IRC log of #harmattan for Monday, 2011-09-12

alteregoajalkane: ^00:00
alteregomuffed up the auto complete ;)00:00
alteregoI should have some good examples on line tomorrow.00:00
griMohammadAG: Where do you have the "Common*" keys from? I have been looking for those :)00:01
MohammadAGwidgetsgallery source is very useful00:01
ajalkanealterego: Okay... if I understood correctly, it's useful if you don't want to have the data in C++ then QtObject is good. I've tended to try keep as much in C++ as possible (data & logic) and have QML only do the presentation of that.00:01
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alteregoajalkane: sure, that's a good strategy, but it's all up to the developer really.00:03
alteregoI'm just eerimenting with different paradigms in QML at the moment.00:03
ajalkanealterego: yes I know... Many a times I've tempted that it'd be just nicer to go all the way QML, it'd be faster. But some anal-retentive part of me wants to do it "correctly". Even as, really, the correct way in hobby projects is to get results done efficiently.00:05
berndhsthe correct way in hobby projects isn't any different than in "professional" projects00:06
alteregoIt all depends what you're doing ;)00:06
alteregoSome projects have a right to be 99% qml ;)00:06
ajalkaneI disagree. In hobby projects I must enjoy what I'm doing. In professional projects that's secondary.00:06
berndhsi mean, hobbyists don't write bad code on purpose00:07
ajalkaneoh sure... but you can write good code in many ways.00:07
berndhsi feel awful when I know my code is inefficient or buggy00:07
* alterego agrees00:07
berndhswhether I get paid for it or not00:07
alteregoThat's why I'm depressed all the time ;)00:07
lcukberndhs, all code is inefficent and buggy00:07
lcukwe are human, not perfect00:08
berndhssure we all make mistakes, but some code is purposely inefficient00:08
lcukit is easier on desktop to code inefficient code00:08
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berndhsi don't see that00:08
MohammadAG<alterego> Some projects have a right to be 99% qml ;) memtestARM is one of them :p00:08
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berndhsits just as painful00:08
ajalkaneyes... but for example, in my hobby projects, often unit tests come last or not at all. I can't be bothered with them until the code gets really complex. In professional projects that's a no-go and I start writing them at the same time as code.00:09
lcukberndhs, i always try to write optimal code00:09
lcukin whichever language00:09
* lcuk would really like to upgrade rotation code00:09
berndhsi try to think of which parts need optimization and which don't00:09
lcukbecause it is software rotation and slow00:09
lcukwhen the graphics hardware can handle it if it werent for buggy drivers00:10
ajalkaneI don't think about optimization until performance becomes an issue. Root of all evil and all that...00:10
artemm2funny, so coding without unit tests is faster for you, ajalkane ? Or do you code your hobby projects slower on purpose?00:10
berndhsbut in some cases its obvious00:10
ajalkaneOf course some rudimentary common sense.00:10
ajalkaneartemm2: yes it's faster for me without unit tests00:11
ajalkaneespecially UI heavy projects00:11
berndhsactually unit tests don't make code better if it already works :)00:11
lcukunit tests ensure the code does not gain regressions00:11
artemm2oh well, if you add tests when everything already works, it won't make things faster indeed :)00:12
lcukbut only for the specific cases the test is for00:12
ajalkaneUnit tests are good for testing logic, and making sure regressions don't happen. If there's intricate logic, I'd write unit tests because that would speed things up.00:12
lcukspeed up the testing phase00:13
artemm2interesting, got it00:13
rzrberndhs: hi are the guy behind e6irc ?00:14
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berndhsyes thats me00:14
rzrthe app is weird00:14
berndhswhat's wrong with it ?00:14
rzrit forks the current window00:14
berndhsonly if you want to00:14
rzrso i have the desktop screen as a regular app00:15
berndhsthat's useful if you run it on desktop, to float different windoes00:15
rzrbut it does not start the app00:15
rzrare there args flags to use ?00:15
berndhsyou might be looking at an old version that had a bug00:15
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berndhsthe current version doesn't do that, but it has float/dock logic in it00:16
rzrlet me try to rebuild from github00:16
berndhsi haven't found a good test for running on a phone, right no i look at whether it has a SIM00:16
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rzr+ debuild -S should not build the project00:19
rzrthat tree needs some fixes too00:19
rzrwhat's that ?00:22
ajalkaneAnyone know what's the correct base text color with inverted background?00:24
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ajalkaneokay... inverted theme seems anyway annoying with QML, so maybe I'll drop that. It just seems nicer to my eye and the design guidelines recommend dark colors. Yet the QML components seem more designed for the light theme.00:33
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MohammadAGI wish inverted was white00:36
ajalkaneyeah me too. Seems kinda odd regarding design guidelines that the default is light.00:37
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* GeneralAntilles wants his damn MetaWatch.01:01
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artemm2just to double check: is there anybody who worked with gconf from Qt?01:18
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alteregoartemm2: I have01:20
artemm2alterego: using GConfItem?01:20
artemm2Or ValueSpace?01:20
alteregoAnd I've used ValueSpace too01:24
artemm2I am trying to make it work, but QValueSpaceSubscriber/Publisher somehow don't see gconf values and I fail to compile anything that uses GConfItem, even some public code from web01:24
artemm2hmm, didn't try it01:24
alteregoartemm2: it's an MTF helper, works nicely though01:24
artemm2I'll try it, but while you are here, I'll ask you about ValueSpace as well01:25
artemm2it feels like a bit more proper way to me01:25
artemm2I am able to read and write value I am interested in via gconftool-201:25
artemm2but when I ask QValueSpaceSubscriber to read the same it returns empty string01:26
artemm2setting this value with publisher also has no effect01:26
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artemm2both are isConnected()01:26
artemm2BTW, how do I use MGConfItem? I guess something needs to be added to .pro's CONFIG01:28
artemm2ok, figured that it's in meegotouch01:32
* artemm2 wonders if cron.hourly works in #harmattan By default only cron.daily and cron.weekly are present01:39
