IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2011-08-06

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GAN900lcuk, they didn't need to "Very slow" summarized it just fine.00:02
GAN900lcuk, actually I think ShadowJK did.00:02
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rm_yougrr someone pinged me00:09
rm_youinfinity ago00:09
rm_youah well00:09
rm_youmight have just been someone saying rm -r00:09
GAN900Doesn't your client keep highlight lines?00:17
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djszapihi from berlin :)00:38
lcukdjszapi, \o00:39
lcukI hear there are many Collaborans there, please pass on my regards00:39
djszapiwe are eating, drinking and hacking :)00:40
djszapiIs there still an option for KDE dudes to apply for a developer device ?00:41
djszapiThere are quite a few talented people here...00:41
rcg1they extended the community device program00:43
lcukdjszapi, the developer program opened up for another handful of devices00:43
rcg1got another batch of 50 devices00:43
rcg1though qgil said on google+ that 13 are already gone00:43
djszapilcuk: excellent, I tell it to the people...00:43
rcg1so better be damn quick00:43
djszapilink ?00:43
djszapiI hope KDE gets boosted...00:44
djszapithanks ;)00:44
djszapiehhh fiferboy is not here.00:46
djszapihe is the QML guru :)00:46
rcg1djszapi: "18 Nokia N950 found a friend in the 2nd extended round of the MeeGo dev program - 15 are still waiting", qgil 23:4700:50
hardaker2nice...  if you add an entry to the calendar for the google (ie, webdav) calendar, it'll end up syncing up, then syncing it back down and you get two ;-)00:52
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Venemohiemanshu, ping01:16
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Venemosomeone needs to port Tuxrace to Harmattan01:22
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* SpeedEvil has been avoiding clicking on the 'order status' page too much.01:50
specialSpeedEvil: avoiding?01:52
specialI've been unable to resist checking every few hours, even though I know nothing more is going to happen today01:52
MohammadAGset up push email, you'll get the email eventually01:54
SpeedEvilspecial: It starts out at once a day - it ends up at once a minute.01:55
specialMohammadAG: doesn't help at all :)01:56
SpeedEvil2nd extended round = 50 more devices than the first extension?01:56
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SpeedEvilAh - nvm - woke up now.02:00
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RzRhardaker2: dont hold your breath :
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javispedrooh my friggind god, the n950 makes for a gorgeus n64 experience.02:34
macmaNi wouldnt mind some super mario on the N yo02:35
javispedroits' friggin performing02:35
javispedrothere's some magic in this device that cannot be explained with the megahertz bump alone02:36
macmaNhow can i get this? what package?02:36
javispedrobe it the new gles driver, or hardfp, sth02:36
javispedromacmaN: not yet, I've just booted mario64 for the first time after a long session of hardfp hacking!02:36
macmaNah ok02:36
javispedrothat thanks god was sorter than what I expecte.d.02:36
javispedroman the device friggin IDLES when playing n64 at the native framerate.02:37
* javispedro goes check the cpufreq 02:37
SpeedEviljavispedro: I suppose that's one benefit of the multitouch02:37
macmaNi'll just say w0rd to that02:37
SpeedEviljavispedro: How many touches are supported?02:37
javispedroSpeedEvil: 1002:37
javispedroSpeedEvil: verified up to 6, I cannot physically add more fingers :)02:38
SpeedEvilI assume it reports single points, not shapes?02:38
javispedrothat's a good question02:38
javispedroa moment.02:38
javispedrocan you remind me the path to cpufreq stats in sysfs?02:39
javispedroI want to check it before02:39
javispedroaah, it's under cpu0 not under cpufreq =)02:40
SpeedEvil sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_cur_freq I guess02:40
javispedroso it's playing mario64 with sound and cpufreq decided the operating freq shall be 800Mhz.02:41
javispedroand according to top it still has around 20% spare cpu time.02:41
javispedroSpeedEvil: answering your earlier question, it does have some kind of "area" value per contact point which the driver reports as "width"02:44
SpeedEvilI wonder if this can filter phantom touches.02:44
javispedrothe controller is an Atmel mXT02:48
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SpeedEvilI suspect there isn't going to be a nice way to insert a shim layer to filter out touches.02:55
javispedrothere might be -- on qt.02:56
SpeedEvilTo the existing binary apps?02:56
javispedromight be -- via preload or Qt plugin.02:57
VenemoSpeedEvil, what kind of shim layer are you referring to?02:58
SpeedEvilVenemo: A layer that eats phantom touches.02:59
Venemohow can you tell whether a touch is phantom?02:59
javispedroVenemo: driver reports area/width of touch03:01
SpeedEvilVenemo: I'd have to have a play with the device to see.03:04
SpeedEvilVenemo: And find if a reasonable algorithm can be found.03:04
VenemoSpeedEvil, have you been selected for the extended device program?03:04
Venemothat is good news :)03:04
Venemomewants USB host for da N95003:05
SpeedEvilUnless it makes me as crazy as some others. :)03:05
Venemowell, Aegis has driven Doc crazy, that is true, but part of the truth is that he totally and completely refused to even deal with the matter.03:05
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Venemodjszapi told us that Aegis can be configured to do whatever we want, all we need are some manifest (or whatever it is called) files03:06
SpeedEvilAs I understand it, that's not enough - aegis won't let you load modules, for example, which is required.03:08
SpeedEvilshadowjk IIRC has demonstrated that you can boot another kernel, but nobody that I know of has got the device actually booted all the way to confirm what the state of the UI and all apps is without aegis.03:09
javispedroaegis and usb host and thus comppletely incompatble03:09
javispedroso no wonder it drove Doc away.03:09
SpeedEvildjszapi has said that it all should work, but I don't know if he's tested it, and if the internal image he's using differs from what will be released, or indeed what we have.03:10
javispedro"all should work"03:10
javispedrowell, that's quite a shot of optimism considering nothing works as of now...03:11
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SpeedEvilHe's one of the coders that has worked on aegis.03:11
SpeedEvilAs I understand it.03:11
SpeedEvilOr at least some aspects of.03:11
Venemoalterego, ping03:12
SpeedEvilI'll be a lot more comfortable about it once someone gets a foreign kernel booting, and finds that most stuff works.03:12
hardaker2RzR: that doesn't look good.03:17
VenemoRzR, ping03:18
SpeedEvilGAN900: I think I tested it on one of the RDA devices and got 16M/s read03:21
lynxissomebody here, who boot a selfbuild kernel on it ?03:35
SpeedEvilstskeeps did, but not to the stage of the UI coming up03:35
Venemowhat is the difference between "MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan API" and "Harmattan Platform API"?03:37
javispedro Harmattan Platform should have extra headers03:38
javispedrothat are not in meego.03:38
Venemobut it has all the headers that are in the other?03:38
javispedrothis is in qtcreator?03:39
VenemoI'm installing the Qt SDK03:39
Venemoon my new Fedora installation03:39
Venemo(I finally had the time to reinstall it after a HDD failure)03:39
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npmupdated to
npmyoutube videos play again03:40
SpeedEvilOn a silly topic.03:47
SpeedEvilI note it's possible to put webpages in the applauncher.03:47
SpeedEvilCan you simply package a file:// javascript app as a full application?03:48
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javispedrowell qml is basicaly javascript..03:50
javispedroalbeit with something weird instead of html for the declarative part.03:51
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SpeedEvilYeah - I know.03:53
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javispedroonenand_wait: correctable ECC error = 0x0100, addr1 0x4, addr8 0xac04:34
javispedroon the n950 =)04:34
SpeedEvilThat's benign04:34
SpeedEvilthe n950 has onenand?04:34
* SpeedEvil thought someone said it diddn't.04:35
javispedroswap is there04:35
SpeedEvilAnyway - onenand is supposed to have errors.04:35
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javispedro"    # Create swap partition04:38
javispedro    # But only on devices with less than 1GB of memory04:38
javispedroif [ $ramsize -gt 1000000 ]; then ...04:38
javispedroso seemingly it only has a 256MiB ramzswap04:39
SpeedEvilI assumed that the onenand was sacrificed in order to get more RAM04:39
javispedroit had to be there for the kernel, nolo, etc04:39
SpeedEvilI'm unsure. I thought the omap could boot from mmc04:40
javispedroif there's a swap partition, it gets encrypted with aes04:41
SpeedEvilI've had crypted swap for some time04:41
javispedrogoogle's self driving car crashed04:42
SpeedEvilWhile the human was at the wheel.04:43
SpeedEvilI wonder how much he gets paid to say he was at the wheel.04:43
javispedro"Google's Prius struck another Prius, which then struck her Honda Accord that her brother was driving. That Accord then struck another Honda Accord, and the second Accord hit a separate, non-Google-owned Prius."04:44
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hiemanshuVenemo: pong06:45
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antman8969do we have anything that can be used like cron is harmattan?06:51
