IRC log of #harmattan for Friday, 2011-09-23

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MohammadAGso my GPS broke on the N95000:14
macmaN_MohammadAG: hows that00:15
MohammadAGany app that needs GPS hangs00:15
MohammadAGmaps, sociality, drive, accuweather00:15
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macmaN_anything particular you did before that?00:15
MohammadAGwatched aegisfs process rape my N95000:16
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MohammadAGrebooted and it overheated again00:17
MohammadAGhope i can send it back tomorrow00:17
alteregoHave you tried flashing?00:17
MohammadAGalterego, overheating was in 22-6 and 34-200:17
MohammadAGso yeah, it persisted across flashes00:18
macmaN_oh thats right you had some reheating issues also00:19
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MohammadAGi contacted nokia and they agreed to replace it00:21
MohammadAGproblem is, tomorrow is friday00:21
MohammadAGso israeli places, including the post office, close at 12 PM00:21
MohammadAGalso closed on saturday, and I'm leaving to my uni again on sunday00:22
alteregoWell, you'll have to wait until you get to uni then :P00:23
MohammadAGcan't ship from there00:23
MohammadAGand next week is Jewish new year00:23
MohammadAGso they're closed for a week00:24
MohammadAGonly chance is tomorrow, in which case i lose till the week after00:25
MohammadAGor tuesday, same condition00:25
MohammadAGwish they could ship the device and I'll ship this back when I can00:25
MohammadAGit's not like I'm gonna sell it00:25
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joejoehi, can anybody kill the guy which have developed aegis?00:48
javispedroIT WAS ME! surprised?00:48
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joejoeEvery time when i try to deploy package to n950 it gives me the error message "Aegis rejecting /home/developer/chordie_0.0.1_armel.deb: opt/chordie/bin/chordie not installed by the package"00:49
joejoebut i cannot see the reason why00:49
joejoewhole compile output is here
javispedrojoejoe: you have a manifest? how does it look like?00:50
joejoethe manifest is generated by qt creator and is empty00:51
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joejoethe source codes are here:
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faeniljoejoe you must be doing something wrong, don't blame aegis as soon as it tells you you're doing something wrong01:01
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joejoebut i blame aeigis, that it not blames what is wrong01:03
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joejoei had working project and tried to merge it with git repository. I spend 3 hours after push by finding the problem without any result. Right now I feels like idiot )-; and totally tired.01:05
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javispedrofun thing is that it works here01:06
javispedrojoejoe: can you provide a package as built by your qt creator?01:08
javispedroeither way, probably you can fix it by destroying and recreating the target in qtc01:08
rm_workGeneralAntilles: yo01:18
javispedroGeneralAntilles: still no news about your metawatch, btw?01:18
GeneralAntillesHaven't even updated the estimated ship date01:20
javispedroFortunately my experiences with them ended nicely when I had those problems with the account, got a lady on the phone who virtually dialed only to apologize =)01:22
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rm_workGeneralAntilles: i keep forgetting the answer to this, i know i've asked like 30 times01:28
rm_workGeneralAntilles: is snapgo dead? :P01:28
GeneralAntillesJust resting for a bit.01:28
rm_workwell, let me know01:28
rm_workima head home now and play some minecraft :P01:28
GeneralAntillesComplete lack of motivation01:28
GeneralAntillessome of it is Minecraft inspired, incidentally.01:28
rm_workyeah i am helping admin a server <_<01:29
GeneralAntilles(Got a server, if you want to join in the inanity!)01:29
rm_worktime intensive01:29
GeneralAntillesRunning one locally01:29
rm_worklol maybe i will stop by01:29
GeneralAntillesSo only people I don't hate get to play.01:29
rm_workor vanilla01:29
rm_workyou should stop by our bukkit server sometime01:29
rm_workcheck out the cool stuff that is possible, if you haven't already seen it all01:30
rm_workPM me server details (to rm_you)01:30
* rm_work heads home01:30
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nibbleris there any xmpp client for harmattan or is someone writing on one?01:52
javispedrothe stock telepathy is one nice xmpp client, search this channel' logs for "mc-tool"01:53
nibblerah! suspected something like that as the sip client says: Agent:          Telepathy-SofiaSIP/0.6.8 sofia-sip/1.12.11devel01:54
MilhouseAnyone with a twitter feed on their event view - are you getting pictures to appear (not avatars but within tweets)? Not happening for me but I see this in N9 videos, maybe something in the release firmware or have I missed a setting?02:04
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ieatlinthaven't seen any, but perhaps the client needs to recognize the link is an image somehow? like a URL with a jpg file extension02:10
ieatlintor perhaps from specific sites only, like twitpic02:11
Milhouseyeah, although many of the videos (even from ordinary end users) seem to have feeds with loads of embedded images... obviously i've done somthing wrong or follow the wrong people! :)02:11
Milhousei've got feeds with yfrog links, but no images in my event feed02:12
Milhousewe need to find a twitter user from one of these videos02:12
Milhousethat is shown to be working :)02:12
Milhouseexample here:
ieatlintwell i can tell you the current twitter version on the n9 is 1.1.3802:13
Milhouselet me check my n95002:13
Milhouseoooh... 1.0.13+0m6 !02:14
Milhousei suppose that would explain it02:14
faenilgood night guys ;(02:15
ieatlinti'd prefer the winking frown02:16
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nibblerwasn't in the logs, but explains how to get telepathy with xmpp / jabber going (for the record/log)02:42
nibblerit's really nice integrated. i like it02:42
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javispedroit surely is in the logs03:20
javispedroit was first said there..03:20
javispedropluse, you don't really need peregrin -- the builtin messaging app can start chats, and the builtin dial app can start calls03:20
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javispedro(it's just the contacts app that is seemingly broken)03:20
javispedroaw, someone added that in the wiki before me =)03:21
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GeneralAntillesSomebody remind me where the backups hide?03:52
MilhouseMyDocs/.backups I think03:55
GeneralAntillesI hate the new font in Beta204:14
GeneralAntillesIt looks like WP704:14
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MilhouseIt's a bit "thinner" than the old font, I did prefer the font in Beta1 but I can get used to the font in Beta204:30
MilhouseAt least we're getting Nokia Pure, I don't think it's even in Symbian Belle04:30
Milhouse(Still Nokia Sans)04:31
emanSo...anyone have any inside word on whether we are going to see QML implementations/examples of all of the Swipe UX guidelines anytime soon?04:36
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GAN900Nokia Sans is a much nicer font06:26
GAN900Although that's mostly because Pure just screams MS.06:27
GAN900'least they wont have to change the branding too much when MS buys them out.06:27
iekkuGAN900, do you really think MS is buying nokia?06:28
GAN900Who knows where there'll be in a few years06:28
GAN900not really like they need to since they already own them06:28
GAN900But I wouldn't necessarily be /surprised/ by it if it did happen.06:29
iekkui would06:29
iekkubut i don't understand a thing about the economy06:29
GAN900Not really an economic issue06:31
GAN900It's a business issue06:31
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iekkusame thing for me, can't understand06:39
iekkui was shocked about the elopcalypse06:39
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OwariDaanyone had success with putting the wl1271 in the n950 in monitor mode?06:59
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mecehey copying text in browser. Do/will harmattan have that?09:47
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wazdI always wondered. Why harmattan devs used "drag down to search" concept all around the system EXCEPT for homescreen and made a stand-alone app instead10:12
spenapwazd, search application keeps some kind of search history10:14
spenapand extra stuff10:14
spenapso it's not exactly the same thing10:15
spenapthe other search concepts are more like "filtering"10:15
spenapor was your question rhetorical? :P10:15
wazdspenap: no :)10:16
spenapyesterday I implemented that filtering thing in the showtimes view of butaca :P10:16
wazdspenap: no filtering at the homescreens is bad anyway :)10:16
spenapso it's like I checked it quite recently10:16
wazdspenap: meegotouch?10:17
wazdspenap: hohoho10:17
wazdspenap: mind if we'll steal your code? :P10:17
spenaphaha, it's all open source10:17
spenapI'll point you to it10:17
wazdspenap: we need it for the MeeCast10:17
spenap <- this is butaca, with the drag to search enabled for the showtimes view10:17
wazdspenap: super awesome!10:18
spenapand has drag to update10:18
spenapbutaca is for general use (cinema information and showtimes), you can try it from the ovi store. meneamigo is a client for a spanish website, so unless you understand spanish or want to check the UI, I don't know if you'll be interested10:19
spenapboth are qml & c++ apps10:19
wazdcoolio :)10:20
wazdthanks a lot :)10:20
spenapyou're welcome, I'll be happy to have contributed to meecast :D10:20
spenapwazd, specifically, check the TheatersView.qml file10:20
spenapyou'll find the search feature there10:20
wazdwe've currently made some kind of "Car-GPS style" search, stolen from on of exampls10:21
wazdbut I find it kinda lame :)10:21
spenap:-P, the search thing has some issues still (like figuring out the right timeout, and when to enable it10:22
spenapbut I think it's a good starting point10:22
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wazdfinally we'll have proper location selection :D10:22
wazdinstead of scrolling for centuries :)10:23
spenapyou're using a C++ model, right?10:23
wazdthe only thing that kept us from releasing to OVi, cause scrolling is super lame10:23
spenapthen, it'll be quite easy to make it work nicely :)10:24
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spenapok, I'm back10:42
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ieatlintbeer good, pants bad10:46
ieatlintalso, verb bad, appparently10:46
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gri ....10:57
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mecedammit, that stupid run android apps on meego scheme is being tweeted all over the place. I hate it when people get all excited over vaporware11:06
Stskeepsi know people who work there, so not entirely vaporware11:07
meceOk but it will note come to N911:07
Stskeepswho said it would? :P11:07
mecewell that's what people tweet about11:07
meceI didn't mean the actual thing doesn't exist, but since they aim at oem deals, it will never come to nokia11:08
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TheBootroohello all !11:08
TheBootroohere is france its 10;00 AM11:09
TheBootroomece: 'lo11:09
*** dominikb has joined #harmattan11:09
meceTheBootroo, so we're 1 hour and 10 minutes ahead of you??11:09
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan11:09
TheBootroomece: not really11:09
TheBootroomece: its 10:10:0711:10
TheBootrooso you're just an hour ahead11:10
meceI know11:10
mece(11:09:10 AM) TheBootroo: here is france its 10;00 AM11:10
mece^^ says we're 1 hour and 10 minutes ahead11:10
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meceStskeeps, have you seen the thing in action?11:11
Stskeepson tablet11:11
TheBootroobut you're in usa right ?  so how can you have only one hour more ?11:11
meceStskeeps, which one?11:11
Stskeepsthe vaporware11:11
meceStskeeps, is there a vaporware tablet?11:11
Stskeepsthis is not a productive area of discussion11:11
meceStskeeps, LOL, no. I meant which tablet was it, what os?11:12
Stskeepsmeego tablet, see the vide11:12
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TheBootrooa nokia Z500 ?11:13
meceStskeeps, heh pretty impressive actually. Would be pretty sweet it it were open source...11:16
meceStskeeps, then we'd have it on everything :)11:16
Stskeepsmece: too valuable technology11:17
TheBootroomece: what are you talkin about ?11:17
meceStskeeps, ofcourse11:18
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* gri loves slightly annoyed rodents :)11:35
TheBootroogri: +111:39
griThe shoe is amazing11:39
TheBootroowe got to kick their asses to throw them upon ckickens : funny :D11:40
griby far funnier (more funny?) than the angry birds11:43
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TheBootrooneed a lot more levels though11:46
*** MohammadAG has joined #harmattan11:48
TheBootrooMohammadAG: lo11:48
TheBootrooi thought to a few tweaks for the Harmattan ui11:49
TheBootroowhen you pinch on the switcher view it change from 3x3 to 2x2, it would be possible to pinch once again to go to a webOS like 1+2 cards more, overall its already implemented in meego handset UX11:50
TheBootroowould be very cool11:50
TheBootroodid you seen my proposal for new CE UX several month ago ?
