IRC log of #harmattan for Friday, 2011-08-05

djszapififerboy: well, from what I see, it is meego and symbian00:00
fiferboyD'oh, it was never QML exmaple that took screenshots >_>00:00
fiferboyIt was boosted widget gallery00:00
fiferboydjszapi: Yeah, those are the main ones now00:00
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djszapithat pretty much is no go :)00:01
fiferboyDesktop is most likely coming00:01
djszapiI tend to use QML also on desktop00:01
Venemothere are QML desktop components00:01
djszapialso on fremantle and so on'n stuff =)00:01
djszapioh ?00:02
fiferboyI think I heard talk about Fremantle, but I can't be sure if it is definite00:02
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djszapififerboy: meego as in arm and also intel meego ?00:02
fiferboyMeeGo is mostly Harmattan, I think, but there is an experimental branch that will work in generic MeeGo00:03
djszapiwell, it is clearly no go then yet for me.00:03
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Venemothere is a blog post in which someone tells the story of porting the components to real MeeGo and also to Fremantle00:04
djszapimy QML way worked just fine on desktop, fremantle, meego arm, meego intel, harmattan and so on.00:04
djszapireal MeeGo :D00:04
Venemowell, Harmattan is not real MeeGo00:04
djszapiHarmattan is not meego in general00:05
Venemoalthough when people ask what is on the N950, I just say MeeGo. no need co confuse the simple-minded00:05
djszapifrom the ground, already.00:05
fiferboyVenemo: Kate Ahola is porting00:05
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Venemofiferboy, yes, it was her blog I was referring to00:05
djszapififerboy: meego to N9* ?00:05
djszapialso components ?00:05
fiferboydjszapi: No, Components to desktop, Fremantle, plain ol' MeeGo00:06
djszapiwithout that, it is no go for me.00:06
fiferboyIt'll probably be a while yet00:06
fiferboyAnyway, got to run00:06
djszapiit just confines the original purpose of the Qt framework, the cross-platform thingy.00:06
fiferboyTalk to you guys tomorrow00:07
Venemook, bye fiferboy, have a nice evening :)00:07
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djszapiVenemo: Kate in full-time or as a leisure time contribution ?00:08
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Venemodjszapi, I don't know00:09
djszapiI will ask her the next meego meetup :)00:09
piggzqt-components is on n900-ce and maemo,
Venemothat's Kate's work, yes00:10
MohammadAGpiggz, there will be Qt 4.7.4 on maemo soon, if it matters00:10
djszapiKatix Embedded Linux -> blol00:11
javispedroMohammadAG: oh, good news.00:11
MohammadAGVenemo, libircclient-qt is on rzr's repo if you want binaries00:11
javispedrohoping MTF for Maemo might follow =)00:11
piggzMohammadAG: cool, r u doing that in cssu?00:11
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VenemoMohammadAG, I was hoping you could point me to a -dev package as well :)00:11
Venemoah, thank you djszapi00:17
MohammadAGpiggz, yes00:17
MohammadAGfreemangordon found the raster bug was caused by a gcc optimization flag00:17
MohammadAGso since that's squashed, Qt 4.7.4 will be on maemo this week00:17
Venemomaybe because the old version of GCC it uses?00:18
MohammadAGVenemo, rzr's repo is like extras-devel for now00:18
javispedroexcept there is no non-free ;)00:18
VenemoMohammadAG, I see00:18
MohammadAGmaybe, it's a minor change, from -O3 to -O200:18
Venemojavispedro :)00:18
djszapiwell, rzr said opensource or die :D00:18
VenemoMohammadAG, what does -Ox do?00:18
Venemodjszapi, and RzR is right00:18
MohammadAGNo idea, it's a flag, that's all I know :p00:19
javispedroI do not think OBS supports non-free at all00:19
Venemoheh, ok00:19
javispedrocorrect me if wrong :)00:19
Venemoit does not00:19
MohammadAGI'll correct you00:19
Venemoif you're non-free, go to Ovi or AppUp.00:19
MohammadAGsend a source with binaries00:19
* MohammadAG hides00:19
javispedroVenemo: three words: nonfree but gratis00:20
javispedroe.g. opera00:20
javispedro(also: was firefox still published to nonfree because they couldn't build it via the autobuilder? :) )00:21
djszapiMmm, I do not see any property for alternate text in the Image element of QtQuick. What is the common practice to solve it ?00:24
djszapimanual exist javascript method ? :D00:24
Venemojavispedro, nope, FF was published in its own repo00:27
MohammadAGVenemo, how's your IRC client going?00:27
MohammadAGhiemanshu, patched communi00:27
VenemoMohammadAG, coming well. it's "just" a GUI, right now I've started to build the models00:27
VenemoMohammadAG, does it work well on da N950? at all?00:31
MohammadAGcommuni? yeah, with meegotouch-qt-style00:36
MohammadAGbetter than nothing, work on your client :P00:36
Venemomeh, I was hoping to get an excuse for abandoning it!00:36
MohammadAGjavispedro, how does the launcher determine which apps belong to which package again?00:36
MohammadAGno no no, don't!00:37
VenemoI hate it when I'm duplicating efforts.00:37
VenemoI've already heard about two different people who are working on IRC clients, but none of them responded to my pings.00:38
Venemoalso hiemanshu says he's working on one...00:38
Venemoand there is still no usable one, so despite me wasting a week of development time on my GF's flat, there is still no good IRC client for Harmattan00:40
Venemomeaning, I could be the first to make one :)00:40
javispedroMohammadAG: "MeeGo-Desktop-Entry-Filename"00:43
javispedroI mean00:43
javispedroXB-MeeGo-Desktop-Entry-Filename in binary package control file00:44
MohammadAGfull path I guess?00:44
javispedrotechnically not00:45
javispedrobut since I do not think this is standarized..00:45
javispedroI would put full path.00:45
javispedrooh, wait.00:45
javispedrothat is fun.00:46
javispedrobut the code is in the package-manager.00:46
javispedroI should try this someday.00:47
MohammadAGnope, doesn't work00:47
javispedroit will surely not work if you do not use package-manage.r00:48
javispedrowhich you are not using as it has no UI :)00:48
javispedrobut it exposes a d-bus service.00:48
MohammadAGseems like I need a digisums file00:48
* javispedro grumbles while getting off the chair to get the n95000:48
MohammadAGhow do I get that?00:48
MohammadAGcutetube does it00:48
javispedroMohammadAG: are you using sbox?00:48
javispedroyou should get it automatically00:49
javispedrofind it inside your binary package, control.tar.gz00:49
javispedrocutetube does what, btw?00:49
MohammadAGoh yeah00:50
MohammadAGcutetube has an X button in the app manager00:50
MohammadAGapp launcher*00:50
javispedromaybe they are starting to do that automatically? /me goes search cutetube source00:50
rm_worknpm: ah, got it! need to test it out, but looks like ffmpeg finally compiled00:53
MohammadAGjavispedro, nothing special in the control file00:54
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Venemodunno how's it with you guys, but I haven't even touched my N900 since I got the N950.01:01
JaffaMohammadAG: javispedro: I assumed it was done using one of the triggers you can see during console aptyness.01:01
Venemoexcept when I plugged out the SIM card, and when I tried a QML app which wasn't working on it :(01:01
npmrm_work: awesome....01:02
JaffaMohammadAG: javispedro: i.e. a precomputed index of 'dpkg -S $DESKTOP_FILE.desktop'01:02
rm_worknpm: you still even need it? :P or am i too late to be useful, lol01:02
Venemoalterego, ping01:05
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*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan01:07
javispedroweird, cause on SDK it was pkgmgr the one updating the database01:07
javispedro(which is on /usr/share/applications/installer-extra)01:08
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MohammadAGhiemanshu, type /settings in communi to change font size01:11
MohammadAGuse enter where the next button cannot be seen01:11
MohammadAGk, this is kinda usable01:13
MohammadAGtext entry is slow as fuck01:13
Venemoin communi?01:14
javispedroJaffa: which triggers do you see?01:15
javispedroI mean, I see desktop-file-utils and hicolor-icon-theme (all of them debian)01:15
javispedrothose depend on where you placed files, so I'm interested :)01:15
Jaffajavispedro: Those are the two I remembered seeing, but not on my Debian systems (admittedly, my Debian systems are headless and I don't often install new GUI software on my Ubuntu boxen, let alone via the cli)01:16
Jaffajavispedro: I assumed it was desktop-file-utils, but it was a mahoosive assumption ;-)01:16
javispedroI think it just calls update-desktop-database01:16
* Jaffa goes back in his box. Which, this evening, seems to be responding to TMO trolls.01:17
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javispedrowhy hasn't this abill_uk guy been forever banned is over me.01:19
javispedrowell, my packages do not get the X icon if I don't do the preparation on them.01:21
JaffaIndeed, Reggie's argument is - as far as I can tell - he hasn't explicitly broken any bannable rules01:21
MohammadAGwhat preparation01:22
Jaffajavispedro: I've not done anything to Attitude out of Qt Creator & mud2, and it gets an "X" icon01:22
Jaffajavispedro: As does, in fact, *every* single package I've installed01:23
javispedroJaffa: you install it via dpkg -i ?01:23
GAN900Who read tmo anymore?01:23
javispedroor you tap on it on the browser?01:23
Jaffajavispedro: Most things through the browser. Attitude - Qt Creator originally, then apt-get, then in UI upgrade01:23
VenemoGAN900 ++01:23
JaffaGAN900: But the future of Maemo is at STAKE!!!111!!!111201:24
GAN900Jaffa reads tmo for me.01:24
javispedroI think dpkg-i alone doesn't cut it, because of what I was saying previously... /me puts theory to a test by uploading package to webserver..01:24
GAN900Can it be steak instead?01:24
JaffaGAN900: Bah, the whole reason for coming up with MWKN was so that someone else would read it for *me*01:24
JaffaWith bacon?01:24
Venemojavispedro, maybe Qt Creator does something to those packages that you don't do?01:24
GAN900With a little bit of A1 on the side?01:24
kimjuGAN900, luckily so many that the trolls have big enough audience to stay there..01:25
GAN900Jaffa, you don't work the con well enough.01:25
javispedroVenemo: according to that commit I quoted many lines above seemingly qt creator _used to_, but no longer does :S01:25
Venemowell, I no longer use Qt Creator's packaging01:25
GAN900kimju, I don't recognize any of the nicks on there anymore.01:26
javispedrobtw, selene, rover, and ??? (n950)01:26
MohammadAGall packages I get from the browser show invalid package01:26
MohammadAGaegis prevents a codename01:26
javispedroso I shall use "aegis" as codename then01:27
javispedroah, Dali.01:27
MohammadAGoh yeah yeah I have one01:27
MohammadAGthe burning platform01:27
javispedrobtw, don't you notice that neither the arrow keys nor the space bar do anything on browser and cry a little inside?01:28
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*** smoku has joined #harmattan01:30
javispedrooh, this is nice -- I realized that the install ui reads the aegis manifest01:30
