IRC log of #harmattan for Thursday, 2011-08-18

djszapi_fiferboy: You can check out me :p00:00
djszapi_but a lot of hacker geeks in one place :)00:00
fiferboyThat is a lot of hackers, but the filter box doesn't recognize your nick?00:03
djszapi_mmmh, look for the project name Gluon00:04
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djszapi_there were 5-6 Gluon developers there iirc.00:04
fiferboyYes, about 6 show up00:04
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fiferboyWell, travel time (still compiling)00:06
fiferboyTalk later00:07
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faenilout of curiosity00:51
faenilwhy does QImage miss mouse events manipulation?00:52
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ieatlintqimage isn't a qobject01:02
ieatlintso it has no events01:02
ieatlintyour best choice is to embed the qimage into a widget (qlabel is a good choice, as it has a setImage() method), and then do your manipulation there01:08
faenilyeah sure I have always used qImage:QLabel01:10
faenilbut I was wondering why did not they ever make something about that, like a dedicated class01:10
trxis there a way to get a handle(hwnd) of a window created by QDeclarativeView ? i have a custom widget that i want to place into it via DeclarativeProxyWidget, but i cant create it (the custom widget) without that hwnd..01:11
faenildunno, QImageClickable, or make QImage a QObject01:11
ieatlintthey didn't make a new class because it was unnecessary01:11
faenilsince clicking on an Image is such a common practise...01:11
ieatlintand making a qimage a qobject would be problematic01:11
faenilok the last one could be a good reason..01:12
ieatlintfor instance, you can't duplicate qobjects01:12
trxthere is no need for a class such as QImage to contain events01:12
trxas its use is for drawing, not for user interaction01:12
faenilbut there is the need for a class which lets you display an image and also receive events...01:12
faenilcall it QImageInteractive01:13
faenilas you wish :)01:13
trxyou can use eg. label for that01:13
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faenilsure but you have to create a new class01:13
faenilcan't just use QLabel01:13
faenilthat's what I mean :)01:13
faenilsomething straightforward for a so common practise :)01:13
trxQImage is a class that holds image data01:14
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ieatlintyeah, i see what you mean about wanting a class that would include the functionality01:14
trxits used everywhere, to add events to it would add events to other components that do not need it01:14
faenilok :)01:14
faeniltrx, you're right, in fact my argument is not strictly QImage related...01:15
trxbut yes, i wonder why such a class doesnt exist01:15
faenilok good :D01:15
faenilthat was my question :)01:15
faenilanyway we all wonders why it doesn't exist, so no problem :) I'll keep my doubt :D01:15
trxanyways, any ideas about my question?01:15
ieatlintyou well, it doesn't exist by default anyway :P01:15
faenilI can't help you trx :)01:16
faeniland I'm going to bed, have a nice day/evening/night :D01:16
faenilcya guys01:17
ieatlintdunno either01:17
trxi guess i'm doomed, google can't help me either :(01:17
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specialtrx: explain "window created by QDeclarativeView"01:18
trxQML file that contains PageStackWindow is loaded via QDeclarativeView01:19
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trxi can insert a standard widget such as QPushButton into it01:20
trxbut this component needs some hwnd in order to be created01:20
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ieatlinttrx: i'm going to take a wild shot here, but qdeclarativeview is a widget, and qwidget has a winId() method..01:25
ieatlintis that what you're looking for?01:25
trxbut that function doens't return a valid hwnd01:25
specialwidgets inside a QGraphicsProxyWidget may not have a native handle at all.01:26
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trxQGraphicsProxyWidget is inside a class of type QDeclarativeItem01:33
trxwhich is registered via qmlRegisterType01:33
trxmaybe if i place that QGraphicsProxyWidget inside a QWidget01:34
trxand use that widget's handle01:34
trxshould that work?01:35
speciala QWidget inside a QGraphicsProxyWidget is not actually part of the normal window/widget ownership tree01:35
specialit exists separately, (possibly) outside of any real native windows.01:35
specialwhat do you need a native window handle for?01:35
trxthis custom widget that i am trying to insert01:38
trxneeds a valid hwnd during creation01:38
trxotherwise it fails to create itself01:39
trx"a QWidget inside a QGraphicsProxyWidget"01:40
trxno, i meant, to place a QGraphicsProxyWidget inside a QWidget01:40
specialQGraphicsProxyWidget is a QGraphicsItem (ultimately). It can only be in a QGraphicsScene.01:41
trxthen use handle of that parent widget for my custom widget that i will place inside a proxy01:41
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rm_youdid anyone get this email?02:10
rm_you"Free Microsoft App Hub registration for Nokia Developer Programs members"02:11
rm_youI rofled so hard02:11
rm_youand then i cried a little02:11
ieatlintyeah, everyone with a launchpad account got one02:11
ieatlintcongrats, you save $99 :P02:12
ieatlintit'll be useful when nokia sends you a windows phone02:12
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trxyeah.. "useful"02:25
wazdieatlint: maybe it will ;P02:26
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wazd_N950woo :)03:19
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* javispedro accidentally scratches N950 again04:21
javispedrothis thing seems to be even more delicate than the N900...04:21
specialyou just need to treat it with the appropriate deference04:23
Tronicjavispedro: The glass of it?04:37
javispedroTronic: nah, plastic04:38
TronicMine is still scratch free but I am having major trouble with grease.04:38
TronicLooks horrible and the friction in very unpredictable.04:38
TronicCannot be cleaned by simply wiping, requires soap or something.04:39
specialthe screen or the case?04:39
TronicThe screen.04:39
specialit looks pretty bad when off; when on, I don't have any problems with it04:40
specialbut i've used a lot of bad touchscreens, it's no surprise this one compares favorably04:40
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SpeedEvilI don't find cleaning it with a problem - a vigourous scrib on a t-shit04:46
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fiferboy7.5 hours into my ARM build of Qt in Scratchbox on my Lenovo S10-3t05:23
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wmaroneI know Atom isn't fast, but that just kinda brings it into sharp relief05:43
fiferboyscratchbox ARMEL doesn't help05:43
fiferboyI guess there ins't a big North American cround in this channel :)05:52
* special is one05:53
specialI wonder how many of the N950s did make it over here05:54
fiferboyI know of at least 805:54
Clinti only know of one05:55
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smokexmeegois there a low level api to access the camera flash on N950? trying to make a flashlight app06:01
fiferboysmokexmeego: There is a thread about that on forum.meego.com06:01
fiferboyThere seems to be something missing from the mobility API that is supposed to allow it06:02
smokexmeegothe QCameraExposure::FlashTorch flag is unimplemented past the enum06:03
smokexmeegook thanks :) guess I'll wait for QT Mobility to finish camera module06:04
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* fiferboy thinks his build might be stuck on the docs06:18
fiferboyI wanted to test these packages tonight :/06:19
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djszapi =)09:18
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Stecchinodjszapi: do we need to care about that?10:05
djszapiStecchino: at least, I care about that more than meego which unreliable.10:07
Stecchinodjszapi: you mean as a project or as a OS?10:07
djszapias in from user pov. Also, I think it is good to ponder the differences among different projects on the same market.10:08