TheBootrookiller look IMHO11:52
TheBootrooOverall the fourth page, for a Gadget mode, ala Maemo511:53
TheBootrooi'll  soon try to get a working proto using QtDeclarative11:55
TheBootrooas soon i will have finished my LibMWTk11:55
TheBootroosince i will use many of the custom components it contains11:56
TheBootrooStatus bar is implemented using QtMobility classes so it can run on any QtMobile plateform, no only Harmattan11:56
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seifhey guys12:01
seifany updates on the meego CE12:01
dm8tbrseif: on #meego-arm probably12:03
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*** macmaN_ is now known as macmaN12:10
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macmaNmorning alls12:12
macmaNwhere do i look when app deployed from qtcreator doesnt create an icon anymore in beta212:13
griin /usr/share/applications12:13
grisee if your .desktop file is there12:13
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TheBootroomacmaN: same pb here, a reboot shows the icon12:14
TheBootrooi don't know why,12:14
TheBootrooand i had the same pb in Beta112:14
macmaNgri: its not12:14
macmaNTheBootroo: reboot didnt solve it, tried12:14
griif you deploy your application you should see a line which says something about update12:14
macmaNPreparing to replace conboy 0.0.1 (using .../conboy_0.0.1_armel.deb) ...12:15
macmaNUnpacking replacement conboy ...12:15
macmaNaegis-installing conboy (from '')12:15
macmaNSetting up conboy (0.0.1) ...12:15
macmaNPackage installed.12:15
macmaNDeployment finished.12:15
macmaNeverything looks dandy right12:15
grimoment, I'm deploying mine to check12:15
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macmaNi remember with beta1 there more lines about icons etc12:15
gri(on windows this takes ages)12:15
macmaNthere were*12:15
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griaegis-installing web2sms (from '')12:16
griSetting up web2sms (0.2.1) ...12:16
griProcessing triggers for desktop-file-utils ...12:16
griProcessing triggers for libcontextsubscriber0 ...12:16
griUpdating from: '/usr/share/contextkit/providers/'12:16
griGenerated: '/usr/share/contextkit/providers/cache.cdb'12:16
grithe frist trigger is missing at yours12:17
macmaNmhm, right right12:17
grido you have a link to your .pro file?12:17
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grimacmaN: I've written everything by hand and it works ...12:18
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macmaNim gonna try git reset12:20
grisometimes it's qtcreator's fault12:20
grimine starts killing qtc_packaging/debian_harmattan/manifest.aegis every few builds for some reason12:21
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griTheBootroo: Are you UI designer? :)12:23
macmaNright, opening the project qtcreator tells me some files are outdated, can i update them. if i say yes, it kills the icon.12:23
TheBootroogri: Designer and Developer12:23
griTheBootroo: For a living?12:24
TheBootroogri: it's my life if it's what you're asking (i'm french so some sentences are weird to me ;-) )12:25
TheBootrooi do UI at work and at home12:25
*** trHD has joined #harmattan12:25
TheBootrooits a job and a hobby12:25
griTheBootroo: I meant if it is your job :)12:26
*** achipa has joined #harmattan12:26
*** lamikr has joined #harmattan12:26
TheBootrooI'm Software Research Engineer and Ergonomics User Interface Designer12:26
VenemoTheBootroo, that sounds nice!12:27
TheBootroobut overall i'm a geek12:27
TheBootrooVenemo: hehe12:27
TheBootrooAll that using C++/Qt (and a little QML)12:27
griTheBootroo: So at work you're also doing mobile user interfaces?12:28
TheBootroogri: just yesterday i told you about my project of a C++ lib to build ergonomic mobile apps using QtDeclarative12:28
TheBootroogri: at work i do almost everything possible : industrial mapping apps, mobile apps, websites, utilities, ERP modules etc...12:29
TheBootroobut my favorite domain is mobile apps because of all the ergonomic issues we have to solve for it12:29
TheBootroomy LibMWTk is full of these concepts but not finished ATM12:30
griTheBootroo: That's why I asked for your work, I still remember the conversation from yesterday ;)12:30
TheBootroo(it's a quite huge work and i work on it for 5 weeks now, and on my spare time)12:30
wazdTheBootroo: <- what do you think as a pro?12:30
TheBootroowazd:  its your blog ?12:31
TheBootroowazd: i used MeeCast on my N950 and noticed a really few ergonomic issues12:31
TheBootrooso its mainly not bad at all12:32
wazdTheBootroo: yes12:32
*** frinring has quit IRC12:32
Venemowazd, the stock weather app in 34-2 doesn't even come close to MeeCast when it comes to ergonomy.12:32
TheBootroosome observations though : miss a good landscape mode, the progresssbar should be visible when refreshing even if user has scroll at bottom of page, a maybe use a notification for refresh start and end12:33
TheBootrooVenemo: i find Accuweather great graphics but poor ergonomic too12:33
wazdTheBootroo: yeah, all of this (except landscape) is already solved :)12:33
VenemoTheBootroo, I 100% agree.12:34
TheBootroowazd: maybe you should add as a source for MeeCast because they are (for me) the most accurate of all12:34
wazdTheBootroo: they don't want to12:34
alteregoI just like the weather widget in the notifications screen :)12:34
wazdTheBootroo: along with Foreca12:34
TheBootrooand provide an accuweather icon them for MeeCasta nd all should be fine12:34
TheBootroowazd: why not ?12:34
wazdTheBootroo: I'm not the right person to ask this question :)12:35
Venemoalterego, yeah, that's a nice touch12:35
TheBootroowazd: maybe use a plugin system to allow the user to choose really the source he wants12:35
TheBootrooalterego: +1  wazd: meecast miss a notification item in event feed like Accuweather does12:36
wazdTheBootroo: I mean doesn't want us to use their source12:36
alteregoWe should figure out how it's done.12:36
TheBootroowazd: arf12:36
alteregoProbably internal nokia wank though.12:36
Venemowell, you can use wireshark to see how the accuweather app communicates with their servers.12:36
wazdTheBootroo: their notification system is closed sourced hack12:36
wazdTheBootroo: we can't do anything like it yet12:36
TheBootrooalterego: no need to do a little thing like accuweather, just use a permanent top notification12:36
MohammadAGVenemo, already figured that out12:37
MohammadAGyou don't need wireshark12:37
VenemoMohammadAG, ok! :)12:37
alteregoTheBootroo: nasty hack :P12:37
TheBootroowazd: just do a notification like missed calls which are always at top12:37
TheBootrooalterego: no really12:37
MohammadAGVenemo, it's an XML + HTTP GET api12:37
TheBootrooalterego: i would really prefer that12:37
wazdTheBootroo: is it possible?12:37
VenemoMohammadAG, sounds simple enough12:37
TheBootroowazd: yeah obviously12:37
wazdTheBootroo: I mean, something more that a text row? :)12:37
MohammadAG12:36 alterego: Probably internal nokia wank though.12:38
TheBootroowazd: you must be able to at least put an icon and two lines of text12:38
MohammadAGalterego, the library's there, you just need to make headers for it12:38
TheBootroowazd: so with more room than the accuweather thing you could put more info too12:38
MohammadAGit's a custom libmeegotouchextensions.so12:38
TheBootroowazd: maybe do a thing like that (in top left)
wazdTheBootroo: maybe12:39
TheBootroowazd: surely ;-)12:40
TheBootroowhat harmattan lacks is a '3 next mettings' feed item for calendar12:41
griTheBootroo: Oh yes! On the n900 I always had my calendar in front12:42
alteregoYeah, I was thinking that the other day TheBootroo12:42
TheBootroogri: +1012:42
Venemogri ++ ++12:42
alteregoOr a summary view in the calendar ...12:42
TheBootrooin fact generally harmattan ui is great but in many little places it should be perfected12:42
* artemma likes accuweather surprisingly much. If it only provided wind speed in m/s too12:42
alteregoAnyway, I gotta bail, ttyl12:42
TheBootrooalterego: you have that12:42
griIs there a +-counter-bot in this room? :D12:42
TheBootroogri: hehe12:43
TheBootroogri: you care about your karma there ? ;-)12:43
griNo, but my facebook friends surely want to see "gri just earned +10 in #harmattan"12:43
Venemogri, we could make such a bot.12:43
TheBootroogri: if i say the additional '0' was a typo :D12:44
macmaNso is the 92,000 units of N9 manufactured confirmed to be true?12:44
griVenemo: The feed-creator-bot has more priority12:44
TheBootroomacmaN: bullshit from eldar-angryman12:45
spenapwazd, maybe, while there's no way to access this icon in the status view, you could add some different view when meecast is in the switcher12:45
spenapsome big icon, so you see the weather at a glance12:45
macmaNTheBootroo: got any url to back bs-call?12:45
TheBootroospenap: maybe two but the event item should stay visible even when app is close12:46
wazdspenap: yeah, I already have thought of that, but still that's not quite a widget :(12:46
Venemogri, feed-creator bot?12:46
TheBootroowazd: great news
VenemomacmaN, I don't belive that bullshit.12:46