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RST38hNo microsd slot in N950? (just rechecking)10:07
kimjuno sd, only slot is for sim (std. size, not micro)10:12
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* Tronic is hoping for another N9xx device next year, with dual microsim and a lot of connectors and gadgets to keep the geeks happy.10:18
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sivanghi all11:24
sivanganybody knows laszlo's twitter id?11:25
sivang(if he has any, that is)11:25
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Venemogood morning12:44
Venemoalterego - the resident QML expert - ping12:44
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hiemanshuhey Venemo13:15
hiemanshusorry I wasnt around much last night and today morning13:15
hiemanshustupid family poking into my IRC time :P13:15
Venemohey alterego :)13:16
Venemotab fail13:16
Venemohey hiemanshu :)13:16
Venemohiemanshu, no problem, I wasn't around much either.13:16
Venemohiemanshu, I'm having some success with connecting the model to the view13:18
hiemanshuah nice13:18
hiemanshuI am trying to the stupid backend to connect, but the docs are so, incomplete13:18
Venemooh, I may be of assistance in that13:18
Venemoonce upon a time, I wrote a primitive IRC bot using that lib13:20
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sandst1Shameless IRC-ad: FunkeySynth 0.12.1 for your Harmattan phone, now with loop recording :P
alteregoHah, that's quality.14:44
alteregoNice omposition at the end :)14:44
Venemohey alterego14:49
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alteregoAloha :)14:51
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Venemoalterego, since then, I've solved the problem that I was pinging you about. but it took me some serious brainfucking.14:53
Venemoand I'm not even sure if this is the right solution :)14:53
Venemooh btw, I have a class that you might be interested in14:54
alteregoWell, you can always show me your solution and I'll give you some advice, if you like.14:56
VenemoI read the docs regarding model-view stuff14:57
Venemoand I noticed that every example makes a derived class from QAbstractListModel to display a list containing multiple items14:58
alteregoI found the best thing to do, was to just do it :D14:58
alteregowrt model/view, in any framework :D14:58
Venemoso I saw that I'll have 3 or 4 different kind of lists, so I thought I'll need 3 or 4 different subclasses of QAbstractListModel... but it felt wrong!14:58
alteregoNo, you don't need that, just need to use roleNames14:59
Venemoafter some thinking I made a class that can expose any type of QObject and its properties14:59
VenemoI don't even understand why isn't there a similar class in Qt15:00
alteregoWell, you can just use QList15:01
Venemobecause then QML view can't detect changes15:02
alteregoFair point15:02
Venemoit took me a couple of hours to figure out how to workaround MOC's dislike of template classes, but after that it went well :)15:03
alteregoYeah, looks good :)15:05
Venemothanks :)15:12
Venemodo you know how to respond to key events in a TextField?15:12
VenemoI want to do something when the user presses the enter key15:12
alteregoUse the signal: onAccepted15:13
Venemothere is no such signal in it15:13
Venemothere is no signal in it at all15:13
alteregoUse "TextInput"15:13
VenemoI use TextField15:14
alteregoIf you're using multiline then you can't use the enter as an accept ..15:14
VenemoTextField is single-line15:14
alteregoAnd TextField is for multiline15:14
Venemono, that is TextArea15:14
alteregoThere is no TextField15:14
alteregoSorry, I'm getting mixed up with some other components I'm using.15:15
alteregoThere is only TextInput and TextArea ..15:15
alteregoOr is this a Qt Components thing?15:15
Venemoyes, this is.15:15
alteregom'kay, hang on15:15
VenemoI couldn't be bothered to use "raw" QML.15:15
VenemoMohammadAG, again, TextField has no signals at all15:16
MohammadAGthat's... impossible15:16
Venemomaybe I should use the QML keys element15:16
MohammadAGit has to inherit something15:16
VenemoMohammadAG, see
VenemoQt Components usually don't inherit, they "alias"15:17
alteregoVenemo: there is an onAccepted signal15:17
Venemothis is an insane bad practice15:17
alteregoWell, there is an "accepted" signal15:17
alteregoSo you can use onAccepted: { ... }15:17
Venemoqrc:/qml/harmattan/ChatPage.qml:131:13: Cannot assign to non-existent property "onAccepted"15:18
alteregowtf is ChatPage?15:18
Venemothat is the component that contains this TextField.15:19
MohammadAGa Page?15:19
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kkitoDo you know how to run qemu with harmattan under osx?15:24
SpeedEvil Does anyone have a n9 to hand, and could run energy profiler - then make the screen all white at maximum brightness with no CPU activity if possible, then as black as possible, and report power use?15:25
kkitowith qtcreator using maemo configuration/qemu it works, it appears a new icon that launches the qemu, but it doesnt't happen when choosing harmattan15:25
VenemoSpeedEvil, djszapi has an N9, maybe you should ask him15:25
alteregoWhy N9? Is that different to the N950? :P15:26
SpeedEvilI know - I'm not wanting to highlight anyone just for this15:26
SpeedEvilalterego: yes15:26
Venemoalterego, yes, AMOLED vs LCD15:26
alteregoOh, right15:26
MohammadAGsilly alterego15:26
SpeedEvilIn principle, OLED might use 'no' power with - say - ten pixels lit up for notification.15:26
alteregoI thought they were both AMOLED15:26
SpeedEvilIn practice, it's going to be rather more.15:27
MohammadAGno, the N950's a TFT display15:27
MohammadAGand the N9 is a curved AMOLED15:27
Venemook, problem solved with the QML Keys element15:30
SpeedEvilIn principle also - LCD might use 'no' power without any backlight, in practice, it's 90mA or so. (~12h life)15:30
kkitoAre there any documentation about how to run an app for hrmattan under osx? (using simulator or emu)15:35
GeneralAntilleskkito, go grab the Qt SDK15:37
GeneralAntillesInstall the Harmattan bits.15:37
GeneralAntillesRun the emulator.15:37
kkitoGeneralAntiles: I got qt created an installed all needed components, but i am unable to run the qemu15:37
kkitoQtCreator do not start qtcreator by itsef, and i don't know how to run it manually15:38
kkitoI've found some docs about how to run qemu/harmattan under linux, but not for osx15:38
kkitoQtcreator do not star qemu...15:40
* RST38h starts up meegotouch-qt-styled file dialog. Throws up.15:46
RST38hWhose brilliant idea was that?15:46
MohammadAGMay I haz a screenshot?15:48
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*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan15:51
RST38hAnyone has got an example of a file dialog in QtComponents?15:51
Venemokkito, just use Linux15:51
MohammadAGsometimes that's not an option Venemo :P15:52
VenemoI know.15:52
Venemoalterego, can you gimme some help with QML bindings?15:52
Venemo this is the code15:53
MekRST38h: there is not file dialog in qt components, so you'll have to write your own if you need one15:53
MohammadAGyay, push email works better on the N950 than the N90015:53
RST38hMek: thank you, although it was not my question15:53
Venemobut when the currentChannel changes, the message in the text field remains the same.15:54
VenemoMohammadAG, yesterday ycsá15:54
VenemoMohammadAG, yesterday you said it worked better on the N90015:54
*** seif has joined #harmattan15:56
MohammadAGVenemo, you need to change settings15:56
Venemoqrc:/qml/harmattan/ChatPage.qml:132:9: QML TextField: Binding loop detected for property "text"15:56
MohammadAGdefault setting are pull every 20 mins15:56
MohammadAGset to always to update and change peak times, and it's faster by 3 seconds15:57
MohammadAGalways up-to-date*15:57
kkitoGeneralAntilles: How to run the emulator?15:58
*** Mek_ has joined #harmattan16:06
* RST38h is going to ask a stupid QML related question16:08
VenemoRST38h, ask ahead.16:09
RST38hI have got a dialog in a separate file.How do I refer to it from my first file?16:09
RST38hLet us say I have got component id fileDialog in FileDialog.qml16:10
Mekid's have filescope, but you can create a FileDialog {} element in your other file (or use a Loader, or Qt.loadComponent (not sure if that was the exact function name))16:10
MekQt.createComponent I meant16:11
RST38hVenemo: So, how do I refer to it?16:12
VenemoYou can create a:16:13
VenemoFileDialog { id: myDialog }16:13
Venemoand you can then refer to it as myDialog16:13
*** seif has quit IRC16:13
RST38hAnd "FileDialog" here is the name of that other file?16:13
Venemomeh. nor TextField nor TextArea don't have a padding property16:15
RST38hVenemo: does not work16:15
VenemoRST38h, did you add the FileDialog.qml to your resources file?16:16
Venemoand stuff?16:16
RST38hI do not have .rsc file, opening main qml file by filename16:16
RST38hI kinda expected it would look for other components at the same pth16:16
Venemothen I have no idea at all16:16
VenemoI always embed my QMLs into my app's resources and then they work.16:17
RST38hhm, ok16:17
RST38hHow does the resource file work then? (outside of QtCreator)16:17
RST38hFileDialog { id: myDialog }found it16:18
GAN900So I was discussing with fiferboy last night how useless the widget galleries were.16:23
RST38hSorry but how do I tell QML which qrc file to use???16:23
VenemoRST38h, make a "Harmattan application" and see how it's done16:24
GAN900Mostly because the code is impossible to find, isn't commented and doesn't always clearly relate to what's going on in the examples.16:25
RST38hSorry no QtCreator here, cannot make it16:25
VenemoRST38h, why no Qt Creator?16:25
RST38hVenemo:did not work for me, could not run apps16:25