Stecchinoponder NIH and MeTo syndromes?10:09
djszapisorry ?10:10
Stecchinodjszapi: talking about microsoft's tendancy to always want to barge in late into an already existing and successful market10:13
Stecchinoand clearly destroying a part of it in doing that10:13
mariobStecchino: +110:14
StecchinoI think they call that "embrace and extend"10:14
Stecchinoor used to. now they just silently kill initiatives they are not in control of10:14
djszapiStecchino: funny that, there are still people thinking like that. :) I always hear about this mentality like Qt is the only way of doing things according to the maniac, but no...C# is its right market place as well, in some areas much better than Qt. Also, WP is much more useful than meego was ever. Seriously, try it out once and then you can stop saying false things.10:15
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Stecchinodjszapi: I think once you know a bit more you'll realize this is bigger then the technical side10:16
Stecchinoin fact, the technologies used don't matter at all10:16
Stecchinoit's about stuff being developed open vs. microsoft's own closed process10:17
djszapiStecchino: I am a bit sad, you are the one saying these things because if you consider the KDE project (for instance, however you were not there at the KDE Windows BoF), you would have heard that why Qt/KDE people work on Windows, and why not Linux or Mac OSX and so forth. As for me, it is funny to listen to this one-way conssciousness....It is just not the way how things should approach. Look at the different distroset, we do not think like that about e10:17
Stecchinodjszapi: I've been in the mobile business for a while now and can see very clear patterns. Sadly, those patterns are pretty self-defeating10:18
djszapiStecchino: then again, meego is /not/ open, as in not code-monkey open, what I mean. As for me, there is no difference, I am not a code monkey.10:19
Stecchinodjszapi: the reason i was not at the KDE windows BoF was because scheduling. I only had the possibility of 1 BoF10:19
mariobdjszapi: So Windows is open?10:19
djszapimariob: how said it, show the log ?10:19
djszapihow -> who10:19
Stecchinodjszapi: I would be building windows exe's for amarok if i had any time left after dayjob and amarok development, but I'm only human10:20
mariobdjszapi: Well, you keep saying that MeeGo is a "bad" project because of non-openess and that you like developing for Windows10:20
djszapimariob: you slightly misunderstood. No, that is not what I am saying at all. I never wrote any serious WP application, no.10:20
StecchinoMeeGo is open in the sense that there is a community of companies that have a shared interest in the project and full rights to use it as they please.10:21
* dm8tbr fails to see how this is on topic here10:21
Stecchinoit's the Open Source ethic applied to commercial projects10:21
djszapiStecchino: Sorry, I cannot accept your Windows racism, so I think time to drop the matter. It is childish to me. Even if a project is open, but usable from user pov, I go for it.10:21
djszapi* not open, closed.10:21
Stecchinoit's the same (roughly) as community Open Source, but with the barrier that you have to be working for a company to be part of it10:21
Stecchinodjszapi: who says I've got anything against windows?10:22
mariobdjszapi: Well, you get the impression that MeeGo isn't any better that other propriatery OS:es10:22
djszapi10:13 < Stecchino> djszapi: talking about microsoft's tendancy to always want to barge in late into an already existing and successful market10:22
djszapi10:13 < Stecchino> and clearly destroying a part of it in doing that10:22
StecchinoI've got an issues with MS' business practices, not their product10:23
djszapiStecchino: This claim was really harsh enough in my opinion what you said in the beginning.10:24
Stecchinook, dropping it. No time for this10:24
djszapiMainly because I tried WP a lot in the end of last year and was always better than MeeGo. It fitted much better to our user pov.10:24
djszapiand as a last remark to this matter, all my respect to the Qt/KDE Windows guys.10:25
Stecchinodjszapi: you mean MeeGo handset UX or Harmattan?10:29
Stecchinobecause the first one is far from a product.10:29
dm8tbrit's usable though if you take the CE version10:30
djszapiStecchino: Harmattan is not meego for me :p10:31
Stecchinoindeed :)10:31
*** tbf has joined #harmattan10:31
djszapiand Harmattan is a pretty much working product with bugs left because of the leaves...10:31
djszapiStecchino: so what I meant is that meego was a nightmare on handset, also on tablets when I made the comparisons. Surely, both projects improved a lot in the meantime (meego and wp).10:32
djszapiand I tried to install meego on my second exopc we got, but it is still not in a good shape (better though).10:33
Stecchinoone of the problems with an open process, people get to see and use completely unstable and unfinished stuff10:33
Stecchinocreates a bad rep10:33
Stecchinodjszapi: latest 1.3 beta's are really good10:34
djszapiyep, same with the old harmattan image on the N95010:34
Stecchinoonly have 2 issues: browser crashes and music player lockup10:34
djszapibut still, Windows Phone did not stop, so along the way, it also improved a lot :)10:34
Stecchinoit's also has a lot more manpower behind it10:34
djszapiyes, and that matters a lot.10:35
Stecchinoand the stuff you get to see is vetted by marketing and such10:35
xarcassdjszapi: just out of curiosity, what does 'code monkey' mean? btw, i don't know about users, but from developer's pov WP is complete and utter crap, imo10:35
wazdthp: ping? :)10:35
Stecchinobelieve me, no development process is so clean from the inside10:35
djszapixarcass: I have access to the Native Development Kit, it is not that bad that way :p10:35
SpeedEvilCode monkey is what you employ if you want your apps developed for peanuts.10:35
djszapialso, I like C#, I admit.10:35
djszapixarcass: code monkey means what it says really :) Making the code without being able to discuss the design and architecture from the beginning.10:36
Stecchinoit's certainly a more modern programming language and based on a very good architecture, so you are probably right10:36
xarcassdjszapi: well, I remember these days when i worked for WM - it was pure bliss: VS+VAX is the best dev environment i've ever used. i believe with NDK it's something like in those good old days.10:37
xarcassdjszapi: thnx for enlightening me, i was afraid that i am one. now i feel much better :)10:38
djszapiI think someone will compile mono for Harmattan one day :)10:40
xarcassdjszapi: just one probably irrelevant example about WP - it took me 1.5 month to complete an app with Qt/QML, at the same time three devs made the same app (with even less functionality) and it took 2.5 months for them. and even then, their app is sluggish as hell and crashes all the time. besides, they are no novices in c#, whereas it was my first Qt/QML app.10:42
djszapihard to evaluate this sentence without concrete details. It can have so many reasons.10:43
xarcassdjszapi: my point was, that development tools for WP are pretty far from being perfect nowadays. back then, dev environment was one of greatest advantages of WM. now they lost even this. well, there are people that have access to NDK and other good stuff, but most haven't. And what they have is utter crap, even in comparison with fairly minimalistic QtCreator10:46
djszapino clue, I dislike QtCreator ;-)10:47
djszapibetter said: I prefer vi, cmake and other command line tools doing it on my own.10:47
xarcassdjszapi: maybe you haven't tried XCode then :)10:47
djszapivi on windows here really (at least for Desktop KDE development purposes) ;-)10:48
*** frinring has joined #harmattan10:49
xarcassdjszapi: aha, then you're vi fanboy.. then i give up: you guys always scare shit out of me, seriously10:51
*** ukki has left #harmattan10:51
djszapixarcass: tell QtCreator developers go and support cmake. Otherwise I do not have this choice.10:52
djszapimmh, they might support it actually recently.10:52
