IRC log of #harmattan for Friday, 2011-08-12

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djszapi_1lcuk: if I have vb question, I am gonna ask you ;)00:05
lcukdjszapi_1, no problem :)00:05
lcukif I have a question for professional developer community security issues I will ask you ;)00:05
djszapi_1it is a bit unfortunate, this is the last evening at DS. It's been so coolish event.00:06
djszapi_1lcuk: back to plasma and KDE...Well, plasma and libkdeclarative are also usable for mobile platforms without workspace and runtime.00:08
djszapi_1Hence KDE applications could essentially be written on Harmattan00:08
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Venemoyou can try it if you grab from repo, but there are still issue.00:34
Venemoyou can try it if you grab from repo, but there are still issues to fix00:34
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djszapinext week ;)00:36
djszapiI am now doing the pong game by using Gluon. I hope I can present it tomorrow to the bof participants so that how easy to create a game by using Gluon.00:36
Venemoif the presentation is recorded, I'm interested in watching it00:36
djszapi*nods* :)00:37
Venemoin the meantime, I'll be busy with making this IRC client work00:38
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MohammadAGwhy hasn't anyone compiled + packaged telepathy-haze/pecan?00:41
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VenemoMohammadAG, I can think of two reasons:00:43
VenemoMohammadAG, 1) noone has wrote a plugin for N950's accounts UI 2) they sucked on the N90000:43
VenemoMohammadAG, btw, what do you think of ?00:43
Venemo(before you ask me how I got an N9, I don't have one, that is just a screenshot gimped over an N9 pic)00:44
MohammadAGtelepathy-haze didn't suck00:44
MohammadAGand there's mc-tool for settings00:44
Venemowell then, compile it00:45
djszapilibpurple sucks.00:45
djszapiit eats a lot of memory, even with a simple finch cli frontend.00:46
VenemoI think I'll be going to sleep now00:46
Venemohave a nice evening guys :)00:46
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w00t_contacts application won't completely play nicely unless you configured an account (not just mc-tool'd) it00:48
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javispedroand there's no accounts-ui sample this time, that I've seen at least.00:55
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w00t_I can (try) ask someone about that next week, if you remind me01:04
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epageAnyone else not seeing the OVI store not popup automatically or through an explicit check for updates?01:15
MohammadAG<djszapi> it eats a lot of memory, even with a simple finch cli frontend.01:16
MohammadAGthat's why you have 1GB of it01:16
djszapiwell, not really.01:16
djszapiI would not like to lose few hundred mb-s just for libpurple.01:16
MohammadAGwas being sarcastic01:16
MohammadAGno, that's impossible01:17
MohammadAGtelepathy-haze barely used 5MBs for me01:17
djszapiit is not about telepathy, it is about libpurple.01:18
djszapiand it is not impossible. Finch used 200-300 MBs on the server.01:18
djszapiand that is just a cli frontend.01:18
MohammadAGjavispedro, headers are there though01:21
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MohammadAGjavispedro, seems like it's just some MTF + a different init function01:29
javispedrocan be qml iirc01:30
MohammadAGjavispedro, pure Qt, so a declarative view would work01:31
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* javispedro starts losing hope for fmrx02:12
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* rzr : #VNC server working on #harmattan #N950Club or !meego #NetBook #tablet : install #DEB or #RPM for remote working02:27
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rm_youhrm, new update for Store package? how many times has this been discussed already today? :P04:31
* SpeedEvil is still hitting the auth bug.04:32
* SpeedEvil ponders reflashing again.04:33
SpeedEvilIs there a proper way to switch off, other than holding the button for ages/04:34
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rm_younot AFAICT04:41
* SpeedEvil reflashes04:41
* SpeedEvil boots.04:55
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specialdoes anyone know where the N950 puts backups?06:05
specialI'd like to keep one before I flash to avoid setting things up again06:06
specialah, ~/MyDocs/.backups/06:08
SpeedEvilWhere is the backup app - I missed that06:09
SpeedEvilah - backup06:10
specialI assume flashing is what I want to do with a new n95006:11
SpeedEvilWell - I've never gotten nokia accounts to work afterwards06:13
SpeedEvilMaybe setup one before flashing06:13
SpeedEvilI think some people did that with positive results06:13
specialnoted, thanks06:14
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SpeedEvilCurrently tried flashing, then immediately setting up the nokia account up.06:17
SpeedEvilAnd then found out later I'd swapped the netmask and gateway in the IP connections, so it wasn't actually getting to the net.06:17
TSCHAKeeewhat QML component set are we supposed to use for Harmattan?06:25
hiemanshuTSCHAKeee: qt-components06:33
TSCHAKeeeanyone have a link to qt-components? or do I need to grab out of svn somewhere?06:53
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specialSpeedEvil: nokia account is working for me07:20
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rzrspecial:can u use ovi store ?09:32
* hiemanshu starts flashing N95009:42
aslaniN950 - the flashing game09:42
hiemanshuthe worst part, blank screen :/09:43
hiemanshuNokia Mobile Phones N900 (PC-Suite Mode) and that is what lsusb says09:44
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ieatlintat least flashing is pretty simple and quick10:05
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Venemohey hiemanshu10:07
* rzr # please double check 10:15
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Venemohey rzr :)10:16
wazdhi all10:22
Venemodoes anyone know how I can obtain this component?
wazdVenemo: hmmm, I didn't even know it exists :P10:26
tommaMeegoTouch or nokias own thing?10:26
VenemoI do not know10:27
Venemothere seems to be no trace of this component in their development library10:27
*** rzr is now known as rZr10:27
VenemoI also haven't seen that "text bubble" component that appears in its popup10:31
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ajalkanei think i saw the bubble in mtf and qt-components10:35
w00t_recipients editor is another library10:35
w00t_librecipients-editor or something iirc10:36
ajalkanethere it is, 310:39
Venemow00t_, have you seen ?10:39
Venemoajalkane ?10:39
ajalkanedamn n9tp kb10:39
w00t_no, been busy the past days.. i'm home on sunday, so maybe i'll take a look then10:40
Venemoajalkane, you're connecting from the N950?10:40
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Tronicthp: Actually PB Fantasies needs to be started without headset or it will have no sound. Headset can be used but it needs to be connected only after starting the app.10:42
TronicFor some reason all my songs and photos disappeared from Music/Gallery.10:42
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aslaniTronic: reboot10:42
TronicI think this happened after using the phone in USB storage mode.10:43
w00t_Tronic: are your contacts still there?10:43
ajalkaneSorry, I think its the Magnifier.qml in qt-components that does it10:43
TronicI've rebooted, no help.10:43
TronicThe files are where they should be (ls in terminal) and new photos I take will appear in gallery.10:44
hiemanshuVenemo: hey10:44
ajalkaneVenemo: yes with n950. Damn corp firewall disallows ssh conns outside. "10:44
ajalkaneSo I sssh with n950 to my server and use screen + irssi10:45
hiemanshustupid OCF ends with bb5_rdc_cert_read failed when trying to flash mmc10:46
Wirtaanyone else having problems when updating n950 trough applications manager? mine stays in "Checking for updates"10:47
TronicAny new files I put in DCIM appear in Gallery but old ones don't even if I touch them.10:50
w00t_Tronic: so, contacts?10:51
TronicContacts appear fine.10:51
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w00t_you'll probably want to play with the tracker indexer, search around in the db, perhaps it still has them in there (just corrupt) which is why it isn't reindexing them - I don't really know anything about file indexing so I'm not much help there10:52
hiemanshunow the phone wont flash :/10:56
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wazdVenemo: if you'll eventualy find this completer stuff - ping me, we need it for OMW :P11:03
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spenapTronic, try «tracker-info» on some of the items not showing11:10
spenap(and maybe then tracker-control -krs to kill, reset and restart the databases?)11:11
Tronicspenap: Results: (a few empty lines)11:12
spenapthat means that the items are not indexed11:12
spenap tracker-control --help will tell you that -f, --index-file=FILE            Tell miners to (re)index a given file11:13
spenapyou can restart all the databases with the line I wrote before, or just try to reindex the missing content manually11:13
w00t_(note that resetting the tracker database means you'll lose all your contacts and a lot of other things)11:13
TronicAny idea why it got broken in the first place?11:14
TronicRunning out of battery and database corruption perhaps?11:14
spenapTronic, and w00t_ is right: resetting it has this effect11:14
hiemanshuERROR: Unable to get SU_PARAM_SUPPORTED_IMAGES ERROR: Could not find flashing interface Any idea how to fix this issue with the ocf?11:18
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villevso, someone here tried open kernel already? Stskeeps?11:21
SpeedEvilAs far as I know, booting yes11:21
SpeedEvilBut not actually working11:21
SpeedEviland yes, it was he.11:21
villevok SpeedEvil. recall what the problem was?11:22
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villevsome detail, or platsec blocking it somehow?11:22
SpeedEvilI'm unsure of the exact issue.11:22
SpeedEvilIf it boots at all though, it can be gotten to work - in a meego-ce manner.11:23
villevwhat do you mean meego-ce manner?11:23
SpeedEvilExactly how well it will work with the released harmattan images are an interesting question.11:23
villevin a manner where we replace all the sw?11:24
villevwas stskeeps using vanilla kernel or harmattan kernel w/ enforcement disabled?11:24
villevsorry for making you channel Stskeeps here btw ;-)11:25
SpeedEvilAs I understand it, it was harmattan kernel with aegis ripped out11:25
villevhm, I guess aegis would need to be there in neutered form11:26