*** rm_work has quit IRC01:31
Venemojavispedro, I cry inside when I see any of the portrait-only apps.01:31
javispedrothis means there might actually be android-style "do you want to install app X which will 'read your contacts', 'take obscene pictures of you', and 'send them to your girlfriend'?"01:31
javispedroUsing the browser to install worked fine here, and..01:31
javispedrogot the X icon.01:31
javispedroso, I hereby confirm my theory on the basis of this anecdote.01:32
javispedroprobably, updating a package will also cause you to get the X icon, because it invokes pkgmgr01:32
javispedrobut installing it via dpkg -i alone _will not_01:33
Venemoso how does QtC do it?01:33
javispedromaybe it invokes pkgmgr, you tell me :)01:33
kimjuX icon?01:33
Venemowell it does use dpkg and then aegis-install, or whatever it is01:34
javispedrokimju: the uninstall from launcher icon01:34
kimjuoh. I managed to get something like that when I forcibly replased couple of packages (terminal, xkb-data) that mp-harmattan-rm680-pr or some other official package required by specific version.01:36
javispedroyou managed to get What?01:36
kimjutook some manual removing of "marked bad" .desktop files to clean after that :)01:36
javispedroyou mean the broken package launcher icon01:36
kimjucouple of different of those.01:37
javispedrowe are talking about the uninstall X, this one
kimjuok, that's new to me.01:38
wazdjavispedro: use my icon. Now! :D01:39
javispedrobtw, if you use pkgmgr to install, then dpkg -i to upgrade, dpkg ignores an existing installer-extra .desktop entry, so the X icon is kept01:39
javispedrowazd: my pleasure!01:39
javispedropkgmgr actually has _cmd line parameters_ to install packages01:40
wazdjavispedro: In exchange you should tell me how to extract fonts from the device :D01:41
javispedrowazd: they are on /usr/share/fonts01:41
MohammadAGif only someone actually downloaded package-manager's source...01:41
javispedrodo you have ssh or similar?01:41
wazdjavispedro: yep01:42
javispedrowazd: and sftp? get into /usr/share/fonts and copy everything01:42
javispedrospecially inside "nokia"01:42
javispedrootherwise, launch terminal, write "cp -r /usr/share/fonts /home/user/MyDocs/fonts" carefully, then use usb cable and mass storage to copy01:42
javispedroMohammadAG: haha01:43
wazdjavispedro: cp: can't preserve permissions of '/home/user/MyDocs/fonts': Operation not permi                                                   tted01:44
javispedrowazd: do not worry01:44
wazdadn so on :(01:44
javispedrothe files will be there on a "fonts" directory when you plug the cable01:45
wazdjavispedro: woo :)01:45
MohammadAGthat's more of a warning01:45
wazdjavispedro: awesome, thanks :)01:45
MohammadAGit happens when copying to a partition that doesn't support unix permissions (ntfs/fat32)01:45
javispedroRM680-22-6_PR_RM680:~# pkgmgr install-file -V -f /mnt/dev/ports/dosbox/dosbox_0.01:45
javispedrothat's the proper way to invoke pkgmgr.01:46
javispedrono dbus-send magic needed! /me is happy.01:46
MohammadAGjavispedro, any progress on the fmtx?01:46
MohammadAGI realize it sucks but I know someone with a bomb shelter to test in01:46
javispedrothey say fmtx is broken, so I've not even tried.01:47
MohammadAGit works, just no antenaa01:47
javispedrobut I'd guess whoever tried would get stopped by what's stopping me currently, no interrupts from audio codec01:47
MohammadAGfmtx not rx01:47
javispedrosince fmtx & fmrx both use the same codec01:47
javispedroso you are not able to do fmrx->fmtx like you could on N900 btw ;)01:48
MohammadAGso I'm guessing you need the datasheet?01:48
Venemoeveryone needs that datasheet and also the schematics01:49
javispedroI think it must be something stupid on my part, so for the moment I prefer to have someone trying alsa tunables like crazy like Doc did01:49
javispedro(he tried to find if there was an analog passthrough for audio, but didn't find any)01:49
javispedro*fmrx audio.01:49
MohammadAGI'll ask abill_uk for help01:50
*** smoku has left #harmattan01:50
wazdjavispedro: :P01:55
Venemowazd, is that your app?01:55
MohammadAGdamn that looks nice01:55
wazdVenemo: well, not mine personally but yes01:55
javispedrowazd: the font you used before already looked much like nokia sans :901:55
wazdjavispedro: it was :D01:55
VenemoI _WANT_ that weather apP!01:55
Venemoyou feel me? I want it!01:56
wazdVenemo: me too, that's why I'm working on it :)01:56
MohammadAGwazd, I'm guessing clicking the days expands them anm like the first one?01:56
wazdMohammadAG: not sure right now, I'd prefer move to the dedicated screen01:57
Venemowazd, I want it to also put the weather into the home screen01:57
wazdMohammadAG: but we should test it :)01:57
MohammadAGwhat homescreen?01:57
wazdI want app icon to show current temperature01:57
MohammadAGthat's doable, technically01:58
wazdyeah, in my head it's definitely doable :D01:58
MohammadAGprovide a default icon with no text01:58
VenemoMohammadAG, the first one. with notifications01:58
wazdwell, we have svg icons for those things :)01:58
MohammadAGwrite some C++ code to write text on that image01:58
MohammadAGI'd prefer png, QtSvg is deprecated01:59
MohammadAGreplace the image01:59
MohammadAGtouch the desktop file01:59
wazdanyway, I still don't like the look of weather details02:01
wazddon't know what exactly is wrong though :(02:02
* npm is to late to reply to " <rm_work> npm: you still even need it? :P or am i too late to be useful, lol" --> yes many people will find ffmpeg useful02:04
* npm was not going to get interrupted until i solved my qtwebkit pukling on self-signed certs02:05
npmwhich i just did :-)02:05
npmby combining and into solution02:06
*** Venemo has quit IRC02:06
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan02:07
Venemomeh, this miserable piece of a laptop froze again...02:07
npmnow i can finally announce
MohammadAGjavispedro: no package works for me from the browser02:09
javispedroMohammadAG: have linkie?02:09
MohammadAGanyone got an irssi package?02:09
MohammadAGjavispedro: any deb02:09
javispedrohmm.. maybe bad example, you need SDL from my COBS..02:10
javispedroMohammadAG: can you dpkg -i this,
javispedrothen try from browser clicking on
javispedro(note: that dosbox is basically unmodified n900's, thus you cannot enter symbols)02:12
MohammadAGwhy does it say invalid for libsdl?02:12
javispedrook, good point.02:13
javispedroit might be because of user/02:17
javispedrotechnically, since meego that's been changed with "XB-Maemo-Flags: visible", but maybe user/ is still around for compatibility or sth.02:18
javispedrohah, haha.02:22
javispedrothe mozilla guys _also_ use a single source package for all the maemo fennec packagings02:22
javispedroand they complain about _my_ packaging02:23
javispedroand as me mozilla guys also define harmattan as maemo6 :)02:23
*** wazd has quit IRC02:30
javispedroMohammadAG: I was able to also install this package via browser: can you?02:38
*** trx has quit IRC02:43
*** piggz has quit IRC02:44
*** piggz has joined #harmattan02:44
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*** Jaffa has joined #harmattan02:45
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*** Elleo has joined #harmattan02:46
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hardaker2where are instructions for flashing a new firmware image for the n950?02:56
hardaker2anyone know?02:56
hardaker2Ah, cool...  thanks!02:57
hardaker2(not that I expect it to work)02:57
*** vgrade has quit IRC03:13
Venemois there a new firmware?03:26
ieatlintno, it's dated june 2103:26
VenemoI almost hoped that there is a new one.03:27
SpeedEvilNot beyond the realms of possibility that for the new devices... Doubt it though.03:28
ieatlintyeah, we're on relatively ancient firmware given the pace of development03:28
ieatlintnah, i suspect they only did one production run, and they were all made with the same firmware03:28
ieatlintcongrats, btw, SpeedEvil03:29
ieatlintwelcome to the elitist club i suppose03:29
SpeedEvilIt's not a very goo club - I've had phones which are much better clubs.03:30
VenemoSpeedEvil, for example?03:30
hardaker2I wanted only only because mine won't boot.03:30
ieatlintyeah, the n900 was a lot bulkier for that03:30
hardaker2those it's doing better than 2 days ago when it wouldn't do anything.03:30
hardaker2DHL delivered it dripping wet in the box03:30
ieatlinthardaker2: dead battery?03:30
SpeedEvilI had an old brick phone- second hand.03:30
hardaker2ieatlint: I actually figured the battery is toast from the water.03:30
ieatlintergh, you should email DDP support ASAP and let them know03:30
hardaker2ieatlint: I did that 10 minutes after it arrived.03:31
hardaker2I sent pictures too.03:31
SpeedEvilhardaker2: In general, you need to remove the battery, and leave it to dry03:31
ieatlintASAP so that they may still have some n950s on hand t replace them... i know at least one other person got a defective one and they promptly rpelaced it03:31
hardaker2SpeedEvil: generally yes, except it's not a removalable battery.03:31
SpeedEvilWhich is another reason I don't like sealed phones03:31
hardaker2(though I didn't try a prybar ;-)03:31
SpeedEvilhardaker2: It is.03:31
ieatlinttorx t403:31
hardaker2they said they'd replace it.03:31
ieatlintyeah, don't open it then03:32
hardaker2though....    that was a few days ago and I haven't heard since.03:32
hardaker2I think I need to bug them again.03:32
hardaker2as my friend put it: "that's like getting a new toy for CHristmas only to find out that the battery store isn't open till the next holiday"03:32
ieatlintuses the same battery as the n8 and n810 i'm told03:33
ieatlintbut if they're replacing it, i'd keep it sealed just so they can't claim you broke it03:33
hardaker2ieatlint: that's what I thought03:33
hardaker2as tempting as the screwdriver was.03:34
ieatlintgood luck :)03:34
ieatlinti'm blindly hoping they'll make the n9 available for purchase via the DDP for forum nokia launchpad members03:35
hardaker2I'm blindly hoping they'll make the n950 availabel for purchase03:37
SpeedEvilI'm blindly hopping.03:37
* SpeedEvil falls into a well.03:37
ieatlintthey have no reason to make the n950 available for purchase i suspect03:38
VenemoI think he means that at some point we can buy "our" N950s03:38
Venemowhat the heck would Nokia do with hundreds of used N950s anyway?03:38
hardaker2No, I don't want *this* one.03:38
SpeedEvilExciting platforms are rather less exciting when you can't introduce people to them, and if they're interested enough let them buy one.03:40
SpeedEvilEven if you happen to own an instance.03:40
SpeedEvilHopefuly the n9 is introduced well.03:40
Venemomaybe they'll just leave the N950s with us.03:42
Venemothose who participated in the N900 programme said that their N900s were never called for.03:43
Venemobtw SpeedEvil, welcome to the club03:43
ieatlinti don't think you have anything to worry about as long as you work on what you got the phone for03:44
Venemoagreed, so let's assume that I will do that for let's say... half a year... or a year.03:44