*** djszapi has left #harmattan10:52
xarcassdjszapi: for now, i can remember only one dev env that supported cmake: kdevelop3. they could at least steal code from there, i believe10:53
xarcassdjszapi: i also liked cmake very much (before i began to work for the IOS), so i'd be very happy if cmake support appeared in creator10:54
xarcassdjszapi: but i suspect, that QtCreator devs have more urgent tasks to attend to, that that. unfortunately.10:55
mariobdjszapi: I think that QtCreator has some support for cmake, I've seen something about it in the "create project" form10:57
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djszapialterego ping11:13
djszapi"extremely crucial to poke around in the databases" -> A: This can be done easily on the host side, outside of scratchbox with more advanced tools than the command line client.11:14
djszapinot sure who said this reason: "We have a practice to supply sql scripts with the package, so we can execute it during installation." -> A: Since the command line client is not in the device image this will not work anywhere else than scratchbox.11:15
xarcassthat was me11:18
xarcassit was really convenient to perform maintenance tasks with databases from inside installation scripts11:19
djszapiI agree with you, I am writing it to him if it is available in the sdk, we can install it on the gadget.11:19
xarcassbtw, what the problem to supply sqlite3 binary? it won't take much space or impose great security risks, i suppose11:20
xarcasswell, if we'll have this binary in 'official' repos, i would be able at least to write a dependency in my package.11:21
djszapiwell, his reasoning is that they do not need it (they as in platform) and the source is there, thus can be built it easily by the commuity.11:21
xarcassbut i wouldn't be able to place my app in, say, ovi store, with dependencies from community repos. or am i supposed to place this binary in my package itself? that's sick11:23
djszapiI think this does not almost matter.11:23
djszapiwe could basically say it for almost everything then and they should support anything :)11:24
djszapiHowever I disagree with him, and I wrote him another mail.11:24
mecexarcass, you can't do that.11:24
mecexarcass, I think you need to include the libs in the package11:25
xarcassdjszapi: thanks for all your effort. they should know, that this platform isn't for fart apps only.11:26
djszapimece: it is not a lib, it is a cli util.11:26
djszapixarcass: yeah, let us hope the best :)11:26
Mekanybody knows how to debug an app using tracker on the device? since aegis doesn't allow gdb to access tracker, I can't seem to run my app from gdb and still get access to tracker stuff...11:26
mecedjszapi, sorry I didn't follow the discussion. Regardless you can't have apps in ovi store that depend on community stuff.11:26
djszapimece: sure, but this is not an arguement for putting something into the SDK.11:27
xarcassmece: yeah, we know that11:27
djszapiMek: give rights to gdb from your app11:28
mecedjszapi, I agree.11:28
xarcassbtw, i've just looked at sqlite3 binary on my mac: it's 160K in size - and that's one binary for three architectures, so for one it would be three times smaller. it's strange that there's so much fuzz about it11:29
Sputwell, Creator supports CMake, though it can't do all the neat device deployment stuff for some reason :/11:29
Sputxarcass: the sqlite code is also available as one header and one .cpp to be able to easily integrate11:29
meceI like to use qtsdk to create the thing in the first place, then deploy, copy the stuff that was delpoyed (debian files, source, etc) to scratchbox and there do the rest.11:30
xarcassSput: well, are you proposing to integrate all needed tools into our binaries? it would work, obviously, but i believe there is a better way11:31
Sputxarcass: oh yes, it's not the preferred way of course11:31
djszapiit is a hack, call it that way :)11:31
Sput(especially not for distros, they *hate* bundled libs)11:31
Sputbut if really needed, sqlite is one of the deps that can be bundled easily11:32
mecexarcass, that's the problem with the proprietary store thing vs the community repository thing.11:32
xarcassSput: then i'd need to track updates to sqlite project, while maintaining my own code. not very convenient, i'd say11:32
djszapiMek: my other idea is: "aegis-su -r tcb -c - sh and gdb from there ?" -> not sure about N95011:32
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan11:33
djszapibut I would just fill out the manifest file properly. That is nicer.11:33
Sputxarcass: yes, that is the main downside of bundling stuff11:33
mariobWell, why not rewrite the build system to something like this :)
radiofreeMek: is aegis-su on the device?11:33
mecemariob, what the... what?11:34
Mekradiofree: not on mine at least11:34
mecemariob, even I could understand that :D11:34
radiofreeyou could do aegis-su -r "TrackerReadAccess, TrackerWriteaccess" -o gdb ./app11:34
mariobmece: Just playing around :) But it would be cool and better than qmake11:34
mecemariob, no shit!11:34
djszapiradiofree: why not do it properly from the manifest file according to the recommendation ?11:35
radiofreesure, that's fine11:35
Mekdjszapi: the manifast file of what? my app or gdb?11:35
radiofreeit's just for testing purposes aegis is a pain in the arse11:35
djszapiMek: your app.11:35
Mekand what should I add?11:35
djszapithat is tracker specific knowledge, I do not know, sorry.11:35
mariobmece: Actually, the basic stuff should be too hard to do and just think of how easy you can add plugins to expand functionallity11:36
radiofreeMek: you'll need the TrackerReadAccess, TrackerWriteAccess tokens11:36
radiofreealso maybe GID::metadata-users and GRP::metadata-users11:36
Mekbut what do I give those to?11:36
Mekah, aegis won't complain that I try to give rights to binaries that are not in my package?11:37
djszapihow else would you do it ?11:37
djszapiI do not see any other sensible design for that.11:38
MekI don't know, aegis is all black magic to me11:38
djszapisame with valgrind.11:38
radiofreedjszapi: with aegis-su, but that's not on the n950 :)11:38
djszapithat is a hack...11:38
radiofreeyeah, but a useful one11:38
djszapiTrackerWriteAccess, TrackerReadAccess were enough to my to use tracker in my third-party app.11:39
djszapiradiofree: cleanness and niceness are always more useful, aren't they ? :)11:39
djszapibut GRP::metadata-users might be also needed for you as said above.11:40
radiofreedjszapi: why? if i want to quickly run a test or app on the device, i don't want to have to mess with aegis manifests11:40
Meknope, trying to give rights to a binary that is not in the same package makes aegis complain loudly11:40
Mekso that won't work to give gdb tracker rights11:41
djszapiyes, it should.11:41
kimjuhmm, isn't that even documented in platform security guide?11:41
Stskeepsfuck aegis, there, i said it. at least the meego security architect has it right, do something to protect the consumer, not block him11:41
* Stskeeps goes make coffee11:41
Mek"Package my-package-name: <for> refers to '/usr/bin/gdb', not installed by that package -- ignored"11:42
djszapiGID::metadata-users seems to be only for direct access if you only read from tracker it does not go through the daemon, but opens the sqlite db directly (faster)11:42
w00t_Stskeeps: amen11:42
djszapiStskeeps: you have no idea about the meego security then really :)11:43
Mekah, I sould include the name of the gdb package...11:43
*** seif has quit IRC11:44
djszapiyes, package scope11:44
Mekhmm, still same error...11:44
radiofreedjszapi: in QSparql it's always preferable to use the QTRACKER_DIRECT driver11:45
djszapiradiofree: no clue about these things, sorry -)11:46
djszapiradiofree: but aegis manifest is not a hack compared to aegis-su, that is for sure. That is the recommended way of doing this. I would surely avoid to mess the system up with aegis-su if it is just few lines to follow the recommendation11:49
*** rcg has joined #harmattan11:50
djszapimore on the topic, it is not even available for public, thus really not an option =)11:50
djszapiradiofree: about the QTRACKER_DIRECT, you seem to be right.11:50
