Nokia kindly sponsored my trip to Maemo Summit in Berlin.

Unexpectedly was asked to give my LinuxTag presentation during the lightning talks. It did not go very well. Note to self: advance preparation helps, at least if you know you're going to present something.

Met PyPy folks (Maciej and Holger). Had a mutual "what on Earth are you doing here?" reaction. Learned a new quirk in the Python language (try: ... finally: does not set sys.exc_info()).

Impressed by one guy (sorry, but I'm really bad with names) giving a presentation from the N810, with Impress in a Debian chroot, over a SIS USB2VGA dongle. Apparently he created the whole setup in half an hour before the actual talk.

No free wireless at the hotel. Paid wifi options include 25 EUR for 24 hours or 30 EUR for 30 days. Can I have just the 29 days for the 5 EUR? No.

The WiFi at c-base was fast and almost flawless. Missed half of the talks while checking my email and blogs. I'm addicted to the Internet. :(

Still able to get up before 6 AM. The US trip has done wonders with my daily schedule.