IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2011-09-18

Arkenoipiggz: which repository?00:16
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* nibbler retried with 482ce0b01cef4432d3565f5b1674600d / Linux_Quick_OCF_22-6_EMMC_RM680-OEM1-916.bin - successfully!00:47
nibblerfor the record... it's available here:
nibblerthe other one gave me  ERROR: Failed to erase MMC using 'secure' method  and  Erasing unsuccess00:48
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berndhshow do I tell the vritual keyboad to go in portrait mode ?02:15
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javispedrofunnily enough, the statusbar bluetooth icon seems to _disappear_ when I actually use bluetooth06:05
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berndhsonly enough power budget for BT or icon, not both ?06:13
javispedropossibly =)06:14
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ScifigDoes anyone have a recommendation on keeping/deleting DigiNotar cert from harmattan? If deleting, how? Not that I have hyper-confidential data. I want to know what you guys did.07:19
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dm8tbrScifig: I'd expect that it will not be present in an update to more recent firmware08:31
Stskeepsmorn dm8tbr08:32
dm8tbrmrng Stskeeps08:32
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Scifigdm8tbr, GM. Hopefully it will be revoked. Allowing deletion by users would have been helpful with more CAs getting hacked these days.08:37
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Stskeepsi thought there's a certificate manager08:39
dm8tbryeah, but apparently you can't remove...08:42
ScifigStskeeps, atleast not through UI. May be some sqlite DB modification works.08:43
ScifigBut with aegis I would think twice before modifying pre-installed files08:43
StskeepsScifig: fairly sure i saw a list of certificate somewhere08:44
Stskeepsin settings08:44
Scifigyes it is read-only though08:44
Stskeepstap and hold?08:44
Stskeepsor click and delete08:44
Scifigtap and hold --> Details page. Highlight and Backspace (or) Ctrl+X doesn't work :)08:46
dm8tbrhmm could be a valid bug for PMO08:46
ScifigApparantly they didn't anticipate CAs getting hacked08:47
ScifigI don't blame them08:48
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dm8tbrI think being able to individually revoke trust for CAs has always been a valid point08:49
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ScifigAgree. I have read that some people like to revoke trust for all CAs from certain countries. That's a bit too paranoid for me. But it is good to have a choice.08:59
* Scifig wonders whether user-installed certificates can be deleted09:00
nibblerrevoking trust from CAs is indeed rather important.09:02
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MohammadAGaren't the packages open?14:26
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MohammadAGpower saving mode is way too annoying sometimes14:29
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tstaerkhi, Sput told me you are the real experts for what I want.15:26
tstaerkWhat is a harmattan device?15:26
Sputthe N950.15:26
tstaerkok, a don't-call-it-prototype prototype15:27
SpeedEvilAnd the n915:27
SpeedEvilI thought the n9 was supposed to be for sale on the 15th15:28
tstaerkSpeedEvil: never mind I was mistaken15:28
tstaerkso what does harmattan stand for? Wikipedia does not seem to know.15:28
SpeedEvilIt's a sort of wind15:29
SpeedEvilIt's a theme of naming of the various maemo platforms.15:29
tstaerkyou are becoming like Intel with their codenames15:29
tstaerkN950 is meego-based, correct?15:30
alteregoIt's maemo based with a MeeGo compatible vaneer on to.15:30
infobotit has been said that top is not a benchmark15:30
tstaerkinfobot: I love you15:31
infobotYou love you?15:31
tstaerkinfobot: tell me about you15:31
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MohammadAGis it normal for the N950 to overheat at times?16:19
Stskeepsi think that the metal collects a fair amount of heat16:19
MohammadAGNot the normal heating, the one that almost burns16:19