artemm2I need some way for executing code "about daily"01:39
artemm2plus-minus an hour is ok, but plus-minus half a day is too much01:40
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artemm2hey, there's no cron process running on my N950 :/01:42
artemm2how on earth do reminders work then?01:43
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alteregoalarmd (I think)01:46
artemm2will google for alarmd then01:47
artemm2hopefully it can run my process as well01:47
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artemm2actually ps doesn't show alarmd running01:50
artemm2there is something called timed though01:51
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GeneralAntillesWhoever decided sites should be allowed to muck with your clipboard should be shot.03:21
berndhsGeneralAntilles: so should the guy who wrote the parser for the debian changelog03:31
GeneralAntillesDeath to the incompetent and irresponsible!03:32
berndhsbut perhaps he's dead already, and they can't fix it now03:32
SpeedEvilDig him up, and shoot him.03:37
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DocScrutinizershoot the developers of D-Link router as well. Schedule for WAN active: 23:02 - 23:00 ->> ERROR: end time has to be later than start time KTNXBY06:36
DocScrutinizerI can't shit down my DSL for one minute a day, except between 23:59 and 24:00, or from 00:00 til 00:0106:39
DocScrutinizerpoor fools06:39
DocScrutinizershut down*06:39
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djszapi -> No mentioning on price yet07:50
djszapi -> hehe, the price was deleted07:53
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djszapiMohammadAG: do you still have MTF question ?08:25
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artemhey, wasn't n9 supposed to be in sales in Kazakhstan on Sep 9? I wonder if it happened already09:51
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meegoexpertsartem : Good question10:18
meegoexpertsI've just tweeted asking :-)10:18
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djszapihi meegoexperts o/10:27
meegoexpertsHI !!!!!!10:27
djszapicome to Oulu, meego conference ?10:27
Stskeepsmorn meegoexperts10:27
meegoexpertsolu meegoconference got cancelled 3 months ago10:28
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meegoexpertsmorning stskeeps + all10:28
djszapimeegoexperts: nope, I have just asked the organizer here.10:28
meegoexpertsThe person who was organising it last time has got a new job now so .....10:29
djszapiinteresting, one of the Russian meego community "leader" here is telling that it is not cancelled at all.10:30
meegoexpertsI know someone in that organisation, I'll send them an email10:31
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djszapibut I think the organization and announcement actually happened after this, so probably it was reorganized with a different date after all10:33
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djszapiyes. that is the case, check the date: 2011-06-01/05-3010:33
djszapiand we are not speaking about october, not may/june :p10:33
meegoexpertsDifferent events10:34
djszapiyes, exactly.10:34
meegoexpertsWhy do you casue so much confusion where ever you go ? :-P10:34
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djszapiI am going, no confusion, really ;>10:35
djszapi -> N9 for 50 EUR :p10:35
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan10:36
sandst1djszapi: almost :P
djszapiI think the 299 EUR was fake sinec it was being removed after my asking from them :p10:38
djszapisandst1: thanks for the link :p10:38
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hiemanshuwe need to have a meego conf in India10:40
sandst1djszapi: np :)10:40
djszapisandst1 cme to Oulu ?10:41
hiemanshuOulu, where is that?10:44
*** frinring has joined #harmattan10:44
hiemanshuoh .fi10:44
djszapiclose to the Santa Clause :)10:44
sandst1djszapi: no.. got calendar full already :)10:51
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JaffaMorning, all11:08
Jaffafiferboy: Ta for the editing11:08
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djszapihi fiferboy :)11:23
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artemmI figured that qg-conf is not included in SDK12:27
artemmquestion is whether it should be included12:27
artemmI solved my personal issue (GConf communication) via MGConfItem, but as a (semi-)good guy I don't mind reporting a problem if it is indeed a problem12:28
djszapiwe do not include that in the next version.12:28
artemmdo not include MGConfItem or qg-conf?12:29
djszapisecond, but as far as I can see there is no such a package either. Probably it is a binary I am not aware of.12:29
artemmsomebody told me there's "missing -dev package for qg-conf"12:30
djszapiplease tell the package name, not the binary. I have never seen this, not even on desktop ever.12:31
djszapiso I would doubt it is the target of the SDK scope.12:31
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griHas anyone succeeded in using the "notificationexample" on the n9(50)? I would be interested if it works for someone on the n950 and/or the n913:10
grinotificationexample for push services13:10
djszapiI can test it for you if you give me copy/paste steps.13:11
gridownload and run the example program on your phone13:11
griyou may change the environment to sandbox13:11
*** djszapiN9 has quit IRC13:19
griWhen I click "Register" on my phone, I only see "Application is connecting" but it never connects13:19
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DocScrutinizer>> Hi Have  you received the N950 device? Thank you, DAS Joan Bon<< Is Nokia sending out spam now to check if their database is ok, or is that just me who got that mail as maybe sth went wrong with my immediate answer back when?14:20
SpeedEvilI got a ping from quim as I hadn't moved my entry to the right place in the wiki14:25
artemmhey, if N9 is promised for Kazakhstan for Sep 9, Switzerland for Sep 15 and many countries for Sep 23, it means that refresh of N950 firmware is around the corner, right?14:29
artemmI would particularly appreciate better battery life14:29
MohammadAGisn't it 12 September?14:29
MohammadAGbetter battery life?14:29
MohammadAGthis thing is awesome14:29
MohammadAGhad 29% battery in the morning and used it for 5 hours14:29
artemmin my case, I am not always sure it will stand a party night14:30
lcukMohammadAG, depends what you do14:30
lcukhave you got your sim in it?14:30
artemmjust from afternoon to back home14:30
MohammadAGlcuk, yes14:30
MohammadAGit's my primary phone14:30
artemmactually that's a primary reason why I still use Symbian primarily14:31
artemmsecondary reason is Gravity14:31
deimosartemm: because hard floors ? :)14:31
DocScrutinizerooh, will you fly away without a second phone to ground you?14:32
