IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2011-09-03

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trxhow do i get orientation change event in QML?00:25
trxi hate the lack of documentation :/00:26
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antman8969trx, Not sure of an official way, but compare the window's width with it's height01:03
trxi found a way to get the signal using Connections component01:03
trxand target is "window"01:04
trxAnd i didn't find it in the documentation :)01:05
trxbut in some code snippet elsewhere..01:05
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* rzr apt-get install irc-chatter-snapshot02:57
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ZrZ #N950Club can UsE #n950 !MeeGo #HarmattaN irc-chatter and #bitlbee to ChaT with #XmpP #JabbeR #GMail ContactS !03:51
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* javispedro implodes as I don't know what I did04:36
javispedrook, calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down.04:36
SpeedEviljavispedro: Woo!04:37
specialjavispedro: good work!04:37
SpeedEvilFrom a broadcast station?04:37
javispedroyeah, local news04:37
javispedrothe fsck is that this is in a horrible state04:38
javispedrocodec is technically configured with analog output but I'm getting data on the I2S??'04:38
SpeedEvilyou mean interference?04:38
javispedrono, I mean hardwrae04:38
SpeedEvilIt possibly outputs on both normally?04:38
javispedroI feel that if I shutdown this I might not be able to reproduce it in a long time04:38
javispedroSpeedEvil: hw does that but sw never sets the register bits for "both"04:39
SpeedEvilCan you dump the registers of all chips involved?04:39
SpeedEvilOh - right04:39
javispedrocan't -- just remembered that dump functionality from the v4l driver is actually destructive04:39
javispedro(changes state I mean, or at least did last time I tried...)04:40
javispedroit is quite broken04:40
javispedroI am not getting any other system sounds04:40
javispedroin fact the only reason I believe it is using the digital path is because there's a arecord -Dhw:2,0 | pulseaudio pipe running04:41
javispedrowhere hw:2,0 is wl127304:41
SpeedEvilalsamixer and friends to dump everything?04:41
SpeedEvilnot really ideal04:42
SpeedEvilI suppose in principle you can ask pulseaudio - I've no idea how thogh04:42
javispedroSpeedEvil: at least it means mic should be able to work alongisde fmradio -- a problem all n900 fm radio apps had (disaster when phone call struck)04:42
javispedroasking pulseaudio is called module-loopback, iirc n950 has a enough recent version to use it04:43
javispedrorestarted the pipe -- mute04:43
javispedroarecord is still capturing sound04:44
javispedroit's pa the one gone mute04:44
javispedronah, it's capturing silence04:46
SpeedEvilSo it can work - now comes the possibly annoying bit.04:46
SpeedEvilGreat progress!04:46
* javispedro reboots and tries to remember04:49
javispedro.oO (plugged headphones first, then amixer to set the stuff, then enabled BT via the systemui...04:49
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javispedrook, reproduced05:07
javispedroI think I know what's going on here05:08
javispedrothe stuff is doing something05:08
javispedrohave to say that the sound is crystal clear05:14
javispedrothis hci command fixes it ogf=0x3f ocf=0x00 0xf3 0x88 0x01 0x0205:18
javispedronow to understand what it exactly does05:18
berndhsthis is progress05:21
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hiemanshurzr: well, MohammadAG has tested irc-chatter with whatever bouncer he uses05:28
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mtdon n950, anybody know how to add notes from the command line?  or keep them in sync with some non-sqlite repository of notes?05:53
* javispedro records some radio static for the fun of it05:56
javispedrook, I got the hang of it05:58
javispedroso, one has to enable BT, send a magic HCI command, THEN configure the digital path as I mentioned on my initial post05:59
javispedrothe first both steps are actually implemented in ohm-plugins-misc , which is where I got the magic command from06:00
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* javispedro could probably make a test app...06:02
rm_yougah fuck seriously06:18
rm_youi can't ANSWER calls now either?06:18
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TronicI had some trouble with calls and text a couple of days ago.07:26
TronicNeither would be received until after I restarted the phone, even though it displayed that the network was ok.07:27
hiemanshurm_you: black screen?07:30
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djszapi_good morning, Vietnam :)08:49
djszapi_yep, there was this good morning series (at least in Hungary) :)08:50
Venemo_N950hmm... I don't remember it08:53
djszapi_there is also this:,_Vietnam :)08:54
Venemo_N950I see08:55
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djszapi_Venemo_N950: not sure how to get IRC chatter work. It does not work anymore.08:58
Venemo_N950djszapi_, at all?08:58
djszapi_does not matter what I do (I have not tried re-flashing the device, but I will not even probably try that).08:59
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Venemo_N950it probably won't help...09:01
djszapi_not sure what helps...apart from making proper logging...09:02
Venemo_N950djszapi_, I will have the time to care about this issue (and your patches) today afternoon09:04
Venemo_N950djszapi_, have you tried connecting with/without SSL?09:04
Venemo_N950that's exactly what I wanna do, yes09:04
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djszapi_all the other net applications work, as in grob, gtalk, facebook and the like.09:05
Venemo_N950yeah, you told me... I get the picture :)09:05
djszapi_I am also in 3.5G09:05
Venemo_N950doesn't work on 3.5G either, I guess?09:06
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Venemo_N950djszapiN9, what the heck?09:07
djszapi_ ;)09:08
Venemo_N950djszapi_, please tell me what was the solution?09:08
djszapi_no clue09:08
djszapi_What I did is to reinstall irc-chatter for Xth time and started it with SSL (port 7000 on freenode)09:08
Venemo_N950hiemanshu ?09:09
hiemanshuVenemo_N950: see #irc-chatter :P09:09
Venemo_N950djszapi_, I'm happy to hear that... I was guessing that some port setting may solve it09:10
hiemanshuugh, 3s lag :(09:10
djszapi_it is not related interestingly to the port because I was trying then without SSL, and I could connect, too. Very odd!09:11
Venemo_N950very odd09:11
djszapi_At any rate, logging helps with debugging a problem a lot in general. :)09:11
