IRC log of #harmattan for Friday, 2011-08-19

ajalkanehmmm... it'll be one big-ass list.00:00
antman8969lol ^^00:00
antman8969it's not too bad ajalkane00:00
lcuknot sure antman8969 - a complete theme directory listing would be practical but not sure best place or whether it is allowed to be documented00:00
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antman8969it's actualy like 1800 filfes... but being able to ctrl+f through the list is really helpful (for me)00:00
ajalkanewhat I've looked there's icons for all kinds of crazy stuff. I guess for optimization purposes.00:00
antman8969every icon has 3 or 4 versions for inverted themes and presses too00:01
antman8969I'll try to sort it00:01
ajalkaneantman8969: true... it's kinda annoying searching the listing from filesystem00:01
antman8969i'll just put it up, and if anyone complains I'll take it down00:01
lcukajalkane, most likely because of qml states and things00:01
antman8969also because of how the theme system works00:02
antman8969it basically adds "-white" or "-dimmed" to them in different circumstances00:02
antman8969and other things...00:02
ajalkaneyeah. It's a system that's at the same time beatiful and damn ugly.00:02
lcukhow do you make the variations?00:03
antman8969it's all automated00:03
lcukis there a theme generator?00:03
lcuki mean available00:03
ajalkaneI pity the fool doing theming on this :)00:03
antman8969I think it's really just a matter of making the 3 or 4 files, then putting them into the blanco/icons folder00:03
antman8969or w/e it is00:03
antman8969unless you want your own entire theme, then you get your own folder... but thats a LOT of icons00:04
antman8969or just use ln?00:04
antman8969no idea00:04
lcukantman8969, hence asking about theme generator00:04
lcukie some management tool00:04
ajalkaneyeah... a whole new theme's gonna be an undertaking of epic proportions. Some sort of generator is a must.00:05
lcukwhich will go from psd or whatnot into nicely made theme00:05
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lcuknow you understand why iphone has one theme :)00:05
antman8969well, maybe it's something I can look into if I get these icons sorted out... at least for different toolbar themes00:06
antman8969that wouldn't be so daunting00:06
lcukask wazd, when he stops quivering in the corner from looking at icons00:06
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wazdah! Weather icons! We're doomed!00:07
* wazd runs in circles00:07
ajalkaneI think they're for that AccuWeather thangy?00:08
wazdthat would be damn shitty move on the Nokia's side to allow Accuweather create homescreen widget exclusively :)00:08
wazdI mean :(00:09
ajalkanethe lockscreen?00:09
wazdyeah, I think there will be a widget on the Events screen00:09
wazdSaw it on videos00:10
ajalkaneoh... cool... well I don't even know how extendable the events view is. If Accu can push that kinda stuff there maybe others can too.00:10
ajalkaneI'm itching for a new firmware00:11
wazdI really hope so00:11
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antman8969try to get more in there after my workout00:40
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lardmannight all00:57
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kimjuhmpf. no luck with debugging, the package builds fine locally with osc build (and in scratchbox), but still hangs at server.01:15
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DocScrutinizerI have to say the whole appgrid and events screen concept tends to get way too cluttered for me02:20
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mtdtracker-control -r wipes all contacts? nice.08:01
mtd(and everything else useful about a phone that makes calls and sends/receives SMSes)08:02
Stskeepswell you did ask it to remove it's databases08:05
mtdyeah, and the Contacts database has been part of tracker since...when?08:05
mtdI am, as usual, a few days behind #harmattan:
Stskeepssince harmattan, go look at the intense discussions about contacts backend on meego-dev@08:05
mtdStskeeps: ah.  Fair enough, I guess.08:06
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mtdStskeeps: this one?
Stskeepsfor instance08:18
* mtd found this and this
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maxwwhat kind of regex is this: 'MeeGo N9(|50)' (as per 'topic')10:35
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Elessarhi all11:20
Elessaris there any way to "design" meego qml applications with QtCreator?11:21
Elessarall I see in QML designers are only default, Qt's components, also it doesn't know anything about url11:21
maxwkimju: yeah, I can understand it, but what uses that syntax?11:22
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fluxmaxw, perl does, as well as grep -E. and numerous other environment I imagine.11:23
maxwkimju: I'm seeing similar from egrep...fair enough, I suppose. I would normally have done N9{,50}11:24
ajalkane_N950Elessar: not possible currently11:24
maxwI didn't think in terms of filters, so much as expansions :11:24
maxw$ echo N9{,50}11:24
maxwN9 N95011:24
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fluxwell, it depends what you think of the topic, should it be a generative pattern or a filter11:25
maxwflux: right...I see it now...just looked a little odd in the context. N9{,50} would make more sense IMO, but, er, whatever :)11:25
fluxmaxw, but that would just be a list, you wouldn't be able to use a separator for those :) (other than space)11:26
