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lufFuck the problem is in different rate.00:44
lufpali: N900 playing sound as HF as a charm :) with some tweaking.00:52
lufI have to find why the resampler doesn't do the job for backported loopback. But I don't understand the code and pulseaudo.00:54
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lufUgh. It seems I have empty symbol table/keyboard after CSSU-T upgrade. Can someone else testi in terminal if (s)he see the correct symbol table?11:15
tadziksymbol table?11:16
lufblue arrow + Ctrl (Sym)11:16
tadzikthat only rings a bell in terms of compiler development :)11:16
tadzikoh, yes11:16
tadzikthat works here11:16
lufThat doesn't work here on two devices :( And I have no clue how to find what is the reason.11:18
tadzikwhat if you change the layuot in settings somewhere?11:18
tadzikI'm using Polish for this thing11:18
luftadzik: thanks. I'm using my keyboard map. And it seems that I have to check "Using virtual keyboard:. I'll investigate it deeper.11:21
lufBut for sure it worked before CSSU-T upgrade. I didn't change anything on my primary device.11:23
tadzikhmm. I think nothing at all broke for me after Thumb upgrade11:27
tadzikI must be one lucky user11:27
tadzikonly OMP is slow like a snail race upstairs11:27
tadzikin rollerskates11:27
tadzikon ice11:27
lufHmm so the problem is in int_kb_layout = us,cz11:57
lufthe problem is that I'm using 2 keyboard maps and I'm able to switch between them :( so it doesn't handle well the ",".12:04
lufI'm pretty sure it worked before CSSU-T upgrade. Does anybody have idea what changed?12:05
tadzikI think I'm on pl,en12:05
tadzikor that's what Language 1, Language 2 says in the setting12:06
lufgconftoot-2 --get /apps/osso/inputmethod/int_kb_layout12:06
lufNo it's not the same as Lang1, Lang212:06
tadzikyeah, that's just "pl"12:08
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merlin1991luf: did you update -testing or -thumb?15:22
lufmerlin1991: testing15:25
lufI didn't catch it earlier because I don't use it very often.15:25
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kerioluf: that's what you get for not being american :P17:58
lufkerio: Yes I'm proud I'm not the .... :D17:59
freemangordonyay, X starts with 3.5 and pvr driver18:18
keriodoes anything else work?18:18
freemangordonwell, but no image :D18:19
freemangordonshell works18:19
freemangordonmc too18:19
luffreemangordon: who want images when X is running? :D18:19
freemangordonunfortunately I cannot understand what happens after that :(18:21
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freemangordonluf: progress, moving dots :D18:57
luffreemangordon: hold them or they destroy the device! :D18:57
freemangordontool late :P18:57
luffreemangordon: what are you doing? thumb X ?18:58
freemangordonkernel 3.5.4 maemo :D:D:D18:58
kerioship 3.5.4 as kernel-cssu18:59
lufHmmm, isn't there some binary mess from nokia which bind us to the old kernel?18:59
kerioluf: probably loads of those18:59
freemangordoni compiled PVR driver for it, and it seems to work, but won;t be sure until I have hildon-desktop running18:59
lufwhat is PVR driver? I know it as <something> video recorder for recording movies or other stuff from TV :D19:01
lufI know I'm lazy to study.19:01
arceanPowerVR SGX530 :P19:01
lufBTW knows anybody some method how to receive notification when new SMS arrived or was sent?19:02
freemangordonarcean: :nod:19:02
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arceanfreemangordon: 3.5.4? that's good news :)19:05
freemangordonarcean: well, not exactly. upstream is missing a pile of good thing that exist in stock :(19:06
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freemangordonPali: do you know if h-d will start without mce?19:10
Palifreemangordon, I do not know19:10
Palibut I think it could19:11
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Skryfreemangordon: which xorg version you are using it with (pvr)? It should work ok with the xsgx which is .10.20:31
lufWhere can I write how to use AudioSink on N900 (to use N900 as BT speaker)? TMO or wiki? BTW it needs patched pulseaudio.20:48
keriopatched how?20:49
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lufIt's low level right now and without possibility to change loudness ...20:49
lufkerio: add support to recognize a2dp_source over BT and add module-loopback.20:50
keriodoes it work well?20:50
lufFor me yes.20:51
