IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Tuesday, 2014-07-15

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Win7Maclet's hope for the the best, have a good night o/00:28
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* DocScrutinizer05 wishes win7mac would't constantly tell bullshit06:45
DocScrutinizer05maemo council elections closed. results calculated. see
rZrjust woke up to check :)07:02
DocScrutinizer05rZr: congrats07:02
rZrsame to you+ juiceme07:02
DocScrutinizer05well, thanks (though I'm not too happy with my election)07:03
DocScrutinizer05because council is just workload07:05
DocScrutinizer05and lots of bitching form a few community members who don't understand what council does07:06
DocScrutinizer05or is07:06
rZrok i thought there was something specific to this one07:06
DocScrutinizer05just I'm more busy than any time before with other projects07:07
rZryes i see what you mean07:07
DocScrutinizer05and the bitching got worse than ever too, see a ~20 lines above07:07
DocScrutinizer05well, nope. There been times where estel_ ... :-x07:08
DocScrutinizer05anyway, tonight is first meeting with old and new council07:09
rZrok i'll be there07:09
DocScrutinizer05looking forward to welcoming new council and prepare handover07:09
rZrnow let's return to sleep ? :)07:09
DocScrutinizer05yup, something like that07:10
DocScrutinizer05c u l8r07:10
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rZrTue Jul 15 18:08:52 UTC 201421:08
rZrok 2h to go21:08
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juicemehiya o/23:01
RzRhi juiceme23:01
juicemehi rzr23:01
* peterleinchen_ is saying hi, too23:01
juicemehi peter23:01
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juicemeWin7Mac, hi23:03
RzRWin7Mac: fine and you ? is doc arround too ?23:04
Win7Macfine, and thanks for taking care of the voting, juiceme!23:04
Win7Macelection it's called, I guess...23:05
juicemenp, it was easier in the end than I feared... woody had made the system pretty complete, and was lot of help in making it happen23:05
RzRare others used to irc too ?23:05
juicememmm been using irc since 80's :)23:06
peterleinchen_since 20:00UTC ;)23:06
juicemewell almost, somehing like 91 or so really :=)23:06
peterleinchen_so not really used to23:06
juicemeit is fairly different experience depending on what lçlient you are using..23:07
peterleinchen_about voting: isnt there a minimum of ballots needed? ;) as 83 is not much23:07
RzRjoined in 1995 and not signed out yet ;)23:07
juicemesome win clients have multiple windows for different conversations etc..23:08
juicemeRzR, bravo :)23:08
RzRbtw my question was for others not present here23:08
juicemepeterleinchen_, not really. AFAIK there is no lower limit23:08
juicemebut of course we wnat to get as many as possible23:09
juicemenow only 1.51 % of total eligible voters bothered...23:09
peterleinchen_okay, imagined that . just to be sure23:09
peterleinchen_yah  really not much23:09
juicemelast time it was a bit better, 111 votes iir23:10
RzRnext time we should improve this23:10
juicemeyes, but what would be the way to do that...?23:11
juicemenow as I am quickly looking back previous elections, it has never been really much.. topping about 300 voters23:12
RzRusing forum23:12
RzRvote then post23:12
Win7Macbest way? a referendum or convince joerg to accept the rules of the MC e.V. ;)23:12
juicemeno 435 seems to be tops23:12
Win7Maconly way to change election process today is referendum23:13
juicemeRzR, as voting in a TMO thread :)23:13
RzRWin7Mac: well please keep this for later meeting ;)23:14
juicemeWin7Mac, true.. but I do not think the _mechanics_ of voting are broken, it is really easy to do as you all know23:14
RzRso time for introducing ourselves23:14
Win7Macsince  MC e.V. will be the successor of HiFo in all regards, that will be our new base23:14
juicemewe are still missing people23:15
juicemeDocScrutinizer51, ping23:15
juicemenieldk, ping23:16
Win7Macthat will allow for easier tweaking of rules if desired23:16