villevyou can disable enforcement by echo:ing "something" under /sys11:26
villevor at least that used to be the case11:26
SpeedEvilNot with current images.11:26
villevyeah, so we need a kernel that allows that again11:27
SpeedEvilcurrent developer released images. There is a hack involving a kernel module to disable it11:27
villevyeah, but don't count on that working for long11:27
villevso we need a more "durable" solution where a kernel is replaced with an aegis-neutered version11:28
villevusing flasher or w/e11:28
SpeedEvilSomething like that.11:28
Venemohiemanshu, join #irc-chatter11:31
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hiemanshuwtf does bb5_rdc_cert_read failed mean? my device wont flash because of that error11:40
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villevanyone know a cross platform way to "mkdir /home/user/foo" as root?11:44
villevI can do devel-su -c "mkdir /home/user/foo" user11:44
hiemanshuvillev: using Qt?11:44
villevbut I hate that11:44
villevno, command line11:44
hiemanshuah, well no11:45
hiemanshuSpeedEvil: around?11:45
djszapivillev: give the proper credentials to root.11:45
tommassh as root to localhost if root login from ssh is enabled?11:45
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tommahmm... can root in harmattan write to users home?11:46
villevtomma: er, I'd want to do that non-interactively11:46
villevtomma: no, it can't by default at least11:46
villevwith devel-su it can switch to be an user11:46
villevand can execute the command. but I'd want something cross platform11:47
villevor basically make /home/user free for root to manipulate11:47
villevI'll see if I can hack it somehow11:47
ieatlintdid you consider "mkdir /home/user/foo; chown root /home/user/foo" ?11:49
ieatlinti think that will work11:49
ieatlintdamn, nm, tried :)11:50
hiemanshuanyone around with the Linux One Click Flasher can give me the md5sum (if it has worked for you)11:51
SpeedEvilhiemanshu: yes11:55
KypeliBtw. will the N9 have a different theme from the N950?11:56
KypeliJust wondering how my app will look in that...11:56
SpeedEvil1c233f8ecf38b2debc1a77b6ca7fb104  Linux_OCF_22-6_EMMC_RM680-OEM1-916.bin11:57
ieatlintKypeli: nope11:57
SpeedEvilMy device flashed just fine - I wonder if cert things are broken on it - it's doing the not logging into accounts thing.11:57
hiemanshuSpeedEvil: and that worked for you?11:57
ieatlintthe theme on the n950 may not be the final, however11:58
ieatlintbut it'll be 95% the same11:58
hiemanshuSpeedEvil: 883ff62125dd5a8a5fbda5b955e2d8f4  Linux_OCF_22-6_EMMC_RM680-OEM1-916.bin11:59
hiemanshuthats probably why it wont work11:59
rcg1c233f8ecf38b2debc1a77b6ca7fb104  Linux_OCF_22-6_EMMC_RM680-OEM1-916.bin12:00
hiemanshuah so its me12:00
* hiemanshu re-downloads12:00
hiemanshuand there is no md5sum or anything to verify on the nokia site either12:01
SpeedEvil99% would be solved just by changing the tar archive inside to a gzipped tar archive12:02
SpeedEvilas gzip would barf (usually) if there was an error12:02
kimjutar should be able to tell if the file is truncated too.12:03
kimjuunless an entire file with headers is missing12:04
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frals<villev> you can disable enforcement by echo:ing "something" under /sys12:12
fralspretty sure you need RDC for that12:12
villevfrals: yeah... it was about wanting to have that in sales image too12:12
villevi.e. that could be the "open" kernel12:13
fralsremoving the need for RDC in images would be nice indeed12:13
hiemanshuwell javispedra found a way, something about the rekont.conf something, and then echo12:13
villevhiemanshu: as said, don't count on that working forever12:14
kimjudevelsh allows you to load kernel modules without any authentication of origin. he made a kernel module that pokes aegis internals and disables the enforcing mode.12:15
kimjuso that works on current images, as you have the develsh with enough of privileges.12:15
villevbut any platsec that allows you to load arbitrary kernel modules doesn't make any sense, so...12:16
RST38hEHLO, gentlemen12:16
RST38hHow is suffering today, how is abandonment? =)12:17
wazdRST38h: woowoo12:18
wazdRST38h: got info that Mobile Yandex Maps manager has got N950 :)12:19
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wazdRST38h: though they're not thinking bout developing anything for it yet12:19
lcukmorning harmattan folks \o12:20
lcukmgedmin, what happened to your n950?12:21
wazdlcuk: o/12:21
hiemanshulcuk: \o12:21
wazdRST38h: do you have some kind of layout for ATi button hotspots?12:22
cpscottimorning all!12:26
hiemanshumorning cpscotti12:26
cpscottilol @ RST38h 's "abandonment" thing..12:29
wazdDoes N950 exports all my phones to facebook too? :)12:32
RST38hwazd: Yep, but not at work. On the other hand though./...12:34
villevso what's the point of restricting what root can do if the root can "devel-su user" anyway?12:34
villevany aegis experts around?12:34
kimjuvillev, normally there won't be devel-su nor develsh available?12:35
villevso they are also planning to remove devel-su? eek12:36
maxwanyone seen the battery icon stuck in portrait?12:39
fralsvillev: normally as in, unless developer mode is enabled12:39
villevah right frals12:39
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wazdRST38h: errr :)12:42
wazdRST38h: any designer-friendy file maybe? :F12:43
RST38hwazd: Sorry :( I am at work and cannot easily get you an image here12:55
RST38hwazd: pulled this table from the openly available source code12:55
RST38hwazd: I will look at perl image processing abilities in am oment, maybe we can generate an image quickly enough12:56
maxwanyone know of a music player for n950 other than the built in one? its gapless-less-ness is bugging me12:58
Venemomaxw, nope, but there are LOTS of entries into the community program which are promising to port various music players13:00
Venemomaxw, so I think that there will be one to your liking13:00
wazdRST38h: that would be great, thanks13:01
wazdRST38h: any news from Arkenoi btw? :P13:01
RST38hwazd: nah13:02
RST38hwazd: what news are you expecting?13:02
wazdRST38h: bout the firmware13:02
RST38hwazd: well it does not conern me, either way :)13:03
Venemo~seen qgil13:03
infobotqgil <c0646a28@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> was last seen on IRC in channel #harmattan, 2d 18h 30m 45s ago, saying: 'mgedmin: fair enough, now you know  :)'.13:03
wazdRST38h: he supposed to kill the nokia contact and bring the fresh firmware today :P13:04
maxwVenemo: thanks13:04
Venemomaxw :)13:04
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Venemohas anyone received a white N950? like this:
villevVenemo: that's silver, not white13:08
Venemovillev, ok, then.13:08
Venemohas anyone received a silver N950?13:08
Wirtathat is the pre version I think13:08
Wirtabefore the paint job13:08
cpscottiVenemo, that's the old prototype I think. I saw one but they are different in maany ways13:08
villevI'm sure google is your friend reg. silver harmattan device13:08
Venemocpscotti, could you please elaborate?13:08
Venemovillev, well, according to google, that device is "the N9", which got "cancelled" at the end of last year.13:09
cpscottiVenemo, iirc that's the one that built the 12mgpx myth13:09
Venemoso that is one of the "prototype N950"s?13:09
cpscottiwell, back in the day there wasn't much of a distinction between the n9/n95013:10
cpscottiso I think that one is the "missing link" between both13:10
VenemoI am very curious about the truth behind the N95013:11
VenemoI agree with what DocScrutinizer and others pointed out, I don't believe that Nokia launched a one-of-a-kind dev device just for the purpose of giving it to us.13:12
villevdoesn't that make you feel precious Venemo? ;-)13:12
cpscottiVenemo, I believe that at some point they had the idea to put it into production13:13
cpscottibut then came the ceo....13:13
*** seif has joined #harmattan13:16
Venemovillev, yeah it does make me WANT it even more :P13:17
villevah, you don't have it13:17
VenemoI have it.13:17
villevok, it's good to want something you already have ;-)13:17
Venemoindeed :)13:17
hiemanshuSpeedEvil: I get the same 883f* thing, do we need to use the quick format flasher or the normal one?13:28
SpeedEvilquick if you have early NOLO13:28
hiemanshuIIRC I have the .37 something13:28
* hiemanshu double checks13:29
hiemanshuSpeedEvil: you used the normal one click flasher right?13:30
SpeedEvilI used one-click, it diddn't work, device was bootlooping, then I used the quick, then one-click again, and it eventually worked13:31
SpeedEvilsomething odd was going on13:31
villevanyone had a problem where you can't flash your device, where it blocks when writing root fs?13:31
villevafter transferring ~32768 bytes13:31
villevMy n950 is bricked that way. I have to use an old prototype for development work...13:32
hiemanshueverytime there is an error the damned thing has to re-extract everything13:33
villevit also gives nice I/O errors13:33
*** epage has joined #harmattan13:33
hiemanshuNOLO version 2.0.3713:33
hiemanshuSpeedEvil: what would it say with the normal one?13:34
SpeedEvilI had to upgrade my laptop to kernel 3.0 before it would flash properly13:35
SpeedEvilI don't know why13:35
SpeedEvilI'm not sure that was the reaso13:35
hiemanshuI currently only have a linux machine with me, once I go home I can try a windows machine and different cables13:36
fralsvillev: try with erase image and then cold flash13:37
hiemanshumine starts flashing, reached the mmc flashing part and stops with an error13:37
villevfrals: I think I tried that. Can't recall what went wrong...13:38
villevis there a new erase image somewhere?13:38
villevI think at least ENOS image I was unable to flash13:38
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan13:38
fralsotherwise hand it to your protomanager, should be solveable unless the emmc is fubar13:38
fralsmine got stuck at some point during the first week i had it but erase image + praying fixed it13:39
villevyeah, I guess that's the right thing to do. Also the only way to get replacement if it's indeed fubar13:39
hiemanshuwhere can even get support if something happens? :/13:42
Venemogood afternoon frals :)13:42
villevactually, I can't even find erase image right now13:42
villevfrals: have PMO link for it?13:42
hiemanshuis it public?13:42
villevnot next to usual flash matrix13:42
villevhiemanshu: of course not, nothing useful ever is ;-)13:43
fralsvillev: sorry, no, on vacation \o/13:43
hiemanshuvillev: ah damn :/13:43
hiemanshudo you have something similar?13:50
hiemanshu(look at rootfs)13:50
villevhiemanshu: does it block for you for minutes?13:51
