparently shipping with a firmware with a similar week number to the N950 firmware?21:49
macmaNa little bit21:49
macmaNwhat is the number?21:49
GeneralAntillesYeah, me too.21:49
GeneralAntillesV1.2011.34-2_PR-RM680 vs V10.2011.34-1_PR-RM69621:49
djszapiGeneralAntilles: it is normal21:50
hiemanshu34-1 has more stuff than 34-221:50
GeneralAntillesYea! More bugs, too, I'm sure.21:51
djszapiyes, but not relevant to the version.21:51
macmaNi was rather hoping that n9 had something newer so n950 would get something21:51
GeneralAntillesThe N950 is really hopeless right now.21:51
hiemanshubut some sources say there might be a newer firmware21:51
GeneralAntillesThe software21:51
djszapimzanetti: interesting, there is nothing in the syslog either21:52
macmaNdefine hopeless?21:52
djszapiGeneralAntilles: I am not sure there will be any man power to make a new firmware for that device :p21:52
GeneralAntillesdjszapi, meh.21:52
mzanettidjszapi: nope :(21:52
*** artemma has quit IRC21:52
*** apol has joined #harmattan21:53
djszapimzanetti: I can install it in scratchbox though21:53
djszapimzanetti: can you send the build output, please ?21:54
djszapiand the debian/*.install file.21:54
djszapi(if any)21:54
djszapisame on N9, very odd21:57
djszapiCould you please send me the source and the debian folder ?21:57
mzanettidjszapi: build and deploy steps:
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC21:58
mzanettidjszapi: this is the original code:
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan21:59
*** artemma has joined #harmattan21:59
mzanettithe qtc_packaging folder is auto-generated by qtcreator21:59
mzanettiI can pack everything up if you want21:59
RST38hMeanowhile: October 14 declared 'Steve Jobs Day'22:00
djszapiyes, please.22:00
hiemanshuRST38h: and why?22:01
hiemanshuis he gonna die then?22:01
RST38hhiemanshu: apparently he is going to announce iphone522:02
djszapimzanetti: qtcreator is a funky boy, empty manifest.aegis22:02
RST38hhieanmanshu: I do not think any of these folks would notice if he died22:02
hiemanshuRST38h: thats tomorrow22:02
hiemanshuthe 4th22:02
RST38hdunno then22:03
djszapimzanetti: the rules file is broken here.22:04
djszapithe control file is also funny created by the qtcreator :))22:05
*** spenap has quit IRC22:05
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan22:05
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan22:05
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan22:06
djszapimzanetti: I do not know, but qtcreator messes up the things22:07
mzanettidjszapi: yeah... as I said. the whole qtc_packaginf stuff is auto-generated...22:07
mzanettialways worked fine so far22:07
djszapithis rules file does not run the "qmake" command.22:07
*** fuz_ has quit IRC22:07
djszapiI guess that is coded into qtcreator, so will work nowhere else22:07
djszapi(please report a bug against them)22:08
djszapisecondly, there is a compilation issue22:08
mzanettidjszapi: I have installed the qca2-dev package which I found on
djszapiokay, so missing dependency in the control file.22:09
mzanettiwith that it compiles fine22:09
djszapimissing dependency management*22:09
mzanettiyeah... sure... but that shouldn't cause this error...22:10
djszapiwell, we cannot start with the Xth error, if there are many before that ;)22:10
djszapiyou probably meant libqca2-dev22:11
mzanettidjszapi: yes22:11
mzanettilibqca2 is already installed on the device. I installed libqca2-dev into the madde env and it compiles fine. If you did a clean checkout from the repo, also disable the "tests" subdir in the .pro file.22:13
mzanettithats all I changed so far. then I ran into the aegis error22:13
djszapiokay, works here.22:14
djszapiif I build the package in scratchbox.22:14
djszapiso please report at least 2 bugs against QtCreator.22:14
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC22:15
djszapitry to download my debian22:16
djszapiAll I did is I rebuilt it in scratchbox.22:16
*** fuz_ has joined #harmattan22:18
mzanettidjszapi: moment... on the phone...22:18
mzanettidjszapi: awesome. your package works fine!22:24
djszapiI can upload to OBS if you want me to.22:25
mzanettidjszapi: that would be really cool22:25
mzanettiwhat exactly is now different in your build?22:25
djszapiyou use QtCreator, I use scratchbox22:26
mzanettiweird stuff... ok. I'll try to gather some more information on what's going wrong and report the bug[s]22:26
mzanettithanks a lot22:27
djszapi113-116 is the culsprit in your build log22:27
djszapiI do not have those.22:28
*** apol has quit IRC22:28
djszapidh_gencontrol is immediately after dpkg-shlibdeps here: # dh_shlibdeps # Uncomment this line for use without Qt Creator22:28
djszapiGCC_3_5 :)22:29
djszapithose lines must be the culsprit since if you take a look at your installation error, that is exactly about that library file.22:29
djszapiand those lines I do not have here,  but everything else during the build procedure.22:30
mzanettidjszapi: yes, I already feared them a bit... but I couldn't really associate them with an aegis error22:31
djszapicompare the data.tar.gz22:31
djszapiand the control.tar.gz between my version and  your.22:32
*** Khertan_n950 has joined #harmattan22:32
mzanettidjszapi: ok... I see...22:36
*** wicket64 has joined #harmattan22:37
khertanjust see the UPGRADE in the topic22:38
khertan:( too bad i think there was a new firmware22:38
khertanbut in fact no, just a warning to those still using prebeta 2 to do not update with older fw22:39
rm_workyeah i already updated a couple, and then realized <_<22:40
rm_worki need to reflash but am avoiding it because apparently it is somewhat tricky to properly back up stuff22:40
rm_workand i have not had a free day where i don't NEED my phone working22:40
khertanit s not tricky ... it s just don't works :)22:40
khertanin fact to backup contact the best way is to sync with an n90022:41
RST38hrm_work: moo22:41
RST38hrm_work: care to upload the latest files from to the repo? =)22:41
rm_workRST38h: did you not get my note? :P22:42
rm_worki have a cron job that automatically spiders that directory and updates them22:42
rm_workevery day22:42
rm_workand also updates Packrat22:42
RST38hrm_work: Got it, but after about 8+ hours :)22:42
rm_workpackrat updates every 4 hours as well22:42
RST38hrm_work: Cooool22:42
rm_workfinally got around to it22:42
rm_worki can kick it off now if you don't want to wait another ... 10 hours :P22:43
rm_worktill it does it automatically22:43
rm_workdid you check packrat to see which version it has already?22:43
RST38hNah, I am ok - those files have been there for longer than 10 hours22:43
RST38hA moment22:43
rm_workit will technically grab any .deb you put there22:44
RST38hthe version is fine now22:44
rm_workk :) good to know it's working22:44
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC22:46
*** djszapi has left #harmattan22:51
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