IRC log of #maemo-meeting for Tuesday, 2014-02-25

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DocScrutinizer05I have to pick up my pizza, bbl in ~10 min21:56
juicemehave a nice pizza, then :)22:01
DocScrutinizer05let's see22:05
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win7macHi! o/22:08
win7macMet the attorney today...22:09
win7macregarding liability of directors: they are only liable for damage by gross negligence and intent22:09 every other member or anybody everywhere in the world...22:10
juicemetypical lawyer answer :)22:10
juicemebut still good to know even that22:11
win7macso an insurance for directors is probably not needed if you're aware what you're doing22:14
win7macthe oranization as such OTOH, is liable of damage done by them and there are insurances for that22:15
chem|stgeneral insurance will be there, covers things like you damage or get damaged while working for the eV22:15
win7maco/ chem|st22:16
chem|stwin7mac: will you take over on the "Nokia" writings on the website and binaries available in repos?22:16
win7macyeah, things like that22:16
juicemeHow about the consequences on a legal attack towards the organization?22:16
chem|stbinaries in repos are probably just non-free things22:16
chem|stjuiceme: fundamentally bad but on what grounds? there is nothing on harming anyone but maybe nokia and with nokia we will have a contract for that22:17
win7mac"consequences on a legal attack towards the organization?" financially - depends on the value22:18
win7macwith licences this can easily get high, I guess22:18
chem|stwin7mac: we wont go that path again! will not distribute licensed software intentionally22:19
juicemefrom what I understood, there was a fear by Caig that on a litigation against Hildon Foundation the directors would posssibly suffer, that was one of the reasons for the change anyway, ?22:19
win7macthe major one I believe22:20
chem|styeah in the us you might get sued for using "hildon" as someone called his pet that name before we did and claims name rights!22:20
juicemeWhich really does not surprise me, as the US system is so geared that legal entities can extort money from eachother.22:21
win7macI have no clue TBH, what my liability theoretically could be ATM, with the US HiFo22:21
juicemeI only want to make sure something like that is not possible in EU22:21
win7macI can't tell you 100%, the attorney didn't know too, sorry22:22
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win7macbut as long as you don't do damage by gross negligence and intent, you should be fine22:22
chem|stwell we need to have terms on the website that we are not liable for anyhting the account holders do, and that we have22:22
juicemefortunately I think there's less chance of that, yes22:22
win7macchem|st, exactly22:23
chem|stthe biggest issue would be someone uploading stuff to the repos, and that is covered in our terms22:23
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chem|stsame is for attachements on tmo22:24
win7macright, stuff like that22:24
win7macI already edited text in T+C and copyrights, just a sec...22:26
win7macContribution Guidelines -
win7macTerms + Conditions -
win7macPrivacy Policy -
juicemethx, checking22:28
win7macThese documents need the same treatment:22:28
win7macsee my mail from 24.01.2014 18:5022:29
win7macthis was more like a quick+dirty to replace Nokia by HiFo and to get rid of useless stuff22:30
win7macvery likely not advised to keep for the e.V.22:31
juicemeTerms & Conditions still talks about Hildon F.22:31
win7macstill... actually they say Nokia!22:32
juicemeah yes, the ones on the site itself.22:33
win7maceditings were not done with the e.V. in mind22:33
juicemeyes, I see.22:34
win7macagain, just a quick+dirty22:34
juicemeIt's good to know you are at it.22:34
win7macHi Doc! o/22:34
juicemehi, pizza was good? :)22:34
win7macDocScrutinizer05, you have been exceptionally quiet on the topic e.V.-founding. I wonder if you will be available as a founder and continue your engagement in council until regular elections will be held.23:04
win7macYour concerns towards the contract shouldn't hold you back from supporting the e.V. in general. If there are other concerns, please raise them.23:09
juicemeI need to be leaving23:12
win7macDrafts for Bylaws, General Regulations and Board Regulations Document will be updated tomorrow23:20
win7macThese docs will get another review from the attorney and should be finalised by friday23:23

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