hiemanshuvillev: nope, just stops and exits there13:51
hiemanshugives that error and exits13:53
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infobotAll conversations are logged to Lines starting with spaces are not logged. Logs are updated daily.14:06
hiemanshucpscotti: !14:12
cpscottihiemanshu, here! :D14:12
hiemanshucpscotti: sup man, long time14:12
cpscottiyeah ya..  I've been a bit out.. heh14:13
*** rcg has joined #harmattan14:16
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cpscottihiemanshu, woo.. that one looks better! hehe thanks14:28
cpscottiwoops, Venemo,14:28
Venemocpscotti, this one is updated more frequently I think14:28
cpscottiVenemo, oh, great! Yep, it's just a few minutes lagged behind instead of a whole day14:29
cpscottiHey anyone here thinking about using the QML Map ? Just did something that might be useful for someone around here:
cpscotti(Basically it's a wrap around the original QML Map to provide continuous pinch-zoom and a few other bits14:31
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*** xarcass has joined #harmattan14:33
*** lcuk has quit IRC14:33
Venemocpscotti, I'm not, but I plan to14:37
xarcassdoes anybody know here how to remove files, owned by user, from inside postrm script?14:40
*** leinir has joined #harmattan14:40
cpscottiVenemo, check it then! :D The prob with the native QML Map is that it's just too simple.  If you just see it working:
Venemocpscotti, by the way, have you heard of my IRC client?14:41
cpscottiVenemo, nope.. is it ready? cool! where's it?14:41
Venemocpscotti, not 100% there yet, but a v0.1 is expected very soon, maybe in the next few days.14:42
Venemocpscotti, see /topic in #irc-chatter14:42
*** roop has joined #harmattan14:44
*** gri has joined #harmattan14:45
cpscottiVenemo, ah.. great! Do you have it on OBS or something? (or anywhere where I can get ircclient-qt )14:47
Venemocpscotti, libircclient-qt (and its -dev package if you want) can be found in RzR's repo14:47
*** roop_ has joined #harmattan14:48
Venemocpscotti, for the moment, you can build the client for yourself. change "Your_Nick_Here" in main.cpp and you're good to go.14:49
cpscottiVenemo, haha! awesome.. let's try it then14:49
*** roop has quit IRC14:51
Venemocpscotti, share with us your experience and suggestions in #irc-chatter - and we also have a wishlish section in our wiki where you can post your wishlist :)14:52
Venemocpscotti, as for your blog post, "No Flickering. The panning feels static and non-natural" -> "flickering" != "flicking"14:53
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan14:54
cpscottiVenemo, (haha.. thanks.. that's an ugly one, fixed)14:55
Venemocpscotti :)14:55
Venemocpscotti, I also love the code highlighting stuff in your blog... :)14:56
hiemanshuSpeedEvil: where did you download the flasher and image from?14:57
*** djszapi has left #harmattan14:58
cpscottiVenemo, btw, just re-read those two bullet points and they weren't making much of a sense so fixed it a little bit. The code highlighting is from the "SyntaxHighlighter Evolved" wp plugin.. pretty simple & cool :D14:59
wazdRST38h: around?14:59
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan14:59
djszapiinteresting page:
wazdRST38h: all:
wazdgood or bad? :)15:01
hiemanshuwazd: nice :)15:02
* hiemanshu shoots himself in the head15:02
wazdhiemanshu: it's that nice? :D15:02
hiemanshuwazd: naah, phone wont flash15:03
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan15:03
*** tbf has joined #harmattan15:04
wazdwow, I've just received malware from "UPS"15:05
wazdwell, not real ups of course but I wonder if it is a coincidence or they know that I should receive something15:06
wazdand ovi's built-in Norton antivirus didn't find anything (15:08
griDoes the ovi store crash for everyone that often? I can't even install most applications like "compass" or "battery usage" - also normal?15:10
wazdgri: yep15:10
griok, then it's not my fault :)15:10
*** lcuk2 is now known as lcuk15:12
*** lcuk has quit IRC15:12
*** lcuk has joined #harmattan15:12
*** Smtih has quit IRC15:16
djszapilcuk o/15:19
MohammadAGgri, segmentation faults due to the SSO daemon15:21
griMohammadAG: Could this also be related to qml? QMLComponentsGallery now crashes when opening the "buttons" page. Also my cad-part browser application crashes when rotating while a Qt3D Viewport is visible15:23
lcukmorning djszapi15:24
MohammadAGgri, no, afaik it's MTF anyway15:24
griMohammadAG: No, the ovi store is qml15:26
hiemanshuso, mirrors out of sync, getting the wrong OCF files and wondering why it wouldn't work15:26
cpscottigri, my components gallery was crashing too bc the source I downloaded from github didn't add UiConstants to the QML context15:26
*** willer_ has joined #harmattan15:26
gricpscotti: I did not update the qt-components on the device15:27
cpscottigri, but did you compile&deploy the QMLComponentsGallery source to the device?15:28
gricpscotti: No, it's the stock one15:28
cpscottigri, oh.. then dunno15:28
griI didn't want to upgrade the version on the device since the on device is 1.0 and the current one 1.115:29
griSo some (well there are not many) qml applications might not work then15:29
cpscottigri, get the source at , then the component Gallery is under qt-components/examples/meego/QmlComponentGallery15:30
cpscottigri, ahh.. see.15:31
cpscottigri, ok but it's just the version that differs right?15:32
griI don't remember exactly but I had a few issues when I upgraded the scratchbox' qt-components15:32
*** Your_nick_here has joined #harmattan15:33
grifor example "theme.inverted = true" in Components.onCompleted on the main component did not work anymore, I had to reset it from c++ side - but that may be fixed15:34
cpscottigri, oh man, I had so many weird theme.inverted -related weird segfaults :/15:35
Your_nick_herehiemanshu, it works15:36
hiemanshuYour_nick_here: so /j /p works15:36
hiemanshuwith QSettings and all?15:36
hiemanshuYour_nick_here: can you /j #irc-chatter and then /p #irc-chatter?15:36
Your_nick_hereno no.. didntdo anything, just built it15:37
hiemanshuYour_nick_here: my branch right?15:37
hiemanshudo as I said please15:37
Your_nick_here/j #irc-chatter15:38
RST38hwazd: No I am15:38
RST38hwazd: Yeah, looks pretty damn cool =)15:38
cpscottioh, that was weird15:38
wazdRST38h: awesome :)15:38
wazdRST38h: It was actually your idea :D15:39
RST38hwazd: maybe rotate the numeric labels 45 degrees, so that they fit the corner triangles15:39
RST38hwazd: ideas without execution are dime a dozen :)15:39
griIs aegis' purpose also to prevent me from injecting into another process?15:39
RST38hwazd: not sure if the rotated labels will look any better though, so up to you15:39
*** Your_nick_here has quit IRC15:40
wazdRST38h: maybe we can move SE label to the bottom-right corner15:41
*** epage has quit IRC15:42
griwazd: Where did you learn doing great UI? :)15:48
wazdgri: unfortunately nowhere :)15:48
griSo it's just a hobby?15:49
RST38hwazd: Oh yessss15:50
wazdgri: Well, sort of. I really want to work as a designer but nobody's interested in me :D15:50
wazdRST38h: awesome15:51
RST38hsomeone will eventually15:51
RST38hcomes down to luck, at least with programming jobs it does =)15:51
griwazd: If you'd see the ui's my colleagues create at work, you would cry and kick them :P15:52
lizardoSpeedEvil, Stskeeps , villev : I saw your discussion from some time ago on this channel (thanks to the logs). I posted some tips on how you can bypass aegis on kernel side, when building a custom kernel:  HTH15:53
wazdgri: well, I guess they are programmers15:56
Venemocpscotti, thanks :)15:56
xarcasswazd: do you really need a job, or are you just joking?15:56
wazdxarcass: sadly I'm not :)15:58
xarcasswazd: we've met in Dublin, but I can't remember where do you live15:59
maxwI'm wondering if I missed there some new firmware or something?16:01
wazdxarcass: Moscow, Russia16:01
xarcasswazd: we're just seeking for UX designer for mobile applications ( meego included :) , so if interested, write a letter to - he's my boss. I don't know all the details (salary, etc.). All I know, that all our apps are ugly as hell and there's plenty of work for a designer of your caliber.16:05
RST38hwazd: See? =)16:07
alteregoAsk and you shall receive :)16:07
djszapiIs there still N950 devices left ?16:09
hiemanshudjszapi: dont think so16:10
mgedmindjszapi, I've heard they're all gone16:10
RST38hdepends on where you are looking16:10
Venemohey djszapi :)16:10
*** rcg has quit IRC16:11
wazdxarcass: wow, that's awesome :) I'd surely do, thanks!16:11
RST38hMeanwhile: Researchers Make Graphene From Girl Scout Cookies16:11
RST38hNot yet plutonium, but they are working on it16:12
djszapirZr: Could you please take a look at kdelibs, please ?16:12
*** rcg has joined #harmattan16:12
RST38hwazd: yeah =)16:15
RST38hIs it the one I should use?16:15
wazdRST38h: well, I'll add the bottom buttons and yep16:15
wazdRST38h: pretty much16:15
*** fiferboy has joined #harmattan16:16
RST38hGo ahead, I will try integrating tonight16:16
RST38hOMG, the gnomes have decided to go ahead with the GNOME OS16:16
RST38hWill they take Lennart with them? Please?16:17
hiemanshuwell they have been working on GNOME OS for a while now16:17
RST38hHave they consulted with the experts from all camps prior to making the decision?16:17
RST38hHave they got the psychiatric opinion?16:18
hiemanshuwhen they can make huge ass buttons for .05% of the GNOME users, they can do anything without asking16:19
RST38hOk. But could they please take Lennart with them?16:19
RST38hNo, really?16:20
hiemanshuI wish they do16:20
wazdRST38h: maybe I should make bottom controls smaller so we can enlarge info panel a bit?16:20
RST38hBoth he and McCann work at RedHat16:20
hiemanshuI know that, and I know Lennart in person too16:21
VenemoRST38h, wut? Gnome os? wtf???16:21
RST38hwazd: you can make them the part of the info panel, like place them into the rounded corners =)16:21
RST38hwazd: I do suggest making the info text brighter though, it is barely visible right now16:21
Venemoexplain to me how "Gnome OS" would be of the slightest interest of ANY of the companies funding Gnome?16:22
RST38hVenemo: I do not think any of these gnome guys care any longer16:22
RST38hVenemo: But if you want a prediction of their business pitch it will go like this:16:23
VenemoRST38h, they surely care about the company from which they get their salaries16:23
RST38hVenemo: "With Ubuntu going with its own unity desktop, we need to differentiate Redhat from other distros, so let us give the users the integrated experience with a Gnome-based OS"16:23
RST38hVenemo: I think that will mostly be redhat16:23
Venemobut the name of the OS I ran (last time I checked) was Fedora, not "Gnome OS"16:24