griVenemo: For creating feed apps on ovi store with every rss feed the crawler finds on google :)12:47
TheBootroowazd: i quote "An event feed item consists of  an icon (mandatory) a title text (mandatory) a body text a footer text a time stamp (mandatory) up to 3 images"12:47
Venemogri, loooool.12:47
TheBootroogri: noooooooooooooo12:47
griSuper-spam is the only way to get an "hide feed apps" option in ovi store :)12:47
TheBootroogri: please don't, the ovi store is already spammed with such apps which don't even follow Harmattan guidelines12:47
artemmaam I the only one annoyed by non-changeable font size in the browser?12:48
TheBootroogri: ah ok so do it quickly12:48
TheBootrooartemma: i'm annoyed by the lacks of text selection mode for email and browser12:48
TheBootroomaemo5 microB had that12:48
artemmaTheBootroo: that's the next level: before selecting something I want to see it :)12:49
VenemoTheBootroo ++12:49
TheBootroodudes microB in maemo5 was great, i only it had the harmattan ui and webkit core it would be perfect12:49
MohammadAGif only harmattan's ui had gecko12:49
grimicroB didn't crash for me once, the harmattan one dies on every 3rd page12:49
artemmaalso the lack of bookmarks and the fact that for browser window management I need to go to the task switcher..12:49
*** arcean has joined #harmattan12:50
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan12:50
djszapihi Venemo :)12:50
artemmaI am not really excited by browser windows and bookmarks looking like full scale apps12:50
Venemohey djszapi, how're you today? :)12:50
artemmaI've heard Firefox will be released soon for Harmattan, maybe it works better12:50
TheBootrooartemma: got to switcher to change page seem logical to me since harmattan use a 'one page for one app' paradigm12:51
djszapiVenemo: we tried to make another proposal for open mode, but ... let us discuss some things in private.12:51
TheBootroofirefox  ui is to heavy and gecko < webkit so i would prefer an enhanced browser for harmattan12:51
artemmaTheBootroo: that's logical indeed, but.. you know while in the browser I often just want to close this damned new window and go back12:51
artemmaI get the "web page is an app" paradigm, it's just too slow to follow it :)12:52
TheBootrooi will surely dev a new Browser using LibMWTk anytime soon, but will be based on Webkit without a doubt12:53
TheBootroohere were apps i had developped for maemo5 using QtWidget, i plan to port them to LibMWTK soon :
TheBootroothey all supported autorotation and simple UI12:54
TheBootrooand they almost already have a LibMWTk guidelined UI12:55
*** djszapi has left #harmattan12:56
TheBootroomusic player would be great if it supported landscape so i could usen it on my TV12:56
TheBootroohopefully my own music player supports it12:56
TheBootrooi only need to finish LibMWTk and use QtMultimediaKit to play sound12:57
TheBootrooi would need some help to fix some bugs in LibMWTk :12:59
TheBootroo- first : antialiasing is on but on the N950 it is off12:59
TheBootroo- second : the VKB appears always in landscape, even when the app UI is portrait, so i tried to use the X11 meego angle flag but no effect13:00
*** frinring has joined #harmattan13:00
TheBootroo- third : in fact the all harmattan ui think my apps are always in landscape13:00
griTheBootroo: You can "steal" from qt-components13:01
grithe orientation classes are c++ without meegotouch as I remember13:01
TheBootroogri: too much complicated : they use some meegotouch classes to build harmattan Window Qml element13:01
*** deimos has joined #harmattan13:02
griTheBootroo: Really? I can use qt-components with blanco style on windows here13:02
TheBootrooif you find the solution to fix the angle flag i am interested13:02
TheBootroogri: yeah but on windows no orientation flag (no X11)13:02
TheBootroo- fourth : in raster graphicssystem , very slow but gradients are correct, in meegographics, speed but gradients like 64K color13:03
TheBootroo- fifth : if i don't put fullscreen i have a dumd toolbar at the bottom of window, so i put fulscreen but i loose the status bar so i had to implement my own (no that bad)13:04
grimdeclarativescreen.cpp does not use meegotouch13:04
griand you can also use contextsubscriber for screen orientation13:05
TheBootroogri: do you have a gitorious URl because i don't have the sources on my computer13:05
TheBootroogri: in will not use context because its meego specific13:05
grido a wrapper class?13:06
TheBootroogri: currently i use QOrientationReading to detect orientation (work fine) but i need a way to  tell the harmattan compositor that my app has been rotated so it can rotate too13:06
*** zarlino has quit IRC13:06
TheBootroogri: yeah i think about a wrapper class, because i will need it for maemo5 and Symbian 3 too, and maybe android and iOS later13:07
TheBootroobut seems quiet hard to achieve13:07
TheBootroogri: i  have already used this code with the X11 property, works very partially13:08
*** ckandeler has quit IRC13:08
*** Sicelo has quit IRC13:10
griTheBootroo: Ok, then I'm out of ideas :)13:10
TheBootroogri me too and that's the problem13:11
*** ckandeler has joined #harmattan13:11
TheBootroono idea for the antialiasing and gradient bugs ? maybedue to graphicsSystem....13:13
* vladest gonna mad: qtcreator lost all includes when switching to harmattan/meego platform13:14
grivladest: Yours too?13:14
Venemovladest, gri, this bug only happens for me on Windows version of Qt Creator, but not on the Linux version13:15
grimine doesn't even recognize standard qt classes13:15
grisame here, windows13:15
vladestgri: yep13:15
TheBootroogri windows is shit to develop13:15
griOn the first try it worked but then stopped for one week now13:16
* vladest have to switch to symabin, coding, then switch back13:16
griTheBootroo: I have no choice13:16
vladestgri: same here13:16
grican only run linux is a virtual machine13:16
grior mac os x on a slow machine13:16
grimadde on windows is even slow as hell when it comes to packaging13:17
griand also misses to add +x flags to some binaries13:17
TheBootroogri: normal since windows don't handle linux permissions13:18
grialso can't use remote compiler since I added commhistory to madde manually (this is only available on scratchbox ..)13:19
Venemogri, install a dual-boot Linux to your machine, doesn't matter whcih distro.13:19
griVenemo: I have, but latest ubuntu does not support wlan, sound and display driver ...13:19
TheBootroogri: what is your machine ?13:19
TheBootroogri: it makes ages i did no more see ubuntu failing with drivers...13:20
griAcer Aspire 5830TG, Sandy Bridge i5 with optimus graphics card (intel and nvidia)13:20
grino idea about the sound and wlan driver13:20
TheBootroogri: ah optimus system, its true that it fails ATM on linux13:21
Venemogri, you can use the Intel graphics only. AFAIK.13:21
gribattery time on windows: 11h; on linux: 1,5 h13:21
Venemogri, but yeah, I can understand you not wanting to hack about it.13:21
grisince there's no way to turn off the nvidia card which is not used. Bumblebee does not work13:21
* gri hopes there will be a kernel update to fix all this. Notebook is now about 3 months old which means more people might have equal chipsets13:24
grimaybe there already is one, haven't tried for three weeks now13:24
Venemogri, well, NVidia announced there won't be any Optimus support for Linux from them13:25
Stskeeps.. why should there be13:26
VenemoStskeeps, pardon?13:26
Stskeepsi mean, asking nvidia to support a LG phone's hw13:26
griVenemo: Yes, but someone could have created a bumblebee config to turn off the card since I only use the intel one13:26
Stskeepsoh, optimus graphics card13:26
VenemoStskeeps, what, lcuk's spirit has visited you and gave you some of his sense of humor? :P13:27
Venemoonly person who could say such a joke is poor lcuk... :(13:27
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan13:36
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan13:37
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan13:39
TheBootrooguys i gonna eat, i'll back in less than an hour13:44
* TheBootroo is afk13:44
griYay, qtcreator deleted my manifest.aegis again ...13:48
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan13:51
*** gri has quit IRC13:51
wazdis there any way to force "repeat" in the Media Player?13:54
wazdthat pisses me off13:54
*** radiofree_ has joined #harmattan13:56
*** wazd_ has joined #harmattan13:57
*** wazd has quit IRC13:59
*** wazd_ is now known as wazd13:59
*** Smith has quit IRC14:05
*** gri has joined #harmattan14:06
gristill no sound on ubuntu without vm :(14:08
griand unity makes me go crazy :/14:08
vladestgri: moneyfest :) stored in the project folder in file _aegis14:14
grivladest: Yeah, but if you create your own, your own is copied to _aegis when creating a package14:15
Venemogri, use F15 with gnome-shell14:15
griand qtcreator sometimes kills mine inside qtc_packaging14:15
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan14:15
Venemogri, Fedora 1514:15
griI'm so used to ubuntu :P14:16
gri(if there wasn't unity)14:16
Venemoyou just wrote unity was crap14:16