SpeedEvilThe phone of a thousand years.03:45
ieatlintyeah, just enjoy it, there's nothing after this on the horizon :P03:45
Venemothen what use would be a year-old obsolete dev device for them?03:46
Venemoplus, by that time, maybe a true meego device will come along which I will want to buy03:46
ieatlintsure it will..03:47
Venemowho knows03:47
Venemoworst case, I'll get me a WP7 device... :P03:47
SpeedEvilOr maybe I'll have won the lottery, and made an open phone and laptop. :)03:47
SpeedEvilThe latter with a 4:3 screen.03:48
SpeedEvilSeems the only way it'd happen.03:48
VenemoWP7 development is kinda fun. unfortunately Qt is a lot more fun, especially QML is a lot more fun than XAML03:51
*** NIN101 has quit IRC03:51
ieatlintwow, someone said qml is fun03:51
*** M4rtinK2 has quit IRC03:52
VenemoI admit it... I _hated_ it at the beginning03:52
Venemobut now, with qt-components, it's good enough03:52
GeneralAntillesieatlint, it is.03:54
Venemoand because QML can have bindings with any Javascript expression, which XAML can't03:54
Venemoso more complex bindings are a pain with XAML.03:55
hardaker2holy crap....  reflashing it worked!03:56
Venemohardaker2, welcome to the club :)03:59
hardaker2thanks!  now I gotta go play!03:59
hardaker2hmm...  dinner (which I just finished making) or let it get cold while playing....04:00
hardaker2decisions decisions04:00
javispedrobah, dinner?04:00
javispedroI usually have to choose between my life getting cold while playing and the device.04:00
Venemowhat do you mean?04:02
SpeedEvilOh my. This sourdough bread is awesome.04:03
SpeedEvilEbay is wonderful.04:03
ieatlintmmm, sourdough04:04
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan04:05
*** arcean_ has left #harmattan04:05
*** javispedro has quit IRC04:10
*** willer_ has quit IRC04:18
*** Rizzer has joined #harmattan04:26
*** twoboxen has joined #harmattan04:46
hardaker2err...  how do you CLOSE applications?04:47
twoboxencan someone point me to a BASIC QtQuick example that has a single QGLWidget04:47
Tronictwoboxen: You cannot use BASIC with Qt Quick, only QML and C++.04:48
twoboxenfair enough… I have tried having a QGLWidget as the root element and also QMainWindow04:49
twoboxenneither work in Harmattan, and both work fine in the desktop04:49
twoboxeni just want to show one g.d. opengl context… even a blank screen04:49
*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan04:50
ieatlinthardaker2: go to task manager (one of the "views" of the homescreen) and long press on the screen04:50
ieatlinta red x will appear over each application... you should be able to figure it out from there04:51
hardaker2that's the only way?04:51
hardaker2(I just found that one....)04:51
hardaker2better than none, but ....04:52
Venemohardaker2, there's a better way in newer firmwares, but not in the one currently on N950s04:52
hardaker2oh good04:52
antman8969what is that better way?04:52
hardaker2I like Xs in the upper corner ;-)04:53
twoboxenmind control04:53
Venemoit's been said that in the final version, "swiping" from the top edge will close the app04:53
antman8969do we know when the n950s get updates?04:53
twoboxenanyone know when we'll see a firmware update?04:53
twoboxenhaha ^^04:53
Venemowe do not know04:53
twoboxenI heard n9 release on sept 15ish04:54
antman8969sweden aparently04:54
antman8969I think a countdown site was launched04:54
twoboxenok, so NO ONE knows how to do opengl on harmattan?04:54
Venemotwoboxen, QML is already OpenGL accelerated04:54
Venemoalso javispedro ported SDL04:55
antman8969yea.. not sure what you mean04:55
Tronictwoboxen: Nice, I will consider that a birthday present if it actually happens on that very day :)04:55
twoboxenOk, I'm new to QML04:55
twoboxenlong time Qt04:55
hardaker2its' funny...  everyone complained that the n900 didn't have enough portrait support.  I see they went too far the other way to compensate on the 95004:55
twoboxenso how do I port an opengl app in Qt C++ to QML?04:55
twoboxenthe wiki is a placeholder04:55
twoboxenhardaker2: so true :)04:55
Venemotwoboxen, you don't necessarily need to do that04:55
twoboxenI didn't think so04:56
antman8969 official nokia countdown04:56
antman896949 days04:56
twoboxenbut i can't get a basic OpenGLES 1 context to show04:56
Venemotwoboxen, javispedro can help you I think04:57
twoboxenVenemo: ok, i'll try… thx05:04
twoboxenIs harmattan considered "Qt for Embedded Linux"?
ieatlinthardaker2: i suspect the lack of real portrait support is due to the release phone being the n905:21
hardaker2probably, but still...05:22
ieatlintbut if you search the forums, there is a way to get the application icons into landscape, with some minor issues05:22
hardaker2when you need to type in a field, it's pretty silly to have to use a half-width even-virtual keyboard.05:22
hardaker2I have to say, I am impressed at the phone-to-phone sync.05:22
hardaker2it simply said "turn on the other phone" and I did.05:22
hardaker2that's the easiest I've ever synced anything.  ever.05:23
ieatlintthey have a real product here... i'm sure many are in disbelief at what elop did05:23
ieatlintbut i guess it's been delayed so much already that the momentum is long gone05:24
hardaker2annoyed it doesn't let you launch compiled apps from the terminal.05:26
hardaker2that surprises me...  unless it's doing something more than typical +x permissions05:27
SpeedEvilWelcome to the jungle.05:27
hardaker2so it needs to be in an aegis folder?05:27
SpeedEvilThere are good reasons for it.05:27
hardaker2or owned by it?05:27
SpeedEvilBut it gets in the way of some dev.05:27
hardaker2(I noticed teh user)05:27
SpeedEvilAegis is a security infrastructure.05:27
* hardaker2 needs to start reading apparently.05:28
SpeedEvilYou can only (easily) run binaries it knows the signature of.05:28
*** rcg1 has quit IRC05:33
rm_younpm: well ffmpeg is in my repo now... buuuut.... not sure how to get spekle, since it seems to require GTK05:35
rm_youalso my version of ffmpeg may be slightly too old05:37
rm_youwill have to move forward a few months05:38
*** infobot has joined #harmattan05:42
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v infobot05:42
infobotOkay, I'm here. (courtesy of docscrutinizer)05:42
hardaker2Well, I got my first native qt app running.  that's not too bad.05:44
hardaker2but now I understand why you must rewrite everything in QML...05:44
Venemohardaker2 :)05:45
*** rcg1 has joined #harmattan05:48
hardaker2wow.  root can't create .ssh in ~developer.05:49
hardaker2that's new.05:50
antman8969is a daemon considered a form of a service?05:52
ieatlintmore or less05:53
antman8969never used either one, looking for a documentation atm..05:54
ieatlinta daemon is an application that runs in the background and performs actions on demand05:55
ieatlintfor instance, a web server05:55
antman8969do you know any documentation off the top of your head for incorporating them into Qt appications (or featuring them)05:57
ieatlintuh, to create a daemon?05:57
ieatlintmany ways to do it, just google05:58
antman8969I guess a better question would be06:00
antman8969does aegis restrict daemon functionality in any imortant way that we  know of?06:00
ieatlint may be of relevance06:02
ieatlinti don't know the answer to that question, however06:02
hardaker2my qml app looks much better....06:03
hardaker2of course06:03
djszapiantman8969: no, aegis does not restrict.06:04
djszapiany better than in any other case..06:05
SpeedEvilA daemon is just another binary as far as Aegis is concerned.06:06
*** twoboxen has quit IRC06:06
SpeedEvil(and most things indeed)06:06
infobotLeaving. (courtesy of docscrutinizer).06:06
*** infobot has left #harmattan06:06
*** infobot has joined #harmattan06:07
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v infobot06:07
antman8969ty djszapi06:08
hardaker2depends on libqt4-multimedia (>= 4.7.4~git20110516); however:06:10
hardaker2  Package libqt4-multimedia is not installed.06:10
ieatlinthardaker2: depending on what you wanted from qtmultimedia, try using qtmobility06:34
hardaker2I was going to try just that actually.06:34
hardaker2thanks for the name.06:34
hardaker2I was just trying to look it up.06:35
ieatlintinstead of "QT += multimedia" try "CONFIG += mobility" and "MOBILITY += multimedia"06:35
ieatlintthen thank nokia for moving multimedia to mobility :)06:36
hardaker2I don't think I will.06:36
hardaker2but I'm looking for quadio06:37
hardaker2which doesn't seem to exist in the mobility version.06:37
hardaker2that's going to take a lot more work I think to get that class working.06:37
ieatlintshould be part of it06:39
ieatlinti use qaudioinput and qaudiodeviceinfo and it works via qtmobility06:39
hardaker2Yeah, I may need to twiddle a lot.06:41
hardaker2I'm actually using the signal generator example from the qt sources to generate a tone06:41
hardaker2then sending it to an audiooutputdevice06:42
hardaker2but the quadio class doesn't exist in mobility06:42
ieatlintuh, it's not in the qtmobility docs, but it's part of qtmobility's multimedia module (and is referenced/linked via the qtmobility docs)06:45
ieatlintit *should* work...06:46
ieatlintwhich is to say it works here06:47
hardaker2well, most of it compiles after I remove a few references.06:47
hardaker2quaudioformat is DNE, which is a link error06:47
hardaker2as is qaudiooutput06:48
ieatlinti'm using QAudioFormat to setup my QAudioInput successfully06:49
hardaker2must be in a module I'm not including.06:50
hardaker2for good fun, try this:06:50
hardaker2go to qtcreator, select the audio example, and build it for for the 95006:50
hardaker2I'll save you the suspense: it doesn't :-)06:50
ieatlint is my app -- note that it doesn't work quite right on harmattan, and you need to modify the project file yourself present with the changes i noted above, but the code itself will compile and run, it will list available audio devices and record06:51
ieatlintwill try that06:51
ieatlintcompiled fine without any modification for a harmattan target06:52
hardaker2even with multimedia listed in the QT line?06:52
ieatlintwell yeah, that'll compile, but give the dependency error on install06:53
ieatlintwill try to install it, confirm that error, and then try it with qtmobility instead of qtmultimedia06:53
hiemanshuwell the dependency error is stupid, because the packages are actually named something else06:53
hiemanshuit told me that qtwebkit didn't exist, but my app installed just fine06:54
infobothiemanshu meant: it told me that qtwebkit didn't exist, but my app ran just fine06:54
ieatlinthaha, well, it installed and tried to run06:55
ieatlintsays "/usr/share/qt4/examples/multimedia/audiodevices/audiodevices: Permission denied" and then immediately exits06:55
ieatlintbut it compiled and installed :P06:55
ieatlinti think it is overriding the normal installation dir and aegis is getting angry06:56
ieatlintyep, have it running now06:58
ieatlintthe project file is incompatible with harmattan, but the code is compatible (but looks like ass -- native qt app, etc)07:00
hiemanshuthats not an issue at all07:01
