IRC log of #harmattan for Tuesday, 2011-07-26

ElleomacmaN: actually the openvpn one is from ubuntu, I guess I probably just did apt-get sourcce without thinking; so probably will be upstart based00:00
rm_workElleo: for building packages/libs, you're using ubuntu natty as your deb-src repo?00:01
rm_workwhat I *really* want compiled is apt-source :P00:01
Elleorm_work: mostly I've been using wheezy00:01
rm_worki might try that tonight00:01
Elleorm_work: debian testing00:01
rm_worki only know squeeze and sid :P00:01
rm_worklast time I ran debian was woody/sarge era00:02
Elleobut I'm working on an ubuntu machine, so I think I probably just grabbed the source without thinking via apt00:02
rm_worki actually added ubuntu natty to scratchbox's sources.list00:02
GAN900rm_work, pong?00:04
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alteregoIs it just me that has weird issues with the live feed home screen. Sometimes it just wont update until a reboot, and other times I can't press the update button because that row is shunned to the right.00:16
DocScrutinizerinfobot does channel specific factoids only for channels that applied for it and bribed Tim with a beer :-)00:16
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rm_workalterego: i have seen both00:17
rm_worki have an empty text notification that i cannot clear >_>00:17
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alteregoWell, not hafdd that one00:18
rm_worklol funny backspace00:20
khertan << someone understand what happen here00:23
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spenapis there any way to record a screencast from the N950?00:42
divanspenap, I guess all available screencast options are the same as in N900. But we don't have x11vnc or ffmpeg now for N950, so the only option is TV-tuner.00:44
macmaNElleo can probably build us an x11vnc package :>00:44
macmaNlord knows he can do everything else that genius guy00:44
divanAnyway x11vnc and ffmpeg screencasting was too slow on N900. Would be interesting to check on N950.00:45
npmanybody built this or ffmpeg for harmattan
ElleomacmaN: ah, cottoned on to the fact that flattery is the best way to get packages? ;)00:46
macmaNkissing ass like its my job yo00:46
divanhere are my screencast tests on N900 - x11vnc: tv-tuner:
macmaNi should probably see how to create my OBS project now. but im just dead tired.00:47
spenaphey, divan, thanks: I'll check them out00:47
spenapI've just created project butaca at
macmaNdivan: so did you get laid yet showing n950 around in russia?00:47
spenapwith instructions and screenshots00:47
spenapand was looking for the video stuff00:47
spenapbut I'll do that tomorrow, I guess00:47
spenap(if you are interested and try it out, please, file bugs :P)00:48
spenapit only needs Internet connection00:49
divanmacmaN, what does mean 'get laid'?00:49
macmaNdivan: forget i ever said anything dude :>00:49
divanmacmaN, ha, I've already translated ))) Did you read my yesterday story about girls from Nokia store stuff? :)00:50
macmaNyep i did00:50
divanmacmaN, try yourself with your local Nokia store :) If they have cute girls, of course :-D00:50
macmaNi dont think my city has a nokia store :/00:51
macmaNi could go to helsinki but theyve already seen it i think00:51
divanmacmaN, selvaa00:53
npmdoes anybody have any suggestions on preventing qtcreator from copying .svn directories in DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS spec'd in a .pro file?00:53
npmi.e. it copies .svn/* subdir for every directory in DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS00:54
npmand in some cases, the contents of these .svn's seem to trigger aegis00:54
npmand i get an error that it can't find my binary file even though it's there (even tho binary files have nothing to do w/ DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS)00:55
macmaNnpm: i havent even figured out what to answer to the "should i add these deployment files to the project" it asks me00:56
npmsay "yes"00:57
npman example is in where if you look inside /opt/qmltube/ you'll see .svn files that i wish weren't there00:57
npmand i really don't feel like specifying each file in the .pro file00:57
divannpm, switch to git? As I know there is no graceful solution for .svn issue for qtcreator packaging templates.00:57
npmthat's not going to happen00:58
npmit seems like there's makefile rules in there for filtering out .git, but it looks gnarly enough that i don't want to try extending it00:58
npmoh actually that's in dh_clean for cleaning out patch remnants etc00:59
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macmaNf it guys, im going to sleep01:00
macmaNpeace out01:00
npmi guess i'll have to list the files individually01:00
npmbut it's only three in the afternoon :-)01:00
npmmacmaN: (where are you)01:00
macmaNbut today i got usb networking operational pretty much plug n play with my gentoo laptop01:01
divanmacmaN, hyvaa yota :)01:01
macmaNplugin n950 in, select sdk, boom usb0 is up01:01
macmaNdivan: almost there, one country south :>01:01
macmaNhead ööd harmatronics01:01
macmaNnpm: .ee01:01
npmmacmaN: i thought that's just the way it worked.... seems to talk to my meego netbook just fine01:02
npmbut it's awful wimpy for compiling so i use my quad core01:02
macmaNnpm: well yeah, but i kinda hand roll shiznit with gentoo, so sometimes you dont really know how it works out :P01:02
npmthat's normally the case with MeeGo too :-)01:02
divanmacmaN, ah, sorry. I thought you're from Finland.. )01:03
macmaNyes. that is a hefty insult.01:03
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npmthe answer is to use . e/g/ simile-exhibit-webapp-images.files        = exhibit/src/webapp/images/* not .....source with a directory03:17
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rm_you~packrat is
infobot...but packrat is already something else...03:34
rm_you~packrat is
rm_you~packrat is not
infobot...but packrat is already something else...03:35
rm_you~packrat is
infobot...but packrat is already something else...03:35
*** seif has joined #harmattan03:35
rm_youalso bah no one has compiled VIM T_T03:36
ElleomacmaN, divan, spenap: There's now a package for x11vnc in my repository and you can see a demo of its performance here:
rm_youfine, I'M building vim T_T03:40
rm_youno way.... it can't really be this easy...03:43
*** willer_ has quit IRC03:43
SpeedEvil~forget packrat03:44
infobotSpeedEvil: i forgot packrat03:44
rm_youTHANK YOU03:44
SpeedEvil~packrat is a cute little rodent that keeps everything it finds.03:44
infobotSpeedEvil: okay03:44
rm_you~packrat is also
infobotrm_you: okay03:45
infobotit has been said that packrat is a cute little rodent that keeps everything it finds.