Venemothat is why I gave you that tip14:16
griGnome2 was pretty fine14:16
grignome-shell is gnome3?14:17
Venemogri, gnome-shell is the new GUI of Gnome 3, yes.14:17
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC14:18
griI liked the old-fashioned menus like in windows xp or gnome 2 :)14:18
Venemogri, then use KDE or Xfce, or switch Gnome 3 to the "fallback mode"14:19
grignome-shell looks as confusing as unity14:19
Venemothe difference is that one can like and get used to gnome-shell in a few days, which is not the case with unity.14:19
Venemohowever, as I said, go for KDE or Xfce then :)14:20
Venemothere is also "kubuntu" and "xubuntu"14:20
*** gri has quit IRC14:24
*** gri has joined #harmattan14:26
*** zarlino has quit IRC14:26
griPhew, classic desktop is still available on 11.04 :)14:27
*** kkito has joined #harmattan14:29
* jreznik uses F15/F16 with KDE :) ah, I know, /me is Fedora/RH KDE devel/maintainer :) but still the best :)14:32
hiemanshujreznik: hush, dont give out secrets, the gnomer users will kill you, and so will the .deb lovers14:33
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan14:34
Venemojreznik, hiemanshu, /me is also a F15 user, haven't tried F16 yet though14:34
kkitokde 4 sucks, but gnome 3 sucks more :D14:34
hiemanshuuse XFCE :D14:35
*** dominikb_ has quit IRC14:36
* TheBootroo is back14:41
TheBootroogri: you can use gnome2 in ubuntu, just selection session 'ubuntu classic (no effect)' in the GDM and this Gnome214:42
griTheBootroo, Did that, still missing sound and can't disable to power-consuming nvidia card14:43
TheBootroothere was a trick with a Grub2 option to disable Nvidia at boot but i think its only for sony viao14:44
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC14:47
grioh, comment #33 seems to solve it14:48
*** Smtih has joined #harmattan14:48
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan14:50
*** mece has left #harmattan14:50
*** guruz is now known as mgoetz14:52
vladestwhat mount points have n950/n9?14:53
SpeedEvilMount points?14:55
DocScrutinizerdevtmpfs on /dev type devtmpfs (rw,relatime,size=504256k,nr_inodes=126064,mode=755)   *PLUS*  devpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,relatime,gid=5,mode=620)  **puzzles me14:58
DocScrutinizererr no14:58
DocScrutinizerjust proves I need glasses ;-P14:58
*** Smtih has quit IRC15:02
DocScrutinizerwazd: ( is there any way to force "repeat") sure, lower right, the usual symbol15:05
*** snowpong has joined #harmattan15:05
wazdDocScrutinizer: try to press it and then switch album for example15:05
wazdDocScrutinizer: it would turn off15:06
DocScrutinizerhmm, ok15:06
DocScrutinizerI think that's no bug but a feature ;-)15:06
wazdand that pisses me off! :D15:06
DocScrutinizerget a better mp3 player then (if aegis allows you to do ;-P)15:07
RST38hMoo, wazd, Doc15:08
DocScrutinizermoo RST38h15:08
wazdI'm pretty fine witht he stock one but I just don't understand that solution15:08
wazdRST38h: o/15:08
MohammadAGforce repeat = repeat always on?15:08
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan15:09
MohammadAGyou could have a MafwPlaylist daemon that listens to that15:09
MohammadAGif repeat is set to off, set to on again15:09
* DocScrutinizer got hooked by activating mp3 player for mere test purposes, now heads out to listen to B52's for an hour or two15:09
RST38hspeaking of mp3 player...15:10
TheBootrooBTW the stock music player is not very good15:10
*** rzr is now known as RzR15:20
RzRdo u need me to operate on shared repo15:21
RzRi am online for few hours15:21
RST38hAh here he is15:24
RST38hRzR: Actually, yes, we need you to operate on shared repo15:24
RST38hRzR: You have got a packaged called readline-common in your repo that clashes with the same package in the Nokia official repo15:25
RST38hRzR: This leads to "apt-get upgrade" constantly offering to upgrade the package but not being able to do it (because the same package is already installed from Nokia and apt-get prefers Nokia's repo to yours)15:25
TheBootroois some one here well skilled on the harmattan graphics system ?15:45
TheBootrooi need to understand why the antialiasing is disabled on the n950 and enabled on my computer15:48
MohammadAGOn the positive side, fortunately, I've not found a way to send Premium SMSs without credentials yet. Mostly because every time I succeeded I would have to pay the SMS, which I'm not willing to do15:48
VenemoMohammadAG, quote from javis?15:48
MohammadAGjavispedro forgot that MyNokia/cherry would be signed I guess15:48
RST38hYes, because it is a useful and reliable utility, totally safe!15:49
TheBootrooeven on my computer when i force openGl graphicssystem the AA dont work, gradients are destroyed and some weird bugs appears15:57
*** frinring has quit IRC15:57
TheBootroowhat can i do ?15:58
*** briglia has joined #harmattan15:58
*** spenap has quit IRC15:59
MohammadAGhow does aegis decide what the origin is?16:00
TheBootroohere is the reference Raster mode :   and here is the OpenGL mode :
hiemanshuMohammadAG: because nokia packages are signed?16:00
TheBootroohelp please, opengl is ugly but meego forces opengl, and raster is heavy16:00
MohammadAGhiemanshu, no, it's not that16:00
MohammadAGit can know the origin16:00
MohammadAGget a signed package and upload it somewhere, you can't install it16:00
*** frinring has joined #harmattan16:01
*** berndhs has joined #harmattan16:02
griWow! Compiliing and creating a package with MADDE under ubuntu is about seconds whereas on windows it takes two minutes for me16:02
TheBootroogri: hehe16:02
TheBootroogri: its because Ubuntu > Windows16:02
TheBootroo(we are friday isn't it :D )16:02
TheBootroosomeone has an idea to fix my problem with openGL graphicssystem ?16:03
griTheBootroo, Windows is unusable if you're running many small processes like in packaging is done.16:03
jreznikanna icon generator does not work for me - I get only black background... any non ait/psd template available (for inkscape is the best!)16:03
TheBootrooi tried to enable diffrent flags of the QGV but no effect16:03
TheBootroojreznik: use SVG, not AIT or PSD16:04
TheBootrooand use the javispedro icon generator, works well  for me16:04
MohammadAGgri, perl and stuff, yes16:05
jreznikTheBootroo: where can I get SVG? I was googling and found only ait/psd ones but looks like gimp can read psd so it's ok right now :)16:05
TheBootroojreznik: what do you search? only an icon for your prog take a small SV in inskape, and javis utility will do the squircle :
*** eman has joined #harmattan16:08
RzRRST38h: i did rm rl616:10
*** vladest has quit IRC16:10
TheBootroocan someone here explain me why OpenGL gives a such crappy result compared to Raster ?16:11
RzRRST38h: plaz try to double check and email me why i should do16:11
griFor some reason my project does not work when compiling from linux madde. Windows one and scratchbox did work :/16:11
*** Elessar has joined #harmattan16:11
griplugin cannot be loaded for module "Web2SMS": Cannot load library /usr/lib/qt4/imports/Web2SMS/ (/usr/lib/qt4/imports/Web2SMS/ undefined symbol: _ZNK11CommHistory10GroupModel8rowCountERK11QModelIndex)16:11
*** kevin_b has joined #harmattan16:12
*** slaine has quit IRC16:12
RzRRST38h: put dj in cc. too plz16:12
*** RzR is now known as rZZZr16:12
RST38hRzR: Sorry, I do not know your email address, nor do I know who dj is.16:13
RST38hRzR: So, you will have to go by the information I provided. Here is the readline-common from Nokia:
RST38hRzR: You will find your own version of readline-common in your own repo.16:14
RST38hElessar: Hey, any news on the FBReader/QML port? =)16:14
rZZZrRST38h: rzr@gna.org16:15
*** zarlino has quit IRC16:17
ElessarRST38h: hi, I'm fighting with segfault, dunno any ways to remove it16:19
griplugin cannot be loaded for module "Web2SMS": Cannot load library /usr/lib/qt4/imports/Web2SMS/ (/usr/lib/qt4/imports/Web2SMS/ undefined symbol: _ZNK11CommHistory10GroupModel8rowCountERK11QModelIndex)16:19
grildd | grep comm16:19
grildd: warning: you do not have execution permission for `./'16:19
Elessarstack is corrupted so I can't see the trace16:19
Elessarand valgrind fails with strange error "Valgrind: FATAL: VG_N_SEGNAMES is too low." at FBReader's startup16:19
RST38hA message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its16:19
RST38hrecipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: rzr@free.fr16:19
RST38hElessar: compiling with -g and without -O* does not help?16:20
Elessarhm, it's currently compiles with -O3 -g -pg16:22
ElessarI should check with -O016:22
*** frinring has quit IRC16:23
RST38hElessar: Remove -O completely, leave -g, remove -pg16:24
RST38hElessar: If you still end up with a bad stack, try running the thing under gdb on the device (gdb runs on N950)16:24
ElessarI've tried already to build with "-O0 -g" and run it under gdb on device16:25
Elessarstack is curropted16:26
Elessarthat is why I've tried to run it by valgrind16:26
Elessar> Aegis rejecting valgrind_3.6.1-1_armel.deb: package 'valgrind' already installed from '' -- not replacing it from unknown origin16:27