hiemanshubut it works, thats what matters07:01
ieatlintbehold the horrible looking but functioning screenshot
ieatlintok, i'm going to buy groceries, bbl07:04
hiemanshuieatlint: couldnt you rotate it before uploading :P07:04
ieatlintwhere's the fun in that07:05
*** mikhas_ has joined #harmattan07:06
*** antman8969 has quit IRC07:07
*** mikhas has quit IRC07:09
*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan07:11
npm rm_you : i will have to checkout ffmpeg when i get a chance (phaps this weekend)... thanks!07:27
npmspekle is harder... it almost makes more sense to recode it in qt, and get rid of the tiny bit of gtk i use, just the cairo & pango drawing stuff07:31
npmbut that's not going to happen as it it would be a project in and of itself07:35
*** meegoexperts_mob has joined #harmattan07:38
*** meegoexperts_mob has quit IRC07:39
*** meegoexperts1 has quit IRC07:41
djszapiieatlint: oh you are familiar with Qt Multimedia ?07:50
djszapiwe are doing this QtOpenAL. I think that will be a cool addition.07:57
ieatlintinteresting... just googled it07:59
djszapiI hope it can replace alure.07:59
ieatlintmy use has been far more restrictive, i've primarily used it for recording audio and doing dsp on it on the fly07:59
djszapiphonon is not really good for our game development platform.08:00
djszapinot 3d, and not accurate enough08:00
hiemanshudjszapi: gluon?08:00
*** smoku has joined #harmattan08:03
hiemanshudjszapi: hah, damn, small world, I know one your gluon GSoC students :P08:03
djszapiwe have few...08:04
hiemanshudjszapi: you know the one from India, named pranav?08:04
djszapiyep, working on the behaviour tree08:04
*** antman8969 has quit IRC08:06
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC08:08
*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan08:10
*** dcarr_home has quit IRC08:16
*** djszapi has quit IRC08:33
*** dcarr_home has joined #harmattan08:36
*** djszapi|windows has joined #harmattan08:37
*** djszapi|windows has quit IRC08:42
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan08:44
djszapiI am having exported vcf files. They were the contact in my N900. Where should I put them on the phone to get them working again on N9* ?08:45
djszapiThere is a /home/user/.contacts, but I do not see vcf files over there.08:45
djszapior is there any other way to import these vcf contact files into my contact list on the phone somehow ?08:46
*** dcarr_home has quit IRC08:47
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC08:47
djszapibecause I only see 1) Another device 2) Online service 3) SIM card import opportunities08:47
*** dcarr_home has joined #harmattan08:48
SpeedEvilI don't see 'dump onto SIM' on the 900 either08:50
hiemanshudjszapi: you dont see 'from file' ?08:53
hiemanshudjszapi: that should work too08:53
ieatlintdjszapi: you're on too new of a version :)08:54
ieatlintthe n950 as shipped to everyone in here has "file" on the import list in contacts08:54
w00t_use 'vcardconverter'08:54
djszapiieatlint duh08:56
djszapiyeah, I am on the today image :)08:56
ieatlintthe 22-6 image i can confirm does have "file" as an import option08:57
djszapihiemanshu: why I have not done bluetooth is that the gadget is physically not available.08:58
hiemanshudjszapi: ah08:58
ieatlinti'm lazy and don't care as much about my privacy, so both nokia and google have all my data and i saved effort on this step08:59
djszapiieatlint: you cannot do that with a company phone ;)09:01
ieatlintthen you're screwed unless you find another method importing vcf09:02
djszapiw00t_: how can I install it or is it some online web service ?09:02
djszapiwhat is the expected format on N9* btw ?09:03
ieatlintif i had to guess, it's in a sqlite database somewhere09:04
djszapiI have just added a dummy contact to have anything, and then I was trying to look for that word by grep in /home/user/, but it did not really find it.09:04
hiemanshudjszapi: its mostly in a sqlite db09:04
SpeedEvilIs 'aegisfs' encrypted?09:05
SpeedEvilOr is it just another filesystem09:05
ieatlintqtmobility contacts works, so if you're desperate, you can make (or find?) an app that will import via qtmobility09:05
djszapiSpeedEvil: it is a userspace filesystem on the top of fuse.09:05
SpeedEvilSo it's not doing any encryption. K.09:06
djszapiit does.09:06
djszapiusing openssl09:06
SpeedEvilSorry - 7AM and I've failed to sleep. I should probably see if I can dig up docs on how it works.09:07
djszapihiemanshu ieatlint Well, if I open up the contacts icon from the appgrid, I am getting this: "Load contacts on to your new Nokia N950 from: Another mobile, Online service, No thanks".09:07
hiemanshudjszapi: click on no thanks, then go to the toolbar at the bottom, and see if you have the import option09:08
djszapiSpeedEvil: it is actually on aegis-crypto09:08
ieatlinti dunno what you're running on your n950, but mine here says "Import contacts from: Another device; Online service; SIM card; File"09:08
djszapi* on = using09:08
ieatlintand when i click on file , it tries to find vcf files09:09
hiemanshuyes, that is how it works09:09
hiemanshubut if you are a lot of them, you are pretty screwed :P09:09
ieatlinti wonder if you try to open the file (say, as an email attachment) if it'd just work09:10
djszapiat any rate...since I do not have this option...I should detect how it converts...and using that directly...if it is not an internal tool09:10
hiemanshuieatlint: upload one online and I'll test it now :)09:10
ieatlintwell, the first hit i got for "sample vcf" on google was not what i expected09:13
*** smoku has left #harmattan09:16
ieatlintwell, i just tried it with and the browser has no clue what to do with it09:19
ieatlinthowever if i put the vcf in MyDocs/ and then go to the search app type in "vcf", it shows up and i can open it and seemingly import it09:21
djszapiactually, you can import the web browser into contacts09:23
djszapithat is not really great...09:23
hiemanshuieatlint: I downloaded the same thing09:23
hiemanshuand it downloaded for me, clicked it09:23
hiemanshuopens up contacts :D09:23
hiemanshunow I have a screen with the option to save or cancel09:24
hiemanshuieatlint: yes, 22-609:24
*** veskuh has joined #harmattan09:28
djszapifor i in *.vcf; do vcardconverter $i ; done09:29
djszapithis is the solution for my problem. I should probably document it on the community page09:29
hiemanshudjszapi: is it a pre-installed binary?09:30
djszapifor me, yes09:31
djszapinot sure about the image week 2209:31
*** Termana|rdlBNC has quit IRC09:35
djszapiI do not understand the page.09:39
djszapiIf I am on a wikipage and I would like to log in, why doesn't it put me back to that wikipage instead of the mainpage ?09:39
*** Termana|rdlBNC has joined #harmattan09:39
djszapior why is there no "edit/login/back" workflow09:39
SpeedEvildjszapi: back, then reload09:41
djszapidid not really work09:44
djszapihiemanshu ieatlint ok I added the information to the wikipage, any feedback is welcome09:45
*** antman8969 has quit IRC09:49
*** dcarr_home has quit IRC09:49
*** dcarr_home has joined #harmattan09:54
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan09:59
*** djszapi has quit IRC10:00
*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan10:03
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan10:22
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan10:23
*** djszapi has quit IRC10:47
*** djszapi_ has quit IRC10:47
*** smoku has joined #harmattan10:53
*** razvanpetru has joined #harmattan10:59
*** spenap has joined #harmattan11:04
*** seif has joined #harmattan11:08
*** antman8969 has quit IRC11:08
*** djszapi|windows has joined #harmattan11:09
*** mikhas_ has quit IRC11:09
*** mikhas has joined #harmattan11:10
razvanpetruso is the N950 a good phone or not?11:17
*** seif has quit IRC11:21
djszapi|windowsit indeed is11:21
*** seif_ has joined #harmattan11:21
*** slaine has joined #harmattan11:24
Tronicrazvanpetru: Oh, there is a phone on it? I hadn't noticed yet.11:33
razvanpetrufor me, both are very important and I didn't apply for n950 because I got a beta vibe from it :)11:34
*** Rizzer has quit IRC11:34
razvanpetruN9 can't come soon enough...11:35
TronicWell, it is a very good device (with a good phone app too) but there are also plenty of things that were better with N900.11:35
TronicN9 is coming Sep 23.11:35
razvanpetruyeah, n9 is 98% my future phone11:35
TermanaBy the time my N950 gets to me the bloody N9 will already be out :\11:36
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan11:37
Termanarazvanpetru, I'm not happy at all, someone at DHL is going to cop an ear full... :p11:37
djszapi|windowsrazvanpetru: N9 comes soon...11:37
djszapi|windowsTermana: whiny !! :)11:38
djszapi|windowsTermana: there will always be two phones with advantages/disadvantages :)11:38
razvanpetrudjszapi: 48 days is not so soon :)11:39
djszapi|windowsrazvanpetru: hahaha :D11:39
Termanadjszapi|windows, one takes a really long time to get here... and the other would probably do the same. :p Actually I think it's being sold in stores in Australia so I could go down a buy it :p11:40
chouchounewill it be available in shops in 48 days ?11:40
chouchouneor online store shipping ?11:40
* chouchoune thinks about a vacation trip to sweden ;)11:40
djszapi|windowsI do not know, I have been having one or a while ;)11:41
chouchounerazvanpetru: yes but that can be operator shops or operator order11:41
infobotdjszapi|windows meant: I do not know, I have been having one for a while ;)11:41
Termanadjszapi|windows, seriously though, I don't understand how DHL can send it half way around the globe in 3 days, but it takes a full week (and counting) for them to make it travel 2 hours11:42
djszapi|windowsno clue11:42
fralsafaik they only weekly deliviers to remote locations11:43
fralss/only we/only do we/11:44
infobotfrals meant: afaik they only do weekly deliviers to remote locations11:44
ieatlintfucking isp, been down 90min and now i'm stuck tethering my phone11:44
Termanafrals, "Delivery arranged no details expected", i.e. they passed it to another courier. Is that still the case then?11:44
fralsmaybe the other courier is doing even less deliveries to remote locations? :-)11:46
w00t_Termana: that is what happened with mine when they passed it on to a local delivery company, but honestly.. if it's been like that for a few days, i'd ring them?11:46
TermanaI've sent them two online queries. I'll be ringing them Monday11:47
TermanaJust to see what's happening11:47
w00t_phones are a lot harder to ignore ;-)11:47
*** seif_ has quit IRC11:48
*** seif has joined #harmattan11:48
razvanpetrumaybe they lost it11:49
Termanarazvanpetru, please don't say things like that. Only say positive things! :P lol11:50
razvanpetrupositive spin: maybe they didn't lose it :D11:53
*** special has joined #harmattan11:54
Venemogood morning11:59
TermanaVenemo, morning12:00
*** cpscotti has joined #harmattan12:19
* Arkenoi still cannot understand how "standby" screen works -- sometimes to unlock phone you need to swipe it up, sometimes you need to swipe it to the left, and while one method works another could not12:27
