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lufHmmm. Call list history works with pbap-client test.00:40
lufUgh. The HF with IrMC works only with pb. No call history over PBAP support :(01:18
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PaliI created merge requests on cssu gitorious for all packages pushed to cssu-devel11:41
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_shadowxWhen making a call (gsm call) does the sound stream go throu pulseaudio?13:50
_shadowxnever mind :) pulse seems to start using much more CPU when there's active call, so I guess its involved :)13:52
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tadzikmaybe there's a way to give microphone a boost through PA then14:03
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_shadowxmm, yep , shoud be. I'll look into later today.... thou i'm more intrested if i'll be able to make it able to do encrypted calls.... but just PoC , I doubt i'll make it usable for normal users (if a14:12
tadzikmy microphone sucks, more and more people complain about it14:12
tadzikmaybe it could be fixed somehow on the software side14:12
_shadowxit seems so14:14
_shadowxcheck out this. ... post #314:14
tadzikoh, looks cool14:15
_shadowxso .... it shoud be possible and easy to do ... I'll check it out later today , when I get home, and tell you if it works. and maybe start topic on the forum so other ppl can do it it they need to (if there isnt already one )14:15
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tadzikif you can find a nice way to do it I'll be most grateful14:20
_shadowxthere is pacmd for maemo14:21
_shadowxapt-get install pulseaudio-utils14:21
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tadzikokay, I'll take a closer look when I get back home today. Thanks!14:23
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_shadowxnp :)14:24
_shadowxhey Pali, I understand i've writen an CSSU uninstaller ;) can I try it ?14:25
Pali_shadowx, if you want you can try it14:25
_shadowxwhere can I get it ?14:32
amiconnFor what reason someone would want to uninstall cssu?14:35
_shadowxFor testing purpose only.14:38
Paliit is part of cssu-enabler14:50
Paliand is in cssu-devel repo14:50
_shadowxOkay. Thanks14:53
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luf_shadowx: How to use pacmd? It returns to me: No PulseAudio daemon running, or not running as session daemon.16:57
merlin1991Pali: I've fixed the false positives yesterday, uninstalling works all the way now16:58
Palimerlin1991, yes I saw on gitorious16:58
PaliI created all merge requests16:58
Palifor all packagesä16:58
merlin1991I'll go over them as soon as possible16:59
Paliall are alredy in cssu-devel16:59
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luf:) I get pacmd working. For record: apt-get install pulseaudio-utils pulseaudio-module-extra; pactl load-module module-cli-protocol-unix; PULSE_RUNTIME_PATH=/var/run/pulse pacmd18:05
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ShadowXbtw, does the nokia stock kernel support 'noop' IO scheduler ?18:48
ShadowXand if yes, has it been discussed to make 'noop' the default IO scheduler in CSSU ?18:51
amiconnWhy would someone use any other scheduler on flash based storage?18:52
ShadowJKI wouldn't make it default18:52
ShadowJKCFQ in maemo5 performs vastly better than noop scheduler that was default in maemo418:53
ShadowXnoop is faster on non  spinning devices , it is simples - so less operations - less power.18:53
ShadowJKNeither are optimal, of course18:53
ShadowXShadowJK, mm.... maybe i'm wrong , but i've been switching between noop and cfq for the last few days and noop seems better.18:53
ShadowJKWe don't have SSDs though. The flash storage behaves more like a tape drive :)18:54
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ShadowJKIt really, really, really, really hates random access writes18:55
ShadowXmm..can't agree that the flash storage is closer to tape drive then to ssd , specialy when it comes to IO scheduling18:56
ShadowJKrandom 4k writes yield less than 50kbytes/sec, whereas pure sequential write flies along at close to 8-10 megabytes/sec :)18:56
freemangordonI've tried noop when I was playing with different scheduler settings and ca confirm that noop is much worse than cfq18:56
freemangordons/ca /can /18:57
infobotfreemangordon meant: I've tried noop when I was playing with different scheduler settings and can confirm that noop is much worse than cfq18:57
ShadowXmaybe some other changes i've made are making the difference in my case....18:57
ShadowJKSo in that sense, the most optimal would be to always write sequentially with no seeking, like a tape drive18:57
freemangordoninitially it looks faster, but after a while device starts to stutters very badly18:58
infobotfreemangordon meant: initially it looks faster, but after a while device starts to stutter very badly18:58
ShadowXfreemangordon, after how much time  ~ ? can the swap fragmentation be the reason ?18:59
freemangordonNFC, but the end effect is bad19:00
ShadowX'cose i'm re-swaping few times a day and maybe that's why its behaving better in my case.19:00
ShadowXOk, thanks for the info :)19:01
ShadowJKAlready if it's not delaying/batching writes, and constantly "switching" between writing to emmc, ext, swap..19:01
