IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2011-08-30

rzrsorry I'll dont have time to look at it , ping me in a month :)00:01
djszapi_when I will be in the US, no go I deal with packaging there :p00:02
rzrvacations too ?00:02
rzrwell it will be hard for me to help you when I'll be in a jungle fighting againts bugs w/ my 950 light at night00:04
djszapi_a real bug wrangler does not complain :p00:05
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DocScrutinizerfighting bugs != fighting bugs ;-)00:40
DocScrutinizerfighting real bugs can distract you from fighting the bugs you are used to kill with your kbd00:41
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thphmm if i write my own fullscreen QWidget (for whatever reason..), swiping won't work? how can i turn this on for that window (QWidget subclass)?01:38
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BrettQare the exact hardware s03:37
BrettQare ten hardware specs for the N950 online anywhere?03:38
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specialBrettQ: should be accurate03:39
BrettQat least that gives the CPU model03:41
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special /proc/cpuinfo says "SoC Info: OMAP3630 ES1.2-hs"03:42
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rantomThere's no way to copy/paste/open links in terminal?08:33
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DocScrutinizerthough somebody been working on a *real* xterm program afaik09:52
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rzr`DocScrutinizer: not sure a xterm port would gain en ergonomy09:59
rzr`rantom: that feat is planned IICR10:00
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DocScrutinizerrzr`: I used xterm in the most general sense10:01
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rzr`maybe we should rebuild
DocScrutinizerwell, somebody been doing sth like that10:03
DocScrutinizeralso to offer multiple instances10:04
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DocScrutinizerprobably picking a reasonable qualifier+cursorkey combo for highlighting and another two keycombos for C & P would be the easiest to implement and most usable solution to the issue10:08
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DocScrutinizeras I still can't see how to highlight text on a c-ts without starting to shout swearwords each time10:09
DocScrutinizermaybe a generic kbd-mouse could be the solution for so many problems of this class10:13
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DocScrutinizershift+@ to toggle on/off mouse-mode, in mouse mode use the 4 cursor keys to move mouse cursor, user Fn|Sh|SYM as the L|M|R-MB10:16
DocScrutinizerbtw Fn-@ and Sh-@ both map to /, well done10:18
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DocScrutinizersame for \10:19
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DocScrutinizerlet's hope remapping the hw keys is as "easy" as it is in fremantle (me glares at aegis)10:21
DocScrutinizerprotecting /etc/* unconditionally against edits, wtf?! 95% of my tweaking to make any system work the way I need are done in /etc10:23
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xarcassis there some way to undo sync operation? i've lost almost all my contacts accidentally..11:15
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DocScrutinizerIt oesn't seem wise to me to use a preproduction prototype on real valuable data that not even has a backup11:24
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DocScrutinizerbtw kudos Nokia, for shipping HARM without any advice less any obvious means to backup those development devices. Will teach those lazy developers to properly document and maybe even script all their installation steps11:27
DocScrutinizernow if only I knew how to script entering contacts11:28
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djszapiHi! Could someone tell me a use case when someone would like to use iptable on the phone ?11:29
fluxdjszapi, if you have a vpn connection on the device, you might want to allow connections over vpn, but not over other networks11:29
DocScrutinizermobile hotspot11:29
fluxtraffic accounting11:30
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djszapiI am asking it because iptable would like to have NET_ADMIN credential which is again something very powerful.11:30
DocScrutinizerand yes I think there's a valid demand for alternative AP apps than just joghurt sport11:30
fluxtraffic control is done with iptables (and iproute2)11:31
fluxbut I guess those could be 'pre tuned' for optimal values11:31
fluxdjszapi, does ip routing not have NET_ADMIN?11:31
djszapiflux: sure, but we are now discussing the community projects. Packages from trusted sources can ask for that credential.11:31
flux(or require)11:31
fluxdjszapi, I would very much like to see openvpn on n9, given that I use it a lot in n90011:32