javispedroI've never seen it16:19
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MohammadAGStskeeps, yeah, I'm used to that from the N8, but this is way more16:20
Stskeepsi think the rssi's are totally fucked in the n95016:20
alteregoI'd ope it up and check your battery isn't bulging16:21
MohammadAGcause opening it up is totally within your agreement's limits ;)16:21
alteregopfft, like no one has openned it up yet ;)16:21
MohammadAGI haven't :p16:22
alteregoWell, I haven't but I probably will one day16:22
* MohammadAG ponders contacting ddp16:22
javispedrono one has!16:22
alteregoMight get a spare battery, I know at least one person does battery swapping16:22
alteregojavispedro: how's your watch? :)16:23
* dm8tbr swaps all the time16:26
dm8tbrit's just so much faster than charging16:26
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javispedroso, "in progress" =)16:30
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javispedroI ponder if the weather data that is shown on the n9 notifications screen will be accessible16:31
alteregoHmmm, how to manage layered mouse areas ..16:31
MohammadAGevents screen javispedro :P16:31
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* alterego wonders if MeeGo CE will be out before we get Harmattan update for N950 :P16:43
SpeedEvilOr maybe Mer.16:45
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alteregoHah, cool, that works :D17:05
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dm8tbralterego: sadly that's not possible AFAIU for 22-6 devices. I don't know the details but I gather booting something own there is quite complicated/impossible.17:10
dm8tbrthat said CE on the N950 works already quite well if you happen to have a device that allows for it17:11
alteregoGood point, we need the update to be able to boot it :/17:24
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bedahris there an easy way to place calls?18:20
alteregoYou mean programmatically?18:20
bedahrI mean without becoming a full telepathy client (?)... a dbus call maybe?18:20
alteregoIt's concievable that the same API used in Maemo5 might work in Harmattan18:21
bedahrdoesn't look like it18:21
bedahrat least the dbus interface is gone18:21
MohammadAGei after c, damn you alterego18:21
alteregoTry this:
bedahralterego: already found that - there is no inteface called ""  (anymore)18:22
bedahrthere is just Com.Nokia.Telephony.CallUi for the ui (which has answering!) and the telepathy stuff18:24
bedahrand telepathy looks a bit much for a simple call:
dm8tbrthis Com.Nokia.Telephony.CallUi - would that also provide data about incoming calls?18:26
MohammadAGdbus-send --system --type=method_call --print-reply /com/nokia/csd/call string:"number" uint32:018:26
bedahrdm8tbr: yes, there are signals18:26
MohammadAGyou'll need the aegis manifest for dbus otherwise it's rejected18:26
MohammadAGin terminal, you need develsh18:27
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bedahrMohammadAG: ahh... I was looking at the session bus xD18:27
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* bedahr closes the telepathy reference documentation (thank god)18:28
dm8tbrvery good info. need to reuse that later for the liveview/metawatch18:30
javispedrodm8tbr: looked at libcommhistory?18:31
alteregoAnyone know off hand how big the harmattan icons are?18:31
dm8tbrjavispedro: no, would that provide real time incoming call info?18:32
javispedrodm8tbr: documentation is not exactly  extensive here18:32
deimosalterego:  80x8018:32
javispedrodm8tbr: dunno yet, but it does list missed call count18:32
alteregodeimos: ;)18:32
javispedro(as well as sms)18:32
MohammadAGin other news, javispedro will be happy that the HP touchpad runs android better now18:36
javispedroI wouldn't use the word better..18:37
bedahrdm8tbr: dbus-monitor can probably help you (if you don't already know it)18:39
javispedrothis reminds me..18:40
dm8tbrI'm still hope to piggyback on whatever happens for the metawatch :)18:40
dm8tbras stuff is fairly similar18:40
javispedroto enable eavesdropping on the session bus in harmattan18:40