VenemoI understand that Red Hat wants to promote Fedora and Gnome 3.16:24
RST38hVenemo: Factual details are ineffectual during a pitch to the management =)16:24
RST38hNo idea why Redhat would promote Fedora though. Not making any money from Fedora16:24
Venemobut I haven't a clue about how it is in their interest to demolish the hard-built Fedora image for a "Gnome OS". how ridiculous16:25
Venemobecause they make their paid distro (RHEL) from Fedora.16:25
Venemoso it's only natural that they develop/promote it.16:25
RST38hVenemo: Ok, it will still be called Fedora16:25
VenemoI find it ridiculous sometimes how the Gnome guys are thinking.16:26
RST38hVenemo: But it will be heavily dependent on Gnome. So I guess the end result will be the unability to run KDE or Unity on Fedora16:26
VenemoI wouldn't think so16:26
RST38hTHAT will make Fedora the "gnome os"16:26
VenemoFedora was always a strong proponent of freedom of choice16:26
Venemoand it's considered the best KDE distro16:26
hiemanshuFedora isn't the GNOME OS, please dont make it the GNOME OS16:26
Venemohiemanshu ++++16:26
* hiemanshu is a Fedora dev and a KDE User16:26
djszapiKDE ftw ;)16:26
RST38hAh, Lennart and SystemD two big driving forces behind it:
* RST38h *knew* =)16:27
hiemanshuRST38h: who didn't16:27
hiemanshuLennart wants to take over the world!16:27
Venemohiemanshu, Gnome OS will be over once Red Hat realizes it and fires those guys.16:28
RST38hhiemanshu: You mean, pvanhoof has not got a worthy contender? =)16:28
RST38hVenemo: Will not16:28
RST38hVenemo: But I do sincerely hope they will also keep Wayland there =)16:28
hiemanshuVenemo: they wont really fire them16:28
alteregoHaving 32G of mass memory is a real advantage on a device.16:28
hiemanshuRST38h: naah, he wants to take over, doesn't mean he can16:29
Venemoalterego, yeah16:29
Venemoalterego, a shame that the N950 doesn't.16:29
alteregoYeah, I hope the N9 64G model is reasonibly priced ..16:30
Venemoalterego, it will definitely not be reasonably priced16:30
Jaffaalterego: Given the 500gbp+ mentions :-(16:30
alteregoMaybe I'll wait a year or two then ;)16:30
Venemoalterego, and I definitely won't buy. maybe in a year, for a reasonable used price.16:30
Jaffaalterego: Maybe the 16GB N950s will be swapped for 64GB N9s in a choice of coloour? ;-)16:30
VenemoJaffa, haha :)16:31
alteregoJaffa: unlikely, we'll probably get 16G black N9s :P16:31
alteregoIf the trade option does happen.16:31
Jaffaalterego: Without secure NFC. Meh.16:31
alteregoBut then, I'd rather keep the N950 ..16:31
Jaffaalterego: agreed16:31
alteregoAnd Buy an N916:31
JaffaStyling's very sexy on the N9 (having held a prototype), but not enough pluses of N9 over N95016:32
Venemochoosing between a one-of-a-kind dev device and a hypeable consumer device... it isn't a hard choice to choose the N950 :)16:32
mgedminmy biggest nightmare is nokia deciding to sell n9 with windows phone16:32
* RST38h quietly changes BT name of his N950 to "precious"16:32
*** djszapi has left #harmattan16:32
VenemoRST38h :P16:32
* Jaffa hides RST38h's preciousssss16:32
JaffaActually, that sounds dodgy16:32
mgedminand resellers getting confused about which one I want/not making the meego version available16:32
wazdRST38h: simpsons did it :P16:32
RST38hmgedmin: You mean, you wake up after dreaming about accidentally buying W9 instead of N9?16:32
alteregoI heard Nokia are changing the naming scheme, I imagine the N9 will be the last "N-series" phone ..16:33
alteregoI hate to think what this will do to their brand image ..16:34
RST38hthey went to 3-digit numbers16:34
RST38hsame as their little WinCE-based GPS unit16:34
alteregoC, N, E, X, people understoon those, a numeric naming scheme is just stupid.16:34
RST38hIn fact, that might have the reason, with Elop using the only familiar product as a protoype for the naming scheme16:34
hiemanshualterego: they started with a number naming, and now going back to it16:34
fiferboySiwtching from Mercedes naming to Volvo naming?16:35
alteregoJaguar naming :)16:35
* RST38h prefers LADA naming =)16:35
hiemanshuor Ubuntu Naming :/16:36
RST38hactually, it is the old Soviet GOST (circa 1970)16:36
RST38hhmm, we are getting to Maemo Naming pretty quickly here...16:36
alteregoWell, at least it's not Microsoft naming "home", "premium", "professional", "enterprise", "ultimate" :D16:37
RST38halterego: all differing by a few registry keys?16:38
mgedminwhere do harmattan backups live? /home/user/MyDocs/.backups?16:38
alteregoWell, there are some differences, but probably smaller differences than the 'N' versions.16:38
mgedminthe directory doesn't exist after a fresh reflash16:38
mgedminI don't know where to copy my old Backup0 directory16:38
VenemorZr, ping16:39
RST38hlooks like they are promising a windows nokia phone in september now...16:39
RST38hwill know what the naming looks like then...16:40
Venemowho cares really?16:40
Venemo'Nokia 500' was a forgettable GPS device16:40
alteregoI'm gonna get one16:40
Venemoalterego, you're getting a WP7? :P16:40
alteregoSure, I need to know how waterproof it is.16:40
Venemolol, are you being serious?16:41
alteregoWell, I'll probably get one, but I aint gonna buy it.16:41
Venemo'get' how?16:41
alteregoI'm sure I'll find a way :P16:42
Venemoheh :D16:42
alteregoI neeed some basis for my negative campaign :P16:42
VenemoWP7 is a nice, but somewhat primitive OS16:42
alteregoWell, I don't see how it's "nice" ..16:44
alteregoJust looks like another toy OS16:44
MohammadAGVenemo, may I suggest the vertical bar be horizontal in portrait mode?16:44
Venemoits simplicity makes it "nice".16:44
hiemanshu <-- EPIC TROLL16:44
RST38hit is not another os, it is the same WinCE16:44
VenemoMohammadAG, I thought about it, but I don't think it would look or feel well. it's hard to horizontally flick at the top when you're holding the device in portrait.16:45
VenemoRST38h, but it haz Silverlight!16:45
alteregoRST38h: that's sort of like saying Maemo is the same as Android :P16:45
*** xarcass has quit IRC16:47
*** gri has quit IRC16:47
*** kkito has joined #harmattan16:47
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan16:48
RST38halterego: Maemo is not android but it is linux16:48
VenemoAndroid is NOT Linux.16:48
alteregoWell, it is Linux, it's just not GNU/Linux16:49
mgedmin/home/user/MyDocs/.backup or /home/user/MyDocs/.backups?16:49
alteregoAnd GNU is not UNIX ..16:49
*** rcg has quit IRC16:49
mgedminanyone with a N950 and a backup could take a look please?16:49
alteregoSo where the fuck are we?!16:49
Venemoalterego, nope, Android doesn't use Linux. they use a bastardized version which is even incompatible with the original one.16:49
alteregoVenemo: I think you'll find that it's 99.99999999999999999% linux :P16:50
Venemoalterego, which is incompatible with 100% linux16:50
alteregoWhat small changes they may make are minute compared to Linux :P16:50
alteregoWhat is "incompatible with linux"16:50
*** wazd has quit IRC16:51
MohammadAGLMFAO hiemanshu16:51
alteregoIf I can compile, say, libc against their kernel headers, using glibc's linux configuration, then I'd say it's pretty compatible ..16:51
Venemoalterego, not talking about libxy16:51
Venemoalterego, it is a fact that it's not possible to make a driver which is compatible with both mainline linux and android16:52
alteregoThen what are you talking about? Because that is what makes the kernel "compatible" ..16:52
alteregoWhat have they broken to do with drivers?16:52
alteregoBecause I think you'll find again that 99.999999999% of linux drivers will work fine on an Android setup ..16:53
RST38hthey pretty much allowed every OEM to implement drivers the way they see fit16:53
RST38hnot necessarily the way linux requires you to implement well behaved drivers16:53
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan16:54
*** Wirta has quit IRC16:57
Venemojavispedro, moo to you too16:57
RST38hmoo javispedro16:57
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:59
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:59
MohammadAGmoo javispedro16:59
* javispedro looks at his "stuff to try on harmattan" and yawns17:00
fiferboyjavispedro: Did you get anywhere with fmrx?17:02
Venemomorning fiferboy :)17:02
fiferboyHi Venemo17:02
fiferboyI ended up with a really ugly workaround to use different nameroles in WorkingSelectionDialog :(17:02
Venemofiferboy, what was it that you didn't like in my original one?17:03
fiferboyVenemo, I just had a model that I wanted to display a role other than "name"17:04
fiferboy("location" in this instance)17:04
*** veskuh has quit IRC17:04
fiferboyVenemo: I was hoping I could add a property to specify which role to use, but I couldn't get that working17:05
fiferboySo I added a bool property which when it is turned on uses location :(17:05
VenemoI don't know how to do it property either17:06
fiferboyI didn't find any info on it on the web either, imagine that17:06
javispedrofiferboy: at this point I think fmrx will also not work on the n950.17:06
javispedrowill be happy to be proven wrong17:07
javispedropreferably with an schematic :)17:07
hiemanshuMohammadAG: :D17:07
*** maxw has quit IRC17:12
Venemojavispedro, what a waste of hardware :(17:16
mgedmininteresting fbreader bug: in fullscreen press g, choose a page number, press enter17:18
mgedminthe new page is drawn on top of the existing page without clearing it first17:18
alteregoMaybe we could mod on an aerial, has anyone else noticed an N950 antenna gate issue?17:45
alteregoI think I might try modding the back plate with some insulation o ..17:46
*** seif has joined #harmattan17:46
fiferboyalterego: Are you talking about GSM reception?17:47
alteregofif yeah :/17:48
fiferboy*Apparently* that is fixed in the next firmware17:48
*** DocScrutinizer51 has joined #harmattan17:48
javispedroDocScrutinizer51: have you read ?17:49
ajalkaneI'd like to have the next firmware already.17:50
ajalkaneI'm impatient like that.17:50
javispedrosomeone leak the rm680 schematic :)17:54
DocScrutinizer51javispedro: past tense, question, or inperative?17:56
mgedminI got a replacement N950 today17:57
mgedminit had a different firmware17:57
javispedroDocScrutinizer51: well, I'd _like_ you to read it ;)17:57
mgedminat first I was like *yay got new unreleased firmware by accident*17:57
mgedminthen I noticed it was worse17:57
mgedminwhen I realized it was older :)17:57
javispedroDocScrutinizer51: if you have time that is, ofc.17:57
*** seif has quit IRC17:57
DocScrutinizer51mgedmin: you alreeady killed one?17:59
DocScrutinizer51javispedro: (165447 <javispedro> someone leak the rm680 schematic :)17:59
javispedrothat is an imperative17:59
DocScrutinizer51was this a fact or a request?18:00
