IRC log of #harmattan for Sunday, 2011-08-14

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lcukthe qmldial is very pretty :)00:09
lcukjavis could modify it for a compass00:09
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trxRST38h i have seen in the logs that you have tried to get a handle/access to the toolbar in application without using QML, have you had any success?00:25
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RST38hBTW, which part of packaging process generates the .deb filename?00:59
RST38hNeed to replace _armel with _harmattan. Doable?00:59
kimjuwhy would you need to do that?01:01
RST38hto distinguish between harmattan and fremantle packages?01:01
kimjuuse the -localpart of the version for that.01:01
kimjux.y.z-1fremantle1 vs. x.y.z-1harmattan101:02
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trxRST38h any suggestion for my question?01:20
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SpeedEvilDoes anyone hav any suggestions for screen protectors?01:50
MohammadAGSpeedEvil, screen is the last thing I'd worry about01:54
SpeedEvilAnd yes01:54
MohammadAGthe device's body seems kinda cheapish01:56
MohammadAGbut I must admit, I got something similar to a scratch (obviously it wasn't), a good wipe with some tissues and water took care of it01:57
kimjuzagg's invisibleshield, full body cover would be nice. but changes of them making one for such obscure device are pretty low.01:59
SpeedEvilLeak them the specs as the iphone 6, tell them you have a proto.02:02
SpeedEvilAnd you are willing to see if it fits.02:02
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javispedromy n950 already has a small on the back scratch that was made with a grain of sugar =)02:06
TSCHAKeeehmmm, I have a flickable area, that has a content bit, has anyone made a flickable area scroll when a text field is selected that would normally be ccovered by the keyboard?02:07
* rZr is going to release a video demo02:12
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lardmannight all02:16
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javispedroomg free nfc/bt headphones with the n9 in australia02:24
Arkenoiconfirmed, n950 with xmpp lasts longer than n900, but do not expect a week on active standby. 2 days of moderate use is more likely02:40
SpeedEvilWho was looking for drawings of compasses?02:41
SpeedEvilcompass rose from the parking map at University of Houston, apparently02:42
rZr /usr/bin/mplayer -cache 4096 -playlist
Arkenoirumors say nokia spent $1B on maemo. having one of 300 phones that cost $3,3M per unit is truly royal gift :)02:46
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DocScrutinizer51rZr: stunning POV03:15
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DocScrutinizer51the more if you consider how many percen of that 10^9 bucks were eaten by MSSF and other stuff done because "community is just not good enough"03:19
rZrwhat are you talking about ?03:22
DocScrutinizer51hell, it's hard to believe in "we don't have the manpower and budget for looking into it" when you as for disclosing blob src like bme, while otoh there's been $1B for developing same blob03:23
rZrah ok that open/close dilemma03:24
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rZri can understand03:24
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faenilhi everyone03:30
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Arkenoithat reminds me old GEOS days03:31
Arkenoi"we cannot do, we cannot disclose, we do not own it"03:31
Arkenoithough nokia could buy the fscking company out for a fraction of money spent on paper clips03:32
javispedroDocScrutinizer51: the $1B has probably been spent on "developing this framework that will be our future API ... .... er, no, developing this other framework that will be our future API ... .... er .... "03:32
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* rZr #Amiga #SmartPhone is real ! #video of me playing battle #chess on #harmattan #N950Club ... #AmigaWillNeverDie03:45
* Arkenoi btw wonders if EPOC was really way better than GEOS?03:47
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Elleooh wow, I haven't thought about battle chess for years03:51
Elleothere was a futuristic edition too iirc03:51
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Elleoalso bonus points for having seagull strike installed :P03:51
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rZrElleo: do u plan to collect hiscores on SGS ?03:52
ElleoI had been thinking of making an online scoreboard03:53
Elleohaven't got around to it yet though, seagull strike was just a days fiddling around with box2d and qml really so I haven't spent a massive amount of time on it03:53
rZri thought about that to know if pple are testing software or not :)03:55
rZrthere are already some online services (unfree) that manage scores and players community03:56
Elleoyeah, it's a shame we don't have popcon installed on the dev devices by default so we could track what software people are fiddling with most03:56
rZryes popcon should be good to setup03:56
rZrbut it's a question of priorities03:57
Elleoit'd also be nice if OBS gave download statistics from repositories03:57
Elleobut again, just a nice little thing to have, but nothing especially high priority03:57