lufSo what is better place? TMO or wiki?20:56
keriowiki and then post on TMO20:56
kerioa link to the wiki20:57
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Paliluf, create wiki page and post thread on tmo for discussion20:59
Paliluf, maybe patch should go to cssu21:00
lufSomeone has to test it if it doesn't change some behaviour.21:00
kerioluf: are you willing and able to maintain the updated bluez and the patched pulseaudio?21:00
keriohow bigger are those, compared to stock?21:00
Paliif configuration will be easy I can test it21:00
lufAdding module-loopback is ok.21:01
keriocan the same functionality be provided by external packages installed in a clean way?21:01
keriowill they affect an user that doesn't do anything related to them?21:01
kerioif the answers are yes, not much, no and yes, then it's CSSU material21:01
lufkerio: no way (ext packages).21:01
Palikerio, pulseaudio module should be compiled when compiling pulseadio21:02
Paliso I think this is good candicate for cssu (adding pulseaudio to cssu)21:02
lufkerio: I don't know what it make with some policy etc when you had only a2dp detection and now you have also a2dp_source.21:02
lufmaybe the loopback should go into separate package. But the a2dp_source detection is part of already installed package.21:03
lufPali: To the config:21:03
kerionah, the loopback shouldn't go into a separate package21:03
keriohow big is it? can it be optified?21:03
kerioare the other modules in separate packages?21:03
lufdbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.bluez /org/bluez/`pidof bluetoothd`/hci0/dev_<BT ID with _> org.bluez.AudioSource.Connect21:04
lufpactl load-module module-combine sink_name=sink.luf slave_amps=0 resample_method=trivial adjust_time=121:04
lufpactl load-module module-loopback source=bluez_source.00_0C_76_D3_71_7E sink=sink.luf adjust_time=1 resample_method=trivial21:04
lufThat's all :)21:04
keriowait, sink.luf? wtf21:04
Paliah, there was my problem. it needs to use combine module21:04
lufStop: pacrl unload-module <ID> - for both combine and loopback21:04
lufdbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.bluez /org/bluez/`pidof bluetoothd`/hci0/dev_00_0C_76_D3_71_7E org.bluez.AudioSource.Disconnect21:05
kerioluf: also, why are you telling bluetoothd to connect?21:05
keriocan't you connect from the source?21:05
Palikerio, you need to load pulseaudio modules21:06
Palibut connection should work21:06
kerioi see21:06
lufkerio: it's special kind of connection as wrote Pali.21:06
keriowill the current BT UI help with the connection?21:06
Pali(after you enable source in config file)21:06
Palikerio, no21:06
kerioyeah, yeah, i can connect to my headphones with the n900 but the headphones can also connect to the n90021:06
lufPali: You need to enable Sink in config.21:06
Palicurrect bt ui does not support it21:06
kerioluf: it's already enabled, isn't it21:07
kerioin your bluez 4.9921:07
lufkerio: in my bluez yes :D In stock no.21:07
keriooh, so you don't even need to update bluez?21:07
keriowhy tf did we update bluez, then?21:07
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lufkerio: just for fun :D21:08
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lufkerio: I didn't test it. Maybe it's ok with stock bluez.21:09
Paliluf, where is binary of module-loopback?21:12
lufpali: in my notebook :D I'm going to upload it to the _you_know_who_ server.21:12
DocScrutinizer05Pali: damn, you're faster than lightning with undoing spam on wiki ;-D21:13
Paliluf, ok21:13
PaliDocScrutinizer05 :D21:13
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Paliluf, can you upload unpacked elf binary too?21:15
lufpali: I can. pulse bt module and loopback module?21:16
Paliwhat you patched?21:16
kerioluf: what's the size increase with the new pulseaudio and the new modules?21:16
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lufpali: pulse bt module to detect a2dp_source + add loopback module.21:17
lufkerio: I don't know ;)21:17
Paliok, so upload that two modules21:17
kerioluf: of course you do21:17
kerioyou have it installed21:17
lufdpkg -i doesn't show the difference ;)21:18
lufkerio: the module - 69820 Oct 10 20:19 module-loopback.so21:19
keriohm :c21:20
keriocan it be optified?21:20
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kerioor is it already in the optfs?21:20
lufpali: sorry two BT modules: one for discovery and one for device handling.21:20
