IRC log of #meego for Wednesday, 2010-12-22

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lcukheh I thought moblin was rpm based?  in the intel appup submission guidelines, I have encountered numerous references to it being deb00:57
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wmaronelcuk: apparently at some point in the past it was deb based01:01
lcukwmarone, yeah I gather that01:02
lcukI wonder when the intel appup pages will be revamped then01:02
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* lcuk notes that appup is like maemo extras processes on steroids and similar to ovi01:05
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GAN900lcuk, angrier and with a big neck?01:17
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javispedrohopefully more like the extras than ovi01:20
javispedroa lot of people dislike the extras qa process, but the ovi one...01:21
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GAN900Extras is also easier to fix.01:27
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jonnorWhere can I find the spec files of the packages in core meego?01:29
jonnorpackage in question is pygtk01:29
lcukjavispedro, read the intel one, its quite indepth also01:30
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lcukand yeah, extras qa is much simpler :)01:31
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jonnoralternatively, how can I get the latest pygtk package from Trunk:Testing repository?01:35
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jonnorfor meego netbook01:35
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jonnoraha, seemingly it is available here:
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kaushikis there any place where I can order a developer version of N900 phone?01:46
kallamkaushik: what developer version?01:47
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kaushikis there a developer phone for meego?01:48
CosmoHillAava or something01:48
kaushikyes ..01:48
CosmoHillthere are many As in it01:48
berndhshow is a developer phone different from a normal phone ?01:49
CosmoHillit's easier to use and harder to brick?01:49
CosmoHilland when I say use I'm thinking about boot loaders and stuff01:49
kaushikyes ... I agree boot loaders and stuff01:50
kaushikbtw.. where can i order it and which one is the best01:50
lcukthough that is not really a concern, n900 is fully usable and happy to be a day to day phone and a midnight hacking toy too01:50
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threshother than it is incredibly slow sometimes and drains battery like hell01:51
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kallamkaushik: N900 meego development is done in standard N900 phones01:52
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lcukthresh, sure, same as I can drive my car at 120mph all the time and burn through petrol01:52
lcukmy n900s do everything I want them too and last long enough to not be a concern01:52
threshtry gps next time!01:52
kaushikso we can use n900 phones and put meego .iso image on it for testing?01:52
lcukthresh, i do when I need it01:52
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jonnorkaushik: yes01:53
lcukbut really, theres different uses01:53
lcukkaushik, yes, thats the development model01:53
lcukand due ot the way the images are laid out01:53
lcukmeego goes on the removable MMC01:53
kaushikcool ..01:53
lcukand leaves maemo untouched and stable01:53
lcukso just reboot out and your phone is back to the way it was before :)01:54
lcukof course, if you are doing more intensive meego work, there are other boot options01:54
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* lcuk vanishes01:55
kaushikkallam:  thanks01:55
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lcuk( to the #meego-bar )01:55
kaushiklcuk: thanks01:55
jonnorHow to enable testing repositories does not seem to be documented. Should I just zypper addrepo, try to update the new packages I want to test, pray that I don't break everything?01:56
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jonnorWell, there is this but I certainly do not want to upgrade (update everything)01:56
kallamIf you buy new MMC card, I suggest fast one like class 801:58
jonnorOr are there nightly iso images of the netbook ux?01:58
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jonnorok, there are no nightly images, but there are snapshots on repo.meego.org02:01
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kaushikwhat is the --format for the .img files present in the I found that to be livecd but in my cae it generates .iso files ...why?02:13
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odinm_ukheh f**k, mindful meditation + warewolf strategy thinking + dehydration = self induced euphoria, less than half a pint of water eradicates it02:29
kaushikcannot find root file system. Create a symlink /dev/root02:29
odinm_ukno more beer for me when playing warewolf me thinks02:29
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SeshuCLclass_girl: Whats about it...GALAXY?02:40
CosmoHillI hate people like that02:47
CosmoHillthis isn't your mate on msn, you have to wait for a response02:47
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timeless_mbpStskeeps: ping03:02
