IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2011-08-10

IlosanomaRight... if it's smart enough, it can be good. If it's too strict, it will be bad. The basic problem is always the user. Displaying a warning about installing from untrusted source is not going to stop a user. But not allowing users to install stuff anywhere else than walled gardens is also bad. So basically I don't know if Aegis any solution to this basic problem.00:03
ieatlinti don't know enough about aegis.  i've run into issues with it, sure00:04
IlosanomaI'd guess walled gardens would serve 90% of users well. And if you could just drop into terminal and issue a simple command, and after that you could install stuff from elsewhere, I'd imagine both more advanced users and regular mom-and-dad type users would be well served.00:06
IlosanomaAegis kinda seems like an overkill to me, but like I said, I don't know enough about it.00:06
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thpdid anyone try to port the maemo 5 flashlight applet / app to harmattan / the n950?00:49
ieatlintanyone here good with networking? if i have a network, is the ip usable on a device?00:50
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Ilosanomathp: I don't know, but I do know that Peter Schneider of Nokia's Maemo/MeeGo tweeted about using flashlight app on N900:51
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kimjuieatlint, in theory, yes.00:54
ieatlintmeh, then in theory i just got an interview question wrong and said 509 ips were usable on a /2300:55
thpieatlint: what's that? cisco ccna course? ;)00:55
IlosanomaI'd like to have a flashlight app on n950 also. The Meaemo one's description seemed dubious if it'd work on N950, so I didn't try it00:55
ieatlintnah, tech company00:56
kimjuit's not network nor broadcast, so it's usable.00:56
thpIlosanoma: well the maemo one uses some V4L2 magic - maybe it works on harmattan, haven't tried00:57
kimjuI'd avoid using it if possible though.00:57
ieatlintyeah, i wasn't sure, so i picked one because i was taught that some devices really don't like being assigned an ip with the last digit as 000:57
Ilosanomathp: the Maemo one I looked at talked about the camera shutter etc. that N950 doesn't have, so I was wary of it00:57
thpieatlint: could be for devices that don't support classless routing (?)00:58
ieatlintyeah, i'm not worried, the answer showed thought and understanding, and that's what they're after00:58
thpieatlint: the CIDR article on wp should be helpful, although i don't remember too well the details00:59
thpIlosanoma: well the camera shutter should be the least of the problem. as far as i can tell from the code, it only uses it to hide/show the widget and disable the light (when the shutter is closed)00:59
ieatlintnah, i understand it well enough already, and it's less CIDR and just netmasking01:00
ieatlintit's a filter question to get rid of people who have no clue01:00
kimjuif they ask about a /23 network then cidr support is given..01:00
ieatlintsure, but CIDR is the notation, netmasking is where is the answer lies01:01
Ilosanomathp: alright cool, then maybe it has a chance of working. I got the impression from the description that it'd activate only if shutter is opened.01:01
thpthen the table at says /23 can have 512 hosts01:01
ieatlintyeah, it does01:02
ieatlintthey asked usable01:02
ieatlintand the first and last ips aren't usable01:02
ieatlintmy only question was if the other ip with the last octet of 0 was usable or not01:02
thpi think so01:04
thpalthough it has its problems apparently01:04
ieatlinthaha, sounds like they asked a good question01:04
kimjuall ip stacks are broken, some more than others.01:04
ieatlintmy answer is debatablly correct or incorrect, which makes it correct when the question was being used to gage knowledge and thought process over random trivia01:05
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IlosanomaHumm... I've never liked trick questions that are focused on minute details of technology like that. What you've answered shows understanding, the details are a little spec browsing01:05
thpi just know that my isp for some reason doesn't route to IPs ending in .255 (which is a bug and crappy)01:05
ieatlintah, yeah, which means that if the answer isn't 509, it might be 50801:06
thp"it depends" is always a good answer01:06
ieatlinterr, if the answer isn't 510 it might be 50801:06
ieatlintyeah, the "it depends" want my answer for the awesome "what does a sticky bit do?"01:07
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IlosanomaSleep time, laters01:20
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javispedroso, should I publish the instructions to disable aegis or not? :)01:54
* javispedro is pondering about the consequences...01:55
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alteregojavispedro: I think you should K)02:03
javispedroalready done02:06
javispedroafter all, since hawaii suggested editing the restok.conf file and qole did so without any complain from aegis, there's not a much long train of thought to manipulating aegis to one's convenience.02:09
javispedrostill it's not a true crack; nokia could kill this at any moment and it won't work on devices that cannot enter developer mode.02:23
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antman8969where did you publish to?02:26
antman8969with aegis "disabled", will new kernels boot?02:28
antman8969oh wait, bad question lol02:28
antman8969spoke too soon02:28
javispedrono, this only disables it after boot.02:28
antman8969very cool, nice work02:30
GeneralAntillesSo, Aegis dead yet?02:32
javispedrolet's say, it can now be put "under user control" once the system is booted02:43
javispedrobut not before02:43
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SpeedEvilI assume the bootloader cert is quite seperate.02:46
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npm what does this mean w/r/t US availability of N9?
SpeedEvilWell - read to the end.05:02
npmi did. but it's not exactly the new york times of journalistic integrity (not that the NYT is either)05:05
npmso i'm not sure how true05:05
npmor whether it's as "unavailable" as the n90005:05
SpeedEvilI can answer the question in seconds.05:06
SpeedEvilAbout 30 million of them.05:06
SpeedEvilAnd it'll become clear.05:06
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SpeedEvilI'd first try to find if there was an actual nokia press release saying unambiguously 'no n9 in USA'05:07
SpeedEvilOr if it's people reading between the lines05:07
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hardaker2I'm hoping between the lines.06:11
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Nick```hello first time here. sorry if asked in wrong channel. just would like to know if Harmattan has PPTP VPN Client and Remote Desktop Client?06:15
antman8969not stock if thats what you mean. A developer may be doing it though (don't know of one off the top of my head)06:16
Nick```thanks. i'll try to search learn more about meego06:18
SpeedEvilMeegoisn't really what's on the n906:18
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* Nick``` bangs head on wall06:19
antman8969not impossible though, just not at the moment06:19
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Nick```gorgeous phone though06:21
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antman8969do you happen to be in a country with an official launch06:30
Nick```yeah malaysia06:32
antman8969thinking of picking one up I'm guessing?06:33
antman8969out of curiosity, what attracted you? the looks?06:33
