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SpeedEvilI'm impressed in the 45mA battery usage - if real, when reading ebooks00:14
bedahris it possible that there is no equivalent to MComboBox in QML?00:15
bedahris there something that usually replaces it?00:15
bedahrin other words: are we not supposed to have comboboxes (hig) or is it just not (yet) implemented?00:16
alteregoThere is.00:16
bedahrdjszapi: awesome, thanks :D00:17
alteregoThink it's a MultiSelectionDialog00:17
djszapi -> there is even an example00:17
alteregoIt's not in harmattan version though I didn't think00:18
alteregoAt least it's not in the QPI ..00:18
alterego~API ..00:18
infobot!api ..00:18
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djszapithat is what I said, yes.00:19
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bedahrok, thanks again, I'll have a look at those...00:20
alteregoHow would I know if a QWidget has been backgrounded?00:21
alteregoNoty hidden, but shown in the task switched.00:21
alterego~switcher ..00:21
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bedahralterego: platformWindow00:22
alteregoNot in QML :P00:23
bedahralterego: yes, in QML00:23
alteregoErm, no00:23
alteregoI'm not using QML ..00:23
bedahrah, okay :)00:23
alteregoThat is why I said QWidget ..00:23
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deimosI think hasFocus()00:23
alteregoKinda want an event driven interface :P00:24
alteregoMaybe focusOutEvent I guess ..00:24
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alteregoLets see if I see anything interesting with a general event listener.00:25
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djszapiwhat do you mean by "backgrounded" ?00:26
alteregoneat ..00:26
alteregoGot a load of cool events.00:26
alteregodjszapi: I did explain ..00:27
djszapiwell, that is fairly simple if I understand correctly.00:29
djszapisince you set the focus, just emit a signal and ready ?00:29
alteregoHe mentioned focus,00:29
djszapioh yes, hasFocus(), deimos might be right00:30
djszapiyou can poll that anytime, but if you need it immediately signal is also solvable easily as I said.00:30
Mek_an MApplicationWindow has a switcherEntered() signal...00:30
MohammadAGalterego, which events were they?00:33
MohammadAGand why am I thinking this is for columbus? :P00:33
alteregoI think I've done this for Columbus already.00:34
alteregoActually, I know I have and yeah I'm pretty sure I used focus.00:34
alteregoWas just wondering :)00:35
MohammadAGoh, there's columbus for the N950?00:35
alteregoNot yet :)00:35
alteregoNeat, that works perfectly.00:40
alteregoNow, I wonder if I can detect what level zoom the task switcher is in.00:40
alteregoMy prestart is pretty good too.00:41
alteregoless than 2 second start up time :)00:42
MohammadAGlemme guess, you want to show some larger font widget to show notifications/similar things on the task switcher00:42
alteregoWith active video :)00:42
alteregoMohammadAG: yeah, that kind of thing00:42
MohammadAGbad design for a porn app :P00:42
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* javispedro figures QtCreator is actually trying to deploy my Qt desktop app to my N95000:59
javispedroon the other side, it's not that bad of an idea, maybe I can tell it to deploy to ssh root@localhost and it'll work.01:00
MohammadAGit probably won't01:02
MohammadAGit uses some UTFS server or something01:02
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* alterego wonders how extensible the Video element is01:27
alteregoIs there a way to inject YUV frames into it me wonders.01:27
alteregoHrm, maybe I'll have to implement my own media service provider -_-01:38
alteregoOh, actually ..01:39
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alteregoNote to self, don't use Qt Creator to update debian rules files.02:07
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* nibbler just tried to do an apt-get update on his N950 - the packages on are signed with ADB4438160A655EF however some swift googling didn't help in finding the key but it seems that i'm not the only one with this problem. any ideas about the wherabouts of said pubkey? it's not on the keyservers either :(02:20
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npmwill an application for the n950/n9 sent to ovi store get validated if it uses it's own QML widgets and look instead of the official harmattan components? (but is an otherwise well behaved meego application that honors resource policy framework?)02:28
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faenilguys I can't get my n950 to switch on03:06
faenilis there some guide about its led blinking?03:06
faenilnothing...fixed, after 10-15 attempts to charge/reboot03:09
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MohammadAGnpm, sure, why wouldn't it03:10
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npmincase there's some kind of "all apps must look exactly like the offical  N9 apps and use their color themes"03:30