javispedrodrop into /etc/dbus-1/session-eavesdropping.conf18:41
javispedroname _is_ important18:41
MohammadAGanyone wanna make a wiki page for N9/50 DBus calls?18:41
MohammadAGyou know, like the notification dbus messages etc etc18:41
* alterego looks at MohammadAG 18:42
alteregoI nominate you18:42
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javispedroPikachu, I choose you!18:42
MohammadAGwe have a pokemon?18:44
MohammadAGneed some opinions18:45
MohammadAGwhat would be a better way to deactivate a notification LED?18:46
MohammadAGwhen the notification is seen or opened?18:46
MohammadAGseen = you saw the lock screen, opened = cleared18:46
MohammadAGI'm thinking clearing them's better since the N950 unlocks itself in my pocket anyway18:46
alteregoThe N900 doesn't clear indicator led when unlocked18:47
alteregoIt does it when you "clear" the notification by viewing it or dismissing it.18:47
alteregoWhich I think is a much better idea.18:47
MohammadAGnow question no. 218:48
MohammadAGdo I have to read some SQLite database to see what notifications there are, or is there an interface?18:49
MohammadAGthere's an eventAdded DBus signal, but no signal for clearing the notifications18:49
alteregoNearly cloned the harmattan home screens with my own QML version18:51
MohammadAGthis should be part of the standard MeeGo API18:51
w00talterego: playing with lipstick?18:51
alteregoWell, that actual UI stuff, need to hook up things like icons for the launcher and stuff18:51
MohammadAGalterego, yay, more memory usage18:51
* MohammadAG hides18:52
alteregow00t: I was thinking of overlaying it on lipstick18:52
w00talterego: please do18:52
w00tsaves me writing the qml ;)18:52
* w00t was just dreading trying to make it not look ugly18:52
alteregow00t: well it's quite close to completion now.18:52
berndhshow does one talk to the virtual keyboard? whether it's displayed, what orientation, that sort of thing18:53
alteregow00t: you know that screencast I showed you the other day with the moving of activities around a grid?18:53
alteregoI use that same system for editing the position of icons in an app launcher now18:53
alteregoLike harmattan18:53
alteregoAnd you can also scroll between the activities and application launcher views too :)18:53
infobotalterego meant: And you can also swipe between the activities and application launcher views too :)18:54
alteregoSo I should be able to wire all of this up to your lipstick stuff, implement the icon reordering backend in pure QML though I might do it in C++ in your code.18:55
alteregoAnd, erm, need a statusbar18:55
alteregoDoes lipstick do anything around the statusbar?18:55
w00tas in, the wifi indicators/etc?18:55
w00tI'm not sure how to best approach that18:55
w00tit's rather system-dependent, which is a pain18:55
alteregoCan we not just use the current meego one?18:56
w00teasiest way would be to wrap a QML item around MStatusBar, but ehh.. I don't want to depend on meegotouch if i can concievably avoid it18:56
MohammadAGwhy not use Qt Mobility and render your own status menu?18:58
alteregoI might see the plausibility of that.18:59
alteregoIt also acts as a good  test of the completeness of mobility on MeeGo CE18:59
alteregoNow to clean up the delegate handling in my wacky gridview19:00
alteregoOh and add auto scrolling when you try to drag an item off the edge of the screen.19:01
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javispedroMohammadAG: oh, so you want to find a way to read current pending MNotifications too?19:01
javispedroI was just trying to guess how that would be done right now.19:01
MohammadAGjavispedro, either that, or find a way to see which ones are added and removed19:01
MohammadAGthat way I can store notification IDs internally19:01
javispedrosome are persistent AIUI19:01
javispedrowhich means system puts them back after a reboot19:01
javispedroso _there_ has to be a DB19:02
MohammadAGjavispedro, look at this
javispedrobut are you sure those are MNotifications?19:02
MohammadAGsame DBus messages19:02