Elessaris there any way to install build-by-me valgrind?16:27
RST38hno :)16:28
RST38hyou can remove the one from nokia then it will let you install yours I think16:28
TronicI can no longer answer phone calls. Only a black screen is displayed after I swipe to unlock and the ringtone doesn't play at any point.16:28
Elessarhow can I do it?16:28
TronicI've tried rebooting the device, no help.16:29
RST38hdpkg -r valgrind ?16:29
TronicAny suggestions?16:29
Arkenoiinability to replace existing package may cause future problems16:29
RST38hsomehow I doubt you will get much info from valgrind though16:29
RST38hElsessar: At which moment does it crash?16:29
Arkenoii want to add zrtp support to gstreamer and i am not sure it is possible without replacing things16:30
*** maxw has quit IRC16:30
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:31
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan16:32
RST38hElessar: You may be better off surrounding the crash point with printf()s and finding out where it crashes this way16:33
*** slaine has joined #harmattan16:33
*** Milhouse has quit IRC16:33
RST38hStack or no stack, printf(0s do not lie16:33
DocScrutinizer(think I already told it) Aegis sucks! Using an arbitrary intelligent filemanager on my desktop - like I used to do for N900 and N810 and OM FR - to copy some file from $arbitrary-source to sftp://root@N950/* gives me "ERROR: write protected destination"  --- SUCKS! No mater how great and safe aegis might be for consumer grade device, for developr device it's unbearable16:34
ElessarI've tried %)16:34
MohammadAG<Arkenoi> inability to replace existing package may cause future problems16:34
hiemanshuTronic: keep rebooting until it works, happens randomly16:34
RST38hElessar: So, at which (approximate) spot does it crash?16:34
*** Milhouse has joined #harmattan16:34
MohammadAGgoodbye CSSU :p16:34
*** Milhouse has quit IRC16:34
*** Milhouse has joined #harmattan16:34
RST38hAFAIK you can remove existing packages and install your own16:35
RST38hNot every package, but non-essential ones16:35
Elessarhm, how can I remove it without removing packages which depends on it?16:35
MohammadAGgives me ideas16:36
MohammadAGwhy not unhook dpkg from aegis?16:36
MohammadAGso we can at least install upgrades16:36
DocScrutinizerdpkg injects the hashes for aegis, so unless your "unhooked" version does the same (which probably is impossible to implement on current aegis config) you may install upgrades but they won't run as validator fails on them -- [disclaimer] AIUI16:38
hiemanshuwe will find a way through DocScrutinizer, we will :D16:38
Arkenoiamazingly enough, turns out that our aegis fanboy is not even nokia employee, which makes his zealotish attitude having even less sense16:39
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan16:39
berndhsmaybe his wife's second cousin owns Nokia stock16:43
DocScrutinizer(for developr device it's unbearable) and don't tell me a develper has to do things like copying tools to device in an aegis conforming way so the final product can run on consumer devices which of course have strict aegis config. That's obviously nonsense, the above mentioned probelm is just getting in the way of a streamlined development process while being completely unrelated to testing of the app under target platform conditions16:44
Tronichiemanshu: I guess I'll try beta 2 instead.16:45
TronicJust need to find a way to backup my contacts and other stuff first.16:46
DocScrutinizera completely clean approach would be to get a user "developer" that owns *all* the privileges incl those that root is missing, and simply not creating that user on consumer devices. I know I know "aegis doesn't work like that...." - but it *could*, definitely16:46
TronicBtw, what's up with aegis on beta2, cracked already?16:46
Elessarhm, where are sources of installed on device packages?16:47
hiemanshuofc not16:47
fralsArkenoi: and what is your source on this?16:47
Arkenoifrals, was on fmo16:48
Arkenoifmc even16:48
DocScrutinizerfrals: achipa ?16:48
fralsDocScrutinizer: djszapi16:48
DocScrutinizerno achipa16:48
fralsDocScrutinizer: ah, doh, ok :)16:49
DocScrutinizersaid exactly this, here in this very chan16:49
fralsfriday afternoon so brain is approaching hibernate16:49
fralsyeah, i guess you can nitpick and say hes not a nokia employee16:49
fralsbut that doesnt mean hes not working on harmattan for nokia otoh16:50
fralscrash fix commited, time to go home \o/16:50
DocScrutinizerI'd just like to know the boilerplate on the office building he's entering each morning16:50
kimjuDocScrutinizer, would be easy to do.. with login shell like "if(uid == devel_uid){execv(/bin/sh);}" and grant that with enough of tokens..16:50
DocScrutinizerkimju: just set the login shell for user "developer" accordingly, and set up according rules in aegis so it will not run under any other account16:51
grikimju, Developer already has /bin/develsh as login shell16:51
*** jreznik has quit IRC16:52
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan16:52
griMohammadAG, Mind helping me with a strange linker error?16:52
DocScrutinizerhey, I heard develsh is no more on beta2? so what'S the developer login shell then?16:52
griDocScrutinizer, It exists but the origin changed from "" to "" on beta216:53
griso it has less credentials16:53
VenemoArkenoi, this is not really news16:53
griIf I have, and, a line with "LIBS += -lcommhistory0" should work, right? I always get "cannot find -lcommhistory0"16:55
gri(strangely this worked with madde on windows)16:55
Venemogri, either LIBS or use pkg-config16:56
griVenemo, even the pkg-config key does not work16:56
griit links -lcommhistory16:56
hiemanshuDocScrutinizer: there is develsh, and devel-sh16:56
hiemanshuno sure how different it is16:56
griin scratchbox and windows madde I have no problem, linux madde does not work16:57
grihiemanshu, Both are in the same package16:57
hiemanshuwhy two binaries then?16:57
griIf one still had the .deb from beta1, we could get the old credentials in beta2 since it's signed from
grithey removed the old version from the servers, already tried that ..16:58
DocScrutinizerhiemanshu: aegis credentials are per binary file*inode16:59
hiemanshubut what is the difference between the two is what I would like to know17:00
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan17:00
griI think both are the same17:00
DocScrutinizerthat'S the whole trick of develsh (and devel-sh), which is a binary as simple as it gets, basically doing an exec(sh)17:00
DocScrutinizerthe difference are the "permissions" assigned to them I guess17:00
DocScrutinizerif you could get a binary signed by nokia and equipped with *all* the nice permissions, that just does "exec $@" you'd basically be done17:02
*** lamikr has quit IRC17:02
Stskeepsi really wonder what the hold-up for a kernel that has aegis enforcement disabled is17:02
DocScrutinizerI wonder what the holdup for beta2 kernel source is17:03
Stskeepswell, or beta2 anything17:03
Stskeepsperhaps they just forgot, they .. tend to do that at times17:03
*** djszapi has left #harmattan17:03
* DocScrutinizer googles for some new nicely dirty swearwords, then logs in to aegis-coffin via ssh to wget the files he's not allowed to sftp://root@n95017:04
Venemowhat happens if one does 'apt-get remove aegis*'?17:05
DocScrutinizeryou tell us17:05
* Venemo hasn't dared to try17:05
*** zarlino has quit IRC17:06
*** kkito has quit IRC17:06
DocScrutinizer  -s  No-act. Perform ordering simulation17:07
*** npm_ is now known as npm17:08
DocScrutinizerfor your entertainment:
VenemoDocScrutinizer, it's not really that entertaining17:11
*** TheBootroo has left #harmattan17:12
RST38h"45% of Android users to upgrade to rival phone OSes"17:13
RST38hWhat is a "rival phone OS"?17:13
VenemoRST38h, WP717:13
RST38hDoc: Why are you getting medieval on your N950? =)17:14
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan17:16
griDocScrutinizer, Do you still have the 1.13 develsh package in your /var/cache/apt/archives?17:17
rZZZrRST38h: back17:18
DocScrutinizer51why not? if it ever been there17:18
griI don't know where else the packages are stored :)17:19
rZZZrRST38h: do u want me to add u as membere of that repo17:19
hiemanshuDocScrutinizer: now reboot!17:21
DocScrutinizer51hiemanshu: wut?17:22
hiemanshuDocScrutinizer: after apt-get remove aegis* :P17:22
*** jreznik has quit IRC17:22
DocScrutinizer51you think -s wasn't what I thought it was?17:22
*** dominikb has joined #harmattan17:22
RST38hrZZZr: No. I want you to fix your repo so that it does not contain packages clashing with the official Nokia repo.17:22
*** zarlino has quit IRC17:23
rZZZrRST38h: the pb is that i ll get my hands on a real computer in 2 weeks17:24
*** gri has quit IRC17:25
*** vladest has joined #harmattan17:27
DocScrutinizerhiemanshu: I can do "apt-get remove -s aegis*" all day long, and always get same output. Don't you think if it actually did change anything, then the second invocation should look different than the first?17:28