timeless_mbpanyone here recognize ARM1176JZF-S ?03:02
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jonnortimeless_mbp: recognize how?03:15
timeless_mbpwell, like "oh, i know that processor, <foo uses it>"03:15
jonnorits being used in Freescale i.MX37 I think03:17
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timeless_mbphow old?03:18
timeless_mbpand how sane/close is it to the n900 or other things03:19
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jonnorballpark, I'd say about half the omp compared to the SoC in the N90003:21
timeless_mbpand in terms of instruction set?03:22
jonnorwhat do you mean?03:22
jonnorthe ARM1176 is ARMv6 instruction set03:23
jonnorand only the JZF-S has a floating point coprocessor03:23
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pixelgeekThis must mean it's time for me to go to bed then...08:19
pixelgeek'night all08:22
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Myrttilcuk: did you eventually get those stickers for the N900?09:00
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SunilThahaHi, do I require any special permission to create a branch in devel: ?09:08
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sandst1SunilThana: if you want a subproject under devel:, i think that's protected with permissions but if you mean creating a branch with 'osc branch', you can basically branch anything09:11
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SunilThahasandman_, can i branch Trunk:testing <packages> -> devel:<package> ?09:13
SunilThahasandman_, sorry I meant sandst109:13
sandst1SunilThana: sry, i meant you can make your private branches from anything09:14
sandst1Trunk:Testing & devel: projects are protected, so you can do 'osc branch devel:project/package home:myusername:branches:devel:project/package'09:15
sandst1SunilThana: but if you want to send something back to devel, you have to send a submitreq09:15
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SunilThahasandst1, thank you09:20
SunilThahasandst1, is it possible to publish my branch?09:21
SunilThahaany docs/rtfm on that?09:21
sandst1SunilThana: have you got some specific branch in mind?09:22
sandst1SunilThana: qt-mobility perhaps?09:23
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sandst1SunilThana: What do you mean by publishing your branch..? If you have a branch in OBS, it's pretty much visible to everybody09:24
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SunilThahasandst1, its SunilThaha and not SunilThana :) .. yes you are right .. Qt-mobiliy09:25
sandst1SunilThaha: whoop, sorry :)09:25
SunilThahaand by publish I meant it being available in
SunilThahaso that I can zypper addrepo ..09:26
sandst1SunilThaha: At least the publish flags are off, if you enable them, things should show up09:28
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SunilThahasandst1, I see All and testing .. what does that mean?09:29
SunilThahaI think I am missing some basics ... is that an "essential doc a package maintainer should read"09:30
sandst1SunilThaha: Those are the repositories you are compiling against. So if you enable the Publish Flag in All, it will show all the rpm's from all the repositories in download.meeog.com09:30
sandst1SunilThaha: At least the OpenSUSE pages give a lot of info on OBS
SunilThahasandst1, thank you .09:33
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whbhello, does anyone ever use package---pocketsphinx &sphinxbase, many thanks!09:55
Sagelbt: ping09:55
whbI find it on IVI on meego09:56
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whbit is an opensource speech recognition library developed by CMU09:57
whbI can find any demo application use this library on ivi09:58
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whbDoes any one ever use it on meego handset, many thanks09:59
*** bef0rd has joined #meego09:59
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lbtSage: pong10:20
lbtah.... Sage: done10:20
Sagelogin, in mail, or what? :)10:20
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Sagelbt: meaning is the login same as in or is there separate login?10:35
alteregoSame login10:35
alteregoIt just needs to be enabled by lbt :)10:35
Sagenice, and now I need to get the login info somewhere. Used so much openid in meego services that it is hard to remember the pass :D10:36
wxtDoes meego support ALS (Alternate line service)?10:36
* alterego wonders what that is.10:36
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wxtDoes meego support ALS (Alternate line service)10:43
alteregoOh, is that when you have two numbers/lines on one SIM?10:44
*** dharman has joined #meego10:44
Sagelbt: thx it is working10:46
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Sageis the MeeGo:current:Core same as Trunk in
wingohello every10:48
*** srag has quit IRC10:48
Sageand it has a week/couple of days delay to that right?10:48
lbtSage: of course :)10:48
Sagefollowing the weekly releases?10:49
lbtSage: yes,,, same10:49
lbtnot sure where our automation is at yet10:49
wingowho are you ?10:49
lbtit's not 'live'10:49
Sageno need for live just wanted to know how sync it is10:49
lbthi wingo10:49
Sagewingo: who is who? :)10:49
lbtwill check10:49
wingosage is short for sagem ?10:50
Sageno, just sage10:50
wingoAre you chinese ?10:50