*** Termana has joined #harmattan11:53
*** Termana is now known as Guest1773911:53
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan11:54
Venemo_N950good morning everyone11:56
*** seif has joined #harmattan11:57
wazdVenemo_N950: hey :)11:57
wazdVenemo_N950: just checked your client, great job :)11:57
Venemo_N950wazd, thanks, glad you like it11:58
Venemo_N950it still has a long way to go11:58
wazdVenemo_N950: I have some UI ideas for you if you don't mind of couse :)11:59
Venemo_N950I don't mind of course11:59
Venemo_N950I'm always looking for ways to improve my stuff12:00
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC12:00
Venemo_N950wazd, tell me all your ideas :)12:00
wazdVenemo_N950: wait a sec I'll make a quick mockup :)12:01
Venemo_N950wazd, ok12:01
Venemo_N950wazd, care to join #irc-chatter ?12:02
wazdVenemo_N950: sure12:02
djszapiMek: it might be a gdb bug, I will ask around.12:05
djszapiI do not see any dummy request section. They do not have manifest file actually. :)12:05
*** smokex has joined #harmattan12:06
*** wazd_N950 has joined #harmattan12:08
djszapiMek: please try with valgrind, that should work12:09
djszapiif that is the case, I am reporting a bug against gdb.12:10
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #harmattan12:10
Venemo_N950morning djszapi, how're you? :)12:11
xarcassMek: maybe i've missed smthng, but have you tried to attach gdb to the already running process?12:11
Mekxarcass: yes, gives another permission denied error :)12:13
Mekdjszapi: for now I just switched to another device that does have R&D certificates... but not everybody will have that option :) I can try a bit more later on my own device...12:14
djszapiMek: well, you see it is a serious bug of /gdb/, /not/ aegis.12:15
djszapiand ti should be resolved asap, so I am now trying :)12:15
djszapialso, you cannot attach without aegis-su -r tcb -c - sh12:16
djszapiwhich is not an option on N950 as we discussed previously.12:16
Mekyeah, aegis-su on a non-r&d n950 complains about missing RDC12:17
djszapiVenemo_N950: nothing special, trying to help "fuck aegis, there" people ;-)12:18
Venemo_N950djszapi, nice of you that you decided to help :)12:19
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC12:24
*** maxw has joined #harmattan12:27
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan12:28
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan12:28
*** tbf has quit IRC12:29
*** rcg1 has joined #harmattan12:39
*** rcg has quit IRC12:40
Arkenoi i want this font as default for terminal :-)12:40
*** tbf has joined #harmattan12:41
*** slaine has quit IRC13:02
*** mzanetti_ has joined #harmattan13:03
*** ZrZ has joined #harmattan13:12
*** smoku has joined #harmattan13:27
meceTher doesn't seem to be a harmattan build target to choose in meego obs...13:30
djszapithere is13:30
mecedjszapi, I'm not seeing it...13:30
djszapipick one via advanced interface. -> armvel713:31
meceso how do I add my thing to it?13:32
meceor it to my thing13:32
Stskeepsmece: Repositories tab in your home project13:32
meceadd repositories -> advanded interface?13:33
meceah found it :d13:33
meceok so Project:MeeGo:1.2:Harmattan13:34
meceand armelv7el13:34
mecewhat about the "Repository" dropdown and "New name" ?13:34
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan13:36
djszapigive a name and repository ?13:36
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan13:39
*** baraujo has quit IRC13:40
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan13:40
*** epage has joined #harmattan13:40
* mece tears out some hair13:43
meceok fine I'll just put some random crap in the fields that nobody mentions what they are for.13:45
djszapiwhy cannot you give a talkative name ?13:45
meceoh I didn't need to. Suddenly, without warning it just worked13:46
djszapisure, but ... :)13:46
mecewell since nowhere is mentioned what they mean, I figured it might actually have some meaning13:46
meceso if I call it "bob" it might mean that only a debvice running bob can use it or whatever. as I said I do not know what it means. Regardless it was autocompleted the 4th time I entered stuff in there.13:47
Wirta"dpkg: status database area is locked by another process" when installing something, quickest way to unlock it?13:48
kimjukill pkgmgrd (or something like that)13:48
smokexneed to devel-su first13:50
djszapiisn't there a lock file you can just remove ?13:51
djszapi(pkgmgr is not running with simple dpkg usage for instance)13:51
mecelol that failed spectacularly, but at least it tried to build it :)13:54
VenemoWirta, 'rm /var/dpkg/lock' or something like that13:56
Venemoas root.13:56
Wirtafound it thanks13:57
smokuis there SDL for harmattan available anywhere?13:58
Venemosmoku, ping javispedro about it when he comes online13:59
mece...or go to the link above13:59
Venemomece was typing faster than me.14:00
meceI had it bookmarked conveniently14:00
mecesmoku, what are you porting?14:00
meceyay verily yay14:01
harbaumHey Smoku! May i ask you waht the state of the Cordia project is? I really like the idea of you cordia tab, but the software roadmap still is in the state of early this year14:03
smokuit's better to ask on #cordia14:04
harbaumYesterday i got no reply there ...14:04
djszapiMek: I found a way for your issue. Could you please try out develsh when you have time ? devel-sh has all the capabilities that is needed for platform things, and if you run gdb it inherits thopse.14:04
MekI tried devel-sh, didn't work14:05
smokuharbaum, was I active there at the time?14:05
djszapiMek: That is the idea though, so probably "didn't work" needs more explanation.14:09
smokuVenemo, thanks. I found it in his obs :)14:09
*** deimos has joined #harmattan14:24
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC14:43
djszapiMek: ehh, actually valgrind is buggy14:44
*** epage has quit IRC14:46
maxwdoes it have memory leaks?14:46
alteregodjszapi: everything is buggy14:46
alteregoShockingly enough, it isn't that much of a big deal ..14:47
djszapiMek: I will probably make a package of valgrind on the c-obs.14:48
Mekhmm, for valgrind the trick with adding a for valgrind::/usr/bin/valgrind in my packages aegis manifest worked fine (and aegis-su didn't help)14:49
djszapiyep, but the idea/design is to use develsh.14:49
djszapiwithout that everybody starts requesting credentials for all the development tools.14:49
djszapiMek: and yes, that is what I told you previously to do for now :)14:50
VenemoI laughed at this!14:50
Venemovery nice pic.14:50
Mekwell, the aegis manifest trick only worked for valgrind, the aegis-su method only worked for gdb and only on a r&d device14:51
djszapiI told you all of these.14:51
djszapibut the real fix is jsut to use develsh according to the architecture design.14:51
djszapibut the SDK team needs to first fix the valgrind package.14:52
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan14:54
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan14:59
*** tbf has quit IRC15:02
*** Evgeniy has quit IRC15:05
*** fiferboy has quit IRC15:07
*** lardman has joined #harmattan15:09
lardmanhow do people test their qml code? On device, in sb x86 or in native x86?15:10
lardmanOn OpenSUSE I seem to be lacking QtQuick 1.115:10
xarcasslardman: then there are two of us. so i use device all the time15:11
lardmanoh ok, I was hoping to test the qml code before I add in the C++ stuff15:12
lardmanbut I guess that on-device there is no qmlviewer?15:12
lardmanhmm, looks like qmlviewer runs under sb, I should setup the X11 stuff15:13
* lardman goes to the wiki to find out how15:13
xarcasslardman: haven't seen one. I've implemented c++ part first, so I didn't need viewer15:13
djszapilardman: qmlviewer or qemu15:13
lardmandjszapi: inside SB?15:13
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan15:14
djszapilardman: nope, qemu is outside, not sure about qmlviewer, if it is too Harmattan data specific, it might not be viable.15:15
xarcasslardman: if you're planning to use c++ part anyway, why don't you make your own main.cpp with QDeclarativeView in it - it's fairly simple15:15