MohammadAGyou can swipe in any direction12:28
ieatlintyeah, standard "works for me" response there12:28
hiemanshuif you swipe up any screen and hold it for a bit, you get a quick access menu12:29
MohammadAGI remember seeing it working on swipe down in newer firmwares12:29
hiemanshufor me its like a driving menu, swipe up a bit, use the phone12:29
ieatlintnah, it's swipe up on the newer version12:30
MohammadAGit's swipe up now...12:30
ieatlintswipe down (all the way) closes the app12:30
ieatlintyeah, i'm saying it's the same12:30
MohammadAGbut the quick launch menu shows on the top too afaik12:31
Arkenoihiemanshu, any screen? i get it only on standby screen12:31
MohammadAGany screen12:32
ieatlintany screen that isn't the home screen12:32
Arkenoiswipe down seems to be full equivalent of swipe left -- i get to the apps screen and current window is not closed12:32
hiemanshuArkenoi: any screen12:32
Venemogood morning hiemanshu12:33
hiemanshuhey Venemo12:33
Arkenoihiemanshu, does not work for me, don't know why12:33
hiemanshuworks just fine for me12:33
hiemanshuArkenoi: swipe up a little, and hold it there12:33
*** M4rtinK2 has joined #harmattan12:34
Arkenoidoes not work :-) works on standby screen however and nowhere else :-)12:34
hiemanshuVenemo: you were working on the IRC client right?12:34
Venemohiemanshu, I am working on an IRC client, yes.12:34
Venemowhy are you asking?12:35
hiemanshuVenemo: I am not supposed to?12:36
hiemanshumore like, not allowed to?12:36
djszapi|windowsVenemo: I have just told them, your IRC client will rock in comparison with communi :p12:36
M4rtinK2looks like cobs has a new favicon :)12:36
djszapi|windowsI still stick by ;)12:36
Venemodjszapi|windows, you told well :)12:37
hiemanshuMohammadAG: still no mt-qt-style in rzr12:37
VenemoI'll try making it finger-friendly12:37
hiemanshuVenemo: well, I could help :)12:37
Venemoand vkb-friendly12:37
Venemohiemanshu, that is nice of you :)12:37
*** RST38bis has joined #harmattan12:38
Arkenoiah. SUDDENLY it worked. before that it did not.12:42
*** seif has quit IRC12:43
*** wazd has joined #harmattan12:43
Arkenoitrying to find out more12:43
Arkenoifirst, you have to start moving your finger from outside the touchscreen12:43
Arkenoithat's necessary but not sufficient12:44
Arkenoiah! second, you should move it fast, not slow12:44
Arkenoipretty "intuitive" :-) but you may impress people asking them to repeat this action and watching them failing :-)12:45
Arkenoiand why cannot i do that on the home screen?12:45
djszapi|windowsbecause you are not on the whitelist !!12:46
wazdArkenoi: you can do it with any speed actually12:47
wazdArkenoi: though I'd disable vertical swipes in browser for example :)12:48
Arkenoiyes, seems that speed does not really matter12:49
fralsqlb works on lockscreen and running app afaik12:49
Arkenoibut i still cannot understand why it fails sometimes even if i start moving from well away beyond the border12:49
fralsand speed is irrelevant afaiu, only time matters12:49
*** razvanpetru has quit IRC12:49
wazdArkenoi: it fails sometimes when you trying to unlock the screen too fast12:51
Arkenoiwazd: it also sometimes fails to unlock. i try to swipe in any directions and it just scrolls the screen a few millimeters and that's all -- until i find "proper" direction which seems to be random12:53
MohammadAGhiemanshu, ask x-fade why it's stuck12:53
wazdArkenoi: hmm, maybe it's just a firmware bug12:53
fralspretty sure its not an issue anymore Arkenoi12:54
Arkenoinever happens if i lock it by power button, but happens often if it gets locked by timeout12:54
MohammadAGmake sure you're not touching another area on the screen12:54
wazdArkenoi: ah, then I should test it12:54
Arkenoibtw will we get all the apps bundled with n9 once it gets released?12:55
*** seif has joined #harmattan12:55
djszapi|windowsbundled ?13:05
MohammadAGjoikuspot, skype, etc13:05
djszapi|windowswhat sense would it make without that ?13:06
ieatlintany sign of flash support yet?13:07
ieatlinti know it was planned13:07
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan13:08
djszapi|windowsofc it is supported13:08
Venemorumor has it that flash will be (is?) in newer builds/firmwares.13:11
djszapi|windowsit has been there for ages13:11
Arkenoiand what about alien dalvik?13:12
djszapi|windowsit is not rumour, it is fact :)13:12
fralsfor what will be included check
fralsim guessing they got it down, if its not there... well13:12
djszapi|windowsfrals: nope, the image is simply friggin old :)13:12
*** andre__ has joined #harmattan13:13
Venemodjszapi|windows, until _I_ get it, it's rumour.13:13
djszapi|windowsalso some media player can be embedded as well I guess13:13
djszapi|windowsVenemo: right, so N9 is a big rumour since you do not still have it :D13:14
* Arkenoi knows several people using n9 as primary phone13:14
MohammadAGdjszapi|windows, I'm guessing you have flash?13:15
Venemofrals, I like the "pull down&release to update" feature in the facebook client13:15
djszapi|windowsArkenoi: most of the people inside the projects13:15
fralsVenemo: :-)13:15
MohammadAGVenemo, it's a copy from the iPhone version :P13:15
djszapi|windowsMohammadAG: y13:15
VenemoMohammadAG, I've never seen the iPhone version13:16
MohammadAGdjszapi|windows, just wondering13:16
MohammadAGVenemo, same thing13:16
djszapi|windowsI meant yes, not why :p13:16
Venemofrals, but there is a bug about it which you might have fixed already. when the internet connection breaks (happens a lot when I'm on the go), the facebook client keeps thinking that the connection is unavailable, even if I reconnect13:16
MohammadAGwhich version?13:16
fralsVenemo: open the menu and go to newsfeed again and it should work, but yeah, its been fixed at some point13:17
frals*someone* used a function call instead of a binding ;[13:18
Venemofrals, I thought so. there is also the thing that the facebook client just doesn't send any new stuff to the news feed homescreen after some point. (maybe it feels tired?)13:18
Venemothat one is "fixed" by a reboot13:18
MohammadAGyes, noticed that too13:18
fralswhen it happens, check if facebook-meego is running still13:18
MohammadAGafaik it's an issue in the news feed itself13:19
Venemowell, nope13:19
MohammadAGoh wait, I got notifications there, nvm13:19
Venemobecause at those times, the RSS feeds' news appear still.13:19
fralsif it indeed is running next time it happens ping me13:19
Venemoand sometimes stuff from conversations get stuck in the notifications area of the homescreen13:20
Venemofrals, will do.13:20
* frals is preparing automatic out-of-office reply email \o/13:20
Venemofrals :)13:20
MohammadAGfrals, can we get notifications on the homescreen?13:21
MohammadAGfacebook notifications13:21
Venemoalso the conversations (or what is it called now? messages?) app gets buggy. no idea what triggers it, but on some facebook conversations, it doesn't allow me to send my messages with the enter key, while in others I can.13:21
fralsMohammadAG: maybe ;-)13:21
MohammadAGenjoy your holidays frals :p13:21
MohammadAGcan I haz mms postcards?13:22
Venemooh and frals, I have a very serious bug also, if you don't mind.13:22
Venemo(almost forgot to mention it)13:22
Venemoso, let's say I'm reading someone's facebook post. I write a comment, then after some time, someone also writes a comment. I see this in the notifications, and I can click on it, but the client fails to load the new comments most of the time.13:23
Venemothe comment that I wrote there appears, but the replies don't. and when I click on the "show previous comments" button, nothing happens13:24
VenemoI hope this has been fixed as well13:24
alteregoVenemo: you ping'd?13:24
Venemoalterego, that was a long time ago, but yeah :)13:24
Venemoalterego, how familiar are you with QML model-view stuff?13:25
alteregoWassup? Or has it expired?13:25
alteregoWell I am supposed to be the resident qml guy ;)13:25
Venemothat's what I was hoping for! :P13:25
alteregoWhat's yourr problem?13:25
Venemoalterego, I read a couple of articles about the subject (and I read them _wholly_ before you start), but I can't exactly wrap my mind around putting together anything more than a hello world kind of scenario13:26
Venemoespecially when the delegates and QAbstractWhateverModel comes into the picture13:26
alteregoOkay, well just tell me what you wanna do?13:26
Venemosimple bindings are okay.13:26
VenemoI want to have a model for my IRC client.13:26
VenemoI want to have a list (item model) that can hold all the messages in that channel, and i want my view to display that13:27
djszapi|windowsI would still use telepathy-idlwe13:27
djszapi|windows* idle13:27
alteregoDo you have any experience making models in Qt?13:27
Venemonope, none13:27
Venemobut I have plenty of experience doing the same thing in Silverlight/WP713:27
alteregoHrm, okay, well firstly sketch up what data each row should have, like timestamp, username, message13:28
alteregoI'm not massively familiar with irc proto to know the ins and outs, these rows may even be poly morphic I guess.13:28
Venemome either, but there are libs for that13:29
Venemotimestamp, message, username, and color are the "roles" that I wanna have13:29
djszapi|windowsVenemo: I would check out quassel or konversation13:30
djszapi|windowshow and what they stored exactlhy.13:30
VenemoI don't want to store anything.13:30
Venemonot yet anyway13:30
djszapi|windowsyou have just told you wanna have a model ...13:30
Venemodjszapi|windows, btw, I've checked konvi (even planned to contribute), but its code is a mess.13:30
djszapi|windowswell, finding a model is not really hard even in any code.13:31
Venemonope, I didn't look at that part in there :)13:31
djszapi|windowsand yes, people tend to complain instead of contributing and making things better :)13:32
Venemoalterego, so the question is, if I make such a model and add items to it, how do I go with switching channels? can I swap the model? the channel switcher will also get the channel list from a model. but I'm not exactly sure how I should go about this stuff.13:32
djszapi|windowsproxy filter ?13:33
djszapi|windowsthat is how I switched among installable, upgradable, downloadable games, but I think the concept is similar to that13:34
Venemodjszapi|windows, I planned to add it the feature to have D-Bus notifications whenever a new message with my name arrives. I was able to find the place in the code for this in half a day, but they would have required me to also add a setting to it, and the setting gui is what made me quit of the idea.13:34
Venemoanyway, that is a different story13:34
Venemofor now I just want to learn QML model-view13:34
djszapi|windowsyes, nobody was speaking about that ;)13:34
djszapi|windowsI think qproxymodel is something you want13:35
Venemowhat the heck is that?13:35
djszapi|windowsbad question13:35
Venemoit isn't even mentioned in any of the docs I've read.13:35
djszapi|windowsit is ?13:35
fralsi would not use a proxyfilter for swithcing between channels13:36
