Nokia kindly invited me to speak about Maemo at LinuxTag 2008.

WiFi is a bit problematic here. At the hotel there's no free wifi, you can buy some kind of access from Swisscom at silly prices (8 EUR for 1 hour, with a 100 MB download limit) with silly limitations, and besides my laptop refuses to associate with the AP and doesn't even get to the login page.

WiFi works at LinuxTag itself (at least in the conference rooms; the expo hall was spotty), but you have to visit a pointless and slow web page and press a button labeled 'Go' before they let you ssh around. I fail to see the point, but at least I can get my email now.

Everyone is very nice here. I only attended one talk by now (Cristoph Hellwig's interesting talk about xfs), but I hardly saw any open laptops in the audience.

The Berlin public transport system is not difficult to figure out. The N810's built-in GPS is not useful in practice. I got a fix exactly once after standing for about 10 minutes outside of the hotel. Maemo Mapper is useful for figuring out your actual location on the map, as you're listening to station names on the bus.

Met some people (hi, Dave!). My memory for names is still atrocious. My bad eyesight doesn't let me read badges easily, either. By the way, if you're designing badges that will hang from a lanyard, please print them with the same text on both sides.