lufkerio: trust me I don't know. I focused on another parts.21:20
keriowhere is it21:20
keriomeh, we can symlink that21:21
keriowe have the technology21:21
luf/usr/lib/pulse-0.9.15/modules/ - as all pulse modules21:21
kerioi see21:22
keriois that the only new file?21:22
lufkerio: yes. and 2 changes.21:23
keriowhich changes?21:23
lufkerio: BTW I compiled it with NDEBUG disabled. so maybe it will be quite smaller ;)21:23
kerioi see21:23
lufkerio: bluetooth modules to discover and device handling: module-bluetooth-device.so21:24
keriopulseaudio, the only OSS project where you have to enable nodebug instead of disabling debug21:24
lufkerio: BTW the NDEBUG is just for logging asserts. So the size will be nearly the same :D21:28
lufkerio: I also take a look at PAN and I see how to initialize ... but it's aborted with no visible reason :(21:29
lufkerio: dbus-send --system --type=method_call --dest=org.bluez /org/bluez/$(pidof bluetoothd)/hci0 org.bluez.NetworkServer.Register string:nap string:lan21:29
lufkerio: to the maintain question: it's what I do right now ;)21:32
Paliluf, loading loopback module failing21:36
PaliE: module-loopback.c: No such source.21:36
Palipactl list | grep -i bluez --> this is empty21:36
lufI have no clue how it's registered in pulseaudio ...21:36
lufpactl list | grep blue21:36
lufNo bluez there.21:36
Paliso maybe I need to manually load module for bluetooth21:36
lufJust for discovery.21:37
lufBut it should be already done with /etc/pulse/default.pa21:37
lufpali: what source for loopback do you use?21:38
lufI'm sorry I red your info wrong.21:38
Paliluf, problem is that bluetooth module was not loaded21:38
Paliso I do not have bluez_source21:39
PaliI'm trying to load it manually21:39
luf### Automatically load driver modules for Bluetooth hardware21:39
lufload-module module-bluetooth-discover sco_sink=sink.hw1 sco_source=source.hw121:39
lufpali: there is one change (remove Nokia patch) from src/modules/bluetooth/bluetooth-util.c21:41
lufBut it's just changing state to disconnected. It shouldn't affect you.21:43
PaliE: module-bluetooth-device.c: Received error condition: Input/output error21:43
Pali(when I tried to pactl load-module module-bluetooth-device with address and path arg)21:44
lufStrange I compiled it againist bluez-4.60 (stock).21:45
lufPali: have you restarted pulseaudio daemon?21:46
PaliI starting it in console21:47
Palito see log output21:47
lufI uploaded non-striped modules.21:49
PaliI restarted again21:50
Paliand now I cannot connect (dbus-send)21:51
Paliso problem is in bluetooth connection, not in pulse...21:51
lufWhat is the second BT side?21:51
lufI has problem with bluez-4.66 ... but no problem with bluez-4.9821:52
lufBut another problem (it get sink instead of source with bluez-4.66).21:52
PaliI have 4.98 on notebook21:52
lufBTW maybe you need to repair.21:52
lufBT re-pair the devices21:53
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lufThe second think is I tested it with bluez-4.99 :) I'm going to test it n bluez-4.9921:53
luf*4.60 (the last)21:54
Palion notebook in syslog I see: Operation already in progress (114)21:54
PaliI restarted bluetooth on notebook and now dbus connected21:55
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Paliand now on n900 pactl load-module module-bluetooth-device failing with E: module-bluetooth-device.c: Received error condition: Input/output error21:57
Paliand module-bluetooth-discover seems not working21:58
Paliit not loading module-bluetooth-device automatically21:58
kerioPali: do you have bluez 4.99 installed?21:58
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Palikerio, no I have 4.98 on notebook21:59
kerioi meant on the n90021:59
lufkerio: no please ...21:59
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Paliand on n900 4.60-0maemo1.6+0m521:59
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kerioluf: k :c22:01
lufpali: How you changed bluetooth config?22:03
lufMethod "Connect" with signature "" on interface "org.bluez.AudioSource" doesn't exist22:03
Paliluf, when I called org.bluez.AudioSource.Connect (for connecting headset to n900), pulseaudio handled it and loaded module module-bluetooth-device)22:05
Palibut it only created bluez_sink.CC_52_AF_7C_6C_7B22:06
lufThat's the problem I have with bluez-4.99 (N900) and bluez-4.66 (notebook).22:07
lufIt seems like some incompatibility with bluez :( I'll have to trace it down ...22:07