ajalkanei test on desktop, then on device15:15
*** berndhs has joined #harmattan15:16
lardmanah ok, I setup Xephyr and started the desktop in SB and now it works15:16
lardmanusing qmlviewer15:16
ajalkaneI've been too lazy to setup sb  :(15:16
*** djszapi has left #harmattan15:17
*** Venemo has quit IRC15:19
lardmanback to QML, do all the .qml files in the same dir as main.qml get "imported" automatically?15:19
lardmanSo can I reference one of the components defined in a different qml file?15:20
*** fiferboy has joined #harmattan15:23
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan15:24
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan15:24
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC15:25
* lardman writes some javascript to create his windows15:26
lardmanpages I mean ;)15:26
xarcasslardman: don't forget to rewrite imports in final version. i've noticed that when QtQuick 1.0 is mixed with QtQuick 1.1, app memory footprint increases by 100+ Mbytes15:27
mariobxarcass: What? I need to check my files :)15:27
lardmanoh right, in all of the examples they include both15:27
Sputwait, how much storage does the N950 have? I've only 8 GB free it seems15:27
Venemoxarcass, how ridiculous is that.15:27
*** slaine has joined #harmattan15:28
lardmando I need to use javascript to create by windows, or could I create them somehow in main.qml?15:28
*** fiferboy has quit IRC15:28
xarcassi've checked that by 'top' only15:28
marioblardman: initialPage: Page { id: myPage }15:28
lardmanmariob: I've seen that one, but I need to create 4 pages for my stack15:28
xarcassmariob: they (nokia) recommend to make initial page as Component, not as Item15:29
marioblardman: Just create them, they will only be visible after you push them to the pageStack15:29
mariobxarcass: I know, but we need to make lardman going here :)15:29
lardmanxarcass: why is that?15:29
xarcassi can't remember exactly, but something related to memory management and ownership15:30
lardmanmariob: where should I create them as I've separated each out into its own file15:30
mariobxarcass: lardman: I think that the qml engine doesn't try to create an instance of the component until it needs to, but if you have an Item the instance is created directly15:30
lardmanah, I guess the pagestack has a property to add pages15:30
xarcasslardman: QML is declarative language. you don't need to 'create' them. just declare them in the right place15:30
marioblardman: Usually gives you a better structure15:31
lardmanxarcass: hmm, if I have a definition somewhere, I might want more than one of them and I thought that was possible, surely that is non-declarative?15:32
marioblardman: If you don't need to remeber the state in a page you simply do following: pageStack.push(Qt.createComponent("patch"))15:32
marioblardman: When the page is later popped qml will release the memory15:32
marioblardman: patch == path to qml file15:32
xarcasslardman: then you can declare Item in a separate file, then use it's name wherever you want15:33
lardmanmariob: well I think PageStack isn't quite what I need to use here, but should do the job - I have 4 views attached to a toolbar at the bottom, so I want to create them all and switch view depending on the toolbar presses15:33
marioblardman: Then you can use TabGroup15:33
marioblardman: I think that's what you want15:33
* lardman looks to see what TabGroup looks like15:33
xarcassmariob: objects created Qt.createComponent() will not be 'boosted', i reckon. though i might be wrong here15:34
mariobxarcass: I'm sure your right15:35
lardmanis TabGroup a visible element?15:35
lardmanor a container?15:35
marioblardman: Take a look at the examples found here:
marioblardman: Check for the QmlGallery something example. It will show you how you use the different components15:36
lardman503 Service Unavailable :)15:36
mariobtry again :) I just got access15:36
marioblardman: Here:
lardmanah it's woken up15:38
lardmanTabGroup looks like what I need, thanks15:38
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan15:48
*** Venemo has quit IRC15:50
*** crevetor has quit IRC16:01
lardmangreat, well it seems to run without any major errors, I just don't see anything, which may be an issue ;)16:03
harbaumCan anyone tell me what component this "combobox" button is? E.g. the photo gallery has it on the toolbar16:03
*** fiferboy has joined #harmattan16:04
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan16:12
javispedrohm, the pvr2d _is_ slow.16:15
javispedroeither way, I think I got the vsync stuff more or less understood :)16:16
*** mece has quit IRC16:17
fiferboyMySQL and Qt MySQL are working on my N950 :D16:17
xarcasslardman: check app log carefully - it's easy to overlook errors here. if there's an error in one of items, then all the UX won't be shown16:17
radiofreefiferboy: why on earth would you install mysql?16:18
* fiferboy sighs16:18
fiferboyI have an app that uses sqlite for local storage but syncs to a mysql server to keep all clients up-to-date16:21
radiofreeso why do you need to install a mysql server on the device?16:21
fiferboyNo, not server.  Client only.16:22
radiofreeah, right :)16:22
fiferboyAlthough I could install the server and get a LAMP setup going :)16:23
*** fiferboy has quit IRC16:25
*** fiferboy_ has joined #harmattan16:26
*** Smtih has joined #harmattan16:27
javispedrothere's no "kill current application" in harmattan?16:48
* javispedro implements EWMH PING support....16:50
harbaumi think "swipe up" is suppoed to do that with the next update16:51
wazdharbaum: orly? I use it to minimize most of the time :)16:52
kimjuswipe down.16:52
wazdkimju: oh man :(16:52
javispedrowell I hope that's for gracefully closing more than killing it ;)16:52
kimjuand I think it's not on by default.16:52
javispedroseemingly the only way to kill a hung app is to wait for the hung app dialog16:52
ajalkaneI've used kill :)16:53
javispedroyeah, I'm in "stupid enduser mode".16:53
harbaumkimju: swipe down? That's not that intuitive as swipe up feels more like "throw away"16:53
javispedroharbaum: too much webOS, eh? ;)16:54
kimjuharbaum, I think there is even video demonstrating that feature.16:54
ajalkaneand felipec posted that the different swipe direction actions can be modified16:54
wazdjavispedro: well, WebOS or not, the idea is nice ;)16:54
kimjubut swipe down = close down, makes sense to me..16:54
harbaumTrue, they should avoid that like the avoided a scrolling screen full of icons as a laucher ... oh, wait  ...16:54
harbaumIf it's configurable you can do a "swipe to kill"16:55
javispedrothe killer swipe16:55
harbaumperhaps with four fingers like pulling it forcefully off the screen16:55
javispedroI wish that locale where the hung app dialog said something like "Application X sucks, kick it?" was available ;)16:55
*** Wirta has quit IRC16:56
Stskeepsjavispedro: heh heh16:56
wazdjavispedro: no, you should learn Kung Fu to kill ablications!16:57
kimjudoesn't the device have accelerometers? :)16:57
wazdkimju: exactly16:57
kimjuI was thinking along lines of throwing it away/to the wall.. :)16:58
harbaumOk, then i want a "shatter transistion" if the app is closed with the accelerometer16:58
javispedrokimju: that's for kernel panics.16:58
javispedroand it is already implemented ;)16:59
javispedrobut you need to smash it very hard against a strong wall, otherwise you risk making dents in the device instead of obtaining the desired effect.17:00
Stskeepsah, the "DAMN YOU AEGIS" method17:00
*** rcg1 has quit IRC17:01
javispedroindeed. in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if that's the faster way to enter fully open mode!17:01
javispedro(which is the same as the fully closed mode)17:01
TronicDoes N950 have magnetometer?17:03
TronicI haven't found any software that would use it, yet.17:03
TronicThere is Compass in Store but it won't install.17:03
javispedrothere's a UI app called Sensorsgallery iirc (should be in nokia developer pages), and for CLI there's my small python script17:03
TronicMaps doesn't use compass for orientation either.17:03
tommathere is example compass application in