*** wazd_ has joined #harmattan17:28
*** gri_ has joined #harmattan17:29
*** wazd has quit IRC17:29
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan17:30
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan17:30
*** gri_ is now known as gri17:30
DocScrutinizer     0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  a  b  c  d  e  f    0123456789abcdef17:50
DocScrutinizer00: 40 30 0a 51 09 2c 40 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff    @0?Q?,@.........17:50
DocScrutinizerdoes this look familiar to you?17:50
DocScrutinizeractually addr i2cbus2:0x6b17:51
DocScrutinizeriirc reg3 been ID register of other BQ chips, no?17:53
DocScrutinizermeh, we should move to mhd17:53
RST38hrZZZr: If you cannot do it remotely yourself, maybe you can ask the other guy (dj?) to do it?17:55
RST38hMeanwhile: "The idea of drinking pigeon milk may bring a shudder to every sane and rational person in the world, but it's actually quite nutritious."17:55
rZZZrRST38h: plz do if u met him17:56
*** eman has quit IRC18:01
*** achipa has quit IRC18:05
*** harbaum has quit IRC18:05
TronicWhich version develsh still has the old permissions?18:09
TronicI have develsh_1.14+0m618:09
TronicI can backup the .deb in case someone wants to try it on beta2.18:10
TronicI guess 1.14 is the b0rked one :(18:13
griTronic, 1.13 was beta118:15
* Tronic is still running beta118:16
griYes, but there were updates some days ago18:16
griif you ran them, you have 1.1418:16
*** nebulon has quit IRC18:17
griTronic, Please take a look at /var/lib/aegis/restok/restok.conf and see if develsh has a "Source:" entry18:17
griIf you have the source entry, you still have the desired credentials18:20
griTronic, Do you have 1.14 installed or not? A friend of mine has 1.14 on his disk but 1.13 installed18:22
griTronic, Please run "dpkg --status develsh | grep Version"18:23
TronicI seem to have 1.13 installed.18:23
TronicWouldn't you get that installed also by one click flasher, or did that have develsh installed by default?18:24
Tronic(if you still have the beta1 flasher)18:24
griI don't have the old one and nobody tried downgrading18:25
griThe problem is, if it's preinstalled on beta1, you don't have the package in cache18:25
griIf it's not preinstalled, it will install 1.1418:25
TronicYep. I also tried googling for the deb, but no luck with that.18:26
MohammadAGapt-get --reinstall install develsh=1.13+0m6?18:27
TronicStrange if no-one mirrored it.18:27
TronicMohammadAG: Needs the .deb and that has been deleted from servers.18:27
MohammadAGwhat's the use anyway18:27
MohammadAGeven if you have the deb18:27
MohammadAGif it's not from Nokia's servers it won't work18:27
griMohammadAG, The 1.13 is not on the servers anymore18:28
TronicIsn't the deb itself signed by Nokia's keys?18:28
griMohammadAG, The key is in the deb18:28
MohammadAGTronic, still won't install it18:28
griI think18:28
TronicI suppose that taking the develsh binary from an old system and injecting it into another device isn't possible?18:29
MohammadAGyou can get signed debs and they won't install18:29
MohammadAGthey have to be on Nokia's servers18:29
TronicMohammadAG: Is the server connection using SSL?18:29
TronicBecause HTTP you could trivially fake.18:29
Elessarhm, it can work18:30
Elessarapt-get uses simple http connection18:30
griharmattan does not use standard apt-get18:30
griit's a modified version18:30
alteregoEven fremantle used https apt repos18:30
alteregoDone thing nowadays18:30
*** slaine has quit IRC18:32
*** tbf_ has joined #harmattan18:34
griMohammadAG, The origin seems do be in the deb file18:35
griMohammadAG, sdk-connectivity-tool18:36
griI installed it from disk and it still says ""18:37
*** tbf has quit IRC18:37
griOtherwise develsh would not come from "" even though it's on nokia servers18:39
TronicFor the record: even if we can find 1.13 somehow, wouldn't Nokia have banned that package in beta2?18:41
Tronic(which is a standard practice in DRM systems when there is a leak)18:42
Elessarhm, I have only develsh-0.14 deb package18:44
*** smoku has quit IRC18:45
*** wazd_ has quit IRC18:54
DocScrutinizerwhat a useless redundant work :-/
*** elzalem has joined #harmattan18:57
* DocScrutinizer feels fed up with downloading pdfs from TI18:57
DocScrutinizerwhile Nokia could've added component names in their schematics18:58
griTronic, I don't think it's banned18:58
StskeepsDocScrutinizer: probably a silly question, but isn't the battery module in lsmod?18:58
DocScrutinizermaybe, dunno18:59
MohammadAGsillier question, can you run lsmod :P18:59
DocScrutinizerlemme check18:59
MohammadAGoh nice19:00
MohammadAGBCM GPS module19:00
MohammadAGthat's why it broke19:00
DocScrutinizernuttin that looks faintly like a battery module19:00
griMohammadAG, If the key is on the packages and we would be able to extract the flasher, couldn't one add a community key assigned to ""?19:00
MohammadAGcause broadcom sucks19:00
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC19:00
DocScrutinizerStskeeps: but we got bme again \o/19:00
DocScrutinizerRM680-22-6_PR_RM680:~# bme_RX-71 --version19:01
DocScrutinizerBattery Management Entity (BME), version
DocScrutinizerCopyright (c) 2003-2011 Nokia Corporation. All rights reserved.19:01
MohammadAGgri no idea19:01
MohammadAGexpert on this would be javispedro, not me19:01
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC19:03
*** elzalem has quit IRC19:03
*** lardman has joined #harmattan19:14
*** Jeffrey04 has joined #harmattan19:34
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan19:48
*** fuz_ has quit IRC19:48
*** fuz_ has joined #harmattan19:53
*** hiemanshu has quit IRC19:57
*** Jeffrey04 has quit IRC19:58
DocScrutinizerhmm, time for jrbme-9(50)? ?19:59
*** zehjotkah has joined #harmattan20:00
*** hiemanshu has joined #harmattan20:01
*** faenil has joined #harmattan20:01
*** hiemanshu has quit IRC20:01
*** hiemanshu has joined #harmattan20:01
faenilcan't believe I'm here xD slept 4 hours, and got 8hours of lessons...20:01
DocScrutinizeryour own fault, nobody else to blame ;-D20:01
berndhsjust sleep in class20:02
DocScrutinizerexcept of course we are such a nice crowd20:02
DocScrutinizerberndhs: I was expert in that discipline20:03
DocScrutinizeresp the physics lessons were so "yawn, did that when I was 5yo"20:03
berndhsas long as you don't sit in the first row20:04
DocScrutinizerdepends on teacher's habits20:04
hiemanshuwe sit on the last bench and work up code and such20:04
berndhsi usually listened to the lectures, then i didnt have to study20:05
hiemanshuI did a mix of both20:05
hiemanshuand managed to do ok in exams without studying most of the time20:05
DocScrutinizerI usually studied at home, years before I had to know it at school20:06
DocScrutinizerpretty stupid, but meh20:06
*** dominikb_ has joined #harmattan20:07
*** dominikb has quit IRC20:07
DocScrutinizeresp annoying if you get a bad rank on a test because you used methods (to a perfect result) that hadn't been taught yet20:07
*** andre__ has quit IRC20:10
berndhslet's face it, linux audio processing sucks20:11
SpeedEvilberndhs: you came to that realisation about a couple of decades late20:11
berndhslet's get Lennart to go fix it20:11
hiemanshulike he cares20:12
infobot'sth is poettering' means it acts invasive, possessive, destructive, and generally in an egocentric exacerbating negative way. ``this cancer is extremely poettering''20:12
faenilwhat about neutrines? :D20:15
*** Venemo has quit IRC20:16
snowpongAnyone played around with volume keys? Right now I'm using QmKeys to catch the hw keys from the n950 + headphones - but the global volume and my apps volume are not aligned it seems - is there some magic trick that I'm missing?20:16
* snowpong is setting the volume through gstreamer20:17
DocScrutinizersnowpong: maybe has something that applies here as well?20:20
*** Elessar has left #harmattan20:20
*** BrettQ has quit IRC20:22
DocScrutinizeraiui mafw isn't existent anymore on HARM though20:22
*** BrettQ has joined #harmattan20:22
*** BrettQ has joined #harmattan20:22
snowpongDocScrutinizer: or it's some resource policy thing - I see an AudioPlaybackType20:24
* DocScrutinizer just felt like doing a lil fancy and try to find sth about volume at --- watchin 209(!!!) pictures to get loaded - *YAWN*20:25
DocScrutinizerone up: 184 pics20:26
gritoday I hate gitorious20:27
grislow as hell, lost my whole comment I've just written ...20:27
berndhswell, gitorious is not for people in a hurry20:28
*** lardman has quit IRC20:28
DocScrutinizer  --- ***YAWN***!20:28
grigrrr, firefox doesn't even remember my text :(((20:29
zehjotkahhi everyone20:31
*** seif has quit IRC20:32
snowpongDocScrutinizer: I think I need to request some ResourcePolicy for it - hmm will have to investigate another day20:32
DocScrutinizersnowpong: sounds about right20:33
*** seif has joined #harmattan20:33
*** seif has quit IRC20:33
DocScrutinizeranyway I give up on that awkward - It makes me swear20:34
*** seif has joined #harmattan20:34
DocScrutinizerhi zehjotkah20:34
zehjotkahhey DocScrutinizer :)20:34
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan20:34