djszapi_oh yes, and last night I deleted ~/.config/Venemo09:11
djszapi_since after my patch, it was: ~/.config/irc-chatter09:11
djszapi_not sure whether it matters anything with the stray folder.09:11
Venemo_N950agreed, yes09:12
Venemo_N950it does not.09:12
djszapi_but that is not the culsprit imho.09:12
djszapi_since I have just created tray files like that and could still connect.09:12
hiemanshudjszapi_: where can I see you patch?09:13
Venemo_N950I am planning to add some more debugging options for exactly this kind of issues09:13
Venemo_N950djszapi_, in any case, I'm glad your problem has solved itself09:13
djszapi_hiemanshu: in Venemo's inbox :)09:14
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hiemanshudjszapi_: care to paste it? so I can match it, because well, I have a lot of changes not in the repo :P09:17
Venemo_N950hiemanshu, don't worry, I'll take care of it09:17
hiemanshuVenemo_N950: you'll take care of changes I haven't pushed? :P09:17
Venemo_N950hiemanshu, it's mostly packaging fixes, so won't interfere with your changes09:18
djszapi_hiemanshu: no they are super secret patches :)09:18
Venemo_N950hiemanshu, djszapi was kind enough to make us an Aegis manifest file09:20
hiemanshuah, nice09:21
hiemanshudjszapi_: thank you :)09:22
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djszapiInteresting, there is no toLower/Upper in QString for a range.09:25
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vladestdjszapi: get range first and then make lower/upper09:50
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djszapithat is what I did, but it is not as convenient as it could be.09:51
vladestdjszapi: well, comparing to Java's one - QString much better imho09:52
djszapiI was not comparing it to any other technology. I was just saying it could be more convenient.09:52
hiemanshudjszapi: have you used mesinput to add up and down buttons to the vkdb?09:53
hiemanshuor anyone done that?09:53
vladestdjszapi: well, its open source in the end :)09:53
RST38hShould compare to QBASIC instead, will get even better result for Qt09:54
hiemanshucompare it to .NET09:55
* hiemanshu runs09:55
* vladest e up. qstring - sucks :)09:55
vladestgive up09:55
djszapivladest: yes, I am sending a patch09:56
djszapihiemanshu: yes, of course.09:57
vladestdjszapi: cool09:57
hiemanshudjszapi: ah, so well, atleast when I am adding up/down to browsing through messages, its useful on the N909:57
hiemanshu(on irc-chatter)09:57
* vladest wanna patch for slooow QGraphicsVideoItem on n95009:59
djszapihiemanshu: sorry ?10:08
hiemanshudjszapi: when you press up and down, you can cycle through the messages you have sent before on irc-chatter now10:11
djszapinot sure what you mean because if it is that what I am thinking of, I think I would just nicely well use the swiping UX for that.10:12
hiemanshudjszapi: what is your current IRC client?10:13
hiemanshuon the computer?10:13
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djszapiohh now gotcha. You would like to send out the same post of yours.10:13
hiemanshusending same post in different channels and such10:14
djszapispamming ? :p10:15
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djszapiand why aren't just irc-chatter and harmattan channels are the default to connect to ?10:16
hiemanshuyou mean just irc-chatter and harmattan?10:17
djszapiyeah, pretty much.10:17
hiemanshuwell, I had that in mind, but Venemo added #meego and #maemo to it as well IIRC10:18
djszapiin my opinion, harmattan would actually be enough and discuss irc-chatter questions here since harmattan is the only supported platform for the time being.10:18
djszapithese lot of channels make it bloated unneccesarily in the most cases.10:18
hiemanshuwell, its just 3 lines of code :P10:20
djszapiI am not speaking about the code, just usability.10:20
hiemanshuwell, that will also change, we are workig on new UIs for version 0.310:21
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artemmI am a little lost in all the accounts, merges and syncs coming from various directions. Could somebody with more clear understanding confirm whether Harmattan contact photos get updated from facebook/twitter profile pics?10:53
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djszapias for me, they came from facebook, yes.10:54
artemmI am wondering whether a phonebook contact is updated with the picture or if it is the-merged-contact-bundle shows facebook pic as a part if its facebook identity10:57
artemmthough not sure if there's any visible-enough difference..10:57
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artemmIs there any public description of how the automatic contact merge works? I am not quite happy with its detection and misdetection11:04
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RST38hwazd: Added!11:19
wazdRST38h: coolio :)11:20
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wazdRST38h: awesome except for unnecessary nudity :P11:24
RST38hwazd: well, the author likes pinup11:25
RST38hwazd: [and apparently it works :)]11:25
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* RST38h suddenly finds an Android-related picture:
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* RST38h yawns15:27
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jktI recall reading a nice document saying what the usable screen dimensions on a N950/N9 are, with various combinations of portrait/landscpae, fullscreen, status notifier etc etc shown or hidden15:45
jktbut I can't google it anymore :(15:45
dm8tbri think that's the harmattan page on
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Venemo~seen MohammadAG16:18
infobotmohammadag <~MohammadA@Maemo/community/contributor/MohammadAG> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 1d 23h 3m 46s ago, saying: 'DocScrutinizer, ping'.16:18
jktdm8tbr: that's it (and it's an image, which explains why I wasn't able to google for it)16:27
jktdm8tbr: thanks16:27
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alteregoI hope they sort out video decoding on the N950 in the next update16:37
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Venemoalterego, yeah... I hope so... and also the bugs which I've been living with for months now16:38
* Venemo wants new software for the N95016:38
VenemoI would be really happy if I could at leat see a bugfix release or anything16:40
Stskeepssoon enough.16:41
VenemoStskeeps, how can you tell?16:41
Stskeepsthere's a giant countdown for N9 release on .fi site i think16:42
Venemoand you think that magically we'll receive a sw update at that time?16:42
VenemoStskeeps, this?