artemmdeimos: exactly :)14:32
jrezniklooks like N9 is already out for big customers - as my friend already has a few and looking for problems solution14:33
djszapiartemm: disconnecting mobile internet and irc-chatter helps a lot :)14:34
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: well, this ping is directly from Nokia, Joan Bondi who managed my N950 shipping, and I answers "it's here, thanks for fast handling" the day I opened the package14:34
RST38hAnd we are still stuck on the outdated firmware =(14:34
DocScrutinizerso I wonder how nokia DAS came to ask about it 8 weeks after shipping14:35
MohammadAGwhy is there an AT&T squircle in the theme14:35
artemmdjszapi: I believe so, then the question is why do you need a bulky phone if it can't do mobile internet :)14:35
jreznikRST38h: she confirmed that they already have N9s for theirs management :) she's wondering how to copy text from webbrowser, is it possible?14:35
RST38hThey intended to release it on AT&T in the US?14:35
RST38hjreznik: Ctrl+C =)14:35
jreznikartemm: that why I had Mugen Power Battery on my N900 - I miss it14:36
* RST38h laughs diabolically14:36
djszapiartemm: you do not need to have mobile internet all the time. We are just laizy to turn it off, but after doing, it saves a lot14:36
MohammadAGicon-m-bootloader-warning.png should be trollface.jpg tbh14:36
artemmw00t? Nokia changed hits mind? I was sure @selop is working hard on making sure N9 is *not* a success14:36
artemm*changed its mind14:36
RST38hMohammad: Why not go directly for tubgirl.jpg?14:36
artemmdjszapi: I just keep facebook/mail updates in background and check them once in a while. Even no twitter use (as it's not present in current N950 FW)14:37
Arkenoiis there a way to merge a person i follow in twitter with a contact card if it did not happen automatically?14:37
artemmArkenoi: there is manual merge option14:37
artemmsomewhere in the phonebook toolbar14:37
Arkenoiartemm, don't see it for twitter14:37
djszapiartemm: yes you can do that by reconnecting, really saves a /very/ lot.14:37
Arkenoipersons i follow in twitter are not shown in the phonebook14:37
Arkenoijust those found by email14:37
djszapithat is how I spare with battery when I do not have laptop with me (ie.: I cannot charge it on the waY)14:38
MohammadAGthere's a Windows Live Messenger icon too14:38
artemmArkenoi, beware that you cannot unmerge it though. Merging contacts in harmattan can dangerous if you've got no backup14:38
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: sorry wrong. *having* Mobile internet isn't eating much power really. It's data traffic that makes TX operate and cut thru battery14:38
Arkenoiartemm, there is unmerge button somewhere?14:38
artemmArkenoi: to my understanding unmerging feature isn't even planned14:38
djszapiartemm: so for me, net and chatter killed my battery after 3-4 hours maximum, without is quite fine here.14:39
artemmprobably a good candidate for some 3rd party app :)14:39
Arkenoin950 with gtalk and sip enabled provides (from my personal impression) just about 50% battery life advantage compared to n900. The thing that matters, though, is battery saving mode, it is very useful!14:39
artemmdjszapi: manual connection/disconnection in 2011..? Yeah, but using my Symbian phone is simpler14:39
djszapiartemm: yes, that is the only workaround for people having this phone.14:40
hiemanshuwhat, is there a new FW?14:40
*** maxw has left #harmattan14:40
MohammadAGI can't find that squircle mask frals's been talking about :P14:41
*** lizardo has quit IRC14:41
DocScrutinizerartemm: you usually do *not* disconnect from GPRS APN ever14:41
djszapiartemm: luckily I could get rid of my symbian phone few years ago14:41
SpeedEvilArkenoi: battery saving mode?14:41
DocScrutinizerartemm: you stop causing traffic and that's it14:41
MohammadAGSpeedEvil, Settings -> Device -> Battery -> Automatic14:41
MohammadAGI have it set to 50%14:42
MohammadAGit detects when there's no traffic, and kills the connection14:42
MohammadAGif you're using IRC a lot, disable it14:42
ArkenoiSpeedEvil, yep. it is quite smart: sync works more or less, so you get your email in time yet saving battery14:42
Arkenoibtw on n900 3g idle (connection up but no data transfer) was a huge battery drain anyways14:43
Arkenoifor n950 it is not14:43
hiemanshupulling emails sucks, Push is so much better with regards to email, thats why the batteries on the BB rock14:43
MohammadAGpush works fine on the N95014:43
djszapiDocScrutinizer: that makes no sense what you mentioned.14:43
hiemanshuno it doesn't14:43
Arkenoihiemanshu, requires some kind of operator support14:43
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: uhuh14:43
MohammadAGhiemanshu, yes, it does14:43
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: makes no sense TO YOU14:43
djszapiI will not turn off all the internet relevant applications per se and forget some online. way muuuuuuch easier to turn off the internet14:43
hiemanshuMohammadAG: it only works with MfE14:44
hiemanshunothing else14:44
djszapisince I do not need it anyways, if I do not use it, that is14:44
artemmMohammadAG: Thanks for the advice! I'll try Automatic with some high value14:44
*** jylan has quit IRC14:44
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: yeah, too bad if you got all broken apps on harmattan that hog data traffic all the time for no good reason14:44
MohammadAGhiemanshu, hmm, you're right, gmail says refreshed 6 hours ago14:44
MohammadAGMfE's in sync14:45
artemmDocScrutinizer: you mean such broken as MfE and built-in facebook client? :)14:45
DocScrutinizeryou think I'd even touch such nonsense?14:45
SpeedEvilMohammadAG: ah - that14:45
Arkenoiwhat thing i miss is xmpp and, surprisingly, skype14:45
MohammadAGbuilt in facebook client's borked tbh14:45
djszapiDocScrutinizer: I know you like whining applications, but the things is that disconnecting from internet that you do not need anyways is way muuuch better than disconnecting, irc-chatter, mail, account, messages, what not (everything net based where there can be some traffic happening continously)14:46
MohammadAGthat's why I'm working on sociality14:46
Arkenoii never used it for personal communications but many people use it here at work14:46
djszapi*better = easier.14:46
MohammadAGArkenoi, find a way to get kill aegis completely, and you have skype14:46
MohammadAGit blocks the new skyhost for me14:46
ArkenoiMohammadAG, there is skype for n9 on screenshots, right?14:46
*** djszapi has left #harmattan14:47
MohammadAG's my N950, and of course, he left after saying kill aegis14:47
hiemanshuMohammadAG: can I haz skype?14:47
MohammadAGno, you can't :)14:47
