We finished a rather major restructuring of the internals of a system last week at work. I finally got to experimentally test Martin Fowler's refactoring techniques (small steps) on a big change. It was fun and I tended to stay late at work because I wanted to finish what I was working on. I missed that feeling. Oh, and Subversion is good, but merging is a big inconvenience.

During nights I worked on PySpaceWar: added sound effects, support for background music (but didn't look for freely redistributable soundtracks yet), some visual effects, some more configuration options. And once again playing the game became more interesting than coding it. I can beat the computer with 100 kills to its 50-60. I should release a new version soon.

Today I discovered the cause of a long-standing problem of random reboots of my Nokia 770. Turns out FBReader leaks file descriptors, and once the system runs out, some important process crashes and the device reboots. A patch and a fixed .deb are on my FBReader page (of course I also sent the patch upstream).

Meanwhile Nokia released the N800. *drool*. Twice as much RAM, twice as much "disk" space (flash memory, actually), faster CPU, two full-size SD slots, interesting software updates. I want one, but since Nokia only sells them in a few countries, I'll probably have to wait until somebody I know can bring one to me.