Sageno, from Finland.10:50
lbtwingo: are you interested in meego ?10:50
wingoI am working for it10:51
wingowhat about you ?10:51
Sagewingo: I'm member of the MeeGo Nokia N900 hardware adaptation team.10:51
Sagelbt: is that pub obs free to use I mean, can I compile there what ever I want as long as it is under proper licenses?10:52
wingoglad to meet you10:52
lbtSage: yes - but be polite10:53
lbtno closed code10:53
lbtnothing illegal :)10:53
Sageas said under proper license, i.e., open source :)10:53
lbtnothing too heavy (eg rebuild)10:54
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wingoSage:where are you now ?in finland10:54
Sagewingo: yes10:55
lbtwingo: what do you work on?10:55
*** calvaris has joined #meego10:55
wingoWork on megoo OS10:55
lbtwhich bit?10:55
lbtwho for?10:55
wingosage:I'm a sagemwireless engineer10:57
*** jjardon has joined #meego10:57
Sagehehe. No wonder you were interested about my nick :)10:58
lbtwell, welcome to #meego wingo10:59
*** tackat has joined #meego10:59
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Sagelbt: I have a one week vacation and if possible I'm trying to do some sparetime meego hacking and public obs would be nice place for it. Lets see if I can find the time :)11:00
lbtyeah - we're working on new workers to be in place for the break11:03
SageNot much load for those current 3 at the moment it seems.11:04
*** ismael has quit IRC11:06
*** fcrozat|gone is now known as fcrozat11:06
wingosage:how can I join your team ?11:07
Sagewingo: is a good starting point how to find the places where we are found.11:08
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*** achipa has joined #meego11:29
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*** suresh_ has joined #meego11:36
*** Thierry_ has joined #meego11:36
*** snowpong_ has quit IRC11:36
*** snowpong has joined #meego11:38
tybolltis it known whether there will be an OTA contacts sync for the handset version yet?11:39
*** hhartz has joined #meego11:39
*** Tili has quit IRC11:41
*** NCD has left #meego11:42
lbtmiojala: we can chat here... not priv :)11:43
lbtso "yes"11:43
lbtwhat are you planning to do? opensource?11:44
*** Guest31376 has quit IRC11:44
*** Guest31376 has joined #meego11:45
*** x_O has joined #meego11:50
Mekwow cool, 9 build workers instead of the original 3 at the community obs :)11:50
JunJiwhat's the obs version of the community meego obs?11:51
*** thiago has joined #meego11:52
X-FadeMek: Well it is not really working yet. Hopefully today. Now the interface is just confused :)11:52
*** tomaw has quit IRC11:53
Mekyeah, I noticed11:53
X-Fadeobs worker setup fails spectacularly atm :D11:53
*** sx0n|home has joined #meego11:54
*** lcukn901 has quit IRC11:55
*** bef0rd has quit IRC11:55
*** tomaw has joined #meego11:57
JunJiI guess recently some rpms in the opensuse 11.1 repository changed, especially obs-api and it makes an error at RAILS_ENV="production" ... ... I solved it by using the obs-api in 11.1 repo. Anybody has the same issue?11:57
*** jjardon has quit IRC11:57
*** tackat has joined #meego11:59
*** masACC is now known as maswan11:59
*** dRbiG has quit IRC12:06
X-FadeMek: But you seem really active with your project. Let's hope we can speed up your builds later today.12:06
Mekit's already a lot faster/easier than maemo ever was :)12:07
X-FadeMek: Well, we hope the new build machines are a lot faster than the current cworker01 one.12:07
lbtMek: good feedback12:08
*** juliank has joined #meego12:08
X-FadeMek: Just a warning, we might kill some of your builds today. Because of reconfiguration and upgrades.12:08
Meksure, no problem12:09
lbtMek: if that happens - and they don't restart, please file a bug12:09
lbtwe should push that upstream12:09
*** ismael has joined #meego12:09
X-FadeBut after we're done, we should have 4 build hosts. Instead of 1 now.12:09
*** pvdm has joined #meego12:10
*** zumbi has quit IRC12:10
*** florian_kc has joined #meego12:11
*** florian_kc has joined #meego12:11
*** florian_kc is now known as florian12:12
*** zumbi has joined #meego12:13
*** aleksandar has joined #meego12:18
*** Kiranos has quit IRC12:23
*** swc|666 has joined #meego12:23
*** otep is now known as weak12:24
*** halvors1 has quit IRC12:24
*** mirek2 has joined #meego12:25
*** halvors has joined #meego12:26
*** stilli has joined #meego12:27
lcukmorning lbt, X-fade (or should that be Xmas-fase), mek, everyone \o12:28
*** achipa has joined #meego12:28
*** achipa has quit IRC12:28
*** achipa has joined #meego12:28
*** Mat_Matan has joined #meego12:29
lbthey lcuk12:30
*** sofar has quit IRC12:31
*** e-yes has quit IRC12:32
*** Termana has quit IRC12:32
*** achipa has quit IRC12:33
*** sofar has joined #meego12:33
*** achipa has joined #meego12:35
*** achipa has quit IRC12:35
*** achipa has joined #meego12:35
*** ckandeler has joined #meego12:37
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*** dl9pf has joined #meego12:38
*** dl9pf has joined #meego12:38
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*** aleksandar has joined #meego12:39
*** vgrade_ has joined #meego12:41
*** sergiusens has joined #meego12:42
*** aapo has quit IRC12:42
*** sraue has joined #meego12:44
*** e-yes has joined #meego12:44
*** kraiskil has quit IRC12:45
lcukdo we have any way to actually test/log temperature and spe12:51