javispedrorequest :(18:00
javispedrothere's a total of 5 McBSP ports in the chip, and afaiu only 3 or 4 used depending on how this sidetone stuff works18:01
javispedroso potentially it could be connected somewhere18:01
javispedrobut I'm not going to randomly bang everything until I break something18:02
DocScrutinizer51sidetone is a brainf**k really18:02
mgedminDocScrutinizer51, hardware fault (mmc broke down)18:03
DocScrutinizer51you know what sidetone actually is?18:03
DocScrutinizer51mgedmin: :-S18:04
javispedroDocScrutinizer51: only read a few lines about it, and know that #3 mcbsp participates in the link18:04
DocScrutinizer51sidetone is a feedback from mic to earpiece18:04
DocScrutinizer51so you hear own voice in calls18:04
*** CaCO3 has quit IRC18:06
*** rcg has joined #harmattan18:06
javispedroDocScrutinizer51: btw,
javispedroseems to be part of the wl127x datasheet18:07
javispedroit has pinout and a few electric details18:07
DocScrutinizer51can you send me a mail with the url please18:08
javispedroDocScrutinizer51: are you at home already?18:08
javispedrowouldn't like to bother you18:08
*** kkito has quit IRC18:10
DocScrutinizer51if I were at home I 'd copy the datasheet to my local cache ;-)18:10
Venemofiferboy, how do you know about next firmware?18:11
hiemanshufinally my N950 flashed, looks like one of the mirrors has a wrong file18:19
*** hardaker has quit IRC18:19
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan18:23
fiferboyVenemo: I know nothing for sure, but someone had mentioned the poor GSM reception and someone else "confirmed" the issue is fixed in firmware18:25
Venemofiferboy, NICE :)18:25
fiferboyTake it with a grain of salt, since I don't remember the source :/18:25
*** cpscotti has quit IRC18:26
VenemoI WANT the new firmware.18:26
hiemanshuVenemo: new firmware?18:26
fiferboyYeah, new firmware is completely overdue18:26
trxaegis free hopefully?18:26
hiemanshunaah, nothing good will ever happen to it18:27
hiemanshuwith aegis Nokia wants to drive away devs and with no release in major countries, Consumber18:27
specialhmm, there is no twitter client in the lastest N950 image, right?18:29
*** smoku has quit IRC18:29
hiemanshuthe one we have no, the latest IIRC there is one18:29
specialyeah, i've seen quimgil using "Tweet for Nokia N9"18:30
*** seif has joined #harmattan18:30
specialwanted to make sure I wasn't missing it somehow18:30
*** harbaum has quit IRC18:30
hiemanshuN9 is different, it has twitter already, and he has access to internal images as well18:31
Mek(internal n950 images also include twitter etc)18:31
mgedminso, I hear final firmware isn't going to have a flash plugin in the browser either18:32
SpeedEvilI would like to say I don't believe nokia would do that.18:33
fiferboyI can't believe nobody has leaked firmware images yet18:33
DocScrutinizer51hiemanshu: no release in major countries? FUD?18:33
DocScrutinizer51fiferboy: they are probably "dongled" to R+D devices18:33
hiemanshuDocScrutinizer51: no US/UK release, and no .nl as well18:34
fiferboyDocScrutinizer51: Or need a special flashing jig? :)18:34
Elleohiemanshu: it is available in the UK through lots of third party retailers, just not direct from Nokia (and presumably no subsidised versions from varriers)18:35
* SpeedEvil steals Elleos time machine.18:36
Elleoerr, yeah "available to pre-order" is what I should have said18:37
*** roop_ has quit IRC18:39
*** spenap has quit IRC18:40
*** growlhero has joined #harmattan18:44
hardakerwe need a list of people that have g+ accounts.  (gasp)18:46
Tronicspeaking of which, any g+ apps for harmattan yet?18:47
growlherothought I could share what I heard at work today. A Nokia representative came in to talk to us about the N9, which is still on schedule to be released in Sweden on September 23. Apparently, Nokia is working with Spotify to have a Spotify client released along with the N9, with integration of the social aspects of spotify aswell.18:47
DocScrutinizer51hiemanshu: there's been a long lasting rant about no selling in US/UK/DE/$random-countries, based on those countries not showing up in the sales start date list18:48
DocScrutinizer51that however was based on the webshops closing in those countries18:48
hardakerTronic: no, though the web page works ok.18:49
*** seif has quit IRC18:49
*** ajalkane has quit IRC18:53
*** leinir has quit IRC18:53
*** CaCO3 has joined #harmattan18:53
tommagrowlhero, there is spotify client in harmattan repo19:02
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan19:02
tommawell doesn't seem to be anymore19:03
growlherotomma, oh I didn't know that, was it qspot or the real deal?19:04
growlhero'cause I read about qspot19:04
tommaat some point there was package named spotify but it had depency to qt versions which was unpublished19:04
growlherooh looks like he was telling the truth then19:04
tommait was shown by $pkgmgr list-available19:05
*** ajalkane has joined #harmattan19:05
tommabut apparently it is removed now19:05
GAN900Does Ovi Store crash most of the time for anybody else?19:06
tommayes it does =)19:06
VenemoGAN900, yep19:06
tommait seems to crash more less if you wait a while after every action19:07
hardakerwhat's the equivelent of exit() in qml?19:09
hardakerI know i saw it somewhere19:09
mgedminwhy can't I ssh user@my-n950?  it worked before I restored a backup and rebooted!19:10
Venemohardaker, Qt.quit()19:10
Venemoor similar19:10
mgedminI've checked /etc/passwd, I've checked ownership and permissions of /home/user/authorized_keys ...19:10
mgedminwait, I didn't check the permissions of /home/user19:10
hardakermgedmin: it probably wiped out your .ssh directory?  Or reset /etc/sshd/sshd_config to turn off auth keys19:10
mgedmin777, wtf?19:10
javispedromgedmin: I suggest running stop ssh and /usr/bin/sshd -d -d -d19:10
javispedrothen try to connect19:10
ajalkanei have only ssh'd as developer19:10
javispedroit will show why it refuses auth19:11
mgedminchmod 700 /home/user fixes it19:11
mgedminwhy did the restore app change permissions of /home/user?19:11
*** rZr is now known as RzR19:11
RzRVenemo: pong19:12
VenemoRzR, do you feel like doing some packaging for me?19:12
RzRyou can ask19:12
RzRand i can ignore you :)19:12
Venemowell, I can do packaging by myself, but I know that you have that nice repo of yours19:13
Venemomy app will be ready for a v0.1 release tomorrow19:13
RzRlet me add you to the team19:13
RzRwhat is ur id ?19:13
Venemoand I thought you might want to package it19:13
tommawhy cant you do packaking?19:13
VenemoRzR, id?19:14
RzRon obs19:14
VenemoI think I have access to it, but I've never ever tried it.19:14
RzRanyway what is your app ? irc ?19:15
RzRI tried to build it already but it needs some fixes19:15
Venemoit is an IRC client, yes.19:15
Venemoand I'm up to fixing them19:15
Venemowhich fixes are you thinking about?19:15
RzRminor packaging stuff19:16
Venemowell, it has no packaging at all19:16
RzRare you storring settings in a config file ?19:16
RzRyes i know, I just started to package it and gave up19:16
ajalkanenice to get a real irc client. Using ssh is kinda annoying for ircing, with the connection cutting when changes between 3g and wifi19:16
VenemoRzR, gave up why?19:17
RzRajalkane: install tmux autossh :)19:17
RzRVenemo: I wanted to keep some work for now :)19:17
RzRVenemo: so you are near to release it ?19:17
ajalkaneRzR: oh, thx for the tip19:17
*** growlhero has quit IRC19:17
VenemoRzR, yes.19:18
VenemoRzR, there are some easyfixes19:18
Venemoand one nasty bug19:18
RzRVenemo: arent you using ?19:18
VenemoRzR, I'm using libircclient-qt from your repo19:19
VenemoRzR, I've downloaded from
RzRtell me when u think you wont commit anymore today19:19
RzRi'll have a look at it19:19
alteregoHrm, how do you make a plain harmattan QML app portrait?19:20
Venemoalterego, PageStackWindow can handle portrait19:21
fiferboyalterego: Plain as in no components?19:21
alteregofiferboy: exactly19:21
fiferboyQt Components, that is19:21
RzRVenemo: check for libqxmppclient19:21
fiferboySo mo pageStack19:21
VenemoRzR, what's that?19:21
RzRVenemo: that one should be good to support to19:21
fiferboyIn your main.cpp you can lock orientation, is that what you want?19:22
alteregoYeah, guess I'll do that.19:22
RzRVenemo: a xmpp/jabber lib19:22
fiferboyOr do you want it to rotate based on orientation?19:22
alteregoI want to lock to portrait19:22
VenemoRzR, I'm currently just looking for IRC19:22
RzRVenemo: i know but i may be the same beast , keep it for xmpp-chatter :)19:22
alteregofiferboy: same syntax as fremantle?19:23
VenemoRzR, I don't have time/resources to deal with other protocols, but I'll accept the code if someome implements it19:23
RzRVenemo: and you'll merge it all in im-chatter :)19:23
alteregoAh, found something19:23
fiferboyalterego: I believe so19:23
RST38hOk, gentlemen, I think I have got this QML stuff to workdecently and even simulated Qt dialogs with it19:23
alteregofiferboy: thanks for the pointer.19:23
javispedroRST38h: so you have a thousand lines of code monster that takes a minute to parse? :)19:23
fiferboyalterego: No problem19:23
mgedminincidentally, how do I tell the window manager that my app is in portrait mode?19:23
mgedmin(the app is fbreader and it implements rotation manually; task switcher still thinks it's in landscape)19:24
fiferboymgedmin: Probably the same way alterego found to pin his app to portrait19:24
RST38hjavispedro: does tke 3-5 seconds ;(19:25
RST38hnot a monster though, just 600+ lines19:25
*** spenap has joined #harmattan19:25
javispedromgedmin: _MEEGOTOUCH_ORIENTATION_ANGLE(CARDINAL) = 27019:25
javispedromgedmin: add that property to your app's root window19:25
mgedminthanks, javispedro!19:26
* mgedmin adds "learn how you add and remove X window properties from Qt" to his todo list19:26
javispedromgedmin: summeli had code around for qt:
javispedronot the same property but you get the idea19:27
mgedminthanks again!19:27
javispedroyou should thank god fbreader implements its own rotation19:29
javispedrothere's no other way to do rotation on harmattan.19:29
mgedminoh? the compositor doesn't do anything, it's always left up to the app itself?19:29
mgedminooh, pet peeve: when you swipe from an app to the task switcher19:29
mgedminthere's a noticeable pause before the app thumbnail gets updated19:30
RST38hyea, but does not disturb me19:30
RST38hit is shutting down / recreating gles context there19:30
mgedminlike fingernails on a blackboard19:30
mgedminin fact I'd rather listen to the fingernails19:30
alteregofiferboy: unfortunately that doesn't seem to work :(19:30
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan19:30
fiferboyalterego: Which method did you try?19:30