*** xarcass has quit IRC17:06
harbaumPerhaps better link as it has a harmattan deb:
hiemanshuuse the qmlcompass one17:09
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan17:10
javispedroJust found an example account provider17:11
javispedrosurely to be interesting if someone is going to develop one17:12
javispedrolike the xmpp one (hint hint)17:12
*** harbaum has quit IRC17:14
*** lardman has quit IRC17:14
*** spenap has quit IRC17:17
*** willer_ has joined #harmattan17:19
maxwis there some kind of web runtime on n950?17:20
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan17:27
*** maxw has quit IRC17:28
*** lardman has joined #harmattan17:32
*** lardman has joined #harmattan17:32
lardmandoes everything have to sit inside a PageStackWindow ?17:37
lardmanI'm trying to base on a Page but I just get a blank screen17:37
fiferboy_lardman: I don't think Page handles all the Window-y stuff17:38
*** fiferboy_ is now known as fiferboy17:39
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan17:41
lardmanfiferboy: ah ok17:42
fiferboyGrr, the time stamp is screwed up in sqlite!!17:42
lardmanIt was suggested that I use a TabGroup17:42
lardmana blessed silence, have just turned the extractor fan off after cooking some meals to freeze as I guess we'll be pretty knackered when the little one arrives17:43
fiferboylardman: Do you have a PageStackWindow as the top level, and you are trying to put a TabGroup in a Page?17:43
Meka Page's in a TabGroup in a Page in a PageStackWindow is what I have...17:43
lardmanok, I've not got the PageStackWindow17:44
lardmanI'll add that in and see how it works17:44
Mek(and TabButton's on a ButtonRow in the ToolBarLayout for the outer Page17:44
fiferboylardman: That's a good idea, every bit or preparation helps17:44
lardmanMek: cool thanks17:45
*** djszapi has left #harmattan17:46
*** spenap has joined #harmattan17:46
lardmanfiferboy: yeah bit late to get cracking though as the due date was Sunday just gone17:47
lardmanbetter late than never though :)17:47
fiferboylardman: Yeah, take advantage of your freetime now :)17:48
lardmanwell it's better now, I have a white window17:48
* lardman is doing that now trying to do some coding!17:48
lardmanthe qmlviewer has a toolbar at the bottom with a menu button, what happens if my code also wants to display a toolbar?17:49
lardmanis it shown inside that one?17:49
fiferboysqlite seems to have the timestamp in GMT -0200, and my time zone is GMT -0400 o_O17:49
fiferboylardman: I haven't used qmlviewer, so I'm not sure17:49
lardmananother quick question, do qml elements have borders? I.e. are they invisible if they don't contain anything?17:50
*** rcg has joined #harmattan17:50
lardmane.g. an image or a label17:50
fiferboylardman: I know with some elements you can set the border17:51
lardmanI was just wondering if they were there but not visible as I've not plumbed in the backend17:51
npmlardman: white window means an error occurred. look at your stdout/stderr17:51
fiferboylardman: I would say that is the case, but I am not positive17:51
fiferboyAnyone know how sqlite decides it's timezone?17:52
fiferboyI was under the impression it should be localtime or GMT/UTC?17:52
lardmannpm: well it was black before I used a PageStackWindow17:52
lardmanbut still no errors other than what looks like normal stuff thrown out by qmlviewer17:53
npmbasically, if it hits an error loading a "class"/qml-file due to some evaluation failing in that file, the entire instance doesn't get created17:53
lardmanyeah I've seen those errors, but don't have one here that I can see17:53
Mekisn't qmlviewer mostly unsupported/broken when used with harmattan qml components? I never tried myself, but I thought I saw some people complaining about that17:54
lardmanhmm, that might cause some issues then17:54
fiferboyI never got it work with with Harmattan components, but I haven't tried for a while17:54
npmoh i dunno about qmlviewer17:54
npmi'm talking about normally deployed c++ wrapped qml17:54
* Sput uses c++ wrapped qml wrapping c++17:57
lardmanhmm, apparently TabBarLayout is deprecated17:57
* fiferboy fails at time zone conversion17:57
fiferboyIt is in GMT after all :(17:58
marioblardman: Press "F2" over the TabBarLayout text and you'll have the code17:58
marioblardman: Now you can read the code and see if there are any hints17:59
lardman is what I'm copying18:00
lardmanso ToolBarLayout was correct anyway apparently (that's what I had to begin with)18:01
fiferboySomeone tell me random disconnects are fixed in later firmware18:05
Mekwhat kind of disconnects?18:07
lardmanhmm, apparently it does work, just looks like it's the wrong size - far larger than the qmlviewer window18:07
Mekprobably, all the window stuff expects to be the full screen18:08
lardmanhow should I set it to be the correct size?18:08
Mekdon't use qmlviewer...18:08
lardmanlol, ok18:08
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan18:08
*** djszapi has left #harmattan18:09
lardmanwhat other methods are there then? Compile the app and test it18:09
rcglardman: did you try to set "anchors.fill: parent" as property of the page?18:09
rcgdunno if that works.. might be worth a try though18:09
lardmanJust tried that, still too large as qmlviewer has a toolbar and a statusbar present18:10
fiferboyMek: wifi randomly disconnects several times during the day18:10
fiferboyMek: Even sitting in one place I connect (good signal) and two minutes later it is disconnected18:11
fiferboySometime it'll stay connected for 12 hours or more, sometimes only a few minutes18:11
lardmanhmm setting x: and y: did some strange things18:12
lardmantwo copies of the statusbar, one at 0,0 and one at my x,y offsets18:12
* lardman goes back to the C++ part of the app so he can try testing on device18:12
rcglol lardman: you are doing funny things :)18:13
lardmanrcg: not on purpose! promise!18:13
rcgmost funny things are not done purposely :)18:14
* javispedro starts to understand how the status bar rendering works.18:17
fiferboyMy MySQL syncing is working in my Harmattan client :D18:19
*** wazd_N950 has quit IRC18:24
javispedroso there's a X11 pixmap around that is attached as a property of the root window, and the fullscreen app can render wherever it pleases it.18:25
javispedrolike the middle of the screen.18:25
javispedrothis is in libmeegotouch/src/views/mstatusbarview.cpp18:25
tommaif you app is not in fullscreen and paints toolbar etc you get two of them18:25
*** joejoe has joined #harmattan18:28
fiferboyI guess I should probably fix up the packaging and put it in c-obs18:28
javispedrofiferboy: you didn't need to ship an alternate Qt version afterall?18:29
fiferboyjavispedro: Nope, just the libqt4-sql-mysql package18:33
fiferboyAlong with the mysql-client packages18:33
javispedroah, score a point for qt's extensibility then.18:33
fiferboyI just have to make my source only generate the qt-mysql packages (easy) and make them depend on the current version of Qt (or just Qt 4.7.4)18:34
fiferboyRight now they expect 4.7.4~git20110516-0maemo1+0m6-0fiferboy118:35
fiferboyIs there an established method for package naming when porting a package to Harmattan?18:52
fiferboyDo I add '0harmattan1' to the package version?18:52
javispedroif there's, Nokia has not been consistent with it.18:58
* javispedro follows Maemo convention..18:58
fiferboyjavispedro: Maemo's convention is...?19:04
javispedroor -0maemo1 if it has no equivalent debian packaging19:05
fiferboyThese packages all have existing debian packaging, so I am just adding to the end of the existing string19:06
fiferboyI take it I won't be breaking anything horribly since these packages don't exist in Harmattan yet19:08
fiferboyThe libqt4-sql-mysql one will be different, though19:09
fiferboyI don't know if it is appropriate to add 1harmattan1 to that one, but I take it I can't just leave it as the bare version string19:09
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan19:10
wazdRST38h: heyhey :)19:25
RST38hheya wazd19:26
RST38hthe network is very wobblyheretoday,so sorry for not answering19:26
wazdRST38h: ah, np19:26
tommasomeone should implement network game for this:
djszapi_the existence of qt game enabler is controversial.19:35
wazdNokia Developer pages look damn sexy19:36
javispedromoo RST38h19:37
RST38hehlo javispedro19:37
RST38hwazd:just very difficult to navigate19:37
RST38hwazd: and they now look suspiciously like MSDN :)19:37
wazdRST38h: sexy anyway :)19:38
fiferboyHi wazd, RST38h19:45
wazdfiferboy: o/19:45
joejoehi, i am trying to use location with qml. More concrete, i am trying to use following example: Can anyone tell me why it is not working with n950?19:51
fiferboyjoejoe: I am successfully using poisitionsource on the N95019:52
fiferboyWhat is your problem with it?19:52
joejoethe example is just not working19:53
joejoei cannot obtain any valid position from it19:53
fiferboyWhen you run it, does it try to get position?19:53
*** djszapi_ has left #harmattan19:54
fiferboyYou should see a little compass pointer flashing beside the clock19:54
SpeedEviljoejoe: Does maps get a position?19:54
SpeedEvilfiferboy: That's a stupid icon.19:54
joejoemaps have position19:54
fiferboySpeedEvil: It's not *so* bad, but I wish it were a bit more obvious19:54
SpeedEvilfiferboy: Took me ages to figure out what it was.19:55
SpeedEvilI thought it was a phone in a circle, seen edge on19:55
*** slaine has quit IRC19:55
fiferboySpeedEvil: Ah, that would make it seem stupid :)19:55
*** slaine has joined #harmattan19:55
joejoeIn detail, i am trying to start this file with qmlviewel and the screenshot of result is here
fiferboyjoejoe: Ok, I ran that exact example and it worked for me19:58
*** slaine has quit IRC19:58
fiferboyYou are using a Satelite source, but it doesn't ever get a lock?19:58
wazdSorry to terrorize you again chaps, but this is final concepts for weather ui, so please take a look and say what you don't like :)19:59
joejoehow i can use other sources?19:59
fiferboyjoejoe: I'm not sure, I had it work properly with Satelite so didn't mess with that20:00
joejoethe read-onlypositioningMethod : enumeration is readonly20:00
fiferboywazd: That looks amazing@20:01
joejoesorry, the "positionMethod" method is read-only20:01
fiferboyjoejoe: But I take it waht you want to do is use Satelite but get a fix?20:02
joejoei do not know how to observe full status of location api (i.e. i do not know if the maps application uses gps or other fix)20:04
fiferboyThe satelite method does seem to try to get a quick, rough-estimate fix first in my application20:06
joejoei tried to go outside for 5 minutes and i was waiting for satellite fix. But i do not know if 5 minutes is enough for fix.20:06
fiferboyBut it is fairly quick to get a high-accuracy fix after that20:06
joejoei do not need very precise position20:08
fiferboyjoejoe: Try getting a fix with Maps, and then open your application20:08
joejoehow can i recognize gps and wifi and gms position fix?20:09
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan20:10
joejoei have yellow dot in maps application and i had also the green dot ..20:10
*** frinring has quit IRC20:12
tommayellow = no fix20:14
*** djszapi_ has left #harmattan20:15
*** Smtih has quit IRC20:17
*** spenap has quit IRC20:20
tommahmm... can declarativeview handle http source url?20:21
joejoeok, right now i know, that it works with gps position. Is any method how to switch PositionSource to use different positionMethod ?20:22
tommai think it uses all it can20:24
*** lardman has quit IRC20:40
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan20:48
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC20:48
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan20:49
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan20:51
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan20:51
djszapi_ -> var cookie; -> cookie is used then like a class with different members, for instance: if (cookie && !cookie.dying && cookie.row == row && cookie.column == column) { -> Hence how does it work in javascript ?20:51
fiferboycookie = cookieComponent.createObject(head.parent);20:53
fiferboycookie is a Component of some sort, so all the properties of the component are available20:53
djszapi_in advance ?20:54
fiferboyWell, whenever "createCookie" is called - which I guess must be before it is used20:55
djszapi_mmm, oki20:56
Venemohey fiferboy :)20:58
Venemohow're you?20:58
fiferboyHey Venemo20:59
fiferboyI'm good20:59
* fiferboy wonders if he brok c-obs...20:59
djszapi_fiferboy: createCookie(cookie? (cookie.value+1) : 1); -> it is "dereferenced" before creating :o20:59
djszapi_oh no sorry I am wrong21:00
djszapi_just if it is already created, otherwise 1.21:00
fiferboyYeah, looks like it is keeping track of the cookie number there21:00
djszapi_fiferboy: I do not see any head component though.21:02
Venemovillev, ping21:02
djszapi_fiferboy: ahh it is coming from the linkComponent.21:03
fiferboyAnyone having trouble with c-obs now?21:03
djszapi_it does not load here.21:04
fiferboyJust trying to build mysql :/21:04
djszapi_ohhh, it is just very slow21:04
djszapi_what other trouble do you mean ?21:04
*** mikhas has quit IRC21:05
fiferboyNo, the slowness is what I meant21:05
fiferboyIt was find before I started building my second package21:05
fiferboyI'll just go with "it wasn't me" >_>21:05
javispedrojust realized you can prevent the swipe gesture on a set of borders or even corners only21:08
javispedrowhile allowing it on the rest21:08
djszapi_fiferboy: signal/slot is not a trivial question in js, we had to write a separate messagehandler class in C++ for that support.21:09
fiferboydjszapi_: It is useful though!21:10
fiferboyLooks like it wasn't my package after21:11
fiferboyThere was a "host error" problem in my build21:11
Venemojavispedro, yea21:11
Venemojavispedro, eg. the terminal app21:11
javispedroVenemo: oh, thanks for the example, going to check it.21:12
djszapi_fiferboy: mmm, we do not have such an extensibility in the gameObject of our class to store thing like that javascript does. I guess I need a structure or something like that in javascript then21:12
javispedroVenemo: no, it's not a good example, as it works for me =)21:13
javispedroVenemo: you cannot swipe from the keyboard, but that is automatically done by system21:13
Venemojavispedro, nope. you can't swipe from bottom in the terminal app.21:13
Venemojavispedro, every other direction works21:14
javispedroVenemo: you can if you hide the keyboard, as said21:14
Venemoum, I use it with hw kbd open21:14
Venemoso no vkb21:14
Venemoand I can't swipe it from the bottom21:14
javispedrowell I can21:15
javispedrokeyboard open even21:15
fiferboyVenemo, javispedro I can swipe all directions with the VKB closed21:15
Venemothat's weird21:15
fiferboyVenemo: I you useing a custom build based on recent code?21:16
djszapi_fiferboy: it seems the cookie.value is just a counter how many cookie was generated.21:16
Venemofiferboy, nope.21:17
djszapi_cookies were*21:17
Venemofiferboy, I'm using the image that came with the N95021:17
fiferboyVenemo: very strange then21:18
javispedroprobably a bug with the vkb ;)21:18
* javispedro hides21:18
Venemodo you guys know how to remove the border and/or set another background to a QML TextArea21:18
Venemojavispedro, well, I never used the terminal with vkb...21:18
javispedrobut the app that blocks swiping from the bottom is the vkb21:19
javispedroI get it now21:19
javispedrothe Ctrl Tab Esc ... bar is the vkb21:19
javispedroI mean, is a vkb custom bar21:19
*** lardman has joined #harmattan21:21
javispedrowell, the feature was there, so why not use it for something?21:22
* javispedro thinks the idea of editing the vkb for each app is good.21:22
djszapi_fiferboy: why is the cookie cookie created by head parent argument ?21:24
fiferboydjszapi_: Which file?21:25
fiferboydjszapi_: Where about?21:26
fiferboyWhat does the line say, I don't see it21:26
djszapi_where you create the cookie21:27
fiferboydjszapi_: That creates a new instance of the component and sets the parent21:29
djszapi_but why is a cookie thechild of the head/link ?21:30
fiferboyMaybe that is just where they manage all the components?21:30
fiferboyI don't even know what the cookie represents in this game :)21:30