npm^^ MohammadAG03:30
alteregoThere is no such rule03:32
alteregoOtherwise we wouldn't have games, or any of the toys like flash light etc.03:33
alteregoIn fact, are there any apps in Ovi for the N9(50) that use components?03:33
npmswipes forehead in relief03:33
npmoh wait, swiping my forehead is patented :-)03:33
alteregoPrior art I think has that covered :P03:34
* SpeedEvil sighs.03:34
SpeedEvilI need to work out why ovi store isn't.03:34
alteregoSpeedEvil: isn't what?03:34
npmi'd love to use qt components, but they're not available for all platforms and i want my app portable (even to desktop)03:34
SpeedEvilNo nokia accounts work03:35
alteregonpm: have you tried the experimental components?03:35
alteregoThey're supposed to make the app look native to the platform it's running on.03:35
npmyes i have. but i have no idea of how to package them w/ my app or even if i can03:37
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npmfor other stores, if they ever become viable :-/03:39
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npmbut hopefully soon i'll have my first app on there... just a few more features :-)03:39
npm(first app for ovi/nokia, not first app :-) )03:40
npm0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. :-(03:41
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griMohammadAG: Already did the round images? I now did it also with QPainter since the stupid MaskedItem did calculate the masking on every paint - slowed down the whole program.15:03
MohammadAGgri, I said I needed QPixmaps/QImages15:04
MohammadAGI need to save the round images to a file, QPainter can't do that15:04
gribut QImage can save itself after you painted on it with QPainter15:04
gricreate a QImage, call the function, save it .. what's the problem?15:07
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MohammadAGdidn't know you could paint on a QImage15:13
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seiflotfywhats up with the meego 1.2 CE edition17:34
Stskeeps.. in terms of?17:34
seiflotfyn950 compatibility17:37
Stskeepswaiting for FW upgrade for the rest of you17:38
kimjuhas anyone else seen this happening:
seiflotfyso when do we get the FW update17:43
Stskeepsseiflotfy: dunno17:44
Stskeepssoon, i hope17:44
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nibblerseiflotfy: what's the current version? i got 1.2011.15-7 on mine.18:16
nibblerah - CE. sorry. never mind :)18:17
faenillast version is 22-6 afaik18:19
faenillast public18:19
* nibbler then proceeds to flashing.18:23
faenilbut it's full of bugs :) it's old18:23
faenilyou'd better wait for the release fw imho :D18:24
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kimju22-6 is still newer than 15-7.18:25
nibblerfaenil: no! especially as concern's bugs i'd like to be up-to-date to get the latest and greatest of them. who wants old bugs? :)18:25
infobotnibbler meant: faenil: no! especially as concerns bugs i'd like to be up-to-date to get the latest and greatest of them. who wants old bugs? :)18:25
faenilxD as you wish XD18:26
faenilI miss swype...18:27
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GAN950so many bugs.18:33
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berndhsListView is so fickle and strange about how it queries the model20:33
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ieatlintomg, i'm late to the news, but lcuk died?! :(21:07
Stskeepsmemory thread at
ieatlintyeah, just found that21:09
Venemohey guys21:17
Stskeepslo Venemo21:18
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Stskeepsthe how doesn't matter, we've lost someone dear to us.21:34
Stskeepsand nothing can change that21:34
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berndhsthe place feels empty21:38
piggzits incredibly sad.....although i make no claims to knowing him personally, he was one of my first followers on twitter21:46
Stskeepsit is - and he'll definately be remembered21:46
Venemoey djszapi :) how're you?21:50
djszapihey hey :) everything is alright here on the beach :)21:51
Venemodjszapi, you're on a beach? :P21:51
djszapievery weekend as much as possible, yes :)21:51
Venemoin Finland or somewhere else?21:51
berndhswhat, sea level rising to your front door now ?21:51
ieatlintsounds like a warm day at the beach21:57
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nibblerthe one-click-flashers with the md5sum 883ff62125dd5a8a5fbda5b955e2d8f4 does NOT work with NOLO version 2.0.3123:27
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Stskeepscold flash?23:29
* nibbler tries the quick-erase ocf23:31
nibblerit's even in the instructions with the download link23:31
GAN950Having to power off your phone to end a call is a neat feature.23:33
Arkenoiis there a password vault program for harmattan? working one?23:34
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piggzArkenoi: yes, one called wallet i think23:56

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