javispedroactually I thought the delay was a MTF thing19:31
alteregoThe setProperty one on the main window19:31
RST38hlook at the debug messages fromxterm19:31
RST38hyou will see19:31
alteregoAh, think I might be getting somewhere now ..19:31
javispedroRST38h: "xterm"?19:32
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC19:32
javispedroit is a MTF or QML issue19:33
RST38hok an ssh session19:33
RST38hnot qml19:33
javispedrousing my SDL the tumbnail keeps refreshing19:33
javispedroI don't know why they'd recreate the EGL context for.19:33
javispedroother than waste time..19:33
Venemo it is not an issue, I think not redrawing them is meant as an optimization19:34
mgedminjavispedro, AFAIU there's no EGL when your app is thumbnailed; it's all 2D19:34
mgedminwell, replace "AFAIU" with "someone told me on IRC"19:34
fiferboymgedmin: That's where I get all my information :)19:34
RST38hit gets deleted on minimization19:34
tommait is to safe memory19:34
w00t_holding a GL context locks allocates and ~8mb of RAM19:34
mgedminyou can see "MeeGo graphics system destroyed" when an app is minimized19:34
w00t_multiply 8mb by the number of open apps (plus 1-2 for mhome etc)19:35
w00t_that's why it's not held ;)19:35
w00t_*allocates and locks19:35
javispedrow00t_: ok, makes sense19:35
javispedroso they switch to swraster when thumbnailed19:35
javispedrothat's why fonts sometimes looks funny when thumbnailed19:35
w00t_yes, GL and raster aren't pixel to pixel the same19:35
alteregoJaffa: ping19:40
fiferboyalterego: Good idea, Jaffa has done this :)19:41
alteregofiferboy: :)19:41
lcukw00t_, \0019:43
fiferboyalterego: You could just look at his code19:43
fiferboyalterego: Search for "attitude" in gitorious19:43
alteregofiferboy: I would, if I knew what project ;)19:44
alteregoHrm, I was wondering if it was that one ..19:44
Venemohas anyone managed to debug on the device?19:45
w00t_Venemo: debug how?19:45
RST38hI have19:45
RST38hgdb etc19:45
Venemow00t_, you know, getting line numbers for crashes and stuff19:45
* mgedmin raises hand19:45
RST38hstill cannot figure out how to get coredumps though19:46
mgedminthe sdk repo has a bunch of -dbg packages that give you libQt* debug symbols for your line numbers etc.19:46
VenemoQt creator tells me it can't find the gdb19:46
w00t_should work, with debug packages installed ..oh, I've not tried using the sdk19:46
Venemoand indeed, it is looking in a place where it isn't19:46
mgedminRST38h, did you try ulimit -c none before launching your app in the same shell?19:46
RST38hwhat qt creator?19:46
Venemow00t_, how do you do it then?19:46
*** deimos has joined #harmattan19:46
RST38hyou asked about debugging ON DEVICE,not with the buggy qt creator19:46
mgedminoh, I haven't tried debugging with the Qt Creator19:46
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan19:47
RST38hmgedmin: yea, but i still cannot find the core19:47
mgedminRST38h, did you look in /home/user/MyDocs/core-dumps/ ?19:47
Venemow00t_, can you gimee instructions of how to get a line number when my app segfaults?19:47
RST38hmgedmin: empty19:47
mgedminRST38h, :(19:47
RST38hocassionally I see a core there but not my own =)19:47
RST38hit is ok I just run under gdb19:47
Venemo_N950this poor app segfaults when it feels like... I want to cure it19:48
mgedminVenemo, have you tried 'gdb /path/to/your/binary'?19:48
mgedminwhen you get a segfault and a (gdb) prompt, type 'bt' to get a backtrace19:48
w00t_to start under gdb, gdb /path/to/binary, 'r' to run it19:48
Venemomgedmin, inside Qt Creator?19:48
mgedminif it doesn't contain filename + line number, make sure your build system doesn't strip debugging info19:48
mgedminVenemo, no, over ssh on the n950 itself19:48
VenemoI'm not interested in having a debugger tool without an IDE19:49
Venemothere is no point in that.19:49
mgedminfair enough19:49
RST38h-g, can be used together with -O2 actually19:49
mgedminyour "can you gimee instructions of how to get a line number when my app segfaults?" was misleading then19:49
VenemoI could try I guess19:50
mgedminlet me try Qt Creator -- it could run apps fine, I just haven't tried debugging them19:50
Venemobut it'd be inconvenient still.19:50
w00t_RST38h: without line numbers, and often without enough information due to optimisations/macros/etc19:50
Venemomy guess is that the nightly of Qt Creator I'm using is messing up.19:50
RST38hw00t: with line numbers but without enough information at some spotsin the code19:51
RST38hw00t: i.e. it will still show where you have crashed (including source) but you won't always be able to step line by line19:51
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC19:51
RST38hlast news item at site is dated May 12th19:53
mgedminhm, I got an error from qt creator19:54
mgedminsomething about gdb server closing unexpectedly19:54
* javispedro ponders how to do vsynced 2D19:55
fiferboymgedmin: You need to debug gdb19:55
mgedminoh hey I can't launch the app either19:55
mgedmin"chmod: /opt/QMLCompass/bin/QMLCompass: Operation not permitted" and "sh: source: line 15: can't open '/home/developer/.ashrc'"19:55
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan19:57
RST38hjavis: cant19:58
RST38hjavis: furthermore, I still can't find a way to get direct access to the display (other than fb0 or GLES)19:58
javispedrothat's why I am pondering.19:58
javispedrothere's this DRI2 extension that looks promising and is the way the GLES driver does it19:59
javispedroit has the common methods you'd want: GetBuffer and SwapBuffers19:59
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC19:59
RST38hjavispedro: Maybe we should just draw through a GLES texture?19:59
RST38hAh, sounds good19:59
javispedroBUT GetBuffer returns some string identifier I am supposed to lookup somewhere to get the pointer19:59
javispedroglTexImage is awfully slow20:00
javispedroglSubTexImage is slightly faster20:00
Jaffaalterego: fiferboy: pong?20:00
javispedroSGX has a BufferClass stuff to upload textures "the fast way" (designed for textured video, etc), but it requires a kernel module20:00
fiferboyJaffa: attitude is pure QML? Or does it use a pageStack for orientation?20:01
javispedro(which we do not have.. and also we would have problems with "sharing" it)20:01
Jaffafiferboy: It's pure QML now.20:01
Jaffafiferboy: I couldn't get it to stick to landscape using PageStackWindow when the keyboard was open or in the task navigator20:02
fiferboyJaffa: So how do you handle rotation lock now? Or do you?20:02
javispedroglSubTexImage does work if you can stand the fact it uses some of your CPU time (not that you are going to bechmark if you want to vsync though)20:02
Jaffafiferboy: Pure QML doesn't rotate. I *think* I might rotate my root object by 90 deg20:03
* javispedro ponders how Qt does it20:03
mgedminok, qt creator run problem fixed20:03
mgedminwhat sillyness!20:03
*** Evgeniy has joined #harmattan20:04
mgedminso I create a /home/user/.ashrc, and modify /home/user/.profile to source $HOME/.ashrc20:04
javispedrobut they probably only upload small textures and do composition using gl20:04
mgedminand sdk-connectivity-tool creates a /home/developer/.profile that sources /home/user/.profile with HOME set to /home/developer obviously20:04
fiferboyJaffa: So with a pure QML app it stays in the same orientation in the task switch, when the keyboard is open, and regardless of the device oreintation?20:04
mgedminand it fails to source /home/developer/.ashrc, which aborts everything20:04
RST38hjavispedro; qt does it very slowly20:05
lcukjavispedro, how many fps are you seeing?20:06
javispedrowhich method? =)20:06
* lcuk notices some things averaging over 60fps which is nice20:06
javispedromore than 400fps20:07
lcukjust discussion since you mentioned vsync20:07
lcukthat is nearly over 900020:07
javispedrothe issue is not speed for me, but rather chewing cpu time20:07
lcukwhat are you using the cpu time for?20:07
mgedminok, Qt Creator debugging works for me20:07
javispedroobviously I do not want speed, all of the system is synced to 60fps20:07
mgedminof course, in a QML app there's nothing to debug...20:07
lcukyou are meant to leave that idle for qml purposes :P20:07
* RST38h will throw up when he hears "qml" once again20:08
w00t_qml ;)20:08
* RST38h throws up all over w00t20:09
fralsQML is awesome! ;)20:10
mgedmincan someone design a QML mug similar to ?20:11
javispedroeither way the DRI2 stuff looks quite nice and I am seeing the implementation and it even has accelerated bitblt using PVR2D (so I could map it to SDL's HW_SURFACE for extra fun), but have no idea how to actually get the buffers =)20:11
lcukmgedmin, (tongue_in_cheek) your qml cup would need a large capacity and would take a while before you can drink the contents :P20:13
RST38hmgedmin: someone can, but you won't be able to lift it =)20:13
javispedromgedmin: I hope the overflow: visible; property is intentional on that mug ;)20:13
RST38hjavispedro: I would also like to know =)20:13
VenemoIRC is interesting20:14
Venemoif I paste a bunch of lines to Venemo_N950, he gets them all a bit late20:14
javispedroX-Chat does output buffering to avoid the robot operators banning you due to DDoSing the channel20:14
Venemothis is not XChat20:16
Venemothis is my own IRC client20:16
VenemoVenemo_N950 uses IRC Chatter, and I (as Venemo), use Konversation20:16
RST38hThis is called "lag", Venemo20:17
Venemoyeah, but when I paste 20 lines, it takes ~20 seconds to get them20:17
RST38h(and it is actually amusing how new users do not know about it)20:17
RST38hVenemo: longer lag times have been known to happen20:18
GAN900IRC, the asychronous real time communication protocol!20:18
* SpeedEvil watches as GAN900 splits in half.20:18
* javispedro thinks there's some throttle at work20:18
javispedroif it's not X-Chat's then it'll be someone else's :)20:19
npmfrals: QML is cool but has some non-awesome issues:
npmwhich i get to avoid entirely in
npmi bet i can write an highly functional app in less code in qtzibit than in QML (and then use qml for the parts that it's good for)20:21
*** CaCO3 has quit IRC20:22
npm( )20:23
javispedrooh, I think I'm supposed to use PVR2DMemMap20:26
*** Docscrutemp has joined #harmattan20:28
*** Docscrutemp has quit IRC20:32
*** Docscrutemp has joined #harmattan20:32
*** Docscrutemp has quit IRC20:32
alteregoJaffa: I did that, but the display gets offset so you can only see half of the UI20:35
Jaffafiferboy: Correct. It's the components which do the rotation in Harmattan20:35
alteregoI'm guessing it's rotating around the wrong centre. Still looking in to it.20:35
javispedroalterego: is yours a pure Qt app?20:35
alteregojavispedro: yeah20:35
javispedroso you're boned :)20:35