Nick```kinda a nokia fan. but really underwhelmed by their new phones. can't do anything useful. and ovimap is a big draw,and being a rebel I refuse to fall for iphone/android hype06:35
antman8969do you plan on following to wp7?06:36
Nick```hmmmm don't mind wp7, but I do mind the current huge bulky ones06:37
Nick```seems like all current wp7 phones  are half baked rush products . i dunno06:40
antman8969i'm personallly not a fan of M$. How does the n9 price compare to high end android phones where you live?06:42
Nick```oh, hmmm I don't know the price of N9 yet. but the galaxy s2 is $69506:47
Nick```and Nokia E7 is $51206:48
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Nick```hmmm but if the browser in N9 can support java, then I Think i could use VNC06:54
antman8969I didn't mean to make you think it will never happen. Chances there will be a port06:56
antman8969I just don't know off the top of my head if some one is or not06:56
Nick```man it sure looks good06:56
antman8969it does06:56
tommahmmm.. maybe i should make one06:57
antman8969it's very bitter sweet06:57
antman8969see ^^06:57
antman8969it just takes time06:57
antman8969But Nick```, from my experience with the n950, I love it as a consumer device06:57
antman8969particularly the swipe UI06:57
antman8969which obviously immediately makes me sad that it's the last one...06:58
Nick```n950 cult status huh06:58
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tommai wonder if it is possible to make wine to run wp7 applications as wine does compile for arm07:24
specialtomma: you'd want to start with mono, not wine. Everything on WP7 is managed CLR.07:26
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tommaVNC client ready but cant compile =/ something wrong with my scratchbox07:53
RST38hhello gentlemen08:28
RST38hDOes anyone know how I can change a globalproperty fromwithin QML?08:29
antman8969can you give an example of a globalproperty?08:45
antman8969not sure what you mean08:45
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Venemo_N950good morning10:45
rcgmorning Venemo_N95010:47
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Venemo_N950I definitely need to implement a way of dealing with random disconnects11:01
Venemo_N950the N950 just drops the connection whenever it feels like11:02
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Venemo_N950hiemanshu, ping11:05
RST38hmoo again11:09
RST38hAnyone can help me with *setting* the QML context properties from the QML itself?11:09
Venemo_N950RST38h, doesn't seem possible11:11
RST38hok, is it possible to change properties of the top PageStack from the C++ code then?11:12
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tommaRST38h, if property is writtable then why not11:18
tommausing QObject::setProperty11:20
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC11:21
RST38hthis has not been my question though11:22
*** rcg has quit IRC11:22
RST38hthe question is how do I get the damn QObject11:22
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RST38hfrom QDeclarativeView11:22
tommafindchild by name or type11:23
*** maxw has joined #harmattan11:23
RST38hwill try, thanks11:23
lcuk2morning \o11:25
RST38htooma: btw, will the QDeclarativeView::rootWidget() be the PageStack?11:25
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tommaif it is root item then yes11:30
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Venemo_N950hiemanshu, you are out of luck. my F15 laptop fails to boot, so I can't push11:57
rcg!seen rzr12:13
MeeGoBotrzr was last seen 4 days, 1 hour, 21 minutes and 13 seconds ago, saying 'as someone a backup of win7 ?' in #meego.12:13
Venemo_N950~seen fiferboy12:20
infobotfiferboy <~fiferboy@Maemo/community/contributor/fiferboy> was last seen on IRC in channel #harmattan, 12h 45m 5s ago, saying: 'Ilosanoma: Good to know, thank!'.12:20
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M4rtinK2lbt: is it possible to make the COBS build more verbose ?12:58
M4rtinK2lbt: somewhere in the OBS config or in the Debian packaging scripts ?12:59
M4rtinK2I have a few packages with "dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules build gave error exit status 2" without preceding errors in the normal output...13:00
Venemo_N950nice, not disconnected :)13:02
lbtM4rtinK2: that's a debian packaging issue13:05
lbtthere's some variables you can set ... don't recall... not done it for too long :(13:05
M4rtinK2lbt: well, OBS must be involved somehow as the same packages build fine in scratchbox...13:05
lbtbuilding fine in scratchbox usually means your packaging is broken13:06
M4rtinK2just yesterday a build fremantles GTK and PyGTK in scratchbox and tested it on my N950 - it works13:06
M4rtinK2but the GTK build just dies in OBS13:06
M4rtinK2well, quite possible there is some packaging issue13:07
slaineIs it possible to create a purely QML project in QtCreator that uses QtQuick 1.1 ?13:07
M4rtinK2so I'm trying to find where exactly it fails to fix it :)13:07
slaineI've created one, but it's complaining13:08
slainefile:///Users/slaine/Projects/Qt/TestUI/TestUI.qml:1:1: module "QtQuick" version 1.1 is not installed13:08
slaine     import QtQuick 1.113:08
slaine     ^13:08
lbtM4rtinK2: try a local build.13:09
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan13:09
lbtyou can then chroot into the buildroot and run the build manually13:09
M4rtinK2OBS local build ?13:10
lbtcd to the checked out package and do : osc build13:10
M4rtinK2good point - If it really is caused by packaging, it should crop out even on non-arm build13:10
M4rtinK2I'll be right on it :)13:11
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lbtM4rtinK2: you can do arm build locally too13:25
lbta local build is identical (kernel and qemu versions aside) to an OBS-side build13:25
lbtan OBS worker essentially runs : osc build13:26
M4rtinK2lbt: oh, thats nice! :) I didn't know that is possible13:26
M4rtinK2well, actually why not - If I can build arm binaries in Scratchbox, why not using OBS :)13:27
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lcuklbt, the benefit of local obs buld is that it downloads dependencies as required doesn't it?13:27
M4rtinK2yep, It is doing it right now13:28
M4rtinK2232 packages for an old GTK version, BTW :D13:28
M4rtinK2including Kernel headers for some reason :)13:28
wazdhi all13:29
lcukmorning wazd13:30
Venemo_N950"software update" for N95013:31
Venemo_N950some Store app or whatever13:31
M4rtinK2lbt: something is wrong: chroot: failed to run command `/sbin/ldconfig': No such file or directory13:34
M4rtinK2also: chroot: failed to run command `dpkg': No such file or directory13:34
M4rtinK2even a package that builds in COBS does this - some missing local dependencies ?13:34
tommaVenemo_N950, seems like working ovistoreclient13:36
*** maxw has joined #harmattan13:36
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tommawell... "working" first try worked for while and crashes and now it wont even start =)13:38
aslanilet's try this out...13:38
Venemo_N950then I won't be very eager to try13:38
Venemo_N950now I need to leave, my battery is half empty13:39
aslanidid not crash!13:39
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC13:39
aslaniI guess I'll download compass then13:40
aslanihey, what's "funny catz"? :D13:41
lcukaslani, you mean
aslaniI'm not sure if it's same? I already have that one13:42
aslanior was it
aslanican't remember13:42
aslanioh nice, now I have lolcats on my N95013:43
tommathey all are different projects =)13:43
lbtM4rtinK2: mmm you mentioned scratchbox13:49
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SpeedEvilWoo. And Hoo.14:08
wazdSpeedEvil: o/14:09
SpeedEvilsettings -> About product -> 1.2011-15-7_pr_rm68014:09