javispedroeither way, ModelTestWatcher is not something I'd paid attention right now =)19:03
javispedrotechnically libcommhistory should be astracted by QtM too19:04
javispedrohere's mnotification for reference :
bedahranother question: is there a quick and easy way to let the user "pick" a contact from his address book? like a ready made (qml) component somewhere? or do I have to resort to the QtMobility API myself (which wouldn't be so bad anyway)?19:05
MohammadAGis there a way to see which files are being written to?19:06
javispedroerr... better url
MohammadAGkinda like strace but for all binaries19:06
bedahrhm there is a contacts picker in meegoo...19:06
javispedroMohammadAG: there's one such option in laptop_mode, but it's probably hard to enable in n950 kernel19:06
MohammadAG"/.config/libmeegotouch/notifications/"19:06 <-- gotcha19:07
javispedronot necessarily19:07
MohammadAGor not19:07
javispedroit might be commhistoryd using MNotification to write that19:07
javispedrowell, those files are written by MNotificationManager in MTF19:08
MohammadAGyes, that's where I found it19:09
javispedroso that's where MNotifications persist19:09
javispedroI wonder if there's a daemon or sth that reads these files at boot and prefills the events view19:10
MohammadAGnothing changes there19:10
javispedrothere's a com.meego.core.MNotificationManager.notificationList method19:11
javispedroreturns a QList<MNotification>19:11
javispedrodbus method actually.19:11
MohammadAGWell, here's where the feed is stored (facebook/twitter/stuff) /.config/meegotouchhome-nokia/eventsfeed.data19:12
javispedroI wish I had a way to send me IMs to the N95019:13
MohammadAGjavispedro, I call myself with skype right now19:13
MohammadAGSkypeOut, you don't pay for missed calls19:13
javispedroah, because you _have_ skype, you evil cheater.19:13
javispedroto the phone..19:13
javispedrook, let's true.19:13
javispedrodoesn't seem to work, empty list returned19:14
javispedro$ qdbus --literal com.meego.core.MNotificationManager /notificationmanager com19:14
javispedro.meego.core.MNotificationManager.notificationList 100019:14
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javispedrouserId is not unix user id =)19:15
MohammadAGwhere are the docs btw?19:16
dm8tbrjavispedro: IMs? XMPP works...19:16
javispedrodm8tbr: not set it up, do you have the way to do it manually around?19:16
dm8tbrI google 'mc-tool xmpp #harmattan' and it's the oldest hit :)19:17
dm8tbr(of those to the log)19:17
javispedroMohammadAG: not that useful ...
javispedrodm8tbr: thanks19:18
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dm8tbrthe only downside I've noticed is that because it's not a fully registered service thingy contacts don't have a button to send them a message, although they will have the status dot19:19
dm8tbronce you have received a message you can just go back to the conversation and use that19:19
javispedrothis is great19:20
javispedrocan you believe it's the first time I see the harmattan IM ui19:20
javispedroyou can start a chat session within the conversations app just fine19:21
MohammadAGjavispedro, you noob19:21
MohammadAGyou should start putting things you found together19:21
javispedrothat makes sense, user id means client id19:23
javispedroyou can get a new one with the notificationUserId method19:23
javispedro(meanwhile, mail app just decided to do its job, so I now have a gazillion MNotifications..)19:24
MohammadAGpoint is19:24
MohammadAGthis seems to be easy19:24
MohammadAGparse all IDs in the folder19:25
javispedrothat's clearly QSettings19:25
javispedroso you don't even need to aprse19:25
MohammadAGuse QSettings to parse19:25
MohammadAGdon't correct me !19:25
* javispedro hides19:25
MohammadAGanyway, read notification ID, cast it to a QList, and you're dnoe19:25
javispedroseems so19:26
javispedrostill need a signal to know when they change19:26
MohammadAGthere's eventsAdded19:26
MohammadAGor eventAdded*19:26
MohammadAGnot sure about removing them, the proxy thing I linked you to seems to monitor them19:27
javispedrothere's removeNotification(userId, notificationId)19:27