fluxand regular expressions are just as generative, although I don't recall a tool for doing that :)11:26
maxwwell, yeah - I guess the '|' expands nicely into English as 'or', so fair enough11:28
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faenilhi guys :)11:31
faenilI'm making a 3D game for N95011:32
faenilbut it's my first 3D experience, so I'm having some doubts11:32
faenilis there anyone here who can help me?11:32
faenilis it normal that going from 20 to 120 objects (tiles actually) in my scene makes the fps drop from fixed 100 to 70?11:33
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nebulonhello, anyone here that could help with flashing a n950?12:17
nebulonI get "Suitable USB interface (phonet) not found, waiting..." error12:17
nebulonwhen ./flasher -f -F <image>12:17
kimjurun as root.12:17
kimjuand then unplug the phone, turn it off and then plug it in to usb. (while off, it will turn on automatically)12:18
nebulonI did that already12:19
nebulon(running as root as well)12:20
djszapinebulon: did you try to use -R for auto restart ?12:20
nebulonnot yet12:20
djszapialso, turning off by pressing the button for more than 8 secs ?12:21
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djszapidid you try the public flasher description ?12:21
nebulonwith -R I can see a few seconds the Nokia logo and the Tool icon and then the phone gets blank12:22
djszapiwhich flasher do you use ?12:22
nebulonthe one from
djszapinebulon: did you brick the device or what is the purpose of reflashing ?12:23
nebulonnot bricked...the image is just really old12:24
djszapiwe did not get any new image in public.12:24
djszapiand I think we are not entitled to use newer ones even if you work for Nokia.12:24
nebulonI work for Nokia...and I use that newer image for other devices12:25
nebulonjust the flasher with this phone does not work12:25
nebulonwhat is the newest image we should use?12:25
djszapiyou do not use OEM1 image then12:25
kimjunebulon, just wondering, are you trying to use rnd image on non-rnd device?12:26
djszapithat might the problem, but against forget I helped about this12:26
JaffaMorning, all12:26
djszapiI would like to avoid the law breakage :)12:26
kimjuthat doesn't work, you need oem-signed images for n950.12:26
djszapinebulon: Could we discuss it on pmo please ?12:26
kimjuand there is only 22-6 image available publicly.12:26
harbaumah, please continue in public, this is pretty interesting :-)12:27
djszapiharbaum: we started on pmo, feel free to join ;-)12:27
faenilwhat's pmo?12:29
djszapinothing :)12:30
faenil:O :P12:31
mikhasand off they went12:34
mikhasinto the mist12:35
mikhasback into their Nokia stronghold12:35
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harbaumin the current situation i wouldn't call that a "stronghold" anymore12:38
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faenilguys is declaring a QPainter each time you paint the right way to paint in paintGL()?12:39
faenilbecause that's what examples do...but it keeps sucking memory..12:39
*** villev has joined #harmattan12:39
mikhasharbaum, try to siege it then12:40
lcukfaenil, are you freeing it afterwards12:41
mikhasfaenil, you should not store QPainters, they are supposed to only live inside function scope.12:41
mikhasbut … you can cache QPainters of course12:41
mikhasbut then you need to carefully call the begin/end stuff12:41
djszapimikhas: tell me how to do this small ... :)12:41
mikhasand possibly store/restore12:41
faenilwait I'll show you my actual paintGL()12:41
faenilI deleted everything12:41
mikhasfaenil, are you sure you found a memleak in QPainter + GL?12:42
faenilnope, I just want to know if I'm doing things right :)12:43
mikhasfaenil, also: Qt questions should go that way → #qt12:43
faenilI'll go there now ;)12:43
mikhashere you only have a bunch of Qt newbies ;-)12:43
faeniljust look at this12:43
faenilthere's only painter stuff12:44
faeniland memory usage keeps growing12:44
mikhasQPainter p(this); // does begin on this automatically12:44
faenillike 1Mb/min12:44
mikhasand painter.end is called by destructor12:44
faenilok so they're useless, but anyway12:44
*** djszapi has left #harmattan12:45
mikhasthis small example already leaks mem?12:45
faenilwhy does it keep allocating memory...12:45
faenilsince I started talking to you12:46
mikhasyeah well, can you confirm with valgrind perhaps?12:46
faenilit has raised 1.5mb12:46
mikhas(that the leak really is caused by Qt here)12:46
faenilI have never used valgrind in win...but I'll try12:46
mikhasvisual studio has similar memory profiling tools, I *think*12:47
mikhasin case valgrind is not suitable .12:47
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ajalkane_N950I don't think valgrind works in win (?)12:49
faenilit should not afaik12:49
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan12:51
faenilis the Analyzer still disabled in QtCreator?12:53
*** djszapi has left #harmattan12:54
faenilmikhas now it seems it has stopped growing...12:54
faenilit went from 10 to 15mb in few mins12:54
faeniland now it seems it has stopped growing12:54
faenilmy fault12:55
faeniljustwent from 15 to 16.512:55
mikhasfaenil, make a minimal test case, pastebin to #qt13:00
mikhasand ask other (win) users to verify the leak?13:00
mikhasminimal test case := ready to compile13:00
faenilalready asking in #qt13:00
faeniljust showing paintGL atm13:00