VenemoPäivää is days?16:43
Stskeepsthink so16:44
Venemoanyway, brb16:45
SpeedEvilWhen are nokia wphones supposed to launch16:46
Stskeepsinto the sun!16:48
Stskeepsoh, when16:48
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TronicSpeedEvil: It keeps changing. It used to be in (early) 2012 but it might be earlier now.16:49
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Elessarhi all!16:56
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ElessarI've mostly done port of FBReader to Harmattan16:56
Elessar -- try this deb, if you want :)16:57
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Elessarsources are available at at "meego" branch16:58
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* SpeedEvil does the dpkg thing.16:59
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Elessarto build debian package you have to run shell script " maemo6-debian" from source's root17:00
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SpeedEvilOk - installed17:00
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SpeedEvilCopying over ebooks17:02
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SpeedEvil0th order issues. Icon is blank red. 'loading library' always appears to be landscape17:07
RST38hAndrew Barrow, director of consumer products for Lenovo Western Europe, claims that the original Galaxy Tab only sold 20,000 out of one million shipped. He goes on to say Samsung was 'channel stuffing' in order to generate publicity and become known as a major Android tablet manufacturer.17:07
Elessarwhat Icon do you mean? "loading library" uses progress dialog which is not ported to QML yet17:08
SpeedEvilYou can launch two copies, which may confuse some people.17:08
RST38hElessar: YOu do know of existing fbreader port by Marius Gediminas?17:08
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SpeedEvilElessar: The icon in the applauncher17:08
ElessarRST38h: it's not port, he've only done support for volume buttons as I know17:08
ElessarRST38h: but I've implemented most of interface at QML instead of deprecated QWidgets17:09
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ElessarSpeedEvil: I can't reproduce icon's bug( I was told that icon will become normal after reboot17:11
*** Ronksu has quit IRC17:11
SpeedEvilSomething screwy with the file picker - I go to mydocs - it dumps me in a dir with lost/found17:11
SpeedEvilElessar: likely17:11
SpeedEvilI go to lost/found - and I'm in /17:11
Elessartry to scroll items out of the screen17:11
ElessarI dunno why, but they are not repainted sometimes(17:12
RST38hElessar: Wonderful =)17:15
RST38hElessar: got a package to try? =)17:15
SpeedEvilMinor - the continuation (>) at the end of overlong filenames/... is underlaid by the non-truncated filenames17:15
SmithSpeedEvil:red icon after installing possible due to install program from console. It is not observed if you use any file manager for installing deb17:16
ElessarRST38h: erm.. what package? Marius's? I've only take a look at his patch17:16
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RST38hElessar: no, your own, with the qml ui17:17
SpeedEvilSmith: Probably, yes.17:17
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SpeedEvilElessar: 'OS scrollbar' does not seem to show anything as indicator17:17
ElessarRST38h: are you asking for this link ?17:18
SpeedEvilThere doesn't seem to be any fremantle-like hide settings-bar.17:18
ElessarSpeedEvil: there is no scrollbar at this meaning at harmattan17:18
SpeedEvilBut I haven't seen a harmattan common user element for that.17:18
SpeedEvilVolume keys lack autorepeat17:18
SpeedEvilI like the colour picker17:20
ElessarScrollBars at Harmattan are saddonly designed for use only with Flickable, but I've failed with implementing it(17:20
SpeedEvilFlickable looks cool!17:20
Elessarbut I've tried to add kinetic scrolling17:20
SpeedEvilHowever, I'm not sure it's actually great for a 'read large lumps of text'17:21
SpeedEvilYou mean in the file dialogs?17:21
SpeedEvilOr have I missed a selection17:21
ElessarSpeedEvil: looks like Qt doesn't send me event about pressing volume button several times17:22
ElessarI'll try to investigate this issue17:22
ElessarI mean that I've failed to implement kinetic scrolling at "book view", now it's scrolling only by taping and volume buttons17:23
RST38hflickable is fine17:23
SpeedEvilNone of the switches ('enable text selection') for example - seem to remember their state if you open the config screen again17:23
ElessarSpeedEvil: oh... really?(17:23
ElessarI have to take a look17:24
SpeedEvilAt the moment, it's quite usable for reading books! :)17:24
SpeedEvilAlso, I couldn't seem to open any network library17:24
SpeedEvilCan't click anything.17:24
*** vladest has joined #harmattan17:24
ElessarSpeedEvil: I suggest that it's because of I handle only finger taps17:25
SpeedEvilBattery usage while off with the app in the foreground looks OK.17:26
SpeedEvilBattery meter claims ~20h use reading17:28
SpeedEvilIn dim light - which is good!17:28
SpeedEvilIt will be really interesting to see how OLED performs in practice with very bright text on a black background17:29
SpeedEvilWRT powersave17:29
ElessarSpeedEvil: wait for press and switch fixes, pelase17:31
Elessar* please17:31
ElessarSpeedEvil: I've uploaded new package to the same place:
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SpeedEvilrebooting - dpkg says something has locked app-db18:04
*** hardaker has quit IRC18:05
rzrElessar: i can try to rebuild it now18:05
SpeedEvilIcon is OK now18:05
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*** andre__ has joined #harmattan18:21
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Elessarrzr: for what purpose?18:29
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan18:29
rzrjust to double check :)18:29
Elessarok, build it :)18:30
Elessaroh my god(18:37
SpeedEvilSwitches seem to work. It seems to crash on selecting 'recent books'18:38
Elessaryou mean that assertion fails18:39
SpeedEvilWell - app dissapears18:39
Elessarlooks like I have to remove this thing18:40
*** javispedro has quit IRC18:41
ElessarI can't find at source any action with name "showRecent" which should be called18:41
SpeedEvilTouch doesn't seem to work to scroll on an open library - though arrow keys on keyboard or volume works18:43
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan18:44
ElessarSpeedEvil: go to settings and disable switch "scroll only at tap"18:45
SpeedEvilTo retract one of the earlier reports - network libraries seems to work18:45
ElessarI've changed default value, but you've played already with it :)18:45
SpeedEvilit's just it's fiddly to select text18:45
Elessarand disable text selection18:45
Elessarisn't it disabled by default?18:45
SpeedEvilPossibly - I've been clicking random stuff.18:47
Elessarit's somewhere at reading settings18:48