ShadowJKthat'd cause severe slowdown19:01
ShadowXbtw , with what kernel was maemo4 ?19:02
ShadowJKbtw, bought a new sandisk 32M card, the block size is 4M. 4!! Megabytes!! This means that if you write 512 bytes at start of card, and for example 512 bytes in middle of card, the card will internally read 4M, erase 4M, write 4M, twice!19:04
ShadowJKSequential write about 10M/s on that thing, but due to 4M block size, once you hit swap fragmentation (or mix swap / filesystem accss on it), it' be like hitting a brick wall :)19:04
ShadowX32M card...4M blocksize , so 8 blocks only?19:07
amiconns/M/G/ I guess...19:08
ShadowXthat makes more sense :)19:08
jon_y4G blocks?19:08
* amiconn didn't say s/M/G/g19:09
ShadowJKGetting LogFS or similar instead of ext3 would be interesting :)19:12
jon_ywell, 4G cells might make sense if you have 32TB :)19:12
ShadowXShadowJK, btw it looks like maemo5 is using the defualt IO scheduler. as was maemo4. If my search was right, maemo 4 was shipped with 2.6.16 kernel.19:13
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ShadowXcfq was included in version 2.6.5 if i remember correctly and became default IO scheduelr around 2.6.2019:13
ShadowXwitch dosnt mean that 'noop' is better :) just saying , maybe that's the reason why maemo4 uses it , and maemo5 uses cfq.19:14
ShadowXbtw guys, sorry if I ask stupid question from time to time ....i'm still new to maemo and want to learn :D ( I got my first n900 only ~10 days ago...)19:20
ShadowXp.s. fsck nokia! now i'm thinking of getting second n900 :S19:20
ShadowJKI'm pretty sure AS was default before CFQ became the default?19:21
ShadowJKand before that, surely deadline was default19:21
ShadowJKbtw, I set /sys/block/..../queue/iosched/slice_idle to 0, to see if I can get more than month or two uptime19:23
ShadowXooo 1m uptime on the phone will be nice :)19:23
ShadowXwhat's your current best?19:24
ShadowJKmore than month, less than two19:25
ShadowXbtw you'll probably like this (if your an uptime fan)19:25
ShadowXroot@monitor:~# uptime19:25
ShadowX 19:28:46 up 1119 days,  5:53,  3 users,  load average: 0.47, 0.40, 0.5319:25
ShadowJKNot counting spare N900 that just sits idling :P19:25
* amiconn rarely gets even close to such uptimes (which are overrated anyway)19:27
amiconnKernel updates kill uptimes ;)19:28
ShadowXamiconn, true , but how can I reboot the box :? will you have the hear to reboot box with 1k+ days uptime ? :)19:28
amiconn$ uptime19:29
amiconn 18:29:21 up 3 days,  6:04,  1 user,  load average: 8,13, 8,25, 8,2419:29
amiconnLast reboot was due to sata problem19:30
ShadowXthis is homebox ?19:30
amiconnThis is my homeserver/workstation combo19:30
amiconn(and yes, the load average is not a mistake. dnetc running on a Core i7)19:31
ShadowXi thought the load was 'cose youre compiling something ;D19:31
ShadowXbtw load 8 is not much ..can't even notice load lower then 10-15 on most servers (form the user point of view)19:32
amiconnWell it depends on the type of load. This one isn't noticeable because dnetc runs at nice 1919:33
ShadowXoh that case - sure :)19:34
ShadowJKIt's not that I'm an uptime fan, I just hate unexpected/forced reboots19:34
ShadowXbtw why did you get i7 ?19:34
amiconnWhy not? Good performance at quite low power19:34
amiconnThis is an i7-2600S, so 65W TDP19:35
amiconnMy N900 usually gets to about 14 days uptime before it forces me to reboot (due to apps misbehaving)19:35
ShadowXi'm just asking :) curius why ppl give money for i3,i5,i7 ..19:36
ShadowXnot that its bad cpu .... its great ...19:36
ShadowXbut cpu power / price .... :/19:36
amiconnWell, what else would you choose? AMD is way slower...19:36
* amiconn doesn't deem 275€ expensive19:37
amiconnThat was a year ago btw19:37
ShadowXwell ... its not expensive , but my point was, AMD for the same money shoud give you at least a bit more power ..and probably will drain more power too :)19:38
* amiconn used to recommend AMD back in P4 times, but that changed when Core 2 arrived19:39
ShadowXdon't get me wrong i like intel :) i'm surronded only by Xeon's (with few minior expections) but AMD not that bad and most of the times you get more power for the same amount of moeny.19:39
amiconnAnd invest the saved money into electricity bill instead ;)19:39
amiconnMy machine is running 24/719:40
ShadowXMine 2. Both my boxes are running non 24/7 and have always been.19:43
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tadzikwow, since when the settings work in portrait mode?21:03
tadzik++ to whoever did this21:03
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lufI feel like a winner :)21:29
freemangordonluf: it's good to be a king :P21:41
lufSure :D21:41
freemangordonyou know that movie? history of the world?21:42
lufPBAP working with 3 exceptions.21:42
lufI'm not sure.21:42
lufMaybe I don't know.21:42
lufIt ignore first VCARD. It seems has a problem no empty line after photo and 1 ghost :D21:42
lufIt add "A" at the end of 1 contact's phone number.21:43
lufNo mess in numbers no randomely missing contacts.21:44
lufIt's more than I expect.21:44
lufBut it doesn't try to get call history from phone :( Maybe it doesn't present such feature ...21:44
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