Jaffaalterego: I'll try and check tonight that latest Attitude code is in gitorious. It's now working like I want it to on Harmattan20:36
alteregoWell, I want portrait, not landscape20:36
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan20:36
javispedroalterego: you need to actually render your stuff rotated20:37
alteregomine already locks to landscape, that's the annoyance.20:37
javispedroin pure qt there's no concept of locks20:37
* Jaffa sleeps now on train20:37
javispedroalterego: the idea on Harmattan is that your app does all the orientation detection & locks logic THEN notifies the system which orientation it chose20:38
javispedroalterego: since a pure qt app never notifies the system, system UI appears in landscape20:38
javispedro(which is the default on the N950)20:38
javispedroit is very similar to how it works on a Pre actually =) only on a Pre the default is portrait20:38
lcuki thought harmattan default was portait also?20:39
javispedronah, it is landscape20:39
lcukhm still?20:39
javispedrolcuk: you can easily check it, pure xlib app and request root window size20:39
javispedroit is 800x48020:39
javispedro(and not 480x854)20:40
hiemanshuwell just run a plain qt app, only Landscape20:40
lcukI am glad many apps on harmattan are not rotaty20:40
javispedroactually I would have preferred default portrait20:40
lcukhaving to try and orient it is frustrating sometimes20:40
javispedrowell not sure20:40
javispedrolcuk: that's why we need global orientation lock :)20:41
* lcuk has key binding to decide orientation20:41
javispedrowhich for the reasons I described above it might be slightly harder on Harmattan.20:41
javispedros/slightly// ;)20:41
RST38hwe need CPU load applet before we need the damn lock20:41
javispedroRST38h: didn't you heard the news? no applets in harmattan20:41
* RST38h feels blind without the cpu load applet20:41
RST38hjavispedro: ok, it is now called a status screen widget or something20:41
RST38hjavispedro: or notification, whatever. it is an applet by all other means20:42
javispedronot sure...20:42
RST38hbesides, you can still place icons into the status bar, can't you?20:42
javispedrobut there was a complain here days ago that it was hardcoded to only accept a few plugins20:42
javispedronamely the stock ones20:42
*** Docscrutemp has joined #harmattan20:43
javispedrohe filed a bug and it was quickly WONTFIX20:43
javispedrohere it is20:43
javispedrothat talks about the menu but I wouldn't be optimistic about the rest...20:44
javispedroconsidering its the same extension system20:44
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:45
wmarone_did they even bother to read the bug?20:45
javispedrotold him to make a fuss about this bug20:46
*** deimos_ has joined #harmattan20:46
javispedrocause I think it's quite lame "design"20:46
* javispedro thinks it has to do with aegis' current rather coarse design which would mean such plugins would had more privileges than they deserve20:47
*** deimos has quit IRC20:49
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan20:50
*** divan_ has joined #harmattan20:50
javispedrothere's a rather set of worrisome harmattan things like that one day I think we should sit down and discuss.20:50
divan_did someone try to reset the phone using default Settings->Reset mechanism? Two people (including myself) confirm the phone won't boot after reset at all.20:51
RST38hjavispedro: if there is still someone to discuss them with20:53
divan_trying to reflash... when I plug in USB into the phone, it's recognized as USB Storage. Anyone knows how to switch USB mode? Like pressing U on hw keyboard  or something like this.20:54
javispedroleave flasher waiting for device and reboot the device.20:55
javispedroall with the cable plugged in20:55
divan_javispedro, it's not booting at all now (after reset)20:55
javispedrohold power button to force shutdown20:55
javispedrofor ~10 secs20:56
*** deimos__ has joined #harmattan20:56
*** Docscrutemp has quit IRC20:56
divan_javispedro, oh, yep it helped. So it was on after reset? Just with blank screen? Anyway, flasher started.20:57
javispedrowhich makes me think it was actually doing something =)20:57
javispedrolike erasing =)20:57
javispedromaybe they should add a warning that the restore defaults opreation takes a while20:58
divan_javispedro, well, when resetting begun, it was an label 'Clearing device' and after ~5 minutes it dissapeared. After that Nokia logo was shown for a couple of seconds and thats all - blank screen and no reaction on power key.20:59
*** deimos_ has quit IRC21:00
*** Scifig has joined #harmattan21:01
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan21:03
divan_device refuses to boot even after quickflasher, hmm.... reflashing with standard one21:04
hiemanshudivan_: what is the md5sum of the standard one? (one of the mirror seems to out of sync, I had that issue too)21:05
hiemanshu(I am guessing you are on Linux)21:05
Arkenoiwell, gtalk is there. skype and generic xmpp not yet at least.21:05
javispedroArkenoi: xmpp will never be, unless we make our account provider21:06
*** Docscrutemp has joined #harmattan21:06
javispedrowell, that's what I heard.21:06
divan_hiemanshu, sec21:07
SpeedEvil1c233f8ecf38b2debc1a77b6ca7fb104  Linux_OCF_22-6_EMMC_RM680-OEM1-916.bin21:07
*** deimos_ has joined #harmattan21:07
divan_hiemanshu, $ md5sum *bin21:07
divan_1c233f8ecf38b2debc1a77b6ca7fb104  Linux_OCF_22-6_EMMC_RM680-OEM1-916.bin21:07
divan_482ce0b01cef4432d3565f5b1674600d  Linux_Quick_OCF_22-6_EMMC_RM680-OEM1-916.bin21:07
* Arkenoi wonders why "restore apps from backup" always failed for nokia phones, the last time i have seen it working was symbian s8021:07
hiemanshuyeah, the 1c is the right one, I got a 88 something for another mirror, refused to work21:07
divan_SpeedEvil, still no luck with ovi login?21:08
Venemohow can I make a TextArea component transparent21:08
SpeedEvildiva: no21:08
alteregojavispedro: I would have prefered default portrait.21:08
hiemanshuwhat, ovi just worked for me, from the starting21:08
*** divan has quit IRC21:08
SpeedEvilhiemanshu: Not here. No idea why.21:08
alteregohiemanshu: maybe it updated automatically :P21:08
javispedroalterego: yeah, was going to say that but I am not so sure any longer; the default would be what all raw Xlib apps would use21:08
javispedroalterego: and OpenOffice suddenly popped on my mind21:08
alteregoGood point21:09
javispedrosee how it awful looks on a Pre21:09
hiemanshujavispedro: you have a mind? 0_021:09
* hiemanshu runs21:09
Venemoalterego, do you know how I can make a QML TextArea component have a transparent background?21:09
* Arkenoi wishes there will be DtG, OOo is disaster21:09
hiemanshuwell if we can have kdelibs, we can probably have KWord21:09
javispedro~chase hiemanshu21:10
* infobot chases hiemanshu21:10
*** deimos__ has quit IRC21:10
Arkenoibtw "developer edition" branding will go away by itself21:11
VenemoArkenoi, how do you know?21:11
javispedroand what does "by itself" mean here?21:11
alteregoJaffa: got it working perfectly, turned out the transformOrigin wasn'ty set to Item.Center by default like it was for me under MeeGo CE21:11
divan_Arkenoi, did you get new firmware?21:11
alteregoAnyway, I now have a portrait plain QML app :)21:12
*** divan_ is now known as divan21:12
*** Docscrutemp has quit IRC21:12
javispedroalterego: either way, is this columbus? why don't you use qgraphicsview or even mtf?21:21
javispedroI mean, you render most of the app on your own aiui.21:21
alterego No, this isn't Columbus21:21
alteregoRegardless, Columbus is now a set of QPainter drawn declarative items.21:22
alteregoLayed out in a QML context.21:22
*** Scifig has quit IRC21:31
*** CaCO3 has joined #harmattan21:32
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:34
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan21:34
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan21:36
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC21:36
*** CaCO3 has quit IRC21:39
RST38hmgedmin: Here?21:40
Venemohow can I make a TextArea fill the Flickable it's in?21:42
hiemanshuVenemo: anchors.fill : parent.fill?21:43
Venemohiemanshu, doesn't work.21:43
fiferboyVenemo: How could it fill a flickable it is in? Isn't your flickable height depend on the contents?21:43
Venemofiferboy, yes21:44
Venemofiferboy, and it looks ugly when the TextArea is only a few pixels high21:44
*** Docscrutemp has joined #harmattan21:44
fiferboyVenemo: Set a minimum height for the TextArea?21:44
Venemofiferboy, so I want to either make its background transparent or make it fill the Flickable21:44
Venemofiferboy, how do I set a minimum height?21:44
fiferboyVenemo: height: Math.min(200,implicitHeight) ?21:45
fiferboyJust guessing there21:45
RST38hGentlemen, I am ready to supply you with some .debs. Anyone has a repo where I can upload them>21:45
Venemofiferboy, ok, I'll try21:45
hiemanshuRST38h: ask rzr21:46
Venemofiferboy, doesn't work.21:46
RST38hhiemanshu: no rzr21:46
RST38hJust someone with a repo21:46
Venemofiferboy, but Math.max may work21:47
fiferboyheight: Math.max (200, implicitHeight)21:47
fiferboy(just read the documentation, surprised I was anywhere close TBH)21:47
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan21:47
fiferboyrm_work: ping?21:47
VenemoRST38h, RzR is your man21:48
RST38hVenemo: Rzr will not accept binary packages, and he appears to be using COBS infrastructure anyway21:48
hiemanshuVenemo_N950: did you pull in my patch for /join and such yet?21:48
RST38hVenemo: So, no rzr21:48
VenemoRST38h, what package is it you have that is binary-only21:48
RST38hVenemo: some emulators21:48
*** divan has quit IRC21:49
fiferboyRST38h: rm_you/rm_work has which isn't tied to OBS AFAICT21:49
* RST38h will have to catch Adam then21:49
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC21:49
*** deimos__ has joined #harmattan21:49
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan21:51
*** deimos_ has quit IRC21:53
*** smoku has joined #harmattan21:53
Venemofiferboy, a Math.max expression did it!21:55
fiferboyVenemo: Excellent21:55
RzRRST38h: question for me ?21:57
RzRRST38h: sorry no binaries blop21:57
RzRwe could setup a side repo, but this may cause security issues21:59
RST38h"It's taken Microsoft 10 years to turn security from a weakness into a strength. Apple can use the lessons learned by Microsoft to manage a quick turnaround."22:02
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan22:02
RST38hthat is what is called "a false premise"...22:02
*** Evgeniy has quit IRC22:04
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan22:06
RzRwell i have no lawyers fighting for me22:06
RzRapple or ms have22:06
*** CaCO3 has joined #harmattan22:06
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC22:06