rZrbtw about sgs do you know hack to set to fullscreen mode w/out using qt api ?03:58
rZri wish .desktop files could manage that03:58
Elleonope, sorry03:59
Elleoyou mean without modifying existing software?03:59
Elleoyeah, no idea04:00
Elleonot sure if it's possible to write something that would set x11 window hints on other application's windows for you04:00
rZror any sdl window04:00
Elleo(and I don't know if harmattan's display stuff would obey it)04:00
rZrwell i know about sdl but it seems to fail04:01
javispedrorZr: what seems to fail?04:01
rZrsdl fullscreen04:01
rZri'll have to double check tough04:01
rZrjavispedro: i just tested uae04:02
rZrsee the video there is an issue to fix04:02
javispedrowhich video?04:03
* rZr #Amiga #SmartPhone is real ! #video of me playing battle #chess on #harmattan #N950Club ... #AmigaWillNeverDie04:03
javispedrobut there's a huge list there04:04
* javispedro watches the first one04:06
javispedrothat is not fullscreen04:06
javispedroyou need to pass SDL_FULLSCREEN in SetVideoMode, probably UAE has an option to do so somewhere04:07
rZrthat was -O a04:07
rZrbut it didnt work04:07
rZri'll double check tomorow04:07
TSCHAKeeedoes anyone know the font that harmattan uses for the application headers?04:18
TSCHAKeeeor what values are possible from the Label platformStyle ???04:22
* javispedro now thinks it is impossible to be vsynced on compositor04:28
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TSCHAKeeeafter a whole day of insane hacking on the UI05:11
TSCHAKeeefinally was able to mimic most of what I need05:11
TSCHAKeeeboth are being done literally from the same qml, from a single state05:12
TSCHAKeeeno hackish JS logic05:12
TSCHAKeeebut using a nested set of flows to get what i want.05:12
TSCHAKeee <-- alongside some of the other apps05:15
GAN900TSCHAKeee, nice.05:17
TSCHAKeeethanks, that wound up being one hell of a learning experience05:17
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GAN900I still maintain throwing fields like that in front of a user is ugly, ugly, ugly, though. :P05:18
GAN900(why hasn't zeroconf taken off more)05:18
TSCHAKeeewell, it only shows up05:18
TSCHAKeeeif we can't determine the orbiter's parameters automatically05:18
TSCHAKeeeand we need that screen at least temporarily for now05:18
TSCHAKeeebut it will go away05:18
TSCHAKeeeGAN900: <-- the relevant qml05:19
GAN900So, is your opinion improved or worsened now?05:20
MohammadAGhow do I store a string in qml?05:20
TSCHAKeeeGAN900: at least i can do it05:21
TSCHAKeeei hope it will be improved soon05:21
TSCHAKeeeit's important that the components are able to actually produce stuff that adheres to Nokia's UI guidelines05:22
TSCHAKeeebecause they are very nice guidelines, but as it is right now, it takes some manual hacking to be able to pull it off05:22
MohammadAGactually even better, wtf does qrc:/qml/FolderBrowser.qml:52: TypeError: Result of expression 'ShareUIWrapper.share' [undefined] is not a function. mean05:28
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RST38hyohoho multitouch works10:19
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KypeliHmm. Is there a bug in the N950 that if I once install a package with a missing icon file, it will never again show an icon for the app?11:03
KypeliHow can I reset the icon cache for an app..?11:03
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MohammadAGI think icons are refreshed every time you swipe to the app view11:08
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tommaKypeli, when you install package with icon it will refreshcache etc to show icon... if it does not show it then package propably does not have icon11:28
Kypelitomma: Hmm. Ok... but.11:29
Kypelitomma: Let's see.11:29
KypeliYeah, right you are.11:30
KypeliNow wonder why it doesn't have it...11:30
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Kypelitomma: Now I can see that the icon is in the package and installed on the device as well in apps/ folder with other installed app icons.11:54
Kypelitomma: But my apps' icon is still just green... any ideas?11:54
KypeliOh - and if I try to uninstall it, I don't get a red X on it. That's strange11:54
xarcassKypeli: you may have a look into application's desktop file and then check whether icon file exists11:55
KypeliIt points to the .svg file in the desktop file, but I replaced the default .png with my own. I have not touched the .desktop file.11:56
KypeliShould I replace the Icon= line in .desktop with a path to the .png file?11:56
xarcassKypeli: check this on the device, not in source tree, cause deployment tools screw these files sometimes11:57
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Kypelixarcass: Thanks, that was the case. When deployment could not find the .png (since I moved it by accident) it replaced it with the path to .svg12:00
KypeliAnd now when I moved the .png back to the correct place, it was still using the .svg...12:00
xarcassKypeli: i've just noticed that in my desktop file is also an .svn line, but in applications view proper .png is shown. it should be named <project-name>.png12:01
KypeliYes, now that I changed that it works12:01
KypeliAutomatic deployment is fine, but it should then also work and give me more control than what Harmattan no gives me...12:01
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tommaKypeli, Icon= line should just contain icon name12:04
