IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2011-10-02

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mtdhiemanshu: do you happen to have the beta1 OCF around?00:31
deimosmtd:  Linux_OCF_22-6_EMMC_RM680-OEM1-916.bin ? Do you want to download it ?00:37
mtddeimos: yes please - I have heard the flasher within it might beable to sove the problems I've having flashing beta2 from linux (F15)00:42
mtddeimos: I'd rather just the tiny flasher binary, but I"ll take what I can get :)00:42
deimosok, I put it here and the give you the address, 1/2 min00:43
mtddeimos: thanks very much00:44
deimosno prob00:44
mtddeimos: you don't happen to have it unpacked and the flasher file accessible, do you?00:44
* mtd would rather not kill your bandwidth00:44
deimosnope, its the 558 Mb image00:44
deimosno prob00:45
mtdwowowwo - thanks all - the 3.11.5 flsher is solving my problems flashing to beta2 - I'm very grateful01:00
deimosah, didnt mind why you need the old 1 :)01:01
deimoswow, a new nokia OS announced !!01:04
deimosyes eheh01:04
faenilthey said s40 was the future, the next billion, bla bla bla...01:05
faenilno what? new change of plan?01:05
faenilnow* what01:05
deimosyes, nokia never disappoint their developers :)01:05
berndhsa change of plan in the mobile computing industry ? really ?01:05
faenila change of plan in their next billion strategy01:06
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berndhsa decent SoC should be cheap if you're going to make a billion of them01:08
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mtddeimos: /win 801:09
deimosmtd: my xchat cant handle what you written :)01:10
deimosI see squares01:10
SpeedEvilberndhs: It's a translation error. They meant thousand.01:11
mtdoops :)01:11
mtddeimos: yeah, there are some problems in F15 (at least) twith the beta2 flasher ( 3.12.001:11
berndhsah squares, that reminds me - i want to make button-nish things that point left or right01:12
deimoseheh again square , before "with the"01:12
berndhsis there something other than images for that ? triangles ?01:13
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mtddeimos: yeah, there are some problems in F15 (at least) with the beta2 flasher (v 3.12.0)01:28
mtddeimos: hope that worked01:28
deimoseheh, now its ok :)01:31
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SpeedEvilyow - 800 quid for ebay n9 to uk03:40
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GeneralAntillesSpeedEvil, that's crazy.04:50
SpeedEvilOk - it's the 64, and I'm assuming taxes get their bite04:50
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DocScrutinizer$ or GBP?04:51
* DocScrutinizer just wonders how long til that ghost from the machine will visit us next time04:52
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: maybe qgil will send some ;-D04:54
SpeedEvilIdly wondering04:54
SpeedEvilPondering n900 warranty repair - probably get n8 - swap for n900 in better condition via ebay04:55
SpeedEvilI do have spare - but don't want to be down to only one04:56
DocScrutinizeryep, but used N900 feels like used car, or used underwear04:57
SpeedEvilbe fixing it myself if it wasn't for the fact that 2g is sometimes dodgy04:57
DocScrutinizergo for warranty - insist on N900, in 72pt bold RED04:58
DocScrutinizer""or any replacement device that meets or surpasses all specs as of""05:02
infobotDocScrutinizer meant: ""or any replacement device that meets or surpasses *ALL* specs as of""05:02
TronicSpeedEvil: There's a good chance of getting E7 but you won't get N900 anymore.05:03
DocScrutinizer[citation needed]05:04
TronicSome things (e.g. malfunctional HP connector) actually get repaired, so you may get your old device back, repaired.05:04
DocScrutinizerthe last report of a user insisting in N900 replacement and finally getting it, is no 4 weeks old05:05
TronicDocScrutinizer: I know several people who have gotten E7s, plus the aftermarket is full of these in retail packages.05:06
DocScrutinizerNokia probably just hands out N9 or E7 to all those that are happy with that, to save the few spare N900 for those who insist05:06
TronicI personally got N8 and by insisting could get another N900 instead (apparently shipped from testing) but that was six months ago.05:07
TronicOthers haven't been so lucky with insisting...05:08
DocScrutinizerdepends on how good you are on insisting, I guess05:08
TronicMight depend on the country etc. as well.05:09