DocScrutinizerhah, now I found another point why security frameworks suck by design: those defining the ruleset have to be universal experts - hard to find that qualification11:32
djszapiflux: I am not sure about ip routing, someone needs to test it11:34
DocScrutinizerbasicaly a security framework as in TC always is about depriving developers and users of permissions. Who's going to decide which permissions a user / developer / package might need today? tomorrow? in 18 months?11:34
fluxwell, it also requires configuring ip devices (ie. tun or tap?), I doubt those can be done without NET_ADMIN11:34
DocScrutinizerI doubt any decent sustained high level development can exist without access to *all* permissions11:36
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DocScrutinizerif there wasn't any need for the function/permission then linux wouldn't even provide the API11:36
djszapiflux: please test those when you have sake and time. Please let me know your findings. We are about to drop it, if it is unneccesary. Unfortunately, there is not much manpower for it right now11:38
DocScrutinizerI'll send the sake ;-D11:38
lcukdjszapi, a couple of developers timoph and vgrade have both gotten kde plasma working on MeeGo :D11:40
DocScrutinizerin other words: there is *always* an existing usecase, there's *always* an app with a valid requirement for that particular credential, no matter what's the particular credential11:40
DocScrutinizerrestricting set of available credentials for developers cripples and finally kills the platform11:41
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djszapilcuk: you mean plasma active11:43
DocScrutinizerI always thought the concept of developer-mode got created just because the MSSF crew had a thorough understanding of these problems11:43
DocScrutinizerobviously not11:43
lcukdjszapi, yes11:43
DocScrutinizerto make long story short: if it would've been done correctly, aegis would've allowed to create a package "mobile hotspot" that can run on developer machines even without installing a new kernel, but on consumer machines the same package can get installed only after proper official QA, from a trusted source11:46
Stskeeps.. why are we discussing aegis all the time? it is getting a bit annoying - i think mostly everyone think it's crap, but there's other areas to work on, like, app development11:47
djszapilcuk: sorry, but no time for tablets, mainly with meego. :) I am nowadays more into the android-qt project.11:49
lcukdjszapi, I was trying to pass on positive news since you are a kde guy11:49
lcukand since you spent so long building kdelibs in the obs11:50
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DocScrutinizerStskeeps: maybe because djszapi drops in asking if the aegis team may kill NET_ADMIN ?11:53
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StskeepsDocScrutinizer: i have djszapi on ignore for various good reasons11:54
DocScrutinizerand THIS is what gets annoying: it's aegis itself and the hurdles it builds up that gets annoying, not the discussion why it's annoying is what is annoying11:54
Stskeepsyeah, but there's other things in life :P11:55
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DocScrutinizeryeah, like somebody right this moment considers porting mobile-hotspot app to HARM and has to learn aegis will kill this effort at the roots11:55
wazdhi all11:56
DocScrutinizerjust for the very sound reason Nokia MSSF team can't figure an app that needs  NET_ADMIN11:56
Stskeepswhat's wrong with the one coming with device, out of curiousity?11:57
Venemo_N950DocScrutinizer, mobile hotspot app is confirmed to be present and working on N911:57
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DocScrutinizermaybe I don't like the smell of that thing11:57
DocScrutinizermaybe I have an idea to build a BETTER app11:58
djszapilcuk: yes, but native application might make more sense and easier for Harmattan.11:58
djszapi"native" as in using only kdelibs, not the whole plasma active (at least for starter)11:58
DocScrutinizerand I can't do that because MSSF thinks there's already joghurtsport so nobody should be allowed to develop sth similar11:58
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DocScrutinizerhell, we're all prisoners of MSSF and Nokia, and we're allowed to glue paperbags for two hours a day, or commit mental suicide12:01
Venemo_N950DocScrutinizer, in that case, you chech the manifest file of the original app and copy the necessary stuff12:01
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DocScrutinizersee <djszapi> flux: sure, but we are now discussing the community projects. Packages from trusted sources can ask for that credential.12:02
RST38hThis MSSF?
DocScrutinizeryou are NOT a trusted source, just in case you haven't noticed that yet12:02
Venemo_N950DocScrutinizer, so it's not that simple? meh.12:03
Venemo_N950I'm not trusted? nonsense12:03
