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Sat, 21 Jun 2008

Asus EeePC 900

I unexpectedly acquired an Asus EeePC 900 last weekend. Lovely piece of hardware.

The Xandros distro was okay at first (IceWM brought me fond memories of the year 2000, when I used it). Then I started longing for Firefox 3 and the aesthetics of GNOME applications. Finally, when apt-cache search told me there was no SSH server package available, I gave up and installed Ubuntu Eee from a SD card. The software selection is incomparable (Asus/Xandros: 870 packages available, according to apt-cache stats. Ubuntu: over 30,000 packages.) Also, yay rotating cube desktop!

Things I like about the Eee:

Things that are bad:

My workhorse, a 14" Lenovo T61W, now seems huge by comparison:

Nokia N810 on top of Asus EeePC 900 on top of Lenovo ThinkPad T61W

I'm not going to stop using my N810 (which fits in a pocket, has a much longer battery life, and is more convenient for e-books or NumptyPhysics). I'll stop lugging my T61W around instead and start leaving it at work. The EeePC is an almost-perfect travelling laptop.

The upcoming Asus EeePC 901 is going to fix the lack of internal Bluetooth and the battery life. I wonder when it will become available in Lithuania. (The 900 is displayed in almost every electronics shop here. Yay Asus. Boo Nokia for not doing this with its Internet Tablets.)

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The EeePC wasn't useful as a mobile device: it was bulky, underpowered, and had poor battery life.  It now serves as my home media PC, driving a 32" 1080p  TV screen, with a large USB hard drive.  Unfortunately its CPU is still woefully underpowered -- e.g. you can't watch 720p movies on it.
posted by Marius Gedminas at Tue Jul 20 22:38:18 2010
This EeePC came with two solid-state disks: 4 GB sda and 16 GB sdb.

The 16 GB disk died in less than a year (read errors in the place where ext3 journal lived).  I got it replaced under warranty and switched to ext2.

The 4 GB disk died yesterday.  The warranty expired a month ago.
posted by Marius Gedminas at Mon Jul 26 12:49:22 2010

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