SpeedEvilI assume this is as expected - no updates14:09
SpeedEvilSettings -> warranty - one of the easiest legalese free warranties ever!14:10
kimjuum? seems that you've got device with pretty ancient firmware. update it to 22-6 by running the oneclickflasher.14:11
cos^any rumors if there will be firmware updates anytime soon?14:11
kimjucos^, nope. best guess is when n9 hits the stores.14:12
cos^wk22 here14:12
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JaffaUK seems to be confirmed for no availability (following the slight possibility of difference in the US coverage):
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan14:28
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alteregoI seem to remember you being able to import .js files in .js files in Qt Quick runtime.14:33
alteregoAnyone remember the syntax? I can't remember where/if I saw it ..14:33
tommaimport "jsfile.js"14:37
tommaaaah Qt.include();14:38
slaineWhat about my QtQuick question from earlier, anyone any ideas ?14:38
slaineTo recap, I created a QtQuick UI project in QtCreator, I entered in the hello world QtComponents example, but I'm getting an error on "import QtQuick 1.1"14:39
*** thp has joined #harmattan14:40
tommaslaine, you dont have QtQuick 1.1 installed14:40
slainetomma, funny. The same code works when creating a Harmattan QtQuick Application ( I didn't want the application part)14:41
slaineWas wondering if there's extra paths or something I've to put in the qmlproject file14:41
tommaharmattan toolchain has Qt 4.7.4 which has QtQuick 1.114:41
slaineQt Creator 2.2.114:43
slaineBased on Qt 4.7.4 (64 bit)14:43
*** vladest has quit IRC14:44
tommayeah creator uses 4.7.414:44
tommayou can get it from gitorious14:44
slaineright, so the harmattan toolchain includes it but the Qt Desktop part of Qt on my Mac doesn't14:45
slaineso if I want to do QtQuick 1.1, I have to do it via the emulator OR get 4.8 beta or something ?14:46
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*** Termana- is now known as Termana14:50
slainetomma: thanks for pointing me in the right direction, appreciate it.14:58
* SpeedEvil fails step -1 in flashing.15:06
SpeedEvilHow do I turn this thing off.15:06
SpeedEvilWhy diddn't it respond to the off button the first several times I pressed it15:06
fralshave to hold it for a while15:06
SpeedEvilI did.15:07
* SpeedEvil crosses fingers and kicks off flasher.15:07
alteregoI'm working on a QML etsy client15:08
slaineI've some QML app ideas, just trying to get some time to familiarize myself with the tools15:08
SpeedEvilalterego: The 'vintage/handmade' site?15:09
alteregoFirst milestone is browsing the shops, then I'll add purchasing, then I want to add upload new item, so you pick a photo from photos and write in the product details.15:09
alteregoSpeedEvil: yeah, has a nice rest api15:09
SpeedEvilErasing should take several minutes?15:09
alteregoWith json responses.15:10
slaineSpeedEvil: Is there a new n950 image ?15:10
alteregoMy gf will love this app :)15:10
SpeedEvilslaine: The delivered one I got was old.15:10
slaineWhat's the current version then15:10
* slaine powers up his to check what he's got15:11
alteregoI've got 22-615:12
kimju22-6 is the only publicly available image.15:12
slaineYeah, I've got that one alright15:12
slainekimju: are there plans for an update when the N9 ships ?15:12
kimjuslaine, haven't seen any official word about that, but I guess so.15:13
slainefingers crossed15:14
SpeedEvilOk - this isn't good.15:19
SpeedEvilIt seems to be bootlooping.15:19
SpeedEvilI assume this isn't a normal part of flashing - vibrate - NOKIA - wait a bit, then repeat15:20
* SpeedEvil spots the '30 minutes' in the page.15:21
aslaniSpeedEvil: wait for the battery to run out then force charge it and reflash15:21
SpeedEvilShould it vibrate multiple times when flashing, or am I looking at that, or pulling the battery?15:22
kimjudoes the flasher give any progress info?15:22
SpeedEvilStill says erasing15:22
kimjuthe erasing might take a while.15:23
aslanithat's weird15:23
aslaniyeah it might, but the whole process for me took like 30 mins15:23
kimjubut iirc the phone stayed silent during that15:23
SpeedEvilkimju: Sure - but while acting like it's booting multiple times, I'm less sure of.15:23
SpeedEvilI suppose I may as well leave it a bit15:23
aslaniI got my device to stuck in a bootloop while rebooting15:23
kimjuSpeedEvil, well, if it doesn't continue after 45 mins or so, unplug, restart and reflash?15:24
aslaniI had to wait battery to run out (took like 2 hours) and then force charge it and reflash15:24
SpeedEviloops. I diddn't read in full the page, which said I should use quick erase flasher.15:29
SpeedEvilOh - it says I should use the stock first.15:30
*** leinir has joined #harmattan15:33
*** leinir has joined #harmattan15:33
alteregoI'm contemplating using swipe rather than click to select things in a list. Like how the lock screen allows you to go straight to a email or SMS message ..15:35
*** andre__ has quit IRC15:35
M4rtinK2lbt: just for the record, got past the errors by apt-get install qemu* & by applying the the /proc commands from your wiki link15:36
lbtneat ... thanks for the update15:36
M4rtinK2not sure sure if the commands actually did anything though15:36
lbtmaybe add a brief note on the wiki ?15:36
lbtprobably ... revert them and see ? :)15:36
M4rtinK2I'm thinking about a packaging for Harmattan with OBS article15:37
M4rtinK2is there something like this should a start it ?15:37
*** eman has joined #harmattan15:39
M4rtinK2OK, so I'll improve this one :)15:40
*** infobot has joined #harmattan15:40
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v infobot15:40
JaffaM4rtinK2: It would be good if the "getting started with development" was broader scoped and dealt with installing SDK and packaging; leaving "getting started with OBS" a guide to *OBS*15:48
macmaNmkay, ovi store client for n950 out15:48
JaffaM4rtinK2: But any improvements good15:48
macmaNbut for some reason my update client has stopped working. throbber just spins and never stops spinning, no results appear.15:49
kimjuJaffa, you've been working with the harmattan support in obs? any idea why my package(s) stay in "building" state after the package has been succesfully build (as seen in live build log). the .deb is not getting pushed to repo, the package stays in "building" state, but the obs worker is released for next package.. see the red one:
*** eman has quit IRC16:00
Jaffakimju: One for X-Fade on #meego, I'm afraid16:02
rcgkimju: are you using aegis?16:02
rcgi.e. do you create an aegis manifest for your dep?16:03
kimjurcg, that package has a manifest, yes.16:03
rcgjust a second16:03
rcgkimju: ^16:04
MeeGoBotBug 21885 maj, Undecided, ---, david, NEW, Aegis manifests are not correctly handled/created by the builder.16:04
*** lcuk has quit IRC16:05
kimjuso what is the solution, the aegis-deb-add line in rules?16:07
rcgsee the last attachment16:08
*** fiferboy has joined #harmattan16:10
rcgcould you try to add something like "aegis-deb-add -control debian/meepasswords/DEBIAN/control .. debian/meepasswords.aegis=_aegis" to the very end of the binary-arch: build install step instead?16:11
wazdmacmaN: orly16:11
rcgseems like this has to be the very last thing that is done with the deb.. else you get this "hanging" obs issue16:11
wazdmacmaN: yeah, my client is dead too16:11
wazdmacmaN: I guess it's time to reflash! :P16:12
kimjuI wonder what is the difference between aegis-deb-add and aegis-deb-util --add-manifest16:12
*** epage has quit IRC16:17
kimju - -util seems to call -add ?16:20
kimjuso both should work?16:20
rcgwell.. afaik one is a convenience "function" which calls the other16:37