Venemo_N950they trusted me with an N950, doesn't that make me a trusted source?12:03
wazdRST38h: heard bout PayPal? :)12:04
wazdRST38h: moo12:04
fluxvenemo_n950, they didn't trust you with an N950 and an r&d certificate ;)12:04
RST38hIn fact, the very fact that you asked for an N950 makes you untrusted. You should have asked for a WP7 phone instead to be consiedered for any trust12:04
RST38hwazd: moo indeed!12:04
RST38hwazd: yes. but the fees they charge make them unfeasible.12:04
Venemo_N950RST38h, wp7 is very primitive stuff12:05
*** djszapi has left #harmattan12:05
RST38h"The Mycological Society of San Francisco was founded in 1950 to promote the understanding and enjoyment of mushrooms and other fungi."12:05
Venemo_N950but I considered asking for a wp7 device12:05
RST38hVenemo: See? A detractor.12:05
RST38hA non believer.12:05
DocScrutinizerI expected an "...and other drugs" ;-P12:05
Venemo_N950well, even if meego succeeds in the long term, I think I have better chance of making some short-term profit on wp712:06
RST38hDoc: Pretty much expected the same...12:07
DocScrutinizerwhich meego? to succeed on which device class? phnoe???12:07
DocScrutinizerphone even12:07
wazdRST38h: no, these are old news already. It was a mistake, no PayPal for Russia :P12:08
wazdAnyway, can anybody please point me at an example of searchable list? Like Contacts have?12:09
Venemo_N950DocScrutinizer, any.12:10
Venemo_N950DocScrutinizer, MeeGo currently have not succeeded in anything but netbooks.12:10
DocScrutinizerwell, in negacion brackets it's for sure a sane assumption12:11
Venemo_N950DocScrutinizer, so if I make some paid apps for wp7, I have 1) more devices to target 2) more potential users12:11
Venemo_N950than meego, maemo, and harmattan together12:11
Venemo_N950this is a sad fact :(12:11
DocScrutinizerand probably even less headache than with this aegis coffin12:11
Arkenoii hardly call what meego has ont netbooks "success"12:12
Venemo_N950dunno, headache is still there12:12
fluxdocscrutinizer, I seriously doubt that. it's just people already have an unlocked version around, but for wp7 they'll never see it :)12:12
DocScrutinizerwhat? unlocked version? please elaborate12:13
DocScrutinizerin my book it seems even our developer devices are more locked down each day I listen to the new ideas of Nokia's MSSF team12:14
Stskeepsi'm sure they use this channel as a information source of what to close down more12:14
Stskeepsprobably have a game going on how to piss off DocScrutinizer ;)12:15
fluxdocscrutinizer, ie. n90012:15
DocScrutinizerStskeeps: what they don't know though is I'm taking this into account and manipulate them to make HARM fail epically12:15
RST38hwazd: oh12:18
DocScrutinizerMy only regret will be I'll never get to see a video of the moment when the "inventor" of MSSF has to admit to the CEO that it's basically been the insane security setup that killed the N95012:18
RST38hBut you know it is not going to be MSSF that has killed N950, right?12:18
RST38hBut the CEO himself, basically12:19
wazdSeriously, I need that list :P12:20
DocScrutinizeryeah just strikes me this might actually be a video I don't like to watch, as that guy probably gets a warm handshake and a Rolex and a check from CEO, plus a "well done, mission accomplished"12:20
wazdSorry for off-topic :D12:20
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Arkenoii was told there is flash player that works with fennec, is it true?12:50
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan12:54
Venemo_N950dunno, maybe the one from N900?12:57
Stskeepshardfp vs softfp, not going to work sanely12:58
Venemo_N950not sure if flash uses floats12:58
Stskeepsfairly sure it would12:59
lcukStskeeps, hardfp only matters when passing fp values in/out of the binary12:59
Stskeepslcuk: yess, but occasionally you do need to use libm ;)13:00
alteregoThe flash vm can be compiled to use floats, a lot of versions don't.13:00
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alteregoOne big tell tale is the "lite" versions, which I don't think have float optimizations compiled in to the code.13:00
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xarcassis there some way to reanimate N950 after reflashing, apart from switching it on and off few thousand times?13:06
aslanixarcass: did you read ?13:07
*** dcarr_home has quit IRC13:08
xarcassaslani: i knew this long ago, but thanks all the same :) i've tried both today. it always works in the end. but just after reflashing i have to switch it on/off for about 50 times. that's sick13:09
aslanihmps :(13:11
SpeedEvilnever happened for e13:11
xarcassgood for you13:12
* xarcass was really scared when this happened first time13:12
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SpeedEvilMine is doing something else - I can't login to nokia accounts.13:17
* xarcass thinks to hire a monkey to switch n950 on and off after reflashing13:21
* Arkenoi reflashed smoothly, with quick eraser version13:22
