IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2020-12-10

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brolin_empeyCatButts: My former colleague said he thinks the model of Windows Mobile smartphone he had is the HTC Touch:
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CatButtscase sensitive filenames, nice14:00
CatButtsrenaming them(and the includes) is easy14:02
KotCzarnywell, you know those are 2 different files, right?14:02
CatButtsbut problem comes when you distribute sourcecode relying on modified ones14:02
KotCzarnyjust use ntfs14:03
KotCzarnyinstead of fat14:03
CatButtsI am using ntfs14:03
KotCzarnyntfs is case sensitive last time i checked14:03
CatButtsfile winapi needs to explicitly request case sensitivity14:03
CatButtsguess how often that happens :p14:04
CatButtsalso, you have registry setting negating that request and giving you case insensitive anyway14:04
CatButtsalso, windows 10 added a mechanism for setting per-folder(non recursive) case sensitivity14:05
CatButtsalso, I don't care about windows 1014:05
bencohhonestly I wouldn't even try at that point14:07
CatButtswhy, because a few headers were badly named?14:08
bencohI had the very same issue back when I tried to build a linux kernel from macosx (hfs was mostly case-insensitive back then)14:08
bencohbecause I suspect there will be more14:08
bencohand there's nothing to gain from the experience14:09
bencohoh and, you'll have to bang your head against the whole kernel build process14:09
bencohI mean, makefile defines relying on script resulsts14:09
CatButtshmmm, ouch14:10
bencohI dunno how many of those there were back in 200914:10
bencohbut honestly I wouldn't even think of it in 202014:11
CatButtsthankfully, I like my things simple14:11
CatButtsthough, will be problem when compiling someone else's application14:11
CatButtsif gcc has defines for telling which host platform it is running on, then that is my solution to renamed header14:13
bencohto be honest it looks better than I thought after looking at the makefile14:13
bencohbut you'll still have work to do there14:13
CatButts> and there's nothing to gain from the experience14:16
CatButtsI get to be lazy and comfortable afterward14:16
CatButtsbut you know what they say, about lazy people ending up running more14:16
KotCzarnyyou wouldnt be doing it if lazy14:17
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CatButtsare there any parameters I should care of when operating ARM gcc crosscompiler, compared to gcc for PC?15:57
KotCzarnyon crosscompilation yes15:57
KotCzarnywhen native it finds them out itself15:57
CatButtssay, for a hello_world.c15:57
CatButtsconsole printf15:58
KotCzarnycompile, test15:58
KotCzarnyif it doesnt work, then yes15:58
CatButtsI'll find out after putting together bastard GCC15:58
CatButtsbut I have a feeling it won't work15:58
bencohfor basic stuff it should work almost out of the box15:59
bencohassuming the toolchain is properly set up, and sysroot is found in expected place15:59
bencoh(when build kernels you don't even need any sysroot)16:00
CatButtssysroot is GCC's base folder, yes?16:01
KotCzarnydont forget to pass ARCH=arm when building kernel16:01
CatButtsah yeah, one more thing to ask, default functions16:04
bencohsysroot is more than that16:04
CatButtson windows, there are 3 of them16:04
bencohit contains target libs/headers as well16:05
CatButtsint main() for console, WinMain() for GUI applications, DllMain() for dlls16:05
CatButtswhat's it like on linux?16:05
CatButtsjust the one16:06
KotCzarnyand for gui it just depends what toolkit you use16:06
KotCzarnymost likely qt516:06
CatButtsyeah no16:06
CatButtsthe compiler name is no longer gcc.exe/gcc16:19
CatButtsI am close though, as I have hello world printf running, from unaltered GCC 4.916:48
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CatButtsand now transplant works17:57
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CatButtsapparently I am only partially done as the bulk of headers and libs are with scratchbox19:24
CatButtshow does SB interact with GCC, regarding the sysroot19:25
bencohit's ... pretty awful tbh19:27
bencohSB replaces the "default" (ARM-native) compiler with the toolchain's ARM crosscompiler19:28
CatButtsoh, it duplicates gcc19:31
CatButtsall this time, I've been toying with default gcc headers and libs19:31
KotCzarnysb inteacts with gcc.. a lot19:33
bencohit's not just gcc by the way19:35
CatButtssoo, SB is an overcomplicated monster that keeps things simple, and attempting a 2nd transplant over gcc folders might result in patient death19:38
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CatButtsI assume that if a specific header/lib is found both in gcc and scratchbox, the one in SB will take precedence, yes?22:45
KotCzarnyask gcc about paths23:14
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