VenemoGAN900, impossible to find is enough reason...16:25
VenemoRST38h, you can look at my half-baked app if you want:
RST38hVenemo: cannot find where it is done, sorry16:27
GAN900So, I'd like to try to expand on it by making the sample code available in the application, and providing the links to the relevant API docs.16:30
RST38hshit, this qml stuff is totally undocumented at the border of being unusable :(((((16:30
GAN900Yes, the docs suck.16:30
GAN900Qt SDK is assumed a lot.16:30
trxis there a Qt theme on harmattan? my app has no theme, is it just for me?16:31
RST38hI cannot find anywhere (yes, googled) how I tell the application which qrc file I am using:(((16:31
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RST38hok fuck the qrc16:35
lcuklol RST38h16:36
RST38haddFilePath etc16:39
RST38hqml:Config.qml:45:9: id is not unique16:40
VenemoRST38h, it is well documented.16:46
VenemoRST38h, as I said, look at my stuff.16:46
VenemoRST38h, how I tell the application which qrc file I am using
VenemoRST38h, then this qrc tells the app what qml files are there
RST38hqml:Config.qml:13:3: FileDialog is not a type16:48
Venemo[15:25] <RST38h> Venemo:did not work for me, could not run apps --->why not?16:49
RST38hVenemo: ok, forget qrc.You are not letting Qt know what qrc file you are using anywhere, I looked at your app.16:49
RST38hVenemo: So, no idea how it is happening.16:49
fralsits magic whenever you add the qrc afaik ;D16:49
RST38hI simply added a search path and amnow ettingthe error given above16:49
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VenemoRST38h, maybe the way I instantiate the QtDeclarativeView differs from yours?16:49
RST38hNo, same way16:50
RST38hno differences16:50
fralsQML_IMPORT_TRACE=1 too see where it searches for FileDialog16:50
RST38hyou are doing it from qtcreator though16:50
VenemoRST38h, also, have you tried debugging why QtC doesn't workforyou?16:50
RST38hVenemo: Yes, lost a day, uninstalled QtC16:50
RST38hEnd of story.16:50
VenemoRST38h, do you use the Qt SDK?16:50
RST38hYes, I used QtSDK16:50
RST38hLet us skip over this topic, I am not going to waste any more time on it16:51
Venemowell, I'm just sayin because it always worked for me16:51
Venemoit's a bit hard developing for Qt without QtC.16:51
RST38hBasically none of the dh* tools work in QtSDK, at least under Windows.16:51
*** lbt has joined #harmattan16:51
Venemothey work for me on Windows.16:51
RST38hWhat do I do about this error though: qml:Config.qml:13:3: FileDialog is not a type  ?16:52
MohammadAGswiping down in the mediaplayer's list shows a search field16:52
MohammadAGkinda like contacts16:52
RST38hThis happens after I do FileDialog { id: fileSelector }16:52
RST38hwhere FileDialog.qml is at a searchable path and has id:fileSelector16:52
GAN900That never worked for me.16:53
GAN900The widgets gallery uses a file loading function16:53
GAN900Currently I've just got main.qmls since I'm clearly doing something incorrectly. . ..16:53
Venemowell _SOMEWHERE_ you both are screwing up.16:54
*** rm_you has quit IRC16:54
Venemono offence.16:54
*** rm_you has joined #harmattan16:55
*** rm_you has joined #harmattan16:55
*** kkito has joined #harmattan16:56
MohammadAGRST38h, fixing meegotouch-qt-style isn't a bad idea :P16:56
RST38hok, put together everything into a single file16:57
RST38hdialog doesshow up, but it is empty16:57
RST38hand I am getting a flood of errors about internal fileSelector ids not being found16:57
MohammadAGbtw RST38h16:57
MohammadAGqml fails to do imports if the file isn't readable16:57
RST38hMohammad: Yea, except that its excuse for a default file dialog does not browse the file system. It browses the tracker db instead.16:57
RST38hfiles are readable16:57
MohammadAGcat the file as the user you're running the qml as16:57
MohammadAGI got permission denied16:58
RST38hno, both files are readable16:58
MohammadAGthe file dialog is a tracker interface?16:58
RST38hso, no, do not enable meegotouch-qt-style for now16:59
MohammadAGeven when using the non-static methods?16:59
RST38hbecause it will not let you select files :)16:59
RST38hdunno probablt16:59
MohammadAGQFileDialog dialog;16:59
MohammadAGwell, no, QFileDialog::getOpenwhatever used the hildon dialog on maemo 5, but the other methods opened the built in Qt dialog17:00
GAN900Venemo, yes, clearly. :P17:00
VenemoMohammadAG, save dialog also used the hildon dialog17:01
MohammadAGVenemo, not if you used the non static methods17:02
MohammadAGnot really17:02
MohammadAGit says that in the docs17:02
M4rtinK2wait a minute, there is no ordinary "open file/folder dialogue" ?17:02
*** wicket64 has joined #harmattan17:03
*** smoku has left #harmattan17:06
GAN900It's the fileless file system revolution!17:10
GAN900Frankly I think it's mostly a good goal.17:11
VenemoRST38h, anyway. I get the error you had when I forgot to add my QML files to the qrc17:14
RST38hI now have everything ina single file17:15
RST38hFor some reason, references to ids that are up in the {} hierarchy do not resolve17:16
RST38hOMFG I have got the file dialogtoshow up!!!!!17:24
RST38hSideNote: The example given on the web will not run as it is syntactically incorrect17:24
GAN900We need real docs.17:24
GAN900With example code which actually works.17:24
RST38hSideNote2: Why is Nokia publishing examples that do not work???17:24
GAN900Because the only people who are supposed to have them are smart devs?17:25
GAN900It's a test, clearly.17:25
GAN900and you almost failed.17:25
*** djszapi has quit IRC17:36
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan17:44
djszapilbt in Berlin ?17:44
djszapiIs there anybody from the c-obs project ?17:44
djszapihere at the desktop summit ?17:44
djszapiThere will be an Open Build Service presentation tomorrow iirc...17:45
lbtnot afaik  ... Bergie maybe17:45
djszapiHenri is here, yep17:45
djszapilbt: well, lot of ongoing discussions with meegons and KDE guys17:45
djszapiabout the collaboration between the two communities.17:46
lbt*nod* ... let me know if they need anything17:46
djszapilbt: it was new for me OBS will provide windows packaging option...17:47
lbt(apart from 'kdelibs to compile')17:47
djszapiJos has just said in his speak17:47
lbtyeah .... not sure how open that'll be17:47
djszapiwell, if you cannot help, who can ? :)17:47
lbt(thinking redistribution)17:47
djszapilbt: anyway, I am not sure how to proceed with kde for harmattan.17:48
lbtsomeone said that's a qemu issue17:48
djszapiwe can speak about KDE and meego collaboration, but if the basic kde libs is not available, we cannot encourage people.17:48
djszapiwell, we can, they cannot just write kde apps :)17:49
lbtthere's a difference between a blocking bug and a blocking attitude ... which would you prefer?17:49
djszapiblocking bug17:50
lbtindeed ... :)17:50
lbtso letting people know we have open arms and a bug is a better story isn't it?17:50
djszapithat is what I am doing :)17:50
Venemoalterego, have you managed to properly use the SelectionDialog?17:51
djszapibut I would like to see the two communities collaborating more17:51
djszapiKDE has 10+ years Ui experience17:51
Venemoso has Gnome btw.17:51
lbtVenemo: using Qt?17:52
* lbt ducks17:52
Venemolbt, using QWidgets.17:52
lbtVenemo: good answer :)17:52
lcukUI designers usually have flash experience17:52
Venemolbt :P :P17:52
* lcuk ducks ;)17:52
djszapiwho is using QWidgets ?17:52
Venemoso... I need a way to use a QML SelectionDialog element.17:53
Venemodjszapi, kde widgets are based on QWidgets. correct me if I'm wrong.17:53
djszapiyou are wrong17:53
djszapikde widgets has never targetted mobile...17:53
djszapieven there is a mobile profile, where those things are ifdef-ed out17:54
*** hardaker2 has joined #harmattan17:54
djszapithere is a Plasma Quick...17:54
MohammadAGI thought a KWidget was a subclassed QWidget...17:55
MohammadAGand a KButton was a subclassed QAbstractButton17:55
djszapithere is no KWidget ?17:55
MohammadAGoh well, I was wrong too I guess17:55
MohammadAGwhat's the base widget called?17:56
djszapithere is no ultimate "base widget".17:56
djszapikde mobile is completely qml based17:56
djszapiQWidget for desktop or QGV for plasma desktop17:56
MohammadAGI'm talking about full kde17:56
djszapiI am talking about meego, harmattan kde.17:56
djszapiat least on this channel :)17:56
MohammadAGharmattan has a kde?17:56
djszapiyes, I have built kdelibs weeks ago17:57
djszapialso the calligra frontend...17:57
djszapialso kalgebra17:57
djszapiand others17:57
Venemo[16:56] <djszapi> kde mobile is completely qml based ---> news to me17:59
djszapiso what ? :)17:59
Venemonothing. it's just news to me. I didn't know.17:59
djszapigood, if I could say something interesting17:59
djszapiwhat you might wanna check out is some youtube video18:00
djszapior build and play games with out platform :)18:01
*** rm_you has quit IRC18:03
*** rm_you has joined #harmattan18:03
*** rm_you has joined #harmattan18:03
*** Venemo has quit IRC18:06
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan18:09
*** Venemo has quit IRC18:09
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan18:09
djszapiVenemo: I proposed a KDE mobile presentation in Malta.18:10
Venemosorry, my machine froze18:10
djszapilet us see..It would be nice if they accept it18:10
djszapinot because of me :)18:10
Venemowhat will be in Malta?18:10
djszapibecause of KDE and Meego.18:10
djszapiOpen Source Island.18:10
Venemohow are people getting the money to go to these events?18:10
djszapiinvolving the mediterranean meego conf.18:10
Venemomediterranean meego conf?? hm?18:11
Venemoso is it "Open source island" or "meego conf"?18:11
Venemoand when will it be?18:11