* Arkenoi wonders if new firmware is going to be available to general public soon13:22
Arkenoigiven "general public" refers to 300 users i do not see a single reason to delay13:23
artemmwell, I don't mind if new firmware gets tested for a week or so on the internal monkeys first :)13:23
artemmeasier to bring veterinary to those13:23
Arkenoimore than month already13:23
xarcasswell, i know that most people don't have this issue. but i also know that i'm not alone: i've seen posts on some forums with exactly same problem13:24
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hiemanshuwhere is the source for the boosted Widget gallery?14:11
*** npm has joined #harmattan14:13
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan14:14
dm8tbrI think CE has something similar so it should be up14:15
StskeepsQML or meegotouch?14:15
hiemanshuStskeeps: I think the meegotouch one14:16
hiemanshuits named Boosted WG14:16
*** ckandeler has quit IRC14:21
hiemanshuStskeeps: I need to get the code for that part that sends the dbus query to create a new notification14:22
hiemanshuthere is an example in the boosted WG14:22
Venemo_N950source code of boosted wg would be welcome14:23
Venemo_N950and of course14:23
* Venemo_N950 wants new software for N95014:24
Stskeepsit should be in meegotouch-demos or something14:24
* hiemanshu checks14:25
Venemo_N950srsly, it's end of summer already. mewants new sw14:25
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hiemanshuStskeeps: ugh, that uses MNotification :/14:39
*** hiemanshu_N950 has joined #harmattan14:40
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* xarcass reanimated n950 after 2 hours of stupid pressing the power button again and again14:42
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan14:52
fluxxarcass, maybe you could solder the switch into a pc or something :)14:55
*** hiemanshu_N950 has joined #harmattan14:55
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hiemanshu\o/ click to query user works14:55
fluxxarcass, ..or a strategically placed cd-drive ..14:56
xarcasswell, i'm certified hardware designer, so i know how these things can be made :) it's just not my personal phone, otherwise i would have done this already14:56
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faenilwill Qt Dev Days Munich be held in German?15:03
faenilGerman language15:03
leinirfaenil: the ones i've been to have been English :)15:04
leinirWhy? :)15:04
*** razvanpetru has joined #harmattan15:05
faenila friend of mine told me it's in german15:08
berndhsthey saw leinir coming and started speaking english ?15:08
faenilbut I'm very doubtful15:08
faenilit would be stupid...only for german speaking people ...15:08
leinirIt's in Germany, but all the presentations and a great deal of the people there aren't German... so the official language of the event is English :)15:09
faenilright...thanks for the confirm15:10
faenilit would have been weird15:11
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hiemanshuhey captainigloo15:22
hiemanshuhey cpscotti15:22
*** cpscotti has quit IRC15:22
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*** Stecchino has joined #harmattan15:26
hiemanshuyou can use MNotification in harmattan?15:29
captainiglooah ok :)15:30
hiemanshucaptainigloo: Tab fail :P15:31
*** cpscotti has joined #harmattan15:43
cpscottihiemanshu, ahey! me here!15:44
hiemanshucpscotti: hey15:44
hiemanshucpscotti: well you quit as soon as I said hey :P15:45
hiemanshucpscotti: anyways did you test irc-chatter?15:45
cpscottihiemanshu,  hehe.. I was carriyng my pc around so net kept going on and off15:45
hiemanshucpscotti: ah I see15:45
cpscottihiemanshu, yep, had some fun with it and all the things I tried worked but since you mentioned.. u guys have a new version ?15:46
hiemanshucpscotti: when was the last time you tested it?15:46
cpscottioh man, two..three weeks ago I reckon15:47
*** cpscotti2 has joined #harmattan15:56
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*** mikhas has left #harmattan15:56
Arkenoiwhich repo is irc-chatter in now?15:57
*** Andy1210 has joined #harmattan15:58
Andy1210hi, how can i generate digsigsums file in scratchbox with dpkg-buildpackage?15:58
*** flx_ has joined #harmattan16:00
*** flux has quit IRC16:00
*** flx_ is now known as flux16:00
hiemanshuArkenoi: should be a part of rzr, but you can also grab the package from (wget it and dpkg it)16:03
alterego.wub 1116:08
hiemanshuhey alterego16:09
*** wazd has quit IRC16:12
*** fiferboy has joined #harmattan16:12
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rantomrZr: ok16:15
*** deimos has quit IRC16:16
*** xarcass has quit IRC16:16
*** arkanoid has joined #harmattan16:17
Arkenoilooks great. is there going to be different charset support?16:17
*** arkanoid has quit IRC16:18
hiemanshuArkenoi: yes, a little later though, we are still implementing basic functionality16:18