lcukie, if I was going to try and pickup a number of mmc cards and want to run tests  [cross post from -arm since its quiet everywhere]12:51
*** sergiusens has quit IRC12:55
lbtmiojala: what are you planning to do? opensource?12:56
lbtmiojala: should say "yes" .... just want to sanity check you're going to the right OBS12:57
lbtmiojala: are you still here? I'm kinda busy.12:57
miojalasorry, was afk12:58
*** lizardo has joined #meego12:58
miojalawe have our codes in gitorius and they should be get into OBS12:59
lbtwhat's your meego account ?13:00
lbtah, miojala works13:01
miojalathank you13:01
*** Guest31376 has quit IRC13:01
lbtnp - just a sanity check - we have people trying to use it for closed stuff or thinking it's core obs13:02
*** kraiskil has joined #meego13:02
*** swc|666 has quit IRC13:03
Sagelbt: even the should not be used for closed stuff (with the exception of trunk:non-oss for prorietary drivers)13:03
lbtcorrect - but people do use their own OBS for closed13:03
Sageor have I missed something?13:03
Sageok so I'm still on the same page :)13:04
lbtand we've had companies want to use it13:04
lbt(or at least engineers from companies doing closed code)13:04
*** setanta has joined #meego13:10
*** andre__ has joined #meego13:13
*** andre__ has joined #meego13:13
*** sampos has joined #meego13:15
*** Erkan_Yilmaz_ has joined #meego13:16
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*** halvors has quit IRC13:21
*** rushmore has joined #meego13:22
*** haitao has joined #meego13:26
lbtdl9pf: pingy13:26
lbtdl9pf: does meego not use cross-  rpm ?13:26
*** CosmoHill has joined #meego13:26
*** ckandeler has quit IRC13:27
*** haitao has left #meego13:27
lbtdl9pf: nm ... found speedrpm13:28
*** aleksandar has quit IRC13:29
*** TheOpenSourcerer has joined #meego13:30
*** phinaliumz has quit IRC13:31
*** JPohlmann has joined #meego13:31
*** wmarone has quit IRC13:32
*** halvors has joined #meego13:33
*** fantonio_br has joined #meego13:33
fantonio_brGood Morning13:33
*** swc|666 has joined #meego13:36
fantonio_brI can install on my nokia c6-00 Meego13:36
X-Fadefantonio_br: no13:37
*** wmarone has joined #meego13:37
fantonio_brX-Fade:No support?13:37
*** aleksandar has joined #meego13:38
X-Fadefantonio_br: Nope. The only nokia device with semi-support is N900.13:39
* lbt imagines installation via blender.... simply take a device and a meego usb installer stick and blend them together.... report any booting bugs to youtube13:40
*** baraujo has joined #meego13:40
fantonio_brhun i understand13:40
fantonio_brX-Fade: Thanks  for the information13:41
*** veskuh has quit IRC13:42
*** veskuh has joined #meego13:42
*** NishanthMenon has quit IRC13:43
*** thiagoss has joined #meego13:43
*** lbt has quit IRC13:44
*** toniher has joined #meego13:45
*** anky has joined #meego13:45
fantonio_brI to want collaborate which the project meego13:45
*** epx has joined #meego13:47
*** Erkan_Yilmaz_ has quit IRC13:48
*** GF911 has joined #meego13:48
*** Erkan_Yilmaz_ has joined #meego13:48
GF911Hi all. Guys, is there any change to listen to FM radio in meego? Assuming I have a radiochip.13:49
*** mirek2 has quit IRC13:50
*** mmc has joined #meego13:50
lcukGF911, check the bugzilla for features13:52
lcukafaik things like that are already listed and you can cc yourself to the bug to track how its progressing13:52
GF911Oh, thanks.13:53
*** jespada_ has joined #meego13:53
lcukbug 917413:53
_MeeGoBot_Bug enh, Undecided, ---, joel.clark, INDE, [FEA] media player: FM/AM radio13:53
lcukGF911, since that bug is in a strange state13:54
lcukyou could help them (if you have skills) and clarify the requirement13:54
*** jrocha has quit IRC13:54
GF911Will try, thanks once again.13:55
*** Openfree has joined #meego13:57
*** mirek2_ has joined #meego13:59
*** fnordianslip has joined #meego14:03
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #meego14:04
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*** BlackStonee has joined #meego14:36
*** sumanth has joined #meego14:36
*** rrix has quit IRC14:36
*** apol_ has joined #meego14:36
sumanthhi are there any other repositories i need to add in addition to meego sdk repository. I am getting many dependancy issues which are not found in the default set of repositories on my ubuntu 10.04 machine14:37
*** WonTu has joined #meego14:38
*** anbaldwi has quit IRC14:38
*** WonTu has left #meego14:38
jonnorsumanth: what kind of application are you creating?14:38
*** rrix has joined #meego14:39
sumanthi am trying to create audio player test app using qt mobility . My app is causing segmentation fault. So i was trying to install qt mobility package which i got from repo.meego.com14:40
sumanthjonnor: i wanted to debug mobility code find what is the problem14:41
*** nhdezoito has joined #meego14:41
*** terietor has joined #meego14:42
*** anbaldwi has joined #meego14:42
*** mairas has joined #meego14:43
jonnorsumanth: so what dependency problem are you having?14:44
*** zs has joined #meego14:44
*** apol_ has quit IRC14:44
*** BlackStonee has quit IRC14:45
sumanth<jonnor> that package is listing many dependancies qt mobility needs libcontacts and many more each of these has some more dependancies so i was hoping there might be a new repository which i need to add to resolve14:46