djszapi* Isle of Open Source18:12
Venemocan people get sponsored the way they did at san francisco?18:12
djszapiwell, if they accept my talks without sponsorship, I do not go :p18:12
djszapimy company is in a crise nowadays to support me :)18:13
Venemojust asking because this time I'd feel like going there, but I don't have any money to spend on it :(18:13
djszapithe deadline is over for presentations, iirc :(18:13
TermanaVenemo, we are secretly all Bankers. Not software developers18:13
Venemodjszapi, I don't want to make a presentation, I want to listen to them18:14
TermanaNot that they are probably having such a great time in this economy either.18:14
djszapiVenemo: they supported people not giving presentation, bof, etc in SF ?18:14
djszapidamn... I missed it then :)18:15
Venemodjszapi, well, according to other people who went there, they did support the more prominent community members.18:15
djszapianyway, I might get support from KDE18:15
djszapiif they do not support me18:15
djszapiKDE is keen on promoting KDE whenever it is possible.18:15
Venemodjszapi, this is good! tell them that if they don't support you, you'll promote Gnome :P18:16
djszapiWhat is gnome ?18:16
djszapiI am actually attending to the Vala presentation18:16
djszapithat sounds cool for me18:16
VenemoI kinda like Gnome 318:16
djszapithere is also a gnome 4 presentation over here =p18:17
Venemonot even 3 is complete and they're already planning 4?18:17
djszapino clue18:17
Venemomaybe they want to catch on KDE and Xfce in their version numbering18:18
djszapiI am interested in Vala.18:18
djszapilet us see...18:18
lcukdjszapi, in the past it has been discussed to rebase vala on qobject18:19
djszapilcuk: oh ?18:19
lcukand instead of generating bindings towards gobject and its stuff, instead output pure qt code18:19
djszapilink for proving ?18:19
lcukno link, was physical discussion18:20
lcukor verbal18:20
djszapiahh I cannot ask them about it then18:20
lcukbergie is there18:20
djszapitrue, shall I catch him about it ?18:20
lcukwell I was having the discussion with him, perhaps it went nowhere, perhaps something was written up18:21
djszapilcuk: there are a lot of collaboration dudes here :p18:22
djszapi* collabora18:23
lcukyes I know18:24
djszapilcuk: sad you are not here :)18:25
lcukthere are many conferences happening18:31
M4rtinK2yay, atk1.0 just built successfully :)18:31
lcuki have plenty to occupy myself here with new baby etc18:31
djszapilcuk: mmm, I am not blaming you. I am just saying it would be damn cool to drink a beer together :)18:33
* lcuk nods18:33
*** seif has joined #harmattan18:35
*** bemasc has joined #harmattan18:35
djszapipeople like N9* here.18:40
bemascAre there instructions somewhere for how to get root on an N950?18:40
Venemobemasc, yes, see /topic18:41
lcukbemasc, "ssh root@localhost"18:41
Venemobemasc, 'devel-su', password is 'rootme'18:41
bemascVenemo: I looked through those pages and coldn't find anything18:41
bemascok, thanks lcuk and venemo18:41
Venemobemasc, you are lying.18:41
Venemobemasc, -> first link from the second link in the topic.18:42
bemascVenemo: I didn't click it, since I am not migrating18:42
djszapiit is interesting why it is in the migration section18:43
bemascanyway, devel-su worked great18:43
Venemobecause when it was added, the "Landing page" didn't exist yet.18:43
djszapiI would not use develsu18:43
Venemowhy not?18:43
djszapibecause there is no guarantee for its availability18:43
djszapiit has not been available for a while on an internal image18:44
bemascwhat do you recommend?18:44
djszapiwhat lcuk said :)18:44
djszapiif you have ssh access18:44
bemascI can ssh to localhost.  I haven't figured out if sshd has an external port open too18:45
djszapiin developer mode, it has18:45
djszapiCan I use standard Qt roles directly without "exporting" inside qml ?18:46
djszapi -> That is what I had to do with custom roles. Is it also the case for standard roles, like tooltip and so forth ?18:46
Venemodjszapi, I just made this:
bemaschmm.  Just ssh'd in as root with password rootme .... pretty frightening.18:47
djszapiwhy ?18:47
djszapiroot is not a superstuff anymore18:47
Venemobemasc, you can change the password if you're not liking it18:47
djszapidirectly because of this...18:47
*** rm_you has quit IRC18:47
djszapialso, I am not sure on PR image with user mode you can hack ssh. It might be possible, I have never tried.18:48
bemascVenemo: yep, I guess I should do that.  Do I also need to change the password on the "user" account?18:48
Venemobemasc, dunno18:48
djszapibemasc: it does not raise the security too much18:48
djszapiwhat you wanna use is aegis18:48
djszapiwhich was designer for security purposes.18:48
*** rm_you has joined #harmattan18:49
*** rm_you has joined #harmattan18:49
bemascdjszapi: I don't know about "superstuff", but surely, as currently configured, anyone could ssh in and read all my data.18:49
djszapinot much difference with different password18:49
djszapianybody can get it.18:49
bemascnot if I don't tell them the password!18:49
djszapiand root is not superuser18:49
djszapiso it cannot break your stuff if you use aegis properly.18:49
djszapiyou must be joking.18:50
bemascdjszapi: I don't know what you're talking about, but I just confirmed that root can read the contents of /home/user/DCIM/18:51
bemascso anyone could ssh in using the default password and see all the pictures I've taken.18:51
djszapiwhat I am talking about is that, I can get your password by looking at your typing, installing keylogger, listening on the port and so on.18:51
bemascEvidently the developer image was not designed for use on public networks out of the box, which is fine.18:51
djszapithere are gazillion ways, it is not that hard18:51
djszapiso you raised the security, but for an expertise, not much, almost nothing18:52
dm8tbrdjszapi: that must mean you don't lock your apartment door, right?18:52
djszapinot really, no18:52
*** seif has quit IRC18:52
bemascit would be nice to know what you have to do to the developer image to make it reasonably secure, though.18:53
djszapiXth time: use aegis18:53
tommadisable root login from ssh18:53
tommaproblem solved18:53
Venemook. how to configure aegis to disallow root to view my stuff?18:53
djszapitomma: well, that is his purpose..18:53
bemasctomma: yep, planning on it.  Do you know if there are any other accounts that need to be disabled?18:53
dm8tbrtomma: the config might not be allowed to be modified, due to aegis18:53
tommasshd config can be modified... i hav18:53
djszapiVenemo: you do not still know ? I cannot believe it :)18:54
tommai have device still working18:54
djszapiso long time, we have been discussing aegis.18:54
Venemodjszapi, you said million times that it is possible. but you never told how. :)18:54
bemasctomma: yep, I guess I'll look through sshd_config and /etc/passwd18:54
djszapiVenemo: I told gazillion times.18:54
Venemodjszapi, or maybe I just wasn't around when you told that part?18:54
djszapiseriously, I am not keen on repeating things gazillion times18:54
djszapiplease do note18:54
dm8tbrdjszapi: please point to an instance in the log, kthx18:54
djszapiuse manifest files.18:54
Venemodjszapi, yeah, gimme the channel log where you explain this.18:55
djszapiI have really better things to do...18:55
djszapiI am pretty sure you can figure out it alone...18:55
djszapisame work for me...18:55
Venemosince Aegis is non-documented, I doubt it.18:55
djszapiwhat does an irc log have to do with aegis documentation ?18:56
Venemook, I'll look up the log somewhen18:56
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan18:56
djszapilook the situation from my pov please18:56
VenemoI understand :)18:56
djszapipeople keep asking the same basic questions gazillion times18:56
djszapiHow would you feel it ?18:56
Venemoyeah, I see your point18:57
lcukdjszapi, make a FAQ18:57
lcukthen when silly questions asked, point them to it18:57
dm8tbrdjszapi: I would stop acting like an asshat and have a wikipage to point people to. (you asked what I'd do)18:57
djszapilcuk: do you pay me for that ?18:57
djszapithanks kindly while I am helping18:57
djszapiI feel so nice now really.18:57
lcukdjszapi, no but you asked how to deal with that specific thing of being asked silly questions repeatedly18:57
djszapilcuk: seriously, they are getting help and they do not even try to document it ?18:58
djszapiI should also do this instead of them ?18:58
djszapiI am expecting some minimal thing18:58
bemascok, looks like root is the only account that has a password.18:59
* lcuk slides coffee over to djszapi 18:59
bemascthe main account ("user") is password-disabled18:59
dm8tbrlcuk: good heavens no, get him something that calms him down...18:59
djszapilcuk: see my pov please, I am asked again and again with the same question. I am helping and I am called "asshat".19:00
djszapiI am just stopping helping about aegis19:00
djszapiI do not need this19:00
lcukdjszapi, the faq observation would prevent your frustration, and each person asking the same question does not know you already answered it 100 times19:00
djszapilcuk: but if I help a lot, people cannot document it ?19:01
djszapishould I also do this ?19:01
lcukand each person does not know they should be making the faq because they were never told to19:01
djszapibecause then I stop helping19:01
djszapiif there is no such a minimal thing like that.19:01
lcukdjszapi, the documentation for many aspects of n950 are coming together19:01
lcukbut each person does not know this19:01
djszapiwell, anyway. I do not enjoy it. Good luck with aegis.19:02
lcukmy girlfriend used to work in a book store19:02
lcukshe got frustrated when customers would walk in and say "I am looking for a book.."19:02