TronicTechnically they need to refund the N900 if they cannot provide a replacement (in EU, at least, I think).05:10
TronicWhich is also quite nice, if you paid 600+ € for the N900.05:10
TronicHowever, I haven't heard of anyone getting that refund.05:10
DocScrutinizerlegally I think they are even liable for damage done by them not providing a suitable replacement05:10
TronicI'm pretty sure they aren't but of course this might vary between countries.05:11
DocScrutinizere.g I'm an archaeologist using this platform with a custom software written for the institute, what does it help when Nokia refunds the N900?05:12
TronicIt will also be interesting to see whether they start replacing N900 with N9 once that become available. I highly doubt that, though.05:12
TronicN950 would be the best replacement but that is and won't be available for obvious reasons.05:13
Tronic*is not05:13
DocScrutinizerthey might do, as they get less complaints about that, than with N805:13
TronicI guess that E7 is a response to the complaints. Physically it is much closer to N900 than N9...05:14
TronicNowadays E7 doesn't even cost more than N8 does.05:15
Tronic(it used to be insanely expensive a while back)05:15
* DocScrutinizer wonders how hard it could get to port $RANDOM_N900_OS to E705:25
TronicAFAIK E7 has platform security preventing different OS.05:27
TronicI guess that porting to N950/N9 should be quite possible but the lack of physical keyboard (on N9) is going to be a dealbreaker for many.05:28
DocScrutinizergood point though about TC security, I guess that's on E7 similar to hat we got on N9(50)05:33
DocScrutinizeraah what05:33
DocScrutinizeractually the situation on N900 been no different, just nobody noticed that xloader had to be signed05:34
DocScrutinizerand n900 xloader didn't care even about NOLO signature, I.E. chain of trust started and ended with xloader05:35
DocScrutinizerN950 xloader only loads signed NOLO, and N950 NOLO recently can actually load unsigned kernels but shows nasty warning05:37
DocScrutinizerE7 xloader probably also insists on a 2nd stage that's properly signed05:38
DocScrutinizerand second stage is no NOLO there, so it might get tough to make any anti vendor port of an OS boot05:38
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DocScrutinizermight be actually interesting to try a coldflash of a N9(*) OS to an E7, as then AIUI the rom BL will load the xloader from flasher directly to OMAP RAM05:41
DocScrutinizerand probably not care about signature further than shutting down the TPM05:41
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MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, afaik the N8 had an open bootloader lying somewhere07:55
MohammadAGthe E7 may or may not have the same thing07:56
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RST38hMoo, gentlemen09:10
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rZZZrn9 oct6@.my10:53
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SpeedEvilrZZZr: Well - at one point they were claiming 299 eur for n9 in my11:10
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mikelimaHi all. I am developing a local transport application for harmattan and...14:05
mikelimaI have problems using qsettings.14:05
mikelimaWell, actually I have problem saving settings... It looks like destructors are not invoked when closing the aplication?14:06
mikelimaOr else I am doing something really stupid...14:06
rZZZrSpeedEvil: where did u get 300eur ?  350 has been confirmed14:09
SpeedEvilrZZZr: Vague memories14:09
SpeedEvilrZZZr: 350 sounds astonishingly low14:09
rZZZrSpeedEvil: wondering what is the ebay price now ?14:11
SpeedEvilIt's not going to stabilise until they actually get released14:12
SpeedEvilthe only person selling it at the moment is selling prerelease - in the anticipation of getting stck14:12
mikelimarZZZr are you talking about the N9?14:17
leinirmikelima: are you using QSettings as a pointer type? because then you're probably doing it wrong... :)14:18
mikelimahi leinir uh...14:19
leinir shows it fairly well...14:19
mikelimaI do not think so, but...14:20
mikelimathanks for the pointer, looking at it now..14:20
leinirIn other words, you should be creating a new QSettings instance every time you do something with the settings, don't keep the QSettings instance around anywhere (that is, don't store it as a member variable or something like that)14:20
* infobot mooooooooo! I am cow, hear me moo, I weigh twice as much as you. I am cow, eating grass, methane gas comes out my ass14:22