SpeedEvilAlso - several times, it seems to have crashed on orientation switch.18:48
Elessarhaven't you run it with gdb?18:48
SpeedEvilNot yet18:48
Elessarrun, please18:49
ElessarI need it's backtraces18:49
SpeedEvilOk - naive gdb FBreader doesn't work at all18:49
SpeedEvilI'm guessing I need to specify some aegis-magic18:49
Elessargdb FBReader18:49
Elessarfirst 3 letters are capital18:49
SpeedEvilyes - that18:50
SpeedEvil/bin/sh: exec: line 1: /usr/bin/FBReader: Operation not permitted18:50
*** gri has joined #harmattan18:50
SpeedEvilAlso - no debug symbols18:50
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan18:50
*** djszapiN9 has left #harmattan18:51
Elessaroh, I've enabled ability to run custom apps at phone %)18:51
SpeedEvilsu user first, and it works.18:52
SpeedEvilForgot that.18:52
Elessaroh, khe18:52
ElessarI'm running users under developer %)18:52
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan18:53
SpeedEvilFile selector is wierd.18:54
SpeedEvilKeep selecting '..' and eventually you end up at a blank page18:54
djszapiN9i do not get the new channel opened i have just joined18:54
SpeedEvilThe file browse dialog doesn't seem to present an accurate description of the filesystem.18:55
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: funny, while /.. == /18:55
djszapiN9venemo ^18:56
ElessarSpeedEvil: don't you know - are there any "native" file dialogs?18:56
SpeedEvilI've no idea - I'm not saying it's a breakage in your code.18:57
SpeedEvilAbove seems to be orientation-based18:57
SpeedEvilbut I'm not sure how useful it is18:57
Elessaroh, great trace %)18:58
ElessarSpeedEvil: what are you doing, btw?18:58
Elessarmay be you using search dialog?18:58
SpeedEvilI was playing around with the 'open file' file selector - and changed orientation, and it crashed18:58
Smithyeah, it's crashes after orientation change after click on search button18:59
Elessarlooks like it's sorting bug19:00
VenemodjszapiN9, 1) press the + button in the toolbar 2) enter a channel name (begin channel names with #), 3) wait for it to open. speed of opening depends on the speed of your connection.19:00
ElessarI mean random directory names19:00
VenemodjszapiN9, it will always open at the bottom of your channel list19:00
djszapiN9venemo does not work after typing /j #whatnot19:01
Elessaralso, I've started to implement qutIM's port to Meego:
VenemodjszapiN9, /join #whatever should work too, but you may have to ask hiemanshu about possible reasons it won't work (he implemented this part afaicr)19:02
djszapiN9also, the channel join dialog is rathet scary19:02
VenemodjszapiN9, what do you recommend to improve it?19:03
djszapiN9i should really not be forced to type # for channels19:03
djszapiN9should be chechbox19:03
alteregolcuk: have you looked at symbian belle yet?19:03
alteregolcuk: can't wait for the final release ...19:04
djszapiN9alterego it is not symbian channel19:04
VenemodjszapiN9, good idea19:04
Venemoalterego, what's so good about it?19:04
djszapiN9venemo you could rrmove the relevant text rhat way19:05
Elessarshit... VisualDataModel doesn't handle layoutChanged signal19:05
lcukalterego, I haven't updated the n8 yet19:05
lcukbut belle has great things19:05
Elessardoes anybody know the way to force VisualDataModel to recheck all items' data?19:06
VenemodjszapiN9, so you propose a checkbox which adds or removes a '#' character to the beginning?19:08
berndhsthe # is part of the channel name19:09
djszapiN9that is conceptually the ame19:09
Venemoso what are you proposing?19:09
javispedroSpeedEvil: thinking about analog loopback for radio: also consider that the N950 uses a different codec altogether for headphones19:09
javispedrobtw, hey DocScrutinizer, did you heard the news about radio? :)19:10
Venemojavispedro, what are the news? :)19:10
javispedroVenemo: that it works19:10
Venemojavispedro, you said it isn't possible?19:11
Venemojavispedro, what happened?19:11
javispedrothis happened
javispedroI accidentally triggered that code while playing with my libresource for SDL code19:11
javispedroby the time I knew what happened, local news were coming through my headphones...19:12
Venemomaybe you will trigger some FMTX code too :P19:12
javispedroso, that's the magic command that was missing to setup to digital audio path :)19:12
DocScrutinizer * This file is pure black voodoo magic. Take at least a healthy dose  of garlic before touching this...  --  UHUH19:12
javispedroDocScrutinizer: but it's quite simple actually19:12
javispedrothe interesting tidbit is 0x3f 0x00 0xf3 0x88 0x01 0x0219:13
javispedrothat sets some register -- I have no idea which one -- to 0x02.19:13
DocScrutinizerdamn, couldn't that wait until maybe Wednesday, when my rant arrived at Quim?19:13
VenemoDocScrutinizer :D19:13
VenemoDocScrutinizer, what's your rant?19:13
*** degtep has joined #harmattan19:13
Elessaroh, yeah. does anybody knows any djvu viewer for N950?19:13
*** djszapiN9 has quit IRC19:14
javispedrothe good news is that this is is not shared with the mic like the N90019:15
VenemoDocScrutinizer, well, I do agree with your rant19:15
javispedrotherefore, phone calls will still work19:15
javispedrono matter what the fmradio app does19:15
javispedroon the other side, it is shared with BT hands free profile audio19:15
javispedro(but it should still work alongside BT A2DP)19:15
*** degtep has quit IRC19:16
javispedroalso, if I want stereo, I need to bypass pulse to capture... :S19:17
javispedroas pulse is configured with channels=119:17
Elessar> oh, yeah. does anybody know any djvu viewer for N950?19:17
*** degtep has joined #harmattan19:18
javispedroso the app will have to get audio from ALSA and submit it to pulse... pfft.19:18
rzrElessar: it will need some fixes ZLQmlApplicationWindow.h:31: fatal error: policy/resource-set.h: No such file or directory19:26
Elessaroh, really?19:26
Elessarrzr: do you have libresourceqt-dev installed?19:28
rzrif it depends on it , i guess yes19:28
*** antman8969 has quit IRC19:28
ElessarI've forgotten to add it to depends %)19:28
rzrare those srcs on some public scm ?19:29
*** javispedro has left #harmattan19:30
*** javispedro has quit IRC19:30
berndhsif you need IRC for harmattan, you can get e6irc from here
berndhsif you dont' like the colors, send me a patch
rzrberndhs: does it support bip server ?19:31
Venemoberndhs, if you need IRC from harmattan, you can use IRC Chatter, the first MeeGo/Harmattan IRC client:
VenemoDocScrutinizer, I sure do agree :)19:32
berndhsVenemo: yes its good to have choices19:32
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan19:32
berndhsrzr: don't know, havent tried it19:32
Venemoberndhs, you made another IRC client?19:32
rzri see you have a xmmp lib in your repo ?19:32
berndhsVenemo: i had this one for desktop, adapted it a bit for phone19:33
rzris it hard to plug xmpp into it ?19:33