DocScrutinizer[2011-07-26 02:34:30] <rm_you> ~packrat03:47
DocScrutinizer[2011-07-26 02:34:30] <infobot> [packrat]
DocScrutinizer[2011-07-26 02:34:40] <rm_you> BAH03:47
DocScrutinizer[2011-07-26 02:34:53] <rm_you> ~packrat is
DocScrutinizerwould you please elaborate what's wrong first instance that had to get fixed?03:47
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rm_youi cancelled my .info domain, only .com left03:47
rm_youbut i still type it all the time by habit03:47
*** epage has quit IRC03:48
* SpeedEvil just has one omain - a 4 letter .com03:48
infobotthanks, DocScrutinizer03:49
rm_youlol, what is it speedevil?03:49
rm_youhey vim compiled03:49
SpeedEvilI've not bothered fixing it up - I need to get some sane hosting behind it.03:49
* SpeedEvil wonders if it's possible to type esc on the vkbd,03:50
* SpeedEvil wonders if you could use microweiter - esque chording03:50
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SpeedEvil~forget xxxy03:55
infobotcannot alter locked factoids, SpeedEvil03:55
DocScrutinizer~forget xxxy03:55
infobotDocScrutinizer: i forgot xxxy03:55
infobot:), DocScrutinizer03:56
infobotrm_you: aw, gee03:59
rm_youcan we make him fat? :P03:59
infobotrm_you: :)03:59
infobotrm_you: COOKIE!!!!04:02
infobotthanks, rm_you04:02
* infobot smiles04:03
rm_youwoo vim installed04:07
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rm_youi have a line in this python function: "crash_this_thread()"04:39
rm_youwhich causes04:39
rm_youNameError: global name 'crash_this_thread' is not defined04:39
rm_youbecause it fixes the lockup issue i was having :P04:39
rm_youi have no idea what's going on with the threading in this program, but crashing it there makes it WORK04:39
rm_youso, yay.04:39
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DocScrutinizerok - I know I said I'll not bother anymore about aegis - nevertheless: devel-su -c bash05:09
DocScrutinizerhappily runs all the commands you previously got >>-sh: mcedit: Operation not permitted05:10
DocScrutinizeras root!05:10
DocScrutinizercp .ssh /home/user/.ssh05:13
DocScrutinizererr NOT05:14
DocScrutinizercp: can't create '/home/user/.ssh/authorized_keys': Permission denied05:15
DocScrutinizerwell, would've been too good05:15
DocScrutinizeralso quite puzzling05:15
rm_youcan i just add a repository like normal?05:15
rm_youon n95005:15
DocScrutinizerit's files in a dir instead of lines in a file05:16
DocScrutinizerthe old *.d/* scheme05:16
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: accept bash, you lazy lad!05:17
rm_youyeah k05:17
rm_youcool, got my repo up05:18
rm_youcan i link it in the wiki even tho it's not an OBC PPA?05:18
rm_you*OBS PPA05:18
*** epage has joined #harmattan05:18
DocScrutinizerI think everything can be linked in a wiki05:18
rm_youlol just wondering if people will yell at me for linking in a private repo05:19
DocScrutinizerrm_you: it's you who needs to patch packrat to include it ;-P05:19
rm_youit includes things from the wiki :p05:20
rm_youadded my repo to Packrat05:26
rm_youso, vim. and mplayer. and pyRadio.05:26
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Ken-YoungTermana, Good evening!06:09
Ken-YoungThe wiki page seems to suggest that a Fremantle application can be imported into the Harmattan SK, and it will probably run.   Does that apply only to Qt apps, or is there some whay to run Hildon apps in the Harmattan SDK?06:15
rm_youhildon apps will need a lot more work06:18
antman8969lol no hildon06:18
antman8969it'll porbably look terrible too06:18
Ken-Youngrm_you, yeah, that's what I thought.06:18
Ken-YoungSo I need to rewrite the UI in Qt, right?06:18
Ken-YoungWhat's the difference between Qt and qml?06:19
antman8969qml is a different language that's integrated into qt06:19
antman8969a google search will explain it much better than I can06:20
Ken-Youngantman8969, Is Qt actually not supported under Harmattan, or are you just recommending qml as a better approach?06:20
antman8969no no, it IS Qt, just not c++06:21
GeneralAntillesMeeGo Touch Framework is not supported.06:21
antman8969for the interface06:21
GeneralAntillesWell, is deprecated.06:21
GeneralAntillesUse QML for your GUIs.06:21
antman8969feel free to use regular qt c++ for the logic though06:21
Ken-YoungOK, I;ll do some reading about qml.   Thanks.06:21
GeneralAntillesKen-Young, it's awesome.06:22
Ken-YoungI'm so behind the times, I still write code that uses Motif!06:22
GeneralAntillesJust with the Harmattan Components had more up-to-date (and complete) docs.06:22
antman8969haha yea... well you can download the source from git06:23
antman8969thats pretty much good neough06:23
antman8969slightly better at times... very readable06:23
antman8969AND commented06:23
Ken-YoungIs there a page somewhere that give UI guidlines for Harmattan, apart form what is required by qml?06:24
antman8969if you google that I think the page is actually called "Harmarttan UI Guidelines" lol06:24
Ken-YoungThey shouldn't hide things like that!06:25
epageTry this as a jump start page:
epageUX Guidelines are right there not hidden, you just need to know where to start06:31
Ken-Youngepage, Thanks for the pointer.   (I was trying to make a joke about things being hidden).06:32
GeneralAntillesKen-Young, yes, and it's absolutely gorgeous.06:54
Ken-YoungGeneralAntilles, Goodie - sounds like something worth learning then.06:55
Ken-YoungI find the preloaded apps in the N950 to be quite pretty.06:56
rm_youHA found out my threaded mplayer call wasn't actually threaded somehow07:01
rm_youalso, development ON-DEVICE now that i have working vim is SOOO much faster07:01
antman8969I would love to download a Qt lib from git and have it actually turn into a deb without me having to pull my hair out07:03
GeneralAntillesrm_you, blog post. Now.07:08
rm_youi don't have a blog :/07:08
Ken-YoungWiki page?07:08
GeneralAntillesrm_you, get one. I'm pretty sure it's part of your loan agreement. :P07:09
rm_youwhat am i supposed to be blogging about? :P07:11
ieatlintyou could blog about how it's weird that the n950, a "developer only" phone got fcc approval months before the n907:16
ieatlintwhich is still awaiting approval07:16
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SpeedEvilieatlint: The 950 was in the pipeline for volume sales around several months ago I'd guess07:33
SpeedEvilSo the hardware design was fixed in that07:33
SpeedEvilPity the 950 won't support NFC wallet.07:34
ieatlintyeah, i understand why it happened, i just find it ironic that the phone they aren't selling is further through political red tape than the phone they are releasing07:34
ieatlinthas that been confirmed by nokia?07:35
SpeedEvilUmm - I wa referring to07:35
ieatlintbecause the n9 hardware should be fully capable of card emulation07:35
SpeedEvilCapable of - doesn't help if you can't get the IP to emulate07:36
ieatlintwell, those articles are written more by journalists than engineers07:37
ieatlintwhile they are "correct", they tell a half story07:38
ieatlintthe c7 and the n9 are completely capable of doing card emulation (such as emulating an oyster card, or an rfid mastercard)07:38
ieatlintbut i guess the argument is that TFL and similar organizations aren't about to give access to their systems for it07:39
ieatlintand while mastercard previously did it with the 6120, i guess the more closed nature of that device let it be less of an issue07:39
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SpeedEvilExactly. Try to get the secret key of your SIM - for example.07:46
*** smoku1 has joined #harmattan08:15
divanElleo, thanks. X11vnc is limited by bandwidth I guess.08:23
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rm_youi think i finally got it totally working (instead of half working)08:53
rm_youhad to fix bugs in the python-mplayer lib <_<08:53
rm_youso lame08:54
rm_youi hate when i download what looks like a good well-maintained library and i assume it works, spend a ton of time doing stuff, and then find out they have ridiculous bugs08:54
Stskeepsopen source rocks, doesn't it08:54
rm_youyeah... going to stop assuming bugs are necessarily in my code just because something looks well-written to begin with08:55
rm_youwhich means -- I can start working on fixing the horrible things that happened to this UI08:55
divanIs there a possibility to query all packages indexed by PackRat?08:55
rm_youdivan: it's... kinda possible08:56
divanrm_you, how?08:56
rm_youi can look at hacking it really fast so a blank search actually returns08:56
rm_youwell sec lemmie look at the code >_>08:56
rm_youcaught me at a good time :P08:56
rm_youcommented out the line that kept you from doing an open search :P08:59
rm_youactually sec08:59
rm_youlet me make it require "*"08:59
divanrm_you, yep, actually I tried empty search first, and "*" in second try09:02
rm_youhaving trouble with regexp >_> sec09:09
