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Tue, 19 Jul 2011

Nokia N950

Last Thursday I received a package containing something called the Nokia N950 development kit. Sweet sweet hardware, shame it's not going to be sold to end users. The software is visibly an unfinished pre-release version, but shows great potential. There are almost no 3rd-party apps, which is why Nokia is loaning these N950s to random developers.

I intend to port GTimeLog to it. Although my more immediate need is to have FBReader, so that I can stop carrying both this one and my N900 with me everywhere. Also, vim would be nice.

I've already hacked up Lithuanian support to the virtual and hardware keyboards, thanks to the very nice design of Maliit. As a comparison, I've had my N900 for a year and a half, and I still can't type Lithuanian on it. XKB is not fun.

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gud for u i want it also but cant have is there a reason why this phone isnt going to be available
posted by dave at Thu Jul 21 21:32:28 2011
Hi Marius, thanks for sharing that you got an N950.  But "random developers?"  I recall seeing the phrase "deserving developers," and a requirement of having deployed an app to the Ovi store to qualify.  And a deadline for applying.  So I didn't even try, even though I'd love to have one and would gladly develop at least one app.

So, if you know of a way a "random" developer like me instead of a "deserving" one might get one of those, please could you let me know?


- Eric
posted by Eric Foster at Thu Jul 21 23:50:43 2011
I've no idea why Nokia doesn't want to sell the N950, I can only speculate.  Office politics (downplaying Meego as much as possible, betting everything on Windows Phone)?  Extra development work necessary to make all applications work in landscape mode (portrait-locked apps look stupid when you've got the keyboard out and have to type "sideways")?  The upcoming N9 that is going to be sold to everyone is essentially the same phone, just without a hardware keyboard.

The "random developers" remark was an attempt at self-deprecation.  AFAIU there were three separate device programs with different criteria and deadlines (but I think all of the deadlines have passed now, sadly).  I've applied to the community device program after some kind people at EuroPython urged me to.  I've never published an Ovi store app, but I've published some ported Debian packages to Maemo Extras in the past.
posted by Marius Gedminas at Fri Jul 22 14:41:17 2011
If Engadget's speculation from a while ago is to be believed the reason the N950 is not going to see a full product launch is because it was rejected by carriers. Coupled with the complete change of plans on MeeGo, it looks like they went with a device that they thought would be more acceptable to the mass market, the N9. I would have chosen the N950 over the N9 any day. Good luck with the development.
posted by Jon Pritchard at Sat Jul 23 13:02:46 2011
Will N950 support python?
I got a mobile and i want to hack it using python.
posted by Binu at Thu Jul 28 17:12:05 2011
Yes, Python is supported.  Check out gPodder if you want to see an example application.  I believe it uses PySide, the Python Qt bindings by Nokia.
posted by Marius Gedminas at Thu Jul 28 22:50:52 2011
Nokia N950 Mobile is wowoo Primary Camera 12 MP and Camera Secondary Yes but How many pixel in Camera Secondary ? .......
Nokia N950 Mobile is very very good
posted by JACK at Sun Aug 7 18:58:17 2011
A few early models of the N950 had a 12 megapixel camera.  The latter models -- including the one I got -- have a 8 Mpix camera.

I'm not quite sure about the resolution of the front-facing camera. I think it's 640x480, but I'm unable to google up a source.
posted by Marius Gedminas at Sun Aug 7 20:41:14 2011
Mariau, padaryk Lietuvišką klaviatūrą kaip apps'ą, jei tai nesunku :-)
posted by Dalius at Mon Nov 28 13:34:58 2011
There's an app that lets you install extra keyboard layouts from mesinput.com (called Mesinput).  I've sent my lt.xml to someone on IRC so they could upload it to MesInput, and I think it's there now.
posted by Marius Gedminas at Mon Dec 5 18:34:25 2011

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