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psycho_oreosmerlin1991, ping :)09:00
psycho_oreosDocScrutinizer, thanks a bunch for your assistance in narrowing down the culprit :D I would not have gotten this far and within such a short timeframe09:01
DocScrutinizerthanks for helping with keeping quality of CSSU up09:01
psycho_oreosnw, that's the spirit of community, it was all coincidental I suppose :D09:02
psycho_oreosI would not have been able to do this had I not stuffed up my n9 before lol.. must have been a chain of events that just lead up to this09:03
DocScrutinizerfor the logs (and users): wlancond seems to act up in latest testing09:03
psycho_oreosinfo can be found in #maemo in regards to wlancond09:03
DocScrutinizerpsycho_oreos: I've just one cig more time, so would you mind replacing your /usr/sbin/wlancond with the one of "stock" (I might provide it for you)09:05
psycho_oreosDocScrutinizer, if you could provide one that would be great :)09:05
DocScrutinizer~ # ls -l /usr/sbin/wlancond*09:05
DocScrutinizer-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root        58292 Jan 17 22:47 /usr/sbin/wlancond09:05
DocScrutinizer-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root        57692 Dec 24 17:38 /usr/sbin/wlancond.bak09:05
psycho_oreosI'm about to file this info into the bugzilla, just managed to find the right section to add the info in09:06
DocScrutinizerwait a few more minutes and test the "original" one maybe?09:06
psycho_oreoserr I can't download those but yeah I can test both out :)09:07
DocScrutinizer.bak is the 'original' one I guess09:10
DocScrutinizerwhile the 'real' one seems my preliminary version of what's shipping with T now09:10
psycho_oreosand the non .bak extension is the current one? I'll md5sum if need be :D09:10
psycho_oreosyeah md5sum should match anyway I'll grab both09:10
DocScrutinizermv them same way I did, renaming the 'orig' and copy the .bak to original place, then reboot and test09:11
psycho_oreosok I'll reboot and test, not rebooting in between each of them or do I have to do in between each?09:12
DocScrutinizerplace my .bak into /us/sbin/wlancond, then reboot09:12
DocScrutinizermy .bak should be 'stock'09:13
psycho_oreosok, and afterwards if test is successful, replace the old bak with the current one, reboot and test? :)09:13
DocScrutinizerso `cd /usr/sbin/; mv wlancond wlancond.cssu; wget; chmod a+x wlancond; reboot`09:15
* psycho_oreos nods09:15
DocScrutinizerso `cd /usr/sbin/; mv wlancond wlancond.cssu; wget; mv wlancond.bak wlancond; chmod a+x wlancond; reboot`09:16
* DocScrutinizer runs for shower09:16
psycho_oreosthanks a bunch and have a good day :)09:17
DocScrutinizerthanks, and YW :-)09:18
* psycho_oreos is about to reboot the device after doing that (almost the same :))09:18
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DocScrutinizer51ok, this thread somehow continuede on #maemo, to the result that wlancond is innocent11:07
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merlin1991psycho_oreos: pong17:27
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DocScrutinizer51anybody familiar with windows? MSIE in particular18:01
DocScrutinizer51fsckng Java update installed a toolbar to MSIE, and now MSIE segfaults <1s after start18:03
DocScrutinizer51hosw do I get rid of that bullshit? (and don't say "use $random-alternative" as that's no option at my office PC)18:04
amiconnUninstall the toolbar?18:41
amiconnShould be a separate entry in Control Panel -> Software18:42
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_freemangordonpsycho_oreos ping18:51
DocScrutinizeralas it's not, or I have no faintest clue what's the name18:51
DocScrutinizerIf you could find out then name, I'd be really grateful18:53
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RaimuNothing is as useless as some douchebag smirking "use $random-alternative" at everything without other elaboration than "yours sucks".20:12
DocScrutinizerRaimu: many many thanks20:16
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merlin1991_freemangordon, DocScrutinizer, MohammadAG: do you have time next wednesday after 20utc for a meeting?20:41
_freemangordonI am ok20:46
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shanttuhi. i have troubleshooted the error I reported a days back: no internet connection, selecting connection from status-menu -> no "select connection" dialog21:03
shanttuall i got is syslog: "[1346]: Error: The name was not provided by any .service files" does that give any hints what could be wrong?21:03
shanttusince two recent cssu-testing i haven't managed to create internet connection.21:05
_freemangordonshanttu, someone has messed up your dbus configuration, let me check which exactly .service file you're missing21:05
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: as usual21:06
DocScrutinizer_freemangordon: or icd2 not started/aborted21:08
DocScrutinizeroooh, nope21:08
_freemangordonwell, if it aborts there should be something in syslog aiui21:08
DocScrutinizeralso dbus daemon clearly reports "in any service file"21:09
_freemangordonshanttu, could you please type (as root) in terminal "start icd2" without quotes21:12
DocScrutinizerwhich still could mean dbus searched for any registered service like icd2 on local bus under general policy *.*.*, then after not finding any, looked into service files if it maybe is defined for a remote bus21:12
_freemangordonDocScrutinizer, after doing stop icd2, i have the same behaviour as shanttu has21:12