xarcassyou may always use postinst and postrm scripts - that's what i did12:04
Kypelitomma: Yep! Thanks. Just annoying when Qt Creator deployment changed it to the .svg file that is not deployed to the device and did not tell me12:04
xarcassit also screws Exec= line12:05
KypeliThat's a fail.12:05
tommai think i have some broken Qt Creator as it does not brake anything =)12:06
xarcasstomma: which version/platform?12:08
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tommaxarcass, gentoo linux, creator is some custom build 2.2.112:12
xarcasstomma: lucky you. i can't afford such environment, cause i should stick to official release..12:14
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faenilany useful link about deploying on the N950 guys?12:59
faenilJust getting started with it :D12:59
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rZrfaenil: docs but i am unsure if that is the fastest path :)13:04
faeniloh :D isn't there anything written by Nokia?13:05
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faenilthanks rcg :)13:33
rcgthere is some information targetted at packaging for harmattan.. though, i don't know how uptodate of good this is13:33
faenilI see.13:33
faenilmarioboikov pointed me here
rcgwell imho this is more about optimizing your application startup.. once you already have something that can be deployed ;)13:35
faenilyeah :)13:37
rcgwhat is your current goal? just deploy on the n950 for testing your app or creating some package that can be build via obs such that others can install from your repo?13:37
faeniljust testing atm13:37
faenilI'm making a 3d game13:37
rcgdid you try the "deploy" feature in the sdk yet?13:37
faenilnope haven't done anything yet, just asked for links since I read of many problems with aegis, and didn't want to waste time on that if not needed :)13:38
rcgwell.. if you "just" develop your application aegis shouldn't be much of a concern.. it only steps in your way if you are trying to get deeper in the system13:39
faenilright :)13:39
faenilbut who knows :)13:39
rcghehe.. yeah you'll never know ;)13:40
faenilanyway using qtcreator is enough right?13:40
rcgi think its best to start and code away.. to me coding a 3d game doesnt sound like aegis will be much of a problem13:40
faenilI mean the Harmattan package and QtSDK13:40
*** gri has joined #harmattan13:40
faenilok ;)13:40
faenilI have already written some code13:41
faenilwrote a simple .obj importer13:41
faeniland camera and models classes :)13:41
faenilalmost only opengl es13:41
rcgonce you got the sdk there is a simple template for a Harmattan Application which essentially already creates a very basic demo application13:41
rcgaye, ic :)13:42
grifaenil: Doesn't Qt3D have all these things? (didn't read channel history yet)13:42
faenilof course13:42
faenilbut I have never worked with 3d in my life yet13:42
faenilso I want to start "from scratch"13:42
rcgprobably the first thing you should do is setup your maemo device config such that you can automatically deploy to the n950 from the sdk13:42
griOh ok :)13:42
faenilI'll use high lvl libs in the next project maybe :)13:43
faenildevice config? what should I setup there?13:43
faeniloh but you mean device config on qtsdk?13:43
faenilor on the device itself?13:44
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faenilgone :D13:48
faenilrcg? :13:51
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rcgfaenil: sorry.. had to go afk13:53
faenilnp :)13:53
rcgthe sdk has a feature that allows to automatically deploy your project to your device13:53
rcgall you need is ssh access via wlan to the device and setup the qtsdk accordingly13:54
faeniloh ok13:54
faenilso you meant device config on the qtcreator13:54
rcgyep.. Tools -> Options -> Maemo13:54
faenilright right ;) I'll do that13:55
faenilI'm symbian qt programmer :)13:55
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faenilhas anyone experienced bugs with the browser?13:56
faenilI was on engadget.com13:56
faenilthen clicked on the address bar13:56
faeniland type "nok"13:56 came in as a suggestion13:56
faenilI clicked on that, and it went to another engadget webpage, but a new one13:56
faenilI did that again, and again it went to a new engadget review or whatelse13:57
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faenilI think the problem is both the mouseevent is dispatched to both the list in which appears, and the webpage underneath (which is not visible anyway)13:58
faenilbecause I see loading, and then it switches to engadget again13:58
faenilas if was clicked, and then I clicked on another part of engadget webpage13:58
faenildid anyone notice this?13:59
rcgic.. didn't encounter that one yet.. though i had a similar issue of clicks propagating through elements stacked above each other once14:00
faenilso that must be it :)14:00
rcgin my case i had a list view and above that opened a sheet.. clicking at places in the sheet where elements of the list were underneath resulted in the mouse area of the delegate of the list items being triggered14:01
faenilit must be the same thing...14:01
rcgyes sound similar14:02
faenilin the settings screen14:02
faenilwhen you scroll down all the way14:02
faeniland then you scroll up14:02
faenilyou see the first two entries14:02