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan16:37
rcgif you build in scratchbox both work iirc16:37
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan16:37
rcgthough, for some reason the obs hangs when using it the "wrong way"16:37
RST38hheya javispedro16:37
RST38hI have noticed you broke aegis =)16:38
javispedropartially, partially :)16:38
rcgso we are currently left with the one that works with obs16:38
*** suy_ has joined #harmattan16:39
*** leinir has quit IRC16:40
M4rtinK2lbt, Jaffa: wiki updated
kimjujavispedro, details?16:40
*** leinir has joined #harmattan16:41
javispedro (seems to be down atm)16:41
javispedroeither way, the idea is (ab)use the module loading abilities granted by using developer mode to disable the validator16:42
*** slaine has quit IRC16:49
*** slaine has joined #harmattan16:49
lbtthanks M4rtinK216:52
*** lcuk has joined #harmattan16:52
fiferboylbt: Hi!16:52
lbthey fiferboy :)16:52
fiferboyHave you had time for any actual development lately, or are you way too busy for that?16:53
fiferboyYeah, I figured :(16:53
lbtkeep allocating time and then pushing it back...16:53
lbtc.obs, apps, work ...16:53
lcukyou need some sort of shopping list/todo thingie16:53
fiferboylbt: Hopefully you get some time to check out QML, I find it really cool16:55
GAN900lbt, thanks for pushing all of that, by the way. :)16:57
* SpeedEvil is still screwing with flasher.16:57
SpeedEvilDevice identifier: 357881040009476 (SN: N/A)16:58
SpeedEvilError claiming USB interface: Device or resource busy16:58
aslanistill boot looping?17:00
aslaniunplug and wait for the battery to run out17:01
SpeedEvilIt will turn off if I unplug power17:01
SpeedEvilAnd I should strace flasher to make sure it's not local17:03
GAN900SpeedEvil, did it show up?17:05
GAN900SpeedEvil, N950.17:06
SpeedEvilI have it physically, and it's bootlooping after I attempted to flash it.17:06
*** harbaum has quit IRC17:07
javispedrothere's no new firmware, so reflash wasn't really required =)17:07
GAN900He's worried frals plantent something evil on his N950.17:07
fiferboySpeaking of new firmware, is the official word "shortly after the N9 release"?17:08
SpeedEvilVersion says 22-6 of the download - was 15-somtething of installed17:08
lcukSpeedEvil, tried rebooting your laptop?17:08
SpeedEvillcuk: I suppose.17:08
SpeedEvilGood point.17:08
SpeedEvilI'm not fully awake today.17:09
GAN900fiferboy, I'd have to guess before.17:09
GAN900SpeedEvil, really?17:09
frals<SpeedEvil> Error claiming USB interface: Device or resource busy <- as root?17:09
javispedrowho can sleep when a new toy is at the door.17:09
SpeedEvilI diddn't say I hadn't slept - just that I'm not awake. :/17:10
javispedroSpeedEvil: j/k :)17:10
SpeedEvilMeh - only 48 days uptime anyway.17:11
javispedroso MALF is the official name for aegis self-destruction I guess.17:12
javispedroprobably comes from "MALFunction"17:12
*** n900evil has joined #harmattan17:13
javispedroseemingly it is implemented by dsme and the self-destruction is signaled by the presence of a /var/malf file17:13
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC17:14
GAN900Does it start writing zeroes?17:14
hiemanshujavispedro: so I heard you broke aegis \o/17:14
javispedroGAN900: na, just starts a reboot loop17:14
* n900evil find he has inadequate torx.17:15
GAN900I'm guessing Quim is shaking his head at what he's created.17:15
javispedron900evil: you are trying to open it already?17:15
n900evilI was idly wondering.17:16
n900evilNot trying.17:16
javispedroGAN900: yes, I was surprised by his retweet.17:16
alteregoWhat's Quim been saying?17:16
n900evilWho doesn't check they have tools to dissasemble random devices.17:16
javispedron900evil: :)17:17
* n900evil waits for fsck.17:18
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan17:22
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan17:22
*** Evgeniy has quit IRC17:22
javispedroalterego: check his twitter feed.17:22
n900evilOdd. flasher wedges usb port after one run17:23
javispedron900evil: maybe it is kept backgrounded?17:23
* n900evil tries another kernel on lappy17:26
wazdwow! Store works!17:28
wazdamazing :D17:29
*** willer_ has joined #harmattan17:29
fiferboywazd: Anything there?17:31
Arkenoiwazd: huh?  mine shows "coming soon"17:32
alteregoYou need ti update first17:33
Arkenoialterego, update what? apt-get upgrade?17:33
alteregoThat might work, I'm going through settings->applications->update17:33
alteregoOr whereever it is17:33
GAN900There's an update?17:34
*** seif has joined #harmattan17:34
Arkenoi"Device is up-to-date"17:34
wazdfiferboy, Arkenoi: update it17:34
alteregoArkenoi: press the "update" button :P17:35
wazdfiferboy, Arkenoi: wait a sec17:35
alteregoWow, it works :D17:35
wazdfiferboy, Arkenoi: mine has crashed :D17:35
GAN900Mine's sitting on my desk these days.17:35
wazdArkenoi: there's even Membrana/ru app in there :D17:36
Arkenoiwazd: how do i update?17:36
wazdArkenoi: settings -> applications -> manage applications -> updates tab17:38
Arkenoiah! had to press reload17:38
Arkenoibtw apt-get upgrade did not work17:38
fiferboyHeh, I broke my apt-get functionality installing new qt components17:43
wazd <- sorry for rotation :P17:44
fiferboyGAN900: You'll have to pick it up to do coding and testing the week :)17:44
GAN900fiferboy, yes.17:44
fiferboyGAN900: Thursday!  Always Thursday with you.17:45
GAN900Next week it'll be Friday.17:45
wazdFunny Catz is in store, world is safe place again17:45
alteregoShame there's not much on the store ..17:50
alteregoCan't even install "Compass" :(17:51
javispedrohave you counted to see if there's even less than what was initially available on the N900 store? :)17:51
wazdIs there any way to block that bloody foursquare spam in facebook feed?17:52
fiferboyI guess I'm not missing out by not being able to install the store17:53
fiferboyExcpet for Funny Catz17:53
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan17:53
alteregowazd: maybe if you filter it on the actual site?17:54
*** SpeedEvil has joined #harmattan17:55
lbtM4rtinK2:  add :  export DH_VERBOSE=1   at the start of your rules file BTW...17:58
*** seif has quit IRC17:59
SpeedEvilHmm. Got partway through flashing, then fails a bit into the kernel image.18:03
* SpeedEvil fails to understand why this is flaky.18:03
*** suy_ has quit IRC18:03
infobotSpeedEvil meant: Hmm. Got partway through flashing, then fails a bit into the rootfs image.18:03
MohammadAGalterego, can't install compass either18:04
MohammadAGit's missing deps18:04
MohammadAGalterego, make an open source compass app in QML :)18:04
wazdMohammadAG: worked for me somehow18:04
MohammadAGI would do it, but it won't have fancy transitions/looks18:04
fiferboySomeone here made a QML Compass app, I think18:04
MohammadAGwazd, you're Russian, everything should work for you18:05
fiferboyMohammadAG: ^18:05
MohammadAGthat's Nokia's(?)18:05
fiferboyMohammadAG: I don't think so, it's from c.obs18:06
fiferboyNB: I haven't tried it or installed it18:06
MohammadAGthat's Nokia's example yes18:07
MohammadAGit orients a map, which is empty for Israel18:07
MohammadAGI just need an app similar to the iPhone's/N97's18:08
MohammadAGoh and FYI, ovi store thought compass was installed cause of that18:08
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC18:09
MohammadAGremind me to implement a BT file sending cli app18:12
fiferboyMohammadAG: Just reminding you: write a BT file sending QML app18:13
*** seif has joined #harmattan18:15
wazdfiferboy: +118:16
wazdMohammadAG: I can even draw a ui for it :)18:18
MohammadAGwazd, why not :)18:18
MohammadAGhmm, the transfers framework has bt file sending18:19