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: I wonder which fool did system design for harmattan. On fremantle there's been no faintest doubt about how things are supposed to work, and they actually worked except for fools writing apps that did polling for no reason14:47
*** faenil has quit IRC14:47
hiemanshuDocScrutinizer: he left :P14:48
DocScrutinizerand honestly I doubt you know anything for sure about me14:48
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan14:52
djszapiDocScrutinizer: yes, I know harmattan developers are fool for you. I really appreciate it.14:53
djszapiprobably they do as well.14:53
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: somebody suggesting to make it a standard system architecture concept tear down GPRS when battery is <50% for sure is braindamaged. This worked on fremantle like a charm without such BS, and everybody with a bit of brain left over can clearly see there's no use in shutting down connectivity globally as a replacement for properly implemented power saving aware apps14:57
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, it's configurable14:57
DocScrutinizeryah, form 10% to 50%14:57
MohammadAGand off14:57
djszapiDocScrutinizer: unfortunately, this is not a code of conduct, put let me find you something from a different community:14:58
DocScrutinizeror did you suggest you can configure *PER APP* the battery level where the app can't connect anymore?14:58
MohammadAGit can connect14:58
djszapi -> Be respectful  part.14:58
DocScrutinizersorry I'm never respectful when I step into dog shit14:59
DocScrutinizerhell I can have weather applet and mail and one update a day *AND IRC* on 10some channels running on my N900 and still it more often than not reaches the 24h deadline15:01
artemmwell, it would be cool if system could protect against stupid app writers, but how would it know if app actually needs to send lots of traffic or not15:02
DocScrutinizerartemm: from QA? from testing the app? and what the hell is it worth to run an app that can't work as it wants to as it can't do the (maybe idiotic) data traffic?15:03
artemmDocScrutinizer: problem is you can hardly be sure who exactly eats the battery15:04
artemmgot a new phone, activated facebook, mail, etc, installed several cool apps and battery dies in a few hours. Who's guilty?15:04
DocScrutinizerbatery saving mode is useful for exactly only one purpose (and it shows it's meant for that as you can't crank threshold up to more than 50%): keep an emergency capacity amount for mere phone functionality15:04
*** lcuk has quit IRC15:05
*** frinring has quit IRC15:05
DocScrutinizerartemm: ther ARE methods to find the culprit, and shutting down internet for *all* apps is about the most stupid approach to tackle such problems15:05
*** frinring has joined #harmattan15:06
artemmHmm, actually it would be cool to provide this kind of power/net usage monitor usable by the end user15:06
djszapiplease tell me better approach einstein..15:06
artemmMaybe even from settings/battery applet15:06
djszapi(which is currently existing on the gadget out there)15:07
artemmthe real killer approach is certainly to optimize HW/FW - Symbian phones with smaller batteries and same amount of updates somehow manage to have 2-3 times longer batter life :)15:08
deimosthe best way is to fix the battery icon to full state :)15:09
djszapiartemm: I was using the phone for hotspot, and t was advisable to use usb charging all the time for that :p15:11
artemmoh, that's totally different. WiFi hotspotting uses adhoc wifi in the phones15:11
artemmthere's no or almost no power saving15:11
artemmnobody intended it to be used for long time15:11
djszapiwell, I used it for months :15:12
DocScrutinizeranyway:  >> 3G connected, good signal, no data or other activity +8 mA. // 2G connected, good signal, no data or other activity +5 mA<<15:15
djszapias for me, it is completely acceptable to turn the internet off, if I do not wanna use the internet.15:15
ArkenoiDocScrutinizer, not just that. it still syncs email more or less frequently15:15
DocScrutinizerso fix the friggin email!15:16
DocScrutinizeror kill it15:16
DocScrutinizerwhat's the use of running email and then going OFFLINE???15:16
djszapiwhy would I run email, if I do not wanna use email? Fail to see the logic.15:17
RST38hDoc: What is this heated discussion about, again?15:17
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan15:19
DocScrutinizerabout the best and only way to make apps that hog data traffic behave was allegedly going offline, so GPRS won't hog battery15:19
*** seif has quit IRC15:19
DocScrutinizerbetter to kill the hog process than go offline, every day15:19
RST38hWhy not set GPRS to "connect on request" and "disconnect after n seconds"?15:20
MohammadAG<djszapi> why would I run email, if I do not wanna use email? Fail to see the logic.15:20
DocScrutinizers/kill/nuke off this globe/15:20
infobotDocScrutinizer meant: better to nuke off this globe the hog process than go offline, every day15:20
RST38hThat will do it for email, no?15:20
MohammadAGto get notifications about new emails :P15:20
DocScrutinizerRST38h: beacuse^^^15:21
DocScrutinizeranyway:  >> 3G connected, good signal, no data or other activity +8 mA. // 2G connected, good signal, no data or other activity +5 mA<<15:21
DocScrutinizerit's a virtual nuttin it takes to stay online15:21
*** mece has joined #harmattan15:21
djszapiMohammadAG: yes, but the point is that, that is not a universal case15:22
DocScrutinizerprobably frequent sign in eats more battery than staying online15:22
mecehey, quick question, does anyone know what kind of support for chinese the N9 has?15:22
djszapiMohammadAG: sometimes people tend to check the email out when they have time. They cannot be called "fool" for that as aforementioned.15:22
*** seif has joined #harmattan15:22
djszapior "braindamaged".15:23
DocScrutinizerooh mr djszapi starts his best discipline again: chnaging meaning of words15:23
djszapiand "most stupid".15:23
DocScrutinizerreading statements the way he likes15:24
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan15:24
MohammadAGdjszapi, DocScrutinizer shall we end this?15:25
DocScrutinizerI'm temped to end this for good, yeah15:25
MohammadAGcan someone with an N9 post the output of ls - /usr/lib/skyhost/socket15:27
MohammadAGcan someone with an N9 post the output of ls -l /usr/lib/skyhost/socket15:27
* DocScrutinizer is away, connecting his DSL cale to PC so the email prog that was waiting all the time finally can check for mail. Then I'll pull the cable again so the mail prog doesn't eat my battery for nothing15:27
djszapiMohammadAG: please do it on the RDA device, otherwise it is illegal15:28
MohammadAGdjszapi, out of curiosity, what would that be in the NDA?15:28
MohammadAGI've only seen the N950 NDA, and that seems... standard15:28