rm_youi think that works09:14
rm_youhrm there's a package in there that breaks my formatting09:14
divanrm_you, great, thank you!09:14
rm_youbah except i broke it09:16
rm_youi'm just gonna make it blanksearch T_T too tired to deal with regex09:16
rm_youah fixed it09:19
*** spenap has joined #harmattan09:23
Summeliis anyone else getting these on dpkg-source: error: cannot opendir /usr/src/packages/mypackage-orig.tmp-extractPermissiondenied09:31
rm_youdivan: ok, totally happy with it now, leaving it alone for the night09:36
divanrm_you, thank you!09:41
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rm_youaccidentally rebooted my device mid run on what i think might have been the final fix T_T09:56
* rm_you waits09:56
*** cpscotti has quit IRC09:58
rm_younew version of pyRadio is up, much more with the working10:13
*** antman8969 has quit IRC10:18
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macmaNElleo: heh, x11vnc is totally nice judging from the yt video10:27
*** achipa has quit IRC10:28
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ieatlintwhen you run apt-get install, where does it download the .deb file to?10:43
*** seif has quit IRC10:44
Mek/var/cache/apt/archives I think10:44
*** CaCO3 has joined #harmattan10:44
spenapmacmaN, Elleo already ported x11vnc? :D10:44
Mek(although that dir does seem to be empty for me)10:44
*** julienf has joined #harmattan10:47
julienfhello hello :)10:48
dm8tbrsoo :)10:48
*** arfoll_ has joined #harmattan10:50
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julienfmy phone doesn't start, what should I do? (Asking dumbly..)10:52
ieatlintreflash it?10:53
*** arfoll_ has quit IRC10:53
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julienfieatlint: I'd love to do that but I'd need the images and would need to look for the OCF as I do not have it yet10:56
dm8tbrjulienf: it's on
dm8tbrthat's what my browser history says10:58
ieatlintwas about to post identical link10:59
*** arfoll has joined #harmattan11:00
dm8tbrjulienf: I hope you didn't have files on the phone you wanted to keep?11:00
ieatlintin my experience MyDocs is saved11:01
julienfno, had been playing for just couple of hours :)11:01
ieatlintso files would generally be safe11:01
ieatlint(but never trust that, etc)11:01
julienfwell.. I'd like to do a full factory setting :)11:02
Mekunless you hack the script in there to not erase&reflash emmc, you'll lose everything, yes11:02
ieatlintsettings should be reset11:02
ieatlintah, i must be mistaken with the OCF11:02
dm8tbrjulienf: don't try anything funky, don't go near any options that say 'certificate'11:07
*** arfoll has quit IRC11:11
*** arfoll has joined #harmattan11:11
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*** khertan1 has joined #harmattan11:46
khertan1Does meego community obs is down ?11:47
kimjuseems to be.11:48
*** leinir_ is now known as leinir11:48
*** julienf has quit IRC11:50
khertan1:( just when i want to try my new build of KhtEditor :)11:52
rcgkhertan1: hehe, my build just finished and i was waiting for it to hit the repo when it went down ;)11:53
*** cpscotti has quit IRC11:58
khertan1seems my build finish and was sent to repo11:59
rcgah, lucky you :)  mine seems to be stuck somewhere in obs12:02
khertan1anyway package is broken12:04
rcghmmz ic.. btw. do you use the webfrontend or the cli tool for uploading?12:07
SummeliI used webfrontend, and I just get these "permission denied" errors, when it has extracted the soruces into some dir..12:17
*** frade_ has quit IRC12:19
*** seif has quit IRC12:20
khertan1rcg: there is a cli tool for uploading ?12:20
rcgi still use the web frontend as well btw ;)12:24
rcgmorning lardman12:28
khertan1rcg: thx12:29
lardmanhi rcg12:29
khertan1rcg: but web frontend isn't useable on n95012:30
khertan1Someone have already try to package python apps for harmattan12:30
khertan1i ve some strange python error12:30
khertan1while python could find a package, the path is in python sys.path12:30
khertan1when i launch my script from my devel folder it s works12:31
khertan1when i launch the same script installed via package it didn't found the python module i installed12:31
*** steventroughtons has joined #harmattan12:32
lardmanAnyone know how to determine the camera app (both Fremantle and Harmattan) file save location?12:34
lardmanI've written a daemon that monitors image files (hence if I can know where they appear that would be good) and then runs plugins on them to perform image analysis12:37
lardmanFirst plugin is of course barcode detection, but others could be added to do: text, facial recog, pictures, buildings (/me thinks of Google Goggles), etc12:37
Summelilardman: are you using the tracker?12:38
lardmanSummeli: no, QFileSystemWatcher12:38
lardmanI only want new files12:38
lardmanif tracker gives advantages I'm happy to look at it12:38
lardmanI guess batch processing is a possibility, but the daemon is really designed to analyse the photo you just took with the camera automatically12:39
*** vandenoever has joined #harmattan12:40
lcuklardman, there will be a couple of folders I guess (if mmc is available on n9 for instance)12:43
lcukon n900 there was ~/MyDocs/DCIM as well as the emmc/DCIM12:43
lardmanyeah I've currently hardcoded it but it would be nice if there were a programmatic way12:43
khertan1on n950 it s in MyDocs DCIM too12:44
khertan1lardman: DCIM is always hardcoded on all camera12:44
jussiHrm... How does one "go back" in things on harmattan (Im playing with the sim)12:44
khertan1it s a defacto standard12:44
lcuklardman, will your app operate on symbian too?12:44
lcukkhertan1, DCIM is, but whether it is in MyDocs or the emmc is different12:44
*** julienf has joined #harmattan12:45
lardmanlcuk: not currently, no reason why the daemon shouldn't work there though12:45
lcuklardman, yeah12:45
jussiand also, where do I get and how do I install a few apps to test/play with?12:45
lardmannot sure what they is by way of barcode decoder libraries for Symbian; equally I don't have any Symbian phones12:45
lardmanLet me check it's building correctly, then I'll push it to the Garage svn repo12:46
* lardman wishes his sore throat & cough would depart12:47
* lcuk slides over some lozenges12:53
rcghmmm... my package seems to be stuck in building again... last message was that vm is shutdown and the deb is collected12:53
* lardman thinks that brandy might work better12:53
* rcg wonders whether this is related to the "aegis-deb-util --add-manifest --manifest=debian/$(APPNAME).aegis ../$(APPNAME)_*_armel.deb" added to the rules12:54
lcuklardman, so early?12:55
lardmanwell sore throat seems like a justification12:56
lardmanthough really drinking is the furthest thing from my mind atm12:56
*** Wirta has joined #harmattan12:57
*** deimos has joined #harmattan13:16
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan13:17
*** julienf has quit IRC13:18
*** julienf has joined #harmattan13:22
*** dcarr_home has joined #harmattan13:34
dcarr_homeThe bog standard repos that come as part of the n95013:35
dcarr_homehave a very stale Qt 4.7.413:35
divanoh, friend of mine got N950 yesterday and it has 1.2011.15-7_PR_RM680 firmware13:35
dcarr_homeand are lacking tons of packages13:35
macmaNdivan: whaaaaaaaaaaat13:36
dcarr_homeAre the general purpose open source repos we can use to extend the core software set?13:36
macmaNdivan: can he targz that up :>13:36
divanit has twitter, fixed icons bug with landscape hack and no Ovi sign in required for maps13:36
*** epage has joined #harmattan13:37
divanmacmaN, I'll try to get this firmware image13:37
divanmacmaN, is it possible to extract firmware?13:37
dcarr_homerepos anyone?13:37
macmaNbut maybe they will post this thing somewhere soon13:38
dcarr_homeI could really use some avahi library love13:38
dcarr_homemacmaN: Thanks13:38
dcarr_hometons of personal repos13:38
dcarr_homeNokia not owning these?13:39
*** sroedal has joined #harmattan13:39
divandcarr_home, nope13:39
dcarr_homeAvahi is not there13:39
dcarr_homeit is actually part of the core Meego spec13:40
dcarr_homeso its absence is hilarious13:40
dm8tbrtoo bad that 'MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan' is not based on MeeGo core...13:40
dcarr_homeIt would be nice if there was common baseline13:40
dcarr_homebase Meego may have its warts13:41
dcarr_homeproviding a common baseline would not kill people13:41
*** willer_ has joined #harmattan13:42
jussihrm, I have nokia's meego running in scratchbox/xephyr, how do I get more apps? is there some repos somewhere that allow me to get stuff?  What is the proceedure fr installing more apps?13:42
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan13:42
*** seif has joined #harmattan13:45
*** djszapi has left #harmattan13:46
macmaNdivan: hopefully you dont mind grabbing some twitter #n950 fame with the firmware info :>13:47
macmaNdont mind ME*13:47