MohammadAGthanks for that, need it for sociality19:27
MohammadAGbut that's no signal ;)19:28
MohammadAGisn't this MeeGo's domain?19:28
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javispedrothe implementer of this dbus service is ... wait for it ... system-ui.19:30
alteregoOh, I need to do continuous swiping too.19:31
alteregoThinking about it.19:31
alteregoIs that something people would miss in a swipe like UI?19:31
alteregoBetween home screens?19:31
w00talterego: i don't think it's needed for an initial start (which is why i didn't bother doing it)19:31
alteregoOkay, I'll just clean up my magic gridview code.19:32
MohammadAGjavispedro, that's also MeeGo's domain :p19:32
alteregoThen look at hooking it ontop of lipstick :)19:32
javispedroMohammadAG: seemingly, there's an interface called MNotificationSink which "Notification displayers" are supposed to implement19:33
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan19:33
javispedroobviously swipe implements it19:33
MohammadAGso they forgot to impelement eventDeleted?19:33
javispedrono, but this has all the stuff I at least want19:34
javispedrothis interface is called with stuff like "Notification(MNotification& m)19:34
javispedroand it can signal "notificationRemovalRequest"19:34
MohammadAGoh right19:35
javispedroit even has some docs there19:35
javispedroso, technically, my watch daemon will have to export an implementation of that19:36
* javispedro ponders why that header is not public then19:36
alteregoThat's what I need, a way to share notifications between all my meego devices.19:37
javispedrooh, package libnotificationsystem-dev19:38
javispedroit even has docs19:38
javispedrothey just forgot to put them in harmattan-dev19:38
javispedroverrry nice.19:39
alteregoI used to have a script that showed notifications on my laptop from my N900 when I got sms messages.19:39
MohammadAGjavispedro, so does it actually work :P19:40
javispedroneed to try19:40
javispedroso far, I think it does work19:42
MohammadAGhow do you know?19:42
javispedrobecause two apps already implement the interface, systemui itself (to show the flag icon), and the closed swipe19:43
javispedroso, unless there's a hardcoded list somewhere ... ;P19:43
MohammadAGoh yeah, the flag icon19:45
hiemanshu48 hours to N9 Launch, where is my new firmware?19:49
javispedroright behind you!19:50
javispedronow that I know how to connect to XMPP, who needs new firmware19:50
hiemanshuI need skype19:50
javispedroending calls with the power button is how real men do it!19:50
crevetorjavispedro: I want twitter on my events feed19:50
MohammadAGhiemanshu, what?19:50
MohammadAG48 hours?19:50
crevetorand less bugs19:50
MohammadAGI have twitter on my events feed :P19:51
hiemanshuand not being able to pick up calls19:51
crevetorMohammadAG: how ?19:51
MohammadAGcrevetor, not in a legal way19:51
MohammadAGhiemanshu, wait, so it's on sale in 2 days?19:51
dm8tbrhiemanshu: did you check which plugins are available in telepathy?19:51
MohammadAGwhen can I trade my N950 for it? :P19:52
hiemanshudm8tbr: never got around to it, too busy with real life19:52
hiemanshumoving places, family stuff and such19:52
dm8tbrjust saying...19:52
hiemanshuyeah, maybe when I am at work tomorrow19:53
bedahrhm, I'm getting an error from aegis when accessing the contacts... my manifest looks like this:
hiemanshuI still haven't got my internet at home, I am on via quassel2go on my n90019:53
bedahrand that's the error I get:
bedahrany ideas? might it have something to do with the "missing checksum" that I get during packaging?19:54
MohammadAGjavispedro, I'd love some sample code if you get it working :P19:57
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*** vitna has joined #harmattan20:23
vitnawhat about this channel?20:23
vitnau are harmattan devs?20:24
hiemanshuwe are secretly nuclear scientists too though20:25
hiemanshuMohammadAG: did you procure the nuclear reactor to make fuel for the jet engine?20:26
vitnacan u kill elop with your resoruces?20:26
*** Ravi has joined #harmattan20:26
hiemanshuwe haev a different mission, to take over the world!20:27
