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I want to store my blog in Subversion. Problem: Subversion does not preserve mtimes of files. Solution: a plugin like pyfilenamemtime, but different (I do not want to rename existing blog entries). Since I want to import my existing blog entries without renaming them, I wrote a plugin that reads timestamps from a separate text file. This should suffice, in addition to adding [miscellany] ### Set use-commit-times to make checkout/update/switch/revert ### put last-committed timestamps on every file touched.

Pyblosxom badness

I've just discovered that Pyblosxom's default (i.e. builtin) RSS template does not include dates nor IDs. I'm disappointed. This kind of breaks the whole "usable out of the box" feeling. Google to the rescue: after a brief look at Blosxom and RSS and Daniel's pyblosxom RSS templates I've borrowed Daniel's story.rss with a different timezone substituted. Doesn't pyblosxom have a variable that would expand into the server's time zone? What about daylight savings time -- do I have to edit story.