djszapiI do not think it is any special. It is just simply that, nobody can provide any detail about a product, software, service under NDA.15:29
*** berndhs has joined #harmattan15:30
RST38hdjszapi: I suggest you leave NDA compliance to the person who signed that NDA.15:33
RST38hBecause, as you might have guessed, each NDA contains its own terms, which you agree to comply with.15:34
djszapithat would be funny :D15:34
djszapibut at any rate, let us ask qgil about it then...whether it is ok15:34
* dm8tbr points out the second part of the topic and goes back to work15:35
DocScrutinizerRST38h: is that just me...?15:35
RST38hBy all means, of course.15:35
RST38hDoc: No, not just you. Actually, more people thank you think.15:35
Stskeepsdoesn't a NDA typically say you can't say you have an NDA?15:35
djszapiok, mail sent to qgil.15:35
RST38hStskeeps: Some do (Google's for example)15:35
MohammadAGRST38h, how do you know? :P15:35
RST38hStskeeps: Intel's does not, at least the one I signed15:35
Stskeepsi can say it because a nokian outed me on having one in order to do some work15:36
MohammadAG<Stskeeps> doesn't a NDA typically say you can't say you have an NDA?15:36
berndhsI wonder how that works in court if you're asked under oath, "did you sign and NDA with Google"15:36
MohammadAGis the NDA that covers that NDA under an NDA?15:36
MohammadAGotherwise, I don't see why one can't they have an NDA for an NDA :p15:36
* RST38h waits for inevitable stack overflow15:37
StskeepsMohammadAG: NDA() { return NDA() }15:37
TronicI highly doubt the legality of a clause that says you cannot tell that you have an NDA.15:37
DocScrutinizeranswer of Quim: "yes I confirm an NDA actually only applies to the person who signed it"15:37
* MohammadAG blinks his caps LED15:37
Stskeepssilly things15:37
berndhswell who else would the NDA apply to ?15:37
djszapiTronic: agree, that would be rather weird.15:37
DocScrutinizerStskeeps: nope, I've *never* ever seen such an NDA, except in James Bond films15:38
MohammadAGApple NDAs, You may not show the iPhone 4 to anyone, but you may forget it in a bar15:38
djszapiyeah sure Nokia applies different NDA to people about what they can share with others in the same project :D :D :D15:38
djszapiwould make soooooo much sense15:38
djszapijust certain people cannot talk :D :D :D15:39
* RST38h sighs15:39
MohammadAGI want an N915:39
DocScrutinizerobviously certain people can not read15:39
RST38hsome people talk too much15:39
* dm8tbr renames the channel to #nda15:39
* Tronic doesn't whether the swap the N950 for an N9 if offered the choice.15:39
* DocScrutinizer ranames the channel to "lost in translation"15:39
berndhsI wouldn't want a phone without hardware keyboard15:40
TronicI can live without one, especially if the phone is much slimmer.15:41
djszapiyep, that is the reason for me as well with N915:41
RST38hMeanwhile: Blast at French nuclear plant15:41
TronicI also hope that the touchscreen of the N9 doesn't go too close to the edges like the one on N950 does.15:41
MohammadAGit's curved15:41
DocScrutinizerStskeeps: an NDA that both parties mustn't talk about to arbitrary third party is absolutely wworthless, as none of the contractors could enforce such an NDA - the judge and lawyers mustn't read it15:41
*** lcuk has joined #harmattan15:42
*** lcuk has quit IRC15:42
*** lcuk has joined #harmattan15:42
Tronic=> your palm touches the touchscreen when you try to reach the other corner, causing pinch or swipe gestures to be detected instead of a click.15:42
djszapiTronis: it does, but not that sharp side:
MohammadAGthe N9 has QtWebkit 4.9.1 o_O15:43
TronicThe curve might help. I am going to test that tomorrow.15:43
MohammadAG4.9.0 and 4.8.1*15:43
TronicMohammadAG: What does N950 have?15:43
* RST38h wonders when they start making these tablets in the shape of a painter's palette15:43
TronicHoepfully N9 will also have less browser crashing.15:43
MohammadAGoh, same15:43
RST38hWUTH THE FREAKING HOLE for the thumb15:43
MohammadAGthe N9 browser's good afaik15:43
MohammadAGthe n950's browser in 22-6 is half finished15:43
djszapiTronic: mmm, never crashed for me15:43
MohammadAGand SSL sites probably work15:44
MohammadAGwhich reminds me15:44
MohammadAGwhat's the browser's binary name?15:44
TronicI get frequent crashing, I think it happens when I interrupt page loading or on some AJAX-heavy sites.15:44
* RST38h asks the Tentacled One to help delivering firmware update to the N950s15:44
TronicNeed to close the browser and try again for it to work.15:44
djszapiTronic: no worries, no crashes here ever :p15:45
*** seif has quit IRC15:47
TronicAnother annoyance with the N950 browser is that when you have a page open, open the history and click a page there, a click will also be detected on the page you had open. If there was a link at that particular spot, it will be opened instead of the page you tried clicking on the history.15:47
deimosif I open browser with Qt.openUrlExternally() it crashes15:47
TronicI'm sure that has been fixed already, too.15:47
djszapiyes, that is weird since facebook would not work either, but it does.15:48
MohammadAGanyone successfully used an N9 on RDA?15:48
djszapiMohammadAG: btw, do you still have mtf question ? I was busy last night with the dictionray :p15:49
MohammadAGyeah, I gave models a shot and got a segfault in return :)15:49
djszapiok, so please make the question precise :)15:50
deimosdjszapi: do you mean "define shot" ?15:51
* deimos go away15:52
*** Ans5i has joined #harmattan15:52
djszapideimos :)15:53
MohammadAGdjszapi, do you have a model example at hand? :)15:55
MohammadAGone that allows live filtering (letters on the side)15:56
djszapiMohammadAG: what sort of model ?15:57
MohammadAGdjszapi, QAbstractListModel, or anything that can let me have a long list that I can add items to dynamically15:57
*** xarcass_ has quit IRC15:57
djszapiI guess messaging or receipt-editor will have some example16:00
MohammadAGdjszapi, wanted a model from an app you wrote16:01
MohammadAGunless it's not public16:01
MohammadAGkkito, MTF16:01
kkitowas not MTF deprecated?16:01
berndhsMTF was deprecated before it was announced16:01
djszapiQWidget is also deprecated, this is not an arguement itself.16:02
djszapiand I think it is deprecated only from 1.316:02
djszapiwhich might never reach harmattan16:02
kkitoqwidget is better than qml for ui imo16:03
kkitoqml is a little bit weird16:03
kkitodeclarative+imperative inthe same markup language16:04
kkitois weird16:04
kkitoand ugly16:04
artemmand fast :)16:04
berndhsthe main problem with QML is that its incomplete16:05
kkitois so difficult to realize how the things works in qml without demos16:05
artemmberndhs: that is true. It gets more complete over time though16:05
MohammadAG<djszapi> QWidget is also deprecated16:05