fiferboyIs the VKB in Harmattan in git somewhere?16:23
lcukfiferboy, maliit project16:23
fiferboylcuk: maliit is what it uses right now?16:24
fiferboyI wasn't sure if that was future direction16:24
lcukfiferboy, I believe so16:24
* lcuk has been looking at many roadmaps recently16:24
lcukhope there is a sensible path through for all :)16:24
hiemanshuare there any docs explaining the dbus calls?16:31
hiemanshuor atleast the dbus xml file16:31
*** lcuk has quit IRC16:40
Andy1210hi, how can i generate digsigsums hash file in scratchbox16:42
*** lcuk has joined #harmattan16:42
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fiferboy~seen mikhas16:49
infobotmikhas <> was last seen on IRC in channel #harmattan, 20h 16m 23s ago, saying: 'that's where enums would bring more clarity'.16:50
*** lcuk has quit IRC16:51
fiferboyIt makes it hard to test new patched packages (ie Qt Components) when the system packages depend on EXACT package versions instead of minimum versions :(16:53
*** eman1 has quit IRC16:53
*** eman has joined #harmattan16:53
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*** lcuk has joined #harmattan17:00
* fiferboy looks at adding properties to QML VKB for colour theming17:00
faenilguys shouldn't centerIn be equal to verticalcenter + horizontalcenter?17:01
fiferboyfaenil: Yes17:01
faenilcoz the first is not working as expected here :D17:01
fiferboyWith what component?17:02
faenilcentering text in a rectangle :)17:02
fiferboyfaenil: If the text height is equal to the rectangle height it will still be at the top17:03
fiferboyYou need to set the verticalAlign, I believe17:03
faenilit's not17:04
faenilrectangle is fullscreen17:04
fiferboyverticalAlign: Text.AlignVCenter17:04
faenilyeah know that17:04
berndhswith text it's not always obvious where the reference line is17:04
fiferboyfaenil: Do you set the text height implicitly?17:04
faenilI'm just setting text :"string"17:04
fiferboytext is a bit strange with it's height, it seems to me17:05
fiferboyYou can try setting text height: parent.height and using verticalAlign, though I'm not sure why it would be necessary17:05
faenilexactly :D17:06
fiferboyI had some weirdness vertical centering a label as well :/17:07
berndhsif you give Text an explicit height, it will align that height, not the text17:07
faenilbensdhs: you agree that it should not be necessary :)17:08
berndhsyou probably want to give it a width17:08
berndhsand then if may wrap and you get varying height17:09
faenilit's just that text is always a ? in qmkl17:09
faenilyou never know when it'll do what you asked for :D17:09
*** lcuk has quit IRC17:10
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan17:13
*** lcuk has joined #harmattan17:14
*** lcuk has quit IRC17:14
*** lcuk has joined #harmattan17:14
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan17:15
djszapiI always forget the way of running a binary with aegis without packaging, someone knows it by hand ?17:19
djszapi/usr/sbin/aegis-developer-mode --relaxed-exec  ahhh ok17:19
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan17:21
*** djszapi has left #harmattan17:21
* Arkenoi lols17:22
Arkenoibtw it does not work with some firmware versions17:23
trxI have a basic qml window (PageStackWindow) created by QDeclarativeView. How can i detect when the window is closed? is there such event in QML, like onClosed or onDestroyed, etc ?17:25
radiofreetrx: theres Component.onDestruction17:26
fiferboyOr Component.onCompleted17:26
radiofreeonCompleleted won't really tell you somethings about to close though :)17:26
faenilwhat about the swipe in background gesture? is there any signal for that?17:27
fiferboyOops, sorry that is the startup signal >_>17:27
trxthanks guys17:27
faenilis there signal for the swipe gesture performed on your app?17:29
*** slaine has quit IRC17:29
faenilI mean the swipe gesture which sends your app to background17:30
jreznik_faenil: check qml components demo - Visiblity17:30
faenilok thx I'll give that a look17:31
faeniljreznik_ : I can't find that demo, is it meego related or general?17:42
jreznik_faenil: one of that green QMLComp... in the app matrix17:43
faenilohhh k17:45
jreznik_faenil: and then it's the last one in list "Visibility"17:46
faenilyes already tried it ;)17:46
faenilwhere's the source to see the name of the property and on which eelement?17:46
faenilseems to be inactive17:47
faenilthanks :)17:48
*** jreznik_ is now known as jreznik17:49
jreznikfaenil: np :)17:49
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan18:02
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan18:02
djszapihiemanshu ping18:03
hiemanshudjszapi: pong18:03
djszapihiemanshu: for me, it would make sense to have an add channel button during the initialization of the irc-chatter, before connecting to the server18:03
hiemanshudjszapi: there is a auto-connect list18:03
djszapiI typed #channel1 #channe2 manually18:03
djszapibut that did not connect to #channel218:04