*** sraue_ has joined #meego14:46
*** hugopl has joined #meego14:47
*** duCee has joined #meego14:48
*** duCee has left #meego14:49
*** sraue has quit IRC14:50
*** jrocha has joined #meego14:50
*** jbacklun has joined #meego14:50
jonnorsumanth: the Meego 1.1 SDK should include Qt Mobility 1.0 and Qt 4.7 allready, no need to install anything14:51
*** anky has quit IRC14:51
sumanthjonnor: i have 1.1 sdk taken from i can just see the header files and libs but i couldn't find the source code14:53
*** soyouarm has joined #meego14:53
*** soyouarm has quit IRC14:53
*** mmc has quit IRC14:53
*** soyouarm has joined #meego14:54
jonnorsumanth: That is expected. The sourcecode is on qt.gitorious.org14:54
jonnorThe source code is typically not needed to debug segfaults though. Unless you have good reasons to believe there is a bug in the library code.14:55
*** bdogg64 has quit IRC14:55
*** anky has joined #meego14:55
*** aleksandar has quit IRC14:55
*** bdogg64 has joined #meego14:55
sumanthjonnor: yes. but i wanted to add some debug statements and see the code flow for that reason i was trying to install the code14:56
*** soyouarm has quit IRC14:56
*** sraue_ has quit IRC14:57
*** sraue has joined #meego14:57
*** Venemo has joined #meego14:58
sumanthjonnor: when i tried to extract the source.rpm and build it i ran into build issues because of missing libraries. then i thought if i install the rpm package on my sdk it will automatically install the missing libs also :)14:58
*** Milhouse has quit IRC15:00
*** felipec has joined #meego15:00
*** pmcgowan has joined #meego15:01
*** uhef has joined #meego15:02
X-FadeMek: Do your builds support parallel build?15:02
Mekthey should, yes15:03
X-FadeMek: Ok, then I should be able to speed them up on the new builders.15:03
Mekdidn't the old builders already do parallel builds too?15:04
*** bigbrovar has quit IRC15:04
X-FadeMek: Yeah, I just wondered why it was only doing one core ;)15:05
*** timeless_xchat has quit IRC15:05
*** Termana has joined #meego15:06
*** Frye has quit IRC15:13
*** sergiusens has joined #meego15:13
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Raghahello, gm all15:51
RaghaIs there something like Anatomy of MeeGo?15:51
*** pH5 has joined #meego15:57
*** Milhouse has joined #meego15:57
*** Milhouse has quit IRC15:57
*** Milhouse has joined #meego15:57
*** berndhs has joined #meego15:57
*** jimmy1980 has joined #meego15:57
AparnaRagha - what exactly are u looking for?15:58
Alison_ChaikenRagha, is this what you're looking for?   Consider the slides and videos from the 2010 Dublin Conference if you want something more technical.15:58
*** weak is now known as otep15:59
Alison_ChaikenHuh, I guess this is a better URL:
jonnorRagha: see
*** pcacjr has quit IRC15:59
RaghaAparna, a overview of all the components, fw and how do they stack up16:00
*** khertan has joined #meego16:01
*** guedes_ has quit IRC16:01
*** puffin has quit IRC16:01
*** Termana has joined #meego16:01
AparnaRagha - Then is right starting point as stated by jonnor. For further information you can browse through the wiki16:01
RaghaAlison_Chaiken, thats better16:02
Raghajonner, thats exactly what i was looking for, thanks16:02
AparnaRagha - For any specific component information, you can ping in the channel and loads of us there to help ;)16:03
*** ckandeler has quit IRC16:04
*** puffin has joined #meego16:05
*** degggeard has joined #meego16:05
*** DangerMaus has joined #meego16:06
*** DangerMaus has joined #meego16:06
RaghaAparna, sure16:06
*** MR_Bear has quit IRC16:07
*** arkub has quit IRC16:09
*** jimmy1980 has quit IRC16:13
Alison_ChaikenSurvey for Dublin conference attendees:
*** puffin has quit IRC16:15
*** kensai has joined #meego16:17
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*** anky has joined #meego16:47
GAN900Don't hand out hardware during the conference16:52
GAN900or avoid handing it out in such as way as to ruin the only collab day of the collaboration conference.16:52
berndhsGAN900: yeah it was a conspiracy16:53
*** sge has quit IRC16:53
*** luist has joined #meego16:54
*** fredy has joined #meego16:54
*** DrIDK has joined #meego16:55
RST38hSamsung conspiracy! =)16:55
*** sge has joined #meego16:55
*** lardman has quit IRC16:56
RST38hGAN900: Was it reall collaboration at least, or scripted collaboration?16:56
GAN900RST38h, Monday and Tuesday were "Let's talk at the audience" days16:56
*** DrIDK has quit IRC16:56
GAN900And Wednesday's unconference was ruined by the netbooks.16:56
*** uhef has joined #meego16:57
*** spyro has quit IRC16:57
GAN900So, no, for being the "collaboration" conference, there wasn't much collaboration and a lot ended up happenning to sabotage what little there might've been.16:57
*** mirek2_ has quit IRC16:57
*** sx0n|home has quit IRC16:58
mwichmannand does the survey let you say that?16:58
*** DrIDK has joined #meego16:58
GAN900mwichmann, comment field does, yes.16:59
mwichmannseems like if you can't convey that in the answers to the questions isn't not ideally designed... (said without looking, which I won't do since I didn't attend)17:00
*** odinm_fr has quit IRC17:00
mwichmanns/isn't/it's/ if that didn't make sense17:01