MohammadAGhiemanshu, yes, but unfortunately there was a leak that may sink the US20:27
dm8tbrno, but I can make you disappear from this channel...20:27
*** ravirdv has quit IRC20:27
hiemanshuMohammadAG: thats fine, who cared about the  US anyways20:27
vitnadm8tbr...sorry is a joke20:28
vitnasomeone know when will be released an update for N950?20:29
TronicThose who know cannot tell.20:29
TronicMy guess is soon after N9 is available.20:30
dm8tbrthat is the common best guess, yes20:30
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan20:32
vitnathe problem is that the availability of N9 is a mistery too20:33
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*** hiemanshu sets mode: -o hiemanshu20:34
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o hiemanshu20:35
*** hiemanshu changes topic to "A cozy little place for pure harmattan device and development discussions | No discussion that requires NDA please!| And no asking about newer firmware | Developers check this: | | MeeGo N9(|50) CE on its way, MOSLO still missing, discuss in #meego-arm please | RIP lcuk, lets all pray for him | logs: http://mg.po"20:35
javispedroyou _destroyed_ the topic!20:36
hiemanshufixing, give me a few20:36
Venemo"And no asking about newer firmware"??? hiemanshu??? SRSLY???20:36
Venemowell, anyway, I was never asking ABOUT the newer firmware... I was only asking FOR the newer firmware... :P20:37
vitnawhat about you talk here?20:38
vitnaif n9 isnt commercialized yet20:38
vitnaall about the ux harmattan is a secret20:38
vitnaor not?20:38
DocScrutinizerplease don't cram /topic with epic instructions and smalltalk20:39
*** hiemanshu changes topic to "A cozy little place for pure harmattan device and development discussions | No discussion that requires NDA please!| And no asking about newer firmware | Developers check this: | | MeeGo N9(|50) CE on its way, MOSLO still missing, discuss in #meego-arm please | RIP lcuk, lets all pray for him | logs:"20:39
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Venemovitna, not a secret at all...20:40
*** hiemanshu changes topic to " A cozy little place for pure harmattan device and development discussions | No discussion that requires NDA please!| Developers check this: | | MeeGo N9(|50) CE on its way, MOSLO still missing, discuss in #meego-arm please | RIP lcuk, lets all pray for him | logs:"20:40
*** hiemanshu sets mode: -o hiemanshu20:40
hiemanshuSorry for the spam guys20:40
vitnayes i want to know what are the topics here20:40
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan20:40
hiemanshuvitna: soccer20:40
vitnasomeone here is from a country in wich n9 will be commercialized?20:41
vitnabye boys have fun!20:46
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:50
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan20:51
*** tstaerk has quit IRC20:53
alteregoyay :)20:53
hiemanshualterego: whats up :P20:54
alteregoNothing, just need to implement one more transition (remove items from my super QML grid) and I'm ready to attach it to real data :)20:55
alteregoBasically, I have two "home" views, one is like maemo5, but you can move about your open applications.20:56
alteregoAnd the other is a normal applications launcher grid view, where you can move around and remove your apps.20:56
alteregoThis is a kind of harmattan clone for MeeGo CE20:56
alteregoAnd it is coming along realy nicely :)20:57
Venemoalterego, you making a MeeGo UX?20:58
alteregoTrying to yeah.20:59
alteregow00t has done some cool work getting QML code to replace the MTF home stuff in his lipstick project.20:59
alteregoI'm kind of augmenting it with some funky QML and help.20:59
*** vitna has quit IRC21:03
MohammadAGdoes turning on the LED needs some special Aegis related crap?21:05
DocScrutinizernot afaik21:08
MohammadAGPackage led-event-notifier: denied 'mce::LEDControl' -- origin '' does not allow it21:08
MohammadAGPackage led-event-notifier: denied 'mce::LEDControl' for '/usr/bin/led-event-notifier' -- origin '' does not allow it21:08
DocScrutinizerall same as on fremantle21:08