MohammadAGnope, just done :)16:05
artemmand there's always c++ to back you up if something is just impossible in qml16:05
MohammadAG<artemm> and fast :)16:06
MohammadAGQML is far from fast16:06
artemmfast for development16:06
djszapiMohammadAG: actually they are the same situation, deprecated later16:06
djszapithere is no difference in that sense between QWidget or MTF.16:06
MohammadAGonly difference is MTF only runs on MeeGo16:06
berndhsartemm: right, but it isn't possible to plan anything, nobody knows the timing16:06
artemmeven fast in testing. My hundred QML test are run within 10-12 secs. And that includes UI level acceptance tests. Try doing that with C++ test harness16:07
MohammadAGartemm, 5s to run an app16:07
artemman 55 to compile it? :)16:07
MohammadAG1s to start the app16:07
MohammadAGartemm, no, 5s all in all16:07
artemmgood machine you've got16:07
MohammadAGyou're normal i5 laptop16:07
*** roop has joined #harmattan16:07
MohammadAGnormally you only build touched files, not all the package16:08
RST38hQWidget is definitely not deprecated16:08
RST38hOn Harmattan, maybe, but not in real world16:08
djszapicheck out the Qt5 architecture and come back16:08
RST38hWill check Qt5 architecture when Qt5 arrives and gets adopted by the industry16:09
djszapisame with MeeGo touch16:09
MohammadAGdjszapi, Qt5 says done, not deprecated16:09
djszapiMTF is simply not deprecated yet16:09
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan16:09
berndhsMTF only exists on N950, right ?16:09
RST38hMTF has been officially deprecated by Nokia, and it is not used anywhere outside Harmattan and [in some place] Meego16:10
djszapiso it is hardly a good arguement itself to say "it will be deprecated" in both cases.16:10
RST38hQWidget is used everywhere, including the whole KDE environment16:10
berndhsreally, MTF has been announced as deprecated more than 1 year ago16:10
RST38hGo depracte THAT16:10
*** spenap has quit IRC16:11
MohammadAG<RST38h> MTF has been officially deprecated by Nokia16:11
MohammadAGafaik it's deprecated by MeeGo people, not Nokia16:11
MohammadAGmost of Harmattan is MTF16:11
RST38hMohammad: because it has been already written at that point16:11
djszapior fixed functionatlity pipeline in opengl16:12
RST38hMohammad: But yes, Nokians went on record saying MTF is dead.16:12
berndhswell, Harmattan is officially deprecated if you believe Nokia16:12
RST38hAnd now, quoting from "The Road to Qt5" specifically for djszapi:16:12
*** RST38h has quit IRC16:12
djszapistill a lot of developers doing that way16:12
*** RST38h has joined #harmattan16:12
RST38hOh holy fuck16:12
RST38hRemind me never to paste from Acroreader, ever again16:13
djszapiMohammadAG: yes, sorry, you are right, it seems they are done, not deprecated.16:14
djszapibut the thing is that they will still be used where it makes sense16:14
djszapiso is MTF.16:14
RST38hMTF won't be used anywhere else.16:14
djszapiso it is hardly a good arguement16:14
*** vladest has quit IRC16:14
djszapiRST38h: actually harmattan is 99% MTF16:14
berndhsi'm not using MTF even on harmattan :)16:14
djszapino, they will not rewrite it16:15
RST38hAs to QWidget, gimme a moment to quote properly16:15
RST38hHarmattan won't be used anywhere else. What is your next argument?16:15
djszapibut we are developing here for Harmattan ?16:15
berndhsi'm developing for everything here, harmattan, vanilla-meego, desktop16:15
djszapiwell, on this channel, I talk about harmattan, sorry :)16:16
djszapiand if I need performance, or I just like C++, I fail to see why not write that way.16:16
berndhsi'm not developing special things for a platform that is announced dead before its released16:16
djszapiyeah, sure 5-6 sec is good for you :)16:16
djszapibut obviously nightmare for some people (including myself)16:16
*** roop has quit IRC16:17
*** faenil has joined #harmattan16:18
RST38hQuoting Lars Knoll for you: "While we keep the QWidget based progamming model and API set available for compatibility we also see QML as the future for user interfaces on the desktop"16:18
RST38hSo, QWidget does not go anywhere in Qt516:19
RST38hMTF, on the other hand, is not even mentioned.16:19
djszapiharmattan was mostly written in MTF, it is gonna be there, not gonna go anywhere.16:19
djszapino real risk for developing MTF application, and you can even gain from it.16:20
RST38hWhat is going to be the life of Harmattan?16:20
RST38hWill there be Harmattan devices beyond N9?16:20
*** achipa has quit IRC16:20
djszapiMohammadAG: the methods that you need are .. groupCount() rowCountInGroup() groupTitle() and itemData()16:20
RST38hWill Harmattan source code be completely open by Nokia?16:20
djszapilife is rather obviously not much16:21
RST38hAnd the rest of the questions?16:24
berndhshaving said all that, what's a good way to alert a user, for example when an IRC ping arrives ?16:24
djszapiRST38h: I am not sure which question is not obvious, they seem to me :)16:25
RST38hdjszapi: I would like to hear the answer from yourself though16:26
RST38hBecause it was you insisting on MTF being "not dead" because you are "programming in it"16:26
RST38hMeanwhile: HTC Corp chairwoman Cher Wang announced that the company is interested in buying an operating system.16:26
djszapiwhy would be wise to buy Harmattan and revamp the whole Ui instead of getting a free meego ?16:27
artemmI don't think Nokia is into opening Harmattan: it's like giving out a strong competitor to their own devices (WP7 ones)16:27
djszapi(which is already not MTF based, would seem a false decision)16:27
artemmsame means that they won't sell Harmattan for cheap16:27
artemmfor a lot of money - maybe16:27
kkitoI think that nokia doesnt know what is doing, anything is possible16:28
djszapikkito: Nokia does not, but people are already gone, so not much of chance to revamp everything for fun :)16:28
kkitodjszapi: what people?16:29
kkitodjszapi: well, you are still working in nokia :P16:29
RST38hNobody is buying Harmattan, who gave you this impression?16:29
djszapikkito: yeah, and about 20 % remained :p16:30
RST38hHTC appears to be planning on buying WebOS, not Harmattan16:30
artemmyeah, that's most sad point. Even if @selop gets overruled and they want to bet on meego again, there's no people to make it easy. That is certainly still possible, but hard16:30
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan16:30
RST38hartemm: Doable, but will most likely take another 6-12 months16:30
RST38hAnd a wizard of a manager16:31
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:33
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:33
RST38hmoo rm_work16:33
djszapi5-6 times more people within few years was not able to finish it, but this amount of people in 6-10 months can revamp the whole Ui, sure...16:34