MohammadAGsounds petrovich-y18:19
MohammadAGI'll start on it when I get home :)18:22
MohammadAGwazd, if you end up drawing a UI pm me the links, even if I don't reply my bouncer should save them18:22
fiferboyMohammadAG: Huzzah! :)18:23
wazdfiferboy: see, it's all about UI designer in da house :D18:25
wazdMohammadAG: sure :)18:25
* Jaffa couldn't install Compass from Ovi (and has no other compass installed AFAIK)18:33
JaffaPower draining getting past Ovi QA isn't very encouraging though (according to the reviewers)18:34
javispedroprobably because the _reviewers_ are doing Ovi QA ;)18:37
*** slaine has quit IRC18:40
hiemanshuMohammadAG: there is one called qmlcompass18:41
*** spenap has quit IRC18:45
*** rcg has left #harmattan18:51
*** seif has quit IRC18:51
*** seif has joined #harmattan18:52
GAN900Jaffa, are you surprised, though?18:53
JaffaGAN900: No, I'm not surprised by anything18:54
GAN900Me neither.18:54
javispedroI _am_ surprised by the noUK thing.18:56
javispedroI had been stupidly optimist.18:56
JaffaOK, true18:56
JaffaMe too18:56
* Jaffa wonders if he'll be surprised by HP7b this evening18:56
JaffaMight be different to the book ;-)18:56
javispedropotter dies!18:57
*** seif has quit IRC18:57
javispedroall of them!18:57
hiemanshuHP is meh18:57
*** Smtih has joined #harmattan18:58
GAN900Whatever platform we all end up on next, Jaffa's not allowed to come.18:59
JaffaRISC OS, EPOC, Maemo, MeeGo.18:59
w00t_unless it's a burning one, we can use him to put the fires out18:59
GAN900Jaffa, I couldn't remember the book at all.19:00
GAN900Read it in about 8 hours.19:00
w00t_Jaffa: have you ever, by any chance, considered buying a windows phone? *slight smirk*19:00
Jaffaw00t_: ;-) Nokia Developer should be sending me one at some point, I guess19:00
Jaffaw00t_: I bought a Palm device, but it was so shit as an OS19:00
* javispedro hears PalmOS and raises ears19:01
macmaNwazd: any success yet with update?19:01
javispedroPalmOS, Maemo, Meego. My list is shorter than Jaffa's dammit!19:01
*** seif has joined #harmattan19:02
alteregoMy list is the same as Jaffa's ..19:02
GAN900Newton, Palm, Maemo, MeeGo19:02
fiferboyQtopia, Maemo, (android), MeeGo19:03
alteregoThough there's a Symbian inbetween epoc and Maemo ...19:03
* Jaffa suspects he's going to end up as a consumer/developer19:05
javispedrowhat are you now then? :)19:06
hiemanshuSymbian, iOS, Maemo, MeeGo, Palm19:06
Jaffajavispedro: Advocate/community-member/...19:06
javispedrogood point.19:07
Jaffajavispedro: For example, I don't think I'd be on an iOS or Android forum, IRC channel or mailing list19:07
GAN900Sad days.19:08
* javispedro is already on the webos irc channel =)19:08
* javispedro hides19:08
GAN900We're going to morph into internet trolls.19:08
JaffaGAN900: We already are. TMO said so19:09
GAN900Consensus has Spoken!19:09
fiferboyOne of us! One of us!19:10
javispedroyou know, we should ask how the openmoko guys are handling it :)19:10
alteregoWeird, how I would have expected the N9 to have been more successful in the UK than in a lot of other places.19:10
hiemanshugah, store wont update for me :/19:10
javispedroalterego: which is probably the reason it's not sold there.19:11
alteregoI might setup a UK N9 shop :)19:11
alteregoI'll call it Notkia19:11
javispedrostill, I wonder why all the locales.19:11
javispedroit's not like .se speaks that many languages.19:12
GAN900Gooble gobble! Gooble gobble!19:12
Jaffaalterego: I sure getting it won't be too hard, but it'd be damned pricey19:13
GAN900What /is/ SD69's investment in . . .19:14
javispedroall of those arguments that were made in #meego about the n9 being the first "mass market" device..19:15
javispedro*meego device19:15
alteregoGAN900: he's an Android fanboi P19:15
Jaffajavispedro: :-(19:15
javispedroI'm sure Intel is now laughing.19:15
GAN900Intel's doing something, not sure it's laughing.19:15
*** rcg has joined #harmattan19:15
JaffaThey're doing a great job....19:15
GAN900That can't be right.19:16
Jaffa...of showing how much Nokia got open source19:16
JaffaEven badly19:16
JaffaI got used to a firewall between closed management and open community.19:16
JaffaBut closed management in an open project is Just Plain Weird19:17
* Jaffa checks. Nope, still no email19:17
*** smoku has quit IRC19:17
fiferboyDS69's life mission seems to be to prolong's demise19:18
javispedrohey19:18 might be more active that any harmattan related19:18
JaffaHe seems to think that Maemo could be a great mobile OS which the community runs19:18
JaffaOooh. Anyone tried a Maemo 5 port to N950? ;-)19:18
JaffaThat'd be good19:18
lcukJaffa, cordia on meego-ce19:19
javispedroor hildon on maemo ;)19:19
Jaffalcuk: Not the same. Mer could run Hildon Desktop19:19
Jaffalcuk: But I want all the Nokia apps, the existing binaries (hell, my existing backup from N900 restored)19:19
lcukthat is just playing NIH :P cordia has something of momentum19:19
lcukmer got wound down as everybody cheered for meego19:20
Jaffalcuk: All I've seen are videos of the desktop, with no widgets, no status bar plugins and no apps. Happy to be corrected.19:20
lcuksame as everything19:20
javispedrothere are status bar plugins at least.19:20
Jaffalcuk: As you pointed out the other day, it's the apps19:20
* lcuk tried for months to ensure that hildon was strong and compatible19:20
* lcuk would still try given support19:20
JaffaAnd it's not just hildon. It's libosso, libicd2 etc.19:21
lcukJaffa, remember I was one of the last to believe in pr1.2/pr1.319:21
Jaffalcuk: Luddite ;-)19:21
lcukand wanted to do pr1.4 too19:21
javispedroJaffa: which are already on the n950 =)19:21
lcukJaffa, in my old job I was called similar19:21
lcukbut I believe in using good quality tools19:21
lcukand if you find them they are ageless19:22
lcukhaving said that, the calculator on harmattan is awesome19:22
lcukbest advance in technology in decades, I adore the feel of the buttons when using it19:22
lcukie for all the moaning I see up here ^^^ harmattan is pretty damn well made19:23
javispedrooh noes, not that again19:23
lcukjavispedro, ?19:24
javispedrothe "all the moaning I see here" thing =)19:24
* lcuk goes and makes coffee19:24
hiemanshuTablets given out at Intel App Up event at DS, damn I know I should have gone19:25
javispedrothey do that a lot19:26
javispedroso, do you think you could survive the fact that the n9 will not be mass market? do you still have some bit of hope that they will eventually massmarketize it later this year? (I do, but I really dunno why)19:29
lcukall these qml apps that are being written, do they work on the other meego devices?19:30
fiferboyI think the rumours that there will be at least one more Harmattan "device" of some description is interesting (nobody is saying phone)19:30
fiferboylcuk: Raw QML, yes.  QML with Qt Components - not sure yet19:30
RST38hmoo gentlemen19:37
RST38hwhat are we discussing? the inevitable doom?19:37
javispedroyes, welcome to the end.19:37
RST38hah, cute19:38
javispedronokia stock is already worthless and still going down...19:41
*** leinir has quit IRC19:42
M4rtinK2lbt: now this is positively strange - the same package that fails on cobs builds fine when doing local OBS build19:48
lcukM4rtinK2, file a real bug19:48
M4rtinK2using: osc build MeeGo_1.2_Harmattan_Maemo.org_MeeGo_1.2_Harmattan_standard  armv7el19:48
M4rtinK2OK, where ?19:49
javispedroM4rtinK2: what's the problem?19:49
M4rtinK2javispedro: this is the log:
javispedroyou're seeing a bug I already know about19:51
M4rtinK2fails on the debian rules19:51
javispedrofor some reason someone thought passing -j4 to make was a great idea19:52
specialanyone happen to recall about how long the N950 took to ship to the US?19:52