RST38hRzR: I have not been talking about you22:07
RST38hIt was about Microsoft's "security"22:07
javispedroapple doesn't care22:11
crevetorWTF : att_bars=false in the csd invocation. Maybe there's a special at&t mode22:11
javispedroif it even eventually becomes a problem they'll just put ios on the desktop22:11
javispedrothey are already doing that...22:11
RzRwho cares22:11
javispedrocrevetor: more bars in more places!22:12
crevetorExactly what I was thinking22:13
crevetorMaybe they have a deal with phone vendors to have a different "bar algorithm"22:14
javispedronow go and tell the world about this hidden conspiracy22:14
crevetorYes !22:15
javispedro(I actually could believe it, though)22:15
crevetorme too22:15
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:27
RST38hAT&T bars are probably always stuck at "full"22:28
rm_workRST38h / fiferboy: yo22:29
rm_workRST38h: you need debs up? i can do that22:29
rm_workis it a question of arguable legality, or is it a question of OBS hating you? :P22:29
alteregoRzR: where's your repo?22:30
rm_workwhoops forgot to refresh packrat for a bit22:30
rm_workseriously need to fix that22:30
rm_workmaybe I will move packrat to sheeplauncher and just put a redirect22:31
RST38hrm_work: Where should I send them?22:31
RST38h(and yes, moving packrat to sheeplauncher is fine. also I will try fixing the code in the next couple of weeks)22:31
rm_workRST38h: dropbox them somewhere or email them to me, i don't have any FTP set up yet unfortunately :(22:31
rm_workRST38h: k22:32
rm_workyeah cause on the other hosting i can't make cron scripts22:32
rm_workhow big are they?22:32
RST38h~3.5MB total22:32
RST38hbut I probably do not want you to put the ati85 one just yet (got ROMs)22:32
*** CaCO3 has quit IRC22:34
rm_workRST38h: uploaded, and updated packrat22:39
rm_workshould show up there22:40
RST38hrm_work: also just sent you ati85 package, slightly castrated22:40
RST38hyep, it is there. adding to sources22:41
* Arkenoi forgot a link to instruction how to enable landscape mode everywhere, could you please remind?22:41
rm_workRST38h: that sucks tho :( is there a point to using it without the roms?22:41
rm_workdoes it even DO anything without a rom?22:42
RST38hrm_work: 85,86,82 will work22:42
RzRwhat emulator are you working on ? i am also on that topic22:42
RST38hrm_work: these are no longer produced or sold by ti. if you get a dmca letter, I would be surprised22:42
RST38hrm_work: the rest are sold or made in some form, not going to include them22:43
rm_workwell, uploaded22:43
rm_workand refreshed PR22:43
rm_workit is annoying having them on seperate servers anyway >_<22:43
* RST38h happy to see that the little packrat engine still can, after all this time22:44
rm_workageofikon was basic webhosting i used for my wikis for various things :P22:44
rm_worksheeplauncher is a VM i have root on22:44
rm_workso yeah, big difference22:44
RST38hWith the minimal fanfare and no red tape22:44
RST38hIsn't VM going to degrade performance?22:44
rm_worki had to compile static binaries for anything i want to run on ageofikon22:44
rm_workno :/22:44
RST38hor are they optimized for web serving nowadays?22:44
rm_work90% of the internet is on VMs nowadays22:44
rm_workok maybe not22:45
rm_workbut like, a lot of it :P22:45
RST38hweird times22:45
RST38hOk, apt-get seems to work, so I can go to vacation at peace this Sunday22:46
rm_workif you need anything else on there, just email22:46
rm_workyou could tell other people the same as well22:46
rm_workif anyone else is seriously struggling with OBS22:46
RST38hrm_work: there is that, and then there is red tape22:47
RST38hrm_work: Linux Foundation refused to host an extras-like repo22:47
Arkenoiaegis-developer-mode --relaxed-exec22:48
ArkenoiError: Permission denied22:48
RST38hstill, some of my packages will go to cobs anyway, just need more time to figure it out22:48
RST38hArkenoi: works for me :)22:48
RST38hforgot develsh?22:49
RST38hwrong firmware?22:49
Arkenoimay be22:49
*** deimos_ has joined #harmattan22:49
rm_workso, back to considering possibly setting up my own system like extras22:52
rm_workwith trusted approvers, i was thinking22:52
*** deimos__ has quit IRC22:53
rm_worksure, it'd be an "old boys club" of approvers, but i'd hope we'd be fair enough about it that we'd get less complaints than apple :P22:53
RST38hrm_work: Just give access to people you know, informally22:53
rm_workthat's an option22:53
rm_workbasically, if you want your package published, talk to one of these guys22:53
rm_workand they can do it for you22:53
RST38hThere is not going to be nearly enough of us to cause trouble22:53
RST38hsounds like a decent enough idea for the small scale22:54
RST38hif things get out of hand, one can always come up with some automation22:54
lizardocat anyone with a N950 from DDP give me the output of "sysinfoclient -p /device/rd-flags"  ?22:54
rm_workbut true, there will only EVER be like 100 devs22:54
rm_worksince they're not selling the device in... basically any country22:55
RST38hmore like 25 :)22:55
rm_worki guess Russia and China and India are still posibilities :P22:55
RST38hah, next time I go to US, I will bring some extras ...22:55
RzRlizardo: hold on22:56
RST38hIt will surely be funny having to export this stuff INTO US, not OUT22:56
lizardoRzR: thanks, I want to know if there are any rd flags enabled on those devices (I suspect there is not, but I don't have a N950... yet)22:58
RzR~ $ sysinfoclient -p /device/rd-flags22:58
RzR $22:58
RzRlizardo: yes there are none yet22:58
lizardoRzR: ok, as I suspected... :)22:59
RzR~ $ sysinfoclient -p /device/sw-release-ver22:59
RzR/j #n95023:00
RzRfor owners23:00
RzRi want to make a test if possible23:00
fiferboyDoes anyone know how to format a real in QML? Specifically I want to get 2 decimal places23:01
fiferboyDo I have to go through Javascript?23:01
alteregofiferboy: yeah :/23:02
RST38hand there is no warranty js will work =)23:02
alteregoI have some code to do it somewhere.23:02
*** divan has joined #harmattan23:03
fiferboyI guess I'll write a function to take in two numbers, divide them, and output as a formated real?23:04
alteregoWhy not do the calculation, then format?23:05
fiferboyYeah, that'd work23:06
alteregoIt's just more reusable that way ;)23:06
alteregoAnyway, what I do is: (10 / 3)toFixed(2)23:06
alterego(10 / 3).toFixed(2)23:07
alteregoThat results in 3.3323:07
fiferboyTrue, I only need it for a single purpose now but might as well make it reusable23:07
fiferboyalterego: Thanks!23:07
alteregoPadding with zeos is something I had to do too, but can't remember where that is :D23:07
alteregoLike, 003.00 for degrees, or speed.23:08
alteregoThink I did some modulo magic for that.23:08
fiferboyalterego: Yeah, I already have a pad function :)23:08
*** wazd has joined #harmattan23:08
RST38hwazd: first packages went into a repo23:09
fiferboyalterego: Success! thanks23:09
alteregonp :)23:10
wazdRst38h: cool, I'm on my way home to finish the artwork, sorry for delay.23:10
alteregobtw, got my portrait locking working. Just did rotate:-90 and set the anchor point to Item.Center, which it wasn't by default.23:10
divanRegarding 'Service unavailable' issue.. When I press 'Sign in' no data is being send or received at all. When the Ovi login window create I have only this http request (captured on router) -
fiferboyalterego: I found out about the centre point offset when I was testing (hacky) rotation in qemu :)23:11
RST38hwazd: I still have tomorrow, going to .GR on Sunday =)23:11
wazdRst38h: lucky you :) Bring back some beer :P23:12
alteregofiferboy: it's annoying because under MeeGo CE, it seems to set to Center by default ..23:12
RST38hwazd: I will bring back some molotov cocktail =)23:13
wazdRst38h: meheh, that will do too :D23:13
rm_workheading home, later RST38h, have a fun trip if i don't catch you again :P23:15
*** rm_work has quit IRC23:15
*** wazd has quit IRC23:19
*** asys3 has joined #harmattan23:23
*** harbaum has quit IRC23:30
* alterego is attempting to write a guitar chord dictionary app in pure QML23:37
alteregoThis'll be a stretch of my musical knowledge :)23:37
fiferboyalterego: I am tempted to write a multi-touch fife simulator :)23:39
GAN900alterego, nice.23:40
Venemoalterego, ping23:40
alteregoVenemo: Yeah?23:43
Venemoalterego, do you know of the QML MouseFilter element?23:44
Venemoalterego, it seems that I've found something nasty23:44
Venemoalterego, since TextEdit is crappy on its own, I've decided to use TextAre. however it is still crappy so I need to edit its code.23:44
alteregoI know of it, haven't actually used it.23:44
Venemoalterego, it has a MouseFilter element within it with an event handler that seemingly doesn't exist23:45
VenemoQt Creator complains for this line and the whole app appears as a black rectangle if I leave it in.23:46
VenemoI can't understand how their code can operate23:46
* alterego shrugs, different versions probably.23:47
Venemoseems that the TextArea.qml on the device doesn't have it!23:47
fralsyou are looking at /master/ not /1.0/23:47
Venemothey CHEATED...23:47
fralsno, you are looking at the wrong version of the blob on gitorious23:47
fiferboyVenemo: Are you running the stock version on the N950?23:49
Venemofiferboy, yeah, I've changed to the stock version now.23:49
alteregoI'm thinking of cheating and having a chord shape dictionary, then they just get transposed when you query a specific root note.23:49
Venemowhat the heck? qrc:/qml/harmattan/EditBubble.js:53: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: findRootItem23:50
VenemoI now copied the files from the device23:50
Venemowhy doesn't it work?23:50
Venemomaybe I'll need to rebuild23:51
* Venemo deletes the build directories23:51
Venemohm, no23:51
Venemostill not working23:51
Venemomaybe I need one more js file23:53
Venemonow I get QDeclarativeComponent: Component is not ready23:54
Venemowhat the hell is going on with this stuff?23:54
RST38hit is on drugs?23:54
Venemoeven if I just copy the code from sftp:// it still doesn't work23:55
*** wazd has joined #harmattan23:55
RST38hwell, qml examples found on the net rarely work23:55
RST38hdifferent qml versions23:56
VenemoI got this from the N950!23:56
Venemonot from the web!23:56
VenemoI just copypasted the shit that's already there.23:56
spenapVenemo, if this findRootItem is defined in some JS file23:56
spenapand then the path is no longer the same so it cannot find it23:57
spenapyou could be getting that error23:57
*** wazd_ has joined #harmattan23:57
spenapI read the previous error23:57
spenapnot your current one23:57
crevetorDoes anybody here have an N9 ?23:59

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