IRC log of #maemo-ssu for Wednesday, 2012-07-18

lufBTW I'm working on PBAP call history for maemo now. Is someone keen in rtcom/eds development?00:06
MohammadAG4.1 out00:09
merlin1991MohammadAG: you're the king :)00:10
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merlin1991MohammadAG: just push the ham and ossognomevfs changes to gitorious aswell, then I'm happy .)00:16
MohammadAGI recall I did00:16
merlin1991blame gitorious00:17
merlin1991gnomevfs arrived now00:17
merlin1991ham still missing00:17
merlin1991ham arrived aswell, gitorious sucks as usual :D00:21
* merlin1991 feels like his rootfs is going to be full any time now00:27
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merlin1991installing 195 new packages to test a bug in monodevelop that has been filed against cssu00:27
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lufRemoving openssh-server: subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 100:30
MohammadAG--force-all ftw00:39
MohammadAGmerlin1991, let's move to github :D00:39
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lufmerlin1991: ping01:11
merlin1991luf: pong01:11
lufmerlin1991: fucking git :(01:11
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lufgit apply runs but it doesn't do the job :(01:11
lufI'm talking about curl.01:12
merlin1991yep I thought so :)01:12
lufI have no idea how to manage it with git :(01:12
lufI tried this way: git clone cssu-curl01:13
lufrm -rf cssu-curl/* cssu-curl/.pc01:13
merlin1991so far so good01:13
lufcp -aRp prepared-cssu cssu-curl01:13
lufgit commit -a -m "some log"01:13
merlin1991you probably have to add a few files ass well01:14
merlin1991so git add .01:14
lufcd cssu-curl; patch -p1 < ../maemo.diff01:14
merlin1991git commit -m "some log"01:14
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lufgit commit -a -m "Adopt ..."01:15
lufgit format-patch <version>01:15
lufThen I'm not able to git clone cssu-curl; cd cssu-curl; git am ...01:15
lufOk, I'll try.01:16
merlin1991btw are you doing that inside scratchbox or from outside?01:17
lufStill the same problem.01:22
merlin1991you could zip me up the prepared folder and the patch and I could have a go?01:23
lufFYI I don't fix the dependency yet.01:25
luf - still uploading.01:26
luftar.gz of the git prepared for format-patch.01:26
lufNow I dive into the dependencies ...01:26
lufcurl_7.26.0-1maemo1+cssu1.diff - diff is againist orig + debian dir from wheezy01:30
merlin1991hm you didn't catch all files01:31
merlin1991your tree contained a butload of untracked files01:31
lufgit add . isn't enough?01:32
merlin1991did you do that before or after running git commit ?01:32
merlin1991also you might have to repeate it before you commit the patch you applied01:32
lufBefore commit.01:32
lufBefore each commit.01:32
merlin1991anyway I did a 3rd commit with the rest and it still fails badly01:33
lufI also uploaded changelog now (it's manualy merged maemo + debian).01:34
merlin1991hm there must be bug in git01:38
lufI'm running fedora ...01:38
luf$ git --version01:38
lufgit version
merlin1991I've got 1.7.901:39
merlin1991still the same bs01:39
lufMaybe I can't use git as it hates me :D01:40
lufI'm compiling curl without the dependencies ...01:40
merlin1991hm I see no reason why git am should fail like it does01:43
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lufI'm uploading new version with removed extras dependecies.02:18
lufOk. All uploaded. For git it's in git subdir. I hope you can try to merge it with gitorious.03:00
lufIf someone is curious (and better want help) about PBAP call history development I uploaded the patch to the
lufTime to go to bed ...03:13
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* amiconn wonders whether the cssu updater will ever learn to re-enable bluetooth after reboot :\\16:17
merlin1991amiconn: it will never16:18
merlin1991system lib is controling that stuff16:18
amiconnHmm, and I expected T4.1 to remove the operator name widget...16:18
keriooooh, T4.1 is out?16:21
amiconnThe little yellow square told me...16:21
kerioalright, updated16:31
merlin1991kerio: it's fixed ham and fixed gnomevfs16:31
kerioyeah, i saw16:31
kerioupdating those with apt was ok, right?16:31
kerioi even rebooted right afterwards16:31
merlin1991yep should be fine16:39
keriook, now to install KP51 and cssu-thumb :P16:40
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ShadowXwhat does T4.1 stand for? CSSU - Testing v4.1 ?18:40
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o merlin199118:41
*** merlin1991 changes topic to "Maemo Community Seamless Software Update "CSSU" channel, | Known bugs: | Channel logs: | Sources: | Latest version (testing): 21.2011.38-1Tmaemo4.1; (stable): 21.2011.38-1Smaemo3"18:41
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o merlin199118:41
ShadowXanother stupid question :) switching from CSSU-S to CSSU-T can be done just by adding the repo , right? (and apt-get update, upgrade ofc)18:51
ShadowXOh, and another thing i wannet to ask , r u planning to replace 'bme' in CSSU (long term)?18:54
DocScrutinizer51kerio: eh?18:59
DocScrutinizer51ShadowX: long term maybe, though veeeeery long term19:03
ShadowXgood thing happen slowly :)19:03
infobotShadowX meant: good things happen slowly :)19:03
DocScrutinizer51since bme replacement is a kernel module19:03
ShadowXha infobot rulz :D19:04
DocScrutinizer51ShadowX: for now a lot of user would get scare by us futzing with battery charging19:07
DocScrutinizer51and there's no sound rationale to replace bme so far19:07
ShadowXI understand. I was asking 'cose i saw talks about it and that its possible to replace it and I was curious what are your plans about it. And when I come to think of it , for the moment this is the best choice ...having bme in CSSU and FOSS alternative for whoever wants it.19:14