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deimoshow can I jump to an item in ListView without scrolling from item 0 ?13:13
deimosthank you xarcass13:22
faenilmikhas: switching to the discrete radeon card on my laptop solves the problem....shitty Intel video drivers?13:22
mikhaswho knows :-(13:23
faenilmikhas: this means I won't trust my intel card anymore :) I'll keep my laptop ac plugged and test with my radeon card :)13:24
faenilis there any way to check if I have the same memory eating problem on my n950?13:24
xarcassfaenil: mem-cpu-monitor13:28
faenilthanks :)13:29
xarcassfaenil: or valgrind13:29
faeniloh right I have it here :D13:29
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faenildo you know any channel where I could ask some questions about opengl games dev?13:30 has a good community13:32
elpuriyou'll probably get better answers there than on any irc channel13:33
elpuriwas there some specific you wanted to kno?13:33
*** epage has joined #harmattan13:34
faenilok I'll write my question here too :D13:34
faenilI'm creating a 3d game for n95013:34
faeniland I'm looking for a good way13:34
faenilto dynamically create a floor for my level13:34
faenilin opengl13:34
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan13:35
faenillevels are grid-based, so you have many 1x1 locations/tiles13:35
faenilI read levels from a txt, and create models dynamically and store them into qmap for rendering13:35
alteregoSounds like a general game development issue, I'd ask somewhere else :P13:36
faenilalterego: I already pointed that out...13:36
alteregofaenil: yeah, I know ;)13:36
alteregoThis is utterly the wrong place to ask :P13:36
faenilbut you know, elpuri asked me, and since the channel is not being used by anyone :)13:37
elpuriprv msg me if you want13:38
faenilok :D13:39
*** Termana|rdlBNC is now known as Termana13:42
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jreznikis there chance for jabber support for harmattan? (hacking accounts/telepathy profiles? quick look)... as I really depend on it for our app :(14:27
djszapijreznik: yes14:28
mikhas"wait for next update" I guess14:28
djszapiit will be supported in the next image with other addons..14:28
jreznikdjszapi: yep, that's the answer I was expecting :)14:29
djszapiright, you did not have a negative disappointment :)14:29
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djszapimikhas: mm, VK seems to be broken14:35
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rzr_irsiidjszapi: hi14:40
rzr_irsiidjszapi: i run irsii on 95014:41
djszapiwhy not telepathy-idle client ?14:41
rzr_irsiiits ok now we have at least 2 irc client14:41
rzr_irsiiis that one ready ? i did not took time to test it14:42
djszapiI advised the telepathy-idle to a boss here, and it might be accepted for a paid, it seems so :)14:42
* jreznik has just tried irc chatter, looks good (just a quick try)14:43
*** rzr_irsii has quit IRC14:44
djszapijreznik: if you think that is also good, you will love the telepathy-idle based :)14:44
rZZZrhow do u set it up ? I think i installed the package but i cant add a irc account ?14:47
djszapirZZZr: someone needs to write the IRC client14:48
djszapirZZZr: telepathy-idle is just a connection manager14:48
rZZZrok i thought the platform has it , like w/ SIP im14:49
djszapiyep, it should be imo...14:49
rZZZrany of you tested that SIP im ?14:49
djszapithat is why I proposed it as a paid project and I would be glad to work on that.14:49
rZZZrfeel free to im :  sip:rzr@ekiga.net14:49
djszapiwhat I would also appreciate a lot is a dictionary application14:52
ZrZajalkane: got you im14:53
ajalkane_N950cool. At least one im works. Got your msg too14:54
rZZZrnow we have to found a gateway that does xmpp over sip :)14:55
djszapiyep, and drop that in few weeks when the image is available :)14:55
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rZZZrajalkane_N950:  but voip through ekiga does not seems ok14:58
rZZZrim is enough for me14:58
rZZZri am gona now14:58
ajalkane_N950i got voip working with ekiga. Sip to sip15:01
ajalkane_N950Haven't tested much yet though15:02
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MohammadAGN950 meets concrete, not as bad as expected, but :(16:03
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ajalkane_N950I've had a couple of nightmares about the beloved phone meeting ground in high velocity16:12
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan16:14
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MohammadAGJust two words of advice16:19
MohammadAG1) buy a case16:19
MohammadAG2) don't give it to someone, even if the person on call wants thwm16:20
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fiferboy3) Live in Canada an donly use the phone outside so it will always land in at least a metre of snow16:22
djszapififerboy o/ :)16:22
fiferboydjszapi: Hi16:23
fiferboyBuilding my qt packages in c-obs, but I think it is going to choke at the open GL part16:23
fiferboyI edited the rules to include -no-opengl, so hopefully it obeys my command16:23
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan16:25
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alteregoping Jaffa16:48
*** crevetor has left #harmattan16:51
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fiferboyjavispedro: The quest continues?17:55
*** mariob has left #harmattan17:55
DocScrutinizer51cool start, let's hope for more17:55
javispedronot sure, I already knew about the HCI part, but this "FM PCM" stuff is new to me17:55