divanmacmaN, no, but the price is 10$ ))13:48
macmaNwhat you dont trust rouble?13:48
jussikhertan1: thanks, although Im still a little unclear on how to actually get apps from the repos into the sim.13:49
divanmacmaN, nope. And I'm not from Russia, actually.13:49
macmaNwhere from then13:49
divanmacmaN, Ukraine13:49
macmaNhaha grivnaworld!13:49
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan13:49
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan13:49
khertan1jussi: follow the explain on the meego wiki13:49
khertan1edit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/13:49
divanmacmaN, so it's also a hefty insult )13:50
macmaNyeah ok i dont think i had a way to figure it out aside from tracerting your ip13:50
khertan1hum ... ssl handshake error on nokia harmattan repository13:50
khertan1this smell update13:50
jussikhertan1: yeah, fair enough. Should I be adding it to the armel target or the x86?13:50
macmaNkhertan1: hmmm youthinks?13:51
khertan1yeah my thoughts13:51
* macmaN keeps fingers crossed and holds breath13:51
khertan1far from being facts :)13:51
* khertan1 will wait to see what twitter integration look like before porting khweeteur13:51
* khertan1 waiting c-obs 13:52
divanwow, I've asked the Nokia engineer aobut the update and he suprisingly asked "Don't you have an update over the air?"13:52
divanSo he believe it supposed to13:53
macmaNwhere is that update btn in phone13:53
macmaNfor ota13:53
dcarr_homemacmaN: That tablet looks fat13:54
epageI had gotten a small SDK update OTA, I think I noticed it as a notification on the news feed screen13:54
khertan1macmaN: in parameters/applications13:54
khertan1but not sure13:54
dcarr_homeFreescale i.MX515, ARM Cortex-A813:55
divanmacmaN, in the Settings->Application->Manage Applications13:56
divanbut no updates so far13:56
divanthough I was assured that next firmware update will be over the air13:57
kimjuthat 15-7 firmware sounds ancient compared to the dev-editions 22-6.13:57
divankimju, I suppose it's different naming scheme13:57
kimjuand that we are now living week 30..13:57
*** slaine has quit IRC13:57
dm8tbr15 is most likely the week13:57
divansomething like day-month or so13:57
dm8tbrso it's ancient13:57
Summeliprobably day-month13:57
divandm8tbr, and has twitter support?13:57
divanit's a little confusing, I agree13:58
kimjuI think that the dev-ed 22-6 images was stripped down version.13:58
macmaNoh crap13:58
dm8tbrdivan: I'd guess it's an internal firmware. the dev edition is missing a lot of functionality (intentionally!)13:58
macmaN-7 isnt july13:58
macmaNdamn thats stupid13:58
kimjusome apps not required for development or not ready yet have been removed from it..13:59
divandm8tbr, that firmware (15-7) also has 'developer edition' labels, so it's also the developer firmware13:59
dm8tbrdivan: it's _a_ developer firmware13:59
macmaNhad to delete that tweet now13:59
macmaNforgot it was the week number14:00
*** slaine has joined #harmattan14:00
Summeliupdate to the 15-7 would be nice14:02
kimjuI'd say that would be a downgrade, not update14:04
dm8tbras we're in week 30, upgrade to -30-X would be nice :D14:07
macmaNok on my phone pressing check for updates never completes right now14:14
divanI've send email request to clarify this, but at least this "downgraded" firmware has fixed bugs and twitter, so I would prefer it :)14:14
macmaNrelated to the handshake issue?14:14
macmaNSummeli: yes thats an older firmware actually14:14
SummelimacmaN: ok14:15
kimjufixed bugs? it probably has lots of unfixed bugs too :)14:16
SummeliI would like to get that twitter account14:16
fralswhere did this 15-7 appear? ;o14:17
dm8tbron a device that got sent out to someone14:17
fralslink please14:17
dm8tbrnot _site_14:17
fralswell i assume *something* was posted *somewhere* that support the claim of this magical numbered version ;)14:18
kimjufrals, #here 13:35  divan: oh, friend of mine got N950 yesterday and it has 1.2011.15-7_PR_RM680 firmware14:18
dm8tbrso yes we could link you to the irc log for this channel ;)14:19
macmaNare we sure vodka quantities consumed < 1L before looking at n950 firmware number, divan14:19
divanmacmaN, not funny14:20
divanmacmaN, I asked this friend to enter *#0000# and tell me the output14:20
macmaNgood enough14:21
fralsdivan: who is your friend?14:21
divanfrals, he's journalist14:21
fralsdivan: at what paper/site? :)14:22
divanfrals, and got N950 yesterday in Nokia Russia site.14:22
divanfrals, meegos.ru14:22
divanfrals, actually I know him personally and we're chatting in jabber conference14:22
*** seif has quit IRC14:30
*** razvanpetru has joined #harmattan14:34
*** smoku has quit IRC14:34
*** smoku has joined #harmattan14:35
julienfthanks all! now works like a charms.. Need to see if I can get Twimgo running on it :)14:44
julienfso guys, what's the real difference between MeeGo and Harmattan?14:46
Summeliaegis? :D14:46
kimjuis that a trick question?14:47
razvanpetrusomeone once told me that harmattan = maemo614:48
julienfkimju: no, curiosity14:50
SpeedEvilHarmattan was based - sort-of - on a fork of meego from over a year ago, with large slices of maemo bits.14:52
StskeepsSpeedEvil: no, that's incorrect14:52
Stskeepsharmattan came before the codebase14:52
*** epage has quit IRC14:52
Stskeepsit's closer related to maemo5 than codebase, though it shares many of the same components14:53
SpeedEvilWasn't any of the meego stuff merged in when meego was the furture?14:53
razvanpetruin this case, did Nokia get anything out of the MeeGo partnership?14:53
divanso, I've got an answer regarding update, not very promising. They told next official update will be only for N9 and only then it will be available for N950.14:53
razvanpetruwhen are they releasing the N9?14:53
SpeedEvilfor n9 - when shipped?14:53
Summelidivan: that's not too bad14:54
Summeliat least updates are coming14:54
divanrazvanpetru, sales starts in August 21 as I know14:54
razvanpetruah not too long14:54
StskeepsSpeedEvil: it's been more like that parts and bits has escaped from harmattan and joined meego14:54
razvanpetruwonder if I should switch to iPhone or wait until Aug for N9 :P14:54
SpeedEvilThere were some rumors that it was being released in Sep14:55
razvanpetruyes, I heard of Sept also, but there are also rumors of August...14:55
SpeedEvildivan: Where's that number from?14:55
rcguhm... you do still remember the "release procedure" of the n900?14:56
Stskeepsrcg: you mean a lot of moaning and crying in preorder?14:56
divanSpeedEvil, Nokia Russia representatives told that August 20th they will have big presentation of N9 and 21th they start sales14:56
SpeedEvildivan: Interesting.14:56
divanalso the prices were announced yesterday14:56
razvanpetruoh yes, that's the other funny thing14:56
* SpeedEvil ponders.14:56
razvanpetrudon't even know when it will be available in my country, it won't even launch in some countrie14:56
* SpeedEvil wonders how to sell nokia short for August 22.14:57
rcgStskeeps: exactly.. and the release date being shifted quite a lot ;)14:57
divanit's approx 850$ for 16G model and 950$ for 32$. That's in Moscow. Don't know for other countries.14:57
razvanpetruthat's about what iPhone4 costs in Romania14:57
* SpeedEvil sighs.14:57
SpeedEvilI doubt I'll manage to get it at the sort of discount I managed for the 900. :)14:58
razvanpetruso it will also fight i4 on price :D14:58
SpeedEvil(~45% of nominal price)14:58
divantalking about N950 - it's priceless in all senses :)14:59
slaineI had a really nice time using it as a phone over the weekend14:59
slainenot for dev, just for casual usage as a user14:59
divanNot sure I'm ready to pay 950$ for N9, but for N950 I'd pay even 2000$14:59
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan14:59
razvanpetrun950 is not better than n9...15:00
SpeedEvilrazvanpetru: It is if you want a keyboard15:00
razvanpetruI mean you'd pay a lot of money for a keyboard...15:00
divanrazvanpetru, a way better because of keyboard15:00
*** CaCO3 has quit IRC15:00
razvanpetruand you lose NFC :)15:00
razvanpetruand the 1500mah battery...15:00
SpeedEvilNFC - which does _not_ mean wallet15:00
SpeedEvilThe NFC implementation can't do the most interesting bit - the contactless payment bit.15:01
SpeedEvil(well, it can, but it won't be able to unless you can get the right secrets)15:01
razvanpetrufor me the cool part of nfc is not payments, but fast bt connection, picking up stuff (basically a qr code that doesn't suck)15:02
SpeedEvilThe question is how many things do that.15:03
razvanpetrunot many yet, but let's see what happens until H1 2012...15:03
razvanpetruif the experts are right, it will be a period of blooming for nfc15:03
SpeedEvilWifi is also coming along15:04
SpeedEvilThere is the low-power-wifi thing which is being pushed.15:04
razvanpetruwe need low power 3g15:04
razvanpetrubut wifi is ok too :)15:04