fralsrather have a model for each channel in that case13:36
tommaor column13:36
alteregoqproxymodel and qml, well, I've had a few issues with that, but it does work.13:36
djszapi|windowsthat would  be dirty13:36
alteregoIt's just a bit annoying :D13:36
djszapi|windowsalterego: worked here oob, what was wrong ?13:37
Venemodjszapi|windows, "This class is obsolete. It is provided to keep old source code working. We strongly advise against using it in new code."13:37
alteregodjszapi|windows: was a while ago, I think it was to do with the underlying model, just remember being annoyed for a few days with it ;)13:37
djszapi|windowsVenemo: bad link,
Venemothe only thing I don't exactly understand is, why do I have to make a new class for every collection?13:38
djszapi|windowsI cannot check out our code right now since I am on Windows ...13:38
fralsreapplying filters is pretty expensive in that so beware of that13:39
Venemoso, what do I gain by subclassing QAbstractListModel as opposed to just using a QList<>13:39
djszapi|windowsVenemo: you do not need ?13:39
w00t_Venemo: QList won't update views when you change the contents of the list13:40
Venemonow that is a problem13:40
djszapi|windowsit might also be good to use different instances in your casae I do not know since you do not have a clear idea13:40
Venemobut why couldn't they just make _one_ damn QList descendant that sends a signal when it's updated?13:40
Venemowhy do I have to subclass this stuff for every different model type?13:40
Venemothis kind of coding is quite pointless and boring to do, and the problem it solves could have been solved better13:42
Venemoin Silverlight, there is a generic collection that is to be used exactly for this purpose.13:43
w00t_there's been a lot of people saying that, so far, there's not been any concrete suggestions for how to do it13:43
Venemomy concrete suggestion is to 1) make a derived class of QList<T> 2) make this class emit signals when new items are added to it or when items are removed from it 3) make QML views listen to this signal, whenever the model is set to an instance of such a collection13:44
Venemow00t_ ^^13:44
djszapi|windowsalterego: sorry, but without exact story it is hard to know whether or not it is a class design, implementation or class usage issue13:44
w00t_suggesting it on a place like IRC isn't any good13:44
VenemoI already tried to suggest stuff on qt5-feedback mailing list, but basically noone cared13:45
Venemothen some unpleasant fellow in #qt-labs explained to me how it is a bad idea to have LINQ-like set filtering in Qt13:46
w00t_you suggested linq-alike, and someone is now seemingly working on a library implementing just that from your idea - I don't really see that as nobody caring13:46
Venemoso I just noticed that noone really cares in Qt's devs about what I think, so I unsubsribed and decided not to care about them either13:47
Venemow00t_, could you please suggest this solution to them? maybe they'd listen to you better?13:47
w00t_your idea, you suggest it, and argue it13:47
hiemanshuor just send in a patch13:47
w00t_hiemanshu: there's no point writing code - especially when it's non-trivial - without first finding out if it has a chance of being accepted13:48
Venemowell I _think_ that a simple QAbstractListModel subclass could also be general enough to fit all needs.13:48
VenemoI just don't understand why they haven't took their time to actually implement it13:49
w00t_steveire would probably be a good person to talk to13:49
Venemow00t_, on which channel?13:49
Venemomeh... I hoped I'd never had to go in there again13:49
w00t_people disagree - it's something you'll never escape13:50
Venemopretty much all the discussions I had there ended with me feeling like a noob13:50
fralsusually happens when you talk to experts and you are not one yourself, get over it ;)13:52
w00t_frals: so.. are you working on a harmattan application to disable mms?13:53
fralsw00t_: :D13:54
w00t_frals: fNoMMS?13:54
w00t_Venemo: btw:
fralsfFMMS i recon is better name13:54
fralssecond f for fuck ;-)13:54
hiemanshufrals: that sounds like frals fucks Multimedia Messaging Sytem :S13:55
fralswho ever said the first f is for frals? ;-)13:55
hiemanshuI did :P13:55
*** djszapi|windows has quit IRC14:00
*** Wirta has joined #harmattan14:13
spenapRST38h, I've checked the logs and you were (also) asking about integrating with the settings page using QtQuick. Did you manage to do it?14:15
spenap(I'll accept answers from others as well :P, it's just that I read he was trying to do it)14:21
MohammadAGhiemanshu, tried using /settings?14:22
hiemanshuMohammadAG: nope, lemme try now14:27
hiemanshuMohammadAG: can you make it fullscreen?14:27
MohammadAGhiemanshu, get the latest deb14:28
*** hiemanshu_N950 has joined #harmattan14:29
*** hiemanshu_N950 has quit IRC14:29
hiemanshugah, I have to leave now14:29
hiemanshuMohammadAG: I'll try it later when I get back14:30
* SpeedEvil wonders how many people actually read the NDA.14:33
MohammadAGit doesn't apply to me, until tomorrow anyway :P14:37
SpeedEvilFun. If it explodes and burns your house down, nokia may give you 50 euros.14:41
Venemoreally? nice...14:42
MohammadAGSpeedEvil, I'm still 17 :p14:45
MohammadAGlol @ €5014:45
MohammadAGhow's battery life when email is set to always up to date?14:49
MohammadAGI hope it's not polling14:49
Arkenoistill noticeably better than n90014:50
Arkenoi(i use activesync only, both google and corporate accounts)14:51
Arkenoiand activesync now works with google flawlessly14:51
MohammadAGmy N900 does push email better though14:52
VenemoMohammadAG, mine updates mail during the day every 2 hours14:52
VenemoI don't notice anything bad about battery life14:53
MohammadAGthat's pull, not push14:53
Venemoalthough it is explicitly set not to connect to cellular network without me sayin so14:53
Venemobut I allow it to rape my wifi all it wants14:53
MohammadAGagain, pull, not push14:54
MohammadAGI'm talking about push14:54
MohammadAGaka when the server gets the email, the device should show it14:54
MohammadAGmodest does this well with Nokia Messaging14:54
VenemoI can't imagine how that would work14:54
Venemoeg. how can the server know when the device is online and when it isn't14:55
fralsit connects to the server and says "hey here i am" and then keeps the connection alive14:55
* Arkenoi wonders how long nokia messaging will stay alive14:55
Arkenoiyou cannot manage mailboxes there anymore -- web control panel is gone14:56
MohammadAGyou can in modest though14:57
MohammadAGfor now at least14:58
*** vgrade has joined #harmattan15:09
*** seif has quit IRC15:10
wazdI really like the word "overcloak" :)15:12
Arkenoiah, really, i can15:12
*** mikhas has quit IRC15:27
Venemoalterego, can I bind a model property of QColor to the color property of a QML element?15:34
trxhmm, when i run my app on N950 it works but in the terminal i get bunch of "Unsupported composition mode" any ideas why is that?15:35
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan15:50
*** fiferboy has joined #harmattan16:01
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:28
*** Wirta has quit IRC16:34
*** RST38bis has quit IRC16:36
*** seif has joined #harmattan16:36
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan16:38
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:40
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:40
*** spenap has quit IRC16:41
*** mikhas has joined #harmattan16:47
*** gri has joined #harmattan16:50
*** seif has quit IRC16:57
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan17:12
wazdok, quick survey, what icons can you imagine for "pressure" and "wind speed"? :)17:18
GAN900weathervane for wind17:19
GAN900Pressure should be a small stick figure being crushed.17:19
fiferboywazd: Coal turning into Diamond for pressure :)17:19
javispedroI was going to say for wind17:19
fiferboyjavispedro: aegis still hasn't forsaken me17:19
griGAN900: Same thought with the stick figure ..17:19
wazdfiferboy: that's a nice idea! :D17:20
javispedrofiferboy: he eventually will, my child, he eventually will..17:21
javispedromaybe he's losing strength with age :)17:21
*** harbaum has quit IRC17:21
fiferboyI think I may have appeased Him by installing replacement packages with the same manifests17:21
javispedrocan't be17:22
javispedroit occurs to me that maybe the packages you replaced where also of "" origin17:22
wazdand "visibility" too :)17:23
SpeedEvilwazd: A picture of Benois Pascal.17:23
SpeedEvilBlaise even17:23
wazdSpeedEvil: fiferboy: you're from the same nerd club, right? :D17:24
javispedrothe pascal nerd club?17:26
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan17:27
javispedroeither way, I say the icons matter little, as long as you put the units =)17:27
fiferboywazd: I have a few interfaces for you to go over if you have time :)17:28
*** crevetor has left #harmattan17:37
wazdfiferboy: hehe? I can take a look :)17:39
fiferboywazd: I will send you some screenshots17:41
wazdfiferboy: sure17:43
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan17:43
fiferboywazd: email away17:52
griVenemo: Did you try a qml application in scratchbox or a meegotouch one? For me meegotouch is pretty slow, whereas qml applications run with a good ui performance (I'm running the scratchbox in a Ubuntu 11.04 VM)17:52
wazdwaiting for ideas :D17:52
fiferboywazd: I like the wind icons and the PoP icon17:53
fiferboyNot sure why there are two wind speeds, though17:53
wazdsecond is "rushes"17:54
Venemogri, I didn't really compare17:54
wazdworking on it right now17:54
fiferboywazd: Visibilty could be an eye?17:54
GAN900wazd, gust17:56
wazdGAN900: yep, thx :)17:57
wazdmaybe just "P" for pressure?18:07
*** crevetor has left #harmattan18:07
SpeedEvilPa is the unit18:07
SpeedEvilI guess because it could be confused with Peta (the SI prefix for 10^15)18:10
fiferboywazd: I like the differentiation of the gusts icon18:10
hardaker:-( git-core is empty18:14
*** willer_ has joined #harmattan18:19
MohammadAGis the guy who wrote the facebook app here?18:21
fralswhich facebook app?18:22
fralsmost likely not a single guy ;-)18:22
fralswhats up with it?18:23
MohammadAGI'd like to know what's on the todo18:23
MohammadAGPlaces and groups are missing18:23
wazdone more :)18:23
MohammadAGonly upcoming bdays show, not the ones for today18:24
fralsdont think that person would be at liberty to discuss that18:24
SpeedEvilwazd: I'd go with either 1016hPa, or 101.6kPa18:24
MohammadAGSo should I rewrite sociality in qml?18:25
wazdSpeedEvil: well, that's the source, don't blame me :)18:26
SpeedEvilwazd: you know of
SpeedEvil - for example18:27
SpeedEvilIf you dig around, you can get weather for arbitrary points18:27
hiemanshuMohammadAG: yeah please do so :)18:27
SpeedEvil is the user-facing view18:27
javispedroI have to wonder if relaxed exec also relaxes upstart job validation18:30
javispedrocause --after a long battle with aegis including two self destructions -- my portmapper upstart jobs is happily launched early in boot and it sits in /etc/init not /etc/init/apps18:31