lcukand wished to never hear that phrase19:02
djszapilcuk: I have never experienced that if someone helps is called "asshat".19:02
lcukbut there is no way to tell everybody that it is silly19:02
djszapithis is not really the way of collaboration19:02
Venemodjszapi, I did not call you an "asshat", and I accepted your viewpoint.19:03
dm8tbrcan we please cease the meta-discussion and get back to a topic?19:03
djszapiVenemo: yep, you did not.19:03
lcukdm8tbr, start the wiki page then to help everyone19:03
* dm8tbr understands djszapi's frustration, but tries _never_ to get as carried away as to tell people 'it's documented, just finde it in the random pile over there'19:04
Venemodjszapi, IMO you are just another helpful person who is sacrificing his free time to help others. :) but this usually stands for every one of us here :)19:04
dm8tbrI usually have for the topics I help people with a set of links at hand19:04
dm8tbrlcuk: first step, what is a harmattan wiki that can be edited by random users?19:04
djszapiVenemo: again, I have a lot to do19:04
dm8tbrlcuk: is not a good choice319:05
lcukdm8tbr, harmattan is meego19:05
djszapiwhat I have time is for giving advices19:05
lcukuse as the migration page does19:05
djszapiif nobody helps with documenting, that is the result19:05
djszapiI will not document it sorry. I would like, but I do not have time.19:05
djszapialso, my english sucks.19:05
Venemodjszapi, btw I answered you in #qt-qml19:05
*** fiferboy has joined #harmattan19:07
djszapihi fiferboy :)19:07
dm8tbrlcuk: I'd rather not get caught up in politics about harmattan and meego but see some real documentation. So far I have to agree with djszapi there seems to be no fitting place19:07
fiferboyHi all19:07
djszapififerboy: I have QML question19:07
djszapierr... :)19:07
fiferboydjszapi: Go ahead19:08
djszapififerboy: is it like this ? I cannot have a text and image inside a component (delegate) related to the listview ?19:09
djszapiif I put them into an "item" container, it works.19:09
fiferboyYou should be able to create a Component and put whatever layout you want inside it19:10
djszapiit is a bug then I guess.19:10
fiferboyIf you have Component { Item { Row { Image {} Text {} } } }19:11
fiferboyMake sure you are giving the proper size to the elements in the component19:11
fiferboydjszapi: It's not a bug, it is working for me :)19:11
djszapimmmh, I need the row, that is actually a good idea :p19:11
djszapiwell, sure I mean I need an a dummy item container19:11
fiferboydjszapi: You can either use the row or anchors19:12
djszapiso I cannot do it indirectly. It could be smart about that19:12
djszapirow is more explicit to me :p19:12
djszapiand does not need continous adjustment in case of more columns19:12
fiferboyTrue, it is better for dynamic layout19:13
fralscan have as many Image{} and Text{} you want inside a delegate ;)19:15
*** Rizzer has joined #harmattan19:15
djszapifrals: I am getting a runtime error message without a container item19:16
fiferboydjszapi: What message?19:17
djszapiinvalid body19:18
GAN900djszapi, you've clearly never worked retail. :P19:19
djszapinot sure what you mean19:20
*** rm_you has quit IRC19:20
*** rm_you has joined #harmattan19:21
*** rm_you has joined #harmattan19:21
GAN900djszapi, was stuck in scrollback, related to your complaint about response to help.19:21
djszapififerboy: we were discussing that with Venemo, whether I need to register default Qt roles with setRoleName in order to use it from QML ?19:21
djszapiDo you have experience with this ?19:21
djszapiGAN900: I would really like to document it, but no time..19:22
*** kkito has quit IRC19:22
fiferboydjszapi: Yes, you need to do that if you are using a QAbstractItemModel-based model19:22
GAN900surely it's somebody's paid job to do the documentation.19:23
djszapiGAN900: we do that internally :d19:23
djszapitomma: that does not talk about default roles19:24
djszapiI would personally expect that, the abstract class registers all the qt shipped roles.19:24
Venemodjszapi, try it, and you'll see.19:24
djszapilike it similarly handles the qt shipped enums19:24
tommatrue... and to find those names you need to output them to QDebug or something19:24
djszapiVenemo: try what ?19:25
djszapiI do not see any reference what I should type into QML.19:25
djszapiif any19:25
tommaenums would be more intuitive way19:25
Venemotry using it without registering them and if they work, then you don't need to.19:25
djszapibut I cannot try19:25
djszapithat is the point until I find some registered name...19:25
djszapibut since we do not find, I think it is not registered then19:25
djszapialso, I trust fiferboy, he is a qml guru :p19:25
GAN900djszapi, unrelated, do you happed to know if the person(s) responsible for the Components widget galleries maintain a public presence?19:29
VenemoGAN900, I don't think so, but what is it that you're after?19:29
djszapiGAN900: no clue here :)19:30
GAN900Venemo, planning to do a New and Improved widget gallery19:30
VenemoGAN900, aah :)19:30
*** Rizzer has quit IRC19:31
GAN900Let me know if you have any requests.19:32
djszapinice woman pictures :)19:32
GAN900Going to put in more commentary, semi-dynamic example code, links to API docs, etc.19:32
GAN900NataliePortman { } is not a Qt Component.19:33
*** Scifig has quit IRC19:35
djszapibut isn't there some direct adjustment like with Qt Views and Models (C++) ? Decoration and Display roles are the default ?19:35
VenemoGAN900, that is a very nice idea :)19:36
fiferboydjszapi: That's the right way to set role names19:38
fiferboyDoes anyone know when using a QAbstractItemModel why I can't use header names to get different columns?19:39
fiferboyWht is the correct way to get column information?19:39
Venemoyou need to implement a method regarding headers19:41
Venemoif you already know that, well, I don't know more about it19:41
fiferboyWhat is the correct way to access different columns?19:42
VenemoI don't know more about it, but if I were you, I'd ask #qt-qml in EU working hours19:42
fiferboyRight now I am assigning names to different Qt::UserRole+n roles and reimplementing QAbstractItemModel::data to give column info based on the role19:42
Venemoyes, that's what I do.19:42
VenemoI have a generic QAbstractListModel subclass that gets all properties from a QObject descendant with its QMetaObject, and then sets them as roles.19:43
*** djszapi has quit IRC19:45
fiferboyVenemo: That sounds like a good solution19:46
fiferboyAt least, a good work around19:47
Venemofiferboy, yeah. I don't understand why isn't there such a thing in Qt by default.19:47
fiferboyI would also like to know how to access an arbitrary value from a delegate from outside the delegate19:49
fiferboyIt seems like it should be possible, but using a QAbstractItemModel seems to complicate things19:49
Venemoit is possible with a hack/workaround19:50
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan19:50
djszapiRzR: alure is broken in your repository19:51
djszapilbt: we have alure compiled in our shared repository, but it is not available for further packages in that repository. Got an idea ?19:51
Venemofiferboy, if you're interested, I can give you code19:51
djszapilbt: meaning that gluon is unresolvable since it depends on alure19:52
djszapilbt: it is not distributed even if it has been built properly.19:52
djszapilbt: properly built, but still not available in that repository:
fiferboyVenemo: I'd love to take a look19:54
fiferboyI have 5 different models I am using, so naming them all individually and writing data replacements sin't great19:54
fiferboyVenemo: Thanks@!19:55
Venemofiferboy, the QObjectListModel class is what does it. the QObjectListModelMagic class is a workaround against MOC's not supporting template classes19:55
*** djszapi has quit IRC19:55
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan19:55
Venemofiferboy, as you see, it has a getItem() method which returns a QObject*. with this I can fetch the necessary item in the QML delegate with channelList.getItem(index)19:56
Venemofiferboy, then I can do with it whatever I want.19:56
djszapififerboy: Actually, I am having the same question19:56
djszapiHow to actually get a column data from QML ? For instance, more columns have qtdisplayrole, so it is not a good thing for decoupling the columns19:57
fiferboydjszapi: Yeah, I'm not sure the correct way to go about that19:58
djszapibut you see it is a use case.19:58
fiferboyBut if you assign role names for all the information you want to obtain using the Qt::UserRole++19:59
djszapidoing this in QML.19:59
djszapiyou need to know the column.19:59
fiferboyYou can then write a function to return the requested row but specific column based on the role passed19:59
djszapiyeah, but it would be more elegant to pass a column argumenet19:59
fiferboydjszapi: Yes, I know it is a use case - I need to implement functionality on five different models :)19:59
Venemoso, just use the class I've linked :)20:00
fiferboyI agree totally, and hope there is something simple I am overlooking that someone will point out :D20:00
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #harmattan20:01
fiferboyVenemo: Do you have an example of how you call that, for instance from within a delegate in QML?20:01
Venemofiferboy, I sure do. wait a moment and I'll push it20:02
djszapiis this an example how to distinguish columns ?20:02
fiferboyI have to go AFK for a while (putting son down for a nap)20:03
fiferboyBack later20:03
Venemook, ping me when you're back fiferboy20:04
*** fiferboy is now known as fiferboy_away20:04
fiferboy_awayWill do, thanks20:04