SpeedEvilI'm unsure about that. I don't know of any networks that are sane in power use.15:05
SpeedEvil(high-speed wireless)15:06
* SpeedEvil idly wonders about dev n9s.15:07
razvanpetruoh yeah, wonder if they'll give out n9s at devdays munich15:07
razvanpetrudoubt it...15:07
SpeedEvilAlas transport is difficult for me.15:08
razvanpetrusame here15:09
SpeedEvilOn bugs on the image that the 'community' n950s have.15:10
SpeedEvilDo the RDA n950s run the same?15:10
razvanpetruthe only difference is the fw I think15:10
razvanpetruactually I don't know if they have rda n95015:10
razvanpetrurda n9 makes more sense...15:11
*** achipa has quit IRC15:12
SpeedEvilThey have RDA 950s.15:15
SpeedEvilNo n9s15:15
Ken-YoungWhat does RDA stand for?15:19
fralsremote device access15:20
Ken-Youngfrals, Thanks15:20
*** Rizzer has joined #harmattan15:20
Rizzerhey where's the documentation for the meego icons in QML? e.g. the "toolbar-view-menu" in 'ToolIcon { platformIconId: "toolbar-view-menu";'15:22
razvanpetruhehe, good question15:22
razvanpetruit's the little things like this that can drive a developer slowly mad...15:23
razvanpetruwhat I did was to copy all the icons in the theme folder on the device... then I can pick one15:23
Rizzeror do we have to reverse engineer from what happens to be in /usr/share/themes/base/meegotouch/icons? and hope hope they don't change15:23
Rizzergood idea, I'll copy them over to the computer15:24
razvanpetruRizzer, that's what I did15:25
razvanpetruand indeed hope they don't change ;)15:25
khertan1i hope too :)15:26
Rizzermust be an intelligence test. if you can figure it out, you get to keep your n95015:26
*** Ken-Young has quit IRC15:28
razvanpetruthere are many such tests :P15:28
sebasicon names are standardized on FDO, I'd assume they adhere to this spec?15:31
sebas(it includes a fallback mechanism)15:31
sebas << though this one's not very promising, since it doesn't include toolbar-view-menu15:32
razvanpetruhaving an enum would have been too easy15:32
khertan1sebas: yeah but such basic things : document-save didn't exist :)15:33
sebaskhertan1: :/15:34
*** Venemo has quit IRC15:35
Rizzeryeah close, but no toolbar :/15:35
*** hardaker has quit IRC15:36
khertan1ls /usr/share/themes/blanco/meegotouch/icons | grep m-toolbar15:38
tommayeah and still... not all toolbar icons have inverted version...15:41
*** achipa has joined #harmattan15:44
*** Rizzer has quit IRC15:50
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan15:50
*** mgedmin has quit IRC15:51
*** mgedmin has joined #harmattan15:51
*** seif has joined #harmattan15:51
mgedminexperimental vim package available here:
mgedmindid anybody ever have problems with debuild in harmattan scratchbox somehow messing up fakeroot debian/rules binary with a "dh_testroot: must run this as root" error?15:58
mgedminwhat's that about?  if I then run 'fakeroot debian/rules binary' myself, it works and I get a .deb15:59
djszapiI was trying to change the sb tools to the upstream tools.15:59
djszapimgedmin: you did not play with sb env vars, like IGNORE related ones right ?16:00
mgedminI did fakeroot apt-get install devscripts in my scratchbox, to get debuild16:00
mgedminand I was surprised when building failed because there was no diff, so I fakeroot apt-get installed diff16:01
djszapithat might be the issue....16:01
kimjudoesn't apt-get in sb work directly as user, no need to fakeroot?16:01
djszapisb is choicy.16:01
mgedminif vim didn't take like an hour to build, I'd try it again16:01
djszapiif I do not use its native tools, it fails like that sometimes.16:01
mgedminoh, btw, anybody used ccache in scratchbox?16:01
djszapicmake cache on my side :p16:02
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:02
djszapimgedmin: why are you asking ?16:02
mgedminbecause vim takes like an hour to build16:02
mgedminwhich makes iteration difficult16:02
mgedminI see that ccache exists in my scratchbox16:02
djszapido you use cdbs ?16:02
mgedminprobably from a devkit16:02
mgedminno, I ran dh_make in a vim hg checkout16:03
mgedminit created a very nice debhelper 7-based debian/*16:03
mgedminI think all I need to do is CC="ccache gcc" dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us -b -rfakeroot -i -I16:03
djszapimgedmin: cannot you speed it by doing one big blob object ?16:04
djszapi* it up16:04
djszapithat is what I had been doing with kdelibs.16:04
djszapibut I am not sure that works for vim.16:04
mgedminI don't know what you're talking about :)16:04
djszapimgedin: when you put all the sources together and you do not compile everything separately.16:05
djszapiand you basically work from cache.16:05
djszapiAST = Abstract Syntax Tree or something like that.16:05
mgedminI'd rather not tamper with the upstream build system too much16:07
djszapiKDE4_ENABLE_FINAL -> this is the macro for KDE16:07
mgedminespecially if I can get a cheap speedup from setting CC to use ccache16:07
djszapiit is not build system related at all16:07
djszapiit is compiler related.16:07
djszapithe high-level macro just hides the details.16:07
djszapialso, make sure you have enough memory for such caching...16:08
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan16:08
mgedminyou say "macro"16:09
mgedminwhich means you're putting it into some file16:09
mgedminthat would be what, or something?16:09
djszapimgedmin: I cannot do every research instead of you :)16:09
mgedminI'm not asking you to do research!16:10
djszapiI was referring to that you can find an option for the compiler doing it.16:10
mgedminI'm asking you to clarify what you mean16:10
djszapiand it helped me a lot for the kdelibs compilation which normally takes 4-5 hours16:10
mgedminthat KDE4_ENABLE_FINAL thing is what, a cmake thing?16:10
djszapias said couple of times, it is compiler related thing.16:10
slaineShould I install the SDK off the n950 or is there a newer version online ?16:10
djszapithese are just high level convenience stuff16:10
mgedmindefined where? used how?16:10
*** Rizzer has joined #harmattan16:14
khertan1  error:14094410:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert handshake failure <<< am i the only one to have such problem ?16:18
khertan1A first preview release of KhtEditor is now available on my c-obs home project16:19
*** djszapi has quit IRC16:19
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan16:19
mgedminI ought to learn to use the community OBS16:20
djszapiindeed, it does not make sense to distribute vim separately.16:21
mgedmingrr, LC_ALL=en_GB.UTF-8 is not a supported locale on the n95016:24
mgedminLC_ALL=en_GB works *and* uses UTF-816:24
mgedminon my laptop it's the other way around -- en_GB.UTF-8 is supported, just "en_GB" is not16:25
mgedminand ssh transfers all $LC_* from my laptop to my n950...16:25
macmaNmgedmin: you can create your own locales with locale-gen16:26
mgedminit's an option16:26
mgedminmaybe it would be simpler to create /etc/locale.alias ?16:26
razvanpetruhas anyone created a WebView app? do forms work or does the keyboard always remain on screen?16:28
* mgedmin is having no luck with locale.alias16:34
* lcuk gives mgedmin a translation dictionary instead16:35
macmaNdivan: twitter speculation is aug 19th for n916:35
macmaNalthough that to me sounds kinda quickish. but then again they do have a fire lit up under their asses.16:36
djszapilcuk o/ :)16:37
harbaumkhertan1: My entry for the "qml file selector competition":
vandenoeverthere's a competition?16:39
harbaum:-) An inofficial one16:39
* vandenoever points to
harbaumWelcome to the club16:40
mgedminthere's no locale-gen on the n95016:40
vandenoeverharbaum: can one slide right to go up one level?16:41
djszapimgedmin: you can package it anytime16:41
harbaumvandenoever: nope, but that#s a nice idea.16:41
lcukmorning djszapi \o16:42
djszapioops, I was wrong it is because of the minimal glibc I guess16:42
lcukhow are you today?16:42
razvanpetruuhhh... what are the resources that need to go through the security framework?16:42
harbaumvandenoever: Can one overlay a qml mousearea while still forward the events to underlying areas?16:42
razvanpetruthe docs are so vague...16:42
djszapiyeah, libc6 does not ship it mm16:43
vandenoeverharbaum: i think so16:43
divanmacmaN, i guess the date can differ by a day or two in different countries16:43
* mgedmin fixes his locale problems with 'export LC_ALL=$LANG' at the end of /home/user/.profile16:44
*** fiferboy has joined #harmattan16:44
djszapilcuk: everything is alright =p16:44
lcukdjszapi, good stuff16:45
lcukare your favourite apps building on obs today?16:45
mgedminthere's /etc/profile.d/ that's sourced from /home/user/.profile that takes care to set up $LANG correctly16:45
mgedminall my problems were from LC_CTYPE and friends overriding that LANG16:45
djszapilcuk: I do not know, I was mostly doing a windows installer :)16:46
divanWhere is the sdk-connectivity-tool git/svn repository?16:48