djszapiI do not care about the syntax as a user18:04
djszapiI would just like to type the channel names18:04
hiemanshudjszapi: yes that needs fixing18:09
hiemanshudjszapi: and I made a commit today that adds click to query18:09
*** berndhs_meego has joined #harmattan18:13
hiemanshudjszapi: you wanna test it?18:13
djszapiyep, but no time sorry :)18:13
hiemanshuits the same old link, incase you have it18:14
*** lamikr has quit IRC18:14
rantomis there arrow up/down/etc in vkb for terminal?18:15
djszapinot that I am aware of.18:15
rantomhaven't noticed, as of yet18:15
rantomdoesn't really matter but when i do need it it's PITA to not have it18:17
* rantom is practicing for the N918:17
djszapirantom: there is an option for customizing the layout.18:18
djszapiovistore, by an application, please read the log from yesterday for details. I do not recall by heart.18:20
razvanpetruoh yeah, no updown in terminal...18:24
razvanpetrumajor pain18:25
berndhsi haven't found a way to know when the vkb is obscuring half the screen, where should I look ?18:26
djszapihi fiferboy =)18:27
fiferboyberndhs: Hang on, I know this one :)18:27
fiferboyHi djszapi18:27
fiferboyberndhs: inputContext.softwareInputPanelVisibl18:28
berndhslet me check that out18:30
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:35
*** zarlino has quit IRC18:37
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan18:38
*** zarlino has quit IRC18:39
*** achipa has quit IRC18:39
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan18:41
*** seif has quit IRC18:46
rantomdjszapi: thanks18:46
rantomrazvanpetru: Well when you mistype the connection it sort of is18:46
*** rcg1 has quit IRC18:53
mgoetzi get "Error claiming USB interface: Operation timed out" when trying to use OneClickFlasher on OS X. any ideas?18:56
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC18:59
*** harbaum has quit IRC19:02
razvanpetruAny idea why I can't install the memory analysis tools on my device from "Developer mode"?19:12
razvanpetrusays can't install, package not found19:13
*** seif has joined #harmattan19:15
*** andre__ has quit IRC19:15
*** seif has quit IRC19:15
*** frinring has quit IRC19:19
* RST38h yawns19:19
*** zarlino has quit IRC19:21
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan19:26
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan19:29
*** berndhs_meego has left #harmattan19:30
*** hardaker has quit IRC19:36
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan19:37
*** Andy1210 has joined #harmattan19:45
Andy1210how can i generate digsigsums file in scratchbox?19:47
*** djszapi_ has left #harmattan19:48
*** alterego has quit IRC19:49
*** NIN101 has quit IRC19:53
fiferboyLooks like maliit is not in our firmware, but it sounds like it will be in the N9?19:55
*** razvanpetru has left #harmattan19:58
faenilI hope we'll get the fw update soon...internal deadline was yesterday19:59
*** andre__ has joined #harmattan20:00
hiemanshufaenil: for a new fw for us?20:00
rantomIs it just me or does the auto-fill in vkb suck?20:02
faenilhiemanshu: nope, I think N9 release fw20:03
hiemanshufaenil: ah, well wonder if we'll get anything :P20:03
faenilhiemanshu: hope they care about use at least that bit ...20:04
hiemanshulets how20:04
faenilabout there a way to let it auto insert corrected word?20:04
rantomfaenil: Yes but I just disabled it20:04
faenilI mean, I always make mistakes with that little portrait qwerty20:05
rantomSettings - Time & language20:05
faeniland it pops up the correct word20:05
faenilbut I have to click on it20:05
faenilto choose it, while I'd like it to be auto...20:05
rantomoh, sorry, wrong thing20:05
faenilit's annoying to click on it all the times20:05
rantomI'd like it to be manual20:05
rantomI hate that it was auto20:05
faenilis there a way?20:06
rantomI typed in Finnish kaktus and it was forced to another one20:06
rantomGo to Settings - Time & Language and enable all, I think20:06
rantomnot sure20:06
faeniloh here we go20:06
faenilInsert with space key20:06
rantomSo that was it..20:06
rantomI'll go back and disable that then20:06
*** zarlino has quit IRC20:07
rantomWohoo, I can write again without getting mad!20:07
faenilsame here , thanks to auto correct! :D20:08
rantomBut quickly: I'm really impressed with the screen on the N950, hard to believe that it is in the minimum brightness20:08
rantomIt's so clear20:08
rantomand bright20:08
rantomI think that that's thanks to the AMOLED?20:09
faenilany news about swype for meego?20:09
faenilis that going to be supported on n9?20:09
faenilrantom: n950 has no amoled afaik20:09
*** seif has joined #harmattan20:09
rantomfaenil: Ok, still fairly impressive on the brightness side20:10
*** baraujo has quit IRC20:11
leiniryeah, the n950 is a tft of some description :)20:11
faenilwhat about swype? I have seen it in an N9 video20:11
faenilbut we have no swype here20:11
rantomTrying to google it20:11
rantomfaenil: This video?