DocScrutinizerooh, via mce/dbus. NFI21:09
* alterego wonders off to do some stuff21:09
MohammadAGwell, that's a day's work lost21:09
DocScrutinizeraegis manifest requesting mce::LEDControl token?21:10
MohammadAGI didn't write any manifest21:10
DocScrutinizeryeah, but you could edit it AIUI21:10
DocScrutinizercongrats, you spotted another misconfig of aegis21:12
DocScrutinizerothers call it bug21:12
MohammadAGoh for fucks' safe21:13
DocScrutinizeror maybe there's a reason why only genuine Nokia pkgs may request mce::LEDControl21:13
DocScrutinizerit maximum safety relevant XP21:13
MohammadAGjavispedro, ping21:13
javispedroah, aegis.21:14
MohammadAGRM680-22-6_PR_RM680:~$ /usr/bin/led-event-notifier21:14
MohammadAGsh: /usr/bin/led-event-notifier: Operation not permitted21:14
MohammadAGunder develsh21:14
MohammadAGthis is annoying21:15
MohammadAGI had it all working without aegis21:15
javispedroso, um, yeah21:15
javispedronot allowed for even ovi apps seemingly21:15
MohammadAGis there a way to make it run21:16
MohammadAGwhere are you checking btw?21:16
DocScrutinizeraccli -I21:16
MohammadAGjavispedro, and is there any way to run the binary?21:17
MohammadAGat least on my device?21:17
javispedroby doing the unseal.ko thing you will bypass the -EPERM, but I don't know if MCE itself implements a separate cotnrol for it21:18
MohammadAGjavispedro, I already did that21:19
DocScrutinizerI wonder if there's actually such a check. Maybe there's simply no mce::LEDControl defined and checked, so aegis blows chunks on your app requesting it21:19
*** trx has quit IRC21:19
*** delphi has joined #harmattan21:19
DocScrutinizersounds weird, I know21:19
javispedrothere's probably a check, /sbin/mce links to
MohammadAGthere probably isn't21:19
MohammadAGI'm using DBus directly21:19
javispedroI need to someday extend my fake signer to add tokens..21:19
*** berndhs has left #harmattan21:20
MohammadAGRM680-22-6_PR_RM680:~$ dbus-send --print-reply --system --type=method_call /co21:20
MohammadAGm/nokia/mce/request string:"PatternCommunication"21:20
MohammadAGError org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied: Rejected send message, 3 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.1702" (uid=29999 pid=9977 comm="dbus-send --print-reply --system --type=method_cal") interface="" member="req_led_pattern_activate" error name="(unset)" requested_reply=0 destination="" (uid=0 pid=9465 comm="/sbin/mce --force-syslog "))21:20
*** berndhs has joined #harmattan21:20
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: just for a test remove that token request from your pkg's manifest21:20
javispedrobut this is different frm the error message you pasted above21:20
*** delphi is now known as trx21:20
MohammadAGI don't care about aegis rejecting it21:20
MohammadAGit'll still run21:20
MohammadAGbut the LED won't light up21:20
javispedrowhen this -- sh: /usr/bin/led-event-notifier: Operation not permitted-- happens, what does dmesg say ?21:20
javispedroah, so it _does_ run21:20
MohammadAGjavispedro, that's when running it under develsh21:21 it will fix that21:21
javispedrobut still won't fix the dbus problem21:21
MohammadAGdone that21:21
MohammadAGit still doesn't run under develsh21:21
* javispedro feels déjàvu21:21
MohammadAGRM680-22-6_PR_RM680:~# python ./ /usr/bin/led-event-notifier21:22
MohammadAG9990003    23386        (0,0,33261)s no         5e30f8ec0e356adef047311c3e20972faf25123721:22
MohammadAGat this point what should I do?21:22
javispedroand what does dmesg say?21:22
MohammadAG[162548.351959] Aegis: led-event-notifier verification failed (source origin check)21:22
javispedroand before that?21:22
javispedrosource origin check? O.o21:22
javispedroyou have changed the file after binhashing it or something like that?21:22
DocScrutinizerthere's a "firewall" in dbus, and there's aegis checking what credentials to assign to a binary when starting it (AIUI)21:23
*** Ravi has quit IRC21:24
MohammadAGwooh, works21:24
javispedrofor some reason binhash is not working on your system..21:24
javispedronow works? :P21:24
DocScrutinizerworks what?21:24