djszapimgedmin: also, I would not mind having a splitted vim package..16:49
mgedmindjszapi, split how?16:50
mgedmin-tiny, -basic, -huge etc.?16:50
djszapidebian is your friend16:50
mgedminyeah, I suppose I could rebuild the debian packages...16:50
mgedminbut hunting all the python-dev perl-dev etc. dependencies is probably going to be a pain16:51
mgedminand I don't know if I have the patience to play with the packaging too much if every build takes an hour16:51
mgedminlooks like it's vim's testsuite, not the compilation, that takes so long16:51
fiferboymgedmin: Did you go over the fbreader source at all?16:51
djszapiI can do the splitted vim package, if you do not have time to do it properly.16:51
mgedminfiferboy, I'm staring at the diff, haven't tried playing with it more yet16:52
mgedmindjszapi, please!16:52
mgedmindoes meego-terminal really support only a single window?16:54
djszapiuse screen16:54
* mgedmin hates screen with a passion16:54
djszapihate helps so much at solving issues :)16:55
divanmgedmin, yes, and there is a bug opened for it in harmattan..16:55
vandenoeverharbaum: your selector looks promising16:55
mgedminhate is not productive -- but it's fun! try it, you may like it :)16:56
djszapikimju: I guess this will not be available in the near future16:56
djszapimgedmin: no thanks :)16:56
*** razvanpetru has left #harmattan16:56
kimjudjszapi, well, I'm running a week old build on mine..16:56
*** Wirta has quit IRC16:57
djszapikimju: N950 ?16:57
djszapipublic ?16:57
kimjuyes. compiled the terminal in scratchbox and installed it16:58
djszapiyou can override packages ?16:58
kimjudpkg --purge --force-all ; dpkg -i own_compilation.deb16:58
kimjubut I think I'll "fork" the terminal next, install it with different name alongside the official one.16:59
harbaumvandenoever: thanks16:59
mtdkimju: how easy is it to build a pkg in scratchbox?  I've got scratchobx, but haven't gotten round to reading anything about building packages in it...16:59
mgedminkimju, +116:59
djszapikimju: heh force all :)16:59
mtdkimju: can you recommend any terms to google for or anything?16:59
djszapikimju: no wonder if there is a crash afterwards though16:59
mgedminmtd, about as easy as it is to build a debian package outside scratchbox16:59
mgedmini.e. depends if you're familiar with debian packaging or not16:59
kimjumtd, dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -b -rfakeroot16:59
mtdmgedmin: yeah, I guess you might be able to tell from my question that I'm not :)17:00
mtdkimju: cool, thanks17:00
* mtd vaguely remembers once downloading the source for a .deb and s forth, so it should be easy to put the pieces together17:00
kimjudjszapi, no crashes or other problems so far. but the purge/force-all is not a clean way to do that, will probably break any possible SSUs17:01
mgedminmtd, is the official doc starting point for packaging17:01
mtdexcellent, thanks!17:01
mgedminif you have a source deb for a different platform17:01
djszapikimju: well, it is just the way of messing up a system and have a time bomb for real.17:01
kimjuand debian developer guide is also a good reading for basics17:01
mgedminthen it's just a matter of unpacking it with dpkg -x *.dsc, cd'ing inside package-version/ and running the dpkg-buildpackage command kimju told you about17:01
kimjudjszapi, "I know what I'm doing" ;)17:01
mtdkimju: cool, thanks17:01
mgedminif you're starting from scratch, then it's time to play with dh_make etc.17:02
djszapikimju: you know the platform internals ?17:02
mtdmgedmin: awesome, thanks17:02
djszapikimju: dpkg != debian upstream dpkg;17:02
djszapiI do not seriously wonder if people are doing things like that and then they are getting security reports ...17:02
kimjumeaning that I understand that that can backfire.. this is a development device, so reflashing wouldn't hurt that much17:03
mgedmin58 minutes and dpkg-buildpackage succeeded where debuild had failed17:03
djszapiwell, if you like it :)17:03
kimjudjszapi, I wouldn't replace any random package, especially a library with such hack.. but the terminal seemed to be safe enough. it is just the ssu that might break with that.17:05
khertan1harbaum: path is missing :)17:05
khertan1but i like the concept17:06
kimjualso I experimented with xkb-data, but the created xkb-data-addons-rm680 for "developer" hwkb-layouts.17:06
mgedminwishlist: long tap in meego-terminal -> popup menu with 'open new window', 'select text', 'copy', 'paste'17:06
djszapikimju: no it is not just the SSU. It is the good source of quite a few security issues as well....17:07
kimjusuch as?17:08
mtdmgedmin, kimju: I added your tips to in case it can help others.17:08
mgedminit may be a good idea to mention that 'debuild' tends to fail with fakeroot-related problems where dpkg-buildpackage succeeds17:09
mgedminassuming that is in fact what happens17:10
mgedminhas anybody else tried to use debuild and see failures like mine?17:10
djszapikimju: such as causing complete inconsistency.17:10
djszapiit is not accidentally forbidden by default.17:11
mtdmgedmin: done, good tip17:11
alteregoYay spontaneous email app crashes when updating. /me recreates account for third time.17:14
fiferboyI take it there is little chance we could see a firmware update before the N9 release?17:15
mgedminI think so too, unless some unexpected critical showstopper bug shows up17:16
fiferboyThere was some talk about the possibility of getting one earlier, but that seems to have dies down17:18
djszapithere was no talk about it, maybe by just some volunteers who cannot do anything anyways :)17:19
harbaumkhertan1: Might put that into the title ...17:20
harbaumi especially htink it should be a dialog and not a seperate window/page17:21
*** andre__ has quit IRC17:22
*** hardaker has quit IRC17:26
mtdif I were to pick a pre-existing deb to rebuild in scratchbox for the n950, is there any easy rule of thumb for which debian version's .deb I should try first?  sid?17:32
* mtd realises this question is hopelessly naive, will not ask it again, but just in case..17:32
djszapimtd: unstable17:32
djszapiwheezy -> I ported 40 packages that way, about.17:33
mtddjszapi: thanks, perfect.17:33
djszapibut (k)ubuntu also helps a lot in some cases.17:33
*** andre__ has joined #harmattan17:37
*** andre__ has joined #harmattan17:37
*** spenap has quit IRC17:44
mgedminfiferboy, any particular reason you renamed the old maemo5 target to maemo5_old and reused maemo5 for harmattan fbreader?17:46
fiferboymgedmin: I was trying to get a maemo6 target to work so was moving things around17:47
fiferboyI ended up going back to just the maemo5 but didn't clean up the changes17:47
mgedminwhy did you end up going back to maemo5?17:47
fiferboyBecause the targets are integrated very deeply into the source build17:48
fiferboyI couldn't find all the places I needed to add maemo6 to get a proper build, as I was just going for quick 'n dirty17:48
* mgedmin nods17:48
fiferboyA maemo6 (or Harmattan or MeeGo) target would be the proper way to go forward17:49
fiferboyThat way we could specify install directories and desktop file, but also use an altered interface if necessary17:49
djszapiHow can I remove packages from OBS ?17:51
djszapiwithout removing the whole repository.17:51
djszapiCan anybody now build something on OBS ? It is rpc timeout for my all packages right now.17:54
djszapilnt_away ^17:54
djszapi* lbt_away ^ :)17:54
mgedminhm, I'm suddenly wondering how the  _debian_ desktop fbreader package is built17:57
mgedminI believe they have a proper .dsc17:57
*** cpscotti has joined #harmattan17:58
fiferboymgedmin: Good point, I always tried with the built-in packaging because it was usually for maemo4 or 517:59
mgedminyes, it was quite different17:59
*** harbaum has quit IRC17:59
fiferboyI wonder if they use a cleaned up source as well, without all the targets18:00
mgedminfbreader_0.12.10dfsg.orig.tar.gz -- so they did repack the source archive18:02
mgedminbut the only thing they do is remove three hyphenation pattern files which are not DFSG-compliant18:03
djszapithey do not repack the source archive18:04
mgedminI was looking at the ubuntu package for fbreader-0.12.10dfsg18:04
djszapithat is intact, maybe a different name, that is18:04
vgradejulienf, you were asking about meego vs harmattan,  Glad your N950 is ok now18:05
julienfvgrade: thanks! I'll have a look at that18:06
julienfvgrade: will be tweeting soon from my N950 :D18:06
vgradejulienf, look out for treemaker, sapce invaders, aerofly, lights off, nelisquare18:12
julienfright now, twimgo is having a hard time starting...18:12
*** qgil has joined #harmattan18:14
vgradejulienf, hope you don't have a duff device there18:15
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan18:16
julienfvgrade: it says "loading tweets" so am hopeful :D18:16
*** crevetor has quit IRC18:17
*** willer_ has left #harmattan18:24
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan18:25