M4rtinK2javispedro: what does it do ?19:52
javispedroparallelize something that debian policy allows not to be parallelizable19:52
javispedroyou can fix this by carefully fixing your debian/rules to be parallizable19:53
M4rtinK2but why does this not happen in a local OBS build ?19:53
javispedrorearranging targets and adding new ones as necessary19:53
M4rtinK2the environment should be the same ?19:53
M4rtinK2javispedro: well, great :D any other workaround ?19:54
javispedroM4rtinK2: this is a parallelization/locking/synchronization problem so it is random, wether it appears depends even on the system load.19:57
M4rtinK2well, it seems to be quite regular in my case19:57
M4rtinK2javispedro: always in the same place for some packages19:58
M4rtinK2so theoretically there is a possibility of just triggering rebuild until one finishes ? :)19:58
javispedrobut I wouldn't do that19:59
M4rtinK2is there no possibility to override the build flags somehow ?19:59
lcukspecial, do you have shipping/tracking info already20:00
javispedroM4rtinK2: we are talking about your problem in #meego20:04
M4rtinK2javispedro: ok :)20:05
*** piggz has quit IRC20:05
RST38hAnyone knows how I can report values from QML to C++ using the rootContext?20:05
hardakerdoes "read it and forgot it" count?20:07
hardakerthere is a web page that talks about it.20:07
hardakerI'm sure it's on this page somewher:
speciallcuk: it was sent out monday, no tracking info yet. I'm going to be gone for a few days.20:11
*** seif has quit IRC20:12
rcgspecial: with respect to the tracking info you might try to contanct the nokia ddp guys.. i also did not get any tracking info20:12
rcgbut the device arrived safely anyhow ;)20:13
hardakerthey don't seem to send tracking info.20:13
hardakerif you write them back and ask they will.20:13
specialthat's good to know; does anybody have an estimate of how long to ship to the US?20:13
hardakerotherwise it'll just show up20:13
hardakerI had my second device shipped last friday, and it arrived monday morning.20:13
hardakerso not long.  you need to be home though ;-)20:13
hardakerrequires a signature.20:14
hardakerso 3-4 days20:14
rcgwell, afaik they are quite busy.. so it kinda depends whether the send tracking info.. some guys said they got it without asking20:14
hardakeryeah, letum get stuff done :-)20:14
hardakerit'll get to you.20:14
specialwell, what I really want to know is if it's going to be tomorrow or friday - nobody will be here :p20:15
hardakersounds like you should ask then :-)20:15
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan20:15
rcgdjszapi: ping20:16
*** piggz has joined #harmattan20:16
rcgi saw that you and rzr are maintaining the "community repo"20:16
rcgwhats the procedure to get one of my packages there?20:16
*** arfoll has joined #harmattan20:16
arfollis there a way to yaml -> dsc?20:17
djszapircg: you need to pay a lot of beers :)20:17
hardakerWow, the store actually works now.20:17
hardakervery cool.20:17
rcgdjszapi: lol20:18
djszapircg: what is your user name ?20:18
rcgdjszapi: wonko20:19
rcgpackage is meepasswords20:19
lcukevening djszapi20:19
djszapircg: ok, I added you to maintainers20:19
hardakerha!  everything but the "Download" button works in the store.20:19
rcgah great :)20:19
lcukhardaker, give it a chance!20:19
djszapircg: please take the responsibility if you break something..20:19
lcukbrand new stuff takes time20:19
djszapiand try to fix it asap20:20
rcgdjszapi: so now i can just add my stuff?20:20
rcg"can" as in "am allowed to" ;)20:20
djszapilcuk: hello bello :)20:20
djszapilcuk: How are you ?20:20
lcukI am reasonable20:20
lcukwent crosseyed earlier having to repar a laptop20:20
* lcuk hasn't done that sort of disassembly/rebuild in years20:21
lcukrepair *20:21
alteregolame, qml javascript doesn't have push and pop operators on arrays :/20:21
lcukalterego, \o20:21
alteregoOh wait ..20:21
alteregoThis isn't an array, it's a bloody QList or something isn't it ..20:21
alteregoHrm, no, it's an "[object Object]" ..20:22
*** smoku has joined #harmattan20:28
GAN900special, SUPPOSED to be overnight.20:28
specialit'd be awesome if it arrived today..20:28
wazdfiferboy: MohammadAG: looks like the exact thing we need to send files is file manager :P20:29
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC20:30
alteregoOh well, sorted out what I wanted to sort out ..20:30
alterego(I think)20:30
fiferboywazd: Yes, that would be helpful :)20:31
GAN900Took 3 days here.20:31
GAN900Because Nokia and DHL combine into Captain Failplanet.20:32
fiferboyGAN900: And because during the weekend they just circle the Atlantic20:33
wazdfiferboy: now we need to know if anyone's already working on it, cause it's not that thing that can be done easily I suppose :D20:34
fiferboywazd: Some people have definitely been working on them, but I don't know what project is furthest toward usable20:34
* RST38h pleads to someone to help him with passing the values to/from qml code20:35
alteregoRST38h: C++ to QML?20:35
alteregoAnd visa versa?20:35
RST38hI can get the rootContext(), but the QML code does not appear to be able of writing to rootContext()20:35
RST38hrootobject() returns 0 so I cannot accessindividual objects20:35
RST38hmostlikely because the qml hierarchy has not been created yet20:35
fiferboyRST38h: I found the easiest way it to have a class with Q_PROPERTY set20:36
fiferboyPass the class to rootContext (as, say "appData") and you can access those properties with appData.propName20:37
alteregoWell, I'd create some simple QObject singleton, with some defined Q_PROPERTY things :)20:37
alteregoYeah ..20:37
RST38hI have a class, of course20:37
RST38hbut it all sounds like bullshit20:37
alteregoIt's even more fun when you setContextProperty"app, this) :)20:38
RST38hwhy not just let people access root context from qml with :property or .property or something?20:38
n900evilI have the flasher, but it won't accept a -0wait-charging flag20:38
fiferboyRST38h: I don't know about the decisions behind it, but I tried other ways and Q_PROPERTY was the only way I could modify the var within C++ AND QML20:39
*** divan has quit IRC20:41
specialdamn - called DHL, it was supposed to arrive tomorrow, they're rescheduling for monday20:43
specialinconveniently timed vacation :|20:43
GAN900Hooray DHL.20:54
*** Evgeniy has joined #harmattan21:01
*** Smtih has quit IRC21:04
*** lardman has joined #harmattan21:07
lardmanevening all21:07
* lardman does some cursing of DBus communication in Qt applications21:08
fiferboyHi lardman21:08
fiferboyHow's the family?21:08
lardmanfiferboy: still not popped out, Sunday is D-day ;)21:09
lardmanfiferboy: and how's yours?21:09
fiferboyWe're doing good, having fun in the Canadian summer :)21:09
crevetorfiferboy: where in canada are you ?21:09
fiferboycrevetor: Hamilton, On21:10
lardmanI'm jealous, weather is decent here but I've got a cold and Holly is obviously not too bothered to be out in the sun21:10
crevetorfiferboy: ok21:10
fiferboylardman: My wife is happy not to be pregnant this summer. Too hot :)21:10
crevetorHow many N950 owners in canada ? I think 321:10
fiferboycrevetor: You're in Canada?21:11
crevetorfiferboy: yes, Montreal21:11
lardmanfiferboy: when's she due?21:11
fiferboycrevetor: Assuming you have an N950, that makes five I know of21:11
crevetorI do. That's more than I knew of. Who are they ?21:11
djszapihi fiferboy :)21:11
fiferboylardman: She's not due.  But two years ago when she WAS pregnant the summer was nice and mild21:11
fiferboycrevetor: me, you, qole, eipi, hawaii21:12
fiferboyHi djszapi21:12
crevetorfiferboy: ok21:12
djszapififerboy: Could you explain how you solved the tableview issue ?