MohammadAGLED activates on call21:24
DocScrutinizerwhat did you do?21:25
MohammadAGI'm not sure21:25
MohammadAGif anyone wants it I'll upload it21:25
dm8tbrI'd love to see 'led on if notifications >0'21:31
MohammadAGtechnically it just activates the LED on eventsAdded and deactivates it on screen unlocked21:32
MohammadAGnot the double tap, the whole unlock (slide out of lockscreen)21:33
MohammadAGbut yeah, better than nothing I guess21:33
dm8tbroooh, shiny!21:34
DocScrutinizerI guess the pattern is editable in mce.ini as usual21:35
MohammadAGit's the one provided by Nokia21:35
DocScrutinizerstring:"PatternCommunication" I see21:36
MohammadAGoh dorms, how I love your upload speed21:36
MohammadAG10 minutes for 10 MBs21:36
MohammadAGguess I should start measuring speed by MB/min21:37
DocScrutinizersounds not so bad21:37
MohammadAGexcept that the 10 mins aren't going down every minute21:37
*** zarlino has quit IRC21:37
MohammadAGand percentage is going down instead of up...21:38
MohammadAGI wonder how bad tethering is21:38
MohammadAGI guess it doesn't help there's a group video call + 700MB download + youtube upload21:41
MohammadAGif only the N950 rotated videos
deimoshow to do a separator like those in setting ?21:56
deimosI mean the separator lines21:56
MohammadAGit's a list21:56
deimosno, I want to separate some components21:57
deimoslist ?21:57
MohammadAGit's a list of MContentItems21:57
deimosah, thanks21:57
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan21:59
bedahrokay the contacts stuff is working fine now; The only thing missing now is navigation: Anybody got an idea on how to start a navigation to a given location?22:00
bedahrI found qml-drive but the dbus-interface doesn't seem to provide anything useful22:01
bedahrit does however refer to a "geoUrl" property when starting it but I haven't found out how to pass a value for that22:01
MohammadAGmaps parameter here22:01
bedahrMohammadAG: that'd require the full maps application to be running, right?22:02
bedahror what are you referring to?22:02
MohammadAGbedahr, yes?22:02
bedahrhm... I'd like to launch directly into the turn by turn navigation with a given destination22:02
bedahrthey are separate applications22:02
MohammadAGsec then22:02
bedahras maps only starts drive-qml with the given destination it should be extremely easy but I can't find any documentation...22:03
bedahrsource code would help :P22:03
MohammadAGdrive-qml "geo:0,0?searchTerm=Israel%20Israel%20Jerusalem&action=driveTo"22:03
bedahrMohammadAG: awesome!22:03
MohammadAGnormal exec22:04
bedahrthanks a lot22:04
MohammadAGanytime :)22:04
MohammadAGthere's a syntax for that thing somewhere22:04
bedahractually, the seraching thing is perfect22:05
bedahris there a way to skip the "Drive To" step as well?22:05
bedahr(i.e. just make it pick the first search result)22:05
MohammadAGdoubt it22:05
bedahrtoo bad22:06
bedahrso the user can say "Drive to Paris" and then still has to tab two buttons on screen xD22:07
MohammadAGsee you have to say Mutha at the end22:07
bedahrwhat do you mean?22:08
MohammadAGbad joke22:08
bedahrsorry I ruined it then :P22:09
javispedrostupid QtDbus is showing on introspection a method it does not handle22:09
*** Termana has quit IRC22:16
ajalkaneo ä22:22
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:41
*** seif has quit IRC22:45
*** seif has joined #harmattan22:49
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan22:52
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*** javispedro has joined #harmattan23:21
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*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan23:28
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alteregoMy Mock swipe UX :)
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan23:38
*** seif has joined #harmattan23:40
*** seif has joined #harmattan23:40
MohammadAGalterego, I'd change the easing curve23:41
MohammadAGotherwise, nice :D23:41
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC23:50
*** seif has quit IRC23:54
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