berndhsrzr: i have qxmpp, an older version, for another chat application19:33
*** gri has quit IRC19:34
berndhsthe e6irc doesn't ahve anything for xmpp, I separated it out because of dependencies19:34
berndhsdidn't want to port qxmpp this week19:34
berndhsthe desktop caht app uses separate windows for different chats, that won't work on phone19:35
Venemoberndhs, can you gimme a screenshot of your UI?19:36
Elessarrzr: - "meego" branch19:36
rzrso far xmpp is not really supported on harmattan , i workaround it that way :
berndhslet me look, its somplace...19:36
hiemanshuberndhs: have a feature list somewhere?19:37
djszapiI am happy with the newer image containing xmpp by default ;)19:37
rzrnot yet released right ?19:38
Venemodjszapi, can't you leak this newer image for our poor old N950s?19:38
djszapiVenemo: I do not care about N95019:38
berndhshiemanshu: feature list ? damn you people are demanding :)19:39
Venemodjszapi, that's sad, because I only have the N95019:39
DocScrutinizerVenemo: it won't even install AFAIK19:39
VenemoDocScrutinizer, heh19:39
hiemanshuberndhs: feature list, supported commands, and a screenshot, never used anything without em19:39
berndhshiemanshu: mutiple servers, multiple nicks, retro-look and feel19:39
djszapiVenemo: but yes, I can of course install new images on my internal N95019:39
rzrdjszapi: are we able to rebuild some parts to support telepathy-idle ?19:40
djszapieven for the free one, but I do not do it, that is19:40
djszapirzr: telepathy-idle has zero to do with xmpp19:40
Venemodjszapi, "internal N950"?19:40
rzri talked about the irc one on other channel :)19:40
djszapirzr: and no, I do not find it interesting to reinvent the wheel19:40
rzri wont19:41
djszapiVenemo: we developed for both devices obviously...19:41
Venemodjszapi, can such an image be flashed onto my "non-internal" N950?19:42
djszapitechnically of course.19:42
djszapifail to see why not, legally ... your research19:42
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan19:42
Venemodjszapi, well, I will not tell anyone, if that's what you're worried about :P19:42
djszapitell what ?19:43
Venemodjszapi, that you leaked the new firmware for me (in the event that you leak it)19:43
VenemoI'm joking of course, don't take me seriously!19:43
djszapiVenemo: shouldn't you wake up from the dream world ? :p19:43
Venemodjszapi, I don't want to wake up :P19:43
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: \o/ nevertheless19:44
Venemoanyway, need to go. will be back later19:44
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: but please help pushing for decent hw docu19:44
djszapiVenemo: also, this channel dialog is rather scary19:44
djszapiit needs a bit of refactoring from usability point of view...19:44
ajalkaneAh fuck it would suck to wake up and realize getting N950 was just a dream19:44
djszapiwhat is this guy talking about ? :)19:45
SmithElessar and me at this moment working on port qutIM for harmattan. qutIM supports jabber, icq, irc and others
DocScrutinizerI'd more feel like awakening from a nightmare :-P19:45
hiemanshuDocScrutinizer: one with aegis?19:46
* hiemanshu runs19:46
javispedroDocScrutinizer: touché. Note though it is one of the reasons I like to understand what it is doing.19:47
javispedroDocScrutinizer: however, on that same file there's the command that supposedly reverts the magic sequence -- by setting the register to 0x119:47
djszapiSmith: nice idea, but why is it better than having this account system ?19:47
djszapi(which is officially supported)19:48
*** berndhs_meego has joined #harmattan19:53
rzrVenemo: i'll keep using irc-chatter for xmpp :)19:55
Elessardjszapi: because it doesn't work yet, also there are lots of users of qutIM at Maemo 5, we think that it also will be popular (may be) at Meego19:56
djszapiElessar: sure, but it is maemo619:57
Elessarok, *at Maemo 619:57
Elessardoesn't matter, really19:57
djszapiElessar: also, there are so many applications missing and Nokia does not work on that. I personally dislike if we do not work efficiently for applications first missing.19:57
Elessardjszapi: what applications do you mean? I've already ported FBReader to Maemo 619:58
Elessarif you have any more nice ideas I would be like to think about them and may be implement19:58
Elessar*to listen about them19:58
Elessaror FBReader is also "useless" application to port by your opinion?)19:59
djszapiElessar: mmm, I do not think harmattan is feature rich at all yet...but for instance I work on a dictionary application in general. That is something I found missing. Also, I was trying to encourage others to make an IRC clients from the beginning. I think there are a lot of rooms for clean improvements instead of duplicating already satisfied use cases.20:00
Elessardjszapi: so tell me about them, please)20:01
djszapiI have just mentioned two bigger use cases, dictionary and irc client...20:02
Elessardjszapi: hm, may be you know, is there any djvu viewer?20:02
Elessardjszapi: qutIM has irc support20:02
djszapiElessar: which goes against the whole platform design, account system20:02
ElessarI just have to finish UI implementation20:02
djszapiso what I was referring from the beginning is a telepathy-idle based IRC client20:03
ElessarI want to move to Telepathy only in some future20:03
djszapiI started working on that in full time ..20:03
djszapibut lot of help needed there for instance.20:03
ElessarI suffer from missing libraries to create ConnectionManager's at Qt20:04
Venemodjszapi, it's very nice of you that despite your affiliation to telepathy, you helped us with our client :)20:04
Elessarbecaues, i.e., I want to have VKontakte and Mail.Ru protocols support20:04
djszapiVenemo: yes, because we need to have something temporarily.20:04
Elessarthey are not supported by official client20:05
Elessarand won't be in any future20:05
Venemodjszapi, nice excuse :P20:05
djszapimh ?20:05
Venemoadmit it that you simply like it.20:05
* Venemo should now wake up from his drem world, shouldn't he?20:06
djszapiElessar: that would also be a bit duplication, but I wanted to learn webkit, and had the phantasy of writing a webkit based open source browser that I would use instead of grob.20:06
djszapiVenemo: I dislike the design of it and how it is against the account system (as I have been saying this from the beginning), but this is now what works. It does not mean at all we cannot make an IRC client based on telepathy that can better be integrated with the platform and rest20:07
Venemodjszapi, yeah, you told that numerous times20:09
*** wazd has quit IRC20:09
djszapiput it clear, if it was not: irc-chatter is a temporary solution for me until that is done.20:09
djszapiElessar: another idea: to make phone sync up ui application which can also handle the exports from files.20:11