djszapithis way ?21:13
lardmanfiferboy: Sorry, am feeling slightly addled with cold, I should learn to read21:13
fiferboylardman: Summer colds are the worst, I understand :D21:15
lardmanserves me right for being on holiday I guess ;)21:15
fiferboydjszapi: You are trying to use a C++ model with a tableview?21:16
djszapififerboy: I would like to have a table in my qml application using a C++ model.21:16
djszapiand as the guy writes on that page: you have a listview and that is it.21:17
fiferboydjszapi: I suppose you can make a GridView element look like a table view21:18
fiferboyI haven't worked with grid view, but if you make the height/width properly it will look table-ish21:18
*** Evgeniy has quit IRC21:18
djszapithat is not really the point21:21
fiferboyI must not understand what issue you are having21:21
djszapithe point is that you cannot avoid that what you can by using QTableView in C++ which is to not deal with the columns actually.21:21
fiferboyAh yes, that. I think we talked about this before21:22
fiferboyWith a C++ model you need to access by rolename21:22
djszapiI prefer listview + column deal over gridview + column deal21:22
fiferboySo assign a rolename for each column (ie rolename[Qt::UserRole+1] = 'name';)21:22
djszapiwell, it is not really rolename, is it :)21:22
djszapiI would not actually do that21:22
djszapisince it mixes up the things21:22
djszapiI would just make an enum for the numbers, that is21:23
djszapirole is a bit different concept21:23
fiferboyThen in your model class re-implement the data function21:23
*** Ilosanoma has quit IRC21:26
npmwhat's the "harmattan" way of ensuring there's only one instance of an app, versus the "meego" way. Is there a generic qt way of doing this that's platform independent?21:26
djszapinpm: well, it sounds weird...21:28
djszapikdevelop did its session management for that...21:28
npmi believe at least the meego tablet ux has that...21:29
n900evilFlashing doesn't work under 2.6.33 for me21:29
n900evilcompiled fresh 3.0 and it works simply21:30
*** Ilosanoma has joined #harmattan21:30
fiferboynpm: In your dekstop file you can set exec to '/usr/bin/single-instance /path/to/binary'21:35
fiferboynpm: That is Harmattan only, AFAIK21:35
npmfiferboy: thanks... i was trying that. wanted to see whether "Exec=invoker --single-instance --type=d /opt/Qt-Complex-Harmattan/bin/Qt-Complex-Harmattan" was recognized by other meegos checking in now in order to compile on other platforms...21:39
npmbecause "invoker" is used on MeeGo tablet UX.21:39
npmand my goals are to make apps work on both21:40
fiferboynpm: Ah, I have heard weird things about invoker not honouring single-instance on Harmattan21:42
fiferboynpm: Have you found that?21:42
fiferboyAlso, single-instance doesn't work in a package deployed from Qt Creator (AFAICT)21:42
npmfiferboy: i'll find out. and yes, single instance wouldn't work through qtcreator... fortunately for harmattan, it pre-kills before running a new instance21:44
fiferboynpm: But if you leave the deployed package on the system and run it through the desktop file, you can end up with multiple instances21:44
djszapififerboy: do you understand this description ? It does not use a C++ model, thus it might need a bit more consideration for that case:
hardakerI've *got* to finish this outstanding project so I can play with code for the 950.  it's driving me nuts watching this chat room while not tinkering21:49
npmfiferboy:works on tablet too "Exec=invoker --single-instance --type=d /opt/qmltube/bin/qmltube"21:51
fiferboydjszapi: Yes, but I haven't looked at the TableView element that Jens evidently wrote21:52
fiferboyIt should work with a C++ model too, as long as you assign the *roles*21:52
npmtrying on harmattan next21:52
djszapififerboy: nope, it has nothing to do with roles.21:55
djszapiroles != column numbers in theory.21:55
fiferboydjszapi: That is true, but it is the *only* way I know of to access multiple columns in QML from a C++ abstract model21:56
fiferboyIf you know another way, please tell me21:57
fiferboyOtherwise, I am going to continue to equate _roles_ with _columns_ because I have ways to make them functionally the same in QML21:59
*** SpeedEvil has joined #harmattan22:00
*** n900evil has quit IRC22:00
*** djszapi has quit IRC22:01
*** divan has joined #harmattan22:02
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:02
RST38hok. qml stuff kinda works. very slow to startthough22:10
* RST38h isn't sure users will want to wait for 3-5seconds22:10
alteregoWhat app is it?22:11
RST38halterego: any of my apps22:14
RST38hLet us say speccy22:14
alteregoHrm, well, dunno then :)22:14
alteregoMaybe load the app dynamically and show a quick splash page first.22:14
* RST38h once again wonders if using html would have been a better performing choice than qml22:15
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan22:15
rcgRST38h: there are some measures that claim to speed up the start22:15
rcgthough, a splash would be good in anyway imho22:15
alteregoThat's how iOS does it22:16
alteregoAnd a few Nokia maemo/meego apps too ..22:16
GAN900RST38h, supposedly faster in newer releases.22:17
rcgoh.. its actually the correct link22:17
*** djszapi has left #harmattan22:17
rcgRST38h: above link should direct you to: "Optimising application startup" in the docs22:17
RST38haha thanks22:18
Ilosanoma(Ovi) Store application has been updated for N950 devices. After updating you can download stuff. What's the best fart app for this device?22:19
IlosanomaThere's surprisingly quite lots of apps. I haven't tried any if they actually work though.22:20
thpRST38h: also, "invoker" supports preloading of qt libs automatically + a splash screen22:20
thpRST38h: so ideally, just using the right command line in the .desktop file should speed things up a bit already22:20
RST38haha, trying22:21
thpinvoker --help gives some helpful output22:21
RST38hwill invoker also pass extra arguments to my executable, if I place them after executable name?22:21
thpUsage: invoker [options] [--type=TYPE] [file] [args]22:21
thpso apparently, yes22:21
thpyou can also use it to single-instance your app22:22
RST38hah perrrfect22:22
RST38hlet us see how well it works22:22
RST38hnaaah, no change22:23
thpdid you use --type=d ?22:23
RST38hused --type=e22:24
thpoh, also the --help output says the boosting thingie works for apps compiled as shared libs or with '-pie'22:24
* RST38h likes watching engineers create problems for themselves, then heroically solve these problems by creating more problems22:26
SpeedEvilWithout actually asking around if there is a common widely deployed solution invented 40 years ago.22:27
thpwell, the problems that engineers solve and don't create additional problems won't be visible to you, because they have been solved.22:27
RST38hbut the remaining ones tend to snowball though22:29
RST38hgot a stupid question:22:34
RST38hinside QML,how do I turn "file:///aaa/ffff/ggg/eee" into just "eee"?22:34
RST38h(hint: JS standard regex functions appear to fail)22:35
rm_workregex fails? O_o22:35
rm_workor do you fail at regex? :P22:35
RST38hfunctions fail, not regex itself22:36
rm_workhrm, strange22:38
rm_workhaven't tried, but was assuming it was a full javascript engine... and regex seems an odd thing to leave out22:38
Ilosanomaregexps should work in the javascript22:40
*** lardman has quit IRC22:40
Ilosanomayou have a code snippet to paste?22:40
RST38hqml:Config.qml:411: TypeError: Result of expression 'folderList.folder.lastIndexOf' [undefined] is not a function.22:41
RST38hFolderList.folder property is supposed to be a string but is not22:42
IlosanomaRST38h: I'm a QML newbie myself, so take this with a grain of salt. But I'm of the impression that while properties can be used in javascript, they're not javascript objects. So create the pattern matching in a handler (or somewhere else in QML where JS is valid) and manipulate the property there22:44
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan22:44
ArkenoiI wish ovi store had big button "hide forever all bookmarks pretending to be apps". wait, what? almost no apps remain?22:46
Arkenoibut that's fair at least22:46
Ilosanomalol really? So it's like the Chrome appstore22:47
wazdIlosanoma: it's like any other appstore out there22:47
IlosanomaI'm so out of touch with these crazy times, I have no experience with appstores.22:48
Arkenoibtw still no angry birds nor messaging plugins for accounts22:50
* RST38h is tired of saying "meh" tonight22:50
SpeedEvilI'm not seeing the huge difference beteween  fullscreen avascript in-browser-loaded-from-disk app, and a 'proper' app22:51
RST38hwazd: haven't done the ti84+se skin yet? =)22:51
wazdRST38h: ah, you forgot to tell me where to move what :D22:52
IlosanomaSpeedEvil: usually start-up time, latency, and integrating with platform's style is better with "native" apps.22:52
wazdRST38h: you need straight buttons without curves?22:53