rantomOther than that I found no evidence20:12
faenilwell one is enough :D20:13
faenilit means that they plan to ship it with the n920:13
faenilI hope we'll get it portrait it's a killer app20:13
rantomNever used and won't20:14
rantomDon't need it but that's just me20:14
faenilcoz u've never used it ;)20:14
artemmworld record in speed-typing SMS is done with swype20:14
faenillike people who say that wp7's ui sucks because they've never used it :D20:14
artemmthat's a bit of an argument to notice ;)20:14
rantomfaenil: Nah, I hate apps20:15
faenilartemm: yeah I've read about that :) and it's easy to believe, once u're used to swype :D20:15
artemmswype is probably not for everybody, but you know, does it really have to be mutually exclusive with the built-in keyboard?20:15
artemmI am all the time getting confused trying to use swype gestores on N95020:15
artemm*using Symbian and N950 interchangeably20:16
berndhsswype is fine, except when you're on some vehicle with a bumpy ride20:16
berndhsthen its really hard to do20:16
faenilswype on symbian is too slow imho...but yeah I'm using it there20:16
artemmand I really love that Harmattan keyboard has support for so many languages and you can use swIpe for switching. Would be cool if swype keyboard could have the same abilities20:16
faenilberndhs: with swype you can both swipe and use standard keyboard :)20:17
artemmberndhs, really?? You know that you can use swype as just a qwerty keyboard, don't you?20:17
berndhsartemm: no i'm saying when you are being tossed aroudn slightly, doing a swipe gesture is not easy20:17
artemmmy biggest problem with swype on symbian is that it doesn't use split-screen. So you have to choose between split screen or swype. That annoys me crazy20:17
berndhsof course when you are being tossed, keyboards dont work either20:18
faenilanyway, let's not bring this further :D I just hope we'll get swype on n950 :D20:18
artemmI hope we don't just *get* it, but get it properly integrated :)20:19
artemmLike with ability to switch languages using swIpe gestures and auto-switching to no swype, when swype is not available for a given language20:20
rantomI'm trying to bring up the quick-launcher in applications list20:21
rantom"Why doesn't it work.."20:21
hiemanshurantom: quick-launcher?20:21
rantomThe four icons20:21
rantomDrag in lock screen from bottom to top, slowly, and keep it on20:22
hiemanshurantom: just drag it up a bit, and hold20:22
hiemanshuworks for me, every time20:22
rantomYes, it does20:22
rantomI was just a moron and tried to drag it in the applications list20:22
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan20:23
hiemanshuit works everywhere except the home screens20:23
rantomThat's what I meant20:23
artemmoh, god, this thing works20:23
artemmI didn't knew :)20:23
artemmnever had an idea to hold the drag half-way20:23
rantomI didn't know about the double-tap until I saw the N9-video20:24
hiemanshuI did it by mistake, and kept on trying to reproduce, finally found it :)20:24
artemmdo you know if there's a way to disable it from the lock screen? I have hell a lot of false unlocks when taking the phone from the pocket20:24
rantomI had troubles on getting the swipe to work in other directions that from right to left20:24
artemmjust one drag direction is already dangerous enough20:25
rantomTurns out you have to take it from the edge and then it works20:25
artemmwith for of them, it is constantly launching something or chatting on my behalf20:25
rantomartemm: You can, moment20:25
hiemanshuartemm: yeah, I have messages typed out that is all garbage, and random apps open :/20:25
artemmI know how to disable the double tap unlock, so that you could unlock only with hw button20:25
rantomartemm: Settings - Device - Double to...20:25
artemmbut double tap unlock is so cool and easy… if it only had less false activation20:26
hiemanshusettings - device - display20:26
artemmI thought that maybe if unlock happens only on double tap + drag in the concrete direction (instead on any direction) that could be safe enough20:26
rantomI'd like to see one minor improvement20:26
rantomLet user close the application window without going to the list of open applications20:27
hiemanshurantom: swipe down on newer firmwares does that20:27
hiemanshutop to bottom20:27
rantomOh, good20:27
rantomRESOLVED FIXED _Å20:27
deimos_ N9 for 995$ ?!!20:28
rantomOther than that I only have one nag. Why won't the calendars show up in the recent events?20:29
rantomI'm though assuming that that is fixed in newer FW20:29
artemmN9 for $995?!! I guess @selop really wants a hard guarantee the device isn't a success. Too good sales forecast even for iPhone price20:30
deimos_agreed. btw I seen it on ebay20:30
rantomIt's not even being sold in the US so what20:30
rantom's the problem?*20:31
rantomI think it's ~600 € in here, 64 Gb20:31
deimos_and I eard that it will never sold in america, nor italy not germany20:31
rantomJust guesing though20:31
RST38h$950 where?20:31
artemmof course another possibility is that @selop hates me personally and wants to be sure my apps have zero market..20:32
rantomRST38h: eBay20:32
deimos_RST38h, I seen on ebay20:32
* RST38h starts walking toward Kazakhstan20:32
RST38he-what? :)20:32
deimos_and... no end users to use our applications :)20:32
rantomdeimos_: That price is actually quite close to 690 €20:33