djszapithat is unfortunately due to the resource lack, will not be implemented in the platform as it should be, and it is not painful to make it work from cli.20:12
djszapi*it is painful20:12
djszapigoogle+ client, like the facebook one as well20:13
berndhswhy shoud IRC go through the accounts system? then it wont work on anything except harmattan20:14
djszapiI wrote a working printer application, but not sure it will ever be published as open source, so maybe also a printer application in QML. (I wrote it in mt)20:14
djszapiberndhs: because a normal user does not care about others, just a consistent system ?20:15
djszapiand since telepathy-idle was discussed it here what it can provide, and it is sponsored by companies instead of a leisure time playground library project ?20:15
berndhsdjszapi: but if the harmattan API adds no value for this application, why would anyone use it ?20:15
djszapieh ?20:16
berndhswhat value does the harmattan API add to writing an IRC client ?20:16
Elessaryeah, good question20:16
berndhsi dont think it helps with anything, so why use it ?20:16
djszapihandle the irc account like any other account ?20:16
berndhshandling the account is a trivial thing, why do through some complicated proprietary API for that ?20:17
infobotberndhs meant: handling the account is a trivial thing, why go through some complicated proprietary API for that ?20:17
javispedroback when the N8x0 supported IRC out of the box it was quite cool to have it integrated with the standard UI20:17
djszapiberndhs to be consistent with the rest ?20:18
javispedroThat's quite a compelling reason IMHO20:18
berndhswhat for ? does the rest help me with writing my apps ?20:18
javispedroon the other side, it had the least features.20:18
berndhsconsistent UI is a benefit yes20:18
djszapiI do not understand the question then...20:19
berndhsbut there is a disadvantage to using an API that is only on 1 device20:19
berndhsit means the app will have to be partly re-written for the rest of the world20:19
djszapiI think you are rather outdated.20:20
djszapiquassel is being ported20:20
djszapiwhich would be kinda "platform independent".20:20
djszapiand there is a consistent interface with the rest20:20
berndhsand since, for example, I already have a trivial account system, why should I bother ?20:20
djszapiso everything is under work, I do not see your point really.20:20
berndhsi dont see your point either :)20:20
djszapithat is a very sad conclusion20:21
Elessardjszapi: nowadays qutIM supports Windows, GNU/Linux, MacOS X, Symbian, Maemo 5, there were attempts to port it to Android, now I'm able to port it to Meego in, maximum, a month. Is telepathy as half of it as "platform independent" ?20:21
berndhsyes 2 misunderstood people :)20:21
ElessarI've heard about Telepathy only at GNU/Linux (included Maemo5 and Maemo6)20:22
djszapiElessar: I think you forgot to realize there are already other projects targetting these use cases, and it is really really annoying when there are different projects for the same use case instead of making one good one.20:23
djszapiElessar: you heard it badly.20:23
Elessardjszapi: why your *irc* app is better?20:23
Elessarin addition to account management20:23
djszapiElessar: written thousand times, consistent with the rest20:23
ElessarI'm able to be intergrated with Telepathy's account management20:24
djszapiand it was overdiscussed here by a telepathy guy explaining the advantages, please read back20:24
DocScrutinizeras if this was any sort of a criterion for an app's "quality" as perceived by users20:24
djszapiit is not about cross-platform, as I have never cared about that. Konversation, quassel and other projects have been existing for those purposes for quite a while.20:24
djszapiit is very very sad seeing X different projects working on the same thing... Nightmare of the efficiency.20:25
berndhsthe reason I wrote my simple IRC app is that I tried quassel first :)20:26
berndhsway too much machinery20:26
djszapisorry, but I cannot believe you since as an outstander I should read a well-thought discussion where both parties say their arguement.20:27
DocScrutinizerand I'd kick any "integrated solution" for xchat any day (again), if only because I'm used to it and *really* don't need IRC integrated with contacts database20:27
djszapiDocScrutinizer: I do not see your point apart from arguing unneccesarily.20:28
djszapias I said (please please please read back), there is a cross-platform and also a platform-integrated project ongoing;20:28
djszapiyour use case is also covered, period.20:28
DocScrutinizeryour last post is all the pints I need to feel pissed amd reject your suggestion20:29
berndhsi don't understand people who want the same solution for everybody20:29
DocScrutinizerpoints even20:29
*** wazd has joined #harmattan20:29
DocScrutinizerberndhs: exactly20:29
djszapiberndhs: you do not have different use case20:29
djszapijust different code, that is20:29
berndhsdon't like my solution, go use another one20:29
djszapiofc I do not use your use case20:30
DocScrutinizerand maybe *I* like that different code and UX20:30
djszapibut it is still not efficient to reinvent the wheel20:30
berndhsit is less efficient to try to shoehorn everyone into the same solution20:30
djszapi*ofc I do not use your use project20:30
djszapiberndhs: please give me a comparison20:31
DocScrutinizerreinvent the wheel, like in replacing an existing accounts management by the "proprietary" HARM flavour?20:31
djszapiberndhs: what is different in your project ? What design principle ?20:31
Venemohey people, please behave yourselves. don't kill each other yet.20:31
berndhsdjszapi: tell me why I should waste time using quassel, or the accounts API, when I can make chat app myself faster and with less pain20:32
DocScrutinizerVenemo: how long will you take for your friggin camcorder?20:32
berndhsdjszapi: my design principle is that I don't like the quassel UI, and I made one myself that I like better20:32
djszapiberndhs: I fail to see what is wrong with quassel or conversation...again please, mailing list discussion ?20:32
DocScrutinizerit's PINK20:32
VenemoDocScrutinizer, what camcorder?20:33
berndhsdjszapi: in the time spent telling people why i don't like quassel, i can write my own app20:33
djszapibecause normally if I have a use case, and there are existing projects for that use case...I try to contact the project core members on the mailing list (just like I have done with konversation and telepathy guys).20:33
VenemoDocScrutinizer, aaaah, I get it :P20:33
DocScrutinizerdamn, what's wrong with a UI?!! :-O *I don't like it as much as I like anoither UI" is a valid answer20:33
Elessarhey! stop! it would be better if anybody would tell me any DJVU VIEWER application!20:33
Venemodjszapi, based on that argument, every linux distribution should shut itself down and join the development of Fedora.20:34