ShadowXbtw sorry for the 4324234233 questions (i'll have more soon :P ) but i'm kind of new to the maemo community and there are still things I dont understand... and maybe see the direction where CSSU is heading.19:17
ShadowXon this subject - great job on CSSU :)19:18
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tadzikpanda install ufo  6.01s20:27
tadzikww, sorry20:27
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luffreemangordon: hi21:04
freemangordonluf: hi21:05
luffreemangordon: you asked why I marked obexd and eds for cssu (I missed the question yesterday)21:05
lufIt's because it's part of SDK/rootfs so I think it should be part of CSSU21:06
freemangordonluf: yeah, merlin1991 explained21:07
Raimufreemangordon: Hi.21:23
Raimufreemangordon: T4.1-thumb coming in the near future?21:23
freemangordonRaimu: no need, just don't upgrade21:33
freemangordonlatest -testing just distributes ARM-compiled binaries21:33
freemangordonHAM and osso-gnome-vfs were thumb-compiled by mistake21:34
RaimuThere version hike for HAM is just for the ARM-compile fix?21:34
keriofreemangordon: are the -thumb ones still of a higher version?21:38
DocScrutinizer51so you think I finally could make that friggin [!] in systemtray vanish?21:57
merlin1991DocScrutinizer51: watcha talking about?22:02
merlin1991luf: ping22:03
lufmerlin1991: pong22:05
merlin1991luf: did you test the eds changes already?22:10
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lufmerlin1991: what do you exactly mean if I test eds changes?22:12
lufI installed it on my phone and use it.22:12
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merlin1991I think you wrote that you had no access to your car and thus couldn't test if it helps?22:12
lufI see no problem. The only change should be in export + import.22:12
lufI'll have my car on Saturday.22:12
merlin1991ah okay :)22:13
merlin1991I'm looking forward to a positive result then .)22:13
lufI hope someone test it earlier.22:17
lufIt's not dangerous.22:17
lufmerlin1991: do you have PBAP HF?22:20
merlin1991I don't know if mine does22:23
merlin1991it's semi broken atm anyway :D22:23
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merlin199110 year old peugeot, always something broken :)22:27
lufAhhh it's good that it still working (at least partialy) ;)22:28
ShadowJKNo wonder peugeot is in trouble :)22:29
merlin1991well most trouble comes from parking in vienna22:30
merlin1991you wouldn't expect how much damage your car can get when you *not* move it22:30
lufSure. It's the worst when other cars try to move your car :D22:32
* ShadowJK has vandal insurance :)22:32
merlin1991ShadowJK: hm if I had that, they would laugh in my face declare my car totalled and give me 100€ :/22:33
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ShadowJKA 10 year old toyota is still like 5000-15000 second hand here :)22:34
merlin1991I got it for 3000 xD22:35
lufSure, it's vehicle with lion ...22:36
merlin1991ShadowJK: so far I've replaced 2 mirrors and repainted the a part (I didn't bother to fix the bump) thanks to some friendly local people who never had the guts to say it was them22:37
merlin1991the a part = a part :D22:37
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DocScrutinizer51merlin1991: talking about UPDATE22:41
merlin1991ah now I understand :D22:41
merlin1991yeah with 4.1 there should be all bugs fixed that came with 4 so you're good to go :)22:42
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DocScrutinizer51fine, just need to come home22:44
kerioDocScrutinizer51: no dataplan? weird22:47
kerioit's like 500kb or something22:47
keriothe apt update takes 16 times more than the update though22:48
kerioso lol22:48
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merlin1991hm the way tmo wants more and more portrait on the n900 I feel like starting to hack to get landscape onto the n950 :D23:21
arcean_merlin1991 that's already done by Vesuri :D23:23
merlin1991arcean_: I was thinking of a cleaner way (actually patching the ui code in all those applications23:24
merlin1991sadly swipe ui is closed, so nfc if I can get the homescreens fixed that way23:25
merlin1991also the settings menu might be interesting23:25
arcean_apps are closed  :/23:25
merlin1991well not all of them afaik23:25
arcean_but it works really nice with those patches23:26
merlin1991I'll go the good old cssu way, fix where there are sources, and re everything else :D23:26
merlin1991does it affect the homescreen aswell?23:26
arcean_merlin1991, no idea, I've enabled landscape homescreens earlier23:27
merlin1991just wondering which sources apply for the n950 sw release23:28
arcean_depends on harm version on your n950 :P23:28
merlin19911.1 (2.2011.39-5)23:29
arcean_my n950 is running pr 1.323:29
merlin1991I hope you didn't flash the sw certs23:29
merlin1991otherwise you're fucked if you have to actually flash :D23:29
arcean_and 1.2beta is terribly slow23:29
arcean_merlin1991, I know :)23:30
arcean_merlin1991, you can use N9 repo and do OTA or some magic with flasher23:30
merlin1991or I stay with my n950 pr ;)23:31
arcean_meh, it's too easy :D23:31
arcean_btw the part of homescreen responsible for rotation is open source :)23:34
* merlin1991 is going to hack right away after the movie finishes23:35
merlin1991ah yeah I still need to give the n950 a fixed ip23:35
arcean_and here are screenshots of some apps in landscape:
merlin1991I'll see what I can do in the open parts :)23:41
keriooh god portrait23:41
arcean_those apps are mostly MTF-based, so editing CSS files could be enough23:43
merlin1991okay movie is over, time to check some stuff23:58
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