*** djszapi has quit IRC20:09
VenemoI hereby announce that SelectionDialog is horseshit.20:26
fralswhat are you failing to accomplish?20:27
VenemoI have a button in my IRC client that will show the user list of a channel20:28
Venemothe user list is a property of type QStringListModel in my ChannelModel class20:28
Venemonow the SelectionDialog is obviously a nice way to show the user list (it looks nice), but I just can't get it done20:29
Venemothis workaround almost works... if there were no channel switching, it'd work.20:29
VenemoI'm down to the part when I'm actually manually adding items to the SelectionDialog's model, but even that is impossible with QStringListModel...20:30
Venemofrals, if you have an idea, I'm listening20:30
Venemoyeah, I saw that20:31
Venemoit hasn't appeared on my N950 yet, nor in my sysroot.20:32
frals(ugly workaround, include the fixed version in your project for now)20:32
VenemoI tried. it was missing some js. so I added the js too. but then Qt Creator didn't see the js.....20:32
Venemomaybe I should try again.20:32
fralsbah, damn uiconstant.js20:34
fralsafaik its been fixed so its importable in later versions as well but doesnt help you much atm :p20:35
Venemoalso, CommonDialog seems to be a non-existent type20:35
VenemoI will NEVER understand this20:37
Venemowhy are there SO MANY private headers/classes/etc in an OPEN library??20:38
fralsmaking something a private part does not have anything to do with being OSS or not ;)20:38
Venemowhy can't I use CommonDialog from my code?20:39
Venemowhy doesn't TextArea inherit TextEdit so I could use its onLinkClicked signal?20:39
*** lardman has joined #harmattan20:39
*** lardman has quit IRC20:39
*** lardman has joined #harmattan20:39
fralsi guess it was added in master branch after the release was done20:39
Venemothey say, nooo, we don't inherit, because we want to _hide_ this20:39
Venemobut then why?20:39
fralsi suggest you ask why the design is like it is in #qt-components (or wherever they hang out :))20:39
Venemoif I want to use it, I can always copy their code.20:39
VenemoI asked.20:39
Venemothey said they don't agree with the design either.20:40
fralslo lardman20:40
lardmanhi frals20:41
Venemofrals, it doesn't work even with the fix.20:41
Venemoit simply doesn't show any items20:41
Venemomy model definitely has a "name" role.20:44
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC20:44
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan20:45
Venemofrals, it doesn't even try to load the items in my model.20:48
Venemofrals, does this guy visit IRC?21:17
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan21:20
*** fiferboy_away is now known as fiferboy21:37
fiferboyVenemo: I am having the same problem with SelectionDialog21:37
fiferboyBut I am using compoents built from git three days ago, so the fix frals mentioned should be in it21:37
fiferboyPopulates fine from QML, won't at all from C++21:37
Venemosame here...21:38
fiferboyVenemo: If you load your list model in a VisualDataModel it _almost_ works21:39
fiferboyIt reserves the space but doesn't draw the delegate21:39
fiferboyMaybe I should try without a delegate...21:39
Venemowell, I'm working on my own selection dialog now21:39
fiferboyYeah, I guess it isn't that complicated a component21:39
fiferboyCould be done inline without much effort, even21:40
Venemosince I already have the source of CommonDialog, all I need to do is put a Column and a Repeater into it.21:40
fiferboyOr you could put a Flickable and a ListView in it21:41
VenemoListView for some weird reason only shows the first element of the list.21:41
fiferboyWait, you don't even need flickable with listview :)21:41
fiferboyDoes it let you scroll?21:41
RST38hIt takes 450 lines of QML code to implement a file selection dialog21:42
Venemodidn't check21:42
RST38hIn plain Qt it takes 1 line21:42
RST38hFunny, isn't it?21:42
fiferboyRST38h: To be fair, the implementation in Qt is more than one line :)21:42
fiferboyYou could write a compoenent for it in QML and ivoke it with one line in your main code21:43
RST38hfiferboy: Qt only requires you to call a static QDIalog member21:43
RST38hfiferboy: I cannot - the only components that I can call from C++ should start with PageStackWindow21:44
Venemofiferboy, no, it does not let me scroll.21:44
fiferboyRST38h: I am forever forgetting you are doing everything in C++ and trying to use QML interface21:44
RST38hfiferboy: Not "doing" but "already have it done"21:45
RST38hfiferboy: Requiring developers to use pure QML is no better than requiring them to use pure Java21:45
Venemofiferboy, do you have an idea why does the ListView only show the first item in my model, while the repeater shows all?21:45
fiferboyYeah, I have my application already done in Qt, and fortunately the models do most of the work so an interface rewrite isn't bad21:45
fiferboyVenemo: Are you using a delegate in listview?21:45
Venemofiferboy, yes!21:46
alteregoThink I'll be carrying around my N900 for a bit longer, the xterm is more useful.21:46
Venemofiferboy, seems that if I manually set the height of the listview then it displays the other items too21:46
Venemofiferboy, but it doesn't let me scroll :(21:46
lcukalterego, favourite harmattan app?21:46
fiferboyVenemo: height was going to be my suggestion, but scrolling is a different issue21:46
alteregolcuk: not really played with any apps yet :/21:46
fiferboyIs there a mousearea stealing the clicks?21:46
alteregoReally busy recently.21:46
lcukalterego, ahh, far away from computer land or in training?21:47
Venemofiferboy, not that I'm aware of. the delegate does contain a mousearea, but so does the default delegate of the SelectionDialog21:47
RST38hfiferboy: BTW Android also requires you to implement your own file selector. But it takes much fewer lines.21:48
fiferboyVenemo: I am about to take a look at implementing it myself21:48
alteregoalterego: working on tablet recently.21:48
alteregolcuk: ^21:48
fiferboyRST38h: My android development is pretty limited, but I would say almost everything I do is easier in QML21:48
RST38hfiferboy: definitely not =(21:49
RST38hno fucking way it is easier, at least not right now21:49
Venemofiferboy, shall I send you what I've done so far?21:49
fiferboyRST38h: Well, as I say my Android devel was limited and I am quite deep into QML21:49
fiferboyVenemo: Sure, that would be helpful21:49
Venemofiferboy, hmm... why is anchors.fill: parent not enough for this ListView21:51
fiferboyVenemo: Should be.  Does the parent have an explicit size set?21:51
fiferboyVenemo: Maybe the listview is taking as much space as it needs so it doesn't think it needs to scroll21:51
fiferboyThat's what it sounds like21:52
Venemointeractive: true takes care of scrolling21:52
Venemofiferboy, ok, I'll pastebin it21:57
Venemofiferboy, this works as expected21:58
Venemoumm, correction: almost21:59
*** Rizzer has joined #harmattan22:01
VenemoI'll refactor it as a separte component22:01
* RST38h suddenly understands that replacing qml with html would makethings easier22:02
javispedroRST38h: see.22:02
RST38hwhy did they invent a whole new markup language anyway?22:03
RST38hmoo javispedro22:03
javispedroI was perplexed with the way QML lays out and wraps things22:03
RST38hjavispedro: are you writing a file selector?22:03
javispedroand specially the anchors paradigm. Reminds of PalmOS and that is not a good signal here.22:03
RST38hyou can avoid anchors, they just do not tell you22:03
javispedroRST38h: as said, I've joined the filesystemless club. So, Tracker for me.22:04
RST38hEncapsulate your UI into Column {} or Row {} and forget about nachors22:04
javispedroah, nice22:04
fiferboyVenemo: Did you use the CommonDialog code from the N950 install or from git for that?22:04
RST38hOMG,javispedro, what made you do that?22:04
Venemofiferboy, I copypasted everything from git22:04
javispedroRST38h: that's one thing of PalmOS I liked :)22:04
fiferboyAh, so parts of that may not work on the N95022:04
Venemofiferboy, this works as a standalone component22:05
RST38hjavispedro: man, it is almost like going gay.22:05
Venemofiferboy, tested on N95022:05
javispedroRST38h: save for music, notes, and pictures (and not all of them are pr0n), I do not have enough files in my N900 to require a full-fledged filebrowser.22:05
Venemofiferboy, note that you will need CommonDialog in your source tree also, because that is not part of the public API22:05
javispedroa searchable global list is fine for me.22:06
RST38hYes, but you are doing this on N950, not on N900, right?22:06
javispedroRST38h: on the N950 I will have *less* stuff =) considering the little available disk space22:06
RST38hAh, you mean for media browsing on N900... Yes,I am also using the tracker generated stuff22:06
javispedroRST38h: not only media; I plan to use it for rom listing.22:06
javispedroalso I will attach the latest savestate screenshot in the list.22:07
Venemofiferboy, I'm calling it WorkingSelectionDialog.qml :)22:07
RST38hjavispedro: When using meegotouch-qt-style, QDialog::FileDialog() or whatever brings up Tracker search UI instead of a file browser22:07
fiferboyVenemo: :D22:07
javispedroRST38h: O_O22:07
javispedroRST38h: I need to see that, you have sample snippet or screenshot?22:07
RST38hjavispedro: Just click on "Search" in the applications menu22:08
RST38hjavispedro: that is what it looks like. of course, it shows no ROM files22:08
javispedrothat is smartsearch22:09
javispedroI was asking the other day how to add filetypes there...22:09
javispedroI was told "smart"search was not really smart.22:09
javispedroso I bet it is hardcoded.22:09
javispedroit's fund cause tracker itself already indexes my files nicely22:11