faenilwhich are invisible14:02
faeniland reappear after 2 seconds14:02
faenilwhile all the other ones are always visible14:03
faenilthe browser bug14:05
faenilcan be reproduced14:05
faenileasily :)14:05
rcgwell afaik nokia already said that our development version contains many bugs they know of14:05
rcgand which will be fixed in the final release14:05
faenilI see...14:05
faenilwell should I report it anyway14:05
rcghence, i don't know whether its worth to track these down or not14:05
rcgactually i don't know14:05
faenilwell it won't hurt :)14:05
rcgmaybe someone else in here knows14:06
faenillunch's ready14:06
faenilcya later :)14:06
rcgi usually tend to keep just coding :)14:06
rcgcya.. enjoy your meal14:06
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ajalkaneI haven't bothered to report anything else than API bugs as we have so old firmware14:10
griAnyone knows the git repository where I can get the latest Qt for harmattan? ( has no debian directories)14:22
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faenilanyway why aren't we getting fw updates?15:21
ajalkaneMaybe because harmattan ppl are too busy15:25
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faenilon question...16:03
faenilwhat is the reason why FPS drops in browser's favourite screen?16:04
faenilI mean there are only strings there...16:04
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faenilout of curiosity...17:18
faenilThe browser is phenomenal17:18
faenillagless experience all the way17:18
faenilbut when I plug usb cable while browser17:18
faeniland the "usb charging" notification appears on top17:18
faenilthe fps drops like hell17:18
faeniluntil the notification goes away17:18
faenilhow does that come?17:19
faenilI don't think that notification is so resource hungry :D17:19
GeneralAntillesThe browser is really shit in w22.17:28
*** epage has joined #harmattan17:28
faenil? :)17:30
faenilwhat's w22?17:31
*** piggz has joined #harmattan17:32
faenil22/06's firmware?17:32
arfollweek 22 of the yr17:34
faeniloh ok17:34
faenilis there any news about a new public firmware?17:35
faenilor smthg like ota updates..don't knwo17:35
faenilis 1.2011.22-06 the w22 fw you're talking about?17:47
GAN900faenil, no.18:05
GAN900I'm quite certain we'll be waiting for retail.18:05
faeniloh :(18:05
faeniland is that sure?18:05
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faenilare we getting an update when the retail version is ready?18:05
GAN900Couldn't say for certain, but given the timeline it seems pretty sure.18:06
faeniland it should be half september of before?18:07
GAN900I'd guess end of this month or sometime during next.18:08
GAN900But that'd only be speculative.18:08
faenilanyway do you know anything about glshader?18:08
faenilcause my software is working on my desktop18:09
faenilbut it's not on the n95018:09
faenilreporting "shader and program do not share the same context"18:09
faenilwhile they link correctly if I compile for desktop18:09
tommais it OpenGl ES shader?18:19
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faeniland it works on my N8 too18:27
faenilit's failiny only on N95018:27
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faeniljavispedro: have you had any problem with opengles on n950?18:31
faenilI'm gettin "program and shader do not share same context"18:32
faenilwhile I have no problem on Desktop AND N818:32
faenilit's an error coming from addShader fun18:33
javispedroI don't know what framework you are using.18:33
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faenilQGLShaderProgram and QGLShader, + pure OpenGL ES18:35
javispedrowell, no idea about Qt; make the smallest program that reproduces that and send it to them.18:35
elpurifaenil: i'm guessing you're setting opengl graphics system and then using QGLWidget, right?18:44
faenilI'm not setting the graphics system explicitly18:45
faenilbut if it wasn't using opengl it would have reported "Opengl system is not active"18:46
faenilif I'm not wrong18:46
faenilanyway, yes I'm using GLWidget18:46
javispedroI guess that if you don't set the opengl graphics system the meego graphics system will keep destroying and recreating the egl context18:47
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elpurifaenil: just compile the shaders in a reimplementd QGLWidget::initializeGL and you'll be fine18:47
faenilI'm doing that...18:48
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan18:48
elpuriput your code online18:48
faenilI'm already compiling the shaders in the initializeGL18:48
faenillemme try setting the graphics system explicitly first18:48
elpuridon't bother18:49
elpurii can take a look if you put your code online18:49
faenilI'm doing it18:50
faenilthanks ;)18:50
faenilelpuri: this is glwidget.cpp
faenilimho the problem is caused by the fact that the qglshaderprogram is declared in an .h file statically18:52
faenilwhile qglshaders are declared in the code I attached18:52
faenilbut anyway, it works on Desktop and N818:53
*** epage has quit IRC18:57
*** offs_ has joined #harmattan19:02
offs_do you know how to link to pulseaudio ?19:02
elpurifaenil: your QGLShaderProgram gets constructed while the default graphics system's opengl context is active and you're adding shaders to it when your QGLWidget's context is active19:07
elpuricreate the program in the initializeGL too19:07