*** puffin has joined #meego17:01
*** Venemo has joined #meego17:01
*** mozzwald has joined #meego17:02
*** mikhas has joined #meego17:02
*** diegohcg has quit IRC17:04
*** mirek2 has joined #meego17:05
*** qgilN900 has joined #meego17:05
qgilN900hi, there used to be handset images for netbook but I can't find them anymore in ??17:06
*** qgil_wetab has joined #meego17:08
qgil_wetabStskeeps: ping17:08
*** diegohcg has joined #meego17:09
GAN900mwichmann, well, some of the questions could potentially hit on some of those issues.17:09
GAN900But without context. . . .17:09
GAN900"The overall quality of the unconference was good."17:10
GAN900Well, I really liked the potential, but it was hampered by nobody attending most of the sessions.17:10
*** felipec has quit IRC17:12
*** kuuntelija has quit IRC17:13
*** abstract3d has joined #meego17:13
*** abstract3d has joined #meego17:13
qgil_wetabthe closest i get is there is no "netbook" image there17:13
*** gaveen has quit IRC17:13
qgil_wetab i mean17:13
*** anbaldwi has quit IRC17:14
*** stefanoP has quit IRC17:14
*** smoku has joined #meego17:15
*** sge has quit IRC17:16
*** edisson has joined #meego17:16
*** kuuntelija has joined #meego17:17
*** pkt has joined #meego17:17
GAN900Better to just have the OEMs come with a few dozen pieces and give them out to people they talk to during the course of the conference.17:17
*** pkt has left #meego17:17
*** nierob has quit IRC17:17
*** jimmy1980 has quit IRC17:18
* qgil_wetab wonders if something installable and usable in the WeTab could be extracted from
*** rrix has quit IRC17:20
*** kaihenr_ has quit IRC17:20
*** kaihenr has quit IRC17:20
*** sge has joined #meego17:20
*** javiF has joined #meego17:20
*** mairas has quit IRC17:23
*** rrix has joined #meego17:24
*** terietor has joined #meego17:25
*** TomaszD_ has joined #meego17:26
*** ddez is now known as zeddii17:27
*** TomaszD has quit IRC17:29
*** cymacs has quit IRC17:30
*** qgilN900 has quit IRC17:30
*** uhef has quit IRC17:31
*** lbt has joined #meego17:31
*** lbt has quit IRC17:31
*** lbt has joined #meego17:31
qgil_wetabah, maybe lbt knows if there are handset ux image released for netbook thesedays17:32
qgil_wetablbt, me wonders if something installable and usable in the WeTab could be extracted from
*** lardman|gone is now known as lardman17:33
lbtI'm quite keen to see the community space as a place to establish "unsupported ports" .. like wetab17:34
lbt(and joggler)17:34
*** tmoenicke has joined #meego17:34
*** murrayc has quit IRC17:35
qgil_wetabwetab is intel/atom, so no "port" rellylbt17:36
qgil_wetabin 1.0.8x there used to be images for netbook under handsetimages, butapparently not anymore lbt17:36
*** sge has quit IRC17:40
*** cyborg-one has quit IRC17:40
*** luist has quit IRC17:40
*** luist has joined #meego17:41
*** cyborg-one has joined #meego17:41
*** luist has joined #meego17:42
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*** achipa has quit IRC17:54
*** anky has quit IRC17:56
*** sergiusens has joined #meego17:56
vgrade_qgil_wetab, this may be a way forward. Get the netbook UX up on the wetab then use the instructions here to convert to hanset UX17:59
*** MoL0ToV has quit IRC17:59
*** kkszysiu has quit IRC17:59
*** ColKilkenny has joined #meego17:59
*** smoku has left #meego18:01
qgil_wetabvgrade_: aha, good one. yeah now i remember that wiki page18:01
*** smoku has joined #meego18:01
*** terietor has quit IRC18:01
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*** sergiusens has quit IRC18:03
*** sergiusens has joined #meego18:03
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*** sge has quit IRC18:04
*** ramkrsna has quit IRC18:04
*** MoL0ToV has joined #meego18:04
*** rushmore has quit IRC18:04
vgrade_qgil_wetab, did you get anywhere with the Ubuntu on wetab link?18:05
qgil_wetabwell, I saw that were problem with touch or something - Irather put my time in MeeGo handset18:06
*** venugopalr has quit IRC18:06
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC18:07
*** sge has joined #meego18:08
*** mpoirier has joined #meego18:09
*** jpe has quit IRC18:11
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*** sge has quit IRC18:29
*** sge has joined #meego18:31
*** npattipati has quit IRC18:32
*** stefanoP has joined #meego18:32
vgrade_qgil_wetab, indeed, I pointed to the ubuntu to get the "method" of booting the wetab with a new OS18:32
vgrade_I guess you will need to build someting which is flashed to wetab or boots from an sdcard18:33
vgrade_if the ubuntu guys have that sorted then you can use the same method with a MeeGo filesystem18:34
*** aivanov has quit IRC18:34
*** biochimia has quit IRC18:34
vgrade_this is the method I used on the ports I have done so far18:34
*** DrIDK has quit IRC18:35
*** anky has joined #meego18:37
*** CosmoHill has joined #meego18:39
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*** dneary has quit IRC18:43
lcukvgrade_, the changing_desktops scenario is simpler18:47
lcukat least for specific meego uxes18:47
vgrade_lcuk, would this procedure work with the wetab18:48
*** pixelgeek has joined #meego18:49
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*** MoL0ToV has joined #meego19:04
lcukvgrade, my understanding of meego is that Meego Core sits there and is a stable base API and then there is a UX layer ontop19:04
lcukso if the wetab is running meego, then I say why not?19:05