RST38hhow did you add the types, anyway?22:11
fiferboyVenemo: So I put that code in a file called... ?22:12
RST38hHeh, talibs shot down a chopper carrying the same Team6 marines who offed Osama22:12
Venemofiferboy, I put it into WorkingSelectionDialog.qml, added it and the CommonDialog.qml (from git) to my qrc file and it works :)22:13
RST38h38 bodies, -22 to Team622:13
javispedroRST38h: in /usr/share/mime/packages/22:13
Venemofiferboy, how can I check in a delegate whether modelData is available or not?22:13
javispedroRST38h: then you tell tracker to list by mimetype22:13
RST38hSo, very similar to what it was before22:13
fiferboyVenemo: modelData is from a StringList model?22:14
Venemofiferboy, I want the dialog to display modelData for QStringListModel models and "name" role for all other22:14
Venemofiferboy, from docs: "Models that do not have named roles (such as the QStringList model shown below) will have the data provided via the modelData role. The modelData role is also provided for models that have only one role. In this case the modelData role contains the same data as the named role."22:14
RST38hjavispedro: Actually my stuff is already added this way. Is there any way to check if tracker has indexed it via command line?22:15
fiferboyVenemo: Hmm, not sure how to tell which a model uses without knowing what type of model it is22:15
Venemofiferboy, solved!22:15
lcukalterego, cool, which app areas have you been delving into?22:15
Venemotext: model.modelData === undefined ? : model.modelData;22:15
fiferboyDoes the SelectionDialog from git help at all?22:16
* RST38h asks the Tentacled One to take care of the MVC architecture inventor. Please, do something bad, using tentacles.22:16
Venemofiferboy ^^22:16
Venemofiferboy, yes, that's where I copied the delegate from. I deleted the garbage from it.22:16
Venemomaybe this is bad syntax22:18
javispedroRST38h: $ tracker-sparql -q "SELECT ?url WHERE { ?s nie:url ?url . ?s nie:mimeType \"a22:18
javispedropplication/x-snes-rom\"  . }"22:18
Venemofiferboy, and modelData doesn't work for my QStringListModel... :(22:18
javispedroforgive me for throwing some sparql to you, I myself have not really learned its darkest internals yet.22:18
*** Rizzer has quit IRC22:19
RST38hit is just like sql but for the weird crap22:20
fiferboyVenemo: No?22:20
Venemofiferboy, qrc:/qml/harmattan/WorkingSelectionDialog.qml:87: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: modelData22:20
Venemofiferboy, either the docs lie... or something is wrong.22:21
RST38hit found the files22:21
*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan22:21
javispedroRST38h: combine with and you get easy global file list dialogs22:21
fiferboyHmm, I used a string model breifly and I swear that worked22:21
javispedronote that I've not done that yet, I'm still on lower level hacking.22:22
Venemofiferboy, hmm22:22
RST38hhmmm... ok let us try22:22
Venemofiferboy, did it work with modelData or something else?22:22
javispedroRST38h: note that if you use tracker, you need aegis manifest and TrackerReadAccess token22:23
javispedro<rant>as the absolurdly coarse grained aegis thinks getting a list of filenames on the eMMC is as dangerous as getting a list of your contacts</rant>22:24
javispedroRST38h: another qmltracker example, sorter even:
Venemofiferboy, hmm... works with QStringList but not with QStringListModel22:25
fiferboyVenemo: Ah22:27
Venemofiferboy, seems that QStringListModel has an 'edit' role...22:27
npmthere should be a word for bugs that are found only while taking screenshots of one's ready to release app22:27
fiferboyWorkingSelectionDialog is working for me :)22:27
RST38hjavispedro: trying to figure out what the page will look like22:27
javispedroRST38h: probably as you want, that's just the list model.22:28
RST38hThat is the problem22:28
javispedromy knowledge of QML is still flaky, specially the MVC parts.22:28
Venemofiferboy, have a laugh:22:29
Venemotext: model.modelData !== undefined ? model.modelData : (model.display !== undefined ? model.display : (model.edit !== undefined ? model.edit :
*** hardaker2 has quit IRC22:29
Venemothis solves all my current possible needs.22:29
fiferboyVenemo: !?!22:30
fiferboyNice statement ;)22:30
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:34
fiferboyVenemo: You should submit a fix to the git source22:35
Venemofiferboy, I couldn't solve the height problem22:35
Venemoplus I randomly deleted stuff until it began working22:36
fiferboyVery scientific :)22:36
Venemowell. if I don't know what something is, then I don't need it. if I delete it and it works, then I really don't need it and leave it deleted.22:36
fiferboyWorks for me22:38
*** antman8969 has quit IRC22:43
RST38hqml:Config.qml:3:1: plugin cannot be loaded for module "QtSparql": Cannot load library /usr/lib/qt4/imports/QtSparql/ (/usr/lib/qt4/imports/QtSparql/ undefined symbol: _ZNK18QSparqlResultsList10metaObjectEv)22:43
RST38hjavispedro: Here is how that example ends22:44
fiferboyI don't see any way to have a SelectionDialog filter the results based on text input :(22:44
fiferboyVenemo: I might have to hack that into your selection dialog22:44
Venemofiferboy, well, it can't do that by itself, but you can easily do it with a model.22:44
fiferboyYeah, I do it for other models - but I need a textinput in the dialog (and I guess signal/slot to the filter model)22:45
Venemoyou will need a bit different dialog for that... hmm...22:45
lcukdoes everybody in this channel have n950?22:46
Venemo1) add a method to the model that does the filtering22:46
fiferboyYeah, and it would be hard to make it generic with the different model types22:46
Venemo2) add code to the selectiondialog's TextField's onTextChanged that calls this method from the model.22:46
Venemothis could solve it easily.22:46
fiferboyYes, that should work22:46
Venemomaybe there is a more declarative way... lemme think.22:47
Venemogot it.22:47
Venemofiferboy, you add a string property to the delegate which contains the displayed text, and then in the visible: property of the delegate item check if the displayed text contains the text in the TextField22:48
VenemoI might add this to my dialog22:48
Venemoreason: if you have 10+ IRC channels open, it might be handy to be able to filter between them22:48
fiferboyI did this with my main list view in my program, but the performance is not as good as a filter model22:49
RST38hok, anyone successfully used sparql inside qml?22:50
Venemofiferboy, I sorted out most of my stuff and pushed it.
fiferboyRST38h: I used it but gave up on it quickly22:51
RST38hfiferboy: did it load qtsparql plugin for you?22:51
*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan22:52
fiferboyRST38h: I used it to build a database and table successfully (I think) but it wasn't what I needed22:53
fiferboyVenemo: What stage is irc-chatter at?22:53
fiferboyVenemo: I'm going to try a build :)22:53
Venemofiferboy, it has a GUI and a model. but no backend.22:54
Venemofiferboy, you can uncomment a line and it can "fake" messages if you happen to want to test the view :P22:54
fiferboyVenemo: And no packaging22:54
Venemofiferboy, indeed, why would I want to package it yet?22:54
Venemofiferboy, I don't even use Qt Creator's packaging.22:55
VenemoI just run it on the device22:55
Venemoit's a lot faster.22:55
antman8969does anyone know how to have a startup service in harmattan? There doesnt seem to be any rcx.d directories22:55
fiferboyOops, son is awake22:55
fiferboyLater all22:55
antman8969and update-rc.d doesn't seem to do anything...22:56
* RST38h is close to giving up on QML altogether22:56
lcuki am surprised you started in the first place!22:56
VenemoRST38h, I feel with you. I felt the same way for the first few days of my QML "career"22:57
antman8969what's there to not like about QML?22:58
RST38hlcuk: Well, I have been under impression that QML would help me develop the necessary UI elements quickly22:58
GAN900RST38h, but it's awesome!22:58
GAN900If shittily documented.22:58
Venemofiferboy, ok, your search feature is now implemented. I'll push it soon :)22:59
RST38hlcuk: Now I see that it is simply pile of unfinished experimental code that is mostly centered around doing things differently, not on getting things done22:59
GAN900It's hardly that bad.22:59
RST38hNothing works. Elementary things that take a single line of code in Qt take 450 lines of QML.23:00
fiferboyVenemo: Sweet!23:00
RST38hExamples found on the net do not work, reporting syntactic problems23:00
antman8969RST38h, you are REALLY exagerating23:01
RST38hThe way to add qrc files is not documented anywhere and is not present in the code23:01
fralsRST38h: what is it that takes 100+ times more LOC in QML compared to only Qt? :)23:01
antman8969qrc files is not QML specific23:01
RST38hantmanL sorry but U am not23:01
fiferboyRST38h: those examples don't work on the version we hve, but they do on recent versions23:01
RST38hfrals: A file selection dialog.23:01
antman8969I'm telling you, I"m using QML also, just like everyone else, and it's not troublesome at all23:01
hiemanshuantman8969: try using it with a C++ backend and lot of other stuff23:02
hiemanshuit gets cubersome23:02
RST38hfrals: All I need is a freaking file selection dialog. Can you believe it?23:02
fiferboyImplementing my backend in C++ Qt and interface in QML is ideal for me23:02
fralsRST38h: never had to use one, but I guess its not part of qt-components :<23:02
antman8969I have applications with c++ backends23:02
Venemofiferboy, ok, I've implemented your idea :)23:02
antman8969it works well...23:02
fiferboyRST38h: Does MTF have a file dialog?23:02