faenilwait is there anything wrong in your explanation?19:08
faeniloh ok19:08
faenilgot it19:08
faenilyeah as I guessed19:09
faenilbut statically creating it in the initialize will make it unavailable to the paintGL19:09
elpurihave you heard of pointers?-)19:10
javispedrooffs_: what do you mean by "link"?19:10
faenilahahaha :P19:10
elpurii think you know what to do next19:10
offs_javispedro i get an undefuned reference to pa_simple_new19:11
offs_when linking19:11
javispedrooffs_: pass "-lpulse-simple"19:11
offs_lets try...19:11
javispedro(or use pkg-config --libs libpulse-simple)19:12
offs_javispedro it works, thax :)19:12
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC19:12
faenilelpuri: so why does it work on N8 and desktop?19:14
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan19:22
elpurifaenil: their default graphics system doesn't create a opengl context19:23
elpuriif you would set their graphics system to "opengl" i guess you'd get the same error19:23
faenildo I have to set an icon to see my test app in N950's menu?19:24
elpuricreate a "harmattan project" with qtc and copy all the boilerplate from there19:27
faenilokay so it's normal that it's not showing :)19:28
*** offs_ has left #harmattan19:29
faenilelpuri: okay it's working now, the app I mean , shader is linking :)19:29
*** kkito has joined #harmattan19:29
kkitothe n950 killed my sim card :(19:29
SpeedEvilkkito: Impressive.19:29
kkitoI ve just removed it and it is not working anymore19:29
SpeedEvilkkito: Was it a microsim in an adaptor?19:29
kkitoNo, it was a normal sim card19:30
kkitoI recommend to shutdown the device before removing the sim19:30
SpeedEvilI did that, I wasn't quite sure.19:31
SpeedEvilIdeally, it should 'just work'19:31
SpeedEvilBecause having the SIM socket out there makes it 'obvious' that you can just swap SIMs if you want to.19:31
SpeedEvilAre you sure it's the SIM that's dead, not the n950?19:32
kkitoSpeedEvil, yes is the sim card19:32
kkitoit is not working in the n900, or in the htc g1 either19:32
SpeedEvilIt's not quite certain it is cmpletely unrelated to that - it might be a ESD related failure.19:34
SpeedEvilAre you in a dry environment?19:34
kkitojavispedro: I was offs_ thx for your help, it works19:34
kkitoSpeedEvil: no19:34
SpeedEvilI guess phone the cellco and get a replacement SIM19:35
kkitoI have the cps2emu working as a qmlcomponent? and it just works so good19:35
kkitonow time to code the controls and menus and so cool transition effects :P19:35
faenilis there anything to recognize harmattan, something like Q_OS_HARMATTAN?19:35
faenilor any other way to recognize harmattan?19:36
ajalkanethe examples use ifdef __arm__, which is of course a bit silly. But reveals there is currently no proper way.19:40
*** Docscrutemp has joined #harmattan19:40
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5119:40
faenilajalkane: hmmm...okay...thanks19:42
alteregokkito: that siounds really cool :)19:45
*** DocScrutinizer51 has quit IRC19:45
*** Docscrutemp has joined #harmattan19:47
*** Docscrutemp is now known as DocScrutinizer5119:47
faenilis there anything wrong with this?19:48
faenilplease give it a look, only few lines19:48
faenilit reports "#elif with no expression"19:48
kkito#elif defined()19:49
javispedro#if defined(Q_OS_SYMBIAN), #elif defined(...), #else ...19:49
kkitofaenil: don't worry dude, it is a normal mistake :P19:50
faenilI always used #ifdef and it always worked with 2 targets...if and else..19:51
faenilhere too for example :)19:52
Venemotwo question:19:53
Venemowhy is the X not appearing near my app's icon when I long-press the app menu?19:54
javispedroto uninstall?19:54
javispedroyou need to use the package manager:19:55
Venemowut? but previously, it didn't require that19:55
javispedroit has never worked with dpkg -i19:55
Venemowhen Qt Creator installed memory-game's package through SSH, the X was there.19:55
javispedroit does work if you install from the browser19:55
javispedroI don't know what Qt Creator does, probably call pkgmgr.19:56
Venemoseems that it does not19:56
Venemoor I dunno19:56
Venemobecause the same didn't work for irc-chatter19:56
javispedroeither way, if you firstly install from pkgmgr then you can upgrade with whatever method you want19:56
javispedroand I guess that if you firstly install frm dpkg -i nothing will add the X icon19:57
faenildamn the browser bug is annoying XD19:59
Venemowhich one?19:59
javispedrowhich one?19:59
javispedrooh, heh.19:59
faenilif you open a webpage19:59
faeniland the click on address bar19:59
tommai think creator uses dpkg19:59
faeniland open another webpage, it won't work, the page underneath will get the click too20:00
faeniland you'll be redirected to the previous page20:00
faeniltry :(20:00
javispedroah, yes20:00
javispedroand old one20:00
faenil and it's not browser only, it's qt bug20:00
javispedrosadly it does not always happen20:00
faenilwell it always happens here :D20:01
javispedroor if you find a page where it always happens, file a bug20:01
KypeliMaybe you all seen this already, but I'll just paste it anyway since it's important (and a shame Nokia can't have this kind of stuff working...):
VenemoKypeli, hmm20:02
faenilkypeli: read that , yeah20:02
VenemoKypeli, exactly the thing I was looking for20:02