*** smoku has quit IRC18:33
wazddamned pressure :(18:33
fiferboymgedmin: ping?18:33
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan18:38
*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan18:40
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC18:41
*** divan has joined #harmattan18:46
*** qgil has joined #harmattan18:47
divanHow to update preinstalled library with newer version without being blocked by aegis?18:51
lcukdivan, install later package18:52
wazd ? :)18:52
lcukoh, preinstalled18:52
divanI've compiled the latest signon version from git, but got following when trying to install it on device: Aegis rejecting signon-plugins_8.27-2+0m6_armel.deb: package 'signon-plugins' already installed from '' -- not replacing it from unknown origin18:52
fiferboydivan: You have to uninstall the orig (dpkg -P --force-depends) and install your package18:52
divanlcuk, yep, I beleive it's not a version issue18:52
fiferboyThis will break apt-get severely, but it worked for me18:53
javispedrofiferboy: bastard, that's how you did it.18:53
divanfiferboy, thanks, I'll try..18:53
* javispedro will now go and tell the aegis god so that they zap you18:53
javispedroyou know probably found a hole in aegis; I wonder if you can use it to replace kernel modules.18:54
fiferboyjavispedro: aegis seems to have forgotten about dpkg -P18:54
fiferboy--force-depends makes it so it doesn't remove my entire system :)18:54
fiferboyjavispedro: It probably helps that qt components (my replacement) likely doesn't need to interface with aegis18:55
divanok, I've got the packages installed, but the aegis wrote a bunch of lines with denied capabilities - is it ok? Something like  "Package signond: denied 'CAP::sys_module' for '/usr/bin/signond' -- origin '' does not allow it"18:56
MohammadAGwhat if I want to upgrade dpkg18:56
javispedroso, you're boned.18:56
divanMohammadAG, :)18:56
MohammadAGdpkg -P --force-depends dpkg?18:57
GAN900I wonder if there's a remote access terminal Nokians can use to execute arbitrary mischief.18:57
fiferboyMohammadAG: To update use wget and dpkg -i :)18:57
javispedrodivan: aegis found about your sin -- prepare for self destruction18:57
MohammadAGwhich gives me a thought18:57
MohammadAGwhat if we compile vanilla dpkg with a different --prefix18:58
divanjavispedro, it's better to revert original packages back before next reboot?18:58
RST38hGAN: Only if it establishes an outgoing connection18:58
MohammadAGthe one that shouldn't hook onto aegis18:58
fiferboydivan: That doesn't look good, those packages might need to be aegis signed, or whatever18:58
RST38hGAN:Because otherwise, my two NATs would prevent it18:58
RST38hBTW, heya javispedro, Mohammad, fiferboy18:58
javispedrodivan: specially if they do not work, as you could easily get into a reboot loop.18:59
divanfiferboy, they're signed, but origin is ''18:59
fiferboydivan: Yeah, that didn't make a difference for the packages I replaced but it could for yours18:59
javispedrothat's because they're not signed by nokia18:59
* RST38h suspects putting your own certificate somewhere will fix ''19:00
divanthere should be a possibility to install newer version of system libs :(19:00
wazdbtw, I've noticed some strange screen color setup on the N95019:00
javispedroaegis has four (or more) different sets of tokens depending on who signed the package: nokia (all), ovi store (most), '' in developer mode (some), '' in closed mode (nearly none)19:00
wazdall colors are slightly shifted into green19:01
MohammadAGmoo RST38h19:01
javispedrowazd: yeah, and my screen also has severe backlight banding19:01
MohammadAGwhere the fuck is open mode19:01
fiferboywazd: Your icons look good and seem clear (with the context of the values)19:01
MohammadAGwazd, yeah, it's clearly noticeable in the events view when scrolling19:02
wazdMohammadAG: my sun icon is yellow on the device, though it should be orange19:03
MohammadAGhmm, can't clear a notification in events view19:03
lcukwazd, I noticed this, with white text on black background, when scrolling the text exhibits a slight greenshift19:04
lcuki think it is the lcd itself rather than the code19:04
*** antman8969 has quit IRC19:04
RST38hthe shift is definitely there but I cannot say it is green19:05
RST38hmost likely due to the LCD pixel organization19:05
MohammadAGit's green for me19:09
javispedrocannot see it while scrolling19:11
javispedroI mean it's always there for me19:11
lcukif red shift and blueshift are relating to objects moving towards/away from us19:11
divanfunny thing is that when I reinstall nokia packages from harmattan repo, aegis throws the very same errors!19:11
lcukgreenshift must be from panning lists and swiping! :P19:11
* divan prepared to launch flasher19:12
RST38hgreen shift is what one's coworkers experience at the sight ofd n950!19:12
wazdno, the screen has green tint without scrolling or something19:12
RST38hwazd: looks ok here19:13
javispedromine looks like wazd19:13
fiferboydivan: That is unexpected o_O19:13
RST38ha bit uneven, but that is expected from a backlight19:13
wazdRST38h: compare my shot on the device and on the screen19:13
divanfiferboy, aegis seems to be pretty stupid (19:13
fiferboydivan: I don't think it is stupid, I think it just doesn't want to be messed with :)19:14
*** baraujo has quit IRC19:14
lcukwazd, are you editing qml directly nowadays?19:14
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan19:14
divanfiferboy, if it installs nokia package from nokia signed repo, it should not throws such errors as I understand19:14
fiferboydivan: javispedro has determined aegis is extremely vindictive and doesn't take kindly to messing with it and cares little for appeasement19:15
javispedroseems that obs invokes debian/rules with -j > 119:15
GAN900We need to sacrifice more trolls.19:16
GAN900Maybe Reggie will ban abill_uk if we convince him it'll appease aegis?19:16
javispedroI say we put aegis and abill_uk in a room and let the strongest one wi19:17
*** crevetor has left #harmattan19:18
fiferboyThat would solve half the problems, anyway19:18
wazdthe difference is pretty clear :)19:18
javispedroand I know why19:20
javispedrowazd: that PNG is 32bpp19:20
javispedrothe N950 is _still_ 16bpp.19:20
wazdpng is 24bpp19:22
lcukwazd, visit on your n950 browser19:23
javispedrowazd: should have say it is "8 bits per channel", while the N950 is "5 bits per channel" (except for green, where it has an extra bit)19:24
lcukjavispedro, that png is a jpeg19:24
wazdjavispedro: jpg looks the same19:25
lcukthat png is a png :P19:25
wazdjavispedro: that's not a problem19:25
javispedrowhat I want to say is that if you reduce the bitdepth of the "orange" sun PNG to 16bpp with your average algorithm, it will also get the yellowish color19:26
GAN900Why can't we get real color. . . .19:26
GAN900I'm tired of shitty looking gradients.19:26
javispedroand that reduction is being done at runtime by the n950 with the shittest of the algorithms19:26
fiferboyIs the N9 screen significantly different in the colour department?19:27
javispedroGAN900: using 16bpp makes the N950 look great on benchmarks19:27
RST38hfiferboy: N9 uses led screen19:27
javispedrospecially GL ones where it even beats the iPhone19:27
RST38hfiferboy: N950 is lcd19:27
fiferboyRST38h: Right, but what is the impact on colour reproduction?19:27
* fiferboy is no expert on screen technologies19:28
RST38hfiferboy: so the usual set of differences applies (power consumption in n9 proportional to the number of lit up pixels, n9 colors are brighter but some would consider them less natural etc)19:28
javispedrofiferboy: considering the PenTile thing, color reproduction will be the LEAST of my worries =)19:28
RST38hfiferboy: I have heard the color will look similar to E719:28
GAN900PenTile needs to die19:28
GAN900Man, shitty compromises suck.19:28
fiferboyAh yes, subpixel arrangement is another of my non-specialties :)19:28
lcukGAN900, without compromise we would not have jpeg or mp3 or any video really for that matter19:29
wazdGAN900: well, dithering saves the day19:29
RST38hpentile rgbw sounds like a good idea19:30
javispedrofiferboy: it is best if you think that the n9 will not have 854x480 but rather ~650x40019:30
SpeedEvilRST38h: Power consumption is proprotioal to brightness plus a - probably moderately large - costat19:30
javispedroand plan your UIs that way19:30
RST38hjavispedro <-- is trolling =)19:31
* SpeedEvil wishes it was possible to access the actual pixels on the OLED.19:31
SpeedEvilRather than going throuhg the emulation layer19:31
javispedroRST38h: the n9 is pentile rgbg, not rgbw19:31
javispedroRST38h: aka the crap one, not the good one.19:32
GAN900lcuk, so missing the point.19:32
RST38hjavispedro: I guess we will just have to live with it =(19:32
SpeedEvilRunning error diffusion from the underlying vector, not a raster iterpretation shoul give better results.19:32
RST38hjavispedro: either that, or Android.19:32
wazdGAN900: - that looks cool on the device19:32
lcukGAN900, no, I am not.  If it adds X % time battery and increases screen refresh rate19:32
javispedroRST38h: as usual, but not the biggest of my worries19:33
javispedromy biggest problem is still the fugly capacitive screen. Oh GOD I hate capacitive.19:33
fiferboyjavispedro: But.. but... but... multitouch! Apple!19:33
lcukjavispedro, have you seen the htc flyer?  lovely dual format screen19:34
lcukcapacitive + pen driven19:34
RST38hjavispedro: yes, does not feel right19:34
RST38hjavispedro: still, I am now catching myself trying to flick the N900 screen19:35
wazdlcuk: inductive pens are not for phones19:35
javispedrolcuk: after having been a few days with the n950, I say no.19:35
javispedroCapacitive sucks. Period. Previously, I would have been willing to accept passive+capacitive19:35
RST38hif it makes you feel better, your finger is to blame rather than the screen19:35
javispedroRST38h: there's some to that too.19:35
RST38hif you have a really sharp pencil-like finger, the same screen would work19:35
lcukwazd  just pointing out devices with the capability now19:36
fiferboyHuman design flaw19:36
RST38halso, N900's thick screen coating does not help precision either19:36
* lcuk knew he should have had his finger modified by the nokia door19:36
RST38hfiferboy: ah, just ask lcuk, nokia almost fixed his finger for capacitive screens19:36
wazdRST38h: like mine, muhahaha19:36
javispedroI find that half of the time I get unwanted presses on the borders of the screen due to the way I grab the thing19:36
wazdjavispedro: +1, border presses are annoying19:37
rm_workjavispedro: yes19:37
rm_worki get random touches all the time19:37
rm_workwhen i am not even close to pressing anything19:37
wazdI usually press "back" :)19:37
lcuki find when scrolling lists I accidentally bring up the app launch grid19:37
rm_workand the top-bar drops down on me ALL THE TIME19:37
javispedrolcuk: whether the swipe thing was a good idea or not that's another story =) so far, I say I could get used to it.19:38