fralshiemanshu: i work on a "pretty big" project with C++ backend hooked up to QML ui, works superb23:03
RST38hfrals: Right. I am afraid QML designers never felt a need to develop any UIs23:03
RST38hfiferboy:it does23:03
hiemanshufrals: so I go back to the age old days where I had to write the UI by hand?23:03
RST38hfrals: they really liked how CSS and JS worked and copied them23:03
RST38hfrals: but never really considered anyone having to develop UI in this thing23:03
fralsRST38h: All the buildings blocks to construct a simple file selection dialog should be there, though.23:03
antman8969rst38h, thats just not true23:04
RST38hfrals: Look I do not need building blocks, I need a dialog23:04
fiferboyVenemo: I take it the filtering can be turned on and off by a WorkingSelectionDialog property?23:04
RST38hfrals:And the dialog takes 450 lines of incomprehensible MVC buulshit23:04
fralsI've been doing it every day for the last months and not really hit any huge roadblocks23:04
Venemofiferboy, yes.23:04
fiferboyVenemo: Perfection!23:04
fiferboyVenemo: How does the performance feel?23:04
Venemofiferboy, not bad at all, but I don't have that many items.23:04
fiferboyVenemo: I only have ~700 in the list I am thinking of23:05
Venemofiferboy, and I think I know why the "original" one doesn't work.23:05
Venemofiferboy, it calculates the height of the ListView from model.count - but since they now alias model from the ListView (instead of a QML model), its count is often just invalid...23:06
fiferboyRST38h: I implemented a basic file browser (fixed to one directory) in <50 QML loc23:06
RST38hfiferboy: Source code?23:06
fiferboyRST38h: Just expose a model with the file information (from C++) to QML and have a simple dialog23:07
RST38hOh, so you also need to write C++ code just to get dialog working?23:07
fiferboyRST38h: Yes23:08
fiferboyRST38h: But you don't really care that it take 450 loc in QML, just that you have to do it yourself?23:08
fiferboyIf it was a built-in component that took 1500 loc and you only had to write one, that is what you want?23:09
Venemofiferboy, okay, I've pushed the new dialog as well.23:10
RST38hfiferboy: No. What I really care is a working file selector.23:10
RST38hfiferboy: Right now, the easiest (albeit ugly) path to that is QDialog23:10
Venemofiferboy, try it! I wanna know how well it performs for many items (although I don't have high hopes)23:10
RST38hThe other options look...intractable23:11
Venemofiferboy, the searchFieldVisible property is what controls it23:11
fiferboyVenemo: I will try it out now23:12
Venemofiferboy, do you know how the Keys element works?23:12
VenemoKeys.forwardTo: searchField -> this doesn't work.23:12
*** antman8969 has quit IRC23:14
fiferboyVenemo: gitorious isn't letting me download the blob :/23:15
Venemofiferboy, I noticed a bug. and also, VKB doesn't open for this TextField.... seems that Nokia never planned that a TextField will be in a dialog...23:15
VenemoI dunno what I did but it works now.23:16
fralsI think you should use a Sheet if you are taking VKB input23:17
Venemowhy it works.23:18
frals(not sure what UX guidelines say about dialogs with keyboard input)23:18
Venemothe only problem is that in landscape mode the vkb tosses away most of the dialog23:18
fiferboyVenemo: And you have to press enter to activate the filter?23:19
Venemofiferboy, nope23:20
Venemofiferboy, but it seems that you have to when you use the VKB... bah.23:20
fiferboyVenemo: Hmm, it looks like I did23:20
fiferboyYeah, issue with the VKB23:23
fiferboyfrals: Speaking of sheets, with components 1.0 the sheet went up to the top of the screen23:23
fiferboyIn components 1.1 it leaves a gap at the top23:23
Venemofiferboy, you wand the visualParent of the sheet set to a Page23:23
fralsfiferboy: afaik 1.1 is still very much under development so file a bug or talk to the devs if it seems to misbehave :)23:24
Venemoseems that the VKB doesn't trigger a textChanged signal!23:25
Venemothis is a serious bug.23:25
fralsis the word commited?23:27
fralsie is it underlined or not?23:27
Venemoit is.23:27
Venemounderlined, yes23:27
fralsso its not actually there yet23:27
Venemodon't tell me that it commits non-underlined text only23:27
fralscheck err, preEmpt.text or something like that23:27
fralsspace/enter commits the word as well ;)23:28
fralsso if you dont get textChanged after that it sounds like a bug23:28
fralsplatformPreedit yeah23:29
fralsor disable error correction in settings23:29
fralsbut my guess is most people are going to use error correction23:29
Venemothe app needs to be accessible for everyone23:29
Venemodoes preedit contain all the text or just the preedited text?23:30
fralsthink just the word being edited23:30
fralsbut not sure23:30
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan23:30
frals(would assume only word being edited)23:30
RST38hAm I supposed to put "width:parent.width" into every widget????23:30
VenemoI'll check.23:30
VenemoRST38h, that, or anchors.fill: parent.23:30
RST38hOr is there some universal way to say "fill parent horizontally?23:31
fralsthe universal way would be... width: parent.width, i guess :)23:31
frals(or create an item with width: parent.width and use that all the time)23:31
RST38hfrals: goood idea23:33
RST38hfrals: how do I derive something from, let us say, a Button?23:33
fiferboyVenemo: Turn the predictive text off for the filter field23:34
fralscreate your own QML and start it with Button { and then add stuff23:34
fralsRST38h: but real inheritance seems to be a bit messy at times23:34
Venemofiferboy, I don't think I can. but I solved the issue with that property.23:35
fiferboyVenemo: You can, it is pretty easy actually :)23:36
RST38hfrals: ok, so if it does not find any files other than the one it has been started with, then I cannot do inheritance?23:36
Venemofiferboy, how?23:36
fralsRST38h: uh, it doesnt find any files? your application?23:37
fiferboyVenemo: inputMethodHints: Qt.ImhNoPredictiveText23:37
Venemofiferboy, okay, I've pushed the fixed and working version.23:37
fralsRST38h: you could always just define the Button { inside where you want to use it and add stuff directly there23:37
Venemofiferboy, - enjoy! :)23:37
fiferboyWithin the TextField {}23:37
Venemonow I'm going to eat. will be back later23:38
fiferboyVenemo: Thanks, I just git pull and copy it now :)23:38
RST38hfrals: Ok, added stuff directly, 16 times.23:38
RST38hfrals: Well, the way to add .qrc files from C++ is notdocumented23:38
fralsRST38h: do you have some code i can look at how you do it currently?23:39
RST38hfrals: And if I just add a searchable path for qml: resource, it works for C++ SetSource but not for references inside QML23:39
fralsRST38h: afaik as long as the resource file is included in the .pro file it should "just work"(tm)23:39
RST38hfrals: No, I have since merged everything into a single QML23:39
RST38hfrals: I have no .pro file23:39
RST38hfrals: (at this point you are going to ask me why I am not using QtCreator, please do not)23:40
fralsRST38h: ok, so not using qmake etc?23:40
RST38hqmake has a tendency to silently drop source files from depends23:40
fralsit does? O_o23:40
RST38hyes, there is even a bug for it but the trolls are not particularly eager ot fix it23:41
fralsgot a link?23:41
RST38hno, sorry23:41
frals(never seen/heard about it before)23:41
RST38hbut you can easiy recreate it23:41
RST38hdo this:23:41
RST38hfrals: make it a .c file, include into project, try building23:44
RST38hfrals: has to include itself, as you see, but you will also see that inclusion is justified here23:44
* RST38h wonders how he can host QDeclarativeView inside a QMainWindow without terrible glitches23:45
fralsdont have a dev environment here so cant test it, but ill take your word for it23:46
javispedroRST38h: regarding the qt-sparql missing symbol: loud *sigh*23:46
RST38hAnyway, there does not appear to be a documented way to include .qrc from a plain Makefile/debian project23:47
RST38hjavispedro: sighing is what I have been doing for the last fewdays23:47
RST38hjavispedro:I am still using plain Qt for everything23:47
javispedroI am really considering giving MTF a go before involving with QML23:47
javispedronot because of any bad experience with QML but rather because of good experiences with QGraphicsView..23:48
RST38hjavispedro: I tried MTF23:48
RST38hjavispedro: Totally incompatible with QWidgets.23:48
javispedrothat's a given23:48
RST38hjavispedro: Once you go MTF, all your code has to change23:48
javispedroyou should know something: on Harmattan QWidgets is exactly as deprecated as Gtk+.23:49
RST38hUnlike GTK they won't be able to remove QWidgets that easily23:49
javispedrobasically, the same amount of work or more than would be needed to get Gtk+ is also needed to get QWidgets up to speed23:49
javispedroRST38h: they are already removing it.23:50
RST38hQWidgets work decently so far23:50
javispedroRST38h: no rotation23:50
RST38hI do not see how they can remove QWidgets without breaking stuff23:50
fralsQWidgets dont support the theme iirc23:50
javispedrono title bar23:50
javispedrono many things23:50
javispedrothe things that do no work in QWidgets are exactly the same things that do not work in Gtk+23:50
javispedroand it is not a coincidence.23:51
RST38hOh holy fuck, it does sound like MTF may be the way to go23:51
*** RzR has quit IRC23:52
fiferboyVenemo: The filter works well for me with >700 items. VKB and KB work well23:55
fiferboyI have to go now, though23:55
lcukfiferboy, what is your favourite game?23:55
fiferboylcuk: Favourite game on any platform ever?23:57
fiferboyI'd say Neverwinter Nights or Baldur's Gate23:57
lcukhow about handheld23:59

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