lcukall it should need is knowing what the UX layer runs as its uxlaunch19:05
lcukand then its rocking19:05
lcukhell, it should technically be feasible to use the wetab UX on the ideapad19:05
lcukproviding of course the packages are on repository19:06
*** spyro has joined #meego19:06
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*** Fargeee has joined #meego19:06
*** DrIDK has joined #meego19:06
* Fargeee
*** Fargeee has quit IRC19:07
*** nicu has quit IRC19:07
lcukvgrade, those instructions work currently to switch between netbook and handset (and very soon IVI thanks to jeremiah) purely because of the solid core that exists :)19:07
*** Cquad has joined #meego19:08
*** Plasma has joined #meego19:08
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*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #meego19:20
*** anky has quit IRC19:20
jeremiahSo there is some info on how to switch the IVI UX, but it looks like the definitive solution will have to wait a bit.19:20
jeremiahIntel is planning to do some work on mcompositor which they think will be the best solution going forward.19:21
jeremiahRight now the IVI UX uses matchbox and Xfce19:21
lcukjeremiah, sure thing19:21
*** vanadis_ has quit IRC19:23
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*** Aranel_ has joined #meego19:28
xharadahi, anybody knows how is the status of gst-openmax plugins for meego? Are they working already?19:28
*** puffin has joined #meego19:30
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*** haroun has joined #meego20:19
harounHi All,  Need a help from you ...  I am working on Meego OS bring up ( Based on Moorsetown hardware ) and using netbook image for test purpose ( Replaced kernel rpm with moorsetown kernel rpm ).  using USB Meego Netbook image, able to boot the kernel and able to see shell prompt.  But I am not able to see Meego UI. I suspect that our ramdisk image does not have all the binaries and folders required for Meego.  Can you please give me some20:21
*** jbacklun has quit IRC20:22
Stskeepscheck /var/log/Xorg.0.log and /home/meego/.xsession-errors20:23
*** bbartek has joined #meego20:24
*** bbartek has quit IRC20:25
haroun<Stskeeps> : "check /var/log/Xorg.0.log"....    Is that for me ?20:26
*** gouchi has joined #meego20:26
*** sge has quit IRC20:28
Stskeepschances are is that you dont have pvr driver installed as you took netbook image20:29
*** DrIDK has quit IRC20:29
*** pvdm has quit IRC20:29
*** toniher has quit IRC20:30
*** terietor has quit IRC20:30
*** sge has joined #meego20:30
harounStskeeps : Thanks for your input.. Let me analyse my netbook image20:31
*** Dr_Who has joined #meego20:32
*** Dr_Who has joined #meego20:32
*** stilli has joined #meego20:33
*** dl9pf has joined #meego20:39
*** dl9pf has joined #meego20:39
*** terietor has joined #meego20:41
*** Etern4L has joined #meego20:41
Etern4Lhellou all20:41
Etern4Li have just installed Meego on my eeepc 1008ha20:41
smokuStskeeps, is installing ti-omap3-sgx-* rpms enough to get 3D acceleration, or do I need to add something to configuration?20:41
Etern4Li set upd my twitter account20:41
Etern4Lit fails to log in20:41
*** umakant has joined #meego20:42
Etern4Li am sure i write my password correctly20:42
Etern4Lcan you help me with my twitter problem? also i cannot log in at gmail :'(20:42
*** spyro has joined #meego20:42
*** dominikb has joined #meego20:43
Stskeepssmoku: no, need kernel side too and fbdev-sgx20:43
smokuEtern4L, meego twitter client uses old auth method which twitter disabled recently20:43
Stskeepssmoku: bbl (in .dk)20:44
Etern4Law.. because till 4 days ago i could log in :(20:44
smokuStskeeps, oh. so it won't work with omapfb ?20:44
Etern4Ldo you know about my gmail problem?20:44
Etern4Li cannot log in20:44
Stskeepssmoku: uses dri220:46
*** lauro has quit IRC20:46
*** ismael has joined #meego20:46
Etern4Lgmail tells me something about Certifications20:47
Etern4LThe server's security certificate is revoked!20:47
Etern4Lthis i take when i try to log in at gmail :(20:47
*** swc|666 has joined #meego20:48
Etern4Lthe same problem exists when i try to log in Twitter :S20:49
Etern4LThe server's security certificate is revoked!20:49
*** Vendetta has joined #meego20:49
*** sge has quit IRC20:50
smokuStskeeps, do you remember what exactly do I need in kernel?20:50
smokuI got:20:51
smokuPowerVR device not found20:51
smokuFatal server error: PVR2D_Init() failed20:51
*** iberlynx has joined #meego20:54
*** sge has joined #meego20:54
*** smoku has left #meego20:57
*** smoku has joined #meego20:57
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*** dgc03052 has joined #meego22:14
harounStskeeps : I am not able to find "/var/log/Xorg.0.log and /home/meego/.xsession-errors" folders and files in my shell prompt .. Can you pls advise on this ?22:16
*** millenomi has joined #meego22:17
*** juliank0 is now known as juliank22:18
lcukharoun, why are you expecting them to be there22:19
Stskeepsharoun: then it's /var/log/uxlaunch.log time22:20
*** terietor has quit IRC22:20
*** mitsutaka has quit IRC22:23
*** ayanes has quit IRC22:25
*** phinaliumz has joined #meego22:25
harounStskeeps: I am not able to see "var" and "home" folder in my shell prompt.. I think my image has wrong ramdisk .. Can you pls point me how to create "initrd.img" with all Meego binaries ? I used "sudo mic-image-creator --config=meego-netbook-ia32- --format=liveusb --cache=/home/haroun/.mic2_cachedir" command to create image22:26