*** roop has joined #harmattan16:34
DocScrutinizerCher, haha. I wonder what she did with OM16:34
*** djszapi has left #harmattan16:34
ArkenoiNokia made it in it usual unique style, creating an "open" system filled with proprietary hooks to ensure no one else can use it.16:35
artemmoh well, djszapi, these people were restarting harmattan nearly from scratch several times - nokia way of doing strategy, you know :)16:37
artemmand then getting open sourc(ish) way of working indeed takes som eeffort16:37
artemm*some effort16:37
DocScrutinizerfor Nokia, indeed16:38
DocScrutinizerstill not there yet16:38
artemmalready not there :)16:38
artemmonly Qt stays open source16:38
artemmi mean for real16:38
artemmand quite separately from the rest of nokia16:38
DocScrutinizerand only core Qt is really decent16:39
RST38hIf by "few" you mean at least 3, then 3*5=15 years16:40
RST38hHarmattan has not been in the development for this long16:40
*** baraujo has quit IRC16:41
*** lamikr has quit IRC16:41
*** berndhs_meego has left #harmattan16:43
kkitothey are finally moving out from nokia?16:43
*** divan has quit IRC16:45
RST38hOh well16:47
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan16:52
*** veskuh has joined #harmattan16:57
MohammadAGis there a way to get google maps without using their API?16:57
*** Anssi138 has joined #harmattan17:00
leinirkkito: it's been moving that way for quite a while now, and yes, it is /finally/ going live, about a week before Dev.Days in Munich :)17:01
Anssi138how to measure smaps in harmattan? the /proc/PID/smaps is empty17:01
*** artemm has quit IRC17:04
*** artem_ has joined #harmattan17:10
MohammadAGis the browser on the mandatory aegis list?17:12
MohammadAGI feel like upgrading it17:12
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan17:14
RST38hMohammadAG: They have got a URL that returns a .png17:16
RST38hMohammadAG: For obvious reasons, they do not advertise it too much17:16
*** lcuk has quit IRC17:16
MohammadAGRST38h, we've discussed that it returns an empty map for Israel once, remember? :)17:16
RST38hAh yesss17:17
RST38hIt is not invalid result, just being returned for a future date...17:17
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan17:17
MohammadAGno, they're not allowed to return Israeli's maps via their API17:17
*** arcean has quit IRC17:18 and maemo-mapper show them fine though17:18
RST38ha moment, let me locate the url17:18
RST38hit is different from what you have quoted17:19
*** lcuk has joined #harmattan17:22
*** lcuk has quit IRC17:22
*** lcuk has joined #harmattan17:22
griIs there a way to do text size calculation from qml? I think I've heard: no?17:22
RST38hah broke firefox while mining for that url17:23
*** lcuk has quit IRC17:27
RST38hMohammad: Still here?17:27
RST38hMohammad: Anyway, try something like this:
RST38hMohammad: where z= is the zoom level and x=/y= are the tile coordinates17:30
RST38hYes, there is a function to convert latlons to tile coordinates17:30
berndhsgri: put the text in an invisible Text element, get width and height17:31
RST38hberndhs: ...17:32
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan17:34
*** djszapi has left #harmattan17:34
*** Ans5i has quit IRC17:41
griberndhs: If it's invisible, the width is 017:42
grioh or not .. moment17:43
griberndhs: You were right, I actually put the Text element outside of the delegate which caused the 0-width17:44
*** Ans5i has joined #harmattan17:53
*** tbf has quit IRC17:56
*** lcuk has joined #harmattan17:58
*** lcuk has joined #harmattan17:58
*** lamikr has joined #harmattan17:58
*** mzanetti has quit IRC17:58
*** mzanetti has joined #harmattan17:59
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan18:06
*** djszapi has left #harmattan18:09
alteregoHow does aegis handle libs?18:10
alteregoSay I have a lib that wants to access the camera?18:10
alteregoIs that handled through whatever binary exe uses the lib?18:10
SpeedEvilAs I understand it, it should all be in teh manifest18:10
alteregoThe manifest for the executable, or the library?18:10
SpeedEvilThe executable I thought - but I haven't gone into it in detail18:11
npm_anybody have a good icon for "proximity detection on"18:11
npm_hmm i got renamed18:11
*** npm_ is now known as npm18:11
* SpeedEvil thinks of proximity detecting things in real life.18:11
SpeedEvilA landmine?18:11
SpeedEvilA watch-goose?18:11
npmi was thinking of a big smiley face actually, since it's for when you put the phone to your phase18:12
npmthat was a weird typo18:12
* alterego crosses fingers18:12
alteregoCool, that's semi-working, still no video displaying though :D18:14
* npm wonders what a watch goose is. all we have is surfing dolphins18:18
npmso is there some special trick to registering at the ovi store?18:18
npmwhenever it gets to payment, it just hangs18:18
MohammadAGalterego, the bin afaik18:19
alteregoNice simple way to implement a bar code reader in QML :D18:19
MohammadAGwhat's QRCodeDiscoverer?18:20
alteregoIt's a class I've written in a qml plugin18:20
Anssi138alterego, hope that helps. there is also <provide>:
alteregoI should generalise it a bit ..18:21
MohammadAGso it's C++, not QML? :P18:21
alteregoAnssi138: yeah, sorted out, I'm just wondering how my generic qml launcher can manage security ..18:21
alteregoMohammadAG: erm, so what? It's binded to QML for people to use there.18:22
alteregoAnd works very nicely.18:22
*** willer_ has joined #harmattan18:22
alteregoThough the video item isn't working yet ..18:22
alteregoWhich is probably the most important part of that module :D18:23
Anssi138alterego, maybe some credentials could be inherited from local launcher/env or something.18:23
Anssi138i am specialist, just speculating :)18:24
alteregoWell, it doesn't bother me tbh, it's just that if someone uses my launcher, then I need to give the launcher all possible permissions through aegis18:25
alteregoWhich seems a bit silly.18:25
alteregoOkay, I was wrong, video is working fine ...18:30
* alterego giggles.18:30
Anssi138alterego, i menat to say: i am NOT specialist :)18:31
alteregoAnssi138: thought you might ;)18:31
*** slaine has quit IRC18:33
Anssi138alterego, are you running in developer mode?18:34
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC18:35
alteregoAnssi138: indeed.18:38
*** vladest has joined #harmattan18:41
alteregoAnd, that is my first youtube video ..18:52
*** lamikr has quit IRC19:01
crevetoralterego: did you write stage.rubyx.GrandeActivityMonitor ?19:02
alteregocrevetor: yes19:03
crevetorIs it available somewhere ?19:03
alteregoNo :)19:03
alteregoNot yet, I'm gonna rename some stuff.19:03
alteregoAnd seperate the grande domain specific stuff from a generic barcode reading plugin19:04
crevetorDid you use zbar or something like that or you wrote it from scratch ?19:04