Paliwhen I call org.bluez.AudioSource.Connect from n900 (and connection is established), bluez does not see anything...22:11
lufI can connect but discover doesn't recognize the source.22:19
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Paliluf, maybe something is needed to enable source in discover22:22
lufIt works with bluez-4.99 on N900.22:22
lufBTW it even doesn't recognize profiles on notebook (bluez-4.66) :D22:23
lufpali: it helps when I reinstall all pulse from the merlin1991.at22:26
lufNo sound but bt detected.22:27
lufDon't ask me why.22:27
Paliall pulseadio packages?22:27
lufdpkg -l | grep pulse22:28
lufBut you can try to be more conservative.22:28
lufI didn't test it one by one.22:28
lufsink.hw0: Volume: 0:   0% 1:   0%22:30
lufHmmm, but no sound.22:34
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lufFuck it works!22:35
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*** sets mode: +o ChanServ22:35
lufJust now the computer play too silent sounds :D22:36
lufpali it works and is ok.22:36
Palinow I'm installing new packages22:36
Paliah, I need to wait, upstart message: start: pulseaudio respawning too fast, stopped22:36
Paliso I cannot start pulseaudio now22:37
luf:) stop it and run from terminal.22:37
lufhave you changes some pulseaudio settings?22:37
lufkerio: ping22:39
Palipulseaudio not22:39
Palionly bluez22:39
kerioluf: bwoooooooooooooooooong22:39
luf/usr/bin/pulseaudio --dump-resample-methods22:39
lufas root.22:39
lufkerio: ^^22:39
lufI have trivial, speex-flox-<num>, speex-fixed-<num>, ffmpeg, auto, copy, peaks22:40
lufkerio: Good it's same. Thanks. I hope you have still stock pulseaudio22:41
Palinow org.bluez.AudioSource.Connect again failing...22:41
lufI had no problem with it (againist bluez-4.98).22:42
lufWhat error message?22:42
PaliI restarted bluez daemon on notebook and now connected :-)22:42
lufAnd? and? and? :D22:43
Paliand bluez_source appeared :-)22:43
lufGood, 1. step :)22:43
lufSo can you fly? :D22:43
Paliworking :-)22:44
Palisound from n900 :-)22:45
Palinow going to connect bluetooth headset to n90022:45
Paliluf, I connected bluetooth headset, but sound from computer is in n900 speakers22:47
Palinot in connected headset22:47
lufSo you have to find the right sink.22:48
PaliI connected headset via GUI22:48
Palibut sound going to speakers22:48
lufpactl list ;)22:48
kerioluf: it should be automatic! >:C22:48
Palithis sounds like policy/prolog/alsaped problem22:49
Paliwhich route it22:49
lufkerio: is here some troll? :D22:49
keriocan't you just make it do what normal programs do?22:49
lufPali: I didn't play with policy ...22:49
lufkerio: feel free to overtake it ;)22:49
kerioisn't there a "default sink" or something22:50
lufkerio: to be honest I hope someone help me.22:50
lufAnd for sure I didn't test the setup which pali have.22:50
lufpali: Thank you for testing. I'll write the wiki and post to TMO.22:51
lufI have to leave right now.22:52
Paliok, thanks!22:52
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Paliluf, I restarted alsaped and sound is in bluetooth headset22:58
Paliluf, and there is one (small) problem. When I active silent profile there sound from notebook is muted23:01
lufpali: creating of combined can be put into the /etc/pulse/default.pa23:12
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lufI don't know if it helps againist restarting alsaped.23:12
Paliluf, why is needed to create combined?23:12
lufLet's try without it.23:12
lufI don't understand it fully but it seems like resampler problem when BT gives you rate 44100 and the N900 sinks are at 48000.23:13
lufI don't know why N900 is set to rate 48000 and I'm not so brave to change it in to 44100.23:14
Palithen you can add combined to (maybe in source tree)23:15
lufPali: to be honest combined is the only way I hear clear sound. I checked loopback several times ale try to use different rate for sink and source in loopback.23:15
Paliso after package will be upgraded, will be changed23:15
lufPali: yes, it's possible.23:16
Paliluf, do you have git repository?23:16
Palithere is pulseaudio in gitorious maemo-multimedia project23:16
lufPali: no.23:16
lufit's meego one.23:16
Palimaybe there is maemo5 branch23:17
Palior commit which is maemo5 version23:17
lufI'll take a look tomorrow.23:17
Palis/commit/commit without tag/23:17
infobotPali meant: or commit without tag which is maemo5 version23:17
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