fiferboyThe object you are trying to get to?21:30
djszapi_cookie is the food for the snakew21:30
fiferboySo probably so they can check for the intersection of the head and the cookie to determine if it is eaten?21:31
djszapi_sorry ?21:36
fiferboyTo see if the cookie has been eaten do they check if the head touches the cookie?21:36
fiferboyThat is probably why21:36
djszapi_why is it important ?21:37
fiferboyI haven't played the game or gone through the code to any great extent, but probably when the snake eats the cookie another one is generated21:38
djszapi_yeah, but why is it a child-parent relationship ?21:38
fiferboyI don't know, it could just be that the head is the most important component and it controls the others21:40
fiferboyMaybe it was an arbitrary design decision21:40
djszapi_fiferboy: interesting, the head is not globally defined, but used in more functions.21:41
djszapi_links is defined globally though and it is links[0]21:42
djszapi_not sure about this javascript bit, feature.21:43
*** piggz has joined #harmattan21:51
*** javispedro has quit IRC21:54
thpwazd: pong21:59
wazdthp: I see you're developing arcades now :P22:01
piggzanyone know if the n950 can share its internet connection, im going on holiday soon and could do with using it as a 3g modem22:03
MekI don't think the software for that is included with the currently publicly available image22:03
piggzwhat is the icon size for the app using 80x80 icons, but they look blocky on the menu22:05
Venemopiggz, it's supposed to be 80x80 afaik22:07
piggzVenemo: and should be in /usr/share/pixmaps ?22:12
Venemoafaik /usr/share/icons/hicolor/80x80/apps/ or22:13
Venemoif it's an SVG22:13
Venemosee the Icon= line22:13
*** Venemo_ has joined #harmattan22:17
*** Venemo has quit IRC22:19
specialpiggz: I've used it as a 3g modem from mac22:19
specialsame process as was used for the n90022:20
piggzVenemo_: hmm, im installing them there too22:21
djszapi_piggz: you can forward the internet back, I guess22:21
djszapi_piggz: or just ppp, not that handy, but at least works.22:21
*** weggi_ has joined #harmattan22:27
weggi_Hi, do you have any idea what's going on in my app. I have C++ engine that provides bluetooth functionality to UI. If I have QML based UI, bluetooth functionalities does not work properly (QBluetoothSocket never gives connected signal, but data is available in the socket). I have to do several device discoveries before I get any remote devices and so on. But if I have C++ UI everything works just fine.22:31
*** tbf has joined #harmattan22:32
weggi_It seems that creation of QmlApplicationViewer causes the problem22:32
thpwazd: arcades? :)22:37
*** tbf has quit IRC22:38
wazdthp: arcade games I mean :P22:41
fiferboyc-obs seems dead right now :(22:47
fiferboyrpc timeouts on builds22:47
fiferboylbt: I doubt there is much you can do... but ^22:47
djszapi_fiferboy: we are all getting those issues unfortunately randomly.22:48
wazdthp: GaberIn22:48
lbtfiferboy: local builds working ... remote links I guess22:50
fiferboylbt: local meaning using command line?22:51
lbtno.. self contained on the c.obs22:51
lbtie not harmattan22:51
lbtor meego.com22:51
*** harbaum has quit IRC22:55 was giving errors: "(Can't contact the database server: Unknown MySQL server host '' (2) (" and at the same time osc build against c-obs complained: Server returned an error: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request  remote error: remote error  unknown host ''22:56
fiferboykimju: Same errors as o_O22:57
Stskeepsdns went down, meego changes name to webos?22:57
ajalkaneThose motherfuckers are leeching maemo!22:57
ajalkaneAlso now it's time for every PostgreSQL fans to come forward and complain about use of MySQL22:58
djszapi_fiferboy: oh so you mysql compiled went wrong ? :p :p22:59
* djszapi_ hides22:59
djszapi_* your mysql compilation22:59
lbtkimju: when?23:00
kimjuajalkane, postgresql support for mediawiki is still not really a supported option, I think?23:00
kimjulbt, ~5-10 minutes ago. now seems to work again23:00
ajalkanekimju: no idea actually, I'm just stirring the pot first post style23:01
ajalkaneI've actually never used PostgreSQL, but plenty of times MySQL. Would like to try it one of these days.23:01
kimjuI like it, but sadly most software that I need to maintain doesn't support it as backend.23:02
ajalkaneyeah, exactly that. In web-world it's really badly supported.23:02
kimjuit shouldn't be that hard to write portable sql instead of mysql-only.. meh.23:03
ajalkaneI think the old versions of MySQL, which made writing portable SQL unfeasible, are partly the reason. Legacy stuff.23:03
fiferboydjszapi_: I hope not, but I can't rule it out23:07
lbtfiferboy: OK now?23:20
lbtfiferboy: no it wasn't ... should be now though23:23
fiferboylbt: Let me check23:23
fiferboylbt: Triggering a rebuild gives me an immediate "rpc timeout" instead of waiting ~20 minutes23:25
fiferboyYou mean what package?23:25
djszapi_fiferboy: I think he means a repository/package, for instance a link.23:26
fiferboyAlthough this one isn't immediately failing right now, it is trying to start and not currently doing anything23:27
lbtthere we are23:33
fiferboylbt: Yup, it's going now23:34
kimjucan someone check if configuration of home:kimju:harmattan is ok? I can't get local builds working, latest build attempt gave this:
lbtkimju: looks like qemu isn't setup right23:36
*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan23:36
lbtkimju: do you use scratchbox?23:37
kimjuyes, and that works23:37
lbtmay not be that23:38
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan23:38
kimjuhmm, I'll try that23:38
lbta simple :    chroot  /var/tmp/build-root23:38
lbtshould work and give you a shell23:38
rZZZrVenemo_: hi current irc-chatter does not built did you merge my diff ?23:39
lbtthen "file /bin/ls" should say arm23:39
rZZZrVenemo_: make it extra depends on pkg-config too23:39
Venemo_rZZZr, I will do that, but haven't yet.23:40
kimjuhmm, I'm missing /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/arm and /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/armeb23:40
rZZZrVenemo_: ok i'll try again today23:40
Venemo_rZZZr, I'm currently working on my paid project23:41
kimjuok, logging out of sbox and /etc/init.d/scratchbox-core stop23:43
kimjunow osc build is doing something23:43
alteregow00t_: ping23:50
specialalterego: you missed him by 10 minutes23:52
alteregoHrm, that is interesting23:52
alteregoOh well23:52
wazdwhat's the size of the toolbar icons? :)23:52
alteregoIt wasn't too important anyway.23:52
djszapi_fiferboy: do you understand the waitForCookie concept in that javascript file ?23:53
fiferboydjszapi_: I'm just packing up so I can't take a look right now23:53
lcukwazd, all documented in the harmattan style guide!23:54
lcukisn't it?23:54
lbtkimju: yes - they won't co-exist23:55
fiferboywazd: I use 55 as a very rough eyeball estimate :D23:55
lcukfiferboy, wazds' eyes have built in sliderule23:56
wazdlcuk: I'm looking to borrow some from the system but I can't find them in usr/share/icons23:56
fiferboyYeah, I think wazd could probably measure to the pixel by eye23:56
fiferboywazd: To find what you need look in /usr/share/themes/blanco23:57
lcukon a device several miles away!23:57
fiferboyThe icons are under that directory instead of the icons directory23:57
wazdfiferboy: ah, thanks23:57
wazdfiferboy: strange :)23:57
lcukwazd, it means that the theme should include all icons23:57
lcukfiferboy, do apps actually have blanco in the path23:58
lcukor just the current theme23:58
fiferboylcuk: QML uses "images://themes/icon-name"23:58
lcukfiferboy, that isn't quite so bad then23:59
lcukit does mean themes need everything23:59
antman8969lcuk, I was actually just about to put up a list of all icon names23:59
antman8969thought it might be useful23:59
wazdwow, they actually have an icon for every calendar date! :D23:59
lcukantman8969, awesome23:59
antman8969would the best place be meego wikis?23:59
* lcuk could draw a sketch for every icon :D23:59
SpeedEvilHarmattan stops working when the date icons run out.23:59

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