deimos_till another brand make a meego phone20:33
RST38hMorale: Write portable apps20:33
faenilanother brand....20:33
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan20:33
*** zarlino has quit IRC20:34
artemmI certainly believe that Nokia shares Harmattan with the public so that "another brand" could compete with Nokia's WP7..20:34
hiemanshuthere is always vanilla meego that could be polished20:34
rantomartemm: Why would they?20:35
rantomOops, misread20:35
artemmrantom, that was supposed to be a sarcasm20:35
berndhswell, if Nokia owns the other brand, it might work :)20:35
artemmI certainly wouldn't mind if somebody polishes vanilla MeeGo, but that's hell a lot of work, which manufacturer would go for it20:35
artemmIntel could, but inte's plan for phone was basically Nokia20:36
artemmnot sure if they manage to regroup and strike back quickly20:36
berndhsI doubt that Intel will set up an Intel-brand for phones20:37
berndhsbut you never know20:37
artemmthey could do just a platform, as they are doing for meego netbook/tablets20:38
*** slaine has joined #harmattan20:38
artemmanyway that's hell a lot of work, money and you need some end device manufacturer(s) to bet on it20:38
*** baraujo has quit IRC20:38
berndhsright, and the polishing would take roughly the time it took to make an N920:39
artemmoh, beg my pardon, but I believe Intel is faster than Nokia20:39
artemmwould bet on about half time of Nokia's N920:40
artemmthat still a lot of time and money though20:40
Stskeepsi'm still impressed with how quick they made tablet UX20:40
berndhsmaybe that's why they're so quiet, busy doing just that :)20:41
artemmI secretly hope on that, berndhs. I have, however, to acknowledge that that's more of a wish rather than facts based20:41
artemmStskeeps, is tabler UX working well nowadays? I have something like march build on Exo PC and it's barely usable20:42
berndhsyeah, lots of room for speculation lately20:42
Stskeepsartemm: well, in terms of how quickly you can get a working UI up and running in QML20:42
artemmoh, I have way more basic problems with Tablet. More like often not working keyboard, not renderable web pages, crashes, etc20:44
Stskeepsthe browser is a nightmare on it's own20:44
Stskeepstry to look at the package at some point20:44
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan20:47
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan20:47
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*** arcean has joined #harmattan20:55
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*** zarlino has joined #harmattan21:11
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan21:11
Andy1210how can i generate digsigsums file in scratchbox?21:14
djszapi_Andy1210: for debian packages ?21:14
*** zarlino has quit IRC21:16
*** sudanix has quit IRC21:18
*** cpscotti2 has quit IRC21:23
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*** lcuk2 has joined #harmattan21:37
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan21:37
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djszapi_mmm, I found another way how to turn off the validator.21:45
*** rcg1 has joined #harmattan21:45
djszapi_ok, if anybody is interested in an easy way to turn off the aegis validator like on the R&D images, drop me a message. I might write some blog about it..21:54
SpeedEvilYou now have release image?21:54
*** djszapi_ has left #harmattan21:54
*** Milhouse has quit IRC21:58
*** Milhouse has joined #harmattan22:03
*** Milhouse has quit IRC22:03
*** Milhouse has joined #harmattan22:03
Andy1210djszapi_ : yes for debian packages, with dpkg-buiildpackage22:24
*** zarlino has quit IRC22:25
*** RST38bis has joined #harmattan22:26
*** dominikb has joined #harmattan22:27
*** RST38bis has quit IRC22:27
dominikbdoes anybody know what QML components the organiser app consists of? i would like to create a similar qml component for an app i am porting from the n900:
thpdominikb: you mean the built-in calendar? probably it's some meegotouch stuff22:33
wazdheya all22:34
faenilhey :)22:35
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan22:35
berndhswhy is the OVI store available to tell me what's new in it, but never to download anything ?22:37
berndhsseems odd22:37
wazdberndhs: cause we have an old firmware with some old libraries22:37
wazdberndhs: something works though22:37
wazdlike "Elements"22:37
dominikbthp: jep, the built-in calendar. do you think it's QML based?22:40
*** ajalkane has quit IRC22:41
berndhsnah it wont even let me sign in to the store22:41
berndhsoh well22:42
*** ajalkane has joined #harmattan22:45
dominikbi guess there is no QML calendar component available:
RST38hHP: Limited supply of TouchPads on the way23:06
RST38hFreaking soap opera.23:06
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan23:10
*** zarlino has quit IRC23:12
thpdominikb: i think it's one of the "remaining" meegotouch apps23:14
*** CepiPerez has quit IRC23:17
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan23:18
*** djszapi__ has joined #harmattan23:24
*** djszapi_ has quit IRC23:27
dominikbthp: thanks!23:30
*** Andy1210 has quit IRC23:39
*** smoku has joined #harmattan23:40
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan23:46
*** fiferboy has quit IRC23:50
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