javispedroso new I don't even know what is.17:56
javispedro<hope>but maybe he's talking about some kind of wl127x internal i2s mux</hope>17:57
*** SMarek has joined #harmattan18:16
SMarekHi, when deploying .deb package to N950 through Qt Creator, is it possible to create menu icon, so the application can be launched from there and not only via next deploy?18:17
*** rcg has joined #harmattan18:18
*** inean has joined #harmattan18:18
elpuriSMarek: create an app with the harmattan wizard and copy the stuff from there18:19
*** inean has left #harmattan18:19
fiferboyYou need a desktop file in your deployment and it will show up on the app grid18:20
SMarekthanks guys18:21
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan18:23
SMarekis it neccesary to use "invoker" in .desktop file ?18:29
fiferboyI guess it is not necessary, because I don't have it18:34
fiferboyMight have something to do with aegis capabilities, if your application needs them18:34
SMarekand can i control somehow running a single instance? cause default syntax for invoker is "invoker --single-instance --type=d /opt/path/to/bin"18:35
lcukgood afternoon harmattans \o18:35
fiferboySMarek: Yes, you can do that and it should work18:36
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan18:36
fiferboyinvoker lets you do a lot more than that, you can do 'invoker --help' and check it out18:36
SMareki see18:37
fiferboylcuk: Still morning here :P18:37
*** crevetor has quit IRC18:41
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SMarekcan the developer password be stabilized?18:46
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:47
fiferboySMarek: I doubt it, but you can use keys for the connection so the password doesn't matter18:47
fiferboyQt Creator will create and deploy the keys if you ask it to18:48
lcukfaenil, that sounds like a complex problem18:48
lcukwhat are you doing to have 1fps?18:48
faeniloh don't worry I'm on my way, need to change lots of things ;)18:49
faenilif you play with 3d, fps are very likely to drop if you do shit, like me :D18:49
SMarekfiferboy: i mean for using ssh account18:50
SMarekor can i create another developer-like-rights account with stable password and use Qt Creator to work under it?18:51
*** divan has quit IRC18:51
fiferboySMarek: Yeah, I think you can change the Qt Creator account to whatever you want18:51
fiferboyBut you should be able to use the keys for ssh access as well if you specify them in your connection18:52
SMarekand another thing, anybody tried to use nano via ssh ?18:52
SMarekyep, the same :)18:52
fiferboyYes, nano works in ssh18:52
SMareki got Error opening terminal: xterm-256color18:52
lcukfaenil, probably why I never bothered with 3d too much18:53
fiferboyI am using TERM = xterm18:53
lcukwhat are you rendering to cause the slowdowns?18:53
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan18:53
SMarekfiferboy: ah, that works, thanks18:53
djszapi_fiferboy: I have further snake questions :)18:54
fiferboydjszapi_: Sure18:54
fiferboyCan you link me to the example again?18:54
faenillcuk: first experience with 3d, making simple but fun 3d game for N950 :)18:54
faenilI'm drawing 10k meshes18:55
faenilactually more18:55
lcukthat would explain it then!18:55
javispedroRST38h: seemingly the pulseaudio deadlock is still present on the N95018:55
faenil12k meshes18:55
faenilbut I think the problem is in texture binding :)18:55
javispedroRST38h: I've found something interesting though, pa_mainloop_wakeup makes it iterate once and might be useful for killing it reasonably.18:55
faenilI have to minimize bind and ram usage, that's the task atm18:55
javispedroRST38h: I'm putting that on SDL and it seems to work18:56
faenilthen continue with the game logic .)18:56
djszapi_faenil: are you writing a game ?18:56
faenildjszapi_: yes18:56
djszapi_faenil: have you tried Gluon ?18:57
faenilehm... nope18:57
faenilwhat is it?18:57
faenilI'm using qt and opengl atm, trying to learn the basics, so I'm using lot of pure opengl18:57
djszapi_Free and open source game development and distribution platform we have been doing.18:57
SMarekhow do we use su/sudo ?18:58
djszapi_SMarek: sorry ?18:58
djszapi_faenil: it would do most of the boilerplate for you.18:58
SMarekhow to gain root access18:58
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan18:58
djszapi_SMarek: I do not understand the question18:58
faenildjszapi_: but that's what I want to avoid now :) because I need to learn :)18:58
faenildjszapi_: but thanks for the tip :D18:59
DocScrutinizerSMarek: devel-su18:59
djszapi_faenil: you can help the platform anytime..and also write games...18:59
SMareki can't use su (message: "su: must be suid to work properly") so how do we do it?18:59
DocScrutinizerSMarek: develsh18:59
SMarekDocScrutinizer: thanks, that's it18:59
*** antman89691 has joined #harmattan18:59
javispedrodjszapi_: the gluon runtime depends on kdelibs?18:59
faenildjszapi_: sure I might give it a look after half september...I'm very busy till then :)18:59
djszapi_faenil: it is just a bit duplicated effort18:59
djszapi_javispedro: not really, no.19:00
*** ajalkane_N950 has joined #harmattan19:03
elpurifaenil: it doesn't keep you from learning opengl19:03
elpuriit just makes the tedious tasks (like loading textures) a loooot easier19:03
djszapi_faenil: it is like not using Qt, because you wanna learn the boilerplate :D19:03
djszapi_and you write something low-level instead of helping Qt and avoid the duplication.19:04