Elessaror I have to write it? o_O20:34
djszapiberndhs: new Ui is rather pure answer....20:34
djszapi* poor20:34
djszapiyou can still use their library functionality and building a new ui in their project, just like it happened so many times.20:34
VenemoElessar, it seems that we will soon have 3 different IRC clients, but no such viewer app :P20:34
ElessarI really need it)20:34
djszapiVenemo, that is the point yes...20:34
berndhsdjszapi: no its not a poor answer. It is what I want to spend my time on. it is _my_ time, not yours20:34
ElessarVenemo: so there is no one yet? and nobody is going to write it?20:35
djszapiberndhs: you do what you want, I do not care. I am entitled to say my opinion which is that, it is not efficient20:35
berndhsdjszapi: who are you to tell people what they should spend their time on ?20:35
VenemoElessar, I have no idea. I'm not aware of it20:35
djszapi23:35 < djszapi> berndhs: you do what you want, I do not care. I am entitled to say my opinion which is that, it is not efficient20:35
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: It seems to me you again started to follow your usual path of arguing with people just for the only reason they are not all excited about what HARM gave us, and they dared to think about and even use or (OMG) code alternatives20:36
Elessarwhat good djvu libraries do exist?20:36
berndhsdjszapi: you do care, why else do you argue about these things20:36
djszapiDocScrutinizer: it is rather sad you do not even read what we write. Quassel is hardly integrated with "HARM".20:36
djszapiDocScrutinizer: please read more and make sure you understand the sentences before getting into a discussion (it is not the first time you do not care about that what happened previously)20:37
javispedrofirst time ever Aegis has _helped me_20:37
DocScrutinizerthat's *your* take on it. Maybe that's cause by *your* missing understanding of _my_ sentences?20:38
Elessarjavispedro: erm? is it possible?20:38
javispedro"user" on harm doesn't seem to be a member of "audio" and thus can't get to /dev/snd/*20:38
javispedrobut adding GRP::sound to Aegis worked around that20:38
* javispedro ponders if non-devel fw will allow that20:38
DocScrutinizeradding to aegis??20:39
javispedrorequesting as token20:39
DocScrutinizeraegis-exec -a ?20:39
javispedrono, via "my way"20:39
javispedroI still fear aegis-exec will MALF my device =)20:39
javispedrono, it didn't work -- false call =)20:40
DocScrutinizerso firsLF screen :-S20:40
djszapiit should not work, yes...20:40
DocScrutinizererr :-D20:40
djszapiit is simple to solve anyway20:41
DocScrutinizerfirst of all fix the initscript that calls do_malf or what it's called :-D20:41
djszapiexcept that is integrity protected...20:41
DocScrutinizer:-P if it were not I'd not even mention it here20:42
djszapiElessar: I do not see anything related to djvu20:42
djszapiI would personally like to see okular on mobile phones.20:42
Elessarokular is too heavy, isn't it?20:43
djszapithat is something I wanted to port 1.5 years ago, but never found the time20:43
Elessarit depends on kdelibs20:43
djszapikdelibs is available.20:43
Elessarso it won't be possible to put application to OVI store20:43
Elessaram I right?20:43
djszapiI do not think so20:43
Elessaras I know OVI's application MUST be provided as SINGLE debian package20:44
Elessarwithout ANY depends on any non provided with mobile libraries20:44
Elessarso I can't use kdelibs and a lot of other heavy libraries, and I must to link statically with all of them20:45
djszapiexcept that okular core can depend on pure Qt.20:45
Elessarhm, haven't known20:46
djszapilet me take a look at the codebase..20:46
djszapibut at any rate, you can make a single djvu viewer, too of course.20:46
*** baraujo has quit IRC20:47
Elessarit's more interesting to use okular :)20:47
Elessarif it's really doesn't depend on kdelibs20:47
djszapiI think it does, but what I tried to say, it might be possible to eliminate it20:47
*** degtep has quit IRC20:48
djszapiyep, a bit of dependency in the core subfolder, but should be doable without that20:49
djszapithey are using one kDebug, that could simply be qDebug20:50
djszapiand they are using kdemacros.h which would be 5-6 lines change to eliminate20:50
djszapiI might send a patch to them if you wanna me to do that.20:50
djszapigrep -rn kde ./djvu/20:52
djszapi./djvu/generator_djvu.cpp:29:#include <kdebug.h>20:52
djszapi./djvu/generator_djvu.cpp:80:    aboutData.addAuthor( ki18n( "Pino Toscano" ), KLocalizedString(), "" );20:52
djszapi./djvu/kdjvu.cpp:21:#include <kdebug.h>20:52
djszapi./djvu/CMakeLists.txt:16:kde4_add_plugin(okularGenerator_djvu ${okularGenerator_djvu_SRCS})20:52
djszapithis can also be eliminated simply, at least with ifdef things, if nothing else.20:53
Elessardjszapi: son't you remember git's repo address for kde? I everytime can't find them for a long time(20:54
djszapivery simple: projects.kde.org20:54
*** jussi has quit IRC20:56
*** jussi has joined #harmattan20:56
Elessardjszapi: are there any possibility to send patches through git to them?20:58
djszapido you have a developer account ?20:59
djszapimmmh, I have actually been wrong :( There are a bit more work to eliminate KDE...21:00
djszapiElessar: if you do not have KDE developer account, that is a bit more problematic, yes.21:00
Elessaris it possible to get it?21:01
djszapiyou cannot push to even a scratch branch repository, if I am not mistaken.21:01
djszapiafter few good patches, I guess.21:01
djszapidocument.cpp and fileprinter.cpp might be a bit harder to eliminate, so I would vote for a simple qt/qml djvu viewer for starter.21:02
djszapior I would discuss it with Albert, pinotree and other okular developers on the mailing list.21:02
Elessaroh no!21:04
Elessarokular depends on QWidget's21:04
djszapiyes since it is a very old application, but that is completely fine if a Ui standalone depends on that.21:05
*** Smith has quit IRC21:05
javispedrorequesting UID::root worked21:06
djszapiuhh, that is dirty hack...21:06
javispedrowell, any other ideas..21:06
djszapiyes, of course21:06
javispedroI need to set some mixer values21:06
djszapirequest GID::audio21:06
javispedronot in the origin '' list, I would not be able to ship this to anyone..21:08
ElessarI'll implement djvu reader as begin21:09
ElessarI really want to implement viewer with nice kinetic %)21:09
djszapiElessar :)21:11
javispedropotentially making a root daemon that does radio isn't out of the question21:12
javispedrobut I wouldn't want to do it21:12
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: YAY21:12
Elessaroh yeah, I've guessed how it should be implemented21:13
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: isn't it a real PITA with all these credentials that protect me from... err from what? Some rogue app detuning my FMRX?21:13
* RST38h moos at javispedro21:13