RST38hjavispedro: you can't imagine how badly the corners thing sucks on the e7...19:38
lcukjavispedro, I like it19:38
GAN900javispedro, yeah, I hate the non-deliberateness of capacitive.19:38
lcukits good19:38
RST38hN950 is pretty bearable19:38
lcukit just should allow panning through all apps19:38
lcuklike the n900 desktops19:38
GAN900"Well, I'm just going to plop my finger down here and hope it guess which link I want."19:38
*** divan has quit IRC19:39
javispedroRST38h: I've been told that the curved glass makes things "different" (not necessarily worse or better, depends again on how you hold it)19:39
javispedrodoes the e7 also have curved glass?19:40
javispedro(or only n9 so far?)19:40
javispedroseemingly only n9.19:41
GAN900I'm sad there wont be a Fall conference for us to get together and bitch.19:44
RST38hbitch here19:44
GAN900We may all be dead by the time Spring rolls around.19:44
wazdand again, the problem is with the color setup, not the screen itself19:44
wazdit just needs to be calibrated, that's all19:44
javispedroNokia should just invite all of us to bitch in the next Nokia World19:44
GAN900Not nearly as cathartic sans the face-to-face and the free booze.19:44
javispedrowould do wonders for Nokia stock.19:44
javispedromaybe Elop would even like the idea.19:44
GAN900"Look! We still have contributors who care enough TO bitch."19:45
* RST38h imagines ritual inflation of Elop, folowed by explosion19:46
alteregoGAN900: wassup now?19:47
GAN900alterego, nothing in particular.19:47
RST38hCould someone tell me if I should keep the Osso DBus stuff in the Harmattan apps?19:48
RST38hOr shouldI just kill it?19:48
javispedroRST38h: kill19:48
RST38hhow will it open files from the file manager?19:48
javispedroseems that the osso mime_open stuff will still work19:49
javispedroit calls it the "legacy method"19:49
RST38hah thanks19:49
RST38hand gconf is staying right?19:49
javispedroit's there19:50
javispedrobut dunno if it's staying19:50
javispedrognome's replacing it, and I don't know if it's in the sanctioned meego api.19:50
RST38his there a settings system in qt?19:50
RST38haha, thanks19:51
RST38hsometing to do over weekend19:51
fiferboyRST38h: Or you can use the sparql storage19:51
griyou can replace the file dialogs functions, so if there's no qml one, it would be easy to write a plugin for all applications19:51
javispedroyou mentioned something related to Tracker to HIM!19:51
fiferboyRST38h: Hehehe19:51
* RST38h hopes someone ports CPULoad applet SOON19:51
fiferboyI looked at it, but building a database and table for a single entry seemed to be... overkill19:52
javispedrogri: I think the harmattan way is to have the main application dialog list all of the files19:52
javispedrothat's how I plan to do it with my emus at least, using tracker to enumerate19:52
javispedro*cue criticism*19:52
RST38hjavispedro: I just used standard qt dialogs19:53
javispedrobut they look win95ish19:54
fiferboyI use a QAbstractItemModel to list the files (and relateed info) and pass it to my QML UI19:54
lcukkhertan also made his own file dialog i believe19:55
RST38hjavispedro: you can tweak the style a little bit19:55
RST38hjavispedro" and yes, they looka bit shitty but there arenoothers19:55
javispedrofiferboy: there's some qml sparql bindings19:55
javispedrothey look interesting considering you can write the queries right on the qml file19:56
javispedromaking a file list widget is then probably trivial19:56
fiferboyjavispedro: Yeah, but they involve create a database, creating tables, populating tables19:56
javispedroI didn't try though.19:56
javispedrofiferboy: naah19:56
*** slaine has quit IRC19:56
javispedronot for showing files that is.19:56
fiferboyjavispedro: Ah, you mean for access tracker info19:56
fiferboyI meant for creating app settings19:56
javispedrowell I wouldn't store "settings" in tracker19:56
fiferboyNo, it doesn't make sense19:57
javispedrospecially considering tracker --hard-reset is so easy to type =)19:57
RST38hscrew tracker and its info19:57
fiferboyDo you often accidentally type that? :)19:57
javispedrofiferboy: yes, because of hte number of times I had to type it on the N900 =)19:58
javispedro(and I already had to use it once on the N950...)19:58
wazdfiferboy: just checked your shots :D20:02
wazdfiferboy: I'll try to do something with that ;)20:03
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan20:04
*** hardaker has quit IRC20:05
fiferboywazd: Cool, thanks20:06
fiferboyHopefully it all makes sense20:06
wazdfiferboy: yep20:07
*** gri has quit IRC20:09
*** wazd has quit IRC20:15
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan20:36
*** smoku has joined #harmattan20:37
lcukmgedmin, fiferboy - did fbreader get ported ?21:00
fiferboylcuk: Define "ported"21:00
fiferboyIt runs on Harmattan, albeit with the Qt4 interface for now21:01
hardaker2better than nothing.21:01
fiferboyA fairly large bug is that you cannot switch books through the GUI :/21:01
hardaker2you know we could solve a lot of problems by porting the maemo5 style (and fixing it)21:01
lcukfiferboy, well I am happily reading books via liqbook21:02
lcukbut those are only .txt files21:02
hardaker2we're heading toward ifdefs again, just in qml this time.21:02
fiferboyWith QML it is just as easy to write a completely new interface for each target, if you want21:03
fiferboySee achipa's blog post on the topic21:03
hardaker2I know, actually.21:03
hardaker2what I object to is at the top of the files we're heading for: import MeeGo.Components 0.121:03
hardaker2we need to import one thing only, IMHO.21:04
hardaker2I have a QML app that ends up being very different on the desktop vs a device because of the existance/non-existance of the component library21:04
smokuharmattan SDK is still in beta, or should I download something else?21:04
hardaker2I realize this is hopefully temporary though....  they're not shooting at the desktop at all right now, but I sure how they change that.21:04
RST38h3  more packages to port to meego21:05
RST38hsmoku: download the harmattan platform sdk21:05
RST38hsmoku: it is a standard sb1 based setup21:05
smokuRST38h, ?21:06
smokuok. thx21:07
hardaker2is holding in the power button supposed to turn the device off?21:09
fiferboyhardaker2: If the screen is turned on and unlocked21:11
hardaker2yeah, mine doesn't.  I think it's the one thing I've found with it that doesn't work.21:12
hardaker2no flying for me I guess :-)21:12
fiferboyhardaker2: You can turn on flight mode in the settings app21:13
*** cpscotti has quit IRC21:13
hardaker2technically, according to announcements, it must be fully off.21:13
hardaker2airplane modes only count in flight, not for take/off landing.21:13
javispedroyou cannot turn it off?21:13
hardaker2(of course, we all know it doesn't matter and even the mythbusters showed that)21:13
fiferboyOn your way to the airport launch the "Drive" app and leave it running for ~2 hours21:14
javispedrohold the power button for 10 seconds21:14
hardaker2but mine arrived wet in the box from DHL21:14
fiferboyYour device will be off on takeoff :)21:14
javispedrofiferboy: off forever =)21:14
hardaker2javispedro: 30 seconds doesn't do it ;-)21:14
hardaker2I'd turn it off to see if I could turn it on, but then....  I might not be able to.21:15
javispedrois it mechnically broken? does it lock/unlock the screen?21:15
hardaker2I belivee it's mechanical, yes.21:15
javispedroI wonder what was the DHL guy thinking when he delivered a soaking box?21:16
javispedro(and what where you thinking btw? :) )21:16
hardaker2well, the box wasn't soaking....21:17
hardaker2the packing slip was "damp" (and had obviously been drying for a while)21:17
hardaker2but the device was literally in a plastic bag with water at the bottom and all over the device.21:17
hardaker2the manual was actually dry, but very trashed from getting obviously very very wet.21:17
javispedromust have rained a lot21:18
hardaker2it didn't do anything at first, but then it did after a day and finally the USB-on-boot symbol showed up so I tried flashing it and it actually started working.21:18
GAN900I wouldn't have signed for it.21:18
GAN900Watch them pay to replace a prototype.21:19
hardaker2that's the thing...  I didn't notice till I opened the box21:19
hardaker2those are the pictures once i realized there was a problem with the box21:20
javispedroDHL repacked, lol21:21
*** crevetor has quit IRC21:26
GAN900hardaker2, I'd notify Quim and DHL.21:44
hardaker2I've actually been talking with Nokia.21:45
hardaker2I think they're waiting longer.  I need to bug them again.21:45
hardaker2they actually said they'd exchange it.21:45
hardaker2(but then didn't say much after that)21:45
javispedrooh god21:46
javispedroon the n900 it was hard to enable vsync in OpenGL, on the N950 it is hard to _disable_ it.21:46
fiferboyjavispedro: Make up your mind what you want! ;)21:49
hardaker2he wants a qml checkbox slider for it21:50
javispedrothere's this function to change it. there's even a set of accesory functions to request the max and min value21:50
javispedroand the n900 it was min 0 max 0, on the n950 it is min 1 max 1.21:51
javispedrothis could cause a problem as that means eglSwapBuffers might block for up to around 15ms21:52
*** wazd has joined #harmattan21:55
GAN900javispedro, file a bug?21:56
wazdChannel trolls and no channel staff around to help? That's IRC, son! :d21:57
wazdI mean hi again :)21:58
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan22:00
*** wazd has quit IRC22:04
fiferboyHi wazd22:06
GAN900I want UPnP in the media player.22:08
hardaker2GAN900: I noticed that missing too.  :-(22:08
fiferboyUPnP was so good in the Maemo5 media player22:11
*** rzr has joined #harmattan22:11
*** rzr is now known as RzR22:11
javispedrolike gnome, maemo has been reducing features through each release =)22:11
hardaker2done porting git yet??  hint hint.  nudge nudge.22:12
hardaker2it's awfully empty at the moment.22:13
javispedroharmattan/sdk/non-free libjpeg62-dev lol ?22:15
*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan22:15
RzRhardaker2: i had git in my repo for day 1 :) it's an old version though22:21
RzRnot git22:21
hardaker2yeah.  I realized that actually.22:22
hardaker2installing it from git-core in your repo though:22:22
hardaker2shows no binaries22:22
RzRthere is a mistake i didnt fix22:22
RzRprev version used to work22:23
RzRtoo bad22:23
RzRi can revert those changes now22:23
RzRtrust me it works on mine22:25
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:30
RzRhardaker2: still here ?22:32
RzRi'll ping you when it's ready22:33
hardaker2very cool, thanks.22:33
*** mikhas has quit IRC22:47
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC23:07
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan23:09
GAN900Has anybody benchmarked the eMMC yet?23:15
lcukGAN900, i don't think anyone really benchmarked the eMMC on maemo23:17
*** rm_work has quit IRC23:19
*** antman89691 has joined #harmattan23:34
*** antman89691 has quit IRC23:35
*** qgil has quit IRC23:46

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