Stskeepsharoun: sorry, im not a atom developer, just telling you what your problem might be22:26
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:26
*** sge has quit IRC22:26
MohammadAGmaybe /tmp/Xorg.0.log?22:27
*** murrayc has joined #meego22:28
*** terietor has joined #meego22:29
harounMohammadAG:  not able to see "tmp" directory as well ... Any pointers pls ?22:29
MohammadAGdo you have "/" mounted? :P22:29
*** sge has joined #meego22:31
harounMohammadAG: yes it is mounted .. Able to see "bin dev etc init lib proc root sbin sys sysroot usr" folders .. But none of the folder has Meego binaries..22:31
*** nhdezoito has quit IRC22:34
*** harha has joined #meego22:37
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*** dneary has joined #meego22:39
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harounlcuk: sorry i didnt noticied your msg last time .. the reason i am looking for the folders and meego binaries is .. My initial doubt is on my Ramdisk .. So I thought solving ramdisk problem ,can isolate doubts on ramdisk.22:40
lcukwhat ramdisk? (sorry I missed whole conversation if you had one earlier)22:41
harounlcuk : FYI - I am working on Meego OS bring up ( Based on Moorsetown hardware ) and using netbook image for test purpose ( Replaced kernel rpm with moorsetown kernel rpm ). using USB Meego Netbook image, able to boot the kernel and able to see shell prompt. But I am not able to see Meego UI. I suspect that my ramdisk image does not have all the binaries and folders required for Meego.Can you please give me some pointer , how to create pr22:42
lcukahh haroun22:43
lcukhave you got dmesg to check if any serious faults have been seen on boot to that point?22:44
*** tackat has quit IRC22:44
*** josemartins has quit IRC22:45
*** sraue_ has joined #meego22:46
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VendettaI am trying to boot meego on moorestown hardware. It boots and gives kernel msgs and the last msg I saw was .. " mounted ext3 filesystem.." and then it shows black screen / blank screen22:47
Vendettaany idea?22:47
VendettaAny one had this problem ??22:47
*** mlpug has quit IRC22:48
VendettaI am trying image22:48
Kaadlajkisnt pinetrail atom image?22:49
Vendettaisn't moorestown and atom processor?22:50
*** sge has quit IRC22:50
Kaadlajksort of i guess but that is not the image you should use if you really have moorestown hw22:50
lcukharoun and Vendetta - do you both wanna just see if you are using same board22:51
RST38hpinetrail and moorestown are both Atom-based SoCs22:51
*** Mat_Matan has quit IRC22:51
RST38hBut they are not the same chip22:51
Vendettathen what image I shud use?22:51
Vendettaand for moorestown shud i use ... kernel-mrst or kernel-mid?22:52
RST38hprobably pinetrail, as I doubt you have got a moorestown device22:52
*** kyb3R-m has joined #meego22:52
Vendettai tried pinetrail ..its giving me a blank screen after a while22:52
Vendettalcuk: we are using same board22:53
lcukRST38h, why do you doubt people may be on platform XYZ22:53
RST38hVendetta: have you considered checkingwhat kind of chip you have got there first?22:53
Kaadlajkaava and intel's older CDK have moorestown22:53
*** mlfoster has joined #meego22:53
lcukVendetta, are you able to give model refs to try and help22:53
Kaadlajkboth not really publicly available22:54
VendettaKaadlajk: can you point me to that?22:54
Vendettaoh k22:54
Kaadlajkimages are publicly available not the devices :)22:54
*** sge has joined #meego22:54
Vendettacan you point me to images so that i can try22:54
*** sraue_ has quit IRC22:55
*** sraue has joined #meego22:55
Kaadlajkafaik meego-handset-ia32-mtf image should work with moorestown CDK and aava device only requires one modification to kboot.cmdline22:56
Vendettalcuk: model refs are not available to me .. the only thing at top level I know is's moorestown ..i know i lack that info ..22:56
*** mwichmann has quit IRC22:57
lcukok Vendetta are the main pre built images22:57
*** FunkyPenguin has quit IRC22:57
*** lizardo has quit IRC22:57
Vendettaluck: yes i am following those images only....22:58
Vendettawhat is the difference in kernel-mid and kernel-mrst?22:58
Vendettai opened .config and found both of them are mrst.22:58
lcukthe only other way I know to get Meego built for a specific variation platform would be to use the image builder and configure it yourself22:58
*** BManojlovic has joined #meego22:59
*** BManojlovic has joined #meego22:59
Kaadlajkthose names have changed since I played around with moorestown devices :-/ I am not sure what is what now22:59
Vendettalcuk: I am considering that .. ultimately i know i will end up there but .. just wanted to try ..if any images (mrst) gives me a head start22:59
lcuksure Vendetta22:59
Vendetta@Kaadlajk: ok23:00
lcukmost of the guys I have seen custom building images have been via the ARM end23:00
lcukperhaps you could contact your upstream and see if they have the information about image types or their own cache23:00
Vendettalcuk: yes .. trying hard for it23:01
*** baraujo has quit IRC23:01
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