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Marius is a Python hacker. He works for Programmers of Vilnius, a small Python/Zope 3 startup. He has a personal home page at http://gedmin.as. His email is marius@gedmin.as. He does not like spam, but is not afraid of it.

Sat, 13 Jan 2007


Did some hacking on the Zope 3 test runner:

The riskier features I've implemented in separate branches (test-fu, filter-by-dirs, list-modules). Subversion is not very good at handling branches, but that's where ezswitch.py and ezmerge.py come in.

The ultimate goal is to retire the SchoolTool test runner and switch to the Zope 3 one (the SchoolTool project already did so). There are two remaining features that I would miss:

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