javispedrothey tell you do add a _space_ between $(MAKE) and INSTALL_ROOT=..20:02
KypeliAnd one additional note: don't open the rules file with Qt Creator as it will remove the tab in the beginning and insert spaces - then your app wont install20:03
faenilmod the wiki then :P20:03
KypeliI looked for an edit but couldn't find one.20:03
KypeliWhere would that edit button be?20:03
KypeliOh tehre20:03
KypeliFOund it20:03
VenemoKypeli, it is a SHAME that whoever wrote that blog post was misguided. Harmattan icons are 80x80, not 64x6420:04
faenilgood :)20:04
javispedrotomma: well it clearly has to invoke pkgmgr because it's the one that both does add the desktop file to the uninstall database as well as do the ".desktop icon from control file" trick that appears there20:04
KypeliVenemo: Well, the default icon that Qt Creator uses is 64x64... so that's a bug too.20:05
javispedros/there/on this wiki page that is being discussed20:05
Venemoalso... as qgil said several times, optification is UNNEEDED in MeeGo Harmattan.20:05
KypeliHarmattan target is beta, but the quality of the Harmattan target is very low.20:05
*** kkito has quit IRC20:06
faenillooking forward to the fw update20:06
Venemoand the SDK update.20:06
*** kkito has joined #harmattan20:07
faeniljavispedro: the bug is always there20:08
faenilas long as there is something to click under the list entry you're hitting20:08
faenilof course20:08
faenilwhere can I file the bug? meego, qt...?20:11
javispedrofaenil: which URL?20:12
faenilto reproduce the bug?20:13
javispedrofaenil: I've tried hard and I did not manage to find a manner to reproduce that bug20:13
faenilany url20:13
javispedrosurely not, just look at this channel: half of it has not heard about it20:13
faenilmaybe they don't use bookmarks list20:14
faeniland put website directly20:14
faenillet's try with you :)20:14
faenilopen engadget20:14
faenilit will open mobile view20:14
faenilthen click on the address bar20:15
faenilit will open bookmark list20:15
faenilselect a link in which there was a corresponding link in the engadget page20:15
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC20:15
faenildon't know if I have been clear :D20:15
faenilit will open the link you have selected in bookmark's view20:16
faeniland the switch to the engadget link20:16
faenilwhich was underneath20:16
faenili.e both received mouseevent20:17
javispedroyes, i've seen it already myself20:17
javispedrook, let's try20:17
faenilit works 100% here, all the times20:17
spenapfaenil, yes, the suggestions list is letting the event go underneath20:18
faenilexactly :)20:19
javispedroyes, fails20:20
javispedrofaenil: so, submit the bug and put exactly the instructions you showed me above20:20
javispedroengagdet seems to be a slow to render page, with loads of links and craps... probably the ideal test :)20:21
faenilok ;)20:21
javispedroI think on snappier pages it might now as frequently, because the underlying view switches to the new page quickly before the second button event20:21
javispedro*it might not show as frequently20:22
javispedrofaenil: put it on the Harmattan Device category20:23
TSCHAKeeejust go to your average pr0n site... :P20:25
faenilmajor or critical? :D20:25
faenilI'd also say blocker, the bookmark's view is unusable as it is :D20:26
*** npm_ has quit IRC20:26
*** npm has joined #harmattan20:27
lcukmgedmin, ping20:29
Venemoalterego, ping20:30
lcukheh curious20:31
lcukthe browser was in pinch zoom mode20:32
lcukwith 1 finger20:32
Venemolcuk, yeah, I noticed it. if my other finger is a millimeter outside the screen, it still thinks it's there20:33
faenilhey guys :D20:34
faeniltwo software updates available!20:35
faenilStore v3.12.04720:35
faeniland sdk-connectivity tool v 0.4.4.+0m620:35
faenilI was notified via push20:37
faenilI knew the store was out20:40
faenilbut I thought this was an update...20:40
faenilsorry opened the n950 yesterday20:40
Venemofaenil, no problem20:41
Venemofaenil, congrats on your N950 :)20:41
faenilthanks :)20:41
GAN900I want retail.20:41
* SpeedEvil nails a fox tail to GAN900.20:42
faenilthe store is smoother on N8 though :)20:42
GAN900The Store is gloriously buggy.20:42
* SpeedEvil cannot experience the full panolply of bugs.20:43
SpeedEvilSilly ID issue.20:43
javispedroSpeedEvil: did you reflash again? =)20:43
*** kkito has quit IRC20:44
SpeedEvilI reflashed again, yes.20:44
SpeedEvilWith no change20:44
javispedroI mean, another time ?20:44
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan20:44
SpeedEvilI flashed the first time with problems, but it worked eventually, then flased with ocf, then flashed with ocf again.20:44
SpeedEvilDoesn't seem likely flashing again will help.20:45
VenemoSpeedEvil, what's the problem?20:46
javispedroseems that only divan and yours can't login20:46
SpeedEvilVenemo: I can't create a nokia account, or login to an existing one.20:46
VenemoSpeedEvil, hmm20:47
VenemoSpeedEvil, interestingly, it worked with mine20:47
Venemothe maps app or sth like that asked for it20:47
Venemoand I entered it, and it worked.20:47
javispedrothe only time I couldn't login on mine was after the reset I made after aegis self-destruction20:47
javispedroI spent an entire week not being able to login, trying every day20:48
SpeedEvilYou can actually use the maps app - it has a bug.20:48
