I want to store my blog in Subversion. Problem: Subversion does not preserve mtimes of files. Solution: a plugin like pyfilenamemtime, but different (I do not want to rename existing blog entries). Since I want to import my existing blog entries without renaming them, I wrote a plugin that reads timestamps from a separate text file. This should suffice, in addition to adding

### Set use-commit-times to make checkout/update/switch/revert
### put last-committed timestamps on every file touched.
use-commit-times = yes

to ~/.subversion/config.

Now I want to have an RSS or Atom feed that validates. Answer: rss2renderer.

I'd like to have browsable archives for entries that do not fit on the front page (and then make the front page contain fewer entries). There are plugins in the PyBlosxom plugin registry that look promising: pyarchives, wbgpager.

More wishes: I want to be able to post blog entries with images. I'd like to be able to be able to add new blog entries with gnome-blogger and via a web form. And I want to have drafts that I can look at until I become satisfied and publish.

Stay tuned, if I figure out how to accomplish what I want, I'll blog about it.