DocScrutinizermoo and L8R21:14
javispedroDocScrutinizer: technically, gaining access to GRP::audio would allow anyone to cause havoc in ALSA mixers. you potentially know the consequences...21:14
RST38hElessar:If you have not fixed the desktop icon yet, I know what to do21:14
javispedroDocScrutinizer: you could cause a feedback loop that could... destroy the universe! >:)21:14
Elessardjszapi: Implemented as reusable Qt widgets21:14
javispedromoo RST38h21:14
RST38hjavispedro: good. so, how do I do that?21:14
Elessaras you know Qt widgets are not reusable at Maemo6 at all21:14
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: I not only know the consequences but also can figure better ways to deal with it21:14
djszapiexcept that, it is not /anyone/, but your binary.21:15
djszapiElessar: they did not separate the functionality from the Ui ?21:15
DocScrutinizeranyway, in a hurry21:15
djszapibecause that is the crucial part of a reusable project.21:15
Elessardunno, I need to check21:15
DocScrutinizercya 2morrow21:15
* javispedro decides to ship the test app suid root / UID::root, important thing is to get some sound for now, latter talk about how to do it "better".21:15
javispedrocya DocScrutinizer21:15
Elessarbut okular's generator is a good source, as I understand21:16
djszapiI would contact both project core members, if I were you after some own research.21:16
javispedroRST38h: I managed to get quite a squeack once =)21:17
javispedro*squeak :P21:17
RST38hjavispedro: You mean the Irene?21:17
DocScrutinizersame here21:18
javispedrothat hurricane thing21:18
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: "CC" me on that test app, I might have a look into it, how to ship around or "fix" token stuff21:18
javispedroDocScrutinizer: you're not going to like it21:19
javispedroDocScrutinizer: it records from ALSA uploads to PA21:19
DocScrutinizerI know21:19
DocScrutinizer<eah, seen it21:19
RST38hjavispedro: so, the radio is not completely hopeless yet?21:19
DocScrutinizernah, almost working21:19
javispedroRST38h: fmrx will be beaten into working. fmtx is another story21:19
RST38hwell, who needs fmtx, too weak anyway21:19
javispedrosame here21:20
Elessardjszapi: it's not seprareted into library and app21:20
ElessarI mean Qt'based library21:20
djszapiElessar: that is one thing where you could jump into the picture.21:20
Elessarit's based on the same djvu library as Okular's generator21:20
javispedroRST38h: the problem is that /dev/snd/* is root-only on Harmattan and apps have no access21:21
ElessarI only want to use some bases of okular's generator as I want to build app at top of QGraphicsView power21:21
javispedroand PA can capture sound from the radio, but mono 8kHZ only21:21
djszapinot just on Harmattan, it is root on desktop linux as well21:21
javispedro(that is clearly designed with BT HFP in mind)21:21
javispedrodjszapi: no21:21
RST38hjavispedro: 8kHz for radio is not that bad21:22
djszapis -lad /dev/snd/21:22
djszapidrwxr-xr-x 3 root root 380 Sep  3 21:05 /dev/snd/21:22
RST38hwon't do music, but will do decent speech21:22
javispedrodjszapi: your distro is broken =)21:22
javispedrodjszapi: all sane distros use CK to automatically chown /dev/snd/* nodes to currently logged in user21:22
djszapiall of them are, of course...21:23
DocScrutinizercrw-rw----+ 1 root audio 116, 4 Aug 26 23:07 pcmC0D0c21:23
DocScrutinizercrw-rw----+ 1 root audio 116, 3 Sep  3 20:22 pcmC0D0p21:23
javispedroDocScrutinizer: note the "+", that is an ACL21:23
javispedroDocScrutinizer: which is CK's work21:23
DocScrutinizergetfacl: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names21:24
DocScrutinizer# file: dev/snd/pcmC0D0c21:24
DocScrutinizer# owner: root21:25
DocScrutinizer# group: audio21:25
javispedrosee :)21:25
javispedroyou're jr I bet21:25
javispedroRST38h: either way I need ALSA access to set some mixers, so not much benefit even if were to say that mono 8kHz is okay21:26
djszapiI fail to see the difference on desktop and harmattan21:26
javispedrodesktop = currently logged in user can access ALSA,21:26
javispedroharmattan = not.21:27
javispedrowhat distro do you have djszapi btw?21:27
djszapithat is quite false21:27
djszapiI can just use fine alsa in my game with simple user.21:27
javispedroyou're using PA's fake ALSA21:27
djszapijavispedro: more, like archlinux, debian and the like21:27
javispedronfi about ArchLinux (but I'd be surprised if they disallow ALSA to users...),21:28
javispedrobut Debian uses _both_ CK and the audio group21:28
djszapinot really, no.21:28
djszapifirst: harmattan second: desktop21:29
javispedrowell, you have a problem right there21:29
djszapiwell, on more computers with more distributions ?21:29
javispedroeither CK is not running or you forgot to enable ACLs in tmpfs21:29
javispedrowait a moment21:30
javispedrosince even stupid Pulse runs as user on desktop21:30
javispedrohow is Pulse working on your system?21:30
javispedroit isn't.21:30
djszapiI dislike pulse, so I do not have it21:31
javispedroso you don't use audio at all.21:31
javispedroor you're a member of the audio group.21:31
djszapiI am using alsa21:31
javispedrothen the only I can think of is that you're a member of "audio" group21:31
javispedro(user is not a member of audio in harmattan...)21:32
djszapigroups lpapp21:32
djszapiwheel users sbox21:32
djszapigroups root21:32
djszapiroot bin daemon sys adm disk wheel log21:32
javispedrowell, you explain that to me.21:33
djszapidesktop behaves like harmattan here regarding that21:34
djszapi*desktops behave21:34
javispedroI have no idea about how it works on yours21:34
djszapiout-of-the-box ;)21:35
javispedrobut I can tell you most distros use CK21:35
*** djszapi has quit IRC21:36
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*** djszapi has left #harmattan21:39
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan21:39
djszapijavispedro: one thing not working on one of my laptop is that if I set the master to a certain value and then I leave by using espace. It is getting zero again after a reboot and I need to set it after reboot.21:40
djszapimaster as in "alsamixer".21:40
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wazdFor those who were waiting for weather app for harmattan - the wait is over (sort of) :P23:35
*** rutjake42 has joined #harmattan23:35
npmyay my qtcreator update icons is lit!! yay my qtcreator update icons is lit!!23:36
* npm is dork23:36
berndhsis it reasonable that i'm getting data from only 1 of the cameras ? the last one I try ?23:36
npmwoah, there be updates here23:38
npmi hope one of the updates allows harmattan UI stuff to run on the desktop23:40
wazd <- tada! :)23:46
*** djszapi has quit IRC23:50
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berndhsjust in time for the fall season23:51
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