SpeedEvilstart it, it pops up the 'open an account' dialog, then tap lots of times on the map app.20:48
javispedrothe last day I spent like three hours stracing AccountSetup all while trying to login, found that it made no attempt to communicate at all but rather talk with aegis,20:48
SpeedEvilIt eventually opens a search box, then works20:48
javispedrodecided to reflash --> the first I did after reflash was to login and it worked20:48
*** kkito has joined #harmattan20:48
SpeedEvilI should probably reflash again.20:49
javispedroso "Temporary problem" my ass20:49
SpeedEvilI cocked up the IP gateway, so it diddn't connect first time.20:49
SpeedEvilMaybe it has to work first time.20:49
javispedrodunno, or you have to enter the setup from Maps as Venemo did, I do not remember if I did or not20:49
Venemoany idea how I can delete /home/user/.config ?20:50
javispedrorm ? :)20:50
Venemojavispedro, root doesn't have permissions for it20:50
Venemojavispedro, and 'su developer' doesn't work20:50
javispedroVenemo: develsh20:51
javispedroVenemo: or use my trick to kill aegis20:51
SpeedEvilIs there a nice writeup to killing aegis?20:51
javispedrothere are two ways now, after boot and during boot =)20:52
Venemodevelsh worked!20:52
javispedroSpeedEvil: or on the same thread on the next page for "during boot"20:52
* SpeedEvil reflashes.20:53
* SpeedEvil crosses fingers.21:11
SpeedEvilNope. :/21:18
*** lardman has joined #harmattan21:19
SpeedEvilMaybe has to go through maps21:19
javispedrobut I don't think you are reflashing again to test :)21:20
M4rtinKjavispedro: so, it would be nice to have more recent GTK + GI + Clutter :)21:21
M4rtinKI'm currently working on older GTK packages, that use the preinstalled Cairo and Pango libraries and also can't get Gobject-Introspection to build21:23
javispedroM4rtinK: that's a decision to make -- whether to get the latest Hildon/Gtk+ to maximize Maemo compatibility, or get 3.021:23
M4rtinKjavispedro: are there some mobile-usage improvements in 3.0 ?21:25
*** Guest83044 has quit IRC21:25
javispedromany, but whether they are comparable to hildon or not is a good question21:25
M4rtinKhaving the possibility to run unmodified/repackaged Maemo packages would be quite cool :)21:26
M4rtinKalso the Hildon widgets are not that bad, IMO21:26
*** Termana has joined #harmattan21:36
*** Termana is now known as Guest2687421:36
*** kkito has quit IRC21:37
*** Smtih has quit IRC21:44
SpeedEvilDid nothing this time but told it to connect to cell-internet, then started maps21:48
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan21:50
javispedronever used cell, always wi-fi21:50
SpeedEvilThat's what I've done befor21:50
VenemoIRC client can now save server settings21:50
* javispedro thanks god I can probably now avoid aegis selfdestructions21:50
Venemoand user settings21:50
SpeedEviljavispedro: Does maps work with aegis off?21:51
* Venemo_N950 is happy21:51
javispedroSpeedEvil: it did here21:51
javispedrobut the login stuff is probably intact21:51
javispedromy trick disables the validator stuff but the protected storage remains21:51
javispedronot that it is protected any longer,21:52
javispedrobut it still "works".21:52
* javispedro ponders21:52
*** kkito has joined #harmattan21:54
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC21:56
*** xarcass has quit IRC21:57
*** harbaum has quit IRC22:01
*** kkito has quit IRC22:01
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan22:02
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC22:06
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan22:08
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC22:09
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan22:14
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:15
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC22:15
alteregoHow do I add rzr's repository?22:22
npmcan someone please develop a game called "angry finns" that launches little meegoids into houses with "pigs" that look like elop or ballmer? :-)22:27
alteregoAh, found it.22:27
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC22:29
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan22:29
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan22:32
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC22:37
*** gri has quit IRC22:40
Venemo~seen fiferboy22:42
infobotfiferboy <~fiferboy@Maemo/community/contributor/fiferboy> was last seen on IRC in channel #harmattan, 1d 22h 53m 1s ago, saying: 'Venemo: Are you running the stock version on the N950?'.22:42
*** lcuk has quit IRC22:43
rZri should post an anounce in the forum22:46
* rZr is too lazy22:46
alteregoYeah, found it :)22:46
alteregoUnfortunately now I'm getting a weird error.22:47
alteregoActually, I know what this is.22:47
alteregoFixed now.22:47
* alterego looks for cool things to install.22:47
rZrif you have suggestion tell us22:48
alteregoscreen, obviously :)22:48
rZrtmux !22:48
alteregoHrm, screen doesn't install or work :/22:48
alteregoWell, it installs, but "Errors were encountered while processing" ..22:49
alteregoHrm, okay, can run this stuff under user.22:49
alteregoI get the same screen error as I get on maemo5, never bothered to fix it: "Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/0' - please check.22:50
rZri use tmux22:51
kimjualterego, setgid tty?22:52
kimjuor what ever is nowadays needed to access ptmx and devpts.22:52