RST38hwazd: just need all the buttons and screen to be at the same positions as in TI83 skin22:54
Arkenoibtw 3 of 5 programs from ovi store i tried did not install because of missing deps22:55
IlosanomaArkenoi: Judging from qgil's mesasge on meego forum, third party apps are not likely to be available until final firmware (that N9 is released with) is done. I sure miss myself gtalk plugin.22:55
Arkenoiand what confuses me is that apt-get upgrade seems to be totally indpendent from app store "check for updates"22:56
RST38hhow have you got the app store in the first place?22:57
RST38hsays "coming soon" here22:57
ArkenoiRST38h: reloaded updates via menu, and wow -- it started working.  and apt-get upgrade *WON'T* get you there, you need to use GUI.22:58
IlosanomaThat's kinda annoying.22:59
RST38hArkenoi: what updates?22:59
ArkenoiRST38h: via settings menu23:00
IlosanomaRST38h: Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications23:00
RST38hAnother weird question: my flickable appears to overlap the label at the top of my window23:01
RST38hwhen I flick it, I mean23:02
RST38hHow do I make the label background opaque???23:02
fiferboyRST38h: You need the proper stacking order23:03
fiferboyDeclare the label _after_ the flickable, or set the "z" property23:03
SpeedEvilI go to create a nokia account, and it doesn't work.23:03
SpeedEvilAnyone else hit htis? Service unavailable23:03
RST38hfiferboy: ah interesting, so what do I set it to? which direction is "up"?23:04
IlosanomaSpeedEvil: there's a thread in meego forum about that issue. Do you have time synch from service provider on? Some reported success using that.23:04
fiferboyRST38h: Bigger is in front, I think23:05
SpeedEvilMy provider has broken time-sync23:05
* SpeedEvil pokes around.23:05
RST38hfiferboy: thanks23:06
RST38hArkanoid: doesnot let me install stuff23:06
wazdRST38h: got it23:07
RST38hfiferboy: is there a gallery of default theme icons somewhere? (looking for the UP arrow to show "parent folder")23:08
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan23:10
*** Ilosanoma is now known as ajalkane23:11
fiferboyRST38h: Not that I know of :/23:13
*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan23:13
ajalkaneRST38h: but go and explore in /usr/share/themes/blanco, the up-arrow is in the sub folders.23:14
fiferboyI typically change to /usr/share/themes/blanco and 'ls -R |grep up' then investigate likely candidates23:14
RST38hyea, tried that, no catch23:14
ajalkaneRST38h: you mean the back arrow? The one pointing left?23:15
RST38hI need one pointing up.23:15
fiferboyRST38h: icon-m-toolbar-up ?23:15
RST38hthanks thanks thans23:15
RST38halthough the toolbar one may not be ideal, the dialog one would be23:15
ajalkanethe dialog what? Anyway, as far as I've investigated they all are inside the themes folder23:16
fiferboymeegotouch-slider-handle-label-arrow-up.png ?23:16
RST38humgh! worth a try =)23:17
RST38hlooks like I have killed the device23:17
javispedrois it me or is the harmattan store a complete qa... disaster?23:17
RST38hno it is back up23:18
RST38hjavispedro: we are not supposed to use it yet, so I guess it is ok23:18
javispedrothere's an application called "photos from manuz73" which does exactly that, show photos from some guy.23:18
javispedrothe numbers and average usefulness indicates to me that it is probably easier to get the app listed in ovistore than =)23:20
fiferboyRST38h: Did that image crash your phone?23:20
RST38hfiferboy: Nah, I think Ovi Store did23:27
RST38hfiferboy: the toolbar-up image is actually pretty good, using it23:27
javispedroyeah, during package installation the entire phone freezes for quite a while23:29
javispedroquite worse than n900, and it is because of aegis23:29
RST38hI could not install a single package23:29
fiferboyjavispedro: Because you have gravely insulted aegis23:29
javispedro(benchmark dpkg vs dpkg.real several times in a row and notice how dpkg takes virtually 10x the time of dpkg.real)23:29
javispedroevil me :)23:30
fiferboyYou of all people should know better23:30
javispedroMy own godly powers are increasing though, He already wanted to selfdestruct on my device but I prevented Him from doing so so far23:31
RST38hjavispedro: You should start writing "My" and "he"23:31
fiferboyThe transition hasn't fully taken place yet23:32
RST38hActually, degrade the motherfucking subsystem to "it", does not deserve more.23:32
javispedroRST38h: I was able to install this guy's photos as well as the anglemeter thing (same as on the n900 only a bit speedier)23:38
javispedronothing more23:38
RST38hscary stuff23:38
RST38hok, let us extend this set by one23:38
javispedrodo tell if you find anything that is also installable23:39
javispedroah, videos also could be "installed"23:39
GAN900javispedro, iOS is so faaast on the package idiocy23:39
ajalkanein some apps there's comments from nokia folks (using N9 I gather). Would figure those should be installable.23:39
GAN900and doesn't block23:39
GAN900ajalkane, they have newer firmware than we do.23:40
ajalkaneGAN900: Well... yes. Could break things.23:40
GAN900It's unreasonable not to be able to remove more than one package at a time.23:41
RST38hok, sleep time23:43
SpeedEvilSome other people have mentioned logging into nokia account by name.23:47
SpeedEvilIs this just the whatever@youreamiladress part?23:47
SpeedEvilthe whatever that is23:47
javispedrooh btw, did you fix the reboot loop SpeedEvil?23:47
ieatlinti just have a nokia account with the name "ieatlint"23:47
SpeedEviljavispedro: It was some wierd thing where 2.6.33 would not properly flash23:47
javispedroit's without the @emailadresspart afaik23:47
SpeedEvil3.0 works23:48
SpeedEvilI have no clue why23:48
javispedrocutting edge23:48
* SpeedEvil is pissed off.23:48
SpeedEvilThey pulled powersaving support for my laptop wireless card, as it's broke for some.23:48
wazdI've installed Elements23:49
wazdif anyone cares :D23:49
SpeedEvilDisabled it in one kernel version, which was easy to revert, an ripped it out in the next, which isn't so23:49
* SpeedEvil sings the elements song.23:49
javispedroSpeedEvil: and you are now discovering why I am quite slow while updating kernels, why I have a "patches" folder that is on the few megabytes size, and why I use gentoo :)23:49
* SpeedEvil is pondering moving from slackware.23:50
wazddamn, the only useful app in the whole store has missing dependencies23:51
wazdbloody currency converter23:51
ieatlintthere's a store?23:51
Arkenoiand coin flip cannot use accelerometer *facepalm*23:52
Arkenoicoin toss it is called, yes23:52
wazdlife without flash is kinda boring23:53
wazdHTML5 is really overrated right now23:54
* SpeedEvil ponders writing a client for certain flash websites.23:54
wazdCan't do almost anything I did on N900 :(23:54
ieatlintthere will be flash coming to the harmattan methinks23:54
* SpeedEvil idly wonders if you can jam the n900 flash plugin into te browser. 23:54
SpeedEvilProably not.23:54
ajalkaneAdobe can bring flash plugin if it wants to :-D23:54
ieatlintback at the meego conference, i had lunch with a nokia employee who told me her job was to get flash working on an unnamed meego phone23:54
alteregoieatlint: yeah, unnamed and never to be released :P23:55
javispedrohe/she still works at nokia?23:55
ieatlintno idea23:55
ieatlintshe said most of her job was getting the mic and front facing camera to interface with the plugin23:55
javispedronot even the aegis original designer works at nokia any more...23:56
ieatlintyeah, but i wonder if he ditchd after 2/1123:56
ieatlintwhich, btw, 6 month anniversary tomorrow :P23:56
ajalkaneI hope elopacolypse is over by end of Q1/2012. The guy is likable, he even answered my e-mails about the Meego phone, but he's kinda simple in his WP obsession.23:57
SpeedEvilieatlint: Neat.23:57
SpeedEvilieatlint: (frontcam)23:57
ieatlintanyway, i was careful to say that i think there will be flash23:58
ieatlintnot that there will be23:58
ieatlintspeaking in absolutes when talking about nokia is never a good idea23:58
*** apol has joined #harmattan23:58
SpeedEvilI was almost going to say I can't imagine nokia launching without flash.23:58
ieatlintin fact, the only thing i'll say about nokia in speaking in absolutes is to say a wp7 will come out sometime in the next 12 months :P23:58
*** CaCO3 has joined #harmattan23:59
apolhi, I just compiled my QWidget application from Fremantle, is there any way to fix its uglyness? :P23:59
GAN900ieatlint, you went to the conference?23:59
ajalkaneGoddamn it's being too hard to get the apps look like the native apps. Anyone figured out already what are the correct sizes / colors for the ListView items when there is the main text and the smaller text underneath it?23:59
ieatlintGAN900: yeah23:59
ieatlintthere was free beer, of course i went23:59
ajalkaneapol: rewrite with QML :)23:59
GAN900ieatlint, must've missed you.23:59

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