*** willer_ has joined #harmattan18:25
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone18:27
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan18:28
*** slaine has quit IRC18:30
khertan1julienf: i already tweet from my n950 with khweeteur18:31
khertan1but the ui is horrible ugly plain qt18:31
*** djszapi has left #harmattan18:31
mgedminfiferboy, what does setWindowFlags(Qt::Window); do?18:33
lcukmgedmin, it sets the window flags of course!18:35
mgedminoh, how illuminating18:35
mgedminwhy is it necessary for fbreader?18:35
mgedminmake that "why is it necessary to patch fbreader to add that call?"18:36
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan18:39
*** rm_work has quit IRC18:39
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan18:39
*** khertan1 has left #harmattan18:39
* lcuk shrugs18:39
mgedminI guess I'll find out when I build an fbreader deb without that change :)18:40
mgedminassuming I succeed18:40
DocScrutinizerlcuk: are you practicing to learn how to answer kids' questions?18:40
lcukyes DocScrutinizer I must be!18:41
*** hardaker has quit IRC18:43
*** qgil has quit IRC18:45
*** qgil has joined #harmattan18:46
*** meegoexperts has joined #harmattan18:50
*** smoku has quit IRC18:56
*** razvanpetru has joined #harmattan18:56
*** razvanpetru has left #harmattan18:56
*** harbaum has quit IRC18:58
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan18:58
djszapivgrade: do you know an easy way of re-triggering a build after an rpc timeout instead of just waiting for something ?18:58
djszapimaybe from osc, but not webinterface18:59
*** Rizzer has quit IRC19:02
Elleodjszapi: "osc rebuild" should trigger rebuilds19:06
Elleoit won't abort an existing build though19:06
Elleothere's "osc abortbuild" for that but I've never been able to get it to work19:06
Elleootherwise there's a "Trigger rebuild" link on log pages on the web interface for finished/timed out packages19:07
Elleoalso an "Abort build" link will appear on a stuck log after waiting for a while19:07
*** realsportcars has joined #harmattan19:08
djszapiElleo: The problem is that the webinterface hangs for hours19:09
djszapiThere is no abort button.19:10
Elleodjszapi: then you'll need to work out how to make abortbuild work from osc I guess19:10
fiferboymgedmin: That isn't necessary, just a hack I was seeing if it fixed anything19:12
fiferboymgedmin: The window flags are probably being set, I just wanted to make ABSOLUTELY sure19:12
fiferboyYou can get rid of that19:13
vgradedjszapi, try X-Fade on #meego19:18
*** achipa has quit IRC19:21
*** djszapi has left #harmattan19:24
*** julienf has quit IRC19:33
*** steventroughtons has quit IRC19:40
*** achipa has joined #harmattan19:41
*** achipa has quit IRC19:41
*** achipa has joined #harmattan19:41
npmanybody know how I can use this ( ) to cross-compile vala progs to run on n950?19:44
npmand what exactly are the purpose and compatibility of all these debs that appear to be for harmattan:
Stskeepsthat's SDK19:47
npminteresting stuff in here :-)
DocScrutinizerharmattan MTF datepicker only has "select month" and it needs like 80 flicks to scroll from Jan 1900 to Dec 2040, which are the somewhat odd limits for selectable dates19:50
Stskeepsdec 2040 is when harmattan support ends ;p19:50
npmthat whole date seems optimistic at the rate we're going...19:51
DocScrutinizernevertheless I might want to create a reminder event not to forget my own 50th death date19:51
npmdon't forget the dbus connection to the resurrection app they'll have by then19:53
DocScrutinizerand no, I don't expect it to get relevant and fire on N9 or any future Nokia device, I expect it to show up in my callendar which is planning the future for year 2100+ already19:53
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan19:54
DocScrutinizeralso I can't add Mozart as a contact, though I might be interested in his birthdate and a reminder for the annual birthday19:54
DocScrutinizeractually adding contacts that have a birthday of e.g 1940 is already unbearable19:54
DocScrutinizerjust try it!19:55
npmwhat do you call those ball things that you shake and a little pyramid like thing floats up to the window and you see the message... someone needs to make a 'fortune' app like that for the n900 that you "shake"19:55
cpscottiDocScrutinizer, don`t bother.. remember 2038.. 32-bit unix time ends... all hell'll break loose.. no need for calendars after that..19:56
DocScrutinizerif there was a "select year" scroll-list that does 20..30 years with one flick, I'd say umm ok, but having only a "select month" is insane19:56
npmacutally that would make a good feed -reader interface... shake it and get a random twitter message19:57
npm ... finally remembered the name19:59
DocScrutinizerplease nobody answer my datepicker rant with trying to make a point why slotmachine crap of Qt* is so much better19:59
*** andre__ has quit IRC20:00
npmi think that rant applies to a lot of "touch" interfaces20:01
npmthat are actually harder to use than the desktop version with implicitly recognized form/function bindings20:01
npmlike the fact that if you make something shiny and round, it supposedly makes it obvious that it's flickkable or that there's other hidden information that can be found with no visual feedback to suggest it's there in the first place20:03
*** apol_ has joined #harmattan20:05
npmvgrade posted this: -- meego 1.2 core has Vala and it's not even mentioned (grr)
MeeGoBotBug 13656 nor, Medium, ---, damien.lespiau, NEED, MeeGo needs gobject-introspection to generate the vala bindings of telepathy-glib (which are needed20:06
*** cpscotti has quit IRC20:09
npmi guess i could just have vala generate C and cross-compile that to the N950 ( for )20:10
npmanybody got something equivalently performing in Qt?20:11
DocScrutinizernpm: here you go  Fails on my desktop and fails completely on N95020:13
*** andre__ has joined #harmattan20:15
*** smoku1 has joined #harmattan20:16
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #harmattan20:16
*** CaCO3 has joined #harmattan20:20
npmqmake directory copying mystery revelealed :
npmDocScrutinizer: thx20:31
npmactually , any body have sample code for a simple "magic 8 ball" in QML20:31
npmor can i geek-snipe someone into writing it? :-)20:31
npmit would make a nice youtube #trending viewer ala
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan20:35
*** achipa has quit IRC20:37
*** achipa has joined #harmattan20:38
*** achipa has quit IRC20:38
*** achipa has joined #harmattan20:38
npmactually this is the better demo
*** piggz has joined #harmattan20:51
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan20:59
Venemogood evening20:59
fiferboyDoes someone have a link to the valid package "Section" list for Harmattan?21:00
Venemoso... I'm working on the GUI of an IRC client for Harmattan21:03
SpeedEvilWhat based on?21:07
Venemocurrently not based on anything, but possibly on libircclient-qt21:08
VenemoI'm planning it to be as simple as possible :)21:08
SpeedEvilSo not a quassel backen?21:09
VenemoI'm currently only developing a frontend21:11
VenemoI tried to contact the guy behind 'quassel2go' (or whatever), but he didn't respond21:12
Venemoso I'll wire it up with libircclient-qt21:12
Venemowhat is so special about quassel anyway?21:13
*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan21:16
*** gri has joined #harmattan21:20
harbaumAny qml specialists here? I'd like to catch Mouse events while at the same time passing them through21:21
harbaumI want to catch a horizontal swipe over my file selector21:23
*** Venemo has quit IRC21:26
fiferboyharbaum: So you want a mouse area to detect a specific gesture any everything else gets passed through?21:26
infobotfiferboy meant: harbaum: So you want a mouse area to detect a specific gesture and everything else gets passed through?21:26
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan21:26
*** Venemo has quit IRC21:27
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan21:28
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan21:28
*** Venemo_ has joined #harmattan21:32
*** Venemo_ has joined #harmattan21:32
*** Venemo has quit IRC21:32
fiferboyI can see how that would be useful, but I'm not sure how to accomplish that21:33
fiferboyharbaum: It /looks/ like if you capture a mouse event that you want to pass you can set the "accepted" property to false21:34
fiferboyharbaum: any everything else  gets passed through?21:34
fiferboyI am not sure how the interaction between a mousearea and a mouseevent works, though21:35
harbaumfiferboy: Hey, great. That works!21:38
*** apol_ has quit IRC21:42
fiferboyharbaum: :)21:45
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan21:47
*** hardaker has quit IRC21:54
fiferboyGah, dpkg-source is driving me crazy22:04