Win7Macchem|st is on vacation, I believe23:16
juicemeyes, I see chem|st has been idling23:16
RzRso i think our issue to fix is trying to make sure everyone are aware of this weekly meeting on irc23:16
juicemefirst, do you all think this is OK time/date to have meetings?23:17
juicemetuesday 20:00 UTC23:17
RzRok for me23:17
* peterleinchen_ think it is perfect23:17
juicemeas we can change that if it is bas for somebody23:17
RzRare all of us in europe ?23:18
juicemegood. I think most of ya are westwards from me, my localtime is 23:18 now23:18
peterleinchen_looks like23:18
juicemeI am in Finland, near Helsinki23:18
RzRnot a problem for me.. may me hardeer on sept , you can note this down23:19
juicemeokay. having vacation then?23:19
RzR20h20 in france23:19
juicemeI know Niel is from Denmark23:19
RzRyes i may be in canada that time23:20
juicemeand Joerg from Germany23:20
peterleinchen_me too, near Düsseldof23:20
juicemeis it UTC+1 for you?23:21
peterleinchen_utc +1 +DST23:21
peterleinchen_so utc +2 now in summer23:21
juicemeyes, that confused me also when dst change occurred... I went an hour late then :)23:22
RzRso is neil used to irc ?23:22
RzRi did pm him on tmo to update his profile on wiki23:23
juicemeyes, at least he has been seen in IRC now&then23:23
juicemeahh.. I should propably add my picture to the council wikipage23:24
RzRunder nieldk nickname ?23:24
juicemesomehow never had time to do that (and could not find nice enough image :) :) :)23:24
juicemei believe so23:25
sixwheeledbeasto/ all, yes CC wiki page will need sorting.23:26
juicemeokay, quick grep thru logs, nieldk has not been that actibe on IRC, only few occasions before on maemo-meeting23:26
juicemesixwheeledbeast, hiya23:26
peterleinchen_do you guys think niel and joerg will appear? meanwhile jussi may explain the voting table
peterleinchen_id do not get it23:27
peterleinchen_first line says juice 32000 and joerg 16000, second line then only 14000 for juiceme23:28
RzRi just pm'ed him23:29
juicemeokay, I have to admit I did not myself calculate that, the table comes automatically by the counting algorithm23:29
peterleinchen_yeah sure, but nevertheless ;)23:30
juicemehow it works, is documented on a wiki page, just a moment23:30
sixwheeledbeastDoc has been idling for 5h 33m 13s, the 14000 is left over votes I assume.23:30
Win7MacSTV ;)23:30
juicemetes, that was it :)23:31
chem|sto/ greetings from austria23:32
RzRhi chem|st23:32
juicemechem|st, hiya23:32
RzRso do we wait the missing two forever ?23:32
RzRnot that i have better things to do23:33
Win7Macsome wrote an email-notice to niel?23:33
RzRI pmed niel through forum23:33
* sixwheeledbeast thinks it would be a good idea to find the election wiki pages and give them an Election Category for easy finding.23:34
juicemepeterleinchen_, what the system tries to figure out, is the order of candidates, based on the preference of those that get higher ranking; for example if me & you are mentioned as many times, but you get higher number of no.1 place than I, then you get more preference23:34
peterleinchen_okay , so far so good23:35
peterleinchen_but who has won then? you or jOerg??23:35
juicemewell, I got higher comparing factor23:35
juicememeans I "won"23:35
juicemebut in reality, there are 5 winners, all the ones who got selected23:36
RzRso we're your slaves23:36
peterleinchen_good spokesman :)23:36
* juiceme gets power in head23:36
peterleinchen_then the last sentence is a bit misleading: Winners are Joerg Reisenweber (joerg_rw), Jussi Ohenoja (juiceme), Niel Nielsen (nieldk), Peter Leinchen (peterleinchen), and Philippe Coval (rzr).23:37
juicemeah, yes.23:38
peterleinchen_I will doo accept you as my chair !23:38
juicemethat is in alphabetical order of nics :)23:38
peterleinchen_but also correct according to votes (just you and joerg switched)23:38
juicemethanks for support, I was prepared to go the role of secretary, though.23:38
peterleinchen_what are the "roles"?23:40