elpuriqt3d is a different thing19:04
faenildjszapi_: and that's how it is :D but since I have a deadline (it's for university too) , I'm using qt at least for some things :D19:04
*** antman89691 has quit IRC19:04
*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan19:05
*** crevetor has quit IRC19:05
faenilelpuri djszapi_: I though using pure opengl would have taught me a lot via experience...but if you tell me I'll get the same experience with less effort, I have nothing to say :D19:06
*** SMarek has quit IRC19:06
djszapi_well, I am not keen on reinveting the wheel. I try to be useful which can also be useful for others. So, instead of avoiding QtOpenGL (because it was very immature) we tried to contribute back to that and then use it19:07
djszapi_and QtOpenGL still needs love ;-)19:08
elpurifaenil: QtOpenGL doesn't wrap the parts that are important to learn and interesting19:08
djszapi_elpuri: that depends on that what he is interested in ...19:08
elpuriit's not like theres Q3DGame::doEverything()19:08
elpuriwhat would such thing be that QtOpenGL wraps?19:09
*** antman8969 has quit IRC19:09
djszapi_faenil: you can extend exiting projects, or just use them. Both are interesting, it is up to you which one you prefer. But reinventing existing FOSS projects are weird :)19:10
*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan19:11
faenildon't know, it's like you want to learn programming and you start with qt instead of c19:11
lcukdjszapi_, is gluon compiled and usable for harmattan?19:13
djszapi_lcuk: I told you couple of times, yes :)19:13
lcukwhich repository?19:13
djszapi_packrat is your friend ;-)19:13
djszapi_but I guess mine and the shared.19:14
Jaffaalterego: pon19:15
Jaffaalterego: pong19:15
alteregoJaffa: have you ever worked in the US longer than 3 months?19:15
djszapi_lcuk: it builds on linux, windows, mac, harmattan, meego, fremantle, etc19:16
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan19:16
*** crevetor has left #harmattan19:17
antman8969whats with all these obs rcp timeouts...19:18
djszapi_iirc coming from mic219:18
*** antman8969 has quit IRC19:19
*** piggz has quit IRC19:19
djszapi_lcuk: we have some issues with bigger texture consumption, when the memory runs out of the space19:19
*** rm_you|airport has joined #harmattan19:19
djszapi_but "normal" games work19:20
djszapi_lcuk: if you use the GluonCreator, the workflow is pretty much drag and drop + write the game logic only, in javascript.19:23
Jaffaalterego: No19:24
Jaffaalterego: I know people who have, and they come back to the UK every 90 days19:24
alteregoHrm, unfortunately I don't think that is an option :/19:25
alteregoI'm there for 92 days O_o19:25
fiferboyalterego: Apply for dual American citizenship19:25
alteregoNo thanks :P19:26
alteregoI'll talk to work about it.19:26
javispedroalterego: refuse your current citizenship and become a stateless person.19:26
alteregoThere was mention of me having a break in the middle, so it shouldn't matter then.19:26
alteregoBut I'll have to confirm that.19:27
fiferboyalterego: I take it a work visa is for 90 days?19:28
alteregoNo, 90 days doesn't require a visa19:28
alteregoAnything over does.19:28
fiferboyAh, that's the issue19:28
alteregoFor the sake of two days seems kinda pointless.19:29
djszapi_In Finland, they never checked these rules, at least.19:29
fiferboyYeah, but I wouldn't want to walk into the airport and tell them I'd been in the country 92 days19:29
fiferboyalterego: Just get GeneralAntilles to tell them you've been his house guest for three months19:30
djszapi_I am not sure about the US, I do not see it a problem in Finland, nobody checks things like that ;-)19:30
fiferboyI can pretty well assure you that in America they check for things like that19:30
fiferboyalterego: Where are you going to be in the States?19:30
djszapi_right, so these rules are stronger there :)19:31
*** rm_you|airport has quit IRC19:31
fiferboyHmm, a good 2300 miles from GAN, that story probably won't fly...19:32
djszapi_fiferboy: is it really a big problem in the US to make a fuss about two plus days ?19:32
alteregodjszapi_: what do you think? :P19:32
djszapi_I do not think anything since I have no clue. Hence asking.19:33
fiferboyI wouldn't want to test that, they'd likely take it very seriously19:33
djszapi_at any rate, if it is work, the employer/customer should help to survive19:34
djszapi_getting everything needed.19:34
djszapi_fiferboy: I did not get the role of the growType yet:
*** Guest17739 has quit IRC19:37
*** andre__ has quit IRC19:39
fiferboydjszapi_: It looks like the snake can grow in two ways when a cookie is eaten depending on the grow type set when it eats?19:39
GeneralAntillesalterego, I HATE idiotic immigration and visa laws.19:40
*** Termana|rdlBNC has joined #harmattan19:40
alteregoYeah, it's just a pain in the ass.19:41
alteregoI'm not even strictly working for a company in the US,19:41
GeneralAntillesAll it does is reduce the number of talented people working in the US.19:41
alteregoI'm sub-contracting for a European company over there :)19:41
GeneralAntillesand why in the world would we want to do that. . . .19:42
alteregoIt's like, do I need a VISA if I'm being paid back in Europe.19:43
djszapi_alterego: Could you discuss it with your employer ? They are not silly to not see the issue xD19:43
fiferboyalterego: I guess a trip to Canada doesn't break up your trip enough? You'd have to go back to the UK?19:43