Venemoalterego, ping22:54
Venemoalterego, I need the resident QML guru :P22:54
Venemoalterego, if I have a listmodel of some kind and change a property (one which has NOTIFY) in it, will the QML frontend also receive the change notification?22:55
alteregoYes, NOTIFY is used for that purpose.22:56
alteregoIt should work transparently with model data (I believe), and you can also do things like "onPropertyChanged: { /* ... */ }"22:57
Venemobecause I never ever wrote any code to support this in my listmodel...22:57
tommarZr, for filemanager =)22:58
rZris it yours ?23:00
*** lcuk has joined #harmattan23:00
*** lcuk has quit IRC23:00
*** lcuk has joined #harmattan23:00
rZrlet's try to built it23:03
tommaoh wait forgot to commit harmattan define23:04
tommai hope next toolchain version contains qt with it...23:05
rZri havent tested but it looks more advanced than minifile23:06
rZrhave you tried to contact that author ?23:06
*** wicket64 has joined #harmattan23:07
Venemoalterego, nope, it does not work that way.23:07
tommahavent heard of it23:08
alteregoVenemo: your model needs to send the signal23:08
Venemoalterego, it does.23:08
alteregorows changed or something, it's a standard model thing23:08
Venemoalterego, hmm.23:08
tommaoh and cuteexplorer depends on qmlplugin which should be in project too23:08
rZrtomma: you should contact him23:08
Venemoalterego, could you tell me which signal I need?23:08
alteregoShould be "dataChanged"23:11
Venemoand how the heck should it know which data is changed?23:12
alteregoIt's your data :P23:12
VenemoI was hoping there would be an automagical way for this23:12
Venemowell... my generalized class seems to be too generalized for this.23:12
Venemobasically I need to connect to each notify signal of each item and emit this dataChanged() signal when I need it.23:13
Venemothis whole listmodel thing is very fucked up.23:13
*** lardman has quit IRC23:14
VenemoI have to choose between not even having access to stuff in the model (QAbstractListModel) or not getting notified when a new item is added (QList<QObject*>)23:14
w00t_dataChanged is not used for inserting/removing rows23:15
w00t_oh, I misinterpret23:15
Venemobut I need dataChanged when a property of one of the items changes.23:15
*** Stskeeps has joined #harmattan23:15
w00t_if your model is handing out QObject* to your delegate, i'd imagine onPropertyChanged would work..23:15
w00t_but I haven't actually tried that23:15
alteregoVenemo: make a general "dataChanged" signal in your items, then every time you add a new item, get your model to connect the signal from the item, to the dataChanged signal of the model.23:16
Venemow00t_, hmmm... maybe the problem is that it does not hand out the QObject* directly!23:16
Venemoalterego, it's not that simple23:16
Venemoalterego, because I need a ModelIndex for the dataChanged too.23:16
Venemomore correctly, I need two ModelIndexes.23:16
Venemow00t_, in fact, I made a hack that lets it hand out the QObject*23:17
Venemow00t_, but maybe the ultimate solution would be to give out the QObject* itself as a "role"? dunno.23:17
w00t_boxing the pointer inside QVariant (as you need to do for ::data) will make it hard to access from QML, at least, as I recall23:18
w00t_it may work if you explicitly cast it to QObject before putting it into the QVariant23:18
w00t_I don't remember the catch23:18
Venemothe thing is, it's all fucked up.23:18
VenemoI'll just do yet another hack.23:19
w00t_btw, i spoke to steve in person about this in berlin23:21
w00t_he said that apparently, there are some qml people working on making things easier, i didn't really get much details off him23:21
w00t_so it may be a case of 'watch this space' or ask and find out about what is going on'23:21
*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan23:22
Venemowell, the RIGHT thing to do would be to have a QList<> subclass that sends a signal when its items change23:22
lcukevening w00t_ Venemo \o23:22
Venemoand then I could add pointers to QObject subclasses to that list, and it could give me the instance in QML23:22
Venemohey lcuk :)23:22
*** antman8969 has quit IRC23:25
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan23:25
rZrtomma: does it depends on  libhildonmime-dev ?23:25
*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan23:27
rZrtomma: ping if can try to undepend on that one ; I cant built it23:35
djszapihi rZr23:35
tommaaa sorry dont build master branch =)23:38
tomma1.2-qml branch23:39
tommamaster contains old fremantle version23:39
tommaand packaging stuff is in qtc_packaking/debian_harmattan23:40
Venemodoes Harmattans still use XB-Maemo-Icon-26 ?23:44
Venemoand it still works with 'base64 xy.png' ?23:46
Venemoand does XB-Maemo-Display-Name still work?23:48
antman8969yep venemo, to both23:52
Venemoantman8969, thx23:52
antman8969I use uuencode, but probably doesn't matter. Point it, it's the same as fremantle23:53
*** CaCO3 has quit IRC23:54
Venemook, thanks :)23:56
rZri'll try later23:58
Jaffaantman8969: Same as Fremantle, but 64x64 not 48x4823:58
JaffaDiablo: 26x26, Fremantle: 48x48, Harmattan: 64x6423:58
antman8969are we sure that's true? I've been using 64x64 and the icons are still pixelated in the app manager screen. Might it be 80x80?23:59

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