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan20:35
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan20:35
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: hi! o/20:35
faenilhey javis :)20:35
javispedrohi gentlemen20:35
*** dimitar has joined #harmattan20:36
Venemohi zehjotkah :)20:36
zehjotkahHi Venemo :)20:37
*** BrettQ has quit IRC20:38
zehjotkahhey Javis, Javier told me he's in contact with you20:38
zehjotkahwould be awesome if in the end there could be just one unified app for all well knows bluetooth watches20:39
zehjotkah(I meant Xavier is in contact with you^^)20:39
javispedroyeah, you confused me for a while.20:39
javispedroyes he is20:39
javispedroyeah, I guess we can build one eventually.20:40
javispedroHowever, what he has told me so far about the MBW-150 is scaring20:40
zehjotkahI don't know anything about developing... ;) but maybe it helps to take a look into openwatch for n900?20:40
javispedroit seems that the watch initiates the connection, searching for a device with SPP20:40
javispedroand of course, pnatd on the N950 answers...20:40
javispedro(pnatd is what makes Dial-Up Networking over Bluetooth possible)20:41
javispedrozehjotkah: it is closed source20:41
DocScrutinizer  "beyond U"  - priceless20:41
*** BrettQ has joined #harmattan20:41
zehjotkahand let me guess, aegis does something in conflict with pnatd?20:41
javispedrozehjotkah: go and download the source, if you can find a single line, I'll be surprised =)20:41
javispedrono, no problems about aegis20:41
javispedrohere, it's just pnatd being closed that is the problem20:41
javispedroif you cannot get the watch to try and connect to some other RFCOMM port, you're boned.20:42
*** snowpong has quit IRC20:42
javispedro(well, there's always the option of killing it, but then, you lose bluetooth dial-up networking)20:42
DocScrutinizerRM680-22-6_PR_RM680:~# pnatd --help20:43
DocScrutinizerUsage: pnatd [-d] [TTY node]20:43
DocScrutinizerwhy was my idea pnatd was gone on N950?20:43
javispedrodunno =)20:43
javispedrobut I have to wonder how do they solve this is android20:44
DocScrutinizerkill pnatd? hehe, good luck20:44
javispedrobecause I'd expect Android to also run a AT* answer-machine ( ;) ) daemon and expose it as SPP/DUN profiles20:44
* RST38h moos at javispedro with passion20:45
javispedrohelo RST38h20:45
RST38hjavispedro: some other company announced an Android environment for Meego (and Linux in general)20:46
DocScrutinizeractually I'd consider un"censored" exposal of pnatd AT-if via BT quite a bit of an issue20:46
RST38hjavispedro: Maybe it is time to put 'em out of business? =)20:46
*** zarlino has quit IRC20:46
javispedroRST38h: it's probably risk #1 in their managerial risk list ;)20:46
RST38hjavispedro: I suppose their risk #1 already got materialized when Meego folded20:47
javispedroRST38h: well, that's why they also mentioned WebOS.20:47
javispedro.... ooops ;)20:47
Stskeeps.. and qnx20:47
*** wazd has joined #harmattan20:48
RST38hStskeeps:Did I miss something...err...Canadian today?20:48
DocScrutinizeraiui that announcement dated back to february, no?20:48
javispedroDocScrutinizer: no, this is a new fish in the pond20:48
javispedrofrom few days ago20:48
DocScrutinizerso not alien dalvik?20:49
RST38hDoc: Right20:49
*** artemma has quit IRC20:49
javispedroeither way, I keep what I said last time. doing that is not hard, just requires a lot of time. Time that if I had available would be spent into doing the same for iOS which would be more .. interesting.20:49
*** Termana has quit IRC20:49
DocScrutinizermakes sense: announce an addon for an OS that's already dead20:50
RST38hjavispedro: less disruptive though20:50
RST38hDoc: They probably had it in the works long before they found out about this unfortunate detail20:50
RST38hBesides, theirs works in generic Linux, or so they say20:50
*** Termana has joined #harmattan20:50
*** Termana is now known as Guest5449520:50
DocScrutinizeryet another dalvik emulator20:51
javispedroRST38h: I mean iOS binaries on other platforms20:51
*** seif has quit IRC20:51
javispedroif that's not disruptive I don't know what is =)20:51
Stskeepswhat, ios binaries on other platforms?20:51
Stskeepsjavispedro: actually, i met someone who had ported some basic stuff from ios20:52
javispedroStskeeps: entirely doable realm20:52
Stskeepshe was in #meego i think20:52
javispedroStskeeps: I've run puts("Hello World")-style apps20:52
zehjotkahwouldn't this be totally sueable by apple? ;)20:52
RST38hzehjotkah: on what grounds?20:53
zehjotkahdon't know... they would find something...20:53
javispedrowas writing exactly the same as RST38h ;)20:53
DocScrutinizerround corners20:53
DocScrutinizerusage of character "i"20:54
javispedroUsage of an electronical device with an screen20:54
DocScrutinizer16bit ints20:54
RST38hare 16bit ints copyrighted nowadays?20:54
*** seif has joined #harmattan20:54
DocScrutinizersure, like rounded corners are20:54
zehjotkahusing intelectual property, stolen from apples store on non apple-authorized hw ^^20:55
Venemobut only in USA.20:55
zehjotkahsomething like this20:55
javispedroPalm got a patent on handle -> lock() -> void* memory management20:55
zehjotkahthey would find something for sure20:55
javispedroso I can believe anything these days20:55
RST38h"Defendant's hindquarters resemble the copyrighted Apple logo"20:56
RST38hWill this work in court?20:56
zehjotkahanyways, if someone would make something like wine but ios -> another OS, he would be famous over night20:56
* RST38h thinks of remedies and falls to the floor20:57
DocScrutinizerback to vboost20:57
javispedrozehjotkah: it quickly gets tedious when you get to the largest list of apple classes, what I wanted to see was if I could avoid that and just get to the point where the application starts doing OpenGL ES calls20:58
javispedro*large list20:58
javispedrosadly, all of the applications in my test set used way too much of the iphone to be able to do it in a few weekends which is where my attention span ends =)20:58
javispedro*of the iphone api20:59
*** hardaker has quit IRC20:59
*** crevetor has quit IRC21:00
javispedro(they were all games, I mean)21:00
zehjotkahof course ;)21:00
zehjotkahbtw. what's up with PreEnv for Harmattan? ;)21:01
zehjotkahlet me guess: aegis? ^^21:01
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan21:01
javispedroplus, there was a problem that maybe Stskeeps knows about. iOS mandates 4-byte stack alignment, eabi seems to mandate 8. So either you write small wrappers everywhere (not an automatic task, because depending on the number of function arguments, you need to copy part of the stack)21:03
*** TheBootroo has joined #harmattan21:03
javispedroor you get random crashes in c library functions which in some ways I still don't understand really assume 8-byte alignment even when only doing integers =)21:03
javispedrozehjotkah: well, webos is dead, so it has lost a bit of interest.21:03
javispedroplus, I wasn't able to get a touchpad..21:04
faenilI was looking for one too :(21:04
zehjotkahbut there are some nice games for webos which would run really nicely on the N9/N95021:04
zehjotkahfor example I'm really missing risk21:04
zehjotkahthe game "risk"21:04
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan21:05
javispedrohey, maybe EA will port them this time </optimist>21:05
zehjotkahyeah for sure they will ^^21:06
zehjotkah</sarkastic realist>21:06
TheBootrooEA has partnershio with MeeGo and had not with maemo so we can realistically think they WILL port some games21:07
TheBootroohave NFS Shift)21:07
TheBootroo(we already a21:07
zehjotkahhm, yeah, you're right... /hoping21:08
griea games are mostly sdl21:09
javispedronot really sdl21:09
javispedroah well21:10
javispedrodunno what they used in harmattan, maybe they do!21:10
griThe webos ones were21:10
* javispedro would be happy to hear21:10
javispedrogri: _all_ webos games are SDL21:10
javispedrothe EA games I know about are basically based on some old JavaME -> C++ converter,21:10
javispedrothey still sometimes print "java.lang.String" on stdout =)21:11
gribtw. everything EA takes over gets bad :/21:11
wazdgri: well, I wouldn't be that radical :P21:17
GeneralAntillesLet's hope Mass Effect 3 doesn't suck.21:18
javispedro2 sucked for me, 1 has been virtually the only FPS I've been able to stand until completing it21:19
wazdGeneralAntilles: why would it :)21:19
javispedrobut 2, I stopped right after 5 minutes and still haven't picked it up again.21:19
* gri only waits for Assasins Creed Revelations and Uncharted 3 - I waited the whole year for them and still two month to go :(21:20
wazdjavispedro: I was playing thru 2 like a child :)21:20
wazdjavispedro: haven't touched 1 yet21:20
javispedro1 gets tedious IMHO towards the end, but I quite like how it starts21:21
wazdjavispedro: want to wait until the third release, install the whole series and play through in a crazy marathon :D21:21
ajalkaneI'm still waiting for Assasins Greed 2 without over the board DRM21:21
wazdajalkane: use tpb, luke :P21:22
griajalkane, PS3 :D21:22
wazdthough AC2 is an amazing game21:22