alteregoI've never done anything like this before :P19:44
kimjualterego, usually, it's safest to get the visa.19:44
djszapi_fiferboy: how can it grow, not just adding another bit to the snake ?19:44
alteregokimju: indeed.19:44
djszapi_to be honest, I wonder why your employer did not look after you in this case...19:45
kimjufor what I know, if you're going to do any *work* there, regardless who is paying for that, get a visa.19:45
alteregodjszapi_: well, they're enquiring, and I'm freelance.19:45
GeneralAntillesalterego, if you're working and living in the US, then yes.19:45
kimjubusiness meetings etc does not count as work ;)19:46
djszapi_alterego: lot of people live like that in Finland and other european countries, but the employers/customers normally care about the employees in such cases. We also have a lot of employees working in the US19:46
alteregodjszapi_: well, they'll probably pick up the tab, but I still have to sort out the VISA, i.e. heading to the US embassy in London and booking that interview.19:47
djszapi_alterego: something is not professional in the procedure, or we miss some information. It is also the point of the customer/employer to have it safe.19:47
alteregoApparently it only takes ~5 days, which isn't bad considering I may be flying out as soon as 2 weeks from now.19:47
faenil"Mapping of PVR2D memory failed"  does anyone know what this is about? :)19:48
faenilit's graphics memory, okay19:48
faenilbut why should it fail?19:48
djszapi_fiferboy: I thought the snake grows one if you eat the cookie, and it is not more complicated. How can it grow yet ?19:49
fiferboydjszapi_: Yeah, looks like you're right19:50
fiferboyMaybe it only grows every other time you eat a cookie?19:50
djszapi_faenil: what are you doing, runs out of memory by using large textures ? Do you have blank screen ?19:50
fiferboyThere is some login in the growType, but I don't know what newlink.type controls19:50
faenilnope I have shifted screen actually :D19:51
*** slaine has quit IRC19:51
faenilbut yes, it's probably running out of have any other idea?19:51
lcukuse less memory19:51
faenilwell ofc19:51
faenilthat's a big problem atm :)19:51
djszapi_fiferboy: my other worry is that there is a "z" property for the cookie. Is it just about z-indexing in 2d ?19:52
djszapi_faenil: try with smaller textures first19:52
djszapi_and not heavily loading everything into the memory.19:52
lcukfaenil, reduce vertexes in your mesh until you find a balance19:52
faenilbut also I have 12k meshes on the scene19:52
faeniloh can't do that, there are only planes and cubes atm :D19:53
fiferboydjszapi_: Yeah, that looks like the z-index, all components have that19:53
javispedroor you are using too much address space19:53
djszapi_faenil: you can also ask it on #opengl19:53
javispedropvr2d memory is used for framebuffer only afaiu.19:53
lcukfaenil, why so many?19:53
faenilcoz it's the max I want player to be able to play on19:54
faenil100x100 level19:54
faenilsince levels are grid based19:54
faenilthat makes lots of meshes for the floor19:54
djszapi_fiferboy: not sure, what the growType is for19:54
faeniland lots of boxes on the ground19:54
djszapi_fiferboy: maybe because they also "confine" the snake if it crashes with the skull ?19:55
faeniljavispedro: so what could I be doing wrong?19:55
faenilapart from too much memory in use19:56
fiferboydjszapi_: That is probably it, whether to increase or decrease the length19:56
javispedrofaenil: dunno, post sample19:56
faenilsample is lots of lines :)19:56
lcukfaenil, bbl19:56
*** lcuk has quit IRC19:56
djszapi_fiferboy: should I use {} instead of new Array()19:58
fiferboynew Array() seems to be the javascript way19:59
djszapi_I have read yesterday, it is older and much slower.19:59
*** smoku has quit IRC20:00
*** Andy1210 has joined #harmattan20:02
faenilmmm nice, not the fps on top shows, but the cubes don't...20:03
faenilon desktop everything works20:04
djszapi_fiferboy: I got this growtype understood after playing the game a bit :p Every cookie has a value, and that is how it grows. (It might be not related the growtype, but at least to the cookie value)20:06
djszapi_faenil: desktop has way far much more memory ;-)20:06
Andy1210hi, anyone compiled libsmpeg0?20:07
faenilno, it's not that, no memory errors now, I'm using a smaller level20:07
faenilwhich used to work20:07
djszapi_well, "no memory" error also means, if it does not show up20:08
djszapi_it is not just if you are getting an error message.20:08
faenilthis level worked :D20:08
djszapi_23:04 < faenil> mmm nice, not the fps on top shows, but the cubes don't...20:08
javispedroyeah, black surface is what I'd expect when out of texture memory20:08
javispedroalso try to read glGetError() after rendering the frame20:09
javispedrobut note that will lower framerate.20:09
djszapi_fiferboy: but it tells me that, the value can be dropped for a simplier snake game. It is a bit "untraditional" version. :)20:09
djszapi_yep, and do not leave that in the code.20:10
faenildjszapi_: this level worked two days ago :D20:10
djszapi_I would write a glGetError wrapper macro with more details, like file, line number20:10
faenilyeah ok20:11
faenilanyway, it starts with20:11
djszapi_ -> something we did for debugging20:11
faenilchmod: /opt/untitled/bin/untitled: Operation not permitted20:11
faenilUsing the meego graphics system20:11
djszapi_seems talkative enough :)20:11
faenilbut the process starts xD and opengl is meego graphics system...right?20:12