mikelimayes, well, that's it then.14:22
mikelimathanks leinir14:22
leinirYou're welcome! :)14:22
leinirAlso, check my app ;)
leiniri think i mentioned it last we chatted... at the QtCS? :)14:23
leinirthat is, i think i mentioned that i was thinking about the concept of it... i ended up finally pulling myself together and building it :)14:23
mikelimaNice, Ill' check it out!14:24
mikelimaYou are farther ahead than me on Harmattan programming...14:24
mikelimaI have not yet even looked at the publishing phase..14:24
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MohammadAGsent my N950 back :/14:30
mikelimaleinir: very nice. I did not know there were so many ways to prepare tea, by the way!14:30
mikelimaUhm I have to go and cook up some curry.14:31
SpeedEvilMohammadAG: Good luck14:34
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: so maybe we'll see you a bit more around #maemo now :-D14:35
leinirmikelima: Thanks! :) The info thing kind of popped up when i realised that i should try and poke about with NFC... and people would be more keen to share stuff when they have more than just a time setting ;)14:36
MohammadAGSpeedEvil, thanks14:37
leinirhaven't started on the sharing yet, but... yeah :)14:37
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, the OT #harmattan channel? sure :p14:37
MohammadAGKinda like the N900's hw keyboard more tbh14:38
MohammadAGit.s easier to reach and press keys on a 3 row keyboard14:38
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DocScrutinizerwow the first time I hear sb preferring 3row over 4row14:40
MohammadAGI also prefer the space position14:41
MohammadAGit.s more natural and ergonomic on the right14:41
DocScrutinizernot that the N950 kb was *better* than the N900 just for the 4th row - it has other problems that render it awkward14:42
DocScrutinizerI'd really like to hear aout GeneralAntilles' typing speed on N95014:44
DocScrutinizeron N900 he typed as fast as others spoke, during that conference14:45
MohammadAGI get 80 wpm on the N90014:46
DocScrutinizerpretty much depending on the words and how many chars they have ;-) Here in Germany the metrics strokes/min is more commonly used, and probably more precise14:48
DocScrutinizerI think a good secretary will get up to 60014:51
DocScrutinizernot on N900 though14:51
MohammadAGwhat's strokes/min?14:52
Tronickeypresses per minute.14:56
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TronicRoughly equivalent to characters per minute.14:56
Sputincluding the backspace key or not?14:57
* Sput types very fast, but also has too many typos to be really efficient14:58
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DocScrutinizerbackspace doesn't count, so don't the keystrokes that made you use backspace15:20
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DocScrutinizer is rather "fair"15:20
Sputmh, 430 cpm, 76 correct, 6 wrong15:23
Sputnot warmed up though, and apparently you can't use backspace at all with that test15:24
DocScrutinizerI could15:26
DocScrutinizerwhich bombed me down to 320, all correct15:27
DocScrutinizerwith 3 typos corrected15:27
Sputhmm, true, apparently my space bar was just too soon :)15:41
Sputsecond try, 77 wpm, 1 wrong word, 420 cpm15:41
Sputenglish though, because German is a bit awkward with my US Intl layout :)15:42
DocScrutinizeryeah, german umlauts kill my typing speed completely, though I even got them on this particular kbd15:51
DocScrutinizerthe only 3 keys that are completely like new ;-P15:51
DocScrutinizerwhile I just notice the "O" is starting to fade15:52
DocScrutinizerthe "H" as well15:54
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faenilhi everyone :)16:20
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GeneralAntillesDocScrutinizer, slow.16:45
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rZZZrmikelima: yes n9 in malaysia17:30
mikelimaoh, nice, but a bit far from my current location...17:31
rZZZri return to europe in a couple of days17:31
mikelimarZZZr: I expect taxes will kill the deal...17:32
rZZZri am there17:32
rZZZrwill buy a lappy instead17:33
mikelimaeh, eh!17:33
mikelimaWell, I have got an N950 so I am fine for now.17:34
rZZZrn9 retail in oct 6 i leave on 317:34
rZZZri am writing u from a n950 too17:34
mikelimaA friend of mine is getting crazy about the N9...17:34
mikelimaShe did not look very interested when I tried to wow her with my N950... But apparently some page on got her interested.17:35