fiferboyD'oh, it is a bug - cannot process dashes in package names :X22:09
harbaumfiferboy: Nah ... it's not working. If i don't accept the press events, i don't get any release events at all ....22:09
fiferboyharbaum: That seems odd22:10
harbaumIndeed ...22:11
harbaumTime to give up for today. Thanks for you help!22:11
fiferboyNo problem22:11
fiferboyI would think if you set it ia "accepted" the system would realize it has been consumed22:12
*** harbaum has quit IRC22:16
*** gri_ has joined #harmattan22:18
*** khertan has quit IRC22:19
*** gri has quit IRC22:21
*** khertan_ has joined #harmattan22:24
*** khertan_ is now known as Khertan22:24
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan22:27
fiferboyNope. dpkg-source is still screwed up %(22:31
MohammadAGStarted having dreams about "Device sent to customer"22:32
KhertanMohammadAG, u didn't received your n950 yet ?22:33
mgedminI'm seeing these weeeird warnings about missing symbols like __aeabi_uidivmod@GCC_3.5 while building debs22:33
mgedminthey appear to cause no harm22:33
mgedmini.e. the binaries work on my n95022:33
fiferboyMohammadAG: Those are normal, but after a wait that long they may get pretty intense22:33
MohammadAGKhertan, new orde22:33
* mgedmin has a bunch of fbreader debs now22:34
fiferboymgedmin: Any changes?22:36
mgedminfrom upstream ubuntu packages? some -- dropped the -gtk and -maemo variants of liblzui22:37
*** meegoexperts_mob has joined #harmattan22:37
* vandenoever wonders if there is already a directory of n950 apps that i could add retronome to22:38
KhertanMohammadAG, ouch22:38
Khertanthere is strange ssl error when trying to apt-get update i didn't got before22:39
*** antman8969 has quit IRC22:40
fiferboymgedmin: I guess you haven't looked at the swipe-crash?22:42
mgedminI'm just about to test these packages I've built22:42
* fiferboy crosses fingers22:42
*** wicket64 has joined #harmattan22:43
mgedminhaving old scripts to build apt repositories is convenient22:45
DocScrutinizermgedmin: (missing symbols) there's a LD_* env var to set for loading/executing a binary, that makes early binds, so you can be sure no missing symbol is causing a segfault later during runtime22:46
* Khertan is happy ... Sdist_maemo works greats for uploading package to obs for targetting harmattan ;)22:47
mgedminapt-get dist-upgrade doesn't want to upgrade fbreader22:47
* Khertan Python Sdist Maemo and KhtEditor Preview Edition is now available in my home of the Community OBS22:47
tommahmm... how does obs work with debian based packagin?22:49
tommais there some wiki article about that?22:50
RST38hmgedmin: DO NOT do dist-upgrade22:51
DocScrutinizermgedmin:  LD_BIND_NOW="4711-random-YES" <yourbinary>22:51
DocScrutinizermgedmin: man 8 ld-linux22:52
KhertanRST38h, on harmattan ? no see any problem yet ;)22:52
RST38hKhertan: lucky22:52
Khertantomma, same as maemo autobuilder22:52
* RST38h wonders if he should try22:52
KhertanRST38h, before dist-upgrading something you need package new version :)22:53
DocScrutinizer>>Then there are lots of more or less obscure variables, many obsolete or only for internal use.<< from a manpage - priceless ;-D22:53
mgedminah, I missed two architecture: all debs22:54
mgedminRST38h, *wave*22:54
mgedmindist-upgrade requires one to know what one's doing22:55
mgedminunless there are new aegis-related traps I'm not aware of?22:55
mgedminI'll be careful not to remove/replace system packages22:56
DocScrutinizervandenoever: (if there is already a directory) wait a bit longer, MohammadAG is about to create one22:58
vandenoeverDocScrutinizer: cool, thanks!22:58
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: or are you finished with it already?22:58
fiferboyHas anyone found a solution to the random dpkg lock other than rebooting?23:00
kimjufiferboy, closing setting application and waiting for a while.23:01
fiferboykimju: 90% of the time it happens to me without ever having opened the settings app (on that boot)23:01
DocScrutinizerkillall -9 $somepkgdaemon23:04
kimjuok, I've seen that only if I've started the applications installer, then it takes a few minutes to free the lock23:04
DocScrutinizersearch chanlog for "kill -9"23:04
fiferboyDocScrutinizer: Thanks23:05
*** meegoexperts_mob has quit IRC23:06
fiferboykillall -KILL pkgmgrd23:06
*** Venemo_ has quit IRC23:06
fiferboyThere we go, I'll try this next time23:06
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan23:07
mgedmink, the packages can be installed23:08
mgedminfbreader launcher has no icon23:08
mgedminbut it works23:08
mgedmincrashes on swipe23:08
DocScrutinizer~seen javispedro23:09
infobotjavispedro <~javier@Maemo/community/contributor/javispedro> was last seen on IRC in channel #meego, 3d 3h 28m 44s ago, saying: 'well there's the inverted theme hwich is probably a css one-liner'.23:09
fiferboymgedmin: Now you just have to write a nice QML frontend :D23:09
mgedminfirst I have to study for a long time23:09
mgedminabout QML and stuff23:09
DocScrutinizerjust ran into: >>libcafnips - Nokia continuous auto focus library<<23:13
crevetorthp: there ?23:14
mgedminwhat's the incantation to let the application intercept volume keys?23:14
RST38hSorry to ask, but how do I build something for Harmattan without going through OBS?23:17
mgedminRST38h, install an SDK on your machine23:17
mgedmineither Qt Creator or Scratchbox23:17
mgedminor both :)23:17
RST38hAre there instructions for Scratchbox?23:17
RST38hURL? =)23:17
* RST38h wonders if harmattan will compile from sb223:21
*** apol_ has joined #harmattan23:22
mgedmingood question23:23
RST38hok,harmattan sdk install just hung23:23
mgedminhm, time to learn quilt?23:24
*** lbt_away is now known as lbt23:25
* DocScrutinizer wonders how much in GB the harmattan SB will add to an already installed fremantle SB, and if it integrates at all23:26
RST38hBetter question is, why can't a single sb or sb2 install handle both?23:26
mgedminthey should integrate nicely23:27
DocScrutinizerthat's what I implied by "if it integrates at all"23:27
mgedminI'm pretty sure you'll get a HARMATTAN_ARMEL and _386 targets next to your preexisting fremantle targets23:27
mgedminI haven't tried, since my fremantle scratchbox lived on an older hard disk23:27
DocScrutinizerI got a fremantle SB on a disk that has ~300MB free space and btw is my rootfs23:28
DocScrutinizerfree space after installing the ~6GB fremantle SB23:29
RST38hI got sb2 not sb23:29
mgedminmake copious notes23:29
RST38hWould really love this to work in sb2 :(23:29
mgedminlast time I tried sb2, I couldn't use apt-get in it23:30
mgedminwas that ever fixed?23:30
RST38hyoooooo, it is getting nokiameegoapi-beta-rootstrap!23:30
RST38hmgedmin: works for me, for a while now23:30
RST38hmgedmin: sb2 -eR and apt-get away23:30
RST38hmgedmin: as long as mmap setting set up in Ubuntu (THAT took me a while to figure out)23:31
mgedminheh, yes23:31
mgedminoh, I wonder what did about that23:31
mgedminwill it still work when I reboot?23:31
mgedmindid it modify my /etc/sysctl.conf?23:31
DocScrutinizeryep, afaik23:31
mgedminit created /etc/init.d/scratchbox-core23:32
mgedminand /etc/apt/sources.list.d/harmattan-sdk.list23:34
mgedminand modified /etc/group23:34
mgedminetckeeper found no changes to sysctl.conf, hmm23:34
mgedminthere used to be two sysctls you had to modify to make scratchbox work23:35
mgedminsb-login used to tell you about one of them, IIRC23:36
mgedminI still have a shell script in ~/bin/.23:36
mgedmin~/bin/sb-sysctl-fixup -> sudo sysctl -w vm.vdso_enabled=0 vm.mmap_min_addr=409623:36
mgedminso, quilt23:36
* mgedmin reads
*** crevetor has left #harmattan23:37
*** jreznik has quit IRC23:37
mgedminwoot, I know quilt now23:42
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC23:42
mgedmincan't find the initial window size for the qt4 ui23:50
mgedmina bunch of other fbreader/zlibrary platform sources specify 800 explicitly23:50
mgedminqt4 doesn;t23:50
mgedminbut I see how the window visibly resizes on startup, and it annoys me23:51
RST38hfms@ummon:~$ sb-menu23:52
RST38hsr/bin/sb-menu: line 22: /scratchbox/login: Permission denied23:52
RST38husr/bin/sb-menu: line 22: exec: /scratchbox/login: cannot execute: Permission denied23:52
mgedminRST38h, newgrp sbox23:52
mgedminwill be unnecessary when you log out from your current desktop login session and log in again23:53
RST38hany way to make it permanent? include myself into this group maybe?23:53
mgedminmy last statement23:53
mgedminthing is, when you add a user to a group -- which the scratchbox setup script did -- it takes effect on *next login* only23:54
mgedminor you can get a subshell with that group enabled if you use newgrp23:55
RST38hapt-get update23:57
RST38hscratchbox/tools/bin/misc_runner: SBOX_CPUTRANSPARENCY_METHOD not set23:57
RST38hah ok23:57
kimjudid you install qemu?23:58
RST38hIt should have done that for me23:59

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