alteregoWhich I'm presuming is what you want ? ;)19:04
crevetoryep :)19:04
crevetorok cool19:04
alteregoDid you check out the code source?19:04
crevetorit's neat19:04
alteregoNeate isn't it :)19:04
alteregoI'll let you know when I stick it on gitorious, and I'll package it up for Harmattan soon.19:05
*** lamikr has joined #harmattan19:06
alteregoI need to practise making youtube videos though :D19:06
*** kkito has quit IRC19:07
SpeedEvilThere are way too many awesome people on youtube.19:12
npmis there some kind of dbus signal or way of finding out a "handle" on a given email message in the mail application. (like a URL, so one can go back to a given email message from a different app)19:12
SpeedEvil'I made a wooden bandsaw'19:12
MohammadAGk, Aegis killed19:14
MohammadAGSep 12 19:13:44 (none) SKYPE-ACCOUNT-PLUGIN: Warning:  [44:052] Skype Connection could not be connected  <-- but this still shows up :/19:14
npmalterego, looks awesome19:15
*** faenil has quit IRC19:16
*** roop has quit IRC19:16
alteregonpm: thanks19:16
npmi'm looking forward to source code, but not this week  or month... whenever youre ready :-)19:17
*** wazd has joined #harmattan19:19
alteregoI'm working on it right now ;)19:26
MohammadAGhow do I know which libs/bins a binary's calling?19:33
MohammadAGdoesn't output helpful info19:33
alteregoLearn how to use it then :P19:34
MohammadAGI do...19:34
MohammadAGtry it on Harmattan19:34
vladesthi all19:36
*** rcg has quit IRC19:36
vladestI'm trying to create an test app using QCamera + QGraphicsVideoItem but the only thing I can get is white screen19:37
vladestwhat is wring?19:37
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #harmattan19:37
vladestpermissions for video is requested19:37
alteregovladest: have you added the appropriate privileges to your manifest.aegis file?19:37
vladestalterego: yep19:37
alteregoCan I see your code?19:38
vladestalterego: GRP::pulse-access and GRP::video19:38
vladestalterego: how can I send it?19:38
vladestsame code recompiled for symbian works just fine19:39
alteregoInteresting ..19:43
alteregoWell, I don't know then :)19:43
vladestalterego: can I send you 200k zip?19:44
alteregovladest: rm the build directory.19:44
alteregoThen try rebuilding it.19:44
alteregoI had a problem with it not recognising the aegis manifest had changed.19:44
vladestIt workS!!19:46
vladestalterego: thanks for the tip19:46
alteregoqt creator #fail :)19:46
vladestexactly :)19:47
vladestany news about fresh fw for n950?19:48
rm_workyeah, could really use better FW19:51
rm_workmy n950 doesn't really make or receive calls 90% of the time anymore :(19:51
GeneralAntillesNor mine19:55
GeneralAntillesFunny how that works.19:55
rm_workyeah it's like someone forgot the "phone" part of the n950 :P20:04
rm_workwe're back to the original plan: Internet Tablet with 3G Data20:04
rm_workand "technically you could hack it to make voice calls"20:05
*** rcg has joined #harmattan20:05
*** Mek has quit IRC20:05
RST38hwell. moo.20:07
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC20:07
*** Mek has joined #harmattan20:07
*** achipa has joined #harmattan20:09
*** elzalem has quit IRC20:16
*** rzr is now known as RzR20:33
*** Mek has quit IRC20:35
*** Mek has joined #harmattan20:39
*** faenil has joined #harmattan20:39
*** wicket64 has joined #harmattan20:41
*** frinring has quit IRC20:44
*** smoku has joined #harmattan20:53
*** cpscotti has quit IRC21:03
*** faenil has quit IRC21:06
RST38hrzr: Some time ago, you said you were going to remove the 'mg' package from your repo toavoid the name clash.Could you please do that?21:08
RST38hrzr: Renaming it into something like mg-emacs will also work21:08
RzRdidnt I ?21:10
RzRlet me double check i was doing that on a train w/ n95021:10
RST38hjust "upgraded"me to it21:11
RST38hAnd the sad part is, I no longer remember the magic incantation that quits emacs =)21:11
RzRok done21:12
RzRthe only relic of it there21:12
RzRis there21:12
RzRC-x C-c21:13
RzRnow please give me sources of your mg sources ?21:14
RzRmy brain hurts21:14
RzRi am on HoLyDaYs !!!21:14
rzr`i was wondering if your mg could be rebuild on obs ?21:16
RST38hUnfortunately, not. It is a binary package.21:16
RzRok then it would be better to rebame it your side21:18
RzRmg existed before you afaik21:18
RST38hJust a little while ago you promised to rename or remove the package in your repo21:19
RzRand i did remove to prefer your version , but if it can be rebuild then i'll none of both21:19
RzRi removed it21:19
RST38hOk, thanks21:20
RST38hMy package is avaliable from deb ./21:20
RST38hSimply include it into the list of your sources21:20
RzRi prefer opensource alternatives for now21:21
RzRmaybe ovi is best for closed bit21:21
RST38hNo problem, I have got a repo to upload them to21:22
*** jreznik has quit IRC21:22
*** harbaum has quit IRC21:23
rzr`please think about renaming your mg too21:31
berndhsrzr: did you figure out the build problem ? I shipped version 0.6.4 through the c.obs repo21:33
rzr`no i had no time to investigate21:34
rzr`but it didnt work for me21:36
rzr`can anyone here try berndhs's e6irc ?21:36
berndhsthe package looks good, comes in through the normal repo update mechanism21:36
berndhsare you building it differently ?21:36
rzr`the package install fine21:37
rzr`i used yours21:37
rzr`but it does not show the main window21:37
berndhsthat's weird21:37
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan21:43
*** arfoll has quit IRC21:46
*** piggz has quit IRC22:04
*** cpscotti_n950 has joined #harmattan22:10
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*** berndhs has joined #harmattan22:50
MohammadAGRST38h, what's the function?22:58
djszapijavispedro o/ =)23:04
djszapiI have just seen the SNES on N900 video today :)23:07
MohammadAGis there a way to open the virtual keyboard programatically?23:07
rcgMohammadAG: via QML?23:07
rcgsorry, got no clue about mtf23:08
*** SpeedEvil has joined #harmattan23:10
rcgwell.. in qml the keywords are "TextInput" and "openSoftwareInputPanel()".. but that might be pretty misleading as well for mtf23:11
RST38hMohammadAG: sorry?23:11
RST38hah the conversion23:11
djszapiMohammadAG: yes, but what is the use case of that ?23:11
MohammadAGRST38h, latlon to tiles23:11
MohammadAGdjszapi, custom terminal23:11
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC23:15
Ans5iMohammadAG, would that help?
*** vladest_ has joined #harmattan23:15
MohammadAGthanks :D23:16
*** vladest has quit IRC23:18
*** vladest_ is now known as vladest23:18
* alterego bangs head against wall23:18
alteregoThat was a frustrationg hour23:18
*** mzanetti_work has joined #harmattan23:19
*** mece has quit IRC23:31
*** SpeedEvil has joined #harmattan23:39
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