juicemeroles vary, but generally there's chair & secretary, which might be the same person23:41
RzRand tasks ?23:41
juicemeotherwice, I am not really sure if we need rigid roles23:41
juicemechem|st, as oldest Councilman, might you want to clarify?23:41
juicemethe now-passing-council was only 3 as per rules that is what we get if there are less than 5 runners-up23:42
juicemenow as we are 5, I think some things might change.23:42
juicemechem|st. you there still?23:43
Win7Macchair & secretary. chair has to delegate elections and secretary has to report23:43
juicemeWin7Mac, thanks23:43
juicemeotherwice than when we need to vote on something, I don't think the roles are that important.23:43
juicemelast council, I was secretary & chair23:44
Win7Macyou should agree on those roles, afaik, or postpone it23:44
RzRmay we wait we feel the need for roles23:45
juicemesince we really did not need chairing that much23:45
Win7Macas 4/5 are present you may proceed23:45
Win7Macoh, no wait, only 3/5...23:45
RzRdoc and neil arent23:45
juiceme3/5 only23:45
juicemeI'd say we need full council present to agree on this23:45
chem|styes, kind off - slow internet23:46
chem|stcouncil has a chair and secretary, which are usually the same person23:46
juicemefor IRC not to appear realtime, it sure needs to be slow :)23:46
juicemeokay... what else. At least all you need to be promoted to "Council" class on Maemo23:47
chem|stjuiceme: my GF is uploading today's pictures...23:47
juicemethat means you get to post on restricted groups, for example23:48
juicemechem|st, ya, that'd eat all uplink for sure :)23:48
chem|stnot exactly, council group is pretty limited, I'd need to lookup if it is even able to post and read in the staff section^^23:48
juicemeand also, there is own mailing list for council members, you need to be added to that23:48
juicemechem|st, at least I can post news items and such...23:49
RzRneildk was online 2h ago ... according to my secret services23:49
chem|stchair needs to be setup for midgard posting and editing, ah yeah you can do notifications but no announcements?!23:50
peterleinchen_who will add us? or do we need to do on our own? (mailing list CC)23:51
sixwheeledbeastjuiceme: the general happenings of the handover meeting is normally... announce election results > thanks and hellos to all past and future CC > nominating chair and sec > checking meeting times ok for all > handover of any on going tasks > plans for current term > create todo list for infra changes.23:52
Win7Macsixwheeledbeast, THANKS!23:52
sixwheeledbeastI'E setup people for garage Council group etc. np23:52
chem|stso we have peterleinchen_ and RzR new - I suggest to have one of them nominated for chair if they like to and the former chair assists...23:53
peterleinchen_thx too, what kind of groups are that? and whats their purpose?23:54
juicemethat'd be OK for me23:54
peterleinchen_Or Niel?23:54
peterleinchen_shouldnt we wait for all to be present?23:55
juicemeit is too bad Niel & Joerg are not here yet23:55
RzRcan u detail a bit ?23:55
chem|stsixwheeledbeast: still answering questions about what is what and who is who... but yes juiceme proper meeting agenda like before23:55
juicemeI propose we leave this on the table23:55
chem|stjuiceme: as you are staying council you might wait for it till next tuesday -23:56
juicemeyes, Ill be interim chair& secretary till we all get together to decide it23:57
sixwheeledbeastnp, there are new people here so I am just explaining the agenda from the last handover meetings. A handover meeting without everyone is a PITA.23:57
juicemesixwheeledbeast, +123:58
*** nieldk has joined #maemo-meeting23:58
RzRare there so topics that could be talked with subset of coucil23:58
juicemenieldk, hiya23:58
peterleinchen_hey Niel23:58
Win7MacNIEL... o/23:58
nieldkhi there23:59
juicemenice, now we are almost all here :)23:59
RzRnieldk: yeah who did harrass you to come here ?23:59
nieldkhehe thanks buddy23:59
Win7Macnieldk, inauguration time... ;)23:59

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