DocScrutinizerso I was right with my second tale21:13
shanttufreemangordon, dialog appears now21:13
shanttudoesn't show any connections though21:14
_freemangordonDocScrutinizer, any clue how is icd2 started, I am lazy to search in event.d :D21:14
_freemangordonshanttu, is there wlancond process?21:16
_freemangordon"ps | grep wlancond|21:16
_freemangordon "ps | grep wlancond"21:16
shanttu2754 root 2840 S21:17
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_freemangordonshanttu, paste the whole line please21:18
shanttu2754 root 2840 S grep wlancond21:19
_freemangordonyeah, smart21:19
_freemangordonnow do "start wlancond"21:19
shanttugot it21:20
_freemangordondo you have /usr/bin/wlancond running now?21:21
_freemangordonit is /usr/sbin/wlancond21:21
_freemangordonshanttu ^^^21:22
shanttufreemangordon,  yes it runs21:22
_freemangordonok, now restart icd2, by doing stop icd2 and the start icd221:22
_freemangordonand after that you should have your internet connections in dialog21:23
_freemangordonI meant in the menu21:23
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shanttuand so selection is available21:24
_freemangordonwill you rephrase?21:24
_freemangordondidn't understand you21:24
shanttusorry. yes the dialog appears and i see connections21:24
_freemangordongood :)21:25
_freemangordonnow, someone please tell me who stops those two daemons21:25
shanttuit also does connect to wlan21:25
_freemangordonshanttu, is there a file called wlancond in /etc/event.d ?21:27
_freemangordonshanttu, I can bet some of those auto-disconnect packages has screwed up your configuration. Or stops those 2 daemons for some reason21:29
_freemangordonshanttu, still here?21:32
shanttu_freemangordon, yes, moment21:32
_freemangordonshanttu, thats ok. Now, I will need your help to find why the hell those daemons are stopped. Do you have syslog installed?21:37
shanttu_freemangordon, yes. Glad to help21:38
_freemangordonok. now remove /var/log/syslog and reboot the device21:39
_freemangordonso we will have clean logs from one session21:39
shanttu taken before starting icd2 and wlancond21:46
_freemangordonshanttu, could you please pastebin the content of /etc/event.replace.d/wlancond21:57
_freemangordon#start on started hildon-desktop22:00
_freemangordonsee # at the beginning?22:00
_freemangordonthat means the line is commented22:00
_freemangordonnow, that is what I find in your logs22:01
_freemangordonMar 22 21:40:32 Nokia-N900 init: Unable to execute "/usr/sbin/dbus-scripts" for dbus-scripts: No such file or directory22:01
_freemangordonMar 22 21:40:32 Nokia-N900 init: dbus-scripts respawning too fast, stopped22:01
_freemangordonMar 22 21:41:00 Nokia-N900 init: apmonitord respawning too fast, stopped22:01
_freemangordonMar 22 21:41:00 Nokia-N900 init: qtlockscreen respawning too fast, stopped22:01
_freemangordonwhat the hell is apmonitord?22:01
shanttuseems to be
_freemangordonwell, I am not sure your system is not broken beyind repair, but anyway, open your /etc/event.replace.d/wlancond with text editor end remove # from the begining of the first line22:04
_freemangordonalso check icd2 in the same directory22:04
_freemangordonwheter the first line is not commented too22:05
shanttu_freemangordon, no comment on icd222:06
_freemangordonwhich editor do you use?22:06
shanttu_freemangordon, nano22:06
_freemangordonok, reboot22:06
shanttu_freemangordon, not working = no dialog22:14
_freemangordonshanttu, is wlancond running?22:21
shanttu_freemangordon, 2105 root    2840 S      grep wlancond (i assume answer is no)22:22
_freemangordonwell, will you please check again if there is no # in /etc/event.replace.d/wlancond?22:23
shanttuno comment on "start started hildon-desktop" or any other line22:24
_freemangordonhmm, the line should be "start on started hildon-desktop"22:25
shanttuit is, my bad22:26
_freemangordonshanttun, anyway, whoever had put "#" there I can aassure you it is not CSSU. And it is up to you to decide:22:27
_freemangordon - reflash rootfs to have a stable system on which to install CSSU22:28
_freemangordon - remove all of the crap you have installed on your device22:28
_freemangordonI will be glad if you can find which is the offending application, so we can check why it is incompatible with CSSU22:29
_freemangordonBut I am afraid I can't help much more. It is you who knows what applications/widgets/whatever you have installed22:30
_freemangordonand there shoiuld be enough information to find who stops wlancond and icd222:31
_freemangordonin syslog I mean22:31
shanttu_freemangordon, thanks for your help. i have tried purging some stuff but will continue find the enemy .22:31
_freemangordonannounce it when you find it, so we can boo at the author22:32
_freemangordonor if the problem is in CSSU - to fix it22:32
_freemangordonshanttu, have in mind not all packages uninstall cleanly. if that is the case then the only option left is reflashing22:33
shanttu_freemangordon, if i find it i sure will let you know. your effort for our device is much appreciated22:33
shanttu_freemangordon, like speedpatch i guess =)22:34
_freemangordonyeah, like speedpatch, but I am sure it is not the only one22:34
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shanttuvery strange that none else seems to have same issue. i started suspecting MaeModder / wifi-switcher -combo but purging them didn't fix it22:37
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