hiemanshuAC2 is awesome21:22
griwazd, I love the story! Can't wait to continue21:22
ajalkaneah, I've never had consoles21:22
wazdajalkane: thep-bay :)21:23
hiemanshuor at the green demon :D21:23
ajalkanewazd: haha yeah, I might. Still would prefer legal way21:23
wazdgri: not only story, but the whole bunch of historical material wisely implemented into the game is really fascinating.21:24
griI want his suit21:24
wazdno wonder the producer of AC is a woman :P21:24
wazdajalkane: I've bought the legal copy right after finishing the pirated one21:25
wazdajalkane: Cause I was just stunned21:25
ajalkaneI liked even first AC, even with all its faults21:25
wazdFirst was sorta boring21:25
griFirst was doing the same things over and over again21:26
ajalkanewazd: thing is I don't wanna support that kinda drm with my money21:26
griThey impoved in 221:26
ajalkaneyeah, first got tedious quite fast21:26
griajalkane, If you don't like drm, get a console. Placing AC is great with ps3/xbox controller21:27
wazdnot only the same things, but virtual invincibility of the character21:27
griplaying! arg21:27
zehjotkahI'm waiting for just cause 3 ;)21:27
wazdblock+counter, repeat 35000 times21:27
hiemanshugri: I bought a Rumblepad2 just to play AC2 :D21:27
faenilAnyone playing diablo 2 ? :D21:28
faenilonline ofc21:28
hiemanshufinished it ages ago21:28
hiemanshuwaiting for MW3 right now21:28
faenilit does not finish :D21:28
wazdhiemanshu: hehe, same with me, but I've bought Thrustmaster 3-1 wireless :)21:28
faenilyou finished sp maybe :)21:28
hiemanshusp :P21:29
wazdMW3 is for kids, B3 gogogo :)21:29
hiemanshuyeah, B3 as well ofc21:29
faeniloh ok :D it is completely different online :D it's still full of people21:29
faenilso many years have gone, and still21:29
wazdfaenil: I don't want to hurt my mouse anymore :)21:30
zehjotkahthe only game I've played online was jellybattle :D21:30
faenilwazd: ahahha :D21:30
hiemanshuI still play good-ole CS21:30
hiemanshuand there is AoE, and C&C Zero Hour21:31
hiemanshuoh, and the first two versions of commandos21:31
hiemanshuBeyond the Call of Duty and Behind Enemy Lines21:32
faenilI've played COD4 online for about 1 year21:33
hiemanshuI prefer BC2 online over COD421:33
faenilyeah some people do21:35
hiemanshuI have finished the SP over 10 times though, in different state of minds21:35
hiemanshuCOD MW, MW2, BO, all finished in one sitting :P21:36
hiemanshuwell one sitting each :P21:36
faenilI usually skip the single player part21:36
faenilguessed that :D21:36
grinever now your girlfriend(s if you have multiple) "plants vs. zombies"! I always have to fight for my laptop ...21:37
hiemanshugri: thats why you should always have an extra machine :P21:37
hiemanshufaenil: same with Crysis , Warhead and 2 :D21:37
faenilokay I palyed those sp, not online :)21:37
hiemanshuI play 2 online21:38
faenilcrysis and warhead I mean21:38
faenilI played 2 demo online21:38
hiemanshuI got a limited edition one from steam just for the goodies21:38
*** cos^ has quit IRC21:39
*** flux has quit IRC21:39
*** Elessar has joined #harmattan21:41
Elessardoes anybody know if USB on go works for N950?21:42
faenilI don't think so21:43
faenilusb hdd u mean21:43
kimjuno software support for host mode (at least not yet)21:44
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan21:44
zehjotkahaccording to the harmattan device community program wiki, Mohamad AG is working on it21:44
*** BrettQ has quit IRC21:44
hiemanshuzehjotkah: well more than just MohammadAG21:45
*** Elessar has quit IRC21:46
zehjotkahah, yes, sorry:
wazdjust in case, is there any way to add custom stuff to the statusbar menu? :)21:52
*** zarlino has quit IRC21:52
*** faenil has quit IRC21:56
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan21:58
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*** vladest_ is now known as vladest22:02
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*** vladest has quit IRC22:15
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*** BrettQ has joined #harmattan22:16
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan22:16
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*** Guest54495 has quit IRC22:17
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan22:20
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*** BrettQ has joined #harmattan22:25
javispedromy N950 has stopped received mail from POP3S gmail22:31
javispedroseems like a temporary error, logs says it's receiving "-ERR Unknown command" from the server22:32
RST38hit actually works with pop3?22:33
* RST38h is afraid to try, after losing 1 week of mail to the n900 Modest22:33
*** TheBootroo has quit IRC22:33
javispedroyeah, it used to work22:34
*** zarlino has quit IRC22:34
javispedroin fact it worked this morning, so it must really be a temporary error22:35
* javispedro hopes so22:35
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:36
*** gri has quit IRC22:37
fralsanyone found a decent api to get sim imsi?22:40
fralsnvm, qsystemdeviceinfo should have it22:40
dm8tbrfrals: erm, if you really can get the IMSI that way I'd be concerned. did you mean IMEI?22:43
ieatlintyeah, i was about to say22:43
fralsdm8tbr: i meant imsi22:43
ieatlinti know the "systeminfo" app gives out the imsi, which irked me22:43
ieatlintif aegis allows apps to randomly query the imsi, then god damn, wtf does it even remotely accomplish?22:44
dm8tbrIMSI on a GSM network level is considered close to secret22:45
ieatlintok, if that works, i'm going to make an "IMSI Harvester" application for purely educational analytics22:46
Venemoieatlint, how much 're you going to pay me if I add your IMSI Harvester to my app and upload it to Ovi Store? :P22:47
ieatlint"Compare your IMSI to other users! See if your's is better!"22:47
ieatlintmaybe with one fewer apostrophe though22:47
ieatlintVenemo: i'll buy you a beer?22:48
dm8tbr - hmmmm22:48
ieatlintdm8tbr: the ReadDeviceData capability in symbian requires a special certificate22:48
Venemoieatlint, :P22:48
ieatlintyou can't just throw together an app and run that program, even on your own device22:49
ieatlintyou need to get it signed22:49
ieatlinti just blindly assumed the "systeminfo" app went through a similar signing process22:50
dm8tbrhmm there seems to be a AT command for it. need to try with some phones :)22:51
fralsdid anyone find a nice list of all the icons available?22:53 api library seems complete shit and refuses to let me find anything of value22:53
RST38hfrals: Wait until they completely switch to MSDN22:54
Venemofrals, yes, they're in a directory somewhere... forgot the name, but I think somewhere in /usr/share/themes/blanco/icons maybe?22:54
fralsVenemo: cheers, figured if they were all shown on a nice page somewhere but i guess thats expecting too much22:54
Venemofrals, if there is such a page, I haven't seen it :)22:55
ieatlintclearly someone should make such a page22:55
RST38hclearly not Nokia22:55
ieatlintthat should be their new slogan22:55
*** Sicelo has joined #harmattan22:56
VenemoRST38h, what's wrong with MSDN?22:58
fralsso this publish&subscripe api seems dysfunctional, thats great23:03
fralsqprocess::execute <323:03
*** smokex has joined #harmattan23:05
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan23:06
*** rm_work has quit IRC23:08
mtdwazd: did you figure out any way of adding things to the statusbar?23:09
mtdwazd: Files like /usr/share/meegotouch/applicationextensions/statusindicatormenu-presence.desktop seem vaguely interesting23:09
javispedroyou cannot add things to the statusbar23:10
javispedroit's hardcoded23:10
ieatlintdoes that include when you have it drop down?23:11
javispedroafaik, yes.23:11
smokexdoes anyone know how that guy got the flashlight app to actually do torch mode (from ovi store)23:11
javispedro"torch mode"?23:11
ieatlintif i had to guess, there's a file in /sys that you can use to toggle the led that he hits23:12
smokexFlashTorch if it worked properly in mobility23:12
*** achipa has joined #harmattan23:12
smokexk I'll check there thanks23:13
javispedroAegis should forbit that..23:13
javispedrore adding things to status bar, see and vote in the attached bug report23:13
mtdjavispedro: disappointing, but thanks for the info23:16
*** tbf_ has quit IRC23:19
*** wazd has quit IRC23:26
*** BrettQ has quit IRC23:30
*** BrettQ has joined #harmattan23:30
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan23:31
mtdanyone rebuilt python-minimal?  I think I need to request some aegis permissions for python scripts, and for development I'd like /usr/bin/python to have the perms...but if someone has already done it...23:31
*** trx has quit IRC23:37
*** trx has joined #harmattan23:43
joejoejavispedro, i went to bed yesterday, here is the broken package , today found out, that it helps to  remove some png images from package23:46
*** wazd has joined #harmattan23:46
joejoei still do not understand where was the problem, but it is working now for me..23:47
*** dimitar has quit IRC23:47
*** dimitar has joined #harmattan23:48
*** dimitar has quit IRC23:50

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