faenilI did not remember to be changing anything...20:12
faenilit worked two days ago xD20:12
djszapi_well, harmattan uses opengl viewport, but I am not sure what you mean by this "opengl is meego graphics system...".20:13
*** frinring has quit IRC20:13
djszapi_fiferboy: do you have an idea what the links represents ? There seems to be a distinct snake array, thus I guess it is something different.20:13
faenilI mean I should not need to set graphics system to opengl, even because qglwidget should do it20:14
djszapi_well, I did set the viewport though in my QML application.20:14
Andy1210how can i use chmod in postinst file?? im always getting Operation not permitted error during installation20:17
djszapi_give proper rights for your post install script from the manifest file ?20:18
faenildjszapi_: but I don't have a QDeclarativeView ( yet) it's just opengl so far20:18
djszapi_faenil: k20:19
javispedroI do not think QGLWidget sets the graphicssystem to opengl. Either way, I'm not sure it won't work with graphicsystem=meego.20:19
faenilthings I write with QPainter (also in the paintGL) are displayed20:20
djszapi_that is not software-rendering ?20:20
faenilbut you use it in the paintGL too20:21
faeniljust wanted to say that something is showing, the problem is opengl content not showing20:21
*** lcuk has joined #harmattan20:22
*** lcuk has quit IRC20:22
*** lcuk has joined #harmattan20:22
djszapi_faenil: if you used Gluon you would not have such a trouble xD20:22
faenilehheh :P20:22
*** hiemanshu has quit IRC20:23
*** hiemanshu has joined #harmattan20:24
*** hiemanshu has quit IRC20:24
*** hiemanshu has joined #harmattan20:24
*** hiemanshu has quit IRC20:24
*** hiemanshu has joined #harmattan20:25
*** hiemanshu has quit IRC20:25
*** hiemanshu has joined #harmattan20:25
faenilanyway is the chmod not permitted normal?20:27
djszapi_fiferboy: since the addition is always more and more to the snake, it seems to be that way, the cookie generation waits more and more as well.20:28
djszapi_faenil: completely normal20:29
Andy1210and how can i manage to working?20:32
djszapi_I gave you the hints ;-)20:32
djszapi_that is what I did for my cups post install script, try to adopt it to your needs:   <request>20:35
djszapi_    <credential name="CAP::dac_override" />20:35
djszapi_    <for path="/var/lib/dpkg/info/cups.postrm" />20:35
djszapi_  </request>20:36
Andy1210i using dpkg-buildpackage...20:38
djszapi_so what ?20:38
faenildjszapi_:     glerror 1282......20:39
djszapi_invalid operation, not sure why.20:40
djszapi_after which opengl command ?20:40
faenildjszapi_: problem solved...I commented a line of code instead of another...on of the uniformLocation calls20:42
faenilI wonder how on earth it could work on desktop20:42
Arkenoitwitter plugin was way better on n90020:42
djszapi_faenil: nice :)20:43
faenilhow could it work on desktop xD shaders attributes were not set :O20:44
faenilok I don't care... it works, it works xD20:44
djszapi_you may have used the old version or something else20:44
javispedrodjszapi_: dac_override is not in the set of allowed tokens for unknown origin ;)20:45
djszapi_javispedro: who said that it is ?20:46
javispedrodjszapi_: restok.conf20:47
javispedro aegis-developer-unknown-source-policy20:47
djszapi_I am lost.20:47
javispedrodjszapi_: if you search that in restok.conf you'll know20:49
javispedrobasically SRC:: only has a set of tokens20:49
javispedrothere are many of them but cap_override is not in them (logically, cap_override is the CAP that is required to add new hashes to the integrity validator)20:49
djszapi_javispedro: sorry, but I do not really understand what you are talking about. I have never said it is in hte "set of allowed" tokens. I know it better than you really, why are you telling it to me ?20:49
javispedrojust saying that unless you can make the package with a src other than unknown, that suggestion will not be useful20:50
javispedroas aegis will reject the package during installation20:50
djszapi_javispedro: please read more carefully what I wrote.20:50
faenilok now time to optimize textures and ram usage :D20:50
djszapi_and no, that suggestion is perfect example of asking tokens.20:51
faenilneed to think of a better structure to render everything20:51
javispedrodjszapi_: ok, yes, it is.20:51
javispedrobut the example token is unrequestable20:51
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan20:51
javispedro(save for Nokians obviously)20:51
javispedrobut the file is allright, OK.20:51
djszapi_23:35 < djszapi_> that is what I did for my cups post install script, try to adopt it to your needs: ...20:51
*** NIN102 has joined #harmattan20:52
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:53
djszapi_javispedro: I think it would be better to have these things in the documentation anyway than in a "random" file.21:04
djszapi_Andy1210: you could also try out the aegis-manifest-dev, maybe it is smart enough to detect such a trivial issue.21:06
*** harbaum has quit IRC21:07
djszapi_Andy1210: You can also use <request context="INSTALL"> btw21:09
*** NIN102 has quit IRC21:19
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan21:20
*** smoku has joined #harmattan21:26
*** sandst1_ has joined #harmattan21:31
*** neal` has joined #harmattan21:32
*** ieatlint_ has joined #harmattan21:32
*** Teo`` has joined #harmattan21:33
*** Mek__ has joined #harmattan21:33
*** qhubekela has joined #harmattan21:34
*** mzanetti| has joined #harmattan21:34
smokuanyone care to test ? :)21:34