rZZZrthe nokia shop clercks were impressed by n95017:36
mikelimaBut I would think the difficulty in getting an repairs etc would kill an import like that for her.17:36
mikelimarZZZr: I have tried both... the N9 is nice as well, and probably it would be easier to sell... being smaller and lightier.17:38
mikelimaAnd the OLED screen makes it useful as a watch too.17:39
mikelimaBut I still prefer the n950 :)17:39
faenilI don't like physical qwerties so I'd rather have n9 :D17:40
rZZZrwell i lll stay w n950 for years17:40
rZZZrfaenil: azerty or bepe ?17:40
mikelimarZZZr: an N9 may last longer... uit has no moving parts, soi it is harder to break!17:40
mikelimaBut it would be a pain to use the Konsole.17:41
faenilswype + portrait vkb is so much faster than physical keyboard...17:42
mikelimafaenil: the virtual keyboard is not bad... in fact I tend to use it unless I am going to type for a while...17:45
faenilvkb + swype...17:46
faenilonly vkb is not enough17:46
faenilI keep making mistakes...17:46
mikelimafaenil: is swype that input method that is available on Symbian phones?17:50
faenilwell you can download it from the store...on android and bada it's preinstalled17:51
mikelimathe one where you move your finger on the keyboard to join the letters?17:51
faenilonce you get used to's definitely faster...17:51
faenilin fact, sms world record is made with swype :D17:52
mikelimaI did not really got the hang of it...17:52
mikelimaDid not know it was available on N9(50)17:52
faenilit's not, in our fws...17:53
faenilbut it's already available in internal fw from a lot of time17:53
mikelimaoh, ok.17:53
mikelimaWell, it will probably come, sooner or later.17:54
faenilhope so...17:54
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nealI just flashed the beta2 firmware and I now have no terminal and I can't ssh in.  Any tips?18:29
matrixxneal: enable the developer mode from security settings18:31
matrixxthen you have the terminal again18:32
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MohammadAGso, before I sent the device to Nokia18:50
MohammadAGI used Settings -> Reset -> Clear device18:50
MohammadAGafter 5 minutes it restarted, wanted to check if all my data is gone and it showed the same icon in Settings -> Reset18:50
MohammadAGI just turned it off and put it in the package at the post office18:50
w00tMohammadAG: you sent yours back?18:51
MohammadAGw00t, yes, it overheats occasionally18:51
w00tah.. not good18:52
MohammadAGand the keyboard LED sysnodes disappeared18:52
MohammadAGso I asked them for a replacement, and they agreed18:52
MohammadAGShipping cost me $50, but I guess that's fine18:52
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mjawhat's the easiest way to include an mp3 and play it so that it works on harmattan and symbian?20:54
mjaresource system seems no-go20:54
mjaI need to include a soundtrack for my game20:55
alteregoOr if it's Qt/C++ use QtMobility Multimedia API20:57
mjait's graphicsview but some elements are qml20:57
mjawas thinking of mobility yes20:57
alteregoWell, Multimedia API, very eaasy to play a sound track :)20:57
alteregoEven has looping20:57
mjabut it looks like I can't use the resource system for including the file20:58
alteregoWhy not?20:58
mjait's a symbian bug I reckon20:58
mjai like the resource system as there's no need to use a fixed path..20:59
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artemmaDoes anybody know which font families are available on Harmattan?22:10
* artemma isn't super happy with Nokia Pure in a couple of places22:10
MohammadAG<alterego> Why not?22:11
MohammadAG<mja> it's a symbian bug I reckon22:11
MohammadAGit didn't work on Maemo either22:11
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MohammadAGfor anyone familiar with MeeGo's window framework, can a widget be shown on top of a window?22:40
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mjaMohammadAG: righty, gotta figure out something else then22:51
MohammadAGmja, why not store it somewhere?22:53
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apolhow do we change the theme to inverted in a qtquick app?23:46
specialapol: take a look at the code for the QML components example application23:47
apolspecial: what page?23:48
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apolthank you23:51
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apolis there any guideline on when should the app be inverted?23:54
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