hiemanshusmoku: does it measure quakes? :P21:35
*** rcg has quit IRC21:38
*** cpscotti has quit IRC21:38
*** Termana has quit IRC21:38
*** Teo` has quit IRC21:38
*** mzanetti- has quit IRC21:38
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*** ieatlint_ is now known as ieatlint21:38
*** qhubekela is now known as sicelo21:38
*** sicelo is now known as Sicelo21:38
TronicQuake 2 :O21:42
TronicWhy do people bother porting these games to every possible platform?21:42
djszapi_why not ?21:43
TronicBecause there are far better games to port.21:43
djszapi_someone likes the old games to play ?21:43
djszapi_(including myself)21:43
TronicIsn't Duke3D or Quake3 old enough?21:43
TronicI would think that one has played Q2 all the way to boredom by now.21:43
djszapi_well, I am playing snake right now actually.21:44
TronicWell, whatever suits you :)21:44
smokuTronic, I needed some app to test opengl performance.  couldn't find anything better ;-)21:44
djszapi_that is the things, yes.21:44
Tronicsmoku: So, how is the performance, do you get solid 60 FPS with that?21:45
*** khertan_ has joined #harmattan21:46
*** kimju has joined #harmattan21:46
javispedrosmoku: is it OpenGL? it does not depend on any GL package21:46
djszapi_I would say maximum opengles ;-)21:47
*** rcg has joined #harmattan21:48
* javispedro is enchanté to test any SDL game :)21:49
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC21:49
javispedroooh, sadly, seems to require original game art? :(21:49
smokujavispedro, do you say that it's not accelerated? damn. I was sure it is :D21:50
javispedrosmoku: can I get it to render something without any original game files?21:50
javispedroI have mode some changes to the 2D SDL I want to test with as many games as possible so I'm quite interested21:50
*** javispedro has left #harmattan21:51
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan21:51
*** Andy1210 has quit IRC21:52
smokujavispedro, shareware pak should be anough21:53
*** mikhas has joined #harmattan22:01
*** Termana has joined #harmattan22:03
*** Termana is now known as Guest5603922:03
smokuTronic, besides, people are free to do whatever they find fun/interesting22:11
smokuTronic, and your attitude is discouraging, and undermines this already little community22:11
*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan22:14
*** piggz has joined #harmattan22:15
*** NIN102 has joined #harmattan22:23
DocScrutinizeractually it seems we got plenty of that here - and I'm rather glad we managed to get that away from #maemo22:23
DocScrutinizeras the fremantle community at #maemo is just agonized enough22:24
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:25
djszapi_fiferboy: mmm, that links array is a bit weird to me, and how it is managed.22:25
djszapi_fiferboy: also, wouldn't it be better to use a boolean variable if the cookie is eaten instead of setting the value of it in each move iteration ?22:27
fiferboydjszapi_: I can't really speculate on the process that went into writing that code22:27
fiferboyMaybe it started off as a very basic game, and iteratively added more complications22:28
fiferboyMaybe there are more than one auther each with their own coding ideas and standards22:28
djszapi_yeah, but I think a simple boolean variable is for getting the dying state, so that you can count back, instead of count back all the time and setting back in each iteration.22:28
fiferboyI would suggest just trying to get the basics of what it is trying to do than understanding every little bit, because it does seem more complicated than necessary22:28
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan22:35
*** antman8969 has quit IRC22:36
djszapi_fiferboy: I think I can send them a simple example after my version. I think that would be a more useful example for QML developers.22:37
djszapi_fiferboy: I guess I can write it in javascript: "++this.linksToGrow;" in order to increment the linksToGrow ?22:41
*** Guest56039 has quit IRC22:53
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:53
*** harbaum has quit IRC22:56
*** lcuk has quit IRC23:06
*** wazd has joined #harmattan23:14
Jaffaalterego: You're an evil siphoning leech, it would appear (allegedly ;-))23:16
*** ajalkane_N950 has quit IRC23:16
*** sivang has joined #harmattan23:23
* rZZZr am using irc-chatter as a xmpp client on n950 it's working !23:28
faenilis anyone coding a multiplayer game?23:28
faenilor do you know of anyone who's coding such game :D23:29
*** rZZZr has quit IRC23:29
*** Guest72660 has joined #harmattan23:32
*** lcuk2 has joined #harmattan23:32
*** rzr` has joined #harmattan23:32
djszapi_faenil: I do.23:32
faenilgood :) what is it about? :D23:32
faenilif you can say23:33
*** rzr` has quit IRC23:33
djszapi_it is about Gluon.23:35
djszapi_fiferboy: var lastLink = snake[snake.length-1]; and board[lastLink.row * numColumns + lastLink.column] = undefined; lines are always executed after the body is done in that code, right ?23:36
alteregoJaffa: ?23:39
alteregoLet me guess, this has something to do with tmo?23:39
*** Teo`` is now known as Teo`23:46
fiferboydjszapi_: Unfortunately, I have to get going23:47
*** fiferboy has quit IRC23:48
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan23:54
*** harbaum has left #harmattan23:55
ZrZsmoku: did u test it ?23:56
*** harbaum-n950 has joined #harmattan23:58

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